wolican somebody point me in the right direction for developing a panel application?02:57
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LinuxWizar1question on live cds........05:50
LinuxWizar1put a live "cd" on a flash drive... any way of updating it?05:51
LinuxWizar1i would like it to be persistant05:52
huatshello everyone09:25
huatsand good morning09:25
mvodoes anyone else has three batteries in his gnome-power-manager applet?09:38
crevettemvo, I seen such bug in bugzilla09:41
crevetteor perhaps it was you already09:41
crevette(hello by the way)09:41
loolmvo: There was an old bug where I'd get a new battery after each suspend/resume cycle :)09:42
loolDidn't see enough suspend/resume success rate to see this bug though09:43
mvohello crevette and lool!09:49
mvohm, I will keep an eye on it and if its still there after rebooting I have a word with ted09:49
huatshello seb12809:51
huatsand mvo and crevette :)09:51
seb128lut huats09:51
mvohey huats and seb128!09:52
seb128hello mvo!09:52
didrocksseb128: hi!09:53
seb128hey didrocks09:53
loolBah I keep missing the 2 minutes seb128 windows09:57
loolHey mvo!09:58
loolhey seb12809:59
seb128hello lool09:59
didrocksseb128: I have done yesterday night the work on gnome-volume-manager (bug #274515). We will wait for the end of the beta freeze, I reckon09:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274515 in gnome-volume-manager "Please sponsor gnome-volume-manager 2.24.0 into intrepid" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27451509:59
loolseb128: I pushed the mm updates to Debian except for libxml++; it had a lintian error09:59
loolmanphiz will look into it in some hours I expect10:00
loolseb128: So you can sync the rest10:00
seb128lool: thanks, I'll ask for freeze exceptions before because I think syncs are accepted directly10:01
seb128didrocks: you can still subscribe the sponsor team so it can be sponsored and stay in NEW until being unfrozen10:01
didrocksseb128: already done :)10:02
seb128ok good10:02
crevettesalut huats10:04
mvohey lool10:09
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huatsvuntz: ping me once you are back :)11:07
huats(and that you have enjoyed your train trip)11:07
seb128mvo: bug #272280 is for you11:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272280 in gnome-control-center "gnome-keyboard-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27228011:41
mvoseb128: ok,I have a look11:41
ash129hi to all12:09
ash129hi i'm having problems in installing ubuntu desktop is this the right place to ask question12:10
ash129anybody here12:11
vuntzhuats: pong12:45
huatshey vuntz :)12:46
Ngwhat happened to the Current Session tab in the Session preferences?12:47
Ng(in 2.24, that is. someone is asking me why he can't disable gnome-panel anymore)12:47
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vuntzseb128: pong for last night13:14
seb128hey vuntz13:15
seb128vuntz: I wanted somebody on !ubuntu to try gnome bug #553852 which turns not not be a bug but a design decision13:15
ubottuGnome bug 553852 in gio "content-type detection broken in GNOME 2.24" [Normal,Resolved: notabug] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55385213:15
vuntzgood to see you don't need me :-)13:18
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ftaseb128, cairo 1.8.0 is out, they dropped the lcd-filter14:11
ftaseb128, bad quality code, also breaking the test suite14:12
seb128right, I read the discussion they were having on the channel yesterday14:12
seb128Keybuk: read that?14:13
seb128intrepid is frozen for beta now, I guess we will want to update to 1.8.0 adding the patch again after that14:14
ftaseb128, we have two options, a/ keep the patch from 1.7.6 or b/ resurrect the patch we had before 1.7.4 which apparently worked better for most.14:16
ftaseb128, we have two options, a/ keep the patch from 1.7.6 or b/ resurrect the patch we had before 1.7.4 which apparently worked better for most.14:21
seb128why was it working better?14:22
seb128I will let Keybuk comment on that14:22
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Keybukdoes the 1.7.4 patch still apply?14:33
ftaKeybuk, probably not, there's the huge legacy vs default change, a lot of reformatting, and some code changes (which i suspect are the cause for the difference we see)15:06
loolseb128: You can grab libxml++ from incoming in some minutes15:07
ftaseb128, i'm having a problem with python-gnome2-extras-dev => Depends: python-gnome2-extras (>= 2.19.1-0ubuntu8) but it is not going to be installed15:09
loolseb128: I guess you didn't want to sync glib 2.16 as it would bypass upload checks?15:14
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looljames_w: You around?15:46
james_whey lool15:46
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seb128fta: fixed in -0ubuntu916:22
seb128lool: glib 2.16? we have 2.1816:23
seb128lool: oh you mean as a sru16:23
seb128lool: we never really discussed syncs for stable updates16:24
seb128lool: that's probably possible technically but I don't know how to send things to unapproved, syncing bypass the queue usually16:25
loolseb128: Ok, that's what I guessed16:25
seb128lool: probably something worth looking at, but so much to do ... I took the easiest option ;-)16:26
seb128we don't often have the case anyway16:26
huatsseb128: i have grab the new gnome-build from the svn repo16:34
huatsI am surprised, they are using a substvars file ....16:34
huats(which was not the case in the previous package)16:34
huatsand they have not update the minimum requirements for some of the dependency (by instance the still say libgdl-1-dev (>= 0.7.0) while the configure ask for > 2.23.016:36
seb128to do what?16:36
seb128huats: maybe join #gnome-debian on gimpnet16:36
huatsseb128: I am on my way :)16:37
ftaseb128, -0ubuntu9 ftbfed, but i guess you already know17:10
seb128fta: yes, I asked on #ubuntu-x about xvfb but didn't get a reply17:10
pochuis everybody's sound working? mine doesn't since last reboot17:12
pochu** Message: Error: Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument17:12
pochupulsesink.c(487): gst_pulsesink_prepare (): /play/abin/audiosinkbin/audio-sink/bin4/autoaudiosink1/autoaudiosink1-actual-sink-pulse17:12
pochuthat's when playing an mp3 file in totem17:12
pochurhythmbox doesn't work either17:12
pochubut the startup sound works...17:13
pochuI wonder if that's alsa being broken?17:13
pochu'couse the startup sound is esd, right?17:13
pochuflash doesn't work either...17:13
seb128pochu: try not using pulseaudio and see if you still get the issue17:14
mvoasac: I got this nice "restart fixfox" box inside ff now, but when I press it, ff just died and did not restart - known issue?17:17
pochuseb128: from system->preferences->sound->sound playback, selecting alsa and clicking on test doesn't work (error dialog), but it works with oss17:21
pochupulseaudio and autodetect and others don't work either17:21
seb128pochu: does aplay on a .wav works correctly?17:24
* pochu looks for a wav file17:24
pochuALSA lib pcm_pulse.c:629:(pulse_prepare) PulseAudio: Unable to create stream: Invalid argument17:24
seb128pochu: try stopping pulseaudio to see if that makes a difference17:25
pochuyeah, I've killed it and it works now17:26
pochuLuke maintains it, right?17:26
pochuseb128: thanks17:26
seb128pochu: you can try the update listed on bug #27412417:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274124 in pulseaudio "Sound no longer working after kernel upgrade to 2.6.27-4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27412417:26
pochuI'm on 2.6.27-3-generic17:27
pochuyeah, I can try it17:27
seb128pochu: I think the title is misleading, the issue is rather a pulseaudio one17:27
pochuseb128: yes17:28
pochuseb128: gonna try it17:28
pochuseb128: no luck, I'll comment on the bug and downgrade PA17:39
pochuthanks again17:39
seb128pochu: you're welcome, makes sure it's fixed before intrepid17:39
pochuyeah, I'll target it for the release17:40
pochuseb128: can you approve the hardy task? bug 27412417:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274124 in pulseaudio "Sound no longer working after kernel upgrade to 2.6.27-4" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27412417:42
seb128pochu: hardy?17:43
pochuseb128: err, Intrepid, sorry17:45
seb128pochu: I'll let slangasek or themuso decide about that, if it's nominated it'll be listed for approval17:45
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didrocksseb128: if there is some stuffs to do waiting for the end of beta freeze, do not hesitate, once again :)18:05
seb128didrocks: ok will do, but now is almost weekend time ;-)18:05
didrocksseb128: yes, but I keep working, even in weekend, you know ;)18:06
seb128didrocks: I try to stop doing that ;-)18:06
didrocksmy gf is very comprehensive18:06
seb128but that's because I spend my time on ubuntu during the week already18:06
didrocksseb128: yes, you are really lucky to be able to do that ;-p18:07
didrockshope I will have the same, one day, too :)18:07
pochuseb128: do you forgot to update libgweather or was that on purpose? ;-)18:08
pochuseb128: I can update it18:08
seb128pochu: if you want to do it great, it was too much work I didn't manage to do it, didn't want to stop for hours on one tarball18:08
seb128they added python bindings to the build18:08
seb128pochu: thanks ;-)18:08
pochuI was going to ask you if I enable them in the build18:08
pochuseb128: the NEWS file says the API is unstable18:09
pochuso I'm not sure18:09
seb128if you want to do it that would be nice18:09
pochuseb128: yw :)18:09
pochuseb128: ok, I enable them18:09
pochuseb128: and swfdec-gnome 2.24 updates to swfdec0.7 API, it it worth doing it?18:09
pochuI think that way we can remove swfdec0.6 from the archive18:10
seb128pochu: swfdec0.8 is in debian NEW, I was waiting on it to be accepted to sync18:10
seb128but NEW is slow again nowadays apparently18:10
seb128it's late for beta now so we will see after beta if they accepted it18:11
pochuseb128: we have swfdec0.7 in the archive so we can build swfdec-gnome against that, right?18:11
pochubut if you prefer to wait that's alright18:11
didrockspochu: I am already one it and waiting for swfdec0.8 in debian NEW :)18:11
pochudidrocks: oh, cool :-)18:11
seb128pochu: no, swfdec-gnome 2.24 requires swfdec0.818:12
* pochu does libgweather then18:12
pochuseb128: ok18:12
didrocksseb128: I look everyday for debian NEW. I will keep you in touch when it will be updated :)18:12
pochu(and yes, we can remove swfdec0.6 once that's done)18:13
seb128didrocks: thanks, I'm subscribes to debian-devel-changes so I'll likely notice it there18:13
didrocksso do I ^^18:13
pochuseb128: and gmime2.4 is for jaunty?18:15
seb128pochu: do we use this thing anywhere? I never looked at those updates but you can if you think that's useful18:15
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pochuseb128: it's an API break release18:15
pochuso probably nothing uses it yet18:15
pochuI guess it can wait for Jaunty18:15
seb128pochu: right18:19
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