charlie-tcaHey, it seems the links to download Xubuntu at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/xubuntu/all01:48
charlie-tcaare all invalid. Who do I tell to get this fixed?01:49
stgraberthat was for alpha-6 which is now released02:01
stgraberso these builds were removed from cdimage.ubuntu.com02:01
stgraberthe next iso testing will be with beta, those links will be right as soon as the first beta candidates will be published02:01
charlie-tcaThanks. Than explains it.02:06
charlie-tcaexcept they are still on cdimage.ubuntu.com02:07
charlie-tcaThe link is http://release.ubuntu.com/02:07
andymlI'd like to upgrade my Lenovo (8.04) 3000 N100 laptop to the 2.6.27 kernel. Can I do it with apt? if so, how?02:29
andyml2.6.24 doesn't seem to control my cooling fans properly...02:30
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nabcoreJust been trying the latest intrepid alpha in live CD mode; I really think you're going to have to push the ram requirements up to 1 Gig06:52
nabcoreOn the brighter side, it's good to see Mozilla have had a moment of clarity with the Eula; but it should be perhaps an indication to follow the Debian lead on this one...07:00
persianabcore: I've run intrepid at 512M without issues.  At 384M (the minimum recommended), it's a little sluggish, but one just has to be careful about how many things are open.07:02
persiaClearly, the more RAM the better if you want lots of apps, and lots of flashy stuff :)07:02
nabcoreI'm swapping like crazy after 30 mins of browser and one shell use07:03
persiaWhich process is eating all your RAM?  It's probably worth a bug.07:03
nabcore8.04.1 did not hit this issue until I started doing silly stuff07:03
nabcoreI installed xchat to get on here, maybe the apt populating repos has eaten up a lot ?07:04
nab-coresorry... ran out of mem07:20
nab-coreis there an ubuntu pastebin ?07:21
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nabcorewell; this is how it's looking; http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/49585/07:24
sbeattienabcore: i386 or amd64? I find the latter to use much more memory, even on 8.04.x07:31
nabcoreI don't understand why certain processes like trackerd need to run in live cd mode...07:33
aramorning all :)07:47
persianabcore: Just to demo things.  If you're running on the liveCD, that's probably why you see the issues with memory: the browser "on-disk" cache ends up being stored in RAM, and may well extend to a couple gigabytes.08:07
nabcorebut I still don't see what the point of trackerd is; it already knows the content of the cd it's booted from08:10
persiaIt's part of the standard desktop suite, which runs unmodified in the liveCD.  The liveCD is *not* optimised for running in a live environment, but rather optimised for running as a fresh install.08:14
persiaThat it happens to also run in a live environment is a delightful bonus.08:14
nabcoreextrapolate this trend and you will have a live cd that requires to be installed to the hard drive...08:18
nabcoreanyway... this is just random feedback from a user; take it or leave it08:19
nabcoreI think it would be more constructive if I added find findings with the alpha build to the lauchpad database08:20
persianabcore: Indeed.  It is very much worth filing a bug about live environment optimisation: there are ways to address that which may make sense, but not likely for the 8.10 release.08:22
nabcoreagreed; it's very close is it not?08:23
persiaYep.  Another month or so.08:24
nabcorethat's something to look forward to.08:27
nabcorepersia; good chatting, but I really must sleep08:28
davmor2ara: I swapped all the page format around they just need prettying up now08:52
aradavmor2: ok, cool! thanks! I will now put the test cases in the new format (with test cases ids, etc)08:53
aradavmor2: morning, btw ;)08:53
davmor2Morning :)08:54
davmor2ara: and the includes pages will need removing apart from terminal which I've not put back into the page yet08:55
aradavmor2: ok08:56
davmor2ara: I'll swap the terminal one over now though so if you give me 10 minutes you can delete those includes pages too :)09:01
aradavmor2: sure, I am now with something else, so no pressure :-)09:01
davmor2ara: done09:03
aradavmor2: cool. thanks :)09:04
davmor2ara: I noticed you split some of the images up do you want them all splitting or still in a single block?09:10
aradavmor2: which one?09:10
davmor2Ekiga you split up through out the page evolution is a block and I think  there maybe a couple of others09:11
davmor2OOopres is one09:11
aradavmor2: yes, we need to divide them in test cases. and each test case should have its id09:18
davmor2ara: no probs I'll split them up then into their individual lines :)09:21
aradavmor2: OK. What I did for Ekiga is split the test cases, and be more explicit on the steps (adding new screenshots, explaining the steps better, etc). We want new people start testing ubuntu, so we need to help them :-)09:22
aradavmor2: you don't need to do them all :-) it is a lot of work :-)09:23
davmor2ara: no I'm just going through them getting everything to a point that someone editing them only needs to pretty up the look of the text :)09:24
davmor2and move the image script where they want them :)09:25
aradavmor2: cool :-)09:25
* ara -> lunch13:14
cr3heno, schwuk: staging update?14:37
cr3I would've liked to have yesterday to commit some code but, meh, another time14:45
davmor2asac: ping14:56
davmor2heno: afternoon, do you use pidgin for chat?14:57
henodavmor2: I use xchat-gnome15:09
schwukcr3: Would you like to postpone for a day?15:13
davmor2heno: ta15:16
henoschwuk, cr3: I'm off tomorrow, so we should hold the release meeting today15:18
henoara, schwuk, cr3: starting skype call now15:31
araheno: ack15:31
cr3heno: sorry about that, could you reinitiate the call?15:32
schwukheno: yes15:32
cr3heno: I was on a call with schwuk and hung up the wrong call15:32
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