bdmurraykirkland: in case I haven't said it this month I love ubuntu documentation search00:38
trashguyubuntu docs are on par with liek FreeBSDs hand book00:38
trashguymost documentation fails00:39
ph8i'm not sure i'd agree with that00:41
trashguywhich aspect00:41
flyback sgrover00:41
ph8what documentation fails?00:42
flybackubunt 6.06.2 also known as uCUNTu 6.6600:42
trashguyu ever read a netware manuel00:42
slangasekflyback: you again?00:46
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!00:46
flybackubottu, what the canuck is your problem00:46
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:46
flybackubottu, botsnack00:47
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!00:47
* flyback feels better00:47
trashguyi ran redhat forever00:47
trashguyfedora is just not useable anymore00:48
flybackme too00:48
slangasekinfinity, mathiaz: ping00:48
flybackf9 has pissed me off beyond reasoning00:48
flybackthis box is getting hosed soon00:48
mathiazslangasek: hello00:48
trashguyi since migrated my desktop to ubuntu00:48
flybackat least uCUNTu actually runs shit like vmware00:48
trashguyand i been pushign a zimbra migration atw ork00:48
trashguyand its not so nice with FreeBSD so i had to find an alternative00:48
slangasekmathiaz: note flyback's comments; he's been asked before to behave himself in other channels00:48
flybacki'm bitter when I been burned by crappy products00:50
naliothlet us be civil00:51
slangasekthat's hardly an excuse for repeated use of inappropriate language00:51
infinityflyback: Please watch the language.00:51
* trashguy didnt notice anything00:52
flybackfair enough there00:52
trashguyonly issue i have had with ubuntu so far00:54
trashguyhad to make a bunch of symbolic links ot get veritas netbackup to work00:54
hotmonkeyluvHow can I configure the network interfaces after installation?01:05
lukehasnoname /etc/network/interfaces01:08
Staineranyone familiar with setting up a safe host to use a mailserver when you have a dynamic ip address?01:11
hotmonkeyluvlukehasnoname:  thanks!01:19
hotmonkeyluvlukehasnoname:  hmmm, didn't seem to work01:22
hotmonkeyluvsays command not found01:22
slangasekthat's a file to edit, not a command01:23
hotmonkeyluvi, uh... I knew that...01:26
flybackinterfaces and also iftab in 6.06 if you are doing disk clones01:52
* flyback bites jkakar 01:52
jkakarUh.  Hi.01:53
flybackthat's for william shatner's greatest hits and other canadian acts of terrorism01:54
randomlogic78I would like to prevent users from logging in via ssh and allow only users in a particular group.  I've edited /etc/ssh/sshd_config  and added the line "AllowGroups groupname" but any user can still ssh03:17
Deepsrandomlogic78: man page suggests that default is to allow all, so maybe you need a deny all rule first?03:27
Deeps(man sshd_config)03:27
randomlogic78thanks... deny all didn't work... but it turned out I was editing ssh_config instead of sshd_config03:30
* the_silent wb all05:04
the_silentan one can help me?05:04
the_silenti have some problem bro05:08
the_silentiwant built new server wit ubuntu 805:08
flybackgo on05:08
the_silenti mean ubuntu server05:08
the_silenthmm the problem is05:08
flybackyou are canadian?05:09
the_silentiwant copy old ubuntu server on new harware05:09
* the_silent no05:09
flybackthat was a joke05:09
the_silentiam from indonesia05:09
flyback<the_silent> hmm the problem is05:09
flyback<flyback> you are canadian?05:09
the_silenti have bad english05:09
* the_silent sorry05:09
flybackit was a bad joke :P05:09
flybacksorry :P05:09
the_silentso can u help05:09
flybackthere are tools to clone linux05:09
the_silentwahat its is05:09
flybackI have not used those yet though05:10
flybackso I dunno how well they work05:10
the_silenton not problem05:11
* the_silent thanks bro05:11
the_silentoh yeah05:11
the_silentone more again05:11
kgoetzmondo rescue05:11
the_silentcan u tell me how to install new driver on ubuntu server after i cloned05:12
* the_silent iam newbei05:12
kgoetzthe_silent: what driver05:12
flybackyeah I have not done that yet sorry05:12
the_silentiwant built new server on intelmainboard xeon s5000sata server05:16
the_silentso can u tel me the tutorial about update driver mainboard05:17
* the_silent :)05:17
kgoetztwo options: all drivers are in the kernel. swap os -> eddit grub -> boot -> profit05:18
kgoetz2nd option: you need to change something (eg, 32-> 64 bit) -> backup existins erver -> install clean on new server -> restore backup -> reconfigure new server -> profit05:19
kgoetzs/something/something major05:19
the_silentcan u teell me where i can find this tutorian on website05:20
kgoetzto do what?05:20
the_silentfind some tutorial05:20
kgoetzto do what?05:20
the_silentto update driver05:20
the_silentmain board05:20
kgoetzdo you need to update it?05:20
the_silenti mean update hardware05:21
the_silentnot os05:21
kgoetzi dont follow05:21
the_silentcoz the os was using from old main board05:21
the_silentuse cloning05:22
the_silentlike that05:22
kgoetzhow do you know you'll need to update the driver?05:22
the_silenti dont know05:23
the_silenti just scared05:23
the_silentif the hardware need driver from new mainboard05:23
the_silentoh i mean the u buntu server nedd driver from new mainboard05:24
the_silenti have been confiuse05:24
* the_silent :_(05:24
flybackit might05:27
kgoetzthe_silent: try a live cd with the reelease you want to copy over in the new server05:27
the_silenti see05:32
the_silentso u mean is05:32
the_silenttry live cd n then istall05:32
the_silentthen copy setting old ubuntu server data on new server05:33
the_silentlike that?05:33
the_silentor not05:33
kgoetztry the live cd05:36
kgoetzif it detects your hardware, it detected it05:36
flybackgood luck the_silent05:38
flybackI am going out05:38
the_silentthanks very muck05:39
flybackyou are welcome to come here any time :)05:39
the_silentiwell be05:39
the_silenthave a nice day05:39
flybackyou too05:40
flybackhttp://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7621 <-- great logo for a battery06:34
[Solaris]I want to diagnose a problem i have with a raid 0 (has win installed on it) and all members are offline07:09
[Solaris]are there tools in ubuntu to allow me to investigate ?07:10
[Solaris]and possibility repair?07:10
ropetin[Solaris]: My initial feeling is no.  What happened though?07:15
[Solaris]had a faulty memory stick... but it screwed up my raid on a hard reset07:17
[Solaris]made all my sata disks go offline .. so i have no raid volume07:17
ropetinStriped or mirrored?07:19
slangasekthat would be entirely dependent on the details of your RAID implementation; Linux software RAID is definitely not compatible with any Windows software RAID07:20
ropetinOh yeah, you said that, striped07:20
ropetinYou're pretty much screwed I think.  If Windows doesn't recognize it07:21
[Solaris]heh windows doesn't even boot07:21
slangasekand if it's hardware RAID, you don't have any diagnostic access from the OS at all unless the controller can be set to a non-RAID mode07:21
[Solaris]so it won't see it07:21
ropetinStriped boot partition?07:21
ropetinIs that even possible?07:21
[Solaris]i thikn it got screwed up when i was playing the MBR with the faulty memmory07:21
ropetinI'm thinking screwed, yeah07:24
[Solaris]erm is there a tool that i can rewrite the mbr on the device (bios sees the drives) and maybe that wil lfix the issue?07:25
ropetinIs your boot partition striped?  (I didn't think Windows could do that)07:25
[Solaris](atleast thats what i am thinking)07:26
[Solaris]was all raid0 disk except the hd3 which was a solitair drive07:26
[Solaris]erm there is a tool called mpt-status07:29
[Solaris]wonder if that would work07:29
kgoetzropetin: yes, striped boot partition is posible07:30
ropetinkgoetz: Sounds veeeery risky without backup07:33
kgoetzropetin: striped raid is *always* very risky.07:34
[Solaris]well looks like i am going have to destruck that drive07:36
[Solaris]so think i should step away from raid0 and use some other raid?07:37
[Solaris]perhaps go with a raid5 ?07:38
kgoetz[Solaris]: depends on your context07:39
kgoetzand backup habbits07:39
[Solaris]well i didn't even get a chance to backup the first time07:41
[Solaris]fresh install of both OS on a new system07:41
[Solaris]so destruction isn't bad, just a lose of a few hours07:41
* delcoyote hi07:45
[Solaris]erm i can do a raid 0 0+1 1 and 507:52
[Solaris]might even be able to do raid 2 (not sure yet)07:52
_rubenraid0 isnt even raid08:16
kgoetzvalid point08:17
_ruben*Redundant* Array of Inexpensive Disks08:17
* kgoetz isnt convinced the discs in his servers here are "Inexpensive"08:17
_rubenrelatively speaking they are08:18
_ruben450GB SAS disks are expensive .. but 2TB SAS disks (if they'd exist) would be much more expensive ... :p08:18
kgoetzrelatively isnt very helpful - relative to you, i'm a long way away08:18
_rubenhehe ;)08:19
kgoetz_ruben: 750GB sas drives, lots of. 1TB sas drives, some of08:19
[Solaris]these are 400GB SATA drives LO08:19
kgoetz cost ++08:19
[Solaris]so not all that expensive08:19
_ruben750GB and 1TB sas disks already exist?08:19
_ruben(i dont monitor developments in that area that closely)08:20
kgoetzpretty sure they are sas. perhaps they are standard sata drives in hot-swap enclosures, but i'm prtty sure they are sas08:20
_rubeninstalled 3 servers with 6x450G sas disks the other day08:20
_ruben750G and 1TB sounds rather sata'ish to me08:20
* kgoetz cbf looking at the spec sheet right now08:20
_rubensas and sata are interchangable ..08:20
kgoetzsort of :) sas can mean 'sa scsi' too08:21
_rubensas = serial attached scsi .. which is a scsi disk with sata connector :)08:22
kgoetz_ruben: btw, i think your correct - the drives are probably sata08:22
_rubenthats what i meant with interchangable08:22
kgoetzaaah, my bad. misunderstanidng :)08:23
_rubenhappens to the best of us :)08:26
Gestahltis there a deb represitory for freePBX?12:43
alienhello, did canonical think about supporting openvz better, instead of just KVM?13:06
alienimho, openvz is much more suited to server usage than both kvm and xen, due to its low overhead13:07
alienand it supports most of the goodies that both xen and kvm support, like live migration13:08
Koonalien: you should ask that question in #ubuntu-virt13:14
alienthanks Koon13:15
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GestahltIs there a freeBPX deb package for ubuntu 8.04 server14:04
ropetinNot as far as I know, no14:08
rglI have a box with ubuntu edgy (6.10), and I want to upgrade it to latest 8.04.1.  I'm trying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades , so I did use the old-releases.ubuntu.com repository and used the do-release-upgrade command, but it failed, can you look at http://dpaste.com/80688/ ? do you have any ideia how to fix this?   better yet, can't I just update my sources.list file and use apt-get dist-upgrade?14:37
Kamping_Kaiserno, you cant14:38
Kamping_Kaiseredgy isnt hosted on archive.u.c anymore - this error may be a bug in the upgrade tool, or some user error (i havent used it, i cant comment)14:40
rglyes, its at old-releases.ubuntu.com14:41
Kamping_Kaiserwhich is clearly not where the upgrade thingy was trying to download from :)14:41
rglso what should I do?14:42
rglthe correct output from the upgrade tool is at http://ruilopes.com/tmp/output.txt14:42
Kamping_Kaiseri guess you can hang around, perhaps someone with more experiance an help you14:43
rglits kinda lame apt-get dist-upgrade does not work :(14:45
Kamping_Kaiserpersonally, i agree.14:45
Kamping_Kaiseri've not had to upgrade any ubuntu servers, so i cant comment on wether it works or not14:46
rgloh well, my only other option is to install a fresh 8.04.1 and migrate stuff arround.14:46
maswandist-upgrade might work just fine, but chances are that some new packages expected won't get pulled in, corner cases might get broken, etc, etc.14:49
rgloh, I'm not finding the ubuntu support timeline thingy;  its the doc that mentioned the different support times, eg, edgy has 18 month support, LTS 5 years, etc.   do you known where is it?14:54
rglah found it at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/146 *G*14:56
rglwell, kinda of, that is only for stuff after 8.0414:56
Kamping_Kaiserperhaps a link off herehttp://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition14:57
Kamping_Kaiserperhaps a link off here http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition14:58
frithhello, can anyone point me in the right direction for dell omsa packages?15:42
friththat is if they exist15:42
kaushalhow can i use upstart15:46
kaushalI have edited the files under /etc/event.d/15:46
kaushalwhat would be the next step15:47
kaushalwhen i run initctl reload it does not work15:52
rglwhat do you mean kaushal ?15:57
kaushalrgl: it says invalid option15:58
rglI still have no ideia what are you talking about15:58
kaushalrgl: I am talking about upstart init daemon16:01
rglkaushal, eg. what did you do? and what you expected to happen?16:03
rglkaushal, there an #upstart channel too16:04
mathiazKoon: nagios3 seeded16:13
Koonmathiaz: kewl16:13
mathiazkirkland: I've also added partman-auto-raid to the installer16:13
kirklandmathiaz: cool16:13
mathiazkirkland: that means we'll be able to preseed raid installation to test boot from degraded RAID :D16:14
Koonmathiaz: i'll have some free time next week, if there is any area you want tested, let me know. Otherwise I'll do some generic bug triage/cleanup16:14
kirklandmathiaz: awesome!16:16
kirklandmathiaz: auto testing16:16
mathiazKoon: ok - I'll keep this in mind.16:20
rglthis is so odd: apt-get --purge remove libusb-0.1-4  wants to remove: gnupg* libusb-0.1-4* ubuntu-keyring*  !!16:22
RediXeHow would I go about keeping a directory on my server in sync with my a directory on my machine?16:26
elventearHello. I am looking the netback.c file in the Xen Linux Kernel source. I got the Kernel Source from the repos but that file is missing. Anyone know a way that I can find the source that Ubuntu uses for that file?16:26
zulelventear: kernel.ubuntu.com16:29
ivoksgit clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-intrepid.git16:31
DatabaseOK, I have a slight problem.17:21
DatabaseWhen I try to change my domain name's A record to my server, the host's site responds that it must be an IP address. However, I can't supply one as I'm using No-IP because of my dynamic IP address.17:22
mathiazDatabase: that's because you need define a CNAME instead of a A record17:23
DatabaseRight, and I have done that.17:23
DatabaseFor www.17:23
DatabaseI need the domain name without the www. as well.17:24
mathiazDatabase: depending on you dns provider, you may not be able to set a CNAME for you domain name.17:24
DatabaseI probably can't, then.17:25
DatabaseSo what are the consequences of that?17:25
mathiazDatabase: people won't be able to access the website via domain.com, only via www.domain.com17:26
DatabaseThat is bad.17:26
DatabaseSo there's no way around it?17:26
mathiazDatabase: probably not - you should check with your dns provider.17:27
DatabaseAlright, thank you.17:28
lukehasnonameI found a guy who wrote a web server in PHP17:40
lorddarkpat_I've been following http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/17:46
lorddarkpat_to set up  mail servre17:46
lorddarkpat_will it get me set up?17:46
stonerlorddarkpat_, im no expert, but looks like it does.. i personally used https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer few weeks ago and it works18:00
lorddarkpat_thnks, stoner :)18:03
lorddarkpat_I'm also having DynDNS troubles18:03
lorddarkpat_apache is not working with it18:03
lorddarkpat_it should work18:03
lorddarkpat_thnks, stoner :)18:06
=== lorddarkpat_ is now known as ldp-supremus
\shdoes anyone work on ubuntu-server and heartbeat2+HA nfs cluster?20:06
\shif so..don't trust all docs on the net, telling you to move the /var/lib/nfs/<whatever> dir on a drbd device...that's totally wrong and doesn't work..leave it where it is, and you are clean20:08
lamontjdstrand: 9.4.2.dfsg.P2-2 uploaded, thanks20:13
jdstrandlamont: ack20:33
lamontjdstrand: meh.  re-uploading20:59
lamontjdstrand: and accepted this time... helps to have the .orig.tar.gz file :-)21:06
jdstrandlamont: I wasn't sure if LP was slow, so I was being patient :)21:07
lamontnah - it was me being a muppet21:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #274939 in php5 (main) "8<=8 => false " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27493921:27
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