NCommanderhey wgrant02:10
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AccidusWhere can I find more help on the luachpadlib module, except for the API html page?10:51
thekornAccidus: https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib and the branch also contains a docs/ directory11:01
thekornwith some usefull documentation11:01
AccidusThank you very much, but I've already looked there. I guess I'm on my own then?11:03
thekornAccidus: I'm not sure, but what about asking your questions here, or https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpadlib or on the launchpad-users mailinglist?11:06
thekornI think the api devs are always happy to hear where they can improve the documentation ;)11:07
Accidusthekorn: To tell you the truth, it's because I'm new to launchpadlib, so I figured messing the forums/mailing lists with newbie questions wouldn't be appropriate11:08
thekornAccidus: launchpadlib is brand new, so every user is new to it, just ask your questions11:09
AccidusAh, that's something I didn't know...11:10
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persiaI seem to have locked a branch in LP (my branch, noone else should be using it).  How can I unlock it?14:54
Verterokpersia: try with: bzr break-lock <your-branch>14:56
persiaVerterok: Thank you.  That worked.14:56
Verterokpersia: great, glad to help :)14:57
salutishello all, I have big problem - recently I moved my packages from my own server to ubuntu's PPA at launchpad. and now I can't build my packages anymore. I placed my log at 'http://www.salutis.sk/ppa-log.txt'. can anyone please help me? thanks!15:41
cprovsalutis: can you point me to your ppa ?15:42
salutiscprov: http://ppa.launchpad.net/salutis/ubuntu15:43
salutiscprov: there are 3 source packages - all with the same build failure :(15:43
salutiscprov: right now, geser at #motu adviced me - the build target is always run as non-root on the buildds, just remove the dh_testroot from the build target and it should get farther. I will try15:44
cprovsalutis: yes, I'm there too15:45
cprovsalutis: btw, you have a permanent URL for you failed build -> https://edge.launchpad.net/~salutis/+archive/+build/72222015:46
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persiaHow long should I wait after a push before the branch is available on LP?16:53
Verterokpersia: the branch is available immediately, but it take some time until it's showed in the we interface (I don't know the precise mechanism, but I think it's scanned)16:56
Verteroks/we interface/web interface/ :p16:56
persiaOK.  I usually find it's just a couple minutes, but I've been waiting 7, which seems long.16:56
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Peng_FWIW, it might also take a few minutes for the branch to be available over http://bazaar.launchpad.net/. bzr+ssh or sftp will be instantaneous.18:49
Peng_(Right? Cough.)18:49
cprovPeng_: yes, http branch mapping takes some minutes (IIRC)18:51
kikocprov, peng_: I think it's something like 3 minutes18:54
cprovkiko: thanks.18:55
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jdrakeWhen making a blueprint, I notice there is a way to set a milestone, but I am not sure how to actually setup milestones. Any ideas?20:25
kikojdrake, sure thing. what project are we talking about?20:31
jdrakeMy project 'starz'20:32
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jdrakeI have the series 'demo1' and 'trunk', the latter obviously being there already. I am not sure I would really want trunk there, being that I am doing all current development in demo120:33
kikojdrake, why didn't you just rename trunk to demo1?20:36
jdrakeeven with demo1 already there?20:36
kikowell, now it's a bit too late (though I can fix that for you)20:36
jdrakeIs it possible to delete a series?20:38
nedkowhy launchpad refuses to show my location on the map?20:41
kikojdrake, I can delete it for you. should I delete trunk?20:43
macoi need a bit of help. i pushed a branch to bazaar on launchpad a bit over a week ago, and launchpad still reports that it's empty.  i've tried to push from my computer again, but it says there's nothing new to commit.  what do i do?20:43
salgadonedko, have you set your location at https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editlocation20:43
kikomaco, oh, URL?20:43
jdrakekiko, I think that would be best, thank you.20:43
macokiko: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~maco.m/update-manager/update_button20:44
nedkosalgado: yes, i see the correct location there, and my timezone is fine too, in fact once there was only timezone and it looks launchpad used that. I dont see the map on my page and i dont see my location in team maps20:46
kikocprov, check out maco's failure20:48
kikocprov, something stuck in the scanner I think20:48
cprovkiko: sure20:48
salgadonedko, what's your LP username?20:49
nedkosalgado: i think i missed how to use google maps, i need to click to set it o.020:49
nedkosalgado: it is "nedko"20:49
kikonedko, click and then update20:49
cprovmaco: can you try a `push --overwrite` ?20:50
nedkosalgado, kiko: thanks, now it is fine20:51
cprovmaco: is it working ?20:54
macocprov: no new revisions to push20:58
macocprov: it also says Format <RepositoryFormatKnit1> for lp-140342092:///~maco.m/update-manager/update_button/.bzr is deprecated - please use 'bzr upgrade' to get better performance21:00
cprovmaco: that's bad, then the last resource is `bzr ci --unchanged -m "go, bzr, go" && bzr push`21:00
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cprovmaco: this is unrelated, but if you upgrade there will be something to push, for sure.21:01
macocprov: i tried that last night when i got that error. no change.21:01
cprovmaco: when, introduce a new revision then. Let me check if the bzr guys can help21:03
cprovmaco: and let's open a bug about it.21:03
macocprov: it could have been the timing21:03
macocprov: i first tried it last thursday a few hours after the lp update21:04
cprovmaco: yes, maybe.21:04
macocprov: and i remember there was some emergency patching happening throughout the next day... i had one branch push fine about an hour before, and then this one didn't21:05
rockstarmaco, what if bzr push --force21:06
rockstarEr, bzr push --overwrite21:07
macorockstar: didn't try that, but after adding a new reivion like cprov suggested, it pushed21:07
macorockstar: oh, did try --overwrite. no good.21:07
rockstarBut a new revision pushed?21:07
macorockstar: yes21:07
rockstarLaunchpad still doesn't see your push though.  :(21:08
macorockstar: or at least, bzr didn't yell at me21:08
rockstarYou should see the Source Code link as soon as it pushes.21:08
macorockstar: i'm told it can take up to 5 minutes for the lp web interface to show it21:08
macooh its been 5 minutes...21:08
rockstarmaco, well, the revisions, yes, the Source Code link, no.21:08
rockstarI did that myself, so I know that code relatively well.21:09
kikorockstar, it seems that there's a problem with that specific branch mirrorring21:10
kikomaco, does it use something unusual such as stacking or looms?21:10
macokiko: um, you say that and i think plates and making fabric...21:11
rockstarkiko, I'm pulling it currently, meaning it's coming from the mirror.21:11
rockstarmaco, I guess that means no to looms.  :)21:12
macorockstar: i just did bzr branch, made some changes, bzr ci, and then bzr push21:12
rockstarmaco, it branched for you?21:13
macorockstar: yes21:14
rockstarMine appears to be hung.  I see no hpss traffic if I sniff my connection.21:14
macoer, i dont mean just now21:14
macoi mean when i did this last thursday21:14
rockstarOh, so branching from this branch right now isn't working for you?21:14
rockstarOh, there it goes!  hpss traffic now!21:15
macohavent tried that21:15
rockstarI just branched it.  Maybe it just needs to be rescanned after the interruption.21:15
macoi meant "just" as in "only"21:15
rockstarSo the branch is intact, but Launchpad needs to look at it again.21:16
rockstarkiko, I think you're right.  Something happened in the mirroring process.  I bet we see an oops from this.21:24
kikorockstar, yeah, I think there's something unusual about his branch21:25
kikorockstar, does bzr info tell you anything interesting?21:25
rockstarkiko, her21:25
rockstarbzr info yields nothing unusual.  The branch is indeed intact. This concerns me a bit.21:28
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macorockstar: so um, do you guys need any other info from me?21:41
rockstarmaco, no, I think I need to do some sleuthing.21:45
rockstarmaco, by the way, if you find yourself in a creole country, and someone calls you maco, you should be offended.  :)21:46
macorockstar: is that where it means "nebby"?21:47
macowait i think that's pittsburghese.... um nosey21:48
macosomeone in #linuxchix said it means that somewhere...i thought it was one of the aussies, but maybe not21:48
rockstarmaco, well, that's what it means in French.  In Creole, the closest English word I know would be "Peeping Tom"21:49
rockstarSo, maybe nosy pervert?21:49
macowow ok...21:49
rockstarI learned it by talking to someone's girlfriend, and they thought I was flirting with her.21:49
macowhy'd they think that?21:50
rockstarmaco, *shrug* mwen pas sais.21:50
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macorockstar: je ne parle pas francais :P21:51
macobut i can type that ç21:51
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rockstarI actually speak Creole.  It's like one way French.21:52
macolike moroccans can understand middle eastern arabic, but middle easterners can't understand moroccan arabic?21:53
RainCTI've just got 3 [Accepted] emails (with like 5-10 minutes between each) for a single PPA upload..22:05
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cprovRainCT: uhm let me check.22:05
cprovRainCT: which source ?22:06
RainCTcprov: bsod22:06
cprovRainCT: that's weird, because it doesn't look like more than one was sent to Recipients: "Siegfried Gevatter \(RainCT\)" <siggi.gevatter@gmail.com>22:08
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cprovRainCT: do they have the same content ? different msg-ids ?22:10
RainCTcprov: Ah wait, it's just two. "[PPA rainct] Accepted: bsod ... (source)" and "[PPA rainct] [ubuntu/hardy] bsod ... (Accepted)"22:11
cprovRainCT: err, PPA stamp on primary archive upload-announcements ?22:12
RainCTcprov: sorry?22:13
cprovRainCT: forward the email(s) to me, please (cprov@canonical.com)22:14
cprovRainCT: the '[ubuntu/hardy]' is weird.22:14
RainCTcprov: done22:18
cprovRainCT: thanks22:18
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cprovRainCT: strange, I've just uploaded a new version of your source to my PPA and received one single email (with [ubuntu/hardy] in the subject)22:34
cprovoh, you have two emails ...22:34
cprovsiggi.gevatter@gmail.com (preferred) & rainct@ubuntu.com (used in the changesfile), that might be related.22:36
RainCTyea, but both mails were send to the first address22:38
macoRainCT: what's your @ubuntu.com email address map to?22:40
cprovmaco: it was sent from lp to his @gmail address.22:42
RainCTmaco: siggi.gevatter@gmail.com22:43
macoso then they should both end up at that gmail address, shouldn't they?22:43
cprovmaco: and they did. RainCT ?22:45
macoso what's wrong then?22:46
cprovmaco: there shouldn't be 2 emails.22:47
cprovmaco: only one is expected. The one with subject starting with '[PPA rainct] [ubuntu/hardy] ...'22:48
cprovRainCT: err, if we have ever checked the date (!)22:49
cprovand the version ... [PPA rainct] Accepted: bsod 0.1-0ubuntu1~ppa1 (source)22:49
cprovRainCT: that email is from 2008/6/18 :)22:49
RainCTcprov: LOL sorry22:54
cprovRainCT: np, better than having a real bug.22:55
RainCTseems like GMail was mad and it put the mail three times into the inbox or something -.-  sorry22:55
RainCTheh yea that's true22:55
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