hokmeni don't want to broadcast the message to all, so i come here, just talk to the ubuntu team00:00
hokmenand thanks for fsf team, ubuntu team at these kinds of experements00:01
frank23is there a GUI way of mounting file systems in kubuntu intrepid?00:19
Kanowell i could mount it with clicking on the icons on the left side of the filemanager00:20
bsniderthat will be read-only00:21
bsnideryou need a new entry in fstab if you want it permanently mounted with read/write permissions00:22
frank23Kano: bsnider: when I click those icons (like Volume (ext3) ) nothing happens00:22
Kanowell it mounted ext3 here, but did not test write00:22
frank23bsnider: yeah but in KDE 3 i used to be able to modify fstab in system settings00:22
Kanousually ext3 must be set to allow others to write or you have to change the default user00:23
bsniderif you say so. i don't know why people use kde00:23
bsniderbut live and let live i guess00:23
frank23kde4 is not feature complete lets say... I still run gutsy. I'm just trying out intrepid00:23
joebob777as7anyone else having issues with firefox crashing?00:23
joebob777as7I can't browse for more than 5 minutes without browser crashing. seems to be on sites with lots of flash content00:24
bsniderjoebob777as7, known issue00:25
bsniderfrank23, you still run that old kernel?00:26
joebob777as7bsnider, that's good. any ideas on when a fix is coming?00:26
frank23bsnider: you mean from gutsy? yeah. what changed in the kernel since then?00:27
bsniderjoebob777as7, ask mozilla when they'll implement windowless mode support00:28
bsniderjoebob777as7, actually it's coming in ff 3.100:28
bsniderfrank23, the linux kernel is the fastest moving software ever created. everything has changed several times over00:28
arooniwhen does intrepid get relased00:31
ubottuA schedule of Intrepid Ibex (8.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule00:31
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joebob777as7bsnider, do you know if by going back to FF 2 will fix crashing? or if there is a work around for now?00:52
bsniderjoebob777as7, the crash is caused by flash 10's windowless mode00:53
bsniderff doesn't support it no matter what generation you go back to00:53
bsnideryou can use another browser  like epiphany00:53
joebob777as7bsnider, what about going to flash 9?00:53
bsniderjoebob777as7, flash 9 isn't available in intrepid00:54
DanaGHow about just disabling windowless mode?00:58
bsniderDanaG, i'm all for it01:03
bsniderlet's do it01:03
DanaGI did that on my system.  It means I get back that stupid flash-over-content issue... but that's better than a crash.01:03
DanaGLinux toshOLDba 2.6.24-20-generic #1 SMP Thu Jul 24 11:00:46 CEST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux01:08
DanaGheh, that hostname is worth at least half a 'nyuk'.01:08
W1MNKunable to enter text on Unbutu 8.10 appliance, latest VMWare player running on Vista 32 Business01:17
arooni________ain newest intrepid... have they fixed:  inability to reboot consistently, needing to retype wep hex 128bit keys upon startup, wpa not working?  (rtl-8185l chipset)01:20
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joebob777as7bsnider, epiphany crashes as well :( just fyi01:30
JediMasterhey guys, after doing a pretty big upgrade (380 packages after about 5 days of not doing an update!) the kernel was upgraded and the nvidia driver stopped working, so I've had to reboot into the last kernel01:30
JediMasterwhat's the name of the command that rebuilds the kernel modules for a new version?01:31
joebob777as7JediMaster, welcome to the club. :) has happened several times to me since alpha 301:31
JediMasterjoebob777as7: heh, I fixed it last time, as it's not the first time for me either, but I can't remember the damn command to rebuild the module lol01:31
JediMasterahh, dkms IIRC01:32
bsniderJediMaster, reinstall nvidia-177-kernel-source01:32
bsniderare uh...you  REALLY a jedi master?01:32
JediMasterbsnider: what do you think?01:33
bsnidercause i'm a sith lord in need of a new hapless apprentice01:33
JediMastershame, already a master01:34
bsniderso was dooku01:35
JediMasterbrb, looks like that sorted it, ta01:35
JediMasterIt just did the dkms command itself, thanks bsnider01:35
frank23for some reason I get almost twice the fps running world of warcraft under wine in intrepid compared to gutsy. pretty cool01:48
frank23and that's with kwin with compositing enabled01:49
AtomicSparkYeah? I'm having python issues in Gutsy01:50
AtomicSparkMy EVEs. They aren't mine. :(01:50
rickyOKi was successful gettting the alph on my compaq  laptop.....but i am wondering, when the official release comes out, will the updates get me there.....?01:54
frank23bsnider: the main reason i never upgraded to hardy was a stupid little display bug in mythtv when running in KDE. that's been fixed too it seems01:54
rickyOKjust wanted to make sure i would not have to download the whole release again.01:54
jrib!final | rickyOK01:55
ubotturickyOK: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.01:55
bsniderrickyOK, of course the updates will be there01:55
jribrickyOK: you know you can be in more than one channel right? :)01:55
rickyOKi was happy that the latest alpha is oprating my atheros ar5418 chipset ok.....01:55
bsniderrickyOK, i think you'll find it isn't01:56
bsnideratheros stuff isn't supported by network-manager yet. it is a bug that will be fixed in the beta release01:56
rickyOKso i was understanding it right, then? just keep updating as they come out, and i will end up with the same version as the official realease. yea?01:56
jribrickyOK: yeah01:57
rickyOKthe screen still shows the stork, i figured they would change some of those things as we go!01:57
bsniderif there's a new theme it will01:57
rickyOKjrib: yes, i know......about  more than one channel....thanks...01:58
rickyOKmy atheros chipset in the belkin n express card is working right now.....and connecting, that is how i am on the irc channel.01:59
rickyOKi think the official release is for next month, right? six months after the 8.04, release; every six months....that is so good.02:00
bsniderBug #25915702:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25915702:00
danbh_intrepidthats my favorite bug!!02:01
bsniderit's now owned by a kernel guy, not alexander02:01
bsniderwhich is strange because i thought it was a network-manager problem, not a kernel problem02:02
rickyOKmine says it is using the "ath9" and is operating in the network manager OK. it tells me networks are available and i click on them and i am connected.....02:02
danbh_intrepidbsnider: well, they were clear, its both02:02
bsniderrickyOK, you'll have problems with it as time goes by02:02
rickyOKi am checking out the link you sent....thanks....i only use this at open hot spots.....02:02
danbh_intrepidbsnider: the drivers are buggy, and network manager worked around the bugs?  Thats why I say its both02:02
bsniderath5k and ath9k are both considered unstable, but i think it's a network-manager issue from what alexander wrote02:03
Alex_GaynorIs there currently a known issue where flash has no sound in Ubuntu(all packages up to date on intrepid)?02:03
bsniderAlex_Gaynor, if you're not having some kind of flash issues right now not all your dogs are barking02:04
Alex_GaynorHehe, was it caused by one of the very recent ff updates(within the last day or so)?02:05
rickyOKi looked at that link, and mine was kind of buggy at first....but now after doing all my updates, i have not had a problem.....anyway, i am hoping they will continue to work on that driver, at least for the faster speeds of the "n" wireless...02:05
rickyOKi am not too techy, but i like learning things.....it challenges my patience.02:05
bsniderrickyOK, atheros hired a dev to work on the driver you're now using full time02:05
rickyOKyea, i did a little reading the other night on the net....it connects but the "ON" light does not light up, but that isn't that important.02:06
rickyOKis it true that you can use the windows driver with ndiswrapper, and make it work?02:06
rickyOKi have kind of set my heart on Ubuntu, because it is actively being worked on and i like that......02:08
bsniderndiswrapper is slow and buggy02:08
rickyOKi read an article about microsoft telling the pc makers NOT to sell a computer without an operating system...02:09
bsnideryeah, i wonder why...02:09
bsniderthey don't want people looking around for something free02:09
rickyOKthe likely hood is that if you want to put linux on the machine, you will have already given microsoft your money....02:10
bsniderright, the microsoft tax02:10
bsniderjust build your own equipment02:10
rickyOKi think that is sort of the same thing as microsoft, with netscape: ship it with the OS, and the people will use that...02:10
bsnideror buy a linux laptop from dell02:10
Alex_GaynorMeh, just build your own :)02:11
BHSPitMonkeyI don't order pre-made desktops, and my laptop came with linux.02:11
BHSPitMonkeyNo MS tax here.02:11
Alex_GaynorI don't order pre-made laptops :)02:11
rickyOKi have checked in to that: laptops pre-loaded with linux......02:11
Alex_GaynorWhere would the right place to follow flash bugs be?02:11
BHSPitMonkeyYou can order Thinkpads with SLED, or no os02:12
rickyOKi am hoping for something like that in the future....or get someone local to build your computer, then put on it what you want....02:12
bsnideryou can order dell laptops with ubuntu02:12
Alex_GaynorRkc computers(google for it), sells laptops with no OS, I got a barebones from them, built my own and installed intrepid :)02:12
rickyOKfor now i am stuck with the compaq V6310US.....02:13
rickyOKthe broadcom wireless went out at about 14 months, so i bought an express card....to use that.02:13
rickyOKthe OS does not even see the broadcom wireless anymore; it is like it does not exist...02:14
neil_dI was wondering if there was going to be a 8.04.2 release ?02:14
rickyOKhey, thanks for the help....gotta go for now....bye02:19
RezagratsSo im guessing using the alpha of Intrepid isn't too smart02:55
outbriRezagrats: smart?02:55
RezagratsLike if im using it for school work and stuff.02:56
outbriRezagrats: I've got everything working - now. The nvidia driver didn't work, I had to use 173 instead of 177.02:56
outbriBut other than that, I haven't had any problems.02:56
outbriYMMV, of course.02:56
RezagratsIve heard some people say that their stuff gets broken, like actual hardware breaking.02:57
outbriI've gone through the last two alphas and none of that has happened.02:57
RezagratsWell im just asking cause i don't have the money to be replacing my hardware.02:58
outbriOh, one other thing that happened on the lastest upgrade: all my pidgin data is gone. Not that big of a deal, but not sure why it deleted it. So if you upgrade I'd backup everything.02:58
outbriIf you don't want to mess around with stuff here and there, I'd recommend waiting until it comes out in October.02:58
RezagratsI don't upgrade, fresh install always (data is backed up in a partition on the same harddrive thouhg)02:59
outbriI probably won't be doing much beta testing after this: it was too much trouble on the rest of the alphas to get my dual screens configured, various programs stuff, and all the users settings I had to redo. I'm not smart enough to be able to fix everything, though I have so far. I doubt it'll break any physical hardware.03:00
DanaG"Your browser has been updated and needs to be restarted."03:04
DanaG"Your browser has been updated and needs to be restarted."03:04
DanaG"Your browser has been updated and needs to be restarted."03:04
DanaG... every time I go to a different page.03:04
DanaGIsn't once enough?03:05
danbh_intrepidDanaG: is that really happening?03:05
danbh_intrepidDanaG: if so, thats a good thing03:05
RezagratsWhat browser ?03:05
DanaGNot having it pop up and go away repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly,03:05
DanaGShow it... and KEEP it there... or don't show it.03:06
DanaGSPAMMING with it is bad.03:06
danbh_intrepidDanaG: is this firefox?  after a dpkg upgrade?03:06
danbh_intrepidDanaG: great!!!03:06
danbh_intrepidDanaG: hehe, I know you are mad, but at least its a step forward.  If you dont restart firefox, it can break.  I was talking with someone that felt that ff should be forcibly killed after an update.03:07
DanaGHmm, but the present behavior is obnoxious.03:08
JontheEchidnaI had just the opposite experience03:08
JontheEchidnano notifications03:08
DanaGI can understand not letting one dismiss the info bar... but having it go away and then come back again, every time you click a link, is bad.03:08
JontheEchidnathen javascript popups started throwing assert popups03:08
danbh_intrepidDanaG: what would you like to have happen?  For me, I just get a little notifier in the upper right, suggesting I restart03:08
DanaGHmm, it should show the info bar, and keep it there.  Not spam with it.03:09
DanaGAnd it should say, "must be restarted, or Firefox may begin to behave strangely."03:10
danbh_intrepidbug 274468    there is the bug, if you feel strongly, comment.  But keep in mind, this person believes that ff breaks, not just malfunctions  (I personally don't know)03:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274468 in firefox "Have firefox ask user to exit firefox *BEFORE* updating." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27446803:11
JontheEchidnaall I've ever had are malfunctions03:12
neil_dI was wondering if there is going to be a 8.04.2 release ?03:24
DBOcan anyone help with debugging a suspend problem related to the drm kernel module03:25
DBOif I remove the drm kernel module, suspend works great, if not, X hangs on resume03:26
DBOi have filed a bug report with details, but nothing seems to happen03:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274278 in linux "DRM Breaks Resume from Suspend" [Undecided,New]03:26
hansinI updated a somewhat "minimal install" from Hardy to Intredpid.  I have an Atheros wireless card, and I assume it moved from using the MadWifi driver to the Ath9K driver.  Since it is a minimal install I have my wifi set up through /etc/network/interface (iwconfig I believe) and wpa_supplicant.  My wireless no longer works because I need to change my /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file.  Does...03:32
hansin...anyone know if I can make wpa_supplicant work with the Ath9k driver?  Their website did not list it at supported.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks.03:32
danbh_intrepidbug 25915703:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25915703:33
hansindanbh_intrepid: Thanks.  I'm going to take a look at that right now...03:34
arooniin newest intrepid... have they fixed:  inability to reboot consistently, needing to retype wep hex 128bit keys upon startup, wpa not working?  (rtl-8185l chipset)03:40
danbh_intrepidbug 25915703:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25915703:41
danbh_intrepidI think nm is in the works, atm03:42
hansinI haven't really had the time to test and try to figure exactly the issue.  I just assume because I had wpa_supplicant set to use the MadWifi driver that that was the issue, since Intrepid use Ath9k instead.  I couldn't find any info where wpa_supplicant supported the Ath9k driver.  But admittedly I am not an expert in what Ubuntu or Linux has to offer in wireless option.03:56
dTxSo is this the room for e1000e OMG!!?04:27
dTxOr is this just a room people in #ubuntu send you to make you quit yapping in #ubuntu04:28
dTxSo is this channel even monitored?04:35
DBOdTx, whats up?04:35
dTxI've been reading about the e1000e problems, was mainly just wondering a) if there is a way to reflash once overwritten04:36
dTxand b) do they need ethtool dumps?04:36
dTxWhere I work we have several with e1000e04:37
crimsunso, yes, there is a way to reflash, and no, "they" don't need ethtool dumps.04:39
dTxIs Intel working on a way to reflash or something?  I just couldn't find any info on that.04:41
PRGUY85hey is intrepid using packagekit?04:42
DBOcrimsun, i am growing increasingly frustrated, can you help me find someone who can help me with suspend.  I know quite a bit about where the problem lays, I honestly think that if the information got to the right person it could be fixed...04:42
DBOPRGUY85, nope04:42
PRGUY85DBO, will it use it for release?04:42
crimsundTx: Mandriva has info on contacting them to help reflash04:42
DBOPRGUY85, my guess is no04:43
PRGUY85DBO, darn it looked like a useful feature.  Makes me wanna check out Fedora10 hehe04:43
PRGUY85hey, have you all tested gnome 2.24 already on latest updates? thoughts?04:44
crimsunDBO: I know of a few people who can, but they may be very busy.  Matthew Garrett (mjg59) and Nigel Cunningham come to mind.04:44
DBOnigel is a friend, maybe he can help04:44
DBOi think honestly its a simple issue in the drm module04:44
rippsHello, just upgraded to Intepid. Since all of Xorg is configured by HAL now, how do I tell Xorg that I want my card to render using EXA instead of XAA05:16
rippsFor that matter, where can I learn how to configure HAL fdi files?05:22
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Hobbseeripps: i think you can still specify it in xorg.conf05:27
Hobbseei think it still gets read - it just isn't required?05:27
rippsHobbsee, how about fdi files?05:27
Hobbseenot sure05:27
rippsYou'd think they'd supply more documentation on it, especially since there throwing on HAL now.05:28
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mickepwhen I get back to my laptop after ~5 min the clock has stopped. It starts again when I "move the mouse". Is this some (power saving) setting or could it be a bug?07:56
neil_dwhy does the alternative CD install grub when the server CD installs lilo for the same filesystem layout ?08:49
neil_dI just installed ubuntu server, and it used the lilo boot loader, how do I generate the grub menu.list file ?09:00
PecisDarbsanyone knows how to configure built-in modem using NM? I couldn't find it.09:48
LSD|NinjaIt's almost certainly a software modem so won't work under Linux without a lot of miessing around, assuming it's even able to be made to work at all09:49
PecisDarbsLSD|Ninja: let's assume that I got it to work (because it wasn't a question). I now want to configure configuration wich will set my device (be it /dev/frcomm0 or /dev/ttySL0)  and will dial where I want it to09:51
PecisDarbsit is possible in new NM?09:51
ikoniaPecisDarbs: if the modem is working you should be able to configure it10:10
ikoniaPecisDarbs: it should show up as a device10:10
PecisDarbsikonia: in Edit Connections dialog?10:17
ikoniaif the modem is usable/visable10:18
ronnycurrent ibex seems to have chenged/broken something in python, now an app im developing cant start any more10:28
RAOFThis seems unlikely to be systemic; what's the error you get?10:31
ronnyRAOF: i get no error, it just seems to hang somewhere10:32
ronnyhmm, ishould get you guys propper informations (i see myself violation most of the smart questions faq)10:33
ronnywell, im one of the developers of the pida ide10:33
CheeryI should get geforce 9800GTX to work on my new system10:33
Cheerytried ubuntu's own stuff for this, but it halted before X started10:34
ronnysince a the last few updates the vim/emacs integrations just hang waiting on startup, i cant figure the cause10:34
RAOFronny: Are you using compiz by any chance?10:35
ronnyRAOF: no, metacity10:35
RAOFWell, that blows that one out of the water :)10:35
ronnywell, i cant even get version 0.5.1 to work (thats the last one that got into ubuntu)10:36
ronnyalso im unhappy cause 0.6 wont make it till the intrepid release :/10:37
Cheery01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 9800 GTX (rev a2)10:37
ronnyRAOF: btw, something is certainly weird with the new metacity, some of the shadow effects are there, and i think i cant disable some of the xgl effects10:38
ronny(also the sessings for no effects/some effects/all effects dont work any more)10:39
RAOFronny: So, there actually aren't any "XGL effects" - XGL is just an X server.10:39
ronnyah, sorry for misswording10:39
RAOFNo, that's ok. :)10:39
ronnywell, my windows got things like shadows10:39
RAOFSo, the "no effects / some effects / all effects" buttons of System->Preferences->Appearance actually control Compiz.10:40
RAOFAlthough "No effects" starts metactiy rather than compiz.10:40
Cheeryoh! perhaps my graphics card is not installed correctly10:40
ronnyits on no effects, if i choose any of the other, it fails10:40
CheeryXorg.0.log.old:(EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Your GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+ graphics card does not have10:41
CheeryXorg.0.log.old:(EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0):     the necessary external power cables attached; X will not10:41
ronnyRAOF: unfortunately i cant figure where my app hags, its completely unresponsive and i have to kill it with kill -910:42
ronny(and thats a python app, so its pretty much royal screw up)10:43
Bravo_52ðóññêèå åñòü10:43
RAOFronny: You could try stracing it, but that's unlikely to be terribly informative.10:44
RAOFronny: Maybe you should turn of metacity's compositor?  It's at /apps/metacity/general/composite_manager in gconf.10:45
ronnybtw, any idea if metacitys composite manager can deal with reparented windows?10:45
ronnyhmm, still hangs10:47
ronnywell, lets see if i can figure something by massive ultimative logging10:48
ronnyok, i managed to figure that the window service seems to stop working here10:53
StevkoHmm, new VLC in ubuntu (although I am not sure now in which repository (medibuntu or not))11:20
ronnyRAOF: ok, it pretty much hangs on gdk.threads_enter :/11:20
OdnsRvnsI am just looking for a review of the alpha six how is it  goign11:33
ikoniasome bugs,11:34
ikoniaall to be expected11:34
OdnsRvnsi am thinking of upgrading do you think its safe11:35
OdnsRvnsi mean all in all11:35
rippsHas anybody figured out how to make Network Manager remember the Wiif Passkeys?11:35
ikoniaripps: my 8.04 build remembers passkeys11:35
rippsikonia: I know, mine did too. But not intrepid.11:35
ikoniaooh really, I think mines working (not got it to hand to check) but I certainly will do11:36
* cwillu mutters, why must people pop in channel, ask a question, and leave 2 minutes later?11:41
gnomefreakwhos is running firefox 3.0.3 in Intrepid. Not abrowser but firefox12:31
gnomefreakin help > about i need to know what it says at the end of user agent string (version running12:32
mickepmine says Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092515 Ubuntu/8.10 (intrepid) Firefox/3.0.312:33
gnomefreakmickep: thanks12:34
StevkoThere already is 3.0.3?12:35
rippsgnomefreak: Just installed it eariler and it's working great12:36
gnomefreakripps: what?12:37
rippsgnomefreak: nevermind, I didn't finish reading you second line about firefox.12:38
rippsWhy isn't Pulseaudio 0.9.11+ in Intrepid?12:58
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gnomefreakwhen was it released?13:04
gnomefreakripps: ^^13:04
rippsgnomefreak: it was released well over a month ago.13:07
gnomefreakwell a date would be good so i know if before or after FF13:08
gnomefreakbut most likely the dev didnt have time or it was released after FF or there are regressions13:08
gnomefreakor he just wanted to make you ask ;)13:09
gnomefreakripps: crimsun would know more. did you file a bug on it?13:09
ROnewbiehi all13:41
ROnewbiei have a question - how do i go back to gutsy? i know it may sound weird to ask this question on the intrepid channel, but i'm very unhappy with both hardy and intrepid13:42
ROnewbiei've been with ubuntu since Edgy13:42
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HobbseeROnewbie: get a gutsy disk.  install it.13:42
HobbseeROnewbie: there's no real other way.13:42
ROnewbiehmm... thought so. What about my /home directory13:43
ROnewbiedo I just copy/paste it into the fresh install ?13:43
ROnewbie(i.e. - backup and copy)13:44
ubottuYour home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome13:44
jribROnewbie: well in general that should work.  However some programs may have changed their configs and older programs will get confused.  The safe way to do it in my opinion would be to just copy back your data and reconfig your programs13:45
ROnewbiejrib: thanks a lot. that helps.13:45
ROnewbieon another note, does anyone here know if the stability problems with heron will being fixed anytime soon?13:46
ROnewbie*will be13:46
joaopintoROnewbie, have you reported any ?13:47
joaopintoThe major stability problems were fixed around .113:47
jribROnewbie: what were some of the big issues out of curiousity?13:48
edgyHi, how can I enable PAE support in intrepid?13:48
* Hobbsee guesses: compiz-based.13:48
ROnewbiemy vlc won't work at the same time with youtube in ff, major freezing happening at random times, usb mouse would be of no use, ...13:48
ROnewbieand many others.13:48
jribflash, yay13:49
IdleOnemice tend to run and hide when not tied up13:49
ROnewbiefunny thing is that gutsy worked out footb13:50
ROnewbieany suggestions?13:52
Hobbseeyeah.    metacity --replace &13:52
Hobbseewon't help the usb mouse, but may well help the other two13:53
jribwell at least I assume it was sound in vlc that wasn't working at the same time as youtube13:54
ROnewbieHobbsee: :-D ... mind the "newbie" part, please ... metacity -- replace ... =?13:54
ROnewbiejrib: yes, it's the sound i'm talking about. sorry, my mistake13:54
HobbseeROnewbie: type it into a terminal.13:55
Hobbseethe whole thing.13:55
jribwith no space between "--" and "replace": metacity --replace &13:55
ROnewbiegot it13:55
ROnewbiedid it13:55
ROnewbiei saw my desktop for a sec, then back to normal.13:56
ROnewbieso what did i just do? :-)13:56
HobbseeROnewbie: it turned off compiz, which is shiny bling.13:58
ROnewbiedamn. everything froze14:01
ROnewbieor nearly everything14:01
ROnewbielogged out and back in14:01
ROnewbiehmm ... maybe installing intrepid while alpha was not such a good idea.14:01
ROnewbieone more question - i used hardy, and updated it daily, until about 3 weeks ago. was .1 out by then? because if it was, i didn't notice any major differences.14:03
ROnewbiesame old problems14:03
Hobbseeit was out14:04
ROnewbiewell then, i'm off to reinstalling gutsy, no other choice.14:04
ROnewbiebut for some reason i cannot see (in addition to my usb mouse) the external harddrive i plugged in14:05
ROnewbiei need that to back stuff up14:05
ROnewbieany suggestions, anyone?14:05
ROnewbie1yep, had to cold boot it a couple of times before it saw my external harddrive14:16
ROnewbie1so i think i'll reinstall gutsy anew14:16
ROnewbie1thank you for the help.14:16
los|sis pulseaudio better configured in intrepid ibex?14:40
igormorgadonot yet14:45
Stevkolos|s: You can always remove pulseaudio.14:47
Hobbseeit is on my machine, now.14:48
los|sit aleays caused problems to remove pulseaudio15:08
los|si'll see what intrepid will be15:08
Rioting_pacifistwhen i use sudo in intrepid i get "sudo: unable to resolve host Juan-Hardy"15:09
Rioting_pacifisti think its because i installed from debootstrap15:09
igormorgadoRioting_pacifist: check your /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname15:15
bsnideranybody still got gmail-notify installed?15:15
igormorgadoRioting_pacifist: I want 50% of your profit in that HOWTO =D15:15
Rioting_pacifisthmm got responsese in 2 channels, normally get zero :D ubuntu IRC likes me again15:18
bsnidercan someone please try installing gmail-notify?15:19
igormorgadobsnider: why I should do that?15:19
Rioting_pacifisterm /etc/hostname had Juan-Intrepid and hosts had localhost15:19
igormorgadohostname wrong15:19
igormorgado/etc/hostname should be Juan-Intrepid15:20
igormorgadoand hosts localhost juan-intrepid15:20
bsniderigormorgado, to help me confirm a bug15:20
igormorgadobsnider: check in bug reports if there is anything like your problem, if dont, double-check your procedures, if its all ok but youre having really a problem, fill the bug report, assure to add every possible informations15:21
bsnideryeah, thanks for the infomration. i had no idea i could do that15:21
Rioting_pacifistbsnider i cant install it im getting broken dependancies15:22
bsniderRioting_pacifist, can you do a search in synaptic for "ligdl" please?15:22
bsniderthe one with gnome in the name should have a completely different version number than the others15:23
Rioting_pacifistnah its 1-0 like the rest but it comes libgdl-gnome-1-0 instead of libgdl-1-gnome15:25
bsniderno, that's not what i'm referring to15:25
bsnideryou're looking at the name of the packages, not the version15:25
bsniderlook at the version column15:25
Rioting_pacifistyeah common is 2.24.0 but gnome is 0.7.1115:27
bsnideri think the problem is they didn't properly rebuild the gnome package with the rest15:29
igormorgadobsnider: is expected packages broken while in alpha stage, if you know know what that means, do not use alpha quality software15:32
igormorgadobsnider: there is to many packages and everyone is packaging and updating, things will broke before the freeze15:32
bsniderok, so i won't report a bug then, since packages should be broken15:34
igormorgadoyes. that kind of thing is REALLY expected. maybe it will be fixed soon. (1 week ) =D15:34
igormorgadobsnider: read the topic15:34
lamalexDid gnome-terminal remove  the keybinding configuration?15:37
Hobbseelooks like python-gnome2-extras needs another rebuild15:37
HobbseeRioting_pacifist: bsnider oh, that bug is already fixed.15:45
bsniderHobbsee, Bug #27439815:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274398 in gnome-python-extras "Depends on no-longer-built libgdl-gnome-1-0 package" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27439815:45
Hobbseebsnider: yep.  it's even through the queue now, too15:46
bsniderit hasn't hit the main repository yet15:47
bsnideri don't have access to the new version sebastien's talking about15:48
anmarHello guys. I am trying to test today's build but when I boot off the disk, my screen is on but black. I tried switching to alternate terminals but nothing happens16:05
anmarnblracer: hello16:12
nblracerneeds some, plus i found one bug16:13
nblracersorry for my bad english16:13
anmarnblracer: now worries. what is your problem. I can't promise I can help.16:14
ruschiHi - although not stable I upgraded to 8.10. Some odd behaviour in X exists:16:14
ruschisomehow I always have us keyboard mapping at start - I have to change it with setxkbmap although xorg.conf clearly states a german layout16:14
nblracerwell for the bug, the power status on my laptop does not update16:15
nblracerit offten works if i go from battery to power, and vice-versa16:15
anmarnblracer: I am not sure how upgrading to Intrepid will be different than installing it from scrathc.16:16
nblracerbut if i remove the battery and go strictly to AC power, it does not recognize the change16:16
anmarnblracer: I would install alpha 6 on an empty parition and see if the issue still occurs16:16
anmarnblracer: as for the battery, did you check launchpad for a similar bug?16:17
nblracerhow did you know i upgraded?16:17
anmarnblracer: oh.. sorry.. I thought you said you did :)16:18
anmarnblracer: my bad. I mixed a couple of chats together :)16:19
anmarrushi: did you try the issue on a fresh install of intrepid?16:19
ruschino - I only got one system and upgraded using apt16:20
anmarargh... I am more butter fingers today.16:20
nblraceranmar:  not to sound like a complete idiot, how do i search for the bug, search for acpi?16:22
nblraceror gnome power manger?16:22
anmarnblracer: no worries dude.  you need to start at www.launchpad.net16:22
ruschianmar:  in /var/log/Xorg.0.log I find in near end: Option "xkb_layout" "us"16:22
anmarnblracer: I recommend that you register so you can comment and create new bugs if you needed to16:23
anmarruschi: I am sorry but I am no expert on keyboard layouts. One simeple thing comes to mind is to use the GNOME keyboard preference to see if that takes effect?16:24
ruschiI will check16:24
ruschibe back later16:24
nblraceranmar: already registered16:25
anmarnblracer: great :)16:25
regelIs Intrepid somewhat stable now?16:31
regelI'd finally have some time to upgrade my system to 8.1016:31
anmarregel: hehe... that is a hard question to answer.16:31
anmarregel: try the live CD and see if it works for you.16:31
regel:) the live CDs have never worked for me.. :D16:32
nblraceri think the bug is with both acpi and gnome power manger,  when i remove battiery, and re insert it, the status icon in gnome never changes or update16:32
anmarregel: then install alpha 6 on an emptry parition.16:32
nblracerkind of locks it up16:32
anmarnblracer: did you update your system to the latest in Intrepid ?16:33
regelanmar: nah, i have a laptop and a pc, i dont really need 2 stable systems16:33
nblraceracpi dose not correctly regster the difference between battery and no battery16:33
regelshould i download daily or alpha?16:33
anmarregel: sweet.. then get Alpha6 and plug away... GNOME 2.24 is quite nice I must say16:34
anmarnblracer: you can look into the ACPI docs and see... as far as I can remember, you can find a lot of what you kernel is seeing by checking the /proc on your file system16:34
regel:) already looking for an image16:34
anmarregel: cdimage.ubuntu.com16:35
regelyea, but it's incredibly slow atm16:35
regelis there a mirror for cdimage.ubuntu.com?16:36
anmarregel: hmm.. not sure...16:36
anmarregel: if you google for Alpha6 you can find torrents of it available16:37
nblraceranmar, should be updated, i use synaptic package manger often16:37
regelguess that's the best way to go, thanks16:37
anmarnblracer: then in that case, I would file a bug16:38
regeloh, yes, found a mirror in finland :)16:38
anmarregel: great... torrent is the faster instead of downloading from a single source16:38
regelnot with my connection, it aint16:39
regeluh, i should have done this while at university a few hours ago :S16:39
regel2:30 h till ready16:40
anmarregel: that isn't bad ... time for a walk I guess ;-)16:41
regel:) guess so16:42
nblraceranmar: i'm browsing though /proc/apci, and all those files seem emptey when i open them with gedit16:45
anmarnblracer: hmm.. let me see. one sec16:45
anmarnblracer: hmm... then the kernel is not detecting any battery.16:48
=== kunim__ is now known as kunim
anmarnblracer: did you check dmesg and see what the kernel shows about ACPI?16:49
nblracerthe kernel see it i think since apci -V works, just wrong if there is no battery present16:50
anmarnblracer: did you google for people using the same laptop you are using. that might help shed the light16:51
nblracergood idea, will do that next. Thanks, what should i look for in dmesg?16:51
anmarnblracer: browse through it and see any messages pertaining to ACPI. Usually they are in the first 200 lines16:53
nblracerhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78380 this is very close to what i have! it dated 2005!16:56
nblracerso it may be a specific problem related to my hardware then, and not a bug with the kernel16:57
anmarnblracer: did you install another OS on it like windows?16:58
anmarnblracer: if so, did the battery work?16:58
anmarnblracer: if it did, then you hardware is ok. it could be a buggy bios, which is usually the problem with ACPI stuff.16:59
nblraceryes i'm dual boot16:59
nblracerso is this something i should report in lunchpad17:01
elupushmm.. just upgraded to alpha6 from alpha5, and lost network in the process17:13
elupuskernel related17:14
elupus2.6.27-3 works, 2.6.27-4 doesn't. any thoughts on how to debug?17:14
JontheEchidnaat the boot menu press e, go down to the second line and press e again17:15
JontheEchidnaremove "splash" at the end of the line, press enter17:15
JontheEchidnapress b to boot17:16
JontheEchidnatake picture of where the boot fails17:16
elupuswell boot doesn't fail17:16
elupusi get into ubunut, but no network17:16
elupusit seems it isn't loading the e1000e module17:17
elupusatleast there is no reference to it in dmesg log17:17
skyjumperwhoa, elupus: i'm having that problem also. on a thinkpad t6117:17
elupus:) t60 here :)17:17
skyjumperupgraded hardy to intrepid, now policykit thinks my user isn't an admin17:18
skyjumperanyone know why that might be17:18
JontheEchidnaelupus: oh, network failure. My bad :P17:19
protonchrisI suspect that e1000e is blacklisted due to recent issues:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26355517:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,In progress]17:19
elupusso in other words.. stay far away from that kernel for the time being.. ie 2.6.27 independent of release17:21
elupus"Once this corruption has occurred, recovery may be possible via a BIOS update, but may well require replacement of the hardware."17:21
elupusskyjumper, seems we should wait abit on intrepid :)17:21
* skyjumper freaks. this is a work laptop.17:22
protonchrisNot everything that uses the e100e is effected.  Just be careful.17:22
igormorgadohow can software damage hardware? weird times17:23
igormorgadothiking about it one can create a worm to destroy network interfaces.17:23
ali1234igormorgado: it corrupts part of the nvram used to store mac address and settings17:23
skyjumpersoftware could corrupt nvram for decades... but *accidentally* is a bit different17:23
ali1234i just got through reading that whole thread17:24
igormorgadofor sure. but nvram should not be "writeable" from a OS. or should be protected.17:24
ali1234should be, yeah17:24
igormorgadoa jumper, a flag, a pin, anything17:25
igormorgadosome physical protection.17:25
eklofHow do I save wifi password?17:25
eklofIt seems like it asks me always now.17:26
eklofoh, find the bugreport now17:31
skyjumperis an "admin" according to PolicyKit, someone in the admin group?17:32
nblracereklof i have the same problem/want17:39
CarlFK1http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/genisoimage  "Files: no current information"17:45
CarlFK1shouldn't there be?17:45
CarlFK1I am looking for mkisofs and getting unexpected answers17:45
CarlFK1well, I found mkisofs - still surprised about "no current info"17:48
=== chrisbo is now known as chrisbor
Prettoafter last update i did   today,   the sound icon has gone :S18:12
chrisborin the panel?18:12
chrisboror the menu?18:13
Prettochrisbor, yes.. in the panel and get no sound at  all18:13
Prettolemme  check the menu18:13
Prettojust panel  chrisbor18:14
chrisbortry alsamixer18:14
chrisborif it detects any soundcards at all18:15
chrisborI have to go now, sorry18:15
Prettohehhe.. it detects18:15
=== calc_ is now known as calc
=== matt64- is now known as erle-
dystopiahi im running intrepid on my thinkpad, and when i log in on my server with nxclient, the layout of the keyboard is fucked up. this i since i upgraded my laptop to intrepid. they up key makes a screenshot, and page up makes a /18:45
TeLLuSdystopia: me too18:51
dystopiaTeLLuS: seriously?19:12
anmardystopia: I don't think you are the first one to suffer this. I just chatted with a guy who had a similar issue related to keyboard layouts.  I suggest you checkout www.launchpad.net and see if it is a common bug so you can add your logs and information.19:14
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Hardy, and help keeping the servers' load low!19:21
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!19:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about getintrepid19:22
dystopiawell, is it possible to remap the keys? if so, how?19:27
dystopiai found some stuff about hotkeys not working anyway, i dont know about that, but im just used to my up/down and pgup/pgdn keys19:28
sysdocdystopia: do you have system>preferences>keyboard ?19:30
lore20where can i get an image of intrepid without intel e1000e bug?19:30
anmarlore20: This is the bug and there are some notes about how to not hose your ehternet driver. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/263555%0A19:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,In progress]19:32
dystopiasysdoc: yes19:32
lore20I thought it was fixed in the last kernel image19:32
dystopiasysdoc: it works on my thinkpad, but it doesn't work when i use nxclient to log in on remote machine19:33
dystopiasysdoc: as in, the pgup/pgdn/up/down keys do work, but not in nxclient.. i've tried all kind of settings at system>prefs>keyboard.. nothing helps.. 'setting system wide' crashes tho19:33
anmardystopia: have you looked into setxkbmap19:35
dystopiayeah i dont understand much of it..19:38
anmardystopia: hehe... that makes two of us :)19:38
dystopiai read the docs and tried some stuff (using -display) but didnt help19:39
dystopiaanmar: you also have this problem with nxclient?19:46
dystopiai'm starting to think its related to nxclient19:46
dystopiathere are some settings at ~/.nx/config but i couldnt solve the problem using that19:51
TurlI'm having a problem updating19:52
Turlxulrunner doesn't wanna install19:52
Turland breaks dependencies19:52
TurlConfigurando xulrunner-1.9 ( ...19:53
Turl/usr/lib/xulrunner- error while loading shared libraries: libplds4.so.0d: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:53
svuis mp3 codec broken in gstreamer?19:57
dystopiahttp://people.freedesktop.org/~hughsient/quirk/quirk-keymap-index.html is interesting, but the irony is that my hotkeys work fine19:58
dystopiai have no complaint about my hotkeys19:58
TeLLuSdystopia: yes, T61p, intrepid and running a NX client. I miss AltGr and the arrow keys..  I think its someting with NX..    Intrepid also disabled the ethernet after running some weeks with it.. hmm. Good I can still use wireless and also have 2.6.26 installed.19:59
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
Turlanyone can confirm firefox package breaks?20:00
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
Turlreally the package that breaks is xulrunner-1.920:01
sven_oostenbrinkWill intrepid ibex finally have better WiFi drivers?20:01
sven_oostenbrinkIm using a broadcomm 43xx, and at the moment I don't even know anymore which drivers Im using.. whichever driver is used, its just sad how wifi works.. :(20:01
Turllshw -C network should say which driver you use20:02
dystopiaTeLLuS: its related to nxclient because with qtnx it works20:04
dystopiawith qtnx it works, although, i think not always.. maybe im wrong.. in any case my up/dn/pgup/pgdn keys did work, ill have to see how far they do work hehe20:08
nblracerhowdy again20:08
TeLLuSdystopia: ok, testing,  Also upcoming krdc should have NX support if I read the KDEdigest correct..  Hmm, also miss backspace..20:09
dystopiaoh im not using kde20:12
* DanaG has his nvidia-glx-177 capable computer back!20:12
TeLLuSdystopia: Yes, now its working. Thank You!20:12
Turlcan you please provide me with an http link to an older xulrunner-1.9 package so I can fix my system?20:13
nblracerwhat is the best way to trouble shoot, suspending/sleeping problems20:13
Turli'd look for it myself, but my browser is erm... broken :p20:14
TeLLuSdystopia: Well, not able to use pipe char, but otherwise it's much better..20:15
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
DanaGYay:     * Updated mode validation, in cases when no EDID is detected, such that 1024x768 @60Hz and 800x600 @ 60Hz are allowed, rather than just 640x480 @ 60Hz.   --- now I'll actually be able to use projectors!20:26
sven_oostenbrinkTurl: lshw -C network gives me b43-pci-bridge.. is this wireless going to work good?20:27
LSD|Ninjabroadcom, ugh20:28
LSD|NinjaIt'll work, but you'll travel to hell and back only to be find you were better off in hell20:28
dystopiaTeLLuS: pipe works here but you can also remap20:30
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
TeLLuSdystopia: Another local problem here probably, nevermind..20:32
NaborHello, I'm trying Ubuntu 8.10, didn't change my /etc/network/interfaces but eth0 is not working anymore. I have this device in my Lenovo T61p 00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82566MM Gigabit Network Connection (rev 03)20:34
NaborAnybody how solved this?20:34
Naborhow = who :)20:34
TeLLuSNabor: See, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26355520:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,In progress]20:38
NaborYes I remember, that it's possible, that this kernel damage the network card20:40
NaborBut it's working under XP after reboot, so I don't fear :)20:40
TeLLuSNabor: Also see /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-e1000e    Could probably be removed if you want to risk to damage it..20:40
NaborBut I hoped that this get's fixed much faster because it's so critical20:41
calcNabor: well its not an ubuntu issue though it affects ubuntu, i'm sure the intel guys are trying to get it working as soon as they can20:41
* DanaG thought of one idea:20:41
DanaGWhy not just return everything to using the older e1000?20:41
NaborAnother Question, anybody that has wpasupplicant running with 8.10 ?20:41
TeLLuSNabor: Use wireless instead.. :)   Well downgraded to hardy network-manager to get that to work20:42
nblracerwhat does ibex use for a CPU Frequency Scaling Daemon20:42
* calc isn't going to run intrepid until at least beta comes out20:42
NaborTeLLuS: I use wireless :) But it's bad, that I have to insert the WPA Key again and again after reboot20:42
Naborbesides that I had to deaktivate (remove the entry from /etc/network/interfaces) wpa_supplicant20:43
DanaGHandy hint: right-click nm-applet, go to Edit Connections, and make your network into a "System Setting"20:43
TeLLuSNabor: I don't have to since I downgraded it.. work fine. Also tried PEAP at work.. worked fine.20:44
NaborTeLLuS: what did you downgrade20:45
NaborI have to Network Connection things in my System tray20:45
Naborone is the nm-applet20:46
cliechtii upgraded from hardy on a eeepc. but wireless is not working. i have ath5k loaded, but no wireless network card is shown by ifconfig and iwconfig. previously it was working with madwifi but i'd like to use the new driver from the kernel now20:46
Naborand the other one did not tell me, what it is20:46
cliechtiis there something i need to clean up to get that one working?20:46
TeLLuSNabor: Everything with network-manager..20:46
cliechtiyeah the network manager diapeared here too. i had to manually install a package20:47
cliechtithe network applet was split into an other packet that was not in the dependencies20:47
NaborDanaG: what is "System Setting" what does this mean? So what will the nm-applet do than?20:47
Lofde_hi i really need some help :(20:47
Lofde_I was in the process of upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10 and when i was doing the upgrade there were several packages i guess that they didnt completely install20:48
Lofde_and im even worse off than i was20:48
Lofde_there is still hope (i hope) because i can log in to enlightment (gnome wont load), somehow many of gnomes packages got uninstalled and i cannot reinstall it20:49
cliechtiLofde_: i aborted one upgrade too, i had to run sudo dpkg --configure -a20:49
Lofde_cliechti,  i ran that several times and things kept failing20:50
NaborBesides that, I like my wpa_supplicant much more than everything that runs, wenn Gnome is running. I remember, one or to years ago, there was an update that damages the XOrg... Gnome didn't start... I was happy, because of wpa_supplicant I had my WLAN also at command line ;)20:50
cliechtiLofde_: apt-get install --fix-missing (or similar) is also helping sometimes20:50
Lofde_like a whole huge list.. several times and then i restarted because it recommened20:50
Lofde_ahh ok20:50
Lofde_let me see if i can run that20:50
Lofde_because im trying to get gnome back and its saying Depends: system-config-printer (>=1.0.0) but it is not installable20:50
Lofde_ Depends: serpentine but it is not going to be installed and i think its because those files arent on the repos20:50
Turlany way to fix firefox???20:50
NaborTurl: Firefox runs fine... what fix do you need?20:51
cliechtiLofde_: also run apt-get update to get the latest list and if its an upgrade, did you change all the repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list?20:51
NaborAnybody how has sound problems?20:52
Turlit's broken... xulrunner-1.9 won't update ok20:52
Lofde_cliechti,  i havent change the repositories at all20:52
NaborI have on my T61p :(20:52
Naborhmm... I don't have this problem Turl... I use Firefox 3.x20:53
cliechtiLofde_: if your upgrading to 8.10 (that is #ubuntu+1 :-) you need to have only intrepid* lines there. if you used update-manager that should have been converted automatically, but maybe check that once20:53
Lofde_alright let me check really fast20:54
cliechtitake your time :-) don't do it too fast, rather precisely ;-)20:54
mvofor upgrrade to intrepid just run "update-manager -d"20:54
Lofde_all the lines were changes to intrepid20:55
cliechtiand see your wireless network not working anymore :/20:55
Naborcliechti: ;) it's working...20:55
cliechtiLofde_: hm, then i don't know. i upated my intrepid eeepc a hour ago and all installed fine20:55
cliechtiNabor: not here on my eeepc..20:56
Lofde_see something happened, and like update mananger -d -c it kept having problems with several packages or something, something with Mono-apache2 was holding something up and those never finished and then somehow i uninstalled all those packages using apt-get remove to remove 1 bad one (i was going to do 1 at a time, and it somehow removed 45 packages heh)20:56
Nabordoes the eeepc have also wired networking?20:56
cliechtiNabor: yes, that one is fine20:56
cliechtii need it to upgrade :-)20:57
Naborso you are lucky ;) my wired one is not working20:58
Lofde_is there a way i can tell apt-get install to install Gnome, and to take as many dependancies as it can find and ignore the 2 that it cant find on the intrepid repo?20:58
cliechtiNabor: on an eeepc?20:58
NaborAnd sound is also not working20:58
Naborno, on a T61p20:58
cliechtiLofde_: there is some --force or similar option i think20:59
NaborAnd I am not shure if I like the new Human theme20:59
cliechtihm. i have not seen a difference yet20:59
NaborOne Question, I read about emphathy replacing Pidgin...21:00
Naborwhen will this haben?21:00
Lofde_cliechti,  --ignore-missing ?21:00
NaborAnd will my settings by automaticaly migrated?21:00
cliechtiLofde_: ah, yes, that one sounds reasonable21:00
Nabornblracer: test was fine :)21:00
cliechtiLofde_: but i dont know how easy it will be to install the missing ones later.. :/21:01
cliechtiso no one with eeepc and ath5k (wifi) driver that can help out? mine is not working :(21:03
NaborI'll leave for today, in Germany it's 22:03... Have a nice evening...21:03
Lofde_is there some way to sort of "restart" the install process to 8.10 to make ubuntu check to see that it DID indeed download everything it should have21:05
cliechtisomething like running apt-get install XXX --reinstall for each packet? -- i dont know :-)21:06
Lofde_wonder if i could just download gnome and compile it myself :(21:07
cliechtiapt-get source :-)21:07
cliechtiwell i would not. i'd rather wait and see if the packages are fixed a day later. maybe you are downloading from different mirrors that not all are updates synchronously21:09
nblraceris there a better power management tool for ubuntu gnome  like KPowersave, that can control cpu steping, brightness, hard drive rpm21:09
Lofde_it seems like the only two packages it says it needs are not shure if I like the new Human theme21:10
Lofde_<cliechti> hm. i have not seen a difference yet21:10
Lofde_system-config-printer and serpentine21:10
cliechtiand they are not put on "hold"? and did you try apt-get dist-upgrade?  just upgrade is sometimes not enough21:11
Lofde_ill see i saw that juse now on a fourm i was trying 1 sec21:13
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=== calc_ is now known as calc
DanaGWhy does everyone call it an "Eeepc" (pronounced "eepk")?  It's "Eee PC" -- the name is Eee.21:19
DanaGNot eepk.21:19
SwedeMikethey do? Everybody I know calls it eee-pee-cee21:21
cliechtiDanaG: sorry ;-) but eeepc is the word you can actually find something with search engines.21:22
DanaGWell, I meant that I'd pronounce "eeepc" as "eepk".  Others probably do pronounce it as two words smacked together.21:23
mliseI say e-e-e-pee-cee21:23
mliseor triple-e21:24
Lofde_cliechti,  will you take a look at this https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-gnome2/+bug/27301521:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273015 in meta-gnome2 "cannot install gnome package" [Low,Confirmed]21:30
Lofde_low :( ?21:30
Lofde_i need to install gnome.. ;/ what can i do?21:30
Lofde_i guess ill just say forget it and go with KDE until maybe this thing comes outta alpha.. or maybe use enlightment i mean its not bad all the programs are still here its just a change ;/21:35
cliechtior use ION3 ;-)21:36
dystopiaTeLLuS: you know what is odd? now it doesn't work any more, even not with QtNX.. LoL :D21:39
cliechtiheh, wireless is working now. blacklisting ath_pci is required as it also a driver for the same PCI ID21:40
dystopiaseems like i cant play mp3..21:41
cliechtican you play the ogg file in the examples folder?21:42
dystopianope it totally hangs21:43
Lofde_its taking a while to download the 150 mb of KDE21:43
cliechtii'd rather use xfce instead of kde ;-)21:44
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Lofde_id rather use gnone :(21:44
cliechtidystopia: so its a soundcard/driver problem maybe, and not a missing codec problem21:45
ActionParsniphey all21:45
ActionParsnipif i install the alpha intrepid21:45
dystopiapulseaudio isnt running either21:45
Lofde_for some reason since the switch now i cannot play an mp4 (aac) using audacious it says unable to connect to server some 8000 port ;(21:45
cliechtiLofde_: well, if its only these two packages, i'd the the ignore missing option21:45
ActionParsnipwhen its released will my packaged apps upgrade to release grade?21:45
Lofde_i tried to install using "sudo apt-get install --ignore-missing gnome" and every combination didnt work, i dont have a good example of the syntax to go off of :(21:46
cliechtiActionParsnip: yes. but until then you might face problems that are not easily solvabe21:46
ActionParsnipcliechti: as long as it browses the web and plays mp3s i'm reet21:46
dystopiawhen i closed firefox it worked :-)21:47
cliechtiActionParsnip: if you want to get help from #ubuntu, stick with hardy, and upgrade in one month.21:47
dystopiasay, has anyone used projectM (Milkdrop for UNIX)?21:47
dystopiai never see the plugin in totem21:48
cliechtidystopia: are you using different auto drivers in the applications? try to set up pulse audio output for all21:48
ActionParsnipcliechti: my use is limited so should be ok, im waiting the month as my install is ok except frets on fire is weird21:48
dystopiathanks for the suggestion everything is now set at pulseaudio21:49
cliechtiActionParsnip: you get the very same firefox on hardy and intrepid right now. so for surfing the web you dont have a real advantage. but for hardy you'll get security upgrades in time21:50
ActionParsnipim fairly security concouos22:00
yao_ziyuani'm in kubuntu intrepid alpha 6. there is NetworkManager running. i wonder if it is necessary?22:01
Exilantnetworkmanager is nice22:06
Exilantbut if you aren't using a laptop, probably not neccessssary22:06
bersaceHow to invert ZAxisMapping without xorg.conf ?22:07
cliechtiplace your chair on the other side of the desk ;-) now seriously, maybe ask in a xorg related channel. they might know a tool. but whats wrong with xorg.conf anyway?22:15
cliechtibersace: ^22:16
bersacecliechti: i guess that'a about xinput22:16
bersacecliechti: the answer is xinput  set-button-map 6 1 2 3 4 5 7 622:18
bersacewhere the first 6 is the xid of the mouse22:18
cliechtiah. so i could possibly use this command to try to config my mouse too. the horizontal scroll functions of my 4 way wheel are not working22:19
o0Chris0oanyone else having issues with white backgrounds on icons in the system tray?22:21
cliechtino, what do you have for "problems"? patterns? wrong color?22:22
iddoi updated ubuntu (ibex) and now in alsamixer i only have playback and capture, and microphone doesn't work anymore because of this update... any idea how to restore it?22:23
cliechtiiddo: you checked the "settings" in the volume control window? you can enable/disable individual sources22:24
iddowhen i try sound recorder it says it cannot get settings from resource22:24
iddoall is enabled in volumecontrol or alsamixer, but there used to be more options there....22:25
iddoactually, only in alsamixer there used to be more options22:26
iddoin gnome volume control all the options are still there22:26
cliechtiis there an other audio driver in the dopdown box available? i have 5 drivers, alsa, oss, and pulse audio mixers..22:27
iddofor example there used to be idigital switch in alsamixer, now it's gone (but it's still in gnome volume control)22:27
cliechtithe pulse audio mixers only have on channel here22:27
iddoyes in dropdown hda intel (alsa mixer) is selected22:28
iddoyes there are 5 options in dropdown22:28
iddooops ispeaker not idigital in what i said above.. not sure what it is though22:29
cliechtiwe are speaking of the alsamixer command line tool, right? did you press F5 there?22:31
iddowhen i disabled ispeaker sound doesnt work... it used to be in alsamixer22:31
cliechtithat should show all channels22:31
iddoyes cmd line tool22:31
iddoin alsamixer i press tab too get to all, it has less options..22:32
cliechtiand i had to start alsamixer -c 0  to show the real sound card. by default it has shown a pulse audio source22:32
cliechtiah yes, tab is wokring fine too22:32
iddoalsamixer -c 0 shows everything again22:33
iddobut how to get microphone to work again... ?22:33
Alex_GaynorDoes anyone know what the status of flash on Ibex is?22:37
Lofde_oh man :( im so grr22:40
Lofde_I finally was able to install KDE ,22:40
Lofde_but i can not still get GNOME back, because i cant do ' apt-get install gnome ' due to that bug :(22:41
cliechtiLofde_: you did not start with the standard gnome or kde CDs?22:42
iddoshould i try to reinstall pulseaudio or alsa?22:46
iddoif i try apt-get remove on them then it wants to remove ubuntu-desktop22:46
cliechtiyou can reinstall without removing. but thats usually only good if oyu lost or destroyed files22:47
iddoi didnt do anything other than apt-get upgrade22:48
iddohow to reinstall without removing?22:48
cliechtiapt-get install <package-name> --reinstall22:49
iddomaybe i should try to compile the latest alsa from source?22:49
cliechtiuh.. well what do you expect to fix? the channel selection or the microphone?22:49
iddoit used to work well.. in empathy voice chat22:50
cliechtithe application you use to record, is it set up correctly?22:50
iddoand gnome-sound-recorder22:50
cliechtioh i get an error there too..22:51
iddowhat could i set up in gnome-sound-recorder22:51
cliechtii usually use audacity. and this still works fine22:52
Lofde_ cliechti  the cds?22:52
Lofde_i upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 through the internet22:52
cliechtiLofde_: did you install from a live cd? then you already have either gnome, kde or xfce22:52
Lofde_is there an ISO i can download somewhere if 8.10 to try to do like a repair install over my current installation lol22:52
iddotrying to install audacity now to test it..22:53
Lofde_i did at one point install from a live cd.. 8.04 and i did have gnome until i updated to 8.1022:53
cliechtiLofde_: yes, there are alpha versions of 8.10 available22:53
Lofde_somehow remember through the upgrade the gnome wouldnt load22:53
Lofde_do you have a link to the iso ?22:53
cliechtiLofde_: no, sorry, i used the upgrade method too.. and here it worked to upgrade gnome to 2.2422:54
Lofde_yea i had something happen that canceled the install..22:55
Lofde_so then i had to continue using a "dpkg  -configure -u " or something to that22:55
Lofde_KDE is weird.. like there are no minimize, close, maximize buttons at all for some weird reason..22:55
cliechtiLofde_: hm. did you remove something so that you cant install it again? if it was installed before and refuses to upgrade, it should simply stay at the old version..23:00
JontheEchidnaLofde_: that's not normal23:01
Linux_GaloreWhen is the beta release due please ?23:01
Linux_Galorefound it, Octorber 223:03
Lofde_I cannot install gnome due to this issue .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/miro/+bug/27449623:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274496 in miro "ubuntu intrepid 8.10 alpha 6 - unable to install miro - conflict between libgdl-1-0  and libgdl-gnome-1-0  (dup-of: 274398)" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274398 in gnome-python-extras "Depends on no-longer-built libgdl-gnome-1-0 package" [High,Fix released]23:03
Lofde_wait i dont think that was the bug23:05
Lofde_here is the bug :( https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-gnome2/+bug/27301523:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273015 in meta-gnome2 "cannot install gnome package" [Low,Confirmed]23:07
iddoi actually lost sound completely...  all sound apps dont play any sound23:08
Lofde_somehow i had gnome on 8.04, during the upgrade to 8.10 some packages didnt download, i think the internet got D/ced(wireless) when i reconnected i restarted the upgrade but it was sorta of messed up already, it kept downloading all the packages and then during the install of packages it had issues, i kept pushing it through the install and eventually it restarted into enlightenment, then i tried to push it to install gnome a23:08
Lofde_nd was getting that error, its been an uphill battle :) but a fun learning experience23:08
iddoi think it's because i only see correct controls with alsamixer -c 023:09
iddois there a way to make it behave like before the update? i only typed alsamixer and it showed all correct volume controls23:09
iddoor some other way to fix it to make sound work again..?23:10
Lofde_i wonder if i might just skip intrepid and jump stright to 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope with all this crap im going through :))23:12
cliechtiLofde_: well, you are playing around with APLHA software. try it again in a month and it will be much better. and then if you cant repair it, reinstall from scratch from one of the CDs23:14
Lofde_well i have no real way of going back now :) i mean im not too upset using KDE..23:14
Lofde_i think if somehow the dependancy bug was fixed23:14
Lofde_that i showed on that website23:14
iddothe gnome sound prefs test fails when i try to set it as alsa.. cannot access device.. other options like pulse just dont play anything23:14
Lofde_i would be able to install gnome, i would be back in business23:14
Lofde_although it says "Low, Confirmed " i dont know how long it would take for them to release a fix23:15
xompI want install Kubuntu Installing Kubuntu 8.10 intrepid Ibex Alpha 6 using a USB-CD  (USB-HDD),  In the BIOS I use USB-HDD  and no problem , but when the installation start I have an error In the kubuntu installer main menu for default want detect and mount CD , but I only have a usb CD,  so I can't install the kubuntu.23:16
xompto make things clearer, I can't install kubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex alpha 6 via my external USB CD-ROM onto my USB-HDD :)23:21
cliechtixomp: i managed to install hardy from a USB memeory stick to a USB SD reader. copying the CD contents to the usb stick and replacing isolinux with syslinux was not complicated (there are wiki pages about this)23:25
cliechtithe trick there was to copy the hidden folder that identifies the usb srick as source for the installer23:25
cliechtibut i'm not sure if that is really related to your problem xomp23:25
luboszhow do i disable warnings as errors in make?23:29
cliechtithat is more a problem of the compiler that is called than it is for make23:30
luboszcc1plus throws the error23:30
cliechti-Werror is a gcc switch that makes warnings to errors for example23:30
luboszcc1plus: warnings being treated as errors23:31
luboszso i have to edit the makefile?23:31
luboszthere is no switch in the makefile afaik23:31
Exilantif i search for linux-image in adept, i get no hits. i find that a bit weird, what kind of system does it use?23:33
Exilantseems to be neither xapian nor apt-search23:33

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