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calcPriceChild: can i get an ubuntu cloak?21:11
PriceChildcalc: are you an ubuntu member? (launchpad url?)21:11
calcPriceChild: launchpad.net/~ccheney21:11
calcPriceChild: yes i am a core dev21:11
Nafallonot the same thing :-)21:11
calcand a member and a motu, etc :)21:11
PriceChildNafallo: i believe that grants ubuntu member status21:12
PriceChildNafallo: motu definitely does21:12
calci became a member and motu in june 07, and a core dev in aug 0721:12
Nafallohow evil. that changed since I became a Member and MOTU back in... 2005? :-P21:12
Nafalloalso, how's you calc? :-)21:13
PriceChildcalc: could you set and confirm an email with nickserv, then group an alt nick?21:13
calcPriceChild: ah ok, i followed the bit on the wiki that said to hidemail :)21:13
calcPriceChild: i'll change it quick21:13
PriceChild /msg nickserv help set email & /msg nickserv help group for help or ask21:13
PriceChildcalc: I am freenode staff, I can see through that setting and you have no email set.21:14
=== calc is now known as calc_
=== calc_ is now known as calc
calcPriceChild: oh ok, i somehow must have never set it up when i initially created the account, done now21:15
PriceChildcalc_: Could you also add this nick to your launchpad page in the launchpad.net/~ccheney/+editircnicknames21:15
Nafallolol. Nafallo|THM must have been AGES ago.21:15
PriceChildcalc: freenode didn't require an email to register until very recently21:16
calcPriceChild: ok, done21:17
PriceChildcalc: done21:18
calcthanks :)21:18
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