tonibuntui have installed ubuntu 6.06 on my friends machine that crashed it's windows.  i tryed and tried to install hardy, but it would never get past the login screen, where it would go all black and not progress.  so i'm kind of nervous now about upgrading through the update manager, cause i don't know if the newer version has some incompatibility with his dell dimension 2400.  any thoughts?  oh,...00:12
tonibuntu...and question; i don't see 'software sources' in his menu, just 'software properties' which doesn't seem to be the same thing.00:12
RandomDestructnI can't help you with this.  but if your issue is with ubuntu and not xubuntu, I'd try the ubuntu help channel.  Its much busier00:17
tonibuntuRandomDestructn: ya, too busy sometimes hard to keep up with a conversation ...00:25
RandomDestructnyeah i know what you mean00:25
RandomDestructnive often wished there was a downgrade option00:26
RandomDestructnso you could just test this stuff00:26
stwestonhello, everyone00:26
stweston... can anyone read this?00:27
charlie-tcastweston: yes00:27
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:27
stwestonI have a problem installing xubuntu...00:28
stwestonso... IS anyone willing to help?00:28
charlie-tcaWhat is the problem, stweston00:29
stwestonI need help on finding my cd-rom driver.01:09
stwestoncan anyone help me find my cd-rom driver?01:10
cody-somervilleone sec01:10
cody-somervillestweston, Okay01:11
cody-somervilleYou already have it01:11
stwestonwhere? how?01:11
_i_lovehow do i make a folder link to another folder01:11
cody-somerville_i_love, symlinks01:12
stwestonso why is it that I already have the driver?01:12
stwestoner... how do you know?01:12
cody-somervillestweston, Most linux distributions ship the cdrom driver, naturally, by default01:12
stwestonI see.01:13
stwestonwell, I need to find my cdrom driver.01:13
_i_lovecody-somerville, i cant find a man page for that01:13
charlie-tcacody-somerville: This one fails during install as not finding the cdrom driver01:14
_i_lovehow do i use symlinks01:15
charlie-tcaI was working with stweston and don't know how to tell it which driver to use.01:15
cody-somervilleWhat kind of cdrom drive do you have?01:15
stwestonI believe it's csa01:15
cody-somervilleWhats the make and model?01:15
stwestonI don't know that. should I go ask my dad?01:15
stwestonif I do, I'd have to warn you, he may not know either. may have just bought it because he needed it.01:16
stwestonthe model is CDR-1300A01:16
stwestonsorry. duh.01:17
stwestonstupidity on my part for not looking correctly.01:17
cody-somervillestweston, do you have more than one cdrom drive?01:17
stwestonno. only one.01:17
stwestonshould we enter your chat or whatever it's called?01:18
cody-somervilleenter what?01:18
stwestonyour IRC thing.01:18
stwestonjust by clicking on your name... I don't know. it's kinda hard to explain when there are so many platforms for IRC.01:18
stwestonyour channel... I don't know.01:20
stwestonwell, I don't know how to send private messaged things...01:21
stweston@cody-somerville, test, test...01:21
cody-somervilleWe talk in this channel so other people can benefit01:22
stwestonhow does that work? the little private-type thing.01:22
stwestonI get it.01:22
stwestonso, my question, then, is: where do I find the CSA CDR-1300A Driver for linux?01:22
cody-somervilleThere is none01:22
cody-somervilleLinux has a generic cdrom driver01:23
cody-somervilleYour issue isn't a driver01:23
stwestonI see.01:23
stwestonit's not?01:23
stwestonoh, right...01:23
stwestonthe disk failed to mount.01:23
stwestonI'm trying to install ubuntu server, later w/ a xubuntu gui01:23
cody-somervilleYou'll want to join #ubuntu-installer (and probably during European working hours) and ask there.01:23
stwestonI see.01:23
stwestonwhy's that?01:23
stwestonok. I"m there. thanks, anyway, cody-somerville01:25
ron_oegads, my internet connection is just so incredibly slow.01:47
ron_oit took me 26 seconds to pink Google 3 times.01:47
ron_oI don't know what happened.01:47
ron_oI did mess around with some services, but I reinstated all of them.. I think that's the only thing I could have messed with.01:51
charlie-tcaDid you reboot after reinstating those services? You could restart networking, maybe.01:52
ron_oI rebooted just now.01:57
ron_oI tried to restart my modem too.01:57
ron_oand restart networking manually.01:57
ron_oI just don't get it.01:57
ron_oall of a sudden it died.01:57
ron_oif I turned my modem off for a night would I get a new IP address tomorrow?01:57
ron_onot died, but really crawled which is worse in many ways.01:58
charlie-tcaYou may, it depends on how often the ISP renews them. Mine stays the same for months, sometimes01:58
ron_omaybe that could be it.01:59
ron_oI mean, maybe .. probably not.01:59
ron_oover a minute and this is only half loaded: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1843168,00.html?iid=digg_share02:00
ron_oplenty of space on me hard drive.. hmmm02:02
ron_oahh, I'll put in me live CD and see if it's me connection or not. ;->02:15
ron_owow, I love linux. :)02:15
* flyback starts to microsleep while ircing due to lack of sleep the night before02:34
ron_oI'm convinced it's my connection that's the problem.02:47
ron_othere are still some issues I am having with my internet connections via my web browsers even while using puppy linux.02:48
ron_oI'll wait it out and see if it's still occuring tomorrow.02:48
tonibuntuguys i have downloaded the tar.gz of flash, to the archive manager, but i don't know how to complete the install, can someone help plz03:02
* flyback goodnight03:03
tonibuntudo i have to specify a location in the gui?03:03
tonibuntuto extract to, i mean03:03
tonibuntuor should i have saved the flash file to the desktop first?03:05
charlie-tcaWhy not use the package in the repository? maybe this will help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash03:06
tonibuntuthanks, lemme check it out03:08
charlie-tcanp :)03:08
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
stwestonthat was fast, wasn't it?04:02
Ultraputzi was unprepared :-)04:02
stwestonI see.04:02
Ultraputzstrange issue, using luks/cryptsetup -- when i boot, sometimes it goes straight to the password prompt as expected, other times, it hangs. rebooting, going to grub and choosing the oldest revision kernal, it comes up directly.04:02
stwestonI don't really know how to help... sorry. I'm not an expert, just hanging around, I guess.04:03
Ultraputzquite alright04:03
stwestonbut... are you more experienced than me?04:03
Ultraputzyou're not getting paid to be here, so you have no specific responsibilities :-)04:04
stwestonbecause I'm having a problem of my own.04:04
stwestonI know.04:04
Ultraputzi can try.04:04
stwestonall right... this may be a bit out-of-context, so please forgive me. Nobody at ubuntu-installer can help, because they're not responding.04:04
stwestonSo, I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server, see?...04:05
stwestonand I'm having trouble mounting my CD-R drive.04:05
Ultraputzwhat do you mean mounting it?04:05
Ultraputzare you trying to install over anothe rinstallation?04:05
stwestonwell, the installer can't mount the drive.04:05
Ultraputzwhat kind of machine is it ?04:05
stwestonit can't find it. all the hardware is connected and everything...04:05
stwestonmy dad built it, so I can't say a brand, specifically.04:06
Ultraputzthat's actualyl helpful :-)04:06
stwestonit is?04:06
Ultraputzdo you know how the CD ROM is connected?04:06
stwestonoh, yeah. duh...04:06
stwestonit is.04:06
stwestonoh! it's an IDE drive.04:06
Ultraputzyes, if he built it, then it's not likely to be a dell, hp or anythin g else especially retarded.04:06
Ultraputzok, that's even better.04:06
Ultraputzit increases the possilibity that it's a generic, well supported component.04:07
stwestonI see.04:07
Ultraputzif you have something like a weird laptop with a proprietary cd or floppy drive, there's a chance that it isn't supported, or it's difficult to get running.04:07
Ultraputzi assume you can boot off of the cd rom?04:07
Ultraputzlike with a windows install cd?04:07
stwestonwell, it's the server version. yes, I think...04:07
stwestonit's working right now.04:08
Ultraputzare you under windows or ubu ?04:08
Ultraputzmacos x04:08
Ultraputzcolloquy rocks. :-)04:08
Ultraputzi'm trying to establish where w'ere at with the hardware so:04:08
stwestonI'm actually under OS X right now, but this is my other computer. and yes, I'm even using colloquy! waht a cooincidince!04:08
Ultraputzthe machine boots, adn can boot from a cdrom, and the cdrom is available normally under windows?04:09
stwestonwindows 9804:09
Ultraputzbetter yet. older hardware.04:09
stwestonto be precise, SE04:09
stwestonwhy is that better?04:09
Ultraputzbut you cannot boot off of the ubuntu install?04:09
Ultraputzthe older and more generic the hardware, the better chance t's supported.04:09
Ultraputzthings in the linux world get done because someone that can do them, does.04:10
stwestonwell, it boots, it gets to the installer, and then, when trying to mount the CD drive...04:10
stwestonI see.04:10
stwestonit just stops... kind of.04:10
stwestonI'm at the error page right now, and here's the error:...04:10
stweston"no common CD-ROM drive was detected"...04:10
Ultraputzdo you know if the cd rom and an hdd share an ide cable in the machine?04:11
stweston... "load CD-ROM drivers from a floppy?" <yes> or <no>04:11
Ultraputzif possible, something you might do in the mean time to speed things along is download a "livecd" and burn it, and see if you can boot and run from it on the machine04:11
stwestonyes. they do. I also know, that the HDD is on the Master, and the CDR is on the slave...04:12
stwestonI'm installing Ubuntu Server, if you remember.04:12
Ultraputzi understand04:12
stwestonI'll install the xubuntu GUI later.04:12
stwestonthen again... my download only has about 10 minutes left...04:12
Ultraputza livecd boots and runs and lives on the cd, doesn't touch the internal hdd unless you ask it to.04:12
stwestonI know. but Server doesn't have a LiveCD. only the Alternate install.04:13
Ultraputzone thing you could try is rebooting the machine, going into the bios, and see if you can get at the cd rom (ide) controller setup04:13
stwestonI've tried, I think.04:13
Ultraputztry toggling between auto and enhanced mode. eg, if it's auto, switch it to enhanced, reboot, and see if that works04:13
stwestonhow would I do that? I have award.04:13
Ultraputzi don't know. it depends on the machine04:13
stwestonfrom 2000. it's 1013, to be exact.04:13
Ultraputzprobably f8 right as the thing boots04:14
stwestonno. it's del.04:14
Ultraputzit should tell you in the corner of the screen , "press x to enter setup/bios" somethign ike that04:14
Ultraputzdel it is04:14
stwestonshall I restart? ctrl+alt+del?04:14
Ultraputzdo note that you want to only adjust the cd rom setting, don't futz with the hdd settings04:14
Ultraputzsave the settings first04:14
Ultraputzit should have a 'save and exit' option04:14
Ultraputzand that will reboot the machine04:14
stwestonI know.04:14
stwestonI've done that before.04:15
stwestonmany times - countless times, even!04:15
stwestonI'll go restart.04:15
Ultraputzi don't know what you know, so i have to assume you're an idiot :-) don't be offended :-)04:15
stwestonoh. ok04:15
stwestonthanks for clarifying.04:15
Ultraputzhave you ever worked tech support?04:15
stwestonI'm just kind of a volunteer, at best.04:16
stwestonI ask questions and get them answered.04:16
stwestonok... I"m in BIOS.04:16
Ultraputzif you do, you'll understand that you start by assuming the person on the other end has just dropped off of the moon and never seen a computer before, and go from there :-)04:16
stwestonwhich option do I want?04:16
stwestonok... I see.04:16
Ultraputzwhich options are available?04:16
stwestonlots. lol04:17
Ultraputzi can't see your screen, and there are many different bisoes and bios interfaces04:17
Ultraputzunless you can point a webcam at the screen that can see it, you'll need to tell me what you're seeing04:17
stwestonI have a webcam, though!04:17
Ultraputzi was being faecetious. start typing. :-)04:17
stwestonok. fine.04:17
stwestonanyway... I see that there's the HDD Sequence SCSI/IDE first; doubt that's it.04:18
stwestonit has 2 options: IDE and SCSI04:18
stwestonit's on IDE right now, probably shouldn't tamper with it.04:18
Ultraputzdoes that have any extra options that comes up when you select it?04:18
stwestonHDD SMART capability? and no.04:18
Ultraputzyou said award 1101 ?04:19
stwestonthere's enabled and disabled.04:19
stwestonno. it's Award 101304:19
stwestonand by the way: do you know how to open Torrent downloads, or do they just save the file when done downloading? I'm trying to get a Xubuntu install CD ready.04:20
Ultraputzno, you need a torrent client to downloa da torrent04:20
stwestonI have that.04:20
Ultraputzbtw, if you're working with older hardware, you may find it wise to grab the Alternate versions04:20
Ultraputzonce the torrent is loaded and and started, it should go pretty fast04:21
stwestonI have a plethora of RAM and Hard-drive space.04:21
Ultraputzwhat client are you using?:04:21
stwestonIt is loaded.04:21
Ultraputzif you;re using a mac, i'd recommend transmission.app04:21
stwestonit's almost downloaded, even.04:21
stwestonoh... I have vuze.04:21
stwestonsorry. it's almost done downloading the actual ISO file.04:21
stwestonI think.04:21
Ultraputzin the preferences is an option to set the download folder, you could look there to see what it's pointing at04:21
Ultraputzwhen the torrent finishing downloading, it will check to make sure the file is correct, then it should appear as 'seeding' or 'complete'04:22
stwestonall right.04:22
stwestonand about half a minute now!04:22
stwestonanyway... back to Linux.04:22
Ultraputzany reason you plan do both ubuntu server and xfce (xubuntu gui) ?04:23
stwestonwell, I don't know the command line that well, so I need a GUI. since this is an oldish machine, I need something that it can support.04:23
stwestonthat's pretty much why.04:23
Ultraputzhrm. the gui is not going to make the server features any easier to use for the most part...04:24
Ultraputzand running an x server does introduce some security issues for a server.04:24
Ultraputzand finally, it's not hard, just tedious, to learn how to do it from the command line04:24
stwestonsorry. what are you saying?04:24
Ultraputzyou certainly type fast enough04:24
stwestonlol. I know.04:24
Ultraputzxfce is a window manager and desktop suite04:24
Ultraputzit runs under "x windows"04:24
stwestonI see.04:24
Ultraputzx windows is a protocol, like telnet and http are protocols04:25
stwestonlike some in OS X?04:25
Ultraputzx servers are network application04:25
Ultraputzx was designed so that programs running on one computer would be accessible, graphically, from a remote system04:25
Ultraputzso the windows menus mouse and keybaord are machine a, while the program is running on machine b04:25
stwestonall right.04:25
stwestonI think I got it.04:25
Ultraputzbut the x server itself doesn't do anything for you04:25
Ultraputzthat's what XFCE is04:25
stwestonone second while I go get a CD to burn this ISO file.04:26
Ultraputz(or metacity, or whatever window manager you'd like)04:26
stwestonwait. so, does this mean that the gui won't do anything to the server settings at all? I can't edit anything with the GUI?04:26
Ultraputzyou can edit files and things with the graphical interface04:26
stwestonoh, good.04:27
Ultraputzusing graphical text editors and so on04:27
stwestonall right.04:27
Ultraputzand there are a few graphical config tools04:27
stwestonso, then Apache, PHP, etc work fine?04:27
Ultraputz... what is this server going to be used for /04:27
Ultraputzi have apache2, python and mysql running on a desktop ubuntu install04:27
stweston1 second while I go get a CD to burn.04:28
stwestonand literally BURN!!! (no, not really)04:28
Ultraputzbasically, a webserver is a security problem.04:28
Ultraputztake your time, i'll keep writing04:28
Ultraputzgenerally, when you want to run a server for a particular purpose, esp. if you're concerned about security, you run only what you absolutely must have to do so04:29
stwestonI see.04:29
Ultraputz;if you're just fooling around, it's no big deal, really04:29
stwestonwell, what if I actually need a GUI?04:30
Ultraputzbut if you're thinking of anything that is going to get any real traffic or attention, you'll want to consider what i said above04:30
Ultraputzwhat do you need a GUI for?04:30
Ultraputzwhat do you imagine you'll be doing that makes a gui imperative?04:30
stwestonto navigate around and understand what I'm doing.04:30
stwestonI'm very graphical-orientied.04:30
Ultraputzit's seriously not hard to use the command line to do that.04:30
stwestonwell, then I'll need to learn as I go or something like that...04:31
Ultraputzand, you have multiple consoles...04:31
Ultraputzso you can switch between different text screens, like non-overlapping windows04:31
Ultraputzyou can use the mouse to select and copy text, as well.04:31
stwestonlike, alt+f1, f2, etc?04:31
Ultraputzthat's the console switch04:31
stwestonI didn't know I could use the mouse...04:31
stweston(I'm a real newbie)04:31
Ultraputzno one is born knowing linux :-)04:32
Ultraputzonce you get your screen up, the only things you need to know in the very beginning are how to change directories to move around through the file system04:32
stwestonwell, I'm going to burn this CD, simply for the future, if need be.04:32
Ultraputzls lists the files in the current directory04:32
stwestonall right.04:32
Ultraputzcd <directory> changes into a new directory below04:32
Ultraputzcd .. changes to the directory above04:32
stwestonlike in DOS04:32
Ultraputzexactly like dos04:32
Ultraputzexcept the directory slashes go forward04:33
Ultraputzinstead of C:\mssucks\msreallysucks04:33
Ultraputzit's /home/happyuser/04:33
stwestonI knew that much. the \ was just a gimmick... I get that! LOL04:33
Ultraputzthe most important things to know after that are:04:33
Ultraputzman is "manual"04:33
Ultraputzso if you type "man ls" it will tell you everything about the "ls" command04:34
Ultraputzyou will learn therein that "ls -al" will show you all the files in the directory, including hidden ones04:34
stwestoncould you please help me with this server isntall?04:34
Ultraputzyou need to be able to boot the image cd from the cd rom04:34
Ultraputzif you can't get that far, there's not much i can do to help04:34
stwestonI'm lost. sorry. where were we?04:34
Ultraputzi thought we were in the bios last i looked04:35
stwestonoh, yes.04:35
Ultraputzand you were burning a xubuntu cd ?04:35
stwestonoh, that too.04:35
Ultraputzi recommended that you look into the xubuntu - alternate04:35
stwestonwell, I don't really need that... I just need the server, methinks.04:35
Ultraputzi certainly hope so!04:35
Ultraputzbut if we're wrong, it's not hard to go from there.04:35
stwestonbut I'll burn the xubuntu cd anyway, just for future need.04:35
Ultraputzthere is some kind of install-in-place app...04:36
Ultraputzit's a program that runs under windows04:36
Ultraputzand installs linux over the network04:36
stwestonoh? does it write over windows, too?04:36
Ultraputzi used it on a friend's compaq, and did a perfect ubuntu desktop install04:36
stweston'cuz I don't need windows, much less want it.04:36
Ultraputzhowever, i don't know if it works with server.04:37
stwestonaah. nevermind, then.04:37
stwestonI'll just try the regular install. I have the CD and everything.04:37
Ultraputzdon't give up so easy, or you'll never have a working linux server :-)04:37
Ultraputzneed to look...04:37
stwestonI know.04:37
stwestonso, I have the CD in and everything. which BIOS setting do I change, then?04:38
Ultraputzi don't know...04:38
Ultraputzthere should be an option to define how the cdrom interface is configured04:38
Ultraputzif the thing is from 2000, it's modern enough to have such settings04:38
stwestonwell, the BIOS VERSION is from 2000. the motherboard is from ;9804:39
Ultraputzi have no idea what your bios screen looks like,so i don't know where to tell you tlook, other than anything that talks about more options,more choices,advanced settings, ide settings...04:39
Ultraputzeven so, it should have it.04:39
stwestonoh. ok04:39
stwestonall right...04:39
stwestonmaybe it's in CMOS?04:39
stwestonthe standard CMOS setup?04:40
UltraputzCMOS / BIOS are the same thing as far as setup goes.04:40
Ultraputzhttp://wubi-installer.org/ is the installer that works without a CD04:40
stwestonall right...04:40
stwestonwell, I only have a 4.3gb HDD04:41
stwestonI can't use WUBI without having a bigger HDD.04:41
stwestonI'm sorry if this is frusturating.04:41
stwestonwhat about the IDE HDD Auto Detection?04:42
Ultraputzthat's what we're interested in...04:42
stwestonin the main menu?04:42
Ultraputzyou have everything set up to autodetect?04:42
stwestonI don't know... I'll go there and check.04:43
stwestonit's blinking "Primary Master"04:43
stwestonand that's the HDD>04:43
Ultraputzthat should be correct04:43
stwestonthe Primary Slave is the CDR04:43
Ultraputzthat should also be correct04:43
Ultraputzdoes it have extended settings?04:43
stwestonok. then nevermind.04:43
Ultraputzif you select Primary Slave... does it show other options?04:43
stwestonoh... this isn't a menu. sorry.04:44
stwestonit's a config setup thing.04:44
stwestonat the bottom it says "Note: some OSes like UNIX must use "normal" for installation.04:44
stwestonfinally something I can use!04:45
stweston(I love wikipedia...)04:45
Ultraputzif you use the arrow keys...04:45
Ultraputzcan you cycle settings for normal/enhanced/auto on primary slave?04:45
stwestonyes. I think.04:46
stwestonwell, there's "normal"... let me check.04:46
Ultraputzthere's also this04:46
stwestonno... there's "LBA", "Normal" and "large"04:46
Ultraputzoh mai04:46
Ultraputzdefinitely look at that last url04:46
stwestonall right.04:46
Ultraputzthis may get you around the issue entirely.04:46
stwestonwell... this is.. interesting.04:47
Ultraputzif it's a server, it probably won't need the cd-rom04:48
stwestonbut I don't really understand it, at a glance.04:48
Ultraputzso if you can just dodge the bullet04:48
Ultraputzyou'll need to actually read it04:48
stwestonoh... lol. right.04:48
stwestonso, it works on Windows 98, then.04:48
stwestonwhich is my windows OS04:48
Ultraputz95 through vista it sez04:49
Ultraputzso, yes04:49
stwestonall right04:49
Ultraputzwhat i would recommend...04:49
Ultraputzis that you install regular xubuntu...04:49
Ultraputzget to know the system04:49
Ultraputztry setting up apache, etc.04:49
stwestonthe broadband connection... does that work with Wireless B Wi-Fi?04:49
Ultraputzand once you get the hang of it, you can reinstall server from scratch and know precisely how to do it04:50
stwestonbecause that might be slow for me...04:50
Ultraputzgood question04:50
stwestonaah. I see.04:50
Ultraputzwhether or not it works with wifi is a good question04:50
Ultraputzi would assume it does, but i'd read carefully to see that it does.04:50
stwestonall right.04:50
Ultraputzif you don't have a network cable handy for the thing...04:50
Ultraputzand the mac is on via wifi04:51
Ultraputzyou could set up connection sharing on the mac, and then use a crossover cable to connect the mac to the ethernet jack on the to-be ubuntu box04:51
stwestonoh, yeah!04:51
stwestongood idea04:51
stwestonI'll go see if I can borrow a couple (or just one) ethernet cable.04:52
Ultraputzi was, until around february, a macuser myself.04:52
stwestonwhat changed?04:52
stwestonoh... linux. duh04:52
Ultraputzthen i switched to ubuntu and xubuntu, and i don't miss the mac for anything except Vectorworks and mathematica04:52
stwestonwell, I like the concept of Ubuntu and all, but I really need my mac. I just bought it this summer...04:53
stwestonbut I'll still play around with it.04:53
Ultraputzi'm not saying dump your mac04:53
Ultraputzi'm saying learn ubuntu :-)04:53
stwestonand make a bunch of failed attempts at servers... LOL04:53
stwestonok. sounds good.04:53
Ultraputzif you're patient and thorough, you'll kick ass at this in a few months04:54
stwestonwow - double in-context!04:54
Ultraputzand it's a skill that can serve you for years.04:54
Ultraputzyou can be good to go on the basics on day 1 with ubuntu server04:54
stwestonwell, then..04:54
Ultraputzbut you _will_ have to do some configuring here and there.04:54
stwestongood point.04:54
Ultraputzand even with the gui, you'll still be using the terminal, which is command line04:54
stwestonsay... I don't suppose you have an e-mail address, do you?04:55
Ultraputzi've found that people who start learning linux from trom the command line learn it better and faster, and then can do a lot more with the gui when (and if) they get around to using one04:55
stwestonI won't, like, steal anything or whatever... just want to contact for quick access.04:55
Ultraputzhow about aim/gtalk or something like that?04:55
Ultraputzdo you have an ichat/aim id04:55
stwestonI have an AIM address. i also have Gmail.04:55
stwestonwhich do you prefer?04:56
Ultraputzdon't post it into this channel04:56
stwestonoh. ok04:56
Ultraputzit's publicly visible via web04:56
stwestonshould I go into a private channel?04:56
stwestongood point.04:56
Ultraputzwhich means if you post it, it could be eaten up by a crawler and add to your spam issues.04:56
stwestonI already kind of am...04:56
Ultraputzdid you see the email address i just sent?04:56
Ultraputzso don't make it worse :-)04:56
stwestonI don't really understand it, but that's for another place.04:57
Ultraputzgoogle explores the web by going to a site, looking at the links, following them, and repeating until death04:57
stwestonaah. good point.04:58
Ultraputza spambot does th same thing, except rather than indexing the pages for search, it looks for email addresses, aim/instant messenger handles, myspace usernames, etc.04:58
Ultraputzmost irc channels do not log to the web, but this one is for xubuntu support, and so it's a good idea to log it so that people searching the web might find solutions to problems worked out here in the channel04:59
stwestonaah. I see.04:59
stwestonwow. look at the time! it's already 11 PM!05:00
stwestonI'll see you on IM'ing.05:00
=== bloodoby is now known as bloodboy
stwestonhello. is anyone there?06:12
stwestonI'm trying to install a xubuntu system, but it always gives me an "intramfs" prompt.06:13
stwestonI'm at the CD boot screen right now.06:14
stwestoncan anyone help?06:14
flybackwhat do you mean06:18
stwestonwell, I'm at the load screen, after I start the CD and it boots and everything, when I select how I want to proceed... such as "try xubuntu", "install", etc.06:19
paul928and then?06:20
stwestonand then, well...06:20
stwestonI select "try xubuntu"...06:20
stwestonand it loads the kernel... I'll do that right now, by the way.06:20
stwestonwell, now it's loading...06:20
stwestonassuming ACPI-capable machine...06:21
stwestonusplash theme loader.06:21
stwestonI can hear the CD drive working, along with the floppy06:21
stweston(floppy has nothing in it, btw)06:21
stwestonand now...06:21
stwestonit only says "busybox .... built-in shell... enter "help" for a list of built-in commands..."06:22
stwestonthe floppy drive.06:22
paul928what version of xubuntu is this?06:22
stwestonthe line starts with (initramfs)06:22
paul928did you check the cd for errors?06:23
stwestonwell, the thing is... the same thing happens after loading the kernel.. it won't check for errors.06:23
stwestonno matter which option, it doesn't wokr.06:24
stwestonI've even tried some stuff from the help forums for pressing F6, but nothing there works either.06:24
paul928that's one of the options that shows when you have "install xubuntu" or try xubuntu06:24
stwestonyes. I know.06:24
stwestonI tried that, and it didn't wokr.06:25
stweston(you know what I mean...)06:25
paul928and you tried to check disk integrity?06:25
stwestondisk integrity?06:25
stwestonoh. the md5sum?06:25
paul928the "check cdrom for errors" option06:25
stwestonyes. I checked, but it got the initramfs prompt06:26
stwestoneven there.06:26
stwestonI mean, while it was checking, it got the prompt06:26
paul928I would try a different cd or maybe download it again and burn another06:26
paul928sounds like a faulty cdromto me06:27
stwestonwell, I tried this twice, on two different CDs, but neither worked. both the same way.06:27
paul928and burn it at the slowest speed available06:27
stwestonand I've even tried Ubuntu Server, but that didn't work. I burned at 10x speed (slowest)06:28
stwestonUbuntu server had a different problem, though06:28
paul928what problem did it show?06:28
stwestonit wouldn't mount the CDR drive.06:28
stwestonit's an IDE, by the way.06:28
paul928it wouldn't mount the cd to boot from it?06:29
stwestonno. it booted from it, I even got to selecting the keyboard..06:29
stwestonbut it couldn't find the CDR drive after that.06:29
stwestonit always does the same thing.06:29
paul928what are the specs of the hardware that you are trying to install on?06:30
stwestonI'm running an old PC made by my dad.06:30
paul928how much RAM?06:30
stwestonenough to power a motorcycle... (bad metaphor)06:31
stwestonit's got 450 meg.06:31
paul928450 MB? that's a unusual amount06:32
stwestonand a 4.3Gig HDD, for reference.06:32
stwestonwell, it's in various amounts of sticks.06:32
stwestona 256, for sure, and a few more.06:32
paul928the HDD is all available?06:32
stwestonI think a 128 and a couple others.06:32
paul928and did you try a memtest?06:32
stwestonyes. I can boot from Windows 98 just fine and it detects the CDR.06:32
stwestonI didn't try a memtest... I should, I suppose.06:33
paul928I would just to rule out that problem06:33
stwestonoh... why?06:33
stwestonit's testing06:33
paul928memory errors can cause all kinds of strange things06:34
flybackyeah let memtest run overnight06:34
flybackor till it errors06:34
paul928if you're running memtest now, how much memory does it show present?06:34
stwestonit shows 440M06:35
paul928that should be more than enough RAM if it is working correctly06:36
stwestonoh. ok...06:36
stwestonwell, then what do you propose is the problem?06:36
paul928since it failed on 2 different installs, I would think that rules out a faulty cdrom06:37
paul928unless you're just very unlucky06:37
stwestonwhat do you mean by "rules out"?06:37
paul928I'd wait and see what memtest shows06:38
stwestonhow long does it usually take?06:38
paul928normally you'd have to be very unlucky to have to cdrom's fail if you burnt them both atr low rates06:38
stwestonI guess I'll have to ask my dad about if he has any other CDROM drives.06:39
paul928memtest speed depends on the amount of installed RAM, the speed of the RAM and the speed of the processor06:39
flybackwhat cpu is this06:40
paul928It can take several minutes to several hours06:40
* flyback has another reason that might rule out the whole box as not usuable06:40
stwestonOkay. I think it's maybe PII or PIII... Ok, because that was my initial thought: that the CDR was bad, and he said no.06:40
paul928flyback: what?06:40
stwestonthe processor is maybe PII or PIII06:40
flybackbad caps06:41
flybackany idea what board is in it06:41
stwestonI just updated the BIOS yesterday...06:41
stwestonit's an ASUS motherboard with Award BIOS in it. year 200006:41
stwestonupgraded from '9806:42
paul928so probably a pll?06:42
stwestonok, what does that mean?06:42
flybackcheck all the capacitors06:44
paul928don't know about the current versions, but I had Ubuntu 4.04 running on a pll several years ago and with less RAM06:44
flybackif any of them have crusty shit coming out of the top or bottom06:44
flybackor the tops aren't flat06:44
flybackit's over06:44
* flyback goes to find a guide06:44
stwestonso, what does this all mean?06:45
paul928I doubt if it would be a bad capacitor problem if it will bootinto win9806:46
flybackactually it might06:46
flybackwin9x allowed a lot of bit erroring before it would crash06:46
stwestonwhy might it be?06:46
flybackactyally you couldn't tell from normal win9x operation06:46
stwestonwhere could I find these caps?06:47
paul928the capacitors that he's talking about are located on the motherboard06:48
stwestonok. I'll check.06:48
stwestonnothing like that gunky stuff on it.06:49
flybacktops flat?06:49
flybackwhat brand are the cas06:49
stwestonI believe.06:49
stwestonoh. caps.06:49
stwestonI think I'm seeing asus, but I may need better light.06:50
flybackasus doesn't make caps06:50
stwestonit's aztech.06:50
stwestonI think06:50
flybackit says on the cap06:51
stwestonelna? sound right? and the caps ARE flat.06:51
stwestoncould be06:52
* flyback pukes06:52
stwestonwhat does "Canuck" mean?06:52
stwestonI'm sorry if I come across as an idiot to you.06:52
flybackyou aren't an idiot :)06:53
paul928stweston: no you have a very valid problem06:53
stwestonoh. good06:53
stwestonthen, what's my problem06:53
paul928how is memtest doing?06:53
stwestonit's holding up well..06:54
paul928no errors reported so far?06:54
flybackOH ELNA06:54
flybackelna is a good brand06:54
stwestonpass 22%, test at 55%...06:54
stwestonno errors06:54
stwestoncaps-happy much, flyback?06:55
stwestonok. LOL06:55
flybackthose are an ok brand if they are elna06:55
stwestonall right. that's what I saw from close up06:55
stwestonwhy does the brand matter?06:55
flybackbecause a bunch of cock suckers started buying the fluid from a bunch of cock sucking chinks who stole it then stole it from each other and got it wrong06:56
flybackthe fluid destabilizes when charged and builds up gas06:56
stwestonwait - I thought there were no real fluids in a computer.06:57
flybackthat's why a lot of the newer baords have gone to solid polymer caps06:57
flybackcause a lot of mb makers were destroyed over this06:57
stwestonI see.06:57
stwestonso, this is a real problem, not just a hoax?06:57
stwestonif it were bad?06:57
flybackI dealt with this many times online with people and at work06:57
stwestonbut it's not for me? yet?06:57
flybackplus there are 2 capacitor plagues after this :/06:58
stwestonthat really stinks06:58
flyback2nd one was nichicon one of the best cap makers in the world06:58
flybackhad a bad run of HM AND HN series06:58
flybackgot a lot of intel made mb's06:58
flybackgot dell, apple, hp06:58
flyback3rd plague is apprentely bad aluminum that isn't pure enough06:58
flybackthe shit leeches out into the fluid and causes the same issues that the bad fluid did06:59
stwestonbut nowadays they're ok?06:59
flybackthere are a few crooked cap makers that changed their names to get around thisa06:59
flybackmy next board will be all solid caps06:59
flybackI gotta get back to work bro07:00
stwestonoh. ok07:00
flybackfeel free to hang out in #hardwarre07:00
flybackfeel free to hang out in #hardware07:00
flybackit's not a problem I just want to finish this remote work before I sleep07:00
flybackit's 2am07:00
stwestonyeah.... 1AM here.07:00
stwestonI'd better get to bed, too... but i want to wait for this memetest.07:01
stwestonwait - it takes how long?07:01
flybackyou should let it run overnight07:01
flybackor till it errors07:01
flybackif it errors right off you can stop07:01
paul928what percentage are you at now?07:01
stwestonI'm at 30% pass, test 89%07:02
stwestontest #407:02
paul928so it's about 1/3 of the way through07:02
stwestonor is that 38 pass?07:02
stwestonI don't know.07:02
stwestonI think it's 3007:02
stwestonthis is gonna be a loooong night.07:03
paul92830% of the total tests07:03
stwestonoh. 31% now.07:03
stweston32, I mean.07:03
stwestonI'm really tired...07:04
paul928I would guess that 1-2 hours more will finish it07:04
stwestonwell, I'd better get to bed, then.07:04
stwestonit's way past midnight, and I have school in the morning.07:05
paul928but if you let it run overnight it will just rerun the tests and give you more accurate results07:05
flybackna i'd go 8/overnight07:05
flybacksoft errors don't always happen07:05
flybackelse the bios gay test would catch them even07:05
stwestonprofanity much, flyback?07:05
stwestonoh, nevermind...07:06
stwestonI'm going to bed whether you guys like it or not.07:06
paul928stweston: just let memtest run overnight and check it in the am07:07
stwestonok. sounds good.07:07
paul928and have a good ni9ght07:07
stwestonthanks a lot! I learned that my caps aren't that bad, but they could be in the futrure... right?07:07
flybackgood brands will usually last the life of the board07:08
flybackbut yeah they can07:08
flybackespiclaly if it's hot all thetime07:08
stwestonso, then probably not make it a server. right?07:08
flybackna not necessarily07:09
flybackanyways gtg07:09
stwestonall right...07:09
stwestonyup. me too.07:09
paul928if you can get it running, a server should not be a problem07:09
stwestonoh. ok07:09
stwestonthanks, guys!07:09
stwestonI never did get my first question answered, though.07:10
stwestonI was wondering about initramfs?07:11
stwestonfor xubuntu?07:11
paul928I believe that is initial ram file system07:11
stwestonall right.07:11
stwestonI thought it was something like that...07:12
stwestoninit - initial. ram - RAM....07:12
stwestongot it.07:12
stwestonso, this memtest was a good idea, then.07:12
paul928it will at least eliminate that as a problem if it checks out ok07:12
stwestonsounds good07:13
stwestonI really have to go.07:13
stwestonsee ya!07:13
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ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup10:35
startupI noticed my xubuntu pulls up everything I had open when I last shutdown upon startup, I could not find the setting to stop this feature. Could anyone point me in the right direction?11:17
=== danopia_ is now known as danopia
danopiastartup, i only konw it's called sessions11:33
knomestartup, when you log out or shut down, check out the box "save session for future logins"11:55
knomestartup, i think it loads the session which was last saved, so you might want to eg. log out with nothing running and then check out the box11:56
knomehello itzbipin13:18
itzbipinwe are trying to install ubuntu 7.10 in compaq presario v 300013:19
itzbipinbut unable to install..the first boot screen is coming13:21
itzbipinand then after a few minutes it got hung up.13:22
itzbipinanybody there to help me13:22
knomei'm sorry, i can't help13:24
knomebut if you can stay around for a while, i'm sure there's somebody13:24
sh4lindevitzbipin: i assume its the standard desktop cd ... in what part of the boot process does it hang? in the splash screen?13:26
itzbipin[119.968000] bcm43xx:Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_micorcode5.fw"not available ot load failed13:27
itzbipinthus is the last message coming on the screen..13:27
itzbipinand then it got hung up13:27
sh4lindevitzbipin: well, i'm not sure if this is the problem, could you paste all the messages to the http://paste.ubuntu.com and send me a link?13:28
itzbipinsome time it gets hang in the splash screen13:28
itzbipinwe  tried again to install now it got hung on the splash screen itself..13:31
itzbipinis the problem with the Hardisk type..13:31
itzbipinlike SATA..13:32
sh4lindevitzbipin:but you pasted only the last line ...13:33
sh4lindevitzbipin: in general, random failures might be caused by faulty RAM13:34
itzbipinyes..i have typed it.because its not possible to copy form a booting system..13:34
itzbipinwhen we are trying to install a fresh copy os13:34
itzbipinthe system already have windows in it13:35
sh4lindevitzbipin: ok, i see ... the CD is and .iso downloaded from internet?13:35
itzbipinno its the orginal one got by request13:35
itzbipinwe tried with two cds..13:36
itzbipinbut the result is same..13:36
sh4lindevitzbipin: ok ... try modifying the kernel command line13:36
sh4lindevyou can do that by pressing F6 in the boot menu13:36
itzbipinok..let me try now13:37
sh4lindevtry adding paramters noapic nolapic and acpi=no13:37
sh4lindevsry, acpi=off13:37
sh4lindev(also, when you press F1 in the boot menu, there is a guide that shoud give you other options to add to the command line13:38
itzbipinwill do13:38
itzbipintying appi=off13:39
itzbipintrying acpi=off13:39
itzbipinnow splash screen over and a black screen cane and then got hung up...13:41
itzbipinlets try the other options13:41
sh4lindevjust btw. how old is the PC (don't have time to google it up)13:44
itzbipinafter googling only i came here..13:45
itzbipinpc is 1 year old13:45
sh4lindevhm, then you should not need any of the no*13:47
sh4lindevwhy do you try 7.10 and not 8.04?13:48
sh4lindev(the problem that you pasted fist is with your wireless card firmware)13:48
itzbipinwe have only 7.10 cd now13:48
itzbipinyes...it got worked now13:50
itzbipinthanks sh4lindev13:51
sh4lindevreally? ok, just what was it?13:51
sh4lindev(no problem)13:51
itzbipinwe gave boot:acpi = off13:51
sh4lindevhmm... thats strange, but if that works ... ok then :)13:52
itzbipinalso we switched off wireless13:52
itzbipinlan also13:52
sh4lindevyou should know that acpi=off might bring other issues (it turns of some of the platform specific hardware, sometimes even USB ports and so on ... )13:53
itzbipinany solution13:54
itzbipinto resolve it13:54
sh4lindevbut it depends on your hardware, so just try it ...13:55
ron_oI have long ping times. It must be coming from my modem or my ISP. I pinged google.com some 10 times and it took over 90 seconds.16:32
ron_ohow can I ping my modem?16:32
ron_oand if I can ping my modem, then it must be my ISP right?16:33
knomeron_o, depends on your modem, but most probably 192.168.x.1, where x=0 or 116:33
ron_othat's standard for modems?16:34
ron_olet met try.16:34
stwestonAnyone know how I install ethernet ports on Win98?17:11
zoredachedetermine what card it is, download the driver and then install....17:12
zoredacheany questions beyond that probably belong in #windows17:12
stwestonok... but I can't download it. the thing has no internet... ok.17:12
bytor4232There is a #windows channel?17:18
stwestonjust click there.17:18
bytor4232Holy cow17:18
bytor4232For some odd reason, that suprises me.17:18
stwestonoh. LOL17:19
bytor4232A windows channel on Freenode.  What wonders my eyes have beheld.17:19
ron_othat's to send them to the other dead end. ;->17:20
ron_oI have long ping times. Anyone know where I should start with this one?17:24
ron_o97 seconds to ping google.com 10 times.17:24
ron_oIt must be in my modem or my ISP.17:25
stwestonI don't know...17:25
ron_ono need to apologize. :)17:26
stwestonneither my xubuntu or Server CD will start!19:50
Odd-rationalestweston: checked integrity?19:51
stwestonI've tried, but on another drive, it would only end at "Initramfs"19:51
stwestonthis CD won't even start.19:52
stwestonerm.. this drive.19:52
stwestonthe last one was CSA (Acorn, I think), and this one is Sony19:55
Odd-rationalemaybe it is your drive? or does it not boot on any drive?19:55
stwestonit boots, but only on the CSA one...19:56
stwestonbut it always gets initramfs on the csa19:56
stwestonor an "unable to mount CD-R drive" during the Server install.19:56
stwestonthis one won't even boot either.19:56
Odd-rationalestweston: did you check the md5sums of the iso?19:58
stwestonI don't really know how...19:58
stwestonon a mac, I mean19:58
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:59
stwestonbesides, I tried 2 CDs, for both installs.19:59
stwestonand I DL'd the xubuntu one twice.20:00
stwestonI think Ima try a third drive later...20:02
stwestonthanks, anyway.20:03
DeanrCan anyone help me with my Ubuntu's slow WAN issue20:08
stwestonny suggestions on how to install xubuntu by using alternate boot options commands? I keep getting initramfs+busybox prompts21:04
stwestonAny suggestions on how to install xubuntu by using alternate boot options commands? I keep getting initramfs+busybox prompts21:23
stwestonno matter what.21:23
favrostweston: you can try   acpi=force21:26
stwestonall right...21:26
stwestontrying now...21:26
stwestonit's loading21:27
stwestonthe kernel, I mean.21:27
favroso that was the one to use then?21:27
stwestonI don't know. I used the acpi=force, just like you said.21:27
stwestonit's trying to boot...21:28
stwestonit got the same prompt21:28
stwestonI restarted.21:28
stwestonknow any others?21:28
favrowhat sort of comp is it? - and are you using the live cd or the alternate cd?21:28
stwestonlive CD, but it's a custom-built computer by my dad.21:29
stwestonIDE drives21:29
stwestonI also wonder... I'll find the forum post with the command...21:29
stwestondoes "all_generic_ide floppy=off irqpoll" do anything?21:30
stwestonI know it's helped lots, but I've tried it, and nothing.21:30
favroI can't remember the key offhand but there is one you can press to get more info shown during the boot - it should give a clue to the prob - might be F2 or similar21:30
stwestonsorry for the pause.21:32
stwestonF2 gives languages.21:32
stwestonor is it alt+F2?21:32
favroit might be F4 - I never need it here21:33
stwestonI can't load a shell.21:33
stwestonmaybe it's 'cuz I don't have the kernel open yet...21:33
stwestonI've selected acpi=off, noacpi, nolacpi... does that help?21:34
stwestonI'm not going to try it yet.21:34
stwestonand maybe... edd=on?21:35
stwestonokay, then.... I'm'a try it21:35
favroI've never seen that edd= one - and you don't put commas between them21:36
stwestonI didn't.21:36
stwestonthey were selections in the F6 menu21:36
stwestonI was at the first boot screen.21:36
stwestondidn't work.21:37
favroyou might need to try the alternate cd21:37
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent21:37
stwestonI have a high-functioning comp. for this, though...21:37
stwestonit's got 450 meg of ram.21:38
stwestonand other features I can't list off-hand21:39
favro450mb should be plenty21:39
stwestondidn't work.21:39
stwestonI don't think the CD is corrupted, either.21:39
tanlaanHello everyone21:39
stwestonI tried with 2 downloads, 2 CDs, and an Server CD21:39
favroit is always good practise to do the md5 check21:40
stwestonknow any commands to use in alternate boot functions for installing xubuntu?21:40
stwestonoh... good point...21:40
stwestonI've heard that countless times (about the md5)21:40
favroit's said for a reason...21:41
stwestonwell, I've already burned tons of disks with the stuff, but it doesn't work (mainly because I can't get the burn right)...21:41
stwestonbut I'm thinking I shouldn't use too many more disks.21:41
stwestonI'll check the ISOs, though.21:42
tanlaanI have a Compaq Presario F572us running Xubuntu 8.04 and I'm running much better than 7.10; but for some reason this laptop decides to have a few quirks. I'm guessing it is hardware issues, but the few things include no TTY screens, they show up as blank and black which ties into the other one, which is when I close my laptop's screen it will just stay black and I have to use ctrl-alt-F8 then ctrl-alt-F7 back to the GUI to make it show up21:42
favroit might be the drive is on it's last legs21:42
favrocd burners don't last forever21:42
stwestonwell, this is a new MacBook...21:42
stwestonbought it this summer.21:42
* bytor4232 has a wierd problem21:43
favroI'd do the md5 check on the burnt cd before trying anything else21:43
bytor4232My laptop overheats when it comes back from suspension and hibernation.21:43
stwestonjust insert it and... what?21:43
favro!md5 | stweston21:44
ubottustweston: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:44
stwestonok. I see.21:44
favrostweston: there is an option at the start/install prompt21:44
stwestonso, just do that... where? I can't enter commands.21:44
stwestonyou mean "check CD for defects"?21:44
stwestonI see...21:45
stwestonthat never works right...21:45
stwestonafter loading the linux kernel, I always get the initramfs+busybox problems.21:45
favrodoes it pass the check?21:45
stwestoner... prompts.21:45
stwestonno. doesn't even start.21:45
stwestonshould I try it on my MacBook?21:46
stwestoninstead of this machine?21:46
favroI'd try burning with a diff cd drive21:46
stwestonI mean, try the md5?21:46
favrothat cd check is important21:46
stwestonthe check.21:46
stwestonI'd better try...21:46
stwestonI'll eject the CD and try it on here, okay?21:47
stwestonshoot... I don't know how to check the CD on my mac...21:50
stwestonI'm trying a virtual machine, but it doesn't give a BIOS prompt... LOL21:51
tanlaanbytor4232: Hey, so how exactly is it reacting when coming back from hibernation/suspension?21:51
stwestonhow do I check the sum without the boot-up thing?21:52
stwestonjust go into the CD directories?21:52
tanlaanstweston: there are a bunch of md5 checkers available21:52
favrostweston: for a virtual machine you can use the iso without burning a cd21:52
DCPomwhat program is generally used to play audio CDs? Totem opens but won't play21:54
stwestonso, I have the md5 number, but I don't know how to compare it to what I'm seeing on a web page... it's for 8.04, which I'm using...21:58
stwestonwrong file... LOL21:59
stwestonthe xubuntu one is right...22:00
stwestonbut what about my Server ed.? I wonder...22:01
stwestonok... I can't find the server one, so I'm just not going to try that...22:03
stwestonI still think it's a problem with the boot operations.22:03
stwestonsorry. boot options.22:04
stwestonI need help with the boot options for installing Xubuntu22:06
stwestonI can't get xubuntu to install!22:41
stwestonI keep getting initramfs prompts!22:42
stwestonoh, nevermind...22:47
savmunimy ubuntu crashes when i try playing games (e.g. armagetron) or when the screensaver activates, i have to restart the computer, im using dell vostro 1510. Any ideas on what could be the problem?23:20
savmunisome cooperation would be appreciated!23:24
favroit might be that your vid card driver can't support those23:29
savmuniwhen i start playing the game its fine23:34
savmuniit works fine on windows23:35
savmuniits only after say 5 minutes of working that it crashes23:35
stwestonI need help23:40
stwestonI need to know some boot operations that could help me install this xubuntu hardy CD23:41
stwestonbut I'll be back soon, so you can ponder this question...23:41
savmunistweston: boot from CD, by changing the boot sequence in BIOS23:46
stwestonoh. sorry23:52
stwestonI can boot from it... I just keep getting initramfs.23:52
stwestonbut I need to go. I'll get back to this later...23:53
genius_how to add new keyboard layout and how to set layout switch key?23:55

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