giovannihello!! there i need Help in IPTABLES rules, so i put "iptables -A INPUT -j DROP", how can i remove this rules ? :-]01:02
mathiazgiovanni: iptables -D INPUT -j DROP01:03
mathiazgiovanni: -A -> Append ; -D -> Delete01:04
taconewhat's the best way to detect ssh servers in the local network ?01:25
mathiaztacone: use nmap01:25
hadsnmap would be01:25
taconeserver don't normally run avahi, right? :)01:26
hadsnmap -p 22
taconeok. another quick question, may I '01:27
mathiaztacone: sure01:27
tacone(we're working on ssh for rapache)01:27
tacone1 linux box may be connected to more than 1 local network at the same time, right ?01:27
taconeI need a way to detect what the localnetworks are. I'd use ifconfig. is there a less output command ?01:28
taconewhat's the best practice ?01:28
hadsIn a bash script or...?01:28
taconewe use python, but use shell commands very often.01:29
taconeso a shell command would be ok.01:29
hadsIn the shell you could use `ip`, the output may be easier to parse than ifconfig. There's probably a pythonic way to do it though.01:30
mathiaztacone: ifconfig | grep 'inet addr' | cut -d: -f2 | cut -d\  -f101:31
taconeok, I'll look into ip..01:31
taconethank you.01:31
mathiaztacone: ^^ that gives a list of ip that are configured on the system01:31
mathiaztacone: the last cut command is: cut -d\  -f101:32
mathiaztacone: which two spaces after \01:32
taconeright, I got it01:32
taconecopy paste never fails ;-)01:32
taconethank you very much for your help01:32
hadsHere's a snippet too; http://lists.apple.com/archives/macnetworkprog/2008/Feb/msg00071.html01:32
hadsWhich is just parsing output so not difference/point01:33
taconeI'll try each :-)01:33
taconethanks !01:33
flybackanyone tried to roll their own kernel for 6.06.2lts06:15
Blaenkhey guys why is it that when I ln -s a folder in my home directory to my htdocs folder and I access it I get a 403 forbidden error? stupid question I imagine07:14
henkjanBlaenk: access rights. apache runs as www-data. www-data has no accessrights on your home folder07:19
Blaenkhenkjan: ohhh okay, how may I add them to this particular folder henkjan ?07:19
Blaenksay it's /home/me/mypictures07:19
Blaenkof course I did ln -s mypictures /path/to/htdocs but that didn't work07:19
BlaenkI would /really/ appreciate any help07:21
Blaenkmypictures is even chmod 77707:21
vk5fossBlaenk: why symlink it like that?07:22
Blaenkbecause I'm a noob, and that's the only way I imagined I could do it07:23
vk5fossBlaenk: read up on 'userdir' and 'public_html'07:23
Blaenkhenkjan says I must give www-data access rights to the folder but I can't remember how07:23
vk5fossand *do not ever* let www-data write to your home directory07:23
vk5fossand *do not ever* set your home directory 77707:23
Blaenkit's not07:23
* antdedyet wonders what the Ubuntu Server Guide looks like these days07:24
Blaenkvk5foss: where is the public_html folder?07:26
BlaenkI only see htdocs07:26
Blaenkokay so basically, all I want to do is expose a folder in my home directory to my site so that I can download things off of it (documents)07:26
vk5fossBlaenk: and basically, i'm telling you not to.07:26
vk5foss15:53 < vk5foss> Blaenk: read up on 'userdir' and 'public_html'07:27
Blaenkah apache2.conf07:28
Blaenkor no wait this thread's 3 years old07:28
Blaenkwhere can I find the file where I put the UserDir directive?07:29
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore07:29
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/07:29
antdedyetBlaenk: you may prefer the apache2-doc package for reference material on userdir.07:30
Blaenkso aside from being insecure, is it just not possible to do what I mentioned?07:30
vk5fosssure, its possible07:31
antdedyetBlaenk: it's not a recommended practice that you would ever want to exhibit in a public internet environment due to various concerns, basically. :)07:31
* antdedyet reiterates07:31
Blaenkwell honestly this directory, this server in fact is just meant for this07:31
Blaenkit's not my home computer or anything07:31
Blaenkplease, if you would be so kind, how can I do this? all security risks aside07:31
* vk5foss lets antdedyet handle this - i'm about to breach the CoC i suspct ...07:32
* vk5foss not here07:32
antdedyetBlaenk: We don't provide the rope for anyone... :)07:32
* antdedyet heads off in search of liquid refreshment... brb07:33
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flybackhow do I enable root logins08:33
stkaI'm looking for thomeone who can build neu pakages for bind9 and dhcpd WITH ldap-support. I have writen a workshop for LDAP, so far I use suse but I would like to switch tu ubuntu-server, but the bind9 and the dhcpd is not linked against ldap, but I like to put the infos for dhcpd and bind9 into the ldap-tree.08:49
antdedyetstka: perhaps you will be interested in the ldap2dns and ldaptor-utils to see if they provide the functionality required for your environment09:10
stkaantdedyet: are these special pakages?09:11
antdedyetboth packages can be found in ubuntu 8.04.109:11
stkaok I'll take a look09:11
antdedyetjust after 3am... I may be sleeping soon.09:12
stkaantdedyet: but it is not what I'm looking for. I will put all the zone-infos and configuration in the ldap-tree09:16
stkathe same with dhcp. All infos about reservations ans configuration for the clients should be in the ldap tree. There are patches for bind and dhcpd but I'm no programmer, I work with networks, I tried it by my self to patch bind and dhcp but I didn't get it running :-(09:18
stkawith ldap2dns there ist still a ascii file withe the zone infos. The tool generates the files. With the patched bind you can use ldap diectly without any ascii file09:22
antdedyetJust a suggestive solution that happen to be available. I personally have reserverations about ldap being able to fulfill the capacity of nameservers I manage, but that's only speculative word of mouth and light experience application with ldap (read: possible FUD)09:24
antdedyetIIRC, directory reads would probably be within reasonable range of performance of the dns servers, but writes wouldn't. Which yep ... is what you want to do. However, I'm not versed in the available patches or native ldap linkage in bind9, nor do I have enough motivation to provide a patched package yet. :)09:28
stkano problem antdedyet I'm searching for someone who is interested and can help me. Ehat I can't understand is, that none of the developers od bind puts ldap support nativ into bind9. Many admins like to put all nds and dhcp infos into ldap.09:30
* antdedyet guesses that someone may have not volunteered to write ldap communicating code into bind9 yet ... not an informed opinion thru, straight outta the ether. :)09:34
stkathe patch is available for bind and dhcpd, I think it's not a big deal to put this in the package09:36
antdedyetstka: but you were not able to patch it?09:38
stkapatch was not the problem but I didn't get it build09:39
stkaas I said, I'm no programmer09:39
stkathis is the old patch http://www.venaas.no/ldap/bind-sdb/old.html I can't reache the new page http://bind9-ldap.bayour.com/09:42
stkahere ist the dhcpd patch http://home.ntelos.net/~masneyb/09:44
penperhi! I'm about to order a VPS solution. If I ask them to install Ubuntu Server, will I be able to ssh into it considering that all ports are blocked by default? Thanks :)12:09
ghaleb_hello, how can I know the version of a package before I install form apt ?12:11
hadspenper: If all ports are blocked then all ports are blocked so, no.12:12
hadsghaleb_: aptitude show package12:12
ghaleb_hads: I'm trying to use it :D .. still can't search for a package to get description or sth12:13
penperhads: I asked because I imagined this was a common problem with Ubuntu Server, so maybe there was a solution for it? Maybe an option I need to ask them to set during the install or something12:14
ghaleb_hads: thank you I got it :)12:15
hadspenper: Ubuntu won't block ports by default12:15
penperaha, ok... thanks12:15
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henkjansoren: planet.ubuntu.com doesnt like the html tags in your blogpost12:41
sorenhenkjan: Oh, thanks for the pointer.12:44
sorenhenkjan: S12:46
sorenhenkjan: There. Should be fixed with next update. Thanks again!12:46
henkjansoren: np :)12:46
henkjanmy little help to ubuntu-server :)12:47
nxvlsoren: souldn't ubuntu-vm-builder be removed from the repos?14:38
sorennxvl: When vmbuilder fully replaces it, yes.14:41
zulsoren: please add python-cheetah to the build-deps :)14:45
nxvli'm quite confused about the meeting date14:46
zulwhich meeting date?14:46
nxvlit says Tuesday, 22nd of September14:46
nxvlzul: server team meeting14:46
nxvlwe are on Tuesday and the 22nd was yesterday :S14:46
zulnxvl: mathias might have not been awake when he sent that im pretty sure its today :)14:50
zzgvhHi all. I'm new here and somewhat of a ubuntu newbie too. So pls bear with me if I ask "stupid" questions. I'm struggling with kvm, trying to get a hardy server host running a number of hardy server guests. Anyone here willing/able to try help me? No use going into a long problem description if no one's listening ;-)15:12
Shanixzzgvh, try to take a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM15:34
zzgvhAaanyway, I'll make a long story short. I have managed to set up a guest using ubuntu-vm-builder. It is on a static IP number using the community docs bridge setup. So my problem is that when using virt-clone I cannot connect to the clone. It would seem to me that if I can ssh to the original guest, then I should be able to ssh to the clone on the same IP, when that is the only guest running of course.15:35
zzgvhShanix: thanks...I have been there, and it's gotten me tis far (with a lot of googling to of course) but it's HARD ;-) Lots of things seem to be much easier if you have a desktop host. I have tried that and gotten pretty far. But I really want to try run all systems as servers.15:37
sommerzzgvh: are you running the clone and the original at the same time?15:40
sommerzzgvh: you might also check out: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/libvirt.html15:42
zzgvhIt should have the same IP as the original, but when I try to ssh or ping it ther's nobody home15:42
sommerzzgvh: it may be that the nic has a different name... eth1 instead of eth015:42
sommerzzgvh: it should be the same, but it's worth checking I guess15:43
zzgvhhow do I check...I have no access to the clone guest!15:43
sommerzzgvh: virt-viewer -c qemu+ssh://hostname15:44
sommerzzgvh: you'll need to have ssh on the host machine setup15:44
sommerzzgvh: and connect from another client, if you don't have a gui on the server15:45
zzgvhah...ya, because the host is a server too.15:45
ograthe clone will definately name it differently since eth0 in 70-persisent-net.rules will be bound to the originals MAC15:45
ograunless you hve the same MAC in the clone :)15:46
nxvlmathiaz: here you are15:46
sommerah, thanks ogra15:46
nxvlmathiaz: good morning15:46
zzgvhok, I'll try and see if I can access from a desktop machime15:46
nxvlmathiaz: i was asking here for the date of the meeting, since in your e-mail it says: Tuesday, 22nd of September15:47
nxvlwe are on Tuesday and the 22nd was yesterday15:47
mathiaznxvl: right - it's today15:47
nxvlmathiaz: :D15:47
* nxvl HUGS mathiaz 15:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #273425 in apache2 (main) "It's better to have a sub-directory in /var/www for default web files" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27342515:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #244801 in samba (main) "pam_smbpass(kscreensaver:auth): unrecognized option [missingok]" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24480116:03
zzgvhsommer: So I managed to get access to the clone! Thanks. I will continue looking at ogra's suggestion regarding the MACs.16:09
thefishanyone know if there is anything like a free as in beer landscape server in the pipeline? (like spacewalk for rh)16:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #273486 in ebox (universe) "Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27348616:40
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hackeronhey, I'm using basic auth in a vanilla installation of ubuntu-server and all my passwords are truncated to 8 characters. I can have a password set to 01234567890 and login with 01234567anything - any ideas?16:48
hackeronbasic auth in apache2 that is16:48
zzgvhOk, looks like I figured this out. Thanks a bunch, I might very well be back! ;-)16:55
tuxcrafterhello everybody, why is the CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SANE is not set on the 2.6.24-19-server kernel16:59
tuxcraftercompared to my debian server with kernel 2.6.22-3-686 that has the module build ...17:00
tuxcrafteris there a nice solution for this?17:01
ivoksi'm too late, right? :/17:29
* tuxcrafter got to go17:31
sommerfor the meeting?17:31
tuxcrafterwill be back to ask again if possible17:31
ivokssommer: yes17:31
sommerivoks: yep, it's over :)17:32
ivoksi just can't make it at that time :/ that's still working hours here, so i'm usualy at the meetings17:32
sommerah, meetings are awesome17:33
ivoksspecially whern you are talking with someone who doesn't have a clue about what you are talking about17:34
ivokslike most of my meetings :/17:34
sommerheheh... been to a few of those meetings myself17:35
nxvlkirkland: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/09/23/encrypted-private-directory-in-ubuntu-810/17:50
leonelis  postgresql 8.3.4 going it's way to  Hardy ???17:51
nxvlleonel: hardy is stable release, so i think no17:51
kirklandnxvl: cool17:52
leonelnxvl: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions  <-- that's why I asked  since the last postgresql  did17:53
nxvlyou can always ask for an sru17:54
leonelnot that I need 8.3.4   just asking  if there was a work in progress since  las time piti did it that's all17:57
zulwell ask pitti then17:58
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jkakarsoren: Heya!  I just noticed your blog post about vm-builder.  Is there a Bazaar branch with the code somewhere?  I didn't find a vm-builder project on Launchpad.19:20
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jkakarzul: Thanks!19:29
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hubuntuhello... I have a Hardy server and have used apt to install drupal. NOw I want several instances of drupal in my server (/server/drupal1 and /server/drupal2 let's say)20:23
hubuntuit's that possible? And if so, how?20:23
psufanhow do I absolutely ensure that a kernel option is always executed on bootup21:02
psufanconfig option :)21:02
antdedyetpsufan: grub's docs will provide the information you're looking for.21:04
psufanI did check those before21:13
psufandidn't do shit for me21:13
mathiazpsufan: have a look at /boot/grub/menu.lst21:14
mathiazpsufan: there is a whole section about adding kernel parameters to the grub command line21:15
psufanI do21:17
psufanand it ignores them21:17
sommerare you sure  you're placing them on the right line?21:17
psufanI placed them everyone21:19
psufanthe only time it works is if I set.....21:19
psufanhang on21:19
psufanthis might explain this and some other problems too21:19
psufanserial console bug21:20
psufanthe only time it works is if I go to the kernel line option in grub21:30
psufanand make it the first option21:30
psufani'm just going with a stock solaris install and filesystem but thx21:44
psufanopps wrong channel21:44
psufanso anyways21:45
psufandoes ubuntu use some kind of weird serial libary21:45
psufanseems to have terminal problems21:45
psufani'm not taking ubuntu off my servers21:59
psufanthe solaris is for the nas :P21:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #273731 in bacula (universe) "no se que contrase├▒a me piden y por que si es un paquete de sinapsy ┬┐acaso no son libres?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27373122:03
nxvlkirkland: ping22:40
kirklandnxvl: pong22:40
nxvlkirkland: i've just send you and e-mail22:40
kirklandnxvl: i got it22:40
kirklandnxvl: i'll take a look once i'm done with this hal issue that's been driving me crazy22:41
nxvlkirkland: bug number?22:41
kirklandnxvl: not sure... just a big annoying issue.  must bin in kvm group to use kvm.22:42
nxvli'm anoyed because i can't use the arrows on kvm22:44
nxvlso i can't install a debian system to test some stuff22:44
nxvlbut i remember that soren said that it's not needed to be in the kvm group to use it anymore22:47
nxvlsoren: or i was dreaming?22:47
kirklandnxvl: you can try giving kvm -k option22:56
kirklandnxvl: i use -k en-us for my keyboard22:56
kirklandnxvl: i don't know what yours would be22:56
nxvlit's en-us, it's anoying to try to develop using a spanish keyboard22:58
nxvl\o/ it worked22:59
* nxvl HUGS kirkland 22:59
kirklandnxvl: ;-)23:00

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