dokois this the so called ppu target?10:15
munckfishdoko: Hi. No not ppu15:14
munckfishAt the moment I'm just trying to build powerpc/powerpc64 cross compiler15:14
munckfishso I can compile the powerpc64-smp kernel on x8615:14
dokodid you see debian/Readme.cross?15:25
munckfishdoko: Yes that's what I'm following15:32
munckfishI've pulled across all the arch specific deps needed using apt-cross (although I had to fix some stuff to get that to work on Ubuntu)15:33
munckfishI've managed to build binutils fine15:33
munckfishI've got both the required 32 and 64 bit libs all installed under /usr/powerpc-linux-gnu/* by dpkg-cross15:34
munckfishdoko: if you've done this before and it worked for you just say and I'll head back to the drawing board15:35
munckfishotherwise I need to find out why it's not including /usr/powerpc-linux-gnu/lib64/ on the linker search path too15:36
dokono, never looked at this myself. closed thing was to build the cell-gcc packages. anyway, patches welcome ;)15:38
munckfishdoko: ok understood I'll plug away till I find the problem15:50
jbaileydoko, If he's doing x86->ppc biarch, I think it's correct that it wouldn't do lib64.19:14
jbaileyThe implementation of --with-sysroot still confuses me.  I keep wishing they had done it as if a partition were mounted into the filesystem.19:15
jbaileySo treat all symlinks as magical from that point, etc.19:15
jbaileydoko, Don't we have biarch packages for libx11 on amd64?  I thought we did.20:03
jbaileyOh, I see.  ia32-libs-dev doesn't get built for us.  Hrm.20:08

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