ubottuIn #ubuntu, Lecter said: ubottu thing is I'll have more access to search .deb and .rpm00:06
elky_workthing is, the bot cant help you00:13
jribstepping out for a bit.  Someone should keep an eye on bunnyto in #ubuntu01:00
Picithat was quick01:04
jribhaven't stepped out yet :)01:05
geniiWill ubottu be offline for long?05:37
geniiI guess that means yes or indefinitely then ;)05:41
* nalioth watches for ubottu05:56
naliothanyone know how long it takes for ubottu to spawn?05:57
* nalioth taps his toes05:58
Jordan_UI was just coming in to ask about that bot :)05:58
naliothshould be coming back up as we speak05:59
naliothJordan_U: looks like ubottu is returning as we speak.  is there anything else we can help you with?06:00
MyrttiJordan_U: schoo, then06:26
Myrttilambdacats ♥ http://arcanux.org/lambdacats/undecidable.jpg07:58
FlannelWell, that was fun08:32
FlannelBigUrsis: How can we help you?08:36
BigUrsisNo need, I was reading ops logs and noticed spam from ubottu, and was wondering just how much trigger spam ends up here.08:36
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, allorder said: ubottu: What is the best08:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, allorder said: ubottu What is the best08:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, allorder said: ubottu What is the best song08:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, allorder said: !ubottu  What is the best08:45
Myrttiin other news: WIN! TADA08:47
* Myrtti grins and hums happily08:59
MyrttiI haz stress but I don't care!09:00
Myrttiyou can haz stress, but I don't care!09:00
Myrttiwhat are you people staring... don't you have better things to do?09:09
FlannelMyrtti: Not I.  I'm in wind-down mode. Which is sometimes called "Watch Myrtti mode"09:10
MyrttiI can be the self appointed #ubuntu-ops cheerleader for life?09:12
ikoniado you have a uniform ?09:12
Myrttiyes =^_____^=09:12
Myrttiwell not exactly but I know what it would be like09:12
FlannelMyrtti: I think that settles it then.  Are you going to change your nick to sauocfl?09:12
Myrttido I have to? if I have to, I dunwanna09:13
FlannelMyrtti: nope09:17
GneaFlannel: how do you know that he wasn't the one being deceptive in the first place?09:34
FlannelGnea: you can't go around assuming people are.09:35
FlannelGnea: or are you going to give everyone who asks for help in #ubuntu a test to make sure they really don't know what theyre talking about before helping them?09:36
GneaFlannel: do I give everyone who asks for help in #ubuntu that sort of test? no.09:37
GneaFirst of all, the user was asking for ways to traverse his country's restrictive browsing habits - a potentially illegal thing to do. Second, he was harrassing an op. I'm sorry if my method actually got the user to back off and stop the harrassment.09:39
FlannelThere's nothing to indicate he wasn't simply ignorant of said scripts behavior.09:40
Gneahe was offtopic to begin with, if he needed help with his irc client, he simply could've asked and he would've been pointed in the correct direction, as was originally done.09:41
FlannelGnea: but, that's really moot anyway.  You gave a misleading answer, which isn't condusive to the atmosphere of the channel.09:41
Flannelthat's really the only thing I mentioned to you.  The rest of this isn't relevant.09:42
FlannelI would have no problem if you had said "You should probably just leave the channel, blah blah" but that's not what you said.09:43
GneaFlannel: I didn't want to anger the user.09:43
FlannelGnea: So, instead you're going to tell them something which *they* think is a legit answer to "How do I turn off my scripts", which disconnects them? That certainly won't make them angry.09:44
FlannelGnea: It09:46
* Flannel ^H^H09:47
* Myrtti gives Flannel a bottle of correction tape09:47
Flannelwhy thankee09:48
FlannelMyrtti: I don't think I've ever used the tape stuff before.  Does it work just like the fluid?  you just paint it onto the monitor?09:49
Myrttiyeah, it does09:49
Myrttiwindex is also nice09:49
GneaFlannel: *shrug* This whole conversation seems rather pointless.  The user was asking for the wrong help in the wrong channel.  We had no idea what script(s) he had loaded, he could've gone and gotten himself banned from the network.  Maybe he had some legitimate issues to deal with in the meantime.  As you said, all of this is totally irrelevent.  But okay, next time I'll just let him potentially dig his own grave.09:49
Gneabut windex does nasty things09:49
MyrttiIt SmElZz NiCE!09:50
FlannelGnea: This isn't about him.  It's about you.  If you want to just stay out of it, that's fine.  If you want to suggest they leave the room, that's fine too, just don't be misleading about it.  Often times troublemakers *will* leave on their own accord if you ask them to.  As strange as that sounds.09:50
GneaFlannel: Well, again, I'm sorry that you don't approve of my method.  And I don't see how I was misleading, I flat-out told him that /quit would do it.  Surely he knew what it would do, hence that very interesting /quit message that he left behind.09:52
FlannelThat quit message was likely automatically inserted by his script.  And again, /quit is not a valid answer to "how do I turn off the scripts", regardless of how many times you say it is.09:53
FlannelMyrtti: is that the cross between a fork... and... uh, umm... spoon and a knife?09:55
GneaFlannel: It's obviously not a valid answer in your book.  Now, if you're quite done harrassing me over the issue, I've got other things to do.09:55
FlannelGnea: You're here on your own accord, by the way.  Don't let me keep you.09:56
GneaFlannel: Well thank you for inviting me here in the first place. Later.09:56
jussi01Does anyone know the status of the IRC council thing... ?10:25
Myrttigrumblecookies grumblecookies!11:22
MyrttiI can haz monday?!11:29
Myrttiplz make it monday nao?11:29
elkyi'm so so very bad... :) http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/view.aspx?ciid=210366611:33
Myrttia friend suggested a better caption for http://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/09/24/funny-pictures-not-detered-by-adt/11:54
Myrtti"told u iz on detenshun"11:57
jussi01oh far out, what is with that bot :(12:01
jussi01elky: you fail ;)12:01
* jussi01 reminds elky of the restart bot page...12:02
elkythere is a restart bot page?12:02
jussi01elky: go check you council mail from a while back..12:03
jussi01aug 13th12:03
jussi01elky: ^12:03
* jussi01 waits for the bot to reappear once elky finds it... :P12:05
Myrttijussi01: YOU'RE MEAN12:05
MyrttiI don't love you anymore.12:06
jussi01Myrtti: why?12:06
Myrttiteasing elky like that12:06
jussi01 :(12:06
jussi01not teasing..12:06
Myrttiyou are too12:06
Myrttiare too12:06
elkyi'm on a conf call at the moemnt12:06
jussi01just making sure she will remember for next time...12:06
jussi01Myrtti: go and eat some salmiakki.. 12:07
Myrttipft :-þ12:07
bazhangwow three weeks passed quickly12:07
Myrttiyou go and scoop your vegemite12:07
bazhangoh wait it was just one12:07
bazhanglocke is back12:08
elkyi dont have anything in my council list folder for the 13th, im kind of having to hunt12:08
jussi01elky: want me to forward it again?12:08
elkyjussi01, might be worth it12:08
elkysince i dont seem to even have it12:08
jussi01elky: pm the address you want it to12:08
jussi01bots on the way back12:09
elkymy real first name at ubuntu.com12:09
elkythat will suffice12:09
elkyi kinda suspect it's got siphoned into trash at some point12:10
jussi01elky: you got that now?12:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, snuxoll said: !sucks is <reply> Please don't say unkind things about me, I don't like it very much12:13
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Ziroday said: !sucks is <reply> Please don't say unkind things about me. All the ops like me and I can be a big bully12:14
jussi01!scope > snuxoll12:14
jussi01!scope > Ziroday12:14
ikonia!scope >ikonia12:15
ubottuikonia, please see my private message12:15
ikoniathats handy12:15
jussi01yep :)12:15
ikoniadidn't know that one at all12:16
ikoniamay want to mute ubot512:16
ikoniagetting multiple resopnses 12:16
Myrttican I make scope2?12:16
jussi01yeah is muted, but pms still go12:16
jussi01Myrtti: what you tyhinking?12:16
Myrtti"haha, very funny. Scotty, beam back my humour"12:17
Myrttiall work and no play makes Miia a dull girl12:17
Myrttiall work and no play makes Miia a dull girl12:17
Myrttiall work and no play makes Miia a dull girl12:17
bazhang'the shining'12:17
Myrtti(which I've never seen in full extent since it's too scary)12:18
Myrttiyes, I'm full of surprises.12:18
jussi01Tm_T: no!14:14
Tm_Tbah, sorry, too late14:14
Myrttiwhat did you do...14:14
Myrttiwhat did he do?14:15
Tm_Tremoved one person14:15
jussi01continual bot abuse14:15
Myrttioh, ok then14:15
Myrttias you were14:15
Tm_Tjussi01: I think its your call now14:15
jussi01yeah, Im watching14:15
Tm_TI'll get more lunch14:16
* jussi01 just woke up :)14:16
jussi01after a nice agternoon nap :)14:16
jussi01Tm_T: can you watch -ot for me?14:41
* jussi01 sighs at the overly talkitive kids14:41
Myrttichatty monkeys14:42
LjLAl1_: let me check14:52
LjLat first glance, you don't seem to be banned14:53
Al1_ Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).14:53
LjLwell, i'll check better14:53
ikonian=conor is familer14:53
Al1_lol thanks14:53
LjLoh yes, you're banned14:53
LjLdon't know yet14:54
ikonianot the one with the brother ?14:54
Al1_Ive never actually been on it14:54
ikonia"my brother did this" 14:54
Al1_no 14:54
Al1_ive just never been on #ubuntu14:54
Al1_and i got banned when i first tried to join14:54
ikonia/whois Al1_14:54
ikoniait is him14:56
ikoniaI'm pretty certain14:56
ikonia"my brother did this"14:56
LjL[15:56:26] <LjL> uhm this is complicated14:57
LjL[15:56:47] <LjL> he was always banned as conor as far as i can see for now14:57
LjL[15:57:07] <LjL> but "he" has used a few hostnames and an unaffiliated cloak, too14:57
LjL[15:57:19] <LjL> the name "al" did appear before in there, though14:57
ikoniawhere is that from ?14:58
ikoniaI remember him as blaming his brother, then admiting he was his brother, etc etc14:58
LjLikonia, eh, it's from your query right now :P14:59
LjLi re-pasted it here after noticing he'd left14:59
LjLthe hostname he's using right now was never banned14:59
ikoniairssi isn't highlighting14:59
LjLactually, the whole onvol.net was never banned14:59
* ikonia backs away from the tricky situation15:00
* ikonia returns to researching blackberry's and linux15:00
Myrttiit was his roommate once15:01
ikoniathat was it15:01
ikoniaI knew it was "someone else"15:01
ikoniathen he admited it was him all along15:01
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:01
Al1_im like in desperate need of technical advice15:02
Al1_can i get on #ubuntu?15:02
LjLi'm still trying to figure out this ban15:03
bazhangthe name is conor LjL 15:04
LjLbazhang: i know that15:04
LjLbut i can't really relate it to a hostname, or the current nick15:05
bazhanghe claimed it was his roommate, his brother, among other excuses15:05
LjLthis onvol.net address he's on right now doesn't seem to be an open proxy15:05
Al1_Sorry if i cut out once in a while, the internet here is shit15:05
ikoniaAl1_: please mind your language15:06
LjLuhm, even if i let him join...15:06
LjLAl1_, even if i let you in, you won't find very much useful help if your ISP keeps disconnecting you every 30 seconds... :|15:07
bazhanglooks like ompaul did a +l in this case15:07
Al1_Ye well15:07
bazhangerr the lart command15:07
Al1_Just to be unbanned till i find a better connection15:07
Al1_I dont think i should be banned for doing nothing15:07
LjLAl1_: no, i agree15:08
LjLi'm just trying to find out whether or not you're the same person who was banned before15:08
LjLanyway, i'll let you in for the time being15:08
LjLi reserve the right to determine you are that person, though ;)15:09
Al1_lol what person?15:09
LjLAl1_: an annoying fellow who was banned for good reason15:09
LjLbut seriously, your connection to IRC is useless...15:10
Al1_Lol well considering ive never been in #ubuntu15:10
ikoniaAl1_: how did you find this channel15:10
LjLikonia: i told him15:10
LjLhe was in -ot15:10
ikoniahow did you find offtopic ?15:10
Al1_a list15:11
ikoniawher ?15:11
ikoniafair enough15:11
LjLConor is a first name, after all15:11
ikoniathe other guy had been in here many times15:11
LjLit *could* be someone else15:11
ikoniaif he didn't have a URL to hand I would have been suspcious15:11
bazhangsame affinity for language though15:12
ikoniabut if he didn't know about here, and found offtopic on the net with a valid url, doesn't look like the other go 15:12
ikoniayes, I noticed that15:12
bazhangAl1_, no need to join here15:12
LjLhe needs a banforward to ##fix_your_connection anyway...15:12
bazhangfor now15:13
LjLmeh, my logs are broken15:13
LjLthey're all owned by root, meh meh meh15:13
ikoniahe's not joined #ubuntu yet, 15:14
ikoniaodd for someone who needs it bad15:14
ikoniaooh he has15:14
ikoniamy mistake15:14
* ikonia remains dubious15:14
bazhang Al1_ (n=conor@c179-148.i02-5.onvol.net) has joined #ubuntu15:14
ikoniayeah, I saw it15:14
bazhangsorry :)15:14
ikoniano no, thank you15:14
LjLonvol.net "seems" to be american anyway, if i can read a slightly cryptic whois15:15
LjLuhm, no, geo ip services say Malta15:17
LjLon an unrelated note...15:22
LjLpeople with WINE problems have been redirected to #winehq for quite some time, most of the times15:23
LjLwhich is fine, i just did it right now. but earlier we had someone asking how to uninstall programs in WINE15:23
LjLthe answer is: type "uninstaller" in a terminal. however, someone told him to ask in #winehq15:23
LjLit wasn't anyone in here, but just saying, let's not go overboard...15:24
bazhanggood point LjL 15:24
jussi01LjL: you botabuser!!16:27
jussi01hehe, yes you... :P16:28
LjLi didn't botabuse anything :P16:28
* jussi01 goes to eat, someone keep eyes on #kubuntu - its been wandering offtopic a lot today17:10
Myrtti[19:37] ~~~Eeyore-Jr [n=supybot@] has joined #xubuntu17:56
Myrtti[19:38] < Eeyore-Jr> hi.  i have a widescreen monitor and i need to change the  reslotion in xubuntu to 10xx by 8xx17:56
Myrtti[19:39] ~~~Eeyore-Jr is now known as Ahmuck17:57
jussi01Myrtti: I think you should caption  this and add it to your blog... it fits well with that last post: http://lifematta.com/jussi01/photo/1194619:19
Myrttijussi01: http://speaklolspeak.com/page/LOLzoo+619:20
jussi01Myrtti: either that one or this one... http://jussi01.com/upload/uploads/20080925-212456-06082008335.jpg19:25
Myrttinow I know!19:25
Myrttiit's a POINTER ERROR19:25
Myrttidoes haskell has pointers?19:25
Myrttijussi01: http://myrtti.jaiku.com/presence/4536181719:29
Myrttijussi01: akshully19:39
Myrttiyou go and do your own damn captioning.19:40
jussi01Myrtti: Really, I dont mind, just thought you might like something extra for the blog...19:40
Myrttisure, I'll add it19:41
Myrttiif you just give me a link to it19:42
jussi01Hey Kubuntu ops, we have a fair amount of bans on the list in #kubuntu, if you could take a look and see if they are still needed, andclear what can be cleared :)20:04
bavardageanyone active-ish here?20:40
bavardageI have a query for an irccop?20:40
Myrttiircop or ubuntu op20:42
bavardagedw.. we got PriceChild 20:43
PriceChildbavardage: #freenode for ircops.20:43
Myrttiso... why did you come here instead of #freenode?20:43
bavardagesomeone said this is where you hang :P20:43
* Myrtti facepalms20:44
bavardage" they hang out in #ubuntu-ops"20:44
bavardage'tis what was said20:44
Myrttino, they logically hangout in #freenode20:44
Myrttias does Pricey20:45
PriceChildBut do I really?20:45
Myrttiwas there anything else we ubuntu ops can help you?20:45
* Myrtti larts PriceChild 20:46
Myrttionly gently, and lovingly, though20:46
* Myrtti gives PriceChild a lollipop20:46
PriceChildI do yes.20:46
bavardageMyrtti: probably not20:50
bavardagebut I'll have a lollipop if one's going around20:50
Myrttibavardage: may I point you to the topic of this channel then?20:57
bavardageoh sorry20:57
bavardagekinda forgot I was here20:58
bavardageau revoir20:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:01
ikoniawhat did the user -Sarunas just do in #ubuntu21:14
ikoniahe went "purple" in irssi 21:14
ikoniaahhh notice21:15
Piciwe've gone plaid21:15
ikoniaspaceballs joke ?21:24
Mezhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/135373/would-performance-suffer-using-autoload-in-php-and-searching-for-the-class-file#135867 <-- Can you tell that I actually wrote code to do what the guy wanted myself not to long ago?21:37
ompaulwill I kf bastard here?21:46
ompaulplease use my nick to answer21:46
* elky looks at the channel name again thinking that she's confused being just-woken. Nope, it is indeed not ##php.22:33
MyrttiI wish I could update my phone with virtualboxed xp...22:49
MyrttiNafallo: I'm sorry, you were right. It doesn't work.22:50
ikoniaMyrtti: I'm having phone frustration at the moment, it's really hitting home how locked into windows devices are, and how random linux formats are for things22:51
NafalloMyrtti: yea :-(22:51
MyrttiI can make xp see the phone22:51
NafalloMyrtti: the update killed my flatmates n95 though22:51
MyrttiI get all the device drivers installed into xp22:51
Myrttibut the pc suite won't pick it up22:51
MyrttiI'm updating pc suite to see if *that* would do the trick22:52
MyrttiI doubt it will, but I need to see it myself.22:52
Myrtti I've done this with vmware atleast once, I think...22:53
Myrttieither or22:53
Myrttiand hey let's reboot Windows!22:55
Myrttiok, I give up23:09
Myrttiit's not going to work.23:09
Myrtti_jason: damnit you, was almost asking how we may help you with my tired eyes23:31
MyrttiI really should go to bed...23:46

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