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GeorgeWBush_not banned here though20:44
fetovaPriceChild, ping21:40
PriceChildfetova: pong22:09
fetovahi PriceChild22:10
fetovai want to ask for the IRC cloack22:10
fetovai'm ubuntu member :D22:10
PriceChildYou have one.22:10
fetovai know22:10
fetovai have it before my apply22:11
fetovawhat i should do22:11
PriceChildfetova: you want an ubuntu/member cloak?22:14
PriceChildfetova: what is your launchpad url?22:19
PriceChildfetova: done22:23
fetovathanks PriceChild!22:23
fetovajust one more ask...22:23
fetovacan you make something about i forgot the password of "fetova_"22:24
PriceChildfetova: check your email22:26
fetovathanks! :)22:26

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