Myrttinini kids00:08
ubottuslangasek called the ops in #ubuntu-server ()00:46
slangasekcould someone excuse user flyback from #ubuntu-server, please?00:46
LjLi'm afraid not00:47
LjLnone of us is an op in there00:47
slangasekand yet, the !ops command has the same output for that channel as elsewhere :)00:47
LjLthat can be changed00:47
elky_workinfinity, soren, lamont, mathiaz and thom are the gods there00:48
slangasekyep, asked chanserv, ping them now; thanks00:48
LjL!ops-#ubuntu-server is <reply> Help! Channel emergency! infinity, soren, lamont, mathiaz or tom00:48
ubottuI'll remember that, LjL00:48
elky_workone of them needs to add *!*@freenode/staff at least00:48
elky_workno !ops-#ubuntu-server is <reply> Help! Channel emergency! infinity, soren, lamont, mathiaz or thom00:48
elky_worki hate you, bot.00:49
* Pici is reminded that he has !ops on hilight.00:49
LjLPici: wh!ops, i'm sorry about that00:49
* LjL suspect that nalioth, on the other hand, has "freenode" and "staff" in there00:50
PiciAnd his name too00:52
LjLmarek? i don't know, i don't have my name on highlight :P00:53
LjLwhat's the weather been like by the way, was fine here00:54
* LjL runs00:54
* slangasek wanders away again, cheers all01:02
Mezw00t... exception handlers are... fun01:34
jdongMez: stop complaining, some PPC64 silicons I worked with at work partially resetted on 64-bit uncaught exceptions.02:05
jdong32-bit ones end up in a TRAP interrupt02:05
jdonggo figure.02:05
jdongit wasn't very amusing because the reset was very incomplete... the CPU started over from the boot instruction but didn't care to reinitialize memory structures02:06
jdongin other words, it kinda behaved like 99% of Linux laptops after waking from suspend :)02:06
ubottudmsuperman called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()03:59
dmsupermanHrm, that was odd04:05
Mezyou aware of why you're in here?04:05
dmsupermanI'd imagine bot abuse?04:05
* Mez nods. 04:06
MezNot satisfied with calling the ops for someone else doing it, you do it yourself?04:06
MezCare to explain?04:06
Mezdmsuperman, I know you well enough to know you know the rules about bot abuse.04:07
MezSo, why join in with someone breaking them?04:08
Mezespescially as you called the ops... you should have known someone was coming04:08
dmsupermanI called the ops?04:08
Mez<ubottu> dmsuperman called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()04:08
dmsupermanDoes !botabuse do that?04:09
Mezno, someone else did that04:09
Mezweird to be honest, I cant see you calling the ops04:10
dmsupermanIs there anything beside !ops that does it? I didn't do !ops, I know that04:10
Meznot that I know of04:10
dmsupermanYeah...I didn't do !ops04:11
dmsupermanOnly !botabuse...then I proceeded to abuse the bot myself04:11
Mezthat doesnt help your case.... why did you botabuse in the first place ?04:11
dmsupermanThere hasn't even been an !ops call within the last 200 lines before I got kicked04:11
dmsupermanI did !botabuse because there was being bot abuse, but then when I realized that's just what the entire channel was doing I joined in04:12
Mez... yep... which is the place you SHOULD have called ops...04:12
Meznot joined in.04:13
dmsupermanYeah...unless it's trolling or heavy spam I don't normally call the ops04:13
dmsupermanPartly because of my kneejerk reaction to authority, but more because I understand that to have to get involved in something petty would annoy at least me04:13
Mezthat was heavy spam IMO.04:14
MezSo, can we come to an agreement... ?04:14
MezIf it happens again, you do what you should and do a !ops instead of joining in and causing trouble?04:14
dmsupermanSure thing04:14
dmsupermanAlso, mind testing !botabuse to see if it calls ops?04:15
Mezsorry, can you explain but more because I understand that to have to get involved in something petty would annoy at least me"04:15
MezI just did... it didnt04:15
MezI'll poke jussi01 about that04:15
dmsupermanYeah, if I were in an ops position04:15
dmsupermanAnd somebody called the ops every time any little thing happened04:15
dmsupermanThen I know I'd be annoyed04:15
dmsupermanEspecially if it can be resolved without them04:16
Meznot every tiny little thing, but 3 pages of bot abuse == ops call :d04:17
Mezyou dont join in too04:17
dmsupermanYeah, I know04:17
dmsupermanIt's just so derned hard when all the other kids are doing it04:17
dmsupermanBut I got it, no more bot abuse, call the ops if it's bad04:17
* Mez nods04:18
Mezyou can go back now04:18
dmsupermanAlrighty then04:18
stdinMez: ubottu will ignore commie_cary, dmsuperman and CheesyWeasel in -ot for (about) 2 hours, see @ignore and @unignore04:18
ubottu(help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.04:18
Mezstdin, but I dont have access for that04:19
stdinyou should have with @ignore and @unignore04:19
stdinI made them especially ;)04:19
Mezwhat was with it calling the ops ?04:19
Mezthere was no ops call...04:19
stdinI don't know, I can't see where it saw an ops call, but the conf was slightly messed up for some reason04:20
Mezstdin, you running it atm then ?04:20
stdinno, I just have access :)04:20
Mezto jussi's box :?04:21
Mez@ignore #ubuntu-offtopic list04:21
ubottuError: '#ubuntu-offtopic' is not a valid nick or hostmask.04:21
ubottuAdmin, Bantracker, Bugtracker, Channel, Config, Encyclopedia, IRCLogin, Misc, Owner, Plugin, Reply, Services, Svn, User, and Webcal04:21
Mez@list channel04:21
stdin@help ignore04:21
ubottu(ignore <hostmask|nick> [<expires>] [<channel>]) -- Ignores commands/requests from <hostmask> or <nick>. If <expires> is given the ignore will expire after that ammount of seconds. If <channel> is given, the ignore will only apply in that channel.04:21
ubottualert, ban add, ban list, ban remove, capability add, capability list, capability remove, capability set, capability setdefault, capability unset, cycle, dehalfop, deop, devoice, disable, enable, halfop, ignore add, ignore list, ignore remove, invite, kban, key, limit, lobotomy add, lobotomy list, lobotomy remove, mode, moderate, nicks, op, unban, unmoderate, and voice04:21
Mez@channel ignore list04:21
ubottuError: You don't have the #ubuntu-ops,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.04:21
stdinyou don't use Channel or Admin, it's from Encyclopedia04:22
Mez@channel ignore #ubuntu-offtopic list04:22
ubottuError: 'supybot.ignore' is not a valid configuration variable.04:22
Mez@help channel ignore list04:22
ubottu(channel ignore list [<channel>]) -- Lists the hostmasks that the bot is ignoring on the given channel. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.04:22
stdinI guess I should add a ignore list command04:22
Mez@channel ignore list #ubuntu-offtopic04:22
ubottuError: You don't have the #ubuntu-offtopic,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.04:22
stdin@channel ignore list #ubuntu-offtopic04:22
ubottu'CheesyWeasel!n=CheesyWe@c-67-183-111-116.hsd1.wa.comcast.net', 'commie_cary!n=cary@pool-96-232-134-44.nycmny.fios.verizon.net', and 'dmsuperman!n=dmsuperm@cpe-65-24-122-117.columbus.res.rr.com'04:22
* stdin has super-bot-powers04:23
Mez@capability list admin04:23
ubottu(capability list [<channel>]) -- Returns the capabilities present on the <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.04:23
Mez@capability list04:23
ubottu-halfop -op -protected -voice04:23
* Mez adds his hostmask to ubottuy04:26
Mez@help ignore04:28
ubottu(ignore <hostmask|nick> [<expires>] [<channel>]) -- Ignores commands/requests from <hostmask> or <nick>. If <expires> is given the ignore will expire after that ammount of seconds. If <channel> is given, the ignore will only apply in that channel.04:28
Mezdoesnt respond to me saying anything04:30
stdin@ignorelsit #ubuntu-offtopic04:30
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore04:31
Mez@ignorelist #ubuntu-offtopic04:31
ubottuAn error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.04:31
Mez(try typing list right)04:31
stdinyeah, I know ;)04:31
Mez@ignore commie_cary 2h #ubuntu-offtopic04:31
ubottu(ignore <hostmask|nick> [<expires>] [<channel>]) -- Ignores commands/requests from <hostmask> or <nick>. If <expires> is given the ignore will expire after that ammount of seconds. If <channel> is given, the ignore will only apply in that channel.04:31
stdinthe time is in seconds :|04:32
stdin@ignorelist #ubuntu-offtopic04:32
ubottuAn error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.04:32
stdin@ignorelist #ubuntu-offtopic04:32
ubottu'CheesyWeasel!n=CheesyWe@c-67-183-111-116.hsd1.wa.comcast.net', 'commie_cary!n=cary@pool-96-232-134-44.nycmny.fios.verizon.net', and 'dmsuperman!n=dmsuperm@cpe-65-24-122-117.columbus.res.rr.com'04:32
stdinfixed :p04:32
Mez@ignore commie_cary 7200 #ubuntu-offtopic04:33
ubottuThe operation succeeded.04:33
Mez@ignorelist #ubuntu-offtopic04:33
ubottu'CheesyWeasel!n=CheesyWe@c-67-183-111-116.hsd1.wa.comcast.net', 'commie_cary!n=cary@pool-96-232-134-44.nycmny.fios.verizon.net', 'commie_cary!n=cary@unaffiliated/commiecary/x-90615', and 'dmsuperman!n=dmsuperm@cpe-65-24-122-117.columbus.res.rr.com'04:33
Mezknew one of thebing ignored properly04:34
Mezthem wasnt being 04:34
stdinsneaky, commie_cary identified04:34
MezI swear - dont let me in -ot again - it's a fulltime job04:36
stdinbtw, there's some documentation on the plugin commands -> http://jussi01.com/stdin/plugin.cgi in case you don't want to use @help all the time04:37
* stdin sleeps04:39
MezPriceChild, copy and paste the below line please :D04:43
Mez/cs clear #ubuntu-offtopic USERS04:43
Mezor you elky_work :D04:50
elky_workdo i look stupid enough to go into that hellpit from work?04:51
Mezelky_work, you dont need to join the channel ;)04:51
elky_workthen why dont you do it04:51
MezI dont have access :D04:51
tritiumWe should fix that ;)04:52
MezI think a weekly /cs clear would be cood for -offtopic04:52
Mezkick everyone out for 6 days, 23 hours, and 55 minutes evert week...04:53
Mezso they're only allowed in for 5 mins04:53
elky_worksince this is an open community and all, feel free to suggest it to the users so they can have their say on that idea.04:55
Mezelky_work, lol - what was the link for ubuntu brainstorm again ? :P04:56
elky_workMez: not a clue. never used it.04:57
Mezmneptok, 04:58
Mezw3m: Can't load http://stfu.ubuntu.com.04:58
mneptokMez: ask elmo why you can't seem to STFU >;)04:58
Mezmneptok, :D04:59
Mezit's probably an only internal thing04:59
tritiumHas rafkid been a problem before.  His nick rings a bell...05:14
elky_workanything with 'kid' in their nick is bound to be a problem05:23
tritiumI'm about to go to bed, but asking someone not to PM me, pointing out the Code of Conduct and ubottu's !pm trigger, and then asking him to "cool it" when he insults me is not in any way abusing power.05:24
tritiumYou'll note I banned him.05:24
tritiumAnyway, good night, elky_work.05:27
Myrttibwaaaaah $timeofday folks06:19
MyrttiI wanna sleep...06:19
jussi01yay for our rafkid friend :/ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93038706:39
elky_worknow i didnt see *that* coming06:43
Myrttiright. up from the bed... 06:43
jussi01Although I do wish the Ubuntuforums ops would send them here and not to the CC straight away06:43
elky_workthe forums council should be alerted to that06:45
elky_workas they are in a similar position and should have clue06:45
jussi01Ok, lets grab pricey next time he is around...06:49
jussi01PriceChild: ^^06:49
naliothand the lovely wrong advice06:50
naliothand i have absolutely no posting abilities on UF for some reason06:50
naliothi PM'd the mod, though06:50
* jussi01 goes back to studying for his exam06:51
Myrttiwhat is it about today...08:17
MyrttiI could *swear* it's monday08:17
Myrttiwelcome rafkid08:30
Myrttihow may we help you08:30
rafkidI have benn banned from #ubuntu by tritium - I think he is in error and would like the ban removed please08:31
Myrttihold on, please.08:32
* Myrtti blinks08:32
Myrttiuh oh.08:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:32
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.08:32
Myrttino, the bot just lagged08:33
rafkidmy bad I meant I am confused - Myrtti is a human right?08:33
MyrttiI am.08:34
FlannelWhile we get the bot issues sorted out, why do you think it's an error?08:34
rafkidbecause I do not know why he would ban someone for disagreeing with him08:35
Myrttiin this case it looks like the logs on the bot don't extend long enough for me to comment this particular subject, so I return to my work and leave others to deal with it :-<08:35
FlannelMyrtti: check the logs from the logs.08:35
rafkidthank you anyway08:36
MyrttiFlannel: they don't show kicks, bans, joins parts etc...08:36
Flannelrafkid: What made you think he was being abusive?08:38
rafkidhis manner of speaking was autocratic and he told me to "cool it" - unfortunately I don't have the logs so it is hard to remember exactly what was said, but he overreacted to my situation and exercised his mods powers ie he abused them08:40
Flannelrafkid: What powers did he exercise prior to your remark about him abusing them?08:40
rafkidI am not sure but bearing in mind I did not know who he was he threw a bot at me with a pm - which is exactly what he asked me not to do - it was a confusing first experience to be honest - and I am alarmed that someone can be banned in so cavilier a manner wihtout some dialogue occuring of use to both sides08:42
rafkidthe whole thing smacks of using a heavy handed tactics to shut up a n00b on the channel08:43
Flannelrafkid: He asked the bot to message you because he assumed you didn't read it the first time.  People routinely do that (have the bot query people) to keep the scrolling down.08:43
Flannelrafkid: We certainly don't have such a policy.08:43
rafkidnever even saw the bot tbh until it told me to read itslef08:43
rafkideven when I read the bot pm I did not know it was a bot until it said it was08:44
Myrttinot even the code of conduct factoid?08:44
Flannelrafkid: ubottu had already addressed you with messages.  Even if you weren't aware that it was a bot.08:44
Myrttiif you didn't understand it was a bot, then the mistake was purely a human error on both sides - we cannot however know if everyone on the channel has understood it's a bot, so we assume everyone does.08:45
rafkidI read that immediately - it said nothing about the specifics - so I assumed it was just an individual thing to tritium - in my other life on irc we routinely pm each other to get information08:45
Flannelrafkid: ubottu's message... well, we can all read it08:46
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.08:46
rafkidI assumed the bot was someone being helpful and not unhelful if you get my drift08:46
rafkidexactly what I read at the time08:47
rafkidbut I assumed it was human not a bot - inspite of the helpful name08:47
Myrttias I said, unfortunately we can't know if you've understood it's a bot - nor can we keep track on who has been on the channel before etc.08:48
rafkidanyway thank you all for listening and contributing - the point I am making is that I got banned for doing something I didnt do - I think08:48
rafkidI also suspect I missed the bot's resposne first time around - judging by your comments here08:49
FlannelWell, we can't be sure as we're not tritium, but from what I can tell, you were banned because of the accusation that he was being abusive.08:50
rafkidmy intention was to warn him I thought he was abusing his powers as a mod - I blinked and was banned - I came here because I hoped to get reinstated08:51
Flannelrafkid: For the record, it is unhelpful to communicate things that ought to be in the channel (support stuff) through other channels.08:52
rafkidsorry - do you mean now or do you mean earleir on#ubuntu?08:52
FlannelIn any IRC channel,08:52
Flannelit not only means that someone could potentially give you bad information, without anyone correcting them,08:53
rafkiddo you mean this communication is worng of me?08:53
Flannelno... this is inside of a channel, and not in a query08:53
Flannel"other channels" meant queries08:53
rafkidah - yes I now understand that point having found it outside of the ubuntu forums and I was in error earlier but was banned out of hand without tritium educating me08:54
Flannelit not only puts you at risk of bad information, but makes it so that the person you're helping has to keep track of two separate windows, which in a busy channel, makes it nearly impossible.08:54
rafkidI now understand that having read it recently - the #ubuntu irc channel is a lot larger than the one I am used to and I can see how it would not work the same way now08:55
Myrttialso keeps others from gaining knowledge of the same problem08:55
MyrttiI can say from personal experience I've learned more about Linux and Ubuntu reading #ubuntu for six months than in any school I've attended08:56
rafkidI agree with the principle now that I have educated myself by reading it - my point here is that it was the single most unhelpful exchange I have ever had on the internet - banned in two seconds by an unknown md without any warnings or explanations prio08:57
Flannelrafkid: In the future, please use this channel for such complaints/abusive people/etc.  We try and keep #ubuntu on topic.08:57
rafkidsorry to bang on - am I in the right place now to get heard with a view to reinstatement? or am I wasting all your time?08:58
Flannelrafkid: also, if you don't mind reading the IRC guidelines, so we're all on the same page, we ought to be able to get you back into #ubuntu08:58
Flannelrafkid: Aye, this is the correct place.08:58
MyrttiFlannel: that sounded very piraty.09:00
FlannelMyrtti: avast.09:00
MyrttiTLAP was last week.09:00
rafkidI ahve read the irc guidlines about ten minutes ago - clearly I was wrong in my approach on the channel - I would still suggest to all reading this that banning someone so quickly when they are n00bish does not for a hppy ubuntu experience make09:00
FlannelIts always TLAPD.  I'm dedicated to saving the world from global warming.09:00
* Myrtti huggles Flannel 09:00
MyrttiLollipops and hugs for everyone!09:01
rafkidFlannel: thank you for your time and help and you Myrtti both - from a newbie perspective there is a disconnect between the reasonableness here and what I experienced earlier............09:02
Flannelrafkid: We're always striving to make #ubuntu channels friendly and welcoming to everyone.  This was a number of misunderstandings which were compounded and made you seem like someone who was trying to cause trouble.09:02
rafkidI can tell you with totl certainty I was not trying to cause trouble nor would I ever wish to - I just needed some help09:03
Flannelrafkid: Nor was I implying you were, but given the circumstances, it could've easily been misconstrued as such.09:03
Flannelrafkid: You should be able to join #ubuntu now09:04
rafkidto be honest I actually thought tritium was the trouble maker - and only realised he was mod when he banned me09:04
rafkidthank you so much09:04
Flannelrafkid: No problem.  Be sure to come here if you have future problems09:06
rafkidone further observation (proffered in the hope of avoiding the same situation for others) - it might be useful for tritium if he read the above exchange?09:06
rafkidmany thanks I shall leave you all in piece now - and I shall certainly come straight here in the future and keep my public musings to myself etc I genuinely thank you for your reasonableness09:07
Flannelrafkid: He almost certainly will.  We've pinged him enough.09:07
rafkidthank you09:08
Myrttirafkid: is there anything else we can help you with?09:26
Myrttiyou're welcome to join here again if you have something to ask or some problems in our channels, but as we don't have a ticket system for issues at hand, we ask those whose questions have been answered to leave the channel :-)09:27
Myrttino wait.09:28
* Myrtti puts a guinea pig on the table09:56
ikoniaheads up on limcore in #ubutnu channels10:11
ikoniaI knew he's start already10:13
ikonianot messing around with him any more10:13
ikoniaHmmm maybe time to udpate the virtualbox factoid10:29
ikoniastandby #ubuntu-bugs for ranting to begin10:54
ikoniarafkid: hello, how can we help11:24
rafkidsorry no need auto conenction from me so I do not lose the channel11:24
rafkidpeeps were very helpful here earlier11:25
ikoniano problem, if there is nothing that you need your welcome to leave, and return when you need something11:25
rafkidshould i go? or just leave it as is? i struggled to find this earlier - is it published somewhere obvious that I ahve missed?11:26
ikoniarafkid: not really a channel aimed at idling in11:26
ikoniarafkid: its listed in the ubuntu wiki irc page and you could always write it on a bit of paper11:26
rafkidgotcha - I shall n00bishly stumble off into the void again then - ty for bumping me on so politely - I have a million bits of paper and one irc program:)11:27
ikoniano problem, 11:27
rafkidtara then11:27
ikoniaI think r2r is dmseg (the pain in the neck user) he's on the same network as dmseg was on, and has stareted a random conversation abuot dmseg abusing him11:42
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:43
Myrttihm. I think I forgot to eat yesterday.12:10
ubottuUCK is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/12:19
jussi01we neeed a new link, that ones broked12:19
Myrttijussi01 jussi01! can I have a kebab?12:20
Myrttiplease say yes?12:20
jussi01yes :D12:20
* Myrtti flees to get kebab12:21
gnomefreakas in a stick with food on it?12:40
jussi01gnomefreak: no...12:41
jussi01well kinda12:41
jussi01gnomefreak: http://www.cafedelmar.fi/images/IMG_0504.jpg12:43
LjLeeek food porn12:43
LjLsee, my connection was shocked by it :<12:45
LjLwait perhaps you didn't see it since it was just my bouncer disconnecting me. anyway.12:46
gnomefreakok that looks good12:47
ubottuIn #ubuntu, SkrabakL said: ubottu: and WINE is able to run creative suite from adobe and ms office probably ?12:53
jussi01 @slap gnomefreak12:53
jussi01gnomefreak: devel channels !=support... ;)12:54
gnomefreakyeah i know, do you know the answer to his ?12:55
* gnomefreak a bit on busy side today12:56
Myrttiif I slept a good nap on top of that dinner, would my headache go away?13:41
* ikonia returns after a fat london city dinner13:53
LjLsounds expensive13:53
ikoniawasn't my wallet13:55
ikoniabut I am full13:55
ikoniaa little bloated13:55
ikoniasome of the meals turned up a little late so I rushed my food13:56
LjLit's 2pm. "dinner"?13:56
ikoniasorry Lunch13:56
jribhe's returning from yesterday's dinner13:56
ikoniaI'm from the north of England, where "dinner" means "food"13:57
LjLjrib: if that were the case and he was still full and a little bloated, i'd worry if i were him13:57
LjLikonia: i see13:57
jribhe did say some meals were a little late13:57
ikonianot quite that late13:57
LjLjrib: as in "sorry sir, your meal isn't ready yet, would you like a pillow?"13:59
LjLalthough if it *is* your own wallet that's being employed...14:01
ikoniaI'd have actually liked that14:01
LjLthen you either have the pillow already, or won't be able to pay14:01
ikoniacould use a little rest after rushing that down14:01
jussi01LjL: they are called credit cards...14:02
LjLjussi01: and they don't have a cap? ;P14:02
ikoniasome of the guys I've just ate with - I think they may not have one14:03
ikoniasome stupid "jewley" and penis extension wear on display14:04
Myrttijrib: do we *want* to know?14:05
jribMyrtti: good point14:05
ikonia"hi, I'm a high earner let me put this $40,0000 watch on the table so you can see I have cash"14:05
ikoniaa little sickening witht he current climate14:05
ikoniaconsidering most of these where bankers14:05
Myrttiah, that kind of14:05
ikonia"oops I've dropped my diamon encrsted pen on the table, even though I had no need for a pen"14:06
Myrttiyou all have that little script that calculates the length of your virtual manhood?14:06
ikoniame and other guy where like the peasents sat at the bottom14:06
ikoniaof the table14:06
Myrttimy laptop has 48.2cm14:06
ikoniaI'm about to take my first dip in the water of "modern mobile phones" this weekend14:07
Tm_TFreerunner <314:08
ikoniafreerunner ?14:08
Tm_TFIC Neo Freerunner, Openmoko14:08
ikoniaooh openmoko14:08
Myrttihere, download yourselves: http://dy.fi/kbg14:08
ikonianah, not impressed with openmoko at the moment, 14:08
Tm_Tikonia: I'm not impressed, I just like the freedom14:09
LjLi like the freedom to not be impressed!14:09
ikoniaTm_T: thats one of the issues I'm having getting functionality to work with linux, or even any open standards, eg: I'm trying to get a phone that will sync address books with ldap 14:09
ikoniaTm_T: everything is internal/propriaty stuff on every phone I can get my hands on 14:10
Tm_Tikonia: ye14:13
MyrttiI almost got my phone to sync to gcal the other day14:14
ikonia:( shame as there are some really handy features around14:14
Tm_Tikonia: ye, but nothing that works without high expenses, I notice14:14
ikoniaTm_T I've not even found that, nothing works.....14:14
Tm_Tikonia: that too14:15
ikonialooked at a varity of nokias (the most compatible) some HTC's (useles), iphone (mostly useless), blackberry (some use with real effort but missing most of the core functionailty your paying for14:16
jussi01ikonia: get the htc dream/G1...14:17
ikoniaoh ?14:17
ikonianot seen that one14:17
Tm_TiPhone just simply isn't phone I would use14:17
jussi01First android phone14:17
ikoniajussi01: ahhh that one14:18
jussi01Company I work for is producing linux phones...14:18
ikoniaooh cool14:18
ikoniaI've seen some of the qutopia dev phones 14:18
jussi01ikonia: out of your price range though14:18
ikoniareally, how bad ?14:19
jussi01Trust me...14:19
ikoniainteresting though14:19
jussi01Think jewelry...14:19
ikoniaughhh the HTC dream is ugly 14:19
jussi01yeah, fugly...14:19
ikoniaI don't just mean visually, I mean usability14:20
* jussi01 wishes he was allowed to leak pictures/more info...14:20
ikoniajussi01: as do I 14:20
Tm_Tjussi01: ye, I know the feeling, though I'm happy with being "outside"14:21
Myrttiif I tell Laku not to poop when in bed with me, do you think he'd listen?14:23
MyrttiI need someone hairy and warm to cuddle14:23
Myrttisomeone or something14:23
MyrttiI actually am changing my opinion14:23
MyrttiI don't want a polol bear anymore14:24
MyrttiI want a pandamonium.14:24
jussi01Myrtti: put a towel in the microwave...14:24
Myrttijussi01: oh shut up.14:24
jussi01 ROFL14:24
jussi01where did ikonia go?14:24
ikoniaI'm here14:25
Myrttijussi01: have you been sniffing glue again?14:25
Myrttitsk tsk14:25
MyrttiI prefer gasoline though.14:26
* Myrtti goes to bed to sleep the headache away14:26
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
elkyanyone else get spam from rizobs?15:39
LjLelky: he's doing it in #debian right now15:41
jussi01not i..15:43
ikoniakill him15:45
* ikonia looks for the train conductor15:45
ikonianow thats service15:45
PriceChildwoo friday18:08
LjLi hate teeth, and i don't hate dentists but that's merely because they don't really deserve hate18:46
LjLompaul, re your mail, see -monitor topic18:46
MezPlease, someone hand me the vodka19:00
LjLi need it in case my tooth starts aching again19:02
MezI'm going for a drink with 3 of my Ex's who now all live together... I think I need it...19:02
ompaulLjL, k19:16
ompaulLjL, re alos19:16
* christel hands Mez the vodka19:47
christelvikingfjord, straight out of the freezer -- most yummy19:47
* Myrtti hands Mez the cigs and another bottle of vodka19:55
Myrttihave a blast19:55
Myrtti20 minutes to get soda from the store...20:40
Myrttiyes, no, perhaps, maybe...20:41
ompaulWastePotato, the reason you were banned for longer than you expected was simply this21:31
ompaulyou were banned and you kept turning up in the channel 21:32
ompauleach visit costs you more time21:32
ompaulyou used more than one computer or IP and that allowed you access to the channel21:32
WastePotatoI only went on the channel once, and that was when my ban had alreay ended.21:32
ompaulyou should not go back somewhere when banned21:32
ompaulehh wrong21:32
ompaulif your ban had ended then I would have lifted the first one21:33
ompaulbut it was still in force21:33
ompaulI know this cos I set them all for you21:33
ompaulfriday 5th sat 6th wed 10th21:34
ompaulin the first instance I told you it was for a week21:34
WastePotatoHold up.21:34
ompaulyou came in twice after that21:34
WastePotatoI was NOT in the channel.21:35
ompaulI banned you from the channel more than once21:35
WastePotatoYes. Twice.21:35
WastePotatoOne from my internet cafe, and one from my home.21:35
ompaulso 21:36
ompaulI will remove them but don't enter a channel when banned21:36
WastePotatoAre going to unblock me?21:36
ompaulyou will only get peoples backs up21:36
WastePotatoAre you*21:36
ompaulI think your question was a bit laste21:36
ompaullate even21:36
ompaul<ompaul> I will remove them but don't enter a channel when banned21:36
ompaul<WastePotato> Are going to unblock me?21:36
ompaul<ompaul> you will only get peoples backs up21:36
ompaulhow does that read to you?21:37
WastePotatoI'm not sure... o_021:37
ompaulI will remove them is vague?21:37
* ompaul wonder21:37
ompaulbefore I do I strongly advise you to read both of the next docs so you can understand how we expect you to react in those channels21:38
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines21:38
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/21:38
ompaulnow please wait a moment while I remove the bans21:38
ompaulWastePotato, you may return to that channel, please note the topic of this one21:39
WastePotatoDoesn't work.21:39
WastePotatoWait a mo'21:41
LjLi'm out, but just for the record - faceface is being quite an interesting fellow, and giving quite some interesting advice, in #ubuntu, so if someone complains about him, i'd take the complains seriously21:42
WastePotatoNope. Still doesnt work.21:42
ompaulok I will ahve to look deeper21:42
WastePotatoOh well. Imma have a shower now. 21:43
ompaultry that21:43
ompaulhow do I list bans like realnames21:48
* ompaul is getting too old to remember this stuff21:49
Pici/mode #ubuntu +d21:49
ompaulI can't find wastepotato in -ots lists 21:50
* ompaul goes to look again21:50
ompaulnickrud, I should celebrate this day  :-)22:07
* ompaul ruins22:07
* ompaul runs 22:07
* ompaul ruins a good run22:07
nickrudwhat's so good about it? A bad ending to a bad week here.22:07
WastePotatoOK. Back22:40
WastePotatoAnd it still doesn't work.22:40
ompaulWastePotato, I can't find your ban22:52
ompaulWastePotato, seriously 22:52
ompaul /mode #ubuntu-offtopic +d22:52
PriceChildWhat channel?22:52
ompaulPriceChild, -ot22:52
WastePotatoLet me boot into Ubuntu. I might just be Pidgin on Windows.22:53
ompaulit is not that22:53
WastePotatoWell... I still need to boot into it anyway to test something.22:53
PriceChildompaul: looking22:56
PriceChildompaul: one mo22:57
PriceChildWastePotato: I'm working on the issue, please be patient.22:59
WastePotatoMkay. :)22:59
ompaulPriceChild, found it22:59
PriceChildompaul: hmm?22:59
ompaulWastePotato, can you confirm your ip please22:59
WastePotatoIt is:23:00
ompaul* #ubuntu-offtopic Banlist: Sat Sep 13 20:19:20 *!*@ ompaul!n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul23:01
ompaulso that makes 4 bans you had against you23:02
WastePotato4? wth?23:02
ompaulWastePotato, you dropped in from a couple of different ips23:02
ompaulno matter23:02
ompaulnow go for access23:02
WastePotatoI didn't!23:02
WastePotatoWell, Thanks anyway. :/23:03
PriceChildSearch for itin the bantracker ompaul.23:03
WastePotatoDon't ask. xD23:04
WastePotatoJust an sort of offtopic question: How long does a re install take?23:05
PriceChild"no offence, but... <insert offensive remark>"... why do people do that?23:05
ompaulWastePotato, too many factors 23:05
ompaulPriceChild, cos they don't care?23:05
PriceChildompaul: its as though the first half means it is ok23:06
WastePotatoompaul: Let's say, on average, for ubuntu.23:06
nickrudno offence, but it does ;)23:06
ompaulPriceChild, seriously, it is not caring, thoughtlessness 23:07
* Myrtti gives everyone a lollipop23:07
ompaulWastePotato, well depending on the hardware and whatever I can do it all in less than 20 minus23:07
ompaulWastePotato, but you might want a bit more23:07
WastePotatoOh. That's quick. I could do it tonight.23:07
ompaulnow there I will leave you 23:07
WastePotatoRight. Bai.23:07
nickrudwhen used correctly, it means a real question about something you don't understand, but don't want to offend simply by asking23:07
ompaulWastePotato, give yourself 2 years23:07
ompaulWastePotato, give yourself 2 hours for problems 23:08
WastePotatoI don't get it.23:08
* WastePotato is confused.23:08
naliothWastePotato: was there anything else we can help you with?23:09
WastePotatoNope. Thanks and bai. :)23:09
ubottuIn #ubuntu, cars__ said: ubottu's information is lacking YIM support for Pidgin, even though it has support.23:20
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, and IRC. See also !Kopete23:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:23
Myrtti!pidgin ~= /Jabber/XMPP (Jabber, GTalk, and variants)/23:24
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti23:24
Myrtti!pidgin ~= /ICQ,/ICQ, YIM/23:25
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti23:25
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk, and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM and IRC. See also !Kopete23:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gajim23:25
Myrttigo ahead and make a suggestion then.23:25
Myrttiyou are failing this ;-)23:25
Myrtti!pidgin ~= /GTalk,/GTalk/23:26
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti23:26
Myrtti!pidgin ~= /YIM and/YIM,/23:27
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti23:27
NafalloMyrtti: I'm way to tired.23:27
Myrtti!pidgin ~= /IRC/IRC and others/23:27
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete23:27
Myrtti!pidgin > cars__23:27
mneptokhere in my car, i feel safest of all. i can lock all my doors. it's the only way to live.23:28
Myrttimneptok: you fool.23:28
MyrttiNafallo: you know what the public opinion is, then.23:28
NafalloMyrtti: ?23:28
Myrtti"no complaining!"23:29
Myrttiaka. {{sofixit}}23:29
Nafallosure. I'll contribute patches at some point. some point is just not now.23:29
Myrttigoodygood :-P23:30
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)23:38
LjLwhy am i seeing line noise?23:47

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