thorwilnewz2000: hi! say, the number of downloads for hardy is a secret, right? :)13:56
thorwilhi qense14:21
newz2000thorwil: yes, it is a secret14:33
newz2000mark usually publishing interesting summaries on his blog14:33
vbabiynewz2000: do you have any idea what 8.10 going to look like yet?16:21
newz2000vbabiy: no, I don't, but I noticed a new walpaper come through yesterday16:22
vbabiynewz2000: the beta will have the final graphics right?16:23
newz2000it has a bunch of swirled dots similar to thorwil's countdown concept16:23
newz2000vbabiy: there's no rule... art often gets a freeze exception16:23
vbabiyI hopes its really nice16:24
newz2000hey thorwil, are you around?18:28
newz2000hey, on your countdown svg file, are the images (with the swirls and numbers) svg objects?18:30
newz2000I can't seem to select them18:30
thorwilnewz2000: in most cases, everything except the changing parts are clones18:31
newz2000oh, right18:31
thorwilnewz2000: use the plate layer for exporting, though18:31
thorwilnewz2000: that is, lock other layers, use export targets18:32
newz2000I'm not going to re-export, yours look great18:33
thorwilwith them, you get proper filenames18:33
thorwilgood :)18:33
newz2000I was just going to try and use your swirl in a piece that would appear next to the countdown banner18:33
thorwilwell, pick one and declone :)18:36
newz2000ah, I didn't know about declone18:36
thorwilnewz2000: i think it's in edit menu, clone and something about breaking the link18:36
thorwildon't remember the actial term used18:36
newz2000thorwil: btw, I like your concept on defining icon palette using bg colors, I tried this once using alpha transparency. It had some neat effects but I don't know if it could be use for icons. They're a very tricky form of art.18:37
thorwilyes, indeed :)18:38
newz2000inkscape started behaving very badly since I opened your document. :-)18:39
thorwilnewz2000: heh, be happay i didn't use blur :)18:39

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