Unbeivy_: what's the problem?00:00
uaiuii am newbie, got a problem..I fucked up the wifi drivers and related files trying to do an upgrade. now my iwconfig doesnt  even see the card.00:00
uaiuiI would like to know how i can recover from the installation cd00:00
ThersiTI need to upgrade HPLIP past the version that is offered by synaptic, do i need to uninstall the old one with synaptic first?00:01
DasE1sakuramboo: sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r)  apt-get install alsa-base alsa-firmware-loaders alsa-oss alsa-source alsa-utils alsamixergui00:02
CorbinFoxi want to use the version of pidgin that comes with 7.10, is there a way to do that? 8.04's version isnt to my liking00:02
DasE1sakuramboo: modprobe  emu10k100:02
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: Everything should be available in the repos. Use Synaptic to graphically install the packages.00:02
dr_willisCorbinFox,  its possible that the older pidgin may not work with some of the chat systems (aol/aim/msn) due to them constantly changing things.00:02
noglorpI'm having trouble getting nvidia drivers to work00:03
DasE1sakuramboo: sudo gedit /etc/modules00:03
noglorpubuntu 7.10, nvidia geforce 8600 gt00:03
bobertdosCorbinFox: and it isn't extraordinarily difficult to compile the new Pidgin from source.00:03
DasE1sakuramboo: at the end of modules, new line :  emu10k100:03
arttiŠØŠ no nice keyb0ard00:03
fwaokdamy pidgin isn't working how do i fix it? I click on the icon in my panel and it opens a window bar at the bottom of my screen and then closes after about 7 seconds00:03
CorbinFoxbobertdos: i want the old pidgin tho?  and i dont know how to compile from source00:03
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos I tried that couldn't find GTK+ I may need to install the upgrades since I have Dapper Drake00:04
sakuramboosakuramboo@sakuramboo-desktop:~$ sudo modprobe emu10k100:04
sakurambooFATAL: Module emu10k1 not found.00:04
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uaiuihi there i got a problem with ubuntu 8.0400:04
noglorpdoes Envy still exist for installing nvidia drivers?00:04
bobertdos!find gtk+00:04
ubottuFound: displayconfig-gtk, gftp-gtk, gnome-icon-theme-gartoon, gtk-doc-tools, gtk-im-libthai (and 418 others)00:04
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk00:04
DasE1sakuramboo: save n close modules, then : sudo-apt get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:04
_bjordandoes anyone know how one might:00:04
dr_willisbobertdos,  if you installed the normal ubuntu - gtk should been installed  with it..00:04
_bjordan(1) take a group of photos with both date created and EXIF metadata00:04
_bjordan(2) starting with one photo/time, create a slideshow/video/gif animation/flash animation that changes photos at the times they are taken?00:04
_bjordan(3, optional) add the audio of this event to it00:05
sakurambooDasE1, nothing was upgraded00:05
noglorpI cant find envy in apt repository despite having enabled all the disabled repositories in my list00:05
bobertdosdr_willis: I'm not the one asking. The person who is asking is on Dapper :p00:05
_bjordanwithout having to do the second item manually00:05
DasE1sakuramboo: apps>multimedia>alsamixer00:05
DasE1sakuramboo: *gui00:05
TiTsAnDaSShmmm so let me get this straight is GTK the same as GTK+?00:05
noglorp'apt-cache search envy only turns' up one result and it is unrelated'00:05
dr_willisbobertdos,  Err.. gnome uses gtk, so im not sure what hes really asking/needing. :)00:05
DasE1sakuramboo: does your card show up in the mixer-gtk ?00:06
Rodzillaalguien sabe como configurar el sistema gráfico en ubuntu? en centos yo uso system-config-display, que comando se usa en ubuntu?00:06
dr_willisgtk is the name of the  'widget toolkit' i belive. Not sure how gtk and gtk+ differ. Perhaps one is a newer verison00:06
bobertdosdr_willis: I guess I don't either, unless........00:06
cyban_bjordan, Flash would be easiest depending on what its for00:06
DasE1sakuramboo: you're saved if you did the modules thing right, have fun...00:06
TiTsAnDaSStrying to install a checkbook program and one of the files as a requirement is GTK+00:07
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: What precisely are you needing? Are you looking to develop GTk apps or...????00:07
sakurambooDasE1, like i said, with alsa, i can hear sound, but not with pulse, now, with alsa, i can only use 1 device at a time and the front panel doesnt work00:07
_bjordancyban: there would be a way to script that sort of thing within flash?00:07
sakurambooerrr, not one device, one sound program00:07
_bjordancyban: to script with file creation dates?00:07
Rodzillasome body know how to setup xserver? on centos I use system-config-display... What command can I use on ubuntu'00:07
DasE1sakuramboo: try a reboot: sudo reboot00:07
cyban_bjordan, ya you can do some fairly advanced scripting in Flash - its has things like get file properties etc00:07
DasE1Rodzilla: first backup xorg.conf....00:08
Newuser1111VMware isn't working.00:08
alphaeý am playýng ban00:08
ivy_Unbe: The resolution is 800X600, and my computer's resolution is 1200X80000:08
noglorpanyone know why I can't find envy in my package list00:08
tripitakitRodzilla: gnome or kde?00:08
noglorpdo I have to manually add a repository besides the commented-out ones in the list?00:08
Rodzillatripitakit, gnome00:08
DasE1Rodzilla: then what you look for might be : displayconfig-gtk00:08
_bjordancyban: thanks! owe you a beer00:08
tripitakitRodzilla: u can try sudo /etc/iniit.d/gdm start to start an x session00:09
alphaeý am a ame playýng bang00:09
tenseiwhats a good option to burn a tif or jpg file to a CD in ubuntu 8.04?00:09
DasE1Rodzilla: or : sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg00:09
NickReadnoglorp: envyng-(core|gtk|qt) are in the hardy repos00:09
alphaeý am agame olayýng bang00:09
tripitakitRodzilla:  or also try with startx00:09
cybannoglorp, in add/remove if ya have all selected at the top and its not there you can add manually00:09
alphaewhat ýs the bang00:09
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DasE1tensei: k3b or nero00:09
jenniferi have a problem on my cmputer00:09
drhe|lapis swap partition really needed in ubuntu?00:10
bobertdosdrhe|lap: depends on how much ram you have00:10
Unbeivy_: which version of Ubuntu are you using?00:10
jennifermy wifi is not recognized anymore00:10
DasE1 drhe|lap:how much ram ?00:10
cybandepends on your system drhe|lap00:10
RodzillaDasE1 and tripitakit, I need change video driver from nvidia to generic, because I do not have use my latop for output external monitor or projector!00:10
jenniferafter i tried to update the drivers00:10
tripitakitdrhe|lap: with little ram sure it is00:10
cybanjennifer, ?00:10
drhe|lap512mb ram, i can bring it upto 712mb ram00:10
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos trying to install a checkbook program and one of the files as a requirement is GTK+00:10
jenniferyes cyban..00:10
noglorpthank you nickread. would you recommend going to the latest distro to fix my nvidia problems or are they pretty much the same on that front?00:10
jenniferi mean.. darlin00:10
jenniferhow can i recover00:10
cybandrhe|lap, probably dont need it - but it wont hurt00:10
Newuser1111VMware Server 1.0.6 build-91891 still isn't working,00:11
NickReadnoglorp: what are you on now?00:11
tripitakitdrhe|lap: i'd use 1 gb swap in this case00:11
jenniferwith the ubuntu cd?00:11
drhe|lapfor partition, all you really need is the ext3 partition????00:11
DasE1Rodzilla: the file of your interest: /etc/X11/xorg.conf   and also (for debugging) /var/log/xorg.0.log00:11
milostrifehey could someone tell me how to install xchat i've just installed ubuntu on a laptop but i cant remember how to install xchat?00:11
danopianoglorp, nvidia issues?00:11
cybanjennifer, not sure... could try to reboot to the config menu but ive never gone into it, I think theres some reconfig options in it00:11
tenseiDasE1: Does Ubuntu come with any preinstalled way to burn a CD,.. i'm looking at a data CD... ie you move the file to the cd in the file browser, and click burn00:11
laananhello, i recently installed 8.04 and i'm having some problems with my desktop windows00:11
noglorpnickread: 7.1000:11
danopiamilostrife, sudo apt-get install xchat00:11
noglorpalso, is there a "save link as" type option on Lynx :D00:12
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: and yes, gtk and gtk+ are generally interchangeable terms for the same thing00:12
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:12
tripitakittensei: ubuntu comes with brasero00:12
milostrifedanopia, i've tried that but it says cant find repo?00:12
tonibuntui have installed ubuntu 6.06 on my friends machine that crashed it's windows.  i tryed and tried to install hardy, but it would never get past the login screen, where it would go all black and not progress.  so i'm kind of nervous now about upgrading through the update manager, cause i don't know if the newer version has some incompatibility with his dell dimension 2400.  any thoughts?  oh,...00:12
tonibuntu...and question; i don't see 'software sources' in his menu, just 'software properties' which doesn't seem to be the same thing.00:12
tenseitripitakit: where would I find that?00:12
tripitakittensei: a cd burning app00:12
jennifercan somebody tell me what to do to ripristinate the originarl drivers from the cd?00:12
danopiamilostrife, can you get anytihng else?00:12
DasE1tensei: sudo apt-get install k3b00:12
NickReadnoglorp: Unsure if envy is in the Gutsy repo.  You can get the Deb straight from the envy website though: http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html00:12
danopiamilostrife, try sudo apt-get update00:12
tripitakittensei: under main menu multimedia00:12
tenseiDase1: what the difference between that and brasero?00:12
cybanjennifer, have you uninstalled the drivers you tried to update to?00:12
tripitakittensei: or from the shell typin brasero00:13
dr_willisEnvy has been replaced by the envyng tool00:13
Newuser1111Unable to change virtual machine power state: The process exited with an error: End of error message.00:13
tenseitripitakit: is it better than k3b?00:13
milostrifedanopia, tried do i have to make sure i've got meta universe selected in synaptic package?00:13
ubottutensei, please see my private message00:13
dr_willisuse envyng if everything else fails. :)00:13
cybanuninstall those, then reboot, then sudo apt-get update/upgrade00:13
jenniferthe new drivers just overwrite something and the kernel i think00:13
NickReaddr_willis: yes - but envyng is only for Hardy00:13
sp0k34_what you talkin bout willis00:13
dr_willisI wouldent trust envy for any earlier releases.. i would use the nvidia.run stuff00:13
danopiamilostrife, idk, synaptic uses apt afaik00:13
jenniferbecause i cannot see the card anymore00:13
tripitakittensei: i normalyy use braseero dont know k3b00:13
jenniferwith iwconfig00:13
cybannah doubt it over wrote any kernel args that wont get undone when uninstalled00:13
DasE1tensei: have a licence for win-nero ?00:14
noglorpwillis: the .run from nv causes me to fall back to safety00:14
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos hmmm ok well then do I just download the file extract it to the desktop and issue a apt get command in the terminal or how do I install this program?00:14
milostrifedanopia,  okies i'll have a look in the forums and see if there's anything there00:14
NickReaddr_willis: Simply use the restricted drivers manager - problem solved ;)00:14
cybanat least if ya uninstall you can then install, but trying to install drivers over drivers is a pain00:14
jenniferi remember they ask me to comment out something in some file and i said yes00:14
Newuser1111VMware Server 1.0.6 build-91891 still is not working,00:14
tenseidase1: nope.. haven't needed it yet00:14
noglorpthe restricted nv driver falls back to safety for me also00:14
dr_willisnoglorp,   time to do some debugging on it. and see why its doing that.. can be several different problems00:14
tripitakittensei: there are other apps for cd burning ..00:14
laanani have an nvidia Quadro FX Go1400, and none of my desktop windows have a title bar (no minimize/close buttons, etc.), gnome-terminal opens a completely white window, no text. any ideas ?00:14
jenniferi want to ripristinate the original out of the cd00:14
cybanjennifer, dont have the instructions still?00:14
jenniferif its possible00:14
noglorpIn the X log00:14
tripitakittensei: just try and chosse the one u prefer00:14
drhe|lapi got a nvidia geforce 5600xt. do you think i could get the fancy effects to work in ubuntu???00:15
noglorpit says no compatible GLX extension found00:15
noglorpor something of that sort00:15
cybanjennifer, ya I think it is but you need to remove the upgraded drivers probably (Only way I can think of anyway)00:15
noglorplemme try running it again00:15
jenniferi mean.. it was something called madwifi00:15
DasE1tensei: k3b worked best for me, but everybody has its own experience00:15
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: Well first install all the GTK libraries from Synaptic or using apt-get (same difference), and then what is the program contained in, a deb file?00:15
cybandrhe|lap, how many MB is that?00:15
aLeSD_hi all00:15
tenseitripitakit: I went under main menu but didn't see media...00:15
drhe|lap256mb cyban00:15
jenniferand it didnt succeded00:15
jenniferbut now no more00:15
jenniferwifi card00:15
cybanoh ya, im runnin 64mb card with everything turned on00:15
DasE1Rodzilla: need more help ?00:16
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos yeah I think so00:16
drhe|lapcyban, what is your card name?00:16
jenniferall the rest is perfect00:16
Newuser1111Hi, I'm having a problem with VMware. Can anyone help?00:16
cybanjennifer, sure you just didnt do the install properly?00:16
aLeSD_someone knows if on ubuntu 8.04 the wifi 0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02) works ?00:16
aLeSD_cause I can see networks but I cannot connet toç00:16
jenniferyes i am sure00:16
tonibuntuDasEi, whatup, nubuntu here00:16
cybanati mobility raedon 300 I think drhe|lap00:16
jennifercoz i dont see anything00:16
tripitakittensei: multimedia?00:16
jenniferi can just use the live cd like now00:17
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: Once all the dependencies are installed, in the terminal, navigate to where the package is and type: sudo dpkg -i <package>00:17
jenniferif i start from the hard disk no connection at all00:17
cybanaLeSD_, if you can see them then its working, its probably something in Network manager under system/admin00:17
tripitakittensei: i mena graphics and video (i'm usin italian localization)00:17
jenniferand if i put a pcmcia card.. it like it doesnt see any network...00:17
aLeSD_cyban: mmm00:17
jennifermaybe its the card00:17
jenniferbut i think i would like to recover the old drivers and links in the files from the installation cd00:18
tripitakittensei: audio video  is the submenu for me00:18
Belboz99Hey all, I'm trying to remix an Ubuntu version with Nvidia beta drivers pre-installed, anyone know why they aren't loading on boot?00:18
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos what if GTK is already installed?00:18
cybanjennifer, could be the card just isnt working with those drivers, the drivers you installed werent installed right - did it work before the upgrade?00:18
aLeSD_cyban i will try manually ... but take a look to this post please https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/22163300:18
tripitakittensei: but shoud be multimedia in english menu00:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 221633 in ubuntu "3945ABG wireless card dosen not work with 8.04 " [Undecided,Confirmed]00:18
tenseitripitakit: thanks, it was under sound and video00:18
tripitakittensei: fine :)00:18
tripitakittensei: brasero is a gnome application00:18
sakurambooDasE1, nope, alsa is still not working right and neither is pulse00:18
tripitakittensei: k3b itlooks as a kde one00:18
jenniferalways worked00:18
jenniferout of the box after installation00:19
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: then it's probably looking for the development headers or something along those lines00:19
milostrifedanopia, do you know how to install ubuntu studio from the terminal00:19
jenniferlike now on the live cd00:19
tripitakittensei: so if u use ubuntu and not kubuntu should be better brazero00:19
CorbinFoxis there a way to install the 7.10 version of pidgin on 8.04?00:19
jennifersimply it doesnt see anymore my eth1 card00:19
danopiamilostrife, no, sorry00:19
jenniferwhich is a wireless intel 220000:19
DasE1sakuramboo: sudo apt-get install hwinfo && hwinfo > hwinfo.txt && pastebinit hwinfo00:19
cybanaLeSD_, ah well seems the bot says its bugged for that card so must be00:19
aLeSD_is it possibly to install an older kernel  ?00:19
laanancan anyone point me into an appropriate channel or forum for questions about nvidia quadro cards and drivers ? thanks00:19
milostrifedanopia, okies no worries00:19
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos so mark the headers for install?00:19
milostrifeanyone know how to install ubuntu studio from the terminal?00:20
DasE1sakuramboo: pastebinit /etc/modules00:20
jenniferstandard.. but then anyway i discovered that upgrade was not really needed for my needs, and now i fucked up the installation00:20
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: that'd be my guess, but without knowing the dependencies of the package, I can't be sure00:20
DasE1sakuramboo: 2 url's..00:20
aLeSD_cyban: I mean ... the problem seems to be related with the 8.04 kernel ... and it seems to work on a 2.6.22 kernel tree00:21
cybanjennifer, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88796000:21
aLeSD_what about install it ?00:21
jenniferthanks i give a look00:21
noglorpso now with NV drivers00:21
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos I may need to do some research. Once I get this program downloaded what is the command I need to issue to install it?00:21
noglorpit doesn't fall back00:21
cybanaLeSD_, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-32101.html00:21
noglorpit displays a pretty NV logo splash00:21
jennifernono,,, my card is not even listed in the iwconfig!00:21
noglorpthen it goes to a crazy flashing background and login screen never loads00:22
ubuntu_toddHello. Everybody.00:22
noglorpbut mouse works00:22
jenniferand i cannot do anything to switch it on calling eth1 says doesnt exist00:22
ubuntu_toddIt took me whole morning to be here.00:22
noglorpand no errors in X log00:22
cybanjennifer, do iwconfig in terminal00:22
ubuntu_toddSo complicated.00:22
cybanya is there eth 0, 1, etc00:22
tripitakitubuntu_todd:  so wellcome :)00:22
jennifernow the eth1 is there but coz i am using a live dvd00:22
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: sudo dpkg -i <package>00:23
TiTsAnDaSSbobertdos thanx for your help00:23
ubuntu_toddIs anybody here who can talks with new comers?00:23
funkyHatI'm having trouble getting a tunnel to work with MySQL administrator and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong00:23
tripitakitubuntu_todd: u can ask here00:23
aLeSD_cyban: do u know if the 8.10 will work with the 2.6.26 kernel tree ? and if the problem is solved ?00:23
cybanI dont know the command, but if your on the live CD and its there and working then you just need the driver information that it is currently using so you can install it over the faulty upgrade00:24
erUSULaLeSD_: 8.10 will use 2.6.2700:24
bobertdosTiTsAnDaSS: no problem00:24
cybanno idea aLeSD_00:24
funkyHatMy command is `ssh -L 8809:localhost:3306 squee' and then I'm connecting to mysql using localhost port 8809, but it's still connecting to my local mysql server00:24
ubuntu_toddI have been using ubuntu for 5 months. But I found myself still in the same mind as before when using Windows.00:24
tripitakitubuntu_todd: i can listen and maybe answer too if u lke00:25
jennifernow i am on a backtrack 3 working00:25
DasE1sakuramboo: you havent put the driver in /etc/modules....   sudo gedit /etc/modules00:25
ubuntu_toddThanks, tripitakit00:25
aLeSD_<erUSUL> do u know when 8.10 will be released ?00:25
jennifercan i transfer them to my ubuntu on the hard disk?00:25
erUSULaLeSD_: no00:25
DasE1sakuramboo: at the end of modules, new line :  emu10k100:25
aLeSD_ok ... thanks all00:25
tripitakitubuntu_todd: pm if u prefer00:25
qquchn__Oct.30 200800:25
DasE1sakuramboo: SAVE the file, close it00:25
FloodBot2noglorp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
Cheekytensei: brasero ?00:26
DasE1sakuramboo: again : pastebinit /etc/modules00:26
axeusanyone know the apt line for BitchX?00:26
* bobertdos away Taking a break, barring self-destruction.00:26
HollywoodJumperso i can use the torrent app in ubuntu to download extra stuff right?00:27
emorrishi, i have an FTP server with a 3 user connection limit. however, when you close a nautilus ftp window, it doesn't connect. So, is there any way to force these FTP connections to close?00:27
DasE1sakuramboo: yup. do another reboot, as firmwareloader could't work without that, sudo reboot00:28
milostrifeanyone know of this problem with xchat type i36 when trying to install on ubuntu?00:28
emorriss/doesn't connect/doesn't disconnect/00:28
laanani'm a linux novice, should i try Envy to install and maintain drivers for my nvidia quadro card ?00:28
kanothmistcan someone help me install my Intel graphic 945GME driver00:29
DasE1!torrent >  HollywoodJumper00:29
DasE1kanothmist: correct to pm you ?00:29
HollywoodJumperDasE1 the bittorrent client00:30
Mr_Fixithmm..... i tried to back up files and what not... did a re-install... and had to copy the files back with root... now all my files are root owned.. is there an easy way to change the ownership without having to go to all the different files???00:30
DasE1ktorrent, for example,  HollywoodJumper00:30
aLeSD_cyban what about to upgrade to intrepid kernel ?00:30
emorrisMr_Fixit: only if they had the same permissions b400:30
erUSULlaanan: try the standar method first System>Admin>Hardware drivers00:30
aLeSD_I found it on packages.ubuntu.com00:30
HollywoodJumperDasE1 what is ktorrent00:30
roadfishI just got one of those keyboards with extra keys above the function keys. But some keys do weird things ... for example, f11 doesn't seem to be f11 anymore. Is these some way to reset things for this new keyboard?00:31
Mr_Fixitemorris, so what then?? before they were all owned y my primary user..00:31
erUSULMr_Fixit: you can change permisisions/ownership recursively to a dir and all its contents00:31
Mr_Fixitnow it's all root00:31
candiveHi all,00:31
Mr_Fixitbut each directory has to be changed??00:31
erUSULMr_Fixit: "sudo chown -R youruser:youruser folder"00:31
DasE1HollywoodJumper: a app for dld a torrent00:31
erUSULMr_Fixit: yes every dir00:32
emorrisMr_Fixit: sudo chown -R /the/top/dir00:32
Mr_Fixitor could i chage like /~/user and expect it to happen all the way down the tree?00:32
emorrisMr_Fixit: ignore me, do what erUSUL said00:32
candiveWhen I insert a DVD Movie it plays in Spanish? I am english how do I set english only please. Thank you.00:32
erUSULMr_Fixit: "sudo chown -R youruser:youruser ~/" <<<< that's what you want00:32
roadfishxev recognizes the "multimedia" keys above the functions keys but not emacs ... are there Ubuntu tools to make these keys available in emacs and other apps?00:32
Mr_Fixithow come they all changed to root??00:32
emorriscandive: what player?00:32
candiveemorris, movie player00:33
laananerUSUL: okay i will research that, thanks00:33
sakuramboonow, i dont even get sound out of alsa00:34
emorrisMr_Fixit: because you copied as root. for future reference, cp -p will preserve ownership, permissions, etc00:34
DasE1 candive: try vlc>audio>track, if you got a spanish dvd, its the wrong dvd...00:34
Mr_Fixityea ok..00:34
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i tried to take advantage of the forums to get help but i couldnt get it to work00:34
Mr_Fixiti get this error using erUSUL's command chown: cannot access `/home/bruce/.gvfs': Permission denied00:34
milostrifeanyone know how to install ubuntu studio from terminal as i've lost my burnt live cd?00:34
candiveDasE1, it worked before I relADED uBUNTU? OPPS CAPS00:35
erUSULMr_Fixit: well ignore it that's a special dir00:35
DasE1HollywoodJumper: sudo apt-get install ktorrent00:35
drhe|lapok, i got this pc to boot to win xp install. i found that stupid raid floppy disk. this is a 80g sata drive. so i only want to use perhaps 50gb on it. and the rest will go to ubuntu. so should i just use windows partition to set up the partition?00:35
Mr_Fixitso all the rest is chowned to my user?00:35
emorriscandive: Sound>Languages>English??00:35
JacobbsHey guys, I've got a Vista laptop and an XP/Ubuntu dual boot desktop. Is it possible to sync my Vista laptop with files from the Ubuntu install? (My XP can read Ext2/3)00:35
erUSULdrhe|lap: set u a windows partition and leave the rest unpartitioned00:35
drhe|lapcoool erUSUL00:35
HollywoodJumperDasE1 what is sudo apt00:36
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)00:36
sakuramboo whatever, im ready to throw this computer out the window, ill work on this later, i need this recording done yesterday :/00:36
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)00:36
DasE1sakuramboo: nah, still got 20min ?00:36
sakurambooim getting nothing with audigy now00:37
candiveemorris, not an option?00:37
HollywoodJumperDasE1 what are superuser privileges00:37
sakurambooDasE1, and sadly, i dont, i need this recording in an hour and its gonna take me 30 or so minutes to get it all00:37
laananerUSUL: apparently there was a proprietary driver not enabled. enabling that and rebooting brings back my desktop window title bars and gnome-terminal now displays text. thanks again00:37
candiveMovie player languages is empty??00:38
erUSULlaanan: no problem00:38
candiveemorris, Movie player languages is empty??00:38
sakurambooill be back some other day to work on this00:38
emorrisJacobbs: if you want to sync from ubuntu, see man rsync, from windows, xcopy might do what you want00:38
DasE1sakuramboo: if you car needs a fix for free, gotta bring 30 min, maybe, sry00:38
emorriscandive: is the dvd playing?00:39
DasE1HollywoodJumper: there are normal users can use a machine and root(superuser) how can change,install, control a machine00:39
Jacobbshow do I change the drive cmd.exe is working on?00:39
emorrisJacobbs: some info on xcopy: http://www.computerhope.com/xcopyhlp.htm00:39
candiveemorris, not right now but it only plays in spanish i think00:40
emorrisJacobbs: just type it. like d: <enter>00:40
Jacobbsokay cool00:40
emorriscandive: hmm, don't know then00:40
HollywoodJumperDasE1 forgive my ignorance i am very new to ubuntu and very afraid of wrecking everything by doing something stupid00:40
DasE1HollywoodJumper: sudo apt-get install ktorrent00:40
candiveemorris, I think I will try removing and reinstall then update. thanks00:41
DasE1HollywoodJumper: did that ?00:41
HollywoodJumperDasE1 how do i get to sudo apt00:41
candiveback later or not. thanks00:41
DasE1HollywoodJumper: open a terminal and see:00:41
emorriscandive: that probably won't do much. check all your locale settings are correct, etc. or use a better player, like vlc00:41
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:41
DasE1HollywoodJumper:(cli-cmd)               sudo apt-get install ktorrent00:42
jenniferhi guys00:43
DasE1HollywoodJumper: did that ?00:43
HollywoodJumperDasE1 yes so far so good00:44
DasE1HollywoodJumper:(cli-cmd)               sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:44
HollywoodJumperDasE1 is downloading kde-libs00:44
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i have very slow connection right now00:45
DasE1HollywoodJumper:kk, run the cmd's one after another00:45
emorrisDasE1: would he have found it easier to use applications>add/remove?00:45
DasE1emorris:sooner or later...00:45
HollywoodJumperDase1 so i shouldnt wait for the first download to finish?00:45
DasE1HollywoodJumper:on a slow connection torrent isnt really funny00:46
m_newtonOn a wiki, what is the tag you use to preserve formatting00:46
qwmon my mom's laptop, it always fails at connecting to the wireless network on the first try and then gives up. you have to manually select and connect each time..00:47
HollywoodJumperDasE1 what do you mean isnt really funny?00:47
qwm"first try"... upon boot.00:47
qwmany ideas?00:47
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i am connecting via linksys free internet from somwhere00:48
DasE1HollywoodJumper:takes a long time to dld anything , whats your connection ?00:48
houman_132hi there, i have a quad core intel cpu, I Was wondering which ubuntu I need to install on my machine? x86 or AMD64?00:48
Picihouman_132: Both are supported.00:48
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i dont even know what my connection speed is00:48
Picihouman_132: If you *need* to use over 3.5gb of ram, go for 64bits, but beware that you may have issues with some proprietary software, like flash and java. Otherwise go 32bits.00:49
geniihouman_132: Some quads are 32 bit and some quads are 64 bit. Look up the chip model to find out what it is00:49
oc80zhi i am having some apt- problems00:49
Picihouman_132: Is it a Core2Quad or an Itanium?00:49
creative2badhow can i see if this dedicated server i got is running ubuntu or not?00:49
HollywoodJumperDasE1 my buddy said i could get into the linksys server wirelessly with ip
DasE1HollywoodJumper:open a browser, google speedtest, choose one, check it00:51
unop!version | creative2bad00:51
ubottucreative2bad: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell00:51
falconcresttIRCker 0.9 on XBMC SVN:1561300:51
DasE1*when apt is finished,hollywoodjumper00:52
creative2badi just found out its debian00:52
creative2badsorry folks :)00:52
Picifalconcrest: Please disable that script if you're going to be in this channel.00:52
justin_anyone know how to tell if a usb hub is 2.0 or not in ubuntu?00:52
luke__I am having trouble adding extra repositories in ubuntu 8.04. I can't seem to get a repository to work with the gpg key i am trying to authenticate. Anyone able to help me out?00:52
HollywoodJumperDasE1 hey i have to go for a bit but i will be back later00:53
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i appreciate you helpin me out with this stuff is all so new but cool as hell00:53
ponzerellihey, could somebody help me? I'm trying to install Ubuntu for the first time along with windows, but I'm having trouble00:53
DasE1hollywoodjumper:k,np, but do that meanwhile00:53
unopjustin_, hmm, i don't think hubs are either - they just propagate the electric signal from the port they are connected on. So it's essentially down to the controller.00:54
DasE1 ponzerelli:go ahead00:54
HollywoodJumperDasE1 ok00:54
ponzerelliwell, I've burned the ISO and everything to a CD already, and I first tried running the Demo, but when the computer reboot Windows loaded00:55
OoRalMy printer isn't working. It's just saying "Error while printing" in Open Office. Yes, it's set up to print to that printer and it appears to have the right drivers. (And it is on)00:55
niadhHow do I mark bugs that are packaging requests?00:55
justin_unop: ok. My friend got me a newer version of the one I already had for my birthday. I was debating on wether to take it back or not. The other one sure slowed down file transfers to/from my flash drives. Is that normal with a hub?00:55
hikenbootgreetings all can someone tell me if the python-xen-3.1 is a minimal python for just running xen or does it have to have python also installed if so anyone know how large the python install is that is used by xen?00:56
xbxbxbis there a way to forcibly unmount a device even when there are still open files on it?00:56
DasE1ponzerelli:first, did you  use the installers option to verify integrity of boot medium ?00:56
OoRalMy printer isn't working. It's just saying "Error while printing" in Open Office. Yes, it's set up to print to that printer, it is plugged in and on. (It's a Canon MP210)00:56
riyonukI'm very lost, thought I'd come in here for some help. I just received my Dell M1530 in the mail, and am trying to get that cube thingie. I got it so if I press "Ctrl Alt Left or Right", it just flips, no cube.00:56
ponzerelliSasE1: are you talking about checking it with the Md5Sum program?00:57
jfxdxbxb: cd to the directory and sudo umount -l /dirname00:57
riyonukI mean it's cool in all, but I want a cube :(00:57
hikenbootI have a python install in a debian system that is 40 megabyte and am looking to reduce the size of it to the minimum used00:57
jfxdin ubuntu it is ususally under /media00:57
luke__I am having trouble adding extra repositories in ubuntu 8.04. I can't seem to get a repository to work with the gpg key i am trying to authenticate. Anyone able to help me out?00:57
unopjustin_, sure doesn't appear to be normal  - i can't say though for sure i'm not an expert on USB peripherals - you could ask the guys in #hardware00:57
xbxbxbjfxd:  thanks00:58
ponzerellinot SasE1, sorry. DasE1: I checked it with the Md5Sum program and it said it was fine00:58
luke__this is the error I am getting when trying to apt-get update:00:58
luke__W: GPG error: http://ftp.debian.org etch Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A70DAF536070D3A1 NO_PUBKEY B5D0C804ADB1127700:58
luke__W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems00:58
DasE1ponzerelli:first, did you  use the INSTALLERS  option to verify integrity of boot medium ?00:59
giovannihello there i need one little help with IPTABLES, so i runed "iptables -A INPUT -j DROP", how can i remove this rules ?01:00
justin_unop: thank you!01:00
OoRalHelp please? >_<01:00
Ubuntu_Lokiyeah i need help too.01:01
OoRalI've already asked my question, so go ahead and ask yours, Ubuntu_Loki01:01
riyonukHow do I get the cube effect? It seems I just have 2 desktops, so no cube, just flips. How do I add more :O01:01
giovannihello there i need one little help with IPTABLES, so i runed "iptables -A INPUT -j DROP", how can i remove this rules ?01:01
Ubuntu_Lokiwell. i'm from germany and my english is very bad.01:02
Ubuntu_Lokiso the first question: Ist anyone german here?01:02
tyler_If i put album covers in a folder will rhythmbox detect it and put it on my ipod01:02
physically_fit!de | Ubuntu_Loki01:02
ubottuUbuntu_Loki: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de01:02
DasE1Ubuntu_Loki:pm me01:02
Ubuntu_LokiThak You01:02
CorbinFoxis there any way at all to get the version of pidgin that ships with 7.10 installed on 8.04?  i havent been able to find the package for it01:02
WinterWeaverriyonuk you have to install the extra configuration settings01:03
OoRalriyonuk: Right click on your desktop changer in the right hand corner and select preferences01:03
giovannihello there i need one little help with IPTABLES, so i runed "iptables -A INPUT -j DROP", how can i remove this rules ?01:03
OoRalMy printer isn't working. It's just saying "Error while printing" in Open Office. Yes, it's set up to print to that printer, it is plugged in and on. (It's a Canon MP210)01:03
giovannihello!! there i need Help in IPTABLES rules, so i put "iptables -A INPUT -j DROP", how can i remove this rules ? :-]01:03
reya276is there anyway to enable my desktop effects , I already installed xserver-xgl but not working01:04
WinterWeaverriyonuk, first follow what Ooral mentioned... activate extra effffects under the visual effects tab01:04
* OoRal beats up her printer. >:(01:04
riyonukI found it, it's under General > Desktop Size01:04
WinterWeaverriyonuk, then you need to install the compiz settings manager... just go "Applications >> Add/Remove >> search for compiz, and it should be the first option in the list01:05
sabalordwnload a better chess program01:05
OoRalI need to print off an assignment, help me. -_-01:05
WinterWeaverriyonuk, The compiz settings manager is where you can manage the number of sides on the cube, and enable all sorts of different effects and options01:05
riyonukwhat's the difference between horizontal and vertical size?01:06
cy21hey.... i am running vista right now....01:06
cy21and i want to install ubuntu........01:06
OoRalriyonuk: It just changes how many turn up on the bottom panel01:06
FarmCretini think i made a BIG booboo, i was messing with chown and chmod and now when i try to sude i get this error "sudo: must be setuid root"01:06
thiebaudecy21:do you have the live cd?01:06
reya276no one can help with the  effects issue?01:06
riyonukI see01:06
riyonukI think01:06
cy21thiebaude, yes... just downloaded01:07
riyonukthat little box in the lower right? The grid thing next to the recycle bin?01:07
cy21thiebaude, what's better..dvd or cd?01:07
OoRalriyonuk: Yep.01:07
CorbinFoxis there any way at all to get the version of pidgin that ships with 7.10 installed on 8.04?  i havent been able to find the package for it, and I cant stand the latest pidgin. (Why did they take away resizing the text box?)01:07
thiebaudecy21:i use cd because i dont have a dvd player01:07
riyonukI thought it meant I could do the cube up01:07
cy21thiebaude, but do u know the difference?01:07
riyonukWhat's the thing I'm doing now? I press Ctrl + Alt + Down, and it zooms out (Very cool btw)01:08
_panebwhat are some popular choices for performing high-quality rips (for personal use) of DVDs?01:08
OoRalriyonuk: You'll have to install Compiz as WinterWeaver said.01:08
cy21anyone know the difference between ubuntu 8.04 cd and dvd? what should i install....??? i am a Web developer01:08
riyonukI have compiz, I'm doing the cube XD01:08
thiebaudecy21:all i know is dvd holds more data01:08
OoRalriyonuk: Well there you go. ;) I don't use the cube so that shortcut didn't do anything for me01:08
thiebaudecy21:do you have the live cd?01:08
riyonukHOLY MOLY01:09
cy21thiebaude, yes... but i want to install the dvd if it's a better idea01:09
riyonukI'm in love with this01:09
riyonukI thought Vista was cool, but this is astounding01:09
Bionic_AppleAlright, I tested Openbox to see why it was closing spontaneously, and I got the errors here: http://pastebin.com/d2520a9b8 .  Can anyone help?01:09
DARKGuykinda :P01:09
thiebaudecy21:ok boot from dvd01:09
Ab0luteBeginnerQUESTION:  i connect to X from a remote windows PC using xming - i managed it to work at least. I am using GNOME Desktop. My Problem is, that  if im about to LOGOUT using the lil logout-applet in the upper right corner (red symbol) it takes about 30 secs or so until the logout gui appears... some suggestions ??01:09
OoRalcy21: I tend to use the alternate CD, it uses less RAM to install but is less user friendly01:09
thiebaudecy21:do you want to dual boot?01:09
cy21OoRal, as a live cd?01:10
OoRalriyonuk: Yup. ;) I didn't much like Vista Aero... and the best part? Not as much RAM usage!01:10
DARKGuyanybody has problems with flash playing audio for like a minute or two then -all- ubuntu's audio just goes poof until I restart pulseaudio again ?01:10
CorbinFoxis there any way at all to get the version of pidgin that ships with 7.10 installed on 8.04?  i havent been able to find the package for it, and I cant stand the latest pidgin. (Why did they take away resizing the text box?)01:10
thiebaudeOoRal:i didn't no problems with the live cd, its an easy process01:10
riyonukWhat effect is it where you hover over a bottom tab, and it shows a little box preview thingi01:10
kelderriyonuk: if you install "compizconfig-settings-manager" you can tweak all the settings or add other effects01:10
OoRalcy21: Nah, it's a seperate disc image01:10
riyonukYeah, kelder, that's exactly what I'm using01:10
riyonukJust don't know which effect does what :P01:10
DasE1!flash > dase101:10
ubottuDasE1, please see my private message01:10
cy21so.. anyone? CD or DVD ??? what to choose to isntall01:10
aLeSD_what is the name of the package where are the linux drivers ?01:10
DARKGuyriowindow previews01:11
OoRalthiebaude: I'm not much of a LiveCD person, that's all. :P01:11
DARKGuyriyonuk, window previews01:11
qwmcy21: either.01:11
thiebaudecy21:i say dvd01:11
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»01:11
cy21qwm , i am a web developer.. will dvd help me more? what's the difference?01:11
thiebaudecy21:im not sure01:12
DARKGuyanybody has problems with flash playing audio for like a minute or two then -all- ubuntu's audio just goes poof until I restart pulseaudio again ?01:12
qwmcy21: there's no difference.01:12
riyonukOh XD01:12
OoRalSeeya. :) Glad you got it working, riyonuk01:12
riyonukI'm going to spend hours tinkering with this, this is mind boggling01:12
cy21one has 4 gb... there has to be a difference01:12
qwmcy21: more crap/bloat.01:12
qwmthat's the difference.01:12
riyonukOn ubuntu, what does the windows key do?01:12
thiebaudecy21:i thought dvd holds more data than a cd01:12
DARKGuyit isn't an Ubuntu key01:12
jribcy21: they're the same.  The dvd just has all of the main repository on it01:12
DARKGuyyou can map it tho.01:13
OoRalriyonuk: If you set it up, you can hold it down to move windows by their contents01:13
riyonukWhat do you mean? I was going to set it up for an effect01:13
cy21qwm, jrib .. ok then.. perfect installing cd... goodbye vista!!!!01:13
OoRalriyonuk: As opposed to their title bar01:13
thiebaudecy21:do you want to wipe windows from your drive?01:13
Bionic_AppleOpenBox has been kicking me out seconds after startup.  I don't know why, but I got the errors here: http://pastebin.com/d2520a9b8 .  Can anyone help?01:13
OoRalriyonuk: Then go ahead. :)01:13
qwmcy21: woho. that's the right attitude.01:13
cy21thiebaude, yep01:13
DARKGuygoodbye gaming! :D01:13
riyonukMan this is amazing, and to think I wanted Vista01:13
cy21DARKGuy, i don't game!!!!01:13
* OoRal ditched Windows completely a few days ago01:13
riyonukPssh :P01:14
DARKGuycy21, you're boring :(01:14
thiebaudecy21:i have no windows on my system01:14
OoRalthiebaude: Neither. ;D01:14
cy21DARKGuy, why do you care ?01:14
DARKGuycy21, cause I have windows for gaming <3.01:14
thiebaudei dont need windows , i do everything with ubuntu 8.0401:14
DARKGuyUntil icculus gets UT3 released for linux01:14
DARKGuythen I'll wipe Windows :D01:14
cy21DARKGuy, what are you doing in this channel then01:15
DARKGuycy21, trying to figure out why flash plays about 1 or 2 minutes of audio then all sound goes poof.01:15
thiebaudeDARKGuy:good decision01:15
Ab0luteBeginnerQUESTION:  within GNOME Desktop while connected from a remote workstation (using xming/xdmcp) whenever i want to LOGOUT using the lil logout-applet in the upper right corner (red symbol) it takes about 30 secs or so until the logout gui shows up. any suggesions?????????????01:15
DARKGuythiebaude, thanks :P01:15
thiebaudeDARKGuy:do you have flash non-free?01:15
DARKGuyso, anyways, anybody has problems with flash playing audio for like a minute or two then -all- ubuntu's audio just goes poof until I restart pulseaudio again ?01:16
CorbinFoxis there any way at all to get the version of pidgin that ships with 7.10 installed on 8.04?  i havent been able to find the package for it, and I cant stand the latest pidgin. (Why did they take away resizing the text box?) so far my google searches have turned up negative01:16
DARKGuythiebaude, yes01:16
cy21DARKGuy, never heard of that program... linux program.. that helps you play windows games....01:16
DARKGuycy21, wine? cedega? yeah, they're good, but they don't cut it for the newest games :P01:16
thiebaudeDARKGuy:maybet switce to alsa01:16
riyonukI can't find window previews >_>01:16
DARKGuythiebaude, I've been looking for info on how to do that, I love my ALSA01:16
_i_lovehow do i use symlinks01:16
cy21DARKGuy, they need configuring01:16
Ab0luteBeginnerQUESTION:  within GNOME Desktop while connected from a remote workstation (using xming/xdmcp) whenever i want to LOGOUT using the lil logout-applet in the upper right corner (red symbol) it takes about 30 secs or so until the logout gui shows up. any suggesions???????01:17
DARKGuycy21, I never got UT3 running on both. What about Gears of War? COD4? Halo 2? newest games don't have much speed compared when running them under windows - except maybe WoW :P01:17
cy21DARKGuy, how old are you?01:18
Ab0luteBeginnerQUESTION:  within GNOME Desktop while connected from a remote workstation (using xming/xdmcp) whenever i want to LOGOUT using the lil logout-applet in the upper right corner (red symbol) it takes about 30 secs or so until the logout gui shows up. any suggesions??????????01:18
DARKGuycy21, 19, what does that has to do with this o_O?01:18
HollywoodJumperDasE1 are you still on?01:18
cy21oh.. nothing... just wondering... :p01:18
DARKGuygood :P01:18
cy21DARKGuy, play while you still can :P01:18
_i_lovehow do i use symlinks     i cant find a man page for it01:18
HollywoodJumperi have finished with the first 11 ktorrent packages01:18
Ab0luteBeginnerQUESTION:  within GNOME Desktop while connected from a remote workstation (using xming/xdmcp) whenever i want to LOGOUT using the lil logout-applet in the upper right corner (red symbol) it takes about 30 secs or so until the logout gui shows up. any suggesions????????????01:19
pirofwilhey Im running current version 8.04 and for some reason my amd turion 64 X2 processor laptop is only running on one processor is there a fix? I dont want to change to 64 bit due to package availability compatibility issues..01:19
DARKGuycy21, lol, why you say that :P01:19
DARKGuyso, anyways, anybody has problems with flash playing audio for like a minute or two then -all- ubuntu's audio just goes poof until I restart pulseaudio again ?01:19
jrib_i_love: 'man ln', but: ln -s TARGET NAME01:19
cy21DARKGuy, i will log off now to install ubuntu... cheers01:19
valroshey, how would i start learning java(besides the docs) in linux, get java SE?01:19
rootsnatchi hate pulse audio01:19
DARKGuycy21, good luck :D01:19
DARKGuyme too.01:19
fenerli7hi, i'd usually research this problem but it's for a new convert to linux and I just wanted to get it fixed ASAP. The network worked fine for install and first boot but second time, the networking is shown as disabled even though the LAN cable is connected with lights flashing on the ports01:19
thiebaudeDARKGuy:where did you install flash from?01:19
DARKGuythiebaude, firefox as soon as I entered youtube, and choosed flash non-free01:19
HollywoodJumperDasE1 what was the second command you told me to enter in sudo?01:20
comicinkerwhen using compiz, a different number of desktops are available than if desktop effects are disabled. In the panel applet, I set up 4 desktops, however, when using compiz, only two are available. can somebody help me about that?01:20
DasE1!who> HollywoodJumper01:20
pirofwilQUESTION: Im running current version 8.04 and for some reason my amd turion 64 X2 processor laptop is only running on one processor is there a fix? I dont want to change to 64 bit due to package availability compatibility issues..01:20
jribcomicinker: you can probably configure that in ccsm01:20
thiebaudeDARKGuy:do you have flash 9?01:20
jrib!ccsm > comicinker01:20
ubottucomicinker, please see my private message01:20
DARKGuythiebaude, it looks like it01:20
DasE1HollywoodJumper: you're funny, mom01:20
HollywoodJumperDasE1 the sudo apt -get ktorrent01:21
comicinkerI've ccsm installed...01:21
DasE1HollywoodJumper: eerm, you said you dld torrents ? did you mean apt-packages (update/grade) ?01:22
jribcomicinker: and is there no option there for what you want?01:22
fenerli7details: ifconfig only shows "lo", not eth0 or anything for the LAN connection01:22
comicinkerbut ccsm offers me about 50 option buttons to click. where is this setting hidden?01:22
jribcomicinker: try #compiz-fusion, I don't know exactly where it is01:23
JaseXcomicinker: what option are you looking for?01:23
fenerli7comicinker: general options > desktop size01:23
riyonukOh god, if I min/max real fast, I see black :O01:23
riyonukWhat's happening01:23
_bjordanhow would I wget all ".zip" files a-href-linked to on one webpage?01:23
fenerli7comicinker: general options > desktop size > horizontal virtual size: 2 -> 401:23
HollywoodJumperDasE1 sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:24
_bjordanwget -r -A ".zip" http://www.website.com/websiteurl.html did not work01:24
_bjordanit discarded the websiteurl.html because it was not .zip01:24
_bjordanand then stopped01:24
DasE1HollywoodJumper:  you meant  apt-packages , not torrents; first time on a pc ?01:24
pirofwilQUESTION: Im running current version 8.04 and for some reason my amd turion 64 X2 processor laptop is only running on one processor is there a fix? I dont want to change to 64 bit due to package availability compatibility issues, unless i have to. ANYONE know?01:25
cy21BACK with a small problem... i need a way to convert my second partition to ex3 or something witouth completely wiping out my data...anyone?01:25
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i am new to ubuntu01:25
pirofwilCY21, im having the same issue no help?01:26
DasE1HollywoodJumper: a torrent is a peer to peer app, same in win01:26
HollywoodJumperDasE1 yes01:27
JaseX... you can't just convert a partition cy2101:27
geniicy21: What filesystem is currently on it?01:27
cy21JaseX, how?01:27
JaseXback up the data, and then reformat the partition, and re-copy the data.01:27
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i ran sudo apt-get install ktorrent01:27
cy21genii, ntfs01:27
JaseXcy21 that is highly improbably.01:27
cy21JaseX, i was trying to avoid that01:27
valrosif there is one, what is the SIW equivalent in linux, anyone know of a good one, particularly on cpu01:27
JaseXYou cannot just change a partition filesystem cy2101:28
JaseXThat's like trying to convert a female into a true male.01:28
DasE1HollywoodJumper:open a browser, google speedtest, choose one, check it01:28
cy21JaseX, i don't have an operating system on it... it should be ok01:28
HollywoodJumperDasE1 ok01:28
geniicy21: Then JaseX is right. Need to offload the files first someplace before you can change the fs since you'll need to change partition type to linux and then format to ext3 or so. Then to copy the files back01:28
JaseX... Not exactly, you will have to lose all data on it, to change  afilesystem requires formatting it.01:28
JaseXcy21 what you want to do cannot be done... by any operating system.01:29
cy21ok... thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:29
JaseXMaybe in ten years... but not in these days.01:29
qwmten tears01:29
flash48how can I enabled the compiz effects?01:29
pirofwilQUESTION: Im running current version 8.04 and for some reason my amd turion 64 X2 processor laptop is only running on one processor is there a fix? I dont want to change to 64 bit due to package availability compatibility issues, unless i have to. ANYONE know?01:30
JaseXflash48: go to system>properties>appearance, and click the effects tab.01:30
JaseXpirofwil: I run 64 bit fine with no package issues, what programs do you use that suffer this incompatibility?01:31
geniipirofwil: The default kernel should be already SMP enabled. Did you install another kernel like -rt or such?01:31
flash48JaseX: already tried that and it says 'Desktop effects not enabled'01:31
JaseXthere should be three options flash4801:31
JaseXand check the second or bottom option... also make sure your card can do all that.01:31
pirofwiljasex I find that predefined package availibility is very poor for 64 bit01:32
flash48JaseX: I tried them all01:32
HollywoodJumperDasE1 4008 kbits downloaded in 44.785 sec 89kbps01:32
JaseXpirofwil: how so... everything I have ever used on 32 bit ubuntu is available to me on 64bit.01:33
pirofwilhollywoodjumper, thats slow01:33
HollywoodJumperDasE1 yes i know01:33
JaseXflash48: what kind of graphics card?01:33
flash48don't know, I think is ati01:33
JaseXI get 345 kb/s max except after one thunderstorm they uncapped my DSL temporarily and I was getting almost 1k/kb/s01:34
JaseXI was like "Woot, freedom, time to download some linux distros"01:34
DasE1HollywoodJumper: apps>internet>ktorrent gets you to the torrent app, but with that connection its a long way to a file...01:34
HollywoodJumperDasE1 ok thanks01:34
Vezirlol shower01:35
max__anyone really good with boot configurations? i have three OS's installed and i cannot for the life of me get them to boot correctly01:35
HollywoodJumperDasE1 i recieved a cookie from ktorrents01:36
digitalvaldostadoes anyone know where I can learn how to make a cd 'cover' like the card stock 'cover' that ubuntu sends their's in?01:36
JacobbsCan I install Ubuntu server as a virtualbox?01:36
digitalvaldostaJacobbs: yes01:37
JacobbsI want to run a NAS Server under virtualbox on my other XP machine, is this a good idea?01:38
Drk_GuyHelp! Firefox stopped working01:39
Drk_GuyConsole output is null01:39
flash48compiz effects help01:39
Drk_Guy!compiz | flash4801:40
ubottuflash48: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:40
chinocan i get more control over my mouse pad!?01:40
=== mojo__ is now known as mojo
digitalvaldostaDrk_Guy: have you tried starting it from the cli01:42
Drk_Guydigitalfiz, i said, no console output01:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about part01:43
Siph0nhey, how do I connect to a network samba folder? I have samba running on my ubuntu laptop, and my other computer is also running linux01:44
raul1does anyone know hwo i can run a game without running it so i can see the debug info?01:44
DasE1!samba >  Siph0n01:44
DasE1 Siph0n: also don't get messed by firewalls01:45
DavidCanariasCan anyone please suggest how I can clean up my system to make it more efficient?01:45
dal-homehey all, can anyone remind me how to list all files in an installed package if I have since removed the .deb from /var/cache/apt/archives?01:45
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:45
[T]ankI have tried a few different tutorials to get flash player working on m y64bit ubuntu install. I have not been successful. does anyone out there have any tips, or know of a good tutorial. here is one that I have tried and it does not seem to work.01:45
DasE1DavidCanarias: see !BUM01:46
raul1how do u run a program inside the terminal WITHOUT launching it?01:46
notwistraul1: what do you mean?01:46
rootsnatchraul1: what do you mean01:46
DavidCanariasDasE1: Thanks is it easy to use and already installed?01:47
rootsnatchnotwist: haha same question01:47
raul1Nexuiz the fps game launches but its a black screen it plays music01:47
notwistraul1: i cant see any difference between "running" and "launching"01:47
HollywoodJumperDasE1 is it true that linux is mostly immune to viruses or what?01:47
raul1and im nto suer if i can see the debug info01:47
raul1how i can*01:47
dal-homeHollywoodJumper, mostly?01:47
eeg3launching and running are synonyms01:47
DasE1 HollywoodJumper:yes01:47
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:47
raul1eeg3 im afraid not.01:47
ultrahaving trouble playing a dvd in ubuntu... it automatically found a codec but now i get "could not read from resource" error01:47
waanWould it be safe to change permissions for my leds/asus:mail/brightness control so I can chang it from a bash script?01:47
rootsnatchraul1: oh ok um does adding & at the end of the command work?01:48
dal-homeHollywoodJumper, AV software is available for linux so that linux file servers etc can remove windows viruses lol01:48
DasE1ultra:sudo apt-get install vlc                                   ,use vlc player01:48
raul1root, ill try that01:48
rootsnatchraul1: but?01:48
raul1when it goes fullsceren alt-tab is disabled01:48
raul1have to alt+backspace to get out01:48
notwistultra: VLC is the way to go01:48
ultrathanks dase101:49
ultrawill this be used from within mythtv then?01:49
eeg3if you run the program and it takes up the whole screen, simply ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a command prompt and kill the process then look at the xterm to see what it output to stderr/stdout01:49
DavidCanariasDasE1 any idea where I can find this program01:49
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:49
legend2440digitalvaldosta: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing#Fonts01:49
=== strahd is now known as Kao
IdahoEva box one of my clients use just started generating errors "cannot do XXX:  Read-only file system".    This is on the main partition at /, which is set up with errors=remount-ro.   I don't have physical access to the box till tomorrow, but can shell.    What can/should I do?01:49
rootsnatchraul1:  look in the options of the program to see if there is a daemon mode or something like that01:49
HollywoodJumperdal-home i am so new to this whole operating system its like i cant believe all this stuff is possible01:50
raul1root i can't get into the game01:50
raul1its just a black screen01:50
DasE1 DavidCanarias: sudo apt-get install bum01:50
rootsnatchraul1: does it require 3d acceleration or something?01:50
DavidCanariasDasE1 thanks will try01:50
raul1i got geforce 610001:50
raul1direct rendering works..01:50
rootsnatchraul1: hmmm that might be an issue with the game01:51
[T]ankafter going through the tutorial at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=476924 i get this when i try to open any flash content: Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.     var fo = writeMoviePlayer("watch-player-div");      01:51
raul1because america's army runs amazing01:51
LaQuirrELL /msg ubottu etiquette01:51
raul1so does urban terror :\01:51
raul1i might be missing a library01:51
raul1but idk01:51
ultrashould a restart be necessary after installing vlc?01:51
dal-homeHollywoodJumper, fair enough, probably the same thoughts that went through my head when I first heard of linux, kept thinking bs, that sounds way too good to be true, there's got to be a downside, and there is - it doesn't run windows software lol (well, runs some with emulators/translation layers like wine/dosbox/virtualbox)01:51
simNIXultra; no01:52
oc80zi dont think so ultra01:52
kitcheultra: no01:52
oc80zi am having some atp problems01:52
waanWould it be safe to change permissions for my leds/asus:mail/brightness control, right now it can only run as root, and i'd like to turn the led on from a mail program.01:52
HollywoodJumperwho cares i hate windows01:52
simNIXonly things like new kernel (module) needs reboots01:52
oc80zThe following packages will be REMOVED:01:52
oc80z  hal01:52
rootsnatchraul1: ya you might have an issue with your nvidia drivers or something01:52
LaQuirrELLhello all01:52
oc80z^--- hal is stuck in de-configure/mis-cnfigured01:52
raul1but america's army = higher demand on high def01:52
oc80zhow do i remove that01:52
raul1then this game01:52
HollywoodJumperi would rather find linux software that does the same stuff than have to pay money to windows for stuff that should be free01:52
oc80zi think udev is currupt too01:53
oc80zSetting up udev (0.105-4) ...01:53
LaQuirrELLdoes anyone know of a program i can use to make a txt list of contents[files] in a folder?01:53
oc80z./var/lib/dpkg/info/udev.postinst: line 125: echo: write error: Operation not permitted01:53
rootsnatchraul1: I have no idea then, I am sorry01:53
=== Kao is now known as Titanus
notwistHollywoodJumper: glad to see someone converting. thinking about any software in particlar you want in linux flavor?01:53
oc80zLaQuirrELL you can do ls -lta > file.txt01:53
raul1thanks for trying01:53
oc80zLaQuirrELL the > will output it to file.txt01:53
* raul1 stab's nexuiz01:53
oc80zif you want to ADD / APPEND to the list you use >>01:53
HollywoodJumperi hate to say it but i am unable to find software in linux flavor for my ipod itouch that i wish i hadnt bought01:54
DavidCanariasDasE1: it seems to be searching for it as I am told connecting to es.archive.ubuntu bit its taking so long01:54
notwistHollywoodJumper: do you mean to put music onto your ipod touch? Try amarok or songbird :)01:54
notwistHollywoodJumper: they are both very itunes-ish01:54
raul1anyone know quake 3 engine type games that work on ubuntu?01:55
LaQuirrELLty oc80z        do i open a terminal on that particular folder i wish a listing for?01:55
HollywoodJumperall of the comments that i have read said that the only way to make itouch work is by doing a jailbreak01:55
notwistHollywoodJumper: really? I had no idea. I'm pretty sure atleast "normal" ipods work so that has to be some touch thing01:56
DasE1ultra:apps>multimedia>vlc -mediaplayer,   open >open medium > your dvd drive....01:56
valroswhats the java6jdk package, sun-java6jdk?01:56
raul1how do i install  libc601:56
eirik_raul1: my favorite is sauerbraten. there's also openarena, alienarena etc01:56
notwistraul1: sudo apt-get install libc6?01:56
raul1thanks eric01:56
eirik_raul1: all are in the repositories so they're quick to download and run01:56
ultrastrange it won't play a dvd still01:56
raul1lol ok notwist that'd be common sense ;D01:56
jribHollywoodJumper: yeah, jailbreak it and it should work01:56
ultrai open vlc and choose open disc and nothing01:56
HollywoodJumperthats just what i have read on the comments of the ubuntu forums pages specifically regarding itouch and iphone01:56
dal-homeHollywoodJumper, http://lifehacker.com/394046/copy-music-from-your-iphone-or-ipod-to-your-computer-for-free01:57
raul1eirik thanks ill try them01:57
HollywoodJumperit cautions the user that such a jailbreak could permanently damage your itouch01:57
dal-homeHollywoodJumper, involves a jailbreak yeah but meh01:57
raul1hollywood imo you should leave it as it is01:58
raul1it's already nice.. why tamper with it01:58
Twar3It won't.01:58
valroswhats the java jdk package01:58
Twar3The software won't brick your iPod.01:58
DavidCanariasDasE1 I seem to be having problems connecting to es.archive.ubuntu.com (]01:58
jribHollywoodJumper: I've jailbroken mine.  It's so much better.  It's like a little unix machine in the palm of your hand.  And there isn't that much risk involved if you use pwnage.  If something goes wrong, you just restore it using itunes01:58
HollywoodJumpercool that is reassuring01:59
HollywoodJumperwhat is pwnage?01:59
raul1i installed ubuntu on my treo 60001:59
Twar3Windows/Mac program01:59
Twar3for easy jailbreak01:59
raul1touch screen dosn't work well :\01:59
jribHollywoodJumper: http://blog.iphone-dev.org/  I used pwnage instead of quickpwn a few days ago02:00
raul199%cpu usage02:00
raul1holy crap wth02:00
Twar3I'm just waiting for a ubuntu phone02:00
HollywoodJumperso i must jailbreak using windows or mac os02:00
jribHollywoodJumper: yep, I did it from os x02:00
raul1twar3: problem with that manifactures are lazy.02:00
jribHollywoodJumper: wait though.  Do you have one of the new 2g itouches?02:01
raul1and are scared that they're new thing will how can you say.. fail?02:01
Twar3Or demand isn't big enough02:01
HollywoodJumperno it is a 8g02:01
raul1lol 8g02:01
jribHollywoodJumper: yeah, same as mine then02:01
raul13G technology is the fastest right now.02:01
Twar3Did you get it after Sept. 9?02:01
Twar3Those ones aren't jailbreakable yet02:02
HollywoodJumperno before02:02
raul1does anyone know if you can get photoshop on ubuntu yet? if wine can emulate it02:02
jribraul1: checked appdb.winehq.org?02:03
raul1thanks, i didn't know they had a site.02:03
raul1oh, wow...02:04
raul1wine has been on sterioids lol!02:04
raul1Jrib: thanks man this is erally helpful02:05
raul1REALLLLLY helpful02:05
* raul1 Went Afk @ 6:06pm reason : "busy"02:06
Pici!away > raul102:06
ubotturaul1, please see my private message02:06
GateWay`I would like to know what the login and the password for a live cd ubuntu 8.0402:07
geniiGateWay`: Doesn't have one02:08
GateWay`yes it does02:08
geniiGateWay`: No password02:08
GateWay`it asks me to enter the login then the password :s02:08
geniiGateWay`: root       no password02:08
GateWay`genii, so what you propose that I have to enter as a login ?02:08
jribGateWay`: did you "check the cd for defects" from the cd's boot menu?02:09
GateWay`genii, I've already tried it :s02:09
HollywoodJumperthe iphone dev team said on that blog that they are still working on the 3g jailbreak02:09
GateWay`jrib, I didn't understand :s02:09
raul1Pici: my Alias /away auto does it sorry.02:09
GateWay`jrib, ah noo02:09
Piciraul1: Yes, I know. Thats why I sent the message.02:09
GateWay`I didn't02:09
jribGateWay`: you need to do that02:09
GateWay`because I have a french one, I didn't get it quickly02:10
GateWay`so after testing the cd, I will be able to use root and no password ?02:10
FiremanEd2-so after testing the cd, I will be able to use root and no password ?02:10
jribFiremanEd2: are you a bot?02:10
jribGateWay`: well, check it first, then let us know the results02:11
GateWay`jrib, ok thanks :)02:11
GateWay`see you later guys02:11
guestguestnewthe synaptic repository only has pidgin 2.4.1 but the latest pidgin release is 2.5.1, i was wondering what i need to change in my sources.list to be able to update it?02:11
jribguestguestnew: 2.5.0 is in hardy-backports02:12
Lyk4n8rwp0Squestion : when is python 3000 stable version expected taking in account that the rc1 was realised just recently?02:12
guestguestnewjrib: how do i add that?02:12
jribguestguestnew: system -> administration -> software sources02:12
guestguestnewoh, ok, thanks!02:13
jribLyk4n8rwp0S: ask #python02:13
Lyk4n8rwp0S(jrib sorry I got confused and type in the wrong channel. sorry for spamming again I thought I 'was' in #python)02:14
=== Lyk4n8rwp0S is now known as kalakouentin
nedi just moved my vm ubuntu to a new instance and it wont detect the eth0 device. so i deleted the persistant udev script and took down then back up the network device, now the eth0 is there but i cant ping anything but localhost and the ip i assigned it02:16
Agent_bobdoes dapper have known issues with "real media" ?02:17
RiyonukWhich is the best emulator for Ubuntu? Vmware, virtualbox, etc?02:17
guestguestnewbut virtualbox is free and open source!02:18
TehKnoXcomicinker ???02:18
TehKnoXyea it's true but VMware is so great !!!02:18
RiyonukOh god02:19
xbxb is it possible that hardware specific information or configurations are stored in the home folder or are they always stored outside (like in /etc)?02:19
Riyonukis vware in the repos?02:19
HollywoodJumperhow do i safely exit the terminal02:19
guestguestnewneither is virtualbox02:19
guestguestnewvirtualbox has a .deb download though02:20
Riyonukwhy not? XD02:20
HollywoodJumperwhat is a virtual box?02:20
guestguestnewits like vmware02:20
^Phantom^is there any way to send network messages to a windows machine from linux?02:21
raul1anyone know how to use remote desktop so a windows pc can view my pc?02:23
raul1i only figured out how to connect to them :(02:23
HollywoodJumperjrib what is the best way to get a flashplayer for ubuntu02:23
DasE1raul1: vnc,ultravnc,rdesktop02:23
unopraul1, http://xrdp.sourceforge.net/02:23
raul1open firefox02:23
RiyonukI have to run zsnes via command line to get sound, using this "zsnes -ad sdl", how can I set it so I don't have to keep doing that?02:23
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:23
FloodBot2raul1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:24
raul1"install plugin"02:24
jribHollywoodJumper: visit http://badgerbadgerbadger.com and click on the yellow bar at the top02:24
jribHollywoodJumper, raul1: youtube will not work02:24
raul1yeah it will02:24
raul1thats how i installed my flash player02:24
waanis /usr/share/bash the correct location to use for a bash script?02:24
raul1so ggthnx.02:24
DasE1raul1: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree02:24
jribraul1: did you get a yellow bar at the top or some link on the page to the adobe site?02:25
raul1"install missing plugins"02:25
raul1love the power of mozzila bro.02:25
raul1thats how i installed java so quickly aswell :D02:25
qwmi love power of speeling02:25
qwmthere's nothing worse than a huge zit where you can't see02:25
LaQuirrELLty  oc80z   a very quick way to make a list   is it possible to not list anything but the file name    i got a lot of other info i didn't need02:26
qwmtakes the pleasure of popping it away02:26
DasE1!games >  ubuntu_loki02:26
ubottuubuntu_loki, please see my private message02:26
raul1when did loki ask for games lol02:27
subdolusYo! Say I want to copy an index.php to every sub-dir in my web dir with a simple command, how could I acheive this?02:27
raul1!games > raul102:27
ubotturaul1, please see my private message02:27
jribsubdolus: some combination of find, find's -exec and -type switches, and cp would be my first guess02:28
raul1suvdlus: are you trying to paste the same index file all all subfolders?02:28
subdolusraul1: correct02:28
Agent_bobsubdolus find /your/web/dir -type d -exec cp filename.php '{}' \;02:29
subdolusAgent_bob: yo da man!02:29
raul1damnit agent_bob i wanted to help him02:29
Agent_bobraul1 so help him.02:29
raul1too late02:29
subdolusraul1: thank you aswell mate ;)02:31
mattmattHowdy folks02:31
raul1:( it's not the same *cries*02:31
raul1hi matt02:31
mattmattJust installed ubuntu today02:31
mattmattI am going insane.02:31
raul1congrats o.o02:31
RudyValenciaHello, I've installed the nVidia driver on my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop and I can't see the GUI because the screen shut off. How do I get it to display again?02:31
HollywoodJumperis ubottu an automated thing or what?02:31
raul1whats wrong02:31
FloodBot2raul1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:31
raul1its a bot lol02:31
mattmattI can't get this file to became an executable02:31
raul1matt, linux dosnt run .exe's02:32
RudyValenciaHollywoodJumper: ubotu is a bot.02:32
raul1well it can02:32
mattmattNo.. iut's a .bin02:32
HollywoodJumperis it for information or what?02:32
guestguestnewtry running failsafe gnome02:32
raul1right click, propterties > permissions "allow execution"02:32
mattmattI did that!02:32
jribRudyValencia: you consistently get a black screen when X starts right?02:32
RudyValenciajrib: Yes.02:32
jrib!nvidiaRudyValencia >02:32
jrib!nvidia > RudyValencia02:32
ubottuRudyValencia, please see my private message02:32
mattmattSo I have the folder with my .bin file in it02:32
mattmattI've tried the apt-get install and then the file name02:33
RudyValenciaI hear the bongo drum.02:33
mattmattAnd it didn't work. :(02:33
raul1rudy all you gotta do is go to system > administration > hardware drivers02:33
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:33
jribRudyValencia: I have the same laptop.  You need to add an option to your xorg.conf (see the wiki).  Poke me if you can't find it02:33
raul1matt what are you trying to install ?02:33
mattmattA chatclient programs02:33
mattmattChat client02:33
raul1like what02:33
mattmattlol Don't judge02:33
raul1judge? I need to know cuz usually if you need help toy say the problem:\02:34
edo32mbi'm trying to get this logitech usb mic to work (seems to be quite the problem-child). when i try to test if i have it working, (through sound recorder), it doesn't give me the option for using the USB mic as an input.  Any ideas why?02:34
mattmattIt's a chatclient for gay.com02:34
HollywoodJumperdoes anyone here use the ktorrent02:34
raul1what does it use02:34
raul1what's it called actually.02:34
mattmattit's call ChatClient02:35
mryanbrownhow can i check if a firewire device is installed02:35
FloodBot2mattmatt: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:35
jrib!who | mattmatt, raul102:35
ubottumattmatt, raul1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:35
mattmattyou can see the linux file there.02:35
IntuitiveNipplemattmatt: Usually you'd do "chmod a+x <file>" then "./<file>" to run it02:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about floodbot202:36
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:36
RudyValenciajrib: thanks.02:36
HollywoodJumperthis stuff is so cool02:37
DasE1HollywoodJumper: join #ubuntu-offtopic,   too02:37
raul1ubottu = a poser02:38
raul1he's not my favorite :(02:38
=== sjovan_ is now known as sjovan
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:39
RiyonukAnyone have eperience getting a wiimote to work with Ubuntu02:39
RiyonukI have no idea what I'm doing XD02:39
danbh_intrepidRiyonuk: I think its bluetooth, right?02:39
RiyonukIt is02:39
raul1system > administration > bluetooth02:39
RiyonukI have it working with wmgui, just can't get it to work with zsnes02:39
raul1sory prefrences*02:39
mryanbrownanyone know how to see what hardware is installed?02:40
remuhey guys, im having troubles with my wireless, i used this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5754065&postcount=62 to get it working before, but after doing a reinstall, it no longer works properly. After following the instructions I can see a list of the routers around me, but I am unable to connect, when I try to connect it just doesn't seem to do it, I don't get any of the green dots or anything, also when I ran dmesg,02:40
remu it said: wlan0: authentication with AP 00:40:10:10:00:03 timed out02:40
legend2440how does the free vmware player compare to virtualbox ?02:40
mryanbrownvirtualbox > *02:40
remuanyone have an idea as to how I might be able to resolve this issue?02:40
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:40
mryanbrownxen > virtualbox > parallels02:40
RiyonukI hate linux, it's so hard XD02:41
mryanbrownI'll slap you02:41
raul1yeah but its so much better.02:41
Strang3rhi guys02:41
raul1does anyone know hwo to use the built in remote control with ubuntu?02:41
Strang3rjust wanted to ask if somebody knows the terminal command to stop Wine02:42
Strang3rwhat should I put in the terminal ?02:42
raul1wine isnt a running program02:42
RiyonukHmm, nobody knows how to get a wiimote working?02:42
raul1it runs as u execute a .exe or tell it too02:42
raul1sorry Riyonku :(02:42
LaQuirrELLi was talking to oc80z earlier and he gave me    ls -lta > file.txt    for creating a .txt file from a list of files in a folder        it works gr8   very fast   but it gives me way too much info    [a lot more thatm just the file name]  which is all i want         is there anyway i can pare that command down  to just get the filename only?02:43
oc80zyou can just do ls > file.txt02:43
danbh_intrepidRiyonuk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CWiiD02:43
LaQuirrELLoc80z   ty       it worked very well02:44
nedwhen ubuntu installs, what scripts does it run to configure network devices02:44
Riyonukthat didn't help at all02:46
Riyonukstill doesn't tell me how to get it to work with zsnes :P02:46
TitanusHello all!!  I am considering dumping XP for Ubuntu but I have an adaptec raid controller running my OS, will Ubuntu handle a raid controller for the desktop version?02:47
hondatrixterof course :)02:47
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto02:47
TitanusSweet ty02:47
Newuser1111VMware is still having a problem.02:48
hondatrixterubuntu is still the shit02:48
h4xx0rNewuser1111: what sort of problem?02:48
stgoveYou have to configure RAID as you install ubuntu, you can't do it afterwards...02:48
Newuser1111Unable to change virtual machine power state: The process exited with an error:02:48
Newuser1111End of error message.02:48
danbh_intrepidRiyonuk: sorry mate, if you want me to pay attention, you will really have to use my name.  Try using tab completion for that.    BUT, if you do get it working, feel free to add an appendix to the wiki page describing how you got it working with zsnes, for others02:48
jamesishstgove: yes you can.02:48
Titanuswill it detect my raid on install or I have to do something?  Haven't red the tip for raid yet02:49
geniiNewuser1111: Is it giving an error about not being able to start vmmon ?02:49
jamesishstgove: but if you're looking to perform raid on the OS hard drive, you're right that you'd lose data.02:49
danbh_intrepidRiyonuk: no, don't "feel free", please do!02:49
Newuser1111Didn't see anything about vmmon.  What's vmmon?02:49
stgoveI couldn't figure out how to install RAID unles I did it as i installed it before putting any data on any drives...02:50
Riyonukwha :O02:50
RiyonukWhy is Xen better?02:50
RiyonukLooks complicated, I just want to run windows, sheesh >_>02:50
jamesishstgove: if you have a series of separate hard drives, and you are not including the drive your os is on, you use mdadm.02:50
edo32mbanyone have experience with USB mic's able to guide me to getting my Logitech A5370 to work?  :/02:50
stgovemdadm will expand a drive but not RAID it02:50
jamesishstgove: you can software RAID everything with mdadm at most levels.02:51
stgovebut I was putting the OS on the RAID drive, I did RAID1 as I installed ubuntu02:51
h4xx0rNewuser111: you're using vmware server i assume? is it installed from the download from the vmware website, or from the canonical repository?02:51
Newuser1111From vmware's site.02:52
jamesishstgove: Yeah, as I say, you'll lose your OS if you want to include the OS drive in the RAID. But if you're just making a data array, mdadm will do it to it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mdadm02:52
stgovei am a newbie, but had a linux guru with me here for my installs02:52
h4xx0rnewuser111: are you logging in to the vmware server console from the same machine that's running VMware server?02:52
stgoveI did RAID1 the two drives, as I installed ubuntu to it02:53
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: try gstreamer-properties02:53
stgovetehn did all the updates, etc02:53
gabmedhi all02:53
krishi gabmed02:53
stgoveI found a great howto to help me thru it02:53
h4xx0rnewuser: try this from the terminal and see if it gives you more details..... vmware-cmd /path/to/vmx/file start02:53
gabmedcan someone help me with php mail problem?02:53
TitanusI have 3 drives raid 0 by the controller, I'm just wondering if ubuntu will recognize it02:54
krishow can I know is my nick correct?02:54
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  +1, i hear myself from the test.  thanks. gonna mess around with that now.02:54
Newuser1111/usr/bin/vmware-cmd: Could not connect to VM /path/to/vmx/file02:54
Newuser1111  (VMControl error -11: No such virtual machine: The config file /path/to/vmx/file is not registered.02:54
Newuser1111Please register the config file on the server.  For example:02:54
Newuser1111vmware-cmd -s register "/path/to/vmx/file")02:54
FloodBot2Newuser1111: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:54
stgoveyou should raid5 that array02:54
stgovehow large are the HD's?02:55
dmsupermanI've got a problem when I enable my tv out, X crashes. Here are Xorg.0.log and Xorg.0.log.old: http://dmsuperman.pastebin.com/f52ab3d27 http://dmsuperman.pastebin.com/f7dec261a02:55
h4xx0rnewuser1111: sorry... replace /path/to/vmx/file with the path to where the vmware VMX file is02:55
jamesishstgove: I regularly make 15TB RAID arrays, we've all got our experience. If you only have two drives, and one will contain the OS, you're right that it has to happen during install. The setups I usually use are ones in which I have a device with twenty hard drives in, and I'm making a RAID appliance. It's just a different way of doing things, and I wanted to make sure you were aware that there are after-install RAID options if your set02:55
Titanus36gigs each02:55
gabmedmy php mail used to work, applications in php like mantis does not report any error, but the mail never arrives02:56
krisis chat ok ?02:56
Newuser1111/usr/bin/vmware-cmd: Could not connect to VM /home/djk/VM/VMware/PC-BSD/PC-BSD.vmx02:56
Newuser1111  (VMControl error -14: Unexpected response from vmware-authd: The process exited with an error:02:56
Newuser1111End of error message)02:56
stgoveok, understood, I just usually try to AID1 my drives initially for the OS02:56
kris1288 !!!!!!02:56
stgoveLater I can RAID more drives RAID 5 or 10 depending02:57
ryan__How do you open Firefox in a new window via the terminal?02:57
Bob_DoleSo, I'm interning at a school. I'm tasked with setting up a few PC's(or a full computer lab) of older computers all running linux. Perhaps the most important thing I need is sandboxing, so nothing saved on the machines is there after a reboot.02:57
unopryan__, firefox -new-windows keyword02:57
unopryan__, err,  firefox -new-window keyword02:57
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  Okay, i heard myself momentarily -, but now it a) won't let me hear myself again, b) tells me that my capture settings are invalid (for sound recorder), and all that fun stuff.02:57
jamesishBob_Dole: you could run straight from a live CD.02:57
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: all in gstreamer-properties?02:58
Bob_Dole128MB of RAM at best02:58
IntuitiveNippleBob_Dole: Use a tmpfs for /home :)02:58
stgoveIf you want to RAID5 those 36 gig drives, get yourself a small HD 910) megs, one of two the install the OS and RAID5 the 36 gig drives02:58
edo32mba) in gstreamer-properties.  b) when i try to open the sound-recorder app02:58
stgoveunless you want the OS on those drives too02:58
Newuser1111What's wrong? (/usr/bin/vmware-cmd: Could not connect to VM /home/djk/VM/VMware/PC-BSD/PC-BSD.vmx)02:58
RiyonukWhat program is this? The dock thingi? http://hellsdark.deviantart.com/art/24-03-08-Back-to-stripes-8087484702:58
Bob_DoleAnd I'm somewhat expected to have a naming scheme and name them all something different following that scheme on the network.02:58
ryan__unop: ok but I want to open Firefox to a specific webiste. For example, yahoo.com02:59
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: sounds lika bug  : (02:59
stgoveTake care all, have a good night!02:59
unopryan__, right, so your keyword here is  yahoo.com02:59
ganymedehi, i can't seem to find out which texlive package contains the tikz package. i keep getting a tikz,sty not found error when i try to compile my document with pdflatex, at the line where i do \usepackage{tikz}02:59
stgoveThanks everyone!02:59
TitanusAt this point I'm just wondering if ubuntu will recognize it as a hard drive or not02:59
h4xx0rnewuser1111: hmm that's odd... has it worked before? or is this fresh from installation?03:00
Titanusgnight stgove03:00
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  a bug in what, exactly?  the alsa drivers, and whatnot?  I'm using the alsa-*-1.0.18rc303:00
Newuser1111It hasn't worked before.03:00
ryan__unop: that does not work03:00
jamesishTitanus: sometimes it'll recognise the hardware RAID, sometimes not. If it doesn't, you can still let a hardware RAID controller manage the RAID and then use the logical volume manager to present the drives as a single file system.03:00
unopryan__, firefox -new-window yahoo.com03:01
jamesishTitanus: the biggest problem is with onboard RAID on the motherboard; I heard LInus doesn't think it's stable enough, so he ensures it's intentionally ignored. Or some such nonsense.03:01
RiyonukNobody knows :(03:01
Titanusmy raid controller is not onboard, it is an adaptec 212003:01
^Devious^my exp with raid and linux never used to be that great - having to program the drivers and do a 5 line command just to get red hat 7 to see the drive was a pain03:01
jamesishRiyonuk: I've used that before, I just can't remember the name. I found it via the openbox website, though. They have a list of various dock-type applications that are compatible available. Check 'em out.03:02
^Devious^now with ubuntu its much better03:02
Riyonukor whatever03:02
unopRichiH, might be AWN03:02
jamesishTitanus: just try it out! unless there's real data at stake.03:02
^Devious^and howdy all03:02
ryan__unop: thank you soooo much.03:02
unopRiyonuk, sorry.. that was for you  <unop> RichiH, might be AWN03:02
IntuitiveNippleI've never had issues with RAID on Linux, whether dmraid (aka FakeRAID), mdraid,, mdadm or hardware03:02
TitanusI have the data backed up so it's all good.  I'll have to try it and see if it works03:03
Newuser1111It has not worked before, I have not gotten anything to run on VMware yet(in Ubuntu)03:03
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  okay, somehow my mic volume was reset suddenly. raise the volume and i hear myself in gstreamer-properties03:03
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: well, I think its a bug in whatever driver you are selecting in gstreamer-properties.  So, if its messing up when you select alsa, then its alsa.  But, Im not too sure.  Im confused on sound/pulseaudio/alsa in general03:03
IntuitiveNippleTitanus: This might give you some insights: http://tjworld.net/wiki/Linux/Ubuntu/HardyRAID5EncryptedLVM03:04
ben_i got a game installed and the play file is there but when i click it, all it does is change the resolution to the game's and then quit out03:04
Titanusty Int!03:04
kupesoftIs there any way to get the resolution of a video at the command line?03:05
ben_not that i know of03:05
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: hmmmm,, I ran into a problem where the mic was automatically reducing volume when it was saturating (ie too loud).  So, the closer my mouth to the mic, the quieter it got.  The only way I could get it louder was to actually back away from the mic03:05
ben_im pretty new to ubuntu03:05
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  but now i still have that "audio settings are invalid, please correct them in multimedia settings" error when trying to open sound recorder03:06
ben_i cxan get some games to install but no games can play.  is there anything i can do to straight up play windows games?03:06
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: so it works in gstreamer-props?  and you leave it on the setting that works?03:06
Riyonukhow do I know which version of ubuntu I'm running and wether it's 32 or 64bit?03:07
danbh_intrepidRiyonuk: uname -a03:07
kriswhich parts of system can I put away?03:07
unop!version | Riyonuk03:07
Riyonukugh, I wish I could press a button and the command thing come up03:07
ubottuRiyonuk: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell03:07
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  yes - gstreamer-props work, and i do leave those settings in place03:08
raul1i just installed SaurBraten, and when it stats it's just a black screen anyone know why??03:08
kriswhat is unnecesary?03:08
unopRiyonuk, to find out architecture.  dpkg --print-architecture03:08
raul1also happends with Nexuiz03:08
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: maybe there are actual multimedia settings in sound recorder that you can adjust, and thats what you need to do, dunno03:08
Bob_DoleSounds like an OpenGL issue03:08
unopRiyonuk, yep03:08
raul1armyops is open GL03:08
gabmedmy php mail used to work, applications in php like mantis does not report any error, but the mail never arrives!03:09
raul1works perfectly fine, amazingly fine03:09
Strang3r_hey guys :)03:09
aLeSD_hi all03:09
Strang3r_I just installed Wine03:09
jamiejacksoni'm getting an error from java: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 <-- i think i just need to create a symlink as this to some other libstdc module. not sure what to point to and where. anybody know what i'm talking about?03:09
Strang3r_but the workspace is too smalll03:09
indroraHey! found a chunk of incompatible hardware!!! the MSI (ATI) radeon 9550 SE cards DONT WORK with OpenGL as they should03:09
Strang3r_can somebody tell me how to make it bigger ?03:09
ben_I installed battlefield 2 and nfs pro with wine under ubuntu. nfs pro doesn't have a shortcut to play in the menu and bf2 just changes my resolution and crashes03:09
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  I can't even open sound recorder.  It pops the error up and exits before even loading the rest of the app03:09
aLeSD_I have my old hd with my home folder and I want to copy the ubuntu files on my new home03:09
jamiejacksonthis old article describes the process, but the installed module mentioned is obsolete, and i need help: http://ubuntu-linux-dell-inspiron-9400.blogspot.com/2006/08/sun-jdk131.html03:09
Newuser1111Also I have VMware Server 1.0.6 build-9189103:09
aLeSD_someone knows how to recover all my datas ?03:10
raul1ben_ what you need to know is wine dosnt emulate everything03:10
ben_i figured03:10
raul1it probably crashes because it's not supporetd03:10
gabmedmy php mail used to work, applications in php like mantis does not report any error, but the mail never arrives!03:10
ben_so i just cant play those games03:10
Strang3r_aLeSD ?03:10
Strang3r_can u tell me if u have the wine windows on fullscreen ?03:10
DasEi aLeSD_: on hary now ?03:10
ben_straight up cant play them?03:10
raul1Ben_ America's army is very nice graphics03:10
sumo_suben_: for halfway modern games you should install windows on your system03:10
danbh_intrepidedo32mb: audacity is another  option.  Its more advanced than sound recorder.  Other than trying that, I have no idea.  It sounds like a sound recorder bug, but really, what do I know.  I really dont03:11
raul1it's for ubuntu.03:11
ben_i thought i was sharing windows and ubuntu but i couldnt get back to windows03:11
Bob_Dolewine doesn't just crash because it isn't supported.. it crashes because not enough of its parts are working.03:11
raul1very nice graphics works on linux/mac/windows03:11
aLeSD_DasEi I have 8.0403:11
aLeSD_yes hardy03:11
raul1ben_ when "grub loading" hit the key it shows03:11
raul1right before ubuntu starts if thats the case.03:11
DasEi aLeSD_: old drive attached to that pc ?03:11
ben_press esc for menu03:11
aLeSD_yes I can access to the dir03:11
ben_i do that but i dont see vista03:11
ben_i see 3 different ubuntus03:11
raul1well you see03:11
edo32mbdanbh_intrepid>>  audacity isn't my friend either03:11
raul1vista for 1 fails...03:11
Bob_DoleNow, I'm off to figure out tmpfs on a VM.03:11
raul1vista wants power..03:12
jamiejacksonanybody know their way around libstdc++ packages?03:12
ben_i think i just want to give up on ubuntu03:12
DasEi aLeSD_: paste the out from :fdisk -l03:12
raul1well u killed windows vista03:12
raul1so your stuck unless you have bootable disks03:12
ben_oh great03:12
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
raul1well theres one way03:12
sumo_suben_: is visa on another partition?03:13
raul1he messed up the partitioning03:13
sumo_suoh he did?03:13
h4xx0rNewuser1111: sorry i had to step away for a few minutes... did you get your issue fixed?03:13
krisI have no room on hdd03:13
aLeSD_DasEi: really I have another dir in the /home with another name ... I mean I just moved the oldhome to reset the programs conf files03:13
kriswhat can i do with it?03:13
jamesishIf Windows Vista still exists, he can work it out by editing menu.lst03:13
gabmedcan someone help me?03:13
DasEi aLeSD_: bad idea03:13
raul1 jamesish: he messed up in the partitioner03:14
hmli'm on a mac book pro; i have to use max osx (want to try out the iphone dev kit); is there anyway i can still pull in ubuntu packages?03:14
DasEi!ask | gabmed03:14
ubottugabmed: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:14
aLeSD_DasEi. is an home from a Fedora installation03:14
=== Soviet_Bob is now known as Bob_Dole
aLeSD_DasEi: is it possible to recover it ?03:14
Bob_DoleBob Do-- wut03:14
jamesishraul1: I believe, reading the symptoms, that you're correct. But I wanted to throw it out there.03:14
DasEi aLeSD_: bader idea to use its config, but u can save your files03:14
gabmedI did ask, but nobody awnsered03:14
gabmedi'll ask again then03:15
Newuser1111I did not get VMware fixed,03:15
DasEi aLeSD_: you could think of dual boot03:15
Bob_DoleI use virtualbox mostly.03:15
aLeSD_DasEi: what do u mean ?03:15
Newuser1111I've been trying for a week.03:15
kriscan anybody help to have any free memory on hdd ?03:15
gabmedmy php mail used to work, applications in php like mantis does not report any error when it should send mail, but the mail never arrives! It works from command line (sendmail)03:15
krison my hddd03:15
h4xx0rnewuser1111: have you tried booting a different VM?03:15
kristhere is no space left03:15
h4xx0rsame issue?03:15
aLeSD_so ... there is no possibility to copy the dirs and start simply evolution ?03:15
jamesishgabmed: What's changed, then? If things work from the command line, it's something about your app or php itself.03:16
jamiejacksonkris: i like filelight for showing me where my big garbage files are03:16
ubottukris: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash03:16
h4xx0rnewuser1111: when you ran that command earlier, was that as your user or root?03:17
gabmedjamesish: just normal updates from repositories, all app stopped to send mail03:17
krisjamiejackson: i have only installed ubuntu and patches that's all03:17
nxmehtahow do i print out the current cpu temperature and clock rate (if it's throttled)?03:17
DasEi aLeSD_: you can save files, but not the /etc, so the config03:17
Newuser1111Both user and root(sudo)03:17
gabmedjamesish: what could i check?03:17
jamesishgabmed: have you read any available logs to see whether the mail is being received by the mailer? Have you checked into what regularl updates have been pushed down since it broke?03:17
jamiejacksonkris, try the trash route first, then you could try "sudo apt-get install filelight"03:18
Alaskan_DragonHello guys, I have a wine question, I downloadeda simple program that reads text copyed to the clipboard for windows and use wine to run it, But it doesnt accept the clipboard data, can anyone help me?03:18
dmsupermanI can't get pulse to run as a daemon...if I run it as pulseaudio -vv it runs fine but if I do sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio start nothing happens (no error, but nothing can connect to the pulse server)03:18
h4xx0rnewuser1111: have you tried restarting vmware?03:18
jamesishdmsuperman: have you checked your logs for any error messages?03:18
gabmedjamesish: no, didnt check logs(what logs). It stopped a long time, i dont have the updates track03:18
Newuser1111I've restarted my computer, does that count?03:18
dmsupermanjamesish: dmesg has nothing related to it03:19
dmsupermanjamesish: Where else?03:19
jamesishgabmed: where does your mailer log to?03:19
DasEikris: also see man du03:19
krisi only wanted to know03:19
jamesishdmsuperman: try out /var/log/messages, that's normally a good place to start. Otherwise, check the other logs in /var/log/03:19
Xcercawhats the command for shutdown ?03:19
Xcercais it shutdown ?03:19
kriswchich parts of system can i remove for ANY space03:19
chuy_maxhey guys, if I delete the gnome panels, how can I restore them?, opening gnome-panel again does nothing03:19
dmsupermanXcerca: shutdown, init 603:20
gabmedjamesish: I dont know, what is the default logger?03:20
h4xx0rxcerca: poweroff will cleanly shut it down03:20
mojoanyone here running a jabber server?  i am looking for recommendation or perhaps a good article to help me choose an implementation03:20
danbh_intrepidkris: whats going on??03:20
dmsupermanjamesish: Nothing03:20
jamiejacksonare you looking for a smaller distro, kris?03:20
dmsupermanjamesish: No pulse related entries03:20
jamiejacksondo you have a puny hd?03:20
jamesishgabmed: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=kLI&q=default+logger+ubuntu&btnG=Search03:20
h4xx0rmojo: ejabberd is pretty good though i mostly winged it03:20
danbh_intrepidkris: I can suggest a few commands... sudo apt-get clean for starters03:20
krisjamiejackon: maybe03:20
jamesishdmsuperman: have you read the pulse init.d script to see if there's anything in there you're meant to be setting up?03:21
Newuser1111If restarting the computer doesn't count, then how do I restart VMware?03:21
krisdanbh : i have no free space on hdd03:21
mojoh4xx0r:  that's the erlang one?  not too familiar with it but i can check it out03:21
danbh_intrepidkris: yes, but how did that happen?03:21
=== jetx is now known as jetscreamer
h4xx0rwell restarting the computer would've restarted vmware so we'll count it.. but in case you need it in the future... sudo /etc/init.d/vmware03:21
krisdanbh: I installed system and patches03:22
h4xx0rmojo: yeah03:22
gabmedjamesish: I'll take a look03:22
dmsupermanjamesish: I don't see anything, but I'm not the most informed shell scripter. Do you have hardy?03:22
krisand tried to add some other packges03:22
jamesishdmsuperman: as it happens, I do.03:22
jamesishdmsuperman: but I'm running server; it's pulseaudio, you say?03:22
krisbut I have very small hdd03:22
krisabout 3 gig03:22
danbh_intrepidkris: well, you should probably remove those packages, and run the command I gave ya.  Wo, thats small03:22
Newuser1111So Now I've restarted vmware.03:22
^Devious^Thats odd I just tried sudo apt/dpkg with yahoo mesenger and both wont work03:23
^Devious^even with dependencies03:23
dmsupermanjamesish: Aye03:23
^Devious^might have to purge it03:23
dmsupermanjamesish: It's odd, I get no errors, but it just doesn't start. It's not in my running process list, and nothing can connect to it03:23
ivani'm install 8.04.1 x64 inside vmware, with XFS inside LVM, and it seems to slow to a crawl during install, during the pre-"Select and install software" phase03:23
ivanis that likely to be an XFS issue?03:23
jamesishdmsuperman: pretty common for a misconfigured daemon. It takes time to get used to them.03:23
h4xx0rnewuser1111: is this a VM you created, or an appliance you downloaded03:23
Newuser1111Created it.03:24
ryan__When a website says run the Debian package, what does that mean?03:24
raul1when i run SaurBraten its just a black screen happends with nexiuz too anyone know why?03:24
h4xx0rivan: i use xfs inside lvm pretty much every time i install ubuntu, i've not had that issue03:25
tjayryan__: It means (or I think means) they offer a ".deb" file, which will automatically install the software you're needing.03:25
Xcercainit 6 is restart03:25
jamiejacksonkris, i think you might want a smaller distro. puppylinux comes to mind, or damn small linux, or one of those tiny distros. 3GB is puny03:25
Xcercais there a way to make a program run at start as su ?03:25
krisdanbh : yes it is03:25
ivanh4xx0r: thanks, i'll look at my broken vmware03:25
krisdanbh: i will try the command03:25
jamesishdmsuperman: have you tried pulseaudio -D ?03:25
=== funkyHat is now known as funkyHat|off
tjayryan__: Although there are other options, using ".deb" files is usally the prefered method of installing software on Ubuntu, because it is based on DEBiaian.03:25
Newuser1111Would it work any better if I downloaded it instead of making it?03:26
ryan__tjay: well when I click on the deb install file it just takes me to some unreadable code.  Please Help.03:26
dmsupermanjamesish: It's running now, but still not accepting connections03:26
h4xx0rnewuser1111: i doubt it03:26
jamesishdmsuperman: That's all the init.d script calls; read the options from man pulseaudio and also read the script again in start-stop-daemon line in pulseaudio to see how the maintainers are using it.03:27
dmsupermanjamesish: Hrm, nevermind it was just that app03:27
ryan__tjay: here is the link http://eion.robbmob.com/03:27
h4xx0rnewuser1111: what version of ubuntu are you on?03:27
jamesishdmsuperman: so you're doing a little better now?03:27
dmsupermanjamesish: Odd, pulseaudio -D works now =S03:28
dmsupermanjamesish: A little, at least I can get it running out of a terminal :P03:28
jamesishdmsuperman: awesome. Read the man page, some useful info in there.03:28
tjayryan__: You're trying to install Skype?03:28
Newuser1111Ubuntu 8.04 i386.03:28
qwmi laugh at you Newuser111103:28
dr3mroplease help . when i view video full screen its pixelated03:29
CentintiHey I need help03:29
ryan__tjay: trying to install the pidgin skype plugin03:29
jamesishShoot from the hip, Centinti03:29
tjayryan__: hold on a sec, let me check something.03:29
ryan__tjay: having a problem understanding what to do with skype4pidgin.deb on the link that I gave you03:29
CentintiI need help03:30
jamesish!ask | Centinti03:30
ubottuCentinti: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:30
billsteiryan__: Use the GDebi Package Installer program to install a deb03:30
sysdocHas anyone tried the 2.6.27 kernel on a laptop?03:30
dmsupermanjamesish: Hrm...it works with pulseaudio -D but not using the init.d script. It appears to be logging somewhere using log_begin_msg. Any idea what that is or where it's written to?03:30
CentintiI have a AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile processor, do i get the 64 bit desktop version of ubuntu or the regular?03:30
ryan__billstei: ok so just do sudo apt-get GDebi03:30
tjayryan__: download the file to your desktop & install it from there.  Just double click it.03:31
h4xx0rnewuser1111: try this: sudo chown <username> /home/<username>/.vmware/preferences03:31
billsteiyou might already have it.  Look in the System Tools menu03:31
krisi tried command sudo apt-get clean and nothing happend03:31
h4xx0rwhere username is your username on the system... and then try starting your VM again03:31
=== Guest14027 is now known as Brucee
geniiCentinti: It's a 64 bit cpu. So either will work03:31
tritiumryan__, billstei: ubuntu-desktop depends on gdebi.  It should be installed.03:31
lucaxi need to change default desktop after installing kde on ubuntu... how can i do that?03:31
CentintiWhat would be better though?03:31
krishaxxor: are talking to me?03:31
jamesishdmsuperman: it's logging to syslog, which is the default.03:32
h4xx0rkris: no sorry that was for newuser111103:32
Newuser1111Ok, now what?03:32
billsteiryan__: also the System Tools menu might have the icon disabled so that you have it but you can't see the icon there03:32
geniiCentinti: 64 bit install should be fine03:32
sysdoclocax: at login select the session to log into03:32
CentintiOk, I just ordered the CDs03:32
krisi still don't know what to do03:32
h4xx0rnewuser1111: try starting the vm again03:32
vengercan dash handle a regex string comparison like: if [[ "$somevar" != *containsthis* ]]  ?03:32
Centintigenii: thanks :)03:32
geniiCentinti: np03:32
Newuser1111/usr/bin/vmware-cmd: Could not connect to VM /home/djk/VM/VMware/PC-BSD/PC-BSD.vmx03:33
Newuser1111  (VMControl error -14: Unexpected response from vmware-authd: The process exited with an error:03:33
Newuser1111End of error message)03:33
danbh_intrepid!who > kris03:33
ubottukris, please see my private message03:33
dmsupermanjamesish: It's odd, it doesn't log anything there03:33
dmsupermanjamesish: It should be logging at least a msg saying it tried to stop03:33
dmsupermanjamesish: But nothing shows up in syslog about it03:33
ryan__Seriously, I love this community so much tjay and others thanks so much.03:33
h4xx0rnewuser1111: let me do some more looking03:34
ivanyeah, this was my freezing bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/23145103:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 231451 in debian-installer "Alternate CD install freeze with encrypted partitions" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:34
ivanlooks like i need intrepid03:34
tsukasahey guys, im trying to remember the name of this system file... it consists of like 6 words on a single line and specifies the order to look for installed stuff03:34
billsteiryan__: an alternate way to install a deb is from the command line like this:  dpkg -i skype4pidgin.deb03:34
ryan__billstei: awesome thanks03:35
dr3mroany one know here how to fix pixelated video full screen03:35
billsteiryan__: correction like this:  sudo dpkg -i skype4pidgin.deb03:35
esacis there a way i can 'overdrive' the volume if i am playing something that was recorded too quietly03:35
saintbobfirefox won't load msnbc and a few other sites when konqueror loads fine whats up can't get flash to work in konquror?03:35
tjayI need help finding a driver for a Sony Vaio Internal Webcam, Model: VGP-VCC6, anyone have any ideas?03:36
IntuitiveNippleesac: If using pulseaudio, the pavucontrol can do that03:36
esacIntuitiveNipple: ill check that out, thanks03:36
ryan__billstei: if you do that command where should you download skyp4pidgin.deb to?  Or do you even have to do that?03:36
IntuitiveNippletjay: Yes, my r5u870 package :)03:36
dmsupermanjamesish: Weird. In the default case for that switch inside the script, it should print out a Usage string. I do init.d/pulseaudio blah and it doesn't do anything03:37
dmsupermanSomething's wrong03:37
esacIntuitiveNipple: already set to 100% :(03:37
IntuitiveNippletjay: https://edge.launchpad.net/~intuitivenipple/+archive?field.name_filter=r5u870&field.status_filter=published03:37
tjayIntuitiveNipple: SaintYossarian was helping me yesterday, but it stopped, it wouldn't compile.03:37
billsteiryan__: you just need to be in the same directory with the terminal when you run dpkg03:37
saintbobfirefox won't load msnbc and a few other sites while konqueror loads fine whats up can't get flash to work in konqueror?03:37
krisi am confused now03:37
IntuitiveNippletjay: My DKMS package? what was the failure?03:38
lucaxhow do i set gnome as default desktop?03:38
tjayI will run it again, and PM you the output of the failure, okay?03:38
billsteiryan__: I just installed that plugin and dpkg worked fine to install it, but in pidgin I do not see the plugin listed.  Not sure why (?)03:38
danbh_intrepidlucax: what is happening now?03:38
IntuitiveNippleesac: If you use vlc to play the file, that allows driving the volume way past 100%.03:38
IntuitiveNippletjay: sure... was that my DKMS package?03:39
lucaxdanbh_intrepid: after ive installed kde on ubuntu... every user i add takes kde as default desktop instead of gnome...03:39
ryan__billstei: hmmmmm...03:40
danbh_intrepidlucax: well, there should be an option at login, to choose which is the default.  If you want to get rid of kde, I can help with that too03:40
lucaxdanbh_intrepid: i want them to have gnome as default, i only installed for my user03:40
saintbobfirefox won't load msnbc and a few other sites while konqueror loads fine whats up can't get flash to work in konqueror?03:40
krisi don't even remember your nicks03:40
kriswho was helping me?03:40
lucaxdanbh_intrepid: i dont want to get rid of kde, i use it... but other users want gnome... what option in gdm?03:40
lucaxdanbh_intrepid: or how do i do it?... i believe im writing gdm settings on /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom03:41
danbh_intrepidlucax: Im not sure, but I do remember it popping up at some point.  Maybe its just a popup when you select a different environment..03:41
krisdanbh_intrepid:  did u changed your nickname?03:42
lucaxdanbh_intrepid: ill try...03:42
danbh_intrepidkris: no03:42
dmsupermanjamesish: Aha! found it03:42
dmsupermanjamesish: NO idea why this was there, but there was a line that said test "$PULSEAUDIO_SYSTEM_START" != "1" && exit 003:42
dmsupermanjamesish: Commented it out, init.d script works fine now :D03:42
krisdanbh_intrepid:  ok so I was talkiing with you could u repeat your command? this with trash route . and what does it do03:43
PerfectExodusGreetings all...03:44
billsteiryan__: apparently the "plugin" is not so much a plugin as it is a "protocol" and is listed in the Accounts->Add->Basic->Protocol drop down list03:44
Newuser1111Anything else I can do to try to fix VMware?03:45
h4xx0rnewuser1111: still trying to come up with something for you. i haven't forgotten about you03:45
krisPerfectExodus:  hello03:46
h4xx0rnewuser1111: ls -l /dev/vmmon03:46
geniiNewuser1111: They may have further ideas on the subject in #vmware channel03:46
DasEi unop still onboard?03:47
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
Newuser1111crw-rw---- 1 root root 10, 165 2008-09-22 22:22 /dev/vmmon03:47
tsukasaquestion, i compiled alsa successfully and did a sudo make install and rebooted, but its still using the old (ubuntus) version. how do i make it use the new ones?03:47
h4xx0rnewuser1111: damn. i think your best bet might be to try the #vmware channel. if they can help you run a debug you might be able to get a little futher03:49
DasEiunop:made up the rest and now (dared dazuko earlier this day)installed the  (so needed) antivir, dazuko is implemented in hardy-kernel , and it found a lot of (win) stuff, mainly using my wine so... installing antivir use the kerneloption of its installer03:49
kristhx i get some space03:49
krisi got some space thx03:49
krisbut i dont remember who gave command03:49
PerfectExodusIs there documentation about making Ubuntu load the kernel faster?03:50
danbh_intrepid!trash | kris03:50
ubottukris: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash03:50
danbh_intrepidkris: the command I gave earlier was: sudo apt-get clean03:51
Xcercaanybody gotten lirc to control banshee  , or any other gnome music player for that matter ?03:51
krisdanbh_intrepid: it works thanx a lot03:51
Xcercai guess i could use xmms03:52
ThersiTI just built HPLIP-2.8.9 from source, But in the install instructions it wants me to run a symlink fix script that is not where it says it would be. Any ideas?03:52
danbh_intrepid!preload | PerfectExodus03:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about preload03:52
saintbobfirefox won't load msnbc and a few other sites while konqueror loads fine whats up can't get flash to work in konqueror?03:53
krisonly mages here?03:53
ThersiTHas anyone had any luck installing HPLIP?03:54
Xcercawhats elisa used for ?03:55
Xcercalike windows media center ?03:55
danbh_intrepidsaintbob: try installing flash onto firefox03:55
dmsupermanAlright, I'm having a different problem now. Pulseaudio seems to stop working when I log out. The process continues to run, however all sound immediately stops. Why si that?03:55
tsukasaquestion, i compiled alsa successfully and did a sudo make install and rebooted, but its still using the old (ubuntus) version. how do i make it use the new ones?03:56
danbh_intrepidtsukasa: try gstreamer-properties03:56
jamesishThersiT: What's the issue you're having?03:56
zefyxlame, namecheap doesn't give you a year for transferring a domain03:56
tjayCan anyone reccomend a stable chat-program that supports the Yahoo protocol & allows Webcams? Pidgin doesn't do it, Egika doesn't do it, Gyach doesn't do it . . . any ideas???03:58
tsukasadanbh_intrepid: why would that help me? the correct version isnt loaded according to /proc/asound03:58
ThersiTjamesish: I have read on-line that i need the latest ver of HPLIP for this printer I just bought..03:58
jamesishThersiT: awesome. Are you having an issue installing HPLIP or are you just  nervous?03:59
ThersiTbut I'm going thru the install instructions and there is a python script they want me to run that is not there.03:59
jamesishThersiT: hplip is available in the ubuntu repositories; should be as simple as sudo apt-get install hplip03:59
slaterockanyone figure out how to prevent video/games from flickering with ati drivers and compiz?04:00
sumo_suslaterock: there are video games for linux?:)04:00
ThersiTthe one in the repositories is too old and dosent support this printer.04:01
Xcercaslaterock  yea , don't use compiz04:01
tritiumFurthermore, ubuntu-desktop depends on hplip.  It should be installed by default.04:01
mtcageHas anyone else here had problems with samba on hardy? say a crossover connection between a windows xp machine and ubuntu hardy machine? samba is acting very random and bugy04:01
Xcercafor games atleast04:01
slaterockbah, i loves me the compiz04:01
Xcercame to04:01
slaterockdri2 is what we're waiting for?04:01
slaterockis that gonna happen?04:01
jamesishtritium: tru, dat.04:01
Xcercawhats dri2 ?04:02
sumo_suslaterock: have you tried playing with the vsynch checkbox in compiz setup?04:02
slaterockno sumo, how do I go about that?04:02
zefyxdomain brokers are the scum of the earth04:02
zefyxyou domain brokers in here, you hear me?04:02
zefyxscum i tell you04:02
tritiumzefyx: stay on topic, please04:02
sumo_suslaterock: i installed advanced desktop effects settings04:02
Xcercaanybody know of a music player for gnome that i can get to work with lirc ?04:03
sumo_suslaterock: thats a setup tool for compiz04:03
jamesishThersiT: did the default install give you the scripts you need?04:03
sumo_suslaterock: there is a vsynch option somewere... i had flickering windows when they still wobbled:)04:04
slaterocksumo, everything works fine except for opengl apps04:04
deepakanyone plz tell me how to download songs from youtube04:04
ThersiTthe ver of HPLIP in the repositories is 2.8.2 and from what I read I need atleast
tjayCan anyone reccomend a stable chat-program that supports the Yahoo protocol & allows Webcams? Pidgin doesn't do it, Egika doesn't do it, Gyach doesn't do it . . . any ideas???04:04
sumo_suslaterock: its just a guess that they dont update the screen in synch04:05
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:05
aLeSDhi all04:06
deepakalesd hai04:06
aLeSDhow could I use the spanish keys on a u.s. keyboard ?04:06
aLeSDmaybe ... better the spanish letters04:07
ThersiTjamesish: the script i need is a symlink fix to be run before install, I think i could only get that from this particular version.04:07
nnullshould i just get VLC media player for divx/xvid?04:07
sumo_suaLeSD: hmm you can switch keyboard layouts with a hotkey04:08
Berniehey guys - I'm getting the following error when trying to compile Lumina on Ubuntu: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXi" ... I googled up on it and it looks like I'm missing the x-devel libraries ... can't seem to find it in apt-cache, any hints?04:09
aPpYehello.  I am wondering:  is there something that was doene with ubuntu to allow it to connect to linksys wireless routers, specifically the wrt54gx4?  I find I am able to connect to it with ubuntu but not gentoo.04:09
deepakhere any one from india04:10
slaterockwhat is the desktop switcher that pans out and shows you all the desktops you have04:10
slaterockand you can drag windows around, etc04:11
jamesishT....T: are you looking for hplip-install?04:11
aPpYeno? nothing special?  I am having a really hard time figuring out why I cannot connect here.04:11
=== dmsuperman is now known as snuxoll
sumo_suslaterock: thats called errr.... expo?04:11
=== snuxoll is now known as dmsuperman
ThersiToh well, I just ran that make install with out running the symlink fix. Hopefuly it'll be ok.04:11
jamesishThersiT: what script were you looking for?04:12
=== dmsuperman is now known as snuxoll
=== snuxoll is now known as dmsuperman
slaterockcrap that's sweet04:13
ThersiTin the instructions on HPLIP's website they tell me to run a script called fix_symlink.py but it is not in the tar ball.04:13
sumo_suslaterock: you installed that thingie?:)04:13
slaterockit's pretty sweet04:14
slaterockanyone upgraded to 8.1?04:14
Berniehey guys - I'm getting the following error when trying to compile Lumina on Ubuntu: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXi" ... I googled up on it and it looks like I'm missing the x-devel libraries ... can't seem to find it in apt-cache, any hints?04:14
noglorpHey I just wanted to stop by and thank people for helping me with my Nvidia problems04:15
noglorpupgrading to 8.4 Hardy fixed everything04:15
sumo_suslaterock: about the flickering: check general options/display settings04:15
noglorpI just had to enable the restricted driver04:15
nikitis I need help with getting a logitech keyboard to use the bluetooth on system boot instead of the USB option.04:16
sumo_suthere are the options detect refresh rate, refresh rate and sync to Vblank that you could play with04:16
slaterocksumo_su, it seemed to help with some windows opening and closing04:16
jamesishI imagine you're looking for libx11-dev - X11 client-side library (development headers), Bernie.04:16
zack___I am recieving an grub error 17 when ever I try to boot. I booted into the livecd of ubuntu but it does not recognize my ubuntu drive(hda) but it recognizes my window drive (hdb). How can i make the livecd see the first hardrive?04:17
Berniejamesish: thanks for the hint - I already have libx11-dev installed though :(04:17
sumo_suzack___: can gparted see your partition?04:19
krish_hi linux ubuntu 8.04 server edition is not detecting my network card04:19
MikeHamCould anybody offer me help getting an external monitor working with my laptop?04:19
Bernie@krish_: what type of NIC do you have?04:19
sumo_suzack___: thats system/administration/partition editor04:19
zack___sumo_su yes! it sees at as unallocated04:20
krish_realtech something like tht04:20
sumo_suzack___: can you not mount it via "Places" ?04:20
shivrajcan I resize a debian partition and install both oses on my system with ubuntu ?04:20
zack___sumo, its not listed in places04:20
Berniekrish, you need to be specific - run "ifconfig" and see if it's listed there, or find out exactly what model you have from your system specs04:20
shivrajwill the installer let me resize the partition and mount my existing /home dir ?04:20
sumo_suzack___: better ask someone who knows:)04:21
sumo_suzack___: sorry its over my head and you could do a lot of damage with whatever you do:)04:22
ThersiTjamesish: after i ran the make install the printer spit out a test page. I guess that symlink script can be skiped. Thanks for the help tho.04:22
krish_ wen i type ifconfig nothing like eth0 is coming04:22
jamesishThersiT: Glad to know you got there.04:22
RickZillaHi gang...I successfully connected to my wireless via my LiveCD on my laptop...everything else runs great...that means I should be able to completely install Ubuntu on my laptop and everything should connect just fine?04:23
sumo_suzack___ cant see his linux partition and i cant help him... anyone who knows linuxy things pls help him04:24
zack___Whenever I try to boot into my first hard drive I recieve a grub error 17. I have two hd's one with ubuntu and one with windows. When I boot into the livecd my windows drive is the only one recognized. Does anyone know how I can make the ubuntu drive recognized?04:24
jamesishRickZilla: if you attempt the install, your hard drive will melt. I'm so glad I could tell you before you tried. We've averted disaster here, people.04:24
jamesishRickZilla: nah, everything should be golden.04:24
danbh_intrepidzack___: what does sudo blkid say?  please use pastebin04:24
IdleOnejamesish: help or be quiet04:24
RickZillaJamesish:  ha ha04:24
RickZillaIdleOne:  I know a jab when I see one :-)04:25
zack___danbd, it syas /dev/sdb1 and /dev/loop0 with their types and uuid's listed also04:25
RickZillaI'm guessing my laptop should run a lot better without all of that apcray that Dell loaded it with04:25
danbh_intrepidzack___: whats loop0?04:25
Berniehey guys - I'm getting the following error when trying to compile Lumina on Ubuntu: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXi" ... I googled up on it and it looks like I'm missing the x-devel libraries ... can't seem to find it in apt-cache, any hints? I do have libx11-dev installed, looks like that should be the library but doesn't work04:26
rinovanhow to save alias in pidgin diferent computer?04:26
DasEi sumo_su: zack___: whats up ?04:26
jamesishIdleOne: there's a greater culture here than just helping or being quiet. I was just being friendly with a new person; he needs to know we're nice people *as well as* helpful people.04:26
KoN8392Hello World!04:26
zack___dan, beats me its type is "squashfs"04:26
shayanKoN8392 hello!04:26
cy21how do i configure compiz??????????/04:26
carandraugcy21, install ccsm04:26
zack___Dasei, whenever I try to boot into my first hard drive I recieve a grub error 17. I have two hd's one with ubuntu and one with windows. When I boot into the livecd my windows drive is the only one recognized. Does anyone know how I can make the ubuntu drive recognized?04:26
cy21ok... thanks04:26
RickZillajamesish:  I've found that out already...I just hadn't yet connected via wireless on here...Ubuntu really is the way to go, I'm thinking04:26
danbh_intrepidzack___: I think you should check the cd.  You might have a bad cd, and the install just failed horridly04:27
KoN8392is there a keyboard shortcut for switching desktops?04:27
cy21carandraug, ccsm is not in apt-get04:27
ubottuzack___: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:27
cy21carandraug, where is it?04:27
RickZillaI had to download Ubuntu like 3x before I got a good one...had to remember to burn slowly, also04:27
zack___danbh, the ubuntu drive has had it on there for a long time, but i recently reinstalled windows and now the ubuntu drive is never recognized by the live cd04:27
DasEizack___: have half an hour of time ?04:27
zack___dasei, ya04:27
jamesishRickZilla: glad to have you around here. You should do fine. If anything goes wrong, you can always reestabilsh your network connection using the live CD, then come on here and ask for help.04:27
carandraugcy21, look in add/remove, it's there. I think it's called compizconfiguration setting manager.04:28
cy21ok... thanks carandraug04:28
RickZillajamesish:  true...or walk over to the desktop running windows and do the same :-)04:28
RickZillaThe wife likes MSOffice...so at least one of our machines has to be running Windows around here04:28
DasEizack___: open a terminal : fdisk -l > fd.txt && sudo apt-get install pastebinit04:28
rinovani have save alias in pidgin, how to retrieve in diferent comp?04:28
rinovan*alias name04:29
DasEizack___: open a terminal : sudo fdisk -l > fd.txt  && pastebinit fd.txt04:29
DasEizack___: url from terminal ?04:29
sumo_sumann mann das ist ja zackig hier:)04:29
zack___dasei, pastebinit is not found04:29
DasEizack___: sudo apt-get install pastebinit04:30
VeriliumHello.  I've just created a new logical volume, and I'm trying to mount it by UUID, via /etc/fstab and a simple mount -a.  Byt, for some reason, the UUID of the LV isn't un /dev/disk/by-uuid...  Does anyone know how to make it get in there?04:30
danbh_intrepid!blkid > Verilium04:30
ubottuVerilium, please see my private message04:30
ubottusumo_su: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de04:30
zack___dasei, the package isnt found. i can save the output and post it on a pastbin site though if you dont mind waiting for a few minutes04:31
DasEizack___: fine04:31
zack___alrighty one moment04:31
sumo_suDasEi: you heared me:)04:31
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:32
Veriliumdanbh_intrepid:  But the volume isn't in blkid, that's part of the problem, it would seem. :)04:32
DasEizack___: and also the : /boot/grub/menu.lst04:32
DasEisumo_su: theres only nothing going on there, von daher...04:33
cy21carandraug, works... thanks04:33
Berniehey guys - I'm getting the following error when trying to compile Lumina on Ubuntu: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXi" ... I googled up on it and it looks like I'm missing the x-devel libraries ... can't seem to find it in apt-cache, any hints? I do have libx11-dev installed, looks like that should be the library but doesn't work04:33
* chao1 can't login with one of user accounts due .dmrc and home directory not owned by user04:33
sumo_suDasEi: dont point me there for 1 comment aimed at you only:) tss04:33
danbh_intrepidVerilium: well, then finding the right uuid isnt the problem.  The problem is that it isnt being recognized in the first place.  I don't know what the problem is there04:34
chao1also can't access users-admin04:34
DasEisumo_su: joy #ubuntu-offtopic04:34
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:34
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:34
rebel_kidim trying to download oyoyo, it will only give me the command to check out a read only version by svn, i have no idea how to use svn, i checked it out, now how do i access the file?04:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about users-admin04:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about user-admin04:35
ubottuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.04:35
zack___dasei, the output from fdisk -l > fd.txt was blank. is there something else i should have done?04:35
DasEizack___: open a terminal : sudo fdisk -l                              only04:35
DasEizack___: or gedit fd.txt04:36
sumo_suzack___: the -l is a lowercase L, not a 1, not an I04:36
DasEiright, zack___04:36
Veriliumdanbh_intrepid:  I can mount the volume fine, just through /dev/mapper.  It's just not showing up in /dev/disk/by-uuid.  As if udev didn't create the symlink or something?  I just created this volume, haven't rebooted or anything.04:36
zack___ok, do i need to mount the grub/boot/menu.lst ? its blank also04:36
DasEizack___: you can paste cmd's from messenger to terminal04:37
Veriliumdanbh_intrepid:  I could try rebooting, but nonetheless, I'm more curious if there's a way to get this missing symlink to show up in there.04:37
RickZillaGuess I'd better start reading the ubuntu wiki before I start asking idiot questions04:37
rebel_kid anyone know anything about using svn (subversion)04:37
danbh_intrepidVerilium: I reeallyy don't know.  I havent a clue.04:37
zack___dasei,  i have the fdisk output pasted in but do i need to mount the grub/boot/menu.lst ? its blank also04:37
jamesishVerilium: don't you just mount it via /dev/mapper's entry? It's been a few months since I did LVM stuff, btu I think you do.04:37
DasEizack___: gedit /grub/boot/menu.lst                                      ,its not blank04:38
chao1:-/Does anyone know how to get users-admin to show me the unlock button? I am the sudo user.04:38
sumo_suisnt it boot/grub/menu.lst?04:38
chao1maybe even tell me how to get it to work from cli04:38
zack___dasei, i swear that opens a blank gedit, sumo maybe lemme try04:38
Veriliumjamesish:  I could, that works fine.  But, wanting to follow this ubuntu 8.04 method, I followed the stuff already in fstab and want to mount by UUID. :)04:39
Berniezack: just do a find / menu.lst04:39
Berniefind / -iname menu.lst04:39
atidchao1: I usually have to expand the window size to see the unlock buttons.. Tried that?04:39
danbh_intrepidzack___: cat /boot/grub/menu.lst | pastebinit04:39
DasEizack___: gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst                                      ,its not blank04:39
sumo_suzack___: just type fdisk -l (lowercase L) does it output anything?04:39
Veriliumjamesish:  And putting the UUID in fstab, seems to make it want to try to mount via /dev/disk/by-uuid/<UUID>.04:40
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest41720
Guest41720hey does anybody know why when i hook up my mic it wont record anything04:40
DasEithe easier things are...04:40
chao1i see the button but the button is not clickable, atid04:40
Veriliumdanbh_intrepid:  No prob. :)04:40
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:40
Guest41720 hey does anybody know why when i hook up my mic it wont record anythin04:40
Guest41720 hey does anybody know why when i hook up my mic it wont record anythin04:41
tj83Guest41720, could be many things... not a toshiba laptop by chance?04:41
chao1atid, it sounds like your resolution is not permitting you to see your button. But I see mine04:41
DasEizack___: the two urls ?04:41
Guest41720no dell04:41
tj83Guest41720, what kind of sound chipset is it?04:42
danbh_intrepid!repeat > Guest4172004:42
ubottuGuest41720, please see my private message04:42
zack___as so many people. ok bernie that gives me a bunch of stuff in "/proc/blahblah/"04:42
Hrvatski1is it possible to use a portable hard drive that was formatted with windows, with my linux notebook04:42
atidchao1: exactly.. I thought I would go check again, but then realized I only run kde4 now, so I do not see the same screen as previous04:42
tj83Hrvatski1, yes it is04:42
DasEi Hrvatski1:yup, make sure ntfs-3g is installed04:42
chao1atid: lol04:42
tbwenMy ubuntu keeps on spending 100% CPU whenever a program freezes, and I have to force quit it. happens most with firefox. can anyone help me?04:43
zack___dasei here is the url for the fdisk. http//pastebin/m610f67fb   the menu.lst is blank. Dont I have to mount something to view that?04:43
atidsorry 'bout that chao104:43
nightdocpidgeon wont open when I click on it. Does anyone know the terminal command.04:43
tj83nightdoc, "pidgin"04:43
RickZillaI just ran into that same Firefox problem04:43
tbwenRickZilla: does your firefox turn light gray and freezes?04:44
thiebaudeanyone use amiwm?04:44
DasEi!paste | zack___04:44
ubottuzack___: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:44
DasEizack___: wrong url, first the fdisk, are you using hardy ?04:44
Veriliumdanbh_intrepid:  Ok, found the solution..  Need a udev 'reload', via a 'udevtrigger', http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43012304:44
RickZillaI was installing a flash plugin and I got a little too greedy04:45
zack___dasei here is the url for the fdisk. http//pastebin.com/m610f67fb sorry mistyped it04:45
zack___dasei, also i am pretty sure im using 8.04 unless i grabbed the wrong cd04:46
DasEizack___: wrong url..., i don't need commercials04:46
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:46
zack___dasei, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49548/04:47
danbh_intrepidVerilium: interesting, thanks, learn something knew every day04:48
chao1ok I figured out why I couldn't click the unlock button in 'users-admin'04:49
heyman12Does anyone know where the stupid php5 config file is?04:49
waanIs it safer to change permissions on /sys/class/leds/asus:mail/brightness, or to run a script using elevated privileges?04:49
chao1*-:)It was because I had owner ship and read/write permissions to another user account04:49
DasEizack___: cd /boot04:49
DasEicd grub04:50
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209804:50
DasEizack___: ls m*04:50
DasEizack___: menu.lst there ?04:50
fiyawerxis there a way to reset your gnome colors that you set with gnome-color-chooesr?04:51
rawhas anyone here been successful in rigging a dual GPU card (in this case, a XFX 9800 GX2) to work on dual monitors using twinview?  I can use Xinerama but I can't use compiz with it.  I didn't realise that getting twinview working with this card would be a hassle when I bought it.  Shouldn't I be able to enable SLI to make the GPUs work as 1 GPU and then twinview that?  Does anyone know how I might go about configuring this?04:51
fiyawerxback to the buntu default?04:51
VeriliumWell, thanks. :)04:51
zack___dasei, "ls m*" gives the output "no such file or directory"04:51
DasEizack___: in /boot/grub ?04:52
zack___dasei, there does not appear to be a grub folder in /boot/04:52
sumo_suzack___:  try cd /boot/grub04:52
DasEizack___: you are in boot now ?04:52
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:53
zack___dasei, ya im in /boot$04:53
obf213my host file doesn't work04:54
DasEizack___: ls                                             ,no /grub folder ?04:54
emethow do I cryptographically sign a file in Ubuntu?04:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stuff04:54
Daft_Punklol ^04:54
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts04:54
obf213i have followed instructions online plus its pretty simple but for some reason it doesn't block any of the addresses i put in it04:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amiwm04:54
zack___dasei, no grub folder04:55
DasEiout from : uname -r                                        ?04:56
kubuntpici : how are you?04:56
zcat[1]zack___, cd ~ ; sudo mount /boot  perhaps?04:56
kubunti'm warnet04:56
bakermdI have an IBM Thinkpad, and am trying to get a BlueTooth Apple MightyMouse working.  I have the bluetooth working, and it sees the mouse, but when I tell it to connect to the mouse I get "Couldn't display "obex://[mac]/".04:56
bakermdAm I not doing this the right way?04:56
zack___dasei, 2.6.24-16-generic04:56
zcat[1]on the off chance that /boot got installed in it's own partition..04:57
DasEizack___:sudo update db04:57
tj83zack___, you should always do updates.. your kernel is outdated but that does not explain no grub folder04:57
waanWould it be safer to change permissions on /sys/class/leds/asus:mail/brightness, or to run a script using elevated privileges to access it?04:57
kubuntpici : pici, i have check my linux-headers-`uname -r`04:57
sysdocHey guys, I'm looking to try the 2.6.27 kernel to see if it calms the heating problems that I'm getting now. Is there a way to install it from a repo?04:57
DasEizack___:locate menu.lst04:57
danbh_intrepid!intrepid | sysdoc04:58
ubottusysdoc: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!04:58
tj83sysdoc, what makes you think its the kernel?04:58
kubuntpici : n was installed04:58
eraxter__anybody care to help a linux noob with wifi04:58
zack___dasei, the update db give the output "sudo: update: command not found"04:58
nog_lorpSo I've upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04 and it has fixed my Nvidia problems wonderfully. Now my NTFS partitions are handled in a funky-as-hell manner.04:58
DasEizack___:eerm, in which syxstem are you currently in ?04:58
nog_lorpwhat is this new system of mounting internal drives?04:58
kubuntbut i still get error when trying compile04:58
sysdoctj83: reading the forums and the wiki tend to suggest that the new kernel may help04:58
zack___dasei, the only menu.lst found are in the examples folder. I am running off of a live cd04:59
jcoeyhow do i install flash player?04:59
zcat[1]update_db not upate db perhaps?04:59
kubuntpici : can u help me please04:59
tj83sysdoc, i would not bet on it. what kind of processor do you have? is cpu scaling working?04:59
obf213hmm does anyone have a working host file?04:59
zcat[1]jcoey, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:59
DasEizack___:should have told that before04:59
obf213want to upload it? i have followed insturctions it doesn't block anysites04:59
gukinaHey guys, what is ubuntu firefox modifications? is it safe to disable.04:59
DasEizack___:(cli) cd05:00
jcoeythank you zcat05:00
zack___dasei, i mentioned that a few times thats why i kept asking if i had to mount the /boot/ thing. lol05:00
sysdocscaling doesn't seem to be effective, This laptop runs a P405:00
xmunkmy sound just quit on me last night. tried alot of stuff. post on the forums for two days isn't returning any results can anyone help?05:00
zack___its ok though. what should i do now?05:00
DasEizack___:cd etc05:00
danbh_intrepidDasEi: did you catch that?  I think there is no grub because he is running off of the live cd.   I think his ubuntu installation is hosed or something05:00
kubuntcan anyone help me please05:00
eraxter__PM me if you can help05:00
tj83sysdoc, have you looked for any processes that are using alot of CPU usage?05:00
kubunti get problem with my NIC05:00
zack___dasei, im in /etc/05:01
DasEi danbh_intrepid:looks quite bad, see fdisk :http://pastebin.com/m610f67fb05:01
=== eraxter__ is now known as thisoneguy
DasEizack___:gedit fstab                                        ,paste it05:01
D0M1N8RSmall problem if anyone can help. I loaded ubuntu and it worked fine but I messed it up. Reloaded and now when I boot I need to edit grub menu to boot. I cant find the config file.05:01
sysdoctj83: yea and don't find anything that would be sucking up the CPU. Right now I'm running at .5 to 1%05:02
sumo_suzack___: you are booted from cd are you?05:02
tj83sysdoc, how is fan control? seems to variate with load?05:02
DasEi D0M1N8R:/boot/grub/menu.lst05:02
zack___sumo, yes im in the 8.04 live cd.05:02
danbh_intrepidDasEi: the problem with asking zack___ to paste his fstab is that I don't think he has his ubuntu partition mounted.  Its just the livecd thats mounted05:02
zack___dasie, ok i have the fstab up want an output in pastebin?05:02
sumo_suzack___: and your main partition is unaccessible05:03
sysdoctj83: it does but seems to be stuck at a high rpm when idle05:03
DasEi danbh_intrepid:is what I want to see as fstab says its a netware parti05:03
sysdocAnd it is hot05:03
zack___sumo yes, my primary hard drive isnt05:03
sumo_suDasEi: so what are you trying to achieve?05:03
DasEizack___:                                        ,paste it05:03
Frodointel 945GM graphics error, specifically from WOW, appears as a rendering order problem anywhere else openGL is used05:04
DasEisumo_so: to get an overview05:04
bakermdgot it working05:04
Frodoany takers?05:04
sumo_suDasEi: hm ok.05:04
zack___dasei, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49553/05:04
bakermdnight all05:04
tj83sysdoc, you can upgrade your 8.04 install to 8.10 (with 2.6.27) with "update-manager -d" and click the 8.10 button, i'm not sure about your problem sorry.05:04
nog_lorpanyone know how to get NTFS drives to mount automatically in Hardy? Preferably without having to manually add entries to fstab.05:04
=== bloodoby is now known as bloodboy
sysdoctj83: Downloading the kernel now05:05
brandonmpacesysdoc, what is the problem?05:05
djmccormicki've got an intel imac and i'm wondering if it's possible to dual boot ubuntu. i'm unable to find any helpful guides online that don't involve a VM.05:05
sysdocbrandonmpace: CPU running hot, P4 in a HP laptop05:06
Frododjmccormick: there's a wiki page05:06
RickZillaIn ubuntu, where can I go to see my power status?05:06
brandonmpace!dualboot | djmccormick05:06
ubottudjmccormick: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:06
DasEizack___: you have two win-installations and one ubuntu-install on the two hds ?05:06
heyman12Where is the php5 config file directory?05:06
heyman12its not /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini05:06
djmccormickFrodo, brandonmpace: thanks05:06
brandonmpacesysdoc: have you tried just throttling it?05:06
brandonmpacedjmccormick: you´re welcome05:07
xmunkmy sound just quit on me last night. tried alot of stuff. post on the forums for two days isn't returning any results can anyone help?05:08
zack___dasei, my setup is 2 hard drives. the first is a ubuntu install and the second is a win xp install. I recently reinstalled xp on the second hard drive and thats where the problems started05:08
sysdocI have cpufreqd setup but seems that it either is not working correctly or there is some other problem05:08
danbh_intrepidheyman12: http://paste.ubuntu.com/49556/05:08
Frodointel 945GM graphics error, specifically from WOW, appears as a rendering order problem anywhere else openGL is used05:08
raul1Trying to load library... "libmodplug.so.0" "libmodplug.so" "/usr/lib/games/nexuiz/libmodplug.so.0" "/usr/lib/games/nexuiz/libmodplug.so" - failed.05:08
raul1anyone got any help on that :$?05:08
raul1Trying to load library... "libOffscreenGecko.so" "/usr/lib/games/nexuiz/libOffscreenGecko.so" - failed.05:08
pan__is hostapd important?05:09
raul1also things that failed to load05:09
danbh_intrepidheyman12: oops, one thing, I have php5-cli installed...05:09
brandonmpacesysdoc:  You do know that hp laptops are notorious for running extremely hot, right?    Did you try right clicking on the panel, clicking add to panel, then add CPU freq and scaling monitor.05:09
nog_lorpanyone know how to auto-mount ntfs filesystems on Hardy?05:09
heyman12I just installed the LAMP server05:09
heyman12Whatever that came with05:09
brandonmpacesysdoc: after you add that just left click on the monitor and select the frequency05:09
heyman12"PHP Version 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.1"05:09
DasEizack___:its little strange that fdisk doesnt show a swap or ext-filesystem... is there a second machine you can kepp on with irc while serving the broken one ?05:09
danbh_intrepidheyman12: well, you can still use the commands that you see me using in that paste05:09
heyman12Im configuring webmin05:10
waanHow can I get a script to execute on login?05:10
zack___dasei, ya im in this irc on my laptop. the broken drive is the desktop. need me to reboot it or anything?05:10
heyman12so i can edit the php config file, so I can get GD Captcah enabled05:10
brandonmpacesysdoc: this makes it a lot easier05:11
heyman12danbh_intrepid: Thanks, i got in05:11
DasEizack___:few more trys before : sudo mkdir /media/ext305:11
D0M1N8Rokay found the menu.lst was looking for a grub file.. one more question. Is the first grub boot device listed always default or may I setup another default boot if nothing selected?05:11
sysdocbrandonmpace: when I tried to add the cpufreq is says that I can't add it05:11
danbh_intrepidheyman12: np05:11
nydocpidgin won't open when I click on it. Do I need to activate something?05:11
zack___dasie, dir made05:12
DasEizack___:mount /dev/sda2   /media/ext305:12
danbh_intrepidD0M1N8R: look in menu.lst for instructions regarding that05:12
brandonmpacesysdoc: hmm I´ve never seen that, sounds like you messed something up05:12
DasEizack___: error- code ?05:12
zack___dasei, it says i should specify the filesystem type05:12
mrynitif there is some software that is said to work on 7.10, will it work on 8.04?05:13
DasEizack___:mount -t ext3 /dev/sda2   /media/ext305:13
brandonmpacesysdoc: well that is the absolute easiest way to control cpuspeed, no need for other progs05:13
xmunkmy sound just quit on me last night. tried alot of stuff. post on the forums for two days isn't returning any results can anyone help?05:13
danbh_intrepidmrynit: usually, and an updated version05:13
sysdocbrandonmpace: new kernel installed see if this helps any05:13
DasEixmunk:paste out from : lspci05:13
danbh_intrepidmrynit: unless you are talking about hardware...05:13
mrynit_if there is some software that is said to work on 7.10, will it work on 8.04?05:14
zack___dasei, "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on sda2, missing codepage or helper program, or other error"05:14
raul1http://pastebin.com/m2d6ec4de can anyone help me? it's a compiz problem05:14
DasEizack___: gparted05:14
tj83mrynit, most likely.. but not absolutely05:15
cy21hey... is there a way in ubuntu to make the bottom bar get inside the top bar? just like kde ?05:15
DasEizack___: in the gui of gparted, can you find the linux-parti ? which filesystem ?05:15
cy21hey... is there a way in ubuntu to make the bottom bar get inside the top bar? just like kde ?05:15
cy21ups//// pressed 2 times... sorry05:15
zack___dasei, the only drive listed is my primary(ubuntu) it is listed as unallocated05:16
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:16
Frodointel 945GM graphics error, specifically from WOW, appears as a rendering order problem anywhere else openGL is used.  Any takers?05:16
DasEizack___: oo, reinstalling ubuntu gets closer, k close gparted05:16
DasEi(cli)  sudo e2fsck05:16
zack___dasei, its closed, stop?05:17
raul1so no help eh :\05:17
DasEi(cli)  sudo e2fsck -p05:18
brandonmpace!wow | Frodo05:18
ubottuFrodo: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php05:18
kubuntcan anyone help me05:18
zack___dasei, whats cli?05:19
DasEi(cli)  sudo e2fsck -p     ,zack___,05:19
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:20
Frodobrandonmpace: it's more general than wow, this isn't actually my comp, it's a friend, she wants to play WOW, but has an intel graphics render order error that makes that look real ugly, shows up in openGL screensavers too05:20
owlchild /msg nickserv register05:20
D0M1N8RCant seem to change defaul boot device on load. Using the makedefault option.05:20
zack___dasei, oh ok one sec05:20
brandonmpaceFrodo: intel integrated graphics aren´t going to do well with this05:20
brandonmpaceFrodo: that´s what I have in my laptop05:20
Frodoyeah, I know, she gets around 9-15 FPS05:21
BernieAight guys. I fixed the problem I had with compiling Lumina with the missing library. I needed "libxi-dev". Now I have one new question05:21
Frodobut it's faster than my integrated ATI, which says something05:21
brandonmpaceFrodo: so it´s in wine, right?05:21
sysdocbrandonmpace: new kernel and the problem is solved05:21
zack___dasei, ok i did that. should there be an output? it just gave me a list of usage and a list of emergency help05:21
sysdocRuns just like it does in XP05:21
Frodobrandonmpace, yep, took a week to get it patched, logged in, and working05:22
yuri_Q: I'd like set up a proxy at home so i can access gmail at work. what's the easiest way to do this?05:22
Frodoshe can use it as it is, but it looks fugly and enemies don't always show up on screen05:22
DasEizack___, did it check the hd ?05:22
Berniei'm running a ThinkPad T400 with Intel X4500 card ... when running Lumina it says "No GLSL support". I'm probably running the wrong driver. I had Driver "vesa" in my xorg.conf .... Anybody know how to get the proper intel driver for the X4500 running? including where to get it from, how to install it, etc ...05:22
DasEi sudo e2fsck -p                                                 ,zack___,05:22
brandonmpaceFrodo: try running it with the option -opengl  I think it is..05:23
brandonmpaceFrodo: I wanna see what is does05:23
RickZillaWill Amarok syn with my iPod, or is there a more preferable audio program for that?05:23
brandonmpaceFrodo: on the terminal05:23
zack___dasei, I did "sudo e2fsck -p /dev/sda1" and i got this output http://paste.ubuntu.com/49560/05:23
brandonmpaceRickZilla: yes it will05:23
brandonmpaceRickZilla: and it works well05:24
Frodobrandonmpace: that's what I'm saying, she does, there's an openGL error.  I'll imageshack a place it shows up elsewhere, screensavers.  yeah, I know the terminal, write my own shellscripts and everything05:24
myles7897how do I add read and write permissions to a folder in the terminal?05:24
tj83myles7897, google chown and chmod05:24
brandonmpacemyles7897: chmod a+rw /folder..05:24
DasEi zack___: dasei, I did "sudo e2fsck -p /dev/sda1"        , so do: sudo e2fsck -p05:24
inflexHi there, I want to prevent my kernel being updated on a server installation of Ubuntu, how can I do this for apt ?05:25
zack___dasei, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49561/05:25
BernieCan anybody help me install the Intel driver (for hardware 3D acceleration and OpenGL use) for my X4500? Please :)05:25
danbh_intrepid!pinning > inflex05:25
ubottuinflex, please see my private message05:25
DasEivia-rhine: probe of 0000:00:12.0 failed with error -5                                  on network card, what does that mean ?05:26
Frodobrandonmpace: see previous post05:27
myles7897brandonmpace, that didn't work.05:27
lgiordanoToooo many people here05:27
Frodothose gears are supposed to be interlocking05:27
lgiordanobut damn ubuntu is amazing05:27
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto05:27
Mr_Fixitso i'm trying to "ssh localhost" and my firewall is off atm... i get this msg:     ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused05:27
rebel_kidlgiordano, i know isnt it?05:27
brandonmpaceFrodo: I have an x3100 and I can´t even run that one05:27
DasEi zack___: are you shure you installed ubuntu the standard way with an installer cd ?05:27
Frodobrandonmpace: weird... she's got dual 2.0GHZ intels for her CPU, so that might be it05:28
brandonmpacemyles7897: google chmod how to05:28
brandonmpaceFrodo: I have dual core intel also05:28
zack___dasei, i did on my primary hard drive months ago. right now i am only using this live cd to try to fix the broken ubuntu drive. could it be when i reinstalled windows on my secondary drive it borked ubuntu?05:28
DasEi zack___: sudo  e2fsck -p  /dev/sda05:29
brandonmpacezack___: if you reinstalled windows, did you pull out the linux drive when you did so?05:29
Frodobrandonmpace: but you see the problem, those gears should interlock, they don't05:29
zack___dasei, that has the same output as the 2nd to last pastebin post.05:30
brandonmpaceFrodo: I know happens to me too, it´s slow hardware05:30
zack___brandon, i dont believe i unplugged it05:30
RickZillaOne more question...any Linux apps that will let me upload pic files directly to Google Picasa?05:30
brandonmpacezack___: does grub still come up?05:30
tjayHow do I create a Symbolic Link???05:30
owlchild /msg nickserv register yourpassword youremailaddress05:30
zack___brandon when i boot normally i get a grub error 17. but the live cd im using now does not recognize anything on the drive, its "unallocated"05:30
brandonmpacetjay: ln -s /source /destination05:31
Mr_Fixitanyone with ssh help??05:31
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/05:31
brandonmpacezack___:  I know exactly what´s wrong here. is this a desktop?05:31
DasEisudo  e2fsck -b 8193 /dev/sda05:31
zack___brandon, yes05:31
SuperQMr_Fixit: I have all the ssh05:31
brandonmpace!grub | zack___05:31
ubottuzack___: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:31
|Steve|Speaking of ssh, has anyone else seen http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=891695 ?05:31
brandonmpacezack___: the first link05:32
owlchild /msg nickserv register namaste Oneeyedowlchild@aol.com05:32
Mr_Fixitwell share SuperQ05:32
zack___dasei, its says the device or resource is busy while trying to open /dev/sda. i only have terminal and firefox opened up05:33
zack___brandon, ill look at that05:33
DasEisudo  umount -a05:33
DasEisudo  e2fsck -b 8193 /dev/sda205:33
brandonmpacezack___: nothing is wrong with your partition at all!    error 17. grub can not find the boot files (menu.lst)05:34
BernieCan anybody help me install the Intel driver (for hardware 3D acceleration and OpenGL use) for my X4500? Please :)05:34
zack___dasei, the umount says all the devies are busy.05:35
zack___brandon, the first grub command on that link gave me an error 15 file not found05:35
zack___brandon, see the livecd doesnt even recognize my ubuntu drive as being there. its just unallocated05:36
DasEisudo  e2fsck -b 8193 /dev/sda205:36
SchmittyDoesIthow to i set my dns server in shell05:36
zack___dasei, it says sda2 is busy05:36
usserSchmittyDoesIt, do u get your ip from dhcp?05:37
brandonmpacezack___: I would just reinstall if you installed windows with the drive in, this is guaranteed to work05:37
gufcan someone help me; does the sierra wireless aircard 580 run out of the box on ubuntu05:37
SchmittyDoesItusser: no, i already set my ip and default gw all i need is my dns05:37
brandonmpacezack___: reinstall ubuntu, i mean05:37
DasEi zack___: there is a very small chance (I don't believe in) you can have the supergrub-cd still recoqnizing where your /boot stuu ran to, looking for a link....05:38
chullhttp://www.pastebin.ca/1203018      alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory05:38
brandonmpaceSchmittyDoesIt: did you try google?05:38
chullthis isn't the first time, that's the previous result05:38
zack___brandon, but i cant reinstall it to the former ubuntu drive because the live cd doesnt see a drive to install on05:38
SchmittyDoesItbrandonmpace: yes. all i came up with was editing /etc/hosts file but it doesn't seem right05:39
tjayMy Blu-Ray drive says it can't "mount the disk" . . . Why not???05:39
gufcan someone help me; does the sierra wireless aircard 580 run out of the box on ubuntu05:39
DasEi zack___: http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Super-Grub-Disk-Download-8071.html05:39
zack___brandon, atleast i dont think lemme check05:39
myles7897how can I give the owner read write permission on a file?05:39
SchmittyDoesItbrandonmpace: i have a mahcine with a working internet connection and good dns records but it is not it's /etc/hosts file so dns might be kept somewhere else05:39
myles7897using the terminal05:39
=== CoJaBo__ is now known as CoJaBo
brandonmpaceSchmittyDoesIt: hmm05:39
zack___brandon, nvm the install program does see the drive05:40
zack___dasei, im looking at the sire now05:40
DasEi zack___: for usuall a win-installation only kills the mbr, but never the grub folder or the whole filesystem..... something very strange is going on05:40
DasEi zack___: its like a live cd but with special options to restore grub and no overhaed like a desktop05:41
zack___dasei, ok i downloaded it, should i burn the iso to a cd?05:41
tj83zack___, with the time you have spent here you could have backed up your important files, cleared all partitions, and installed windows then ubuntu. :)05:41
brandonmpacezack___: look in your bios and make sure that the drive even shows up there. If it doesn´t, look around the settings. Are these drives SATA?05:41
tjayMy Blu-Ray drive says it can't "mount the disk" . . . Why not???05:41
DasEi zack___: yes, burn it05:42
SchmittyDoesItbrandonmpace: i found it05:42
brandonmpacetj83: his drive with his data isn´t even showing up....05:42
zcat[1]DasEi, windows is pretty helpful sometimes about telling you "this isn't a windows filesystem should I go ahead and format it?" -- my nephew killed their dual-boot machine because Windows seemed to thing the /boot partiton ought to be an NTFS filesystem05:42
usserSchmittyDoesIt, edit /etc/resolv.conf05:42
SchmittyDoesItbrandonmpace: /etc/resolv.conf05:42
zack___tj83, hah well i would like to be able to get into the drive to back up my stuff. but the live cd doesnt see it having anything on it05:42
SchmittyDoesItthanx usser05:42
zack___dasei, i will let oyu know when its done burning, might take a bit this is an older laptop05:42
tj83zack___, might you have overwritten the partition?05:43
DasEi zack___: mind brandonmpace, too  see bios05:43
boozer_hello I am trying to get wifi on *ubuntu is wifi ready to go and stable under linux?05:43
=== lipsinV1 is now known as lipsin
zcat[1]boozer_, if you have the right chipset wifi works right from the live CD. If you have the wrong chipset wifi is a lost cause..05:43
brandonmpacezack___: super grub disc will boot your ubuntu05:44
jfxdwell I have been able to get windows wifi drivers to work in Ubuntu05:44
brandonmpacezack___: but a reinstall would be better05:44
jfxdthere are several packages you'll have to install though05:44
zack___dasei, brandon,  i checked the bios earlier and its there and i can individually select to boot from it and when i do i get a grub error 17 message. i cant see the drive in the folder browser but there is an option to install ubuntu on that drive.05:44
g0ldb3rg /j #squirrelmail05:44
boozer_also is network cards that are part of the motherboard configurable in ubuntu? non-pci /non-usb05:44
DasEi zcat[1]: ;-)windows is always helpful for gaming, hehe05:44
g0ldb3rg /j #squirrelmail05:44
brandonmpaceboozer_: it depends on the make and model of the wireless card05:44
D0M1N8RIs there any way to make grub default boot device the last one used? So if I remotely restart any of the OS's it will reload without me going home.05:44
zcat[1]I've got a usb wifi adapter I can plug into just about any linux distro and connect right away. It's pretty sweet.05:44
tj83zack___, pastebin output of sudo fdisk -l again.. i only have a few min.. lets see if we can at least determine what is what and mount your data for back up, gimme 10 min in #seaphor05:44
brandonmpaceboozer_: ues05:44
brandonmpaceboozer_: yes05:44
boozer_brandonmpace you got wibee?05:45
grendal_primegrrrrrrrrr anyone in here any good at building packages?05:45
boozer_how come the drivers on the cd ..... cannot even compile05:45
yokobrhi folks05:45
yokobrive got a big problem.05:45
grendal_primei got this werid problem with this meta package im building.05:45
brandonmpaceboozer_: the what?05:45
tj83zack___, /join #seaphor05:46
DasEi zack___: there is an option to install ubuntu on that drive.  <  u mean in the installer cd ?05:46
zwrangleri too have a problem, ubuntu signs me out after 3 minutes of no use05:46
zack___tj83, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49567/05:46
boozer_brandonmpace how come the drivers on the cd ..... cannot even compile.....it gets errors05:46
zwranglerhow can i change that05:46
yokobrevery time i try to install ubuntu, the partition manager try to format it, then it mounts by itself and i get an error message.05:46
boozer_brandonmpace how come the drivers on the cd ..... cannot even compile.....it gets errors..........wibee usb wifi card05:46
zack___dasei, ya when i click the install icon it has the drive listed to install on05:46
zack___dasei, my cd finished05:47
yokobrpleaseee T.T  somebody save me =D05:47
Efremhello world05:48
DasEi zack___: check the bios again for both hd's been detected, then boot from super grub, try restoring mbr05:48
Efremhard returns05:48
zack___dasei alright, one moment05:48
brandonmpaceboozer_: oh05:48
gufcan someone help me; does the sierra wireless aircard 580 run out of the box on ubuntu05:49
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:49
boozer_zcat1 if the chipset on the motherboard is not supported...... it is not possible?05:49
boozer_zcat[1] if the chipset on the motherboard is not supported...... it is not possible?05:50
boozer_anyone here currently using WIFI?05:50
nydoc?pidgin won't start when I click on it. Can someone tell me what is wrong?05:51
zack___dasei, its recognized and i booted into supergrub05:51
grendal_primezack___: what do you know about supergrub?05:52
bunnytohow to share a folder to a windows network?05:52
zack___grendal, nothing at all05:52
brandonmpace!samba | bunnyto05:52
ubottubunnyto: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209805:52
sumo_sugrendal_prime: dasei is guiding him05:53
arvind_khadrihow do i see a table with its contents using sqlite ... something like desc as in oracle??05:53
grendal_primeso DasEi is da man on supergrub...errr unless DasEi is a woman.05:53
DasEi zack___: choose help n language05:53
yokobrhey guys05:54
DasEipress enter until u on the blue background05:54
yokobrive got this problem.05:54
zack___dasei, ok selected english05:54
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:54
brandonmpace!ask | yokobr05:54
ubottuyokobr: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:54
arvind_khadriyokobr, ask05:54
DasEipress enter until u on the blue background, zack___05:55
zack___dasei and im reading all this stuff now05:55
zack___dasei, there now05:55
DasEi zack___: don't mind all that blabla before05:55
gufhow big is the alternate installer?05:56
DasEi zack___: gnu/linux05:56
DasEiguf: go see ubuntu.com, bout 600mb05:56
zack___dasei, alright now?05:56
gufugh, too much for my net.05:56
yokobrwhen i try to install my ubuntu, xubuntu or kubuntu or anything, i choose my partition and, then, when it tryies to build the partition type (ext3), it mounts that fckn volume, and then ive got an error message.05:57
gufjust need to be able to connect + very light wm05:57
DasEi zack___: press enter again, next blue05:57
chubsyokobr, proper term is fsckn05:57
zack___dasei, im at a list of fix boot gnu/linux and boot gnu/linux05:57
DasEi zack___: fix boot of gnu/linux05:57
zack___dasei, clicked!05:57
zack___dasei, SGD has NOT succeeded :(05:57
^paradox^im looking for a good file splitter for ubuntu. have some questions too05:58
yokobrthe proper term is fucking.05:58
DasEi zack___: other question : do you have a win cd handy ? cause if succesful, win wouldn't boot , either05:58
zack___ya i have a xp cd on me05:59
yokobrit mounts my partition when it tryies to create the file system05:59
fl0wI'm looking to install ubuntu. But when I browse http://packages.ubuntu.com to prepare for my installation I only find php5.2.4, but not 5.2.6. Does this mean I have to compile it myself or how does this work? (I've never used ubuntu before)05:59
DasEik, it can repair its (win mbr ) in emergency, too05:59
yokobrand then ive got the error message.05:59
zack___dasei, roger that05:59
^paradox^i need something to split files into smaller parts. question: if i used an app to do it in linux would a windows user be able to reunite the pieces?06:00
SchmittyDoesItif i ifconfig myself a static IP it goes away after i reboot the machine as well as my statically assigned default gw. How can i set these in stone per say06:00
DasEi zack___: so after choosing, grub couldn't find any boot, also ? sgd not succesful ? oo...06:00
yokobrCreating  ext3 file system  partition #1 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) has failed.06:00
CorbinFox^paradox^: maybe just use notepad and copy and paste the contents of the files back together, i did that once before and it wokred06:01
Mr_Fixitany reason why i can't connect to myself ssh?? firewall is open.. ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused06:01
zack___dasei, that is correct06:01
DasEi zack___: where there any important file on the ubu-parti ?06:01
^paradox^im talking about splitting an iso or a video file though06:01
zack___dasei, well the only thing i was the MOST worried about is backed up on another computer. but i can get everything i had before back besides that one thing06:02
^paradox^not a document06:02
spasticteapotDoes anyone know where wget downloads to by default?06:02
chubsyokobr, are you running off of the livecd?06:03
zack___dasei, would there be anyway to get anything off the hard drive at this point?06:03
chubsspasticteapot, the directory that you're in06:03
yokobrchubs, yeap06:03
DasEizack___: I'm getting more and more the idea of an reinstallation, nope no acces , only raw06:04
DasEizack___: reboot machine, try another option from the cd menu(grub)06:04
zack___dasei, ok one second06:04
liza0_i have a system with an athlon 64 x2 procesor and 4GB of RAM. would getting the 64bit version of ubuntu offer more betetr performance than the 32 bit version06:04
^paradox^let me try again. if i used something like gtkfilesplitter to split say a large zip file would a windows user be able to reunite the pieces?06:05
zack___dasei, ok which options this time?06:05
mosheliza0,the 64 bit version will give you an increase in speed and can take advantage of the processor's capabilities06:05
DasEizack___: lang&help>englis> boot-tools>show partis06:05
zack___dasei, haha o wow it says natural 1  hda size 1 TB06:06
FAJhi i am trying to post to the ubuntu forums but it says i have insufficient privs...?06:06
zack___dasei, its 186gb or something really.06:07
DasEimoshe: liza0: its minimal faster, but important if you wanna adress huge amount of ram or really often recompile kernels, speed increasement is minimal06:07
^paradox^need some suggestions plz. need to be able to cut files and distribute the pieces to anyone any OS06:07
sumo_suzack___: you suffered a HD loss but the HD is healthy and the data is still phyisically there... thats what we agree on right?06:08
zack___sumo, ya06:08
sumo_suzack___: i suggest you google and try for 3 days to get back your data, or you accept its gone06:09
DasEizack___: go back to tools menu06:09
=== NADine is now known as wahyu
sumo_suyou never backed up your MBR did you?06:09
DasEizack___: try unhide parti06:09
grendal_prime^paradox^: what kind of files?06:10
wahyudaesi hlooo06:10
^paradox^grendal was hoping to cut any type06:11
zack___dasei, ok im at unhide partition help06:11
zack___sumo, i didnt back up the mbr06:11
^paradox^zip iso pdf06:11
chubsyokobr, no clue06:11
grendal_prime^paradox^: have you thought about using some p2p app like...bearshare, something like that...i mean...gtkgnutella and limewire can utilize those.06:11
DasEizack___: choose unhide >enter06:11
DasEianything shown ? what ?06:11
grendal_primejigdoo mayby..some sort of torrent?06:11
^paradox^well actually id send the pieces by email06:12
zack___dasei, it shows the 2 hard drives the top one is listed again as 1tb06:12
heyman12any good tutorials on installing GD?06:12
DasEizack___: did you encrypt the drive ?06:12
yokobrchubs, i think i have a little bit of a kind of a clue..06:12
zack___dasei, nope06:12
chubsyokobr, clue me in06:12
IntuitiveNipplezack___: I've been watching this exchange, and looked at the pastebin fdisk output... but not seen if you have said how many partitions were on the drive, and what file-systems they were?06:13
sumo_suzack___: windows showed me a 12TB partition when my mbr was sick:))06:13
yokobrchubs, i have a 160 gb hd, but it aways showed 149.. Now it shows 160, but on that instalation option for resizing, it asks to resize the 149 gb left..06:13
chubsyokobr, are you trying to save any partition?06:14
DasEizack___: so there are few more options (I don't believe in), like testdisk or trying to rebuild parti-table (use gparted, for exeample do sth with the small unallocated at the end of sda), but I think its....06:14
yokobrlooks like something erased someting vey important to my hd.06:14
zack___intuitive, the first hard drive was a standard ubunt install and the second is a standard xp pro install. the partitions on the first would have been the normal ones ubuntu makes when it installs06:14
DasEizack___: time to REINSTALL ubuntu06:14
zack___dasei, i think im on your side about this one06:14
chubsyokobr, hard drives are never the size advertised, base8 vs base10 calculations06:14
yokobrchubs, you said if im trying to keep an existing one?06:14
chubsyokobr, i was just asking06:14
chubsif you were06:14
Daft_Punkdoes firestarter have to be running in order for the firewall to be working?06:15
IntuitiveNipplezack___: so, is the issue you're dealing with the loss of the partition-table on sda?06:15
zack___dasei, thanks for you help i really appreciate it06:15
boozer_no Daft_Punk06:15
DasEizack___: if you're done with that, u can use grub to boot windows06:15
chullhttp://www.pastebin.ca/1203018      alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory06:15
sumo_suIntuitiveNipple: i think its sdb06:15
yokobrchubs, it seems to install m$ winblows well..06:15
Daft_Punkboozer_, so if i create a firewall and permissions with firestarter it saves it to the iptables and i dont have to start the program for it to function?06:15
frazrasI heard I could find out here: Why is XMMS not inthe hardy repos06:16
yokobrbut i cant create ext3 file system on it.06:16
MindVirusWhat's a good GUI for an alarm program?06:16
DasEi chull:sounddriver not installed06:16
zack___intuitive, nothing on the drive is recognized by the live cd its considered unallocated. i believe all the data is still ther ebut i dont think i can get anything off of it06:16
chubsyokobr, I don't think the ubuntu installer installs windows very well06:16
IntuitiveNipplesumo_su: the pastebin output shows sda partition table is corrupted; sdb is fine06:16
chubsyokobr, are you on it now?06:16
chubslivecd stylin'?06:16
IntuitiveNipplezack___: OK... do you know how the MBR was lost? did something reformat or is it random corruption?06:16
yokobrchubs, im on xubuntu live cd... but ive tryied a windows xp cd and it installed..06:16
boozer_try "iptables -L " to see the list of rules and policies before and after you run the firewall06:17
yokobrthen i tryed xubuntu again, but no luck.06:17
zack___intuitive, i reformatted my secondary harddrive and reinstalled xp onto it06:17
boozer_Daft_Punk    try "iptables -L " to see the list of rules and policies before and after you run the firewall06:17
chubsyokobr, but you are on it right now? as in you could pastebin the output of mount06:17
IntuitiveNipplezack___: as DasEi said, it is worth running testdisk on it, let it analyse the drive - it will likely find the boot-sectors of each of the file-systems, and help you rebuild the partition table so you can access the file-systems again, even if only from the LiveCD06:18
sumo_suIntuitiveNipple: oh sure my fault and youre right06:18
yokobrchubs, it installed with reiserfs06:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:18
Alpha232reiserfs is a murderer ;)06:18
yokobrchubs, wtf is wrong with ext3?06:18
chubsyokobr, that's a killer filesystem06:18
zack___intuitive, how would i run test disk? i have all night06:18
yokobri know06:18
heyman12is there a way to install GD on ubuntu?06:18
sumo_suhmm... each drive has a different MBR06:18
yokobrchubs, i didnt meant to install it..06:19
IntuitiveNipplezack___: Are you running as LiveCD on that machine right now?06:19
frazrasDoes anyone know why is XMMS not inthe hardy repos?06:19
yokobrbut its the only one that installs06:19
sumo_suzack___: have you tired unplugging that xp drive?06:19
DasEiIntuitiveNipple:like to watch it, if zack___ isnt to shredded now06:19
zack___though i am doubtful of any progress. i have to reboot into the live cd im in super grub. yes i have unplugged the xp drive and tried booting directly form the ubuntu drive06:19
chubsyokobr, like i said before, type in mount at the commandline. give me the output06:19
Tomas5786Q is there a IRC bot that can be installed on ubuntu06:20
yokobrchubs, with no params?06:20
IntuitiveNippleDasEi: no harm analysing it, and rewriting an experimental partition table is only the first sector, which is corrupt anyhow (but can be backed up first)06:20
chubsyokobr, none06:20
therealnanotube^paradox^: look at the "split" command. it will do what you want.06:20
redvamp128I figured this would be the place to ask this question- What PCI not PCI Express Video Card would you recommend for Ubuntu 8.04. Right now I am on Intel Onboard I believe it is 810 series. ?? Any recomendations? Ati or NVidia?06:20
sumo_suzack___: maybe you set the jumpers wrong when you installed the HD06:20
IntuitiveNipplezack___: start it with the LiveCD and then install testdisk: "sudo apt-get install testdisk"06:20
frazrasheyman12: sudo apt-get install php5-gd06:21
zack___sumo, the jumpers are right, i havent changed them from when they previously worked06:21
^Devious^ati or nvidia pci card would suit06:21
heyman12are you kidding me frazras06:21
DasEiIntuitiveNipple:prob is neither fstab nor supergrub sees any fs, e2fsck missed, gparted shows nth...so, wish zack..  force and gods sake ...06:21
heyman12that easy06:21
^Devious^depends on what you are trying to do and other factors of your system06:21
therealnanotubeTomas5786: search in synaptic, you might ind something. :)06:21
yokobrchubs, http://pastebin.com/m6879519706:21
^Devious^you dont want to stick a fx 5500 pci in a pentium 75 with 16 mb ram06:21
frazrasheyman12: thats the only place I ever used GD06:22
redvamp128I had a more powerful system with Ati 9700 and Amd 64 but it was stolen and will take some time to get up money to rebuild it..06:22
IntuitiveNippleDasEi: I've rebuild disks with much worse problems than this. It is possible, but it does require time and some intelligence applying, and often plenty of manual intervention.06:22
chubs^Devious^, find me a motherboard and i'll do it06:22
yokobrjust a min06:22
redvamp128And this is a PIII 900mhz  512mb memory06:22
Jambonok. I somehow nuked x and I don't know where to begin. I was trying to configure my network settings (I couldn't see my wireless connection and there was no option to check on it), and the control panel told me I was not allowed to access it. then the computer froze, so I did a hard reboot, only to find x unable to start even in recovery mode. It said something about the x.config file being read-only. Any ideas? I really just want to g06:22
redvamp128but no-- AGP found for 100$ Whole system.06:23
DasEiIntuitiveNipple:zack___ : your nerves ? another 30 min of digging ?06:23
^Devious^I have a question - for anyone who would care to answer. What is the most featured CLI based web browserr - capable of utilising java, images etc06:23
chubsyokobr, pay attention to line 13. sudo umount /dev/sda106:23
chubsthen try06:23
chubsto partition it again06:23
zack___oh lawds mights as well attempt it06:23
^Devious^lol I know you could really stick it on a p75 - you have a very similar system to me.... The most youd probably do is a geforce 4 pci or fx5500 - something like that06:23
therealnanotubeTomas5786: on my feisty box, command "apt-cache search 'irc.*bot' returns a couple dozen matches.06:23
IntuitiveNippleDasEi: I've spent a week rebuilding a failed RAID array :)06:23
bunnytowhat is a good samba configuration tool?06:23
sysdocWhat is the apt-get to upgrade to intrepid?06:24
zack___intuitive, haha06:24
redvamp128I had to disable - the Visual effects just to get it to run without artifacts.06:24
redvamp128GF 4 FX5500?06:24
yokobrchubs, it only works with reiserfs..06:24
therealnanotube^Devious^: i use 'elinks' on the cli. no java/javascript, but does just about anything else.06:24
^Devious^nah GF4 440 might do the trick06:24
^Devious^elinks sounds good06:24
yokobrtry ext2?06:24
yokobror any other?06:25
redvamp128I found a GF 6600 Pci EVGA06:25
^Devious^And also - is there a way to boot an operating system using a non bootable Sata card (It has no bios or anything) using some kind of linux boot disk - or any method will work ok06:25
zack___intuitive ok im in the live cd, apt-get install testdisk?06:25
redvamp128256mb would that work well in ubuntu with all effects turned on06:25
IntuitiveNipplezack___: can you copy stuff from that PC to the 'net ?06:25
yokobrchubs, yeap?06:25
chubsyokobr, quit the installer. sudo umount /dev/sda1. cfdisk /dev/sda06:25
DasEizack___ : boot into live, go to the catacombes...06:25
zack___dasei, lol06:25
^Devious^GF 6600 PCI???? wow.....wouldnt you lose half the Bwidth of the card?06:26
zack___intuitive, ya i can pastebin outputs and such, testdisk isnt a found package though06:26
bunnytowhat is a good samba configuration tool?06:26
yokobrumount: /dev/sda1.: not found06:26
yokobrumount: cfdisk: not found06:26
yokobrumount: /dev/sda: not mounted06:26
redvamp128256mb though06:26
yokobrsorry for the flood, just 3 lines ;)06:26
dinxyokobr: run as root06:26
^Devious^well I reckon having 256mb ram is enough for a lot of machines....it depends on what you do with it and how you use ram/disk06:27
yokobrdinx, ive ran as root06:27
chubsyokobr, those are separate commands, and you should have sudo in front of them. cfdisk /dev/sda is a separate command06:27
chubsyokobr, if it isn't mounted then cfdisk it06:27
therealnanotube^Devious^: "apt-cache search 'www-browser'" will give you a good list to start with, if you want more options. :)06:27
IntuitiveNipplezack___: I'd like to see that sector 0... can you attach it to a post in the forums, Hardware and Laptops? Do "dd if=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 | gzip >sector0.bin.gz" and attach the gzipped file to a post in the forum06:27
^Devious^I was running win2k on 64mb ram - I reckon youd get effects running ok eventually with a bit of tweaking06:27
yokobrchubs, done.06:27
^Devious^that just taught me something new - I've been meaning to learn how to SEARCH apt from CLI06:27
IntuitiveNipplezack___: I'm wondering if there's a clue in the data in the sector of what has happened, which might give us a clue on how best to repair it06:28
murlidharerr can anybody guide me to the openbox irc channel?06:28
therealnanotube^Devious^: hehe, yw. :)06:28
redvamp128Though Ubuntu works very well with onboard -- with the effects turned off.06:28
zack___intuitive ok give me a minute or two06:28
chubsyokobr, done as in you partitioned the reiserfs partition as ext3?06:28
IntuitiveNipplezack___: ok, give me a poke when you've done it06:28
redvamp128It even does MPEG video better at full screen than WinXP did.06:28
^Devious^nano - can you pm me shortly when you can be bothered? thx in adv06:28
yokobrchubs, now wich file system should i choose?06:28
therealnanotube^Devious^: here's another tip: your irc client probably has automatic tab-completion of usernames. so if you type in "there" and hit tab, it would autocomplete my name. ;)06:29
chubsyokobr, ext306:29
^Devious^It does tooo thanks06:29
^Devious^thats great06:29
^Devious^therealnanotube:  awesome06:29
^Devious^but how does it diff between people?06:29
therealnanotube^Devious^: indeed. :) now the posts where you mention my name get nice and highlighted in red. ;)06:29
yokobrcant find it on ckdisk06:30
therealnanotube^Devious^: if there's no unique match, it gives you a list.06:30
* dinx slaps devious :-)06:30
therealnanotube^Devious^: try it, if you just type "the", hit tab, see what comes up. :)06:30
gord_THE GAME comes up06:30
Jambonanyone, help with X?06:30
Bigmack83i want to compress a file and contents into a .tar.bz2 file. (tar jcvf file.name files_2_compress) but is there a way to target a directory and exclude one of the subdirectories in it from being in the compressed file?06:30
dinxJambon: >06:31
yokobrchubs, its the default one?06:31
Tomas5786Q which IRC bot is the best for Ubuntu06:31
chubsyokobr, just blank it for now, see if the installer can handle it then, alright?06:31
zack___intuitive, ok new thread posted06:31
Gun_Smoketherealnanotube,  uberscript for xchat has a nice function of sorting nicks.. autocomplete with the last nick used.06:31
DracoZAIs there going to be a 8.10 version this year ?06:32
Jambondinx: ??06:32
zack___intuitive, "hard drive seems to have died"06:32
murlidhark figured it out anyways . it's irc.ofrc.net06:32
dinxJambon: you said something about X06:32
DasEivampires ẞ http://pastebin.com/m140c27d906:32
Gun_SmokeDracoZA, are you asking about ubuntu version?06:33
DracoZAyes Gun_Smoke06:33
IntuitiveNipplezack___: Yeah, looking at the file already :)06:33
Jambondinx: yes. it's borked. any restart, no matter in recovery mode or not, cannot start it. in recovery mode it tells me my x.org config file is read-only06:33
therealnanotubeGun_Smoke: nice, i'll check it out... but i'm a really fast typist, so i usually type about first 5 chars of name before hitting tab, which gives me a unique match most of the time. heh.06:33
yokobrchubs, the installer still see it as reiserfs (and ive choosed write, and then yes)06:33
peepsaloti wanted to try out rt kernel but just ended up with a busted video driver06:33
Gun_SmokeDracoZA, 8.10 translates to Oct of 08 so yes.06:33
peepsalotnot sure what i need to get it back06:34
DasEizack___:since the 1 tb info of s-grub i also could imagine a hdd-end06:34
chubsyokobr, restart06:34
zack___dasei, whats that?06:34
yokobrok, just a min, so06:34
^Devious^did anyone answer my non bios sata boot question? I was away for a moment06:34
dinxchubs: whats he trying to do ? convert reiserfs to ext3 ?06:34
DracoZAGun_Smoke wasnt sure with 8.04 being LTS whether that still meant 8.10 will happen, havent seen anything mentioned anywhere it.06:34
IntuitiveNipplezack___: haha... the MBR is now an NTFS boot-sector, the first sector of an NTFS file-system.06:34
Gun_Smoketherealnanotube, yeah same here.. uberscript has a lot of other cool functions.06:34
DasEizack___:end of life of a hardware component06:34
Gun_SmokeDracoZA, look at digg it's all over it.06:35
zack___intuitive, what the hell can that be fixed?06:35
DracoZAGun_Smoke will do, Tx06:35
IntuitiveNipplezack___: looks like somehow the drive was file-system formatted... I could do with seeing more sectors.06:35
Gun_SmokeDracoZA, and you can peak in #ubuntu+106:35
DasEizack___:but on the other hand... you say windows is still running on it ?06:36
therealnanotubeGun_Smoke: so where do i find this uberscript?06:36
zack___dasei, the second hard drive has a working windows install06:36
chubsdinx, yeah06:36
Guitarplayer001.msg nickserv IDENTIFY figurethisout06:36
Gun_Smoketherealnanotube, http://digdilem.org/irc/index.cgi?entry=213077922706:36
DasEizack___:k, gonna be quieter now to let ininipple work06:36
Guitarplayer001everyone /clear06:36
FloodBot2Guitarplayer001: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:36
sysvwhat's the kernel version in the current 8.04 installer?06:37
IntuitiveNippleGuys... zack__ and me are going into #disk-recovery so we can focus on this... anyone else is free to join us06:37
chubsGuitarplayer001, lol06:37
Gun_Smokemight want to change a pw..06:37
Guitarplayer001or maybe i just fooled you all and actually did that on purpose06:38
Gun_Smokehehe, only 1259 people have it now.06:38
therealnanotubeGun_Smoke: tx :)06:38
Guitarplayer001nope..... i'm not /that/ stupid i wouldn't actually do that with my real pw for the 4th time Lol.06:38
BenkaminI am trying to install a tarball package of digikam. I've d/led the packege, but can't find the "configure" file there. any idea?06:38
Jambondinx: any ideas?06:38
Gun_Smoketherealnanotube, it's easy to install.. extract it and move the I think 4 files to .xchat2 in your home folder06:39
Gun_Smokethen restart xchat06:39
sysvwhat's the kernel version in the current 8.04 installer?06:39
Gun_Smoke24 i think06:39
yokobrchubs, didnt worked..06:39
crimsunsysv: 2.6.24 is the base.06:40
DasEi IntuitiveNipple: can't join there06:40
sysvChrist, not .26?06:40
D0M1N8RGN all thanks for the help tonight06:40
therealnanotubeGun_Smoke: too bad there isn't a more comprehensive feature list and stuff... i'm kinda wary of putting it in and getting a whole crapload of options i don't care for. :)06:40
Gun_Smokejust as easy to remove.06:40
yokobrchubs, it still saw it as reiserfs06:41
DasEiunop ?06:42
chubsyokobr, I think you're doing something incorrect here06:42
unopDasEi, gutten morgen06:42
chubsyokobr, will it still install to reiserfs?06:42
Gun_Smokethat poor guy06:42
DasEiunop:thanks again for dazuko, see http://pastebin.com/m140c27d906:43
unopDasEi, where is this from?06:44
Jambonwould it be possible to see my installation and files from an install cd? my x is bored (says the x11 config file is read only and can't do anything about it).06:44
yokobrchubs, im doing it right... the problem is that every time i point to that partition, it mounts it automaticaly, and then it cant format as ext3 file system06:44
^Devious^So does anyone know how I can make a non bootable sata card bootable? Its a VIA type chipset06:44
DasEiunop:scanning one of my """open""" linux machines06:44
unopDasEi, ok, but is that a good thing or a bad thing?06:44
Cheekyhey could anyone tell me wat this message says?http://paste.ubuntu.com/49578/ i installed apache and started it but gives this message anyone ?06:45
chubsyokobr, how are you pointing to the partition? the installer should not mount it06:45
yokobrchubs, i have to find a way to make it stay unmounted while i install.06:45
DasEiunop:eerm, that means that some tricky programmers use wine to have win trojans running via wine06:45
chubsyokobr, that's the default behavior, well during partitioning. it mounts it to install of course06:45
therealnanotube^Devious^: try this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59093106:45
^Devious^therealnanotube: -- thanks06:45
brandonmpaceyokobr: I would just go get the alternate install cd, because that will most likely work for you06:46
Vooxhow come when I play videos in firefox I can't play mp3s at the same time?06:46
^Devious^what does it briefly say? I went over my quota for dloads by 60gb...and Im capped at like 4 - 6 kb/s06:46
gukinaIf i want to share a folder over my network, should i write it to 755?06:46
unopDasEi, that makes sense - Wine provides an implementation of the win32 API - so technically, if the API allows for it, a virus should have no problem running.06:46
therealnanotube^Devious^: says, in bios, change the sata mode to "raid" instead of ide.06:47
unopDasEi, though in most cases, the viruses don't really have the ability to affect the actual linux system - they are contained within the wine environment.06:47
chubsunop, DasEi, the API only is the key there. A trojan won't really do anything06:47
DasEiunop:for me its less bad, as its all logged by an outgoing srve,but in times before cause of that (and its also blocking such stuff) I had very often issues in connections06:47
yokobrchubs, i think it will work now06:47
chubsyokobr, what'd you do? or rather, what were you doing ;)?06:48
brandonmpacechubs is correct06:48
unopchubs, you have to remember that there is a symlink within the wine directory heirarchy that points to / tho - there is a potential for file access into the system.06:48
DasEiunop: also the cmd-line scanner seems to work better/deeper than the win-gui06:48
chubsunop, if you're running a wine program as root.06:48
DasEichubs: or a keylogger got your rootpassword...06:49
yokobrchubs, its "copyng" the files on the installer.. but it mounted it anyway..06:49
unopchubs, not all files are owned by root tho - after all / contains /home which contains your homedir and so on06:49
chubsyokobr, it mounts it to copy the files06:49
yokobrchubs, so it seems to work now..06:50
brandonmpaceunop: there would have to be a specific implementation of any certain malicious program SPECIFICALLY for wine06:50
chubsunop, I don't think you're understanding, it won't get beyond .wine to begin with06:50
^Devious^therealnanotube:  - interesting thing - My bios has support for booting scsi/network but the sata card itself does not support booting from bios...its not onboard card - and06:50
chubsit'd have to be written for WINE, not windows06:50
Jambonwould someone help me with X. It's very broken and I do not know how to fix it. It just tells me my xorg.config file is read-only06:50
^Devious^therealnanotube:  and the card HAS NOT got a bios06:50
chubsoh, ^5 brandonmpace06:50
unopchubs, i don't think you're understanding me - file access is file access, wine or otherwise06:50
yokobrchubs, i had to click on "unmount" on the moment that it prepares to build the file system..06:50
yokobrchubs, one more second, and i would have crashed.06:51
DasEiunop,chubs: also in that recent time there where strange facts about suedors and passwd, until i strictly put up an new owner with restrictive rights06:51
chubsyokobr, well i'm glad you got it working06:51
therealnanotube^Devious^: well, then i'm out of clues for now....06:51
yokobrit worked, but its not the proper thing to do.06:51
^Devious^therealnanotube:  so - I would think that there needs to be some kind of driver mashed on a boot disk with linux on the disk - but I wouldnt know where to start making a customised boot disk, or even a boot loader that supports this kind of odd setup....... I've got a card that DOES support bios boot (Promise - Ilove promise cards always have they are so robust and strong)06:51
yokobrchubs, but thank you for the help =D06:51
yokobrchubs, and sorry my poor bad english.. im brazilian as you can see.06:52
DasEiunop,chubs: anyway, becoming offtopic, thanks for advice and hard to wound linux, huuhm06:52
chubsyokobr, no problem. ot but do you like os mutantes?06:52
^Devious^BRB ALL06:52
yokobrchubs, i was on 2 shows06:52
brandonmpaceunop: it may have file access, but if it was coded for actual windows, it would not know how to run ~wine maliciousprogram06:52
yokobrchubs, just love it.06:52
chubsyokobr, me too :)06:52
Blaenkhey guys is there a way I can use ssh/scp/sftp to download a directory off my server?06:52
Blaenkplease, I'm desperate ;(06:53
|Steve|Blaenk: scp -r.06:53
tonyyarussoBlaenk: scp with the recursive switch.  (details in the man page)06:53
Blaenkthanks guys I appreciate it06:53
chubsunop, well I guess you can worry if you've got your permissions on / as 77706:53
Blaenkcan you please please give me a very quick example, scp -r mydir/ once I'm sshed in right?06:53
yokobrchubs, great! i saw them on the van before the show and talked with'em.. .but Rita Lee was not there... she left the band (or was disbanded) a long time ago..06:53
bunnytowhat is a good samba configuration tool?06:53
Jamboni cannot reconfigure x.org. it tells me the file is read only. can anyone please help?06:54
DasEichubs: or after changing a sys-pw the old one still works, to next to the new one, oo06:54
|Steve|Does anyone else have problems using scp to transfer a file larger than 2MB to a computer running ubuntu? The transfer stalls for me.06:54
tonyyarussoBlaenk: Which way depends on what your network topology is on both ends, as some are easier than others.06:54
^Devious^ok guys I have another one I'm curious about - My dlink router doesnt really support port forwarding....its a dog of a router (there is a way to do it, but its way too much to bother) - is there a way I can setup an FTP server on the network using Ubuntu and be able to access it OUTSIDE the network?06:54
chubsyokobr, that's too bad, but still awesome to see them. anyways good luck with ubuntu06:54
Blaenktonyyarusso: hmm06:54
unopbrandonmpace, that's not the point - if the wine process has already launched dubious code (the virus) - it has access to files, within wine and as a consequence of the symlink, access to files outside of the ~/.wine heirarchy06:54
Blaenktonyyarusso: but I use scp after I ssh in right?06:54
jim_phello there06:54
bunnytoonly pansys uses routers06:55
|Steve|Blaenk: No. Read the man page.06:55
sitsBlaenk: that's lazy :) but... scp -r username@addressofremoteserver:dierctory directoryonyourlocalmachine/06:55
yokobrchubs, thank ya.. And another hint : try to listen to "Los Hermanos". Another great brazilian band.06:55
unopchubs, it's quite easy to try and delete files recursively, starting at /06:55
brandonmpaceunop: ok but it would still have to know what to look for....06:55
tonyyarussoBlaenk: Nope - scp is ssh and cp combined into one command.  You can do it while in an ssh session, but it amounts to sshing back to the original machine.06:55
Blaenkohhhh I see06:55
chubsyokobr, will do.06:55
^Devious^how so bunnyto06:55
BlaenkI get it now thanks sits and tonyyarusso06:55
BlaenkI appreciate it06:55
brandan_Anyone know a program I can use to record videos of my desktop ?06:55
brandan_to post to youtube and things06:55
unopbrandonmpace, why not? ~/.wine/dosdevices/z:/ points to /  .. so a process running under wine, has access to z:\*06:56
brandonmpacebrandan_: recordmydesktop06:56
tonyyarussobrandan_: Istanbul works reasonably well, but the file sizes were still too large for my taste.  It's a lot more complicated, but I'd recommend reading Alan Pope's instructions on screencasts.ubuntu.com for some ideas.06:56
brandonmpaceunop: well the only problem you would probably have is a virus that deletes files06:56
^Devious^But how would a virus in wine affect a filesystem that it cannot read?06:56
brandonmpacethat´s my point06:56
DasEi ^Devious^: depends on your ip, i doubt you have a static from your ip06:57
^Devious^Im not on sides06:57
unopbrandonmpace, right, and that can be quite a bad thing - because I value my data more than the integrity of the OS06:57
^Devious^but Im curious to know now06:57
brandan_Thank you, I will get and try out both.06:57
^Devious^plus arent most viruses written in assembly or C?06:57
bunnytoit is weak06:57
chubs^Devious^, it can't, really06:57
DasEi brandonmpace:easily, like e2fs for winxp06:57
bunnytohow to move the task bars??06:57
bunnytoHELP how to move the task bars??06:57
hateball!patience | bunnyto06:58
ubottubunnyto: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:58
brandonmpaceunop ^Devious^  I think i´ll go unleash a virus in a VM using wine and see what happens, one that deletes files.06:58
bunnytoive paid for ubuntu!!!06:58
hateballbunnyto: If you've paid for support, you should contact Canonical06:58
^Devious^well it wouldnt work in a VM I know that one myself06:58
tonyyarussobunnyto: Through which firm?  (Hint: You should get support through them, whomever that may be.)06:58
tonyyarussohateball: (Note that Canonical isn't the only source of support contracts any more.)06:59
brandonmpace^Devious^: I have fried a windows VM that way....06:59
^Devious^It would be a magically very WELL WRITTEN virus to actually infect the Virtual system first and THEN pass through the VM's network to the host and fry it06:59
hateballtonyyarusso: Alright, didnt know that :)06:59
DasEi***also needs money, lol06:59
^Devious^Although I reckon the best type of virus would be written in assembly.....It would work the quickest06:59
chubswine isn't a VM. the virus will try to access files that it can't or that don't exist06:59
^Devious^like a bullet twisted06:59
DrBanzaiWhat's a good file system to use on a 750gb drive for storing video files of 700mb - 4.7gb?  I was going to use ZFS, but it seems to be a cludge...07:00
hateballAnyhow... you just drag the bars whereever you like them to be, bunnyto07:00
bunnytoI've paid the guy in the store, he sold me a Ubuntu OEM CD for 300$us with Life universal support on #ubuntu , WHERE is my support??07:00
^Devious^looks like youre getting it from an IRC channel :D07:00
chipbuddyi have a laptop and a desktop running ubuntu. i want to remotely log in to my desktop from my laptop. i'm assuming i can use something like ssh, but how do i find out the address up the desktop computer?07:00
* Realcoolguy smiles hoping bunnyto is joking :D07:00
^Devious^not the store07:00
brandonmpace^Devious^: i´m saying that I had no connection between the VM and the host and I fried the xp vm with a virus on purpose, bsod07:00
^Devious^BSOD hey....lovely!07:00
DrBanzaichipbuddy: Open a terminal window and type ifconfig07:01
^Devious^chipbuddy you can try VNC????07:01
brandonmpacechipbuddy: VNC07:01
Gun_Smokebunnyto, you seriously didn't pay 300 did you?07:01
|Steve|brandonmpace: What sort of keyboard do you have? Most people don't have a ´ key so using ´ for ' is an uncommon typo.07:01
zenohi!  i just got a new disk, is it ok to use BSD for the label on it?07:01
brandan_I used Istanbul and pressed the Red button to record then pressed it again and it disappeared, Where does it save videos?07:01
zenoor does that matter07:01
brandonmpace!vnc | chipbuddy07:01
ubottuchipbuddy: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX07:01
unopzeno, depends if you would like to use the disk on a win32 machine ever?07:02
zenounop: nope07:02
unopzeno, then you can choose any disklabel07:02
brandonmpace|Steve|: International07:02
^Devious^Id really like to know how to give my network machines real IP's - ATM im just getting sub network addy's (.0.16, 168.0.5 etc etc07:02
zenounop: thanks.  also how come XFS isnt in the choices for partition type?  Im using it for video music only07:02
zenoin gparted07:02
unopzeno, xfs is purely optional - you'll have to install it from the repos07:03
brandan_Does anyone know where Istanbul puts recorded videos?07:03
brandonmpace|Steve|: ´ is what I get when I press the apostrophe key07:04
|Steve|brandonmpace: Strange.07:04
zenounop: ok thanks doing that.  also gparted giving Unable to open /dev/sdc - unrecognised disk label., maybe ill just go with msdos07:04
jim_pbrandan_: have you looked inside your /home dir07:04
unopzeno, strange07:04
Bogus8where can I get kernel-patch-2.6-reiser4 package?07:05
zenounop: should i select round to cylinders?07:05
|Steve|brandonmpace: I think I'd remap that. It'd drive me nuts to not have an apostrophe/straight single quote.07:05
DrBanzaiWhich file system should I use on my new 750gb drive?  I'll be using it to store video files of 650mb up to 4.7gb.  I was thinking of using ZFS, but it appears to be a bit of a cludge...07:05
unopzeno, if you like, i don't see it give you any advantage.07:05
detrixHello all. I am setting Ubuntu up for programming in C/C++. I am getting this linking error:  undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'   I am not sure what lib to link with???07:05
zenoDrBanzai: ive heard XFS is good for that.  im using it for my new drive07:05
brandonmpace|Steve|: lol well it looks so similar that I don´t mind07:06
zenounop: dont know what it even does :)07:06
|Steve|detrix: You're trying to compile c++ with gcc. Use g++.07:06
unopDrBanzai, choose a filesystem that is supported widely - in the case, that is ext307:06
Bogus8IS there a kernel-patch-2.6-reiser4 package?07:06
detrixI thought gcc would run g++ for me...ok oh well07:06
DrBanzaiunop: This won't be a "traveling" drive...07:06
zenounop: thanks for all the help.  should i run fsck on it?07:06
|Steve|brandonmpace: Doesn't it affect your ability to do things at the command line?07:06
unop!find kernel-patch-2.6-reiser4 | Bogus807:06
ubottubogus8: '|' is not a valid distribution07:06
DrBanzaizeno: I thought I read somewhere NOT to use a journaling fs...07:07
unopzeno, errm, you have to create a filesystem first tho07:07
Bogus8unop: but the package maintainer for reiser4progs "suggest" that package07:07
brandonmpace|Steve|: well on this machine I just do basic stuff like internet, etc. So not on this computer. It would on my other one though lol07:07
unopDrBanzai, if you don't use a journal - you have little chance of recovery if and when things go wrong07:08
zenounop: yeah its formatting it07:08
DrBanzaiunop: Yeah...and now I can't remember why it said not too...07:08
^Devious^what is the QUICKEST file system?07:08
Bogus8^Devious^: depends on what sort of files you have07:08
unop^Devious^, fat1207:09
Bogus8reiser4 seems to be a good choice for me but I can't seem to find a way to mount it :(07:09
|Steve|brandonmpace: Ah.07:09
unopBogus8, <ubottu> Package/file kernel-patch-2.6-reiser4 does not exist in hardy07:09
chubsBogus8, it'll lead you to the answer eventually07:09
zenounop: what should i put for dump and pass in fstab?07:10
unopBogus8, you could search packages.ubuntu.com07:10
detrix|Steve| : thanx that was it.07:10
Bogus8unop, chubs well, the reiser4progs suggest that package... does someone need to fix that?07:10
unopzeno, 0 207:10
|Steve|detrix: np07:10
chubsI was just making another reiser joke07:10
Bogus8chubs: I'm still trying to sort out what you meant actually07:10
unopBogus8, maybe, you could file a bug.07:10
unop!bug | Bogus807:10
ubottuBogus8: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:10
Bogus8guess I'll do that07:11
Bogus8sure would like to be able to just patch the ubuntu kernel vs having to use a generic one :(07:11
DrBanzaiOk, thanks guys/gals///I'm going  to use XFS07:12
Cheekyiam getting an error everytime i restart apache server in ubunter server .. could anyt one help me .. this is my error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/49583/07:15
^Devious^Id really like to play with 2 Os's07:15
^Devious^Amiga os and Mac os07:15
^Devious^I wonder how easy this would be under ubuntu07:15
bastid_raZor^Devious^; Mac in a VM is not practical07:17
judgen^Devious^ Very. All you need is a MacOS CD + basilisk/pearpc app. For amiga you need UAE a Amiga rom file and the amigaOS cd. then youre set to go.07:17
^Devious^ahh but I have amiga 3.9 - I've heard problems with doing that in UAE - speed etc etc ....Ialthough it would be good hey07:17
^Devious^I heard that its one of the best systems for graphics and pure speed07:17
judgen^Devious^ works fine over here though.07:18
CircsA program is asking me to "make" the binary, I am totally lost... I have no idea even where to start.07:18
^Devious^judgen can you pm me shortly?07:18
Blaenkdoes anyone here know about apache? if I have a folder in my home directory that I want to show up in my site, but my htdocs directory is elsewhere, how can I accomplish this?07:18
brandonmpace^Devious^: mac in a vm isn´t anything special....   what a surprise....   no seriously is runs slow in a vm07:18
judgen^Devious^ well you are going to emulate the experience, not even close to the same feeling. Also the UAE isnt perfect so expect crashes when multitasking.07:18
^Devious^brandom - feel like pm shortly?07:19
^Devious^interested in both for later project07:19
zenounop: works great thanks!  would be sort of neat for mv and cp to have a % bar on a separate note07:19
^Devious^I have about 50gb hard disk space to mess with07:19
^Devious^+200 spare if need be but on non boot sata card07:19
^Devious^ive heard with Mac os - that its actually faster on some normal X86 machines!!!07:20
^Devious^than an actual mac - they couldnt explain it07:20
unopzeno, you can use something like cpipe to give you a progress bar07:20
unopzeno, though, i don't think it'd work with cp or mv07:20
zenounop: hmmm what reason would the new drive be slow as hell?07:21
unopzeno, what kind of drive is it?07:22
zenoworks fine but ive been copying files for 3 mins and only 43MB used.  could be because xfs to ext3?07:22
Blaenkcan someone help me give user 'bob' access rights to a particular folder called 'test' ?07:22
friedtofuany suggestions for an RSS feed app?07:22
zenounop: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682214827407:23
brandonmpaceBlaenk: take a look at  chmod --help07:23
zenomore like 3MB/sec07:23
judgenAnyone know of an nice minimal WM that iconofies windows when minimized?07:23
jim_pfriedtofu: conky!!! or lifearea of course07:23
jim_pjudgen: fluxbox or openbox + some panel like pypanel, bmpanel. fbpanel07:24
unopzeno, 3MB/Sec - is that what you are getting at the moment?07:24
jim_pjudgen: or tint07:24
zenounop: yup.  could be caues XFS and transferring from ext3?07:24
mikeyfbihas anyone here had an issue with hardy being much slower than gusty?07:25
mikeyfbimy gusty install was so slick, fast, clean, wonderful07:25
cibertitohello everyone07:25
brandonmpaceBlaenk: you could do      chmod a+rwx /path/to/test07:25
mikeyfbibut i did a fresh install to hardy...and everything seems sluggish and choppy07:25
redvamp128How would this video card run under Ubuntu?  http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3301409&csid=ITD&body=QA#tabs07:25
brandonmpaceBlaenk: with sudo07:25
mikeyfbieverything from switching desktops in compiz to opening and running programs with alt+207:25
Blaenkbrandonmpace: okay thanks, but I just want to give this particular user access rights, and the folder is already at 777 even07:25
jim_pmikeyfbi: try disabling stuff you dont need through sysvconfig07:25
redvamp128EVGA GeForce 6200 Video Card - 256MB DDR2, PCI, DVI, VGA, TV Out, Video Card07:25
jim_predvamp128: surely it will run, why?07:26
unopzeno, hmm, not sure - you could use hdparm on the device and find out what the actual access speed  is07:26
mikeyfbijim_p problem is i'm not sure what i do/do not need ;)  how exactly would i do that as well..just sudo sysvconfig in terminal?07:26
brandonmpaceBlaenk: type      sudo nautilus            navigate to the folder, right click> properties> permissions07:26
redvamp128I just want to make sure before I spend 50$07:26
Blaenkbrandonmpace: will try that as a last resort as I'm in the terminal right now07:26
redvamp128Right now am running -- Intel  with all effects turned off.07:27
Blaenkdo you know the command lin equivalent?07:27
brandonmpaceredvamp128: that would run great07:27
redvamp128And am saving up again - to rebuy the same mobo that got stolen.07:27
databridge_can i get rich with ubuntu?07:27
brandonmpaceredvamp128: lol right now i´m running intel GMA X3100 in my laptop with all effects on except for aquarium07:28
redvamp128I used to have Amd64 and ATI 960007:28
unopdatabridge_, ubuntu is a platform for possibilities - never say never.07:28
|Steve|Blaenk: If the permissions are 0777, then all users have read, write, and execute privs.07:28
OmgItsAsharkcan anybody help me with pidgen???07:28
jim_pdatabridge_: i think not. richer in knowledge, surely07:28
redvamp128I had artifacts (mouse drags) with minimal effects07:28
unopbrandonmpace, Blaenk - never use sudo with graphical applications - use gksudo instead07:28
unopBlaenk, gksudo nautilus07:28
Blaenkunop: haven't, and will07:28
Blaenk|Steve|: well I'm still getting this problem :/07:29
OmgItsAsharkanybody know if pidgen has a irc channel07:29
chubsunop, not like it matters07:29
OmgItsAsharki need to know how to get cams to work on it07:29
zenounop: Timing buffered disk reads:  216 MB in  3.01 seconds =  71.64 MB/sec07:29
unopchubs, it matter a great deal07:29
Odd-rationaleBlaenk: might also want to try with -R to make it recursive: sudo chmod -R 777 /path/to/fle07:29
zenoodd.... how do i time writes?07:29
brandonmpaceunop: ok thanks,  I just knew that sudo does work with graphical apps too though07:29
chubsunop, explain please07:29
|Steve|What does gksudo do different from sudo?07:29
jim_pOmgItsAshark: there is a channel names #pidgin07:29
bastid_raZorOmgItsAshark; #pidgin07:29
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:29
redvamp128The reason why I ask is that I can get a ATI PCI 9550 for 30$07:30
unopzeno, hmm, that's quite slow for SATA - but still doesn't explain 3Mb/S07:30
redvamp128But people say ati driver is not really that great07:30
databridge_what does ubuntu different from windows?07:30
OmgItsAsharkalot of stuff07:30
unopzeno, things like RAM capacity and CPU speed have an effect on overall throughput - especially with big files07:30
chubsunop, so it doesn't matter a great deal, as we said07:30
zenounop: i have a fast processor and 4GB ram07:31
jim_p|Steve|: gksudo will prompt you with a window with a box to enter your pass and it is used for gui apps only07:31
Starn_does anyone know how to acesses linux partition on a external hd from windows?07:31
Odd-rationaleredvamp128: i have an ati card. and i can use the open source ati drivers with full visual effects... :D07:31
unopchubs, you obviously haven't read the link, have you?07:31
redvamp128I like the flexibility- I have Xubuntu/Xubuntu/LXDE/KUBUNTU desktop07:31
zenounop: and it still writes small files slow too07:31
chubsunop, I just did07:31
databridge_my gnome desktop went really slow and i don`t know why07:31
frazrasDoes anyone know why is XMMS not inthe hardy repos?07:31
redvamp128not to mention also have-- Fluxbox installed though -07:31
Odd-rationale!ext3 | Starn_07:31
ubottuStarn_: ext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org07:31
unopchubs, read it again, and thoroughly - we'll discuss anything you don't infer from it07:31
jim_pfrazras: xmms is old, use audacious07:31
Odd-rationale!xmms | frazras07:31
ubottufrazras: xmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.07:31
OmgItsAsharkdoes anybody know how to get my windows mobile 6.1 phone to connect to xubuntu so i can teather it to the internet07:31
databridge_when i listen to music or watch movie everything is playing fine but if i change some option or open another one its very slow07:32
redvamp128Would the ATI 9550 run all effects?07:32
chubsunop, there's nothing to discuss and nothing to infer07:32
slamFISTso.. can you run photoshop cs3 on wine?07:32
redvamp128Though funny thing--- Mpeg videos render better with Ubuntu than WMP11. in fullscreen07:33
Odd-rationaleredvamp128: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver07:33
=== ce-cantik is now known as ce-cantik_
brandonmpaceslamFIST: yes but there are problems. CS2 runs fine though07:33
redvamp128I am not opposed to running closed source drivers.07:34
shubbarwhy is this command "$xml = trim( file_get_contents($path) )" not working on my local LAMP server ?07:34
brandonmpaceredvamp128: I have never had ANY problems with the OFFICIAL ati driver, I have only owned regular radeons though, not radeon HD. so if it is a regular radeon, you should not have problems07:34
OmgItsAsharkanybody know of a program that will take place of microsoft synce for my windows 6.1 phone07:35
redvamp128My only limit is that this is a Hp Pavillion XT846 with no- AGP-07:35
redvamp128but was an easy find for 100$ to replace stolen one...07:35
unopchubs, there clearly is - sudo does not run a command as root, it merely changes your EUID to 0 - allowing the process you invoke to the superuser - but sudo does not clear your environment, so it preserves things like your $HOME, $USER, $SHELL, etc variables07:35
bunnytohow to move the bottom taskbar to somewhere else??07:35
chubsunop, I'm aware.07:35
redvamp128Only did one upgrade--- Replaced Celeron 800 with P III 90007:35
unopchubs,  - so graphical applications that use these variables to create files, create files that the user does not have access to - leading to unexpected and erroneous results once the app is run as normal user again. gksudo gets around this by resetting the varialbes that matter07:36
redvamp128and upped memory to 512mb07:36
redvamp128KDE4 runs but runs slow -- and was thinking about the upgrade to render it smoother.07:36
unopchubs, a lot of people experience this problem here as a result of inaccurately using sudo with firefox - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20148807:36
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:36
zenoredvamp128: maybe try e17?07:37
bunnytoHELP how to move the bottom taskbar to somewhere else??07:37
zenoeyecandy and good on old hardware07:37
zenobunnyto: click and drag07:37
brandonmpacebunnyto: simply click and drag07:37
redvamp128I thought the only time you need to run FF with sudo- is when you want to check for updates to firefox.07:37
bunnytoit was locked07:37
unopchubs, now, you should see why it matters and why gksu was written in the first place - and therefore, used appropriately.07:38
chubsunop, there is no reason to be running firefox with sudo anyways07:38
Odd-rationaleredvamp128: no. ff does not need sudo to update it's addons...07:38
unopchubs, try telling that to the flock of users who do so anyway.07:38
redvamp128No I mean to use the Check for FF updates07:38
chubsunop, my point was that the consequences are not as dire as you make them out to be07:38
Cheekycany one .. please hlep me with apache2 server errors when i restartthe server ?07:38
unopchubs, which happens to be what we do all the time in here07:38
redvamp128addons update just fine without sudo07:38
sh4lindevCheeky: what kind of errors? :)07:39
chubsunop, yes but in certain cases it's a little bit silly07:39
unopchubs, the consequences are not dire - but they can be avoided clearly07:39
unopchubs, and that's what we aim to do in here - collision-avoidance07:39
zenochubs: if it doesnt work -- run it with sudo!  Its like kicking the TV!07:39
redvamp128Without sudo the "help" check for updates is greyed out.07:39
chubsunop, understood. I just think the scare tactics can be a bit much07:39
unopchubs, it's channel policy07:40
Cheekysh4lindev:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/49583/07:40
redvamp128so gksu would enable you to run as su?07:40
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
brandonmpacelol you must use gksudo or your pc will spit fire!! lo07:40
unopredvamp128, depends on how it is invoked07:40
zenoredvamp128: i think gksu is sudo with a gtk popup for your password07:40
unopzeno, it can be a front-end for su if used accordingly07:41
Lanlost*cough*.. so I updated my system and apon reboot I couldn't log in. This wouldn't be such a huge issue (I have /home and /usr on separate partitions) if07:41
redvamp128I would envoke sudo firefox from xterm anyhow07:41
Lanlost.. well .. I guess it screwed up my partition table or something07:41
redvamp128no need for a popup07:41
unopredvamp128, that's silly07:41
LanlostI am running from a live cd (LinuxMint.. a derivative of Hardy)07:41
Cheekysh4lindev:  do you know these errors?07:42
Lanlostand I can't mount my ntfs drive. It says I need to run checkdisk on the drive with /f and login to windows twice. I can't do this however.. my windows installation has been broken for quite some time because I can't find the cd07:42
sh4lindevsh4lindev: well, this is quite common - you needn't care about these, it says your server is not able to get his default domain name (i.e. a reverse A DSN record does was not found for translating IP => server name)07:42
redvamp128Though will only need to update firefox when they officially release a new update-- and I have seen that others have not had issues with it (usually a month or 2 after the release)07:42
chubsunop, I believe you, but do you have a link to this policy or is it among the ops/council only? I've read the guidelines before and reread them when you said that, I'm curious07:42
Cheekysh4lindev: i installed apacher 2  php mysql and also .. phpmyadmin07:42
|Steve|So just use su -c?07:43
Lanlosthowever, I have 80 gigs or so of really important material.. I know what you would say, should have backed it up.. but most of it was. I'm just not sure what is backed up and what isn't07:43
LanlostIs there anyway to run a fsck type thing on an ntfs drive?07:43
sh4lindevCheeky: well, as i've said, you needn't care about these errors07:43
darkbishophai all... how do i start my wine.i install wine... but i try to install setup.exe.... but i dont know how... ahand plzz07:43
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.07:43
LanlostAll the data has to be there... I'm just not sure what happened that has made it unreadable07:43
Odd-rationaledarkbishop: usually you do "wine setup.exe"07:43
brandonmpace|Steve|: I remember su -c on fedora 6 lol07:44
redvamp128What setup are you trying to run?07:44
Odd-rationaledarkbishop: but, yeah... see that wiki page ...07:44
redvamp128You can download wine from synaptic07:44
unopchubs, I don't think it's documented somewhere - but it doesn't have to be, it's just widely accepted for the interests of a majority of users being supported here.07:44
sh4lindevCheeky: they can be removed by changing the configuration files of apache under /etc/apache2/sites-available/default07:44
Cheekysh4lindev: ok .. then how do i know iam running php and my apacjhe om the sever box ?07:44
bunnytowine sucks, use virtualbox07:44
sh4lindevsh4lindev: do you have a browser?07:44
brandonmpacedarkbishop: you should be able to double click on it....07:44
Lanlostwine can work great... depending on what program you are trying to run07:44
unopchubs, but then again, it might be documented - some of the veterans would probably be the people to ask.07:44
sh4lindevsh4lindev: do you know the IP of your box?07:44
LanlostI would always use wine if it worked for the particular program(s) I was trying to run07:44
redvamp128websearch for winetricks07:44
Odd-rationalebunnyto: if don't have a copy of window... then vbox may not be an option... :P07:45
Gneawine works just fine for certain applications07:45
xessHow do I install .net on wine?07:45
LanlostI wouldn't want to run an entire install of Windows just to run a single program or two07:45
redvamp128use winetricks07:45
Odd-rationalexess: tried mono instead?07:45
bunnytoOdd-rationale: win95 is free07:45
Lanlostthere is also Winedoors07:45
LanlostBunnyto.. ?.. what?07:45
Gneaxess: run the install.exe07:45
sh4lindevsh4lindev: if so, try to point your browser to that address, you should see some default screen07:45
xessOdd-rationale, mono?07:46
chubsunop, That's all I was wondering. It seems like sometimes a bit more explanation should be used when using words such as 'never'07:46
LanlostWin95 is not free07:46
Odd-rationalexess: http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page07:46
=== erivera is now known as e1mer
redvamp128That is how you install .net on wine07:46
Odd-rationalexess: also, http://www.monodevelop.com/Main_Page07:46
Cheekysh4lindev: iam in the conf file .. and where is it under ..  is it : Include /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/07:46
zenounop: formatted to ext3 and getting 10MB/sec :) still no 3GB/sec but acceptable07:47
LanlostWine-doors can also install .net07:47
redvamp128which framework.07:47
dr3mrohow to recieve files via blutooth07:48
unopchubs, i'd bet none of us would like to go into a half-an-hour lecture everytime someone does something that is potentially hazardous - which is why it is documented on a webpage (that you should have read properly - and we wouldn't be having such a long conversation) and a factoid here that directs you to the webpage.07:48
redvamp128http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=3754 but you have to upgrade your wine to 1.1.307:48
redvamp128synaptic version is 1.0.007:48
=== alksjdaf is now known as arooni
kc8pxyheya guys. i'm trying to install libpgsql-ruby1.8 version 0.7.9,  so an app i have will work right.    I'm on hardy, and my attempts at pinning have not worked.  how should i proceed?07:49
sh4lindevsh4lindev: well, better don't care about these, cause changing the configuration might bring other issues. Unless these errors during the server start bring any troubless, keep the configuration files, or read http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/core.html#servername07:49
darkbishopok thx guys... i got it working07:49
sh4lindevCheeky: sorry, see the post above, I put my nick instead of yours :)07:49
chubsunop, the document you provided as explanation contradicted what you said, and I read it 'properly'. I don't wish to pursue this any further.07:50
xesswine takes up so much of my cpu'ss power.07:51
Gneaunop, chubs: enough.07:51
Odd-rationalexess: yeah, it does... :(07:51
Cheekysh4lindev: iamsorry thats kinda advance for me..iam kinda starting out .. iam actyally in mty apache2.conf ..file.i dont see wat your talking about and.. how would i test my php and and my apache .. even though iam getting these errors?07:52
unopchubs, fine. this is serious - i wouldn't want to clean up someone's nagging problems because of this sudo thing - no one does, not even you i'd bet - can we just agree that other users should be taught how to do things the right way for their interests?07:52
xessWill this mono thing let me run .net apps in wine?07:53
judgenxess no07:53
Odd-rationalexess: mono does not use wine...07:53
chubsunop, Yes.07:53
xessWill it help me run .net at all?07:53
redvamp128xess what version of .net framework do you need?07:53
sh4lindevCheeky: your server is running (don't care about the errors). Just put http://[your server's address] into the browser and you should see the default page07:53
xess.net 2.007:54
unopchubs, great. let's leave it at that then.07:54
redvamp128See there it explains how to get .net framework to install with wine>07:54
chubsunop, agreed.07:54
Cheekyi did .. and all i see it "it works"07:54
Odd-rationalexess: read this: http://www.mono-project.com/FAQ:_General07:55
Cheekysh4lindev: it says it works..but how about phpmyadmin and php ? coz i installed both ?07:55
redvamp128goodnight all07:55
sh4lindevsh4lindev: well, that's quite advanced stuff and you'll have to know something about how the apache configuration files work07:55
redvamp128that link again for xess --- http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=375407:56
redvamp128goodnight all07:56
xessredvamp128, So this thing is telling me that I just want to install .net?07:56
Darkoverdeboa noite07:56
Belboz99hey all, why does linux-headers-2.6.24-21-generic not include a kernel.h file?07:58
Belboz99I need to compile Nvidia from the official drivers, due to requiring CUDA support, and it won't compile due to this problem with the headers07:58
zxcvbnmanyone know why the main menu during install would only show like 10 items, usually it shows 20, its missing all the important options like the disk and partition options?08:00
Belboz99dang this place is quiet or having 1200+ people on08:00
judgencant talk... compiling =P08:00
arvind_khadriBelboz99, is it a vanilla kernel?08:01
Belboz99arvind_khadri: generic kernel08:01
arvind_khadriBelboz99, i got that ... are you compiling it08:02
Belboz99oh, sorry arvind_khadri, no I'm trying to install the Nvidia kernel module from the latest driver for CUDA support08:02
Timberwolf5578Which do you all think is the fastest distro that is easy to install?  (not arch or gentoo)08:03
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clydehey ?08:03
=== rob is now known as robrohan
L_infHow do I solve the Java plugin problem for firefox on ubuntu 64amd ???08:03
arvind_khadriBelboz99, doesnt envy give that to you08:03
brandonmpaceTimberwolf5578: well ubuntu is easy, xubuntu is fast, and puppy is basic but fast08:04
arvind_khadriL_inf, what problem?08:04
Belboz99arvind_khadri: CUDA 2.0?  I don't think so, although I suppose I could be wrong08:04
arvind_khadriBelboz99, btw what is CUDA?08:04
brandonmpaceL_inf: go to add/remove and search java08:04
brandonmpaceL_inf: select the latest java plugin and java will automatically be selected as a dependency08:05
arvind_khadri!find kernel.h08:05
ubottuFound: linux-libc-dev08:05
arvind_khadriBelboz99, you will have to install linux-libc-dev08:05
arvind_khadriL_inf, sun-java6-bin08:06
L_infbrandonmpace:  should it be sun java 6.0 Browser Plugin?08:06
Pix_Can somebody tell me how to boot my USB HDD on wich is my ubuntu but my bios can't boot USB?08:06
Belboz99arvind_khadri: CUDA is language that allows for more "C-like" programming on a GPU08:06
Pix_any ideas?08:06
arvind_khadriBelboz99, oh ok... i gave you the answer08:07
brandonmpacePix_: super grub disk08:07
hexingudoes anyone know if ubuntu releases updates (via update-manager) on a regular basis (certain day of the week/month, etc)?08:07
Pix_brandonmpace: but do i have to boot everytime when i want to boot my USB?08:07
Pix_to boot with super grub08:07
brandonmpacePix_: I think so08:07
Pix_brandonmpace: :(08:08
arvind_khadrihexingu, they are released as soon as one builds it or rather on fixes a bug,so it can be in a sec or in a year too08:08
jim_phexingu: since patched are made when a flaw is found, updates are made whenever a patch is made. i think they dont have a schedule08:08
rayhey guys, anyone who knows how to check a package  where is placed in? (e.g. main, universe ...)08:09
hexinguK - thanks.  Couldn't find any info on it on the website or wiki.  figured they would have a day of the week non-critical patches would be released, but I guess it doesn't matter.08:09
brandonmpaceray: what package?08:10
arvind_khadriray, apt-cache policy packagename08:10
Pix_how to set up a VPN Connection on ubuntu?08:10
Pix_ActionParsnip1: hi08:10
arvind_khadri!vpn | Pix_08:10
ubottuPix_: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD08:10
arvind_khadriPix_, sorry for that08:11
Pix_nice, thanks08:11
Pix_why :?08:11
arvind_khadriPix_, did you want that... i thought VPN more as a network :)08:11
Pix_nope :)08:11
hexingualong the package/location question - is there any way to have apt tell you what package owns a particular file on the system (similar to querying with rpm on a RH distro)?08:11
arvind_khadriPix_,  ussh :)08:11
Pix_arvind_khadri i need just to connecto to the local server :>08:11
Pix_to have internet :}08:12
raybrandonmpace, such as i wanna check libnss3-1d belongs to which repo (main, universe, ..)08:12
brandonmpace!info libnss308:12
ubottuPackage libnss3 does not exist in hardy08:12
brandonmpace!info libnss3-ld08:12
ubottuPackage libnss3-ld does not exist in hardy08:12
dr3mrohow to recieve files via blutooth08:13
ubuntu_toddhow to learn bash scripts?08:13
arvind_khadri!bluetooth | dr3mro08:13
ubottudr3mro: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup08:13
ray!info libnss3-ld08:13
ubottuPackage libnss3-ld does not exist in hardy08:13
arvind_khadri!find libnss08:13
ubottuFound: libnss-db, libnss-ldap, libnss-mdns, libnss-extrausers, libnss-ldapd (and 10 others)08:13
hateballtry typing a 1 instead l perhaps08:14
bastid_raZorubuntu_todd; http://www.network-theory.co.uk/docs/bashref/08:14
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=== _PiX_ is now known as _Pix_
hateball!info libnss3-1d08:14
ubottulibnss3-1d (source: nss): Network Security Service libraries. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 992 kB, installed size 2596 kB08:14
brandonmpacethere we go08:14
=== _Pix_ is now known as Pix_
ubuntu_toddbastid_raZor, thanks.08:14
w1HAI ANGEL08:15
arvind_khadriw1, stop that08:15
rayhateball, brandonmpace   great,  but how to use command to sort it out?08:15
brandonmpace!caps | w108:15
ubottuw1: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.08:15
brandonmpaceray: you mean install it?08:15
hateballray: I use apt-cache show <package> |grep pool08:15
raybrandonmpace, both installed and uninstalled08:16
rayhateball, thanks but this is the only way?08:16
hateballray: No idea, I said it's what I do ;)08:16
rayhateball, thanks08:16
brandonmpaceray: you mean see the info?08:16
raybrandonmpace, right, i want to see the info like this:   libnss3-1d (source: nss): " In component main, "08:17
hateballray: The command I gave will tell you that tho, sorta08:18
dr3mroarvind_khadri, the problem is that i can send files but cant recieve08:18
rayhateball, ok , thanks a lot08:18
rayarvind_khadri, thank you so much08:19
dr3mro<ubottu>,i cant recive but can send08:19
hateballray: you will see if it's pool/main/blahblah or pool/universe/blahblah and so on08:19
bastid_raZorray; sudo apt-cache policy packagename will tell you also.08:19
arvind_khadriray, welcome08:19
rayoh, great, just have seen this, thanks hateball  bastid_raZor brandonmpace08:20
dr3mrohelp i can send files via bluetooth but cant recieve08:20
jassim75hi guys.. what r u discussin here?08:21
bastid_raZorjassim75; how 'u' and 'r' are not actual words in the english language.08:21
ubottuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..08:21
dr3mrohelp i can send files via bluetooth but cant recieve08:21
brandonmpacedr3mro: have you gone to add/remove, typed in bluetooth in the search, and installed bluetooth file sharing??08:22
dr3mrobrandonmpace, yes08:22
jassim75Bastid_razor-- hello?08:23
brandonmpacedr3mro: now sending to and from what?08:23
dr3mrobrandonmpace, nokia 6600 i can send to phone but when i try to send from phone i get unable to connect08:24
=== c0de|away is now known as c0de
brandonmpacedr3mro: and you did the pairing?08:25
dr3mrobrandonmpace, yes08:25
brandonmpacedr3mro: when you click on the bluetooth file sharing icon, is there any type of preferences?08:26
Kartagisdoes ubuntu have a post-it stuff with alarm?08:26
dr3mrobrandonmpace, yes08:26
brandonmpacedr3mro: try looking around there08:26
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dr3mrobrandonmpace, i did but nothing helped08:27
dr3mrobrandonmpace, mode of operaation=visible and connectable for other devices08:27
brandonmpacedr3mro: I don´t know what´s wrong then.. :(08:27
Cheekycan anyone tell me how i can check if my php is working on my server ?08:27
dr3mrobrandonmpace, adaptor name dr3mro-laptop-008:27
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dr3mrobonded devices :amr-phone08:28
unopCheeky, create a 'hello world' php file and test it out08:28
brandonmpacedr3mro: on your phone, does the computer device have full access?08:28
dr3mrobrandonmpace, what do you mean ?08:29
dr3mrobrandonmpace, i enables pairing with authorization08:29
Cheekyunop:ok .. i dunno code to make php files..iam startinfg off actually just installed LAMP ...08:29
brandonmpacedid you change the settings  on the phone to be authorized on the phone automatically? and allow it to say yes to all requests?08:30
unopCheeky, http://php.codenewbie.com/articles/php/1485/Hello_World-Page_1.html08:30
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:32
dr3mrobrandonmpace, in windows i choose to recive a file then send it from phone . how to do that ?08:32
jvrcan anyone please help me, im trying to install this theme http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GT4?content=3740608:32
jvri move the theme to /usr/share/themes08:32
jvrand it doesnt appear in my themes list08:33
jvrany ideas ?08:33
Cheekyunop: it works man .. how can i display my php .. server configueration or my apache server configueration08:33
jim_pjvr: how do you move it to /usr/share/themes?08:33
bob111Anyone help with this one? When I startup it restarts over and over before it will go. I can start OK from older version of Ubuntu08:33
jvrsudo mv GT4 /usr/share/themes08:33
brandonmpaceI am not sure as I have never used that phone, but if the phone has a  file browser then you might see an option to send a file>via bluetooth08:33
dr3mrobrandonmpace, ؟؟08:34
jvrI know have "GT4" directory in /usr/share/themes with gtk-2.0, index.theme etc.08:34
unopCheeky, try.  /etc/init.d/apache2 status   or   apache2ctl status08:34
bob111How bout an eisier one. How can I disable the start up screen?08:34
jvrjim_p: i just did sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-extras, that worked they appear in themes.08:34
jvrbut themes I manually move do not appear for some reason.08:35
Cheekyunop: iam talking about displaying it in ther browser?08:35
unopCheeky, might be apache instead of apache2 - so try that if neither of those work08:35
unopCheeky, see mod_status08:35
jim_pjvr: move them in /home/jvr/.themes08:35
jvrjim_p: ive tried that already.08:35
jvror you mean move them there and /usr/share/themes ?08:35
jvrive tried one at a time, first ~/.themes then /usr/share/themes08:35
brandonmpacebob111: when it first shows the ubuntu screen press alt+f1 and watch for the error message.08:36
brandonmpacebob111: that is called verbose mode08:36
yao_ziyuanhow do i clear a console's command lines buffer?08:37
yao_ziyuanor cache08:37
bob111brandonpace: Thanks. I'll give it a go. BRB08:37
robert__join #ubuntu-pl08:37
=== robert__ is now known as robert_klein
Cheekyunop: i was trying to set up  wat you talking about but when i open apache2 /http.conf files .. the files is empty :-$08:39
orbisvicishow much does ubuntu use avahi ?08:40
orbisvicisdoes it implement multicast dns ?08:40
unopCheeky, starting with apache2 (on debian atleast) - the default config file is /etc/apache2/apache.conf08:40
orbisvicisi.e. will it detect network printers ?08:40
orbisvicisand will it autodetect cifs shares ?08:40
Cheekyunop:  this is the doc iam following to set it up :http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/apache-server-status/08:41
brandonmpaceorbisvicis: usually you can get to network printers08:41
orbisvicisjust asking b/c i dont see any outgoing mDNS queries in syslog08:41
Cheekyunop: i see a files saying apache.cnf08:41
unopthat howto won't apply to ubuntu - it uses the wrong files08:42
orbisvicisbrandonmpace: do you know if it autodetects windows file sharing ?08:42
brandonmpaceorbisvicis: it is supposed to08:42
Cheekyunop:  ojk .. dam08:42
unopCheeky, always search for ubuntu related content first - then perhaps debian and the rest - that way you'll find stuff relevant to you.08:43
unopCheeky, http://www.debuntu.org/apache-activity-performance-mod_status08:43
brandonmpaceorbisvicis: it did for me08:43
Cheekyunop: ill check it out08:43
Cheekyunop: doesnt torrent downlaods ..slow your computer down .. the page loading time .. or is it coz i have another unbunter running on my LAN ..?08:44
Cheekyunop: that site you gave me is taking ages to download in firefox .. ubuntu never ran this SLo W ..08:45
unopCheeky, torrents slow a network down considerably - bad things they are08:45
bunnytoim going to suicide08:45
brandonmpacebunnyto: ?08:45
bastid_raZorCheeky; of course you can slow your internet to a crawl if you don't limit your upload and download speeds08:45
Cheekyunop: yeah .. eveb bad when the file you downloading is going @  59 K... slow compared to how windows ran utorrent08:45
AssargadonWhere screen resolution configuration applet gets resolutions list?08:46
orbisvicisbrandonmpace: hm thanks it detected my printer but i coundt test windows cifs shares08:46
unopbunnyto, #defocus ;)08:46
edpAssargadon, from the xorg.conf08:46
Assargadonedp, I don't think so08:46
AssargadonI mean, there are 17 modes in xorg.conf08:46
brandonmpaceorbisvicis: I´m sure there is a way. I don´t have cifs08:46
Assargadonand only 10 in applet08:46
peepsaloti messed up my graphics settings by installing a different kernel, i think i got the graphics drivers working again, but I can't change my resolution above 640x48008:47
bunnytoubuntu makes me hurt myself...08:47
unopCheeky, it's not just that - torrent clients open up 100s of connections concurrently - you have to factor in the bandwidth usage of all those connections too - then you have much more than 59kbps08:47
antiderivativeI tried installing ubuntu on a P45 chipset and then I got brought into BusyBox08:47
orbisvicisbrandonmpace: maybe im not configuring netfilter correctly, but that type of autodetection requires mDNS queries, and syslog isnt recording those08:47
edpAssargadon, regards the depth color no?08:47
peepsalotcan someone help me set my resolution08:47
antiderivativedoes intel work with a 64 bit processor?08:47
orbisvicisi mean, i dont have an way of testing cifs08:47
edpnjpatel, depends on your cpu08:47
edpantiderivative, depends on your cpu08:48
bunnytoantiderivative: yes08:48
antiderivativeIntel Core 2 Duo 3.108:48
Assargadonedp, for every depth08:48
edpantiderivative, then yess lol08:48
antiderivativeI tried installing 64 bit version08:48
bunnytoantiderivative: your processor is obsolete, but yes it works08:48
antiderivativeand it crapped out08:48
bastid_raZorCheeky; some torrent applications in ubuntu give you the ability to limit how many connections per torrent or even limit global connections.08:48
antiderivativebunnyto: obselete?08:48
bunnytoantiderivative: amd64 ?08:48
edpAssargadon, i don't really know, just trying to find out, just like you lol08:49
orbisvicisbrandonmpace: you dont happen to know if your computer is broadcasting udp packets through 5353 to 224.xx.xx.xx ?08:49
Assargadonedp, thanks for your try, anyway :)08:49
brandonmpaceorbisvicis: no I do not08:49
Cheekyunop:  hey iam in my conf file and i cant seem to find the loactions .. to change it?08:49
antiderivativeDoes anyone know if Ubuntu will install on a P45 chipset?08:49
edpAssargadon, no pb dude,08:49
twbWhat package provides those "examples" videos and sounds that are available on the live CD?08:49
jim_ppeepsalot: you have a pm08:49
orbisvicisbrandonmpace: well had to ask ; \    probably gotta reconfigure netfilter08:49
AssargadonHey, guys, where screen resolution manager (System->Settings->Scrren resolution ) gets his resolution list? I can see only 10 different resolutions in applet, while I see 19 of them in my xorg.conf (for every color depth)08:51
Quartermaster1I'm trying to install ubumtu but I've been waiting 1 hour does it take a long time to install or something?08:51
edpQuartermaster1, no, it's quicker than dows lol08:51
brandonmpaceAssargadon: /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:51
brandonmpaceAssargadon: there may be too many for it to display08:52
Assargadonbrandonmpace: I have 19 resolutions in file you told about, and 10 only in applet.08:52
brandonmpaceAssargadon: there may be too many for it to display08:52
Cheekyunop: can i paste pin my apache.conf file ?08:52
AssargadonI changed "1280x960" resolution in every section of my xorg.conf to "1280x961". Then I restarted x-server via ctrl+alt+backspace. But in screen resolution manager's list 1280x960 keeps alive, not 961.08:58
AssargadonShould I restrat whole ubuntu for it?08:58
bastid_raZorAssargadon; you can't make up resolutions08:59
AssargadonOr screen resolution manager gets his list from some other source?08:59
Cheekyunop:  you there?08:59
Assargadonbastid_raZor: what dp you mean?08:59
bastid_raZorAssargadon; you can't make up resolutions09:00
brandonmpaceAssargadon: I have deleted every resolution except the 3 that I need and they are the only ones that show up now.....  and resolutions have to be standard resolutions lol09:00
Cheekycould anyone tell me where the server-status is in my apache.conf ..file ..cozi cant seem to find it..  here is my pastebin of my apache2.conf file http://paste.ubuntu.com/49595/..iam trying to set up the mod_status09:00
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KoN8392hi all09:01
KoN8392My laptop is overheating frequently... Is there a application I can use to manually control the fan speeds?09:01
KoN8392an ubuntu app i mean... hehe09:02
brandonmpaceKoN8392: I recommend a MUCH easier route...09:02
KoN8392brandonmpace: what is your idea?09:03
brandonmpaceKoN8392:  you right click on the panel>add to panel>the add the CPU freq applet.     Once added, left click on the  applet and select a slower speed or powersave setting. this helps prevent overheating09:04
brandonmpaceKoN8392: is it an HP?09:04
KoN8392no, old Thoshiba Satellite09:05
brandonmpaceKoN8392: I would buy a laptop cooler if you want to use the full speed all the time. Fan control under linux is not easy09:05
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
KoN8392the Scaling Monitor isn't supported...09:07
KoN8392brandmpace: whats the best tool/app for monitoring temperatures?09:07
brandonmpaceKoN8392: :(       I would buy something like the ones on this page http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2030260319%201276817102&name=Cooler09:08
kernandowhen i use speakers the sound is great but i want to watch a movie with my headphoens and i cant hear anything09:08
brandonmpaceKoN8392: I will have to look that up, that monitoring app09:08
KoN8392oh ok09:08
brandonmpacekernando: do you have a laptop?09:08
kernandoi have a desktop09:09
kernandohp with ubuntu 8.04 installed09:10
brandonmpace!info lm-sensors | KoN839209:10
ubottukon8392: lm-sensors (source: lm-sensors-3): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component main, is extra. Version 1:3.0.0-4ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 205 kB, installed size 780 kB09:10
xessI need to brute force in to my router. Any tools out there that can help?09:10
brandonmpacexess: why don´t you just do the factory reset?09:11
KoN8392hold the button down for 10 seconds09:11
KoN8392reset button that is09:11
brandonmpacexess: 10 to 30 seconds09:11
xessIt has no reset button! I have looked. unpluging it does not work either.09:12
KoN8392what brand09:12
brandonmpacekernando: what is your sound card?09:12
KoN8392It's a little tiny hole, you need to put a Pen point in the hole09:12
xessAltec from Quest.09:12
brandonmpacekernando: if you do not know, go to a terminal and type lshal                look for it in there09:13
rajecGuys why I does my logs (rails development) looks like  [4;36;1mSQL (0.000480)[0m   [0;1mSET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0[0m ( Ubuntu 8.04, NetBeans 6.5 beta)09:14
KoN8392xess: check their website09:14
Flannel!ru | p057a109:14
ubottup057a1: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:14
twbThe answer to my question was "example-content".09:14
twbI don't know why I bother with this channel, it's so noisy and useless.09:14
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo09:15
brandonmpacerajec: try in the channel #rubyonrails09:17
rajecbrandonmpace: I don't thin thats something with rails. This log could be generated by something else09:18
brandonmpacerajec: ah ok09:19
djbellis there an approved hardware list for hardy heron?09:20
brandonmpace!hardware | djbell09:21
ubottudjbell: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:21
rajecbrandonmpace: I need editor which understand color-codes09:21
kernandoi dont know how to see where my sound card is it gave a lot of output09:21
brandonmpacerajec: I´m afraid I don´t know of any09:22
djbellthanks brandonmpace (and ubottu :) )09:22
brandonmpacedjbell: you´re welcome09:22
remoteCTR1how do i get my ubuntu to write a ~ over the n and not before it?09:23
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: just websearching09:25
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: hey there dude!:) what would i look for?09:25
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: its 164 decimal, try holding alt+gr and typing that09:26
kernandobrandonmpace pci_8086_293e_sound_card_0 is this the soundcard?09:26
brandonmpaceremoteCTR1: change your keyboard layout to international09:26
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: yepp thats the way it's supposed to work, but it doesnt09:26
brandonmpacekernando: I´m looking09:26
fl0whow do I add an already existing user to the admin group (I understand that would give him sudo-privileges by default?)09:27
remoteCTR1brandonmpace: how do i do that? cos dpkg-reconfigure localse doesnt gve me the usual dialog for some reason that i dont understand...09:27
fl0wuseradd -G admin <username> shouts that user already exists09:27
bastid_raZorfl0w; edit /etc/group then add the username to admin09:27
brandonmpaceremoteCTR1: System>preferences>keyboard09:27
fl0wbastid_raZor: ah, thanks09:27
ActionParsnip1fl0w: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-add-user-to-group/09:28
DawnLighthello. in debian i go dpkg-reconfigure locales and the debconf asks me some questions that i want to be asked. how do i change the system default in the case of ubuntu?09:28
fl0wActionParsnip1: ooh, usermod :) Sorry about that.09:28
bullgard4What means in the environment variable 'DISPLAY=:0.0' the '=0.0'?09:29
Flannelfl0w, ActionParsnip1, bastid_raZor: sudo adduser user group09:29
Flannelfl0w: usermod -G is ok, but you *need* to remember the -a09:29
fl0wFlannel: if I already did usermod -G without the -a, what consequences am I looking at?09:30
ActionParsnip1Flannel: i just use websites, its easier when you're hungove09:30
KoN8392brandonmpace: is there a p2p program for linux? like kazaa or limewire09:30
mryanbrownyea uh09:30
Flannelfl0w: You're now a member of only your primary group (same as username) and admin.  (without the -a it replaces the group list, instead of appending)09:30
brandonmpaceKoN8392: frostwire09:30
stdinbullgard4: it means display 0 screen 0 on the local system; ':' is a host separator, nothing before it means "local". the 1st '0' means "display 0", the '0' after the dot means "screen 0" (useful when you have more than one monitor)09:30
remoteCTR1brandonmpace: there is no such thing like international layout in there:D09:31
Flannelfl0w: So, while adding yourself to admin, its not the end of the world, but if adding to something else, you would've removed yourself from a lot of stuff (including admin)09:31
brandonmpacekernando: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=877815          take a look at this09:31
sstewart\open irc.internetnz.net.nz09:31
fl0wFlannel: ah, okey. I get it, thank you!09:31
Flannelfl0w: so, be sure to re-add that user to the regular groups09:31
KoN8392brandonmpace: do i need to compile it myself?09:31
ActionParsnip1!limewire | KoN839209:31
ubottuKoN8392: limewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install /msg ubotu java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider /msg ubotu FrostWire as an alternative.09:31
Flannel!frostwire | KoN839209:32
ubottuKoN8392: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire09:32
ActionParsnip1KoN8392: kazaa was full of nasties09:32
brandonmpaceKoN8392: no09:32
MyNameIsZohanHi everybody, I have 2 virtual desktop, I have read somewhere that it's possible to have different wallpapers for each desktop but I don't know how???09:32
ActionParsnip1!info frostwire09:32
ubottuPackage frostwire does not exist in hardy09:32
brandonmpaceremoteCTR1: when in the layout tab, click add, then select USA for the first box, then International for the second one09:32
brandonmpacelol ActionParsnip109:33
bullgard4stdin: Thank you for explaining.09:33
fl0wFlannel: but if I do "sudo adduser user group" it appends by default?09:33
brandonmpaceKoN8392: go to www.frostwire.com09:33
KoN8392cool thanks09:33
Flannelfl0w: yep09:33
brandonmpaceKoN8392: it´s really straightforward09:33
fl0wFlannel: awesome!09:33
FlannelKoN8392: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire09:33
remoteCTR1brandonmpace: ya the point is i dont have an english keyboard, so i actually dont want to have an us english layout set cos i wont find my keys then anymore...09:33
MyNameIsZohanHi everybody, I have 2 virtual desktop, I have read somewhere that it's possible to have different wallpapers for each desktop but I don't know how???09:33
fl0wFlannel: thank you.09:33
remoteCTR1this used to work09:33
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
brandonmpaceremoteCTR1: well when you select your country, it doesn´t have an international?09:34
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CharacterMap09:34
remoteCTR1brandonmpace: nope09:34
brandonmpaceMyNameIsZohan: yes but you will not have icons on your desktop09:34
remoteCTR1brandonmpace: it has dead and dead acute and what ever09:35
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: just copy and paste from that bad boy09:35
MyNameIsZohani alreay don't have icons on my desktop09:35
OdnsRvnshello out there im having trouble with my visual settings09:35
brandonmpaceMyNameIsZohan: google will help you09:35
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: what is the problem09:35
MyNameIsZohanlol i googled it last 2 days...09:35
MyNameIsZohanthanks anyways09:35
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: that looks interesting, gimme a sec to have a look at that09:35
zuhriwhy not detected AP my networkmanager??09:36
OdnsRvnsit seems on anything WHite (or that is supposed to be withe) it looks like a light green static like an o;d tv not pluged in09:36
brandonmpacezuhri: is it detecting other networks?09:36
ActionParsnip1MyNameIsZohan: http://wallpapoz.akbarhome.com/09:37
zuhribut if using airodump-ng can detect AP.09:37
brandonmpacezuhri: and you are left clicking on the icon in the panel?09:37
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: hmm have you tested the screen with any other os?09:37
ActionParsnip1MyNameIsZohan: and if you like the compiz feel (vomit): http://anuragbansal.wordpress.com/2008/05/10/how-to-get-different-wallpapers-on-each-workspace-in-ubuntu/09:38
OdnsRvnsyea ihave windows dual loaded no probs i just loaded compix i think thats whats doing it but im not sure what setting09:38
zuhriyes i was enabled wireless networking09:38
brandonmpacewhat´s wrong with compiz fusion ActionParsnip1 ?09:38
OdnsRvnsor compiz my bad09:38
MyNameIsZohanu guys are the best09:38
tarelerulz I am ripping a cd with rhythmbox . It  show the tracks and the genre and it shows the album cover too . Does it store that some where so I could find it . I want to add the tracks to an ipod .09:38
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: i dont get it man, what does that thing do?09:38
ActionParsnip1brandonmpace: i just find it completely appauling, worthless and it breaks stuff09:39
OdnsRvnsits a nice tool i liek it09:39
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: it works like microsoft's charmap.exe, ive not used it but you should be able to copy / paste from it09:39
brandonmpacetarelerulz: you can use Amarok to add stuff to an ipod and it should put it where you tell it to09:40
ActionParsnip1brandonmpace: ive even had folks in here saying it disabled their left muse click. how retarded is that09:40
brandonmpaceActionParsnip1: lol never had a problem09:40
OdnsRvnsWhat did09:40
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: ah you use that to get characters that are not in your layout i get it, but that is a littlebit of a crutch as this works on my computer at home but i dunno why  not here in my workplace...09:40
xintronI started X from the command line (with startx). Doing ctrl+alt+backspace would shutdown X and return me to that tty right?09:40
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: x forwarding ;)09:40
zuhrihw to uninstall rt73 driver??09:41
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: you might try just disabling desktop effects09:41
OdnsRvnsdo you know how to reinstal nvidia drivers09:41
zuhrihow to uninstall rt73 driver09:41
ActionParsnip1brandonmpace: i just prefer something sleek and elegant to all that rubbish but people seem to install it09:41
OdnsRvnsi likew to multi task and a clean desktop helps09:41
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: heh i can write like jalape~no at home and it is diplayed correct but at my workplaces workstation it doesnt, x-forwarding is NOT the solution to that :D09:41
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: did you already install them?09:42
Kartagiswhat was the option in vim to turn line numbers on?09:42
xintronCan I activate tv-out while running X or do I have to restart X (as I've done previously)?09:42
OdnsRvnsthey were installed prior an update managed did it09:42
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: http://www.debianadmin.com/special-characters-made-easier-in-ubuntu.html09:42
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1:  is what it should look likeñ09:42
ActionParsnip1yeah looks great09:43
DawnLighthow do i chagne the defualt system language?09:43
xessShe locked me out!09:43
xessOh there she goes.09:43
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: yeah but that is out of that charmap thing, that is way to cumbersome to use in everyday life...09:43
ActionParsnip1DawnLight: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16786709:43
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: just go to System> administration> synaptic    and search for the nvidia package then right click> reinstall09:43
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: do you use it much...then n thing?09:43
DawnLightthanks ActionParsnip109:44
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: i sure do...09:44
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: you could just copy an existing one and paste ;)09:44
tarelerulzbrandonmpace ,  can Amarok add stuff like cover art to the ipod ?09:44
MuLLeRhi .. is it possible to record sound/video through a svideo jack on a tvtuner?09:44
ActionParsnip1tarelerulz: id head over to the amarok page to see what it can and cant do09:44
brandonmpacetarelerulz: I believe so, I can´t see it as the screen on my ipod is broken :(09:45
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: hehehe i really appreciate your creativity man, but i am looking for the real thing... but that other link looks good, just a sec09:45
ActionParsnip1ok man09:45
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: i just think outside the box09:45
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: can you use the keyboard directly with the Alt+accent, then key, sequence?09:45
brandonmpaceMuLLeR: Svideo jacks are usually output only, unless you have a specific one, like certain ati cards09:45
MuLLeRbrandonmpace: it's an svideo input on a tvtuner. i am able to record video but no sound09:46
remoteCTR1i'd say nope09:46
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: Here, I press and hold the RIGHT Alt key, press Shift+~ , release, then press N09:46
nnullMuLLeRƺ u need somewhere to input the sound, s-video sends image only no audio09:46
brandonmpaceMuLLeR: nnull is correct09:47
IntuitiveNippleor, for an accented a, RIGHT Alt with ' , release, then a09:47
MuLLeRnnull: but in docs to tv-tuner is said that this is an audio-video port, and it is able to recieve composite video09:47
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: altGr+shift+ ~ gives me nothing...09:47
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: did you release and then press N ?09:48
nnullMuLLeRƺ is the device your sending data to this port sending compisite video tho..09:48
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1:  you won't see anything from the Alt-Gr Shift+~09:48
brandonmpaceMuLLeR: I have always had to plug a cord to my audio in jack too.... never heard of svideo carrying audio09:48
nnullMuLLeRƺ what are u sending to the tv-tuner, vcr/dvd/cam corder or?09:48
ActionParsnip1MuLLeR: do you have a playstation or xbox?09:49
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: yes i did09:49
xintronCan I activate tv-out while running X or do I have to restart X (as I've done previously)?09:49
nnullActionParsnip1ƺ i do, was trying to find a use for it the other day any ideas? :D09:49
ActionParsnip1MuLLeR: and you have those scart connectors that take, yellow, red and white?09:49
nnullpsx tho09:49
OdnsRvnslol disable then enable all better now how funny09:49
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: OK, you need to set the Alt-Gr sequence in keyboard settings09:49
tarelerulzbrandonmpace:  Thanks for the imfo on Amarok . I have use it in the past and it was one of the best audio media player / library program I have used.09:49
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: the link above at least works for é but unfortunately still not for  the tilde that one doesnt work at all anymore:D09:49
brandonmpacetarelerulz: you´re welcome09:50
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: how would i do that?09:50
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: hmm, you could make your own special keystroke to generate it09:50
IntuitiveNippleI'm trying to find it again now... System > Preferences > Keyboard09:50
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: like a shortcut key vombo but all it does is type n~09:50
nnullbrandonmpaceƺ ive never heard of s-video carrying audio either, but even if it was the case i doubt the device hes sending data from to the tv tuner card would support it..09:50
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: Layouts09:50
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: "Layout options" button09:51
MuLLeRnnull: i've plugged it sound to line-in .. but still nothing .. chaged the vlc v4l2-adev=hw.0,0 but no sound :(09:51
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: Compose Key position09:51
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: beent there, where specifically?09:51
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: Set it to Right Alt09:51
OdnsRvnsanyone ever used crossover09:52
tONybEArciao a tutti09:52
OdnsRvnsor cedega09:52
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: yeah i just set that one that helps me get the á à but ~ only gives me a beep with that one09:52
sarthorHi, hardy is installed on my dell 1525, and also there is unpartitioned space on my hard drive, but when i am booting from CD, the screen remain black, nothing happens. i think the XP CD is confused with linux partions. What to do <09:52
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: well i set it to the left window key now as otherwise ~ doesnt come at all anymore09:52
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: wine is pretty much cedega, and crossover is really only good for microsoft office imo09:52
nnullMuLLeRƺ TV Tuner 0-------------0 ??? what are you connecting the tv tuner too exactly?09:52
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: Alt-Gr + Shift + ~   release   N  ñ ?09:52
OdnsRvnssarthor |i think your need to go to your mobo bios and make sure cdrom is infornt of harddrive in the boot menu09:53
Fuse_What date exactly does 8.10 come out?09:53
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: Have you got something else programmed for the Alt-Gr ? in  Keyboard or something like Metacity or Compiz?09:53
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: that at first does nothing then on second press of n beeps and at third writes n09:53
sarthorOdnsRvns, 1st device is CD room.09:53
sarthor1st booting device09:53
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: none that i knew of09:53
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: hmmm... try hitting other keys see what they give!09:54
OdnsRvnsSarthor | does it give you the menu yo press any key to boot09:54
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: maybe you can discover it, or figure out if it is remapped.... what keyboard layout is the keyboard?09:54
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: same thing with a09:54
sarthorOdnsRvns, No,09:54
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: I'm not sure about using the left Windows key - i'm sure it is already configured as the Super key09:55
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: gosh this behaviour is weird when i hit window+shift then TWICE a i get å09:55
OdnsRvnsSarthor | are you on a dual partion09:55
danny_Good evening all. Anyone know how I should configure Apache's httpd.conf file?09:55
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: well i can change it to the right one but i doubt that changes anything, sec pls09:56
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: Why not try setting the Compose to Right Ctrl09:56
ActionParsnip1danny_: depends on how you want it to behave09:56
sarthorOdnsRvns, there is 30 gb free space on my hard, RAW space.09:56
lunaciaI'm new to Ubuntu, as I installed it last night... It's mostly wonderful, but I don't have any sound... The driver is fine, and it's playing, but no sound. The speakers are set to max.09:56
sarthornot formated or partioned.09:56
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: i use that one for leaving the focus of virtualbox-es09:56
visik7lunacia: have you take all the updates ?09:57
danny_Well I'm only planning on loading up PHP and MySQL.09:57
lunaciavisik7: yup09:57
OdnsRvnsSarthor | and your trying to put XP on it09:57
visik7lunacia: ok so System->preference->sound09:57
remoteCTR1gawd this sux09:57
sarthorOdnsRvns, Yes. i will rebuild grub later09:57
visik7lunacia: and select alsa for all the 4 menu list09:57
^paradox^i gotta go. im running outta nite lol09:58
lunaciavisik7: done already09:58
ActionParsnip1danny_: id do some research into the config, ive never done it myself09:58
lunaciastill no sound09:58
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: what layout is the keyboard?09:58
brandonmpacesarthor: and your screen works fine when you boot ubuntu?09:58
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: can it be that i need some different layout like dead acute or i dunno what?09:58
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: the physical keyboard layout can cause different results09:58
visik7lunacia: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp produce any sound ?09:58
tarelerulzWhen putting music on the ipod can you have a whole ablum in the same order it is on the cd ?09:58
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: at the moment german dead acute09:59
sarthorbrandonmpace, Yes. right now i am conneced with that pc.09:59
Cheekyhey anyone familiar with Mysql trying to use CONCAT ..could any one spar some time?09:59
MuLLeRnnull: i'm connecting to the tv-tuner, and trying to stream the video. :)09:59
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: which is exactly the same as at home and there it works09:59
lunaciaHm... Now the player stopped.09:59
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: hmmm09:59
brandonmpacetarelerulz: I am not sure, but you can try putting the track number at the beginning of the file name eg.> 01. 02. 03.10:00
lunacianever mind *giggle* I seeped to have paused it somehow10:00
OdnsRvnsSarthor | i dont think this has anything with ubuntu this seems more of a MOBO issue that its not reading the xp disk is it a good disk or like a iso download10:00
remoteCTR1other question: normally when i do dpkg-reconfigure locales i get a dialog where i can chose from all of thos layouts and utf8 or iso-something and so on, why does that not work with ubuntu?10:00
sarthorOdnsRvns, its a good Disk, i can install xp from this CD on other computer.10:00
lunaciaBut no sound.10:00
sarthormy CD drive is 100% fit.10:01
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: maybe xorg.conf is trying to set that as well... something like:  Option      "XkbOptions"  "compose:rwin"  which will fight/conflict10:01
OdnsRvnsSanthor | How many CD drive oar in the pc10:01
brandonmpacelunacia: When ubuntu 8.10 comes out on October 30th, be sure to try a clean install of that, as it supports more hardware10:01
lunaciavisik7: Rythmbox seems to be playing fine, tere's just no sound.10:01
visik7lunacia: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp produce any sound ?10:01
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: I wonder if you might find a clue here: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Accented_Characters10:02
OdnsRvnswppt for intrepid10:02
OdnsRvnswoot woot10:02
lunaciavisik7: Sorry, don't understand what you're asking :(10:02
=== Assargadon_ is now known as Assargadon
lunaciavisik7: New to Ubuntu, I'm not into all the terms yet10:02
visik7lunacia: run that command and tell me if you can hear any  sound10:02
DUKE_alguien ke kiera hablar con un español?10:02
brandonmpacelunacia: do you see a sound device when you do this on the terminal?       lshal | grep sound10:02
agentbleubleuHas anyone got any failed startups with good Pagerank which they would like to make some money off. Let me know, Im paying 1K usd for 35 links on a PR5 page, per year.10:03
ActionParsnip1!ot | agentbleubleu10:03
ubottuagentbleubleu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:03
gnuskoolusing wubi, cannot access cd, what's that about, on a previous install it worked just fine?10:04
brandonmpacelunacia: if you search through the output of  lshal   and find your sound card I may be able to help you.10:04
lunaciabrandonmpace: How do I know?10:04
lunaciaOh, yes, I have my sound card.10:05
vakhow to restart system in BusyBox?10:05
brandonmpacelunacia: what is it?10:05
vakwhich BusyBox command restarts the system?10:05
fl0wEven though I'm a group www-data, and the file is both owned by, and in group www-data I still can't change the file? I chmod to 0775. I still have to go by sudo? Am I getting this all wrong?10:05
xlqI can't create a Python macro in OpenOffice 2.4 (in Hardy) - the 'create' button is disabled.10:05
IntuitiveNipplevak: does shutdown -r now work?10:05
morningwalkeri have a problem with my ubuntu system, it takes lots of time to load unlike before... how can i repair this problem??10:05
fl0wI'm _in_ group www-data :)10:05
lunaciabrandonmpace: I've aldready gone through https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/3489910:05
OdnsRvnsi cant install cedega10:06
morningwalker i have a problem with my ubuntu system, it takes lots of time to load unlike before... how can i repair this problem??10:06
brandonmpacelunacia: I would just wait until october 30th when 8.10 comes out then10:06
vakIntuitiveNipple, there is no such a command before system is fully loaded10:06
lunaciabrandonmpace: in other words, I have an TI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)10:07
vakBusyBox has only these: http://home.tele2.ch/spblinux/doc/commands.html10:07
xlqmorningwalker: find out what takes so long.10:07
brandonmpacelunacia: I know that´s a month away but that should work10:07
ActionParsnip1vak: in fluxbox its /usr/bin/startfluxbox10:07
lunaciaATI, not IT10:07
lunaciabrandonmpace: Over a month without sound? Blah!10:07
vakActionParsnipl, grub failed to load my configuration, I think how to get back to grub.10:07
xlqI can't create a Python macro in OpenOffice 2.4 (in Hardy) - the 'create' button is disabled.10:07
vakthat's why I am asking how to restart sys10:08
OdnsRvnsi dont have any close or minimize buttons awwwwwwww10:08
vaki could press Ctrl-D, but if it does no restart, then it costs me 50 bucks (dedicated server)10:08
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: unfortunately not...10:08
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: add to panel> force quit,10:09
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: ActionParsnip1: i get the feeling that something is screwed up here as everything points in the direction that tis should work anyways...10:09
xlqremoteCTR1: "init 6"? "telinit 6"?10:09
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: try that when an app freezes10:09
xlqremoteCTR1: "poweroff" ?10:09
OdnsRvnsNo its not frozen the buttons just arent there10:09
chalcedonyhow can i search in ~/ for copies of .xchat*  and NOT individual intenal files or other stuff?10:09
OdnsRvnsfor anything10:09
remoteCTR1xlq: nope done that yesterday and it wasn't working before and after that10:09
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: well that´ll still work10:09
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: np man10:09
gnuskoolwubi installs half way thru then stops with 'cant access cd' error - why?10:09
OdnsRvnso ok found it10:10
ActionParsnip1gnuskool: did you md5 check your install media and image?10:10
xlqchalcedony: please be more specific10:10
OdnsRvnsWindow Decoration in Compiz10:10
brandonmpaceOdnsRvns: oh lol10:10
lunaciabrandonmpace & visik7: Thanks, though. :)10:10
chalcedonyxlq: i thought that was .. ill try but if i do the full description of the problem ill have to pastebin it10:10
OdnsRvnshow do i instal a  tgz file10:11
xlqchalcedony: what about "find -iname '.xchat*' -type d" ?10:11
ActionParsnip1OdnsRvns: if its for an app id use repos10:11
xlqchalcedony: what about "find -iname '.xchat*' -and -type d" ?10:11
OdnsRvnswhat is that10:12
visik7OdnsRvns: unpack and read the README file inside (usually)10:12
chalcedonyxlq: the problem is that there seem to be at least 2 and maybe 3 copies of xchat2 and i need to substitute my good one for the other ones10:12
ActionParsnip1OdnsRvns: what file do you have?10:12
chalcedonyxlq: i'll try that ty :)10:12
ActionParsnip1OdnsRvns: ok, tar zxvf /path/to/file10:12
xlqI can't create a Python macro in OpenOffice 2.4 (in Hardy) - the 'create' button is disabled.10:13
OdnsRvnso terminal10:13
ActionParsnip1OdnsRvns: will extract it to a folder where the file is10:13
gnuskoolActionParsnip1: no, but i used the same cd to install it a few days ago, and it worked, i'll check it10:13
ActionParsnip1OdnsRvns: or you can run ark /path/to/file10:13
tarelerulzI want to rip a cd and  transfer the song to the ipod . I want to have the cover art for it so I can tranfer that to the ipod10:14
brandonmpace!compiling | OdnsRvns10:14
ubottuOdnsRvns: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:14
OdnsRvnsThanks alot10:15
brandonmpaceyou´re welcome10:15
ActionParsnip1brandonmpace: its cedega so is a binary, cedega is closed source10:15
OdnsRvnslol and they say dell support is the best10:15
xlqOdnsRvns: :)10:15
brandonmpaceActionParsnip1: uh, ok?10:15
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: IntuitiveNipple: what i just realized by xmodmap -pke is that Alt_R doesn't occur there at all so can this be a X settings problem???10:16
OdnsRvnsi cant remeber the last time i got a questions answered in 5 mins10:16
ActionParsnip1brandonmpace: the file is a compressed cedega so he wont be compiling as their is no source for cedega10:16
brandonmpaceah I see10:16
brandonmpaceso he just needs to run it10:16
atul_can we lock a folder in ubuntu10:17
brandonmpaceatul: what do you mean by lock?10:17
xlq!chmod | atul_10:18
ubottuatul_: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview10:18
atul_it content can be accesed by entering password10:18
remoteCTR1!crypt | atul10:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about crypt10:18
brandonmpaceatul: well 8.10 will have encrypted folders...10:18
OmgItsAsharkwhat are some good chat clients like pidgin that will do video and mic10:19
OdnsRvnsok well i unpacked it and read the readme file and did what it sayd and it goes to install and says instlation failed10:19
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: I'm not sure about that... for me when I set it up, it 'just worked' :)10:19
xlq!truecrypt | atul_10:19
ubottuatul_: Truecypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume10:19
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: ya that is how i knew it also i got no freakin idea what is wrong with my workplace's ubuntu:D10:19
xlqOmgItsAshark: kopete?10:19
bullgard4Why does  "Search for Files " not find 'places.sqlite' although locate finds 3 files?10:20
ActionParsnip1OdnsRvns: try with sudo10:20
dyllanhi all.10:20
remoteCTR1atul: currently you can only crypt whole partitions, see http://luks.endorphin.org/10:20
brandonmpaceOmgItsAshark: amsn for msn10:20
atul_i will try tht10:20
OdnsRvnsok whats the sudo10:20
xlqbullgard4: possibly because a) your locate database is out of date or b) you're searching in the wrong way/wrong place, with "Search for Files"10:20
xlq!sudo | OdnsRvns10:20
ubottuOdnsRvns: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)10:20
ActionParsnip1OdnsRvns: gives you root access, try running the installer in terminal with sudo10:20
dyllanI am having trouble installing plugins for firefox (flash,java) i have gone into Synaptic and found the flash-plugin as well as sun-jre, installed them both but when i test the plugins in firefox it still seems not to be installed correctly, any advice? - thanks10:21
OdnsRvnsyea im sorry this is my first week on ubuntu and i love it10:21
ActionParsnip1dyllan: you on 64bit or 32bit?10:21
OdnsRvnsbut the command i dont have down yet10:21
dyllanHi ActionParsnip1; i am on 32bit10:21
jussi01dyllan: install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:21
ActionParsnip1dyllan: yep...jussi01 hit it on the head10:22
remoteCTR1dyllan: ActionParsnip1: sudo apt-get install swf-player10:22
brandonmpacenight all, gonna go to sleep10:23
brandonmpace4:23 here lol10:23
bullgard4xlq: I disagree. a) If my locate database was ot of date then locate would not find 3 files. b) I am searching the whole file system with "Search for Files".10:23
omacdyllan...yeah the flash plug in should work without issues after rebooting your machine.  The sun stuff also wants to install the docs, but there are errors.  If you let it auto install, you will not see the doc not installed error.  use aptitude instead.  You should see the error and deal with it accordingly.10:23
dyllanjussi01, ActionParsnip1, remoteCTR1: thanks guys ill give it a go !10:23
xlqbullgard4: hmm. Don't know then.10:23
OmgItsAsharkwhat would be the terminal command to install the amsn10:23
remoteCTR1dyllan: np10:24
dyllanok omac, thnx10:24
airtonixremoteCTR1: thats a standalone player10:24
xlqOmgItsAshark: sudo aptitude install amsn10:24
jussi01dyllan: dont forget to restart firefox after installing ;)10:24
airtonixdyllan: just be aware that remoteCTR1 has given you instructions for installing a standalone flash player10:24
remoteCTR1jussi01: does that extras flashplayer plugin work better with 64bit ubuntu then the swf-player?10:24
dyllanNoted. thanks very much ill report back shortly10:25
bullgard4xlq: ok, thank you.10:25
remoteCTR1airtonix: but it also works with firefox?10:25
CybertinusI'm trying to install Ubuntu in VMWare Server10:25
Cybertinusbut I get some errors when I try to install VMWare Tools10:26
airtonixremoteCTR1: being a standalone application i wouldnt think so10:26
Cybertinusdoes anyone know a HowTo which tells me how to install Ubuntu in VMWare server?10:26
remoteCTR1airtonix: now that is complete news to me-.-10:26
airtonixremoteCTR1: for it to work with firefox it needs to provide a plugin for firefox...afaik standalone binary rarely does that10:27
airtonixremoteCTR1: you can of course choose to 'open file with... -> swf-player'...just as you would a torrent file10:28
ActionParsnip1Cybertinus: http://cmsproducer.com/Ubuntu-Linux-Windows-VMware-Server10:29
airtonixusing metcity's compositing feature im starting to notice video artifacts across the screen...i've turned it off...and i dont seem to be getting anymore artifacts.10:30
christozhello i'm having problem with the wifi interface on asus eee with ubuntu eee,10:31
ganeshi dont have internet connection..how do i install ubuntu and work with it?10:31
christozi can connect only with wired connection10:31
airtonixganesh: you mean you dont have a internet connection when your at home....because your proving it otherwise here & now10:31
Jaffarkelshaci asked this yesterday but no reply, can you change the font colour of the gnome-panel10:32
Fuse_I've heard you can10:32
airtonixJaffarkelshac: that is controlled via gtk theme properties...10:32
Fuse_not sure how10:32
CybertinusActionParsnip1: thnx. I found that link already, but VMWare tools isn't installed there, and I really need that ;)10:33
ActionParsnip1Cybertinus: go get it then10:33
airtonixJaffarkelshac: but if you look in system -> preferences -> appearance.. you will notice that by swithcing between the colour and the controls tabs...that only some themes support the usage of the coour tab to affect the colours of common elements10:33
Jaffarkelshacthanks for the reply10:34
ganesh airtonix:i am in cyber cafe now.. i don have net at home...in india majority of computer users dont hav net..10:34
OmgItsAsharkis there a way to get windowsmobile 6 to connect to xubuntu so i can teather it to the internet10:34
airtonixJaffarkelshac: i recommend you install ginspector if you want to work with modifying themes.10:34
tarelerulzI want to rip a cd  have all the meta data on the songs such as artist , album and cover art and the songs to the ipod with all the meta data like artist name ext and the cover art too .  What would I need to do that10:35
Jaffarkelshacthanks airtonix10:35
airtonixganesh: if your patient you can try the shipit service ubuntu have..takes about 8 weeks i think to get a cd to you10:35
Fuse_tarelerulz: you mean like a script to dump the info to a text file?10:35
CybertinusActionParsnip1: yeah, that is what I'm trying to do ;). And that is where I have problems ;)10:36
airtonixganesh: but then you will also need to investigate the use of apt-mirror or maybe try some trickery with apt-on-cd when you are at the internet cafe10:36
ActionParsnip1!vmware | Cybertinus10:36
ubottuCybertinus: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers10:36
remoteCTR1airtonix: i see thanks for the insights...10:36
remoteCTR1well i give in on that ~ thing ActionParsnip1 and IntuitiveNipple thanks guys!10:37
ActionParsnip1remoteCTR1: just have a text file with one in there and yu can copy / paste10:37
AlexWfor a server, is it safer to use LTS?10:37
C0p3rn1ctarelerulz:  I sure there are some programs like that in the software section audio/video10:37
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: It is annoying when things like that don't work10:38
AlexWif i might want a gui10:38
ganeshairtonix:its not the matter of cd... i managed to get dvd version itself..still i cant play any video...it asks for codec,10:38
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip1: ya that is cumbersome but what i shall i do i guess i gotta do it somehow like that...10:38
CybertinusActionParsnip1: http://pastebin.com/d43668b2b <-- these are the errors I get when I try to install VMWare Tools. I've checked, but I have all the packages they mention there10:38
tarelerulzFuse_ I mean a program to rip the cd  first .  Then load the songs onto the ipod .   So the ipod would know all the meta data and have the cover art too. amarok get the cover art ,but I have no idea where it put it so I could use gktpod to put the songs on the ipod10:38
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: it definitely is...10:38
ActionParsnip1Cybertinus: looks like a success to me10:39
ganeshbut other distro like suse, fedora, they come as dvd and it includes almost everything..10:39
airtonixganesh: you can download the packages from packages.ubuntu.com when you work out which ones you need.10:39
CybertinusActionParsnip1: except for the compilation errors in the output....10:39
IntuitiveNippleremoteCTR1: I vaguely rememeber when I set it up on Gutsy, I had to take an additional step somewhere, but my mind is blank on what that might have been10:39
Sk8rdudeanyone know why a samba share isnt letting people view anything past the first folder??10:39
C0p3rn1ctarelerulz:make sure you have all the covers in amarok and after that just transfer the mp3s with the built functionality10:39
C0p3rn1ctarelerulz: (devices)10:40
smm281if im running XP on a VM under ubuntu, do I need to install an anti-virus program ?10:40
tarelerulzMan it makes me mad . I used gtkpod found the song I had converted to mp3 and it says it could not add it . could not convert10:40
ActionParsnip1Cybertinus: sudo apt-get install vmware-player10:41
AlexWfor a server, is it safer to use LTS? if i want a gui?10:41
dyllanOk guys the installation on 'ubuntu-restricted' helped with java, but flash is still not working, i confirmed this by checking about:plugins, any ideas? Secondly i have a downloaded program that i need to be root to install, sudo is not working, i tried installing konsole but it still does not give me root access?10:41
AlexWi.e. Install LTS then ubuntu-desktop10:41
remoteCTR1IntuitiveNipple: never mind i cant invest hours in that task, but thanks for trying:)10:41
=== The_Phoenix1 is now known as The_Phoenix
C0p3rn1ctarelerulz: yeah the conversion part of amarok doesnt function well10:41
ActionParsnip1AlexW: that will give you a gui desktop. they are all "safe"10:41
C0p3rn1ctarelerulz: I dident get it to work ether10:41
ganeshairtonix:how ll i know which codecs i need and which library files i need?10:41
AlexWActionParsnip1: which is the better option then?10:42
tarelerulzWhat I did was use other program to convert the song into mp3 and then found it with gtkpod and try to add it to my ipod and it said something about not being able to convert the song . I mean it did not need to convert it in the first place10:42
Sk8rdudedyllan: which browser are you using?10:42
smm281running XP in a VM under ubuntu, do I still need to run a virus program like AVG ?10:42
ganesh airtonix:why these codecs do not come with cd?10:42
sigma_zaif i have two xscreens how can i get one to start kde and the other to start xfce?10:43
CybertinusActionParsnip1: I don't want to install VMWare inside Ubuntu. I've got VMWare Server running on Windows server 2003. Inside that VMWare Server I've got Ubuntu installed, and on that Ubuntu I want to install VMWare Tools10:43
airtonixganesh: the safest way is to make your self a mirror of the ubuntu repos...and take it home...i know you may be laughin since your bandwidth is not terribly great...10:43
dyllanSk8rdude: Im using Firefox310:43
airtonixganesh: http://www.howtoforge.com/local_debian_ubuntu_mirror10:44
Sk8rdudedyllan: open up synaptic and search for firefox10:44
C0p3rn1ctarelerulz: normally it should work with the amarok script named trankode10:44
Sk8rdudein that list will be the firefox plugin that you want10:44
Sk8rdudejust install it from there and it should be fine10:44
dyllanSk8rdude, ok i will try thnx10:45
airtonixdyllan: have you looked at the ubuntu wiki yet?10:45
tarelerulzC0p3rn1c: , normal in Linux don't seem to  happen to me.  I mean converting seems to be one of the hardest things in LInux.   I have yet to find transcoder that works  really good.  They all ways seem to fall short10:45
nnullim just looking at data encryption, is there a better way then using aespipe mkisofs loop-aes-util's ? 256bit seems like low encryption? like ssh uses 4096 or something doesnt it? pleeaze explain10:45
airtonix!flash | dyllan10:45
ubottudyllan: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:45
Sk8rdudeso does anyone have any ideas about why samba isnt letting people view 2 folders deep?10:46
smm281I find using add/remove... is better than synaptic when looking for installable applications, I know they are pretty much the same thing, but Add/Remove... seems to work better for applications and synaptic for packages.  Synaptic will give u the same thing but Add/Remove only displays the applications that give you a GUI front end.  Am I correct in this description?10:47
roxanhow to prevent window from appearing half part in one windows and the other half in other?10:47
mick02Has anyone ever succeeded in connecting Evolution to a Lotus Domino Server?10:47
daedrahow do you turn off system beeps on errors?10:49
airtonixSk8rdude: have you considered permissions?10:49
ActionParsnip1daedra: i terminal?10:49
roxanairtonix, go to sound option10:49
AlexWdaedra: pull out your system speaker :P10:49
airtonixroxan: ?10:49
daedraAlexW: its a laptop10:50
daedrano thanks.10:50
roxanairtonix, go to sound option and system beep tab10:50
roxanairtonix, system,preference,sound,system beeep10:50
AlexWroxan: daedra...10:50
airtonixroxan: daedra not me10:50
Sk8rdudepermissions for the top folder and everything in it are the same10:50
tarelerulzI take back all my ill words on Linux. I just converted a song and used amarok to add it to ipod and it did and it add the cover art too . It all so adds cover art to songs on the ipod that are on it and you did not tranfer to it with it10:50
daedraAlexW: thought roxan meant me... but wasn't sure10:51
ActionParsnip1daedra: if you jump into sound prefs you can turn off all those annoying sounds10:51
roxandaedra, ya10:51
daedrawell I don't have a gui10:51
firestormwhat is the best way to change the screen resolution ... was expecting a menu item in the "System" menu10:51
daedraroxan: so I don't know about these sound options>preference blabla10:51
AlexWdaedra: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/26/turning-off-the-system-hardware-beep-linux-tutorial/10:51
AlexWdaedra: google is your friend :P10:51
ActionParsnip1daedra: xset b off10:52
=== joshux_ is now known as joshux
airtonixtarelerulz: the only app i hae found that can convert videos to ipod video format *& move them there * is floola10:52
ActionParsnip1daedra: maybe10:52
roxanfirestorm, there should be one10:52
tarelerulzFlooola is very cool ,but I never got the transcoding to work on it .10:52
daedraAlexW: thanks that worked`10:53
firestormroxan: what is it titled?10:53
roxanfirestorm, its titles screen resolution10:53
nnullim just looking at data encryption, is there a better way then using aespipe mkisofs loop-aes-util's ? 256bit seems like low encryption? like ssh uses 4096 or something doesnt it? pleeaze explain10:53
airtonixtarelerulz: it's fairly close to a itunes clone imo...but idont use itunes at all and only used floola to get videos in ipod format and on the ipod...all my music needs occur in "listen"10:54
roxanfirestorm, try this http://techspalace.blogspot.com/2008/06/screen-and-graphics-in-hardy.html10:54
firestormroxan: 'screen resolution' works...didn't notice it before :)  cheers10:56
roxanfirestorm, cheers10:56
nnulli have a problem where everytime i reboot i must goto System > Admin > Nvidia Server X settings > and change my hertz from 50 to 76 :s10:56
tarelerulzairtonix, it seem getting stuff to the ipod format is hard.  I have couple program that do it ok ,but none do it great.  Transcoding is hard. I mean converting to the ipod format and I try to convert stuff to wmv so I could play it on my xbox 360 ,but no luck10:57
OmgItsAsharkanybody know how to get wm6 phone to connect to ubuntu10:57
nnulli try save to x file but it comes up with error saying cant write backup file or something10:57
roxannnull how about x.conf10:57
Schall of ya10:57
Schi am accidently here10:57
ActionParsnip1Sch: howdy10:57
roxannnull, be sure of the error mesage10:57
Schcan anybody tell me how10:57
Schi can find10:57
Schmy friends10:57
smm281If i'm running XP on a VM under ubuntu should XP notice that I am using an Nvidia 8400, it just says generic video10:58
Schi only know the channel name10:58
ActionParsnip1Sch; ease up on the enter key dude10:58
airtonixtarelerulz: its a depressing issue...my next mp3 device will be one that wont require all this guff...shame since the ipoid hardware is awesome..jus the software sucks arse....pretty much why i removed the appleos and used rockbox instead10:58
roxansmm281, no it wont notice10:58
Schcan i move to a rome10:58
Alpha232smm281: it's virtualized10:58
Schwhen i know it's name10:58
ActionParsnip1smm281: you dont get 3d accelleration in virtual systems10:58
roxansmm281, it will only see the svga card10:58
Alpha232smm281: every device is "generic"10:58
nnullroxanƺ i say Save to X configuration file, its pointing at /etc/X11/xorg.conf is this right or?10:58
OmgItsAsharkya know what i love most about ubuntu10:58
Schor do i have to change the network10:58
airtonixtarelerulz: only thing is ...rockbox doesnt do video ... well it does but not as good as the appleos and not easier...10:58
OmgItsAsharki bought a new printer10:58
OmgItsAsharkdidnt install a damn driver10:59
roxanActionParsnip1, smm281 you can get 3 d acceleration. try googling10:59
OmgItsAsharkand it works perfectly10:59
roxannnull are you root?10:59
airtonixtarelerulz: but everything else about rockbox is pretty much awesome10:59
tarelerulzairtonix: I have looked up rockbox and the gui don't look that slick compared to the ui on the ipod.  That to me is the best thing of the ipod.10:59
ActionParsnip1OmgItsAshark: then its very linux friendly10:59
roxanOmgItsAshark, thats ubuntu for you10:59
IntuitiveNipplesmm281: Some VM hypervisors will accelerate OpenGL, for example Qemu is introducing that10:59
zaflewhat is the ibex  channel again?10:59
nnullroxanƺ nope so i need to gksudo it?10:59
Sch.seen haha10:59
ActionParsnip1!intrepid | zafle10:59
ubottuzafle: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!10:59
roxannnull yes10:59
airtonixtarelerulz: the default skin for rockbox is not too god...you should look at the while playing screen themes..10:59
nnullkk i try10:59
Schbye all of ya10:59
smm281XP VM, should I be able to run it in full screen 1280x800, i try enabling full screen but the resolution it gives me does not fit nice on the widescreen laptop11:00
Schi am going to try to find my friends11:00
Schthanks for all11:00
zafleubottu yeah i noticed lol11:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:00
airtonixtarelerulz: the strength of rockbox is that you dont require an itunes application to put music on your ipod...11:00
hischildHello. I have a CD that has a minimal iso burned on it, yet i would like to install ubuntu. I have the ISO on an external drive but i am not able to burn CD's (no empty cd's). Is this possible to do somehow?11:00
Schhave nice day11:00
roxansm281 if you install guest OS tool you can have lots of resolution11:00
nnullroxanƺ seems to of worked find out when i reboot cheers11:00
IntuitiveNipplesmm281: Depends on the hypervisor and what video hardware it emulates, and resolutions supported11:00
nnullim just looking at data encryption, is there a better way then using aespipe mkisofs loop-aes-util's ? 256bit seems like low level encryption? like ssh uses 4096 or something doesn't it? pleeaze explain11:00
smm281Ya, i'm lost, Im using VirtualBoX OSE11:01
roxannnull, you question itself is too tough to emplain :P11:01
tarelerulzairtonix:  I have try looking up media player that are as good as the ipod and not found any.  I mean playing videos in more then one format and audio too and most of all the storage11:01
airtonixtarelerulz: rockbox can also display text files many thousands of pages long ... imo all appleos has over rockbox is the skin, its video and its power management11:01
roxantarelerulz, i like vlc11:01
patokhi, is it possible to use wget as a downloader for apt-get? thx11:01
airtonixroxan: talking in terms of portable players and usage with linux11:01
nnullroxanƺ :x11:02
airtonixpatok: gwget11:02
MuLLeRhow to access hw:0,0 as /dev/dspX ? :)11:02
airtonix!gwget | patok11:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gwget11:02
roxanairtonix, portable?11:02
smm281Im still amazed at how well XP is running in a VM under ubuntu,  other than the screen size I would not no it was a VM11:02
airtonixroxan: portable like an ipod11:02
roxanairtonix, ipod is a hardware.11:02
roxanairtonix, its supposed to b e portable.11:03
tarelerulzairtonix:  I mean  if I did not need to convert myself at all.  that would be great.  that is the one thing that is lame about most media players.  They do mp3 and mpeg4 and that is pretty much it11:03
ActionParsnip1tarelerulz: iriver support ogg vorbis and m3u playlists11:03
tarelerulzmp3 is not big deal it is easy to convert them ,but video converting sucks. it one did xvid would be great11:03
zafletarelerulz a lot  of mp3 players and media players are capable of ogg now11:03
zaflesuch as meizu mini11:04
ActionParsnip1tarelerulz: or you can install rockbox and give your mp3 player some power11:04
linux_hi ppl11:04
gavihey folks, i have a computer which had 256 mb ddr of ram not sure ths side bus speed, but i took it out and replaced it with a 512  ddr 400mhz and i dont feel any improvement. is it because its ddr400?11:04
zaflegavi:  your  comp  should be capable of more tasks now11:04
ActionParsnip1gavi: ram allows more simultaneous tasks as well as less swapping11:04
tarelerulzaudio in ogg is fine ,but I have yet to find one that does audio in more then one format and video too and has 30 gb or 80 like the ipod.  show me that and I am there11:05
ActionParsnip1gavi: cant you have both sticks in?11:05
gavizafle, but i dont notice much of a difference. i removed all the startup keys11:05
patokairtonix: why gwget? apt-get is TUI utility, so I seek for ability to use TUI downloader as well.11:05
airtonixroxan: you misunderstanding the thread of our discussion :)11:05
gaviActionParsnip1, computer acts funny with both together11:05
linux_can some one tell me a software like vista sidebar but in the bat to show me cp usage memory availabel etc... network monitor11:05
zafletarelerulz  check out dapreview.net11:05
gaviwould i expirenec better results with pci2800 or pci320011:05
roxanairtonix, never mind11:05
ActionParsnip1tarelerulz: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/digitalmusic/0,39029995,39191195,00.htm11:05
zaflesorry dapreview.com11:05
ubottuScreenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have !Compiz Fusion, !Beryl, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/11:06
zaflebot is wrong screenlets run without compiz11:06
ActionParsnip1zafle: yeah i thought that11:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about desklets11:06
AlexWis there a mirror tool11:06
AlexWthere used to be on debian?11:07
smm281whats the other program other than screenlets11:07
zafleactionparsnip: i had that  cowon it rocked so  tuff11:07
AlexWu can tick which mirror u want, for cli11:07
airtonixpatok: ah sorry i misunderstood your initial question: yes it is possible...there is a page on ubuntforums that describes how i believe11:07
ActionParsnip1AlexW you can edit /etc/apt/sources.lst11:07
smm281I wanna remove the little vista sticker on my laptop and replace it with an Ubuntu one :D11:07
AlexW:P but there used to be a tool :(11:08
zaflesmm281: know a place  where i could get a sticker11:08
patokairtonix: ok, I'll keep trying to find it ;)11:08
ActionParsnip1smm281: they do exists, you can ven get replacement start keys that have tux on them11:08
airtonixsmm281: some stickers you can print out from gnome-look.org11:08
acybernetixHey every one!11:08
ActionParsnip1hi acybernetix11:08
smm281I want a little tux key instead of the windows key11:09
ActionParsnip1smm281: http://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=2776811:09
=== sander is now known as Rotel
smm281<--is starting to fall in love with ubuntu, i'm a Labview Programmer and I only have access to a windows version at the moment, however now with this VM running I am back in buisness.  Soon as I get some cash i'm getting the linux v ersion11:10
airtonixxtfusion: bored*11:10
MontyMooseAnyone else having any probs with Sendmail through Ubuntu server Lamp distro?11:10
RotelHell all. I want to format my hard drive. But I dont want to quick format it. I want to format it from start to finish as it has errors on the drive.11:10
Rotelooops Hell=Hello11:11
acybernetixxtfusion sucks dick11:11
ActionParsnip1Rotel: like a disk scrubber?11:11
airtonixxtfusion: http://www.google.com.au/search?q=define%3A+board11:11
ActionParsnip1!ohmy | acybernetix11:11
ubottuacybernetix: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:11
Rotelive installed ubuntu 3 times but it only quick formats and leaves the errors on the hdd.11:12
Roteldisk scrubber will do that?11:12
roxanhey do you guys remeber how I can stop window from dragging between workspace11:12
ActionParsnip1Rotel: it removes the data more thoroughly so its harder to recover11:13
Rotelwill it format in ext3 though. Like when you format a windows hdd it does a FULL format.11:14
ActionParsnip1Rotel: then you want mke2fs -j /dev/<name of partition>11:15
ActionParsnip1Rotel: it will blitz the FAT and make it ext3 and create you a journal11:15
ne2k__I have an IT8212 hardware RAID controller running RAID-1, and I would like to find some software for managing it from Linux -- ideally rebuilding a disk but at a minimum just telling me the status of the two disks, so that I can actually know if one of them fails!11:16
Rotelits already ext3 but yeah I ill give that a try. thanks11:16
airtonixA music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.11:16
airtonixA music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.11:16
airtonixA music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.11:16
airtonixA music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.11:16
FloodBot2airtonix: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:16
airtonixso i spose the button here iwth a missing icon is the 'send' button lol11:17
ActionParsnip1Rotel: the command will wipe the partition clean so backup anything you need off it11:17
ne2k__I have an IT8212 hardware RAID controller running RAID-1, and I would like to find some software for managing it from Linux -- ideally rebuilding a disk but at a minimum just telling me the status of the two disks, so that I can actually know if one of them fails! (sorry if this is a duplicate -- i hadn't registered before and not sure if my message got through)11:19
ActionParsnip1!raid | ne2k__11:19
ubottune2k__: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:19
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RotelSIGH. can I have that command again to format my hdd please. I closed this before I wrote it down.. DUH!!11:20
ne2k__ActionParsnip1: thanks, that's really helpful -- the page doesn't exist! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto11:20
ActionParsnip1Rotel: sudo mke2fs -j /dev/<name of partition>11:20
airtonixrotel: mke2fs -j /dev/<name of partition>11:20
ActionParsnip1Rotel: you can get the name of thepartition with sudo fdisk -l11:20
airtonixto slow....:(11:20
ne2k__ActionParsnip1: that will not do a low-level format of a partition11:20
Rotellow level. are you crazy..11:21
ActionParsnip1Rotel: if you want that then sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<partition name>11:21
ActionParsnip1Rotel: that will hammer zeros all along the partition11:22
Roteli just want a full format and not a quick format as the ubuntu live CD only does11:22
bullgard4Why does  "Search for Files" not find 'places.sqlite' although locate finds 3 files? "Search for Files" searches the whole file system.11:23
ActionParsnip1Rotel: make it ext3 then echo zeros to the partition11:23
ne2k__Rotel: I think what you want is mke2fs -j -c -c /dev/hdXX11:23
ActionParsnip1bullgard4: maybe its some option. I always use find in command line11:23
ne2k__Rotel: that will do a bad block test with slower, read-write testing11:23
Rotelthe problem is ive installed ubuntu. then installed and APTonCD update that was made and it crashes with the hard drive having a read error. I can hear it grinding away. so the full format should, i hope, fix that.11:24
ActionParsnip1Rotel: sounds like the drive is dying11:24
Rotelgreat that should help me decide if it needs replacing11:24
ActionParsnip1Rotel: you could get the drive tester from the manufacturers site to fully test it11:25
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hatem1im new to linux and ubuntu11:26
ActionParsnip1Rotel: on the ultimatebootcd there are tools from multiple hard drive vendors to test their hardware as well as other great tools, but if you want you can just go to the website of the manufacturer of your drive and get the tester11:26
hatem1and im having the lag problem11:26
hatem1im running ubuntu 8.0411:26
ne2k__Rotel: yes; when the filesystem is created it should mark the bad blocks in the filesystem structure and those parts of the disk should be ignored11:26
RotelOH. i have that somewhere11:26
ActionParsnip1hatem1: wassup?11:26
ActionParsnip1Rotel: ultimatebootcd is AWESOME11:27
ne2k__Rotel: I'm not sure if there is an additional option needed to enable that, though -- can anyone verify that that happens automatically?11:27
hatem1i hope u undrastanded my problem11:27
ActionParsnip1hatem1: ask away11:27
hatem1its like lag that doesnt stop unless i power off the pc11:27
hatem1when i watch divx video on firefox for example11:27
hatem1when i update11:27
hatem1when i open application manager11:28
hatem1when i try to install new stuff11:28
hatem1ubuntu lags11:28
hatem1my specs are procceser 900 and somthin ram is 512 mb11:28
hatem1hard is 60 gb11:28
mib_v35jjhpruuuhhhh... anyone have any luck getting wide screen resolutions higher than 1280 on lat D630 intel GMA11:29
hatem1and my video driver is intel11:29
ActionParsnip1hatem1: are you fuly updated?11:29
bullgard4ActionParsnip1: Yes, may be it is an option. Sorry that you did not tell me which one. I have tried them all.11:30
Rotelah. you said ultimatebootcd. hahaha Ive got ultimatebootdisk which is a floppy. Downloading the CD. One more tool for the toolbox.11:30
jatthow do I create a shortcut for a directory in nautilus? I want the shortcut to be shown in the Desktop directory.11:30
ActionParsnip1bullgard4: assup man?11:30
mib_v35jjhprclick and drag jatt?11:30
ActionParsnip1jatt: cd ~/Desktop; ln -s /path/to/folder11:31
hatem1ActionParsnip i made a pm 4 u hope you will talk 2 me there11:31
hatem1and help me with my thing11:31
jattmib_v35jjhpr: drag and drop does copy/move the directory doesn't?11:31
ActionParsnip1jatt: my solution creates a symbolic link (like shortcut in windows)11:32
mib_v35jjhprdepends, if it's from a folder yeah, but from panel menu it creates a link11:33
jattActionParsnip1: I don't want to use the shell for that but nautilus.