keessay, when including X11/extensions/XTest.h, it now includes X11/extensions/XInput.h, but libxi-dev isn't a depend of x11proto-ext-dev00:43
brycethat's probably a packaging oversight00:45
brycekees: how did you run into that?00:46
keesbryce: I was recompiling synergy to test some small changes, and hit a configure failure.  tracking it to config.log, I saw the "XText.h: cannot find XInput.h" error00:47
keesa trivial fix would be to have x11proto-ext-dev depend on libxi-dev, but I have no idea if that's the "right" fix.00:48
bryceit probably is; xinput is new and gradually is getting folded in to various things.  00:49
brycex11proto-xext-dev, right?01:02
brycekees: weird, the version we have of that is 7.0.2 which was released in like Dec 200501:04
keesbryce: maybe XInput.h moved from something that was a long-time Depend of x11proto-ext-dev into a separate libxi-dev package?01:06
bryceyeah... checking the debian patches first tho01:08
bryceno patches :-)01:08
brycewell, x11proto-xext depends only on x11-common01:12
keesI was poking at x11proto-xext-dev01:13
bryceright, I meant in general x11proto-xext* only has a single dependency01:15
bryce(well, plus debhelper)01:15
brycecrap no I'm wrong01:15
bryceDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, x11proto-input-dev, libxau-dev01:16
brycePre-Depends: x11-common (>= 1:7.0.0)01:16
brycewas looking only at the latter line01:16
keesoh, I bet libxi-dev should be a depend of x11proto-input-dev01:16
brycethat says that XInput.h is provided by x11proto-input-dev01:17
bryceso in intrepid this has changed01:17
keesand in intrepid it moved.  :P01:17
keesthis is pretty recent, too.01:18
bryceokay so guess we just need to update the Depends 01:18
keesit wasn't like that a few weeks ago01:18
brycekees, mind filing an LP on this?  I'll forward it up from there01:20
bryceand I'll have the upload ready in a jiff01:20
bryceoh and please indicate if installing libxi-dev is sufficient for fixing synergy's compilation issue01:21
keesbryce: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/x11proto-xext/+bug/27338601:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 273386 in x11proto-xext "libxi-dev may be missing as a Depend" [Undecided,New] 01:23
keestypo'd: libx1-dev vs libxi-dev01:29
keesalso, maybe the dep should go into x11proto-input-dev ?01:29
brycegood catch; strange that pbuilder accepted and built it ok01:30
brycehmm, not sure whether it should go into x11proto-input-dev.  But I'll mention that when forwarding to debian.01:31
brycekees: ok filed with debian.01:41
keescool, thx01:42
brycedeb bug #49985801:48
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 499858 could not be found01:49
brycejesse says he'll try to be more careful in the future02:30
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tjaaltonbryce: the XInput.h change was made by me, so it doesn't affect debian07:17
tjaaltonnot yet anyway07:17
tjaaltonthat was needed for the input properties07:17
sorenDoes anyone know why I don't have any dead keys anymore?07:17
tjaaltonsoren: look at /etc/default/console-setup07:19
tjaaltonare the XKB* same as in your old xorg.conf?07:19
sorentjaalton: Looks like it, yes.07:20
tjaaltonok, what's in there?07:20
tjaaltonno nodeadkeys there either07:21
sorenNo "nodeadkeys".07:21
sorenNot in setxkbmap -print either.07:21
tjaaltonhmm ok, so what did you want again?-)07:22
tjaaltondead keys work here though07:24
tjaaltonwhat does setxkbmap -print output?07:24
tjaaltonput out, whaeva07:24
tjaaltonbryce: btw, don't use -Xbuild* versions if the package has real changes, since they would be lost when packages are being autosynced07:25
sorentjaalton: Sorry, had a phone call. I'll pastebin the setxkbmap -print output.. Just a sec.07:34
sorentjaalton: http://pastebin.com/m69f31be707:34
soren"setxkbmap dk nodeadkeys" doesn't help either (in case it somehow got inverted or something)07:35
sorenWhat I want is dead keys. ´a, ~n, and  ¨a just don't look right :)07:36
tjaaltonsoren: ok, so that's identical to mine except I have fi instead of dk.. I'll have a look at xkb-data07:41
sorentjaalton: "setxkbmap fi" doesn't give me back my dead keys either.07:47
tjaaltontry the guest-user07:48
sorenCan I log in from GDM as "him"?07:49
* soren doesn't run GNOME07:49
tjaaltonok, dunno07:49
soren...so I don't have the user-switch applet07:49
tjaaltoncreate a dummy user then07:49
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tjaaltondo they work on the console?07:50
sorenYes. Console is fine.07:52
sorenThe new dummy account doesn't work either.07:53
sorenTo make things even more fun, my original X session is now just a black screen with my mouse cursor on it. It happened after I switched to the dummy user's session and back. :/07:54
sorenEr.. Ok, scratch the "console is fine" line.07:54
tjaaltonhm, works here (965)07:55
tjaaltonbut I've seen that07:55
tjaaltonif console is broken as well, I'm out of ideas :)07:55
sorenNo, the console seems to be fine again.07:56
sorenIt was just acting really strangely for a bit there. Instead of deleting characters when I pressed backspace, it just put two diamond shaped characters where the cursor was.07:56
sorenThat was at the login prompt. WHen I'm actually logged in, it works fine.07:56
tjaaltonsoren: and dead keys with dk work here08:12
sorenI'm not sure where to begin to look. I don't have an xorg.conf.08:12
tjaaltondo you have gnome installed?08:13
sorentjaalton: Yes, the dummy user logged into GNOME. No luck.08:13
* tseliot starts bugging tjaalton08:33
tseliottjaalton: can you upload my patch for touchpads, please?08:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 271823 in xfree86-driver-synaptics "[intrepid] touchpad less responsive and top/bottom-right corner tapping disabled" [Undecided,Confirmed] 08:34
tjaaltontseliot: done08:50
tseliottjaalton: thanks a lot. Where shall I send that crate of beer I promised you? :-P08:50
tjaaltontseliot: Ristihaantie 8 C 34, 02750 Espoo, Finland. Thanks! :)08:51
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tjaaltonsigh.. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xkeyboard-config/+bug/261573/comments/4510:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 261573 in xkeyboard-config "Intrepid: No "AltGr" key defined -> e.g. no "@" symbol with MacBook Pro" [Undecided,Confirmed] 10:17
Kanowhy has ubuntu 8.10 a different (1 line) xorg.conf than lenny12:48
KanoMonitor section12:49
KanoDevice          "Configured Video Device"12:49
Kanois there but not in lenny or sid12:49
Kanowouldnt it be nice to write the _same_ config file?12:49
tjaaltonlook at /usr/bin/dexconf, they are not the same12:49
Kanoi would prefer to write both times the same, because otherwise i need a workaround to remove or add that line...12:50
tjaaltonthen you edit dexconf to suit your needs12:51
Kanothats not possible12:51
Kanobut nice to know that file...12:52
tjaaltonbtw, that line is there in sid12:53
tjaaltonin the sid version of dexconf12:53
Kanobut not in lenny12:53
Kanowould you add or remove that line12:53
tjaaltonsure is in lenny too12:55
Kanowell it is in 2 positions in ubuntu12:56
Kanoi mean the MONITOR section12:56
Kanothe one with device in front12:56
Kanothe one with indentifier is in both12:56
tjaaltonthose sections are identical in all three versions12:57
Kanosorry screen section12:57
Kano        Identifier      "Default Screen"12:58
Kano        Monitor         "Configured Monitor"12:58
Kano        Device          "Configured Video Device"12:58
Kanothats written in intrepid12:58
Kanothe device line is not present in lenny, just installed yesterday12:59
Kanovery curious that you say it is in all of em...12:59
tjaaltonbecause you weren't talking about the Screen section before13:00
tjaaltonit is there alright13:00
* wgrant wonders why that would need to be worked around.13:01
Kanowgrant: well the "new" style xorg.conf is really small13:01
Kanotherefore i added a patch code to my scripts13:01
Kanothat makes am slightly larger to be used to change to nvidia/fglrx later13:02
tjaaltonbryce: btw, better use "-I".git" next time for xorg ;)13:02
tjaaltonum, '-I".git"'13:02
Kanoand what i dislike is when that patch does not apply when i set it for one of those13:02
Kanoas i need to change the screen section...13:03
Kanoi prefer 1 code for all,but it seems i need a workaround13:04
Kanoremoveing a line is usually more easy than adding13:04
tseliotKano: what's the problem with having a reference to the Device section in the Screen section?13:04
tseliotit's perfectly legal to do so13:04
Kanothere is no problem, just differnt to debian13:05
Kanoand that difference makes my script to not apply for one of em without mod13:05
jcristauand why does that matter?13:05
Kanotherefore i wanted to know WHY it is different13:05
* wgrant suggests that it is because they're not the same.13:06
tseliotKano: why don't you use X-Kit to modify the xorg.conf? It would take only few lines of Python code13:06
tjaaltonoh right; "dexconf: Bring Device back to Screen-section"13:06
Kanoi dont know phython13:06
tjaalton"nvidia-settings and aticonfig need that. (LP: #181405)"13:06
* jcristau uses sed to modify xorg.conf13:06
tjaaltonKano: so there, fix nvidia-settings and aticonfig first ;)13:07
Kanotjaalton: ok, then i will add that line for debian13:07
tjaaltonalthough I wouldn't be pissed if those broke again13:07
jcristau(and i get scared i'll break something every time i have to do that)13:07
tjaaltonsince that's all they do anyway13:07
Kanoaticonfig is really unimportant for 8.10 as fglrx does not work anyway *g*13:08
jcristautjaalton: how did you handle the i810 -> intel and via -> openchrome stuff, btw?13:08
jcristau(if at all)13:08
tjaaltonjcristau: with cruelty13:08
Kanoi810 -> intel is trivial13:08
tjaaltonjcristau: ie. no mangling like you've done, although we might want to merge to get the code it13:09
Kanodebian just uses a wrapper module13:09
jcristautjaalton: okay13:09
jcristauKano: well, no.13:09
Kanojcristau: the i810 package has it13:09
Kanowhich would be there on update13:10
tjaaltonthere is no i810 package13:10
jcristauthe i810 package is empty in sid, and doesn't exist in experimental. so no.13:10
Kanowell it was there before..13:10
jcristauand that's besides the point anyway13:10
tseliottjaalton: BTW I had to change a handler in Jockey because amdcccle crashes if you put something like Disable "dri2" in the Module section of the xorg.conf.13:10
jcristauso fix amdcccle?13:11
tseliotjcristau: if it were open source I would fix it myself13:11
tjaaltonit's silly to break because of that13:11
jcristauit seems there's all kinds of silly xorg.conf parsers all over the place13:12
tseliothehe right13:12
jcristauKano: the point is, 'Driver "i810"' in xorg.conf doesn't work with xserver 1.5, so it has to be changed to intel.13:12
Kanojcristau: most easy way: remove the line13:13
jcristauKano: you're useless, thanks.13:13
Kanoxorg can find the driver automatically13:13
Kanojust not nvidia or fglrx13:14
jcristautell me something i don't know13:14
Kanowell you know everything it seems, then you surely have got fglrx working with xserver 1.513:14
tjaaltonKano: for the record, jcristau is the head of Debian XSF ;)13:15
Kanowell then he should write the same configfile for all ;)13:16
tjaaltonbut ubuntu messes things up, so no13:16
jcristauwe should probably not write an xorg.conf at all in squeeze.. at least in the common case.13:17
Ngno xorg.conf ftw \o/13:19
jcristaui'll write to debian-boot, to see what their plans are re: console-setup13:19
Ngexcept the emulatescrollwheel bit ;)13:19
tjaaltonjcristau: \o/13:19
tjaaltonNg: just use xinput :)13:19
Ngtjaalton: hmm? all I saw on it was mvo's blog post about building his own evdev or something and using xinput properties - is that properly in intrepid now?13:20
tjaaltonNg: sure is13:21
Ngshould I just pinch the config bits from said blog post?13:21
tjaaltonxinput list, xinput list-props $id etc13:22
tjaaltonman xinput too13:22
tjaaltonbut the blog post might help too13:22
Ngtwo xinput commands seems to do the trick13:45
tjaaltonin time there'll be gui support for it13:46
tjaaltonnow you need to run those on every session start..13:47
Ngyeah, for now a session startup script will do :)13:47
Ngthanks very much :)13:48
tjaaltonmy pleasure13:48
Ngthe pleasure is mine, I have my scrolling back ;)13:49
NgI added a comment to mvo's post about it with the commands I ran13:54
mvothanks Ng13:54
* jcristau also pesters the xcb folks about the libxcb buffer size13:59
Kanobtw. what could be the problem with ubuntu 8.10 that my nvidia 8800 gts 512 only runs with binary driver? the driver detected does not show any errors in the log but there is no pic (vga via dvi adapter)14:38
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brycetjaalton: is there a way we can set things to use that switch automatically?19:06
jcristaualias dpkg-buildpackage='dpkg-buildpackage -i -I'19:08
tjaaltonsomething like that ;)19:14
superm1bryce, make a file named ~/.devscripts19:15
superm1that contains this:19:15
superm1DEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="-i'(?:^|/).*~$|(?:^|/)\..*\.swp|DEADJOE|(?:/CVS|/RCS|/\.svn|/\.deps|\{arch\}|\.arch-ids|\.arch-inventory|\.bzr|\.bzrignore|\.shelf)(?:$|/)' -ICVS -I.svn -I\{arch\} -I.arch-ids -I.arch-inventory -I.bzr -I.bzrignore -I.shelf"19:15
superm1I'm not sure where, how, or from whom i got it, but it works19:15
jcristauyou don't need all that19:15
superm1if you use debuild it works at least19:16
jcristaudpkg-buildpackage has default regexps for -i and -I19:16
superm1they weren't catching bzr stuff for me ever until I started to use  that19:16
brycemaybe DEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="-i -I.bzr -I.svn -I.git" is enough?19:16
jcristaubryce: those should be taken care of by -I afaict19:19
jcristausuperm1: dpkg's changelog says it added bzr stuff in 1.13.1419:19
jcristauhmm. only for -i. although tar_ignore_default_pattern contains .bzr and friends here.19:20
brycejcristau: I'd assumed so too but timo said at least -I".git" is needed19:21
jcristau  * Allow dpkg-source -I without a pattern which will load a default19:22
jcristau    list of pattern similar to -i without regexp. Patch by19:22
jcristau    Jari Aalto. Closes: #44097219:22
jcristauthat's 1.14.719:22
jcristaua year ago19:23
tjaaltonI've seen that changelog entry, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work..20:20
brycetjaalton: btw, Intel says that Q3 final release of -intel will be Oct 14th20:21
brycetjaalton: they asked if we could include it at that date.  I said we'd need to see the list of changes20:21
tjaaltonbryce: does it work without GEM?20:22
brycetjaalton: yeah, they're not shipping this one with GEM enabled yet20:22
brycethey found too many serious stability issues20:22
mnemohey guys, I just bought a new machine with intel G45 chipset (integrated GMA X4500GD card).. Xorg goes bonkers after gdm, flashing for a while and then shows me unreadable dialog (due to corrupted graphics, kernel still live though)20:41
mnemoim getting this X.org stacktrace from the intel driver:20:41
mnemoany ideas on how I can work around it? already tried disabling compiz, still crashes though20:41
tjaaltonmnemo: use the vesa driver?20:44
mnemohow can I configure it to do that?20:46
tjaaltonman xorg.conf20:46
tjaaltonDevice section20:46
mnemois that the same thing as saying AccelMethod XAA ?20:47
mnemowhich one would be better intel in XAA mode or VESA?20:47
mnemobecause I just noticed that it doesnt crash in XAA mode20:47
tjaaltonsorry I misread, yes it's the same section where you put that option20:49
tjaaltonintel probably is better20:49
tjaaltonbryce: we probably need to put the beta version in a PPA20:50
mnemoi'd be happy to help you out with testing the intel driver20:52
jcristau2.4.2 has known problems on the new platform20:52
brycemnemo: if you actually want to help with testing, join the ubuntu-x@ mailing list; that's where we announce testing opportunities generally 20:54
mnemoim on it ;>20:55
tjaaltonintel 2.5-branch still needs libdrm >=2.4.0, so won't build21:48
tjaaltonbryce: ^^21:50
pwnguinthere's an ubuntu-x mailing list?22:18
brycepwnguin: yup23:10
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