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RAOFpochu: What, if anything, are you doing about bug #274485?  Do we know whether a simple rebuild of anjunta and python-gnome2-extras will strip the libgdl-gnome dependency, or whether we need to reinstate the libgdl-gnome package?03:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274485 in gdl "can't install listen 0.5-5ubuntu1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27448503:14
* RAOF gardens that bug.03:17
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dholbachgood morning05:46
didrocksgood morning o/06:20
dholbachdidrocks: I uploaded g-s-t - it's in the queue right now06:22
didrocksdholbach: thanks a lot! Was your bug jam interesting? :)06:25
didrocks(I reckon, yes, as usual ;))06:25
dholbachit was great, we had around 15 people there, almost all pretty new to bug triage, so we didn't get a lot of bugs done, but everybody left very excited for the next jam :)06:26
dholbachso I'd say "a success"06:26
dholbachI'll blog about it in a bit06:26
didrocksdholbach: that's good news! I'll experienced an internal bug jam party in the « Ubuntu Party » for the next release (2 days event)06:28
dholbach2 days of bug jam?06:28
didrocksdholbach: no, the party (conferences, install party, open talks, demos, beginner courses) will length 2 days. We have planned to make two bug jams (one each day), for a limited time, more to find/teach new bug triagers06:31
dholbachthat sounds great06:32
didrockshope it will ^^06:32
gesergood morning06:36
dholbachhi geser!06:38
geserhi dholbach06:38
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LucidFoxdoko, are you here?07:02
iulianI'm looking for someone to ack bug 274276.08:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274276 in salasaga "Please sync salasaga 0.8.0~alpha4-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27427608:19
iulianI'd be more than happy to see this uploaded as the current version is pretty useless.08:19
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huatsmorning everyone09:25
dholbachhi huats09:31
huatshey dholbach09:32
huatshow are you ?09:32
dholbachgood good - how 'bout you?09:32
huatsgreat too09:32
huatsI am just returning from an Open Source event in paris09:32
huatsit was nice to see all that known faces :)09:32
directhexyeah, but french people? :o09:33
huats(vuntz, nijaba, didrocks and more :)09:33
huatsdirecthex: sure french people, but since I am also french :)09:33
didrocksyep ^^09:33
directhexthey let anyone work on software these days...09:34
didrocksdirecthex: :p09:34
directhexcoo, new stable rockbox release. i'll update from my svn build09:36
dholbach\sh: are you going to take care of bug 239734?09:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239734 in python-httplib2 "[Freeze Exception] python-httplib2 should be upgraded to 0.4.0" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23973409:43
POXa propos sync requests: is anyone using SQLAlchemy here? If yes, you probably want to sync 0.4.7p1-2 from Debian (Ubuntu has 0.4.6-1), I don't have time right now to check if it works on Ubuntu (it should, I didn't change that much in the package)09:48
directhexfeature freeze is in effect. is it a bugfix-only release?09:50
POXdirecthex: well, it's new upstream but it's mostly bugfix release (+few minor features backported from 0.5 which is currently in experimental)10:17
POXhere's (very detailed) upstream changelog: http://www.sqlalchemy.org/trac/browser/sqlalchemy/tags/rel_0_4_7p1/CHANGES, my changes are10:20
POXin debian/changelog10:20
rulusIf someone has time for a small upload, I just filed bug #274722. It's a bugfix only release, so I don't think this needs a FFe?10:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274722 in gnuvd "Please merge gnuvd 1.0.9-1 (multiverse) from Debian unstable (contrib/text)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27472210:47
Laneyrulus: It might be nice to say that it is bugfix only (and paste the upstream changelog) in the bug to help the sponsors10:48
rulusah, sure, I'll change it :)10:49
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zorglu_q. what is the status of vlc 0.9 on hardy ?10:56
zorglu_any motumedia around ?10:56
persiazorglu_: There was an FFe for 0.9.2, which I think I heard was approved.  I've seen traffic implying the bugfixes from 0.9.3 are expected to be included, but I'm not sure what the version string will show.11:02
zorglu_persia: what FFe mean ?11:24
persiazorglu_: Feature Freeze Exception11:25
zorglu_persia: ?? for hardy ?11:25
persiaFor intrepid.11:25
persiaFOr hardy, I thought the plan was to stick with 0.8.x.x11:25
persiaFor hardy-backports, I've heard nothing.11:25
zorglu_persia: ok :) and for hardy ?11:25
zorglu_persia: hmmm ok11:25
Laneyzorglu_: There's a bug on hardy-backports but I think it was rejected as the dependencies can't be satisfied11:25
zorglu_so i will have to run vlc in a VM in my servers :)11:26
persiazorglu_: There's no point looking for hardy-backports until it's in intrepid anyway.11:26
zorglu_persia: ok thanks11:26
persiaLaney: Oh, did that already happen?  Thanks.11:26
Laneypersia: The Intrepid upload did, yes11:26
zorglu_Laney: ok11:26
persiaLaney: I meant the -backports discussion, but that too :)11:27
LaneyWell, yes, both did ;)11:27
Laneybug #27439911:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274399 in hardy-backports "Add vlc in hardy backports ?" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27439911:28
pochuRAOF: huats is working on it. I think we need to disable gdl support somewhere11:40
huatsI am working on something :)11:41
huatspochu: I'll have a look after...11:41
huatsI am finishing anjuta first11:41
pochuhuats: sure11:42
pochuhuats: RAOF: I think eliminating libgdl-1-dev from gnome-python-extras' build-depends will solve it11:43
directhexO_o @ user on launchpad answers correcting me11:54
directhexi'm pretty sure a package I got into intrepid is X version, not the Y version you claim, y'know!11:54
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directhexsomeone's been smoking too much crack: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mono/+question/4462813:28
bobboAdri2000: ping13:29
lagadirecthex: rotfl13:30
directhexthis is what i get for getting involved in Answers13:30
Adri2000bobbo: pong13:31
bobboAdri2000: what were your concerns about the mpd merge?13:32
Adri2000bobbo: just that you mention it fixes a segfault bug, whereas your merge only changes the init script13:36
bobboAdri2000: ah, sorry, i meant to get rid of that one, thanks for reminding me :)13:36
directhexlaga, hit f5 ¬_¬13:38
lagadirecthex: hahaha13:54
lagathat's priceless13:54
bddebianHeya gang14:46
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kirklandprocedural question on a package that just got it's second +1 in REVU this morning....14:56
kirklandam i correct in assuming it's too late to add it to the universe archive for intrepid?14:56
kirklandsince we're in beta freeze?14:56
geserHi bddebian14:56
dholbachkirkland: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreezeException14:57
geserkirkland: yes, unless you have an exception14:57
geserkirkland: that's already since FF not just since beta freeze14:57
dholbachexcusez-moi... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze14:57
kirklandgeser: dholbach: okay, i don't think this will get a FFe, so is it just a matter of waiting until the archive reopens?14:58
dholbachkirkland: yeah and chaging "intrepid" to "jaunty"14:58
kirklanddholbach: ah, good call ;-)14:58
bddebianHeya geser15:12
superm1persia, have you been experimenting much with that bluez-gnome 0.28 package off of that ppa?15:23
persiasuperm1: I have been.  It works for comms, but I've not been able to get it to work with a keyboard (but I can't get my keyboard to work with 0.25 either).15:24
persiaI've also been working with crevette to look at the fedora patches, etc. and try to get all the fixes together in one upload.  I'm just *very* fearful of regresion for people with bluetooth keyboards and mice.15:25
superm1persia, have you tried a mouse?15:25
persiaI don't have a bluetooth mouse.15:25
superm1persia, i've gotten it to work with a mouse at least15:25
superm1persia, i'll have to get some more batteries to experiment with a keyboard15:25
persiaYou have!  That's excellent news.15:25
persiaCould you report that it works with a mouse in the bug?  That ought be enough we can ask for an upload.15:26
superm1what's the bug number again, do you know off hand?15:26
persiaI'd really like to see 0.28 in beta if we're going to ship it in intrepid.15:26
persiaI think it's the right thing to do anyway, because we'll surely be looking at BlueZ 4 for jaunty.15:26
superm1most definitely.15:26
directhexi'd like to see monodoc 1.9, but sometimes life just doesn't go the right way15:26
superm1i wanted to get mterry's patch for the nice pairing wizard too, but it didn't work properly when i rebased it to 0.2815:27
persiaBut it works for 0.25?15:27
superm1it works for what was in hardy. lets see what that was15:27
superm10.25 it looks like i suppose yeah15:28
superm1we're past UI freeze though15:28
persiasuperm1: Well, which do you think is the better route?15:28
superm1persia, that's a tough question, but i suppose since things appear broke right now, either are feasible solutions15:29
superm1mterry, would you be able to look at the rebase on 0.28 i did (attached to your bug) and see if anything stands out about it?15:30
persiasuperm1: Right.  I know 0.28 contains lots of bugfixes, but the UI leaves something to be desired.15:30
superm1ideally doing 0.28 + that patch would be the best solution15:30
persiaIndeed.  Maybe 0.28 RSN, and the patch in a couple days?15:31
mterrysuperm1: Yeah, OK.15:31
mterrysuperm1: In what way doesn't it work on 0.28?15:34
superm1mterry, the UI froze up when i tried to pair15:34
mterrysuperm1: Guh, OK15:35
salutishello all, I have big problem - recently I moved my packages from my own server to ubuntu's PPA at launchpad. and now I can't build my packages anymore. I placed my log at 'http://www.salutis.sk/ppa-log.txt'. can anyone please help me? thanks!15:38
persiaOh, and it's bug #25699415:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256994 in bluez-gnome "Please update bluez-gnome to 0.28 and rebase off Debian" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25699415:38
superm1persia, yeah i just found it and responded :)15:38
gesersalutis: the build target is always run as non-root on the buildds, just remove the dh_testroot from the build target and it should get farther15:43
rizobsjoin irc.esylum.net #bishes-chat type !rizobs for access to our pre-channel & fast bots15:43
rizobsjoin irc.esylum.net #bishes-chat type !rizobs for access to our pre-channel & fast bots15:43
rizobsjoin irc.esylum.net #bishes-chat type !rizobs for access to our pre-channel & fast bots15:43
directhexfascinating ¬_¬15:43
salutisgeser: aha!15:44
StevenKHeh, I was about to call the ops15:44
StevenKAnd then they left15:44
salutisgeser: I will try15:44
directhexi'm asking a freenode staffer to intervene15:44
directhexlaga, f5!15:48
sistpoty|workhi folks15:49
directhexsomething amiss?15:50
Hobbseeer, rizobs15:50
directhexit appears my pet freenode staffer is MIA. so anyone wants to get the ip something-lined needs to follow conventional channels15:51
Hobbseedirecthex: not much point - nothing on that ip's on freenode now anwyay15:54
Hobbseesending 240v down there might be more effective, though.15:54
directhex415 do you?15:54
Hobbseesounds good.15:55
directhexdid you get a chance to read my wonderful and life-changing blog entry then? \o/15:55
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superm1persia, i just verified with hardy and intrepid on live usb keys that keyboard pairing is not sticking with intrepid - either 0.25 or 0.2816:53
superm1persia, but it works with hardy16:53
superm1so i'd be inclined to believe it's caused by something different16:54
persiasuperm1: That was my experience.  So, 0.28 isn't a regression, but it's broken for some other reason?16:54
superm1persia, it "pairs" in the UI, and shows that it connects/disconnects, but doesnt work16:54
persiaRight.  I think it's something with Xinput2 hotplug, but haven't figured out what.16:54
persiaI can force the pairing in intrepid with bluez-utils (no need for bluez-gnome), but I can't make it work in X.16:55
superm1have you looked if hal starts to see the devices in either case?16:55
superm1hardy or intrepid16:55
persiaNo :)16:55
* persia adds that to the list of things to do soonish like.16:55
superm1okay well i'm booted into hardy right now, and it does show up in lshal16:55
superm1so there's a first data point16:56
mterrysuperm1: I tried 0.28 with your bluetooth patch (on a hardy machine, so perhaps invalid test), and I successfully connected/used a mouse and headphone with the wizard17:00
persiamterry: That's excellent news.  I think you've demonstrated that bluez-gnome 0.28 isn't the source of the issue.17:00
superm1mterry, interesting.  i'm wondering what the UI timeouts could have been on this end.  persia and i will get back to that patch after we get keyboards working in intrepid17:02
persiasuperm1: It's showing in gnome-device-manager for me, but oddly my keyboard is considered a "pointing device".  It also automatically disconnects without having done anything.  This is 0.25 in intrepid.17:19
pochuwhy is ~motu a subteam of ~universe-contributors?17:30
pochumy question still stands :-)17:39
* sistpoty|work heads home... cya17:39
persiapochu: because all MOTU are also universe contributors.17:41
persiaOK.  A little history:17:42
persiaFirst, MOTU granted membership.  Then MC asked CC for the right to separate MOTUship and Membership, and CC asked for the creation of UC.  MOTU is now part of UC to gain membership.17:42
persia(and maybe I forgot to press some buttons in LP, but that's the idea)17:43
pochupersia: so ~motu is no longer a subteam of ~ubuntumembers, so ~motu has to be a subteam of ~u-c to be a subteam of ~ubuntumembers?17:49
persiapochu: At least that's the idea.  I don't remember if I pressed all the right buttons.17:49
persia(and if I haven't, I'm a little fearful of accidentally breaking some developers @ubuntu.com)17:50
pochuI just wondered because I started to see MOTUs with the u-c icon17:50
superm1persia, well it's not generating an input device in dmesg or /sys like it should18:00
superm1at least for me18:00
superm1an important data point is that in intrepid we are using the new "btusb" driver18:00
persiasuperm1: How about a new entry in /dev/input/ or something with lsinput?18:00
persiaThat is an important data point.18:00
superm1persia, not for me at least18:00
superm1the older driver is available in the kernel still, but you cant have them both compiled side by side18:00
persiausing bluez-gnome. or bluez-utils?18:01
superm1i've been using the gnome applet18:01
superm1hidd isn't supported upstream so i dont use it ever18:01
persiaI can't get bluez-gnome to connect at all, but have limited success with bluez-utils.18:01
persiaAh.  hidd is kinda working for me.  I get the input device, I just can't use it.18:01
superm1persia, from some searches i'm finding that people are running into troubles with suspend/resume on btusb too18:02
superm1there is a patchset sitting on bluez.org at least for suspend/resume, but it's not in linus' tree yet18:02
superm1so i'm thinking at this point, we need to compile the hci_usb driver again, and test with it18:02
superm1if things are sane with it, we should just not go out the door with btusb18:02
superm1wait for it to stabilize before making the switch18:02
persiaThat sounds like a good plan.  I'm not so good with drivers, but I'm happy to be a tester.18:03
superm1persia, lets pop in #ubuntu-kernel and see if we can just get one of them to put out a kernel on a ppa w/ hci-usb instead18:04
superm1mterry, regarding your patch not working on intrepid, i suspect it's due to newer bluez-utils.  the patch times out regarding services (which i'd imagine was meaning dbus services).18:08
persiaAnd the newer bluez-utils fixes a *large* number of connectivity bugs with symbian devices, so we don't want to revert that.18:09
superm1well is there a way to look at the registered dbus services?18:12
superm1an equivalent to lshal in dbus form18:12
persiadbus-monitor may help.18:13
mterrysuperm1: OK, I'll update my bluez-utils18:14
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* persia wonders what the GNOME equivalent to kdbus might be18:16
sebnerhuhu persia :)18:20
superm1persia, http://people.atrpms.net/~mlimonciello/hci_usb.tar.gz18:35
superm1grab that, install kernel headers and type make18:35
superm1you should get an hci_usb.ko  that you can experiment with18:36
superm1i pulled it out of the 2.6.27 tree and adjusted header inclusions to let it compile18:36
persiasuperm1: OK.  Then I just modprobe -r btusb, and mobprobe hci-usb?18:38
superm1i couldnt rmmod btusb18:39
superm1and it makes it difficult to blacklist it when i'm operating off a usb key18:39
superm1and it wont modprobe unless you drop it somewhere in /lib/modules/`uname -r` and depmod -a18:39
superm1you'll have to insmod ./hci_usb.ko instead18:39
sebnerpersia: I think I already asked you but is bug #261986 valid to pass it to the archive admins?18:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261986 in gnurobots "Please sync gnurobots 1.2.0-1 from Debian(Unstable)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26198618:40
persiaOK.  insmod isn't an issue, and I've a proper install.18:41
persiasebner: It was when it was acked.  I'm not sure about it now: it would need a review to see if it requires an FFe.18:43
sebnerpersia: I'll subscribe u-u-s then?18:43
persiasebner: No.  It has all the uus stuff done.  It just might need an FFe.  If it doesn't, you can subscribe the archive-admins.  If it does, you need to fill in the details, and subscribe motu-release.18:44
sebnerpersia: well, you said it needs a review. by me or do you refer to a MOTU?18:45
persiasebner: By someone.  You'd probably be a good person.18:45
sebnerpersia: ^^, what points do I have to mind?18:46
persiasebner: That we're in FeatureFreeze, UI Freeze, and Beta Freeze.  It needs to fix bugs, and not break anything.18:47
sebnerpersia: well, we have no open bugs in ubuntu but I'll take a deeper look at it18:48
persiasebner: Right.  It ought to have been subscribed to the archive admins a month ago.  This is probably my fault.18:50
sebnerpersia: of course it's yours :P but nvm. ;)18:50
sebnerpersia: bah ... UI changes. Seems not that worth it at this time of release cycle18:57
persiasebner: Sorry :(18:57
pochuwho moderates ubuntu-motu-mentors@ ?18:58
sebnerpersia: I don't use it and so far no one complained that we have this old version so please don't worry. I also could have asked you earlier :)18:58
pochunorsetto: ping, do you moderate ubuntu-motu-mentors@ ?18:58
persiasuperm1: As I'm testing this, I'm reminded of the massive package split.  Do we want to do some recommending whilst we're looking around at this?19:15
superm1recommending of which?19:16
persiabluez-input, bluez-network, etc.19:16
superm1persia, latest bluez-utils should have recommends fixed19:17
superm1persia, 3.36-1ubuntu219:17
* persia upgrades *everything*19:17
superm1persia, considering the quite broken state of things, i'm not sure it should be entirely out of the question to switch to the 4.x series if these problems are solved19:23
persiaLast I heard 4.x wasn't in great shape either, but having buggy beta software that might get fixed might be better than having buggy stable software that won't get fixed.19:24
superm1yeah that's exactly what my thought process was19:25
persiaThat said, I was getting useful stuff out of hci_usb.  I'm just waiting for update-manager to catch up (this was a fresh install of an image from the 23rd), and will fiddle.19:25
persiaIf we can fix this with a kernel driver selection change, that seems the better choice to me.19:26
persia(and I'm very happy, as I've spent the last week kicking myself trying to figure out how to connect to the keyboard: at least now I know it's broken)19:26
superm1persia, well i'm glad this is getting caught now, 8.04 went out with keyboard support that timed out after 30 minutes19:27
superm1we tracked down a patch that made it into 8.04.1 luckily19:27
persiaActually, credit belongs to slytherin and crevette who have been chasing this for the past month.  That's why we have such a good candidate available for 0.2819:28
persiaMy initial impulse to upgrade was just for version tweaking, which is why I gave up so easily when we hit FF.19:28
superm1interesting thing i'm reading in the changelog is that authentication and encryption for HID devices doesn't show up until bluez 4.6.  i wonder what the 3.x series was even doing then19:30
superm1ah that's quite reassuring...19:37
superm1but you're probably right19:37
persiaOK.  All upgraded.  All the services present.  No passkey input,  Authentication fails.19:41
persiaSo, hci_usb gives me the same results as btusb19:42
superm1it comes up behind the window sometimes19:42
superm1and you also sometimes need to enter your passkey on the keyboard first (even though it doesnt tell you)19:42
persiaTried both of those options.  No luck19:43
persiaSo, what's next?  Package and patch 4.x in a PPA?19:44
superm1ugh it's gonna be a big effort to do this package19:44
* persia expects it needs a *lot* of testing to be included.19:44
superm1bluez-utils + bluez-libs == bluez now19:44
superm1so NEW source package19:44
superm1w/ a proper libbluetooth and bluez binary package19:44
persiaYeah, it's very much not to be taken lightly.19:44
superm1for now, i say lets put 0.28 in the archive19:45
superm1to make beta19:45
superm1and have broken keyboard19:45
persiaAs much as anything the interesting question is: can this be fixed.19:45
superm1its an improvement over the current situation19:45
persiaUnder the assumption that a keyboard is broken anyway?19:45
superm1well under the assumption that 0.28 didn't make it worse19:45
persiaOK.  I'm good for that.19:45
superm1which it didn't since mterry tested 0.28 on hardy and was able to use it fine19:46
persiaRight, and 0.28 + the new fedora patches do fix a number of outstanding issues.19:46
superm1i wonder if the debian bluetooth team started doing 4.x already19:46
superm1if so that, might help out a little here19:46
superm1at least on alioth19:46
persiaMaybe.  Last I chatted with them (August) they were sitting on 0.27 for lenny, working on other stuff, and planning to look at 4.x for squeeze.19:48
norsettopochu: no19:48
superm1looking at their svn on alioth i dont see any indications that they've started 4.x packaging19:49
pochunorsetto: ok. do you know who moderates it?19:49
persiaNope.  Looks like work in experimental on bluez-utils 3.3619:49
norsettopochu: no idea, perhaps dholbach19:50
superm1well i was hoping they did the packaging and didnt upload it to anything yet19:50
superm1i know teams in debian that like to do that19:50
superm1during freezes19:50
pochunorsetto: ok, thanks19:50
persiaNo.  filippo specifically wanted to do something else.  Too bad he got stuck cherrypicking stuff.19:51
norsettopochu: here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-motu-mentors (dholbach, soren, nixternal)19:51
pochunorsetto: thanks!19:56
norsettopochu: de nada19:56
pochusoren, nixternal: "supravat paul" in ubuntu-motu-mentors@ is asking for a moderation...19:57
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persiasuperm1: Did you havea  version of mterry's patch that applied against crevette's 0.28 snapshot?  Do you want to add an updated debdiff to bug #256994 including that, and we can get someone to upload?20:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256994 in bluez-gnome "Please update bluez-gnome to 0.28 and rebase off Debian" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25699420:02
superm1persia, mterry's patch doesn't work against the current dbus services i think.  go without it for now20:03
superm1persia, it'd need some more testing anyhow20:03
persiaOK.  I'll poke crevette to get a final debdiff up, and try to get a sponsor then.  Do you know if we need ubuntu-release approval before or after sponsoring?20:04
superm1persia, so the existing diffs that were ready for 0.28 should be sufficient20:04
superm1persia, should need it before sponsoring20:04
sorenpochu: Nothing in the moderation queue.. Maybe someone beat me to it.20:05
persiaRight.  I'm to bed, but I'll add the diffs, etc. tomorrow if someone doesn't get to it whilst I sleep, and push to the release team.20:05
superm1persia, okay sounds good.  i'll take a look at how bad doing 4.x will be packaging wise, but no guarantees20:07
persiasuperm1: Understood.  Given the number of screaming intrepid testers complaining that bluetooth is terribly broken, I'm not sure it's worth going for the upgrade unless you run into a bunch of time.20:08
persiaI'd rather explain it's not working because it's not 4.x than that it's not working because we don't want to cherrypick anymore.20:08
persiaMind you, if there were lots of people making noise, I'd probably not have that opinion.20:09
superm1persia, well unfortunately i have 2x BT keyboards at home, and i was planning upgrading to intrepid soon :)20:09
persiasuperm1: Oh.  Well.  Now you have an incentive to upgrade earlier in the cycle :)20:09
superm1persia, both have fglrx, so aint gonna happen yet :)20:10
persiaOoooh.  Those might just be good candidates to help troubleshoot the 8.04 -> 10.04 upgrade with 8.04 -> 9.04.20:10
persiaAnyway, in the interests of completing freeze exception documentation sooner, I depart.20:11
superm1okay g'night20:11
pochusoren: I mean, he's sent 7 messages with "Help" as subject asking for help on installing things, and someone already asked him to use ubuntu-users@20:13
pochusoren: so it's rather the opposite, stop him from being able to post to the list (without reviewing by an admin, not neccessarily a ban)20:14
directhexit might be soon to guess, but roughly when is jaunty feature freeze gonna be?20:37
pochudirecthex: likely in February20:38
directhexpochu, i'm smiling sweetly at upstream & asking them to port some code to use a lib in main instead of one in universe20:41
pochudirecthex: to which upstream?20:44
directhexpochu, mono. the final relevant ubuntu patch, post-intrepid, is some mangling of dependencies to not depends: on gda2, and suggests: on it instead20:46
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directhexlaga, still got that window open? f5 power!21:29
lagadirecthex: great :)21:33
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directhexlaga, after all that, surprise surprise, i knew what the caress i'm talking about21:45
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superm1persia, well i've got 4.x packaged.. the UI is a significant improvement at least22:44
directhexlaga, that guy gets more & more epic :|23:39
wgrantWhich guy?23:41
directhexwgrant, someone on answers is arguing with me that intrepid has mono 2.023:43
stgraber      mono | 1.2.6+dfsg-6ubuntu3 |         hardy | source23:44
stgraber      mono | 1.9.1+dfsg-3ubuntu2 |      intrepid | source23:44
directhexstgraber, it's wrong. intrepid has 2.0. apparently.23:44
stgraberthat's what is currently in the archive23:44
stgraberrmadison never lies23:45
directhexstgraber, it's wrong. intrepid has 2.0. apparently.23:45
stgraberwell, I'm on intrepid right now23:45
stgraberstgraber@castiana:~$ mono -V23:45
stgraberMono JIT compiler version 1.9.1 (tarball)23:45
stgraberCopyright (C) 2002-2007 Novell, Inc and Contributors. www.mono-project.com23:45
directhexif someone was ignoring pkg-mono@alioth and packaging mono independently, i'd have heard the screams of anguish, tbh23:45
directhexi'd also be administering slaps for ignoring a cross-distro active co-maintainer team23:46
slangaseksee, it says right here in the copyright line - intrepid has all the 2.0 versions of mono between 2.0.02 and 2.0.0723:46
directhexslangasek, i think it's because some packages have 2.0 in the name23:46
directhexslangasek, you know, the way they have since mono back in 200523:46
stgraberyeah, we have packages for mono with .net 2.023:47
stgraberit's not mono 2.0 :)23:47
stgraberso from my point of view, it's fine to have packages like mono-2.0-devel as their descriptions are correct "Mono development tools for CLI 2.0"23:48
directhexmono 2.0 packages will appear when the package transition work is done23:50
directhexwhich is pretty much waiting on lenny23:50
directhexso fingers crossed for swift release from debian, since the 2.0 transition will shrink the ubuntu livecd by tens of megs23:51

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