nelleryAny core-doc members around?05:41
mdkenellery: hi07:10
mdkenellery: leaving now though08:34
j-noisei had sent an mail to list to join14:25
j-noisethere was no response14:25
j-noiseplease guide me14:27
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salty-horsehi. how do I open an html file with yelp? "yelp <filename>" doesn't work. do I need to specify a protocol before the filename?19:05
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nellerysalty-horse, if your still around, its "yelp ~/../../..23:48
nelleryyou need to specify the whole thing23:48
salty-horsenellery, thanks. then I found a bug in yelp23:48
nelleryany core-doc member's around?23:58
nellerymy membership in the students team is about to expire23:58

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