ographew ... 30min before freeze i'm done00:34
ograheh, and i'm on the frontpage of http://www.umpcportal.com/ :)00:57
ograso we got proper touchscreen calibration ... not 100% where i wanted to be, but it will do for this release (i'll write a tool that supports more options for jaunty) and its fully hal capable00:58
ian_brasilogra: nice01:30
ian_brasilshame they got your name wrong i think on report01:34
persiaogra: That's a great review.  Nice work on -mobile!01:36
ograyeah, and i didnt even do much 01:36
ograsadly his theme is totally broken, my image here looks way nicer :/01:37
ogranot sure why ... its the same image 01:37
persiaNo, you just made it work.  Having something that works well on that variety of hardware, and gets "...the best [Linux build] I've seen on a UMPC..."01:37
ograyeah, i was a bit shocked by his next sentence ... "unlike the ubuntu mobile i tried before"01:38
ian_brasilhe did not review the last release as he thought it was just a developers release apparently01:38
persiaI suspect it's a combination of hardware issues (the Ubuntu MID release really only works on a couple specific pieces of hardware), and had some of the issues we've been chasing for this release.01:39
ograi know him quite well, he's an ex colleague :) i guess i need to drive to cologne one day and take him out for a beer to teach him abotu linux 01:39
persiaUnfortunate that he claims it's designed for "MIDs", as it's really for the larger segment, but that ought go away over time.01:41
ian_brasilogra: it seems to me you have a fan without even needing to shell out for the beer..so well done ;)01:42
ograi hope teh publicity gets me these lshal outputs i need so urgently ... :)01:42
ograi dont really want to release with a touchscreen driver that only supports two devices 01:43
persiaI'm also reminded, where are we on the psb driver?  Does 2D work?01:43
ograbah, just got a mail ... 01:44
* persia tries ogra's image on the SR to see how the touchscreen works01:44
ograhe complains about the install01:44
persiaDoes the installer not work?01:44
ograit does, but seems grub did break ... "file not found" 01:45
ograi'll try an install myself tomorrow 01:45
ograway to tired for today ... eh touchscreen calibration was a hard bone to chew ... 01:45
persiaThis is for i386!  I thought that problem was lpia-specific01:45
* persia digs into the ubuntu-mobile image to find out why01:46
* persia is excited that the lack of the lpia kernel may not be the reason grub doesn't install01:46
ograheh, he wants me for a live interview and question/answer session on friday :)02:00
ian_brasilthat sounds like fun..post the time of of it to the list02:11
ograi will :)02:11
ograbut i'm to tired to negotiate that now ... will do tomorrow02:12
* ogra just finishes his goodnight beer ...02:14
loolStevenK: FYI there's a 48x48 icon in upstream's icons; and it's in .xcf so you could create a png if xpms lack colors10:01
=== davmor3 is now known as davmor2
josephushey, is there any official/non-official support for Amtek U560? 10:58
persiajosephus: What proc?  How much ram?  what screen size?  What resolution?11:01
josephusA110, 1024x600, etc.. What I'm concerned about is the wifi/bt support as I have no idea what chipset it has11:08
josephusspecs: http://www.umpcportal.com/products/product.php?id=11611:14
persiaShould work fine.  It looks a lot like my kohjinsha, except smaller.11:18
persiaDo you have a unit, or would you be getting it in hopes that it worked?11:19
persiajosephus: http://www.mahalo.com/Amtek_U560 claims it can be purchased pre-installed with Ubuntu.  I can't find any confirmation at the manufacturer's website, but that's typically a strong argument for HW support :)11:22
persiaogra: About the -mobile image: it doesn't boot in KVM.  Any ideas?11:27
ogranot really11:27
persiaOK.  I just get a "Cannot Boot" message.  Works beautifully on real HW.  I'm excited about trying your new calibration tool, to see if I can get the touchscreen to reach the last 5% of the screen.11:28
josephusYeah I've found that page too. Actually I plan to get any UMPC with QWERTY that has Linux support, unfortunately Amtek is the only one I can get in a short time.11:29
persiajosephus: I can say with some certainty that the Kojinsha SR series, the Samsung Q1 series, the Aigo MID, and the Sharp D4 are the most likely to be supported for -mid for intrepid (note that neither the Q1 nor the SR are really MIDs).11:30
persiajosephus: It's safest if you get one of those, because there's someone in this channel that has one, and with whom you can discuss any adjustments.  On the other hand, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty a bit, just about anything with Linux support ought to work, and can certainly be made to work for the next release (assuming it meets minimum specs, etc.)11:31
ograpersia, i have to find a working basic config, currentl the devices are totally unconfigured until you run the tool first 11:36
josephuspersia: I will have to get my hands dirty either way but I would be stuck if there were no support for the wifi. 11:36
ograbut at least the tool runs in X and has a .desktop entry in the control center11:37
persiaogra: Right.  I want to run the tool, and get it configured, and pass you the data :)11:37
persiaOh it does?11:37
* persia looks11:37
ograoh, lshal should suffice 11:37
ogra(at least if you know it works with evtouch normally)11:37
persiaogra: Oh.  That's easy.  I thought you also needed some other information from a working calibrated xorg.conf11:37
ogranot anymore, thats up to you now ... i gave you a clibration tool :P11:38
persiaOK.  I'm looking for it :)11:38
persiaWhat is it called?11:39
* persia updates in case it requires something newer11:39
ograi did hide it under "Touchscreen Calibration" :)11:39
ograshould be in system->Settings11:40
ograor however thats called in english11:40
ograin the menu where you find synaptics and friends11:40
persiaI have System/Preferences and System/Administration.  Neither has Touchscreen Calibration.  Which package do I need to have installed?11:43
persiaI have 0.8.7-3ubuntu6 installed.11:45
* persia upgrades11:45
ograyeah, you nee 811:46
ogra7 makes it work from commandline, 8 gives you the X goodness11:46
persiaErr.  I did that wrong.  upgrading the kernel and firefox in a live session is *not* recommended.11:46
ograyou should be able to re-login11:47
ograat least for FF11:47
persiaI won't even bother.  I'm just going to run the calibration tool.  I finished testing the stuff I booted this for, and need to boot back into -desktop to test a couple other things and recover some data before I do a reinstall.11:48
ograthats mobile or mid ? 11:48
ogrado you have a proper dark theme ? 11:48
persiaEverything looks good except the default background for the browser, terminal, text-editor, etc.11:49
* ogra is curious why it didnt work in the video11:49
persiaFor the terminal, I set to 100% transparency and white text, which is very nice with which to work.11:49
ograwhats wrong with the default background ? wasnt it white ? 11:49
ogra(i didnt modify it)11:49
persiaRight.  Can't upgrade: not enough space.  I'll do the calibration in -desktop.11:50
persiaYes, it was white, which didn't look good with the dark theme and pretty left and top bars.11:50
ograyeah, or reboot and only upgrade the evtouch package11:50
ograyeah, i can change the terminal defaults ... and set a browser homepage11:50
persiaWell, since I have to reboot into desktop anyway for other reasons, I'll do it that way.11:50
ograthe calibration requires a reboot btw11:51
persiaIt looks *great* though.  I'll definitely be running -mobile on the Kohjinsha at UDS.11:51
ograi didnt manage to make it work without restarting hal11:51
persiaAll the more reason to do it in -desktop: that's actually resident on the hard drive.11:51
ogrameh, it has a typo12:00
ogra(says restart your session instead of system)12:00
ograoh !!!12:00
* ogra has an idea12:00
ograoh, and i called it "Calibrate Touchacreen" not "Touchscreen Calibration" :)12:02
ograyipppie ... i have the proper solution 12:04
persiaEarlier in the alphabet is *always* better.12:04
ograno need for a reboot 12:04
* ogra slaps forehead why he didnt get that idea yesterday already12:04
ograwell, i wanted to run the config commit from a Xsession.d script ... didnt manage to make that work, so you needed to restart the system ... instead of simply doing a relogin12:05
ograand i had to put the commit stuff into an initscript 12:05
ograsimply running the initscript at the end of calibration sets the new values :P12:06
ograand you just need to relogin instead of rebooting12:06
persiaogra: Nothing turns red for me.12:07
ogratakes a moment12:07
ogra(you did hit enter, right ? )12:07
* persia tries again.12:08
ograi just tried it the first time on the Q!12:08
ograworked fine 12:08
persiaOK.  First step, touch the pen to the screen, and move around all the edges.12:08
persiaSecond step, press Enter12:08
persiaThird step, wait.12:08
ograthird, wait until top left cross turns red12:08
ograyou sure your enter key works ? 12:09
persiaYes.  If I now tap the screen 9 times, the tool exits.  Just nothing ever turns red.12:10
ograi'll rework the cursors and font for that screen in jaunty ... it really needs a better visual handling ...12:10
persiait's left-to-right, top-to-bottom?12:11
ograstarts top left, goes to top right ... then middle row 12:11
ograsame there 12:11
* persia ignores the lack of visual response, and calibrates the touchscreen.12:11
ograthen bottom row12:11
ograyou had the values showing up on the screen while moving to the edges ? 12:12
persiaNo.  The values on the screen never changed whilst I was moving to the edges.12:13
ograso in case you are done, just run sudo /etc/init.d/xserver-xorg-input-evtouch start from a terminal and relogin12:14
persiaIt also failed to calibrate my touchscreen.12:14
ograare you sure that touchscreen is evtouch ? 12:14
persiaDoes logging out and in again not reload?  Do I need to also restart the init script?12:14
ograwell, currently you actually need to reboot 12:14
ograbut wait12:15
ograyou dont have a .fdi file :P12:15
ograso the driver isnt loaded at all12:15
persiaRIght.  What do I need to do to get an .fdi file?12:16
ograeasiest is to copy the 10-eGalax.fdi in /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osverndor 12:16
persiacopy it to?12:16
ogralook at the two "<match>" lines12:16
ograto something... pick a significant name for your touchscreen device 12:16
persialike "PenMount USB" ?12:17
ograchange the match lines to match your touchscreen with lshal values (easiest is to install gnome-devcie-manager)12:17
ograyeah, something like that12:17
ograhal needs one or two values to match against to know it should not load evdev but evtouch for this device ... else its silly and says its a mouse or kbd and uses evdev12:18
persiaYeah.  That's what is happening now.12:18
=== amitk_ is now known as amitk
ograshould also show up like that in Xorg.0.log12:19
persiaSo you recommend matching against info.product and info.capabiliites?12:19
ograyeah, or whatever unique parameters can identify your device 12:20
ograyou will need to reboot then 12:20
ograhal wont just pick it up12:20
ogra(unless you can unplug it, which i doubt)12:21
persiarebooting is no issue.  Let's see what happens.12:21
persiaI suspect the reason I appeared to be able to calibrate was that I was using the left-click-to-advance function.12:22
ograif you have a working .fdi, paste it for me, i have a package update pending12:29
StevenKogra: I note the touchscreen doesn't work for my Q112:35
ograStevenK, do you have the latest evtouch update ? 12:35
ograit doesnt pre-calibrte anymore, it will only work after a first calibration run12:35
StevenKogra: I have 0.8.7-3ubuntu8 xserver-xorg-input-evtouch12:36
StevenKogra: Ah. How do I calibrate it?12:36
ogragood, look for "claibrate touchscreen"12:36
ograit has a menu entry12:36
ograin System->Administartion12:37
StevenKAh. Currently we don't parse system12:37
ograwell, run sudo calibrate_touchscreen then from a terminal12:37
ograi would have put it in Preferences, but that didnt seem appropriate for a sudo'ed tool12:39
persiaStevenK: Do you want an applications-merged/ entry to grab Settings and call it "Preferences"?12:42
StevenKpersia: Nope, since the top level of the System menu is Preferences and it grabs the stuff12:43
* ogra lols about the "rename it" mail thread in -mobile12:43
persiaStevenK: OK.  You've a working local applications-merged/ entry?12:43
StevenKI had.12:44
persiaWell then, I won't create one :)12:44
StevenKI've since hacked code to also parse settings.menu12:44
StevenKUnless you think that will pull in too much12:44
StevenKHm. It really does.12:45
persiaHrm?  kourou reads settings.menu directly?  I like merging better, unless we want to do something funny.12:48
persiaogra: Adding the .fdi file made things turn red, but it's not a very visible red.  Could it change value more, as well as hue?12:52
ograi'll try that, so paste me the .fdi :)12:52
StevenKpersia: It was going to, and now it isn't.12:52
persiaogra: I'm still rebooting to make sure the calibration worked.  I'll paste you the .fdi soonish now...12:53
ograit worked :)12:53
persia(and then I have a good excuse to unbox the new device and calibrate that too)12:53
ograand get me another .fdi :)12:53
ograhmm, i should merge all of them into a evtouch.fdi12:54
persiaProbably.  Ends up with more matches, but avoids namespace issues.12:55
persiaHrm.  Now it won't boot :/12:55
davidmAlmost time for the meeting12:57
davidmStarting the meeting13:01
persiaogra: Not calibrated :(13:02
davidmlool, you about in the meeting?13:03
loolI am13:03
ograpersia, does /etc/evtouch/config contain values ? 13:03
ograshould have 22 lines13:04
ograand does hal see it as evtouch device now ? 13:05
ogralsha|less 13:05
ograand then search for evtouch13:05
ogra*lshal indeed13:05
persialots of stuff there.13:09
ograin lshal ? 13:09
ogrado you see things like maxx and maxy ? 13:09
persiaI see all of that in /etc/evtouch/config, but it's dark, I'm distracted, and there are too many keyboards, so I haven't gotten the lshal stuff yet :)13:10
ograwell, you should see all the values in lshal as well and you should see evtouch somewhere in there as well 13:11
ograyour .fdi probably defines the wrong device ... usually a touchscreen has two or three of them 13:12
persiaogra: gnome-device-manager shows it to be evtouch, and has all the hint values: it's just not calibrated correctly.13:16
ograwhat mainly counts is the maxx, maxy, minx and miny13:17
persiaogra: So, in about 43 minutes, I'll ask you to lead me *very* slowly through the steps, checking each step, and we can sort it.13:17
ograthe min values usually are between 100 and 30013:17
ogramax should be between 6000 and 8000 somewhere13:18
persiaI'm getting stuff like -1019 through to about -513:19
ografor the min/max values ? 13:19
ograthats definately wrong13:19
ograthe Xn/Yn values are fine to be negative, but min/max should be positive13:20
ogra Xn/Yn are the fine tuning values for the crosshairs ... min/max are the edges13:20
persiaOh. I get 0 and 20000 then.13:22
josephusshould intrepid images boot in vmware?13:40
persiajosephus: I don't know that anyone has tried.  -mid is known to boot in virtualbox and KVM.  -mobile didn't boot for me on kvm, but I've heard no confirmation, or information about testing in other environments.13:42
persiaBurgundavia: You had a question about form factors?13:59
Burgundaviayah, still wrapping my head around the dividing line between mid and netbook, from the package selection sense14:00
ogramid is for 4-7" devices14:01
persiaBurgundavia: OK.  Firstly, let's ignore the word "netbook".14:01
ogranetbook is for netbooks 14:01
persiaSo, there's two flavours that we tend to work on here: ubuntu-mid and ubuntu-mobile.14:01
ograBurgundavia, you mix up -mobile with -mid :)14:01
loolNo ubuntu-netbook?  :)14:01
Burgundaviayes, I do14:01
persiaubuntu-mid is a hildon-based environment: loosely related to Maemo.14:02
persialool: Nope.  There is no ubuntu-netbook.14:02
Burgundaviaright, got that, mobile is not-netbook?14:02
loolpersia: Is it maemo or is it moblin?14:02
persiaubuntu-mobile is a gnome-based environment designed for small screens.14:02
loolAh sorry, no fair making fun of the mess I'm in as well   :-)14:02
Burgundaviabut ubuntu-mobile lacks nice things like the ume-launcher14:02
ograBurgundavia, -mobile is for touchscreens, the netbook remix is a commercial product for netbooks ... largely without touchscreens using 4 specailly written apps 14:02
persialool: Yes.14:02
* lool has some odd type of humor today it seems14:02
persiaBurgundavia: ume-launcher isn't in Ubuntu :)14:03
Burgundavianetbook-launcher is14:03
loolWe should start a nettop image for crazyness14:03
Burgundaviabut, yes I see your point14:03
ograBurgundavia, netbook-launcher (how its called in intrepid) is only usable on a vers specual setup, i.e. all size values are hardcoded 14:03
persiaBurgundavia: So, clearly, anyone can use any software on any device, but the idea of -mobile is to target things with touchscreens and limited screen real-estate, but still large enough to fit in a bag.14:04
Burgundaviaseems to work just fine scaling up on my 1280x768 laptop14:04
ograyou need to compile a special version with different values for different screens, thats currently not doable with our manpower14:04
persiaThe idea of -mid is to have something significantly more pocketable.14:04
Burgundavian810-sized (but atom based)?14:04
ograBurgundavia, it is hardcoded to 24px panels and to 5px off the edge of the screen ... you cant use a sidepanel for xample14:04
ograits not built for touchscreens14:04
Burgundaviaright, I saw that14:04
ograbeyond that it doesnt work in intrepuid14:05
ograits also closely bound to clutter 0.6 14:05
ograwith clutter 0.8 which is the current version fonts are not displayed etc14:05
ograclutter doesnt work with compiz either 14:05
ograthe first few unreleased ubuntu-mobile builds used netbook-launcher 14:06
persiaBurgundavia: Precisely.14:06
Burgundaviayay for my bling doesn't work with your bling14:06
ograafter using it for two weeks i really didnt find it suitable for a release14:06
ograit will rock in jaunty but for intrepid it simply isnt ready 14:06
ograneeds to much of a rewrite which wont happen before beta i think14:07
Burgundaviayou need a followup faq post, clearly14:08
persiaBurgundavia: First we need a common set of questions.14:08
persiaCurrently, most questions are being asked for the first time.14:08
persiaThe only one that seems common is confusion about netbook, but that's been pervasive since the netbook remix was announced.14:09
ograBurgundavia, i took the blame to take maintenance for the netbook apps, they surely fall into the mobile area and i know there are plans to make netbook-launcher work on touchscreens, but as long as its not there i cant do much about it 14:09
Burgundaviawell, the netbook and mid stuff don't fit into neat existing categories like laptop, desktop and phone14:09
ograso -mobile is what it is and wont change much14:09
persiaBurgundavia: Well, someone didn't want us to call a MID a PDA.  I don't personally understand why, but...14:10
ograand the community feedback on http://www.umpcportal.com/2008/09/ubuntu-mobile-edition-news-and-first-boot-video/ and the ubuntu-mobile and gnome-mobile lists somewhat prove i'm doing it right ;)14:10
Burgundaviayes, some marketing wonks in Intel14:10
Burgundaviabecause PDA == Palm == 90s == boring14:10
ograBurgundavia, btw, what was your KDE complaint about yesterday ? 14:10
persia-mobile is new, but the desktop environment doesn't work so well on a 7" screen (it's sitting next to me now: I *know* it's not as pretty as -mobile), but -mobile is too small for a 14" screen.14:10
persiaBurgundavia: I guess.  My PDAs haven't been boring for years, but they've all been what are now called MIDs.14:11
Burgundaviaogra: evtouch and zenity14:11
ograit will work, just not display the help 14:11
ograi'm fine f soemone sends me a kdialog patch14:12
ograit would also need a special .desktop file using kdesu14:12
ograbut after all you can call sudo calibrate_touchscreen in any environment 14:13
ograi'll write a wikipage for it once i have enough .fdi files that it actually supports more than 2 device categories ... 14:14
ogracurrently i can only suport the two touchscreen categories i can test on and despite several calls on planet and mailing lists i didnt recieve more lshal output from other people yet14:15
persiaogra: So, lead me through a process that gets me a working calibration.14:17
persia(and I'll give you a .fdi file)14:17
ograwell, i wonder why you get the 20000 there14:18
ogramight corellare with the DPI 14:18
persiaogra: This is only ~170 DPI.  Should be about the same as the Q1U14:25
ograwell, if you run the calibration now, do you see the numbers moving ?14:26
ograelse i suspect either its not an evtouch device or the fdi points to the wrong device 14:26
* persia tries some other things14:26
persiaDo I need to delete some file?  It won't run now.14:27
ogranot at all ? 14:30
ograit should run in any case (even if you dont have a touchscreen)14:30
persiaWell, it shows the splash, and then tells me the calibration is complete.  No calibration screen.14:31
ograhal-find-by-property --key input.x11_driver --string evtouch14:31
ogradoes that return a UDI ?14:31
ograshould have something like logicaldev_input at the end14:31
persiaThat didn't return anything.  I suppose that means my .fdi file is wrong.  I wonder why it said evtouch in gnome-device-manager14:35
ograwhat device did it apply to ß 14:39
persiaogra: Hrm?  The touchscreen, according to g-d-m.14:39
ograusually you have a HID->USB Interface->Touchpad/screen chain14:39
ograit has to apply to the lowest in the chain14:39
persiaComputer -> USB UHCI Controller -> Hub -> USB Device -> Mouse HID Device Interface (Boot) Interface -> Pointing Device14:41
ograno touchpad there ?14:42
persiatouchpad is Computer -> Platform Device -> i8042 AUX2 port -> Touch Pad14:43
ograthats likely the synaptics touchpad14:43
ograthere should be a second one for the touchscreen14:43
ograattached to usb14:43
persiaNope.  The only listed touchpad is the actual touchpad.  The touchscreen is a "Pointing Device".14:44
ograelse you even miss kernel support for it i think14:44
* persia fiddles with the .fdi file, and tries to fix that first14:44
ograyeah, but thats only half of the device14:44
persiaWell, it works, it's just not calibrated.14:44
ograit works with evtouch loaded ? 14:44
ogradid it work before ? without loading it ? 14:45
ogra[   15.737517] input: IDEACO^D  IDC 6680 as /class/input/input214:46
ogra[   15.741238] input,hiddev96,hidraw0: USB HID v1.10 Mouse [IDEACO^D  IDC 6680] on usb-0000:00:1d.2-114:46
ogra[   15.785496] input: IDEACO^D  IDC 6680 as /class/input/input314:46
ogra[   15.788536] input,hidraw1: USB HID v1.10 Mouse [IDEACO^D  IDC 6680] on usb-0000:00:1d.2-114:46
ogra[   15.788555] usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid14:46
persiaYeah.  It works either way, it just isn't calibrated.  Anyway, it's the same screen as used in the Flybook: I think I'll go hunt to see how they do it.14:46
ograthats my dmesg output for my touchscreen14:46
ogrado you see yours in dmesg ? 14:46
ogra /class/input/input2 is the actual touchscreen14:46
ograinput3 is a strange mouse emulation device14:47
persiaNo, I only have one device showing.14:47
ograi know evtouch work for lifebook ... not sure about flybook14:47
ograwhats the actual device name/manufacturer ? 14:48
ograi have a list here for evtouch14:48
ograAHA !14:49
ograflybook is plpevtch14:49
ograand plpevtch isnt packaged :(14:50
ograi wonder if thats mergeable into evtouch14:51
persiaMy event devices are "Macintosh mouse button emulation", "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard", "DIALOGUE INC PenMount USB", "Power Button (FF)", "Lid Switch", "Power Button (CM)", "Video Bus", "F013FF-68 PC-CAM", "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad", and "PS/2 Generic Mouse".14:51
ograDIALOGUE INC PenMount USB sounds about right 14:52
persiaI think the extra function keys come through the camera (as it supports EV_KEY)14:52
snadgei was just about to buy a dell mini inspiron 9 .. but then discovered they do not ship it with ubuntu in australia14:52
persiaYes, that's the one I can't calibrate.  Intrepid is *much* better than hardy for this device, but it's still off by a bit.14:53
snadgei want to buy something cute and small that has ubuntu on it.. are there other options available or coming soon?14:53
ograapt-get install xserver-xorg-input-penmount14:53
ograthat should make use of it14:54
ograit emulates wacom14:54
ograso you need to use wacom calibration tools14:55
ograsigh ... and it even emulates it throuh the serial port14:55
persiaAhh.  That explains it.  I've been fiddling on and off with evtouch since May, and all along it's been the wrong driver :)14:55
persiaogra: Thanks.  Despite my shame, it will be nice to have this working :)14:56
ograrework that to a .fdi file14:56
ogra(probably adjust min/max values)14:56
persiaAre those sensible defaults with which to start?14:57
ograno idea14:57
ograbug 261873 has example .fdi files14:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261873 in xf86-input-evtouch "make evtouch devices work with hal-input in intrepid" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26187314:57
persiaOh, right.  I have some installed :)14:57
ograjust make all the options string and make the option names lowercase14:58
ograif you get me your lshal i can create an fdi file to start from ... i bet you need to adjust the values though15:00
persiaI'll fiddle with it a bit tonight or tomorrow.  If I get lost, I'll give you lshal, but it's worth learning.15:02
ograits worth having the .fdi in the package i guess15:02
ograeven if people have to modify it manually its helpful 15:02
ograwe need s generalized calibration tool in jaunty15:03
StevenKpersia: linux-lpia-meta binary NEWed15:03
ograi'll propose a spec for that 15:03
ograStevenK, did you get your calibration working btw ?15:03
* persia will be very excited to see if the "No kernel found" error goes away as expected.15:03
StevenKogra: No15:04
ograStevenK, no in you didnt try ? or no in something was broken 15:04
StevenKogra: The latter15:04
ograif so, what  (i want to have that done before beta)15:04
StevenKogra: No instructions, so I had no clue what to do15:05
ograapt-get install zenity :)15:05
StevenKIt also requires zenity?15:05
ograit doesnt ... but it shows instructions if zenity is there 15:05
ograless /usr/bin/calibrate_touchscreen otherwise :)15:06
ograit has the instructions inline for now15:06
persiaogra: It should Recommends zenity15:06
ografor jaunty i want a full pygtk tool that can also modify the tap values etc15:06
ograpersia, that would pull in zenity into -mid i wasnt sure thats desired15:07
persiaogra: Hrm.  Good point.15:07
ogranot sure how much gnome that pulls in15:07
StevenKI'll check that tomorrow15:07
ograbasically ... move your pen to all edges, hit enter, wait until top left cross turns red, tap each red cross once15:08
StevenKSo tap all four corners?15:08
ograall 9 crosses15:08
ogradid you get the claibration screen ? 15:09
StevenKI wasn't getting any indications I should be using my finger, or the mouse, or what15:09
ogra(white screen with a bunch of crosses)15:09
StevenKYes, I got that screen15:09
ograso it basically works at least15:09
ograbest is to use a pen15:09
ograif you did like i sadi above, run sudo invoke-rc.d xserver-xorg-input-evtouch start and restart your X session ... it should eb calibrated then15:11
* ogra wonders if he should fall bac to xdialog 15:12
ograhmm, thats not installed by default either anywhere15:12
ograbut would probbly be the better choice for hildon15:13
* ogra checks whats required for that15:14
ograhmm, no deps at all apart from Xlibs :)15:14
persiaFalling back to that makes sense then.  We can hint the alternate in the seeds.15:21
ograits not installed though15:21
persiaogra: Right.  The calibration tool Recommends zenity | xdialog.  -mid seeds xdialog, and doesn't get zenity.  All is good.15:23
ograRecommends zenity | xdialog | kdialog i guess :)15:23
StevenKI'll check if zenity horrible tomorrow15:24
persiaI'd do zenity | kdialog | xdialog, but that's just me.15:24
loolArf, /me discoveres that the CB is VT capable15:33
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loolSo the Q1 is an Intel A100 and *isn't* Atom15:34
loolWell 11015:35
loolOhh STMicro was using PowerVR, it all makes sense now15:38
loolThey were at OSIM15:38
* lool connects the dots15:38
persiaQ1 is still lpia, just not atom.  You don't need to use the lpiacompat kernel.15:39
loolpersia: You have a Kohjinsha right?15:39
loolGeez the list of PowerVR SGX usage is impressive http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerVR#Series_5_.28SGX.2915:40
loolFunny, Moorestown and Nokia tablets are already in the list15:41
persialool: I have a Kojinsha, but the SR, not the SC3 everyone is talking about.15:41
lool"Apple unidentified -- SGX + VXD380" erf15:42
loolpersia: What are the graphics?15:42
persiaIntel 94x15:43
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loolParamétrage de bluez-utils (3.36-1ubuntu2) ...17:34
loolCreating device nodes ...17:34
looludev active, devices will be created in /dev/.static/dev/17:34
loolrm: ne peut enlever `rfcomm0-': Système de fichiers accessible en lecture seulement17:34
loolmknod: `rfcomm0-': Système de fichiers accessible en lecture seulement17:34
lool(long list of failures)17:34
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BenBradleyHello, I've got a simple (I hope) question: How (can) I use a WinXP box to set up a USB flash drive to install MID on my EeePC?19:08
ogratry to google about rawrite (not sure it works with usb drives though)19:16
ograor use a ubuntu livecd and use dd :)19:16
BenBradleyI've had some trouble with dd'ing an .img to USB, last time I tried my USB drive just blinked at me for a couple hours and ended up corrupted19:19
ogradid you give a blocksize (bs=) to the dd command ?19:20
ogradd if=/your/img/file of=/dev/sdX bs=1024 ... something like that 19:21
loolHey I get a huge pile of changes to the mid seed when updatingit19:47
loologra: Could it be your task changes?!19:48
loologra: I suspect it's the task-seeds: desktop-common19:49
loologra: It really pulls a big pile, screen, unzip, wodim, hplip, pcmciautils....19:49
loologra: Could you confirm this is what you want and upload mobile-meta?  I personally think we want something relatively small and without things like syslog, or standard unix tools in it, just the mobile and desktop internet apps19:50
BenBradleyOgra - Thanks for the tip, though in the meantime I found that UNetBootin will write IMG files to USB if you specify "Floppy" instead of "ISO"20:42
crevettemobile devs, do you need coherence plugin for MID ?20:46
crevettelool: If I open a bug on luanchpad could it be possible to have latest python-coherence ?20:49
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loolcrevette: Hmm21:21
loolcrevette: I don't really need a bug for it to be honest :)21:21
loolcrevette: You mean in intrepid?21:22
loolcrevette: It depends on the size of the changes21:22
crevetteI seen you're one of the maintainer on debian 21:22
loolcrevette: What do you care for in the new release(s)?21:22
crevetteI can make the coherence plugin works for rhythmbox21:22
crevetteI wonder if it not cuased by this old version we hve21:23
crevetteLet me investigate21:23
crevetteit doesn't work totem neither21:24
loolcrevette: Well did you check whether the new upstream fixes it or is it just a wild guess?21:27
crevetteit was a wild guess, but I'm installing the debian version21:28
crevetteI'm going to test21:28
crevetteI hope it could work21:28
loolOk; I can consider spending time to merge it if it fixes coherence support for the apps you mentionned, but if it's just for the sake of it, then it can wait til jaunty21:29
crevetteyep I totally understand21:30
ogralool, my task changes will do exactly the opposite ...21:49
ograonce they are applied21:49
loologra: Well could you run ./update in mobile-meta and upload it then?21:50
loolPerhaps I did things wrong21:50
ograi did run ./update, yes21:50
loolon intrepid?21:50
ograbut that was on monday last time21:50
ograbut the soyuz fix isnt in yet21:51
loolCould you check again?   :-/21:51
ogracilon made a bunch of seed changes inbetween21:51
ograto prepare the task thing21:51
ograah, bug 274199 is fix released since 1h21:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274199 in soyuz "germinate output for mobile" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27419921:52
ograbut that shouldnt change anything in the update script behavior, it really only makes sure there is a task header21:52
loologra: I'd like to understand why i get a huge pile of new packages then?21:53
ograjust checking21:53
ograpowernowd does anything on lpia ? 21:54
* ogra wasnt aware there are p4-clockmod modules in lpia21:54
loologra: Yeah, it loads the cpu frequency modules21:55
loologra: The acpi-cpufreq one to be exact21:56
ograyes, but only the p4 ones21:56
ograoh, then it changed since i last touched it 21:56
loolI just pushed that fix to hardy21:56
* ogra runs update 21:57
ogramight be that mid shouldnt use tasks, but as soon as you pull something with recommends in it will install all recommends automatically21:58
ograthats what the task prevents as cjwatson explained to me21:58
ograthis update should actually drop stuff ... unless the cronjob hasnt run yet21:59
crevettelool: latest coherence seems to working better 21:59
crevettethe rb just need to be upated21:59
loolthe rb?21:59
ograah, not the roastbeef then :)22:00
loolSo is it the new coherence or the rb fix which helps?22:00
lool(/me was maintaining rb in the past, and used to call it rb too, but "the rb" confused me ;)22:00
crevettetotem plugin uses latest API22:01
* ogra just returned from the restaurant :)22:01
crevetteand so rb need to be updated to use too22:02
crevettepreviously nothing was working22:02
crevetterb with 0.5.6 was crashing22:02
loolcrevette: Does totem work with current coherence?22:03
crevettebut the plugi is not included by default22:03
loolcrevette: Ok, I'm officially lost; can you sum up the 22:17
loolminimal things we should do for fixing broken things in intrepid?22:17
crevettelool: pushing updated coherence plugin for rb, I'm taking to have this done upstream22:20
crevettesync python-coherence from debian22:21
loolcrevette: Is that second part required?22:21
crevettefor totem, I'm going to see if seb128 is interested in providing coherence in totem-plugins-extra22:21
loolSounds like a plan22:22
crevetteMy plan for now is to sleep22:22
crevettebye bye22:22
crevettesee you22:22
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