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aramorning all :-)06:14
aradavmor2: morning :)08:24
davmor2ara: Morning08:24
davmor2ara: I got an issue with tomboy's testcase I can't think of a single way to improve it :-/08:37
davmor2It's all kinda pretty self explanatory08:38
aradavmor2: yes, but maybe trying to explain a bit the results to expect08:39
aradavmor2: would be nice, in things like linking.08:39
aradavmor2: like: click on the link and see if the other note opens correctly08:39
davmor2right no problems then08:39
sbeattiedavmor2: do you have a testcase for syncing tomboy over ssh/fuse a la bug 152978?08:56
sbeattieIf not, it might be useful to add.08:57
davmor2sbeattie: No but at the time when I wrote the original I never knew you could :)08:57
davmor2sbeattie: On a plus side the bug seems to be fixed :)09:29
* ara takes a break10:04
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aradavmor2: how is the wiki testing going?12:04
davmor2Getting there on rhythmbox currently12:04
aradavmor2: cool :-)12:05
aradavmor2: i am going to send an email to -qa to ask people for help, also for other derivatives12:05
* davmor2 saves the other testcases for after dinner :)12:46
aradavmor2: :-)12:47
davmor2ara: I've not added test case numbers I think it is easier for one person to do that otherwise it will start to become messy I think.12:48
aradavmor2: sure, thanks, i will batch update that on Monday12:49
* ara hugs davmor212:49
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davmor2schwuk: ping13:46
schwukdavmor2: lo13:48
davmor2schwuk: I'm a bit behind the times with macros.  (I lost out in school when it came to confusers) So I simply add your script to the wiki page and it will process any and all images into a box with the message click to zoom is that correct?13:50
schwukdavmor2: No - we need to get the macro added to the wiki (which require IS). Once it's added you can use the <<AppImage(name)>> macro and the markup will be generated.13:52
davmor2schwuk: Ah okay I'm with you now thanks :)13:53
davmor2Guys should we add a test case for freedom mode?14:30
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sbeattiedavmor2: I added one to the wiki.ubuntu.com testcases16:36
sbeattieNeeded to get stgraber to add it to the iso tracking site16:37
stgrabersbeattie: yeah, if you want to do some changes to the ISO tracker, please start a wikipage with all the wanted changes. I guess it's not the only one.16:51
stgraber(I'll also drop KDE4 as it's now standard and some other things)16:51
stgraberbut I need to do that in the next code/SQL update16:52
sbeattiestgraber: okay, thanks!16:52
persiaFor regression testing, has anyone tried bluetooth input?  superm1 and I seem to have found a regression against hardy.17:29
sbeattiepersia: no bluetooth here, so no.17:36
persiasbeattie: That's what everyone tells me.  I want confirmation from a hardy user that intrepid is broken, but haven't heard anything.17:37
persiaanyway, we'll try to test more.  Thanks.17:37
persiaI want to add a couple flavours to the ISO tracker.  I know I need to document some test cases and stuff.  Could anyone direct me to the documentation on producing the documentation to organise testing?17:56
persiaI think I can supply bodies, but structure is something on which I need guidance.17:56
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