denacan someone help me? I was bridging one of my network connections and set my eth1 device back to static and now DNS isn't working...00:08
denatried everything I can think of...00:09
* flyback goes to cook a steak01:00
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* flyback gets overwealmed01:44
lukehasnonameI have to say, gentlemen, it seems a LOT of strong progress has been made on Ubuntu server in the past 6 months01:47
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* flyback bbl02:51
lukehasnonameAnyone know if any big changes were made to the installer between alpha 5 and 6?03:03
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uvirtbotNew bug: #274233 in samba (main) "Unable to login, GDM or console" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27423304:14
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hotmonkeyluvI cannot create a volume group in the setup of 8.04. When I select the option and press enter, I am just taken back to the "partition disks" overview screen. I have 3 disks that are SCSI 18GB, and they each have one partition on them that says "lvm" and the option is "K" (not sure what that means). Any words of wisdom from the community?06:15
lhnnif you had asked me 15 minutes ago I could have helped06:23
lhnnI was installing hardy on my server06:23
hotmonkeyluvlol, I got it07:00
hotmonkeyluvi just restarted 3 times, and somehow it worked07:01
hotmonkeyluvbtw, do you know the way to untar a .tar.gz file with the command line?07:01
ropetintar -xzvf file.tar.gz07:01
lhnnAgain, I will recommend that the motd be changed to remind users of their local copy of the documentation on intrepid server, if they installed it.07:45
lhnnping kirkland just to make sure someone 'important' sees my recommendation.07:46
kgoetzpretty random comment07:58
ropetinkgoetz: ?08:00
kgoetzropetin: lhnn 's coment. random, i felt it was08:14
scuserhi all, does anyone know which file is the pam configuration file for ubuntu 8.0408:16
lhnnkgoetz: I was discussing some days ago how users need to be aware of the fact that they have documentation right on their computer08:18
kgoetzi've seen the conversation before, i just cant remembrer who i was having it with08:53
chmacI want to run something through two 's/foo/bar/g' processes, best to sed | sed, or somehow have sed process it one pass?09:23
sorensed -e one_expression -e another_expression09:26
sorenchmac: ^09:26
chmacsoren: Sweet, thanks :)09:27
sorenchmac: np :)09:27
chmacIs there a silent version of `myqldump -qp blah | gzip | sudo tee blah.sql.gz` ?10:20
ropetinchmac: pipe it out to /dev/null?10:24
chmacropetin: Neat trick, didn't think of that...10:24
chmacAll the gzip output just borked my terminal :)10:25
ropetinchmac: Yeah, I didn't think fo that :)10:26
chmacSo this should work right `myqldump -qp blah | gzip | sudo tee blah.sql.gz > /dev/null` ?10:26
chmacropetin: I get a weird password issue when I try that10:36
chmacIt asks for the mysqldump and sudo passwords simultaneously on the same line10:36
chmacBut I don't need a password if I `sudo tee`10:36
chmacAnyway, I piped the output somewhere else and moved it afterwards :)10:37
scuserhi all, does anyone know how to configure nsswitch.conf file to search for kerberos authentication beside of passwd ?10:39
Kamping_Kaiserchmac, why tee a gz?11:39
chmacKamping_Kaiser: Can one pipe into gzip and have it write to a standard file?11:41
chmacKamping_Kaiser: I want to gzip compress mysqldump output and write it to a file that I need sudo to write to11:42
chmacSo `sudo mysqldump -qp blah | gzip > blah.sql.gz` fails because the > has my regular user permissions, not sudo permissions11:43
chmacI could probably do something like `sudo $(mysqldump -qp blah | gzip > blah.sql.gz)` I guess...11:43
Kamping_Kaiserchmac, |sudo gzip perhaps11:45
chmacKamping_Kaiser: Interesting, that might well work...11:46
Kamping_Kaiseralthough the sudo $() is nice (or just run the damn thing as root if its going to be regular)11:46
Kamping_Kaiserchmac, does mysqldump support dumping to a compressed file? i thought it did11:46
chmacKamping_Kaiser: In principle we use sudo to log actions on the server11:47
chmacNot sure if that actually happens or not though :)11:47
chmacKamping_Kaiser: Nope, | sudo gzip doesn't work11:47
Kamping_Kaiserchmac, if its run by users, i'd agree. if its a regular thing, (eg cron) i'd go for root11:48
chmacEven `sudo mysqldump > blah.sql` doesn't work11:48
chmacKamping_Kaiser: Agreed, for something scheduled, root would make sense11:48
chmacOr fix the permissions so a lower user can write the file!11:48
Kamping_Kaiserchmac, i was about to ask why your trying to write to a dir your nto allowd to11:49
chmacrope-tin suggested piping to /dev/null which worked `mysqldump -qp blah | gzip | sudo tee blah.sql.gz > /dev/null`11:49
Kamping_Kaiseri still want to ask why your trying to write somewhere you cant11:52
chmacKamping_Kaiser: I'm dumping a database and saving the backup near the web root, which my user doesn't have write access to11:54
Kamping_Kaiserchmac, thought about using a set uid/gid on the dir?11:56
chmacKamping_Kaiser: You mean changing ownership?11:56
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Kamping_Kaiserchmac, not as such.11:58
chmacKamping_Kaiser: Ok, not sure what set uid/gid means then11:58
chmacKamping_Kaiser: But it's more of a theoretical problem than an actual one!11:59
chmac`mysqldump -qp blah | gzip > ~/blah.sql.gz; mv sudo ~/blah.sql.gz ./` worked a charm :)11:59
ghaleb__hello, how can I monitor a graph for server load and network traffic ?12:09
chmacghaleb__: Monitor a graph? Or produce a graph of server load?12:12
chmacghaleb__: Check out monit, might be what you're after12:12
ghaleb__chmac: yes, to see a graph representing the load ..etc12:14
ghaleb__thank you12:14
til-hi, is there an official ubuntu-server license agreement online somewhere?12:15
chmactil-: It's GNU I think isn't it?12:16
chmactil-: Plus each of the applications will have their own licence12:16
Kamping_Kaisertil-, no there isnt. why do you ask?12:16
til-on the webpage it says "Your use of any software obtained from this site is subject to the terms of any license agreement provided with the software. Some of these agreements incorporate the terms of the GPL or others..."12:18
til-i ask because i was asked to find out.. :)12:19
til-and i think it's an interesting point, there surely _are_ restrictions for several pieces of software included in the distro12:19
Kamping_Kaisera large percentage is GNU GPL 2 (or later).12:20
til-hm, and how about the rest?12:22
til-people tend to assume everything is GPL, i guess12:23
til-an example is gnuplot, here's the (non-GPL) license: http://gnuplot.cvs.sourceforge.net/gnuplot/gnuplot/Copyright?view=markup12:23
Kamping_Kaiserthen the rest are not GPL ... /usr/share/common-licenses is the primary ones12:24
Kamping_Kaiserif you need to know every licence, you have to go find them, no one here will give them to you.12:24
Kamping_Kaiseralmost everything meets the DFSG and is OSI listed12:25
til-sure, however, i guess it's the tiny little part which doesn't that makes the difference12:26
til-thanks anyway, i wasn't aware of the common-licenses dir12:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #274350 in likewise-open (main) "cups-pdf cannot create ~/PDF and files in it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27435012:27
ghaleb__chmac: monit does view a graphs ?12:29
chmacghaleb__: Not sure, I haven't installed it, but I believe it has a web interface and pretty pictures... :)12:30
chmacghaleb__: Maybe I'm thinking Munin, might want to check that out also12:31
ghaleb__thank you12:31
ghaleb__chmac: yes exactly thank you really12:32
chmacNo worries :)12:33
chmacAs root, I just issued `rm -rf blah /` with a space instead of blah/ - any advice?13:33
Deepsctrl + c13:38
Deepsif it's still going13:38
Deepsand hope it's not trashed /home yet13:38
chmacIt hasn't, it's deleted very little it would seem13:40
chmacIf I've deleted ls, any suggestion on how to view directory listings? :(13:42
chmacWow, ls has just started working again, some auto-recovery system maybe...13:50
Deepsi'd suggest a livecd and mounting the disk to see what's what14:30
dholbachhi guys14:52
dholbachis there anything we can do about bug 43987?14:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 43987 in ssl-cert "ssl-cert ( postinst is broken" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4398714:53
dholbachsmagoun just told me about it, it seems to have slipped through the cracks14:53
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chmacTurns out the host have some sort of security system running. The command was killed, system files restored, a list of deleted files is being created, and the root password was changed.15:08
chmacHappy, happy, happy days15:08
chmacNow I'm going to try and sleep :)15:09
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mathiazinfinity: do you remember why the default index.html page in apache2 was moved from /var/www/apache2-default/ to /var/www ?16:23
infinitymathiaz: It certainly wasn't my doing... Does the changelog shed any light?16:59
infinitymathiaz: (I didn't even know it was done, that's how out of touch I am)16:59
mathiazinfinity: no really - the changelog doesn't give any details on this.17:05
mathiazinfinity: see bug 27342517:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 273425 in apache2 "It's better to have a sub-directory in /var/www for default web files" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27342517:06
infinitymathiaz: See, the last time I remember discussing this in debian-apache, we were talking about moving the default to /usr/share, so it wasn't in admin space at all anymore.17:09
infinitymathiaz: That bug doesn't relate, though.17:09
infinitymathiaz: It's talking about webapps being in /var/www, which has been true for ages.17:10
infinitymathiaz: Kay.  Looks like we ship in /usr/share, but copy in postinst if there's no index in /var/www17:27
infinitymathiaz: Which really isn't a bit deal if someone prefers to use vhosts, they can just leave the file there (or an empty index)17:27
DatabaseHow would I link a domain name to my server?17:28
mathiazinfinity: right - I'm not sure what the user's issue is.17:28
mathiazinfinity: having index.html in /var/www make perfect sense to me.17:28
mathiazDatabase: point the domain name to the IP address of the your server.17:29
DatabaseWhat, that's it?17:29
DatabaseNo DNS or anything?17:29
infinityThat would be the DNS.17:30
DatabaseSo, I'd install and set up a DNS server on my server, and then just switch the nameservers to it's IP address?17:30
mathiazDatabase: hm - I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. Could you elaborate a bit more about your setup and what you wanna do ?17:31
DatabaseSure, sorry.17:31
DatabaseBasically, my family has five or six domains.17:32
DatabaseThe end result is to set up my server to serve web pages and e-mail.17:32
mathiazDatabase: your five or six domains have dns servers. So you need to update the dns server configuration to point to your server IP.17:33
DatabaseUhhh. Right.17:33
mathiazDatabase: ex: www.familydomain1.com -> server-IP17:34
DatabaseSo, I do this at my domain registrar?17:34
mathiazDatabase: for email, you need to update the MX record for each domain.17:34
mathiazDatabase: probably yes. You domain registar is probably your dns provider17:35
DatabaseI didn't know that.17:35
mathiazDatabase: or at least can point you to your dns provider.17:35
DatabaseThank you.17:35
DatabaseI see a large "Change DNS" button?17:35
mathiazDatabase: that's probably to change your dns provider.17:35
DatabaseI'd imagine, yes ;)17:35
mathiazDatabase: you'd better figure out which dns provider you're using.17:36
DatabaseI'll try and do that.17:36
DatabaseI'm hosted with a pretty unknown provider, unfortunately - Freeola.17:36
mathiazDatabase: freeola is your web hosting company ?17:37
DatabaseTHey'r emy domain registrar.17:37
DatabaseAnd they /were/ my host, but I switched out.17:37
mathiazDatabase: right - they're probably your dns provider also.17:38
mathiazDatabase: try to figure out if you can change DNS records for you domains.17:39
DatabaseI seem to be able to.17:39
DatabaseI see terms that I recognise. :p17:39
mathiazDatabase: right - so you need to update the A and MX record to point to your server IP.17:40
DatabaseAha, thank you.17:40
DatabaseAlthough, that may be a problem...17:40
DatabaseI'm pretty certain I have a dynamic IP address, see.17:40
mathiazDatabase: then you need to use a service such as no-ip.com17:42
DatabaseI have a no-ip account.17:42
DatabaseWhat would I do there?17:42
DatabaseAnd, does it require the pay-for service?17:42
mathiazDatabase: you'd create a hostname pointing to your dynamic ip address.17:43
DatabaseSo, database404.hopto.org or similar?17:43
mathiazDatabase: and then create a CNAME record for each of your www.familydomain.com domain pointing to your no-ip hostname17:44
DatabaseWow, this is a lot simpler than I thought.17:44
DatabaseSo I can throw BIND out of the window? :D17:44
mathiazDatabase: considering that your server is on a dynamic IP adress, running a dns service on it is definetely not a recommended option.17:45
DatabaseI can see why, yeah.17:46
DatabaseI'm sorry for being a little dense, I am fairly new to server administration, even though I've been using Linux for a while now. :)17:46
mathiazDatabase: no worries - people in this channel are here to help out :)17:54
DatabaseAnd now I figure out which domain can be changed first to test it :P17:55
DatabaseSo... once I've changed my domains over, what would I do next to make my server accomodate them all?18:17
mathiazDatabase: you need to configure apache2 to serve the correct content for each of the domain (via virtual hosts probably)18:18
DatabaseI'm using Lighttpd, but I think the same process will apply.18:19
mathiazDatabase: and then you also need to setup your mail service to accept mail for all of your domains18:19
DatabaseRight, and that's the bit I don't know much about.18:19
mathiazDatabase: probably - I don't know how to configure virtual hosts for lighttpd.18:19
* Database nod.18:19
DatabaseSo, would it just be a case of poking configuration files?18:20
mathiazDatabase: yes - once you've figured out how you want virtual domains for your mail server.18:21
DatabaseVirtual domains?18:22
mathiazDatabase: that would probably require a bit of reading/searching on how to setup postfix to do that18:22
DatabaseWell, I can do the Google, so it should be alright.18:22
mathiazDatabase: the postfix documentation is quite good.18:22
nxvlnijaba: \o/18:28
nxvlnijaba: i've already spammed some of my friend with the survey18:28
DatabaseOh, and how would I set up subdomains?18:30
nijabanxvl: thanks18:38
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flybackhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg_JB1P-HBk&feature=related# <--since people always wonder wtf my nick means19:53
zulhey ivoks20:46
ivokszul: didn't have time to test drbd today :/ tomorrow is a new day20:46
zulfine with me20:47
mathiazivoks: tomorrow is a new day -> I hope so ! ;)20:58
ivoksmathiaz: :)20:58
ivoksany advice for a nice server for virtualization?20:59
ivoksi can't do dev. on my laptop any more... that's insane :)20:59
mathiazivoks: ... ubuntu server with kvm.... ?21:00
ivokskvm or vmware21:00
ivoksubuntu, of course...21:00
mathiazivoks: you'd buy new hardware ?21:00
ivoksyes... currently, i'm looking at poweredge T30021:01
mathiazivoks: ok - so you'd have a proc with virtual extensions - kvm is the best choice than21:01
mathiazivoks: I've built my own server a couple of month ago21:01
ivoksmathiaz: yes, i know that :D21:02
ivoksif local supplier doesn't have t300 tomorrow morning, i'll build my own server21:02
mathiazivoks: make sure that you have a proc that supports the extension - it seems that the default proc for a T300 is a celeron21:03
mathiazivoks: and add as much RAM as you can - it helps when you run 34890210 guests.21:04
ivoksmathiaz: default proc for t300 is quad core :)21:04
ivoksoh... you are right21:04
ivoksthey do have celeron too21:04
ivoksanyway, i'm going for a quad21:04
ivoksat least 4 gigs of ram21:04
ivoksso, how are you guys?21:05
flybacka) make sure you have a chipset that supports > 4 gig21:18
flybackintel put out some that couldn't even use the full 4 gig even in 64 bit mode cause there wasn't a iommu21:19
flybackI think anything that takes a quad core should work21:19
flybackb) don't get a shitty power supply or you *anuck*the whole mess21:20
flybackc) I will laugh and taunt you if b)21:20
flybackd) esxi is pretty cool although it's picky about hw21:20
flybacke) uC**Tu server has pissed me off to the point of wanting to kill you all, but I finally think I worked around most of the bugs21:25
flybackusing it as a host for vmware server 1.0x on some headless blades21:25
ivoksdid you report those bugs?21:29
flybackno because some of them are already know and also I suspect interactions with the blade hw21:30
flybackseems the whole ubuntu serial libary routines, or terminal routines or some combo of both are weird21:31
flybackI had to patch for that "unsupported blah blah will be depreciated soon" crap in newer 2.6 kernels with older ubuntu's21:31
flybackwhen I connect to a blade thru telnet to the management interface ip then link to the virtual com port21:32
flybackI get wacky problems with editors in ubuntu21:32
flybacknano starts smashing lines together and doing "CAN NOW UNJUSTIFY) (yes with the wrong grammer too)21:33
flybackwhen I try to save21:33
flybacklittle hard to fix the network config scripts after a disk clone when the only interface is the one buggered21:33
flybacksince it's not happening in livecd's I have booted21:34
flybackI suspect it's some weird terminal emulation or libary you guys chose as default in 6.06lts21:34
flybackand no upgrading to a newer lts was not an option21:35
ivoksi didn't understand half of what you just said :)21:36
flybacka) 6.06LTS was one of the only ones listeed on a PXE boot server vm that has pxe scripts and installer scripts for, which you need on a headless blade with no expansion slots, video or cdrom21:36
flybackb) I can't break vmware server21:36
flybackivoks, it appears that something about ubuntu21:36
flybackinvolving serial routines is non standard and really gets buggered by the blade's serial hw21:37
ivoksseting terminal emultaion didn't help?21:37
flybackmy theroy would be justified by the fact that a kernel patch is needed because of something in ubuntu 6.0621:37
flybackthat is known21:37
flybackI don't think I tried that much21:37
flybackhere's the thing21:37
flybackit's apprentely only involving non screen printable screen characters21:38
flybackwhy you don't see stuff like you go to save in ubuntu or try to hit enter to move a line down21:38
ivokswell, i had some problems with serial modem on 6.0621:38
flybackthen it goes nuts21:38
ivoksthat's terminal emulation21:38
ivoksexport TERM="vt100" would probably solve it :)21:39
flybackweird thing is it doesn't happen on systemRescueCd21:39
flybackand a few others21:39
ivoksyou client is expecting terminal VT100, but it gets linux from ubuntu21:40
ivokschanging terminal emultaion on ubuntu to VT100 would help, i'm sure21:40
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flybackI think I tried that once though and it made it worse21:47
flybackbut ok21:47
flybackafter I get this backed up I will look into that21:47
ivoksthere are lots of different terminal emulations21:48
flybackyeah I know21:48
flybackI was using linux back in the 90's :P21:48
ivoksyou should know which one your server and client are expecting/using21:48
ivokssome of us were using unix before linux :p21:48
flybackwell it was my first time dealing with headles boxes21:48
flybackI was kinda rushed into it21:49
flyback   c vbnmx b\21:49
flybackI was kinda rushed into it21:50
sgroverNFS help?  My mail server mounts an NFS share.  That share gets dropped on a regular basis - sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few weeks... but typically daily.22:38
sgroverTakes a reboot of both the mail server and the nfs server to restore - restarting the services is not enough.22:38
sgroverI've seen reference to this, and it appears to be a kernel issue.  I've updated the kernels yesterday, but am still experiencing the problem...22:39

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