luminerdOk so I downloaded a GTK2 theme, there's a bunch of images in it, still cannot open anything in there with the Gnome theme manager...00:00
DEViUSd4nii: i use "alsa" not pulse audio?00:00
* luminerd is reminded why he loves OS X00:00
daysleeproh, thats it, ctrl+alt+[left/right]00:00
ActionParsnipluminerd: osx is good because its made for the hardware in a mac00:00
daysleeprthank you very much!00:00
luminerdI mean how complex can it be.. I just want a theme that will open with the default in Gnome00:00
WDCActionParsnip: WHY IS THIS SO HARD!00:00
Jeruvytpg: very strange, perhaps 'sudo apt-get remove' and 'sudo apt-get install' firefox.00:00
jribluminerd: go to system -> preferences -> appearance and drag the tar.gz in there00:00
ActionParsnipluminerd: if you buy right, everything will work out of the box (like mine)00:00
luminerdActionParsnip: I know they have a huge advantage because of that, but the fact is it "just works" :)00:00
ActionParsnipWDC: its not, its just different00:00
luminerdActionParsnip: this isn't even a hardware issue00:01
ActionParsnipluminerd: all my stuff just works00:01
WDCActionParsnip: I put deb http://website// and it didn't do it00:01
luminerdIt won't work on any box, no matter what00:01
XeKtRuMI need to know if is there a way to configure my keyboard so when I press alt+n give me an ñ00:01
playerhow do I close a port when no app is running on that port?00:01
ActionParsnipWDC: http://www.irssi.org/download00:01
luminerdOh thank you much jrib00:01
ActionParsnipplayer: you dont have it open then00:01
sufsAfter a CTRL-ALT-Backspace my screen goes black after the loading bar, what do I do?00:01
davertronhi, i'm having some interesting sound issues in hardy; the sound widget in the panel doesn't seem to actually work00:02
luminerdIn this case it wasn't a matter of not working just my own not knowing how things work :P I was unzipping it first00:02
davertroni can slide the sound widget up and down in the panel but it doesn't change the output at all00:02
DEViUSi have playback problems on my computer (i cant listen to music in rythmbox and in the same time hear the sound effects in my favourite games in firefox)00:02
playerI can see it open on firestarter00:02
_Carrie_is it possible to test a 56k modem when you have no live phone lines in your house? lol00:02
davertroni don't really know what to set my sound preferences to00:02
nachhow can i list all the active daemon on my box ?00:02
ActionParsnipplayer: then add a policy to block all connections on that port00:02
davertroncan anyone help?00:03
ActionParsnip!sound | davertron00:03
ubottudavertron: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:03
playerplease give me an example for port 222500:03
ActionParsnipplayer: use the gui, its all there plain and simple00:03
tpgjeruvy: ok i will try that now00:03
WDCActionParsnip: This is madness, I sez 40400:03
Fish-Facehello, samba is flat out not working for me in Hardy00:03
WDCActionParsnip: It sez 404. Could not find00:04
ActionParsnip!samba | Fish-Face00:04
ubottuFish-Face: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209800:04
nachhow can i list all the active daemon on my box ?00:04
playerhow can I see wich app is using a certain port?00:04
ActionParsnipWDC: i'll pastebin it for you00:04
WDCplayer: nmap, from another computer00:04
nachplayer: use netstat00:04
sufsAfter a CTRL-ALT-Backspace my screen goes black after the loading bar, what do I do?00:04
WDCplayer: or what nach said00:04
Derrikeso I take it all hope is dead00:04
guybrushActionParsnip:  iced-tea-java7-bin eroor code number : 100:04
guybrushActionParsnip:  error 100:05
ActionParsnipWDC: http://pastebin.com/m7995eb9b00:05
smaxHi i can't install libasound2-dev Depends: libasound2 (=1.0.15-3ubuntu4) but 1.0.16-0ubuntu0.1 is to be installed00:05
tpgjeruvy: that fixed it, but i hope its not temporarily like last time i reinstalled..00:05
witek23hello, anybudy has an experience with installing Ubuntu on laptop with orginall instaled Vista? Is there any problems with conflict between recowery partition and grub?00:05
CorbinFoxActionParsnip: And what is gksu? would it allow me to mount drives from the desktop panel?00:05
WDCActionParsnip: No i meant when I went apt-get update it said 404 on the package00:05
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, um, that seems like it's not what I'm after. For a start, I should just be able to use the right click > sharing options menu to set up shares00:05
_Carrie_is it possible to test a 56k modem when you have no live phone lines in your house? lol I know there's a way of doing such a thing in windows (can't remember what it was called). Just curious if it's possible in ubuntu?00:05
meal3837anybody know somewhere where a second semester cs major might be able to contribute to the open source community?00:06
Tu13eshow do I tell what version of ubuntu this system is from the terminal?00:06
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, furthermore, I can't browse the windows network from ubuntu (and have the relevant packages installed) and can't even see the ubuntu machine from windows00:06
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ActionParsnipWDC: try deb http://rl6.de/debian unstable ./ as a source. remove the one that 404s00:06
Fish-FaceI feel something must be going on earlier on in the process...00:06
nachplayer: you can use "netstate -l -n" to filter the results00:06
nachhow can i list all the active daemon on my box ?00:06
tpgjeruvy: thanks alot btw ;)00:06
ActionParsnipFish-Face: is there  firewall on the windows box?00:07
kitcheTu13es: lsb_release -a try that00:07
ryan_____Is there anything to keep in mind when buying a CD/DVD burner for my Ubuntu computer.00:07
HexusWhats the best/most responsive image viewer for browsing compressed archives?00:07
Tu13eskitche: worked, thanks :)00:07
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, only Windows' own, and it can see the other shares in the house fine00:07
davertronActionParsnip: Thanks for the pages00:07
ActionParsnipFish-Face: configure it to allow browsing of network shares00:07
Tu13estrying to debate whether I should get AWN installed on this laptop (pretty old, running fluxubntu_00:07
playernach: can it be netstat -ln ?00:07
casaoI'm bootcharting and recently an option called "Resume" showed up on my bootchart between udevadm and rc, what is it? I've never seen it before and it's slowing my boot a good bit00:08
ActionParsnipCorbinFox: to run gui apps as root with users settnigs you use gksu00:08
davertronActionParsnip: what's interesting is if i open up alsamixer in a terminal, and then i switch the devices that the panel thing is using, i can see it's adjusting the volume on two of the outputs, but neither of them is the right one00:08
_Carrie_ActionParsnip, isn't that gksudo?00:08
ActionParsnipCorbinFox: if someone tells you to sudo gedit or similar they are idiots00:08
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, I can already browse network shares, and the option is turned on already - I just can't browse this machine's shares00:09
ActionParsnip_Carrie_: gksudo uses roots settings, not the users00:09
_Carrie_ActionParsnip, ah :) that's good to know lol00:09
Freakin_Busyquick question... does virtualX allow me to SSH with a GUI???00:09
nachplayer: yes !00:09
sufsanyone? I have no idea where to start..00:09
witek23Anybudy has an experience with installing Ubuntu on laptop with orginall instaled Vista? Does a recovery partition remove Grub?00:09
joebob777as7I just set up ubuntu on my work computer with xinerama and instead of treating each monitor with it's own boundaries it thinks I have one big monitor... so when I maximize a window it maximizes it over both monitors. anyone have an idea on why this is?00:10
Fish-Facesufs, ctrl-alt-backspace kills the X-Server...00:10
playerI cant see the apps, just the ports and adresses00:10
playerand only servers, by the way00:10
ActionParsnipwitek23: it will if you recover the vista install00:10
_Carrie_is it possible to test a 56k modem when you have no live phone lines in your house? lol I know there's a way of doing such a thing in windows (can't remember what it was called). Just curious if it's possible in ubuntu?00:10
kitchejoebob777as7: because it's how your xinerama is setup but think xinerama does that anyways00:10
ActionParsnipFreakin_Busy: how do you get a gui with ssh?00:10
sufsFish-Face, I restarted the computer, but nothing happens? Can I somehow boot from a console and manually start the x-server?00:10
WDCActionParsnip: Doesn't work either. Nevermind00:10
ActionParsnipFreakin_Busy: are you forwarding X server00:11
Freakin_Busyi'm asking if virtualX allows that?00:11
ActionParsnipWDC: you need a repo with irssi on it00:11
witek23ActionParsnip, I see, thanks for help00:11
caiocant turn to default ubuntu theme, the metacity theme stills ever :(00:11
kitchejoebob777as7: yep looks like xinerama does that actually you need to use something else I believe for what you want besides xinerama00:11
WDCActionParsnip: Compiling form source is a nightmare too. Why can't I use the synaptic?00:11
Fish-Facesufs, you can do what you want (you are already booted, btw) yes00:11
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Fish-Facesufs, you should be presented with a login screen, but with text rather than graphics00:12
TopBunny98is there a way to compleetely remove and reinstall Rhythmbox00:12
Magnu1i can't boot when i try to attach more than one hd - what should i do?00:12
kitche!DualHead > joebob777as7 something like this you want?00:12
ubottujoebob777as7, please see my private message00:12
Fish-FaceTopBunny98, sudo dpkg --purge rhythmbox00:13
sufsFish-Face, I did edit the xorg.conf before I killed X, but I booted from a live CD, mounted the disk, and edited the xorg.conf back00:13
ActionParsnipWDC: you can as long as there is a repo with irssi00:13
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sufsFish-Face, but when i start from the HDD, no login screen pops up00:13
Fish-Facesufs, none at all?00:13
sufsFish-Face, the display does not seem to get any signal00:13
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead00:13
Fish-Facesufs, if you have a modern monitor it should tell you if that's the case...00:14
ActionParsnipMagnu1: does the bios pick up both?00:14
_Carrie_is it possible to test a 56k modem when you have no live phone lines in your house? lol I know there's a way of doing such a thing in windows (can't remember what it was called). Just curious if it's possible in ubuntu?00:14
Fish-Facesufs, can you tell whether your computer has actually booted ubuntu? What do you see, if anything, before the black screen?00:14
sufsFish-Face, After the ubuntu progress bar is done it tells me something like /no signal found/00:14
Fish-FaceOh right00:14
mha_My name is Moisés00:14
sufsFish-Face, and the proceeds to go into sleep mode00:15
mha_I1m from Brazil...00:15
Magnu1ActionParsnip: nope. when all the hds are connected the bios doesn't recognize any of them00:15
Fish-Facesufs, do you press ctrl-alt-backspace at that point?00:15
Bidgethey guys Im wondering how to update my video drivers can anyone give me a hand? I have nvidia driver 169.12 and would like to update to the latest00:15
ActionParsnipMagnu1: ae they PATA or SATA?00:15
ActionParsnipMagnu: or SCSI00:15
Magnu1ActionParsnip: sata00:15
mha_I'm new here..and in Ubuntu00:15
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sufsFish-Face, you mean after teh screen goes into sleep - after reboot?00:16
playerI have a persistent connection from inside out (on another computer wich is a server) to an address wich I didnt connect to explicitly, trhough a port wich I didnt open, and I cant determine wich app is using it. Everyday the address it connects to, changes. Sometimes, also the port, usually its 3 connections like these visibble on firestarter, and not visible from netstat. I would appreciate some sugestions . thankyou.00:16
ActionParsnipMagnu1: try changing the jumpers on the back to make them master and slave00:16
anders_welcome then mha_ :)00:16
Fish-Facesufs, yes. what's probably happening is that you made a mistake in the config file, and the X server is sending the screen something it doesn't like00:16
Magnu1ActionParsnip: i don't think my hds got jumpers00:16
Fish-Facesufs, or perhaps nothing at all00:16
Magnu1ActionParsnip: at least not all of them00:16
ActionParsnipMagnu1: well its offtopic in here as this i ubuntu help not hardware help00:16
Fish-Facesufs, if you kill the x server, you should get back to a text screen00:16
DEViUS i was wondering, since Linux "ubuntu" is said to be better than windows (this should mean in everything), THEN? why do i get degraded performance while basically using my computer (browsing internet, reading pdf files?) why? someone help me00:16
Fish-Facesufs, or you could use the Live CD again to try and fix it00:17
ActionParsnipDEViUS: its never been said to be better than windows00:17
Fish-Facethat would probably be easiest00:17
player(btw this is happening on dapper)00:17
mha_I'm have a problem with my desktop HP and may Ubuntu00:17
Bidgetum Im pretty sure you dont need to set jumpers for sata drives just make sure your boot drive is connected to sata000:17
Magnu1ActionParsnip: i apologize and try to find some hardware help, thx anyway00:17
ActionParsnipDEViUS: thats an opinion of whoever wrote what you have read00:17
Bidgethey guys Im wondering how to update my video drivers can anyone give me a hand? I have nvidia driver 169.12 and would like to update to the latest00:17
sufsFish-Face, is the a repair tool? I currently on the 7.10 live-CD but my install is Hardy00:17
wng-I'm running WoW under wine and it seems to be missing the textures for the ground? any ideas?00:17
sufsFish-Face, is my other configs lost_00:18
Fish-Facesufs, no, probably just a little wrong :]00:18
Bidgetwng-, try #winehq they would probably be able to help you a little better00:18
DEViUSActionParsnip: nope, its been written throught books, reviews, forums  (everywhere) that performance of hardware is better in Linux00:18
Fish-Faceand if it's lost, unless you were doing something weird with it, you can just reset it00:18
Bidgetwng-, thats where I went for all my wine troubles :D00:18
Fish-FaceDEViUS, do you have some links?00:18
ActionParsnipDEViUS: thats still opinion. If linux was better than windows then why are people using an "inferior" product00:19
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Fish-Facesufs, are you using a different computer now?00:19
ActionParsnipDEViUS: no OS is better than any other, both have advantages and disadvantages00:19
sufsFish-Face, well uhm, no00:19
sufsFish-Face, I only have acess to one atm00:19
ActionParsnipDEViUS: you need to configuer your system better and make sure you are fully updated. You may want to install graphics drivers to make your desktop smoother00:19
Fish-Facekk, are you in windows atm or linux?00:19
SunRayCafegah, sorry...00:19
DEViUSActionParsnip: im taking about h/w performance00:19
Fish-FaceDEViUS, what do you mean by that00:20
sufsFish-Face, can\t I edit the files from the live CD? In witch case, what files must I check?00:20
ActionParsnipDEViUS: its config and compatibility00:20
DEViUSActionParsnip: do you think im missing something, if so plz help me locate appropriate drivers and libraries00:20
Fish-Facesufs, yes you can, but it will be difficult to know how to fix the file in question. You are looking at the same file you edited last time, though00:20
Bidgethey guys Im wondering how to update my video drivers can anyone give me a hand? I have nvidia driver 169.12 and would like to update to the latest00:20
Fish-Facemy guess is you made a typo or something last time00:20
ActionParsnipDEViUS: well i have no idea what hardwrae you have, id run lspci and start getting sorted for drivers for a start00:21
DEViUSActionParsnip: ok00:21
ActionParsnipDEViUS: id also run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:21
dr_willisBidget,  you may  to wait for the next release next month. it will have updated drivers.. Unless you just HAVE to have the latest now.. then.. well there used to be a wiki page covering that topic and the pitfalls of doing so,00:21
ActionParsnipDEViUS: that will give you the latest updated00:21
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Bidgetdr_willis, well Im not really sure if I need them but I am trying to get my component out working so I can use my tv with my computer as a second display but I just cant get it to work00:22
ActionParsnipDEViUS: and for the record, I find mandriva "better" than ubuntu, and definately better than windows, but thats my experience00:22
Bidgetdr_willis, so I thought maybe updating the drivers might help00:22
ActionParsnipDEViUS: doesnt make it the gospel truth00:22
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DEViUSActionParsnip: true00:22
DEViUSActionParsnip: i have done all these:     sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:22
ActionParsnipDEViUS: you need to leave the word "best" well alone in computing00:22
dr_willisBidget,  ive had tv out working for ages.. but it may depend on your specific video card. I normally enable twinview, and use the nvida-settings tool to enable the tv out00:22
jayde_drag0nis anyone here knowledgeable with audacity? it won't record from my mic.. even tho it does work and i can hear myself thru my speakers00:23
ActionParsnipDEViUS: ok so is your system upgrading00:23
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah I get an error when I do that talking something about metamode... let me pastebin it for you00:23
Bidgetdr_willis, I have an nvidia 8800gt as well if that matters00:23
DEViUSActionParsnip: it is fully upgraded00:23
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dr_willisBidget,  i got an 8800gtsxxx00:23
Bidgetdr_willis, but yeah twinview is what I tried to enable00:23
sufsFish-Face, is there some kid of Template for the xorg.conf I can use just to boot the system?00:23
ActionParsnipDEViUS: ok then find out what hardware needs installing and get it setup00:23
chris_fosterhi, i installed lm sensors, and it always displays my cpu and case heat at 25C, I know something is wrong. Is that what lmsensors displays when it cant find those sensors?00:24
ActionParsnipDEViUS: you will learn a lot about your pc00:24
Fish-Facesufs, well, you have a couple of options00:24
DEViUSActionParsnip: lspci results     http://pastebin.com/d58e97cff00:24
dr_willisBidget,   You did install the nvidia-glx drivers? after that i normally run the nvidia-settings tool, or nvidia-xconfig (check its options) to enable twinview,00:24
Deiseltonguys i need serious help... i decided to switch from fedora to ubuntu and ubuntu wont installl00:24
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Deiseltonit keeps timing out and now im stuck with just this live cd and no operating system00:24
ActionParsnipDEViUS: ok you have an Intel Corporation Mobile GM96500:24
Fish-Facesufs, you could just copy the LiveCD's file over. That'll probably (but not necessarily) work00:24
qbmaniachey guys!00:24
DEViUSActionParsnip: yes i do00:25
LordOllieDeiselton, did you format the install location to wipe it before install?00:25
Deiseltoni keep getting this error00:25
DeiseltonThe installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk:00:25
Deiselton[Errno 5] Input/output error00:25
dr_willisBidget,  i have noticed that on some machines./cards I MUST have the tv plugged in befor i power up the machine. or else it dosent get detected.. on some machines. i ve even had the tv get detected.seen/used as the default monitors. so theres room for  'quirks' in the setup.00:25
ActionParsnipDEViUS: so jump onto your favourite search engine and find out how to set that up in ubuntu00:25
qbmaniachow is everyone today?00:25
Fish-Facesufs, or I believe these a config program you could run. However, I'm not sure whether it needs access to the kernel to work - if it does, then you wouldn't necessarily be able to make a config file appropriate for your real installation00:25
DeiseltonLordollie: no i let the installation do that00:25
DEViUSActionParsnip: Google00:25
chris_fosterDeislton: that could mean lots of things, include a corrupted harddisk. How old is the harddisk?00:25
dr_willisgoogle is our friend.00:25
LordOllieDeiselton, use the live cd to clean the disk and then try again00:25
dr_willisOther then video card, and wireless, i cant think of much else ive ever needed to 'tweak' under ubuntu00:25
qbmaniacQuick question guys: Where can I ask for help concerning virtualbox in ubuntu?00:26
Bidgetdr_willis, http://pastebin.com/m1b5a17f500:26
thomassiskoskanenas ellinas00:26
chris_fosterqbmaniac: whats your question? Im experimenting with it and might be able to help00:26
georgy_28! virtualbox00:26
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:26
ActionParsnipDEViUS: ok some dude has the same gfx card here, here is his xorg.conf00:26
Bidgetdr_willis, my tv has been connected for some time as Ive been using it as a second display on windows xp (I dualboot) until I could get it figured out under ubuntu00:26
ActionParsnipDEViUS: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/9540046/xorg.conf00:26
sufsFish-Face, ok i backed up the destroyed xorg.conf and got the one from the live cd. Down for reboot, thanks00:26
levanderIsn't limewire available for Ubuntu?  'apt-cache search limewire' shows up nothing.00:26
luminerdThis is completely unbelievable. i have downloaded like 20 themes and every single one of them is completely ugly.  Does no one with linux care about design?00:26
Deiseltonso partition my drive to an ext3 system then try to install again?00:26
Deiseltonor just set the drive to free space?00:26
tranquilityluminerd: make one yourself00:27
dr_willisBidget,  you may want to try that nvidia-settings tool and reduce the res of the tv perhaps. It may be it cant haldle  that high.00:27
qbmaniacgeorgy_28, I have read the documentation00:27
qbmaniacand everything00:27
LordOllieDeiselton, ext3 will most likely be faster00:27
qbmaniacI would just like a hand solving a problem I can't deal with00:27
Bidgetdr_willis, umm arent tvs normally 640x480...?? thats what I have it set to under windows00:27
ActionParsnipDEViUS: so you need to sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel00:27
luminerdAh, yes, I forgot. The linux community expects you to program and design your entire operating system by yourself00:27
chris_fosterqbmaniac: what is your question?00:27
qbmaniacI want to share a folder00:27
qbmaniacI followed instructions chris_foster00:27
DEViUSActionParsnip: ill do that00:27
dr_willisBidget,  try setting clone mode. it looks almost like its trying a larger mode.00:27
dr_willisMode 2624x1200,00:28
qbmaniacbut it doesn't show up in the guest (windows xp)00:28
tranquilityluminerd: no they don't00:28
chris_fosterqbmaniac: did you get any errors? what is the guest OS?00:28
qbmaniacwin xp00:28
Bidgetdr_willis, I dont have a clone mode00:28
qbmaniacI can't see anything in "Entire Network" except for my own virtual box00:28
ActionParsnipDEViUS: then gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to look similar in the display section (dont change the name to say your graphics card name, its not important and will mean you have to chnage lines elsewhere)00:28
DEViUSActionParsnip: it seems to be already installed00:28
Bidgetdr_willis, all I have is twinview00:28
ActionParsnipDEViUS: thats fine00:28
DEViUSActionParsnip: ok00:28
Bidgetdr_willis, I have twinview or "seperate x screen (requires restart)"00:28
luminerdIt'd be nice if there was a theme that didn't, say, forget to make an image for the freaking title bar so you have a giant ugly ass white bar across part of the top of your screen instead of a consistent image across it.00:29
chris_fosterqbmaniac: sorry, Im not familiar with win xp, try google.00:29
redstar66how does one install a gnome theme?00:29
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, do you know what happened to the System > Administration > Shared Folders app?00:29
Deiseltonlol i need more help.. the partition program on the live cd doesnt give me any options..... anyone know how to reformat a harddrive from the terminal00:29
chris_fosterqbmaniac: or mabye someone else here is more expenieced with that area00:29
chris_fosterqbmaniac: sorry I cant help00:29
ActionParsnipFish-Face: no idea man00:29
dr_willisBidget,  fireing up  my laptop now. to see  :) tv is too far from this box for me to test.00:29
qbmaniacchris_foster, no worries00:30
qbmaniacI checked on goog already00:30
midnightRmblerDeiselton: download the system rescue CD00:30
Bidgetdr_willis, cool thanks man00:30
qbmaniacBut I might just ask on the forums00:30
ActionParsnipFish-Face: i always just edit /etc/samba/smb.conf00:30
Bob123123total noob needing help with ubuntu install00:30
Tritonioi have installed ubuntu on an external HD. Currently I can movbe to to other computers and everything works. If I install the NVIDIA drivers (proprietary) will my installation work on computers with different cards?00:30
redstar66How do you install a freakin theme for gnome?00:30
ActionParsnipDeiselton: mk2fs00:30
Bidgetdr_willis, I have a crt monitor as well so maybe when you read crt-0 you were thinking it was the tv? I have my monitor at 1600x1200 and the tv at 640x480 maybe you were thinking one was the other or something00:30
dr_willisBidget,  normally it takes me all of like 2 mn to get the tv out + nvidia stuff going. Biut i dont recall  trying it on this  nesw laptop yet.00:30
ActionParsnip!theme | redstar6600:30
ubotturedstar66: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:30
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, hmm00:31
Bidgetdr_willis, ok. do I maybe not have a clone mode because I have an older nvidia driver? Im still on 169.12 and I think theyre up to 173.something now00:31
redstar66Ive downloaded 5 themese and it always says "invalid theme"00:31
dr_willisBidget,  it may be trying one wide mode with both combined. You want a wide desktop? or a cloned one? or a seperate X display on the tv?00:31
XeKtRuManyone knows how to make a custom hotkey to write a special char?00:31
dr_willisBidget,  ive been using clone mode for years with nvidia cards.00:31
DEViUSActionParsnip: i dont find a display section in my xorg file neither the one you posted to me00:31
ActionParsnipredstar66: you just double click it and it installs usually00:31
Bidgetdr_willis, well I want the tv to be a seperate display00:31
ActionParsnipDEViUS: can i see your xorg.conf please00:31
Deiseltonsays its not a command00:32
chris_fosterhi, i installed lm sensors, and it always displays my cpu and case heat at 25C, I know something is wrong. Is that what lmsensors displays when it cant find those sensors?00:32
ActionParsnipDeiselton: what file system do you want to format it?00:32
redstar66theyre all zip files00:32
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah Ive been using my tv out for a long time but I just cant get it to work with ubuntu not sure why its giving me this error00:32
Bob123123I have a spare machine that I want to test Ubuntu on.  I d/l the installer and mounted it with daemon.  When I try to install, I get a error when it tries to d/l part of the install.  The image was like 700m.  What more does it need to d/l?00:32
redstar66is there a specific extension for a theme file?00:32
ActionParsnipredstar66: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-22040.html00:33
juanhow to i change the keyboard for ttys?00:33
luminerdredstar66: I'm going through the same crap.  Apperantly the linux design community is horribly inconsistent and there are no standards :(00:33
ActionParsnipluminerd: linux is built on standards00:33
DeiseltonAction: i guees ext300:33
luminerdredstar66: but I've found most GTK2 themes, just drop the tar.gz file into the theme00:33
Deiseltonor what ever ubuntu needs00:33
luminerdActionParsnip: Sorry, but Linux is as un-standard as it gets.00:34
dr_willisBidget,  all i did just to get it going on my laptop and its svideo out was run the nvidia-settings tool (as root) it saw the tv as a 2nd monitor. I enabled it with 'twinview' and hit apply, and now the tv is showing part of the desktop00:34
jribredstar66: not really.  They are just tar.gz usually00:34
jribjuan: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data00:34
luminerdIt has its strong points, standards are not among them00:34
juan*keyboard layout00:34
Bidgetdr_willis, well yeah thats how it should work00:34
redstar66ok im gonna try one00:34
Bidgetdr_willis, I do the same thing but when I hit apply I get the error00:34
ActionParsnipredstar66: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-428189.html00:34
Bob123123any help with Unbutu install?00:35
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, but what could be preventing windows from even locating this machine, when it can browse others fine?00:35
ActionParsnipluminerd: they use standard stuff and publish how they do everything, unlike microsoft who hide everything00:35
dr_willisBidget,  my tv monitor is set to 1024x768 i notice00:35
DEViUSActionParsnip: xorg details      http://pastebin.com/d3a0f98700:35
ActionParsnipFish-Face: can it ping the system?00:35
Bidgetdr_willis, it can tell that the tv is hooked up but when I go into the nvidia x server settings to enable it and click apply I get this error http://pastebin.com/m1b5a17f500:35
chris_fosterhi, i installed lm sensors, and it always displays my cpu and case heat at 25C, I know something is wrong. Is that what lmsensors displays when it cant find those sensors?00:35
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah I dont think that should really matter I will try that though and see if it makes a difference00:35
NewHandFromCNhi . i want to install ubuntu using grub ,without a cd driver . i find a directory in my ubuntu iso  call "casper" . is it contains the vmlinuz and initrd files to boot up ?00:35
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, only by IP00:35
Bidgetdr_willis, nah doesnt work same error00:35
luminerdActionParsnip: I'm not disputing its openness.  But there are a billion different ways to theme things, and within those it's very very hard to find good submissions, most of the stuff out there for linux is total unrefined crap.  It all makes it very confusing and hard on the end user00:36
Bidgetdr_willis, well a little bit different of an error I guess because Im setting the tv resolution differently00:36
Tritonioi have installed ubuntu on an external HD. Currently I can movbe to to other computers and everything works. If I install the NVIDIA drivers (proprietary) will my installation work on computers with different cards? (or: can ubuntu detect a change in the graphics adapter after installing nvidia closed source drivers?)00:36
sufsFish-Face, Still there? Got it to work, kinda00:36
Fish-Facesufs, good good00:36
redstar66ok I think I got it now00:36
redstar66thanks :)00:36
Fish-FaceActionParsnip, if I try by hostname it's unfindable00:36
ActionParsnipDEViUS: add it under line 41 in pastebin00:36
moorhi all. is there a good howto (that really helps) with getting X to run with proprietary nvidia drivers? no matter what tool i use (envyng-gtk, nvidia-xconfig, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg) i keep getting a not working xorg.conf. what is the correct way to do it?00:37
moor(btw: i am trying ubuntu with a live cd)00:37
sufsFish-Face, the old xorg.conf is fully up and running, but some of my configs in other programs are not. How do i start the gnome panel from the console?00:37
redstar66Tritonio : You have to log in under the recovery mode and do dpkg-reconfigure x-org00:37
DeiseltonActionParsnip: i am trying to format it to ext3 or what ever ubuntu needs00:37
DEViUSActionParsnip: what should i add under line 4100:37
redstar66(or something like that)00:37
Fish-Facesufs, you can't, not easily. I assume you mean, though, that you want to start all of GNOME?00:37
Dr_Willi1my xorg.conf with working tv out for my laptop --> http://pastebin.com/f285813d600:37
redstar66it reconfigures teh x-server00:37
Fish-Faceer oops00:38
redstar66you want to "reconfigure the x-server manually"00:38
moorredstar66, and doesn't work00:38
dr_willisBidget,  that http://pastebin.com/f285813d6  is my laptops xorg.conf  for a example to try00:38
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Tritonioredstar66: thank you very much. so actually i cannot install the drivers and use them "on demand". ok.00:38
StargazerWhen will ubuntu 8.x intrepid ibex be released ?00:38
redstar66no you have to reconfigure x if you have a different card or even a monitor00:39
Bidgetdr_willis, ok well I am still a bit of a beginner haha... should I just copy the part of your xorg thats for the tv and then paste it into mine maybe?00:39
redstar66*different monitor00:39
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:39
jimisrvrox_hey guys Ive having issues trying to get my wifes wireless nic card to work on ubuntu I was using an old version and supposedly it was supposed to work right out of the box on 8.04 but to no avail...wmp54g..im guessing that i'll have to use ndiswrapper...00:39
kitcheStargazer: next month sometime00:39
ActionParsnipDEViUS: add these lines00:39
ActionParsnipDEViUS:  http://pastebin.com/m275847900:39
redstar66jimisrvrox : theres a really good write-up on ndiswrapper...just google it00:39
ActionParsnipStargazer: 30th Oct00:39
souldubhello,i have ubuntu running on my system and ati 2600 xt graphic card,i cant join my visual effects and i dont know hot install the driver from ati page,pls can anyone help me?00:39
juanjrib: dpkg-reconfigure is telling me console-data is not installed00:40
juanStargazer: when its ready ~end of october00:40
redstar66souldub : use the Restricted Drivers Manager in the System settings00:40
StargazerActionParsnip, is there a countdown thing for this release ?00:40
jribjuan: so install it?00:40
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Fish-FaceActionParsnip, haha got it. Wrong workgroup name00:40
Fish-Faceer... oh00:40
shocmAnyone know the name of the distro that is 100% GPL? No closed source in it at all00:41
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Fish-Faceso it doesn't automatically share subfolders of a shared directory...?!00:41
DEViUSActionParsnip: done00:41
IntangibleLiquidI tried to install Virtualbox but received the following errors: The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:41
IntangibleLiquid  virtualbox-ose-modules-generic: Depends: virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-20-generic but it is not going to be installed00:41
IntangibleLiquidE: Broken packages00:41
jribjuan: maybe it was console-setup, try both00:41
ActionParsnipDeiselton: mkfs.ext3 -j /dev/<partition name>00:41
jimisrvrox_well redstar do you figure im going to have to use ndiswrapper? Ive had others saying that it wouldnt be necessary00:41
DEViUSActionParsnip: what about the screen section00:41
kitcheshocm: umm gNewSense but it's more of a topic for -offtopic00:41
jribIntangibleLiquid: uname -r00:41
ActionParsnipDEViUS: read this00:41
ActionParsnipDEViUS: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/9540046/xorg.conf00:41
shocmkitche: Sorry you are right, I was actually in the wrong window when I typed. I apologize00:41
hotmonkeyluvcan I download the package sources with synaptic and not install them?00:42
IntangibleLiquidjrib: it's 2.6.24-19-generic00:42
ActionParsnipDEViUS: add the parts in Section "Monitor " and "Screen" that you dont have00:42
danbh_intrepidshocm: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/gobuntu00:42
DEViUSActionParsnip: ok00:42
sufsFish-Face, everything will be fixed with some work. used apt-get purge to remove old config files. Thanks again!00:42
Bidgetdr_willis, which part of the xorg is for configuring the tv??00:42
thorif im using 8.04 can i set Thunar as my default file manager instead of nautilus? If so are there any risk/complications that can come from doing it?00:43
jribIntangibleLiquid: well first, you are going to want to install all the present updates and reboot.  But pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:43
Fish-Facesufs, no problem, glad I could help!00:43
ActionParsnipthor: you can use any file manager you want00:43
thorActionParsnip: but can it be set as the default?00:44
Bidgetdr_willis, I see that your monitor0 is set to twinview at 1280x800 but which one is the tv?00:44
moorhi all. is there _any_ way to get hardware accelerated 3d working with the proprietary nvidia drivers?00:44
henriklWhat tool would prove best to get a video file's duration?00:44
ActionParsnipthor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10062400:45
aroonihow do i get an ip address a machine?00:45
NateDawg9847Hello everyone00:45
IntangibleLiquidjrib: it's here http://pastebin.com/d4e5e43d000:45
thorActionParsnip: thx00:45
danbh_intrepidarooni ifconfig00:45
Fat'Evening folks...I have a small problem I'd really appreciate help with.  I want to rename a heap-o-files with the present00:45
jribIntangibleLiquid: there's probably a bug open about this.  virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-20-generic is in the repos, but linux-image-2.6.24-20-generic doesn't exist.  At least not from where I am standing00:46
DEViUSActionParsnip: what about the sections under the serverLayout    the parts "screen and input identifier"00:46
Bidgetcan anyone tell me what this error means? http://pastebin.com/m1b5a17f5 I am getting it when I try to enable my tv as a second display using twinview00:46
NateDawg9847Sorry if this has been asked before ( im new)  How do I install the creative sound card drivers on Ubuntu???00:46
ActionParsnipyou dont need to change those as thats all handled above00:46
IntangibleLiquidjrib: is there anything i can do about it? or should i switch to vmware?00:46
WDCHow can I find out the public IP of Ubuntu Server in CLI?00:46
ActionParsnipDEViUS: i can check what you have if you want00:46
WDCI'm behind a router, so ifconfig won't do it00:46
Deiseltonarg.. i went through and made sure the drive was unmounted but it still says it is in use by the system.... anyone know how to fix thiss00:46
ActionParsnipDeiselton: sup00:47
DEViUSActionParsnip: this is the latest changes     http://pastebin.com/d585a947700:47
jribIntangibleLiquid: why?  It should work anyway00:47
ActionParsnipWDC: then your public ip is the wan ip of your router00:47
IntangibleLiquidjrib: how?00:47
WDCActionParsnip: hmm00:47
ActionParsnipWDC: www.ipchicken.com00:47
DeiseltonActionParsnip: it keeps saying the device is in use by the system and wont let me format it00:47
jribIntangibleLiquid: just install virtualbox-ose-modules-$(uname -r)00:48
ActionParsnipDEViUS: looks fine, save, reboot00:48
WDCActionParsnip: Go to and see if you can see a XAMPP start page, if you don't mind please00:48
kitcheWDC: well if you really wanted to install curl and do curl -S whatismyip.org00:48
DEViUSActionParsnip: ok00:48
WDCkitche: apt-get install curl?00:49
playerwhat is curl?00:49
kitcheWDC: yes there is other ways to do it but I like using curl00:49
Bidgetcan anyone tell me what this error means? http://pastebin.com/m1b5a17f5 I am getting it when I try to enable my tv as a second display00:49
ActionParsnipWDC: It works!00:49
WDCkitche: I have used it before. Didn't know whatismyip did it00:49
WDCActionParsnip: WOOT! Thanks00:49
ActionParsnipWDC: np00:49
kitcheplayer: like wget00:50
kitcheplayer: but much more powerful00:50
WDCActionParsnip: I started today trying to get Debian to work, but it didn't like my NIC so I went over to buntu server00:50
ActionParsnipplayer: theres gwget if you want a gui00:50
FatO.K. Starting over...  I wish to rename a heop-o-files with the existing filename structure of {A}{Space}{Hyphen}{Space}{B}.{Ext}.  I would like to end up with {B} {Space}{Hyphen}{Space}{A}.{Ext}  I could possible remove the .{Ext} from the originals before renaming and then re-add after if this would make the procedure easier.  The content represented by {A} and {B} is alpha numeric pluse additi0onal characters invluding00:51
Fat spaces.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.00:51
playerActionParsnip: why do I need one?00:51
ActionParsnipWDC: they are very similar, if it works then great00:51
WDCActionParsnip: I wanted Deb because it has SO MUCH less than Ubuntu does, and I just want somehting simple00:51
Adman65what is the best wireless security mode?00:51
ActionParsnipplayer: just throwing in that you can get a gui if you dont wanna use cli00:51
jribFat: use rename, see 'man rename'.  Feel free to poke if you are stuck00:51
playerActionParsnip: but what is cli?00:52
ActionParsnipAdman65: wpa2 is strong but has a lot of overhead, wep is weaker but is lighter00:52
ActionParsnip!cli | player00:52
ubottuplayer: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:52
WDCplayer: Command Line interface00:52
luminerdIs there an easy way to clone a computer?00:52
dr_willisWDC,  there is the 'jeos' ubuntu variant. thats a very minimal ubuntu. :)00:52
luminerdI don't really understand the whole package thing00:52
ActionParsnipluminerd: dd is good00:52
Bidgetcan anyone tell me what this error means? http://pastebin.com/m1b5a17f5 I am getting it when I try to enable my tv as a second display00:52
WDCdr_willis: hmm00:52
kitcheluminerd: yes several depends on what you want to use00:52
* WDC checks jeOS out00:52
dr_willisWDC,  depends on your needs also.00:53
kitcheluminerd: dd, partimage,00:53
playerwhy would someone use a cli to get files? aren't they all on repositories?00:53
WDCplayer: I guess your a windows convert00:53
ActionParsnipluminerd: when you use apt-get / synaptic etc you install packages00:53
dr_willisplayer,  err.. why is the fact they are on repos.. related to getting files via cli?00:53
FatThanks, will have a look...00:53
DEViUSDEViUS "im done"00:53
souldubcan anyone tell me why i cant see the visual effects?i have an ati 2600 chip00:54
DEViUSActionParsnip: Im done00:54
dr_willisplayer,  the repos are normally just ftp/http servers   so you can easially grab files from them with normal ftp/tools00:54
playersorry, I was asking about wget not cli :D00:54
ActionParsnipluminerd: packages depend on other packages to run00:54
DeiseltonAnyone know why i cant format a partition cause the computer thinks its mounted but when u run the umount command it says mtab says it isnt00:54
ActionParsnipDEViUS: hows it looking?00:54
_Carrie_is it possible to test a 56k modem when you have no live phone lines in your house? lol I know there's a way of doing such a thing in windows (can't remember what it was called). Just curious if it's possible in ubuntu?00:54
dr_willisplayer,  i often use wget to grab a bunch of files at one time. :)  but it depends on what i am doing.00:54
DEViUSActionParsnip: same as before00:54
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Bidgetcan someone please look at this error for me I am trying to get my tv-out working!!!! http://pastebin.com/m1b5a17f500:54
luminerdActionParsnip: I understand that part of it but not as it pertains to a clone00:54
playerwget is an ftp tool?00:54
ActionParsnipDEViUS: go to display settings now and you should be able to set your resolution00:55
dr_williswget can grab files from ftp servers player . Yes..00:55
WDCActionParsnip: Can you do me a favor? See if DynDNS did it's job please. http://ender2.ath.cx00:55
lacita_workinganyone feel like helping me find the correct wireless/sound driver to a Lenovo 3000 y410?00:55
DEViUSActionParsnip: done since before00:55
souldubno one?00:55
playerdr_williis: in wich cases do we grab many files?00:55
DEViUSActionParsnip: am i using the open source driver like this00:56
vengerdr_willis, you could use minicom and set that it responds to AT commands00:56
souldubi have to install the drivers or what?00:56
fiyawerxAnyone know how long before a package like xchat gets updated in the repos? 2.8.6 was released in June00:56
ActionParsnipWDC: PING ender2.ath.cx ( 56(84) bytes of data.00:56
Bidgetsouldub, your graphics drivers probably aren't installed properly or they arent installed... dont bother asking me though Im a beginner00:56
fiyawerxand adds a nice feature or two00:56
WDCActionParsnip: Woot! thansk00:56
ActionParsnipWDC: you may wanna tell your router to not reply to ping00:56
souldubok and what i have to do?00:56
Bidgetsouldub, I used a program called envyng to install my drivers I think it works for both nvidia and ati00:56
DEViUSActionParsnip: if there is a non-oss from intel could it be better00:56
henriklHow do I get _only_ duration out of mediainfo?00:56
WDCActionParsnip: Cheap Linksys, can it do that?00:56
ActionParsnipDEViUS: worth a try00:56
souldubok i will check it bidget thanks00:57
NateDawg9847how do i install sound drivers?00:57
ActionParsnipWDC: have a look see00:57
Bidgetsouldub, np00:57
Bidgetcan someone please look at this error for me I am trying to get my tv-out working!!!! http://pastebin.com/m1b5a17f500:57
dr_willisBidget,  some times envyng works.. :) most of the time..  but i dident need it for my 8800gtsxxx00:57
DEViUSActionParsnip: what about my chipset and proccessor, do they demand drivers00:57
Bidgetdr_willis, well its the easiest way to do it as far as I know haha00:57
kitchehenrikl: that question is a bit more then what this channel is really00:57
dr_willisBidget,  did ya try my xorg.conf  yet?00:57
_Carrie_is it possible to test a 56k modem when you have no live phone lines in your house? I know there's a way of doing such a thing in windows (can't remember what it was called). Just curious if it's possible in ubuntu?00:57
playerHow do I close a port?00:57
Bidgetdr_willis, which part of the xorg do I put into mine??00:57
dr_willisBidget,  i just use the restricted-manager icon thats on the  top/right of the normal setup.00:57
Bidgetdr_willis, I can see in it where your monitor is but which part of it is the tv?00:57
henriklkitche: Yeah, I know – just thought that if anyone knew. :--)00:57
dr_willisBidget,  i would backup your xorg.conf and copy mine to xorg.conf and restartX and see what happens00:58
ActionParsnipDEViUS: they are intel based so the kernel will jandle them00:58
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah for me the restricted drivers manager didnt detect that I had a video card, not sure why00:58
playeris there a cli way to close a port wich is already open and connected?00:58
DEViUSActionParsnip: ok00:58
Bidgetdr_willis, ok where is my xorg stored?00:58
DEViUSActionParsnip: so what next?00:58
dr_willisBidget,  some variants of the nvidia cards get seen/detected wrongly00:58
ActionParsnipDEViUS: try changing the display driver to i810 instead of intel00:58
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah I had a huge issue with getting mine working under 7.10, then I got to 8.04 and the problems started all over again00:58
FatJust checked "man rename" With that it appears I can strip the extension but I am still left with {A} {Space} {Hyphen} {Space} {B}.  This is the part where I need help, interchanging {A} and {B} while leaving the {Space} {Hyphen} {Space} intact..00:58
DEViUSActionParsnip: how00:58
blindravenin /etc/X11/00:58
dr_willisBidget,  xorg.conf is in /etc/X1100:59
Bidgetdr_willis, gotcha00:59
ActionParsnipDEViUS: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-driver-i81000:59
jribFat: rename -n 's/(.*) - (.*)\.(.*)/$2 - $1.$3/' *                 remove the -n if you are satisfied with what it says it will do00:59
Bidgetdr_willis, so I just copy yours over mine and then rename mine to something in case it screws up?00:59
Guest98977i need help installin ubuntu00:59
dr_willisBidget,  BACKUP yours first.. :)00:59
jribFat: I put extensions in there00:59
Guest98977can any1 help plezzz00:59
ActionParsnipDEViUS: then gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:59
Bidgetdr_willis, right right :D00:59
Deiseltonis ubuntu nortoriously buggy on the install?... cuse this is getting bad it is goign slow as hell and it keeps crashing on me.... so im am stuck without an OS01:00
_Carrie_is it possible to test a 56k modem when you have no live phone lines in your house? I know there's a way of doing such a thing in windows (can't remember what it was called). Just curious if it's possible in ubuntu? it's like the 10th time I've asked in here.. should I go elsewhere for this?01:00
DEViUSActionParsnip: seems to be installed01:00
Deiseltoni am about ready to try solaris01:00
ActionParsnipDEViUS: thats fine, just making sure01:00
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DEViUSActionParsnip: ok, after .......01:00
RezagratsI need a command to create a file so that when i upgrade i can easily reinstall all my programs. any ideas ?01:00
WDCWhat's tha apt uninstall command? I keep forgetting the basics!01:01
FishsceneCarrie, to be honest, I'm not aware of a test that can function without a way to connect.01:01
dr_willisDeiselton,  ive never had much issues with ubuntu and the isntall.. ive had issues with some cd/dvd/disks at times.. but Now a days i use that 'netbootin' tool to make bootab/install usb thumbdrives. :)01:01
Fishsceneapt-get remove01:01
jrib!apt > WDC01:01
ubottuWDC, please see my private message01:01
kitche_Carrie_: yes there is a way considering that you can't dial out since you don't have live wires you just try connecting really01:01
ActionParsnip_Carrie_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto01:01
ActionParsnipDEViUS: edit the display driver to i81001:01
Bidgetdr_willis, what command do I use to restart X?01:01
ActionParsnipDEViUS: instead of intel01:01
_Carrie_ActionParsnip, that link which gets thrown on me every time I ask is of no help for what I'm asking.01:01
dr_willisBidget,  you could hit alt-ctrl-backspace01:01
jribRezagrats: upgrading shouldn't remove your programs01:01
ActionParsnip_Carrie_: ok ill find an alternative01:02
dr_willisBidget,  or logout to the gdm screen then restart the gdm service from the console/alt-ctrl-backspace01:02
Bidgetdr_willis, alright cross your fingers haha01:02
_Carrie_kitche, there's a terminal program in windows that will allow you to test a modem with no line attached01:02
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dr_willisBidget,  or kill the gdm service and use 'startx' to see what errors X gives..01:02
kitche_Carrie_: yes all it does it tries to connect01:02
DEViUSActionParsnip: plz be more specific "which section under what field" im still a learner sorry01:02
dr_willis_Carrie_,  i have to wonder what kind of test its really doing...01:02
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_Carrie_kitche, ok, so go to like I'm going to connect and listen if the modem picks up and tries to get a dial-tone?01:03
lacita_workinganyone feel like helping me find the correct wireless/sound driver to a Lenovo 3000 y410?01:03
DEViUSActionParsnip: plz be more specific "which section under what field" im still a learner sorry01:04
ActionParsnipDEViUS: pastebin the xorg.conf please01:04
FatThanks, I'm going to write this down and go play in the sand for a while.  Will probably not be back tonight but will try to get on tomorrow and let you know if it worked out.  Thanks again.  Later01:04
DEViUSActionParsnip: ok01:04
jrib!who | Fat01:04
ubottuFat: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:04
DEViUSActionParsnip: here it is       http://pastebin.com/d18f094e501:04
the_real_player1preety please...how do you identify wich program is using a specific port using the cli?01:04
BidgetIT WORKS01:05
Bidgetdr_willis, small problem though01:05
FloodBot1Bidget: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
kitchethe_real_player1: netstat is the program you use01:05
ActionParsnipDEViUS: line 4401:05
the_real_player1kitche: with wich options?01:05
Bidgetdr_willis, the tv works as a display but for some reason instead of the tv being a seperate display it makes the display stretch across both the tv and the monitor01:06
ActionParsnipDEViUS: that line defines the driver for the display, read it and lok at the context01:06
cok_yasa_kamilhi, when i press CRTL+ALT+F2 going to terminal, how can i back to window screen? (sorry bad eng)01:06
DEViUSActionParsnip: i've changed it    i81001:06
LjLcok_yasa_kamil: ctrl+alt+f701:06
ActionParsnipDEViUS: with quotes?01:06
roukouncok_yasa_kamil: ctrl+alt+f701:06
Bidgetdr_willis, basically I want my tv to be able to be set to a different resolution but instead of having a tv at 640x480 and a monitor at 1600x1200 it gives me a big display thats like 2240x120001:06
DEViUSActionParsnip: yes01:07
^paradox^ok im still in need of some help trying to share a printer over a network. the other guy that was helping me had to leave, but i have the complete conversation > http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html . if someone could pm me and take a little time to help me finish up id appreciate it :-)01:07
ActionParsnipDEViUS: ok save, exit, reboot01:07
cok_yasa_kamilthanks :) your help!01:07
DEViUSActionParsnip: ok01:07
kitchethe_real_player1: you could use lsof as well but I don't use lsof but lsof is the recommended program for what you want01:08
Bidgetdr_willis, do I want to set it to a seperate x screen or something? is twinview not what I should be using or something?01:08
ActionParsnip_Carrie_: sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf do anything special?01:08
kitchethe_real_player1: since netstat is not what you want really01:08
_Carrie_ActionParsnip, thanks :) http://pastebin.com/m67a785a501:09
the_real_player1kitche: the netstat -v is kind of nice :-)01:10
kitchethe_real_player1: I don't use lsof so I can't give you the exact syntax01:10
kitchethe_real_player1: here I don't have a -v option for netstat so I don't know about it01:10
_Carrie_ActionParsnip, anyway to determine what speed it's going to use when a connection occurs? I have the 'free' version of the drivers and they said it will only run @ 14kbps but I didn't get any messages about it limiting so I'm unsure.01:10
the_real_player1kitche: you dont have 'verbose'? why?01:11
nosbigWhat is the default timeout of the password cache in sudo?01:11
LjLnosbig: i believe 15 minutes01:11
mnyes 15 min01:11
ActionParsnipDEViUS: any good?01:12
kitchethe_real_player1: it's not in the BSD version01:12
DEViUSActionParsnip: things got worse and worse then worse   i got startup errors, low graphics mode errors and crazy looking screens at startup01:12
mnHello, can anyone here tell me how long a Yahoo answers account suspension lasts?01:12
jribmn: that's not related to ubuntu at all01:12
taseusis xserver xgl different from gnome and ubuntu-server?01:12
Bidgetdr_willis any idea why its doing that01:13
ActionParsnipthen head into display settings and try to change the resolution01:13
mnjrib:  I accessing on a Ubuntu system ;)  No, I know that but idk where to ask01:13
jribmn: well, not here.  Try #ubuntu-offtopic maybe01:13
mnoh ok thnx01:13
behbekanyone recognize what's going wrong here and how to fix it?   http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/6572/screenshothx9.png01:13
behbekit's an Intel graphics render order glitch, it's messing with a lot of OpenGL programs01:14
Bidgetok guys I finally got my tv-out to work but instead of my tv and monitor being 2 seperate displays with the tv at 640x480 and the monitor at 1600x1200, it made one giant display thats 2240x1200... anyone know how to fix this??01:14
[Solars]erm need to figure out how to fix my grub01:15
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:15
smatzhey, can anybody help me with a problem i'm having with apache http server on my ubuntu machine?? probably an easy fix, but i'm new to ubuntu, so i'd appreciate any help01:15
^paradox^in need of hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. the guy who was helping me had to leave. our conversations here tho http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html01:15
[Solars]it points vmlinuz to the wrong spot and doesn't list the windows01:15
DEViUSActionParsnip: not with resolution but eyecandy and quality of reder01:15
DEViUSActionParsnip: ya even win98 looked better lool01:16
ActionParsnipwhat is a reder?01:16
DEViUSActionParsnip: sry render01:16
BidgetActionParsnip, I think he meant render maybe?01:16
ActionParsnipDEViUS: looks ok to me, but i use fluxbox so i cant really say01:16
DEViUSActionParsnip: ??01:17
BidgetI finally got my tv-out to work but instead of my tv and monitor being 2 seperate displays with the tv at 640x480 and the monitor at 1600x1200, it made one giant display thats 2240x1200... anyone know how to fix this??01:17
DEViUSActionParsnip: everything got worse01:17
DEViUSActionParsnip: i should admit it was better01:17
LeeJunFanI've got a 250GB hd, the bios apparently doesn't support ATA-6 and it sees only 137GB, I was under the impression that the bios wasn't used to access the drive after boot, so why am I having problems accessing this drive fully when booting from my old drive via usb? /dev/sda isn't readable currently although it's partitioned already.01:17
ActionParsnipDEViUS: http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj93/andrew_woodhead666/?action=view&current=MyScreenshot.png01:17
dr_willisBidget,  thats sort of what you told it to do. :)   I drag the video player over to the tv and make it 'fullscreen' to take up just the tv.01:17
Freakin_Busyanyone know of a really good CAD app?01:18
smatzcan anybody help me out with an apache problem?01:18
ActionParsnip!cad | Freakin_Busy01:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cad01:18
jribsmatz: best to just ask the channel your question01:18
Bidgetdr_willis, no but I told it to set my tv to 640x480 and my monitor to 1600x1200 not make a desktop thats 2240x1200 and then just cut off the part that the tv is too small to display....01:18
dr_willisFreakin_Busy,  depends a lot on your Cad Needs. I use Qcad for my minimal needs.01:18
smatzgotcha thanks :)01:18
ActionParsnipi gotta split kids01:18
Freakin_Busyfor schematics?01:18
ActionParsnipwork tomorrow01:18
Freakin_Busyblocks and groups?01:18
ActionParsnipDEViUS: keep websearching for how to get your vga working01:19
dr_willisBidget,  its 'joining the two together'  There will be a 'deadzone. below the tv display - thats an issue with  different size displays.01:19
NinesvnsicksHi i'm having a weird problem I'm running World of warcraft in cedega and it runs fine when I have compiz on but when i switch to metacity to save on graphics it doesn't run01:19
the_real_player1kitche: I just tried netstat -p and it gives the PID and also the program name, I hope tomorrow I can use it on my server to try to solve the problem by killing the PID's of the strange inside-->out connections... but last time I checked, they didnt appear on netstat, wich is strange01:19
DEViUSActionParsnip: you ruined it and now you are setting me off?01:19
Bidgetdr_willis, that seems like a pretty major flaw lol01:19
DEViUSActionParsnip: you start something we finish it01:19
dr_willisBidget,  if you dont want to be able to 'drag' windows and stuff over to the tv. You could make a seperate X session there.01:19
Bidgetdr_willis, hm... what would that do?01:20
the_real_player1they only appeard on the firewall gui01:20
dr_willisBidget,  thats how its always worked.. even under windows for me.   Come up with a 'fix or logical way to get around the core issue' :)01:20
dr_willisBidget,  what do you want to do with the tv out? I just drag a media player to it.. and maxamize it to watch movies on the tv.01:20
DrXmount -t cifs //yourhost/yourshare /mnt/somewhere asks for a password, i didn't set a password when creating the share, what's the password?01:20
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah thats what I do under windows and it has no problem I just select dualview and you can have 2 displays with different refresh rates and resolutions there is no dead space at all01:21
the_real_player1what is cifs?01:21
Bidgetdr_willis, if I fullscreen a video now it will take up my monitor as well as the tv but like 3/4 of the picture is cut off on the tv because of the big dead spot under it....01:21
smatzwell i'm very new to ubuntu, and i tried installing apache today.  the installation went smoothly (with $ sudo apt-get install apache2), but when i go in to edit the stuff in my webroot (/var/www), it tells me i don't have permissions :\ and even when i try to go to http://localhost, it returns a 403 error :\ :\01:22
dr_willisBidget,  i have dead space under windows..  it may be you just dont notice it.  Let me check the player on the laptop.. if twinview is enabled correctly it should jsut max to the tv and thats it.01:22
behbekanyone recognize what's going wrong here and how to fix it?   http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/6572/screenshothx9.png01:22
DrXi'm trying to create a share in Nautilus and it says "'net usershare returned error 255" usershares are currently disabled01:22
Bidgetdr_willis, I definitely do not... I would notice it lol01:22
roukoun smatz: you dont have the permissions to edit anything under / except your home folder01:23
the_real_player1lol behbek01:24
smatzso if i go into the config file, can i just change where apache is serving things from?01:24
roukounsmatz: if you want to get privilleges to edit you have to launch nautilus as the superuser(root) so give the command sudo nautilus and try again....01:24
dr_willisBidget,  i would say you are not noticeing it because of how windows is handling the virtual screens the deadzone does exist..  but on the linxu thing.. I DO recall that after using nvidia-settings, that  just clicking 'apply' makes the changes.. but  Not all apps work properly. Untill you restart X.01:24
=== arooni________a is now known as arooni
Bidgetdr_willis, its not that Im not noticing it, its just that its not there, load up windows and select dualview and oyu will see exactly what Im talking about, windows has 2 different options, there is horizontal span (which does what ubuntu is doing right now) and there is dualview which sets up 2 displays seperately01:25
Fatjrib:  Back already...  I typed in    rename 'jb/Desktop/123./(.*) - (.*) \.(.*)/$2 - $1.$3/' *   and following resulted   Backslash found where operator expected at (eval 1) line 1, near "*) \"   (Missing operator before  \?)   syntax error at (eval 1) line 1, near "(."   Any thoughts?01:25
behbekseriously though, it's an intel graphics rendering problem, I can't figure out what's causing it01:25
jribFat: why is there a path in the quotes?01:25
behbekit gets the ordering wrong on openGL windows01:26
regeyaoh hehehe you have forward slashes that aren't escaped!01:26
roukounsmatz: you can do it from the terminal as well using your favorite text editor (e.g vi, vim, nano, gedit, etc).... if you prefer it just give the command 'sudo nano /the/path/of/the/file' ctrl+s to save and ctrl+x to exit01:26
=== eric is now known as Guest67694
jribFat: you need to just 'cd' to where the files are and keep the stuff inside the quotes how it was (with the s/blah/bleh/.  The 's' needs to be there)01:27
Fatjrib: Well, being a true noob, I figured it would have to know where the file were that it hand to act on!  (Alright, keep the snickering down!)01:27
ScuniziLooking for Voodoo, guidance, a guru of video setup. I installed Ubuntu on a friends machine and wammo! 800x600 that I can't change even with the FixVidRes guide. Here's a better explaination and a copy of my xorg for review and comment. http://paste.ubuntu.com/50672/  Any assistance would be appriciated.01:27
dr_willisBidget,  i restarted my x server, after runing the nvidia-settings tool. and now gmplayer is fullscreening properly to  the tv for me.01:27
regeyabeing a regexp idiot, I recognized nothing wrong with that blah01:27
jribFat: and use '-n' so that it won't actually do anything but just tell you what it would do01:27
Bidgetdr_willis, ok I'll try doing that... one sec01:27
dr_willisBidget,  dont forget to 'save the settings' :) after you run the nvidia-settings tool. I frogot and had to rerun it.01:28
dr_willisBidget,  the nvidia 'docs/readmes01:28
Fatjrib:  OK, here goes.....(Me thinks me follows what your up to!)01:29
Bidgetdr_willis, ehh I hit save to configuration and it gives me an error saying it cant replace my xorg.conf01:29
dr_willison the nvidia web site have more tweaks/settings/things you can do :) if you want to really have fine controll over it.01:29
dr_willisBidget,  you ahve to run the tool as root with sudo01:29
Bidgetdr_willis, whats the command to run the nvidia x server settings?01:29
Bidgetdr_willis, or am I totally on the wrong page here haha01:30
dr_willisnvidia-settings :) rember the command WITH the X in it is not a X gui... the one without the X is a x gui....01:30
dr_willistheres 'nvidia-settings' and nvidia-xconfig'01:30
rickyOKa question about the terminal command "wget". the default is to download the file to your home directory. how can i change the default, or tell it each time where the download is to go.01:30
ScunizirickyOK: man wget01:30
rickyOKi have reviewed the man and cannot find anything.....anyone know how?01:31
Bidgetok I think its saved now01:31
dr_williswget has a bazliiiiiion command line options. :)01:31
mbarakhi, i need help using gvfs-mount for a bug01:31
jribdr_willis: yeah, they had to invent the bazliiiiiiiion unit after the man page was finished :)01:31
ScunizirickyOK: here's the manual http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/manual/wget.html01:31
behbekIntel graphics rendering problem, any takers?  looks like this: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/6572/screenshothx9.png01:32
jribregeya: anyone know how what?01:32
rickyOKi have looked at "man wget" and used the -o command, but it make a log file: i just want the download to go to the folder i choose....any ideas?01:32
kitcherickyOK: did you try -C01:32
mbaraki need to mount /dev/sda1 onto a folder but i don't know how to do that with this program (gvs-mount) there is no man page. can someone help?01:32
ScunizirickyOK: check the link I gave you .. there's an index.01:32
regeyajrib: who did what to where?01:32
Bidgetdr_willis, nah didnt change anything01:32
jribregeya: -ENOCONTEXT for your question01:33
smatzokay, thanks for the help roukoun; that worked :) ...but i don't understand why i get a 403 error when i try to view them at http://localhost or from another computer?01:33
dr_willisBidget,   You did totally restart X? did a alt-ctrl-backspace at the gdm screen?01:33
jribrickyOK: checked out -P?01:33
ScuniziAnyone have a ProSavage video card working correctly?  I need assistance.01:33
regeyajrib: I had a question?01:33
Bidgetdr_willis, youuuu betcha haha01:33
dr_willisBidget,  or 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart'  :)01:33
=== tanim is now known as fannagoganna
jribrickyOK: ignore me :)01:33
TJ-42I have a .htaccess file with "deny from all" in it, but it seems to be ignored by my server -- Apache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu)  what would cause it to be ignored?01:33
jribhrmm, now this is going to be confusing.  regeya: YOU ignore me.  rickyOK: don't ignore me :)01:34
Bidgetdr_willis, but when I restarted x it went back to 1280x800 instead of 1600x1200 so its like it reset to the original xorg that you pastebinned01:34
dr_willisBidget,   i got it going here just fine.. odd..   I noticed that if i unplug the tv and restart X it even goes back to the normal single monitor desktop.01:34
regeyaROFL @ autocomplete01:34
rickyOKthe info at that link is basically the same thing you get when you look at the man pages......i have a hard time understanding them.01:34
dr_willisBidget,  perhaps you dident save it properly?01:34
* jrib considers typing more than one letter before hitting tab01:34
rickyOKthere are two output options, and i have tried both of them, to no avail.......01:34
Bidgetdr_willis, well I typed the command and it said that it saved the configuration and backed up the old one01:34
mbarakhi, i need help using gvfs-mount for a bug01:34
mbaraki need to mount /dev/sda1 onto a folder but i don't know how to do that with this program (gvs-mount) there is no man page. can someone help?01:34
kitcherickyOK: you want the -C switch01:34
Bidgetdr_willis, so... I dont get it lol01:34
jribrickyOK: I just gave you the switch.  See if -P is what you want01:34
kitcherickyOK: wget <file to get> -C <directory you want to use for the placement>01:35
dr_willisBidget,    this is when it pays to learn to manually exit/read/tweak the xorg.conf I guess so you can tell whats going on.01:35
jribkitche: that's for tar, no?01:35
Bidgetdr_willis, hm01:35
rickyOKwget -P URL: i will try it....01:35
Fatjrib:  Once again getting skewered by the finger of fate!  When I try   cd jb/Desktop/123   I get   bash: cd: jb/Desktop/123: No such file or directory  Now, that'a a lie 'cause I see it! Not only that I made it!  Again, any thoughts?01:35
* regeya has been more or less lost since the XFree->xorg switch :-}01:35
kitchejrib: think it's for wget as well been a while since I actually used wget though01:35
Bidgetdr_willis, so is there no way to get it set up like the way I have it in windows then?01:35
ScuniziFat if you'01:35
jribFat: just do: cd ~/Desktop/12301:36
rickyOKi will try some of this.....thanks01:36
roukounsmatz: you maybe have the apache service installed in a place that your browser cant detect... read this to get helped(http://www.devolio.com/blog/archives/221-How-to-install-Apache,-MySQL-and-PHP-LAMP-in-Ubuntu-7.10.html)01:36
ScuniziFat if you're going to do it like that then "cd /home/jb/Desktop/123"01:36
ScuniziFat or "cd ~/Desktop/12301:36
the_real_player1kitche: I think I know why netstat wont show some of the firestarter connections I saw: because I was using netstat without sudo01:36
dr_willisBidget,  its working fine for me here.. I havent used it under windows in ages.. plus im using Vista now.. so it may differ.01:36
kitchethe_real_player1: well that would help :)01:36
dr_willisBidget,  this is on my laptop however. :) it has a different video card then the 8800.01:36
Bidgetdr_willis, well its the same nvidia driver though01:36
Supermanis ubuntu desktop = gnome desktop or what? im kinda confused about the desktop thing01:36
regeyaback when you had to do nearly everything manually, I could deal with XFree.  Now that much of the process is automagical, however...:-P01:36
jribkitche: well it would be great if switches were consistent.  At least across gnu programs.  But I may ask for too much01:37
Fatjrib: Scunizi   Thanks, here we go again, stay tuned....01:37
dr_willisBidget,  if tv is plugged in. I get 2 displays, wide screen.  if its not i get a single monitor.01:37
Bidgetdr_willis, you should still have all of the display options like horizontal span vertical span clone or dualview01:37
silenihey guys01:37
dr_willisBidget,  ive noticed that different cards/chipsets can Vary Greately in little  quirks.01:37
sileniim trying to get flash to work and i get this ERROR: Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported by the01:37
sileni       Adobe Flash Player installer.01:37
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah I just cant stand that it makes it one big screen spanning over 2 displays I want 2 seperate screens =\01:37
dr_willisBidget,  i dont hav to change anything right now.01:37
sileniso i should just reinstall 32 bit version to get it to work?01:37
jribsileni: how are you trying to install it?01:37
silenii went to the website01:37
dr_willisBidget,  then you want to explore the  seperate X session Option. I never use that feature so cant help there.01:37
souldubany help for ati card,i cant see the visual effects01:38
ScuniziBidget: xinerama should fix that but don't ask me how to configure xorg for it.01:38
silenidownloaded the tar file extracted and ./flashplayerinstaller01:38
jribsileni: nah, just install the 'flashplugin-nonfree' package01:38
Bidgetdr_willis, I will give it a shot and see how it works... but just curious what exactly does it mean when it says seperate x session?01:38
silenisudo apt-get that woudl work ?01:38
=== pj is now known as p-boxintaor
BidgetScunizi, oh there is a way around it then??? WOOO!!!01:38
ryan_____How do you install XP via virtualbox from an ISO?01:38
Fatjrib:  Scunizi:  BINGO - we got the directory, now, onward...01:38
BidgetScunizi, awesome haha01:38
lordvladimiranybody seen user zirrush in here lately?01:38
dr_willisBidget,  for my video player i just drag it over, and fullsfreen it . and it takes up just the tv  's monitor. it dosent  go halfway,  some DUMB apps will still pop up in the middle of both displays.01:38
jribsileni: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree, yeah.  Or if you want something even easier, just visit http://badgerbadgerbadger.com in firefox and click on the yellow bar01:38
dr_willisBidget,  it runs 2 X servers/sessions  you could have 2 desktops , one on each monitor01:38
Bidgetdr_willis, yeah for me it cuts off the bar along the top, my icons are half disappeared cause they span over to the deadzone under the tv's display.. its a mess haha01:39
Bidgetdr_willis, hmm01:39
curtisanyone have a white ipod 20 gigs? and can you get it to work with ubuntu 8.04?01:39
dr_willisBidget,  It did that Untill i restarted the X server with the proper X config.01:39
Bidgetdr_willis, that actually sounds great... what would I have tod o to switch between them though..?01:39
silenijrib: 113 mb of space needed to make flash work?01:39
silenidoes that sound right?01:39
Bidgetdr_willis, well I will do some tweaking and see if I can get it to work01:39
behbekIntel graphics rendering problem, any takers?  looks like this: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/6572/screenshothx9.png01:39
the_alamoa weird issue just started for me... i run compiz with a gtk theme but for some reason the window border has stopped loading at start-up.  i can load it after by changing to emerald then changing back01:39
Bidgetdr_willis, but anyway I have to go, I will probably be back though haha01:40
jribsileni: no idea.  It needs to install nspluginwrapper and stuff it depends on01:40
Bidgetdr_willis, thanks for the help man01:40
dr_willisBidget,  i would go to xorg.conf and make a xorg backup dir.. move all the xorg.confs there.. and rerun the config tool.. save it again.. and  copy the saved one to xorg.conf.twinview  and restart X. if it does auto change to the old config.. well  compare the new with the old.01:40
the_real_player1what is the logic behind grep?01:40
silenijrib: ok thank you for the quick answer man appreciate it01:40
dr_willisthe_real_player1,  Huh?01:40
jribthe_real_player1: when you need to find something, you use grep.  Can you be a little more specific about what you mean?01:40
linxuz3rsup man01:41
jribsileni: no problem01:41
linxuz3rhey jrib01:41
MrDudlehow do i completely whipe my computer of any os?01:41
linxuz3rwhat does my on join ip say01:41
linxuz3rplease tell01:41
the_real_player1i what to find which port on services files corresponds to my currently open ports using grep01:42
rickyOKi tried that -C command and got an error message....sorry....but the -P command is now downloading and i will wait til the download completes to see if it is in the directory i wanted.....01:42
dr_willisMrDudle,  use the fdisk tools and delee all partitions is one way01:42
jribMrDudle: load a live cd and delete all the partitions01:42
dr_willisMrDudle,  just saying somes name.. dosent really do much good. :)01:42
pramzhas anyone experienced issues with gdmsetup lately ?01:43
MrDudledr_willis, i know i was going to say something more but my dad distracted me :(01:43
MrDudleanywho...how if i use the fdisk i can delete everything so i basically have an empty computer?01:43
curtisanyone know how to fix the white ipod when it tells you to go to apples website?01:43
J-_anyone know of a password generator?01:44
the_real_player1how do I use grep? lets say, I want to print on the screen the line wich contains 2228 in a certain file01:44
Fatjrib:  Scunizi:  Here's what went in,   jb@jb-desktop:~/Desktop/123$ rename -n 's./(.*) - (.*)\.(.*)/$2 - $1.$3/' *   And here's what came out   Unmatched ( in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m//( <-- HERE / at (eval 1) line 1.  I get the feeling we're getting closer....but there again....01:44
dr_willisMrDudle,  learn to use one of the many disk partitioning tools.. and delete every partition.. = totally empty hard drives = no OS.01:44
MrDudledr_willis, i can't find fdisk01:44
jribthe_real_player1: grep -o 2228 'a certain file'01:45
dr_willisMrDudle,  find it where? its a command line tool01:45
rickyOKhey, that -P command is working; it says that it is downloading correctly.....hey, THANKS! alot.01:45
jribFat: no . after the s01:45
dr_willisMrDudle,   Like i said. :) 'learn to use one of the many disk partitioning tools'01:45
curtiscan anyone help?01:45
dr_willisMrDudle,  you may like 'gparted' better01:45
=== [mippin|rocks] is now known as [ifroog|zzz]
Fatjrib:  OK, back shortly01:45
rickyOKi am using the new alpha 6 version on my laptop.....just wondering? will it automatically update to the released verstion, when i do updates?????01:46
jribrickyOK: ask in #ubuntu+101:46
the_real_player1jrib it does not print anything on the screen...01:46
jribthe_real_player1: pastebin your command and the full output, and the file you are grepping01:47
MrDudleso dr_willis what do i do to delete the partitions? i don't see a command line to delete them01:47
silenijrib: hey i just installed ubuntu 64 bit and firefox is being slow like it opens fast but if i type something in the google searchbar and enter it takes few secs before it responds01:47
MrDudlenvm dr_willis i'm installing gparted01:47
silenijrib: is this common or am i the only one expereincing this01:47
jribsileni: don't know01:47
silenijrib: ok01:48
jribsileni: I don't experience that on amd64 (core 2 duo)01:48
silenijrib: hmm i have quad intel :(01:48
LinuxMercedesOk, so I actually came on here to get some work done =]...I'm having trouble connecting to an SMB share (on my linux machine) from my Mac01:48
silenimaybe firefox doesnt like that01:48
sileniwhat is another standard browser people use in linux01:48
jribsileni: epiphany-browser or konq as LinuxMercedes suggested01:49
the_real_player1jrib what is pastebin?01:50
jrib!pastebin | the_real_player101:50
ubottuthe_real_player1: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:50
Fatjrib: It Happened!!!!  Many thanks,  file names revised perfectly.  Greatly appreciate your help.  Now one last question.  I was working with a sample 10 if the many I have to do.  In future I will remove the "-n" n'est pas?01:51
jribFat: -n means the command doesn't actually rename anything.  It just outputs what it would do01:52
rickyOKthanks jrib, i will try that.01:52
l337ingDisorderis there a way to kill a process by name?01:53
the_real_player1jrib: amazing idea, the pastebin!01:53
balrog_anybody know why this is segfaulting?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/50680/01:53
l337ingDisorder(instead of by PID)01:53
jribl337ingDisorder: pkill01:53
luminerdl337ingDisorder: You could use xkill and click it if you're in gui01:54
l337ingDisorderawesome, thanks!01:54
l337ingDisorderpkill is exactly what I need01:54
l337ingDisorderor is it..01:54
the_real_player1is there a !index to see all explained commands?01:54
balrog_the_real_player1: there is apropos01:56
balrog_the_real_player1: it lets you search for appropriate commands01:56
jribubottu: tell the_real_player1 about yourself01:56
ubottuthe_real_player1, please see my private message01:56
jribthe_real_player1: what kind of commands did you mean?01:56
Fatjrib:  Ah yes, on checking the test directory I see what you mean.  I'll remove the "-n" and give it another run although methinks there'll be no problems now.01:57
the_real_player1jrib: thank you, the factoids seems preety amazing :-)01:59
[Solars]how does ubuntu see sata drives? /dev/sd0 ?01:59
[Solars]as the first sata drive01:59
[Solars]or is it /dev/hd101:59
phuzionQuick quesion, how can I display the chmod of a folder in numerical format?02:00
jrib[Solars]: /dev/sda02:00
phuzionthrough bash02:00
=== Guest70821 is now known as Lemming2
jribphuzion: stat -somethingyouwillhavetolookup02:00
Lemming2Is there any non-ugly way to disable recent documents? 8.04?02:00
bobertdosphuzion: If there is a way to do that, it's probably in the man page for ls.02:01
[Solars]jrib thanks02:01
phuzionsudo stat directory does it find, thanks jrib02:01
jribphuzion: eww, why sudo?02:01
the_real_player1does pastebin has an index too?02:01
jribphuzion: stat -c %a FILE   gives you just the permissions by the way02:02
jribthe_real_player1: some like pastebin.com do02:02
phuzionThanks jrib02:02
Fatjrb:  Many thanks, all works well, till next time cheers!02:05
mib_chwfyzwhat can I do if $ sudo dpkg --configure -a doesn't help!???!  This was a fresh install of ubuntu-server that got interrupted on a sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop...02:06
Uplinkmy wine window where i was emulating an .exe disappeared after i switched work stations?02:06
mib_chwfyzdpkg: too many errors, stopping02:06
mib_chwfyzdpkg: ../../src/packages.c:252: process_queue: Assertion `!queuelen' failed.02:06
the_real_player1jrib: I think the private pastebin option in conjunction with the index possibility could be preety amazing :-) I'm happy02:07
dr_willisUplink,  clairfy to the channel what 'switcced workstations'  means02:07
Uplinkmy wine window where i was emulating an .exe disappeared after i switched worsktations(3d cube on compiz)?02:07
dr_willisUplink,  you mean 'virtual desktops'   Could be the wine app crashed.02:08
souldubany help for my visual effects?i cant see nothing on my ati chip02:08
Uplinkdr_willis, the wine shell (terminal) is still there... but the window where i had my .exe being emulated disppaeared02:08
nicodarioushmm.. is this a 'support' channel?  or should i go elsewhere to find others that would like to discuss options and possible solutions?02:09
naliothKingsy101: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart02:09
naliothubottu: tell Kingsy101 about lamp02:09
ubottuKingsy101, please see my private message02:09
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:10
mib_chwfyzwhat can I do to fix broken dependencies, dpkg was interupted02:10
mib_chwfyz$ dpkg --configure -a did not fix02:10
Kingsy101init.d doesnt exist02:10
mib_chwfyzsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop was interupted02:10
mib_chwfyzdo I have to reinstall from disk?02:11
=== l is now known as Guest33317
nicodariousdr_willis: i have plenty of patience, but it's running thin after being !botted out of the room saying to go look other places for information, know what i mean?02:11
dr_willismib_chwfyz,  proberly not..but im not sure of thebest way to recover from that sort of disaster02:11
dr_willisnicodarious,  i dident even see you ask a question.. but i pop in and out all day long.02:12
mib_chwfyzsomebody shoot me02:12
dr_willisplus im helping people in other channels..02:12
nicodariousdr_willis: i was just asking if this was a support channel or would i !botted to somewhere else if i even brought up the word 'support'.02:12
R0b0t1For some reason when I lift up my laser mouse, the cursor goes down...02:12
_Carrie_nicodarious, welcome to the "Human" aspect of ubuntu :) (speaking about all the bot's canned responses) :P02:12
R0b0t1This is pretty recent.02:12
gregbradyI can't seem to get my Ubuntu machine to work on my network.  If I run XP all is well.  all machines see each other and share files just fine.  Under Unbuntu, no such thing.  They can see each other but I cannot share files.02:13
nicodarious_Carrie_: heh.  thanks :)02:13
dr_willisTopic says --> Official Ubuntu Support Channel  - So yes this is the official ubuntu support channel.02:13
R0b0t1For some reason when I lift up my laser mouse, the cursor goes down...02:14
R0b0t1This is pretty recent.02:14
Kingsy101can someone tell me how to re-start appache or lampp?02:14
nicodariousi just wanted to speak to someone about Ubuntu's suspend issues and see if i could trade information to see if there was some way to get it to work, that is if it hasn't been fixed yet.02:14
dr_willisR0b0t1,  check for lint. :) i had a dirty laser/led on a mouse the other day.. making it do all sorts of weird things..02:14
R0b0t1dr_willis: You were right... :(02:15
roukounKingsy101: sudo /etc/init.t/apache2 restart02:15
nicodariousdr_willis: nice prognosis!02:15
roukounKingsy101: *sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart02:15
Kingsy101there is nothing in etc called init. anything02:15
Uplinkhow can i recover lost windows?02:15
kitcheKingsy101: well how can your system boot if you don't have /etc/init.d?02:16
dr_willisR0b0t1,  wife uses her mouse on her 'bed' since the pc is next to her bed.. shes alwyas getting lint in it.02:16
gregbradyOk, no worries, I'll keep all machines in the house on XP.  Sharing will work that way.02:16
iPercyi have a wierd problem with my ubuntu box regarding php and curl02:16
iPercycan someone help ?02:17
roukounKingsy101: give the command 'locate init.d' and check it out02:17
nicodariousiPercy: what's the problem?02:18
curtiswhen i want to minimize a windows how can i make it minimize in the uper panel?02:18
iPercyi have some domains hosted on my box and when a try to open them via curl in php02:18
iPercythe script hangs02:18
iPercylets say domain1.com calls domain2.com on my box02:18
iPercybut its a no go02:18
nicodariousiPercy: hmm...  well, i wished i knew about php and curl, but i haven't even a clue on what curl is.... i'm sorry02:18
ctwHi! I just ran into a installation issue: http://paste.ubuntu.com/50686/ Any idea how to fix this?02:18
iPercythe script is fine, tested it on my mac with same wirtual hosts and it worked02:19
iPercyokej :D02:19
curtisanyone have an idea?02:19
gregbradynetworking is not Linux's strong point.  At least with a home network.02:19
iPercyi think there is a port problem02:19
iPercyin my opinion....02:19
Picicurtis: Right click on the upper panel and add the window list applet02:19
Kingsy101roukoun - oh yea sorry I found it, it says that apache2 has not been installed and it says that it cant find the command 'apache' but I know I have installed apache because I can access http:localhost/02:19
nicodariousctw: have you ran sudo apt-get update ?02:20
ctwnicodarious: yes, my system is up to date02:20
dr_willisI find networking to be  very useable at my home with linux. :) but i did spend the time reading the 'using samba' book - so i know whats going on when i get linux and windows mixed networks.02:20
PiciKingsy101: How did you install Apache?02:20
Kingsy101I installed lampp02:20
kitcheiPercy: to me it sounds like your missing something for php02:20
[Solars]having a hard time getting windows added to grub boot menu02:20
gregbradydr_willis: no reading.  Just booted XP and all is well.02:20
nicodariousctw: have you ran sudo apt-get autoremove  (i think that's the one... just in case there's anything sticking that shouldn't be there)02:20
iPercyphp is fine02:21
[Solars]any advice on that topic? tried editing /boot/grub/menu.*02:21
vengeranything like a language translation applet out there?02:21
nicodarious[Solars]: run sudo update-grub after you've edited the file02:21
naliothKingsy101: _how_ did you install apache?  and did you isntall apache or apache2?02:21
iPercyi can fetch other pages via curl02:21
iPercyit stucks only on my domains02:21
nicodarious[Solars]: and it'll add it to the boot menu when you reboot02:21
roukouncurtis: add the 'window list' to the upper panel02:21
dr_willistheres more to 'networking' then  just the 'network neighborhood' :) but thats not technically ubuntu support discussion.. so i will leave it at that02:21
the_real_player1should be in bed now... thanks a lot for all you help, you guys are amazing!!! :-)02:21
ctwnicodarious: yes ... ran autoremove02:22
Bryce_Does anyone know if a Wubi installation of Ubuntu supports an encrypted hard drive?02:22
Uplinkanyone knows how to recover lost windows?02:22
iPercywill try to google it02:22
Uplinki tried alt-TAB but its not showing... it actually disappeared! lol02:22
gregbradydr_willis: no problem, I understand.  XP will work for my problem.  Network Neighbourhood works just fine.02:22
Kingsy101nalioth - I installed lampp by 'tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.6.7.tar.gz -C /opt' and then used '/opt/lampp/lampp start'02:22
roukounKingsy101: try 'locate /etc/init.d/apach*'....... what's the output?02:22
Kingsy101ok 1 sec02:23
nicodariousctw interesting.  try removing the program and then sudo apt-get clean then reinstall the program02:23
kitcheiPercy: thought you said you were using curl in php my bad02:23
Kingsy101roukoun - it didnt return anything02:23
[Solars]nicodarious erm i done that and still didn't work02:24
iPercyi am using curl in php :)02:24
ctwnicodarious: sweet, that did the trick02:24
ctwnicodarious: thanks so much!02:24
nicodariousctw :)02:24
NateDawg9847hey, I have a question.  I am having a hard time installing my creative sound card driver.  How can I do this?02:24
kitcheiPercy: then you are probably missing something for php02:24
iPercyjust a sec02:24
[Solars]perhaps i modified the file wrong?02:25
iPercywill upload my script02:25
[Solars]i'll check on next boot up to verify02:25
nicodarious[Solars]: so what are the steps you are taking to install the 'windows' partition to the grub menu right now?02:25
roukounKingsy101: ok wait a minute.....02:25
Kingsy101roukoun - ok, no problem02:25
PiciKingsy101: Since you didn't use the version of Apache in the Ubuntu package repositories, it may be hard for someone to tell you how to control a 3rd party installation of Apache.02:26
nicodariousif you do 'sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst' then add your windows partition into it then run 'sudo update-grub' you sould be fine02:26
iPercymy code is here02:26
[Solars]nicodarious err now i have a disk failure error02:26
roukounKingsy101: what command did you gave to install apache?02:26
kitcheiPercy: did you install php5-curl?02:26
nicodarious[Solars]: hmm.. where do you get that at?02:26
nicodariouswhen you try to update grub?02:27
[Solars]i am assuming it windows cuase my raid drives are offline02:27
[Solars]at boot up before grub text02:27
iPercyif i run this code....and want to open...lets say www.somedomain.com02:27
iPercyi get the content02:27
silenihey guys someone told me to to use sudo apt-get install java-jdk6 or osmething like that02:27
sileniand now it downloaded and it is in the installer inside terminal but i dont know how to press ok02:27
iPercythe problem is if a want to get content of a domain that is hosted in my server02:27
ziinjaI have a pointstick on my laptop, I was wondering if anyone knew how to enable the tap to click feature?02:27
iPercythis is the wierd part :/02:28
nicodarious[Solars]: ok, just to make sure, you know what partition your Windows is on and you have correctly added it into grub, right?  i would double-check and triple-check everything.02:28
georgy_28sileni : enter ?02:28
NateDawg9847What can I do if I have no sound?  There is a red x next to the speaker icon02:28
[Solars]nicodarious its possible i screwed it up (mbr/grub) .. going to dig out supergrubdisk and look again02:28
[Solars]windows is (hd0,0) and ubuntu is (hd1,0)02:28
silenigeorgy_28: i pressed enter and its not working02:29
naliothKingsy101: did you read what the bot sent you?02:29
naliothKingsy101: i've never heard of your procedure02:29
nicodarious[Solars]: ok, but at what point?  /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sda*  what?02:29
Kingsy101I installed lampp by 'tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.6.7.tar.gz -C /opt' and then used '/opt/lampp/lampp st' I thought lampp installed apache for you?02:29
Kingsy101ermm 1 sec02:29
georgy_28sileni, : tab , then enter ?02:29
naliothKingsy101: where did you get the instructions and package to do that?02:30
[Solars]./dev/sda1 for widnows and /dev/sda4 for ubuntu (assumingin sda1 = first disk)02:30
Uplinkanyone know how to recover disappeared windows? its showing thats running on "top" but i cant see where is it02:30
Kingsy101from the lampp website02:30
gregbradyOk, so networking is best left to XP.  Ubuntu just does not work easily, without a ton of modifications?  My XP machines share right away.02:30
nicodarious[Solars]: have you sda is the first disk, sda1 is the first partition on the first disk02:30
Kingsy101apache friends sorry ---> http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html02:30
silenigeorgy_28: i had to use arrow keys thanks02:30
kitcheUplink: you can kill the application using killall <application>02:30
Uplinkunop, help me bro =[02:30
georgy_28sileni, : ok02:31
Uplinkkitche, i cant kill it omg... im running an important connection02:31
ltgg0524newbie help: what/where is 'default keyring' ... wireless app keeps asking for it ??02:31
naliothKingsy101: please don't install things into Ubuntu that are not designed for Ubuntu02:31
[Solars]nicodarious then my references are correct02:31
naliothubottu: tell Kingsy101 about lamp02:31
ubottuKingsy101, please see my private message02:31
nicodarious[Solars]: ok, have you ran from the grub prompt to double check on the grub areas?  as far as windows is on (hd0,0) and Linux is on hd(0,4)02:31
yowshiis there a way of disabling fsck?02:31
naliothKingsy101: please see the bots message (and uninstall whatever you did install)02:31
kitcheUplink: then that window is not recoverable02:31
Kingsy101oh, I didnt realise02:31
yowshior manually running it without rebooting?02:31
Uplinkkitche, why not? :|02:31
ferric84I added an sftp using "connect to server."  I'm trying to rsync files to it using sftp:// but to no avail.  is what i'm trying to do possible?02:31
kitcheUplink: but what window are you talking about02:32
nicodariousgregbrady: have you tried to use LinNeighborhood?02:32
WDCHey, I need to give /opt/lampp/htdocs/wordpress permissions, because wordpress is complaining about them. What's the command I should use? (not just chroot but the whole thing, if you don't mind)02:32
Uplinkkitche, i was running wine like "wine upp.exe" wine terminal is there... but upp.exe window is gone02:32
kitcheUplink: then it's a wine issue no clue how to recover windows for that02:32
roukounWDC: what permissions do you want to give?02:32
WDCroukoun: errr, global if possible02:33
Uplinkok ty kitche02:33
nicodariousgregbrady: that's what i use if i have to share with Windows.  but there is something special that you must do if you have to share with Vista machines, no matter if you're using LN or NN4Linux02:33
teerawii need help02:33
gregbradynicodarious: nah, this should be easy.  No probs.02:33
gregbradynicodarious: all machines back to XP02:33
[Solars]nicodarious i can't get to grub atm02:33
ferric84I added an SSH share using "connect to server."  I'm trying to rsync files to it using the destination as sftp://... but to no avail.  is what i'm trying to do possible?02:33
[Solars]my windows disks are offline02:33
gregbradynicodarious: nope, all XP machines.  Not an issue as I said.  Back to trusty old XP.02:34
[Solars]have no clue why they are offline02:34
WDCroukoun: What should I do02:34
nicodariousgregbrady: suit yourself.02:34
teerawii have (problems) installing from tar.gz packages, can someone tell me what package to install that will solve all the problems02:34
gregbradynicodarious: It works02:34
teerawimie package contain all necessary tools02:34
roukounWDC:  use the chmod command to change the permission os a file... if you want to make the file readable-writable-executable by the user give the command 'chmod 700 /path/of/the/file'02:34
wickedpuppyteerawi, build-essential02:35
dr_willisteerawi,  totally depends on exactly WHAT you are trying to compile.02:35
WDCroukoun: I know what directory, Just I have no idea what I should use02:35
gregbradynicodarious: Linux does not without a ton of work02:35
teerawii tried with many packages but most failed02:35
[Solars]going to use the windows to to 'repair'02:35
teerawimanything where missing02:35
teerawimanythings where missing02:36
Kelenis there any idea for wine to supports other language in en_US local? pls02:36
wickedpuppyteerawi, pls paste the error message at pastebin so we can help02:36
nicodarious[Solars]: do you see a grub screen when you boot?02:36
[Solars]nicodarious not anymore02:36
nicodarious[Solars]: what happened?02:36
nicodarious[Solars]: you already popped in the XP CD?02:36
[Solars]i get the disk failure and request to pu the system repair disk in ... and yes i did02:37
yowshihmmm what are the odds of doing damage to a mounted partition with fsck?02:37
[Solars]but i can restart it before it does any repairs02:37
nicodarious[Solars]: see if you can run fdisk /mbr from windows02:37
roukounWDC: the 'chmod 700 /opt/lampp/htdocs/wordpress' command will give it global permissions... if you mean this!02:37
Pici!ftpd > curtis02:37
ubottucurtis, please see my private message02:37
[Solars]i reboot the machine after a a shutdown02:37
[Solars]before the shutdown i edited grub and update-grub02:37
nicodarious[Solars]: then reboot with Linux rescue CD and reinstall Grub in it's place.  then reset Windows settings inside of grub and you should be OK02:38
teerawithis is last one i tried02:38
WDCroukoun: Woot! thanks mah fieind02:38
falloreis there a rhythmbox support channel or should i use this one?02:38
dr_willisteerawi,  that can be an issue with compilin things from source.. there may be many "*-dev' packages you need to install to get all the needed support files to compile somthing.02:38
wickedpuppyteerawi, pls do put my nick next time infront if you are posting to me ... type wick and press tab02:38
nicodarious[Solars]: or you could just cut out Windows CD rescue all together and just reinstall grub from Linux rescue02:38
[Solars]nicodarious don't think it wil llet me get that far ... we'll see how things goes with the windoes repair first02:39
[Solars]since its started02:39
roukounWDC: have fun!02:39
teerawiWicked: i was wondering how to do this02:39
Kingsy101hmm I have tried sudo tasksel and I have select lampp but it just sits there on 0% not doing anything.. is that normal? does it generally take a while?02:39
nicodarious[Solars]: ah, just wipe Win'e'XP off your system.  don't you just hate people with dual personalities?  think of a computer with them!  ACK! :P02:39
teerawiWicked: http://pastebin.com/m5dd2f0d7 her is the link02:40
wickedpuppyteerawi, its a gtk package prob .. you either get the required package probably gtk2-dev or something like that or get the .deb which i recommend ... which package is it btw02:40
wickedpuppyteerawi, there seems to be someone named Wicked ... press tab twice02:40
wickedpuppymy mistake02:40
teerawiwickedpuppy: ok02:40
teerawiwickedpuppy: is this fine02:41
wickedpuppyteerawi,  there you go .. yes ... on chat my nick is highlighted as red .. stands out02:41
wickedpuppyteerawi, what package is it?02:41
[Solars]nicodarious don't think that anything is going to work till i get those drives back online02:41
Kingsy101ah, nevermind its just sprung into life02:41
teerawiwickedpuppy: u mean the one iam trying to install02:41
wickedpuppyteerawi, yes02:41
avisi recently had my xserver crash, then when it restarted i got the little lightbulb saying that firefox needed to be restarted ?  maybe that was before it crashed.  anyway, during this state i got the firefox lightbulb, and had no internet connection.  xserver restarted and all was fine.  any ideas ?  my sources is set to download updates, but not install them.  i'm confused.02:42
teerawiwickedpuppy: dict-tools02:42
teerawiwickedpuppy: stardict-tools02:42
gregbradyI don't understand things here.  Linux is supposed to be a networking operating system but yet a common, simple user cannot get the networking working as simple as XP.  I just don't get it.  Am I missing something simple?02:42
Kingsy101hmmm it seemed to be going well but after the installation it said 'tasksel: aptitude failed (100)02:42
wickedpuppyteerawi, dict-tools in the repo .. so is stardict-tools02:42
nicodariousgregbrady: i have one question..  have you installed smb onto your linux box?02:42
crackheadquestion: i really need help getting some wireless networking to work. i've tried everything on the ubuntu wireless guide, yes! still no luck. please, someone with some expertise and patience, please pm me or something..02:42
Kingsy101does that mean the installation has failed?02:42
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gregbradynicodarious: of course02:43
nicodariousgregbrady: if you have not, that's why Windows won't see your linux box02:43
wickedpuppyteerawi, sorry dict-tools is not ... stardict-tools is02:43
teerawiwickedpuppy: where to get the deb for gtk202:43
nicodariousgregbrady: ok, so what are your two machines doing?02:43
dr_willisgregbrady,  you are confuseing the term 'networking' with 'samba/network neighborhood' - YOU Can have a whole network of machines.. without anything related to networkneighborhood/smb/samba installed.02:43
gregbradynicodarious: my XP sees the ubuntu machine02:43
nicodariousgregbrady: ok02:43
wickedpuppyteerawi, sudo apt-get install stardict-tools ... its in the repo .. why compile?02:43
nicodariousgregbrady: now, does Linux see XP machine shares?02:43
gregbradynicodarious: yes02:44
xjohnthomasxi need someone to walk me through wireless setup on ubuntu. i've tried all the tutorials. i know what im doing. yet i cant figure out why mine wont work!02:44
teerawiwickedpuppy: i have faced this with other packes not in the rep02:44
dr_willisgregbrady,  and yes.. samba can be a bit of an annoyance to get going.. and even with windows to windows - there can be issues with it. :) its somthing ive just leraned/tweaked/hammerd on over the years.02:44
nicodariousgregbrady: can you x-fer from XP to Linux with Linux pulling?  how about vise-versa?02:44
teerawiwickedpuppy: if gtk2 will solve it i need to install it02:44
nicodariousgregbrady: can you x-fer from Linux to XP with XP pulling?02:44
gregbradydr_willis: I understand and sorry.  I'm so fustrated02:44
gregbradynicodarious: linux from XP is fine02:45
wickedpuppyteerawi, then lets solve those not in the repo .. lets solve one at a time ...02:45
IntuitiveNippleteerawi: can I give you a tip that will save you a lot of problems when compiling your own packages?02:45
gregbradynicodarious: xp from linux no go02:45
xjohnthomasxdr_willis: do you have experience with wireless setup on ubuntu?02:45
dr_willisxjohnthomasx,  my advice.. run wires. :)02:45
teerawiwickedpuppy: i would be grateful02:45
nicodariousgregbrady: ok, have you, with the 'shared' folder in linux, set the file permissions correctly?02:45
xjohnthomasxdr_willis: not possible.. but thanks.02:45
silenihas anyone made eclipse work in ubuntu02:46
xjohnthomasxanyone have really good expertise setting up wireless on ubuntu?02:46
dr_willisxjohnthomasx,  then get ready to do a lot of reading/research and good luck. :)02:46
gregbradynicodarious: yes....according to me.02:46
xjohnthomasxdr_willis: i already have..02:46
wickedpuppyteerawi, then install stardict-tools via sudo apt-get then lets see what other package you got prob ...02:46
TigranGHow can I make a cd that will autorun a script on it?02:46
dr_willisxjohnthomasx,  a lot  depends on the exact EXACT exact! (did i say exact?) chipset of your wireless card.02:46
silenii installed ubuntu then jdk + eclipse but when  i import workspace from windows all the code has errors like scanner object not recognized and stuff02:46
silenidoes anyone know why this might be02:46
IntuitiveNippleteerawi: If the package is already in the Ubuntu repositories, and you're building the latest version yourself, a nice trick is to install the required development libraries using sudo apt-get build-dep <package>02:46
nicodariousgregbrady: stand by.  installing the sharing for samba onto my machine to see if i can hammer this out with you.02:46
nicodariousgregbrady: i'm going on a personal line.  join me02:47
IntuitiveNippleteerawi: Then, you can build your new source and it will find all the libraries it needs to link with first time with no errors02:47
gregbradynicodarious: thanks.  Sorry for being so down.02:47
nicodariousgregbrady: no prob.  i have done this several times.  now go to the personal line.  hopefully the download won't be too long02:47
naliothKingsy101: you are going to break your system very badly02:48
nicodariousgregbrady: you should see a PM i sent you02:48
iPercyhm wierd on another ubuntu box everything works fine :D02:48
teerawiwickedpuppy: http://pastebin.com/m260ca1a902:48
IntuitiveNippleteerawi: another tip. Again, if the package exists in the repositories, fetch the Ubuntu source using "apt-get source <package>", cd into the source directory, and load "debian/rules" into a text editor. Then search for the line that luanches the packages ./configure script, and you can get all the configure options that are correct for an Ubuntu install, and use them to configure your custom package02:49
TigranGHow can I make a cd that will autorun a script on it?02:49
dr_willisTigranG,  thats normally not done under Linux.  Not even sure of a way to do it.. other then making a file on it called 'RunMe_Please.sh' :)02:49
Kingsy101nalioth - what do you mean? all I am trying to do is install lampp..  could you give me a hand possibly? get me back on track?02:50
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TigranGdr_willis: ok, ubuntu lacks a lot of useful stuff..02:50
fentwould anyone know how to ensure that you can vnc to the login screen even if nobody logins in02:50
naliothKingsy101: i have had the bot send you TWICE the instructions02:50
Kingsy101yea, I followed them and ended up with that02:50
Kingsy101I uninstalled the lampp installation that I had from the apachefriends site02:51
teerawiwickedpuppy: what if its not in the rep02:51
wickedpuppyteerawi, just normal prob ... use synaptic this time .. there should be ok .. or you can install the libmysqlclient-dev first ...02:51
iPercyhm my bad02:51
Kingsy101then I typed sudo tasksel highlighted lampp and installed it...02:51
naliothKingsy101: the URL ubottu sent you is easily followed02:51
iPercyits the same...doesnt work02:51
wickedpuppyteerawi, then compile it .. but for 5 years of ubuntu usage i rarely use anything thats not in repo ... what package you wanna get?02:52
naliothKingsy101: uninstall the lampp thing you got, plesae02:52
Kingsy101I have02:52
Kingsy101its gone02:52
Kingsy101/opt/ is now empty02:52
mib_yfg3qeWhen you install ubuntu is grub automatically installed?02:52
naliothKingsy101: then follow the easy steps at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP02:52
Kingsy101yea I have, I ran tasksel isnt that the first thing I should be doing?02:53
teerawiwickedpuppy: there is a tool that convert babylon dictionary format to stardict format called bgl2txt02:53
psylancehi all02:53
teerawiwickedpuppy: i have two dict need them to work with stardict02:53
mib_yfg3qenalioth: when ubuntu is installed is grub also installed?02:54
teerawiwickedpuppy: can you help me to get it02:54
Kingsy101yea, sudo tasksel install lamp-server , I did that and got tasksel: aptitude failed (100)02:54
Flare183mib_yfg3qe: Yes02:54
naliothmib_yfg3qe: so long as you're on a intel or amd64 box02:54
MurphyNelsonAnybody have Ubuntu running on a dual boot Macbook Pro? I'm having some brightness issues and I'm new to linux, really stuck :(02:54
xjohnthomasxcan anyone help me with WIRELESS SETUP on ubuntu 8.04????02:54
wickedpuppyteerawi, get them ? why not just download?02:54
psylancecan i know how can i recompile my kernel using existing kernel files/headers in /usr/src02:54
Flare183!wifi | xjohnthomasx02:54
ubottuxjohnthomasx: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:54
naliothKingsy101: try installing them a package at a time02:54
afallenhope /msg ikonia you busy?02:54
xjohnthomasxFlare183: i've alrady followd that all!02:54
mib_yfg3qethanks Flare183 and nalioth02:54
Kingsy101ah right ok, so do I need to uninstall that now?02:55
Flare183np mib_yfg3qe02:55
naliothKingsy101: if it failed, what do you need uninstall?02:55
xjohnthomasxFlare183: i have a level one wnc 0301 usb dongle, hw v. 5, which should use rtl8187B, and which i have setup using ndiswrapper... but it stilllll doesn't work!!!02:55
teerawithey are not available in stardict page02:55
Kingsy101I thought it had installed some stuff because I have a apache2 file in init.d now02:56
ferric84I added an SSH share using "connect to server."  I'm trying to rsync files to it using the destination as sftp://... but to no avail.  is what i'm trying to do possible?02:56
Kingsy101and I didnt before02:56
teerawiwickedpuppy: are not available in stardict page02:56
pinstpwere can i find airsnort that i installed02:56
wickedpuppyteerawi, can i have their names? surely you seen them before? they do exist right?02:57
silenihey guys i followed the ubuntu wiki on eclipse02:57
silenibut its still not working properly02:57
sileniscanner object still showing up as a mistake02:57
silenii also made sure i have import java.util.*;02:57
sileniplease any help i have homework due at 12 :(02:57
falloreis there a rhythmbox support channel or should i use this one?02:57
teerawithe one available is an old database02:58
teerawii already checked it02:58
teerawiwickedpuppy: the one available is an old database02:58
teerawiwickedpuppy: english2arabic02:58
teerawiwickedpuppy: i already checked it02:58
MurphyNelsonAnybody know why my macbook pro ubuntu installation randomly dims to the point of turning of the screen?02:59
wickedpuppyteerawi, you are not asking me to google the name right? i am confused .. where would you want me to search?02:59
teerawiwickedpuppy: i have them in bgl i only need to convert them to stardict format03:00
teerawiwickedpuppy: do you know how to this03:00
wickedpuppyteerawi, bgl stands for ....03:00
teerawiwickedpuppy: Babylon Glossary File03:01
wickedpuppyteerawi, there are things so specific only a few people would know ... i could help with general prob .. not with specific prob such as yours ... sorry ...03:02
wickedpuppyteerawi, never heard of it and never use any dict before ...03:02
abeekynick abeeky03:02
teerawiwickedpuppy: iam thankful for your help03:02
teerawiyour tips is more than enough for me03:02
teerawiwickedpuppy: tips is more than enough for me03:02
teerawiwickedpuppy: your tips is more than enough for me03:03
wickedpuppyteerawi, sorry about it ... check the stardict page for help ... the page you download is usually the first place to turn for help .. not the general help channel03:03
mib_gdm1gcnalioth: sorry for bothering u again, but if I want to dual boot, isin't there a guided partioning system, rather than just manual?03:03
teerawiwickedpuppy: i came here for installation help03:03
dr_willisI though there was Auto/Guided/Manual.. but I always use Manual. for partioning03:03
teerawiwickedpuppy: last favour03:04
shelbyhey guys im having some firefox troubles03:04
wickedpuppyteerawi, no prob .. ask away!03:04
shelbyim running the newest version03:04
mib_gdm1gcdr_willis: which one allows you to create multiple partions without really having 2 do a lot of work?03:04
crzyboi_Laptopshelby, go on03:05
dr_willismib_gdm1gc,  i dont consider the manual method to be much work.. You define the partiiton, and set its mountpoint/filesystem.. takes me all of 2 min perhaps to  get / and /home and swap setup.03:05
shelbywhen i start it normally its pretty much crippled, sometimesd it can go to urls and sometimes it cant but you cant use any of the back/forward/etc buttons and no addresss shows in the adcdress bar BUT03:05
shelbywhen you start it as root its perfectly fine, so i think this is a permissions issue03:05
teerawiwickedpuppy: where to get deb for gtk+-2.003:05
shelbyso i chmodded my ~/.mozzila directory but still nothing :\03:05
dr_willismib_gdm1gc,  or resize the windows partition, and leave part of the HD unallocated. and tell the installer to use the unallocated space. and it can auto-partition the unallocated space.03:05
shelby~/.mozilla :P03:05
* shelby is still getting used to this new keyboard03:06
crzyboi_Laptopshelby, have you played with the about:config03:06
teerawiwickedpuppy: or install a package contain all nessesary tools to build installations03:06
mib_gdm1gcdr_willis: i tried that before and messed up the windows partition, is guided reccomended, i mean i kno how 2 do the manual but i dont want 2 risk anything03:06
shelbyi havent even been to about:config since i stuck ubuntu on this laptop a few days ago03:06
dr_willismib_gdm1gc,  i always use manual normally.  It pays to pay attention I guess..03:06
teerawiwickedpuppy: just for future occurrences03:06
mib_gdm1gcdr_willis: is wat you suggest the guided, or should I use GParted?03:06
[Solars]nicodarious it appears i have other issues... system started to sparoticly reboot ... while in config menus (cmos and supergrub and the like)03:06
[Solars]cmos said cpu temp was fairly cool03:07
schnauzermib_gdm1gc, if you're that worried, i'd back up everything important before you try partitioning.03:07
wickedpuppyteerawi, try this command "apt-cache search gtk2" <-- thats will give you packages containing the name of the deb you are looking for03:07
crzyboi_Laptopshelby, if you dont have any important data within firefox then try reinstalling it if you dont mind03:07
dr_willismib_gdm1gc,  i often use gparted to resize the windows oparttion. leaving the back part of the HD unalocated.. and then  the installer can  auto  partition the unallocated space. thats often what i do.03:07
digitalfiz_are there any tools for the ipod touch yet?03:07
shelbyone sec03:07
alex1234i need some information regarding switching from windows to ubuntu as a high school student. i want to know advantages, disadvantages, etc. PM me if you wish03:07
mib_gdm1gcdr_willis: i will do tat03:07
shelbyi love ubuntu, im so spoiled that i can install a new program without breaking a sweat ;)03:07
[Solars]wonder if something is over heating now03:07
dr_willisshelby,  or running a virus scanner first...03:08
mib_gdm1gcdr_willis: and about the backing up, i do do that but i dont hav time to wait for a restore03:08
naliothmib_gdm1gc: during your install, you will be asked what t odo03:08
dr_willismib_gdm1gc,  those are the risks you take I guess..03:08
wickedpuppyalex1234, try a live cd .. that will gives ya all the advice you need03:08
teerawiwickedpuppy: thanks for ur help03:08
nicodarious[Solars]: that is ODD!03:08
wickedpuppyteerawi, no prob ..03:08
shelbylol, i doubt ive accumulated a very rare linux virus in the few days this laptop has been alive ;)03:08
mib_gdm1gcdr_willis: i thank you for your help03:08
shelbyafter all, i havent done anything that i could have accumulated any03:08
teerawiwickedpuppy: i can continue from there03:08
crzyboi_Laptopdr_willis, arent there like only 4 viruses for linux?03:09
alex1234i have a lot of experience with linux. i just want to know if its alright to permanently switch to it. is it a good idea? can i do the same projects as i would with windows?03:09
wickedpuppyteerawi, good luck! :P03:09
shelbyreinstalled, still has the problem... when you start it up, it dosent load the hnomepage and nothing is in the address bar03:09
shelbyyou think compiling it would help?03:09
J-_While viewing youtube, my wireless stopped working and, now nm-applet won't prompt be for the SSID key since I reset it on my router. What can I do to fix it? I think I've been hacked too since I don't have any bookmarks in firefox either.03:09
crzyboi_Laptopwait is that all that is wrong?.. the address bar and homepage?03:09
J-_What can I do to fix it?03:09
J-_lspci still shows my network card03:09
wickedpuppyalex1234,  if you got a lot of experience then you should know the answer ... sorry if i sound impolite.. but how we help you if you never tell us what kind of project .. what kind of requirement???03:10
shelbynah, thats not all, most of the time it wont load urls, sound in flash dosent work... no buttons, etc...03:10
shelbyits practically unusable03:10
schnauzershelby, try opening up a terminal, and type "sudo apt-get purge firefox", then reinstall03:10
dr_williscrzyboi_Laptop,  i doubt if any of those you are thinking of would even be considered a 'real' virus..   the few ive seen are  just 'examples' and even they are only just barely defineable as a virus03:10
yowshiis there a way of disabling fsck?03:11
yowshior manually running it without rebooting or damaging a partition?03:11
dr_willisshelby,  move your settings dir to some other dir/name - thus resetting all settings back to defaults.. and se eif that helps. It could be some weird setting/extension messing things up03:11
shelbyno luck :(03:11
dr_willisyowshi,  yes to both questions.03:11
yowshidr_willis: cool would love to know how. fsck is the reason i hate rebooting03:12
crzyboi_Laptopshelby, any specific plugins u have installed?03:12
dr_willisyowshi,   if you are fscking at every boot.. you got somthing weird going on.03:12
shelbyjust stumbleupon03:12
shelbylets see if uninstalling it helps any03:13
dr_willisyowshi,  if using that ext2/3 tool for windows.. i suggest  only using it as needed.. :)  ive seen it cause issues.. you might want to boot a live cd and manually fsck all filesystems also03:13
yowshidr_willis: not every reboot no. but every reboot is one reboot closer to the bloody fsck running and some of my partitions are over 200 gigs.03:13
shelbygot rid of stumbleupon. no luck :\03:13
dr_willisyowshi,  you can set the #'s btweeen fscks and you can easially set some drives to be a different #.  or disable it competely (not reccomdnede)03:14
yowshidr_willis: 200+ gigs takes a while for fsck to get through where my computer does nothing but display the counter for like 20-30 minutes03:14
dr_willisyowshi,  i run limnux on my laptop that i amconstantly booting up.. and i  only see it fsck rarely.. like once a month or so.03:14
yowshidr_willis: what exactly does fsck do03:14
hitman1985hi @ all, im runing hardy heron 8.04 and i got some network printer issues with a hp office jet03:14
dr_willisyowshi,  Hmm.. 250gb hd here.. takes about 3 min to check at boot time for me.03:14
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, wat kind of issues?03:15
yowshidr_willis: odd mine takes alot longer then 3 minutes03:15
dr_willisfsck = filesystem check.03:15
schnauzeryowshi: it's kind of like chkdsk for Windows; it checks for & repairs errors.03:15
kevinOhello o have like 5 screen sessions how do i kill them?03:15
RyanPriorIs there a way to get audioscrobbling support for Totem?03:15
J-_Is there anyway to scan for a virus on my machine? I know it's highly impossible, but I still may have one.03:15
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, i got actually 2 hp printers on my linksys wrt54g, one is an older 2600 series hp, and the newer officejet is the issue03:15
yowshischnauzer: if i recall correctly windows only needed that when the computer was shut down improperly03:15
dr_willisJ-_,  most av software for linux..scans files for windows viruses. :)03:15
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, i cant find it in auto detect mode03:15
dr_willisbye all.03:16
yowshiwhy does ubuntu run it in my caseevery 25 reoots or so]03:16
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, can you find it manually?03:16
shelbydoes firefox use anything outside of ~/.mozilla?03:16
crzyboi_Laptopshelby, im not sure03:16
J-_Will clamav scan every directory I have?03:16
schnauzeryowshi: linux also runs fsck when shut down improperly, on some filesystems.03:17
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, it doesnt even really show up as hp... on the router tho, just checked that :(03:17
crzyboi_Laptopshelby, probably not because thats the root03:17
craigbass1976My laptop wireless is a turd since upgrading to hardy.  Is the broadcom driver included running 11mbs or something?03:17
shelbyah true03:17
J-_yeah my wireless just went kaput03:17
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, the older printer works fine tho right?03:17
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, HP9F4E24192.168.1.10200-1b-78-9f-4e-24Ethernet03:17
hitman1985€8° this is what i got03:17
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, its not the router?03:17
randomlogic78I would like to prevent users from logging in via ssh and allow only users in a particular group.  I've edited /etc/ssh/sshd_config  and added the line "AllowGroups groupname" but any user can still ssh03:17
yowshischnauzer: yeah it runs some kind of short hand version of the fulkl scan it runs on my 250 gigs every 25 reboots03:17
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, yep the older one works just fine03:17
crzyboi_Laptopshelby, sorry i couldnt help you out more03:18
shelbyim going to try cp its fine03:18
grim76randomlogic78: did you restart the ssh service?03:18
shelbyyou guys are awesome03:18
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, im guessign the new one has 102 in the end03:18
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J-_randomlogic78:  change the ssh port03:18
TigranGhey how can I extract backup.img.gz to /media/Backup/__restore_data__. i'm doing gunzip -c backup.img.gz while in the __restore_data__ directory and it doesnt work03:18
yowshischnauzer: those only take a minute or two to run. when it goes for a full scan it takes alot longer03:18
shelbyyou cant walk into a linux irc channel these days without having your head removed, im just glad you tried to be as helpful as you did :)03:18
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, so it isnt a router problem... did you follow the network printing instructions from the manual?03:18
randomlogic78J-_ why would that help?03:18
randomlogic78then anyone that knows the port can still login03:19
grim76randomlogic78: did you include a denyusers line as well?03:19
J-_at least it wouldn't de default03:19
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, no manual :-( so i thought it might be just installing a driver or something like that03:19
randomlogic78grim76: no, what is the syntax for that03:19
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, look up the latest drivers on hp's site03:19
yowshischnauzer: so how can i do something about this. if not disable it make it do the shorter scan or something. or manually run it whenthe comps booted so i can have some if minimal functionality out of my comp during the scan03:19
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, think i should give each pc on it a static ip ( one ip all the time the same ? )03:19
grim76randomlogic78: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-security-4/sshdconf-allowusers-access-441070/03:19
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, yes... that way the computer knows exactly which one every time03:20
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, wow i havent done that in a loooong time :(03:20
yowshianyon4e else know anything about fsck?03:21
digitalfiz_i always give static ips03:21
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, on the linux i guess disable roaming mode ?\03:21
kevinOhello I have like 5 screen sessions how do i kill them?03:22
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, ya03:22
silenihmm i just installed ubuntu and i get so many updates like 126 mb of update should i just select all and install?03:22
crzyboi_LaptopkevinO, restart X ctrl+alt+bkspc03:22
hitman1985crzyboi_Laptop, :) thank you. ima be right back i guess03:22
sileniis this like windows where the better you updated the secure you are?03:22
schnauzersileni: this is true of any software.03:23
kevinOcrzyboi_Laptop, its on my vps though03:23
kevinOim using "screen"03:23
silenischnauzer: ok i will update all03:23
crzyboi_Laptopsileni, is you update often... then you know ur secure and all the bugs are fixed03:23
sileniok guys thanks03:23
sileniappreciate it03:23
randomlogic78thanks deny fixed it03:24
crzyboi_LaptopkevinO, so do it on ur vps03:25
College_trainedis intrepid stable these days? i haven't checked recently03:26
crzyboi_LaptopCollege_trained, there's still alot of bugs03:26
kevinOcrzyboi_Laptop, there s no x on my vps03:26
grim76randomlogic78: no problem03:27
schnauzerCollege_trained: Intrepid is still not recommended for a production machine.03:27
College_trainedgood to know03:28
crzyboi_Laptophitman1985, any success03:28
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crzyboi_LaptopkevinO, u probably dont want to restart rite?03:28
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grim76kevinO: you can re-connect to those sessions and exit out of them.03:29
=== College_trained is now known as DJBC
solexiousWhat do i add to rm to remove a folder?03:29
kevinOcrzyboi_Laptop, no i cant its not my vps, i just have an account03:29
ridatasolexious: rm -r03:29
kevinOgrim76, i cant figure out how to exit them03:30
DJBCi thought it was rmdir03:30
ridataDJBC: that works too03:30
solexiousso rm /home/sol/* -r would remove any files and folders in /home/charles03:30
grim76just type exit then you will eventually get one that will say [screen terminating]03:30
ridatasolexious: put the -r right after rm03:30
ridatasolexious: and then yes, it will.03:31
solexiousridata, thank you03:31
TricyclethiefYou won the fight, taking 4 damage and dealing 25 damage to your enemy. You gained $168 and 1 experience points.03:31
TricyclethiefYou iced fUNKmOBSTAH.03:31
Tricyclethieflol i got my first kill at lvl 1!!!03:31
ridataDJBC: rmdir will remove the directories, rm -r will remove the directories and folders in one fell swoop03:31
kevinOgrim thanks03:31
Tricyclethiefoh doh wrong window =\03:31
DJBCridata: does rm -r remove all files and folders?03:31
grim76kevinO: Not  a problem.03:32
neil_dwhy does the alternative cdrom, install lilo instead of grub when you don't install a desktop ?03:32
ridataDJBC: yeah03:32
nosbigDJBC: Depending on the permissions, yes.03:32
DJBCwow and all this time i've been using rm and rmdir03:32
Picineil_d: Its probably due to the filesystem type you chose.03:37
=== sean is now known as Guest48185
Guest48185wht is this03:37
Davidgfhgfhhey guest what up playa03:38
plutohi guys what ya doing03:38
Davidgfhgfhi need some help03:38
Guest48185i downloaded this app a few hours ago03:38
Davidgfhgfhwith ubuntu03:39
FloodBot1Davidgfhgfh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:39
Guest48185didnt use it again03:39
Guest48185till now03:39
pluto:) :(03:39
crzyboi_LaptopDavidgfhgfh, need help with what?03:39
Davidgfhgfhi want to try the livecd03:39
Guest48185i need help installing frostwire03:39
Davidgfhgfhbut i dont know how to get it working03:39
Davidgfhgfhi press enter to start it03:39
philippe_Is there any Rhythmbox user here who have found how to browse music library by folder?03:39
Davidgfhgfhbut a black screen comes up then nothing03:39
crzyboi_LaptopDavidgfhgfh, it might be something wrong with the disc...03:40
crzyboi_LaptopDavidgfhgfh, try reburning it slower maybe 8x or so...03:40
bullgard4'man terminator' mentions a 'frame based window manager'. What is a  _frame based_ Window-Manager?03:40
crzyboi_LaptopDavidgfhgfh, you might also want to try the alternate cd03:40
Guest48185i didnt have a problem with the disc03:40
Guest48185you should try wubi03:41
Davidgfhgfhi burned four different discs03:41
Davidgfhgfhall were 100% when i did the check thing03:41
Davidgfhgfhwith the iso and from the disc03:41
roukounDavidgfhgfh: use the md5checksum to see if your download is corrupted and then try burning the live cd again03:41
Davidgfhgfhi did that also rou03:41
roukounDavidgfhgfh: please dont flood the channell03:41
Davidgfhgfhhow am i flooding03:41
Davidgfhgfhcant have more then one messege ina row03:42
Pici!enter | Davidgfhgfh03:42
ubottuDavidgfhgfh: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:42
roukounDavidgfhgfh: write your problem all in one and dont press enter after each word03:42
bullgard4 !interpunction Davidgfhgfh03:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:42
bullgard4!interpunction Davidgfhgfh03:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:42
visofhow can i run rmvb file, totem and mplayer doesn't run it?03:42
roukounvisof: what about vlc?03:43
tritiumDavidgfhgfh: you're flooding by not using punctuation, and instead hitting Enter between each sentence.03:43
visofi'll try03:43
Guest48185can someone help me with frostwire. i installed it and it wont work. its in the applications menu, but when i click it nothing happens.03:43
Davidgfhgfhok now i burned a disc checked the iso before i burned and then using the utility on the cd. i press to start the livecd nothing but a blank black screen03:44
nonewmsgsGuest48185, i had troubles with FW too.  try gtk-gnutella it works pretty much the same03:44
roukounDavidgfhgfh: from where did you download the disk?03:44
College_trainedguest48185: do you have any version of java installed?03:44
Davidgfhgfhubuntu website03:44
roukounDavidgfhgfh: can you give me the link?03:45
FFEMTcJis it possible to create a shortcut to a ssh in which the ssh sesion automatically starts to login?03:45
roukounFFEMTcJ: ssh isnt static meaning that the portion of the ip changes from time to time...03:46
roukounFFEMTcJ: you can create a shortcut but for a specific machine at a time03:46
yowshiis there a way of making fsck not do a full scan after x number of reboots?03:46
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:47
=== ERICH is now known as ERIC_H
roukounDavidgfhgfh: wait a minute to chech it03:47
FFEMTcJroukoun: mine are all setup via domain.. so it will always be the same domain03:47
Davidgfhgfhi dont remember what server or whatever i chose03:47
Guest48185i looked up guentilla or however it is spelled. i couldnt figure it out. i have only been on linux period for about 4 days and im having a little trouble adjusting03:47
FFEMTcJroukoun: how would i go about doing that?03:47
hmldoes anyone have ubuntu running on a macbook pro with hibernation / suspension when closing the lid working?03:48
roukounFFEMTcJ: just create a shortcut on the desktop and in the command box add the command you want to execute03:48
FFEMTcJroukoun: ty03:49
Guest48185sorry, i have a gateway03:49
Guest48185how do i change my name from guest????03:50
PiciGuest48185: /nick newname03:50
Palintheus/nick nickyouwant03:50
sivaniconanyone ever see a problem when you go to look at man pages they are formated funky03:50
Guest48185cool. thanks03:50
pryordaHey guys03:50
pryordaQuick question03:50
Allan_Rhaehello all03:51
=== Guest48185 is now known as seansobes
roukounDavidgfhgfh: when you choose the location and the download start it dericts you to another page which you can find a file named https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM.... use that to chech if your dowload was succesful... then try again03:51
sivanicon     <---- im getting this kind of crap03:51
seansobessweet. tahnks guys03:51
Allan_Rhaehello all03:51
=== Commie_Cary[CPCN is now known as commie_cary
pryordaIt looks like when I run ncurser based applications like sysvconfig I get a bunch of letters on the borders03:51
Allan_Rhaeis there any who can help me with ubuntu installation03:51
pryordado I need to set the termtype?03:51
pryordaAllan_Rhae: whats your issue03:52
tgblbhey, I'm using xfce4 and I accidentally added 6 virtual desktops with alt+prtscn... can someone tell me how to get rid of them? :P03:53
grim76pryorda: are you connecting via a ssh session from windows or something similar?03:53
Allan_Rhaehello all03:53
Allan_Rhaeis there any who can help me with ubuntu installation03:53
pryordaso ssh03:54
seansobesi can03:54
seansobesa little03:54
Davidgfhgfhim redownloading a iso right now03:54
grim76pryorda: Last time I ran into that problem I changed putty's setting to utf-8.03:54
roukounAllan_Rhae: just tell us about your issue03:54
sjeahi all03:54
pryordagrim76: thanks03:55
pryordaI figured it was that03:55
Allan_Rhaemy laptop is clevo m540 se03:55
Allan_Rhaei really have a problem with my video card03:55
roukounDavidgfhgfh: when you want to talk to someone specificaly type his name before the sentence03:55
Allan_Rhaethere is no compatible graphics card out there to use03:55
Davidgfhgfhroukoun ok03:56
seansobesi have a intell chipset so i dont have a problem03:56
pryordagrim76: that worked03:56
pryordaAppriciate it03:56
Davidgfhgfhroukon: ok im redownloading a iso then ill check and burn again then check the integrity and then try and see if it works again03:56
grim76pryorda: no problem03:57
roukounDavidgfhgfh: did you read it?03:57
pryordaI figured it was something liek that since i have had the issue with FreeBSD before03:57
sjeai installed ubuntu to my kids computer and having truble hearinfg the sound from mp3? but can hear start up sound?03:57
roukounDavidgfhgfh: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM03:57
sjeainstalled codics unless there are others03:58
Davidgfhgfhroukon: i already downloaded the md5 for windows and check when im done03:58
Allan_Rhaeis there any who can help me?03:58
roukounDavidgfhgfh: ok.... my name is roukoUn no roukon!!!!!!!!03:58
FFEMTcJroukoun: im probably missing something but for the command i typed ssh user@domain.com and when i click it it pops up with a box asking for a password.. i enter it, and then nothing happens.. how do i make it open terminal and then automatically type in the ssh user@domain.com part?03:59
grim76pryorda: if you use screen don't forget to pass the arguments for utf-8 to it as well.03:59
Davidgfhgfhroukoun: ok03:59
roukounFFEMTcJ: so you want a shortcut for the terminal?04:00
FFEMTcJroukoun: yes, but i want it to automatically login to ssh.. is that possible?04:00
pryordagrim76: how do that04:00
pryordahow do you do that04:00
Templar_XionIf I don't have a FQDN what is suggested for the FQDN when configuring Postfix?04:01
grim76pryorda: use the -U switch04:01
roukounFFEMTcJ: actually i'm not sure but i dont think so... anyway you can use an alias to do that...04:01
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: gnome-terminal -c "ssh whoever@whatever"04:02
FFEMTcJJordan_U: thanks04:02
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Sorry, it's -e, not -c04:02
hitman1985anyone here that can help me setup a network printer little quick on ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron04:03
pryordaso grim7604:03
pryordascreen -U04:03
FFEMTcJJordan_U: works.. thanks alot04:03
tgblbNobody know how to remove virtual desktops in xfce?04:03
pryordacan you specify that in04:03
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: np04:03
grim76!enter | pryorda04:03
ubottupryorda: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:03
grim76pryorda: I believe so, but I usually just type it manually.04:04
[Solars]erm Live CD can get a crc error?04:04
MakuseruAre there any media converters in Ubuntu to turn .wav's to .mp3's?04:04
ScuniziMakeGho: is this for your player? or just storage?04:05
tgblbMakuseru, I think audacity can do that.04:05
pryordabesides sysvconfig04:05
ScuniziMakuseru: is this for your player? or just storage?04:05
ScuniziMakeGho: sorry wrong nick04:05
[Solars]tried booting up into live cd and i get an error saying that it found the image on the ram disk, followed by a crc error then saying it cannot open root device "<NULL>"04:05
pryordaBesides sysvconfig how do I configure services to start automatically04:06
Lone`Wolfspeakin of audacity I need to know what repos I need to get audacious04:06
MakuseruScunizi: to upload to Soundclick04:06
Scunizi[Solars]: might be a bad burn04:06
Odd-rationale!info nautilus-script-audio-convert | Makuseru04:06
ubottumakuseru: nautilus-script-audio-convert (source: audio-convert): A nautilus audio converter script. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB04:06
[Solars]Scunizi strang if it is, cuase i been using it all day04:06
Odd-rationaleMakuseru: Also, look up soundconverter04:06
MakuseruThanks for the help guys, got Audacity to do it really quick.04:06
Odd-rationaleMakuseru: or, if you don't want to install anything... ad you only have a couple files or so, try some online services: http://www.zamzar.com04:07
ScuniziMakuseru: soundconverter is the one.. it's in the repos04:07
MakuseruOdd-rationale: thanks, thats really helpful04:07
[Solars]i'll try burnning another cd04:08
Scunizi[Solars]: thought you were having issues on boot.. so you get the error and it continues?04:08
[Solars]scunzi nope its a new error .. .might be related to why my raid has all disk offline members04:08
[Solars]trying to get into livecd and load up some raid apps to see if i can fix the problem04:09
Scunizi[Solars]: you working on "server" or desktop? and you're right.. the desktop live cd doesn't have auto raid.04:09
softnetalguien habla español04:09
=== cars is now known as cars__
[Solars]'lo cars__04:10
Scunizi[Solars]: can you get into "rescue" or "recover" kernel.. it's command line but you might be able to do it there.04:10
bronzewallaanyone know if there's a program that you can record video with a webcam in ubuntu?04:10
softnetalguen habla españollllllll04:10
[Solars]Scunizi burning another disk :P04:10
Scunizi[Solars]: as SLOW as your burner will go04:10
[Solars]Scunizi just strange that a cd goes bad that quick04:11
tritium!es | softnet04:11
ubottusoftnet: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:11
[Solars]and it wasn't even scratched04:11
=== fligg_ is now known as MidnighToker
Scunizi[Solars]: you might also try the "alternate" cd04:11
[Solars]whats the "alternate" cd04:11
Scunizi[Solars]: it's not live.. it's a text install cd that has some extra stuff like LVM04:12
cars__[Solars]: Hello!04:13
[Solars]scunizi i am sure my problems currently not related tothe cd but rather my mobo going ou04:13
Scunizi[Solars]: k04:14
^paradox^im in need of help setting up sharing of a printer over a network between a ubuntu pc and vista pc. the guy who was helping me had to leave. heres our conversation http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html04:14
[Solars]cars__ heh i still haven't gotten to try out virtualbox ... one error after the next04:14
[Solars]or rather one major problem after the next04:14
Davidgfhgfhroukoun: the md5 are the same04:14
[Solars]biggest problem now )totally unrelated to ubuntu) is my raid desk has all "offline members" so i can't even load/mbr to either OS atm04:14
binskipy2uguys i asked this in kde 4.x room, but ill  ask it backwards in here.. if i installed ubuntu, and then added kde 4.1.1 and realized how much i like ubuntu(gnome)04:15
Davidgfhgfhroukoun: im going to burn and then try and see if it worked. even though i dought it04:15
binskipy2uis there any advantage to getting rid of kde?04:15
binskipy2uuninstalling it04:15
binskipy2uper say04:15
=== root is now known as Guest33085
jribbinskipy2u: you get some space on your hard drive04:15
MakeGhoScunizi: no problem ;) I'm used to it. In the recent times people often pasted lines like "make:<tab> *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop." and I got them all.04:15
binskipy2u500gigs..thats not an issue04:16
binskipy2uanything else jrib?04:16
jribbinskipy2u: not really04:16
J-_Is it possible to use wpa2 with nm-applet?04:16
tritiumJ-_: yes04:17
cars__hi tony__04:17
Guest33085please help i'm get error : Failed to fetch http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/d/db4.4/libdb4.4_4.4.20-11_i386.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80]04:17
Guest33085Failed to fetch http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/d/db4.5/libdb4.5_4.5.20-11_i386.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80] , update my kubuntu04:17
^paradox^so can someone give me a hand?04:17
Allan_Rhaehello all04:17
tritium!paste | Guest3308504:17
ubottuGuest33085: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:17
Allan_Rhaehelp plz04:17
[Solars]scunizi nope the new burnt disk has the same problem04:17
tony__im bored04:17
[Solars]wonder what the LiveCD uses for a RAM disk04:17
J-_tritium:  How so? I don't see an option in nm-applet to use it?04:17
sivaniconallan_rhae: whats going on?04:17
tony__any girls in here?04:17
jribGuest33085: sudo apt-get update04:18
tritiumtony__: stay on topic04:18
Davidgfhgfhroukoun: are you still there04:18
RyanPriorIs there a way to get Last.FM audioscrobbling support for Totem?04:18
jribtony__: this channel is for ubuntu support04:18
tony__whats the topic04:18
cars__tony__, you may want to try #ubuntu-offtopic if you don't have a support question.04:18
SaintYossarianEvening all.  Just installed Ubuntu 8.04, and my mouse-3 (middle button) is browser-back, and not click to roll... anyone know how to configure it?04:18
Scunizi[Solars]: that burned pretty quick.. I usually burn at 4x just to be save with the iso's.. maybe another problem..04:18
XeKtRuMhow can I want to change /dev/dsp1 to /dev/dsp04:18
XeKtRuMhow can I do that?04:18
jrib^paradox^: best to just ask the channel your question04:18
Guest33085jrib, already did that04:18
Dapscan anyone help with vsftpd ??04:19
jribGuest33085: try a different mirror then04:19
Guest33085jrib, 04:19
Guest33085and the error continued04:19
Spragie`screen is the pimp shyat04:19
biouser_where's some good documentation about getting wireless on my laptop?04:19
^paradox^ok then to the entire channel can anyone help me finish up?04:19
biouser_ifconfig has no ath004:19
Dapsi can't find /etc/vsftpd and so i cant create a password file to add users04:19
pryordaNO answer?04:20
falloreis there a rhythmbox support channel or should i use this one?04:20
jrib!wifi > biouser_04:20
ubottubiouser_, please see my private message04:20
jribpryorda: best to just ask the channel your question04:20
pryordajrib: heh did.. Is there a way to view startup services and configure them besides sysvconfig04:21
jrib^paradox^: ask an actual question.  Most of us have no idea what you are finishing up04:21
SaintYossarianAnyone know how to change my mouse configuration?04:21
pryordajrib: what04:21
jribpryorda: system -> administration -> services?  bum? sysv-rc-conf? man update-rc.d?04:21
pryordaim talkin from cli04:21
pryordaIm using ubuntu server04:22
^paradox^dude if u scroll up a few lines ull find a paragraph of what im asking about04:22
jribpryorda: I gave you several options for cli04:22
Spragie`anyone know why x would just restart itself for no apparent reason?04:22
ubbuntu-newbiehow do you install firefox on ubuntu......04:23
pryordanone of those help me04:23
Spragie`anyone know why x would just restart itself for no apparent reason? -- or know how/where i could find info on why it would do this?04:23
tritiumSpragie`: you're asking for a reason for something with no apparent reason.  Come on, be reasonable.04:23
jrib^paradox^: k, well I'm just telling you that if you actual want help from people that have just joined, then you should be repeating your question with details.  Otherwise address the users who helped you before04:23
Spragie`tritium, would there be a log of something like this?04:23
ubbuntu-newbiehow do you install firefox.... the archive version04:23
jribubbuntu-newbie: ubuntu comes with firefox.  Check your internet menu04:23
tritiumSpragie`: /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:23
Spragie`tritium: thanx04:23
KidJoe1665Music and SoundFX are not working for most of my games in ubuntu studio! Please Help me?04:24
jrib!pm | ubbuntu-newbie04:24
ubottuubbuntu-newbie: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.04:24
jribubbuntu-newbie: what version of ubuntu are you using?04:24
* genii ponders "archive version"04:24
dTxSo have there been many e1000e OMG! posts today?04:24
Bogus8for a software raid... do I need to have a mdadm.conf file?  I've been running without one for a long time but everything I have been reading says to type out a command and echo it out to that file04:25
danbh_intrepiddTx: I think thats intrepid, right?04:25
[timux]Hello, I've got a Radeon 9200 I'm trying to connect to a TV using s-video out. While the system is booting, it displays on the screen, but as soon as the system finishes booting and the OS has loaded the signal can no longer be detected by the TV.04:25
pryordajrib: I update-rc.d does not help for what I want so again. What i want to do is view the config that stores the startup information so i can actually edit it04:26
Davidgfhgfhis there a way for me to install linux but still use the windows bootloader???04:26
danbh_intrepiddTx: you should ask in #ubuntu+104:26
jribpryorda: you need to be more specific then.  What exactly are you trying to edit?04:26
SaintYossarianDoes anyone know how to change the configuration for mouse buttons in Ubuntu 8.04?04:26
ubbuntu-newbiehow do you install things that come archived?????04:26
[timux]I've tried following this http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout guide, but it doesn't seem to be working so far. Any ideas?04:26
danbh_intrepid!mouse > SaintYossarian04:27
ubottuSaintYossarian, please see my private message04:27
pryordaIm trying to find out what file stored the startup information for services that are in init.d04:27
jribubbuntu-newbie: you try to avoid it.  It's a lot better to use the Repositories as then you get automatic security updates.  There's also no general method for installing something that "come archived"04:27
SaintYossarianOh thanks!04:27
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html04:27
XeKtRuMhow can I disable a device04:27
pryorda./configure && make *&& make install04:27
geniiXeKtRuM: blacklist it's driver04:28
Davidgfhgfhhey does anyone recomend wubi04:28
yowshianyone know why i cant install the zsnes emulator which seems to be in the repo?04:28
jribyowshi: pastebin what happens when you try?04:28
pryordajrib: Im trying to find out what file stored the startup information for services that are in init.d04:28
XeKtRuMgenii, the problem it is that I have two devices using the same driver04:28
ubbuntu-newbie@ jrib..... i have got firefox version 2.0 .... but the new one is 3.0204:28
ubbuntu-newbiehow do i get the new version04:28
XeKtRuMbut I only want to disable 104:28
danbh_intrepidDavidgfhgfh: its supposed to be a good way to try out ubuntu...   If all you want to do is see ubuntu for the first time, definitely go with wubi04:28
jribpryorda: man update-rc.d.  That's what you want.  And if you believe it's not then you need to state exactly what you are trying to do04:29
yowshijrib: i made the atempt form the add remove programmes thing in the applications menu04:29
pryordaIm trying to fing the config04:29
jribubbuntu-newbie: what version of ubuntu?04:29
pryordakinda like rc.conf in bsd04:29
jribyowshi: try with apt-get install04:29
pryordaand inetd.conf in freebsd04:29
jribpryorda: read the man file04:29
kindofabuzzyowshi, sudo aptitude install zsnes04:29
jribman page04:29
geniiXeKtRuM: Some bios allow disabling of onboard devices like ethernet adapter, serial port,soundcard etc etc. Might be way to go if the one you don't want is onthe motherboard04:29
FlynsarmyDoes the latest version of nautilus support keepalives when SSHing?04:29
yowshijrib: hmmm it says that the package is not avilable but is reffered to by some other package04:29
ubbuntu-newbie@ jrib 7.0404:30
danbh_intrepid7.04, isnt that feisty?  mmm, ubbuntu-newbie , why havent you upgraded?04:30
jribyowshi: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list04:30
=== J_- is now known as J-_
ubbuntu-newbieits a miracle i got this one installed04:30
jribubbuntu-newbie: if you upgrade to 8.04, you'll have firefox 3 available to you04:30
ubbuntu-newbieis a manual update not possible?04:30
XeKtRuMgenii, in fact the one I need it is the one in the motherboard, and I need to disable the one from my Ati Card (I m talking about sound devices)04:30
SaintYossarianOkay, so I'm at this page suggested by danbh_intrepid, but I have no idea what any of this means.  Is there somewhere that explains wth this terminology means?  Someday I'll know what the heck all of this terminology means...04:30
kindofabuzzubbuntu-newbie, you'd probably be better off just formatting and installing 8.0404:31
jribubbuntu-newbie: it is, and I'll send you instructions, but I recommend you upgrade anyway since 7.04 is about to reach EOL04:31
Davidgfhgfhi have wubi and it is installing right now ill be back on ubuntu or back on xo04:31
Davidgfhgfhxp i mean04:31
jrib!firefox > ubbuntu-newbie04:31
ubottuubbuntu-newbie, please see my private message04:31
danbh_intrepidSaintYossarian: what are you trying to do?04:31
yowshijrib: http://pastebin.com/f780a234404:31
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html04:31
ubbuntu-newbiehnk you04:31
SaStritium: lol that made my system lockup trying to get to the bottom of that log file ha04:32
geniiXeKtRuM: I think you'd have to muck around in the udev system for it, unfortunately04:32
tritiumSaS: what did?04:32
felsgoldanyone know where i could talk about em8300?04:33
SaintYossariandanbh_intrepid:  Okay, in most of my use on other OS (Windows...) mousewheel click (mouse three) and roll means very fast scroll instead of standard roll.  default in 8.04 it goes back in the browser.  I'd like to change it to what I'm used to.04:33
XeKtRuMgenii, :o :( ok, thanks anyway04:33
geniiXeKtRuM: You might want to try setting the onboard as the primary04:33
SaStritium: i used gedit to open Xorg.0.log and started scrolling down w/ the scroll bar and my system froze up04:33
jribyowshi: what is the output of 'uname -m'?04:33
RudyValenciaHow do I configure a wifi connection from the console?04:33
J-_Is there anyway to see if my network is encrypted with WPA2 while connected to it?04:34
Dapswhen running apache2 how can i find out what my server's "host name" is ???04:34
XeKtRuMgenii, the only thing I want it is that my default soundcard (MB) goes in /dev/dsp and not in /dev/dsp104:34
geniiXeKtRuM: asoundconf   has commands for listing and choosing the primary device for sound04:34
tritiumSaS: unusual04:34
yowshijrib: you co0uld have just asked X86_64. but then i alreayd knew i was running a 64 bit system04:34
pryordajrib: im not understanding update-rc.d04:34
SaStritium:  where would i look to see if there is shared irqs/conflicting irqs ? im thinking maybe my pci wifi card and pci graphics card maybe conflicting ?04:34
jribyowshi: zsnes isn't available on 64 bit04:34
danbh_intrepidSaintYossarian: sorry mate, I dont think I can help04:34
XeKtRuMgenii, my MB soundcard it is allready as the default one04:34
pryordajrib: everything in rc*.d that points to a init.d script will start?04:35
jribpryorda: so just use sysv-rc-conf.  It will let you change what services start on what levels04:35
SaintYossariandanbh_intrepid: Ah, well... thanks anyhow04:35
yowshijrib: ok so then hw do i install this from source. i presume i am going to need to do some work around04:35
geniiXeKtRuM: No other immediate ideas come to mind then04:35
XeKtRuMThe thing it is that (I dont know Why) I cant reproduce systems sounds cause makes my system crash when playing sounds04:36
falloreis there a similar or better music player than rhythmbox?04:36
jribpryorda: well everything in rcRUNLEVEL.d04:36
jribpryorda: that starts with an S04:36
jrib!player | fallore04:36
ubottufallore: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs04:36
SaStritium: thnx for the advice anyways, i need to run to the store; roommate is b****ing04:36
pryordawhat about K stuff04:36
XeKtRuMgenii, and a lot of software dont work cause my sound card it is in /dev/dsp1 and not /dev/dsp04:36
tritiumSaS: ok04:37
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html04:37
jribpryorda: stops/disables them04:37
XeKtRuMOther thing strange it is that sometimes it sounds like it is on a cave or lopping (ding ding ding ding...)04:37
XeKtRuMwhen I play a sound04:37
yowshijrib: bugger i can just wine it04:38
* KidJoe1665 hates being ignored.... But must get answer to question...04:38
pryordaso im trying to figure out what runlevel is exactly now04:38
christanHello, I Am Really New At This, Is There Anybody That Can Help Me With A Few Of My Questions??04:39
Cool-Nickhi guys, i have a laptop with 256 RAM. Which ubuntu version do you recommend?04:39
SaintYossarianDoes anyone know how to make Ubuntu 8.04 mouse configuration changes?  (Mouse-3 or wheel clicks DO cause browser-back, WANT them to cause 'fast-scroll')04:39
jribpryorda: runlevels 2-5 are identical by default.  2 is default04:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about myspace04:39
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:39
pryordajrib: i read the man on runlevel04:39
pryordaSO what is Run level04:39
XonaraUhh hey. I tried to compile something with scite but it spits out a .o file and I have no idea what to do with it. I couldn't find a scite room so... meh.04:39
XeKtRuMif I make a script to execute on start04:40
pryordajrib: I'm running ubuntu in a vm04:41
XeKtRuMI need to give it permissions?04:41
pryordais it normal for it to take forever04:41
XeKtRuMwish ones?04:41
jribpryorda: forever to do what?04:41
pryordaLoad Period04:41
TarantulafudgeI'm alive, I thought I would never get back on the net!04:41
moojaXonara: .o file is the executable04:41
pryordaits just really slow04:41
Tarantulafudgethere are no decent realtek wifi drivers for rtl8187b :(04:42
jribpryorda: forever isn't very accurate, but it doesn't take a long time to boot in a vm for me04:42
moojaXonara: but I believe this is the wrong channel to ask this question04:42
Tarantulafudgethis driver BARELY works04:42
pryordajrib: hardware?04:42
jribpryorda: core 2 duo 1.8ghz, 2gb ram04:42
ahtmly2khi can anyone help me? how do i customize the startup programs in hardy? cause i tried using "sessions" preferences but AWN never starts automatically everytime i reboot...04:42
pryordai have 1.8 ghz sempron 1 gig of ram04:42
pryordaCould that be the reason04:43
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html04:43
Xonarayeah I figured04:43
XonaraI tried running it and... Really, nothing happened.04:43
pryorda^paradox^: read teh man on samba04:43
jribpryorda: should be more than enough.  what vm are you using?04:43
Cool-Nickwhat versions of Ubuntu do you recommend for a 256 RAM laptop?04:43
jribCool-Nick: xubuntu04:43
moojaXonara: you will have to chmod +x <file>.o04:43
pryordaVMware Server 204:43
XonaraI'll try that04:44
Cool-Nickjrib: i don't like it04:44
pryordaits running better once x starts04:44
pryordabut its lagging as shit when you start say fluxbox04:44
Cool-Nickjrib: xfce if awful04:44
pryordasorry for cursing04:44
jribpryorda: tried to see if the same thing happens with a different distro?04:44
pryordajrib: it happens with freebsd too04:45
jribCool-Nick: well, gnome and kde will probably be sluggish unless you buy some more ram.  ram is cheap04:45
pryordaFluxbox started right up04:45
crdlbCool-Nick: any chance you could replace one of the 128MB sticks with a 256?04:45
pryordamaybe it just needed vmware tools04:45
XonaraI tried typing in the filename and it complains that test.o isn't a command.04:45
jribpryorda: try the vmware channel, they might have some ideas04:45
crdlb384 should be enough04:45
pryordajrib: its better now04:45
SaintYossarianAnyone know how to change a Ubuntu 8.04 mouse-3 configuration change?04:46
Cool-Nickjrib: i have 256 DDR 333MHz ram. It's toooooo expensive04:46
pryordavmware tools is what it needed04:46
Cool-Nickcrdlb: i have 25604:46
crdlbCool-Nick: usually they give you two sticks of 128MB to save money04:46
jribCool-Nick: "512 DDR 333MHz" in google gives me hits for like 30 bucks04:46
eTiger13how do i create command line shortcuts? as in vim /etc/apache/sites-available/default <- edithttp04:47
tritiumeTiger13: "alias"04:47
moojaXonara: try "./test.o"04:47
KidJoe1665can anyone read what I am typing?04:48
jribKidJoe1665: yeah04:48
tritiumeTiger13: your ~/.bashrc has some examples of alias definitions you can check out04:48
J-_Will nm-applet show my SSID even if I tell it not to broadcast on my router? I'm connected to it on wireless but I can see my network and others.04:48
tritiumJ-_: no04:48
Cool-Nickjrib: i don't know, but i asked in the market. 1 GB costs 100$!04:48
KidJoe1665ok, good so i'm just being ignored... not like i was silanced or anything...04:48
J-_tritium:  Sounds good. :D04:48
Xonaraterminal says it can't execute binary file...04:48
J-_tritium:  Thanks.04:48
rafkidevening all04:49
Cool-Nickjrib: i wish i get 2GB RAM. My CPU is 1.6GHz which is really great04:49
Cool-Nickjrib: if i install 2GB RAM, my laptop would live for 3 years04:49
Cool-Nickcrdlb: i have one 25604:50
moojaXonara: I would google "programming on linux" and see if you get anything04:50
J-_One more daft question. Can I somehow see if my network is using WPA2 to connect and not some other encryption?04:50
moojaXonara: you need to learn how the compiler works first04:50
XonaraMeh. Thanks for helping though04:50
XonaraScite seemed to work fine in windows, but it was a while back ago and I don't remember much of it04:51
geniiJ-_: sudo iwlist <ifacename> scan    then look for the essid of your wap, examine the stanzas there04:51
MooninautCan anyone think of a reason why GRUB would try to boot from sda1 when I explicitely told it to look in sdb1?04:51
Cool-Nickjrib: google this "1GB DDR SDRAM 333MHz notebook"04:52
J-_genii:  what do you mean by ifacename? My network name?04:52
geniiJ-_: wlan0 ath0   etc etc04:52
moojaXonara: scite just uses a wrapper script for gCC. if you're serious about programming you should learn how gcc works first04:52
J-_genii:  thanks muchly04:52
SaintYossarianAnyone know how to enable auto-scroll in FF3.01 for Ubuntu 8.04?04:53
moojaXonara: good luck with your learning though04:53
Xonarathanks :P04:53
rafkidcan anyone spare five minutes to help me with adding a user to the sudoers sources.list please?04:54
ahtmly2khi can anyone help me? how do i customize the startup programs in hardy? cause i tried using "sessions" preferences but AWN never starts automatically everytime i reboot...04:54
tritiumrafkid: simple -- add them to the "admin" group.  Don't touch the /etc/sudoers file at all.04:54
kindofabuzzFF 3.03beta is out in the repos now04:55
SaintYossarian3.03 is unacceptable to me for unrelated reasons.  ;.;04:55
Meztritium, I think he means he only wants them to be able to edit sources.list ?04:55
pryordaWhat would I use to configure Some stuff04:55
MezSaintPaulTom, I'd prefer a version 4.0404:55
kindofabuzzSaintPaulTom, that wasn't directed at you. i was just announcing it04:55
tritiumMez: maybe so.  Wording was odd.04:55
Davidgfhgfhdoes anybody know what this mean:04:55
moojaahtmly2k: awn is a menu plugin right?04:55
pryordaI want to find info on my video card and everything how do i do that04:55
Davidgfhgfhfuck sorry04:56
christanHey There, I'm Having Trouble With My USB Speakers and Hearing Sound. It Shows That It's Playing But I Dont Hear Anything.04:56
kindofabuzzi mean SaintYossarian04:56
tritium!language | Davidgfhgfh04:56
ubottuDavidgfhgfh: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:56
SaintYossariankindofabuzz: Sorry, it was actually marginally related to my question.  Heh.04:56
crimsunchristan: install pavucontrol and use it to migrate the stream to your USB speakers04:56
Mezchristan, from a console, type alsamixer, and see whether your levels are up...04:56
Mezoh... usb speakers04:57
tritiumMez: now we'll never know for sure04:57
christanKK i'll try that, thanks =]04:57
Davidgfhgfhdoes anybody know what this means: /etx/unit.d/rc:317:sed:not found       init:unable to execute "/bin/sh" for rc-default:no such file or directory          init:rc default main process (6871) terminated with status 25504:57
Davidgfhgfhi am using wubi and windows xp does anybody know whay this mean does anybody know what this means: /etx/unit.d/rc:317:sed:not found init:unable to execute "/bin/sh" for rc-default:no such file or directory  init:rc default main process (6871) terminated with status 25504:58
rafkidcan anyone tell me why you would not pm someone on this channel - why is it not appropriate that is? most grateful for the protocol nudge04:59
|thunderhey all, how can I get exact manufacturer, vendor and device ID codes out of my hardware ? im trying with lshw, but it tells me the name, i need corrosponding codes. any ideas ?  googles not much help04:59
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Does command:    apt-cache policy sed                 show that it is installed? (*** beside one of the versions)05:00
mooja|thunder: lspci05:00
Davidgfhgfhgenii: i am using wubi and have no clue what that apt-cache means i am new to ubuntu just installed wubi about 20 minutes ago05:00
|thundermooja; thanks, ill have a look05:01
XonaraUmm, what exactly do people mean when they say to "build" a file?05:01
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Open application called Terminal   and type in the command. It will list available versions of the program called "sed" and show 3 asterisks beside one of those if it is installed. If not installed, no 3 asterisks05:02
Lofde_Hi everyone, I am a ubuntu 8.04 user, and am trying to upgrade to 8.10  everything seems to be going good, just the connection is very slow, its downloading these packages at like 20k or less .. and i have a 6 mbit DSL connection anyone know what may be up with the repos?05:02
Lofde_Xonara:  compile a program?05:02
|thundermooja; lspci -nn, that did it, allmybaserbelong2you   :)05:02
|thundermooja; thanks a million.05:02
mooja|thunder: np :)05:02
geniiDavidgfhgfh: The most likely thing is that the program "sed" is not yet installed on your system05:03
ahtmly2ksorry i need another help... i've recently did some uninstalling few packages... but i feel that they leave a lot of junk... because my harddisk is ext3 is still full... and i store my private documents on my ntfs how can i make sure that the uninstalled packages are really gone and have no junks left behind?05:03
Davidgfhgfhgenii: i press enter to load ubuntu from the bootloader and it goes to a screen where it has the logo and loading bar then, after awhile of it frozen in the quarter mark that shows up about 100 times then the second and third messeges i posted comes up05:03
tarelerulzI have black ipod nano 8gb and gtkpod works great for managing videos and song ,but I can't manage my phones on it.  does anyone have the same thing ? if  so what do you use ?05:03
tritiumgenii: unlikely, as ubuntu-minimal depends on it05:03
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Ah, so not even booting fully then05:03
eTiger13whats the correct way to set server timezone?05:03
Davidgfhgfhgenii: yes05:04
Lofde_ahtmly2k:  hey there is a great program to see where the most of your disk useage is going to05:04
Davidgfhgfhgenii: you need my specs05:04
Lofde_ahtmly2k:  it will show it in a graph that way you can narrow down and find out where the most space is going to05:04
rafkidtritium: do tell why is it inappropriate to pm on this channel please?05:04
tritiumrafkid: it's just common courtesy/etiquette05:04
MooninautCan anyone think of a reason why GRUB would try to boot from sda1 when I explicitely told it to look in sdb1?05:04
tritium!pm | rafkid05:04
ubotturafkid: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.05:04
Lofde_ahtmly2k:  program is called the Disk Usage Analyzer05:05
geniitritium: His error msg said something like : /etc/unit.d/rc:317:sed:not found      so I looked there first05:05
* the_silent wb alll05:05
geniiDavidgfhgfh: No05:05
rafkidtritium: where are the rules tho - on other irc chans I use it is derigeour to do so? where can i find out the "common courtesy" rules you speak of?05:05
kindofabuzzwhy do i only receive update notifications when i run an atp-get update?05:05
tritium!conduct | rafkid05:06
ubotturafkid: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/05:06
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Are you using some raid system on your windows machine?05:06
rafkidtritium: thank you05:06
acrouseyhi, my screen is flickering when I get to the login screen (I was playing around with what the video card was). How am I able to change it back? I forgot the button I need to push. F#_, right?05:06
Davidgfhgfhgenii: i dont know is there a way to tell05:06
mineralehow can I tell if the physical ethernet cord is plugged to the socket (static ip) ?05:06
kindofabuzzlook at it?05:06
christanokay so i checked my levels and they are up and it is directed crimsun05:06
mineralekindofabuzz: i'm not at the machine05:07
SaSminerale: led's on ethernet card ?05:07
tritiumminerale: visual inspection?05:07
mineralei'm connected to it via remote KVM05:07
geniiminerale: Try to ping the gateway05:07
christanSo i directed everything to my USB speakers and the levles are up and i can hear a sound like it's "Starting Up" when i plug them in but i can't hear music when it says it's playing still...05:07
SaSwow @ chinese letters ;x05:07
mineralewill ifconfig tell me if the wire is attached?05:07
SaSminerale: that should tell you if the card is recognized05:08
Davidgfhgfhgenii: is there a way to rell if i am using raid i dont know what raid is05:08
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Probably, but offhand I forgoet most of what I knew about windows05:08
SaSminerale: and if it is, it will show the ip address associated with the card (eth#)05:08
rafkidtritium: i guessed as much - it is not so much "common courtesy" as a rule of your own - thank you for the lesson05:08
christanSo i directed everything to my USB speakers and the levels are up and i can hear a sound like it's "Starting Up" when i plug them in but i can't hear music when it says it's playing still...05:09
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Raid is when you are storing data across several drives as if they are  single drive. Wubi hates it05:09
tritiumrafkid: no, it's not a rule of my own.05:09
tritiumubottu: tell rafkid about pm05:10
ubotturafkid, please see my private message05:10
rafkidtritium: as you wish05:10
Davidgfhgfhgenii: i only have one harddrive in my computer but i do have a ext harddrive05:10
tritiumrafkid: cool it05:10
geniiDavidgfhgfh: OK, odds are no raid set up then05:10
acrouseyhi, my screen is flickering when I get to the login screen (I was playing around with what the video card was). How am I able to change it back? I forgot the button I need to push. F#_, right?05:11
SaSDavidgfhgfh: did you try removing the ext hd ?05:11
Davidgfhgfhgenii: should i unplug that05:11
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Probably not05:11
Davidgfhgfhsas and genii: before i go to bed tonight ill try it without ext harddrive..... is there anything else that could possibly be causing this problem05:11
SaSacrousey: you mean ctrl+alt+f1 for a console ?05:12
acrouseySaS: thanks! Would you happen to know a way to set it to previous settings, or am i kind of screwed there?05:13
geniiDavidgfhgfh: Was it an external drive you are attempting install onto?05:13
Davidgfhgfhgenii: no05:13
SaSacrousey: what was the setting you changed?05:13
acrouseyvideo card05:13
=== daklan_cls is now known as daklan
moojaacrousey: you might have to edit your X11 config file from the console05:14
rafkidtritium: cool what? I am simply trying to get some help from these like minded people?05:14
Killer--Tuxhow do i add music to my ipod05:14
acrouseySaS: I have an integrated graphics card, so, yeah......05:14
acrouseymooja: just delete vid card info you think?05:15
pryordaHow do I kill X05:15
FFEMTcJJordan_U: would it be possible somehow to do two executes? gnome-terminal -e "ssh user@domain.com" "command 2"?05:15
SaSacrousey: as mooja said you probably will have to edit your X11 conf file, if it worked before, you can change the "settings" back ... try running the live version and comparing the x11 conf files05:15
pryordai was using xdm05:15
pryordastopped it and i wanna stop X cause its still running05:15
tritiumrafkid: you know exactly what05:15
DieselHopperCan anyone help me with SMTP?05:16
moojaacrousey:  I would try renaming your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to something like /etc/X11/xorg2.conf and then trying to restart your X05:16
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Yes, do you want the second command to be run on the remote machine or the local machine?05:16
moojaacrousey: when X server won't "see" the config file it will run with the safest possible settings05:17
DieselHopperI'm sure someone can help me lol05:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:17
=== samba is now known as Guest35753
DieselHopperSo..basically, don't ask.05:17
Lofde_anyone know why the repo's ubuntu 8.04 is using to upgrade to 8.10 is downloading soooo slow?05:17
Templar_XionDon't ask to ask, just ask your question, verbosely.05:17
FFEMTcJDieselHopper: ask your specific question05:17
rafkidtritium: i don't actually - I do know you appear to be abusing your position here when I am just trying to get some help - you have been rude and threatening so far when I a new to this environment and have not been rude to anyone05:17
Templar_XionLike Lofde_ did.05:17
DieselHopperI'm not going to type my question unless I know someone can help me with it :P05:18
moojaacrousey: so basically do "sudo mv /etc/X11/xconf.conf /etc/X11/xconf2.conf" an dthen restart the X1105:18
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Just add the command as the last parameter to ssh, ie: gnome-terminal -e "ssh whoever@wherever command"05:18
Templar_XionDieselHopper: ...05:18
FFEMTcJok.. thanks05:18
Templar_Xion!ask DieselHopper05:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:18
biouser_what should the basic /etc/network/interfaces look like for an ath0 wireless ?05:18
Templar_Xion:< burn05:18
DieselHopperAlright, I'll ask it.05:18
pryordai can kill X05:18
pryordabut its running05:18
pryordaI want to get back to console05:18
pryordaand its saying f you05:18
geniushell! my sistem works as snail. it stops like it's 286 !05:18
FloodBot3pryorda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:18
geniusTasks:  50 total,   1 running,  49 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie05:18
geniusCpu(s):  0.0%us,  0.0%sy,  0.0%ni,100.0%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st05:18
biouser_auto ath0            iface ath0 inet dhcp              ?05:18
SaSpryorda: ctrl+alt+f1 ?05:19
geniusits a problem with core qatdro?05:19
FFEMTcJJordan_U: that actually didnt work. :-(05:19
Lofde_I really wonder why this is so slow.. i am on a fast dsl connection and i am getting laughable dialup or isdn speeds05:19
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html05:19
pryordaSaS: its a vm05:19
FFEMTcJim trying to have it automatically open screen -x05:19
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: What happened?05:19
FFEMTcJthe term window popped up and then died05:19
^paradox^ive looked at the man pages dont make a lot of sense to me. sorry im still not great yet at the techincal stuff05:20
moojapryorda: sudo killall X05:20
DieselHopperI've connected to a host using telnet and it opens up a SMTP console, and you know, I follow the procedure, HELO blah, MAIL FROM:<blah>, RCTP TO:<blah> and I connect just fine. But the challenge is for me to find a specified deamon running on the server. So, I was wondering if there is a command that can show running applications of the host while connected.05:20
sekyourboxI just experienced a really long load time when booting ubuntu. any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue?05:20
Lofde_sekyourbox: boot log?05:20
Davidgfhgfhdoes anybody know what this means: /etx/unit.d/rc:317:sed:not found init:unable to execute "/bin/sh" for rc-default:no such file or directory  init:rc default main process (6871) terminated with status 25505:20
pryordamooja: did05:20
darkbishopi cant iuse wine....05:20
sekyourboxWhere is the boot log?05:21
Allan_Rhaeshow run05:21
Allan_Rhaeis the cli of linux just the same with cli of cisco?05:21
pryordairated@ubuntu-vm:~$ sudo killall X05:21
pryordaX: no process killed05:21
darkbishopi cant install google earth...i use command "sudo apt-get install googleearth" im using hardy..05:21
biouser_how to get wireless working on this laptop?  it is ar5212 atheros....05:21
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository05:21
RyanPriorIs there a way to get Last.FM audioscrobbling support for Totem?05:21
* DieselHopper has proved his point.05:21
^paradox^oops sorry05:21
moojahey, I'm new to linux. What's a good firewall software for linux?05:22
Lofde_sekyourbox:  /var/log/boot ?05:22
pryordamooja: iptables05:22
darkbishopmooja: use iptables05:22
pryordaSOB I cannot get X killed05:22
FFEMTcJJordan_U: any idea?05:22
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:22
Lofde_mooja:  fwbuilder05:22
moojais there a more friendly gui version of iptables?05:22
DieselHopperShall I ask again lol?05:22
sekyourbox(Nothing has been logged yet.)05:23
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Did you have a screen session running already? screen -x will fail if there are no screens to attatch05:23
moojaLofde_: ty, i will check it out05:23
FFEMTcJits runnin05:23
moojapryorda: try sudo killall Xorg05:23
ludwig__hey all.. any body know about ibex?  is it stable enough to use?05:24
Jordan_Uludwig__: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid05:24
Lofde_ludwig__:  i am upgrading right now05:24
moojapryorda: i'm out of ideas ><05:24
=== Gumby` is now known as Gumby
Lofde_the repos are going sorta slow that are downloading the 1,400 updates05:25
ludwig__oh yah, so ubuntu+1 is now stable enough to use?05:25
the_silentso sloly05:25
SaSwhat is the first thing I should do to secure my fresh ubuntu install from being 'hacked'05:25
softnetalguien habla español05:25
tritiumSaS: sit back and relax05:25
tritium!es | softnet05:25
ubottusoftnet: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:25
moojaSaS: sudo apt-get upgrade05:25
pryordamooja: its okay im very familar with *nix and ts funny05:25
SaStritium: lol ;] pretty secure then?05:25
tritiumSaS: yes.  No open ports by default.05:26
Templar_XionSaS: Unplug the ethernet. Guarenteed unhackable.05:26
ziesemer_Can someone please help me get my screen resolution set properly in Hardy Heron?  I have a CRT.  Works great under Windows at 1280x1024 @ 70 Hz.  Ubuntu is seemingly only allowing 60.  I've read dozens of pages / faqs about xorg.conf, tried inserting various modelines, etc.  No matter what I do, the "Screen Resolution" dialog always shows 1280x1024, 60 Hz.05:26
Lofde_ludwig__:  its still alpha (supposed to go beta today according to the time line) while it isnt yet released... i am sure its more stable than any operating system out of redmond WA :)05:26
Jordan_Uludwig__: No, it's not05:26
RudyValenciaCan someone tell me what the "hardy" APT repository contains?05:26
ludwig__playa hata05:26
RudyValenciaIs it original release packages?05:26
genii!repos | RudyValencia05:26
ubottuRudyValencia: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:26
ludwig__hate bill, hate bill, hate hate05:26
Lofde_those new commercials are so stupid05:27
SaStritium & Templar_Xion ; how about virus' , i hadn't had a virus problem on windows for years, i know there is like a 1:10000 virus ration linux:windows05:27
ludwig__yeah, i now hate seinfeld05:27
FFEMTcJJordan_U: no ideas?05:27
Jordan_Uludwig__: This is a support channel, #ubuntu-offtopic for random chatter05:27
phuzionI wnat to SCP a file to a remote machine, but use an SSH key to authenticate instead of a password.  I already have the key generated, I just need to know the arguments for SCP to get it to use the key.  Anyone know what the proper arguments would be?05:27
Lofde_i want to be in a commercial for ubuntu... have a bunch of youtubers on webcams saying "im a Ubuntu"05:28
tritiumSaS: not really a concern, unless your machine is, say, an email server to Windows clients.05:28
=== eltech- is now known as eltech
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:28
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Try "ping google.com" instead and see if that runs05:28
ludwig__okok, seriously, Ibex is not stable enough then.. hope to hear some reports/status reports on beta release05:28
ludwig__hate, hate, hate peace05:29
ziesemer_Anyone here knowledable about HorizSync, VertRefresh, xorg.conf, etc.?05:29
Lofde_ziesemer_:  what about it ?05:30
SaStritium: thnx again for advice; I am somewhat new to linux, i have taken short classes on linux which tought very basic commands so i basically know nothing about linux lol05:30
Lofde_it depends on what your monitor supports, and which you would like to use05:30
FFEMTcJJordan_U: yes.. but im not sure if it was from the server or my local because the screen that says you have logged in never appeared05:30
ziesemer_Lofde_, as shown above, I'm trying to get my CRT to 1280x1024 @ 75.05:30
Lofde_normally monitors default to 60hz but it depends on your resolution05:30
tritiumSaS: sure.  Welcome, and good luck.  (And good night!)05:30
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html05:30
Lofde_does your monitor support that res?05:30
ziesemer_Yes.  Works great under Windows at it.05:30
Lofde_hold on a sec05:30
Lofde_theres a good program for linux to change resolutions05:31
ziesemer_I've tried various things in /etc/X11/xorg.conf .05:31
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: That "screen" is the Message Of The Day ( MOTD ) and it only shows up when you start a login shell, you are starting ping, not a login shell05:31
Lofde_do you have System, Preferences, Screen Resolution ?05:31
ziesemer_But after Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, things seem to always revert.  Going to "System" / "Screen Resolutions" always shows 1280x1024 @ 60.05:31
ziesemer_Yes, there.05:32
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: It's odd that screen -x isn't working though05:32
Akazawahey guys, my computer keeps beeping randomly but I don't see any error messages pop up or anything. is there a way to check for error messages via the terminal?05:32
FFEMTcJi set it to gnome-terminal -e "ssh user@domain.com ping google.com" and it pinged google..05:32
FFEMTcJbut i dont know if it was before or after login05:32
droopsta915Hello, what do i need to install rar file?05:33
Lofde_droopsta915:  rar files need to be extracted like a .zip05:33
Davidgfhgfhdoes anybody know what this means: /etx/unit.d/rc:317:sed:not found init:unable to execute "/bin/sh" for rc-default:no such file or directory  init:rc default main process (6871) terminated with status 25505:33
SaSdroopsta915: rar files are archive files or compressed files, like zip05:33
droopsta915just xtract, cool, thanx05:33
ziesemer_Lofde_, is it possible that the "Screen Resolution" dialog just isn't reflecting the actual settings?05:33
ryan__I just installed virtualbox with windows xp; however, I get no internet connection.  Please help.05:34
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: It was almost certainly after login05:34
biouser_someone can probably help me with my wireless fairly easily and make me very happy05:34
Lofde_ziesemer_:  id say its probably showing whats actually set05:34
biouser_I pasted some ouput in that file there05:34
biouser_I have ar5212 atheros that hardy thinks has proprietary drivers that aren't seeming to work... I used to have the wireless working on an old kernel+network manager but then newer kernels weren't working but now I've upgraded to hardy05:35
Lofde_Akazawa:  beeping randomly ?05:35
droopsta915i tryed extracting a rar file but said archive type not supported.05:35
biouser_anyone got a clue how I can get my wireless working?05:35
ziesemer_So I've used http://www.sh.nu/nvidia/gtf.php, for example.  It gives me a modeline, which I pasted in to Section "Monitor".05:35
AkazawaLofde_: yes, as if it is getting an error every now and then05:35
ziesemer_Do I need to still add HorizSync, VertRefresh, etc.?05:36
Lofde_droopsta915:  RAR isnt supported by archive roller ... theres a program that will freely unrar .rar files in ubuntu avaible from apt-get05:36
Lofde_1 second05:36
AkazawaI'm downloading a very large amount of files right nwo and I'm wonderign if wget is having errors05:36
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Try changing the preferences in gnome-terminal to keep the terminal open after the command exits, then you will be able to see the error message05:36
droopsta915anyone no the apt-get to open rar files?05:36
Akazawasince that is the only thing going on on that computer05:36
Jordan_U!rar | droopsta91505:37
ubottudroopsta915: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free05:37
Akazawadroopsta915: you don;t install rar files, you uncompress or extract them05:37
Lofde_droopsta915:  http://www.ubuntux.org/how-to-install-rar-archiver-rar05:37
FFEMTcJJordan_U: "Must be connected to a terminal."05:38
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free05:38
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html05:38
Akazawadroopsta915: try sudo apt-get install unrar05:38
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Ahh, I guess screen won't work as a stand alone command05:39
speenerhow's it goin?05:39
FFEMTcJJordan_U: it doesnt appear to be connecting first for some reason.. is there a way to put a pause in there before the second command?05:39
speeneranyone from houston?05:39
Akazawadoes anyone know how where error messages are stored?05:39
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Why do you think that it's not connecting first?05:39
Akazawalike the system and application error messages log files or whatever05:40
FFEMTcJno idea..05:40
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: I seriously doubt that is happening05:40
malikulhey guys I need your help with a python script I am running.  have a background python script running from init.d. The script takes in parameters and then executes a commandline program. System is debian based. I would like the program to launch the second program in its own environment. As it a completely seperate process. I am using os.execvp but i keep getting errors. command is as follows... os.execvp( 'sudo', 'sudo', 'program',05:40
malikul '-s', '-f', 'config.file') is that the correct format? I am getting all sorts of errors...also would you recommend using a different api instead of os.execvp? I have read the doc's and call popen don't seem to fit the bill.05:40
Lofde_I have the Wireless Connection Manager 1.10 for connecting and finding wireless networks easily, but it doesnt auto connect on boot, anyone know how to make it05:40
Awsoonnhow can I use voice / video chat with empathy?05:40
FFEMTcJJordan_U: if I take the screen -x part out, it connects.. so it seems like the second command is either overruling or coming to fast or something for the first command05:40
=== raman is now known as ubuntuuser
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: If you don't have a command as the last parameter then it starts bash, if you do it starts the command you give instead. Because the command you give exits immediately the ssh session closes05:42
=== ubuntuuser is now known as ubuntuuser11111
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: Same way that the session closes when bash exits normally05:42
Akazawaso my computer keeps making beeps of more then one frequency, does anyone have a clue how to check for errors? I don;t know where the error logs are stored can anyone give me a hand?05:42
ubuntuuser11111I messed up my desktop using window key + r ,and moved it a bit to the left, how do i fix it05:42
FFEMTcJJordan_U: so theres no way to make a pause between the ssh and the screen?05:42
Jordan_UFFEMTcJ: No, there is, it just won't change anything05:43
ubuntuuser11111I messed up my desktop using window key + r ,and moved it a bit to the left, how do i fix it05:43
FFEMTcJJordan_U: what is the way for the pause if you dont mind05:43
^paradox^Akazawa: i been here nearly 2hrs05:43
legend2440Akazawa: http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm05:44
wariskamparcan anyone tell me which is the best for Ubuntu, Empathy or Pidgin05:45
malikulwariskampar: depends on pref really. I am personally inlove with pidgin05:46
Akazawaso basically all this beeping started AFTER I did the latest updates05:46
wariskamparnext gnome release will use Empathy instead05:46
Akazawathe beeping happens while the computer is running, not durign boot legend244005:46
malikulAkazawn: does the beeps start when you turn on the computer or when the os is booted fully05:46
=== manuel_ is now known as xtremox
Lofde_Akazawa:  laptop or desktop ?05:46
wariskamparis that mean, they will dump Pidgin05:46
AkazawaLofde_: desktop05:47
xtremoxirsii rulez05:47
malikulAkazawa: did you overclock or is your fan going loud or not at all?05:47
Akazawamalikul: neither05:47
Lofde_Akazawa:  what kind of desktop?05:47
Lofde_who makes it05:47
malikulAkazawa: also are the beeps coming from the speakers or from the mobo05:47
darkbishopAkazawa: maybe its just some application that u run?... try killing ur X and c if its keep beeping05:47
Akazawafrom the mobo05:47
FFEMTcJJordan_U: what is the way to create a pause please?05:47
Akazawathere are no speakers05:48
kindofabuzzexplanation of the FF 3.03beta: http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.planning/browse_thread/thread/e047739c7e3345f0/67d18ecf25844dd9?show_docid=67d18ecf25844dd9&pli=105:48
AkazawaI only use the terminal on it because I only ssh into it05:48
malikulAkazawa: I have had a case befoe where when sound is trying to play it will try to play over the system speaker. that could be your problem05:48
xtremoxff3 update is not storage password T_T05:48
malikulAkazawa: which would be really odd and strange if that was the case05:49
Akazawathis is my computer05:49
malikulAkazawa: sounds to me more like overheating beeps if you ask me05:49
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html05:49
Akazawamalikul: I don;t play sound on this computer05:49
ASrocki installed windows xp on my 250gb hard drive which is plugged into SATA1 and ubuntu on my 300Gb hard drive which is plugged into SATA0...the grub loader didnt detect windows xp how do i add it?05:49
Akazawahow do I check if it is overheating via the terminal?05:50
biouser_how do I find my wireless-essid?05:50
Akazawain total my cpu is only in use by 3%05:51
Akazawaso I doubt it is overheating05:51
malikulAkazawa: I am not sure. Could try calling dell. CPU % shouldn't make a difference.05:51
malikulAkazawa: you have xeon processors right?05:51
AkazawaI'm doing a shit load of hard drive and wireless stuff right now though05:51
Akazawamalikul: no, pentium 405:51
Lofde_Akazawa:  sometimes a dell can make beeps on start if its got some issues, but they shouldnt keep going into the computers operation05:52
^paradox^i really need a hand. got a shitload of files to print05:52
malikulAkazawa: the p4 should throttle down when overheating: is the system getting slower05:52
AkazawaLofde_: this computer has been on for months05:52
Lofde_is it a Percision or Optiplex ?05:52
Akazawamalikul: well the gui is slow right now, yes05:52
malikulAkazawa: sounds to me like overheating. is your fan running high or not at all. dells fans do break after a few years05:53
Akazawamalikul: I just installed a new fan, it if running fine05:53
darkbishopAkazawa:do this bep happen when u running any application in gui?05:53
Akazawadarkbishop: no, I don;t run apps in the gui05:54
malikulAkazawa: run xgears and see what frams you are getting05:54
malikullet it run a little05:54
Akazawathe only things going on right now are the screensaver, 10 instances of wget and ssh05:54
Lofde_Akazawa:  lol go to init 1 and see if it still beeps heh05:55
darkbishopAkazawa: have u try killing your gui and run fullie on text base...kill ur X...05:55
=== testing is now known as Guest6986
Akazawadarkbishop: when I try to kill X it just startzs it back up05:55
ziesemer_OK, I actually got my xorg.conf "broken" enough once that when X restarted, it presented me with this wonderful GUI full of monitor selections, etc.  Any clue how to get that back again??05:55
Akazawadarkbishop: how do I stop X05:55
darkbishopakazawa: if you using ubuntu then u can issue this command to kill ur X "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop05:56
Lofde_ziesemer_:  you could run the X.org configuration tool ?05:56
ziesemer_Which is?05:56
darkbishopAkazawa: oh... to start it back you just change the command to start05:56
ziesemer_(I didn't see it listed in any of the 12+ FAQs I read about xorg.conf...)05:56
LinuxWizard_can anyone help with live flash os's?05:57
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html05:57
malikulziesemer_ do you have nvidia installed?05:58
Lofde_ziesemer_:  xorgcfg05:58
malikulif you have nvidia drivers their is another config program for that05:58
biouser_how do I find the make of my wireless adapter?05:58
ziesemer_Nope, no nvidia.05:58
ziesemer_And "xorgcfg" results in "command not found".05:58
malikultry sudo xorgcfg05:59
biouser_are all ar5212's the same?05:59
ziesemer_same.  should it be installed by default?05:59
ziesemer_Or do I need to apt-get it?05:59
izinucsziesemer_, are you trying to install the nvidia driver?05:59
ziesemer_I don't have an nvidia graphics.05:59
biouser_i don't know what make of ar5212 I have...05:59
ziesemer_Just something built-in to the motherboard, and apparently Ubuntu is mostly working with it.06:00
ziesemer_Graphics work great at 1280x1024 @ 60hz.  I just want it at 70, like when I had it on Windows.06:00
izinucsziesemer_, you can find out what it is from a terminal by typing "sudo lshw | less"  .... then using the arrow keys to scroll through the text to identify the board.06:01
vogtyhello, can anybody help me with my hauppauge nova s2 hd tv card ?06:01
biouser_Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5212/AR5213 Multiprotocol MAC/baseband processor (rev 01)06:01
ziesemer_shw ?06:01
izinucsziesemer_, .... lshw... in caps (don't use caps) is LSHW06:02
ziesemer_Oh, looked like a pipe.  Thx for the clarification.06:02
izinucsziesemer_, there was one there..   sudo lshw | less06:02
Lofde_ziesemer_:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:02
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html06:03
Lofde_ziesemer_:  X -configure06:03
vogtykann mir einer mit meiner nova s2 hd karte helfen ?06:03
ziesemer_Lofde_, thx.06:03
izinucs!de | vogty06:03
ubottuvogty: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de06:03
ziesemer_izinucs, my display is "VGA compatible controller", 829456/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller, Intel Corp.06:04
Lukas___its posible to make some kind of installation really fast and small like Puppy Linux ??? (no server install takes 450mb minimal)06:04
softnetalguien habla español06:05
Starnestommy!es | softnet06:05
ubottusoftnet: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:05
Lofde_Lukas___:  Dam* small linux ?06:05
rogerThe sound that plays at the login window before you actually login. How can i find the sound file that plays06:05
ziesemer_Lofde_, I tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.  It configures my mouse, keyboard, and everything else, but does nothing or asks nothing about my screen.06:05
izinucsziesemer_, that doesn't always work using the dpkg line.. I'll have ubottu give you a link to fixing resolution and getting the driver working properly.. there is a bug listed in the link about how to place the monitors horizontal and vertical refresh rates into xorg.conf.06:05
Lofde_it runs on a <50 MB flash drive06:05
ziesemer_It's also not the window I'm trying to get back again.06:05
izinucs!resolution | zies06:06
ubottuzies: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto06:06
izinucs!resolution | ziesemer_06:06
ubottuziesemer_: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto06:06
Lofde_ziesemer_:  did you do   X -configure06:06
Lukas___Lofde: I want a really Ubuntu not a imitation like DSL,06:06
Lukas___its posible ?06:06
ziesemer_"sudo X-configure" also returns "command not found".06:06
ziesemer_err, space?06:07
Lofde_X    -configure06:07
ziesemer_k, looks like I have to kill X first.  Ctrl+Alt+Backspace is restart.  Quit?06:07
ziesemer_Thought it was "killx".06:08
ahtmly2kwhat is the swap good for...06:08
izinucsziesemer_, to restart x .... ctrl+alt+backspace.. or sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:08
geniiahtmly2k: Extending your RAM06:09
ziesemer_But X -configure is telling me that the server is already active.  Do I need to have "X dead" first?06:09
ahtmly2kyeah but its always 0%'06:09
Lofde_Lukas___:  Ubuntus minimum hardware requirements in my ubuntu book say 500 mb heh06:09
Lukas___Lofde: I know, I make the server install and takes that 450 - 500 aprox, what i want its really speed up like Puppy, I dont like Puppy, I prefer Ubuntu for his repos06:10
ahtmly2ki mean what good is a large swap when its never used...?06:11
izinucsahtmly2k, how large is it.. 1 gig is plenty06:11
brianskiam i the only one for whom flash is broken with the latest ff 3.0.3 update?06:11
dystopiahi i have a problem with my keyboard layout the whole right part of the keyboard is screwed, the key 'up' actually makes a screenshot, and page up/page down and the arrows dont work.. i'm on a thinkpad T61, it doesn't list my layout...06:11
ahtmly2ktoo big/06:11
ahtmly2kim on a 1.66ghz core2duo and a 2gb ram... is my swap resizable?06:12
jlillywould it be possible to run 2 raid 0's? One for linux, the other for windows?06:13
izinucsahtmly2k, should be but you can't do it while it's mounted.. it's much easier with a live cd06:13
ziesemer_How do I kill X?  Ctrl+Alt+Backspace kills it, but it keeps restarting.  I'm assuming I need to do this to run "X -configure".06:13
brianskiahtmly2k: it's not the end of the world. you can certainly use gparted (apt-get install gparted) to resize your swap partition06:13
brianskiziesemer_: /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:13
brianskiziesemer_: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:14
ziesemer_Thanks!  (Why can't I find this on the Ubuntu Wiki, Google, etc.??)06:14
jlillyziesemer_: because YOU haven't blogged about it yet :)06:14
ahtmly2kyes but i'd have to do it from a live cd right?06:14
ziesemer_Well, that's interesting.  I now appear to be at a "dead" console.06:14
brianskijlilly: what exactly do you mean? what sort of controller? hardware? fakeraid? software? both installations on the same logical disk or on two seperate logical disks?06:15
jlillyziesemer_: perhaps try alt+f2?06:15
ziesemer_It echos all my text, but nothing happens.06:15
ahtmly2ki mean i got gparted... but it wont resiza while its mounted... duh06:15
ziesemer_Yep, F2 did it.06:15
ziesemer_What _was_ I seeing?06:15
jlillybrianski: 4 HDD's using a raid controller on the motherboard.06:15
jlillyziesemer_: no clue, but alt+f2 takes you to another tty06:15
izinucsahtmly2k, like I said .. you can't resize anything while it's mounted. There's probably a way to unmount it.. but I'm not sure how.06:15
ahtmly2kehmn... i'm desperate for an extra space for americas army06:15
brianskiziesemer_: you were seeing tty7, which had nothing on it once X was killed06:15
jlillybrianski: just curious if grub could pass off to raid.06:15
izinucsctrl + alt + F2 for a different tty06:16
jlillyI would assume so, but I've also never build a raided machine.06:16
brianskijlilly: the answer is "it depends" but probably06:16
* jlilly nods.06:16
jlillycool. thx.06:16
brianskijlilly: i suggest srtongly you go for hardware raid06:16
^paradox^im in need of a hand setting up sharing of a printer over a network. itll be shared between a ubuntu and a vista pc. we have cable internet, vonage phone service and the router is a vonage one with 4 ethernet ports, 2 phone ports. was hoping someone could help me finish up. heres my previous conversation for referrence http://rafb.net/p/ynwmR762.html06:16
ziesemer_jlilly, was that an invite to blog about this once I get it figured out?  It honestly doesn't exist anywhere else yet??06:16
jlillybrianski: hardware as in a raid card or will the mobo due?06:16
brianskithat way you can have two logical disks (that appear to the hardware as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb) made out of 2 of your physical disks each06:16
jlillyziesemer_: it was an invitation. There's never too much information out there.06:17
dystopiahelp i need to define my thinkpad layout to my hardy heron gnome how do i do this???06:17
brianskijlilly: the "raid" on motherboards isn't hardware raid. you can get it to work, but it's more complicated and less ideal in terms of performance and data security06:17
ziesemer_OK, I finally got "X -config" to just run.  Though I'm still looking for something else.06:17
^paradox^can someone give me a hand? i got a lot of work to do06:17
ziesemer_At one point, I had a console-type GUI pop-up with a list of monitor choices, etc.06:17
jlillyyea... I don't know that I'll even be able to run linux on the compy I'll be building. Not sure if there's support for the gfx cards06:17
jlillyand there's definitely not room enough for a raid card in the form factor case I'll be getting.06:18
jlillySuppose I'll burn that bridge when I get there :)06:18
izinucs^paradox^, not sure how to do what your asking.. and if nobody here knows you might try #linux06:18
Allan_Rhaehello all06:18
^paradox^izinucs: the printer is on my girlfriends PC06:19
^paradox^hers runs vista home06:19
speeneri hate this06:19
speenerwhy won't firefox show some sites06:19
Lofde_jlilly:  i used to use windows xp and  vista only because needed software for them, now that i have ubuntu with virtualbox, i love linux and never would look back at windows..06:19
speenerlike i can't load volkswagen.com06:19
brianskispeener: did you just upgrade firefox?06:19
^paradox^id like to make it a shared printer06:19
ahtmly2kman there are a lot of junk on my filesystem... i cant tell the difference from useless file and important files...06:19
speenerbrianski: yep06:19
brianskispeener: is that when the prob started?06:20
brianskib/c i'm having no flash joy since the upgrade06:20
kindofabuzzspeener, try clearing your cache06:20
izinucs^paradox^, arg..  you have to share it first on vista.. then attach the linux machine to it.  like I said .. I don't know  how to do that.  I use networked printers..06:20
=== Baber_ is now known as Baber
speenerbrianski: well not really, i've had some problems with other sites...06:20
speenerbut not this one06:20
kindofabuzzspeener, clear your cache and delete the cookies you have for the problem sites06:20
^paradox^someone who does?06:20
brianski^paradox^: i suggest hooking the printer up to the ubuntu machine. windows' printer sharing is notoriously bad06:20
brianskispeener: 'ang on, let mecheck06:21
Baberis this true that linux can recover floppy disks that are unusable in windows?06:21
kindofabuzzlinux can do anything! lol jk, i dunno06:21
jlillyLofde_: that's cool. I need windows to play Warhammer ;)06:21
wariskamparcan anyone help me with F-Spot06:21
izinucswariskampar, what's up06:21
Allan_Rhaeyeah maybe because it has an advance encryption algorithm06:22
Allan_Rhaethan windows06:22
speenerit worked06:22
speenerthanx kindofabuzz06:22
wariskamparwhen try to export to PICASA (within  F-Spot), F-Spot will be terminated06:22
kindofabuzzspeener, np, for all your FF problems and needs, try forums.mozillazine.org, good community there06:23
izinucswariskampar, you mean to the web hosting portion of picasa?06:23
^paradox^fraid i cant hook it up to my machine. she bought it so u know06:23
Baberhow can i recover floppy disks in ubuntu?06:23
yowshigrrr something is jamming my sound driver and i cant figure out the problem06:24
yowshii was just listening to something playing on vlc i close it and now i cant play anything else06:24
wariskamparwhen run F-Spot in Terminal, i got error message06:25
wariskamparitem changed06:25
wariskampar(f-spot:9190): GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: GdkPixbufLoader finalized without calling gdk_pixbuf_loader_close() - this is not allowed. You must explicitly end the data stream to the loader before dropping the last reference.06:25
Daft_Punkyowshi, if i dont use pulseaudio, that happens if i have a browser open like firefox (it locks my audio). also happens with amarok and VirualMachines etc (anything that could use sound)06:25
FloodBot3wariskampar: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:25
izinucswariskampar, you probably have either your user name or password or both incorrect and the connection is terminating.  because it didn't connect fspot bombs.06:25
brianskispeener: yeah i can't load vw.com either06:25
brianskibut in my case all flash is broken06:25
Babercan any body help me?   how can i recover floppy disks in ubuntu?06:25
yowshiDaft_Punk: ooook so mind running me through getting pulse audio to replace alsa? i atempted this once before and it led to disaster and me uninstalling every reference to pulse audio06:25
wariskamparizinucs, what is fspot bomb06:26
ahtmly2khow do i safely clear cache in /var...?06:26
ahtmly2kis it possible?06:26
brianskiahtmly2k: which cache?06:26
dystopiahow can i get my up/down key to work?06:26
izinucswariskampar, just an expression.. substitute "fspot errors and closes."06:26
brianskii'm not psychic but i suspect you mean the package cache,in which case: sudo apt-get clean06:26
Daft_Punkyowshi, all i did was System>Preferences>Sound then change the first 3 on the devices tab to PulseAudio06:26
speeneri'm thinkin of gettin a vw06:26
speenerthey're nice06:26
Daft_Punk!offtopic | speener06:27
ubottuspeener: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:27
dystopia!help keys thinkpad06:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:27
wariskamparizinucs, sorry but I don't understand your last message06:27
dystopia!stupid shit keyboard06:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:27
Daft_Punk!wtf | dystopia06:28
ubottudystopia: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:28
brianskignaa ftw06:28
yowshiDaft_Punk: yeah but pulse audio isnt listed there any more06:28
izinucswariskampar, if fspot can't connect to picassa-web it errors and closes06:28
rogerHey has anyone tried using custom sounds in GDM. Its cutting mine short, any ideas ?06:28
vampurhello everyone06:28
wariskamparizinucs, ok..then what06:29
brianskiroger: edit the audio in audacity and add some silence at the end?06:29
brianskiit's a hack, but06:29
midnightRmbleri just got kicked out of 'off topic'06:29
vampurcould any one help me in connecting the remote servers of websites06:29
yowshiDaft_Punk: since playing with it when i was using SL buggered my sound system on a repeated basis i went through system package manager and uninstalled every reference to pulse audio i could find and installed everything alsa06:29
rogerhmm. It doesnt seem to matter how long the clip is though. even the short ones get cut off06:29
izinucswariskampar, reload fspot.. check your user name and password for picasa web and try again.06:29
brianski!offtopic | midnightRmbler06:29
ubottumidnightRmbler: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:29
speenerkindofabuzz: i have to delete the cache everytime i go to another link06:30
dystopiayeah ythen help06:30
dystopiaall you do is play with some bot06:30
XGasbriansky: instead of sudo apt-get clean, I recommend using: sudo apt-get autoclean, it clears out older version of packages that "isn't available" anymore, so if you want to do a re-install of some components, you don't have to re-download them.06:30
wariskamparalready reload (do you mean restart) few times but problem persist06:30
rogerwhats really weird is that after i open konversation and test it in the gdm settings window it doesnt get cut off.06:30
Daft_Punkyowshi, when i use alsa, i notice issues with the sound locking, so if i was playing amarok music, then open youtube, i cant listen to youtube. i changed to pulseaudio (on the suggestion of someone else) and now i can listen to both at the same time, but i dont know why it doesnt work for u :( sorry06:30
XGasarght, typo.06:30
kindofabuzzspeener, try posting your probelm on forums.mozillazine.org, alot of help there, you may need to create a new profile06:30
dystopiahow the hell can someones keyboard layout be so screwed, that the up key makes a SCREEN SHOT i mean who the hell invented this06:30
izinucswariskampar, reload fspot not restart ubuntu06:30
yowshiDaft_Punk: i didnt ever notice issues with alsa until hardy06:30
yowshiDaft_Punk: didnt notice issues with npviewer until hardy eithere06:31
Daft_Punkyowshi, intrepid is out at end of october06:31
wariskamparthat's new for me:) how do I do that06:31
brianskispeener: oh hmm i wonder if i'm in the same boat06:31
yowshiDaft_Punk: doesnt help me now does it06:31
Daft_Punkyowshi, sorry?06:31
yowshiDaft_Punk: spomething is jamming the sound drivers and i cant remember hpw to find out what06:31
XGashmm, beta comes out the day after my birthday, awesome06:31
Daft_Punkyowshi, i had that problem with fiesty and i made a fix, dont know if it pertains to your issue06:32
=== LSD|Ninj2 is now known as LSD|Ninja
izinucswariskampar, Applications/Graphics/Fspot06:32
yowshiDaft_Punk: just interested in fixing my sound atm. i have a fix for my flash and npvier problems06:32
izinucs!audio | yowshi06:32
ubottuyowshi: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:32
dystopiasomeone please help wih my keyboard layot06:33
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts06:33
dystopianonono thats not right06:33
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts06:33
extorwhich binaries are the most likely to be backdoored if a box is rooted, besides /bin/bash what are the most popular targets?06:33
dystopiamy multimedia keys well you can my up key my multimedia key06:33
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts06:33
extorwhich binaries are the most likely to be backdoored if a box is rooted, besides /bin/bash what are the most popular targets?06:34
wariskamparizinucs, seem like a Restart to me..anyway I just remember I changed my PICASA password yesterday06:34
dystopiaand i thought i was repeatng myself06:34
brianskihmm in my case flash is just straight up broken06:34
brianskimaybe if i reinstall the package06:34
* izinucs slaps forhead with palm06:34
dystopiaextor: those for example06:34
wariskamparizinucs, now how do I revert that change in F-Spot06:34
wariskampari can not find any PICASA-related option06:35
acrouseyhi, I'm getting kind of sick of this because I should be doing some homework right now, but I can't share between the computers seeing as how my other computer (the ubuntu one) has all the informatiion on the hard drive06:35
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
extorso I should checksum everything in /bin and /sbin---what else? the MBR? kernel?06:35
brianskihmm well that didn't work.progress06:35
fr500_acrousey: share how?06:35
chericone one use toonboom06:35
dystopiayeah rootkit easiest via kernel module06:35
ahtmly2kHOW can i delete items in /var/cache/apt/archives?06:36
dystopiayou check for hardware trojans too06:36
acrouseywhenever i try to share files between the machines, I get a "original item cannot be found" message from my mac, and the options to fix alias or delete it06:36
dystopiaahtmly2k: apt-get clean06:36
fr500_apt-get clean I think ahtmly2k06:36
ahtmly2kthank u06:36
fr500_or clean cache something alike06:36
acrouseyfr500_: sorry, pushed enter too early06:36
brianskiextor - try chkrootkit06:36
izinucswariskampar, I just looked and can't find one either to reset the password.. you might google for it...06:36
fr500_acrousey: share with what protocol?06:36
wariskamparok..will do that06:37
fr500_using sharing with samba-user share?06:37
extorbrianski, isnt chrootkit just for the most basic and simple rootkits? Just like winders antivirus?06:37
fr500_ñile right click and share?06:37
brianskiextor: if youhave something more complicated, it's highly unlikely that you (or anyone else) will be able to disinfect06:37
brianskithe only way to recover from a hack is a fresh install from known good media06:38
acrouseyfr400_: what?06:38
brianski(i hope you have good backups)06:38
extorbrianski, but isn't it worth to try and detect a hack or a rootkit, like to at least try?06:38
fr500_acrousey: how did you setup samba?06:38
brianskiextor: depends on how much you value your data06:38
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts06:39
dystopiaok then ill figure it out myself06:39
brianskiif my home machine got hacked i might be satisfied if chkrootkit kicked out some crap, but i would never try that at work06:39
acrouseyon the ubuntu computer, I chose the folders I wanted to share, and did share options06:39
fr500_I use sftp mostly it's more reliable and works over the internet acrousey but smb works fine06:39
minti'm newbie  how tar file on ubuntu server?06:39
fr500_well I use plain old conf files so can't really help there06:39
izinucsdystopia, how many times are you going to ask ubottu for "layout".. just scroll up.. it's still there 3 or 4 times..06:39
acrouseyfr500: how can i "fix alias"?06:40
fr500_acrousey: are you sharing aliases? that won't work06:40
abchirkmint tar -cvf new.tar <data>06:40
fr500_aliases for folders?06:40
acrouseyi'm able to share with one of the folders06:40
Lofde_mint   tar -cvf file.tar path06:40
fallorecan someone help me navigate to transmission so that i can open a .torrent file with it?06:40
fr500_nah acrousey won't work06:40
acrouseybut I can't connect to the other folder now06:40
dystopiaizinucs: UNTIL it says something useful06:40
acrouseyit did06:41
Lofde_fallore what do you need done? click .torrent, transmission opens06:41
fr500_simlinks work sometimes but share the actual folder that is better06:41
izinucsfallore, Applications/Internet/Transmission06:41
dystopiafor examplr what package preferes/keyboard is int06:41
acrouseyfr500_: how can I share the actual folder?06:41
falloreizinucs: i'm trying to open it with the firefox download manager thing so i have to navigate to it's app file to select it06:41
dystopiawhere does it derive its settings from06:41
izinucsdystopia, good luck06:41
dystopiai dont need your negative cricitism be mindful for some change06:41
fr500_right click and share? man 5 smb.conf06:42
izinucs!language | dystopia06:42
ubottudystopia: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:42
mint$sudo abchirk Lofde_  thankyou06:42
dystopialike i said something useful anyone can command a bot06:43
abchirksomething adulty06:43
unopdystopia, you did use questionable language - best not to.06:44
^paradox^#linux isnt offering much in the way of help either06:44
dystopiawho cares? ive been asking my question tons of times nobody helps, all iget is some dumbos usuing some commands to a bot, or provide incomplete documentation06:44
abchirkdystopia if noone knows?06:45
brianski!bitch and moan | dystopia06:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bitch and moan06:45
unopdystopia, take a breather, ask again in a while - perhaps someone who knows how to help will respond06:45
dystopia!language | brianski06:45
ubottubrianski: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:45
^paradox^ive gotten plenty of help in irc06:45
dystopiayeah me too but today not and im quitting cigarettes and i am used to my up and down keys now they dont freakin work06:46
izinucs^paradox^, perhaps another time of day will draw people that can answer.06:46
^paradox^just today is lacking :-/06:46
brianskidystopia: do they work on the console outside of X? (hit alt-f1, login,and then see if theywork)06:47
brianskiit's also possible your shell's history file is nuked06:47
brianskior are up and down not working in e.g. firefox too?06:47
unopdystopia, please watch the language - obfuscated swearing is still swearing, please be mindful of the fact women and children frequent this channel06:47
dystopiathe computer doesnt have a console outside of X06:48
brianskiunop: don't be a sexist pig06:48
dystopiaits everywhere in X, in every application06:48
brianskidystopia: that's odd. have yuo tried a different keyboad?06:48
dystopiamy keyboard layout is set to 102 genric, but i have a laptop06:48
brianskimaybe your keyboard isfailing?06:48
unopbrianski, i'm far from what you just called me - but please, no need for that06:48
wariskamparf-spot drive me crazy!06:48
brianski(as is mine which apparentlycan't type space)06:48
dystopiawell i have a laptop my keyboard layout should not be 102 but what should it be06:48
wariskamparproblem persist even after re-installing06:48
dystopiai simply cannot select my keyboard layout :-(06:49
izinucswariskampar, maybe it's easier to change your password on picasa web?06:49
MooninautCan anyone think of a reason why GRUB would try to boot from sda1 after I told it to look in sdb1?06:49
izinucswariskampar, back to the one you had before?06:49
dystopiahow do i know? cause i have an intrepid box which does show T61 layout ... but how can i add this layout06:49
wariskamparit's like beat the purpose06:50
mysteryhi everyone06:50
izinucswariskampar, but it'll work until you can figure out the fspot side of things.06:50
wariskamparof me changing the password in the first place06:50
ahtmly2kQUESTION, when i checked the freespace from my file browser, it says 2.7gb... but when i tried to install americas army it wont because it says free space only 1997mb... y is dat?06:50
wariskamparokay...for academic sake, i'll will try that06:51
unopahtmly2k, what is the freespace as reported by this command?  df -h06:51
brianskihahaha wow. i just searched launchpad for a problem i was having, and found th answer06:51
brianskiwas about to thank the kind soul and then i realized. i was that kind soul, heh06:51
brianskii had the same problem months ago, apparently, heh06:51
ahtmly2kFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on06:51
ahtmly2k/dev/sda2             9.1G  5.9G  2.8G  69% /06:51
ahtmly2kvarrun               1007M  128K 1007M   1% /var/run06:51
ahtmly2kvarlock              1007M     0 1007M   0% /var/lock06:51
ahtmly2kudev                 1007M   56K 1007M   1% /dev06:51
FloodBot3ahtmly2k: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:51
ahtmly2kdevshm               1007M  212K 1007M   1% /dev/shm06:51
* unop sighs06:52
dystopiaah bah, fog it, ill just upgrade to intrepid06:52
mysteryCan someone help me get windows media player 10 working on wine. When i try to use wmp i get an error message that says "an internal application error has occurred"06:52
dystopiastupid nonsense though not showing a layout and yes  ican google i already searched there couldnt find it06:52
MaxwInwww.google.com ^_^06:53
ahtmly2kwhts flooding?06:53
amdpoxahtmly2k, pasting 5 lines like that06:53
unopahtmly2k, not sure - perhaps the game takes into account the fact that files need extracting first and that takes up considerable space?? just a guess06:53
amdpoxuse paste.ubuntu.com06:54
dystopiathis kind of stuff really makes one insane06:54
unop!pm | brianski06:54
ubottubrianski: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.06:54
brianskisomeone should write an irc plugin for intercepting floods and redirecting them to pastebots, and also for optionally expanding the floods of others06:54
=== Hydromethod is now known as smokewon
ahtmly2kyes it does... but not that much...06:54
ahtmly2kim running out of files to delete...06:54
ahtmly2kguess ill try again later06:54
unopahtmly2k, this is generally a very busy channel, flooding really upsets things.06:54
unopbrianski, please stop that now.06:55
ahtmly2kright... sorry06:55
|thunderis there an enviroment variable for date ?06:55
amdpox|thunder, I don't think so06:55
amdpoxI don't have one, anyway06:56
unop|thunder, not really06:56
wariskamparizinucs, my old password is too short so PICASA refuse me to use it back06:56
amdpox$(date) works ;)06:56
brianski|thunder: no, but you can exec /bin/date just fine: DATE=/bin/date06:56
unopthat wouldn't work06:56
brianskioops, missed backticks06:56
amdpoxthat's more like it ;)06:57
|thunderi want to add "mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile test.asf "http://citadelcc-wjim-am.wm.llnwd.net/citadelcc_WJIM_AM?MSWMExt=.asf" to my cron tasks, how can I make test.asf = thedate.asf ?06:57
amdpox|thunder, I'm guessing crontab lets you use backticks if it lets you use env vars06:57
brianskicrontab uses /bin/sh to parse commands06:59
brianskiso yes, you can use backticks06:59
izinucswariskampar, this thread mentions deleting something so fspot will ask for the password again.. but it doesn't really say how to delete it. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30351906:59
zenowth is ~/.gvfs?  Its taking up 28GB06:59
brianskizeno: gnome virtual file system IIRC. probably thumbnails and such06:59
zenobrianski: 28GB of thumbnails?06:59
zenobrianski: how to rm07:00
brianskiactually i think i'm wrong07:00
zenosome of them07:00
brianskizeno i think it might put user mountpoints there07:00
brianskii suggest you read up on gvfs via your favorite google :-)07:00
MooninautIs it possible to shrink / move a RAID1 partition with parted?07:01
brianskiMooninaut: software or hardware raid?07:01
brianskihmm, i dunno then. it can do hardware tho07:02
wariskamparizinucs, thanks and I will look at it07:02
mibhi, anyone knows how to upgrade the latest gnumeric version using apt-get?07:02
|thunderbrianski; if I run "DATE=/bin/date" "echo $DATE" just spits out "/bin/date". is this correct ?07:02
brianski|thunder: sorry that was a typo before07:02
brianskiyou want DATE=`/bin/date`07:02
brianskinote the backticks07:02
|thunderahh, thanks07:02
izinucszeno, there's typically a lot of cached thumbnails from your entire system in ~/.thumbnails07:03
dystopiawhy does gnome terminal interfer with screen? suddenly alt+1 doesn't go to window 1 in screen anymore.. :-/07:03
zenoizinucs: just 6MB worth, not 28GB07:04
izinucszeno, makes you wonder why all those thumbnails are even generated let alone stay there even after the initial file  is deleted.07:05
[Solaris]erm how do i see what raid tools are available in ubuntu?07:05
izinucs!raid | [Solaris]07:05
ubottu[Solaris]: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto07:05
kevin_someone wanna give my problem a shot? -- I've been trying to play with xorg.config to get my synaptic pad working correctly -- works fine as a mouse but it's scroll does not work.07:06
[Solaris]thanks hopefully there are some diagnostic tools in there07:06
brianskidystopia: i think it uses ctrl+num to switch tabs now07:06
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[Solaris]izinucs that doesn't tell me what tools are available in ubuntu those just tells me how to install a raid which i don't want07:08
gluonmanFor some reason, my installation of Windows XP on my VirtualBox keeps restarting halfway through. I'm using Ubuntu 8.04. Any ideas?07:08
izinucs[Solaris], not sure if anyone is around .. but .. the server people might have more experience with raid.. check out #ubuntu-server07:09
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dystopiabrianski: not here..07:09
dystopiahmm odd07:11
gluonmanDoes anyone know why a Windows XP installation would restart in VirtualBox halfway through installation?07:11
extoryeah its fucked07:12
nubfiltersome kind of fault07:12
dystopiaou need to disable hvm07:12
Cyranix0rwinxp restarts during installation even outside virtualbox07:12
dystopiayou cannot use hvm during winxp install07:12
Cyranix0runless you mean besides the normal restart after it copies install files07:12
gluonmanCyranix0r, It happens before the installation is finished.07:12
gluonmandystopia, hvm?07:12
Cyranix0rhmm. no idea then gluonman07:13
dystopiakvm_intel or kvm_amd07:13
[Solaris]well here is a non-server/raid quest how do i search for packages07:13
Cyranix0rI'm not virtualbox master :/07:13
gluonmanCyranix0r, I would be asking these questions in #vbox if those people would actually talk.07:13
izinucs[Solaris], from the command line?07:13
gluonmandystopia, what's hvm?07:13
[Solaris]for virtualbox help go to #vbox :P07:13
dystopiahardware vm07:13
[Solaris]izinucs from cmd line or gui07:14
Cyranix0rgluonman: yep, know the feeling. Such is the way of the internet :/07:14
[Solaris]want to search for raid packages07:14
[Solaris]and tools07:14
gluonmandystopia, what's wrong with installing winxp with virtualbox? I've done it on two other computers (only because my CS class requires the use of Microsoft Visual Studio).07:14
izinucs[Solaris], gui is System/Admin/synaptic package manager .. search for raid.. command line I think is sudo apt-cache -search raid07:15
phantomcircuitgluonman, seriously they do? that's ridiculous07:15
dystopiagluonman: nothing is wrong with it except you need to temp disable HVM07:15
phantomcircuitand im running virtualbox right now with windows xp07:15
gluonmanphantomcircuit, what are you referring to?07:15
gluonmandystopia, how do I do that?07:15
phantomcircuitrequiring visual studio07:15
Lofde_this upgrade to 8.10 is taking forever from 8.04, the repos are so slow :(07:16
phantomcircuitwhy do you need to disable HVM ?07:16
gluonmanphantomcircuit, well, for the purposes of my class it kind of makes sense.07:16
gluonmandystopia, I didn't worry about hvm the last time I did successful winxp installations.07:16
phantomcircuitdystopia, i installed windows xp fine with intel hardware virtualization turned on07:17
phantomcircuitin fact it's running right now07:17
phantomcircuitgluonman, you aren't using the one found in the ubuntu repository are you?07:17
phantomcircuitOSE ?07:17
izinucs[Solaris], terminal is ... sudo apt-cache search raid07:17
gluonmanphantomcircuit, I'm using the vbox from the .deb package one can find online.07:17
phantomcircuitgluonman, 2.0.2 right07:18
[Solaris]thanks for the help07:18
gluonmanphantomcircuit, yes.07:18
[Solaris]just gotta figure out which package i need or want to try07:18
dystopiain 2.0.2 its fixed..07:18
bullgard4What does "subpixel placement" mean as in "No. Antialiasing is an ugly self-defeating kludge, as is subpixel placement."? Does it mean the same as 'Subpixel smoothing' in System > Preference > Appearance > Fonts > Subpixel smooting (LCDs)?07:18
wariskamparizinucs, my guess about the password is right07:19
amdpoxbullgard4, yes07:19
amdpoxand I disagree with that statement :P07:19
wariskamparizinucs, i confirm it with f-spot --debug command07:19
izinucs[Solaris], using apt I see "raidutils" as one of the packages...07:19
gluonmandystopia, phantomcircuit, what I don't understand is that this same winxp live CD that worked perfectly in virtualbox on two of my Ubuntu 8.04 machines doesn't completely install on the one in question (also vbox on Ubuntu 8.04).07:19
bullgard4amdpox: Thank you for commetning.07:19
Baberhow can i fix floppy disks in linux?07:20
[Solaris]izinucs so i would apt-get install raidutils07:20
bullgard4Baber: Be more specific in your question.07:20
izinucswariskampar, if you find the solution you should post it on the forums07:20
jim_pdoes anybody know of an app (or terminal command) that can show me the keyboard layout?07:20
gluonmandystopia, phantomcircuit, the installation gets to a certain point (after setting the time zone, etc.) where it says I have 34 minutes left of installation, and virtualbox just resets it and starts again from a prior point.07:20
Baberbullgard4: why?07:21
le_mischajim_p: less /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:21
izinucs[Solaris], with sudo in front of that line.. sure.  Then you could probably "man raidutils" to look  at the man page.07:21
phantomcircuitdystopia, the section of that page you linked to is talking about using a python script, not virtualbox07:21
jim_ple_mischa: yea but it wont change when i swith layouts :P07:21
Adman65I have this werid problem with skype07:21
Adman65when iever i start skype07:21
Adman65it brakes me sound setup07:22
Adman65if i restart it works07:22
Adman65start skype, nothing07:22
FloodBot3Adman65: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:22
Baberbullgard4: my question is how can i recover floppy disks that can't in win?07:22
le_mischathere's a Gnome-thing, too ;)07:22
le_mischaand you can edit xorg.conf ;)07:22
gluonmandystopia, I don't think that website really pertains to my issues.07:22
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dystopiaphantomcircuit: but its referring to qemu library which virtualbox also uses07:22
phantomcircuitdystopia, in fact the kvm module talked about in that article explicitly is NOT VirtualBox07:22
gluonmandystopia, I need virtualbox, not python.07:22
wariskamparizinucs, i'm still looking for the solution07:22
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gluonmandystopia, well, how would we apply that in terms of virtualbox?07:23
wariskamparstill need to reset my password and somebody say about key ring07:23
jim_ple_mischa: that gnome thing is what i want to throw away! and my xorg.conf is properly done for keyboard switching07:23
le_mischajim_p: system => pref => keyboard07:23
wariskamparizinucs, do you know how to change the key ring07:23
wariskamparin Ubuntu hardy Heron07:23
le_mischado so ;)07:23
[Solaris]erm no man entry for raidutils... how to get package discription with apt?07:24
phantomcircuitgluonman, try disabling hardware virtualization07:24
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)07:24
phantomcircuitit's worth a shot07:24
gluonmanphantomcircuit, how is that done?07:24
phantomcircuitopen the list of virtual machines07:24
phantomcircuitedit the xp one07:24
gluonmanphantomcircuit, alright.07:24
jim_ple_mischa: you dont get me! i know how to change layouts, i do so with alt+shift. i just want a display for this. and not that gnome applet thing!07:24
gluonmanphantomcircuit, Let me give it a whack.07:24
[Solaris]err sorry I clicked the wrong button07:25
phantomcircuitit's listed as VT-x and AM-x or something like that07:25
le_mischajim_p: there's a panel-add on ;)07:25
[Solaris]how do i get package discription via apt?07:25
phantomcircuitit doesn't actually say hardware virtualization07:25
viverantanyone else here have issues with mic input in hardy after an update within the past few weeks?07:26
bullgard4Baber: I do not understand you phrase "floppy disks that can't in win". Pleasse use standard English.07:26
izinucswariskampar, I was just looking for that answer... something about gnome-keyring-manager..07:26
viverantvia 82xx chipset here07:26
bullgard4Baber: I do not understand your phrase "floppy disks that can't in win". Pleasse use standard English.07:26
marlihow do i alt-tab from a fullscreen game?07:26
izinucsIs there a way to manage the keyring?07:26
jim_ple_mischa: that panel addon! i want to remove it! i want only tray and main menu on my panel07:26
phantomcircuiti suspect he means he cant read from his floppy disc in windows07:26
gluonmanphantomcircuit, where in the settings do I find that option?07:27
phantomcircuitid tell you but that box has decided to stop working for me :(07:27
marliis there a skb shortcut to minimise screens07:27
gluonmanI can't seem to find the hardware virtualization.07:28
Baberbullgard4: some floppy disks have badsector and can't read in windows how can repair these floppy disks in linux?07:28
wariskamparizinucs, i'm looking at Application>Accessories>Password and Encryption07:28
gluonmandystopia, where do I find the hardware virtualization option that I can disable in the virtual machine settings?07:28
wariskamparizinucs, but do not find related password07:28
gluonmanI'll see what that does.07:29
gluonmanOh. That wasn't for me.07:29
jim_pquestion #2: how can i set different localizations for 2 different users? i want userA to have everything in greek and userB to have everything in german07:29
CaptJageris there any other choice than wine to run windows programs07:29
bullgard4Baber: I do not know the answer to your question. Please repeat your question in this channel without asking me in particular.07:29
amdpoxCaptJager, you could emulate windows with VMWare  or Virtualbox07:29
kevin_is someone willing to try and help me with my mouse's scroll ability via xorg.conf ?07:30
CaptJagertrying to run just one program and hit hangs on install with wine trying to use filemaker07:30
Baberhow can fix floppy disk errors in linux?07:30
gluonmanamdpox, CaptJager, VMWare and VirtualBox aren't just emulations of Windows. They actually boot the OS.07:30
CaptJagerthey boot windows....ewww07:31
jim_pBaber: i dont think this is possible. how do you do it, if you do it, in windows?07:31
amdpoxgluonman, that's what an emulator does07:31
CaptJagerjust want to run filemaker that is the only software I need from windows07:31
amdpoxwine is a replacement API, not an emulator07:31
jim_pCaptJager: what does filemaker do?07:31
gluonmanamdpox, well, it's a bit different from emulation as it is actually Windows, where wine isn't actually windows.07:31
jim_pCaptJager: there may be a linux equivalent07:31
amdpox...I'm quite sure emulation means running the original OS in a virtual machine07:32
amdpoxI may be wrong07:32
gluonmanamdpox, unless this is a matter of word-play and we have the same idea but with different words.07:32
CaptJagerI think glum is one but not as good as filemaker07:32
jim_pamdpox: thats what emulation is07:32
Baberjim_p: this function is only in linux07:32
kevin_Can someone help me with my synaptic touchpad's scroll ability via xorg.conf ? I have the settings as correct as I know them to be....I've tried everything I can think of..still doesn't work.07:32
amdpoxCaptJager, check appdb.winehq.org, if they haven't got it working there, odds are you'll have to use an alternative or boot windows inside virtualbox07:32
RedWolfLHdoes anyone have any knowledge about dualheads in the latest ubuntu?07:33
CaptJagerchecking there07:33
jim_pBaber: if you want to retrieve data from it, use a program like imagerescue07:33
gluonmanCaptJager, there's also dual-booting if not virtual machines or wine.07:33
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox07:33
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:33
marliright that didnt work!!!07:34
gluonmandystopia, still there? I had a question for you.07:34
marlialt f9 does not work on fullscreen07:34
Baberjim_p: i don't have any data on it i want only repair bad blocks07:34
gluonmandystopia, about disabling HMV. I don't know where to find it.07:34
marlihow do i change from full screen without quiting07:34
darkbishopdo virtualbox is batter then wine?07:34
wariskamparizinucs, problem solved07:35
kevin_since it seems noone is available -- perhaps a simple question: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf   --  a boolean 0 = DISABLE and boolean 1 = ENABLE correct?07:35
gluonmandarkbishop, well, virtualbox and wine don't do the same thing.07:35
izinucswariskampar, I just used "locate" and found /usr/lib/f-spot/gnome-keyring-sharp.dll...  if you  delete that it might work.. actually I'd just change the name so you can change it back if it produces bad results.07:35
dystopiai dont know07:35
jim_psorry then Baber :( i dont know07:35
gluonmandystopia, I'll figure it out, then.07:35
|thundercould an AWK wiz please help me convert something like "Fri Sep 26 02:04:05 EDT 2008" into "2008_Sep_26_Fri". deliniated by spaces? please  :)07:35
darkbishopdo virtualbox similier to vmware in windows?07:35
dystopiagluonman: lsmod | grep kvm07:35
marliand why does warzone 2100 crash?07:35
dystopiarmmod these07:35
kevin_marli, usually the F11 key is the toggle key for fullscreen mod on most apps07:36
wariskamparizinucs, actually I just change the password in Application> Acc>Password...07:36
kevin_marli, mode*07:36
gluonmandarkbishop, yes, virtualbox and vmware are both programs that boot virtual machines.07:36
|thunderdarkbishop; yes it "is"07:36
jim_pquestion #2: how can i set different localizations for 2 different users? i want userA to have everything in greek and userB to have everything in german07:36
marliok will try that07:36
milliganOk, someone explain this to me. I'm trying to install ubuntu. The cd loads and the installer starts. however, when it gets to the mounting of a cd-rom, it says no cdrom is detected. How can that be ?07:36
gluonmandystopia, let me try that.07:36
izinucsWhy would f-spot use a .exe in /usr/lib/f-spot    ?  the file is f-spot.exe07:36
wariskamparizinucs, it was there all this will, only I'm too blind to see :)07:36
izinucswariskampar, was you're old one listed there?07:36
gluonmandystopia, it didn't give me any output.07:37
dystopiahmm ok07:37
wariskamparizinucs, yup! and once changed to new one, problem solved07:37
ushimitsudokijim_p: You can select the language from the login screen. Will that work? I use that to toggle between language on a per-session basis07:37
wariskamparTHANKS izinucs07:37
izinucswariskampar, hey.. you figured it out!07:37
kevin_milligan, sometimes you run into this error when you burn a cd with too fast a burn speed setting. You can try burning the disk again but at a slower speed (4X or 6X).07:37
zenohow do i tell what is in ~/.gvfs?  ls -la says nothing07:37
wariskamparyou guide me through...07:37
zenobut occupies 28GB07:38
wariskamparTHANKS again!!07:38
jim_pushimitsudoki: and they have to select on each login?!?! too much for them! they even consider hard to use usenames and passes07:38
izinucswariskampar, np.. I learned something too.. pass it along.07:38
kevin_Can someone help me with my synaptic touchpad's scroll ability via xorg.conf ? I have the settings as correct as I know them to be.07:39
amdpoxzeno, I believe it's to do with a mounted ntfs-\fuse partition07:39
milligankevin_, alright. I'll give it a shot.07:40
RedWolfLHOkay, so I just got back from my deployment.  I left, i had dapper drake.  Now that i've upgraded to 8.04 my dualscreens arent working quite right.  Seems although I have separate X running on the other screen I am unable to drag applications between screens and still have them run independently...any suggetsions?07:40
amdpoxactually, mine is the same size as my root ext3 partition07:40
amdpoxzeno, basically, it's not real space being taken out of your drive: it's a mountpoint07:40
kevin_milligan, great -- here are my current settings -- which SHOULD work to get my touchpad's scroll funtion to work correctly, but it does'nt. http://rafb.net/p/Z7xHXl40.html07:40
ushimitsudokijim_p: hmm, I don't know if the language selection is saved on a per-user basis, I haven't looked at that because I don't have multiple users. I know you can select the language as "this session only" or "make default", and the login screen will come up in the appropriate language -- which obviously appears before the user logs in. You might have to google or experiment there07:41
zenoamdpox: thanks07:42
jim_pushimitsudoki: what i really want, is the one user's menus, icons, dialogs and stuff to be in german, while the other's to be in greek. Just the enviroment i mean. Anyway, i found something at a wiki so far. thanks07:43
viverantRedWolfLH: Are you using compiz with your dual screens?07:43
blue-frogjim_p: where please?07:43
RedWolfLHviverant, no sir I don't believe so.07:43
RedWolfLHI dont like all the fancy screen turning crap lol07:44
jim_pblue-frog: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/guide-localization.xml07:44
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: you can not drag windows between separate X screens07:44
jim_pblue-frog: chapter 307:44
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: You must use Twinview (nvidia) or Xinerama (with prohibits composting)07:44
RedWolfLHah maybe I need to re-neable Twinview?07:44
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: I don't know the ATI side if there is an equivalent to Twinview if you are on ATI07:45
RedWolfLHnah I'm using nvidia07:45
* delcoyote hi07:45
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Yes, then you want TwinView for dualmonitor action! :)07:45
PrinZim usin' knoppix at school^^07:45
viverantRedWolfLH: Okay sorry I had that but it was because I had problems with twinview and compiz and had to tweak some stuff to be able to use both ides of the side of the cube... I like the fancy stuff :)07:45
PrinZis there someone?07:45
RedWolfLHI will reboot x and let you know how things work for me :)07:46
ushimitsudokiPrinZ: This channel is for ubuntu support. Maybe you want #knoppix?07:46
kevin_milligan, any luck?07:47
PrinZoh no^^, im in school07:47
PrinZi thought it was just a chat07:47
PrinZim sorry^^07:47
utnubudnaihey there ,I want to compile a module,but it says "linux/init.h not found"?why?07:47
milligankevin_, need to fry the cd first07:48
jerome187what is the ubuntu-desktop package? and what will happen if I remove it?07:48
milliganrunning it at 16x with verification now07:48
jim_putnubudnai: do you have linux-headers instaled?07:48
kevin_milligan, sure07:48
Gokee2So with compiz there is some way to make a window scale smaller...  But I forget what plugin it is.  Anyone here know?  Thanks07:48
kevin_Can someone help me with my synaptic touchpad's scroll ability via xorg.conf ? I have the settings as correct as I know them to be.07:48
rmmmhow to increase secuiryt of my desktop system?07:48
HeManrmmm: do you have low security?07:49
amdpoxrmmm, unplug all network cables and lock in lead box on bottom of ocean07:49
RedWolfLHokay.. we have a problem now lol07:49
ushimitsudokiGokee2: Scale?07:49
jim_pjerome187: the ubuntu-desktop is a package-shortcut that tells apt: "install gnome, gnome games, totem, etc". you can safely remove it07:49
fallorei plugged in a USB drive and it's not being recognized. is there anything i can or should do? it's a U3 drive if that changes anything, but it's worked before07:49
reinis__why when I open firefox I dont see the blue bar on the top with that minimize, maximize, close button??? there was this bar, but know when i start FF thers no more :(07:49
rmmmamdpox: have to use internet07:49
utnubudnaijim_p, hey,I have compiled my kernel,so ...I think I have installed it07:49
RedWolfLHTwinview turned it into 1 giant screen..which I didnt really like.  So I changed ti back to separate sessions now I cannot move my mouse between desktops07:50
rmmmHeMan: yes, its a default ubuntu desktop07:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about linux.h07:50
gluonmanreinis_ are you using emerald?07:50
amdpoxrmmm, well, a firewall would probably help07:50
HeManrmmm: the ubuntu desktop is usually pretty secure07:50
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).07:50
Gokee2ushimitsudoki, Nope I found it though I was thinking of shelf.  Thanks!07:50
utnubudnaijim_p, actually i don't quite understand what a kernel-header does?thanks07:50
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Was there a specific issue with 1 giant screen that didn't work for you?07:50
MeVsTheVoicesUse iptables, massive headache they can be, but well worth it if porn be your fave07:50
HeManrmmm: what threat do you see?07:51
rmmmamdpox: for example, to prevent a bug in firefox from allowing aritrary code and i.e. reading my documents07:51
utnubudnaiand how to check if i have installed kernel-headers?07:51
rmmmHeMan: ^07:51
jim_putnubudnai: it provides libraries needed to make other modules and stuff that is directly related to the kernel, like alsa07:51
RedWolfLHwell I like to be able to run wow on 1 desktop and chat and browse the net on the other07:51
amdpoxrmmm, don't use firefox07:51
RedWolfLHnwo i cannot even access the other desktop07:51
amdpoxthere's not many vulnerabilities like that, and they get fixed very fast07:51
rmmmamdpox: well, or any other regular browser07:51
FinnishHow can I open stuffit-packed packets?07:51
rmmmI was thinking about apparmor07:52
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
amdpoxrmmm, encrypt your documents?07:52
jim_pFinnish: what extention do they have?07:52
utnubudnaijim_p, I compiled the kernel in ubuntu and made to deb files,one of them is linux-image,and the other one is linux-header!I installed them both07:52
RedWolfLHalso, it apperas that everything is being duplicated on the screen on the bottom where you can select desktop.  Even though it only shows up on 1 screen I can see the window summary on the other one07:52
rmmmamdpox: yes, I use LUKS partition07:52
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Ah, I see. Unless you window WoW, you're right TwinView isn't going to work. As for not being able to access the second desktop - that's because you probably have it cloned07:52
viverantGokee2:  Do you mean make the window smaller when using the scale plugin itself or?07:52
RedWolfLHhow do I turn the clone shit off,  lol07:52
rmmmanyone uses apparmored?07:53
Finnishjim_p: .sit07:53
viverantshoot already answered nevermind :)07:53
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Just use nvidia-settings to set up the second one as a separate X screen. I forget the xorg.conf way to do it :)07:53
jim_pFinnish: i think .sit files are related to some mac compression07:53
RedWolfLHi did they're both "separate xscreen"07:53
FinnishUbuntu folder shows it's Stuffit07:54
RedWolfLHi'll reboot X again07:54
geniisit - Stuffit , yes. Proprietary07:54
kevin_Can someone help me with my synaptic touchpad's scroll ability via xorg.conf ? I have the settings as correct as I know them to be.07:54
wariskamparAnyone experience Gnome_Do consume 70-80% CPU resource07:54
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
AlexWwhy are addresses assigned in reverse whe nusing dhcp3-server07:55
Durendalim trying to install ubuntu on a used computer i bought from my work and it starts out ok i select to install then i get "Loading Please Wait... | /init: /init: 1: Syntax error: 2 - 1 | [ 33.603866] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!07:55
Durendal| = new line07:55
Durendalany suggestions? im fairly new to linux07:55
gluonmanDurendal, think it's a problem with the live CD?07:55
wariskamparGnome-Do slow down my system07:55
amdpoxFinnish, I thought fileroller supportred sit07:55
amdpoxwariskampar, it's a ram hog here07:56
Durendali thought so at first i have one of an older version i had shipped to me then i burnt one of the new version07:56
MeVsTheVoices| = new line !?!07:56
MrDudlei wish i could open .lit files on ubuntu :(07:56
FinnishSo how do I unpack it?07:56
Durendalseem to get the same error on both so im thinking it may be something else07:56
gluonmanDurendal, otherwise, if it's an older computer with slower hardware, you may want to burn a copy of the alternate text-based version so the installation itself uses less resources.07:56
gluonmansee if that works.07:56
Durendalhmmm kk ill give it a shot07:56
Durendalthanks a lot :)07:56
wariskamparamdpox, me too, only CPU usage the most critical07:56
gluonmanno prob07:56
wariskamparamdpox, do you have any idea07:56
wariskamparleakage etc07:57
amdpoxwariskampar, nope, it never uses CPU here when it's not onscreen07:57
amdpoxFinnish, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu/FromMacOSX07:57
wariskamparamdpox, it happened to me since a few days ago07:57
amdpoxwariskampar, any change in desktop environment/window manager?07:57
amdpoxare there multiple instances of gnome-do running?07:58
kevin_Can someone help me with my synaptic touchpad's scroll ability via xorg.conf ? I have the settings as correct as I know them to be.07:58
darkbishopkevin_:didnt u ask this before.. seems like no one know07:58
wariskamparamdpox, nope (as far as I remember)..use Ubuntu HH+compiz+Gnome 2.2407:59
kevin_darkbishop, yea -- i keep posting in hopes someone will catch it07:59
RedWolfLHwell.. a reboot of X fixed that.. I dont have them set to clone, but I'm still unable to launch programs in each independent X screen.  If I open it on my left screen it opens up the program on my right screen.  Seems like the only screen capable of running stuff is my primary screen and the toher just servers as extra desktop space.. They still seem cloned :(07:59
wariskamparamdpox, sorry...Gnome 2.2207:59
amdpoxwariskampar, no idea then07:59
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: You just have to twiddle with it...make sure that in nvidia-settings you have "X Screen 0" and "X Screen 1" . I'm sorry I don't remember the details, this happens to me every once and again when messing about with the drivers and fiddling about in there solves it. I just don't recall the exact procedure, sorry08:01
=== eltech- is now known as eltech
milligankevin_, no luck :-\08:01
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, yes they are X Screen 0 and X Screen 108:02
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Well, if you want to pastebin your xorg.conf i can compare it to mine08:02
RedWolfLHokay ushi08:02
kevin_milligan, does your disk drive read *any* disk?08:03
wariskamparamdpox, nv but if you're curious, i'm looking at this bug report08:03
milligankevin_, well, the disk boots.. so it reads till the linux kernel takes over.08:03
wariskamparsorry..not bug report08:03
ASrockhow do i configure grub  to chainload the windows bootloader?08:03
kevin_milligan, do you reach an error other than "no disk found" -- and did you try researching this on google/ubuntu forums?08:04
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, http://pastebin.ca/121128208:04
dwa_i just did an apt-get update and some firefox components got upgraded, including xulrunner. Now my thunderbird isn't working properly; i can't write new e-mails anymore. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it?08:04
FlannelASrock: There's actually an example in the menu.lst08:04
milligankevin_, it doesn't say no disk found .. it says no cd-rom is found!08:04
SaS`has anyone heard of firefox causing a system to lockup ?08:06
kevin_milligan, the only advice i can give to you is keep researching and/or ask again in here. My guess is that the linux kernal does not have access to the appropriate drivers needed for reading from the CD-ROM.08:06
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: You have 2 cards, one on each monitor?08:07
RedWolfLHno 1 card08:07
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Your xorg.conf defines two cards08:07
kevin_milligan, god luck and sorry I can't be of more help to you.08:08
kevin_milligan, good*08:08
RedWolfLHuhmn i think that was the only way to get dual screens back in dapper08:08
RedWolfLHIt's a dual head card tho08:08
falloredoes linux have some limit as to the size of flash drives it recognizes? a 4gb one works no problem, but 8 gb of the same exact type doesn't.08:08
=== tsw_ is now known as tsw
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: When you complete the nvidia settings are you "merging" the changes or saving a brand new file? (It looks like you are "merging" them08:09
bullgard4fallore: I believe that 32 bit Linux has this limit but 64 bit Linux not.08:09
Flannelthat's only for RAM08:10
blue-frogjim_p: edit ~/.dmrc and fill in Language=fr_FR.UTF-8   adapt to your language08:10
fallorebullgard4: i'm on 32 :[08:10
joustinAnyone know a user by the name of SecurityTester?08:10
Flannelfallore: There's no limit, assuming its FAT32.08:11
Flannelwell, FAT32 has a limit of 2TB, which we haven't quite reached in flash drives just yet08:11
falloreFlannel: i don't know if it is. it's a u3 drive, which means it has this software that allows you to install programs on it that you can run off the drive on any windows computer.08:11
jim_pblue-frog: ~/.dmrc?08:12
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, do you think you can provide me with an updated Xorg.conf without the risk of me not being able to use my gui lol08:12
blue-frogjim_p: yes in your user's folder08:12
jim_pblue-frog: .dmrc has only 2 lines there08:12
blue-frogjim_p: yes. add a third line08:12
jim_pblue-frog: i was thinking about .bashrc08:12
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: I have 2 cards / 3 monitors and 3 diff xorg.conf (Middle monitor only, Xinerama, Twinview + Separate X Screen) - I don't think you want any of those directly :)08:13
blue-frogjim_p: well maybe you could, but the .dmrc way is straight forward08:13
dwa_i just did an apt-get update and some firefox components got upgraded, including xulrunner. Now my thunderbird isn't working properly; i can't write new e-mails anymore. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it?08:13
jim_pblue-frog: thanks08:14
Flanneldwa_: do you have hardy-proposed enabled?08:15
RedWolfLH:\ so what can I change so I can run programs on my 2nd screen?08:15
dwa_Flannel: no i haven't08:16
RedWolfLHI'mma afk and smoke a cigarette >.<08:17
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Hold on I will set mine up dual monitor only on one card. Please be patient08:17
Flanneldwa_: Have you checked to see if theres a bug about it?08:18
KaiAnyone free? My Firefox seems to have crashed and will not work again,,08:18
jim_pKai: uninstall it (sudo apt-get remove firefox --purge) and delete the ~/.mozilla folder . you will lose any settings and bookmarks though08:20
Flannelpurging 'firefox' won't do anything, it's just a metapackage.08:20
FlannelAlso, don't delete, just rename.08:20
Kaijim_p: I will try, I am not worried about lost settings or bookmarks, however. It just will not open at all08:20
KaiFurthermore, It seems my CD drive thinger won't mount:?08:21
wariskamparamdpox, i found the bug report08:21
KaiASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!08:21
Kaiis the error I keep getting08:21
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, <3 thank you08:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270437 in do "Gnome-Do freezes the system (eats CPU and RAM)" [High,Triaged]08:21
Flannelbags: Please don't do that.08:22
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Alright: this is what I am running right now and it works, 2 separate X screens on 1 card: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/50761/08:22
blue-frogjim_p: if you wish to load the keyboard corresponding to the language, you will need to add a file with stxkbmap fr (adapt) in ~/.config/autostart08:22
wariskamparseem like this problem happen after Gnome-Do latest update08:22
jim_pblue-frog: thanks. it seems like a lot of hussle :(08:22
blue-frogjim_p: no it's not08:23
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, just because I'm an idiot which portion of that should I copy or just use verbatim what is there?08:23
FlannelKai: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/27388308:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273883 in firefox "After update, firefox returns error ASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!" [Undecided,Invalid]08:23
FlannelKai: seems you need to make sure firefox is actually closed08:23
KaiThats creeping me out, Flannel, It just loaded that page, on firefox.08:23
jim_pblue-frog: i mean the whole procedure08:23
KaiHowever, the Firefox at the bottom displays to FF icon08:23
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Don't copy any of it! I have different cards and monitors than you do! *MODIFY* what I posted to match your equipment!08:23
sbehhi, "localedef --no-archive --magic=20051014 -i en_US -c -f UTF-8  en_US.UTF-8" hangs at 100% cpu reproducable and "strace -p `pidof  localedef`" gives no output, what can i do to determine whats  causing this problem?08:24
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, forgive me  lol08:24
FlannelKai: right.  You'll need to close all of them, forcefully if necessary.08:24
dwa_Flannel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-thunderbird/+bug/27467208:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274672 in mozilla-thunderbird "Thunderbird does not respond anymore, permanent "wait" symbol" [Undecided,New]08:24
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, i'm only relaly good with non-gui linux..so when you add all this gui stuff it changes my whole world lol08:24
blue-frogjim_p: well if you wish a different language for each user, it's only a matter of one file. the keyboard can stay the same except if they have the real keyboard08:24
KaiAh,,, One more question then, Flannel? My CD/DVD drive not able to open the input CD? (CD in like-new condition, never had a problem playing the same disc before)08:24
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Well, I'm not good with any of it, but I keep trying :)08:24
blue-frogjim_p: it all depends on what you want and what your users want08:25
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki,  lol i'll make sure to keep ym xorg.bak :-p08:25
pshmпривет! кто нибудь знает че это может быть Argh. No free space left for GC. nr_erasing_blocks is 008:25
pshmв гугле ниче толкового не нашел =(08:25
Flannel!ru | pshm08:25
ubottupshm: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:25
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: alright keep at i am going to reboot so i can get back to 3 monitor glory08:25
KaiI wish I knew that language, pshm :(08:26
jim_pblue-frog: sadly, they want their os to be translated so they can understand it directly08:26
Ububegini see this symbol — appear quite often in the ebooks... Does anyone else have had this problem.. Is my ubuntu system missing some font or something08:27
blue-frogjim_p: sounds legitimate to me, are they in different countries?08:27
KaiFlannel: How do I force close FF?08:27
sbehKai: xkill08:27
jim_pblue-frog: no, they are next door to me08:27
FlannelKai: ps aux | grep firefox   then kill [pid] where pid is the second column08:27
blue-frogjim_p: so that means they all have the same keyboard. you don't need to tweak it then?08:28
KaiNo windows shown on taskbar, beh08:28
milligankevinO, found the fault08:28
sbehKai: than Flannel's way.08:28
jim_pblue-frog: possibly08:28
blue-frogjim_p: how many users?08:28
KaiFlannel, I have no idea what you just said :(08:28
sbehFlannel: pgrep firefox08:28
Ububeginthe funny is that when i type in "—" in google.. it appears as "??" .. Anyone with any clue08:28
fallore90% of websites won't load, google works, google can search, msn logs in, aim won't log in. just reset my IP, any ideas?08:28
amdpoxKai, type "killall firefox" in a terminal08:29
Kaifallore: Blacklisted from router?08:29
sbehKai: pkill firefox (but this is dangerous, because it kills all programs with firefox in its name08:29
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, they seem identical08:29
falloreKai: i can't imagine, it worked a minute ago and just suddenly stopped08:29
jim_pblue-frog: 2. in fact 2 categories of users, the german speaking ones (3) and a greek speaking one08:29
Kaifallore: Restart web browser?08:29
blue-frogjim_p: 2 users? :) you can do that by hand then08:30
falloreKai: no effect08:30
KaiThank you, sbeh!08:30
UbubeginDoes anybody have any clue....08:30
Kaifallore: Proxy set?08:30
amdpoxfallore, could be a DNS issue08:30
falloreKai: nope08:30
Kaiamdpox :( i was getting there,08:30
falloreamdpox: how do i find out/resolve?08:30
Kaifallore: @amdpox08:30
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: What was your pastebin link again? I lost it when i restarted X08:31
KaiNow to install Adobe Flash player?08:31
jim_pblue-frog: by hand?08:31
amdpoxfallore, try loading in a browser08:31
blue-frogjim_p: one after another08:31
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki, http://pastebin.ca/121128208:31
falloreamdpox: 404 not found08:32
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki,  if you ignor ethe commented out lines they're pretty much the same minus the Hardware differences08:32
jim_pblue-frog: ok i will give it a shot08:32
zabeehkhanhow can I start or stop a service .. for example mysql?08:32
amdpox404? that means it's getting to the server but apache's refusing because of the lack of a domain08:32
falloreamdpox: which means? :-/08:32
amdpoxDNS issue08:32
falloreamdpox: any idea how to resolve?08:33
amdpoxprobably a temporary issue with your dns server08:33
amdpoxfor now you could add another to your list08:33
zabeehkhanhow can I start or stop a service .. for example mysql?08:33
falloreamdpox: then the remedy is a cereal break. i'll brb, thanks for your help08:33
zabeehkhanI would use #service mysqld start on fedora08:33
blue-frogzabeehkhan: system/administration/services08:33
amdpoxzabeehkhan, if you want to do it from CLI, use /etc/init.d/mysqld stop/start/restart08:34
blue-frogzabeehkhan: or in console: sudo invoke-rc.d mysql08:34
zabeehkhanok.. :)08:34
amdpoxthe services menu checkboxes turn them on/off permamently, ie for next boot08:34
fallorei did "sudo make me a sandwich" in terminal but it didn't work :-x08:36
Kai:( its08:36
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: Yeah, I can not spot a difference either. I sure did test it though, different backgrounds, different apps open and so forth.08:36
neil_dwhy does the alternative CD install grub when the server CD installs lilo for the same filesystem layout ?08:36
Kaisudo make install sandwich08:36
falloreoh thanks08:36
Flannelneil_d: It shouldn't GRUB is default08:36
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki,  this makes me mad lol08:36
=== jim_p is now known as jim_BRB
ushimitsudokiRedWolfLH: The only thing I can say is that occasionally I get that clone action happening, but it goes away when i fiddle around in nvidia settings and restart. I know that is vague and not very helpful08:38
neil_dFlannel: it did.  I have a /etc/lilo.conf and no /boot/grub directory08:39
RedWolfLHushimitsudoki,  i've played with nvidia so many times I'm about to puke lol08:39
KaiNvidia ftw.08:39
^paradox^ok i see what i was doing wrong now while i was trying to setup a printer to be shared over our network. i believe i selected the wrong pc in the process08:39
RedWolfLHkai, nvidia ftl tonight08:39
LimCoreok I see that apparmored sucks?08:40
^paradox^ive got the right one now but i still need a hand from somebody whos more experienced than i08:40
LimCorecan one use SE Linux on ubuntu fully?08:40
KaiRedWolfLH, whats the issue?08:40
RedWolfLHKai, my dualscreens arent working qui eright.  Everything seems to be cloned from one desktop to the next.  I can only run applications on 1 screen, and i am unable to establish individual backgrounds, they share the same one.08:41
KaiReally? :( Darn....08:43
KaiWish I could help ^^ but I only have 2/5 speakers working, RedWolfLH08:44
* RedWolfLH stabs his dualscreens08:44
* Kai pats RedWolfLH, That only works when it's a Windoze product08:44
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=== c0de1|off is now known as c0de1
neil_dwhen installing grub, how do I get it to generate the menu.lst file ?08:53
neggeneil_d: it does it automatically08:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about purge08:53
neil_dnegge: I know it should, but it wasn't lilo was installed.08:54
LimCorewhy ubuntu ships things like AppArmored instead of providing real security solution like selinux?08:54
neggeneil_d: hmm. Did you remove lilo first?08:54
neil_dnegge: no!  should grub care if lilo is installed.08:55
FlannelLimCore: Ubuntu chose to use AppArmor instead of SELinux.  It was a design choice.  You can still use SELinux though.08:55
Andy80hi all :)08:55
neggeneil_d: I don't know, I never used Lilo08:56
wariskamparFlannel, what is AppArmor08:56
neggeneil_d: which bootloader is in use when you boot your computer?08:56
tyberionhey there.. Im having trouble compiling a certain package because it says Package audacious wasnt found.. But actually I installed it since Im using it all the time, guess I just have to set the paths in configure..but how do I find out where my audacious stuff is located? Thanks :)08:56
neggetyberion: are you trying to compile audacious or some plugin for it?08:57
tyberionnegge: compiling conky with audacious support08:57
neggetyberion: I'm sorry, I know nothing about that08:57
neggeyou're probably missing a dependency08:57
neil_dnegge: I havn't for a long time, never with ubuntu, the new install put in lilo, it boots with lilo into ubuntu server.08:57
ttwioubottu: ubuntu 8.1008:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu 8.1008:57
negge!intrepid | ttwio08:58
ubottuttwio: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!08:58
LimCoreFlannel: but from what I read, AppArmored really sucks. Perhaps its bad to give users false sense of security/08:58
neil_dttwio: see #ubuntu+108:58
ttwiookay thanks08:58
tyberionnegge: hmmm... well:/ how could I find out?08:59
Flannel!apparmor | wariskampar08:59
ubottuwariskampar: For information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor08:59
tyberionnegge: No package 'audacious' found08:59
tyberionConsider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you08:59
neggeneil_d: I think you have to uninstall Lilo first and then install GRUB. I'm not sure about this though as I've never bothered using anything but GRUB so you might wanna Google around before you do it. Make sure you have a live CD at hand in case you mess it up08:59
tyberioninstalled software in a non-standard prefix.08:59
FloodBot3tyberion: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:59
neggetyberion: hmm. Try running "apt-get builddep audacious" and see if it works after that08:59
tyberionE: Invalid operation builddep08:59
=== jim_BRB is now known as jim_p
neggetyberion: apt-get build-dep then09:00
neil_dnegge: ok.09:00
tyberionnegge: k downloadin.09:00
=== chilli0_ is now known as chilli0
tyberionnegge: same prob...09:02
rd1089hi, is there way to get a list of all active ip address on my local network?09:02
=== eltech- is now known as eltech
tyberionnegge: checking for Audacious... configure: error: Package requirements (audacious >= 1.4.0 dbus-glib-1 glib-2.0 gobject-2.0) were not met:09:02
neggetyberion: and you have audacious installed?09:03
tyberionnegge: using it at the moment ;S09:03
jim_prd1089: ping every possible ip recursivley from a scipt09:03
rd1089jim_p, i thought about that, just wanted to check if there was a better way to do it09:03
neggetyberion: hehe okay09:03
neggeguess it's in a weird path then. Did you install it using apt?09:04
jim_prd1089: let me look it up. i have the huge amount of 2 ips here09:04
l337ingDisorderanyone know a way to use an .AVI file as the background for gnome-terminal?09:04
SaS`if my system completely freezes up at random is there anyway i could find a log to attempt to troubleshoot?09:05
l337ingDisorder(sorta like using xwinwrap to make the desktop a .AVI)09:05
tyberionnegge: yeah, installed it that way... how can I find out the path?09:05
neggetyberion: I'm not sure.09:05
jim_pl337ingDisorder: i dont think gnome-terminal (or any other terminal) will give you that option09:05
neggetyberion: I'm gonna install it just to find out09:06
neggedon't have anything better to do anyway09:06
l337ingDisorderSaS`: first thing to check with random freezing or random reboots is memory. Boot to an Ubuntu LiveCD and choose the option to test the memory with memtest86+09:06
l337ingDisorderjim_p: bugger.09:06
tyberionnegge: wow.. thank you very much =)09:06
jim_prd1089: the range is supposed to be like from to right?09:07
illuminateHello.  I've got a question.  I installed ubuntu on a amd PC, and for some reason its making my resolution 800 x 600, but i have ubuntu set to 1280 x 1024.  Ubuntu seems to be forcing my monitor res to drop down.  any ideas on how to fix this?09:07
neggetyberion: while you're waiting do this: "apt-get install libglib2.0-dev python-gobject-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev09:07
jim_prd1089: you can also have a look at your router's interface09:07
neggeilluminate: you real the right drivers for your GFX card09:07
neggeilluminate: what card to do you ahve?09:07
illuminateit doesnt have a card09:07
illuminateonboard video09:08
neggeilluminate: what kind?09:08
tyberionnegge: done.09:08
maxtor211I'm getting sound in YouTube videos but not videos on Apple's website, any ideas? I'm using FireFox09:08
illuminatenegge: http://www.axiontech.com/prdt.php?item=7801909:09
neggetyberion: the audacious file is in /usr/bin09:09
rd1089jim_p, ya its from - 8.25509:10
neggeilluminate: run the command "lspci | grep VGA" and paste the line here09:10
neggethat'll tell you what chip you got09:10
maxtor211I'm getting sound in YouTube videos but not videos on Apple's website, any ideas? I'm using FireFox09:10
illuminatenegge: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. S3 Unichrome Pro VGA Adapter (rev 01)09:10
rd1089jim_p, i just got this reply from another channel: nmap -sP
rd1089its seems to work09:11
HappyHaterilluminate, run 'gksu displayconfig-gtk' and setup your monitor09:11
tyberionnegge: hrum, so I just edit the config file?09:12
tyberionnegge: and Libs?09:12
neggetyberion: what parameters do you pass to ./configure?09:12
tyberionnegge just ./configure --enable-audacious=yes09:13
tyberionfor now.09:13
neggetyberion: try with just "./configure --enable-audacious"09:13
tyberionNo package 'audacious' found09:14
neggealso check which version of audacious you have installed ("apt-cache policy audacious | grep Installed")09:14
illuminatenegge:  It doesnt have my monitor type, but when i choose another monitor type with a res. of 1280 x 1024, i get nothing.  Here is a video of what its doing ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex6FGwZxO0E )09:14
tyberionnegge:  Installed: 1.5.0-2ubuntu2~hardy109:14
neggeilluminate: I don't think I can help you09:14
illuminatehmm, ok.  Thanks man!09:15
HappyHaterilluminate, pick a monitor with similar specs to the one you're using09:15
illuminateok, ill do that.09:15
HappyHatereither that or edit xorg.conf manually09:15
illuminateok, i think ill have to edit it manually.  Thanks guys!09:16
neggetyberion: I honestly don't know why it won't find it. I read this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=677846 and it seems like Conky and Audacious have (atleast had) a bit of problems working together09:16
neggetyberion: then there's this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=585096 , it's a deb file pre-configured, it's for Gutsy but I suppose it should work09:17
HappyHaterilluminate, just make a backup before you start changing it09:18
HappyHaterlearned that the hard way...09:18
illuminatehaha, i learned it the hard way with my other linux box.  hehe.09:19
tyberionnegge: hum bud thats an outdated version :(09:19
neggetyberion: I know but it was the only thing I could find09:19
neil_dnegge: I found out how to generate the file, update-grub does it.09:20
tyberionnegge: configuring worx for you?09:20
gnuskoolcan the beanshell run applets too, or just scripts?09:21
maxtor211How do I find out what vesrion of Flash I have?09:22
maxtor211Is there a command in the Terminal?09:22
maekhi everyone .. I got a Firefox update a couple of days ago and now today I get the same Firefox updates .. why is that ??09:22
EnselicIs there any way I can cancel a started install step in the Ubuntu alternative installer?09:22
maxtor211How do I find out what vesrion of Flash I have?09:22
maekmaxtor211, type "about:plugins"  without the quotes in the address bar in Firefox09:23
kaushalanybody here has worked on logrotate utility09:23
maekmaxtor211, and look for Shockwave Flash09:23
mitchell_ubuntuhi all09:23
kaushalhi all09:24
kaushalI am not getting any help here09:24
mitchell_ubuntucan i ask which is the best irc client for ubuntu09:24
mitchell_ubuntuim using xchat09:24
Enselicmitchell_ubuntu: I prefer Konversation09:24
HappyHaterwhatever works best for you...09:24
tyberionirssi :p09:24
Enselicmitchell_ubuntu: that's for KDE, but works fine in GNOME too09:25
=== kiosk is now known as cowok
mitchell_ubuntui like the miranda one09:25
=== cowok is now known as kiosk
HappyHaterxchat has tons of support for scripting, so xchat > *09:25
gnuskoolmitchell_ubuntu: i use a chatzilla addon for firefox, no need to install extra progz09:25
mitchell_ubuntubtw is it possible to order the alternate cd??09:25
mitchell_ubuntui live in South Africa and data rates are expensive so a download is a nono09:26
AlexWwho has setup a dmz befoe09:26
AlexWvirtual dmz*09:26
gnuskoolmitchell_ubuntu: there is a local ubuntu community that can send you the disks09:26
mitchell_ubuntuhow big is the alternate cd? roughly09:27
maverick340ubuntu wont even play examples media !09:28
maverick340however plays the last fm radio fine09:28
msshamsdifference of kubuntu and ubuntu is only in environment?09:29
maekmitchell_ubuntu, pretty much the same as the normal disc09:29
mitchell_ubuntubtw out of curiosity what is the difference between gentoo and ubuntu??09:29
mbomanmitchell_ubuntu: quite a lot09:29
ikoniamitchell_ubuntu: different distros09:29
gnuskoolmitchell_ubuntu: check these sites http://www.linux.org/groups/southafrica.html09:30
^paradox^im still trying to get a printer setup to be shared over a network09:30
mbomanmitchell_ubuntu: in Gentoo you will spend a lot of time compiling stuff from sources09:30
^paradox^after double checking my steps i saw what i was doing wrong. i had selected the wrong computer09:30
mitchell_ubuntuanyone here from south africa?09:30
maekGentoo is just too hard to deal with .. ubuntu is so easy09:30
^paradox^ive got the right one now but i still need a hand with this09:30
ikoniamitchell_ubuntu: if you want non-support chatter, join #ubuntu-offtopic09:30
mbomanmitchell_ubuntu: supposed to make it code more optimized, but I haven't seen the real-world benefit of it09:30
mitchell_ubuntui deleted windows yesterday09:30
maekmitchell_ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth is from South Africa09:30
^paradox^ok i did new printer09:30
^paradox^selected windows printer via samba09:30
mitchell_ubuntui know that09:31
^paradox^browsed for smb printer and found it this time on the right computer09:31
^paradox^hen i verified and it said this print share is accessible09:31
mitchell_ubuntubut i wanted to ask if what ordinary citizens feel about our new president09:31
gnuskoolmitchell_ubuntu: irc://irc.freenode.net/ubuntu-za thats the SA channel09:31
maverick340i cant see any of the computers on the network :-/09:31
^paradox^now im at a dialog where i must choose to select printer from database or provide ppd file. i have the driver cd for the printer. its from here on that im humbly ;-) asking for help09:31
ikoniamitchell_ubuntu I've just asked you to take off-topic support chat elsewhere09:31
maekmitchell_ubuntu, how well known is the Ubuntu brand in South Africa ??09:31
ikoniamitchell_ubuntu: this channel is for ubuntu support questions only09:31
AlexWwho has used ubuntu to setup a dmz09:31
ikoniamaek: please - stop the offtopic chatter09:32
=== eltech- is now known as eltech
mitchell_ubuntuKK seeyah all09:32
mbomanI am looking for a C/C++ IDE that allows you to "follow" the source code (ie: if someone calls function foo() I can jump to the source code where function foo() is created)09:32
ikoniaAlexW: many times09:32
mitchell_ubuntunot very big,09:32
AlexWikonia: Lol hello again.09:32
=== HG is now known as Guest27255
riverhi, I have some problem about ping09:32
ikoniamboman: thats nothing that will let you follow the source code of compiled code,09:32
rivercan anyone help me?09:32
ikoniamboman: eclipse has some debugging tools09:33
ikoniariver: what's the issue09:33
mbomanikonia: no, not compiled09:33
mitchell_ubuntumost of the population need to earn how to turn on a computer first. lol. kk g2g before i get kicked09:33
Stormx2Hi. I can't seem to kill firefox. killall won't work. kill -9 won't work. what now?09:33
rivermy hostname is ncam09:33
^paradox^im just gonna hang here09:33
maekikonia, sidetracked maybe but not off-topic09:33
ikoniaSonderblade: whats the pid of it09:33
ikoniamaek: it is offtopic09:33
amdpoxStormx2, try killall -14 firefox09:33
mbomanikonia: I am trying to get my head around a large OSS project and need something that allows me jump around in the source code09:33
AlexWikonia: So whats the general idea, I run vmware/virtualbox/kvm and in this guest i run all my services, then in shorewall i dont allow connection from this dmz to local networks?"09:33
riverroot@ncam# ping ncam09:33
riverping: bad address 'ncam'09:33
riverbad address09:33
ikoniamboman eclipse is plausable09:33
amdpoxriver, you need it in /etc/hosts I believe09:34
riveri am not familier with irc09:34
AlexWriver, whats in /etc/hostname ?09:34
^paradox^but i will need a hand09:34
rivercan we use whisper?09:34
=== [ifroog|zzz] is now known as [vaio|tt]
ikoniariver you need name resolution, I'd make an assumption that you don't have any name resolution setup, so add your hostname with the correct ip address ( normally safe) to /etc/hosts09:34
maekikonia, "so whats everyone doing on the weekend" <<------- off topic  "Ubuntu in South Africa" <<----- sidetracked09:34
ikoniaAlexW: what's the issues again09:34
ikoniamaek: I'm not arguing with you - it's off topic - please drop it09:35
bazhangmaek, please chat elsewhere09:35
riverroot@ncam# cat /etc/hosts09:35
river# Do not remove the following line, or various programs09:35
river# that require network functionality will fail.09:35
river127.0.0.1       localhost.localdomain   localhost       huins09:35
river192.168.2.252   ncam.localdomain        ncam09:35
FloodBot3river: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:35
AlexWikonia: No issue, im just asking if thats the best way to do it, cause i dont want to run two servers, im trying to prevent compromised services gaining access to my local network, ive read up about shorewall, and know how to do it, but i just dont know which is the most realiable tool for running guest os;es09:36
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=== Guest73995 is now known as Adman65
ikoniaAlexW I rate kvm, others would have different opinions09:37
rivermy /etc/hosts09:37
ikoniariver: can you ping
AlexWikonia: I need to have a desktop to run kvm correct?09:37
ikoniaAlexW: no09:37
riverikonia: yes, i can ping
ikoniariver: and if you type "ping ncam"09:38
vogelscheucheahoy everyone... im trying to partition my new hdd...09:38
vogelscheuchebut i want to use the same technology for encryption as i used when installing ubuntu... someone knows what packages i need?09:38
riverroot@ncam# ping ncam09:38
riverping: bad address 'ncam'09:38
riverikonia: I got "bad adress"09:38
ikoniariver what about ncam.localdomain09:39
AlexWIs a "virt-viewer" avaliable for windows :/09:39
riverroot@ncam# ping ncam.localdomain09:39
riverping: bad address 'ncam.localdomain'09:39
riverikonia: same, "bad adress"09:39
kjsanyone know of any open source document managment software?09:39
ikoniakjs: svn ?09:40
AlexWikonia: Is a "virt-viewer" avaliable for windows :/09:40
ikoniaAlexW: I don't know ?09:40
ikoniariver: thats most unusual, your two name references are failing09:40
kjsikonia: svn ? lol09:40
ikoniakjs: why is that funny, it's an excellent tool for document managment/versioning09:41
ikoniariver: can you "ping localhost"09:41
riverikonia: yes, i got a trouble09:41
riverroot@ncam# ping localhost09:41
riverPING localhost ( 56 data bytes09:41
river64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.787 ms09:41
river                                                                                09:41
river--- localhost ping statistics ---09:41
FloodBot3river: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:41
river1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0% packet loss09:41
riverikonia: yes, i can ping localhost09:41
^paradox^ill go over this again09:42
onxriver, add this to /etc/hosts:   ncam.localdomain        ncam09:42
ikoniariver: please show me the output of "uname -a"09:42
riverroot@ncam# uname -a09:42
riverLinux ncam.localdomain 2.6.14 #24 Thu Sep 11 17:13:11 CST 2008 armv5tejl unknown09:42
ikoniariver: that doesn't look like ubuntu09:42
riverok, thx09:43
ikoniariver: are you running ubuntu ?09:43
AlexWriver: Are you running ubuntu on a router?09:43
utnubudnaiwhat should I do with "/elf.h:396: error: expected declaration specifiers or ‘...’ before ‘loff_t"09:43
=== [vaio|tt] is now known as [sexy|vaio_tt]
riverikonia: no,09:43
ikoniariver then why are you in an ubuntu support channel09:43
^paradox^im trying to setup a printer to be shared over our network. this pc runs ubuntu 8.04. my wifes pc with the printer runs vista home09:43
riverikonia: but still linux09:43
ikoniautnubudnai what are you trying to build09:43
ikoniariver: this is not "linux support" this is ubuntu only support09:43
^paradox^after double checking my steps i saw what i was doing wrong. i had selected the wrong computer09:43
vogelscheuchewhat kind of encryption is used when im installing ubuntu with an encrypted LVM? please halp :/09:44
^paradox^ive got the right one now but i still need a hand with this09:44
^paradox^i did new printer09:44
utnubudnaiikonia, i want to build a simple module!09:44
ikoniautnubudnai: which module09:44
riverok, thanks for ur answer09:44
^paradox^selected windows printer via samba09:44
utnubudnaiikonia, a module of my own!09:44
^paradox^browsed for smb printer and found it this time on the right computer09:44
ikoniautnubudnai: a kernal module09:44
utnubudnaiikonia, just a test!09:45
utnubudnaiikonia, yeah!09:45
^paradox^then i verified and it said this print share is accessible09:45
ikoniautnubudnai: so you must knwo what you've doing then, why are you asking ?09:45
^paradox^now im at a dialog where i must choose to select printer from database or provide ppd file. i have the driver cd for the printer. its from here on that im humbly ;-) asking for help09:45
zebrafHi, when I move around using the cursor keys in vi the letters abcd, i.e pressing down changes to the letter B - any ideas why this is ;) ?09:46
AlexWikonia: So how do you view a virtual guest from another machine09:46
ikoniautnubudnai: if your writing kernel modules, you must know how to solve that error, or at least understand what it is09:46
=== aftiggit is now known as Differentte
ikoniaAlexW: bridge network connection, which sort of defeats the object of your DMZ idea09:46
hateball^paradox^: Have you checked if the printer is included in the database?09:46
nero_Question: Do I need firewall & virus scanner for ubuntu?09:46
Enselicnero_: nah09:46
ikonianero_: your call, depends on your needs09:46
^paradox^which database?09:47
ubottuantivirus is something you don't really need on Linux, unless you serve windows clients. ClamAV and aegis are decent linux virusscanners. Also see !linuxvirus09:47
utnubudnaiikonia, but now I don't know it,do you have any ideas?09:47
ikoniautnubudnai: you did know - but now you don't09:47
nero_i just found firestarter recommend me to install it?09:47
ikoniautnubudnai: you've made a call to something in your code - but you don't know what/how ?09:47
ikoniautnubudnai: tell the truth - have you wrote this kernel module09:47
Enselicnero_: since you're asking, no09:47
ikoniautnubudnai: or is it someone elses09:47
^paradox^oh i know what u mean09:47
webfarmerhey guys, I know this is isn't specific to ubuntu, but you guys are smart - I've deleted a bunch of files on one of my hard drives on a windows platform - what is the best way to recover files?09:47
ikoniawebfarmer: thats nothing to do with ubuntu09:48
^paradox^mines psc 1110, but it only goes to 110009:48
nero_But how can I controll which programm connects to which server?09:48
bazhangwebfarmer, ##windows09:48
ikoniawebfarmer: please take that to an appropraite channel09:48
=== Guest51784 is now known as Vladimir[LV]
webfarmerwindows recovery doesn't work09:48
RoflCoptrask in another channel09:48
HappyHaterit's windows, who cares09:48
ikoniaHappyHater: thats not the attitude09:48
^paradox^hateball: anyways ive got the driver cd09:48
^paradox^but no idea what id be looking for on it09:49
utnubudnaiikonia, no it's my own!very simple!09:49
HappyHaterit is for those of us who don't use it09:49
ikoniautnubudnai: so you've made an include to elf.h then09:49
ikoniautnubudnai: you may want to join #kernel for kernel intergration help with your own modules09:49
webfarmerI hate windows, but I need to get these files back09:49
bazhangwebfarmer, this is the wrong place to ask09:49
ikoniawebfarmer: sorry - this is not the place for windows support09:50
Geethparadox, what pc is the printer hooked up to?.09:50
webfarmerit's not windows support09:50
utnubudnaiikonia, yeah,good! thank you!09:50
webfarmerit's file recovery09:50
ikoniawebfarmer: enough now09:50
HappyHaterwebfarmer, so google it09:50
ikoniawebfarmer: it's nothing to do with ubuntu, so not appropriate in this channel.09:50
webfarmerI have09:50
^paradox^its on my wifes pc that runs vista home09:50
webfarmergot some really weird software packages09:50
webfarmereven went on download.com and those programs help for nothing09:50
ikoniawebfarmer: last warning - stop asking/discussing it09:51
^paradox^i already found it on her pc09:51
dwa_anyone else having thunderbird issues this morning?09:51
ikoniadwa_ in what way09:52
^paradox^now im at the dialog asking for ppd09:52
nero_robot/ user SecurityTest just sent me: <SecurityTest> dcc send startkeylogger 0 0 009:52
webfarmerikonia there's no windows room09:52
hateball^paradox^: a .ppd file. sometimes you have to install it in windows and then pull it from the windows dir.... but easiest is just checking the manufacturers website09:52
ikoniawebfarmer: ##windows09:52
^paradox^i dont whether to get it from database or driver cd09:52
ikonianero_: report it to freenode staff if your not happy with it09:52
dwa_ikonia: i can't type new emails09:53
dwa_ikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-thunderbird/+bug/27467209:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274672 in mozilla-thunderbird "Thunderbird does not respond anymore, permanent "wait" symbol" [Undecided,New]09:53
ikoniadwa_: you'll need to be more descriptive than that09:53
^paradox^what type of file am i looking for?09:53
dwa_i experience the same bug09:53
ikoniadwa_ what server are you connecting to, is it not connecting to the server and waiting for a time out09:54
^paradox^i mean what extension might it have or how will i recognize it?09:54
ikoniadwa_: selecting inbox makes it connect to the server09:54
dwa_i can read my inbox messages just fine09:54
dwa_so it's connecting to my server09:54
ikoniadwa_ no - thats not what I meant09:54
ikoniadwa_: your inbox is cached locally09:54
dwa_no, i use imap09:55
fkhi- i have 20 boxes running xp sharing a folder, i have trouble because of xp limitation on the nmber of connection. i want to switch the shared folder to alinux box. what is the minimum hardware requirment if 20 boxes will connect to it at the same it (and that box will also be used as a workstation - it needs a gui)09:55
webfarmerikonia be great if they gave me the attention you gave me09:55
ikoniayes you inbox is cached locally09:55
ikoniawebfarmer: please stop now09:55
ikoniadwa_ thunderbird caches inbox even with imap09:55
ikoniadwa_: get someone to send you a new mail and see if it comes through09:55
dwa_ikonia: ok, didn't know that. I already tested that and the mail arrives fine09:55
dwa_my account works just fine with outlook (in my virtual machine)09:56
ikoniadwa_ forget other clients - just concentrate on thunderbird09:56
ikoniadwa_: just because outlook can connect doesn't mean thunderbird can09:56
ikoniadwa_: close thunderbird, re-open it, don't cliek on inbox and try to hit "new message"09:56
nero_what's a good theme to get for ubuntu? I'm looking for something simple & clean09:57
RudyValencianero_: try some of the other default ones.09:57
bazhangnero_, check gnome-look.org09:57
ikonianero_: gnome-look.org09:57
nero_thx all09:57
dwa_ikonia: not working. I'd like to point out i also get a xul error when i right click on my toolbar and select customize09:57
ikoniadwa_ I suggest you add that to the bug09:58
dwa_ikonia: will do09:58
dwa_ikonia: i don't think something is wrong my with settings or server connections. It only started this morning after i apt-get upgraded.09:59
ikoniadwa_ fine, put that int he bug report10:00
dwa_it installed a few firefox packages (including xulrunner)10:00
ikoniadwa_: that bug reprot has no meat in it, your telling me all this detail, put the detail in the bug report10:00
dwa_it's not my bug report10:00
ikoniaso ?10:00
dwa_i linked because i have the same issues10:00
ikoniadwa_: your suffering the same issue, add to it10:00
dwa_i'll ad a comment10:00
ikoniaas much detail as possible10:00
ikoniaas much "fact as possible10:01
ikoniawebfarmer: any reason you've not been in ##windows and your still lurking here ?10:01
dwa_thanks for the help ikonia10:02
ikoniadwa_: no problem10:03
perlsyntaxhow do i untar bz2 files?10:03
nero_how can i make a program run on startup?10:04
bazhangnero_, put in sessions10:04
perlsyntaxdoes anyone know how to untar bz2 file?10:04
MaxJayswhat does the status "zombie" acctually means in System monitor?10:04
bazhangsystems-->prefs-->sessions nero_10:04
ikoniaperlsyntax: tar jxvf $file10:04
ikoniaMaxJays: process has "hung"10:04
=== sreepingo is now known as drunky
MaxJaysso if sh is hung?10:05
* SaS` wants to take shotgun to pc10:05
ikoniaMaxJays: kill it ?10:05
ikoniaMaxJays: start a new one10:05
CoW_fshello world10:06
onx!hi | CoW_fs10:06
ubottuCoW_fs: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:06
MaxJayswhat process is using sh?10:06
ikoniaMaxJays: it's s shell10:07
MaxJaysit cant be killed10:07
ikoniaMaxJays: look if it has a parent/child pid10:07
ikoniaMaxJays: how are you trying to kill it ?10:07
nero_how do i get root?10:07
MaxJaysin system monitor10:07
perlsyntaxwhere can i find the pidgin deb package for the pidgin 2.5.1?10:07
MaxJaysi rightclick, then kill process10:07
ikonianero_: you don't10:07
CoW_fsnobody know globus toolkit 4?10:07
ikoniaperlsyntax: check if it's in the ubuntu repo's10:08
nero_program asks me for root to update.10:08
ikoniaperlsyntax: use the package manager to search for it10:08
ikonianero_: put in your user password10:08
perlsyntaxi have no lucky with that10:08
ikoniaperlsyntax: then it's not packaged up by ubuntu yet10:08
hateballperlsyntax: try getdeb.net if you _really_ must have it10:08
nero_when i click update it simply displays the box: you need root. No option for pw.10:08
ikonianero_: as your not responding to your pm's - please don't pm me in future, it's not considerered polite to randomly pm people in the channel10:09
hateballperlsyntax: but thats not supported by ubuntu10:09
ikonianero_: what are you trying to update10:09
=== smokewon is now known as Hydromethod
nero_ClamTk Virus Scanner10:09
ikonianero_: run it with gksudo10:09
ikonianero_: gksudo $command10:09
vallhalla81i just had a msg pop up in mirc program it said dcc send startkeylogger 0 0 0 should this hapen?10:10
LimCoreis AppArmor for noobs?10:10
=== root is now known as Guest80645
vallhalla81mirc should read my irc10:10
JonathanDvallhalla81: pleae don't repeat that here.10:10
ikoniavallhalla81: thats nothing to do with ubuntu, please take that to #freenode if your not happy10:10
JonathanDvallhalla81: it's part of an exploit and is being dealt with.10:11
ikoniaLimCore: n00bs is not a nice term, anyone can use appamour if they read the docs10:11
JonathanDno need to take it to #freenode, we're already on it.10:11
ikoniaJonathanD: thank you10:11
HappyHaterold exploit10:11
vallhalla81ok thank you for the info JonathanD:10:11
LimCoreikonia: I ment, is it bad software that gives false sense of security10:12
ikoniaLimCore no, it's not10:12
ikoniaLimCore as you've used it before, and your in the appamour channel, you know about this, so as usuanl, please don't start a troll session10:12
gabblerhi can someone tell me the free tool to keep folders in sync that i can also use across the network, i think it is something like unison?10:12
LimCoreikonia: but it seems it is - ie http://securityblog.org/brindle/2006/04/19/security-anti-pattern-path-based-access-control/ and others10:12
vallhalla81JonathanD: is it any thing i should worrie about or can self fix?10:12
bazhanggabbler, rsync?10:12
JonathanDvallhalla81: don't worry about it. if it affected you, you would have been disconnected :)10:13
ikoniaLimCore: this is your one and only warning for today - you know what appamour is, you know this is not an ubuntu support question, so either participate with the channel, or don't bother at all10:13
vallhalla81JonathanD: ah thats ok then:)10:13
nero_ikonia: what am I doing wrong? nero@nero-laptop:~$ gskudo$ '/home/nero/Desktop/clamtk.desktop'10:13
nero_bash: gskudo$: command not found10:13
ikonianero_: are you using ubuntu or kubuntu10:14
gabblerbazhang, thanks i knew that one but that isn't it :)10:14
ikonianero_: gksudo - sorry10:14
ikonianero_: my typo10:14
gabblerbazhang, looked at the rsync page and it goes to unison, strange google failed10:16
bartmonHey! How do I thank a person for his post on ubuntuforums.org?10:17
AdvoWorkhi there, im trying to setup a bridge, and ive restarted networking and it says device br0 already exists; cant create bridge with the same name, where would this be exactly?10:17
pppZerodoes 8.04 use pulseaudio now?10:19
ikoniaalways has10:20
pppZerothought so, theres just nothing in the audio menu, so i was lost10:20
AlexW23Who has experience with bridging10:21
AlexW23My question, why does the bridge i created take the same ip from dchp as the network interface it is bridged off10:22
AlexW23If you need my conf let me know10:22
pppZeroi've never used bridging, but i'd say at a guess its getting the same lease because its sending the same MAC address10:23
CaptJagerafter 3 days and 5 differnent versions I now have filemaker pro working with wine10:26
krishna_I am facing audio problems in.04 ubuntu 810:27
krishna_I  tried with soft phones like twinkle, zoiper, counterpath etc. but none of them are working10:27
CaptJagernow anyone know how to remove an item in wine so it is not in the startup menu I tried uninstalling but doesnt work10:28
neggeCaptJager: did you use Wines own uninstall utility?10:28
krishna_anyone know which soft phone shud i use for ubuntu 8.04?10:28
ikoniakrishna_: any that are in the ubuntu repos10:28
CaptJagerwhere is that10:28
neggeCaptJager: that's the way you're supposed to uninstall Wine programs10:28
neggeCaptJager: it's directly under the Wine menu10:28
ikoniaCaptJager: you just removed it by deleting it off the disk ?10:28
CaptJageryes I did try that10:29
ikoniaCaptJager: it's in the wine menu - probably next to the icon you want to remove10:29
afallenhopehey having a small issue installing virtualbox. was wondering if anyone could give me a pointer or a direction as to where I can go10:29
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox10:29
afallenhopehowever, the OSE doesn't support USB?10:29
ikoniaafallenhope: I don't beleive it can do hardware interaction10:30
ikoniaafallenhope: but I'm not %10010:30
afallenhopeikonia, the non free edition can..10:30
ikoniaafallenhope: then use that10:30
prabuany 1 know how to set default OS ?10:30
ikoniaprabu: in what sense ?10:30
magnetronafallenhope, virtualbox-ose, the version we are allowed to distribute, has that feature removed10:30
afallenhopePUEL (Personal Use & Evaluation License) Version10:30
neggeprabu: you mean in the bootloader?10:30
neggeafallenhope: if you want USB support you should install VMware server instead10:31
neggeprabu: you have to edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst file10:31
afallenhopenegge, yeah.. but VMware has issues with the keyboard and whatnot10:31
neggeafallenhope: I never had any issue10:31
CaptJagerI tried that but errors out says the wizard was interupted before filemaker pro 8 could be completely installed but I am trying to remove it10:31
prabuhow to edit tat ? im new to ubuntu10:31
ikoniaprabu: you edit /boot/grub/menu.lst, there is a line in there that says "default" then a number, the number relates to the position on your boot menu, eg: default 0 would be the first os in the list10:31
x3onhey guys, i'm having trouble using my webcam. The camera is installed and works fine, and appears in the kopete config window, but when i try to "send webcam" to someone nothing happens10:32
afallenhopenegge, yeah.. apparently if you don't switch out using the "CTRL + ALT" you jack up the keymap10:32
afallenhopethis is the error I get: http://pastebin.com/m4f67692110:32
neggeafallenhope: that's weird. I must say I haven't used the server version on Ubuntu, but Workstation 6 has worked just fine10:32
afallenhopenegge, yeah for Windows because I don't think there's workstation on Linux10:33
ikoniaafallenhope: thats a kernel driver conflict10:33
neggeafallenhope: yes there is, I just told you I've tried it10:33
the_gamerhi folks10:33
afallenhopeikonia, hmm how would I fix it?10:33
prog077I have RAM 256  and I want to download a Linux distribution?10:33
prabubrb . will try tat10:33
the_gameri can't find mdb2 anywhere in the repos or in the synaptic packetmanager. how to install it best?10:33
ikoniaafallenhope well, my first question is why are you installing a package out of a deb on your desktop ?10:33
afallenhopeikonia, because I need USB support10:34
prabudo i hav to run tat in terminal ?10:34
ikoniaafallenhope: ok - so your using the propriatary version, which has paid support as I recall10:34
neggeprog077: if you want something with the Ubuntu flavor you should probably go for Xubuntu10:34
fallorevlc media player is downloading very slowly from the package manager. i'd like to see if i can get it online faster, but i don't know what would be easiest for me to install once i've downloaded it. what should i look for?10:34
afallenhopeikonia, could be. however, figured someone could help10:34
ikoniaafallenhope: best to use the official support as it looks like it conflicts with the versions in the ubuntu repo,10:35
neggeprabu: open up a terminal and write "gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst", then enter your password and it will open in a notepad-like program. Then you just make the changes and save the file10:35
ikoniaafallenhope: make sure the version from the repo is removed before using the official one10:35
afallenhopeikonia, did that.10:35
prabuok , brb10:35
ikoniaafallenhope: an associated packages such as the kernel module package10:36
ikoniaafallenhope: eg: virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-19-generic10:36
ikoniaafallenhope: if you read the error you'll see it wants to overwrite the module that is provided by virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-19-generic so removing that package should fix it10:37
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications10:37
afallenhopevmware is pretty much the worse I've tried10:37
AdvoWorkwhen you do ifconfig  what are you seeing, ie wheres the details stored that come out of ifconfig, is it ONLY /network/interfaces?10:37
afallenhopedpkg - warning: while removing virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-19-generic, directory `/lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/misc' not empty so not removed.10:38
ikoniaAdvoWork the config for that is in /etc/network/interfaces10:38
gharzhi, guys.10:38
ikoniaafallenhope so empty it or use the force options10:38
zebrafHi, when I move around using the cursor keys in vi the letters abcd, i.e pressing down changes to the letter B - any ideas why this is ;) ?10:39
=== samba is now known as Guest45680
ikoniazebraf the keys to move aruond in vi are ghjkl10:39
AdvoWorkmay sound a silly question, but can you basically restore an ubuntu pc back to factory default? ie everything, mainly everything todo with network connections and so on?10:39
afallenhopelol I'm retarded.. that has my vmware stuff in it10:39
the_gamerthe search on help.ubuntu.com can't find anything. is there a package for mdb2 or is mdb2 included in another package?10:39
gharzi'm having a problem with my external hard drive...if i run lsusb i get a result -> Bus 004  Device 003 : ID 04b4:6830 Cypress Semiconductor  Corp. USB-2.0  IDE adapter... but if i run fdisk -l it doesn't show. what could be the problem here? your help is much appreciated.10:39
ikoniaAdvoWork not really no10:40
fallorehow do i pause or stop a download that i'm apt-getting through terminal?10:40
ikoniafallore: don't think you can, other than control z it10:40
ikoniagharz: no !10:40
ikoniagharz: that won't pause it10:40
gharzikonia, it doesn't pause. it just stop it. :_10:40
fallorenit ot10:40
fallorebut it'll be okay* ?10:40
ikoniagharz that terminates the application10:40
kyhrosu must first mount the usb hard druve10:40
gharz i'm having a problem with my external hard drive...if i run lsusb i get a result -> Bus 004  Device 003 : ID 04b4:6830 Cypress Semiconductor  Corp. USB-2.0  IDE adapter... but if i run fdisk -l it doesn't show. what could be the problem here? your help is much appreciated.10:40
falloreit's downloading at 5kb/s, something must be wrong10:41
Bravo_52ðóññêèå åñòü?10:41
kyhrosgharz: u must first mount10:41
ikoniafallore: mirror probably running slow ?10:41
gharzkyhros: i'm just can't figure out what /dev/??? is my external hard drive.10:41
zebrafikonia yep the arrows used to work though, same SSH client etc too -10:41
ikoniakyhros: he doesn't need to mount it to use fdisk10:41
gharzkyhros: it doesn't automount10:41
kyhrosdmesg |tail10:41
ikoniazebraf: term caps changed10:41
gharzikonia, fdisk -l doesn't detect or show the my ext hard drive /dev/??? if i would have known then it would be easy to mount it.10:42
gharzkyhros: hold on... i'll dmesg tail it10:42
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox10:42
afallenhopeikonia, fixed it ;)10:43
LimCoreis there some guide for making ubuntu desktop secure?10:43
kyhrostrue true10:43
gharzikonia: the 1st line sayd [ ###.####] end_request: I/O error, dev sdc, sector 010:43
ikoniaLimCore there are some threads on the forum that offer high level basics10:43
ikoniagharz: is there a partition table on it ?10:44
knutis there a way to use animated *.icns flies with ubuntu?10:44
ikoniagharz: fidsk -l /dev/sdc ?10:44
gharzikonia: 2nd line [ ###.#####] sd 3:0:0:1: [sdc] Result: hostbyte-DID_ERROR10:44
gharzikonia: hold on.10:44
gharzikonia: no result when i run fdisk -l /dev/sdc10:44
ikoniagharz: something wrong with the drive, I don't know that the hostbyte-DID_ERROR is10:45
gharzso that means the hard drive is useless... :((10:45
LimCorewhat is current state of apparmor in ubuntu? Does it try to, uhm, secure, itnernet-facing applications like kmail, irc clients, etc? Or only given deamons etc?10:45
LimCoresome wikipage I found says it doesnt yet secure (provide profiles) for non internet facing client applications?10:46
LimCores/for non/for/10:46
ikoniaLimCore I would agree with that, although, I'm not %10010:46
ZirodayLimCore: iirc, apparmor has also been disbanded10:46
* LimCore facepalms, and tries selinux10:46
ikoniaZiroday: thats interesting10:46
Zirodayikonia: yeah, I believe novell let it go. Anyway its offtopic :)10:47
ikoniaLimCore: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor10:47
LimCoreikonia: well I obviously read that, its like first hit on google10:47
ikoniaLimCore: I didn't know if you'd read it or not10:48
prabuhow to edit boot menu ?10:49
kyhroswith an editor :)10:49
=== edo32mb|zzz is now known as edo32mb
ikoniaprabu: use a text editor, try gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst10:49
prabuwill try tat . brb10:49
LimCorehow to use pax/NX and randomization security things on ubuntu? I see chpax and pax-utils, so I presume the kernel is set to work with that?10:50
ikoniaLimCore: a fellow user followed this link https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/apparmor.html10:50
ikoniaLimCore: may provide additional use/examples10:50
ikoniaLimCore: for pax you may have to mod probe the module in, don't think it's loaded by default10:50
knutdoes anybody know why my elisa is flickering when i use compiz?10:51
Cyranix0ryou know whats really a shame10:51
Cyranix0rX11 gets higher resolution at higher color depth on this machine than windows does :(10:51
LimCoreikonia: ok; and are programs ready to work with it? Programs should be builded with -fPIC for that... hmm but afair this is anyway tlaways the case on amd64?10:51
LimCoreCyranix0r: :(  ---> :)10:51
Cyranix0roh yeah, I'm not complaining :P~10:52
ikoniaLimCore: I'd certainly expect it on amd64 as you said, not sure about 32bit stuff, maybe pick a few random deb files and have a look at the spec file10:52
levenehas the latest firefox update broken it? when i type an address in the url bar i get an incomprehensible error message, and the page doesn't load10:52
Cyranix0rIts just kindof a shame10:52
prabuits not working ikonia10:52
LimCorelevene: I got it too10:52
ikoniaprabu whats the problem10:52
Zirodaylevene: 8.04?10:52
leveneASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!10:52
leveneZiroday: LimCore yes10:52
LimCorelevene: I entered something to search bar, and then firefox showd tiny 10x10 pixel window (??) and hanged.  After restart it works10:52
leveneLimCore: hm, i just did restart it10:53
LimCorelevene: I guess: just restart firefoxes after upgrade10:53
leveneLimCore: i'll try again10:53
prabui run tat in terminal it asked my passwork . i did . then nothin happens10:53
LimCoreikonia: perhaps its a bug, that installer of firefox upgrade should force it to restart10:53
LimCoreor ask is it ok to do so10:53
leveneLimCore: right, working now. phew!10:53
LimCorelevene: join #ubuntu-bugs10:53
leveneLimCore: i had to killall firefox, it wasn't closed although all the windows were closed10:54
leveneLimCore: sorry, back to work now :)10:54
LimCorewhy always dpkg by default cuts packages names10:54
LimCoredpkg -l10:54
leveneLimCore: you can fix that i think10:54
Zirodaylevene: LimCore: did your error look like this? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17973720/firefox_start.png10:54
ikoniaprabu try this, open a password and do "sudo vi /boot/grub/menu.lst"10:54
LimCoreyaeh, COLS=20010:54
prabuwhere to type tat ? im new to ubuntu ikonia10:55
LimCoreZiroday: no, I got 10x10 pixels window, with just part of title visible "F..." - firefox? and I restarted then10:55
leveneZiroday: more or less. mine started the same, but looked denser i think10:55
ikoniaprabu: there did you type gksudo gedit /boor/grub/menu.lst10:55
Zirodaylevene: LimCore: thanks10:55
prabuok . will try10:56
leveneanyway, thanks all. ttfn10:56
ikoniaprabu: where did you type "gksudo /boot/grub/menu.lst"10:56
prabuit says command not found :(10:57
gharzbye room10:57
ikoniaprabu where are you typing it10:57
prabuin terminal10:58