shubuntuhi, I might be offbase asking here, but any chance you guys know how to get rid of -Djava.library.path ? I'm trying to run a runnable jar in the form java -jar game.jar04:09
persiaTeam meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 5 minutes14:55
persiaHmm.  #ubuntu-meeting still seems active.  Who do we have for the meeting today?15:01
persiaKoon: slytherin: robilad: You're all common attendees.  Is there anything important enough that we should interrupt the desktop meeting?15:02
Koonwe can do the meeting here15:03
KoonI would like to discuss maven support15:03
persiaWell, only if there's enough people here to make it matter.  Otherwise, we'll have to make a lot of noise again, as attendance has been dropping off.15:04
persiarobilad: slytherin: opinions?  thoughts?15:04
Koonslytherin is not here15:04
robiladwe can do it here, really15:05
robiladthe only problem is logs15:05
robiladis the channel logged?15:05
robiladgreat, thank you, that will help with the nminutes15:06
robiladdo we have an agenda for today?15:06
persiaOnly roadmap review.15:07
robiladand maven15:07
Koonwell, that's part of the roadmap15:07
robiladright, ok, let's roll.15:07
persiaActually, in the meantime, #ubuntu-meeting cleared out.  We may as well go there in case any of the onlookers want to comment.15:08
robiladok, let's do that.15:08

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