acochey guys, my name is John and I'm working on a derivative to ubuntu (OzOs) using the enlightenment e17 windows manager01:09
acocI've spent the day reading alot of the wiki pages, but I'm a little confused about what you do with the germinate output and where are the scipts that create the cd-build logs for the different flavors01:09
cjwatson(and also check out the other bits listed in configs/devel)01:12
cjwatsonbin/run-germinate and bin/germinate-to-tasks deal with running germinate and feeding its output to debian-cd01:12
cjwatsongerminate gives us a dependency-expanded list of packages which can reliably be fed to debian-cd so that it can copy in all the .deb files that are needed without having to do dependency expansion itself01:13
acoccjwatson, thank you and I appreciate your documentation, it's been very helpful01:13
cjwatsonI confess to not having put as much effort into documenting cdimage as I probably should have done01:13
stwestondoes anyone know how to make a LiveUSB drive from a Mac using an iPod?01:36
acoccjwatson, is britney a project I'm having trouble finding it within bzr01:46
cjwatsonlike I say, check out the bits in configs/devel01:47
cjwatsone.g. 'bzr get http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/bzr/britney/cdimage/ britney'01:47
cjwatsonyou're probably best off fetching a local copy and studying it there rather than browsing the web copy, if the latter is what you're doing01:47
acocOk thanks I'm getting used to the bazaar system, before I was using the lp: system within bzr and there wasn't one for britney01:48
stwestondoes anyone know how to make a LiveUSB drive from a Mac?01:48
cjwatsonacoc: right, I've never got round to putting it on Launchpad01:49
cjwatsonstweston: please don't repeat questions at 10-minute intervals01:49
cjwatsonstweston: personally I don't know; I don't think we have a whole lot of Mac expertise here01:49
stwestonI'll try somewhere else.01:49
cjwatsonsorry I can't help01:50
acoccjwatson: alright makes sense, thanks again01:50
stwestonthat's fine... just need help, that's all.01:50
CIA-50hw-detect: TheMuso * r86 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog disk-detect.sh):02:09
CIA-50hw-detect: * disk-detect.sh: Do not pass the complete device node path to02:09
CIA-50hw-detect:  dmraid-activate, since it no longer uses basename.02:09
CIA-50hw-detect: TheMuso * r87 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.63ubuntu302:10
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stwestonit WAS my CD-R drive!03:52
stwestonI'm successfully installing Ubuntu Server as we speak03:52
* stweston is proud03:53
TheMusostweston: Thats good to hear.03:55
stwestondo you know how to get an ethernet cable detected in Server?03:56
TheMusostweston: What do you mean? If the network card is discovered and a cable is plugged in, it should just use it.03:56
stwestonhow does the network card get discovered?03:56
stwestonwhat exactly is a network card, anyway?03:57
stweston(pardon the newbishness)03:57
stwestonand furthermore, is the network card the same as the ethernet card?03:57
TheMusoYes the network card and the ethernet card are the same thing.03:57
stwestonthen it should be discoverable.03:58
stwestonI think03:58
TheMusoWhen the installer boots, once its found the CD, it attempts to find any network/ethernet hardware. If it can find it, it will attempt to use it by fetching an IP address from over the network.03:58
stwestonand the light turns on...03:58
TheMusoYes thats right.03:58
TheMusoDepending on the network card. Some cards enable the light as soon as the computer boots and a cable is connected.03:58
stwestonI see.03:58
stwestonso, does that mean I need to double-check the connection to the card?03:59
TheMusoIf you are finding that a network cannot be found, yes it would help.03:59
stwestondouble-checking. BRB04:00
stwestonit SHOULD be working.04:00
stwestonfyi, it's connected to my Mac, which is connected via Wi-Fi04:01
stwestonnot sure who gave me that tip04:01
stwestonI wonder if it should have the wireless B adapter or not...04:03
stwestonor does that not matter?04:03
stwestonokay. that's plugged in. gonna try again.04:04
stwestonshould I maybe select "do not config. at this time"?04:05
stwestonor would that make it harder?04:05
TheMusostweston: If you can configure the network during the install, it makes things easier later.04:06
TheMusostweston: How do you have your mac set up? Is it bridging the two connections, or is it sharing the wireless connectino like a net connection?04:06
stwestonTheMuso: so, then, what do you suggest? I have wireless AND ethernet connected, but nothing's working.04:06
stwestonit's bridging... I think.04:06
TheMusoOk I suggest you double-check that you set it up right.04:07
stwestonit's getting the wi-fi, then sending thru ehternet to the computer, if that's your question.04:07
* TheMuso has OS X handy and doesn't remember seeing anything related to bridging in the network config.04:07
stwestonhow, and where?04:07
stwestonwait - what's the DHCP client ID?04:08
stweston'cuz the server searches for that.04:08
stwestonthe DHCP, I mean.04:08
TheMusoA dhcp hostname shouldn't make a difference. Again it comes back to how you have set things up in OS X.04:09
* TheMuso goes into OS X to have a look for himself.04:10
* stweston hopes desperately for a solution to the network problem04:12
TheMusostweston: What version of OS X are you using?04:13
stwestondoes it matter?04:13
TheMusoNot now it doesn't.04:13
TheMusoAt least I'll be able to tell you what to set up.04:13
stwestonall right!04:13
stwestonand we have wireless N router, BTW04:14
TheMusostweston: What you want to do, is go into system preferences, and then go into sharing.04:15
TheMusoThen you need to select airport as the connection that needs to be shared.04:16
stwestonall right.04:16
TheMusoThen check the box next to ethernet for the connection you want to be usable via net sharing.04:16
TheMusoHope this makes sense.04:16
stwestonit doesn't show AirPort04:16
stwestonwhat about Web?04:16
TheMusoAs for bridging, I see nothing about that in any preferences. I'll have to google for that one.04:16
TheMusoWhat otions are in the popup list?04:17
stwestonpopup list?04:17
TheMusoThe popup list next to "share your connection from:"04:17
stwestondoesn't show that.04:17
stwestonyou sure it's the sharing folder icon?04:17
TheMusoYou need to make sure that internet sharing is hilighted in the list on the left of the sharing preferences window.04:17
TheMusoI have it open right next to me.04:18
stwestonall right04:18
stwestonit's done04:18
TheMusothen you need to check the box next to "internet sharing" in the list on the left./04:18
stwestonthat's done, too04:18
stwestonanything else?04:18
stwestonor should I try it now?04:19
TheMusoIs ethernet checked in the list next to "to computers using"04:19
stwestonwait - where?04:19
stwestonoh. yes04:19
stwestonI mean, try the internet on server?04:19
TheMusoTry and run the installer. It shoudl attempt to get an address. If it does, it will prompt you to enter a host name.04:20
stwestonit's slower, I think.04:20
stwestonwhat's the hostname?04:20
TheMusowhatever you want it to be.04:21
stwestonso, I choose?04:21
stwestontime zone selected.04:21
TheMusoNo problem.04:22
stwestonnow - for the partitioner...04:22
TheMusoHowever you want to do it.04:22
stwestonI want nothing form Windows on there.04:22
stwestonmeaning "use entire disk"?04:22
TheMusoYes that is fine.04:22
stwestonand what's LVM?04:22
TheMusoDon't worry about it at this point, just use entire disk.04:24
TheMusoI suggest googling for LVM or Logical Volume Management if you are interested.04:24
stwestonthanks again04:25
TheMusoYou're welcome.04:26
stwestonnow, what's the command for installing the xubuntu GUI?04:26
stwestonbecause I didn't have the disk04:26
TheMusostweston: How about you get ubuntu server installed first, and then I suggest you go over to the #ubuntu channel to ask that, as this channel is only for installer related development and questions.04:27
stwestonall right04:27
stwestonor #xubuntu, right?04:27
TheMusoEither will do.04:28
stwestonI'll hang around, in case I have any more questions. k?04:28
stwestonI'm taking that as an "I guess".04:30
TheMusoI guess thats fine. Note that I am busy doing other things, so I may not get to any questions you have right away.04:31
stwestonsounds fine04:31
stwestonI'm just happy04:31
* stweston is overjoyed04:31
stwestonit's done installing!04:46
stwestonthanks for all the help04:48
stwestonsee ya04:48
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CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r24 usb-creator/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py usbcreator/backend.py):06:00
CIA-50usb-creator: * Update percentage by bytes, not files copied.06:00
CIA-50usb-creator: * Remove files and directories that we're going to write to beforehand.06:00
CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r25 usb-creator/ (debian/changelog usbcreator/gtk_frontend.py):06:54
CIA-50usb-creator: Notify the user that they need to insert an USB stick when none are06:54
CIA-50usb-creator: available (LP: #267794).06:54
CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r26 usb-creator/debian/changelog: Add bug reference for LP 269037.06:56
CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r27 usb-creator/ (bin/usb-creator debian/changelog debian/rules): Revert the version autogeneration from cdbs hackery. It was crazy and updating the version number in two places isn't too much to bear at the moment.07:03
CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r28 usb-creator/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.1.507:11
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CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r29 usb-creator/ (3 files in 2 dirs):09:26
CIA-50usb-creator: * Write the log file to SUDO_USER's home directory, not root's.09:26
CIA-50usb-creator: * Start the file chooser in SUDO_USER's home directory (LP: #273642).09:26
CIA-50usb-creator: * Show a warning dialog when an ISO image cannot be used (LP: #272415).09:26
persiaevand: Might it be interesting to store the log in /var/log/ somewhere, rather than in /home/${SUDO_USER}/ ?09:31
persiaAlso, perhaps only start in SUDO_USER's home directory if the tool was launched from the .desktop file?  In the case where it was launched from the command line, starting from . might be preferable (or at least I keep a ~/src/images/ directory: no idea if others do that)09:32
evandpersia: hrm, good point.  I'll digest that thought when I wake back up.09:33
persiaevand: No rush or anything :)  Minor points both.09:33
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CIA-50finish-install: cjwatson * r821 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog finish-install.d/90console):14:07
CIA-50finish-install: Remove -8 (if present) from getty options for serial terminals14:07
CIA-50finish-install: (LP: #273189).14:07
CIA-50finish-install: cjwatson * r822 ubuntu/debian/control: Maintainer and Vcs-Bzr for Ubuntu14:07
TheMusoYay! Other operating systems should now be detectable and bootable from grub after d-i is finished.14:16
TheMusoon dmraid arrays.14:16
kirklandcjwatson: hey there, can you sponsor the virt-host seed changes, or should i ask someone else, such as soren?14:58
evandcjwatson: Is there anyone I can prod to look at the MIR for usb-creator?  Would that be pitti and doko?14:58
sorenevand: They are the MIR team, yes.14:59
evandsoren: noted, thanks14:59
cjwatsonkirkland: what's the branch name again?15:01
kirklandcjwatson: lp:~kirkland/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.intrepid.virtualization-host15:02
cjwatsonkirkland: you need to add virt-host to server-ship's dependencies too, otherwise it won't end up on the server CD15:42
kirklandcjwatson: ah15:43
cjwatsonin STRUCTURE15:43
kirklandcjwatson: oh, i missed that in the rename15:44
kirklandcjwatson: 1334 pushed15:45
sorencjwatson: I've previously had a bit of a talk with BenC about which modules belong in which udebs... What sparked the discussion is the fact that it's currently not possible to netboot if you're using virtio nic's, because not all the required modules are available in a netboot environment.15:50
cjwatsonkirkland: oh, no, I didn't mean to add it to the server-ship file15:50
cjwatsonkirkland: I meant to add it to the line starting with server-ship: in STRUCTURE15:50
sorencjwatson: He suggested I talk to you about it.15:50
kirklandcjwatson: ?  i thought that was specifically what you asked me to do15:50
cjwatson15:43 <cjwatson> in STRUCTURE15:50
cjwatsonkirkland: sorry, seed dependencies (or inheritance) vs. seed contents15:50
cjwatsonyou did the latter :)15:51
cjwatsonsoren: ok, I'll need to get off the phone before thinking about this, but will get back to you15:51
kirklandcjwatson: 1335 pushed!15:51
sorencjwatson: ETA?15:51
cjwatsonsoren: 40mins15:51
sorencjwatson: Alright.15:51
cjwatsonkirkland: ok, that reverted 1334, but you still need to add that line to STRUCTURE15:55
cjwatsonerr, change15:55
cjwatsonwould it be easier if I just did it? :-) I'm not being very clear15:55
kirklandcjwatson: virt-host: standard15:55
kirklandcjwatson: that's in STRUCTURE15:55
cjwatsonalso server-ship: ... tomcat-server virt-host15:55
kirklandcjwatson: that needs to say "server-ship" too15:55
kirklandcjwatson: ah, i see15:56
cjwatsonother way round, server-ship needs to inherit from virt-host15:56
kirklandgotcha gotcha gotcha15:56
cjwatsonphone+IRC = fail15:56
kirklandcjwatson: 1336 pushed15:57
kirklandcjwatson: hopefully that's it15:57
sorenI realise this is a terrible time to bring this up, but I'm almost sure that we call it "Virtualisation" everywhere else (rather than "Virtualization").16:02
cjwatsons'why I got kirkland to call it virt- ;-)16:03
kirklandsoren: yeah, we wrestled it back and forth16:04
kirklandand tried to avoid the issue16:04
sorenOh, lovely :)16:04
cjwatsonkirkland: merged, thanks16:05
kirklandcjwatson: cool, thank you16:05
kirklandcjwatson: did you upgrade your kvm yet?16:05
cjwatsonyeah, works great!16:05
cjwatsonmeant to say16:05
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cjwatsonsoren: is it just a matter of including virtio-modules in the netboot initrd, then?16:34
cjwatsonhmm, although that has the block device too16:35
sorencjwatson: virtio-net, virtio-pci, and virtio-ring, iirc.16:36
cjwatsonsoren: personally I think I'd prefer virtio_blk to move to block-modules, virtio_net to move to nic-modules, and both of those udebs to depend on virtio-modules16:37
sorenThey used to be in... err... nic-modules, I think, but BenC removed them to reduce the size of the udebs.16:37
cjwatsonI wish BenC would ask me about this stuff16:37
cjwatson'cos I'd have said "they're tiny, don't bother"16:37
sorencjwatson: Heh :)16:37
cjwatsonevery time he rearranges udebs, it means more complicated deltas for me to track in debian-installer's list files16:37
sorencjwatson: It seems virtio-net is already in nic-modules.16:37
cjwatson<cjwatson@riva ~>$ dpkg -c /mirror/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/virtio-modules-2.6.27-4-generic-di_2.6.27-4.6_i386.udeb | grep virtio_net16:38
cjwatson-rw-r--r-- root/root     23836 2008-09-24 04:16 ./lib/modules/2.6.27-4-generic/kernel/drivers/net/virtio_net.ko16:38
sorens/$/ also./16:38
cjwatsonhuh, so it is. How did he manage to convince kernel-wedge to do that?16:38
cjwatsonthat's a bug.16:38
sorenIt's listed in both nic-modules and virtio-modules.16:38
cjwatsonmodules shouldn't be in more than one udeb16:38
cjwatsonif necessary, one udeb should simply depend on another16:38
sorenit didn't used to be in nic-modules, that's for sure.16:39
sorenIt's a recent chance.16:39
sorenFor some reason, gitweb only shows me the last couple of days worth of history :/16:39
* soren has a bed spelling day16:40
sorenErr... bad.16:40
cjwatsonI'd suggest http://paste.ubuntu.com/50526/16:40
* soren nods16:41
cjwatsoncould you take that up with Ben?16:41
sorencjwatson: Are the list of udebs to be included in the netboot image hardcoded somewhere or is it perhaps based on their priority or something?16:41
cjwatsonthey are hardcoded16:41
cjwatson(and dependency-expanded)16:41
cjwatsonpriority is used to decide what anna pulls in at runtime by default16:42
cjwatsonwe can't use priority for the initrds since different installation methods need different udebs16:42
cjwatsonand, honestly, for the most part we'd rather control it in the installer than have to upload the kernel to change it :)16:42
soreni was just wondering since virtio-modules was priority: extra.16:43
sorenwhile plip-modules is standard. I like to think that virtio is less esoteric than plip :)16:44
cjwatsonwe could change that (in fact, I will), but that wouldn't help with the initrds16:44
sorencjwatson: Alright. Thanks for clarifying!16:45
cjwatsonit would make it possible to install on a virtio block device using a netboot installer16:45
cjwatsonoverrides changed16:45
sorenI'm not sure I understand.. What exactly would make it possible to isntall on a virtio blcok device using a netboot installer?16:46
cjwatsonhaving virtio-modules priority: standard16:47
* soren ponders16:47
cjwatsonwell, assuming the partitioner can cope16:47
sorenI thought you just said that priorities didn't affect anything?16:47
cjwatsonno, I said they didn't affect initrd building16:48
cjwatson16:42 <cjwatson> priority is used to decide what anna pulls in at runtime by default16:48
sorenWell, given that nic-modules depends on it now, it must become priority: standard, though.16:48
cjwatsonnic-modules doesn't depend on it *yet*16:48
cjwatsonbut yes, that is also true16:48
sorenOh, right, I missed the part about anna.16:48
cjwatsonalthough actually I wouldn't count on udebs being closed under priority. but anyway.16:48
sorenOh. I sometimes forget how special udebs really are :)16:49
cjwatsondebs aren't reliably closed under priority either. policy says they are, but nothing checks optional vs. extra16:50
cjwatsonI don't think Debian's ever actually complied with that bit of policy in my memory16:50
sorenIsn't there a priority_mismatches.txt or some such?16:50
cjwatsonyes, that covers >= standard for debs16:50
cjwatsonnothing checks udebs at all16:50
cjwatson(it isn't necessary, so not worth bothering)16:50
sorenOh, ok.16:51
sorenDear, oh dear, is that the time?16:51
sorenI need to run. I've got driving school this evening :)16:51
cjwatsonhave fun16:51
davmor2cjwatson: Sorry to bother you but is there any movement on bug 271355?  I'm just having a chase around to see what's been fixed so I can close the reports :)16:52
sorencjwatson: Likewise. Thanks for your help.16:52
cjwatsondavmor2: no, not yet16:53
davmor2okay thanks :)16:53
cjwatsonI'll close it when I've fixed it :)16:53
davmor2Np's :)16:53
davmor2cjwatson: Can you just check I got the facts right on this bug and close it if it is please https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/23865717:09
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cjwatsondavmor2: commented17:34
davmor2cjwatson: Thanks17:34
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