HooSIER|KiNGmy desktop is 1280x102400:00
NillerzPROBLEM: On windows I got resolutions up to 2048x1536. This appears to be impossible on linux. Is there a fix?00:01
danbhfiveHooSIER|KiNG: I think you just need to change the order of the Modes listing.  Under the "Screen" section.  The login will use the first, which is 800x600.   Just "cut" the one you want, and "paste" it into the front00:01
brisingrkiddoes any1 know how to get ubuntu studio?!00:01
Lecteryup u can on linux00:01
hyuukai_ive installed windows first on a hard drive then installed ubuntu on another hard drive when grub come sup it doesnt detect windows on the other drive?00:01
bruenigvim /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:01
KetsubanI have a couple of networking-related problems which may or may not be related. 1) When I browse to a Windows share and open it in Nautilus, it automatically gets mounted and leaves an icon on my desktop. This behaviour was not present in pre-Hardy versions of Ubuntu and is annoying, and I would like to disable it so I can browse shares without mounting. 2) I am unable to browse any shares on our Windows Home Server system -00:01
Ketsuban the error message I get from smbtree is "cli_rpc_pipe_open: cli_nt_create failed on pipe \srvsvc to machine HOMESERVER.  Error was NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED".00:01
Lecterbut first u need to figure whats the resolution of the screen itself00:01
trimeta1brisingrkid: Did you try looking at Ubuntu-Studio's website?00:01
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:01
HooSIER|KiNGok let me try00:01
compengibrisingrkid, http://ubuntustudio.org/downloads00:01
nachhi !00:01
gausieanyone know how to swap the keymapping for "Page Dn" and "End"?00:02
Lecterubntu ultimate edition combined with ubuntu studio by synaptic = best00:02
smelianNillerz : the wireless was working good but today its desconnect every like 2 min-5 min00:02
knottinghamMy anus is bleeding.00:02
culturemindvirus: htop maybe00:02
nachwhat is the applicatio that launch the ssh server ?00:02
Lectercause ultimate edition got a really good login screen00:02
trimeta1gausie: I know the complicated way to do that, but not the simple, Ubuntu-like way.00:02
danbhfiveknottingham: not here00:02
stwestonI need help with my signing of the CoC.00:02
NillerzSmelian: Are you using an internal wifi card or a USB dongle?00:02
trimeta1nach: I think it's /etc/init.d/ssh00:02
compengiknottingham, do you have anything related to ubuntu?00:02
stwestonI need to sign the CoC, but need help.00:02
Gerinychsnova: am I supposed to boot mac like a linux kernel, or like windows?00:03
compengistweston, join #launchpad00:03
gausietrimeta1, i can handle complicated - what are your suggestions?00:03
Nillerz!ohmy knottingham00:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:03
stwestoncompengi: thanks00:03
Lecterhum can anyone help me about this:00:03
compengistweston, welcome :)00:03
danbhfiveKetsuban: for you first problem, you have to just set the share up in fstab, with a different mountpoint than /media00:03
m_newton!ohmy > knottingham00:03
ubottuknottingham, please see my private message00:03
GoriIIazhey people some install anope services for ircd00:03
GoriIIazhelp pls00:03
Lecterneed pirut & synaptic00:03
trimeta1gausie: I have the xmodmap program set to run when I start my X server; it executes my .xmodmaprc file, which includes a caps<-->ctrl swap.00:03
compengi!caps | Lecter00:04
ubottuLecter: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:04
NillerzI can't.00:04
smelianNillerz: the regular wireless inside my laptop00:04
trimeta1Lecter: Have you looked into using alien? I think that allows for using .rpms. And .debs are already handled.00:04
snovaGerinych: no idea. like i said, i've never used mac and am unfamiliar with its boot sequence.00:04
ubottuLecter: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)00:04
trimeta1Gerinych: Are you trying to set up a dual-boot Hackentosh?00:04
Gerinychsnova: OSx8600:05
gausietrimeta1, thats pretty hacky i see. ill give it a go thanks :-)00:05
ubottuLecter: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)00:05
NillerzSmelian: Google the model of the wireless card you're using, I'm not too good at anything that isn't EXACTLY the wg111v2. Sorry.00:05
Ketsubandanbhfive: that's not acceptable - I never had to mess with mounting before, I don't want to now.00:05
Gerinychsnova: not sure whether its Hackintosh or not00:05
snovaGerinych: all i can suggest is to google it.00:05
DasEiLecter:never used bot00:05
Gerinychsnova: alright00:05
trimeta1Gerinych: I had a triple-boot thing working here, and I had my OS X partition booting similarly to my Windows partition, yes.00:05
snovaGerinych: if nothing comes up, chainloading is the only option, but i don't know much about it.00:05
nachtrimeta1:  so there is not need for xinet ?00:05
trimeta1nach: I'm not sure what xinet is.00:05
NillerzCan someone help Smelian with his/her wireless?00:05
NillerzI am at a loss.00:06
danbhfiveKetsuban: well, thats how Ubuntu works now.   When things are automounted, they are usually mounted to /media, which puts them on the desktop.  Don't know what else to say00:06
Lecterubottu I know alien, problem is I wanna use pirut and synaptic00:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:06
knottinghamwho the hell ubottu?00:06
denacan someone help me? I was bridging one of my network connections and set my eth1 device back to static and now DNS isn't working...00:06
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:06
Gerinychtrimetal did you have your mac on the same  hard drive as windows/linux?00:06
smelianNillerz: thank you  very much for help or offer ( and thx for helping pple )00:06
Lecterubottu thing is I'll have more access to search .deb and .rpm00:06
DasEiLecter:ubott.. is a ro-bot00:06
trimeta1Gerinych: Yes.00:06
LecterI dont like .tgz balls00:06
NillerzSmelian: No problem, sorry I couldn't help much. :\00:06
Gerinychtrimetal: well, see, i have mac on a separate hard drive that has a weird partition table00:07
ChorcaHey everyone, quick question, wondering if anyone else is having any issues with their power/brightness/etc status updating slowly.00:07
compengiLecter, the best choice would be using official .deb packages for ubuntu, converting .rpm packages could mess things00:07
DasEiLecter:apt-cache search pak*00:07
smelianNillerz : thats enough u offer to help thx again00:07
jvargashow can I know which package has the file "libkhtmlpart.so" ?00:07
Lecterprefer things messed00:07
DasEiLecter:use synaptic-manager00:07
deepfriedsquirr1Would using FAT32 on a USB key pose much of a security thread?00:07
trimeta1Gerinych: Ah. Hmm. If Grub can address the partition, that'd probably be your best bet...I don't know if it can, though.00:07
Lecterwith more things acess00:07
trimeta1deepfriedsquirr1: What do you mean?00:07
Lecterwould like using synaptic AND pirut00:07
compengiLecter, then hard luck :)00:07
nachdoes xinet launch the ssh service ?00:08
Lectermain problem will be compatibility between packages00:08
trimeta1If you're just using the USB key to store data, FAT32 is probably the best choice.00:08
tyberionany bash progger here?00:08
trimeta1nach: What is xinet?00:08
trimeta1tyberion: I know a little, but not much.00:08
=== knottingham is now known as relimseugor
Gerinychtrimetal: i don't know if it's strange or not, but I can see my mac partition in ubuntu00:08
deepfriedsquirr1trimeta1: Well, I'm wondering if it would be safe to use a USB key regularly for booting since FAT32 is a Windows filesystem without file permissions00:08
geoffrianIRC sucks.  Too easy to get banned from a room00:08
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:08
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:08
nachtrimeta1: sometjing for the net service but i'm trying to discover it also !00:08
trimeta1deepfriedsquirr1: Oh, you mean for booting. I think you might need a proper Linux filesystem for that.00:09
compengiclever, the best way to use the bot for private searches is /msg ubottu <factoid>00:09
jvargashow can I know which package has the file "libkhtmlpart.so" ?00:09
compengiclever, priventing missleading and flooding in the channel00:09
trimeta1nach: I only use Ubuntu on my servers, so I can't easily check for what xinet is and whether it calls ssh.00:09
tyberiontrimetal.. well I wrote a script in order to start a certain program or just switch to the open one... so this is my test.. in my script which is called find_app.sh and $APPLICATION is the current app.. if [ 'ps aux | grep $APPLICATION | grep -v grep' ]; then <THEN THE PROG SHOULD BE RUNNING AND NOT BE STARTED"00:09
clevercompengi: yeah i tried that yesterday and couldnt remember the spelling of the bots name00:09
IntuitiveNipplejvargas: dpkg-query -S 'libkhtmlpart*'00:10
jvargasIntuitiveNipple: and if I don't have the package with that file. I need to install a package that includes that file but I don't know what it is00:10
trimeta1tyberion: I'm not sure if the return status of the final grep is going to do what you want...it might, but you could always just write the script with echo "It's running" at the end to test it.00:10
IntuitiveNipplejvargas: ahh!00:10
IntuitiveNipplejvargas: then, use http://packages.ubuntu.com00:11
Nillerzhow do I access network folders from an XP machine?00:11
denacan someone help me? I was bridging one of my network connections and set my eth1 device back to static and now DNS isn't working...00:11
compengiNillerz, places>network00:11
nostoAnyone able to help me with a keyboard issue in regards to lsinput and it not showing my keyboard as an object even though i can type?00:11
compengiNillerz, oh. scratch that00:12
=== trimeta1 is now known as trimeta
tyberiontrimeta: doing that all the time with echos... sstill cant get it to work00:12
compengiNillerz, you need to use samba, share what you need and then you can access that shared one from xp's network manager00:13
onxtyberion, what about pidof?00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about computers00:13
tyberiononx: hmm?00:14
Daft_Punkwhy are u doing @list... do you think this is a media server?00:14
onxtyberion, pidof <process name>, could just check whether it's not empty00:15
=== relimseugor is now known as valium
krisanybody: can u help me with firefox?00:17
trimetakris: Could you be more specific?00:17
danbhfive!anybody > kris00:17
ubottukris, please see my private message00:17
Gerinychanyone else want to take a shot at my problem :)00:17
snovawhy are there so many versions of gcc in the repos? i just found out that 4.2, 4.1, and 3.3 are all installed!00:17
snovaand can i safely remove the lesser versions?00:17
danbhfiveGerinych: please dont ask that type of question.  Just repeat your original question from time to time00:18
trimetaGerinych: Have you tried going to Grub's screen and playing around with the tab completion to see if it can see your Mac disc? Actually, do you have any idea how your second HD is partitioned?00:18
snovakris: what's the problem?00:18
kristrimeta:  snova: i can put the errot message but i dont want to flood00:18
trimetasnova: Multiple versions are in the repository in case something only compiles under an older version...not sure why you have them all installed unintentionally, though.00:18
trimeta!pastebin > kris00:19
ubottukris, please see my private message00:19
Gerinychtrimeta: not sure what you mean about tabs, but I do know how my hd is partitioned00:19
Gerinychtrimeta: it has one hfs+ partition and a mac-native partition table00:19
lanoxxhi, i want to have a static wlan ip only if i am connected to a certain AP, and dhcp for everything else, how can i configure this, i have already edited the interfaces file, but now i have a static ip nomatter to what AP i connect00:19
danbhfivesnova: go for it.  If there is a package that needs it, the package manager will try to remove more than gcc.  If that happens, just stop the process00:19
snovatrimeta: probably because i installed an older version of a devel library or something like that. now that i'm upgrading and trying not to download any more than i have to, i'm discovering a lot about the packages installed on my system. thanks for the explanation.00:20
trimetaGerinych: Basically, if you write your menu.list pretty much correctly (except for the proper HD name), you can go to the Grub screen, choose "Edit entry," edit the line with the HD, and then it'll have tab completion of all the drives and partitions it sees.00:20
snovadanbhfive: unfortunately, it wants to upgrade java before i uninstall 4.1, which counts as a large download :)00:20
danbhfivesnova: mk00:21
Gerinychtrimeta: ah, that. Yeah, i tried doing that, but the error says that the partition table is corrupt, not that it can find a partition00:21
snovadanbhfive: what's that mean???00:21
Gerinychtrimeta: *can't00:21
lanoxxGerinych, then check you partition table00:21
trimetaGerinych: You said you know how the disk is partitioned...could you elaborate?00:21
lanoxxfdisk -l /dev/sdx00:22
Yekyaa[Ubuntu]is there a nickserv here?00:22
Gerinychtrimeta: alright, i'm looking in gparted00:22
trimetaYekyaa[Ubuntu]: Yes, type /msg nickserv to ask it questions.00:23
jvargasi installed kde libs , now I need to make them visible by 'ld'00:23
=== Yekyaa[Ubuntu] is now known as Yekyaa
jvargasi added a file kde3.conf to ld.so.conf.d directory00:23
jvargasand ran 'ldconfig'00:23
danbhfivesnova: well, I don't understand your situation.  I would just upgrade java, but it seems like something else is going on?  so I said, mk00:24
jvargasshould my files specified in the directory specified in kde.conf be added to ld cache right?00:24
lanoxxcould anyone atleast point me to some documents explaining how i configure /etc/network/interfaces00:24
Gerinychtrimeta: it goes /dev/sdb1, filesystem: unknown, no mountpoint, size: 31.50 KB; I suspect that's the partition table00:24
snovadanbhfive: i meant that i don't know what 'mk' means.00:24
mEck0the size chart for clothes on ubuntu store are the waist size right?00:24
Yekyaaawesome :) thank you00:25
snovadanbhfive: this connection isn't great in the evenings, or so it seems. then again, it wasn't great in the morning, until i rebooted. i might try that in a little bit.00:25
danbhfivesnova: its ok, but with an mmm.  So, mmmmmmmmk.00:25
Yekyaai'm registered now lol00:25
trimetaGerinych: That would probably be seen by Grub as (hd1,0)00:25
Yekyaai didn't realize that xchat-gnome was the KISS version of xchat00:25
Yekyaai thought it was otherway around00:25
trimetaActually...hold on.00:25
snovadanbhfive: ah.00:25
Gerinychtrimeta: then it's 128 MB of unallocated space, and /dev/sdb3, filesystem: hfs+, mountpoint: /media/Untitled 100:25
trimetaOK, so yea, sdb3 == (hd1,2)00:25
Yekyaaluckily when i switched to xchat, it auto-imported all my settings for servers and stuff, yay!00:26
Gerinychtrimeta: hold on, let me try that00:26
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de00:27
krismy problem with recently dowloaded new verion of ubuntu is here pls help if u can http://paste.ubuntu.com/50305/00:27
krissnova:  trimeta: i put the link00:28
trimetakris: This happens when you attempt to start Firefox? I'm not really sure what's happening here.00:28
ticoHi. I'm making a backup cd. I was wondering if I could extract the image to the hard drive thats going to be restored. Would it work?00:29
kristrimeta:  when i start surfing the program suddenly stops00:29
geoffrianWho is in charge of this room?00:29
snovakris: well, that looks weird. it looks like gtk couldn't handle something firefox did, and closed (or couldn't open) the window.00:29
ticoUsing ntfsclone00:29
geoffrianWho has the ability to ban?00:29
DasEigeoffrian: join #ops00:30
Gerinychtrimeta: nope, it gives me an error "partition table invalid or corrupt"00:30
Starnestommygeoffrian: #ubuntu-ops ?00:30
trimetaGerinych: Hmm. This is a disc you pulled straight out of a Mac, I'm guessing?00:31
erUSULgeoffrian: why you ask?00:31
kriscan I uninstall new verion of firefox ?00:31
nutella_Is there something similiar like streamtuner?00:31
Gerinychtrimeta: no, it's a sata hard drive I bought just for a mac install00:31
kristhe old one worked properly00:31
ticoHi. I'm making a backup cd. I was wondering if I could extract the image to the hard drive thats going to be restored. Would it work? I'm using ntfsclone00:31
trimetaGerinych: You could always try redoing everything...00:31
trimetaI don't know how far along the install you are.00:31
Gerinychtrimeta: so how should i redo it then?00:32
trimetatico: I don't think it's clear what you mean.00:32
trimetaGerinych: How much of the OSx86 install have you done?00:32
Gerinychtrimeta: I just installed it and never booted it because hrub won't let me00:32
Gerinychtrimeta: *grub00:32
bunnytoHi, i want to install YUM in ubuntu, is that possible?00:33
trimetaGerinych: Can I PM you about this? It's not exactly a Ubuntu-related topic.00:33
ticotrimeta: ok so, the image is 9bg and i cant fit it on one cd, so i split it to 2 4500mb. I was wondering if i can extract the image to the hard drive thats going to be restored.00:33
trimetatico: What do you mean, extract the image?00:33
kriswhat is gtk?00:33
nutella_bunnyto: why would you do that?00:34
ticotrimeta: the image is inside a tar .gz file00:34
bunnytonutella_: yum is better than apt00:34
ticotrimeta: i split it so it can fit on the dvd00:35
trimetatico: How did you split it, using some feature of tar?00:35
ticotrimeta: ntfsclone -s -o - /dev/sda1   | gzip | split -b 1000m - /tmp/server/master-sda1.img.gz_ for example00:35
wng-Anyone here running WoW under wine with fglrx drivers?00:36
erUSULtico: if it is in another partition ?00:36
nutella_bunnyto: What is better on youm for example? I don't think that is possible to use yum...but I'm not sure about it00:36
IntuitiveNipplebunnyto: install Fedora, then the package manager will match the distro.00:36
ticoerUSUL: Im making a boot cd to restore an image of the drive. If i have the image in a gz, so it fits on the dvd, where can I extract it to so i can use the image to restore it.00:36
trimetatico: If split is just returning the first N bytes, then you should be able to join by using cat.00:37
erUSULtico: it has to be a different hard drive/partition than the one you are restoring00:37
ticoerUSUL: ok, thanks.00:37
bobertdos!fixgrub > hyuukai_00:37
ubottuhyuukai_, please see my private message00:37
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DasEitico: http://www.base64.co.uk/splitting-large-files/00:38
pk1122hello everybody00:38
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:38
pk1122something is conflicting with the sound on ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop sometimes i can listen the sound and then after a while the sound stops working, then i need to restart the computer to listen the music.00:39
jamixhello everyone! has somebody passed the examination CISA?00:39
jribpk1122: probably flash or wine00:39
jribjamix: we like to keep this channel dedicated to ubuntu support only since it is so busy.  Mind moving your discussion over to #ubuntu-offtopic?00:40
bunnytopk1122: alsaconf00:40
pk1122bunnyto, ok00:40
pk1122bunnyto, that command doesnt exist00:41
bunnytoapt-get install alsa00:41
bunnytoyum install alsa00:41
bunnytoyum remove aptitude00:41
jribbunnyto: stop giving silly advice please.  You shouldn't be using yum on ubuntu00:42
pk1122bunnyto, newest version is already installed00:42
DasEipk1122:use synaptic or apt-cache search alsa*  for a specific packet00:42
trimetabunnyto: To be honest, the main reason to use a distro is because you like its package manager. If you prefer yum to apt, you should use a distro based on yum.00:42
pk1122DasEi, which packet you talking about ?00:43
wng-Anyone here running WoW under wine with fglrx drivers? I am having trouble with the textrues on the ground00:43
bunnytoi want to use Yum in Ubuntu...00:43
jribbunnyto: use apt or one of its frontends00:43
trimetabunnyto: What do you like about Ubuntu, that Fedora doesn't have?00:43
jrib!apt > bunnyto00:43
ubottubunnyto, please see my private message00:43
pk1122bunnyto, now its start working i did alsa reload00:43
DasEipk1122:I was watching u trying to install alsa00:43
bunnytopk1122: you welcome00:43
pk1122bunnyto, thanks00:44
pk1122bunnyto, :d00:44
pk1122bunnyto, :D00:44
bartbAll of a sudden my usb drive doesn't show up on my desktop when I boot like it used to, it's plugged in all the time and usually automounts at boot but stopped about a week ago. any ideas?00:44
rigelcan someone help me figure out why libdvdcss2 isnt cracking this dvd?00:44
rigelhttp://pastebin.com/m47823be0 is the relevant debug output00:44
rigelit gets to the end of the title and then just chokes00:44
rigelfor hours00:44
FloodBot1rigel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
=== trimeta is now known as trimeta-dinner
rigelyes. finding the css key.00:45
DasEiplug out,  modprobe -r ehci-hcd  , plug in bartb00:46
jribrigel: tried deleting the cache?00:46
rigeljr: in .dvdcss? yep.00:46
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:46
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:47
kimushi, I upgrade to Intrepid but NetworkManager does not connect. dhclient eth0 works fine00:47
jribkimus: read the last entry in the /topic00:47
kriswhat shoul I do with system "hang-ons " ?00:47
kimusjrib: right... no one answers there... but ok.... :-S00:47
DasEibartb : did it ?00:48
bartbit mounted both partitions after I did that. will that fix the boot up problem?00:48
mEck0have someone here taken the "ubuntu desktop training" course? do you get a certificate after finished and not fail?00:48
DasEibartb : prob is the sequenz, which sometimes bugs the usb controller, so you gotta reload, less probs with uuids in fstab00:49
bunnytomEck0: certification to use UBUNTU??? HAHAHAH00:49
mEck0bunnyto: öhh, no, not for using it...00:50
bunnytomEck0: its like get a certification for eating mcdonalds, using, installing... same00:50
bartbThanks, I'll reboot to see00:50
mEck0bunnyto: okay00:50
jribbunnyto: when you answer, try to actually be helpful00:52
jribmEck0: are you talking about http://www.ubuntu.com/news/online-desktop-training?00:52
damaranzigroukoun: dcpp install a success :D00:52
damaranzigroukoun: thankz00:52
aXeusDoes Ubuntu have an FTP server package?00:53
churndaXeus: try vsftp00:53
jrib!ftp | aXeus00:53
ubottuaXeus: FTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd00:53
bunnytoaXeus: ftpzilla00:53
jrib!ftpd | aXeus00:53
ubottuaXeus: FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP00:53
aXeusjrib: Thanks.00:53
ryan__What is this error mean: Unable to find a valid framebuffer device00:54
krismay be flash crashing my firefox?00:54
krisis flash forbidden?00:54
krisor restricted?00:54
churndryan__: means your graphics card isn't configured properly00:54
Vezirhey why in kde4 do i only get system sounds00:55
Vezirno other sound00:55
ryan__churnd: thank you. Can you point me in the right direction, so I can get it configured properly.00:55
damaranzigroukoun: when i plug my bluetooth dongle nothing happens00:55
jribkris: yeah, there's an issue with flash and libflashsupport causing the browser to crash00:56
churndryan__: i can try.  which version of ubuntu?  what kind of graphics card?  how did you try to configure it?00:56
=== emma_ is now known as emma
damaranzigdoes ubuntu support SE k500i ??? which package to install ?00:56
jamixhelllo everyone ! has someone passed CISA?00:56
bunnytodamaranzig: SE k500 is obsolete... use SEk70000:57
ubottujamix, please see my private message00:57
ryan__churnd: I tried to config the /etc/X11/xorg.conf, have latest version of Ubuntu Hardy Gnome, and the graphics card is a nvidia e-GeForce 7200 GS00:57
=== funkyHat is now known as funkyHat|off
jrib!away > funkyHat|off00:58
hikenbootanyone know anything about the xen python packages?00:58
ubottufunkyHat|off, please see my private message00:58
damaranzigroukoun: r u talking about a package or the actual mobile phone :)00:58
jribhikenboot: best to just ask the channel your question00:58
hikenbootok ...I am looking to find out if the xen python packages have been minimized to only the libaries used by xen00:59
damaranzigbunnyto: i need a package to make ubuntu recognise se k500i00:59
churndryan__: hard to say without looking at the xorg.conf.  how did you install the nvidia driver?01:00
schortsircuthello, i have a question01:00
damaranzigbunnyto: i also need a package to enable ubuntu recognise a bluetooth dongle01:00
zetherooI am in Ubuntu 8.04.1 and am trying to get Flash working in Firefox 301:01
jribzetheroo: visit http://badgerbadgerbadger.com and click on the yellow bar at the top01:01
ryan__churnd: well I can send you the config file. Just let me know how you would like it sent.  As for the driver, after installing the graphics card a pop-up in Ubuntu's panel appeared.  Then I just followed the install steps.01:01
schortsircutare there certain wireless cards that Ubuntu 8.04.1 is incompatible with?01:01
zetherooI need some help as it seems that the automatic install of Adobe Flash did not work01:01
IntuitiveNippledam0: do  "hcitool dev" that should report the Bluetooth devices01:02
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jribzetheroo: be more descriptive than "did not work"01:02
rmf_i have two network interfaces (eth0 and eth1) the first goes to a wrt54gl which is my internal network (gw and connects to comcast - the second (eth1) goes directly to a verizon modem/router (gw - how do set eth1 as the default route01:02
zetheroojrib: I installed it and restarted FF and still could not view flash content ... I tried to reinstall the plugin through FF and it said that it was already installed01:03
schortsircutdo marvell wireless cards not work with ubuntu?01:03
jribzetheroo: pastebin the contents of the page you get when you type "about:plugins" in your address bar01:03
schortsircuti was testing it on the live cd, and was unable to even see my network--i went through the troubleshooting stuff and all seems to be in order01:04
jrib!wifi > schortsircut01:04
ubottuschortsircut, please see my private message01:04
jribschortsircut: see if you can find some info there01:04
SherlawkDragonI have a program that I cannot kill01:05
SherlawkDragonwhat do I do?01:05
jribSherlawkDragon: what program?  How did you try to kill it?01:05
SherlawkDragonis there something I can pass to kill to end it?01:05
SherlawkDragonwithout care I mean?01:05
SherlawkDragonand NOW?01:06
SherlawkDragonit's going to fry the processor01:06
SherlawkDragonit's stuck in an infinite uncontrolled loop01:06
SherlawkDragonjrib> I tried kill01:06
amdpoxkill -14 pid01:06
SherlawkDragonit doesn't work01:06
rigeldid you tru sudo kill -9 pid01:06
amdpox-9 and -14 are forceful01:06
rigelthat usually works for me01:07
jribSherlawkDragon: if those aren't working and it's hogging your processor, just reboot01:07
SherlawkDragon-9 worked...01:07
SherlawkDragonscared me...01:07
rigelcrisis averted01:07
rigelwhy would it overheat your proc anyway01:07
schortsircutjrib: thanks, but ive already gone through that. i'll try again just in case tho. i assume the live cd has all of the functionality of a full install, including wifi?01:07
rigeldont you have like a heatsink and stuff01:07
SherlawkDragonit was tolling 100%01:07
SherlawkDragonI'm on a laptop.01:08
jribschortsircut: should be the same as a default install, yeah01:08
SherlawkDragonthe heatsink sucks.01:08
FloodBot1SherlawkDragon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:08
SherlawkDragonand besides.01:08
zetheroojrib: its working now .. I had to remove it and reinstall it  .... thanks01:08
SherlawkDragonhow often do you actually use 100% of the processor01:08
r_001can I add some packages to Ubuntu to make it a RouterOS (Like mikrotik)01:08
jribSherlawkDragon: all the time.  Your hardware shouldn't have a problem with it01:08
MaNuElSUXalguien habla espaol01:09
SherlawkDragonnot my crappy hardware...01:09
jrib!es | MaNuElSUX01:09
ubottuMaNuElSUX: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:09
schortsircutjrib: ok thnx. the only options i saw on it were "roaming mode (wired connection)" or "manual", which just brought up the network manager01:09
amdpoxr_001, it's not really the right distro for the job01:09
schortsircutjrib: i'll try again tho01:09
jribschortsircut: nothing about your particular card?01:09
r_001amdpox: what's your advice ?01:09
lanoxxhow do i set powersave options in kubuntu?01:09
amdpoxI don't have any suggestions as I haven't set up a custom router before, but I know there are much more lightweight distros out there designed for it01:10
stickboyanyone know of any good ubuntu friendly bluetooth mice?01:10
r_001amdpox: do you have any idea about creating PPPoE server on Ubuntu server edition ?01:11
DasEiISA soundcard of  Hexus,        VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686,     fresh install doesnt work, please help,  unttil now we : http://pastebin.com/md00dbcb01:11
amdpoxr_001, nope01:11
IntuitiveNipplesticky: Logitech V27001:11
hubarhmm, anyone can show me a tutorial how to set up the spinning cube thing under ubuntu8.04?01:11
gaintsurahey... I've noticed recently that everytime I sudo... I get this;;;; sudo: unable to resolve host systemx.dev01:12
amdpoxhubar, enable the effects in preferences -> appearance01:12
JunTa1what file keeps the bell-style options? I want to be able to keep the system bell off01:13
amdpoxthen install simple-ccsm with apt and use that to configure01:13
JunTa1amdpox:  was that aimed at me?01:14
schortsircutjrib:dont think so.....still checking...... i dont see it in the list, my ethernet card is a Marvell Yukon 88E8039 PCI-E, my wireless is Realtek RTL8187B......i dont see anything about it in the wiki, still checking though01:14
bensonkI'm trying to install ubuntu-eee on an Eee PC 1000.  I've built a bootable SD card out of the Ubuntu-Eee iso, but when I try to boot, it goes through a graphical boot-up, and then drops to a console without any sort of prompt.01:15
bensonkIs there some way to make the boot sequence more verbose so I can see what's breaking?01:15
amdpoxJunTa1, no, sorry01:15
schortsircutjrib: never mind, i found something, reading now01:16
bensonkor, alternately, is there some sort of "no graphics" option?01:16
BromHas anyone used Glest?01:16
amdpoxbensonk, does ubuntu-eee support the 1000/901 now?01:16
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amdpoxlast time I knew it was for 7/900 only01:16
bensonkamdpox: I believe so, but maybe I should check again.01:16
Hexusso... I dont suppose anyone is round here is good with soundcards?01:16
bensonk"Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 now supports the 2G, 900, 901, 1000, and 1000H models" -- ubuntu-eee.com01:17
lanoxx<debug> [1222300572.570596] nm_hal_device_removed(): Device removed (hal udi is '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer_power_supply_battery_BAT0')01:17
MindVirusHello. I've been trying to get a new login in a new window. It's telling me my x server is malconfigured.01:17
EldaHexus what kind of troubles may you be having? :>01:18
nandemonaiAnyone know the debug option for firefox? It's not loading since the latest update and nothing is coming up in term..01:18
phoenixzHi there, is there a way to force CLOSE_WAIT connections to close? maybe by a kernel confriguration setting?01:18
bethlynnhi folks01:18
amdpoxbensonk, does it have a menu when it first boots like the ubuntu livecd?01:18
HexusElda:  my ISA card isnt being detected.   DasEi was helping me before http://paste.ubuntu.com01:18
bensonkamdpox: yes, it does.01:18
IntuitiveNipplenandemonai: have you tried -safe-mode  ?01:19
stickboy<IntuitiveNipple> what about the v470?01:19
IntuitiveNipplestickboy: I don't know... I've been using the v270 and it has been perfect01:19
schortsircutjrib:ummmmm.......it looks like coverage doesnt work for WPA yet, so i guess that could be why....still need to try a few things tho01:19
IntuitiveNipplestickboy: been used hard for over a year and still going strong01:19
bensonkamdpox: it presents the pretty graphical menu with all the options, and then when I select an option, it displays the ubuntu logo with a progress bar that has a bouncing back and forth orange box.01:19
EldaHexus no idea then as I'm not much versed with that :>01:19
Guest76492any have a ip address of a public proxy?01:19
stickboy<IntuitiveNipple> is it okay for gaming? i mainly need it because my trackball mouse is impossible to use in cod401:20
bensonkThat finishes, and then there's just a black screen with a blinking cursor.01:20
bethlynnI'm looking for maco. If someone sees her, tell her that I'm on irc server:thelinuxlink.net #techshow talking about the ohio linuxfest01:20
EldaIm still trying to figure out why my headphone slots dont work on my laptop :>01:20
IntuitiveNipplestickboy: I have no idea... what is "gaming" ?01:20
amdpoxbensonk, and then it dropped to a unix login, or a dead console?01:20
HexusElda: ah well I guess its back to the faqs for me then.  Thanks01:20
EldaSorry :(01:20
bensonkamdpox: dead console.01:20
stickboy<IntuitiveNipple> hmm. seems only way to buy is used..01:20
EldaThe most I would recommend is trying a dsdt patch since that is what fixed sound for me when I was using 7.0401:21
Morgemilhi everyone, does someone here have a sounblaster audigy-se running in ubuntu hardy heron?01:21
Hexuswhere can I get it?01:21
IntuitiveNipplestickboy: well if the v470 is based on it, and is Bluetooth, it might be just as good.01:21
JunTa1"Could not open .rpm. archive type not supported"??01:21
IntuitiveNipplestickboy: I like the v270 because of its size and lightness.01:21
gaintsurahow do I work with cron to setup a cron job?01:22
amdpoxbensonk, try "check CD for defects"01:22
stickboy<IntuitiveNipple> http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/mice_pointers/mice/devices/3287&cl=us,en01:23
pac1how can I list the ids of all partitions on a disk?01:23
r_001how can i setup my ubuntu machine as a router ?01:23
bensonkamdpox: that won't work, on account of me modifying isolinux -> syslinux01:24
StephenFIf i plug in a USB HD and it is not automatically mounted, how I I check if the system has even detected the drive?01:24
gaintsurar_001: look into switching to ipcop or something of the sort01:24
amdpoxbensonk, right01:24
bensonkamdpox: I had to do some changes because I'm using an SD card with data on it rather than a CD.  The Eee doesn't have a CD drive.01:24
r_001do you mean ipcop package ?01:24
amdpoxbensonk, I don't know then01:24
amdpoxI used a USB cd drive with 8.04 generic to do my 1000H, worked fine01:25
bensonkWell, maybe I'll just do a gentoo install.  :-)01:25
bensonkI'm more familiar with gentoo.01:25
schortsircutjrib: thnx for the helo01:25
bensonkyou didn't use the Eee version of ubuntu?01:25
amdpoxhave fun compiling that elitism ;)01:25
gaintsurar_001: no, its a distro01:25
r_001gaintsura: do you main ipcop firewal package01:25
gaintsurabut its not a package01:25
gaintsuraits a distro/livecd01:25
r_001ipcop destriptution !!?01:25
amdpoxbensonk, I got it a couple of months ago, it wasn't supported by any specialised versions then01:26
jribschortsircut: no problem, didn't do much :)01:26
amdpoxbut there's a handy custom kernel at array.org/ubuntu with drivers01:26
r_001gaintsura: ahaaaa01:26
gaintsurar_001: ^_^01:26
gaintsuracould someone tell me how to setup a cron job?01:26
bensonkamdpox: gotcha01:26
jrib!cron > gaintsura01:26
ubottugaintsura, please see my private message01:26
r_001gaintsura: does it look like mikrotik01:27
bensonkamdpox: That's cool.  I might try a generic livecd and see if that works.01:27
gaintsurathanks jrib01:27
gaintsurar_001: dunno01:27
bensonkamdpox: thanks for your help. :-)01:27
r_001gaintsura: thanks :)01:27
Flare183Ok I'm here to help01:27
amdpoxbensonk, no problem :)01:27
hvgotcodeshey what is the graphical tool used to administer nvidia cards?01:28
EldaWhat do you mean?01:28
jribhvgotcodes: nvidia-settings?01:28
hvgotcodesjrib -- its a tool that tells you the drive version, the temp of the card, etc....01:29
hvgotcodesis that it?01:29
jribhvgotcodes: yeah01:29
Flare183!binarydriver | hvgotcodes (this might help, I don't know)01:29
ubottuhvgotcodes (this might help, I don't know): For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:29
Flare183It should help01:30
JunTa1why doesn't ubuntu package search page have adobe flash player? neeed it for viewing youtube01:32
Protistajoin irc.travian.org01:32
jribJunTa1: because youtube's page circumvents it.  Go to a regular page like http://badgerbadgerbadger.com and it will work01:32
hvgotcodesis there a sensors plugin for gnome-panel or gkrellm that will monitor the nvidia temp?01:33
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JunTa1jrib: what do you mean? i can't view youtube videos?01:34
jribJunTa1: no.  Just visit http://badgerbadgerbadger.com and click the yellow bar at the top01:34
Flare183!youtube videos | JunTa101:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about youtube videos01:34
amdpoxJunTa1, it's called flashplugin-nonfree01:35
zigzagswow ubuntu sucks01:35
zigzagsinstead of errors, things just dont happen01:36
jribzigzags: do you have a support question or just trolling today?01:36
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zigzagsi have to restart my comp, so im raging for a second01:36
zigzagsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ok bye01:36
jribzigzags: well keep it related to support here01:36
rickstarto get conky running... go through terminal... now when i close terminal window, conky closes01:37
amdpox#ubuntu-bashing is good01:37
zigzagsgksu conky01:37
DerrikePardon, but I'm wondering about the documentation provided for installing via USB. I've been in a pit using the two methods provided. (Live CD via USB is slow, and usually freezes; alternate just doesn't work the way everyone is saying it should.)01:37
jribrickstar: don't do that.01:37
amdpoxuse the alt-f2 run dialog01:37
amdpoxor detach it with "conky &"01:37
rpeckisn't VLC suppose to be able to open .avi files?01:37
amdpoxrpeck, .avi is a container01:37
amdpoxVLC will play most of the codecs it can contain01:38
rpeckWell then how do I get VLC to play .avi files?01:38
rickstaralt-f2 no conky01:38
amdpoxrpeck, what codec is it?01:38
hvgotcodesrickstar type nohup conky &01:39
rpeckThat is what it says the mime type is.01:39
jrib!pm | rickstar01:39
ubotturickstar: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:39
rickstar!pm | jrib01:40
ubottujrib: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:40
rickstarill just go the old way01:40
jribrickstar: people gave you about 3 different suggestions, so you should say which one you tried and what happened....01:40
rpeckamdpox is it unplayable for me or do I need to install a certain package?01:41
amdpoxIf it won't play in VLC, you can't make VLC play it01:42
amdpoxtry totem01:42
DerrikeI don't want to repeat myself but I think it got lost in a wave of join/parts.01:42
DerrikePardon, but I'm wondering about the documentation provided for installing via USB. I've been in a pit using the two methods provided. (Live CD via USB is slow, and usually freezes; alternate just doesn't work the way everyone is saying it should.)01:43
rickstarok tried all those01:43
Elda!codecs | rpeck01:43
ubotturpeck: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:43
rpeckThanks amdpox01:43
rickstarwhen i close terminal conky exits01:43
EldaThat might help you out :>01:43
Flare183!usb | Derrike01:43
ubottuDerrike: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:43
jribrickstar: specifics and details.01:43
* bruenig has parts and joins turned off01:43
zigzagsso every once in a while, none of my music players will play any music.  clickin 'play' just does nothin at all.  no errors or anything, just....nothing01:43
jribrickstar: tell us ONE thing you tried exactly01:44
JunTa1how do01:44
zigzagsit happens with any file, local or on my network01:44
rickstarclose terminal01:44
rickstarit closes01:44
rickstarconky also01:44
S3loDerrike: i tried Unetbootin ( http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html ) to create my USB installer, might help01:44
JunTa1woops....whats the command to check what version or distro you have ?01:44
jribrickstar: that wasn't a suggestion.  What else did you try? Keep it on one line please01:44
Flare183JunTa1: uname -a01:44
zigzagsanyone know why the media players will sometimes randomly not allow music to be played????/01:45
bruenigit isn't random01:45
bruenigthus your question is poor01:45
rickstarthe alt-f2 method ... conky doesnt run...01:45
DerrikeS3lo: Would it use the graphical or command-line install?01:45
jribzigzags: probably flash or wine hogging the sound card.  Kill them and do 'sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart'01:45
jribrickstar: nohup conky01:45
rickstarjrib: also tried nohup conky01:46
zigzagshmmm neither flash nor wine were open either times01:46
jribrickstar: and?01:46
rickstarjrib: none work01:46
zigzagsi will try that next time it stops working01:46
flithmhey everyone... my machine crashed, and now when I log into gnome I don't see any panels... anyone know how I can get them back?01:46
jribrickstar: did conky not start?01:46
zigzagsso bruenig, if its not random what causes it, cuz ya seem to know01:46
rickstarjrib: yes.. segmentation fault01:46
bruenigzigzags: depends01:46
JunTa1Flare183: that doesn't give if its hardy or what distro01:46
jribrickstar: and it runs fine with just conky?01:47
Flare183JunTa1: lsb_release -a01:47
bruenigzigzags: you haven't even described your situation01:47
trimetaJunTa1: You could also check your /etc/apt/sources.list and see which you're using.01:47
bruenigI assure you however, there is no random number generator in the program that causes it to periodically skip things01:47
zigzagsmm poor answer, sorry01:47
JunTa1Flare183: thx01:47
templaedhelI just installed the firefox update and now firefox is giving me errors when I use the adress or search bar01:47
rickstarjrib: now i get segmentation fault on regular $conky01:48
jribrickstar: you need to sort that out.  See if there are any running instances of conky (ps -ef | grep conky)01:48
Flare183JunTa1: np01:49
rickstarjrib: also did $killall conky01:49
jribrickstar: ok, but that's not my question01:49
rickstarjrib: how do i see the pid's of everything running?01:49
* rickstar is a linux noob01:49
jribrickstar: with the command I gave you in parentheses01:49
kwyjiboflash video sites hang after 2 seconds of silent playback as of updating firefox and flash today01:50
rickstarjrib: 13205 13140  0 20:51 pts/0    00:00:00 grep conky01:51
jribrickstar: k.  Did you run that gksu conky command that was given before you read our warnings not to run it?01:51
rickstarjrib: i did happen to before i saw don't01:52
kwyjibowhy did updating firefox/flash from the notification icon break them? :< i can't view any flash video sites anymore. they just hang01:53
* templaedhel is being driven crazy because he can't use firefox01:53
remiis it possible to upgrade to GNOME 2.24 in Hardy Heron or do I have to wait for Intrepid Ibex?01:53
mEck0jrib: yes, its what I meant01:53
jribmEck0: there's an email there, training@ubuntu.com and also check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training/Contacts01:54
mEck0jrib: thx!01:55
ticoWould gzip backup.img then split -b 4500m backup.img.gz backup.part.img.gz_ be correct and finally cat backup.part.img.gz_aa >> backup.img.tar be correct?01:55
jribrickstar: ls -ld ~/.conkyrc01:55
jribrickstar: full output01:56
Commie_Caryhello, I have Q. How do I open .bundle files?01:56
rickstarhrib: -rw-r--r-- 1 rickstar rickstar 2813 2008-09-23 21:3301:56
rickstarjrib: -rw-r--r-- 1 rickstar rickstar 2813 2008-09-23 21:3301:57
adrian_2002caLet's say I used the shift down method to lower my volume to mute. Then, using the volume applet, i cannot change the volume until I use shift up. help01:57
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peter75alguien en la red01:57
peter75una chica01:57
jribrickstar: does it segfault if you 'mv ~/.conkyrc{,.backup}'?01:57
jrib!es | peter7501:57
ubottupeter75: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:57
adrian_2002cashould i report this bug? or is this an error?01:57
Powhatanbobmy audio is borked beyond anything I can understand.  How can I go about uninstalling it all and starting over clean without wiping the harddrive?01:57
Commie_Caryrickstar: How do I open .bundle files?01:58
rickstarCommie_Cary: sorry, dont know01:59
belkinhelp2quick question about back ups....is it possible using dd to back up my entire drive to another PC on the same network?01:59
snovabelkinhelp2: i don't think dd can operate over a network.01:59
belkinhelp2and of course the next question...how would i recover it once ive replaced the drive?01:59
snovabelkinhelp2: but there might be a way to do it.01:59
belkinhelp2snova....what would you suggest?02:00
jribrickstar: move your ~/.conkyrc back and comment parts to figure out what is causing it02:00
* templaedhel wonders if anyone can help with the firefox problem??02:00
snovabelkinhelp2: dunno. i just copy stuff over to an external hd, but i have no idea how to do over a network02:01
kwyjibowhy did updating firefox/flash from the notification icon break them? :< i can't view any flash video sites anymore. they just hang02:01
snovabelkinhelp2: i think rsync is designed for this purpose- for incrementally copying files over a network02:01
SpragieHey, i just tried to reinstall heron over an existing copy, used the "use entire disk" option, once i installed it, it went to the bootloader and chose the )all options( and it stated that the file did not exist (not exact wording but close enough), tried reinstallling multiple times, same thing ? what am i doing wrong ?02:01
belkinhelp2snova....i suppose i could use dd, create the image on the local drive and the move it over the network manully02:01
snovabelkinhelp2: there are packages expressly for the purpose of backups, and i'm sure plenty of them work over a network.02:02
snovabelkinhelp2: i just don't know what any of them are called.02:02
belkinhelp2snova...i want a complete image all at once. I have to set up a dual boot on this machine and dont want to get rid of linux02:02
snovabelkinhelp2: does it really have to be a disk image?02:02
belkinhelp2snova...k, ill look around.02:02
asimpliedI have two problems: First, when I play movie files (i.e. youtube) in firefox, there is no sound.  This is a problem that I had fixed previously, but has since resurfaced--I believe the resurrection was caused by firefox updating; however, the previous method I used to fix this problem--install latest flashplayer--is not working.  The second problem is that I cannot burn cd or dvd's.  I have gone through several forums and it seems that this is a 02:02
belkinhelp2snova...doesnt have to be an image....just thought that would be the easiest way to recover if i screw up the dual boot install02:03
SpragieHey, i just tried to reinstall heron over an existing copy, used the "use entire disk" option, once i installed it, it went to the bootloader and chose the )all options( and it stated that the file did not exist (not exact wording but close enough), tried reinstallling multiple times, same thing ? what am i doing wrong ? anyone have any suggestions? !02:03
snovaquestion- i just found that in the process of updating, i have two kernels. there shouldn't be any problem removing the unused one, right?02:03
snovabelkinhelp2: not necessarily.02:03
kwyjiboasimplied: i am having the exact same problem as of the latest firefox update02:03
onxbelkinhelp2, dd if=<stuff> | gzip -c | ssh user@host "cat > <stuffoutput>.gz"02:03
kwyjiboasimplied: are your flash videos hanging after 2 seconds, too?02:03
asimpliedkwyjibo. any idea how to fix?02:03
belkinhelp2snova...im new to linux...for windows ive always used ghost image or acronis02:03
kwyjiboasimplied: no. i keep asking :<02:03
xim_anyone know what would cause nautilus to crash in a particular directory full of videos on an NTFS files system when viewing in icon mode?02:03
SpragieHey, i just tried to reinstall heron over an existing copy, used the "use entire disk" option, once i installed it, it went to the bootloader and chose the )all options( and it stated that the file did not exist (not exact wording but close enough), tried reinstallling multiple times, same thing ? what am i doing wrong ? anyone have any suggestions? !02:04
snovabelkinhelp2: onx appears to be a wizard at this stuff. he even compressed it for you...02:04
asimpliedumm, I  don't know, I usually do not wait until the end of the video--frustration, etc.02:04
caioI need to access a computer with Remote Desktop, but the computer is on other network, without a physical ip address, how can I do this?02:04
snovabelkinhelp2: sorry, i have to go now.02:04
pedro-orangebelkinhelp2: You can backup essential files, but system files would presumably be locked. If you're installing Windows after a linux install, you can (Vista may be an issue) - there is a handy guide to restoring the GRUB after a Windows install on the Ubuntu wiki.02:04
kwyjiboasimplied: try playing any flash video. they will hang after 2 seconds02:04
onxsnova, actually i just needed to do the same thing recently. still learning pipe magic :p02:04
=== cars is now known as cars__
asimpliedkwyjibo, k hold on02:05
AaqilHi what is difference between ubuntu server edition and other ubuntu ?02:05
=== mihai___ is now known as evilbug_
belkinhelp2onx....not that i will need it, but if i do, how do i get it back.  Use the live CD?02:05
templaedhelAaqil: server edition has not gui like gnome or kde02:05
pedro-orangecaio: Phsyical IP? What do you mean by this? IP is a logical address. A MAC address is a physical address.02:06
rickstarjrib: fixed02:06
belkinhelp2onx.....doh!  same command without compression?02:06
rickstarjrib: made new .conkyrc02:06
hwolffwhat is the right channel to inquire about wifi problems?02:07
onxbelkinhelp2, you mean restoring your disk from the image?02:07
pedro-orangehwolff: whats your issue?02:07
jribrickstar: great02:07
rickstarjrib: thanks for the help02:07
hwolffmy partner has a toshiba tecra notebook, running kubuntu. She get's wifi, but after a while the wifi breaks down02:07
afallenhopeis there a way of getting vncviewer to listen on a specific port? because I can't get it to listen on 590002:08
hwolffWin works fine, so I guess it's not the hardware02:08
belkinhelp2onx...i vaquely remember reading about booting over networks and copying entire OSs for thin clients...would this be similar?02:08
templaedhelfirefox is driving me nuts02:08
pedro-orangehwolff: Whats the NIC make? Do a lshw -C network in terminal & stick it in the pastebin. Link us when you're done.02:08
kwyjibotemplaedhel: ?02:08
asimpliedkwyjibo, I did not notice any hang; but, definitely no sound...which is really annoying.02:09
caiopedro-orange, sorry, I cant access because the only IP that I have is 192.168.. an internal IP, and not the machine that I want.02:09
ticoDo you think if I compress a 8.3gb image with gzip -c it will fit on a 4.7gb dvd?02:09
daklan_clsafallenhope: you don't make vncviewer to listen to a particular port. you make it connect to a particular port. or do you mean vncserver?02:09
kwyjiboasimplied: ah. mine freezes. and it's only from updating today02:09
pedro-orangecaio: Are you in the same subnet? What is the network setup?02:09
afallenhopedaklan_cls, I make it listen. it's called REVERSE vnc. vncviewser -listen02:10
asimpliedhmm...well, it is possible that mine will start doing that too.  I had this problem with the sound before, fixed it, updated ffox, and problem is back.  how long have you been in here looking for help?02:10
onxbelkinhelp2, let me think about how to do it with pipe magic, but the more comfortable solution is probably using a locally mounted network share (nfs/smb) and using a tool like partimage02:10
kwyjiboasimplied: about half an hour02:10
caioreverse vnc!02:10
afallenhopecaio, you are correct02:11
templaedhelkwyjibo: I installed the update it said I should (ubuntu that is) and now when I use the url or search bar it gives me errors02:11
asimpliedkwyjibo: and you just updated firefox today?02:11
kwyjiboasimplied: yes02:11
kwyjiboasimplied: i thought these things were tested before going into the repositories02:11
asimpliedkwyjibo: yeah, me too02:12
pedro-orangeasimplied: do u have any other applications opening using sound card output? Have u tried restarting pulseaudio?02:12
dave___anyone have any luck with linksys wireless USB adaptars?02:12
asimpliedpedro-orange: all other sound works...in fact, I have been watching Anime most of the day.  But, when I tried to watch a video my friend sent, no work.02:13
belkinhelp2onx....if i pm you my email address, could you send me a solution once you think of it?02:13
templaedhelyou know its bad when I have to use the ie for linux app to browse the web on ubuntu02:13
belkinhelp2onx....im new to linux but not to networking02:13
dave___It's a very common adapter with a huge pain in the ass involved in getting it going02:13
daklan_clsafallenhope: reverse vnc only works if you have a vncserver. vncviewer -listen waits for the server to initiate the request.02:13
asimpliedtemplaedhel: is your sound working on firefox?02:13
pedro-orangeasimplied: try restarting pulseaudio02:14
templaedhelasimplied: just a sec. but first close all your other apps and then restart firefox02:14
templaedhelnow it won't even open!02:14
=== rickstar is now known as rickstar|asleep
asimpliedpedro-orange: ok,02:15
kwyjibocan someone tell me why today's firefox/flash update causes flash videos to freeze after 2 seconds?02:15
afallenhopedaklan_cls, I know this. you're not listening to the question. like many people. I asked how to get it to listen on a CUSTOM PORT02:15
afallenhopedaklan_cls, not the SERVER because I don't want the server.. but the CLIENT02:16
daklan_clsafallenhope: good luck to you then02:16
templaedhelkwyjibo: I'm guessin for the same reason it won't open for me02:16
kwyjibodunno templaedhel02:17
templaedhelwhat are some alternatives for firefox till I can get it workin?02:17
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: Opera? There are loads of browsers about. Are you on ibex?02:18
druckenwere would my nvidia display setting applacation be located02:18
amdpoxtemplaedhel, epiphany is nice02:18
templaedhelno I'm on hardy02:18
templaedhelI'm tryin epiphany now02:18
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: How did u install flash?02:18
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
druckenwere my nvidia display setting located02:19
pedro-orangedrucken: nvidia-settings02:19
loquitus_of_borgHey people. Where can I get more voices for espeak?02:19
loquitus_of_borgI want nice girlie ones02:19
racerxanyone knows how to install or extract a packaged file with a '.bundle' extension?02:19
druckenits says command not found02:19
Derrikethat's a wee bit odd, if I might add.02:19
pedro-orangedrucken: You may need to apt-get it02:19
templaedhelpedro-orange: I 4get02:20
templaedhelI'll tell you once I get firefox working agin02:20
druckenapt-get nvidia-settings???02:20
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: ubuntu-restricted-extras? flashplugin-nonfree?02:20
pedro-orangedrucken: apt-get install nvidia-settings02:20
racerxwhat is a .bundle file and how to extract it, anyone?02:21
templaedhelokay I got epiphany02:21
KDOCCan someone tell me how to download internet explorer for ubuntu 8.0.02:22
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: have u installed libflashsupport?02:22
Derrikeoh god02:22
loquitus_of_borgKDOC: you are kidding, right?02:22
loquitus_of_borgKDOC: Why would you want to install a virus on Linux?02:22
KDOCNo I can't open certain websites.02:22
racerxanyone knows how to install or extract a file with a '.bundle' extension?02:22
carsKDOC: If you really really wanted to, I guess you may be able to load it in Wine.02:22
loquitus_of_borgKDOC: tell the idiots running those sites to get a life and create web compliant pages then.02:23
DerrikeKDOC: You may use a browser like Opera02:23
templaedhelpedro-orange: just I sec I said02:23
Derrikethat identifies itself as IE02:23
Derrikeif you would like it to02:23
templaedhelpedro-orange: I'm trying to find the guide02:23
druckenhow do i installnvclock to overclock my video card02:23
pedro-orangeKDOC: You can presumably run it in WINE, alternatively there is ie4linux02:23
Derrikemaybe there's a firefox plugin02:23
KDOCIs opera on the cd02:23
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: Sorry :) Ok.02:23
onxbelkinhelp2, ssh user@host "gzip -d -c <yourimage>" | dd of=<target>02:23
EsquiloHow can I reset ALSA?02:24
bert1hi, can somebody tell me where the trash files are located please???02:24
DerrikeJust google Opera and you'll find it; (unless you're asking because you're strictly live)02:24
belkinhelp2onx....that would be from a terminal using the live CD?02:24
onxthat would work02:24
ricky2122after installing lkl,does anyone know how to start the program02:24
saelynhbert1: trash:///02:24
bert1saelynh, i get this...02:25
bert1sean@adventqt5500:~$ trash:///02:25
bert1bash: trash:///: No such file or directory02:25
jb_RICKY have you tried opening a terminal and typing "sudo lkl"?02:25
FloodBot1bert1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
racerxvmware worstation for linux download has extension ".bundle". anyone knows how to extract or install this?02:25
ricky2122yeah i tried that02:26
pedro-orangeracerx: Are there install instructions with it?02:26
saelynhbert1: ho, for real you mean ?02:26
saelynhI don't know02:26
kwyjibocan someone tell me why today's firefox update causes flash videos to freeze after 2 seconds? they do not freeze in Epiphany02:26
djhash!trash | bert102:26
ubottubert1: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash02:26
saelynhI don't have any trash for my part, I just pcmanfm02:26
jb_ricky i'll try dling it and run02:26
ricky2122ok thanx02:26
saelynhI use *02:26
bert1thank djhash and saelynh02:26
=== emma_ is now known as emma
templaedhelpedro-orange: its fine. so what's your flash problem?02:27
racerxI tried googling for it but nothing was clear02:27
jb_rick, did you use apt-get to dl the software... what is the programs full name?02:27
pedro-orangeracerx: do you have any scripts such as vmware-install.pl?02:27
RyanPriorRhythmbox won't play any songs, and if I run it from the CLI, it doesn't output any errors. Can somebody help me figure this out?02:28
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: I don't have any flash problems. I was trying to help you02:28
kwyjiboi'm the one with flash problems02:28
onxbelkinhelp2, actually that's rather inefficient though as it uncompresses before transfer - my bad02:28
racerxI used to download the file when it used to be packaaged as tar.gz but this time it came with a .bundle ext02:28
templaedhelpedro-orange: oh. thanks. I believe I have flashplugin nonfree02:28
jb_Anyone know what software Rick was referring too.. "LKL"??02:28
ricky2122linux key logger02:29
templaedhelpedro-orange: yep its nonfree02:29
onxbelkinhelp2, this makes more sense: ssh user@host "cat <yourimage>" | gzip -d -c | dd of=<target>02:29
jb_ah ok02:29
racerxthe .tar.gz was easy to extract and in it was the vmware-install.pl02:29
belkinhelp2onx...i like efficiency, but effectiveness is more important at the moment...as long as it works.  Can i use this command in terminal running from the live CD?02:29
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression02:29
EsquiloHow can I restart ALSA?02:29
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: Sometimes libflashsupport package solves the majority of sound in flash problems02:29
ricky2122jb_ its called linux key logger02:29
djhashracerx: did you try in terminal "./vmware.blahblah.bundle"02:29
racerxas soon as it finish download that is what i planned on trying02:30
aXeusSomething strange just happened. I tried to apt-get install ftpd. And it seemed to work, but no "ftpd" was available on bash. So without removing it, I did apt-get install inetutils-ftpd.02:30
aXeusI also did apt-get install pureadmin.02:30
asimpliedpedro-orange: I ran the following command in terminal and sound worked. sudo apt-get install libflashsupport02:30
templaedhelpedro-orange: I'm not the one with flash problems that's kwyjibo: I'm having the problem that firefox gives me some weird error when I try to open it02:31
pedro-orangeasimplied: w00t02:31
jb_kk ricky, im attempting to compile it now source forge dl is slow02:31
kernandohow can i set up a ftp server??02:31
aXeusIt seems to be worknig, but I can't create virtual users. The pureadmin interface locks up and ftpd still is not available on bash. It was available for a minute then dissapeared after I tried to create an ftp user account.02:31
ricky2122jb_ ok thanx02:31
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: Perhaps you should file a bug report.02:31
kwyjibopedro-orange: i'm not having sound problems. i updated firefox as Ubuntu's system tray thing said i should. and now flash videos all freeze after 2 seconds02:31
asimpliedpedro-orang: indeed, thank you for pointing me towards troubles with pulse.  I had no idea that was introduced with new ubntu release.02:32
djhash!ftp-server | kernando02:32
ubottukernando: FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP02:32
=== Dxx is now known as netphreak
riegersnis it possible to launch a gui app without logging into a desktop? like xbmc or boxee?02:32
pedro-orangeasimplied: It's an ongoing issue - i've never had the problem but my housemate did02:32
=== netphreak is now known as Dx
asimpliedpedro-orange: did you roomate happen to also have trouble burning cds/dvds?02:34
templaedhelpedro-orange: I might but I'm guessing that mozzilla or ubuntu forums will be buzzing with errors and solutions if it effects more people then kwyjibo: and me. thanks for helpin though02:34
ryan__I am tring to install a linux driver from nvidia.  There directions say to do this "Type "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.12-pkg1.run" to install the driver. NVIDIA now provides a utility to assist".  But that fails.  Any help.02:34
=== Dx is now known as Dxx
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: Yeh check the forums tomorrow, otherwise i'd file a bug report on launchpad02:34
pedro-orangeryan__: use the restricted drivers method, i find it works better02:35
pedro-orangeasimplied: not that im aware of.02:35
belkinhelp2ryan__ is this an nvidia sound driver?02:35
ryan__belkinhelp2: video card02:36
belkinhelp2ryan__ sorry, i just ran into a problem with a sound driver from nvidia02:36
belkinhelp2ryan__ had to run a patch to get it to work02:36
asimpliedpedro-orange: fair enough.  I have accomplished something today so I will worry about burning later.  take it easy.  ##02:36
pedro-orangeryan__: System > Admin > hardware drivers. Try doing it through there before installing something from the nvidia site02:37
ryan__hmmm. I have already tried the proprietary drivers and the screwed my whole system up.  I can now only view things in 800x60002:37
pedro-orangeryan__: You running hardy?02:37
ryan__yes Hardy.02:37
beast_ryan__:  you may want to try the Envy utility02:38
snovathe upgrade process has left me with two kernels. it's safe to remove the older one, right?02:38
pedro-orangebeast: You killed ryan__'s pc :P02:38
pedro-orangesnova: I'd keep incase u need to roll back.02:39
riegersnIs there an app that will let me browse all the hardware detected on my machine?02:39
pedro-orangeriegersn: lshw02:39
riegersnim looking for a gui app02:40
snovai'm pretty sure it's ok, but i've aqcuired a wariness of messing with the kernel.02:40
danbhfiveriegersn: doohickey02:40
formodeI seem to be unable to import a vcard into Evolution for some reason, the "Forward" button is grey'd out. Anyone know why?02:40
templaedhelpedro-orange: and everyone else. Error launching browser window:no XBL binding for browser it seems to be a problem with bindings. all the messages have a binding in them somewhere02:40
ryan__Thanks for all of the help.  I reinstalled the driver and now the resolution is fine.  thanks02:42
formodeI seem to be unable to import a vcard into Evolution for some reason, the "Forward" button is grey'd out. Anyone know why?02:42
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: Ok. Weird. :/02:42
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: You could try re-installing firefox.02:43
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:   I got someone that installed the offical nivida driver, but then could not get GDM working,  he is  pissed off with Ubuntu now, because of all this Nivida driver shit02:44
r2scan I test the PNG transparency fix on IE6 running with wine??02:44
kwyjiboi seem to have fixed my flash video problem02:44
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  as for the ones from the repo,   stuff happended, and he could only have  800x600 resoloution02:45
r2scoz my IE6 on wine I think is not working for that transparency fix02:45
kernandoi dont get it i install pureadmin but where does the file go to open the program02:45
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: What card are we referring to?02:45
tritiumWatch the language, SebNaitsabes02:45
kwyjiboi installed the Ubuntu Restricted Extras, which seemed to have reinstalled Flash (dont know if its the same version)02:45
kwyjibobefore i was using just the macromedia flash plugin package02:45
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  yes what card good question,  in fact I wasn't entirely sure, but  there is logs of whatever etc some wehre hummm02:45
pedro-orangekwyjibo: thats how i install flash on a new system, never steered me wrong.02:45
templaedhelpedro-orange: been there done that. I did complete removal and it didn't work02:46
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  ,but  I think it may be some legacy one, since he has 256MB RAM02:46
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: I'd file a bug then if i were yuo.02:46
kwyjiboyou never notice how much you need flash until it's gone :O02:47
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: lshw -C display02:47
StanManCan256mb ram? buy some more for $1502:47
carsStanManCan: I'm in the same boat.  I'd buy more, but it's RDRAM, and not cheap/available.02:48
r2sI'm developing a cross-browser website... but it seems that IE6 on wine doesn02:48
penhey everyone02:48
penI have a question02:48
penMy trash can icon disappeared02:48
StanManCancars: ah ha, rdram... that sucks big time!02:48
Esquilopen, add it back then02:48
StanManCancars: what are you running it on..? must be a pretty old box02:48
penalthough I have checked that in gconf the value of trash_icon_visible is checked02:48
r2sI'm developing a cross-browser website... but it seems that IE6 on wine doesn't work on that CSS filter or those PNG transparency fix02:48
penEsquilo, I can't it's not on the desktop02:48
Esquilopen, humm02:48
linuxmongerDoes anybody know what's going on with Pigin 2.5.0? I keep getting disconnected from Yahoo! and so far I haven't been able to figure out why.02:49
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: yeah, but not helping him right now02:49
penEsquilo, it is probably off the screen but I don't know how to get it02:49
Esquilopen, Have you tried add it in the panel?02:49
penEsquilo, I don't want to add that to the panel02:49
pedro-oranger2s: Well it is a Windows application, Wine has come a long way but it's not 100% compatible.02:49
penEsquilo, desktop is fine02:49
EsquiloI won't help you so02:49
linuxmonger2.5.1 is on the pidgin.sf.net site, should I download and intall or wait for a .deb?02:49
penEsquilo, ?02:49
=== mitch is now known as Guest90385
templaedheleven after I romove firefox the menu item remains and I can still use it to get the same error02:49
carsStanManCan: Tell me about it.  It was very above average when it was new, especially with the nvidia ti4200. It can still do most things, but the RAM is the bottleneck.02:49
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  basically the  one from the repo screwed the resoloution up, but the one from nivida  got installed, but then he could not get gdm back02:50
penEsquilo, don't say that, say you don't know02:50
ryan__Can someone lead me in the right direction.  I would like to set up dual monitors on Ubuntu.02:50
r2spedro-orange: yeah... I just hate to switch back to windows and back to linux again02:50
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: did u sudo apt-get remove firefox?02:50
Esquilopen, I don't like this "Windows way of life"02:50
penEsquilo, but this is weird, it just disappeared02:50
Esquilopen, Ah, sorry, "I don't know"02:50
Esquilopen, humm02:50
penEsquilo, ok, thx for the help anyway02:50
penEsquilo, at least you talked02:50
RyanPriorRhythmbox won't play any songs, and if I run it from the CLI, it doesn't output any errors. Can somebody help me figure this out?02:50
Esquilopen, You can Access it?02:50
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: You should check his xorg.conf  - it's supposed to auto-detect but u can specify resolutions there02:50
Esquilodo you have how to access it? pen02:51
penEsquilo, I can use the trash in nautilus and the panel, but somehow the desktop icon disappeared02:51
EsquiloI see, I see...02:51
penEsquilo, even though I checked that in the gconf02:51
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: If u not u can dkpg-reconfigure xorg-server02:51
penEsquilo, so this is considered to be a bug isn't it?02:51
EsquiloSorry, In this case I have never seen something like that in my life02:51
pedro-oranger2s: You can virtualise Windows02:51
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  yeah tried  dpkg-reconfigure  xorg server,  as for editing  xconfig,  how would I do that?02:51
Esquilopen, I don't think so02:51
penEsquilo, no?02:52
EsquiloIt can be anything02:52
penEsquilo, it's checked but it's not there02:52
penEsquilo, it works with other icons only the trash disappeared02:52
Esquilopen, ho!!02:52
Esquilopen, look...02:52
Esquilopen, Do you could create another user?02:52
r2spedro-orange: hmm yeah that's my last resort...02:52
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: sudo nano -w /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:52
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  well yes, but I meant what changes would I make to it?02:53
r2spedro-orange: the problem is that cut&paste thing...hahaha nvm.. thanks dude02:53
Esquilopen, do it. make another user... and I bet with you that this icon will show there ;)02:53
penEsquilo, alright, let me try02:53
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  he has a resoloution which is great, before the drivers go on,  which is lost after the driver from the repo,  but I guess I would add that resoloution into the correct place in x config  and hopefully it will work theno r?02:53
penEsquilo, if so, how can I fix this?02:53
formode dwmw2_gone02:53
formode I seem to be unable to import a vcard into Evolution for some reason, the "Forward" button is grey'd out. Anyone know why?02:54
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: You can specify it under Modes in the subsection display.02:54
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  what's the  -w in that first command you gave?02:54
Esquilopen, I have no idea XD May it is a bug in ".trash"02:54
=== ppalmes is now known as xoz
penEsquilo, I see no .trash in my home folder02:55
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: it's like word wrap02:55
Esquilopen, actually it is in another folder...02:55
BunTaii want to install sidebar gadget in my ubuntu..anyone help me??02:55
BunTaii wanna be like this http://www.members.shaw.ca/mnicy/Desktop/31-01-08-desktop.png02:55
Esquilolike: ~/XXX/.trash02:56
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: man nano :)02:56
penEsquilo, hm02:56
EsquiloI can't remember what this XXX is02:56
stweston_bunTai: WHY?02:56
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  looking at my own  xconfg  ( I just gedited it no sudo since not editing)   there is not that much in there, and I am not sure how I would edit his file which would be similar in certain ways02:56
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: It stops CLRF and other weird characters in ur conf files02:56
BunTaistweston_: i want to install sidebar gadget like this http://www.members.shaw.ca/mnicy/Desktop/31-01-08-desktop.png02:56
BunTaican i?02:56
stweston_no clue. sorry02:57
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  yeah nano I should probably really use something like that and learn to use properly,  but  I keep on taking the noob way gedit :D02:57
stweston_just wondering why you wanted a windows theme.02:57
templaedhelokay so I fixed firefox. don't ask how its complicated. but now I need to get my old bookmarks. I have the bookmarks.html file left over form before. what should I do with it?02:57
BunTaii dont want window theme02:57
BunTaii hate microsoft02:57
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/50331/02:57
BunTaii want sidebar for my ubuntu02:57
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BunTailike this person http://www.members.shaw.ca/mnicy/Desktop/31-01-08-desktop.png02:57
Gerinychim trying to put in a "boot cd" function in GRUB, what's the entry should look like?02:58
stwestonyou sure they weren't just emulating Ubuntu?02:58
jdalejust started to watch wargames2...should i finish it?02:58
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: But the new xserver is supposed to auto-detect so i dunno what the effects will be02:58
stwestonJust kidding.02:58
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  my  xconfig does not even have  modes in it02:58
templaedhelpedro-orange: so I fixed firefox. don't ask how its complicated. but now I need to get my old bookmarks. I have the bookmarks.html file left over form before. what should I do with it?02:58
BunTainow i see that02:58
BunTaithe button start02:58
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Thats cause xserver auto detects now :)02:59
BunTaii want a sidebar gadget02:59
BunTaiits look beatiful02:59
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  ,but in his case auto detection went wrong?02:59
carsjdale: as long as you don't compare it to the original, and keep your expectations low, you're OK.02:59
BunTaiyou know shere should i get it?02:59
BunTaiyou know where should i get it?02:59
pedro-orangetemplaedhel: Sorry I've not done anything like that before - perhaps fiddle with ur FF settings and see if u can import.02:59
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: So it seems.03:00
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: if I copied and put in xconfig in the screen section what you gave me on pastebin,  but with the resoluoton that works well on his lap top, it should work?03:01
penEsquilo, ok03:01
penEsquilo, it is there03:01
penEsquilo, so it must be off screen03:01
penEsquilo, or something03:01
tritium!enter  | pen03:01
ubottupen: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sidebar03:01
penEsquilo, do you know how to retrieve any offscreen?03:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gadget03:01
pentritium, thx for reminding me, do you happen to know how to solve my problem?03:01
Esquilopen, No idea03:02
carsBunTai: It kind of looks like they're on a super-customized version of Vista with Ubuntu running seamlessly with VirtualBox.03:02
tritiumpen: I've not been following.  Let me read the scrollback.03:02
Esquilopen, If you don't want to boring with this problem you could move your files to this new user03:02
BunTaicars: yups..03:02
carsBunTai: I don't know the package they used for the sidebar, though.  It's not Vista, though.03:02
tritiumpen: looking for your old ~/.Trash?03:02
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Not necessarily. Depends on the identifiers associated with his hardware, I'd be cautious and take a backup of it before any manual changes you make03:02
penEsquilo, I don't really want to do that03:02
EsquiloI see03:02
tritium!trash | pen03:02
ubottupen: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash03:02
BunTaibut its ok...ubuntu still the best..03:02
pentritium, well, it's not there and the desktop icon disappeared03:03
pentritium, although I checked it in gconf03:03
tritiumpen: see above03:03
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:03
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  well if I even get a chance to do this,  he  is pissed off with Ubuntu,  and went to it for wrong reasons in the first place03:03
pentritium, that's not what I want03:03
pentritium, I want the desktop icon back03:04
SebNaitsabespedroa-orange: after chaning xconfig I guess  it needs restarting,  remind me the command for that03:04
BunTaibye all03:04
a2zI cannot open most of the pages using either Firefox or IE also i can not connect to most of the IRC servers ???03:05
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Bad luck for him. :( I'd just tell him it's free. You may want to google his particular video card for known issues. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:05
RyanPriorRhythmbox won't play any songs, and if I run it from the CLI, it doesn't output any errors. Can somebody help me figure this out?03:06
gpmhi all. my cube has only two sides, and i can't figure out how to make it have four. the hsize option is set to 403:06
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:   yeah  someone that had a virused Windows,  so   to start clean put on Ubuntu,  and then the drivers won't work, plus he has loads of Windows stuff, but , because he only has 256mb RAM can't even run a virtual machine of  Windows.  and  they have no money to buy CD's at the moment,  so  basically buggered, but I was reading about a way to install Ubuntu psyically onto a  hard disk from ISO03:07
StanManCani have03:07
StanManCancd /home/ventrilo/ventsrv03:07
StanManCan<StanManCan> ./ventrilo_srv -d03:07
StanManCanin my script03:07
FloodBot1StanManCan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:07
StanManCanit's saying  ./etc/rc2.d/S20ventrilo_srv.sh: 25: /ventrilo_srv: not found03:07
pedro-orangeRyanPrior: Are you trying to play mp3s? Have you installed the codecs?03:07
RyanPriorpedro-orange: These are songs which have never failed to play before, and which played fine hours earlier today.03:07
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pedro-orangeRyanPrior: On linux? Or windows?03:08
RyanPriorpedro-orange: The only change I've made to my computer was updating my Firefox package to version 3.0.203:08
RyanPriorpedro-orange: On Ubuntu, what else?03:08
SebNaitsabespedroa-orange:  I can restart  x when  logged into Gnome?  don't need to go into the other console03:08
pedro-orangeRyanPrior: Restart pulseaudio, or try closing all applications using the sound output03:09
RyanPriorpedro-orange: If Firefox has the sound output, is there a way to switch it to PulseAudio instead?03:09
loquitus_of_borgHow do I logoff an X11 user from the command prompt, if I am sshed to the machine?03:09
a2zI cannot open most of the pages using either Firefox or IE also i can not connect to most of the IRC servers ???03:09
roe_a2z, what does "the pages" mean03:10
roe_and what error do you get when you try to connect to other irc servers03:10
a2zsorry i meant Most of the WEB pages03:10
corunumhello, I need help getting my wireless to work in virtualbox03:10
=== Gun_Smoke_ is now known as Gun_Smoke
a2zand when i try to connect to IRC servers i get Connection Timed Out03:10
templaedheleverything is fixed!!!! yay :-D03:11
roe_a2z, do the web pages you can't open resolve in DNS?03:11
carscorunum: Does the virtual machine have networking enabled?03:11
davidcramerwhat is the opposite of the "python2.5-minimal" package03:11
davidcrameri need all the system libraries03:11
a2zhow do i know whether they resolve in DNS or not03:11
corunumcars, I don't know how to verify this. sorry03:12
roe_a2z, do you know how to open up a terminal window?03:12
a2zwell sorry to say im using XP and not ubuntu i thought some1 could help here03:12
carscorunum: It would be in the options of the virtual machine when it's off.03:12
roe_a2z, ha03:12
jribdavidcramer: python2.503:12
roe_do you know how to open up a command prompt?03:12
davidcramerjrib: im missing common modules, someone mentioned its probablyb ecause of the license on them03:12
penanyone here know how to get the desktop trash bin back if it is offscreen ?03:13
a2zyes i know03:13
jribdavidcramer: like?03:13
[Solars]whats a good virtual machine to run in winxp64 to run unbunto in?03:13
davidcramerprofile module03:13
StanManCana2z what made you think of coming to the ubuntu linux channel for winxp help?03:13
carsa2z, you can also try #windows, they might have more knowledgeable people there, if you can't get it fixed here.03:13
a2zwell let me try here03:13
roe_a2z, nslookup is the command you are interested in, but they are right #windows is the correct place03:14
carsStanManCan: It's probably because it's a huge channel, and there are helpful people everywhere.03:14
jribdavidcramer: did you install python-profiler?03:14
corunumlet me check cars03:14
valroshey guys, question: whats a good simple lightwieght c++ IDE, I used a little of dev-C++, is it easily available for linux03:14
pedro-orangeInternet died. Please resend any msgs03:14
StanManCana2z: try resetting your connections03:14
barlrolhey is the new gnome available in the respitories yet?03:14
davidcramerjrib: quite retarded, its a core library :P03:14
StanManCana2z: go int o command prompt and type "netsh winsock reset catalog"03:14
davidcramerbut ill install it and see if it fixes it03:14
Cheekycan anyone tell me a good text editor that i could use .to .. do php .. with syntax highlighting .. i need to work with files .. on my ubuntu server ..03:14
geniia2z: It's like bringing your rusted out Honda Civic to the GM Dealership and asking them questions about it03:14
pedro-orangevalros: gedit is good enough with syntax highlighting :) Otherwise use Eclipse03:14
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a2zroe i tried that command and got this Default Server:  dnscache1.singnet.com.sg03:15
=== techsupport is now known as orudie
roe_Cheeky, I use emacs, there are extensions for almost any language for syntax highlighting03:15
geniiPerhaps a Pinto might have been a better example03:15
barlrolhey is the new gnome available in the respitories yet?03:16
roe_a2z, what was the command you typed in03:16
a2zi typed nslookup03:16
roe_barlrol, I would be surprised if it gets put into hardy's repos03:16
roe_a2z, do nslookiup /? and read03:17
barlrolroe_: why?03:17
StanManCana2z: did you try my command?03:17
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
a2zyes StanManCan03:17
valrosis gedit in the repositories, also what is the aptitude command to search the repositories03:17
a2zit says i have to reboot in order to complete the reset03:17
roe_valros, aptitude search <package name>03:17
izinucsvalros, gedit is installed by default03:17
StanManCanand try.03:18
valroso rly?03:18
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
valrosthanks roe03:18
MindVirusHow do I generate a key for myself?03:18
gpmwhy does my cube only have two sides!? the workspace switcher has four slots03:18
a2zok BRB03:18
alanbshepardis there a way to force fdupes to only delete dupes from one of the compared folders and not flip flop betwen them?03:18
gpmbut i can only select two of them, even in the switcher on the panel03:18
amdpoxgpm: set the virtual desktop size in ccsm to 4 horizontal, 1 vertical03:19
valrosah, but gedit is no ide, whats the best, didnt like eclipse, too heavy03:19
izinucsvalros, you want syntax highlighting.. check the view mode in gedit..03:20
gpmamdpox: thanks!03:20
doctorowEver since I upgraded to Hardy, my Flash video sound and stability have been very poor. I've read and tried a dozen different recipes for fixing it, but to no avail. I've just uninstalled (I *think*) the Flash 10 beta and reinstalled flashplugin-nonfree and libflashsupport, but now I'm not getting any Flash audio again. Help!03:20
Cheekyroe_: yeah but i need to work on in in cli over my LAN..03:20
valros.......well id prefer a compiler built in03:20
roe_I only use emacs on the cli03:21
digitalfizanyone else having issues staying connected to yahoo in pidgin?03:21
pedro-orangevalros: Anjuta?03:21
kev12345is anyone fimilar with getting the itunes store to work under wine?03:21
carsdigitalfiz: I am. What error does it give?03:21
roe_Cheeky, at least in debian there is an emacs21-nox package (it maybe emacs22 these days)03:21
Frogzoodoctorow: did you increase the cache size?03:21
digitalfizcars, it says try logging into the website to fix this03:21
digitalfizi do and it still does the same thing03:21
roe_kev12345, I'm gonna say #wine may be03:22
carsdigitalfiz: I am getting the same error.  What version are you using?03:22
kev12345thank you03:22
doctorowFrogzoo: No, I haven't tried that -- how do I do that?03:22
digitalfizevery so often it disconnects its quite anoying03:22
genii!info emacs22-nox03:22
ubottuemacs22-nox (source: emacs22): The GNU Emacs editor (without X support). In component main, is optional. Version 22.1-0ubuntu10.1 (hardy), package size 1669 kB, installed size 5036 kB03:22
a2zStanManCan I still cant open irc.mozilla.org03:22
Frogzoodoctorow: right click - options - set cache to unlimited or 10meg03:22
digitalfizcars, 2.503:22
Frogzoodoctorow: right click in the flash window that is03:22
roe_a2z, read the help file... ns2lookup /? and understand how to use the command03:22
jigphello how to open .docm in openoffice?03:23
doctorowFrogzoo -- just tried that -- no dice!03:23
Sephrfinally got a friend to burn my x64 8.04 alt installer cd03:23
a2zwell i think it is a problem with DNS03:23
digitalfizcars, aparently its because yahoo upgraded their service recently im sure pidgin will release a patch soon03:23
Sephrhope this works with my raid drives03:23
Frogzoodoctorow: how do you mean? it's definitely an option there03:23
alanbshepardanyone know of a way to perform symetric encryption without a command line.03:23
Gun_Smokedigitalfiz, now that you mention it yes.. I just noticed it was not connected anymore.03:23
carsdigitalfiz: Most likely.  I'm getting the same error with pidgin on my n800.03:24
Frogzoodoctorow: the option is called "local storage"03:24
a2zStanManCan u here?03:24
carsdigitalfiz: The only temporary workaround I can think of until they release a patch is to use a jabber server to connect to Yahoo and relay the messages.03:25
roe_a2z, are your dns requests not resolving?03:25
stoned24any body know how to get a proxy?03:25
digitalfizcars, i connect fine it just doesnt stay connected for very long. Im lazy so ill just keep hitting reconnect :P03:25
digitalfizdisconnects after a few hours usually03:26
tenseimy keypad controls the mouse instead of typing numbers, where is that setting?03:26
a2zwell i can open Many pages but cant open some03:26
roe_stoned24, what does that mean?03:26
digitalfiznum lock03:26
stoned24does ene one in here know how i can obtaina proxy?03:26
carsstoned24: What kind of proxy?  What would you use or need it for?03:27
roe_stoned24, you can proxy almost any type of network traffic.  Do you want to install a proxy or find one that is available?03:27
tenseidigitalfiz: umm that does nothing of course... i fixed this once pefore but forgot how03:27
jasuushi .. how do i assign a function output to a variable and then test that variable...as in var = $(ps aux | grep ...)   if ( var == ...03:27
jasuusin a shell03:28
iFvwmfor i in `ps aux|grep ...`03:28
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
SephrI've used the normal x86 and x64 install cds before but I've never used the x64 alt install dvd, is there a guide to using the alt dvd installer anywhere?03:29
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  I am doing stuff with him now here's the results of  lshw -C display   http://www.pastebin.ca/121020803:29
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  have his resoloutions and refresh rate saved in a file on his desktop03:29
iFvwmor do while read a; xxxx; done < `ps aux|grep ...`03:29
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
Sephrwhy can't there just be a normal installer, a raid-supporting installer, then a confusing alt installer?03:30
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Whats his xorg.conf look like?03:30
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: this is now with  no nivida driver installed I guess,  since his resoloutions are working03:31
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: ,but yes I was going to look at that next03:31
adrian_2002caLet's say I used the shift down method to lower my volume to mute. Then, using the volume applet, i cannot change the volume until I use shift up. do i report a bug or is it an error?03:31
IdahoEvonce i have configured partitions and devices for soft RAID, how long should the installer take before going to the next step?   My screen has been blank for 10 minutes.03:32
Gun_SmokeSephr, the alternateCD is pretty easy to follow.03:32
SephrI can't even get it to boot via the altCD03:32
Sephrso weird03:32
Gun_Smokecheck the burn?03:33
SephrIt might be03:33
Sephrthis dvd burner randomly pops open sometimes, might be something wrong w/it03:33
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: I'd suggest installing the nvidia driver and then adding something like Modes "1440x900" to his xorg.conf and rebooting.03:34
carsSephr, if you can boot to the menu on the altCD, you can verify the CD's integrity.03:35
ushimitsudokiThe new firefox update is all goofed up? Can't click on tabs to change them and doesn't remember which tabs to open on re-open? Or just me?03:35
izinucsushimitsudoki, just you of course :)..  No but seriously I  haven't had any issues with the update.03:36
ttwioHi - is this a official ubuntu page ? http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Hardy03:36
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  this is with  I guess no nivida driver installed anymore or just  not set up to work  http://www.pastebin.ca/121021503:36
danbh_intrepidttwio: no03:36
GerinychI can't boot a hfs+ partition with GRUB03:36
jribttwio: no03:37
benzssdoes anyone here use OSS 4? is it better than alsa/pulseaudio?03:37
ushimitsudokiizinucs: wow thanks - something must have gone wrong because my firefox is seriously goofy and i just updated it. alright, thanks for the non-confirmation :)03:37
danbh_intrepidttwio: try help.ubuntu.com03:37
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: I guess what happens is the driver gets installed and then xconfig screws up03:37
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Might be an idea to run dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg after the nvidia install03:37
izinucsushimitsudoki, did you restart it?  if not do that03:37
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  what does  -phigh do?03:38
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Well I'd suggest, if its fine now - just leave it :P03:38
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  well  it works without drivers03:38
geniiSebNaitsabes: It only does resolution settings as opposed to full x reconfig03:38
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: ,but he needs the driver03:38
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Why?03:38
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: so certain programs will work03:38
ushimitsudokiizinucs: there was an existing firefox process (not visible) that was it. thanks much!03:39
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  games actsaully, really he should be on Windows, but  can't just install Windows on there right now either  dual boot or whatever03:39
izinucsushimitsudoki, happened to someone else this morning as well.  np03:40
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: Well if he wants to play games, he should rly be on windows03:40
pushnellHey all.  So, I'm a new ubuntu user having a perl issue, not sure which chan is correct.  I need the UUID perl module, and noticed that Adept had a libuuid-perl package, so I assume that perl package management is not done through cpan or ppm but the ubuntu package manager ... is this correct?03:40
jigphello guys is there a way to open a docm?03:41
pushnellI installed the package via adept, but the UUID.pm went to /usr/lib/perl5/UUID.pm ... it's usually in the Data namespace, which would put it under /usr/lib/perl5/Data/UUID.pm ...03:41
jribpushnell: either03:41
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  yes, but  he can't buy a CD right now,  and has no Windows CD the usaul story.   I read about some sort of  way to make an ISO be installed onto a parttion psyically by like making a partition in the ISO format,  and  then  like booting the ISO in that partition from Grub03:41
jigphello guys is there a way to open a ".docm"?I cannot open it to openoffice2.403:41
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: which driver from the repo, legacy or normal?  any idea?03:41
pushnellSo the code I have written now can't find the .pm and I'm not sure what the 'right' way is to go about fixing this.  This code has run as-is under CentOS and ActivePerl/Win32.03:41
Cycomwhich pm?03:42
nonewmsgsjigp, i am not familiar with .docm what app made it orginaly03:42
carspedro-orange: Actually, I'm so sick of Windows Vista and Microsoft that I'm going to try and convert permanently to Ubuntu.  I had an error from a Windows Update which deauthorized my license and now I'm stuck in Limited Functionality mode hell.  I'm going to run as many games as possible in Ubuntu.03:42
pushnellCycom: UUID.pm03:42
Cycompushnell: hrm...03:42
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: I'm not sure about that. With regards to the driver probably glx03:42
Seveaspushnell, put the pm in a place in @INC or use 'use lib /path/to/dir_with_pm/'03:43
Seveaspushnell, obviously, the former approach is better :)03:43
jigpnonewmsgs its an ms office 2007 file...03:43
SebNaitsabespedro-orange:  his computer is a few years old with 256mb RAM03:43
GerinychI can't boot OSx86 with GRUB, someone help03:43
pedro-orangecars: Running games in wine sometimes works, I tried to get alot working for my housemate - and was only about 20/30% successful. but since they're written for windows - its what i expectedf.03:43
SeveasGerinych, find an osx86 channel, this is Ubuntu support03:43
pushnellSeveas: @INC already has /usr/lib/perl5, but the problem is that the package manager did not install the .pm under the Data folder, so when I 'use Data::UUID;' it can't find it.03:43
Gerinychseveas: sorry03:44
Cycompushnell: try installing libossp-uuid-perl maybe...03:44
izinucsjigp, its also a file from Office 2000... it's a doc file with macros03:44
carspedro-orange: I'm so furious with it that I'm considering using Cedega.03:44
Arneyanyone here have a Torrent leech invite? i need one... i got good reputation on moviex and demonoid. movieX03:45
ArneyOldarney ( Log Out ) UL: 104.78 GB DL: 20.09 GB Ratio:5.2103:45
Seveaspushnell, hmm, looking at the package now...03:45
SeveasArney, go somewhere else.03:45
jigpizinucs : yes but I cannot open it in office 200003:45
pedro-orangeSebNaitsabes: you may find this page and it's links helpful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia03:45
Arneywhere exactly03:45
SeveasArney, I don't care, just not in here. We don't support illegal p2p things03:45
=== mike is now known as Guest99136
pedro-orangecars: You should check winehq appdb for games. Cegeda is worse than wine imo.03:46
valroswhos familiar with anjuta03:46
Cycompushnell: supposedly it that package above contains UUID.pm03:46
Arneyits not illigal, there are many legal things there. downloading stuff you havent bought is illigal.03:46
carspedro-orange: Worse as in compatibility?03:46
izinucsjigp, that's weird unless there was a file format change between office 97 and office 2000 like there was for the latest Office product.03:46
nonewmsgsjigp, sorry if OOo doesnt open it then idk would would03:46
Seveaspushnell, the lib-ossp-uuid-perl package (replacing libdata-uuid-perl apparently) does things correctly in intrepid03:47
nonewmsgsArney, this isn't an argument you want to have here...you're about to get your ass banned03:47
pedro-orangecars: Worse as in getting apps to run. Plus Cedega don't contribute, and they steal alot from the wine project03:47
Arneyok then i have another question. is there a 64 bit version of ubuntu??03:47
SeveasArney, yes03:47
nonewmsgsArney, yes03:47
Seveaspushnell, the lib-ossp-uuid-perl package (replacing libdata-uuid-perl apparently) does things correctly in hardy as well03:48
SebNaitsabespedro-orange: thanks03:48
Guest99136hey, I just installed ubuntu but i had to change my hard drive mode to ahci to get the installer to recognize the hard drive, problem is that windows does not recognize the hard drive in ahci mode, how do I get linux to recognize my hard drive now?03:48
carspedro-orange: I thought Cedega based on a fork from wine, so they're not stealing any more.03:48
pushnellOk, not sure if that's the same UUID package or not but checking it out.03:48
valrosyeah arney, too my extreme surprise my old intel celeron booted ubuntu 6403:48
=== Guest99136 is now known as mike1
pushnell(sorry Cycom, Saveas, was trying to find out if that was the same package via cpan)03:48
valrosanyone familiar with anjuta?03:48
Cycompushnell: no problem.  I suppose you could always go the CPAN route as well :)03:49
pedro-orangecars: I've not ever used cedega out of principle, plus im not paying for it. If the apps u want are supported go for it.03:49
Arneyi have a wolfdale 2.53ghz03:49
Seveaspushnell, ah... please don't ask for support for CPAN packages in here. We only support ubuntu packages03:49
pushnellSaveas: I'm sure cpan would be an easy fix, but I'm trying to feel out ubuntu, so trying to stick with ubuntu packages/methods for now.03:50
Cycompushnell: so did you install it then?03:50
Seveaspushnell, excellent :) apt-get install libdata-uuid-perl (which installs libossp-uuid-perl)03:50
Cycomdon't forget the sudo!03:51
Seveaspushnell, generally, if something is called Foo::Bar on CPAM, there's a libfoo-bar-perl package in Ubuntu03:51
carspedro-orange: Eh, I'll just try everything with Wine first, but if it doesn't work, I'll just use virtualbox or something to run XP and run things through there (If there is any 3D graphics support for a virtual machine?)03:51
Cycomcars: VMWare 6.5 supports it for XP guests.03:52
pedro-orangecars: I would imagine virtual machines to have poor performance for games03:52
Cycomcars: it's still in beta, but it supports up to DX903:52
Cycompedro-orange: cars: you can also buy crossover and use that if wine doesn't support it, depending on the game.03:52
pedro-orangecars: what games do u want to play? check the wine appdb03:53
carspedro-orange: I was hoping that coming from Vista, all the resources I'd save would make up for any poor performance :)03:53
pedro-orangeCycom: Isn't crossover for macs?03:53
pushnellok, yes, that worked.  Thanks Cycom & Seveas!03:53
Cycompedro-orange: macs AND linux.03:53
tyberionwhat is the basic pdf viewer command for ubuntu? which is supposed to be better than acroread?03:53
Cycompushnell: happy to help a fellow perl masochist.03:53
pedro-orangeCycom: Then you know more about it than i do.03:54
randomlogic78I have set a package to 'hold' how can I change that so I can use apt-get to uninstall and start over03:54
ushimitsudokityberion: evince is one03:54
Cycompedro-orange: yeah, I bought it a while back.  it's pretty decent, but generally not quite as good as a native linux app or a native windows app.  I was using it to run office 200703:54
pedro-orangeCycom: you can run office2007 in wine iirc03:55
mike1hello I needed to switch my hard drive from sata to AHCI in order to get the installer to recognize my hard drive, but i need to use the hard drive in sata mode to boot into windows, how do I get linux to recognize my hard drive, i can get the details of the controller card03:55
tyberionushimitsudoki: thanx that was the one I was looking for.03:55
Cycompedro-orange: crossover gives you actual support for stuff like that, and supposedly submits their stuff upstream to wine.03:56
sobrenowhow do i change my ip with operaq?03:56
pedro-orangesobrenow: IP doesn't control your IP its a browser03:56
geniisobrenow: I think you may want to do that with your network settings instead03:56
pedro-orangesobrenow: Opera doesn't control your IP its a browser*03:57
R-800_Hello, everyone.  I'm having an unusual amount of trouble using the online instructions on how to install GRUB loader.03:57
R-800_I get the GRUB prompt, and then fail to find the relevant folders and files in the Terminal.03:57
pedro-orangeAnyway; im off.03:58
R-800_My BOOT folder seems to have only five folders in it, and none of the ones the instructions tell me to access.03:58
R-800_Five files in it, rather, not folders.03:58
sobrenowhow do i do that pedro03:58
JunTa1how do you start a service? i want to start syndaemon but the only way i found to do that was through command line03:58
JunTa1lets say i start syndaemon on startup and I want to change or reenable the touchpad...how would I do that?03:59
paganiniDoes anyone have any idea why, when logged in via XDMCP, my 'M' key only registers every other press? All the other keys seem to work fine.03:59
R-800_Is there any way to download GRUB loader before installing it?  The instructions seem to assume you have access to the necessary files on your system, but I seem not to, for some reason.03:59
izinucsR-800_, I don't know which online tutorial you're looking at but I'll see if ubutu is around.04:00
R-800_Thanks.  : )04:00
izinucs!grub | R-800_04:01
ubottuR-800_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:01
R-800_Yeah, I think that's the URL I used.04:01
mnubuntu ftw!  I'm out04:01
sobrenowhow do i tell if my proxy is werking04:02
izinucsR-800_, what are you actually trying to do?  Are you on ubuntu now?04:02
dustmopdvdbackup keeps saying "Error reading IFO for title set". anyone know why i'm getting this?04:02
valros........i did a very broad search and cant see it all, the terminal wont fully scroll up, a fix?04:03
sobrenowdustmop it may be a dirty lense04:03
digitalfizencrypted dvd?04:03
R-800_Not now, no.  I'm trying to install Grub Loader so that I can have a dual boot again.  I had one originally, but after reinstalling WinXP on one drive, Ubuntu on the other cannot be accessed.04:03
dustmopi'll have a look at that04:03
TarantulafudgeI just installed ubuntu over my vista and I had no wireless drivers :(, i'm using some crappy modified driver from the forums04:03
CycomTarantulafudge: what kind of wireless card?04:03
penanyone here know how to get the desktop trash bin back if it is offscreen ?04:03
izinucsR-800_, ah.. you can do it from a live cd .. do you have one?04:04
TarantulafudgeCycom: rtl8187b usb (internal)04:04
R-800_izinucs: Yes.04:04
TarantulafudgeCycom: ndiswrapper did not work04:04
sobrenowhow do i get tor04:04
renderohi, everytime i start ubuntu, lot of ips blocked by firestarter same port , but different port at next reboot, any reason ?04:05
izinucsR-800_, then you should be able to follow the guide here using the live cd.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:05
sobrenowdoes anybody have a link to tor?04:05
TarantulafudgeCycom: I was in the dark for hours, I had to reinstall vista just to get back on the net to figure out how to fix it04:05
bobertdospen: Right-click and Add to Panel?04:06
JunTa1how do you start syndaemon without leaving the command line open?04:06
penbobertdos, I want the trash to be on the desktop04:06
penbobertdos, and although I checked in gconf04:06
penbobertdos, it is not there04:06
penbobertdos, on the desktop'04:06
Tarantulafudgeis there a way to shrink everything in gnome, everything is about 3x bigger than it should be04:06
sobrenowcan ene one link me to tor?04:07
izinucs!tor > sobrenow04:07
ubottusobrenow, please see my private message04:07
R-800_izinucs: I used that guide already.  I can only get as far as to get to the GRUB prompt in the Terminal.  The very next step fails, giving me an error that something failed to be found.  I then did some research that led me to believe that my BOOT folder was supposed to contain certain files or folders that the instructions were looking for.  But when I went to my BOOT folder afterward, I...04:07
R-800_...found that nothing the instructions were telling me to search for were present there.04:07
corunumneed help getting the internet to work in virtualbox04:07
R-800_So I then started wondering if there is a way to download this information before trying to install GRUB.04:07
CycomTarantulafudge: dunno much about that card :( sorry04:07
sobrenowcan u send it again04:08
CycomTarantulafudge: have you tried it in 8.10?04:08
TarantulafudgeCycom: no, its not even out yet04:08
CycomTarantulafudge: when choosing between having hardware working and having a released OS, I chose having my hardware working.04:08
izinucsR-800_, while booted to the live cd.??  copy and paste the text to a basic text file and save it on a usb key maybe?04:08
paganiniThis is driving me crazy04:08
CycomTarantulafudge: it will be soon.  you can download the, what? alpha 6? beta?04:08
paganiniWhy the *M* key?04:08
paganiniWhy not the *N* key?04:09
paganinior something?04:09
geniiJunTa1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto might give you some ideas04:09
* paganini doesn't even know how to start finding out what could be wrong04:09
R-800_izinucs: USB key?04:09
Tarantulafudgei'm doing an update, maybe a a new kernel will mean native drivers04:09
bobertdospen: It's in the config editor for me.04:10
izinucsR-800_, usb memory stick.. anthing that will store the file outside of the harddrive04:10
R-800_izinucs: Oh, okay.04:10
bobertdospen: You could try setting it through the command line.04:10
Ububeginwhen i type ls -lst... in a particular folder.. 72 -rwxr-xr-x  1 myName myName 66505 2008-09-23 11:12 libimageOpenCV.so .. how can find out what the different columns mean04:10
JunTa1genii: thanks04:10
geniiJunTa1: np04:10
chipbuddyi'm trying to get my ssh from my laptop to my desktop. when i have my laptop plugged in to a wired connection, the ssh works fine. but when i'm the wireless network it doesn't work. i think this might be because my laptop is using the wired settings for when i'm connected wirelessly. does this seem plausible, and how do i fix it?04:10
R-800_izinucs: I can do that and then display it here.  Is that what you are suggesting?04:11
penbobertdos, the problem is that in the config editor it is checked04:11
penbobertdos, but the icon is not showing on the desktop04:11
izinucsR-800_, no just so you'll have a copy of the instructions for when you boot to the live cd to fix grub04:11
R-800_izinucs: I don't have a problem with keeping the instructions handy while using the Live CD.  I have that problem solved already.  I thought you were asking me to save my error message from the Terminal to some outside media so that it could be shown to others later.04:12
Tarantulafudgethere we go04:12
izinucsR-800_, no .. I'm sorry.. misunderstanding...04:12
bobertdospen: and you're under the right key? apps->nautilus->desktop?04:13
bobertdospen: Oh, and you're running as a regular user, right?04:13
Ububeginwhen i type ls -lst... in a particular folder.. I get this {72 -rwxr-xr-x  1 myName myName 66505 2008-09-23 11:12 libimageOpenCV.so} .. how can find out what the different columns mean04:13
R-800_izinucs: Okay.  But since it is clear now that I have the instructions while using the Live CD, what is it that you would suggest at this point?04:13
penbobertdos, I'm the first user and it's a admin04:13
izinucsR-800_, are you on the live cd now?04:14
penbobertdos, it was there before04:14
penbobertdos, but somehow I forgot what I did and that icon disappeared04:14
penbobertdos, I suspect it went offscreen04:14
bobertdospen: I mean, are you running the config editor as just yourself (not root)04:14
R-800_izinucs: I'm not running Ubuntu at all right now, nor the CD, no.  I can't access my Ubuntu partition without GRUB, and I can't get online with the Live CD alone (because my network adapter drivers aren't on the CD).04:15
bobertdospen: I don't see how it could go offscreen unless you're running dual monitors or something.04:15
fignutsis there a video and audio stream recorder for linux?04:16
penbobertdos, I'm running as myself of course04:16
izinucsR-800_, ok.. you have two ways of fixing grub.. boot to the live cd and follow the instruction  from the links or google for "supergrub" disk and download  and burn.  It's handy to have around anyway..04:16
GTSo, besides a few other very mysterious problems having to do with compiling, I'd been having an intermittent problem that kept me from shutting down properly. Something rather like this message: http://pastebin.com/d5b90f83 would repeat over, and over , and over again, endlessly. So, I followed a recommendation on the forums saying I should change my SATA operation mode from non-RAID to RAID. This seemed like a stupid idea to me, and it was. now04:16
penbobertdos, I remember I take all the icons on the desktop and move them to other folders, then after that the trash bin disappeared04:16
GTCan anyone help me fix this, or if not, how do you get a new install of Ubuntu to recognize an already-existing separate /home partition?04:17
R-800_izinucs: Supergrub sounds promising, and as you say, may be good to have on hand.  But there may be a problem, unless there is some way to do this "burning" after having booted from the Live CD (which, in my mind, sounds unlikely).04:17
izinucsR-800_, burn from windows.. as long as you have something to burn an iso.04:18
R-800_izinucs: I don't.  Could you suggest something that's good, for free?04:18
izinucs!iso | R-800_04:18
ubottuR-800_: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:18
bobertdospen: Well, you could always try deleting all the gconf related folders in your home directory, thereby reverting everything to default and trying again.........04:19
izinucsR-800_, hang on .. I'll check in another location04:19
R-800_izinucs: I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.  I have bad luck with general links to software.  I never find just what I'm looking for.04:19
penbobertdos, but I have changed something in gconf and I think I need that04:20
Batty4I was curious about alias assignments for Ubuntu, they don't seem to save.  Do I need to place them in .bash_profile or something?04:21
bobertdospen: What is it you've changed?04:21
izinucsDoes anyone have the name of a program to burn iso's from windows.. something reliable and "free" for R-800 ?04:21
Batty4Such as alias ll=ls -la --color=auto04:21
geniiizinucs: CD Burner XP Pro04:21
Batty4Forgot apostrophes. :(04:21
chris127so, i really need an ftp client that can xfer an entire site root (obviously not 'ftp')04:21
chris127yahoo doesn't even let me use sftp (shell)04:22
geniiR-800_: http://cdburnerxp.se/04:22
bobertdosR-800_: I think the Nero Burning Rom would be enough, wouldn't it?04:22
chris127I would love to tarball my site, send it, shell in, and extract it.04:22
chris127but i can't04:22
chris127so i need to upload the entire site04:22
chris127file by file04:22
penbobertdos, like custom menu icon someother stuff for the panel and something else I forgot04:22
chris127i tried binaries for filezilla04:22
chris127but that didn't work04:23
FloodBot1chris127: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:23
R-800_genii, thanks.04:23
geniiR-800_: np04:23
izinucsR-800_, http://cdburnerxp.se/04:23
GTYeah... Does anyone know how to get a new install of Ubuntu to recognize an existing /home partition?04:23
Tarantulafudgechris127: I've always been fond of ncftp04:23
izinucsGT, change the referance in /etc/fstab04:23
GTThat's just what I'll need to do. It'll fix my other problems, too...04:23
chris127Tarantulafudge: i never thought to use netcat04:23
chris127how do i install on ubuntu?04:24
akioHow do I get my irda port to show up in /dev ?04:24
GTOh, so just install as normal from LiveCD, then change the references in that?04:24
chris127i am very use to extract, configure, reconfigure, reconfigure, make, install04:24
geniichris127: Add/Remove Programs04:24
chris127i'll look into that ;)04:24
Tarantulafudgechris127: I don't think its called netcat04:24
izinucsGT, that's one way to do it.. durning install.. makes it easy.. just don't format it.04:24
R-800_izinucs: I went to the supergrubdisk.org website.  I'm assuming the ISO is under the "Download CDROM" link?04:25
Tarantulafudgechris127: its just a more advanced ftp client04:25
sullyva86what is a good way for moving files back and forth between an ubuntu host and an xp vm?04:25
izinucsR-800_, yep.. probably.. never used it myself but have heard good things about it.04:25
Prophecyubuntu rocks !04:25
R-800_izinucs: Okay, thanks.04:25
Prophecyim fully diggin it so far04:25
izinucssullyva86, just share a directory on ubuntu and log in from xp04:26
loulinkj7Hey this is really a general question but how do I get ubuntu 8.04 to not throttle signal strength of my netgear wireless card?  Should I use another kernel patch other than that standard one that comes with the cd?04:26
Tarantulafudgeloulinkj7: does it?04:26
loulinkj7Apparently I'm not entirely sure.  It might be in some mode that it's trying to conserver power perhaps?04:27
GTizinucs: PM?04:27
sullyva86izinucs: but what if i don't want people on the network having access to it?04:27
XeKtRuMi have some problems with my sound04:28
izinucssullyva86, you have to log into the shell using your ubuntu uname and password .. if nobody knows that then your safe04:28
dorssullyva86: you could use a unix shell inside the vm04:28
Jordan_Usullyva86: Whatever VM you are using probably has a feature for making certain directories on the host available to the guest04:28
dorsthat if thr vm has no access to the drives04:28
XeKtRuMso i would like to know if theres any danger if I just reintall alsa or something like that?04:28
dorsi use tcp/ip to get things in/out of vms04:29
bobertdosXeKtRuM: Alsa is still in Hardy, for legacy support purposes. You can fully switch to it in System->Preferences->Sound and through gstreamer-properties.04:29
sullyva86Jordan_U: OH its virtualbox i just installed it04:29
dr3mromy ubuntu periodically became irresponsive and get a black screen with vertical lines ?? how to diagnose the problem ???04:30
sullyva86Jordan_U: It says something about shared folders i'll try adding one that way04:31
dorsperiodically dr3mro ?04:31
Tarantulafudgestupid mp3 thingy04:31
dr3mrodors, accedintally not after a specific action04:31
dr3mrodors, from time to time04:31
dorsare you sure its your ubuntu?04:31
dorsand not a thing like cabbles or so04:32
dorsweird bug04:32
orbisvicisanyone gotton the ms nfs client to connect to linux/ubuntu nfs ?04:32
TopBunny88Don't use evolution if you use att for eamil04:32
dorswhat video chipset you have dr3mro ?04:33
orbisviciswhats a good package/daemon that'll graphically analyze log files and generate html or images ?04:36
spiritssightwhat program would you use for making pubications like flyer, posters, banners, biz cards etc04:37
GTScribus is pretty good.04:37
n3llscan someone tell me how to install AWN svn?04:37
bobertdosn3lls: Are you sure you want to build from source? AWN should be in the universe repo.04:39
axeusTrying to configure my ftp daemon with pureadmin. And when I launched it I noticed I can create virtual users but they disappear when the dialog closes.04:39
axeusAlso I get the log message: "[WARNING] Authentication failed for user [ftpuser]"04:39
axeusAnd I think I remember why now. :)04:40
n3llsbobertdos:  yeah, i need to use some plugins as im removing all panels04:40
axeusNo hmm, the pureadmin created the FTPUser and now it can't authenticate itself? 0.o04:40
XeKtRuMbobertdos, thnx but i think i did not explain what is really happening to me04:42
XeKtRuMif I enable ESD or System sounds I cant see youtube videos or similars04:43
XeKtRuMand recently if I enable system sounds i dont hear anything04:43
XeKtRuMso i was wondering if maybe i could just reinstall alsa or something04:44
XeKtRuMother thing is that my default sound device it isnt /dev/dsp its /dev/dsp104:44
dr3mrodors intel centrino 950gm04:45
XeKtRuMmaybe thats the problem=04:45
bobertdosXeKtRuM: I still recommend trying what I initially said, and also reading the wiki. Have you read that yet?04:45
bobertdosXeKtRuM: There's a whole entry on troubleshooting audio.04:45
keithclarkHi everyone.  I have an ATI all in wonder card here and I was just wondering if there was a way to get video out of the svideo input04:46
XeKtRuMbobertdos, i will take a look at it04:46
VezirLOL RESTART :awesome:04:46
XeKtRuMthanxs anyway04:46
ballzeeare there readers like a cdrom for 8mm camcorder tapes ?04:46
bobertdos!sound > XeKtRuM04:46
ubottuXeKtRuM, please see my private message04:46
Gamma-Xanyone using an intel 4965 ?04:47
bobertdosn3lls: Well, do you know where the repo is? I can't seem to find it. If you install subversion, the easiest thing to do is to check out (co) the repo.04:47
keisangihi there, i'm having troubles with intrepid ibex alpha and network manager.. every time i reboot i have to setup my network configuration manualy, network manager doesn't work at all04:48
keisangiit's simple ethernet connection, no wireless or any exotic stuff04:48
dr3mrodors, ? intel 950 gm04:48
dorsintel chipsets used to have some problems in some distros, because other drivers than the intel go to the xorg.conf... the correct there is the intel04:48
dr3mrodors, laptop ??chipset04:49
keisangiwhat you i do ?04:49
=== troseph is now known as DanRabbi1
keisangiwhat could i do04:49
bobertdoskeisangi: Intrepid questions belong in #ubuntu+104:49
keisangi#ubuntu+1 ? ok i try to go there04:49
n3llsbobertdos:  i have no clue where the repo is. i was considering compiling from source but a repo would be amazing04:49
ryan__I am trying to setup VirtualBox; however, when the setup screen gets to the formating part, the entire process just comes to a stop and fails.  Any advice?04:49
keithclarkOk, I will do it from windows for the time being.  Thanks.04:50
=== DanRabbi1 is now known as troseph
bobertdosn3lls: Well, I was talking about a source repo, but I can't seem to find one. I also don't know enough about the project to know what is and is not necessary. I would certainly think the binaries for the extra plugins would be in Universe too, but maybe not.04:51
Gamma-XI tried installing new drivers for my wireless card and now i cant use my wireless card how can i reinstall my old drivers that auto recognized my wireless card?04:52
XeKtRuMthere's nothing showing how to change my sound device from /dev/dsp1 to /dev/dsp04:52
XeKtRuMit is possible to do that?04:52
alecim trying to install xubuntu on an old ppc mac, and i need some help.04:53
geniialec: There are a few ppl in #ubuntu-powerpc , some might be around04:54
=== Infinite88 is now known as BrainFukt
bobertdosXeKtRuM: Which one were you reading? Because the SoundTroubleShootingGuide has a section on changing defaults.04:54
alecgenii: thanks04:55
R_YoYo_Rhello all04:55
geniialec: If it's pre 603 you may be out of luck, the 601 etc linux for those is best Yellow Dog or NetBSD04:55
alecgenii: im not sure if it is or not04:56
pirishAnyone here gotten a HVR 1800 TV Tuner to work with analog?04:56
chillgot a problem, tried oss v4 to fix a problem with vmware audio; didnt work; tried to go back to alsa; cant get it working again; what is the easiest way to install driver/alsa config for stac9750 (onboard sound card)?04:56
alecgenii: im not sure if it is or not: its an os x ibook04:56
geniialec: You should be OK then04:56
SaintYossarianHello, updated to FF 3.02 today on Ubuntu 8.04, now Microsoft Office Live will not load.  Any ideas?04:56
R_YoYo_RSaintYossarian, errors?04:57
chillSaintYossarian: you got a way to test it in firefox 3.02 in windows or mac?04:57
=== amdpox is now known as A
geniiSaintYossarian: Use OpenOffice ?04:57
=== A is now known as amdpox
SaintYossariangenii: Not an option.04:57
XeKtRuMbobertdos, sorry i didnt see it, index 0 means that device will be on /dev/dsp?04:57
SaintYossarianchill:: No, unfortunately.04:57
jigphello how to open .docm ?openoffice 2.4.1 cannot open this file docm04:57
bobertdosXeKtRuM: most likely04:57
=== amdpox is now known as This
trosephSaintYossarian: try using the agent switcher, it works for me04:58
=== This is now known as amdpox
XeKtRuMbut : cat /proc/asound/modules only list two modules04:58
chilljigp where did you get it from ?04:58
XeKtRuMand both are the same04:58
alterscapequestion for ubuntu server 8.04 x86:  Trying to install on an older Dell Precision 350, which has two SCSI drives that the installer mounts as /sda and /sdb.  Whole installation works (partitioning /sda as /root) but the grub installer writes onto "hd0" (which doesn't exist) and I can't boot the install.  I've been googling around and can't figure out how to reinstall grub from the install cd..04:58
bobertdosjigp: docm or docx?04:58
R_YoYo_Ri have heard of docx but not docm04:58
izinucsdocm has macros embeded04:59
SaintYossariantroseph:  Microsoft message implies that the problem is the OS, not the browser, will agent switcher resolve?05:00
jigpbobertdos : .docm05:00
chillanyone got a link for a tutorial to reinstall a sound card? its all fubar, doesnt even list under lsmod and /proc/asound does not exist anymore, looking for alsa configuration05:00
bobertdosXeKtRuM: I guess I'd just say try a different order, whatever you feel like.05:00
bobertdosjigp: Which I'm assuming is docx + macros?05:00
izinucsbobertdos, is a format in office 97, 2000 etc05:01
XeKtRuMbut how do I do that05:01
XeKtRuMif both modules are the same05:01
danbh_intrepid!home > chill05:01
ubottuchill, please see my private message05:01
bobertdosizinucs: ah, I see05:02
sp0k34thats what she said05:02
danbh_intrepidchill: if you have a separate /home, its easy to reinstall, and many times, the easiest way to get things working again05:02
jigpbobertdos: its .docm ...05:02
jigpizinucs: 2007...not 2000..05:03
alecgenii: do you know how to install xubuntu without loading the disk and going through all the setup, is there a way i can boot to terminal or something?05:03
izinucsjigp, in your case but the file format is also available in 200005:03
bobertdosjigp: hold on, there was a tutorial for modding OpenOffice to do this using the Novell packages. Let me see if I can find it........although it was for docx, don't know if the same mod works for docm05:04
geniialec: I have previously set up netboot server on a PC which will install to a mac box. But I don't have access to it right now to help you much05:04
izinucsalec, if you have ubuntu installed and you want xubuntu. then... sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop.. log out .. then on the password entry screen change sessions to xdm or xfce05:04
dorsnamaste nice people... c ya all l8rzzz05:04
danbh_intrepid!fixgrub > alterscape05:04
ubottualterscape, please see my private message05:04
alecizinucs, no i have a pc that i have ubuntu installed on, this is an old mac someone gave me with os x on it.05:05
izinucsalec, ah.. I'll leave it to others with more experience with that.05:05
alecbut  for some reason the disk runs so slow i cant install it by going through the setup wizard thing05:05
alterscapedanbh_intrepid: thank you05:05
chilli0_has anyone got Grid wars to install and work propely?05:08
bobertdosjigp: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tip-how-to-openview-docx-files-in-openoffice.html -- This may help you, it may not :shrug:05:09
jeppis somebody using lecturnity player?05:09
Mr_Fixithey... i want to make an alias to open a folder and run a .conf file... anyone help with the syntax?05:10
yowshibugger sometrhing jammed my sound stuff and i forgot the command to find out whatn that something is05:11
GTI just now installed Ubuntu 8.04 again, like, right-just-now, linking to my separate /home partition and FORMATTING my boot partition, I booted up, and I got GRUB Error 22.05:11
GTSomeone please explain to me how this is possible. >.<05:12
izinucsGT, do you have more than one harddrive?05:12
bobertdosyowshi: What was it? A proccesses list or something?05:12
GTYes, but I haven't so much as touched the other one in quite a while.05:13
JunTa1can someone help me i'm trying to get my wireless working on my aspire one. I've done the tutorials and have had trouble after completing it for a couple of days05:13
yowshibobertdos: i dont know. i think it is related to a game i was running that the sound flopped on and now it is jammed. whats the grep command to figure out whats using the sound drivers05:13
GTYou think it's actually trying to boot off that?05:13
GT...That's probably it.05:13
izinucsGT, that's why.. boot back t the live cd and follow the instructions on repairing grub.. I'll have ubottu send them to you05:13
izinucs!grub > GT05:13
ubottuGT, please see my private message05:13
keithclarkI just can't find a solution to getting video in from and ati card.  Maybe not possible yet?05:13
Bogus8how can I get reiser4 mount support in ubuntu... I don't want to have my system there, just some storage in a raid 505:14
=== yowshi is now known as Yowshi
bobertdosyowshi: I'm not sure, but you could always close the program and then restart Pulseaudio.05:14
GTI don't think I need that. The other one has a GRUB on it.05:14
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions05:14
Yowshibobertdos: using alsa not pulse audio. and the programme is closed05:14
geniiBogus8: reiser4progs05:15
bobertdosYowshi: Well then you can restart ALSA, and actually, Pulse sits inside ALSA, so it may still make a difference.05:15
izinucsYowshi, alsa rides on top of PulseAudio in ubuntu05:15
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
Bogus8genii: I think that allows you to create the filesystem but not mount  it05:16
bdbdbdok i installed ubuntu, i added package 'build-essential' and now when i reboot the login screen flashes and the sound plays over and over again05:16
geniiBogus8: reiserfsprogs as well05:16
Guest73579what's goin on?05:16
bdbdbdok i installed ubuntu, i added package 'build-essential' and now when i reboot the login screen flashes and the sound plays over and over again05:16
Gamma-Xhow can i get back the original drives ubuntu installed for my wireless card?05:16
izinucsbdbdbd, that wasn't ffrom build-essential05:16
R_YoYo_Rbdbdbd, weird that that would be related to build-essential05:17
bdbdbdhow to fix?05:17
brolly81how do i access my hard drive paritions so i can save stuff to it05:17
Guest73579mount them05:17
keithclarkok I guess I have to wait until ati decides to support me.  No problem05:17
bdbdbdoh i also installed gettext05:17
Bogus8genii: "This package contains utilities to create, check, resize, and debug ReiserFS filesystems."05:17
Yowshibobertdos: i dont see a restart pulseaudio command in that wiki mpage05:19
Gamma-Xhow can i get back the original drives ubuntu installed for my wireless card?05:19
brolly81how do i access my hard drive paritions so i can save stuff to it05:19
Gamma-Xbrolly81, u mount them05:19
geniiBogus8: Did you also install kernel-patch-2.6-reiser4 ?05:20
izinucsGamma-X, he's probably got permission problems05:20
bdbdbdok i installed ubuntu, i added package 'build-essential', apt-get gettext, apt-get libsdl1.2-dev, and now when i reboot the login screen flashes and the sound plays over and over again05:20
Yowshibobertdos: also according to my sound configuration in the preferences menu i dont even have pulseaudio installed05:20
Bogus8genii: I can't find that package anywhere05:20
Daft_Punki love wagon wheels05:21
Gamma-Xizinucs,  he could.05:21
brolly81gamma-x, how do i know which one to mount?05:21
=== Yowshi is now known as Yoshi1
bobertdosYowshi: Are you not running Hardy?05:21
Yoshi1bobertdos: yes i am running hardy05:21
Gamma-Xbrolly81,  where do u want to store things?05:21
bobertdosYowshi: How odd.........05:22
brolly81gamma-x on my hard drive that is already partitioned05:22
=== Yoshi1 is now known as Yowshi
bullgard4What is the keyboard shortcut to navigate in Firefox3 to its home webpage?05:22
R_YoYo_Rbdbdbd, not sure an answer is possible here05:22
bdbdbdis there a more stable version of Ubuntu available?05:22
R_YoYo_Rbdbdbd, what version are you running?05:22
ljsoftnetbullgard4, try googling for it, just type "firefox shortcut"05:22
Yowshigrrrr my nick doesnt change right on this side since i am using pidhgin and i forgot my password for identifying05:23
Gamma-Xbrolly81, if u know how the drive is partitioned u should know where u want to store things.05:23
brolly81gamma-x i don05:23
acee12345whenever i try to play back a .mpg file with mplayer i get the following error "mplayer error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device" any ideas?05:23
brolly81gamma-x i dont know, so where do i go to see which one to mount05:23
bullgard4ljsoftnet: Unsuitable: It returns 10400 entries.05:23
Yowshibobertdos: probably wound up uninstalled when i tried to get it to work right with secondlife and it only just buggered my entire sound system. so i had to uninstall oit05:24
ljsoftnetbullgard4, w8 i'll look for it05:24
troseph!home > troseph05:24
R_YoYo_Racee12345, open mplayer ... and click on the little wrench .. then select the video tab. .. then change video to X11 (i think)05:24
brolly81gamma-x what program or command do i use to see which one to mount05:24
bdbdbdi'm running hardy heron, 8.04 "64bit"05:24
bdbdbdintel core 2 duo05:24
bdbdbdit works as long as i dont adjust the base installation05:24
bdbdbdwhich of course is necessary05:24
bdbdbdi can only access it through recovery mode05:25
geniiBogus8: On my box the reiserfs kernel module seems to have been built into the initram and it works to mount without needing to specify -t fstype.05:25
acee12345R_YoYo_R: tried that same error05:25
ljsoftnetbullgard4, the shortcut for firefox to your "Home" page is "Alt+Home"05:25
R_YoYo_Rbdbdbd, look at the system logs .. any errors?05:25
bdbdbdwhat's kubuntu?05:25
Bogus8genii: rieser4? or just rieser?05:25
Gamma-Xbrolly81, prolly /dev/hd*05:25
bdbdbdR_YoYo_R give me an example05:25
bobertdosYowshi: Well, I'm not entirely sure what to suggest. Truth be told, Ibex is not that far away and Pulse has been causing us so much grief. I'm just begging people to wait patiently at this point :p05:25
bdbdbdof where to find such logs05:26
R_YoYo_Rbdbdbd, an example of what?05:26
geniiBogus8: I don't have any reiser4 systems yet, just reiser, so can't test right now05:26
Yowshibobertdos: ibex?05:26
bdbdbdof where to find such logs05:26
R_YoYo_Rbdbdbd, you using gnome kde xfce ??? fluxbox? e17?05:26
Gamma-Xmount /dev/hd*05:26
Bogus8genii: right, reiser3 works fine... but you can't mount reiser4, just create the file systems... real usefull *rolleyes*05:26
bobertdosYowshi: Intrepid Ibex, the next release...05:27
Gamma-Xmount /dev/hd*  /mnt/hd*05:27
bullgard4ljsoftnet: This translates on my computers to Alt+Fn+Pos1.  --  Thank you very much.05:27
acee12345R_YoYo_R: other plrograms require the vx port any way to fix that?05:27
DaveKongIs there a fix for the bug where xorg runs with a copy of itself without using cpu but doubling memory usage?05:27
DKhola alguien me puede ayudar?05:27
Yowshibobertdos: and in the meantime what was the grep command so i could manually kill the thing jamming my drivers05:27
bdbdbdWhile in the recovery menu it reported "Assuming drive cache: write through"05:27
DKalguien programa en python?05:27
tritium!es | DK05:27
bdbdbdI use Gnome05:27
ljsoftnetbullgard4, ok05:27
DKTristam,  no hay problema ¬¬05:27
Gamma-Xbrolly81, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountlinux05:27
tritiumDK: please join #ubuntu-es05:28
DKya fui ahi05:28
FloodBot1DK: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
Yowshibobertdos: oh yeah i had almost forgotten about the worry and woe of upgrading yet again and waiting to see how much of my system falls apart cause of it05:28
Gamma-XDK,  the element used to keep iron man alive?05:28
TopBunny88i am not upgrading again05:29
bobertdosYowshi: I truly don't know. I usually use ps -fu <username> to list processes and kill them by ID. As far as upgrading is concerned, I always do fresh installs as opposed to distro upgrades.05:29
Gamma-Xhow do i find reinstall my original wireless drivers that ubuntu installed?05:29
geniiBogus8: Have you tried something as obvious as perhaps sudo mount -t reiser4 /dev/<whatever reiser4progs formatted drive> /mountpoint          ?05:29
Yowshibob yeah but i lost my third hard drive so thats not an option present to me :(05:29
bdbdbdfrom recovery mode, ubuntu cannot access network -- how to init the network, inetd?05:30
bobertdosYowshi: I don't see the connection there......05:30
bobertdosYowshi: Are you talking about in terms of backups? Not being able to back things up, you mean?05:31
Daft_Punkcan i hack ubuntu05:31
bdbdbdR_YoYo_R http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86620505:31
Yowshibobertdos: someone once told me a command a ggrep combo  of some sort i used tohave to use it all the time before i got aclimated to linux would find what was using a specified driver or something05:31
alex2623 cm cock  add me girlss  buyukaskbu at  h o t m a  i l . c o m05:31
acee12345xv driver not functioning on 8.04 mplayer get "mplayer error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device" other programs require that the xv driver work any ideas?05:31
Daft_Punk!wtf alex2605:31
Daft_Punk!wtf | alex2605:32
Gamma-Xhahaha wtf05:32
Yowshibobertdos: well the easiest way for me to doa fresh install is to install to a third hard drive and since my home folder is on a seperate drive i can just relink everything up05:32
Daft_Punkwhere is ubottu?05:32
amdpoxubottu's connection was reset by peer05:32
amdpoxlet's go kill peer05:32
Yowshibobertdos: shuffle everything around until the current 1st ard drive is empty enough to just wipe clean05:32
Gamma-XDaft_Punk, wheres ur big pyramid made of lights05:32
Daft_Punkand alex26 for being a douche05:32
Daft_PunkGamma-X, it is back at the alive concert05:33
bobertdosYowshi: a true, I see the logic there05:33
bdbdbdfrom recovery mode, ubuntu cannot access network -- how to init the network, inetd?05:33
bdbdbdfrom recovery mode, ubuntu cannot access network -- how to init the network?05:33
Yowshibobertdos: i got 2 250 gigs almost full to the brim i cant back everything on them up onto dvd's just like that ya know05:33
Gamma-XDaft_Punk,  true!05:33
Daft_PunkGamma-X, i like digital love and around the world05:34
untermenschso why can gparted not read my xp parition?05:34
geniiHmm. Someone should restart ubottu05:34
bobertdosYowshi: Oh yeah, I get it.05:34
Gamma-XDaft_Punk,  im a fan of armin van buuren sorry...05:34
sleepsterdoes anyone know how I could get sqlite with fts3 compiled in it via apt?05:34
bobertdosubottu has had a lot of problems the past couple days05:34
Daft_PunkGamma-X, why did you start convo about it then :(05:35
Gamma-XDaft_Punk,  ur name made me laugh. lol05:35
prathibhaHow to sign a Release file05:35
Gamma-Xin a good way05:35
Daft_PunkGamma-X, yeah well ur name makes me cry05:35
Wrinkliezdaft punk rocks05:35
bdbdbdhow to boot with gnome?05:35
prathibhaHow to create signature for Release file?05:35
untermenschWhy can gparted not read my xp partition?05:35
Daft_PunkWrinkliez, damn straight they rock05:35
bobertdosuntermensch: Does the rest of the OS recognize your XP partition?05:35
geniibobertdos: Damn supybot engine05:35
bdbdbduntermensch: i'm not sure it reads mine05:35
bdbdbduntermensh: using live cd?05:36
untermenschbobertdos: what do you mean?05:36
untermenschbdbdbd: no.. i have ubuntu currently installed.05:36
untermenschbdbdbd: going for triple boot05:36
bdbdbdGet GParted Live CD to create triple boot05:36
bobertdosuntermensch:  Is your XP partition mounted properly in Ubuntu?05:36
bdbdbdGet VistaBootPro v3 as well05:36
bobertdosuntermensch: Are you in a Live Session?05:36
untermenschbobertdos: no.05:37
untermenschbobertdos: i couldn't get it to mount05:37
prathibhahi to all/How to create signature for Release file?05:37
untermenschbobertdos: should i try a live cd?05:37
EldaWow :>  Did anyone caatch the ip address of alex26?  That is if he came in here anyways as I did not notice the lewd message he left me in pm until now05:37
bobertdosuntermensch: then that's why gparted won't read it either. Did you exit XP properly the last time you were in?05:37
Yowshibobertdos: anyway your command worked. i found the offending programme but if i could remember the frigging grep combo it would make the task much easier05:37
untermenschbobertdos: come to think of it.. not really05:37
untermenschbobertdos: i'll try that.. then come back if i need more help05:38
prathibhahi to all.How to create Release.gpg file for Release file?05:38
TopBunny88How does onre open the cd drive/05:38
geniiElda: [00:28] --> alex26 has joined this channel (n=alex26@
untermenschbobertdos: thank you05:38
bobertdosYowshi: Well, if you can remember the name of the process, then you can use killall to kill it much faster.05:39
amdpoxTopBunny88, eject /dev/sr0 should do it05:39
EldaHmmm, would it be worth the effort or possible to report him to some individual?05:41
Yowshibobertdos: yeah but i thought the process had already been ended. plus some of these programmes use obscure shortforms of the programmes name. and in the case of when my cdrom drivers jam up after burning the programme isnt running anymore just some process t started that didnt quit05:41
prathibhahi to all.How to create Release.gpg file for Release file?05:41
brolly81gamma-x: i have gparted up and under the partition is says   /dev/sda4  should that read /dev/hda4?05:41
sleepsterdoes anyone know how I could get sqlite with fts3 compiled in it via apt?05:41
bdbdbdnot necessarily05:41
bdbdbdsda = fat/ntfs or something else05:41
sleepsterI have a package and I would like to compile it with different options.. is there a way to do that?05:41
hotmonkeyluvIf I have 3GB ram, do I need a swap space?05:41
Gamma-Xbrolly81, google what sda stands for.05:42
geniiElda: Since they left probably not. But in future you can report to #ubuntu-ops05:42
bdbdbdhotmonkeyluv yes05:42
amdpoxsda means it's a sata drive I believe05:42
hotmonkeyluvbdbdbd:  ok, thanks05:42
Bogus8genii: Sorry, stepped out for a second... yes I've tried that... it doesn't know that file type05:42
Eldagenii kk thanks ;)05:42
Eldaerr ;)05:42
Eldabah... I meant to use the smiley :)05:42
geniiamdpox: sda means it's either a scsi drive or using a scsi compatability layer, whatever kind of drive it is otherwise05:43
amdpoxgenii, ah ok05:43
amdpoxit seems most new distros call everything sda05:43
amdpoxI know arch called my old P-ATA drive sda05:44
Bogus8amdpox: yeah, I have a regular pata ide drive that shows up as an sd*05:44
Gamma-Xbrolly81,  as i was once told. u cant be spoon fed everything. otherwhyse u will never learn.05:44
geniiBogus8: There seems something interesting on the whole subject here http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=11926&sid=8854c4b61836037d8c87cf210fef101805:45
* genii makes a note to install tinyurl addon05:45
zigzagstheres a tinyurl addon?? 0.o05:46
CITguy08Anybody willing to help get an MP3 Player to mount?05:46
amdpoxCITguy08, sure05:47
amdpoxwhat's the filesystem?05:47
hotmonkeyluvIs there a max size for a swap partition bdbdbd?05:47
hotmonkeyluvor a min size?05:47
Bogus8genii: yeah, I was hoping to keep my ubuntu kernel.. maybe just patch it... don't really care to start with a generic kernel :(05:47
geniizigzags: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12605:48
CITguy08Supposedly it's a FAT32, but I've tried to mount with the "-t vfat" option and it says it's the wrong filesystem or there's a bad superblock.05:48
bdbdbdok i installed ubuntu, i added package 'build-essential', apt-get gettext, apt-get libsdl1.2-dev, and now when i reboot the login screen flashes and the sound plays over and over again; hardy heron 8.04, gnome, intel core 2 duo05:48
zigzagsoh, firefox stuff.  :/ I use oepra05:48
brolly81gamma-x, yeah your right.  I looked it up and came back with lots of people having that issue and they're remarks are "i dont know why it does that"05:48
geniizigzags: In that case http://widgets.opera.com/widget/4080/05:49
CITguy08I've had the MP3 player working before, but it recently decided not to mount. It's a Creative Zen Stone 2GB.05:49
amdpoxCITguy08, could be filesystem damage05:49
CITguy08See that's the thing. I've also reformatted using fdisk, and no luck.05:50
=== RulingFool is now known as Asymmetry
CITguy08The error I'm getting in syslog is "FAT: bogus number of reserved sectors"05:52
bdbdbdhotmonkeyluv: size dependent on CPU, architecture05:53
bdbdbdusually up to 2TB05:53
Bogus8I can't believe with all the people using ubuntu no one has patched the kernel for reiser4 support... insane!05:54
bdbdbdok i installed ubuntu, i added package 'build-essential', apt-get gettext, apt-get libsdl1.2-dev, and now when i reboot the login screen flashes and the sound plays over and over again; hardy heron 8.04, gnome, intel core 2 duo -- the complaints on vbulletin talk about a fix, but there is no network support for me in recovery mode, what gives??05:54
Jordan_UBogus8: Why do you assume nobody has?05:55
Bogus8Jordan_U: I've searched high and low and can't find it... asked in here for several days and even less responses (today was the first day I got a response)05:55
Bogus8Jordan_U: oddly enough there is a reference to a package that WOULD support it but that package doesn't exist05:56
bdbdbdGOODNESS GRACIOUS ok i installed ubuntu, i added package 'build-essential', apt-get gettext, apt-get libsdl1.2-dev, and now when i reboot the login screen flashes and the sound plays over and over again; hardy heron 8.04, gnome, intel core 2 duo -- the complaints on vbulletin talk about a fix, but there is no network support for me in recovery mode, what gives??05:56
SebNaitsabescan anyone help me edit a xconfig?05:57
Jordan_U!anyone | SebNaitsabes05:57
SebNaitsabesblah de blah yes just ask the question I know05:57
SebNaitsabesbasically when the nivida-glx driver is installed from the repo,  this guys  screen just goes black it does make the logging into Ubuntu sound though.05:58
ljsoftnethey guys05:58
hotmonkeyluvSebNaitsabes:  what's the card?05:59
bdbdbdhow can i get rid of gnome and install KDE05:59
SebNaitsabesand by the looks of the xconfig  that he has after he did a x recovery from Grub.  it has all the screen stuff missing, which  he had in the backup of a previous xconfig.  so I am thinking  I got to put that in the current xconfig.  and then run that other command for the changes.  and then  get him to re boot and hopefully it works05:59
Jordan_UBogus8: Do you know how to compile your own kernel?05:59
Bogus8Jordan_U: I've done it in the past... but I really don't want to get away from the ubuntu kernel05:59
SebNaitsabeshotmonkeyluv: yeah i'll get you that and show you the two config files on pastebin hang on06:00
bdbdbdok, so i did an apt-get install kde06:00
bdbdbdnow how do i set that as the default gui06:00
hotmonkeyluvbdbdbd:  log out and back in, select kde06:00
bdbdbdhow do i stop ubuntu from doing this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86620506:01
Jordan_UBogus8: I doubt that you will find an official Ubuntu kernel with reiser 4 support, and if you don't have a separate /boot it can't be a module.06:01
geniibdbdbd: You might want to consider package kubuntu-desktop instead of just the kde package, btw06:01
bdbdbdgenii: how do i stop ubuntu from doing this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86620506:01
Bogus8Jordan_U: I don't plan on using it for my root... it will be a mounted storage partition (raid 5)06:01
Commie_CaryBogus8: how did you afford the raid device06:02
bdbdbdhow do i activate the network in recovery mode?06:02
Bogus8Commie_Cary: I'm doing a software raid06:02
xim_anyone know what would cause nautilus to crash in a particular directory full of videos on an NTFS files system when viewing in icon mode?06:02
Bogus8Commie_Cary: though if I were to use hardware I would afford it by using the money I make by working :p06:02
geniibdbdbd: You might try    sudo dpkg-reconfigure gmd06:02
timboyI have set up my nvidia to use twinview and it treats both of my monitors as one big monitor so when i maximize my window it puts it over both screens how do I fix this?06:03
amdpoxtimboy, that'd be windowmanager-specific, I think06:04
bdbdbdcan i have both kde and kubuntu-desktop at the same time06:04
geniibdbdbd: kde is the window manager kubuntu uses for it's desktop06:04
amdpoxkde's a desktop environment, not a wm06:04
timboyamdpox, so that's compiz specific? how do I set that?06:05
geniiamdpox: Apologies then06:05
amdpoxtimboy, yes06:05
bdbdbdgeniibdbdbd: You might want to consider package kubuntu-desktop instead of just the kde package, btw06:05
geniiamdpox: kdm would be the wm06:05
amdpoxit'll be in compizconfig settings somewhere06:05
fluxshelli have a relatively long string i need to paste into terminal but for some reason right click isn't working, isn't there another way i thought i heard someone talking about here one day?06:05
amdpoxgenii, kdm is the login screen thing06:05
fluxshelli just want to copy and paste to uninstall google earth06:05
amdpoxkwin ins the window manager06:05
amdpoxfluxshell, ctrl+shift+v i think06:05
bdbdbdhow do i activate the network in recovery mode?06:06
Bogus8Jordan_U: how would I do it in a module... given I don't need /boot or / to live on the reiser4 system?06:06
fluxshellamdpox: nope, din't work06:06
sleepsterhow can I upgrade to use intrepid?06:07
amdpoxsleepster, I believe you just have to change /etc/resolv.conf and do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade06:08
amdpoxnot resolv.conf06:08
amdpox/etc/apt/sources.list i mean, where iss my head06:08
timboyamdpox, no I switched to metacity and still the same ting06:08
sleepsterthanks amdpox .. do you know what i have to change it too/06:08
amdpoxchange every occurance of hardy to intrepid i guess06:09
sleepsterokie thanks06:09
sleepsteramdpox: may you live to be 10006:09
Blaenkhey anyone here know how to use screen? I figured out how to name an existing session, C-a A, but I want to know how to connect to it using its name06:09
BlaenkI used to use screen -ls to get the number then screen -r <number> but I want to do it using the name now06:09
lwizardlanyone here able to help me with PHP?06:09
Blaenklwizardl: try #php ?06:10
sinanI need to draw a block diagram, anyone can recommend a good application?06:10
lwizardlBlaenk, yes I did, no answer06:10
bdbdbdwhich 3d graphics card is the most compatible with ubuntu06:10
Blaenklwizardl: :(06:10
Blaenkbdbdbd: possibly any modern nvidia06:10
SebNaitsabeshotmonkeyluv:  http://www.pastebin.ca/121031406:10
Blaenkbut amd has been focusing on ati linux drivers more and more so I believe some of the new ati's are also really compatible06:10
arquebushow to I make VLC my default media player?06:11
bdbdbdlike an 8400GS?06:11
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs06:11
bdbdbdblaenk not with the bundled flgfx06:12
sleepsteramarok is awesome06:12
lwizardlarquebus, you select each video type (avi, mpg, ogm, etc) and right click the file then change the default on each06:12
Blaenkbdbdbd: as far as I know you must get the drivers yourself06:12
TopBunny88amarok kicks lams ass06:12
Blaenk!ati | bdbdbd06:12
ubottubdbdbd: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:12
bdbdbdthis does not work06:13
arquebuslwizardl: thanks much06:13
lwizardlarquebus, np06:13
bdbdbdwith HD2600XT06:13
timboyI have set up my nvidia to use twinview and it treats both of my monitors as one big monitor so when i maximize my window it puts it over both screens how do I fix this?06:13
DeanWhat's the deal with Ubuntu's slow wireless connectivity?06:13
sleepsterDean: i am sure it is not ubuntu06:13
=== ascott_afk is now known as ascott
sleepsterDean: most problems are 99% user error06:14
DeanI've read lots that ppl are having issues06:14
TopBunny88If only a could get amarock to play som A7X06:14
DeanI've got the Dlink DIR-655 router06:14
geniiDean: If using ndiswrapper most likely06:14
Deanwhat should be used ?06:14
Gnea!language | TopBunny8806:14
ubottuTopBunny88: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:14
SebNaitsabescan anyone help with xconfig.conf?  http://www.pastebin.ca/121031406:15
bdbdbdblaenk is this a good deal: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=nvidia+geforce&cid=6673252643557146889#ps-sellers06:15
=== AfterDea1h is now known as AfterDeath
Deannm-applet 0.6.6 is what I use for my wireless connection06:15
Deanis there something else that I should be using?06:15
TopBunny88Dean:  Get your self a netgear WNR854T06:15
GneaDean: what speeds are you reporting?06:15
Blaenkbdbdbd: sorry I'm busy :06:15
geniiDean: Use native linux drivers where possible and ndiswrapper only when there is no other alternative06:15
Deanmy connection status states that I'm connected at 5mb06:15
GneaTopBunny88: please, be constructive or find something else to do.06:15
IamSOGSuddently I am wondering... what's good to create more than one Primary Partition ?06:16
GneaDean: what wireless card(s) are you using?06:16
TopBunny88Gnea: I am stating my honest opinoin06:16
DeanGnea:  One sec.  I'll check06:16
zigzagsis there a way to sort a folder full of music by album or artist?06:16
GneaTopBunny88: we deal with facts here.06:16
haventfoundmeAnyone have 8.04 installed on an MSI Wind U10006:17
SebNaitsabesalexbobp: seems the file needs editing06:17
TopBunny88Gnea: The fact is that Netgear make a much better product than Dlingk or Belkin06:17
zigzagsi went to preferences, and I cant add column types other than boring stuff like date accessed, owner, etc06:17
DeanGnea:  I've got a Broadcom wireless card06:17
DeanI'm on a Dell Inspiron 640006:18
hotmonkeyluvSebNaitsabes:  I had almost that exact same card, could not get it working, sorry.06:18
GneaTopBunny88: which is your opinion, and if you really feel that your opinion outweighs the facts, please /join #ubuntu-offtopic and discuss there.06:18
TopBunny88Dell is a great company (nothing against a dell user06:18
DeanIt says I'm using the Broadcom B43 wireless driver06:18
haventfoundmeHow about an Asus EEE PC 900 16GB06:18
Gnea!offtopic | TopBunny8806:18
ubottuTopBunny88: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:18
jigpbobertos : http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tip-how-to-openview-docx-files-in-openoffice.html is not working.i cannot get the .deb06:19
hotmonkeyluvif you have a raid 0, do all the disks have to be the exact same size, brand, and model?06:19
brolly81Im trying to mount or use my internal hard disk partiion to save files to but i get this message when i put in this code                              anthony@anthony-desktop:~$ sudo chmod -R 755 /storage06:19
brolly81sudo: must be setuid root06:19
GneaDean: which driver are you using?06:20
DeanIt says I'm using the Broadcom B43 wireless driver06:20
brolly81my partition is not /root but /usr06:20
Bogus8Jordan_U: you still around?06:20
GneaDean: where does it say that? (and please, let's keep the chatter here, someone else might be able to help)06:20
digitalfizhow do i keep icons for drives and cdroms from showing up on the desktop?06:21
Jordan_UBogus8: Yes06:21
Deangood idea06:21
brolly81how can i change it to /root06:21
Bogus8Jordan_U: did you get my question about how to make it work as a module?06:21
DeanI went to the Hardware Drivers under System, and Admin06:21
Jordan_UBogus8: I don't know.06:21
TopBunny88When i launch Rythmbox It dies06:21
Deanshould I look elsewhere?06:21
TopBunny88Dean: www.netgear.com06:22
DeanTB88:  I'm not on netgear06:22
^paradox^need some help with pidgin06:23
GneaDean: yeah:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit && lsmod | pastebinit06:23
GneaTopBunny88: stop.06:23
acee12345how do i get X server using xv on ubuntu 8.04 with ati x1400?06:23
GneaDean: just /ignore TopBunny8806:23
Deanok.  what's that installing?06:23
GneaDean: it's a commandline application to paste output directly to pastebin.com - the lsmod | pastebinit  pastebins the output of the lsmod command, which shows what modules are loaded06:24
GneaDean: this way we can see what module it's really using so we can fix the problem :)06:24
Deanok.  cool.  It's reading the database now.....06:24
Deanshould I paste the result?06:25
CITguy08Thanks for the help. I'm fairly certain the MP3 player is dead.06:25
Gneaat the end it should provide a URL. when it does, just paste it here :)06:25
^paradox^nevermind all thanks anyways06:25
DeanGnea:  It's done.06:25
jigphello guys.can you try to wget this if its working to your box?it says No such directory `pub/www.getdeb.net/od'. ...this is the site...  wget ftp://ftp-mirror.internap.com/pub/www.getdeb.net/od/odf-converter_1.0.0-2~getdeb1_i386.deb06:25
softnetchales alguien habla español06:26
amdpox!es | softnet06:26
ubottusoftnet: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:26
zigzagsanyone know how to sort a folder by album06:26
softnetdisculpa soy nuevo en ubuntu06:27
GneaDean: there should be something like this:  http://pastebin.ca/ddf73jf06:27
geniijigp: http://ftp-mirror.internap.com/pub/www.getdeb.net/            shows no directory underneath named od06:27
GneaDean: what is it? :)06:27
DeanGnea:  http://pastebin.com/f31c1a64806:27
jigpthanks genii06:29
jigpI downloaded a openoffice 2.4.1 and its OOo_2.4.1_LinuxIntel_install_wJRE_en-US.tar.gz ...i did extract it but I couldn't fine the .exe installer of openoffice...how to install the tar.gz?06:30
ruthhello to all you guys06:30
amdpoxjigp, that's not the way installs are normally done on ubuntu06:30
arthurQuestion i use my built in modem to connect to the internet using wvdial, sometimes the modem stops responding is there a way to get the modem responsive with out having to reboot?06:31
Eldajigp... you could probably run it as a program once you extract it, but I'd recommend installing it using the package manager :>06:31
amdpoxif you go system -> synaptic package manager and search, you can install any program you like in a couple of clicks06:31
Mr_Fixithmm.. i have a file in /var/local/ that keeps changing permissions on me.. is there something or some reason why?06:31
DeanGnea:  Any luck yet?06:32
GneaDean: hrm.... can you pastebin the output of these commands, please?  ip l   and  iwconfig06:32
GneaDean: or is the wireless currently shut off?06:32
DeanGnea:  The wireless is on06:33
arthurQuestion i use my built in modem to connect to the internet using wvdial, sometimes the modem stops responding is there a way to get the modem responsive with out having to reboot?06:33
Deanthat's what I am using now06:33
anathematicwhat does you guys recommend for ftp server on ubuntu server?06:33
jigpElda : using Open with Archive Manager?06:33
Gneaanathematic: proftpd06:33
Mr_Fixitanathematic, gproftp06:33
anathematicthanks I'll download it now06:34
GneaDean: i don't see a module loaded for it..06:34
Deanthat's strange06:34
Deanwhat command would I use to paste the iwconfig?06:34
Gneaiwconfig | pastebinit06:34
Deanthere you go06:35
mike-solidushey, does the latest kernel in ubuntu support the intel ICH10 sata controller card?06:36
Gneaah - b43.ko06:36
DeanI don't know why it defaults the MB/s to 1mb06:36
TANTE_VEENO. TELP: 08564367294306:36
TANTE_VEEEMAIL: kita_indy@yahoo.com06:36
FloodBot1TANTE_VEE: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:36
GneaDean: the driver is a default one, it's functionality is extremely limited06:38
GneaDean: it's kind of like using the nv driver instead of the nvidia driver for graphics06:38
DeanGnea:  Ok....06:38
DeanGnea:  What's the next step?06:38
|joshua|can anyone help me?06:39
arthurQuestion i use my built in modem to connect to the internet using wvdial, sometimes the modem stops responding is there a way to get the modem responsive with out having to reboot?06:40
|joshua|how do i access my laptop files06:40
|joshua|that are on vista06:40
bdbdbdwhy can't you access them06:40
bdbdbdin Ubuntu?06:40
|joshua|from my ubuntu desktop?06:40
bdbdbdset up an FTP server on your laptop06:40
|joshua|i can access my ubuntu from my vista06:40
|joshua|with samba06:40
GneaDean: need to find out the PCI ID - lspci -n | grep '14e4:43'   you can safely paste that output here :)06:40
|joshua|in vista?06:40
bdbdbdUServ32 or something06:40
bdbdbdyeah sure find one06:40
anathematichow do I change a users password?06:41
|joshua|isnt there any easier way?06:41
bdbdbdto name a few06:41
Gnea|joshua|: are you dual-booting?06:41
|joshua|i have all the folders shared on my vista06:41
bdbdbdgnea: no he wants lap->desk desk->lap06:41
DeanGnea:  Ok.  How?06:41
bdbdbduse FTP joshua06:41
GneaDean: lspci -n | grep '14e4:43'06:41
|joshua|vista laptop06:41
bdbdbdor SCP or SFTP06:41
=== true|ego is now known as bluefoxx
|joshua|on vista?06:41
Dean0b:00.0 0280: 14e4:4311 (rev 01)06:42
Gnea|joshua|: oh ok - you have to install and setup samba on ubuntu-desktop06:42
iFvwmwho can excute like "xterm -e /usr/bin/mocp"?06:42
Gnea!samba | |joshua|06:42
ubottu|joshua|: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209806:42
Jordan_UGnea: Be careful saying that people can safely paste here, all it takes is one typo and he might paste 80 lines of help message06:42
Gnea|joshua|: i highly recommend using swat, too06:42
GneaJordan_U: as you can see, nothing bad happened :)06:42
|joshua|im confused06:43
Jordan_UGnea: This time :)06:43
|joshua|i can already acess my ubuntu files from my vista06:43
iFvwmstrange change on xterm?06:43
Gnea|joshua|: then you need to ask the REAL question.06:44
GneaDean: okay, just so we're on the same page here... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff#Step 2: Download and Extract Drivers06:44
|joshua|i have all my folders on vista set to shared06:44
DeanGnea:  Alright06:44
|joshua|how do access them from ubuntu?06:44
GneaDean: you'll see there's an entry there for  14e4:4311 (rev 01)06:44
DeanGnea:  Ok06:44
jigphello how to install .tar.gz openoffice installer?06:45
Jordan_Ujigp: What's wrong with the version in the repositories?06:45
Gnea|joshua|: you need to change the share properties of the folder(s) you want ubuntu to see in vista, then go Places->Network->Windows Network->whatever in ubundu-desktop06:45
amdpoxjigp, it's probably a source tarball, which is not what you want06:45
VioletbassAuthentifizierung fehlgeschlagen Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen06:45
amdpoxsystem->synaptic package manager - > install through there06:46
Jordan_U!de | Violetbass06:46
ubottuVioletbass: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de06:46
penanyone here know how to get the desktop trash bin back if it is offscreen ?06:46
anathematichow do I change another users password in ubuntu server?06:46
penalso, anyone know any good newsgroup reader?06:46
amdpoxanathematic, passwd username06:46
anathematicthanks amdpox06:46
jim_panathematic: if you have the rights to, sudo passwd username06:46
Violetbassthis happens when I try to unlock some in system/manage.../06:47
Violetbassany help?06:47
GneaDean: so this is what you want to do next: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff#Step 2b: sp33008 Driver Download/Extraction06:47
jedimindtrickwhat does the xinerama setting do w/ nvidia-settings ?06:47
anathematicfinal one, how about disabling ssh access for that user?06:47
iFvwmwho can excute like this, "xterm -e /usr/bin/vim xxxxfile"? no one use xterm here?06:47
jim_pVioletbass: what does Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen mean?06:47
Gnea|joshua|: move your mouse around. do it.06:47
DeanGnea:  2b eh.  Ok06:47
jim_piFvwm: gnome-termnam -e ....06:47
GneaDean: that's what they're recommending.06:48
jim_piFvwm: gnome-terminal -e ....06:48
DeanI used wget ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp33001-33500/sp33008.exe06:48
Violetbassit says authentication error. An unexpected Error occured.06:48
iFvwmi just want use xterm . jim_p06:48
GneaDean: if one way doesn't work, we'll just try another until it works right :)06:48
=== BrainFukt is now known as PoisonKill
DeanI'll working right now.06:48
iFvwmall other terminal can -x or -e, but xterm now. jim_p06:48
=== ce_jomblo_18 is now known as vino_kevin
jim_pVioletbass: then the password you provide is wrong06:48
GneaDean: you should also blacklist the b4306:49
Violetbassjim_p, no06:49
DeanGnea:  Alright.  How do I do that?06:49
jedimindtrickwhat does the xinerama setting do w/ nvidia-settings ?06:49
=== vino_kevin is now known as kevin_firmansyah
GneaDean: just like here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff#Step 1: All BCM43xx - Install NDISWrapper and Blacklist Native Driver        but instead of bcm43xx, it'll be b4306:50
jim_piFvwm: its either gnome-terminal -e or -x06:50
Violetbassjim_p, it ocurres if I dont typ anyway!06:50
iFvwmjedimindtrick: want a CLI instead of nvidia-settings?06:50
iFvwmjim_p: i know this. :D06:51
GneaDean: or http://tinyurl.com/25s9wv if it doesn't look right :)06:51
Rat409iFvwm: must be  permissions or bad path/filename mine works fine,i.e. started bx06:51
DeanGnea:  Ok.  Let's see06:51
jim_pVioletbass: what do you want to open/unlock?06:51
jedimindtrickiFvwm: what you mean ?06:51
jedimindtrickim just wondering what the xinerama thing does ?06:51
Violetbassjim_p, deamons and others06:52
iFvwmRat409: i dont think so. not path problem06:52
Gnea!xinerama | jedimindtrick06:52
ubottujedimindtrick: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead06:52
jigpJordan_YOU amdpox : im not sure where to install..i just want openoffice 2.4.1 ..but I get here tar.gz which I don't know how to install06:52
Rat409jedimindtrick: dual-displays/monitors iirc06:52
amdpoxjigp, the tar.gz is not the best way to install it06:52
spiritssightI am having trouble saving to my thrumb drive06:52
Gneajedimindtrick: it basically takes your desktop, stretches it, and displays it on 2 or more monitors at once06:52
Violetbassanyone ever heard of my error?06:52
adeleHi could somebody please help me with sound configuration on Ubuntu?06:52
DeanGnea:  Should I enter in the remaining two lines after the 1st one is entered?06:52
Rat409iFvwm: xterm -e mc works also06:53
GneaDean: yes.06:53
jedimindtrickGnea: do you have to have the same resolution on each monitor in that case ?06:53
jedimindtrickid imagine so06:53
iFvwmRat409: ooo, if you can give me your "echo $TERM" result?06:53
adeleIt seems that hardware is installed but when I play nothing can be heared06:53
DeanGnea:  working........06:53
DeanGnea:  Done06:54
Gneajedimindtrick: yes - 1024x768 and 1024x768, for instance, would give you a desktop resolution of 2048x76806:54
spiritssightI get a error when I try to save documents that I have edited thats on my flash drive, any help would be great06:54
Rat409iFvwm: xterm06:54
afallenhopesooo my flash player doesnt work after updating firefox.. how do I get it back/06:54
GneaDean: did you download the .exe?06:55
DeanGnea:  I think so.  not 100% certain06:55
iFvwmRat409: so strange now. thanks06:55
afallenhopeanyone gonna provide some support? or....06:55
iFvwmit same to me06:55
GneaDean: wget ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp33001-33500/sp33008.exe06:55
[Solars]which ubuntu would you fetch (processor wise) for a intel dualdou 3.12Ghz standard or the "64bit amd and intel"06:56
pendo anyone here know any newsgroup client other than thunderbird or other client06:56
Gnea[Solars]: 64bit06:56
jim_pVioletbass: the System > Administrator > Services?06:56
Rat409pen: pan06:56
Violetbassjim_p, yes06:56
penRat409, it's for school, and it's not connecting06:56
penRat409, I tried pan06:56
penRat409, don't know why it doesn't work06:57
spiritssightHelp needed please I can not save to my thrub drive / flash drive06:57
DeanGnea:  It's finished06:57
Rat409pen: xnews maybe?06:57
jim_pVioletbass: i am searching to find what command is that at the terminal06:57
[Solars]gnea erm then the image i got is broke.... loads up the splash screen but if i select to try without install, check memory, or check to see if disc is okay it locks up06:57
penRat409, xnews?06:57
[Solars]dunno if it just me or what06:57
GneaDean: make sure the sp33008.exe is in your ~/bcm43xx/ dir and then do the cabextract on it06:58
penRat409, is that for linux?06:58
Gnea[Solars]: press F6 and eliminate the 'quiet splash' at the end of the bootline so you can see the error message when it locks up06:58
Violetbassjim_p, there is one running "SystemToolsBack"06:58
DeanGnea:  It is there.  Do I just enter cabextract?06:58
Rat409pen: sorry no try here  http://www.newsreaders.com/unix/clients.html06:58
afallenhopeanyone know why I can't have flash?06:59
GneaDean: just like on the website06:59
[Solars]gnea kk will do06:59
DeanGnea:  Ok06:59
* [Solars] restarts his other pc now06:59
penRat409, cool07:00
DeanGnea:  All done07:00
afallenhopeanyone.....know as to why flash is not working... after .....the firefox update (v3.0.207:00
[Solars]Gnea forogtten to mention a window does pop up "kernel loading" and it stays at 3%07:01
mhz128hi all07:01
[Solars]and i did eliminate that and does the same thing07:01
mhz128How can I prevent nm-applet from loading during bootup?07:01
mhz128I would like to use a static IP to allow for port forwarding07:01
hotmonkeyluvdoes anyone know the way to untar a .tar.gz file with the command line?07:01
HyperDwould someone be able to tell me why linux doesn't do fonts right even while I have my graphics drivers installed?07:01
GneaDean: okay, go ahead and turn the wireless interface off physically.  then, verify that it's off with iwconfig07:01
hotmonkeyluvHyperD:  try installing msttfcore-fonts07:01
arquebusis adobe acrobat pdf reader in the ubuntu repos?07:02
HyperDtar -zxvf07:02
DeanGnea:  Ok.  Once that is done, I won't be in the chat.....07:02
afallenhopeanyone.....know as to why flash is not working... after .....the firefox update (v3.0.207:02
hf_linuxif UserToGroup(models.Model) has no primary key,how can i retrieve the data?07:02
GneaDean: eh... got some cat5?07:02
hf_linuxOperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'USER_TO_GROUP.id' in 'field list'")07:02
DeanGnea:  Yup07:03
DeanI can plug in07:03
GneaDean: let me know when you have that set07:03
Deanbe a min07:03
* [Solars] ponders how long is it suppose to take to load the kernel07:03
hotmonkeyluvthank you HyperD07:03
HyperDno prob :)07:03
Gnea[Solars]: shouldn't take very long... how much memory do you have?07:03
[Solars]gnea 4Gs07:03
Gnea[Solars]: nice.  did it scroll a whole bunch of text by and then just stop?07:04
[Solars]err 4GB07:04
[Solars]just stopped07:04
afallenhopethis room is so useless07:04
[Solars]at 3%07:04
[Solars]ohh now i get an error07:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alsaconf07:04
[Solars]"error reading boot cd"07:04
Gnea!patience | afallenhope07:05
ubottuafallenhope: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:05
jim_phow do i ask the bot to find me in which package is alsaconf included?07:05
Gneaafallenhope: i've upgraded to 3.0.2 on 3 different systems today, flash worked fine. maybe you need to check about:plugins07:05
[Solars]do i need to burn another image?07:05
legend2440!info alsaconf07:05
ubottuPackage alsaconf does not exist in hardy07:05
Jordan_Ujim_p: apt-file search alsaconf07:05
afallenhopeGnea, it worked.... however.. then it simply stopped.07:06
Gnea[Solars]: probably07:06
Jordan_Ujim_p: No bot needed07:06
HyperDwhy does my password not work in terminal when I try to su?07:06
* [Solars] reboots his box back in winxp64pro07:06
Jordan_Ujim_p: If you really want to use the bot then "/msg ubottu find alsaconf"07:06
afallenhopeGnea,  what about shockwave?07:06
Gneaafallenhope: have you tried searching the bug reports to see if someone else has had this problem yet?07:06
Rat409!sudo | HyperD07:07
ubottuHyperD: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)07:07
afallenhopeGnea, yeah... and they said to uninstall / reinstall07:07
Gneaafallenhope: it's called "adobe shockwave flash"07:07
jim_pJordan_U:  apt-file: command not found07:07
afallenhopeGnea, didn't work. sooooooooo what I did was uninstalled firefox07:07
Gneaafallenhope: ah, which one did you reinstall? what's the name of the package?07:07
Rat409!root | HyperD07:07
ubottuHyperD: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:07
afallenhopeGnea, firefox307:07
arquebusafallenhope: did you reboot after upgrading to ff3? it wont work right till you reboot07:07
Jordan_Ujim_p: sudo apt-get install apt-file07:07
Gneaafallenhope: no, of the flash plugin07:07
afallenhopearquebus, that I did not do. thanks07:07
jim_pJordan_U: File alsaconf found in Use, of, uninitialized, value, in (and 32 others) (bots answer)07:08
afallenhopeGnea, flashplayer-nonfree07:08
Gneaarquebus: wut?07:08
Jordan_Ujim_p: Then it's not in any package07:08
arquebusGnea: you know, reboot07:08
Gneaafallenhope: no need to reboot, the only reason to ever reboot is if there's a new kernel or a hardware change07:08
Gneaarquebus: this isn't windows.07:08
jim_pJordan_U: then how do i have it and run it and someone else doesnt?07:08
penRat409, hey, is xrn good?07:09
Rat409pen: xpn is what i used last,closest unix app so far to forte's free agent in 'doze07:09
Jordan_Ujim_p: What version of Ubuntu are you using?07:09
Gneaarquebus: wrong. i upgraded 3 systems today and didn't reboot any of them. even the windows xp system that i upgraded it on didn't need a reboot.07:09
tophyrhi, please forgive if this is a newb q - i have libgps-2.36-2 installed, and i need libgps-2.37~rc1-1. how can i get this?07:09
|joshua|can someone show me how to connect to windows vista folders?07:09
tophyr|joshua|: google for "samba"07:09
IentzyHi- i have 1 question, is posible to configurate wine and all user from 1 machine to have same software and soft configuration in wine?i fiind 1 solution but i don`t have shortcut in accesory menu, that is the bigest problem :(....can any1 help me pls07:09
jim_pJordan_U: 8.04 from server command line only to full desktop07:09
Rat409pen: just unpack to a /home/folder,click the xpn.py07:09
Gneatophyr: no, he wants to browse vista *from* ubuntu07:09
penRat409, so no deb?07:10
arquebusGnea: I know youre right, but once in a while you have to reboot for certain apps, and I can tell you that ff was screwing up for me, till I noticed the reboot icon on teh toolbar07:10
penRat409, or repository?07:10
[Solars]gnea heh now i gotta wait for neuro to finish burning the cd and verify it... about 5 mins or so ... does ubuntu have a problem being installed on isch9 raids ?07:10
tophyrsmbclient can do that, can't it?07:10
penRat409, just py?07:10
Gneaand as I told him:  Places->Network->Windows Network07:10
Jordan_Ujim_p: You sure you aren't thinking of asoundconf?07:10
mhz128How can I setup a Static Wireless IP in Hardy, without using Network Manager?07:10
|joshua|that doesnt work07:10
Rat409pen: .py=python  http://xpn.altervista.org/index-en.html07:10
|joshua|i go there and there nothing there07:10
Gneaarquebus: that's because you installed a new kernel at the same time ;)07:10
Jordan_Umhz128: System -> Administration -> Networking07:10
arquebusGnea: ok07:10
|joshua|i dont see networking07:10
penRat409, I know py07:10
|joshua|do i have to install that?07:11
Gnea|joshua|: it's just above 'connect to server...'07:11
Rat409pen: think its exec by default07:11
mhz128Jordan_U: Yes, I've used that app to set it up.... however, how do I force it to connect? I've killed nm-applet.07:11
jedimindtrickhow do you stop ubuntu from displaying an icon on the desktop for mounted drives? or even modifying where they show up?07:11
penRat409, I found a deb for intrepid in packages.ubuntu.com07:12
Jordan_Umhz128: sudo ifup <interface>07:12
penRat409, for xpn07:12
Rat409pen:  thanks :)07:12
penRat409, it's better to have a deb07:12
zool|wrkwhat name russian channel?07:12
josok_Gnea:  I'm back07:12
Seveas!ru | zool|wrk07:12
ubottuzool|wrk: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:12
R-800_Hi, all.  I'm having the worst luck on earth.  WARNING: Unusual Question Follows: Is there any way to install GRUB loader without using an ISO burned to disk?  Please do not ask me why I need an alternative way to install it.  By the way, I have the Live CD, but have no knowledge of how it may help me do this.07:12
Rat409!ru | zool|wrk07:12
mhz128Jordan_U: ifup ath0 is already configured... still no connection07:12
Rat409whoops late07:12
Gneajosok_: okay, did turning the wireless switch off actually remove the wlan0 interface?07:12
mhz128Jordan_U: iwconfig says no access point07:13
Jahootyi'm having trouble getting my atheros wireless card working with ubuntu.  the proprietary drivers dialog says it's using the atheros drivers but i can't actually get a wifi connection07:13
Jordan_Umhz128: sudo ifdown ath0 && sudo ifup ath007:13
josok_Oop.  Name change.  heh07:13
SeveasR-800_, the live cd you have *is* on a disk?07:13
R-800_Seveas, correct.07:13
Seveasor is that the iso?07:13
SeveasR-800_, excellent, boot from that and come back :)07:13
penRat409, well07:13
=== Mr_Fixit is now known as Freakin_Busy
josok_Gnea:  Lets see07:13
penRat409, somehow it is not starting07:13
penRat409, strange07:14
josok_Gnea:  No07:14
R-800_Seveas, I can't get online when I boot from the Live CD because my network adapter drivers are not on the CD, so I can boot from it, but I won't be able to "come back."07:14
[Solars]Gnea kk that other box is about to rebooot, going to try and remove that boot parm and see what happens07:14
Jordan_UR-800_: You can install grub4DOS or boot from a USB stick07:14
Gneajosok_: okay, then try this:   sudo rmmod b4307:14
Rat409pen: try apt-get -f install or use gdebi07:14
SeveasR-800_, ok... then please wait a minute while I grab the docs for you07:14
IentzyHi- i have 1 question, is posible to configurate wine and all user from 1 machine to have same software and soft configuration in wine?i fiind 1 solution but i don`t have shortcut in accesory menu, that is the bigest problem :(....can any1 help me pls07:14
josok_Gnea:  done07:14
Gneajosok_: iwconfig?07:15
mhz128Jordan_U: Still not associated... i dont ge tit07:15
mhz128get it07:15
penRat409, I already did07:15
josok_no wireless extensions07:15
=== R-800_ is now known as R-800
penRat409, should I log out or do something?07:15
Rat409pen: strange07:15
josok_Gnea:  coo07:15
SeveasR-800, follow this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:15
Gneajosok_: now, just perform the ndiswrapper setup instructions07:15
Rat409pen i didn't ned too hmm07:15
penRat409, it says an instance of xpn is running07:16
penRat409, but I see no window07:16
josok_Gnea:  That would be step 3 I assume07:16
Jordan_UIentzy: You have tried copying / symlinking ~/.wine ?07:16
Rat409pen it may be a tray-icon  try killall xpn then try again or in your menu07:16
Yekyaahotmail isn't letting me in07:17
R-800Seveas, no offense to you at all, as I appreciate your help, but I've been through all that, and something is missing in my system (I suspect anyway) that prevents me from following those instructions.  Something is not found after I get the GRUB prompt in the terminal.  But you've got me wondering, what might I install on a USB stick, for booting that way?07:17
SiDiHi Hi07:17
Yekyaafirefox detected it as a "Redirect Loop" and gave up attempting the request after less than 5 seconds b/c it keeps redirecting back to an invalid page or something07:17
SiDiDoes anyone know why would Firefox load my old bookmarks at each reboot and not save the new ones ?07:17
[Solars]Gnea seems that a new cd burn is what it took07:17
penRat409, still07:17
penRat409, an instance is already running07:17
Gnea[Solars]: awesome07:17
[Solars]we'll see how far it goes till the next thing breaks lol07:17
Gneajosok_: yup07:17
IentzyJordan_U i make shortcut automatical for desktop, but i don`t know to insert them in menu accesorry automatical07:18
[Solars]right now its finding out I don't have a fd007:18
josok_Gnea:  Ok..... working07:18
SeveasR-800, you could put the live cd + syslinux on a usbstick so you can boot from it. But that will give the same results.07:18
SeveasR-800, some more info on what seems missing would be helpful, the complete output of grub would help07:18
Jordan_UR-800: It's really easy to make a fedora Live USB install ( it's officially supported even ), from there you can easily install grub ( you can also do the same with Ubuntu, it's just not officially supported )07:18
josok_Gnea:  Done07:19
R-800Severas, understood.  Same results or no, I still wonder how that would work, because booting from a USB stick sounds like something I'd have to enable in the BIOS, and I don't believe my system would have such a setting (assuming that is the way it's set up).07:19
Rat409pen: i used a tarball from homepage,it may be a lib's-version issue because of intrepid .deb07:19
SiDiIentzy, it's through Nautilus. You got an option to add "signets" (french word sry :P), and if u add any they'll pop up the shortcuts the taskbar too07:19
Gneajosok_: alright, now try:  sudo modprobe ndiswrapper07:20
[Solars]hopefully "install" doesn't overwrite what i have on my first set of RAID007:20
R-800Jordan_U: What would I have to download to do that?07:20
josok_Gnea:  k07:20
SiDiDoes anyone know why Firefox loads my old bookmarks at each reboot and refuses to save new ones ?07:20
penRat409, you mean the python lib?07:20
IentzySiDi: i must to make this automatical for all new user not for 107:20
Gneajosok_: anything in iwconfig now?07:20
Rat409pen: yes or another depends,sorry i'm using version 1.0.007:21
josok_Gnea:  No wireless extensions07:21
SiDiSorry Ientzy i don't know then :/07:21
Gneajosok_: dmesg | pastebinit07:21
Jordan_UR-800: I assume you are running windows?07:21
mhz128Jordan_U: iwlist shows 2 peers in range, how do I make the card connect to a specific MAC address?07:21
josok_Gnea:  http://pastebin.com/f1dd6d91207:21
R-800Jordan_U: Yes, but not for long, at this rate, because I'm really fed up with it.  : )07:21
penRat409, I'm confused07:21
SiDiR-800 did you look at your BIOS option?07:22
SiDiMotherboards without USB boot are pretty rare nowadays07:22
Jordan_Umhz128: I don't know off hand, try "man iwconfig"07:22
R-800SiDi: Not lately, but I'm pretty sure there's no such option.07:22
Ientzyalready have 1 solition (copy all software in to /etc/skel and now all user have same aplications and same configuration, but i don`t know how to maybe a script to insert shortcut for menu(accesory)07:22
Rat409pen:  i didn't use a deb pkg and my xpn version is 1.0.007:22
jedimindtrickhow do you stop ubuntu from displaying an icon on the desktop for mounted drives?07:22
SiDiIt's at the same place than those for booting on CD / HDD007:22
Jordan_UR-800: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/04/09/usb-ubuntu-804-installation-from-windows/07:22
SiDiUsually there is also USB0 option07:22
* SiDi is going at uni now, bye byez07:23
FuriousGeorgehey all07:23
R-800Jordan_U: Thanks.  Can I assume that this will allow me to install GRUB without reinstalling Ubuntu (meaning that it will leave my current Ubuntu installation in tact)?07:23
FuriousGeorgei have a usb->ps2 adapter that works with gentoo, but not with kubuntu 8.04.107:23
penRat409, let me log out and see07:24
josok_Gnea:  Wireless does not come up with manual attempt07:24
[Solars]so erm slight problem07:24
FuriousGeorgenot sure whats going on.  the box advertises linux compatibility, and i see the usbhid module is loaded07:24
Gneajosok_: okay - how about: ndiswrapper -l | pastebinit07:24
[Solars]ubuntu wants to install on one of the sata drives instead of the raid of drives07:24
josok_Gnea:  OK07:24
[Solars]if it does that it'll wreck things up07:24
josok_Er, 'Error no arguments specified07:25
mrkrisAny idea why when running Hardy 64bit the Hardware Virtualization flag isn't available in cpuflags, yet 32bit it exists?07:25
josok_I don't have anything for -l07:25
Jordan_U!grub | R-800 Once you are booted from the flash drive use the first link:07:25
ubottuR-800 Once you are booted from the flash drive use the first link:: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:25
NCommanderMrKennie, what sorta machine are you running?07:25
R-800Jordan_U: I just ask this to be clear, but do I need to be able to boot from a USB stick to do this procedure you link to?  Because I may not be able to do that (no BIOS option to boot from USB stick).  Since all I really want is to install GRUB, it seems to me that there should be something I can download that will do that more directly.07:26
NCommander(i.e., Sony or somebody elses)07:26
Gneajosok_: okay - you went through all of the steps of Step 3?07:26
mrkrisNCommander: MrKennie or myself?07:26
NCommanderoh, mrkris :-)07:26
josok_Gnea:  As it was laid out yes07:26
NCommanderautocomplete strikes again07:26
=== blinkiz is now known as blinkiz_home
Jordan_UR-800: https://gna.org/projects/grub4dos/ But I have never used it before07:27
mrkrisNCommander: honestly, not quite sure, it's a dedicated server. A Dell w/ 2160 1.8ghz dualcore07:27
R-800Jordan_U: Thank you.07:27
josok_Gnea:  As it was laid out yes07:27
Jordan_UR-800: np07:27
NCommandermrkris, some Sony's have VTx compoletely disabled. Usually though to make it work, you need to enable VTx in the kernel, then load the module and then pray07:27
spiritssightI need help with geting my files able to be saved to my flash drive, when trying to save or copy files to the drive it gives a error07:27
mrkrisNot a Sony :)07:27
Yekyaajust for lulz07:27
ivanpdhello everyone. need help getting back my graphical desktop. Lost it when I upgraded to Hardy.07:28
Yekyaathat's what happened when i tried to access hotmail just now07:28
ivanpdthe system works ok now, but console only.07:28
josok_Gnea:  Now my wireless doesn't even show up.  Hmmm07:28
=== weltall is now known as weltall2
Gneajosok_: it looks like we need to try the next option.07:29
josok_Gnea:  Right07:29
ivanpdany ideas where should I look?07:29
* [Solars] sighs i think i am going have to find a tool or a way to finagle my raid drives07:29
[Solars]to free up a disk07:29
josok_Gnea:  What's the plan then?! :)07:30
IentzyHi- i have 1 question, is posible to configurate wine and all user from 1 machine to have same software and soft configuration in wine?i fiind 1 solution but i don`t have shortcut in accesory menu, that is the bigest problem :(....can any1 help me pls (PRV me pls)07:30
penRat409, hey07:30
penRat409, I run it in commend lines and it says something about the bug07:31
[Solars]or fully expand the raid and just play ubuntu via virtually07:31
sysdocIs there a way to add to the menu when you rt clk a dir, the option to "open a terminal window".07:31
krish_i recently installed nvu07:31
R-800Jordan_U: I don't see any instructions for GRUB4dos.  Does it run in Windows, or do I have to boot to a command line?07:31
krish_but not able to find it on the menu07:31
linxuz3rsup man07:31
linxuz3rsup krish_07:31
Rat409pen: what's the error?07:31
=== weltall2 is now known as weltall
krish_can someone tell me how should i find where it is07:31
R-800Jordan_U: If you don't know, that's fine.07:32
penRat409, http://paste2.org/p/7848507:32
Rat409krish_: problu /usr/bin07:32
Jordan_UR-800: I have never used it before, I know that there is some way to do it because wubi installs from windows, I just don't know how07:32
linxuz3rtommorrow i start 3d programming07:32
R-800Jordan_U: I'll look into it.  Thanks.07:32
sysdockrish_: Apps>programming>NVU07:32
Jordan_UR-800: np07:33
krish_sup linuxuz3r07:33
penRat409, and it's 1.0.0 used in intrepid07:34
IentzyHi- i have 1 question, is posible to configurate wine and all user from 1 machine to have same software and soft configuration in wine?i fiind 1 solution but i don`t have shortcut in accesory menu, that is the bigest problem, what i must to change to make automatical shortcut for all new user, how logon to that workstation? :(....can any1 help me pls (PRV me pls)07:34
penRat409, but I don't know why it can't run07:34
Rat409pen: sorry no idea best to try another app i guess,probly faster too than debugging your current07:34
Rat409pen: or download it from the hompage,try it07:34
josok_Gnea:  You still here?07:35
Jordan_Upen: Try disabling compiz if you use it07:35
penJordan_U, compiz?07:35
mryanbrownhow do i add hardy source repo to my list?07:35
mryanbrowni added the cdrom etc full cliky mark thing in the source checkbox07:35
Jordan_Upen: I had a similar error once that went away when using metacity, it's just a stab in the dark though07:36
clarence_How fast do a 4.4Gigs file download need two hours?07:36
krish_how to unmount a cdrom in ubuntu server edition?07:36
mryanbrownbecause its .8MB/s07:37
Jordan_Ukrish_: eject07:37
krish_simply eject?07:37
Rat409krish_: sudo umount /dev/cdrom07:37
Jordan_Ukrish_: Yup07:37
R-800Jordan_U: According to the included readme file, GRUB4dos can boot any installed OS (good) but can only do so from a genuine (not emulated) DOS environment (bad).07:37
Jordan_UR-800: Let me check what wubi uses07:38
Gneajosok_: yes, try this one out and repeat step 3: wget ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp34001-34500/sp34152.exe07:38
R-800Jordan_U: Wait, I guess it does run in Windows.  My bad.07:38
Rat409R-800: get the grub live-cd  http://www.supergrubdisk.org/07:39
Rat409R-800: well one option at least07:39
R-800Rat409, I'd love to, but I have no burning software right now in Windows.  Know any good programs for that (ones that don't require .NET framework greater than version 1.1)?07:40
Rat409R-800: sorry vista lasted all of 5mins/1 login here07:40
R-800Rat409: I don't get it.  Who's running Vista?07:41
IentzyHi- i have 1 question, is posible to configurate wine and all user from 1 machine to have same software and soft configuration in wine?i fiind 1 solution but i don`t have shortcut in accesory menu, that is the bigest problem, what i must to change to make automatical shortcut for all new user, how logon to that workstation? :(....can any1 help me pls (PRV me pls)07:41
Rat409R-800: .net=windows,no?07:41
R-800Rat409: Yes, but not every version of Windows is Vista, so I wondered what you were trying to say.07:41
Rat409ohh sorry 02:41 here07:42
penJordan_U, same thing07:42
penJordan_U, don't know why07:42
R-800Jordan_U: Don't go to any trouble.  I think GRUB4dos does run in Windows after all, but it was misleading.07:42
afallenhopeis there a way of going back to the old firefox this one crashes WAY too much07:43
josok__Gnea:  I've put back up my old drivers.  Wireless is now working07:44
Jordan_UR-800: If you do get grub4DOS installed I am not sure if it will automatically update when new kernels come out, if it doesn't you should probably install the packaged grub once you're booted into Ubuntu07:44
R-800My God, I can't make heads or tails out of this readme file!07:44
Gneajosok__: at the slow speed?07:44
Rat409pen:  i need to crash also.sorry xpn works here in hardy or i wouldn't have suggessted it07:44
hateballR-800: man tail :|07:45
penRat409, are you using compiz?07:45
R-800Jordan_U: By "packaged grub" do you mean the one on the Live CD?07:45
penRat409, but even if I switch back to metacity07:45
josok__Gnea:  Though iwconfig tells me it's at a rate of 54 mb/s07:45
penRat409, it still give me that message07:45
krish_how can i view a software tht i just installed on ubuntu?07:45
Gneajosok__: has it ever done that before?07:45
penRat409, do you think I need to update my python?07:45
josok__network transfer speeds are slow though07:46
josok__1.8 mb/s07:46
Rat409pen: i did not use a .deb from ubuntu packages search,dwnlded it from programs project page07:46
Jordan_UR-800: The one in the repositories, which is also the one on the LiveCD ( just follow the instructions for restoring grub from the liveCD, it's the same exact procedure from an installed system, though obviously not done nearly as often :)07:46
R-800Jordan_U: Having trouble getting your meaning there.  Are you pointing me somewhere for instructions?07:47
Jordan_Ukrish_: What did you install?07:47
penRat409, same thing07:47
josok__Gnea:  My connection information tells me that my network speed is 2 MB07:47
penRat409, even if I run from the source07:47
Jordan_U!grub | R-80007:47
ubottuR-800: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:47
* R-800 sighs.07:47
penRat409, this is unacceptable, maybe my hardy is severly messed up D:07:47
R-800Thanks anyway.07:47
Rat409pen: i wouldn't try upgrading libs for 1 app which may not work .i hate to bail but bedtime.07:48
Jordan_UR-800: I meant that as something to do *after* getting Grub4DOS working, I know it doesn't help you at the moment :)07:48
krish_jordan i installed NVU07:48
penRat409, gn07:48
Rat409pen: i keep my install up to date tho daily07:48
R-800Jordan_U: I see.  Understood.07:48
penRat409, same here07:48
Rat409sorry for the hassle i can give you a screenie as proof if need be07:49
R-800Jordan_U: Sorry if I sounded exasperated, but that link has been thrown at me a lot lately (and not just by you, you understand).  : )07:49
zcat[1]grub floppies.. hmmm.. I've got four machines here and none have a floppy drive.. even the old ones07:49
R-800zcat[1]: I know what you mean.07:50
Gneajosok__: okay, well give the other .inf a try whenever you're up to it07:50
R-800zcat[1]: I'm not against the use of floppies at all, but good luck finding a machine that uses them these days.07:50
krish_how can i view a software tht i just installed on ubuntu?07:50
josok__Gnea:  Back to cat5?07:50
=== linux__ is now known as DareDevil
Gneajosok__: might as well07:51
Darksidercan someone help me with a gphpedit colour issue?07:52
DeanGnea:  Back07:52
Chousuke!zh | ubuntu07:52
ubottuubuntu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:52
=== Jimm is now known as Jimm_
Jimm_How can I tell if my wireless card is using the b43 or bcm43xx driver?07:53
Darksiderive just set up gphpedit for, would you believe it, editing php scripts. ive gone for a light-on-dark colour scheme. my only problem is the typing position blinker is black and thus, i cannot see it. i cant find anything on the net not in the program literature so i was wondering if theres some little hidden file i could change a value in to get it to flash red...or green...or something. anyone?07:53
zcat[1]lsmod ?07:54
Darksidernor in the program literature*07:54
Jimm_zcat[1], ok thanks it seems im using mac80211, b4307:54
Jimm_zcat[1], I noticed that 'modprobe -l' shows that the bcm43xx driver is being loaded along with the legacy driver. Is it ok to leave them there?07:56
zcat[1]Jimm_: not sure. You could add bcm43 to the blacklist if you don't want it loaded07:56
Jimm_zcat[1], It's already in the blacklist, i'm just wondering if I should put legacy there too?07:57
zcat[1]no diea sorry ;07:58
Jimm_zcat[1], actually now that I think of it, should the module still show in modprobe even if it is blacklisted?07:58
R-800Aarrrgh!  Even the instructions for REPAIRING a GRUB tells me to do the same thing, which will not work.  If I dare type "find /boot/grub/stage1" at the GRUB prompt, it won't be found.  No documentation I've ever found addresses this.07:59
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Jimm_R-800, all that command does is tell you where grub is located so you can proceed08:00
R-800Jimm_:  And it won't find stage1.  So I can't proceed.08:01
GneaDean: any luck yet?08:01
Jordan_UR-800: Why exactly isn't grub installed?08:01
Jimm_R-800, do you have an operating system with grub installed?08:01
R-800Jordan_U: I don't know.  That is the mystery of the century.08:01
DeanGnea:  Back to cat508:02
Jimm_R-800, how did you loose grub in the first place?08:02
GneaDean: any results with this?  sudo ndiswrapper -l08:02
R-800Jordan_U: I reinstalled Windows, and as we all know, it rewrote the MBR.  That much I know.  But as for why the files these instructions tell me to access with the GRUB prompt can't be found, that, I can't imagine.08:02
Jordan_UR-800: You can install grub with "grub-install /dev/whatever" in linux IIRC08:02
DeanGnea:  says that bcmw15 driver installed08:03
skurakaihi. how can i install new ktorrent on ubuntu 8.04?08:03
R-800Jordan_U: You mean from a Terminal?08:03
Jordan_UR-800: Yes08:03
GneaDean: okay - try replacing the b43 with the ndiswrapper again08:03
RudyValenciaI have a laptop with a BCM4306 wireless card. It works in the GUI but not on the commandline, how do I fix that?08:03
R-800Jordan_U: From a terminal in the Live CD booted environment, even?08:03
DeanGnea:  Ok.  and how would I replace it?08:03
Jordan_UR-800: Yes, a terminal in pretty much any booted linux, LiveCD or not ( Ubuntu or not )08:04
GneaDean: ndiswrapper -r bcmw15, then just load the new .inf with ndiswrapper -i whatever.inf08:04
Rat409Jordan_U: guess i missed pen,too sleepy,hosed the 1st screenie,anyways it runs fine here http://img210.imageshack.us/my.php?image=xpnho2.png08:04
R-800Jordan_U: What would I substitute "whatever" for in your path?08:04
DeanGnea:  k08:04
Rat409night all08:04
maxtor211I know this is a dumb question, but can someone loop a song for me?08:04
Gneamaxtor211: try in #ubuntu-offtopic08:05
skurakaiplease. how compilate ktorrent on Ubuntu 8.0408:05
Jordan_UR-800: Do you want to install to the MBR of the first partition?08:06
R-800Jordan_U: Yes.08:06
Jordan_UR-800: s/partition/drive/08:06
R-800Jordan_U: So the full path would be grub-install /dev/s/partition/drive/ ?08:06
DeanGnea:  No file or dir08:07
RudyValenciaHow do I get my Broadcom BCM4306 card to work from the console?08:07
GneaDean: did you get the new driver?08:07
Deanhah, oops.  no08:07
=== snuxoll_ is now known as snuxoll
Jordan_UR-800: No, sorry, that's just a geeky way of saying that I meant "drive" not "partition" in my earlier comment :)08:07
R-800Jordan_U: Forgive me.  Can we try this one more time?08:08
Jimm_RudyValencia, you can use iwconfig to configure it I think, or use the gui to config it, then disable gdm and use console08:08
GneaRudyValencia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff  it's a bit dated, but seems to get dodgy results, seeing as how the bot just went on sabatical08:08
RudyValenciaWill that likely work for hary?08:08
GneaRudyValencia: we're doing it now :)08:09
Jordan_UR-800: I *think* the command would be "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" If not then "sudo grub-install (hd0)" should work too ( the second would work from windows if there is a grub install for windows, not sure if /dev/ would work as that's linux specific )08:09
jim_pwhat happened?08:10
rycarhow do I perform a minimal install of ubuntu?  I want to only install just enough software to where I can use apt to install more software08:10
Jordan_U!minimal | rycar08:10
rycarthe command does nothing08:11
R-800Jordan_U: Thank you.  I can give that a try.  It doesn't matter if it won't work from Windows, because I can try this from the Live CD booted environment.  I'd be more inclined to try your second option.  Think that has a good chance of giving me back my dual boot?08:11
Jordan_Urycar: There is a minimal install CD available ( the channel bot seems to be dead for some reason )08:11
rycarI had a mini.iso but it still installs base and half a gig of other stuff08:11
rycarI've tried desktop, server, alternate, etc08:11
ubotturycar: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:12
Jordan_UR-800: Yes, but I think you would still need to run "update-grub" from the installed system as well ( you can do this from the liveCD, but you have to use a command called 'chroot' to make it run from the installed system )08:12
R-800Jordan_U: I see.  And that would just be good practice for the sake of software upgrading, right?  So I could do that afterward?08:13
Jordan_UR-800: No, that generates the configuration file that grub reads at boot, it is required08:14
R-800Jordan_U: Alright then.  So now I'm wondering which needs to be done first.  It's the sequence I'm fuzzy on.  : )08:14
rycaris there anything special I have to do to tell the installer that I want to pick which packages to install?  It just seems to pick everything automatically08:15
mryanbrownhow do you kill a running process in terminal08:15
rycarps aux to find the process, then kill <pid>08:15
rycarwhere <pid> is the process id08:15
mryanbrowni want to keep the terminal (emulator) open08:15
rycaror type killall processname08:15
skurakaiwhere can find "path/to/prefix/of/kde4/installation"? /usr/lib/kde4 ?08:15
Jordan_UR-800: What partition is Ubuntu installed to, I can give you a single command ( well, a single line with multiple commands ) that should do it08:16
R-800Jordan_U: Ubuntu is on it's own hard drive, and WinXP is on the Primary one.08:17
scuserhi all, does anyone know which file is the pam configuration file for ubuntu 8.04 ?08:17
rycarhow do I tell the installer which packages I want installed?08:18
Gneascuser: have you looked in /etc ?08:18
Flannelscuser: /etc/pam.d/*08:19
Flannelrycar: Which installer do you have?08:19
Gneaand /etc/pam.conf08:19
rycarFlannel: mini, server, alternate, desktop08:19
Jordan_UR-800: "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt && sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev && sudo grub-install /dev/sda && sudo chroot /mnt update-grub" *should* do it, no guarantee :)08:19
Flannelrycar: You need one of the first three, and you have to go to expert install (which I believe requires you to manually add "expert" or something like it to the options from the boot menu).  Any reason you want to specify actual packages?  What are you ultimately trying to accomplish?08:20
scuserFlannel: yes, but which file in the pam.d directory, I want to make ubuntu login through kerberos but I don't know which file should I modify, could you help me with that ?08:20
rycarI'm trying to make a minimal install to act as a server in a virtual machine08:20
Flannelrycar: Ah.  You actually probably want JeOS08:21
R-800Jordan_U: Thanks.  Don't worry if this screws something up.  I've been in the middle of reinstalling both OSes for some time now.  I was simply hoping to avoid reinstalling Ubuntu this time (but will if I have to).  So no guarantees, like you say, but no real worries, either.08:21
rycarI know there is a way to select packages because a long time ago I got into the screen when an install crashed halfway08:21
Flannelrycar: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/jeos08:21
Flannelrycar: Yes, that's the expert mode08:21
rycarF6 at the boot menu for expert mode, JeOS looks great, thanks flannel!08:22
Flannelscuser: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/Kerberos might help08:22
Yekyaaheh, that was a heck of a split, i ended up in a room with just 75 people :)08:23
Yekyaadisconnected, reconnected, now i'm on the one with 3 ops and 1100 people :)08:23
Flannelscuser: Its likely you don't need to hand-edit a file there, but install a package (libpam-krb5 looks promising)08:23
scuserFlannel: I've installed this package but nothing happens, ubuntu uses the same authentiaction without kerberos08:24
R-800Jordan_U: Okay, I'm going to go try this out.  If I come back again tonight, it probably means it didn't work.  : )08:25
Flannelscuser: check the debian readme file (/usr/share/doc/libpam-krb5/README.Debian)  it should have instructions08:26
RudyValenciaI'm gonna try the BCM4306 install too08:29
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soloso many people08:36
Kartagiswhy do I get different chipset numbers in xp and linux?08:36
Gneawhat chipset numbers?08:37
KazaLitehi all08:38
KazaLiteany good tutorial explaing how to add multi-language support in linux applications?08:39
Flannelnarcislinux: What are you trying to do?08:41
mryanbrownMeowtu ^_^08:41
Flannelnarcislinux: Please play with the bot in #ubuntu-bots or in a query, thanks.08:42
RudyValenciaI can't get it to work.08:42
djhashKartagis: it is possible that a generic driver is installed in one OS that would detect the chipset as an older model..08:44
Zergiucan I update from 7.10 to the latest version or I need to reinstall the OS08:46
Flannel!upgrade | Zergiu08:47
ubottuZergiu: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:47
FlannelZergiu: yep08:47
Zergiuthank you08:47
bakarat_got two problems: i have a samba share mounted (by nautilus), this should be in ~/.gvfs right? cause i can't find the mount point? also very odd is that a "sudo find" in the / directory gave me a "permission denied" for ~/.gvfs ?08:49
UbubeginIs the sudo command only specific to Ubuntu and not other distros08:51
bakarat_Ububegin, no08:51
=== weltall is now known as weltall2
GneaUbubegin: sudo has been around for years08:51
=== weltall2 is now known as weltall
RudyValenciasudo is more user-friendly than a root session.08:52
kbits more like windows vista08:52
bakarat_anyone on my above stated problems? :p08:52
Ububeginthanks folks...08:52
zabeehkhanhi all08:53
bakarat_i find sudo to be less userfriendly in all :p08:53
zabeehkhanhow can I install mysql in Ubuntu?08:53
kbsudo apt-get install mysql08:53
zabeehkhansudo apt-get install mysql?08:53
bakarat_got two problems: i have a samba share mounted (by nautilus), this should be in ~/.gvfs right? cause i can't find the mount point? also very odd is that a "sudo find" in the / directory gave me a "permission denied" for ~/.gvfs ?08:53
djhashsudo apt-get instal mysql-server08:53
zabeehkhanserver or without server?08:54
Flannelzabeehkhan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP  has instructions (and some things you need to do after isntalling).  And yes, that page is relevant if you're only installing SQL08:54
bakarat_with server iirc08:54
Ububeginzabeehkhan: just use the Synaptic Manager.. i find the GUI makes it easier08:54
djhashzabeehkhan: if you can't be sure of the name of the package use this "apt-cache search mysql"08:54
Ububeginzabeehkhan: Eid Mubarak... :D08:55
Kartagisdo i need to disable the wlan drivers using System>Administration>Hardware Drivers if I am using ndiswrapper?08:55
zabeehkhanUbubegin: thank you .. Where are you from?08:55
Ububeginzabeehkhan: singapore08:55
TarantulafudgeI'm having some virtualbox woes right now. The newest modules are only 24-16, but my kernel is 24-19. How do I resolve the situation?08:55
zabeehkhanUbubegin: oh good.. Eid Mubarak to you too08:56
Ububeginzabeehkhan: you too from here...08:56
zabeehkhanUbubegin: I am from Afghanistan..not living there now!! :)08:57
Tarantulafudgedo I revert the kernel?08:57
bakarat_um guys, when i do an ls -l in my ~ directory as root, i get this: d?????????  ? ?    ?        ?                ? .gvfs08:57
bakarat_w..t... :>08:57
atlefTarantulafudge: try the closed source one08:57
Tarantulafudgeatlef: nevermind I found some08:59
Tarantulafudgeatlef: the virtual package was not up to date08:59
atlefTarantulafudge: ok08:59
masmotai have a simple ( i think ) question:  i keep getting a folder called "file:" in my home directory.  it gets recreated when i delete it, anyone know whats causing it? (/home/masmota/file:/home/masmota/Desktop) (empty)09:01
masmotaits hard to google for, i guess b/c of the colon09:02
tarelerulz1My clock is all ways wrong .   No matter how many times I change the time it all ways off an hour.  I have laptop if that means anything and I have vista on one partition .09:03
FlannelMemphis: Looks like something (perhaps firefox?) is trying to save something to your desktop (/home/masmota/Desktop/) and some part of it is being set up wrong.  So, even though it saves/accesses your Desktop properly, its checking/creating that incorrectly named directory.09:04
jim_ptarelerulz1: it has to do about how each os preceives time09:05
masmotatarelerulz1:  i had that problem at one point, so your not alone.  maybe try running tzselect again?09:05
masmotai dont remember the fix :(09:06
Flannelmasmota, tarelerulz1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Multiple%20Boot%20Systems%20Time%20Conflicts09:10
papiiiiiiiiiican u plz tell me how i can scan ip list for proxy09:10
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii: you don't do that sort of thing09:10
Gneapapiiiiiiiiii: try #networking09:11
papiiiiiiiiiii need for surfing these proxy09:11
papiiiiiiiiiiwhere i can found this Gnea09:11
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii: contact your ISP - they may have proxies for you09:12
Gneapapiiiiiiiiii: type /join #networking09:12
papiiiiiiiiiithanxs gakkun09:12
scuserhi all, I've modified the pam configuration files according to /usr/share/doc/libpam-krb/README.Debian but still the authentication goes through the system login not through kerberos authentication any help ?09:14
ikoniascuser: is it possible it's going through kerb - failing and dropping down back to local auth ?09:15
ikoniascuser: are you confident you have your kerberos binding setup and working ?09:15
scuserikonia: well I've used login.krb5 and it is working fine; I have a user scuser and a kerberos principal scuser both with different passwords for the system login kerberos pass doesn't work and for the login.krb5 the system user pass doesn't work, is that enough to make sure that kerberos is working ?09:17
ikoniascuser it certainly sounds like it's working.09:18
ikoniascuser: what does your nsswitch file look like09:18
scuserikonia: what is nsswitch file ?09:18
ikoniascuser: /etc/nsswitch.conf09:18
scuserikonia: I'll see09:19
ikoniascuser: it is the file that sets the order for "searches" of susb systems09:19
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii: why are you trying to ping me and get version info from me ?09:20
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii: please stop that now09:20
* Fallenou content ^_^09:20
scuserikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/50399/09:20
ikoniaFallenou: ?09:20
papiiiiiiiiiihow is off09:20
papiiiiiiiiiiits auto09:20
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii: your using scripts - please disable them now09:21
Gneapapiiiiiiiiii: what is auto?09:22
ikoniascuser: thats the problem, it's looking at /etc/passwd first09:22
scuserikonia: so ?09:22
Gneapapiiiiiiiiii: are you sure?09:23
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii you need to stop it now09:23
ikoniascuser so you'd nee to edit that to change the the search order to kerberos first,09:23
papiiiiiiiiiiwats cmd to stop him09:23
Gneapapiiiiiiiiii: /quit09:23
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii: you enabled the scripts09:23
scuserikonia: how can I do so ?09:23
FlannelGnea: Please be helpful09:23
satai am new to ubuntu09:24
ikoniapapiiiiiiiiii: if you can't stop them I suggest you exit the channel until you can figure out how to stop them as your constantly pinging me now and it's getting frustating09:24
papiiiiiiiiiime 209:24
satais there is live cd of ubuntu09:24
ikoniascuser: there are examples in the file, take a look09:24
Flannelsata: There is.  It's the "Desktop CD"09:24
ikoniasata: the install cd is a live cd09:24
papiiiiiiiiiiok baba09:24
satai want to install ubuntu permanently on the hard disk09:25
Flannelsata: You can use the Desktop CD for that too09:25
satawhat that menas on thgis site09:25
sataCheck here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer.09:25
ikoniasata the one that says "desktop" cd09:25
plowmansata:when you fire up the Desktop cd there is an option to install09:26
sataone more think09:26
sataif i check this option and then download the cd the size of iso is 699mb (Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer.)09:27
ikoniasata you don't want the alternate cd - so don't check the box09:27
Flannelsata: If you want the Live CD, you want the Desktop CD, not the alternate CD09:27
satai want to install it permanently so i will uncheck this option09:28
sataalternate cd size is 699mb09:29
sataand normal cd size is 694mb09:29
ikoniaso ?09:29
Flannelsata: They both will give you the same installed system.09:29
sataso why the size difference09:30
plowmansata: you will also find the install option on the desktop when you boot into live mode09:30
sataso both ca work as live cd and to install cd09:30
ikoniasata: they are different install methods, forget about the alternative cd09:30
satathank u09:30
ikoniasata: no09:30
ikoniasata: both don't work as a livecd09:30
FloodBot1sata: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:30
scuserikonia: which file should contain the passwords for the kerberos ?09:30
ikoniasata: get teh desktop cd09:30
ikoniascuser: ......er none, it's a kerberos server09:31
sataso i will download this one09:32
satathat can be installed as well as live cd09:32
Flannelsata: Yep09:33
Flannelsata: and you can follow the instructions at the top of the page here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation (there are four of them, "Standard Installation")09:34
plowmansata: yep09:34
CorpseFeederI have a problem in hardy where the mouse buttons just stop responding or work intermittently and the only way to get it back to normal is to restart the computer.. logging out does not correct the problem... anyone familiar with this problem or know the cause?09:37
jim_pCorpseFeeder: does the hole mouse "shut down"? like closing its leds and stuff?09:38
jim_p*whole mouse09:38
ikoniaCorpseFeeder: is it a bluetooth mouse ?09:38
CorpseFeederjim_p: actually, it's a track pad and  buttons built into a laptop...09:38
etyoanybody know haow to install php-gtk on lampp09:39
jim_pCorpseFeeder: then i cant help you, sorry09:39
HeLLzSpaWnhey how can i get a list of all running processes so that i can kill a specific one? my avant window navigator is still there but it's not working. I want to try to close it (not visually there though so i can't right click on it)09:39
ghaleb__I removed a file by mistake .. how can I recover it ?09:39
CorpseFeederjim_p: the problem is happening right now, so I could plug a regular mouse in and see if it is locked up too...09:40
jim_pCorpseFeeder: since you are on a laptop, and you dont use an external mouse, then its not power related09:41
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: go to a terminal and type "top"09:41
scuserikonia: I don't know how can I make nsswitch be adopted to use kerberos server, could you help me with that ?09:43
FD_FHello i have errpr when i update : PG error: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com edgy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 58403026387EE263Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 80]09:43
FD_FSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead. , thanks for help09:43
CaptJageranyone get poweriso to work as in converting .daa to .iso in 8.04?09:44
CorpseFeederI plugged a regular mouse in... the problem seems to have stopped for a while.. it seems to come up intermittently.09:44
HeLLzSpaWnHexus: what do i do from there?09:44
tonyohi. anyone here in glendale who could help me install ubuntu in my compaq notebook?09:44
tyberionurhm, whats the shell command to run the synaptic UPDATE managing thingie?09:44
tonyohi. anyone here in glendale CA who could help me install ubuntu in my compaq notebook?09:44
vistehi all09:45
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: type "sudo kill [process ID]"09:45
FlannelFD_F: Edgy is unsupported, and is likely unsupported by the wine people as well.  You ought to upgrade.09:45
dergringoHi. Is it possible to change the order of the account listing (left side) in evolution?09:45
EspenBehi all!09:45
FD_FFlannel: upgrade to ? , thanks09:45
FlannelFD_F: You'll have to upgrade to Feisty.  But while you're at it, you ought to upgrade to Gutsy (because Feisty reaches the end of its support next month too)09:46
CaptJagertonyo download it burn to cd and install09:46
Flannel!upgrade | FD_F09:46
ubottuFD_F: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:46
EspenBeI have messed up my xorg-settings while installing nvidia-drivers from nvidia.  I have the original version of the xorg.conf, but copying it back won't help.  what should I do to get my "normal" settings back again?09:46
FD_FFlannel thanks09:46
ikoniascuser: hang on, I'm sure there is a doc ont he net09:46
Le-Chuck_ITAHi all, I am using intrepid but this problem is also in hardy: my hard disk Load_Cycle_Count keeps increasing rapidly (!!!) even tough I applied all the fixes that are suggested on the wiki09:47
HeLLzSpaWnHexus: hmm didn't work09:47
FD_FFlanel , i have hardy09:47
Le-Chuck_ITAin practice it keeps increasing no matter what hdparm -B value I sed09:47
CaptJagerhow can you convert a .daa to an .iso ?09:47
EspenBe"sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" works in a way, but when I re-enable the 3D in Gnome, it falls back to 800*600 resolution09:47
FlannelFD_F: alright, then your issue is instead that you have Edgy stuff in your sources.list, you should get rid of that09:47
FD_FFlannel: ok i search on the sources list09:48
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: What was the error09:48
CaptJagerneed help converting .daa to .isop with poweriso or other09:48
TerenceI installed ubuntu 6.06 just now. This is my first time to use Linux OS. All is ok, except the graphic card driver. Mine is ATI Radeon X2300. Can anyone help me?09:49
HeLLzSpaWnERROR: Process ID "[avant-window-navigator]"09:49
ikoniascuser: what "backend" are you trying to authenticate against with kerberos ?09:49
bakarat_my wired ethernet connection only gets an IP like 50% of the time, any ideas?09:50
FD_FFlanel : solved :) thanks dont know how edgy got there09:50
HeLLzSpaWnHexus: i thought there was an easier way to see the running processes and decide which ones to kill? Like with a GUI?09:50
=== sean is now known as Guest5071
scuserikonia: I'm just trying to login to the system09:50
bakarat_so i boot, and i get no ip half of the time, /etc/init.d/networking restart, dhclient eth0, ifdown && ifup etc don't work..09:50
bakarat_just ahve to reboot and hope it works again09:50
Le-Chuck_ITATerence: sorry if I misunderstand  but did you really install 6.06?09:50
CorpseFeederI don't know if plugging a regular mouse in has fixed it or not, but both the laptop trackpad and the external mouse seem to be working normally  now without the buttons locking up.... normally I have to reboot to get this level or normalcy back..09:50
Le-Chuck_ITATerence: why didn't you install a more recent release?09:51
CorpseFeederAny thoughts?09:51
ikoniascuser: kerberose is not a user system though - it's an authentication protocol - it needs to have something to authenticate with, eg: ldap, nis  etc09:51
TerenceI get it from the library book DD09:51
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: There could be, I only know of the terminal one though.09:51
Le-Chuck_ITAwe are in 2008 :)09:51
tarelerulzmy time is still off . I try  setting the bios clock to the right time and turn  utc=yes  might fix the time ,but it did not09:51
Le-Chuck_ITAtry to run hardy I think hardware support higly improved in last years09:51
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: did you enter the PID of the number or did you actually enter "process ID"?09:52
FlannelTerence: Well, 6.06 is a mighty fine version, but it is a bit old (two years now).  You'll probably have a better experience for a first time user on 8.04.  Luckily for you, you can actually upgrade straight from 6.06 to 8.04, if you'd like to try.09:52
tyberionI can paste marked stuff with middle mouseclick, but is there a way to keyboard paste that stuff too??!09:52
TerenceDoes the latest version support ATI ?09:52
HeLLzSpaWnum...i opened a different tab and typed "sudo kill [avant-window-navigator]09:52
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: use the PID number09:53
CaptJagercan someone help me convert .daa to .iso so I can burn a cd09:53
Kartagismy vim is version 7.1.x and it is mentioned that syntax highlighting is supported. however when I uncomment the directive syntax on, i get the warning that this is not supported. how come?09:53
CaptJagerI have poweriso but error out09:53
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: its looks like  "sudo kill 1322"09:53
FlannelKartagis: install "vim", the default one is vim-tiny, which doesn't offer a whole lot09:53
FlannelTerence: It does.  If you want to double check your specific card, there's a list, let me see if I can find it.09:54
HeLLzSpaWnHexus: i cant find the awn process though...it like comes and goes real quick09:54
Kartagisthanks Flannel09:55
Le-Chuck_ITA8.06 I think09:55
tyberionhmmm.. is there any way to paste marked stuff by keyboard too?09:56
afallenhopeis there an issue with the newest version of FF?09:56
CaptJagerso no one has ever had to convert a .daa with ubuntu09:56
Terencethank you Flannel, I'll try the latest version. I've just downloaded it in the form of .iso, maybe I should copy it on a CD09:57
FlannelTerence: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI  The prerequisite section explains what lines are supported by which drivers, and then in that same section theres a link to the Xorg release notes, which are even more detailed.09:57
TerenceOh, I'll check it09:57
Lambawhats the easiest way to autokill a given process if its memory usage spikes ?09:57
FlannelTerence: ah, yes.  If you have internet you can do that too.  Here's instructions on burning/etc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation  first bit of real content on the page09:57
Daft_PunkI <3 you guys...09:58
Daft_PunkFlannel, I <3 you09:58
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: you can try: "top -u [put your user name here]"09:59
CaptJageranyone have any experiance with poweriso09:59
Hexusdoes anyone know alot about setting up soundcards?09:59
HexusIve been going at this for days...10:00
Daft_PunkHexus, dont give up...10:00
belendaxwhat is the diffrence between ssh & sshd ?10:00
tyberionhmmm.. is there any way to paste marked stuff by keyboard too? :((( plz..... im a keyboard addict!10:00
Daft_Punkbelendax, one has a d,, and one doesnt10:00
HeLLzSpaWnHexus: Ah! that did the trick :D thanx10:01
HexusHeLLzSpaWn: No prob.10:01
Flannelbelendax: sshd is the daemon (server) that ssh (client) connects to10:01
IntuitiveNipplebelendax: the "d" suffix means it's a system daemon (server)10:01
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:01
ikoniaDaft_Punk comments like that are pointless - don't bother please.10:02
Daft_Punkikonia, the point was to create laugh babies, and make someone smile10:02
ikoniaDaft_Punk: this is a support channel, not a comedy club10:02
FlannelDaft_Punk: Please do that in #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks10:02
dr3mroi am having a problem with system sound i can play mp3 and everything but there is no login sound or logout10:02
IntuitiveNippleIt wasn what most people were thinking, too :D10:02
Daft_Punkikonia, i was supporting self esteem10:02
FD_FSomeone know good task remainder (haft to be very lite), thanks10:03
ActionParsnipdr3mro: change your notifiation sounds to have logon and logoff sounds10:03
ikoniaFD_F: sunbird ? calander application ?10:03
ActionParsnipFD_F: task remainder?10:03
FD_Fikonia: sonbird dosent lite i need something in systry10:04
ActionParsnipFD_F: like "meeting in 10 mins" sort of thing?10:04
FD_Factionpareship: yeah10:04
ActionParsnipFD_F: ooooh, REMINDER10:04
belendaxwhen I type ssh IP it says : Connection refuse , why ?!10:04
dr3mroActionParsnip, i change it but when i press play nothing happen10:04
dr3mroActionParsnip, i did try alot10:05
redrebel_I have a power management question.10:05
cwillubelendax, have you installed openssh-server?10:05
redrebel_is there a way to configure the dim display when idle time??10:05
ActionParsnipdr3mro: can you play the sound you select as the notifications normally10:05
tyberionhmmm.. is there any way to paste the marked stuff you usally paste by using mouse2 button... by keyboard too? :((( plz..... im a keyboard addict!10:05
mechaanyone know how to fix my resolution back to 1024x768 after i install nvida-glx-new?10:05
ActionParsnipFD_F: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/4609/10:05
FD_Factionpareship: thanks!10:05
CaptJagerso is this channel to help new people to ubuntu or just advanced ubuntu users?10:06
afallenhopeAnyone ever try Linux Mint compared to Ubuntu?10:06
dr3mroi can play it by hover on nautilus and it play well on exaile10:06
ikoniaCaptJager any ubuntu questions10:06
ikoniaCaptJager: type "/topic"10:06
ActionParsniptyberion: ctrl+c thn ctrl + v (?)10:06
dr3mroActionParsnip, i can play it by hover on nautilus and it play well on exaile10:06
CaptJagerhave asked 3 no answers10:06
afallenhopeapparently it's debian based and uses ubuntu repositories10:06
ActionParsnipCaptJager: ask away, if we can answer we will10:06
CaptJagerI have been to all the sites10:06
CaptJagerstill have problems10:06
tyberionActionParsnip: that would be for the COPIED to clipboard stuff but apparently if I press ctrl+c here.. irsii will quit vor exmaple10:06
ikoniaCaptJager: maybe no-one knows the answer10:07
ikoniaCaptJager: isn't poweriso a windows application ?10:07
neSSun0ohi guys i had a rt73 wifi driver (which is kubuntu's default one) that wasnt working well, pinging my router i had 50% packet loss and the connection was super slow, thus i removed it and installed the "compat-wireless" driver as the ubuntu wiki suggests, pinging my router at that point gave me 0% packet loss and everything was going good, till yesterday, even with this new driver now ivegot again 50% packet loss... what happened? can somebody10:07
cwilluCaptJager, the advanced ubuntu help is in #ubuntu-offtopic.  This channel is for begging for assistance from people who aren't getting paid.  Adjust your expectations appropriately :p10:07
CaptJagerI cant be the only one that can not convert .daa to .iso with poweriso in terminal without error10:07
cwilluCaptJager, what's a .daa?10:07
mechaanyone else have trouble with nvidia drivers?10:07
ikoniaCaptJager poweriso is a windows application isn't it ?10:08
CaptJagera file that some one  used instead of .iso10:08
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:08
CaptJagerno ther ia a linux version10:08
ActionParsniptyberion: if you mean in xchat, you need to hold the mouse button, the pess ctrl+c10:08
ikoniaCaptJager: I can't see it in the ubuntu repo10:08
cwilluCaptJager, .daa is a proprietary format.  If you're having troubles with their (closed source) conversion utility, you need to contact them for support :/10:08
CaptJagerit isnt10:08
ceil420cwillu, a proprietary file type similar to .iso10:08
atlefCaptJager: ./poweriso convert xxx.daa -o xxx.iso in a terminal10:08
ikoniaCaptJager so it's nothing to do with ubuntu then10:08
CaptJagerI didnt that got error10:08
ikoniaCaptJager: you may want to look at the application daa2iso10:09
CaptJagerwill try again10:09
cwilluCaptJager, wikipedia says that their linux tools don't support the latest version of DAA, so you might be out of luck10:09
dr3mroActionParsnip, i?10:09
cwilluCaptJager, where did you get the daa files from?  If they're your own files, consider just using an iso, daa doesn't provide anything terribly useful10:09
CaptJagerthat is all I am looking for new to linux but not going back to windows10:09
Hexuscwillu: you serious about offtopic being for advanced help?  Im ready to go anywhere.10:10
ikoniaCaptJager: daa2iso is an application that will do what you want10:10
CaptJagerthe .daa files were from someone else10:10
airtonixikona, CaptJager i have used poweriso as a linux binary i think10:10
atlefCaptJager: sorry : ./poweriso convert xxx.daa -o xxx.iso -ot iso10:10
cwilluHexus, just based on experience, you're more likely to run into people who like to talk about more advanced uses10:10
ActionParsnipCaptJager: you can run poweriso via wine to convert but to know how it works ask in ##windows10:10
cwilluHexus, it's not a support channel however :p10:10
airtonixikona, CaptJager or maybe i was using it through wine...can't remember10:10
* afallenhope rates ubuntu support -9 out of 1010:10
ActionParsnipdr3mro: huh?10:10
CaptJagergoing to try again10:11
* cwillu adds afallenhope to his ignore list10:11
airtonixCaptJager, .daa images are fairly sketchy in integrity imo10:11
ikoniaafallenhope: your welcome to leave if you don't rate the support10:11
CaptJagerand try daa2iso10:11
afallenhopeikonia, don't start10:11
ActionParsnipafallenhope: considering we are doing this for kicks and free you cant actually moan10:11
tyberionActionParsnip: but that wont be possible If I just run a xterm with irssi in it.. right?10:11
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: poweriso is an ELF binary for Linux10:11
ikoniaafallenhope: don't make pointless comments then. I f you don't rate the support in the channel, don't use it10:11
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: i thought it was a windows app.10:11
* cwillu mutes everyone who keeps ruining his afallenhope-free experience10:11
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: There are versions for Linux too10:12
ikoniaActionParsnip: I've just found the version on the site, looks like it's staticlly linked though and could be a pain10:12
cwilluHexus, what's your poison?10:12
airtonixActionParsnip, ikona, CaptJager yeah poweriso have both, windows and linux binaries from the little memory i have of it10:12
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: kinda pointless considering the massve array of apps already available, or is it a meta package?10:12
ikoniaairtonix: I've just found it,10:12
Hexuscwillu: soundcards10:12
etyoanybody know how to install php-gtk on xampp10:12
cwilluHexus, that's quite the poison10:12
Hexuscwillu: yep three days now.10:13
ikoniaetyo: this is ubuntu support  - not xammp please10:13
cwillubah, three days?  is that all?10:13
airtonixetyo, why are you using xamp when apache mysql and php are in the repoes?10:13
Hexuscwillu: you want more?10:13
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: it's a static-linked binary, freely available from poweriso10:13
cwilluHexus, I spent a good 2 months getting a particular broadcom chipset to connect with encryption10:13
airtonixetyo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP10:13
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: ill stick to what ive used (and definately not daa)10:13
etyoairtonix : my friend ask me that10:13
FD_Factionpareship: any more suggestions for  simple reminder10:14
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: no one is asking you to; CaptJager was asking for assistance and you were under the impression it was a Windows app10:14
CaptJagerConverting from zwfmp9r3.daa to zwfmp9r3.iso ...     0%zwfmp9r3.daa10:15
CaptJagerCan not read compressed image file.10:15
mecha anyone have the problem of low resolutions after ristricted drivers installation?10:15
mecha running ubuntu 8.04 with a nvidia 550010:15
airtonixetyo, if your concerned about how to use xampp (which i believe is a software package designed for windows primarliy) then you should try to find the xampp irc channel10:15
Hexuscwillu: hmm.  You know at some point you have to consider your time valuable enough to drop 15-30 dollars and get compatable equipment....10:15
BlinkizI want to automate installation of ubuntu machines in my network. I believe kickstart is the right choose? Does it exist more information about this? I have found this so far https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KickstartCompatibility10:15
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:15
IntuitiveNippleCaptJager: I recommend you get a known good .daa file from somewhere else and test poweriso with it... if that works, then the .daa you're trying to convert has some issue - could be a DAA version difference that poweriso doesn't understand10:15
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning10:15
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: agreed, i was mistaken. just seems silly is my point but i guess people are used to it in windows (even if it does ship with spyware)10:15
cwilluHexus, I'm not terribly interested in buying a new laptop for the want of a wireless card, but I also have no interest in having some little dongle sticking half an inch out of the side waiting to snap off :p10:16
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate10:16
CaptJagerok going to try daa2iso forst10:16
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: I totally agree, but then CaptJager is just fresh from Windows so he's still probably used to doing things the Windows way :)10:16
etyoairtonix : ok! THX10:16
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: he'll come round soon enough10:16
cwilluHexus, my time is valuable because I've put the hours in to learn this <expletive> in the first place :)10:16
IntuitiveNippleEvery little helps towards solving bug #110:16
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1/+text)10:17
IntuitiveNipplecwillu: I feel that! :D10:17
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: and what is bug #1?10:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110:17
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: You're on #ubuntu and you *don't* know bug #1 ?10:17
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1/+text)10:17
ActionParsnipno idea. i guess i just ignore all the politics10:17
* cwillu smacks Cwiiis for hijacking the cwi<tab> completion10:17
cwillubug #210:18
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found10:18
Hexuscwillu: i suppose thats one way to look at it.  I find its ultimate usfullness up to debate outside of self esteem building.10:18
Cwiiiscwillu: :)10:18
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: i dont care that MS has majority share, it doesnt change how i use my system10:18
HexusSO yeah.  Anyone with soundcard experience?10:22
oddaloti had a soundcard once10:22
ActionParsnipHexus: i have one, makes noises and stuff10:23
ActionParsnipHexus: wassup?10:23
bunnytohi sexy10:24
HexusYOU GUISE!10:24
=== chilli0_ is now known as chilli0
HexusActionParsnip:  I have and old ISA sound card.  I have the driver, but I seem to be missing some modules10:24
HexusActionParsnip:  The driver wont load.  Not sure how to get the IRQ and DMA adresses in linux either10:25
HexusActionParsnip: This is what ive attemped so far: http://pastebin.com/md00dbcb10:26
ActionParsnipHexus: nice, old school10:26
ActionParsniplet me websearch10:26
austinis anyone there10:27
ActionParsnipHexus: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/20558810:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 205588 in linux "VT82C686 Audio Broken: Gutsy to Hardy Beta upgrade (dup-of: 188579)" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 188579 in virtualbox-ose-modules "Installing virtualbox-ose-modules pulls in 386 kernel (on -generic)" [High,Fix released]10:27
ActionParsnipaustin: lots are here10:27
austinI am new to the linux world and I am not sure what I am doing.10:27
austinI need to fix my display but I am not sure how10:27
ActionParsnipaustin: what graphics card do you have?10:28
* Kondensuotas_pie straksi ant blakstienu.10:28
austinI have the link to get the driver but It will not install even when I run the sh  command10:28
ActionParsnipaustin: is it an nvidia graphics card?10:29
austinyes it is10:29
ActionParsnipaustin: which model?10:29
IntuitiveNippleHexus: have you installed/used the isapnptools package to configure the ISA card?10:29
austinthe computer is a pavilion a450n10:29
|Dreams|does anyone know if this cpu is 64bit tried googling but couldnt find anything --> Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T575010:30
ActionParsnipaustin: in terminal run lspci, one line will relate to your nvidia card, tell use what it is, do not paste the whole thing in here10:30
Lamba|Dreams|: yes.10:31
zimnyxHow can I install older version of package? I need postres 8.2 but only 8.3 is available.10:31
|Dreams|Lamba, thanks10:31
ikoniazllang: was 8.2 ever available as a package ?10:31
|Dreams|getting a new laptop next week wanted to nkow if i can get ubuntu on it10:31
|Dreams|ubuntu 6410:31
Lambahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Core "whereas the Intel Core 2 brand refers to CPUs with the 64-bit Core microarchitecture."10:31
HexusIntuitiveNipple: i think ive installed it.  Not sure how to configure it.10:32
austin00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82865G/PE/P PCI to AGP Controller (rev 02)10:32
ActionParsnip|Dreams|: some manufacturers will10:32
|Dreams|no i mean install it myself10:32
ActionParsnipaustin: thats your pci interface10:32
austinis that what you are looking for?10:32
|Dreams|heard ppl aving probs with the laptopi am getting10:32
ActionParsnip|Dreams|: sure10:32
IntuitiveNippleHexus: It's an old-time tool - not available in the Ubuntu repositories now. Just wondered if it may help.10:32
ActionParsnip!paste | austin10:32
ubottuaustin: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:32
opendeepHow to open a pdf file from terminal?(application name)10:32
|Dreams|Acer 6920G10:32
ActionParsnipaustin: paste the whole thing in there, hit paste, then give us the address you go to in your browser10:33
austinthat is what the command returned as my pci connection10:33
zllangonly install 64 bits10:33
Lambaopendeep: xpdf10:33
IntuitiveNippleHexus: there is a recent Debian package: http://www.roestock.demon.co.uk/isapnptools/10:34
austincorrection the following is my card10:34
austin nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]10:34
ActionParsnipaustin: ahh, much better10:34
IntuitiveNippleHexus: that link refers to a good article on the subject of ISA cards, and using isapnptools: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/326910:35
austinThank you ActionParsnip what do you think the problem is10:35
ActionParsnipaustin: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx10:35
zllanganyone know install netbeans language package  for chinese10:35
austinis that what you want me to type in the terminal ?10:36
ActionParsnipaustin: indeed, it will install the nvidia driver for you10:36
ActionParsnipaustin: id also run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:36
ActionParsnipaustin: so that you are completely up to date10:37
ja1Hi! I just installed kubuntu. I need to recompile the kernel. Im unfamiliar with debian systems. Do I just get the latest kernel, unpack, make config   like I did in Red hat?10:37
IntuitiveNippleja1: Is there a particular reason for rebuilding the kernel?10:38
ja1IntuitiveNipple: Problems with the KDE4 graphics + tuning.10:39
ActionParsnipja1: its the same10:39
mkartichey, how do i clear out my amarok collection?10:39
ikoniaja1 what sort of tuning10:39
ikoniaja1: how do you think a kernal build will change your graphics ?10:39
austinOnce I have run all the commands should I restart the machine?10:40
ActionParsnipyes as you'll probably get a new kernel10:40
ja1ikonia: Adding RS232/USB converter, for instance. And I cant keep my fingers away in general...10:40
austinagain thank you for your help.10:40
ikoniaja1: that module exists, you can modprobe it10:40
=== lipsinV1 is now known as lipsin
mkarticcan someone tell me how i can clear my amarok collection so that i can start over?10:40
ja1ikonia: I hope to specify my onboard gfx card better than the general kernel.10:40
IntuitiveNippleja1: If you really need to edit the kernel then download the kernel-source and modify the package. apt-get source linux-source10:41
ikoniaja1: but the kernel has nothing to do with xorg10:41
IntuitiveNippleja1: or, even, sudo apt-get install linux-source10:41
ja1ikonia: If I had remembered the name of the rs232/USB module...10:41
ikoniaja1: shouldn't be too hard to find10:42
IntuitiveNippleja1: is it an mt adapter?10:42
ikoniaja1: your reasons for rebuilding the kernel don't seem to make any sense10:42
ja1ikonia: I remember there was some options in the kernel for your hardware. Maybe Im wrong.10:42
zllangmay be you should complie the driver in kernel10:42
ikoniaja1: there are plenty of options for your hardware10:42
scuserhi all, does anyone know how to configure nsswitch.conf file to search for kerberos authentication beside of passwd ?10:42
ja1IntuitiveNipple: mt sounds familiar.10:42
ikoniaja1: none that will help your graphics issues10:42
ikoniascuser: you need somethign to auth against10:43
ikoniascuser: kerberose is an authentication protocol10:43
neSSun0owhat's the most stable linux distro?10:43
IntuitiveNippleja1: maybe this?  Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0711:0230 Magic Control Technology Corp. MCT-232 Serial Port10:43
ikonianeSSun0o: subjective question, join #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support questions10:43
ja1ikonia: Thanks for the information. Still, would you prefere getting a new kernel, or would you use apt_manager or similar to get patches?10:44
IntuitiveNippleja1: the module for the MCT is mct_u23210:44
ikoniaja1: apt-get gets pre-compiled bindary packages, not patches10:44
ikoniaja1: why do you want a new kernel ?10:44
ja1IntuitiveNipple: Yes, thats a MCT-23210:44
IntuitiveNippleikonia: incorrect. linux-source contains the kernel source and Ubuntu patches10:44
scuserikonia: well I can't get your words :( could you make your words more clear ?10:44
ja1ikonia: As I said, cant keep my fingers away. But Im unfamiliar with debian.10:44
HeLLzSpaWnhey i just installed virtual box and i'm trying to setup a VM with winXP but i get this error from VirtualBox: VirtualBox kernel driver not installed. The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason. Please install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel, e.g. virtualbox-ose-modules-generic..10:45
HeLLzSpaWnVBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).10:45
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple I know that, but put it in context of what ja1 is saying10:45
witek23hello, anybudy knows any c++ compiler, which has a X-window interface?10:45
ikoniaja1 then read the docs10:45
CorpseFeederok.. my point/click interface has just gone dead again... I can't click any icons.....10:45
ikoniawitek23: do you mean an ide ?10:45
CorpseFeederwhat causes this?10:45
The-Compilerwitek23: eh? Why would a compiler need an interface?10:45
ja1ikonia: specify docs, please.10:45
ikoniaja1: https://help.ubuntu.com10:45
witek23iterface lik dev c++ has10:45
IntuitiveNippleja1: If you want to hack the Ubuntu kernel, see this for starters: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMaintenance10:45
ikoniawitek23: ok, an ide10:46
ushimitsudokiwitek23: usually, it you use an IDE which calls out to the complier10:46
ikoniawitek23: look at eclipse10:46
ja1IntuitiveNipple: Thanks.10:46
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: well, you need to install the virtual-box-modules-generic10:46
ushimitsudokiwitek23: I like eclipse and netbeans, but there are many others too10:46
afallenhopewitek23, geany is pretty sweel10:46
Lambanetbeans is niiiiice. :)10:46
CorpseFeederI have lost the ability to double click any icons this time.... what causes this? It just happens at random.10:46
witek23ok, thanks for help.10:47
ja1Also, I dont get no sound. Maybe some kernel options for my soundcard aswell.10:47
=== Navy is now known as JII
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: yeah but there are like 4-5 different choices in Synaptic...how do i know which one i choose?10:47
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: and you need to add your user to the vboxusers group10:47
IntuitiveNippleja1: No... that'll be just a matter of configuring the correct module for the hardware, using /etc/modprobe.d/options (when you've found the correct options of course!)10:48
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: virtualbox-ose module for linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic10:48
ikoniaja1: I'll say again - you don't need to compile the kernel10:48
TMD-DubbedI just installed  ubuntu along side of windows and i get to the login screen and log in and i hear the music but then it goes back to the log in screen.10:48
ikoniaja1: you don't need to "specify" hardware, it's modular10:48
CorpseFeederIf I left-click and drag I can draw a box and select icons,  but if I single or double click on an icon, nothing happens.10:48
ja1IntuitiveNipple: Finding the options will take some research...10:49
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: sorry, you need the newest10:49
ja1ikonia: Ok.10:49
IntuitiveNippleja1: And your point is...? *grin*10:49
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: virtualbox-ose module for linux-image-2.6.24-20-generic10:49
CorpseFeederright-click continues to work, but it only behaves as though I am clicking on a blank area of desktop....10:49
=== Navy is now known as Jii_1
CorpseFeederhas anyone experience with this bug?10:49
ja1IntuitiveNipple: Hehe, *I got puppy eyes*10:49
ljsoftnetTMD-Dubbed, do you have the correct username and password?10:49
ActionParsnipCorpseFeeder: are you running compiz?10:49
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: ok...installing right now...how about that add my user to the vboxusers group? what do u mean?10:50
TMD-Dubbed~ ljsoftnet ~ yes10:50
AnscombeDo you guys provide support for like my VPS.. being ubuntu? o_O10:50
ja1IntuitiveNipple: I try to sort it myself, np.10:50
AnscombeI'm mearly after help with getting sendmail or postfix working.10:50
CorpseFeederActionParsnip: no. I am running hardy on a laptop, no compiz or desktop effects.10:50
ikoniaAnscombe sure10:50
Hexusis there a terminal command to list your kernel ver?10:50
ikoniaHexus: uname -a10:50
AnscombeOkay, hold on I'll redo what i did and pastebin my outcome.10:50
=== The_Compiler is now known as The-Compiler
TMD-Dubbed~ ljsoftnet ~ it acts like it's loading and then goes back to the login10:51
ikoniaHexus: uname -r to be specific and "fussy" about it10:51
ActionParsnipCorpseFeeder: strange, ive seen mouse clicks vanish in compiz, does it happen for other users?10:51
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: under administration menu, open users und groups, unlock, and manage groups and add your user to the vboxusers10:51
CorpseFeederActionParsnip: I can click the left button and drag to draw a box around multiple icons to select them that way, so the button is obviously not broken.. but if I try to single or double-click anything it is as if there is no icon there.10:52
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: press properties and check your name10:52
IntuitiveNippleCorpseFeeder: Yes, it is caused when an applicatoin has grabbed mouse focus but you've moved away or it got confused before releasing it... sometimes random actions clears it but figure those out is... random :)10:52
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: ok and what about the /root?10:53
HeLLzSpaWnleave that as is?10:53
ja1ikonia: Should I prefere to keep stuff as modules instead of compiling them into the kernel? I always used to compile the stuff I need into the kernel, so thats pretty much an answer why I want to fiddle. In previous kernels I had less problems with stuff by compiling in kernel. Maybe that has changed. (Im not upto date)10:53
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: yes leave as is10:53
ja1mct_u232 up and running! Thanks.10:53
ikoniaja1 leave it as modular, don't recompile your kernel, let ubuntu people with more time and skill do it for you10:53
CorpseFeederIntuitiveNipple: I was thinking that too.. but it seems to happen at random and I can't identify what app is doing it. The only way I've found to fix it is to reboot the computer :(10:53
IntuitiveNippleja1: Ubuntu is modular, if you want to know the exact kernel config look in /boot/config*  files - those are the options each kernel version used when building10:54
ja1ikonia: If I dont fiddle, I get no skill. I got time.10:54
ja1as do you10:54
ActionParsnipCorpseFeeder: no idea man, websearching is proving fairly fruitless so far10:54
ikoniaja1: just be aware you'll lose support if you build your own kernel10:54
ja1ikonia: I never had support for my previous linux systems.10:54
ikoniaja1: yet your in here asking for support.10:55
IntuitiveNippleCorpseFeeder: I had it happen some time ago, can't remember now what app it was, but it turned out to be the way I was interacting with it... me being too fast, or it getting hung up on doing something when it ought to have been detecting the release the action10:55
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: synaptic wont let me install virtualbox-ose module for linux-image-2.6.24-20-generic10:55
ikonia!customkernel | ja110:55
ubottuja1: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages10:55
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: says Depends: linux-image-2.6.24-20-generic  but it is not installable10:55
ja1IntuitiveNipple: Ah, thats why I didnt find /proc/config.gz, they have changed it.10:55
ikoniaja1: no they havn't10:55
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: well, it used to work for me10:56
ja1ikonia: Then I have to recompile my kernel to get /proc/config.gz10:56
ikoniaja1: no-one has changed anything10:56
HeLLzSpaWnshould i try a different one? 19?10:56
danhello, i am having problems shutting down hardy. it just shows the word ubuntu -10:56
ikoniaja1: thats right yes10:56
Monkhey everyone! Is there anyone that can help me with my SiS graphic card drivers?10:56
ikoniaja1: although as you have the going in /boot - that seems a pointless task10:56
ja1ikonia: I hope they have changed ALOT since 2.4.x. Thats why I upgraded :D10:56
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: yes, try that10:57
AnscombeWhat's easier to set up, sendmail or postfix?10:57
CorpseFeederI think my fiance might have intuitive nipples.. they seem to know intuitively when to go erect....10:57
CorpseFeederer... did I say that in channel?10:57
* IntuitiveNipple didn't see a thing *blinks*10:57
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: hmm...it did allow me to select it and hit apply...it's downloading now :| weird lol10:57
CorpseFeederThink I'd better go....10:57
ja1ikonia: Whats up? You hang out here to help people do what they want, right? Then you tell them to go screw themself and that they DONT should do what they want? Im confused.10:57
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: well, your kernel is probably .19 and not .2010:58
HeLLzSpaWnso after that finishes downloading/installing i should be able to boot up the VM with xp?10:58
ikoniaja1 I told no-one to screw themselves, I'm just trying to make you aware of some info, your free to do what you wish of course10:58
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: yes10:58
IntuitiveNippleja1: You should know the Linux world, you have to bring along your own motivation :)10:58
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: alright. Thanks man :)10:59
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: you are welcome10:59
ja1ikonia: Sorry for being harsh. Thanks for the help.10:59
Monkno one?10:59
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: hope that solves your problem10:59
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: bring your own exasperation in Windows ;)10:59
dananyone who knows why ubuntu hardy wont shutdown properly?10:59
IntuitiveNippleja1: Ikonia has had experience of people out of their depth then asking for help, and causing headaches for the people here that are willing to try and help, to the frustration of all concerned10:59
ActionParsnipdan: what happens when you try10:59
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: I thought that's what Microsoft charged for, in part? :p11:00
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: you wish11:00
ActionParsnipIntuitiveNipple: ;)11:00
IntuitiveNippleActionParsnip: Every night, and my dreams come true :D11:00
danit just shows a black screen with the word "ubuntu"11:00
ActionParsnipdan: in a graphic or justthe word?11:01
Monkanyone knows how to figure out which graphic card i have and how to get the drivers?11:01
danActionParsnip: just the word11:01
ActionParsnipMonk: lspci11:01
IntuitiveNippledan: Try starting the PC with the boot options "quiet splash" removed, then when it shuts down you might see some clues (although there aren't many shutdown log messages compared to start-up)11:01
masmotai have a simple ( i think ) question:  i keep getting a folder called "file:" in my home directory.  it gets recreated when i delete it, anyone know whats causing it? (/home/masmota/file:/home/masmota/Desktop) (empty)11:02
ActionParsnipdan: does it drop to a dos style logon screen11:02
IntuitiveNippledan: Also, you can look at /var/log/kern.log and check the logged messages from the last time the system shutdown11:02
Strang3rhi guys11:02
Strang3rjust wanted to ask u11:02
ActionParsnipdan: id go with IntuitiveNipple's suggestion so you can see whats going on11:02
danIntuitiveNipple: ok11:02
Strang3rhow can i get to the rc file of conky11:02
Strang3rwhat was the terminal command ?11:02
ActionParsnipdan: does sudo shutdown -r now work11:02
danActionParsnip: i will try. thanks guys11:02
IntuitiveNipplemasmota: That looks like you've got a program set to save to a file and it has been given a URL-style file:// prefix11:03
MonkActionParsnip: it says VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter. are there drivers?11:03
ActionParsnipStrang3r: theres a few here11:03
ActionParsnipStrang3r: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28186511:03
ja1IntuitiveNipple, ikonia: I will repay your help by learning and helping others. So I guess I go recompile my kernel, loose the support, then come back to give support. (Probably I'll be back trying to get support inbetween :) Its faster to ask and get some directions than to have to try everything on your own. Keep the motivation up!11:03
ActionParsnipMonk: then you need to find how to get that working in ububtu11:03
masmotathanks, deluge is probly the culprit haha11:03
ushimitsudokiStrang3r: It is probably  at ~/.conkyrc .... use whatever text editor you like to edit it11:03
ActionParsnipStrang3r: there is a stock one someplace you can copy but make sure its in ~/.conkyrc11:04
Strang3rbut what was the comant11:04
Strang3rgedit /home/conkyrc11:04
MonkActionParsnip: the thing is i can't get any theme working properly neither cairo dock. I could do it on windows though!11:04
Strang3rthat`s what I`m asking :)11:04
ActionParsnipMonk: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-347451.html11:04
Strang3ri`m new with the linux11:05
ushimitsudokiStrang3r: gedit ~/.conkyrc11:05
TMD-Dubbedwhen i log in to ubuntu, it starts loading and i hear the music then the screen goes black and goes back to the login screen, but in the lower hand corner it says my user name and //destop and time.11:05
Strang3rthanks x)11:05
ActionParsnipMonk: windows is seperate to ubuntu, dont think about windows in ubuntu11:05
ushimitsudokiStrang3r: don't forget the period at the start of the filename ... you'll see that a lot!11:05
ActionParsnipMonk: looks like you simply need gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:05
ActionParsnipMonk: then add the line Driver "sis: to your "Configured Display Adapter: section11:06
MonkActionParsnip: yeah, you're right. what's that? i am relatively new on ubuntu11:06
ActionParsnipMonk: xorg.conf configures a lot, if you read that post i gave, and scroll down to Identifier"Generic Video Card" you will see how you need to make yours look11:07
MonkActionParsnip: ok, i'm gonna try it!11:08
ActionParsnipMonk: if you botch it up you can always boot to recovery mode and repair the file11:08
Arneydoes this have to do with ubuntu? http://www.ihateyoujulia.com/?id=be1242c0ad6bfd963b23fc9437c2dfb911:08
MonkActionParsnip: thanks!11:08
TMD-Dubbedwhen i log in to ubuntu, it starts loading and i hear the music then the screen goes black and goes back to the login screen, but in the lower hand corner it says my user name and //destop and time.11:09
Anscombehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix "Insert the following details when asked (replacing server1.example.com with your domain name if you have one): " - would that just be like zunix.org - or do i need to make a directory "server1" o_O11:10
AdvoWorkhi there,having a few problems, ive got virtualbox setup and now have a vm, ive got something running on the vm on port 80. on the vm i can connect by doing http://ip but how can i do this so i can access that same ip from another pc?11:11
TMD-Dubbedwhen i log in to ubuntu, it starts loading and i hear the music then the screen goes black and goes back to the login screen, but in the lower hand corner it says my user name and //destop and time.11:12
MonkActionParsnip: Where can i pastemy xorg.conf file so you can see it? I can't find the configured display adapter.11:13
IamSOGI am installing Xubuntu again but this time I have multi partition, now it said "If yuo do not go back to the partitioning menu and assign a mount point from there, this partition will not be used at all.... but can I still mount it later ? anyone know ?11:13
ActionParsnip!paste | Monk11:13
ubottuMonk: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:13
ActionParsnipIamSOG: you can mount any partition yu can see in fdisk11:14
ActionParsnipIamSOG: you can mount them at boot by editing /etc/fstab11:14
MonkActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/50433/11:15
ActionParsnipMonk: line 41 in pastebin11:15
smm289any idea how to make XP running in VirtualBox recognize my SD card when I insert it into the reader.  Right now Hardy notices it but XP has no clue11:15
IamSOGyeah, but I don't want them to mount right now, all I can choose now is /boot /home  /tmp  /usr  /car   /srv11:15
ActionParsnipIamSOG: you could get away with / and /home if you want11:16
MartinCzHi. What is the difference between (Ubuntu to which I install KDE) and (Kubuntu) ? Thank you.11:16
ActionParsnipand you'll need /swp11:16
MonkActionParsnip: and if i type driver "sis" it will work?11:16
IamSOGI tried, it can't have more than one  /   it said it's for the root files11:16
TMD-Dubbedwhen i log in to ubuntu, it starts loading and i hear the music then the screen goes black and goes back to the login screen, but in the lower hand corner it says my user name and //destop and time.11:16
hsv4lyfhey there everyone, I have just installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and I downloaded the drivers I need for my Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter from there website and it is in tar.gz format, how do i go about installing this driver?11:17
ActionParsnipMonk: yuo'll need to add a line to it, yes you may need to add those resolutions in the website which are in the screen section, but id try without first11:17
IamSOGActionParsnip  Do I will be able to still mount it after the installation?11:17
atlef!tar.gz | hsv4lyf:11:17
ubottuhsv4lyf:: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression11:17
ActionParsnipMartinCz: ubuntu has a tonne of gnome stuff, if you intend to use kde, you can uninstall the gnome stuff but it doesnt make sense to download both lots of data, id just download kubuntu11:17
ljsoftnethow do you edit gtk files?11:17
ActionParsnipIamSOG: yes yu can mount any partitions you have to wherever you please11:18
ActionParsnipIamSOG: well, not in /proc11:18
hsv4lyfok thanks for that, i will go read up on it :)11:18
HeLLzSpaWni'm having problems with virtualbox...it wont let me start a winxp virtual machine and gives me the following error: VirtualBox kernel driver not installed. The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason. Please install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel, e.g. virtualbox-ose-modules-generic.. VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).11:18
IamSOGOh, ok, thakns ActionParsnip guess I can leave it "do not mount" for now11:18
declineHi. My gwd min/max/close buttons are missing when using Compiz! When using only Metacity, it all works normal... this happened after upgrading to intrepid...11:18
ActionParsnipIamSOG: try it, you can always boot to live cd if it goes funny11:19
airtonixhsv4lyf, this page may be of some use to you : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:19
MonkActionParsnip: ok i've done it! now what? nothing happened xD11:19
ActionParsnip!compiz | decline11:19
ubottudecline: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion11:19
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: it still wont work even with that package downloaded11:19
ActionParsnipMonk: save the file, close the file then reboot11:19
smm289HellzSpawn see my PM11:19
MonkAction Parsnip: Oh, ok! thanks11:19
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: hmm, then i do not know11:20
* TMD-Dubbed thinks he should just stay with stupid windows and bill gates11:20
TMD-Dubbed[05:12:58]am TMD-Chreya is Offline, so please try to request the pack later.11:20
TMD-DubbedTMD-Chreya No such nick/channel11:20
TMD-Dubbed[05:13:01]am TMD-Chreya is Offline, so please try to request the pack later.11:20
TMD-DubbedTMD-Chreya No such nick/channel11:20
TMD-Dubbed[05:13:05]am TMD-Chreya is Offline, so please try to request the pack later.11:20
FloodBot1TMD-Dubbed: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: you could try the closed source version11:20
TMD-Dubbed[05:12:58]am TMD-Chreya is Offline, so please try to request the pack later.11:20
TMD-DubbedTMD-Chreya No such nick/channel11:20
TMD-Dubbed[05:13:01]am TMD-Chreya is Offline, so please try to request the pack later.11:20
TMD-DubbedTMD-Chreya No such nick/channel11:20
TMD-Dubbed[05:13:05]am TMD-Chreya is Offline, so please try to request the pack later.11:20
FloodBot1TMD-Dubbed: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads11:21
HeLLzSpaWnatlef: how do i install that one? dunno how to install anything in linux if its not through synaptic:P11:21
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: its a deb package, so you will get the choise to open it when you press download11:22
airtonixHeLLzSpaWn, there is no need to download the files atlef is suggesting, merely follow the advice the pormpt gave you : sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-modules-generi11:22
airtonixHeLLzSpaWn, sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-modules-generic11:22
smm289HeLLzSpaWn in synaptic I beleive you just have to grab the ose-guest-module-generic 24.0611:23
SmegzorI have a lot of packages for the game Wesnoth that are being held back and I don't know how to get rid of them/cancel them.  They got there because I ran an installer from playdeb.org.  How do I get rid of them?11:23
HeLLzSpaWnlet me do what airtonix is saying11:23
atlefairtonix: he tried that, but it did not seem to work11:23
smm289ok, also when your done doing that, you need to add yourself to the virtualbox user group11:23
airtonixHeLLzSpaWn, you may also benefit from reading the pages on help.ubuntu.com/community11:23
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: oh, you need to restart11:23
hsv4lyfokay i have worked out how to decompress the gz file11:23
atlefHeLLzSpaWn: forgot to mention that11:24
HeLLzSpaWnah...i didnt restart:P11:24
MonkActionParsnip: done! now what?11:24
HeLLzSpaWnlet me see if that fixes it before doing anything else11:24
hsv4lyfhow do I install the driver?11:24
airtonixhsv4lyf, if you search google for "ubuntu Atheros AR5007EG" you will find a guide on how to deal with your drivers...although the page is for fesity you still may gain some idea about what to do11:24
airtonixhsv4lyf, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51282811:24
hsv4lyfsorry didnt mean to say that11:25
airtonixHeLLzSpaWn, all modifications to kernel and its modules require a restart. as those files are only re-read into memory at boot time11:25
hsv4lyfty airtonix11:25
airtonixhsv4lyf, never underestimate the experiences of past users at the ubuntuforums :)11:26
HeLLzSpaWnairtonix: yeah i just thought it would work from the get go...now i know anything that deals with the kernel needs a reboot..thanx for the heads up...i'll reboot now and see if it works11:27
dandexIs there any way to change a running process limits (something like plimit in solaris=?11:27
ActionParsnipMonk: so yo rebooted round?11:28
MonkActionParsnip: yeah, i rebooted11:28
IntuitiveNippledandex: Is ulimit what you're after?11:29
ActionParsnipMonk: ok do you have a better res?11:30
airtonixi have a problem with font rendering using compiz & avant-window-navigator, screenshot to show the situation : http://i36.tinypic.com/1zl4roh.png any idea why the font is having a black sqaure bordering each letter?11:31
Aspin65100where is the gnome slab menu gone?11:31
dandexIntuitiveNipple: ulimit shows/sets only fo the current shell11:31
Arneyi wanna do a site like this -> http://www.ihateyoujulia.com/?id=be1242c0ad6bfd963b23fc9437c2dfb9 is this php or something?11:31
dandexI need to change a running process limits, without restarting11:31
Aspin65100no, thats spam11:32
=== chilli0_ is now known as chilli0
ushimitsudokiAny ops for this guy Arney?11:32
IntuitiveNippledandex: yeah, I was trying to figure out what limits you wanted to change :) Mostly it has to be done via /etc/security/limits.conf - I have read about adjusting run-time limits but it was a long while ago, and I can't remember if it was implemented or not11:33
ActionParsnipdandex: limits in what way?11:33
Arneyim sory is it in the wrong place? im serious i want to dupe this11:33
IntuitiveNippledandex: I presume you've got a run-away process?11:33
dandexI have to raise mysql max file descriptors11:33
ushimitsudokiArney: Seriously? You are way off-topic here. Go somewhere else.11:33
IntuitiveNippledandex: Ahhh11:33
Arneywhoa #php is awosome11:34
dandexI guess /proc/<pid>/limits is readonly, isn't it11:35
MonkActionParsnip: The res was already good (1024x768) my laptop can't handle any higher resolutions. But i still can't turn the visual effects on (the normal ones) and my cairo dock has a huge black outline11:35
ActionParsnipMonk: glxinfo | grep direct11:36
ActionParsnipMonk: do yuo have direct rendering?11:36
IntuitiveNippledandex: You'd also need to modify some settings in  /etc/pam.d/11:36
zimnyxapt-cache policy postgresql-8.3 says that two versions are available: 8.3.3 and 8.3.1. The newer is installed by default, how can I install older 8.3.1 ?11:37
MrD1Hello to every one and a good afternoon to you all. Ok lets see does any one know a good web site with photos and step by step guide to backing up ubuntu, ive been searching google, but the results always seem to turn up with installing ubuntu.Thanks in advance.11:38
hsv4lyfi read the topic on the Atheros AR700EG Wireless Network Adapter and i dont have internet access on my linux computer to run this command11:38
hsv4lyfsudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential11:38
atlefMrD1: clonezilla11:39
litelHi i'm searching for an music maker software to make some little electronic music, nothing serious just for fun :)11:39
MonkActionParsnip: No =/11:39
MrD1atlef, Thank you very much11:39
ActionParsnipMonk: bah, ok try adding the resolutions to your screen section11:40
Zergiuafter an OS update do I have to reinstall drivers?11:40
jribhsv4lyf: build-essential is on the cd.  Not sure about linux-headers-$(uname -r), but they may be as well11:40
ushimitsudokilitel: maybe LMMS? http://lmms.sourceforge.net/11:40
MonkActionParsnip: hmm?11:40
hsv4lyfis there a way i can download kernel headers and the build essential package onto my computer with windows computer and transfer to cd then install onto my linux computer?11:41
ActionParsnipMonk: the link i gave you, check it out. it has extra bits in the screensection which may help,11:41
ActionParsnipMonk: the nvidia driver needs resolution as well as refresh rates setting before it jumps to life11:41
ActionParsnipMonk: as an example11:41
jribhsv4lyf: did you see what I said?11:42
bastid_raZorZergiu; for video drivers? if you did not install them from apt-get or by the restricted manager then yes, after a kernel update.11:42
MonkActionParsnip: I see it. So I should paste that section into my xorg.conf11:43
Bigmack83how do i fond out where a program is installed?11:43
jribhsv4lyf: Your other option is to use synapitc, mark the packages you want for installation and then go to File -> Generate Download Script11:43
ActionParsnipMonk: yeah, well those lines about resolutions etc11:43
jribBigmack83: dpkg -L PACKAGE      but why?11:43
airtonixall: i found the reason, my issue was with font-subpixel-rendering, I needed to change it from full to medium and possibly also change the vrgb order...fonts render properly now11:44
Bigmack83jrib, iinstalled gallery2 for a site and it wants to know where the binary for dcraw is.11:44
hsv4lyfok then will try it out11:45
jribBigmack83: did you install the dcraw package?11:45
IntuitiveNippledandex: Will sysctl help you?11:45
hsv4lyfsynapitc should already be installed in linux shouldn't it11:45
jribhsv4lyf: System -> Administration -> Synaptic.  I would try my first suggestion to you about using the cd though as that would be easier11:46
hsv4lyfokay then, thankyou very much for your help jrib11:46
MonkActionParsnip: whats the command for xorg.conf again? sorry =p11:46
lesshasteis it possible to read a pdf ebook in linux somehow? All I see when I try to click on the relevant link is the offer to download a text file called ebx.etd11:46
=== lipsinV1 is now known as lipsin
ActionParsnipMonk: press your up cursor11:47
ActionParsnipMonk: ;)11:47
ushimitsudokilesshaste: there are lots of pdf viewers, but evince should be on your system by default and should open a PDf as expected11:47
ActionParsnipMonk: press it a few times11:47
ActionParsnipMonk: you'll see the command11:47
HeLLzSpaWnthe restart didn't work guys...virtualbox still asks for the same thing...and now i got an extra choice in the grub menu (which i would like to get rid of if possible)11:47
MonkActionParsnip: Cool!11:48
Le-Chuck_ITAHi all, I am running tracker and I see I can tag things. But how do I list only items with these tags?11:48
Le-Chuck_ITAI mean in a gui11:48
ActionParsnipMonk: yuo can also show them all by typing history11:48
lesshasteushimitsudoki, it seems it can't cope with the drm11:48
IntuitiveNippleLe-Chuck_ITA: do you have the tracker gnome-applet in the notification area?11:49
lesshasteushimitsudoki, I can give you the link if you like11:49
ushimitsudokilesshaste: ah, srry don't use drm-stuff so can't help there11:49
lesshasteushimitsudoki, hmm.. seems the answer is basically no without wine http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/ebx-40-bits-encrypted-pdfs-in-linux-404089/  :(11:49
IntuitiveNippleLe-Chuck_ITA: Does the right-click then Search help you with that?11:49
tyberionhello there11:49
jribHeLLzSpaWn: you should restate your problem for those of us who just joined11:49
tyberionHow can I make dircolors to use my ~/.dircolors file for gnome-terminal :// dircolors -b ~/.dircolors wont do :|11:50
Le-Chuck_ITAIntuitiveNipple: (sorry I pressed enter by mistake) no it doesn't: I want to list only files that have a certain tag11:50
IntuitiveNippleLe-Chuck_ITA: Ahhh, the filter doesn't look that fab but I don't use it myself. That's the only GUI I'm aware of, but you might find mention of something more sophisticated at the trackerd web-site11:51
jribtyberion: did you edit ~/.bashrc?11:51
HeLLzSpaWnjrib: i'm trying to get virtualbox working within linux mint 5 (elyssa) but it asks me for virtualbox-ose-modules..so i tried through synaptic and it seems either i downloaded the wrong one or i dunno :S11:51
lockele-chuck heh11:51
lockeI'm Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate!11:51
MonkActionParsnip: Is this ok? http://paste.ubuntu.com/50438/11:51
tyberionjrib, think so.. a bit..if [ "$TERM" != "dumb" ] && [ -x /usr/bin/dircolors ]; then eval `/usr/bin/dircolors -b ~/.dircolors` alias ls='ls --color=auto'11:52
ActionParsnipHeLLzSpaWn: is your user part of the vbox group?11:52
mgHi! How do I change the creation time of a directory?11:52
Le-Chuck_ITAlocke: I will eat you like chocolate11:52
ActionParsnipMonk: looks fine11:52
HeLLzSpaWnActionParsnip: yeah another guy here told me to do that and how to do it11:52
lockeLe-Chuck_ITA, how appropriate, you fight like a cow!11:52
ActionParsnipMonk: save, close, reboot11:52
IntuitiveNippleLe-Chuck_ITA: On that site is says there are 'other tracker clients' listed on the Documentation page: http://www.gnome.org/projects/tracker/documentation.html11:52
jribHeLLzSpaWn: #linuxmint for linux mint support11:52
izikei have upgraded to 8.10 but then fglrx doesnt work, is there any way i can come back to 8.04?11:53
Le-Chuck_ITAIntuitiveNipple: yes I am now downloading the dependencies to paperbox11:53
ikoniaizike: not really, sorry11:53
HeLLzSpaWnjrib: ah ok...thanx11:53
Le-Chuck_ITAhowever I can already list my files with the command-line tracker-tag, just this doesn't let me browse tags visually11:53
IntuitiveNippleLe-Chuck_ITA: "Paperbox" sounds like it might be what you need11:53
jribtyberion: see if it works without the conditionals11:53
izikeikonia:what about a way to get fglrx to work some how?11:53
lockeLe-Chuck_ITA, i admire your taste in games11:53
IntuitiveNippleLe-Chuck_ITA: hahah - snap11:53
tyberionjrib: well shouldnt I be able to load dircolors in gnome-terminal easily?11:53
ikoniaizike: well 8.10 support is in #ubuntu+1 but keep in mind it's in beta mode, lots break11:53
Le-Chuck_ITAlocke: well, I have not been playing for years but MI was one of my favourites11:54
lockeLe-Chuck_ITA, yeah me too, I don't really have time for games these days11:54
buzukiI search e rar password cracker for linux11:54
buzukiplease help me11:54
lockeLe-Chuck_ITA, i assume you also played grim fandango?11:54
lockeis there a way to get an onscreen keyboard in ubuntu 8.04?11:55
SmegzorWill the latest gnome 2.24 be released for Hardy?  I have backports enabled but not proposed.11:55
lockelike without downloading anything?11:55
lockeor i guess even with downloading and installing something11:55
ikoniabuzuki: why do you need a password cracker ?11:55
ikoniaSmegzor: I can't see it, at least for a long time11:56
IntuitiveNippleSmegzor: Unlikely I think11:56
lockei spilled beer all in my keyboard and fried it, but i really needed to be able to type, and couldn't get another keyboard for a few days until just today11:56
ikoniaSmegzor: as in I can't see it happening11:56
SmegzorWhat about Intrepid?11:56
lockei figured out how to type by copying single characters by highlighting and pasting with the middle mouse button11:56
lockebut i couldn't hit enter to send (at least in IRC)11:56
lockei could go to urls with the button in firefox11:56
Le-Chuck_ITAlocke: yes but never finished it, my girlfriend did, though11:56
jribtyberion: what does just 'dircolors -b ~/.dircolors' return?11:56
HeLLzSpaWnjrib: that channel is dead :S nobody talking and theres only 10 people lol11:57
lockebut if i would have ended up logging out or the power got cut and it rebooted i wouldnt have been able to log in11:57
ActionParsniplocke: you can use virtual keyboards11:57
lockeActionParsnip, how?11:57
ikoniaSmegzor already in intreipd11:57
IntuitiveNippleSmegzor: Intrepid is aiming for 2.24 - many gnome packages in the repos are already 2.2411:57
mick02Anyone have any problems shutting down Ubuntu? My PC will start shutting down but will hang with the progress bar nearly complete11:57
lockeLe-Chuck_ITA, that was a great game too.. but yeah MI 1 and 2 were my favorites by far11:57
ikonia!offtopic | locke11:57
Le-Chuck_ITAyes ok ok11:57
ikoniaooh ubottu is dead11:57
lockeyeah i know..11:58
Felix_KrullIt appears that my fstab is messed-up. Somehow UUID for cd/dvd is lost and I cannot have automount for it and for the sd-card. Critical line is now: /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       011:58
lockebut anyways i do want to know about this 'virtual keyboard'11:58
tyberionjrib: syntax@nutshell:~$ dircolors -b ~/.dircolors11:58
Felix_KrullCan anyone help me?11:58
lockei'm worried if i break my keyboard again11:58
tyberionexport LS_COLORS11:58
Le-Chuck_ITAlocke: which virtual keyboard? music or just keys?11:58
lockei have homework i have to do that i can't say my keyboard broke to get out of :P11:58
jribHeLLzSpaWn: linuxmint.com should have other support options.  This isn't the right place11:58
lockeLe-Chuck_ITA, an onscreen keyboard i can use with the mouse11:58
tyberionbut those are different from when I simply type dircolors afterwards... :/ it just wont use them11:58
lockelike in win, the onscreen keyboard11:58
Le-Chuck_ITAthere is one in gnome11:58
lockeis there some sort of built in one?11:59
lockei couldn't figure out how to do it11:59
Le-Chuck_ITAand another one is in "cellwriter" which has a deb package (google for it)11:59
jribtyberion: and so this doesn't work?:  eval `dircolors -b ~/.dircolors`11:59
HSNewshow to extract bz2 archive?11:59
Zirodaylocke: look under the assistive technologies option in System > Preferences > Assistive11:59
lockeand had no keyboard to figure it out11:59
jribHSNews: double click on it11:59
HSNewsin terminal11:59
Le-Chuck_ITAlocke: sudo apt-get install gok11:59
jribHSNews: bunzip211:59
lockeZiroday, i found that, but couldn't find anything in there11:59
lockegok huh, i'll try it11:59
lockethere was no way i could have installed that while my keyboard was dead though12:00
lockecouldn't type my password12:00
lockei could have typed the command itself by copy-pasting individual characters, but couldn't have pressed enter :P12:00
Ziroday!enter | locke12:01
tyberionjrib: well still, the values arent the same as in my .dircolors file12:01
lockemaybe if i could have figured out how to get the alt+f2 dialog up without a keyboard12:01
lockeit really was a dilemma :P12:01
lockeno ubottu12:01
Zirodaylocke: stop using enter as punctuation please.12:01
ikoniaFelix_Krull: saying "anyone" is pointless, if someone didn't see the question "anyone" won't tell them what it is, if someone doesn't know the answer saying "anyone" won't make them know the answer12:02
jribtyberion: were the values right before?  When you saw the output?12:02
lockeZiroday, i thought you had something to say about how to press enter without a keyboard :P lol12:02
tyberionjrib: yep..12:02
IntuitiveNipplelocke: right-click panel, Add to Panel... choose "Run Application" applet12:02
jribtyberion: how are you testing the values?12:03
crimpsonHey, im on remote desktop atm, how can i return to ubuntu?12:03
crimpsonGNOME RDP12:03
Felix_Krullikonia: Thanks for clearing me this out. However, do apologize me, I am a bit frustrated...12:03
lockeIntuitiveNipple, oh yeah, nice tip!  le-chuck, how do i run gok from a menu?12:03
lockewhat does it appear in?12:03
tyberionjrib: well entering dircolors shows up the current configuration ?12:04
jribtyberion: no.  echo $LS_COLORS12:04
xompFelix_Krull, -apologize +forgive12:04
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
tyberionjrib omg it worx...      .. whats that dircolors command without any arguments doing then?12:05
IntuitiveNipplelocke: There is a way to do the password without keys :)12:06
jribtyberion: giving you the default from the database12:06
DIFH-iceroothow can i make the prompt (root@host) red, if i am root? like suse does if i am root in the shell12:06
Felix_Krullxomp: Yes, you see, I became illiterate/speechless... So frustrated...12:06
crimpsonwhat is the right key to return to linux when you are in Gnome RDP?12:06
lockegok doesn't seem to let me do anything, i see no keyboard no matter what button i press12:06
jribDIFH-iceroot: google: bash color prompt12:06
IntuitiveNipplelocke: A bit contrived but... find the characters and copy/paste them into a text doc then copy them to clipboard and paste to prompt box12:06
xomplol Felix_Krull it's understandable with ubuntu :P12:07
lockeIntuitiveNipple, i tried that, but the enter (crlf) char just shows up as a little box with numbers in it (at least in xchat)12:07
tyberionjrib alright thanx=)12:07
jribtyberion: no problem12:07
lobnerHello all. If I change my password with the users and groups thingy, why does the password for my keyring not change?12:07
tyberioneval `/usr/bin/dircolors -b ~/.dircolors` in .bashrc without any if statements12:07
Felix_Krullxomp: Well, I like it quite much, but what would you recommend? Windows?12:07
IntuitiveNipplelocke: Couldn't you click the OK button in the gksu/gksudo dialog?12:07
tyberionshould be fine then , right jrib  ?12:08
lobnerAnd can anybody help me change it?12:08
jribtyberion: yeah12:08
lobnerOr point me to where I could read about it/12:08
lockeIntuitiveNipple, i didn't have any dialog when i didn't have a keyboard, but in gok, i tried all the buttons but not a single one brought up an onscreen keyboared12:08
jribtyberion: you can put the if statements in there.  I just suggested removing them for testing12:08
lockeof course, i only just installed that and couldn't have installed it back when i didn't have a working keyboard anyways12:08
xompFelix_Krull, I recommend linux, but sometimes support can be a bit slow, especially for easy issues lol. Most people assume you've done no research and refuse to answer an easy question because they feel you should know the answer.12:09
lockexomp, i've found that in ubuntu, people are far more willing to answer beginner questions than in other distros12:09
bazhanglocke, what is the issue12:09
marvxxxi have the problem with a share i mounted (its on a samba server and i try it with a linux samba client) that i cant transfer the files of a directory in a directory. i can create files and directorys. and transfer files...but not directorys. when i try root it works even with the directorys. i mounted the samba share with uid and gid option.12:09
ghaleb__hello, how can I monitor a graph for server load and network traffic ?12:09
HewIf my sound is in use by some application, how do I find out which app it is?12:10
lockebazhang, my keyboard was broken for a few days and i was trying to figure out how i could type (reasonably) with just the mouse, but didn't have anything installed to handle the issue as i hadn't anticipated it12:10
hateballI've installed OpenLDAP, and thought I'd verify connectivity. The service is running, but neither port 389 nor 636 is open. What's wrong?12:10
xomplocke, you are correct, given that you're willing to repeat it over 9000 times and wait some few hours :P12:10
IntuitiveNipplexomp: The key thing is, anyone providing support here is doing it out of kindess and a willingness to help, not because they are required to. They have done their own research and expect others to do so, too12:10
lockeso I'm trying to figure out how I would handle it if it happens again, so I can be ready in case12:10
Felix_Krullxomp: Do you know the answer to my problem? I just lost autostart for cd/dvd and sd. However, usb-memory is fine in that respect.12:11
lockeIntuitiveNipple, exactly, but most ubuntu users are much more friendly than users of all other distros i've been into in the past12:11
pho3nixI need help installing flashplayer 912:12
IntuitiveNipplelocke: Yes, that is a key differentiator I've found12:12
bazhanghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/x11/xvkbd locke12:12
Felix_Krullxomp: I look at here and there, without any success. Then, I start dig and thought that is might be in fstab. I do not know. Loosing ideas...12:12
Ziroday!flash > pho3nix12:12
ubottupho3nix, please see my private message12:12
IntuitiveNipplelocke: As long as the shared-support ethos continues it will be good - the problem will come if large numbers of users expect others to provide help and don't give anything back in return.12:12
lockebazhang, thanks, i'm gonna check it out right now12:13
IntuitiveNippleFelix_Krull: Is that happening after restarting the PC?12:13
hsv4lyfokay i found the build essential on the cd, when i went to install it i couldnt continue with the installation as i dont have a internet connection12:13
lockeIntuitiveNipple, absolutely, that's why I like to hang out in the channels and help with what I can, because others have done the same for me12:13
xompFelix_Krull, did the autorun for the cd/dvd work in the past for the cd/dvd? I have some cd/dvd's that have an autorun, but those are 99% windows autorun's :)12:13
IntuitiveNipplelocke: Yeah, it gets you that way :)12:14
Felix_KrullIntuitiveNipple: At the beginning, just after installing 8.40, everything was fine -- cd/dvd and sd autostarted in Nautilus. Than, just suddenly, they stop to behave nicely...12:14
lockeIntuitiveNipple, I can't help it, it would make me feel really bad to not give back at least something to the community..  even though I can be a moron sometimes, I still try to give something back12:15
bazhanglocke, IntuitiveNipple please continue chat elsewhere12:15
pho3nixScore! Ty ty!12:15
Felix_Krullxomp: As I just said...12:15
alexhqCould someone produce me a set of netflow v9 packets please (needed for testing purposes)?12:15
IntuitiveNippleFelix_Krull: usually, automounting stops working during a session due to problems with nautilus gnome-mount... logging out will often clear the issue, but sometimes user processes don't stop as expected so logging-in again the same ones are used and the issue continues.12:15
IntuitiveNipplebazhang: how to win friends and influence people, huh?12:16
hsv4lyfthere must be a way i can install the Atheros AR700EG Wireless Network Adapter from the driver I have already downloaded without a internet connection12:16
Ziroday!wifi | hsv4lyf12:17
ubottuhsv4lyf: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:17
IntuitiveNipplehsv4lyf: is the driver installer requiring a connection?12:17
neSSun0ocan anyone suggest a good alternative to network manager?12:17
OinsI'm looking for a free, good IMAP Provider. Can anyone give me a commendation?12:17
ZirodayneSSun0o: wifi-radar or wicd12:17
Felix_KrullIntuitiveNipple: So, what should be my best try?!?12:17
ZirodayOins: this is a support room, not a general chat room. Try in #ubuntu-offtopic12:17
hsv4lyfnope, the internet connection is needed for me to install build essential from the ubuntu cd12:17
neSSun0ois it in the repository?12:18
IntuitiveNippleFelix_Krull: First thing I'd do is set up a new user and log-in as that, and see if the problem still occurs. If not, then you know the issue is related to the user profile settings12:18
OinsZiroday:  oh yes, sorry12:18
IntuitiveNippleOins: gmail12:18
neSSun0oZiroday: will i find wicd in the repos?12:18
ZirodayneSSun0o: no, you have to get it from the developers repos.12:18
errycan u plz help me12:18
=== Greyhound is now known as Greyhound-
Zirodayerry: we need to know your issue12:19
Felix_KrullIntuitiveNipple: I did that -- made probe account but the problem remained exactly the same; even if I log as a root...12:19
erryAquarium wont work12:19
erryi mean12:19
neSSun0ohwo do i do that ziroday? im quite of a newbie12:19
erryit compiled ok12:19
errybut i enabled it and it disables itself12:19
bazhanghttp://wicd.sourceforge.net/ neSSun0o12:19
IntuitiveNippleFelix_Krull: ok, that at least rules out many issues12:19
OinsIntuitiveNipple:  thanks, but that provider is too "commercial" for me ;)12:19
Zirodaybazhang: thanks :)12:19
errycan u he;p me now12:20
neSSun0oalright thanks12:20
IntuitiveNippleOins: Well, you get what you (don't)  pay for12:20
Zahraadoes ubuntu 8.04 have compiz ?12:20
ZirodayZahraa: yes12:20
erryAm i invisible?12:20
bazhang!ccsm | Zahraa need this12:20
ubottuZahraa need this: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion12:20
erryCan you _HELP_ me?12:20
IntuitiveNippleFelix_Krull: Next thing I'd do is monitor the udev events whilst loading a CD12:20
erry>HELP< me plz12:20
erryHELP ME OR ELSE12:20
bazhangerry, dont use enter as punctuation12:20
IntuitiveNippleFelix_Krull: in a terminal, sudo udevmonitor --environment12:20
erryOh sorry12:20
errycan u help me12:20
erryor not?12:20
FloodBot1erry: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:20
Zirodayerry: try asking in #compiz-fusion12:20
IntuitiveNippleerry: You're beyond help I'm afraid :)12:21
jriberry: ask an actual question.  Annoying us makes it less likely we will help12:21
OinsIntuitiveNipple:  ok, that's although true12:21
Felix_KrullIntuitiveNipple: When I insert dvd nothing happens. I need to select cd/dvd in Places. However, udevmonitor is very, very quiet -- nothing is to be monitored.12:24
Hexushello.  Im getting an error while trying to mount a ntfs drive.  It says volume name not found.  Is there a way to use the device name instead?12:25
BuFFhow to make a screenshot of grub ?12:25
BuFFany ideas ?12:25
thenebHi all, trying to install ubuntu on a machine. After grub a flashing _ just appears12:25
thenebAny boottime options I can run ?12:25
ZirodayHexus: did you run exportfs -a after editing /etc/nfs/nfs.conf12:26
Zirodaytheneb: how old is this machine and how long did you wait?12:26
HexusZiroday: that wasnt in any instructions.  Dont even know what that does.12:26
hsv4lyfhow do i install build essential?12:27
thenebZiroday: it's an amd64 (first generation)12:27
ZirodayHexus: are you connecting to an nfs share you setup or someone else did?12:27
thenebZiroday: long enough12:27
jribhsv4lyf: with an internet connection?12:27
Ziroday!compile | hsv4lyf12:27
ubottuhsv4lyf: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)12:27
tarelerulzI have an nano black 8g and I mess up the phota database . I use gtkpod and The picture show up  ,but when I go to look at them I see nothing ,but black . Can anyone help me12:27
Zirodaytheneb: you can try acpi=off and noapic. However I would recommend waiting longer12:28
hsv4lyfnope i need it so i can install the driver to use my wireless internet connection12:28
HexusZiroday: its local.  I tried to mount it through the desktop but it said i had to force it.  when i tried to do that with the command it gave me in the terminal, it couldnt find the volume name of the drive.12:28
jribhsv4lyf: I gave you two methods before.  Did those not work?12:28
Zirodayhsv4lyf: you can install it with sudo apt-get install build-essential12:28
ActionParsnipyo yo yo12:29
knoppixIch habe ein Problem,12:29
ZirodayHexus: what was the command?12:29
hsv4lyfi found it on the ubuntu cd but it wont install without a internet connection12:29
jribhsv4lyf: did you put in your cd and add the cd to your repository list?12:29
coilhi how do i totally remove the config files for postfix and all the other smtp stuff12:29
jrib!who | hsv4lyf12:29
ubottuhsv4lyf: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:29
coiland reinstall the generic ones12:29
hsv4lyfwhats a repository list?12:29
ActionParsnip!aptoncd | hsv4lyf12:30
ubottuhsv4lyf: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers12:30
jribhsv4lyf: system -> administration -> software sources12:30
ZergiuHello , I have a sound problem and wana ask some questions.12:30
pho3nixI have a sound issue aswell12:30
jribcoil: purge the packages responsible for them12:30
coilapt-get purge?12:30
jribcoil: sure12:30
HexusZiroday:  sudo mount-t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1/media/SHIN DATA HEAVEN -o force12:30
thenebZiroday: I'll leave it running for 10 mins12:31
bakarat_hmm i think the asadmin script for glassfish 2 is slightly bugged in ubuntu 8.04.112:31
ActionParsnipHexus: you'll need some \s in there to handle the spaces12:31
unopHexus, you need to quote the mount point properly as the directory has spaces.12:31
Zirodaytheneb: you might also want to try the alternate installer if your computer is too old12:31
bakarat_where should i post an update on this?12:31
ZirodayHexus: that is a ntfs drive *not* a nfs share12:31
ActionParsnipZergiu: wassup with your sound man?12:31
Zirodaybakarat: file a bug report in launchpad12:32
adityagi have installed 8.04 ubuntu on my PC,is it possible to get the image of the same OS on a USB ?12:32
HexusZiroday:  how?  what does "\s" mean?  Yes, i know its not a share, volume name is just whats its called in windows.12:32
ActionParsnipZiroday: thats the command you need then12:32
unopsudo mount-t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 "/media/SHIN DATA HEAVEN" -o force12:32
ActionParsnipHexus: you cant have spaces without \. E.g. /dev/sdb1/media/SHIN\ DATA\ HEAVEN12:33
unopActionParsnip, you could quote the directory without escaping whitespace12:33
ActionParsnipunop: thats one way12:33
|MUSE|could someone tell me how this works; in the processes tab on system monitor the total processor usage added up is 7%, but in the resources tab, on the CPU history graph, I have 25% on each processor?12:33
unopActionParsnip, i think it's easier, cleaner too12:34
pho3nixMediaplayer and YouTube can't run at the same time on my system12:34
ActionParsnipunop: i use tab camplete which uses \s12:34
hsv4lyfactionparsnip, what is aptoncd12:34
adityagis it possible to copy the 8.04 ubuntu on my PC, to a PEN drive ?12:34
ZergiuActionParsnip I can't play music files , mesenger sound doesn't work , (but the introductive ubuntu song works , and youtube also)12:34
adityagand boot from the pen drive itself12:34
hsv4lyfActionParsnip, i am completly new to linux btw12:34
ActionParsnipZergiu: make sure each app is using the correct sound server12:35
pho3nixZergiu: Do you have an integrated soundcard?12:35
ActionParsniphsv4lyf: just add the cd as a repository then you can do offline installs12:35
AussieGuyis there an installation ISO I can download that has all the updates included?12:36
Ar_barHi. Who know polish chanel??12:36
Zergiupho3nix: yes I do12:36
jrib!pl | Ar_bar12:36
ubottuAr_bar: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl12:36
ActionParsnip!pl | Ar_bar12:36
HexusActionParsnip: Its just giving me the help list.12:36
pho3nixZergiu: then it's probably a Intel HDA one, right?12:36
Ar_barsee you12:36
hsv4lyfActionParsnip, ok no worries, also i already have build essential downloaded in a file on my linux desktop and extracted, i goto compile it and it comes up with error 2 at the end of it12:37
ActionParsnipAussieGuy: you could download the next release, but its just the same as downloading the updates for each app you have12:37
ActionParsniphsv4lyf: why not get the deb file for build-essential12:38
Zergiupho3nix: it's not integrated it's a genius 5.112:38
adityagi have installed 8.04 ubuntu on my PC,is it possible to get the image of the same OS on a USB(pen drive) ? and boot from the pen drive ??12:38
pho3nixKK. Check your soundsettings, make sure it's the one running. Also see if you have ALSA-mixer as primary driver12:39
hsv4lyfActionParsnip, where can I get the deb file for Ubuntu 8.04?12:39
hsv4lyfActionParsnip, and what will this do?12:39
|MUSE|in the 'processes' tab on 'system monitor' the total processor usage added up is 7%, but in the 'resources' tab, on the 'CPU history' graph, I have 25% on each processor? What is wrong there?12:39
Borman_что-то у меня какой-то бред на мониторе..12:40
Zergiupho3nix: ok , thanks for the help m812:40
pho3nixNow, does anyone know how I get YouTube and Amarok running at the same time?12:40
ActionParsniphsv4lyf: sudo apt-get upgrade-manager i thinkn it is, it will handle the upgrade for you12:40
AussieGuydoes 8.04 have all the security updates?12:40
|MUSE|pho3nix: do you mean the sound?12:40
jribhsv4lyf: you seem to just ignore what I tell you for some reason.  build-essential is on the cd12:40
HexusActionParsnip:  Im typing "sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1/media/SHIN\ DATA\ HEAVEN -o force" and all i get is the help list,  You guys see anything wrong with my syntax?12:41
=== chino is now known as Guest17153
rainmakerhi everybody12:41
hsv4lyfActionParsnip, will i need a internet connection to download upgrade manager?12:41
ActionParsnipHexus: id rename the mountpoint to not have spaces, its one less confusion12:41
rainmakercan anybody help me on wine config please?12:41
|MUSE|pho3nix: well there are two methods, you can install flash 10, or there is a package that fixes flash.12:41
ActionParsniphsv4lyf: yeah12:41
sitaramHexus: you need a space after sdb1?12:41
ActionParsniphsv4lyf: it may be on the cd12:42
bastid_raZorHexus; space between /dev/sdb1 and /media12:42
Guest17153does someone knows how i can directly edit files from my ftp i connected to ftp server with the built in connect to server but when i open a file to edit it i cant save it because its read only does someone know how to make it editable too?12:42
pho3nix|Muse|: Flash 10? I just installed flash 9. And I've tried installing the fixthing for the flashstuff12:42
ActionParsnipbastid_raZor: nice one12:42
k_rock923has anyone tried to do an ubuntu install without using the local console at all?  I have a headless machine that needs a new OS (old disk died)12:42
hsv4lyfjrib, i got build essential on my desktop of linux but i goto install it and it comes up at the end of the tasks after i goto compile it with error 212:42
ActionParsnipk_rock923: you need to fire up sshd12:43
Hexusfuse: failed to access mountpoint media/SHIN DATA HEAVEN: No such file or directory12:43
jribhsv4lyf: put in your cd.  add it to your repository list.  disable the online repositories.  go to Synaptic.  Install build-essential12:43
k_rock923right.  I've done that on gentoo before, but I had to hack up the iso to do it12:43
ActionParsnipHexus: you need to sudo mkdir the mountpoint12:43
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hsv4lyfjrib, also i cant type anything in after i use the su - command12:43
|MUSE|pho3nix: did you install libflashsupport?12:43
bastid_raZorHexus; did you make that directory? plus having no spaces would be much easier12:43
ActionParsnipHexus: sudo mkdir /media/SHIN\ DATA\ HEAVEN12:44
HexusI didnt make the directory, no.12:44
k_rock923Is there a way to do it without having to modify the image on ubuntu, or should I just do it the way I already know how to do it?12:44
hsv4lyfjrib, ok thanks heaps, i will restart my computer and run linux and give it a go12:44
pho3nix|Muse|: Yes. Atleast I think so,12:44
afallenhopeanyone ever use enigmail for  thunderbird? apparently my emails won't show nwo12:44
pho3nix|Muse|: I'll try again12:44
ActionParsnipHexus: then how are you going to mount to a folder that doesnt exist12:44
ActionParsnipHexus: make the folder, then mount to it12:44
afallenhopewell some do others dont12:44
afallenhopeothers just show the wrong emai12:44
pho3nix|Muse|: Yep, I've installed it.12:45
Hexusah.  I didnt know I had to make the dir too.  You guys are awesome12:45
|MUSE|pho3nix: type 'whereis libflashsupport' into the terminal.12:45
Hexusgreat to have one thing work12:45
ActionParsnipHexus: one step at a time, id avoid folders with spaces in the name in future12:46
ActionParsnipHexus: if you want it mounted at boot, edit your /etc/fstab12:46
pho3nix|MUSE|:/usr/lib/libsflashsupport.so /usr/lib64/libflashsupport.so12:46
|MUSE|ok, now you must turn restart your browser and see what happens.12:46
rainmakercan anybody advise me on wine configuration please?12:47
pho3nix|Muse|: No luck12:47
ActionParsniprainmaker: its independant to each app12:48
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|MUSE|google for 'linux flash astro' and download and install the latest flash12:48
|MUSE|in the 'processes' tab on 'system monitor' the total processor usage added up is 7%, but in the 'resources' tab, on the 'CPU history' graph, I have 25% on each processor? Please could someone explain this?12:49
rainmakeri need to move drive_c onto another hd12:49
rainmakercan that be done?12:49
IntuitiveNipple|MUSE|: the overall usage includes I/O wait times12:50
ActionParsniprainmaker: move it then add a symlink back so it appears in that place12:50
pho3nix|Muse|: A quick one: How -exaclty - do I get the .tar.gz file to extract and install?12:50
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ikoniapho3nix: tar zxvf $file12:50
ikoniapho3nix: then read the "README" in the directory to install it12:50
pho3nixK thx12:50
ikoniapho3nix: what package are you trying to install12:51
pho3nixFlash 1012:51
ActionParsniprainmaker: i dunno if symlinks are supported but it should do12:51
ikoniapho3nix: just sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree to get the correct supported version for ubuntu12:51
rainmakerthnx action, does it matter if my other hd is on ntfs?12:51
simNIXim setting up autmated install with a preseed file for my lamp server. During install i'm asked what password to set for mysql. Ggoogling I havent been able to find howto preseed this mysql password to make this setup unattended12:51
pho3nixikonia: Done that, didn't help12:52
ikoniasimNIX: how are you automating the install12:52
ActionParsniprainmaker: none at all as far as i can tell, sometimes apps dont like it and refuse to run, try it12:52
ActionParsniprainmaker: you can always copy back12:52
rainmakerkk thanks action for the advise12:53
pho3nixikonia: Any ideas?12:53
ikoniapho3nix: what is actually the problem ?12:53
simNIXikonia, I pxe boot start the setup and automated answers with a preseed file - see https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/example-preseed.txt12:53
pho3nixYouTube and Amarok won't play at the same time12:54
ikoniasimNIX: I've never done it that way before, I'll have a read12:54
ikoniapho3nix: visually or audio12:55
ikoniapho3nix: why do you think flash 10 will solve it ?12:55
pho3nixikonia: Well, libflashsupport, flash 9, nothing works12:55
pho3nixIt's audio btw12:55
ikoniapho3nix is this a known issue ? (ubuntuforums/launchpad)12:56
pho3nixSomewhat. I've tried to follow like three diffrent guides12:56
nnullcan someone tell me how i leave fullscreen mode in vinigre vnc please?12:56
pho3nixAmarok keeps telling me the driver is buissy when I run them simountaniously12:57
gjyi donnot know12:57
nnulldw found it heh12:57
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asho79Hi there. Does anyone know about a problem with using gedit for writing programs? I get a strange A symbol before my quotation marks12:59
ikoniaasho79 what symbol12:59
SiDiasho79, this is encoding problem12:59
SiDiThe " symbol in ANSI looks like a weird A in UTF-813:00
SiDiYou probably open ANSI chars while gedit works by default in UTF-813:00
asho79ikonia: an A with a circle above it13:00
pho3nixThat's an å13:00
achadwickFor programming you typically want typewriter "s, not curly ones.13:01
murlidharcan anybody help me install cursor themes in ubuntu .13:01
achadwickIf you're pasting code from a web source, bear in mind that the server may have tried to be "smart" about the quotes.13:01
ikoniamurlidhar: the themes are availble from gnome-look.org and normally come with instructions13:02
murlidhararvind_khadri: hi . how is bangalore ?13:02
asho79achadwick:They´re scripts I´m writing myself13:03
asho79Anyone know how to get around it?13:03
ikoniamurlidhar: in #ubuntu-offtopic please13:03
asho79is it a gedit setting?13:03
ikoniaasho79: I thought edit would be fine with encoding, are you having problems with any other applications13:03
pho3nixNo ideas to the sound issue?13:04
SiDiasho79, you have options for encoding when you save your file13:04
ActionParsnipasho79: you could copy and paste from the web :D13:04
achadwickasho79: your keyboard clearly loves curly quotes. Which language settings and input systems are you using?13:04
ikoniapho3nix: normally with libflashsound your fine13:04
asho79ikonia: actually, my ubuntu installation is a bit damaged; I´m waiting for Intrepid; It does need fixing :-)13:05
achadwick(I'm noticing it when you type "I´m", for example :)13:05
pho3nixikonia: Yep. This seems kinda fucked up13:05
ikoniapho3nix: that language is uncalled for13:05
ActionParsnip!ohmy | pho3nix13:05
ubottupho3nix: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.13:05
pho3nixRoger, wilco13:05
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pho3nixHehe, "familiy friendly"! Sounds like Microsoft!13:05
asho79I think it could be my keyboard settings13:06
ikoniapho3nix: no it doesn't13:06
SiDiasho79, you possibly pasted some text from an ANSI document and when you hit Ctrl+S to save your doc, it saved in UTF-8?13:06
kebomixhello ppl13:07
asho79SiDi: nah, wrote them and saved them13:07
ActionParsnip!hi | kebomix13:07
ubottukebomix: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!13:07
kebomixhow i can run  c++ and c# in ubuntu  like microsoft visual c++ in windows ?13:07
asho79thanks for the help13:07
ActionParsnipkebomix: sudo apt-get install build-essential13:07
SiDikebomix, write your files and use "gcc" and "g++" to compile the files13:08
asho79trial ¨¨¨, ´´´13:08
ActionParsnipkebomix: that'll give you libs and g++ compiler13:08
ConstantineXVIis there a decent graphing calculator replacement app in the repositories?13:08
ActionParsnipConstantineXVI: speedcrunch13:08
ActionParsnipConstantineXVI: or gcalc13:08
arvind_khadrikebomix, VC++ is proprietary software :)13:09
kebomixthx 4 help13:09
steveccchi all - i want to purchase a usb hard disk to use with ubuntu - most are obviously formatted with fat 32 but I want to reformat them with ext3 preferably - I would have thought as they are all usb disks which should be detected by linux that I can format any of them with ext3 but do