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stwestonAnyone know how to get a LAMP server installed on xubuntu? how to get the components?02:41
charlie-tcaThe components are the same for all systems. You can use synaptic Package Manager to install02:43
charlie-tcaApache, MySql, and Php02:43
stwestonall right..02:44
cystic850can someone help me configure dual displays on a laptop?03:16
lmathie\join #new2irc03:46
kokotossocystic850, whats the problem at all? your xubuntu isnt detecting both displays?03:48
R1cochet!app menu04:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about app menu04:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about applications04:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about menu04:27
R1cochethow do i edit the apps dropdown menu?04:27
paul928R1cochet: are you still there?05:44
flybackhttp://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7621 <-- great logo for a battery06:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fluxsmb08:02
NillerzWhat's the program called that does the network thingie?08:03
NillerzApparently not "fluxsmb"08:03
ubottufusesmb is a tool that allows easy access to shared folders (smb) on a network.  Links with more info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FuseSmb08:03
GandhiHullo. I'm on a PC right now but I've got a laptop running Xubuntu (Hardy Heron) elsewhere, which I'm about to go visit. I've got a new usb wireless network adaptor for it (ZD1211B) and just want to be prepared in case it's not entirely straight forward...10:59
GandhiCan anyone think of anything I particuarly need to keep in mind?11:00
knomeGandhi, you could search google; it seems that a few people have had problems with it11:01
Gandhiknome : *nod* I am doing :)11:01
MyrttiI've never had any hiccups with it11:01
MyrttiI've got a-link usb thingie with zd1211 and it has been a true lifesaver11:02
GandhiMyrtti : Glad to hear it.11:02
GandhiSo it should just plug n' play? I don't need to download anything extra, or fiddle with any terminal commands?11:04
Myrttishould be pretty much p'n'p11:09
TheSheeppay and pray?11:10
Gandhiponce n' pants?11:20
* Gandhi ponders the plethora of possible 'P's11:23
Tim__i d/l xbunto to my pc and do i have to make somthing to like a boot disk to install on a new pc13:25
charlie-tcaIf you downloads a file that ends in .iso, you have to burn the image to a cd13:26
charlie-tcadon't copy the file, make sure you select burn image or write image13:27
charlie-tcaThen reboot with the cd in your drive and install Xubuntu from the cd13:28
Tim__charlie- disk image option right when i am buring the cd13:57
charlie-tcaYes, that is right.13:57
Tim__one other question is....ubunto as long as it has picked up the network card...North american cable internet should work fine13:58
charlie-tcaThat's right. 8.04 works pretty good on that. If you have problems, ask here or on the mailing list13:59
Tim__thanks a lot and have a great day...charlie14:01
* charlie-tca nods :)14:02
robert22_hi there14:40
knomehello here14:40
robert22_can anyone help me i have two Linux computers and only 1 printer, how can i share that printer from: Xubuntu to: Ubuntu?14:42
knomerobert22_, xubuntu is basically the same than ubuntu14:43
knomerobert22_, have you looked at the printer settings?14:44
robert22_knome, Im very new with Xubuntu and Ubuntu is there a sharing option under printer settings?14:46
knomerobert22_, i suppose there is. i have no real experience on sharing printers in a unix network, and can't really even help as i don't have printer14:47
knomerobert22_, you could search ubuntuforums.org, if you're stuck, or visit #ubuntu14:47
knomerobert22_, there's usually more people online and available to help14:47
robert22_knome, ok thx14:48
Odd-rationalerobert22_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers14:56
robert22_odd-rationale. thanks I will get mutch use of that, ty very mutch15:09
karlhxhi, i'm moving from windows to linux now. i used to use linux some time ago, and now i want to use it again16:21
karlhxi work with programming and webdesign, used softwares as fireworks and dreamweaver16:22
karlhxare there equivalents on linux xubuntu?16:22
ron_oI don't get how my Norcent monitor is working on my old xorg.conf configurations.16:22
ron_oI guess I should just accept it, no?16:23
knomekarlhx, http://tips.webdesign10.com/using-linux-for-web-design-and-development-ubuntu might help you16:45
karlhxthe post is from 2 years ago, but i'll read it anyway, hope all the softwares listed there are still being udpdated16:48
karlhxthank you knome16:48
knomemost of them are, i think16:48
TheSheepknome: new gimp (dv version) is sweet16:49
TheSheepdev version16:49
knomeTheSheep, haven't tried and possibly will not16:49
TheSheepknome: moving away from linux?16:49
knomeTheSheep, no, but i have a PS license16:49
pc_dudeI'm new to Ubuntu Linux and I am trying to play yahoo game pool online but when I log in it says...   This game cannot be played using your current settings. Please, try the following:    Check to make sure that java is enabled in your browser. (learn more)  If you do not have java installed you may download it here.  To learn more about java support for browsers, visit our help pages.    I have tried to install java support b16:49
TheSheepknome: I didn't know there was PS for linux16:49
knomeTheSheep, there isn't16:50
TheSheep!java | pc_dude16:50
ubottupc_dude: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository16:50
knomeTheSheep, there is PS for VMWare Player for unix ;)16:50
TheSheepknome: but you still get the clumsy windows interface16:50
knomeno can do always16:51
knomeimho, PS is superior to gimp16:51
knomealso PS works quite well with wine16:51
pc_dudeI've tried to do this but am not sure I got it done or got it done correctly!16:51
knomebut wacom tablets need some more development before i can start using PS w/ wine16:51
knome*wacom tablet drivers16:51
TheSheepknome: works well with gimp :) there is even hotplug now16:52
knomeTheSheep, the problem is not that they wouldn't *work at all*16:52
knomeTheSheep, but really, PS can handle all the features way better.16:52
knomeTheSheep, or to be more exact, windows drivers can handle ... better than linux drivers16:53
TheSheepknome: since they implemented smoothing, Im happy with the linux drivers16:54
TheSheepknome: maybe the problem is between linux and wine?16:54
knomeTheSheep, when was that?16:54
TheSheepknome: some year ago, I think16:54
knomei might try it16:55
knomeanyway i'm happy with vmware mostly16:55
TheSheepI'm really allergic to windows user interface16:57
knomethose interface fonts hurt me16:57
knomeok, much better now16:58
ron_oinstalled my new monitor, and now thunar is so large I can't do anything with it.17:00
ron_oI can't minimize it or anything.17:01
ron_oworked like a charm. :)17:02
knomeTheSheep, doesn't seem to work so well17:02
CppIsWeirdwhere is the config file for auto-mounting?17:46
knomeCppIsWeird, you probably mean /etc/fstab17:46
CppIsWeirdno, thats not it, like when you plug in a memory card and it automatically sets that up17:47
jarnosCan you restrict registered middle-clicks speed?17:47
jarnosI mean for mouse event detection.17:48
jarnosAnd maybe better talk about registered middle-click frequency.17:49
floatinghow can i see which partition is my ext2fs partition18:27
user6hello everyones18:27
floatingim on live cd, and have xubuntu installed, but the live cd didnt load that18:27
floatingI choosed 'e' on linux entry into grup menu; the first voice appeared as root (hd0,3) but I saw that the ext2fs partition was into 2!!!18:28
floatingSo I changed it into root(hd0,2) with 'e' option.18:28
floatingthis guy doesnt explain where he saw18:28
user6i'm italian so sorry for my english18:28
user6I got a problem with xubuntu18:28
user6I can't ping my gateway18:29
user6xubuntu stay in a mixed lan18:29
floatingi also tried this grub> find /boot/grub/stage1 but get Error 15: File not found18:29
user6when I ping 192.1968.0.1 it give me estination Host Unreachable18:30
user6some tips?18:30
floatingblah, maybe i just try randomly18:31
floatingi go try ->18:31
user6how to proced?18:31
vidduser6, what is your machine's IP address?18:31
user6dhpc assigned18:31
viddtype ipconfig18:31
viddit will tell you18:31
user6command not found18:32
user6dhpc assign
user6is correct for my lan18:33
viddcan the machine reach the internet?18:33
user6it can't18:33
viddwired or wireless?18:33
viddsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart18:34
user6strange really?18:34
viddwhat do you get now?18:35
user6error while getting interface flags18:36
user6no such device18:36
viddis your wired ethernet card a pcmcia card?18:36
user6may be that it dont recognize my ethernet card18:36
user6this is a notebook18:36
viddthat is exactly why18:36
vidddid this work b4?18:37
user6yes... but not with xubuntu18:37
user6still few days ago18:37
viddwhat did it work for?18:38
user6it works with XP pro... i0ve canged HD18:38
viddwhat does lspci tell you the lan card is?18:38
user6internet connection goes well18:38
user6ethernet controller Realteck semiconductor18:39
viddis there a wifi card as well?18:40
viddok....sudo mousepad /etc/network/interfaces18:40
viddwhat lines do you have that start inet....18:41
user6iface... al18:42
user6auto lo18:42
user6iface lo inet loopback18:42
user6auto eth0 iface ath0 inet dhpc18:42
user6.... same...18:43
user6... same18:43
viddhow many network cards you got????18:43
user6if i know18:43
viddaccording to this file, you have 518:43
user6there's only the ethernet entry18:43
nnullyou guys think xubuntu would work ok on a p3 128 meg of ram (500 meg swap) >18:44
viddcomment out all lines except....18:44
viddone momnet....ill pastebin....18:44
viddcomment out everything else with # at the beginning of the line18:46
viddsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart18:47
viddand if that throws errors, reboot18:47
zoredachennull: you won't be able to use the livecd installer on 128.  The livecd requires 192... You can use the alternate installer.  You can trim things down to get it to run18:48
zoredache!lowmwm | nnull18:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lowmwm18:48
zoredache!lowmem | nnull18:48
ubottunnull: For installing on low memory systems, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems.  See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements.18:48
nnullthankyou, i did use the alternate cd, but the same as all ubuntu installs ive done, it doesnt let me select any software it just installs ?18:49
zoredacheyes, it just installs.  Once you are done installing you can use synaptic,, apt-get, aptitude or whatever to add or remove anything else...  Of course you can also choose the 'expert' mode on the installer and then you get a lot of control18:50
zoredacheof course in the expert mode you probably will be asked far more questions then you really want to answer18:51
user6vidd: ok done18:52
nnullzoredacheƺ ah18:52
nnullfrom the link u provided, it seems i should be running fluxbox instead of xfce, as its lighter?18:53
user6it seems to be working fine in the therminal18:53
harrihuis anyone here?18:53
harrihuI have a question18:53
zoredachennull: I am not familar with flux.18:54
user6the computer stay on lan for a second18:54
user6then go out18:54
zoredacheharrihu: we are here... and you don't need to ask to ask questions... after all you just asked two.18:54
vidduser6, what does ifconfig tell you now?18:54
nnullin xubuntu can i say.. turn off all X and just have a command line?18:54
harrihuI cannot see the menues18:54
nnullhow would i make it start as command line and if i wanted to use it for GUI i could type start xfce or something?18:55
harrihuthe ones that default to the top and bottom of the screen18:55
zoredachennull: sure.  Of course xubuntu without gui is identical to ubuntu without a gui...18:55
user62 voice ath018:55
harrihuI moved them to the bottom so that they hide untill you mouse over them18:55
nnullzoredacheƺ cool how do i initiate the switching mate?18:55
user62 voices18:55
harrihuand now I cannot see them at all18:55
user6and lo18:56
zoredacheharrihu: try pressing 'alt-f2' then running 'xfce4-panel'18:56
user6inet address eth018:56
nnullahh k'18:56
viddok...can you ping now?18:56
user6lo is local18:56
viddlo will always be local....18:56
harrihuhey thank you sooo much18:57
zoredachennull: you would set gdm to not start automatically, then you would run 'startxfce4' from a terminal when you want to start the gui18:57
viddit means "loopback"18:57
harrihuthats a huge help18:57
user6Destination Hosto Unreachable18:57
viddnow add lines 4&5 from my pastebin and set it to eth118:58
nnullzoredacheƺ awesome :D18:58
viddso you have 3 networks....lo, eth0 and eth118:58
harrihubig help thx guys18:58
viddwhile you are at it, add eth2 as well18:58
user6olso eth218:59
viddrestarting the network will error out because you will be polling non-existint network interfaces....rebooting may be easier18:59
user6eth1 give me error19:00
user6eth2 too19:00
viddlike so: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/50961/19:00
user6i've done sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart19:01
user6yes like this19:01
user6uummmm tired buddy19:03
user6when you come in Italy you have a pizza paied19:03
user6if you want to stop i understand you19:04
user6it is terrible this case19:05
user6i've notced a thing19:05
user6when i've changed interfaces file19:05
user6line look at this PC for one moment19:07
user6vidd: see you buddy19:13
user6i'm going to annoing some other19:13
user6vidd: still here?19:20
viddim back19:21
viddim at work19:21
user6i'm sorry19:21
user6but i hanoticed a message19:21
user6DHCPACK on eth0 to
user6it don't end with 019:22
vidddoes ifconfig connect any of the interfaces?19:22
user6ifconfig give me 3 inet6 addr19:23
user6with MAC address19:23
user6present only eth0 and lo19:24
user6pc is seen if i look at lan19:25
user6but isn't recognized19:25
viddyou said your gateway is definently .0.1?19:26
viddset your interfaces as such: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/50973/19:27
viddthis puts your laptop outside your router's DHCP range19:27
viddremove the eth1 and eth2 interfaces19:28
user6may i give a static configuration?19:28
viddyes...use the one i specified first19:29
viddany luck?19:31
floatinghmm. my eclipse froze. i chose end process from system monitor. the app still is visible on xfce. then i tried ps -aux | grep eclipse but nop.. not alive19:32
floatinghow can i get rid of this annoying instance that is visible19:32
user6so ... this configuration gives at notebook ip address
user6but the pc is entered like
viddthey cant have the same IP19:33
user6i've put this range from myself19:34
user6instead of 1519:34
user6i have wrote 19019:34
user6the pc is entered for a second19:34
viddwith the notebook set this way, and you sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart19:34
user6now is out19:34
user6Listening on LPF/eth0/00:0a:e4:42:ba:2c19:36
user6Sending on LPF/eth0/00:0a:e4:42:ba:2c19:37
viddis the PC you on now connected to that router? (gateway)19:37
viddso the laptop and pc are NOT on the same network?19:37
user6DHPCDISCOVER on Eth0 to port 67 inteval 419:38
viddthere should not be any DHCPDISCOVER....19:38
viddwe set a static ip19:38
user6DHCPOFFER from
user6DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port 6719:39
vidduser6, STOP!!!!19:39
user6DHCPACK from
vidd!paste user619:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about paste user619:39
user6bound to -- renewal in 233 second19:40
vidd!paste | user619:40
ubottuuser6: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)19:40
user6i was writing19:40
user6i wasn't read your message19:40
vidduser6, check your /etc/network/interfaces19:41
viddmake sure that there is only one iface eth0 line....19:41
viddand it set to static and not dhcp19:42
user6without auto lo...?19:42
vidddoes your interfaces file match this?19:45
user6setting apart empty lines ... it seems to be the same19:45
user6don't surf...19:48
viddwhat does ifconfig tell you the IP address is?19:50
viddcan you ping
viddis the laptop connected to the same router as the computer you are on now?19:52
user6yes is the same19:53
viddis this computer linux or xp?19:53
user6this is kubuntu19:53
user6the notebook is xubuntu19:53
viddon this computer, what does ifconfig tell you the gateway is?19:53
user6give me paste bin19:55
viddon this machine, type ifconfig19:56
viddpaste the info into http://pastebin.ubuntu.com19:56
viddand post the link19:56
zoredacheifconfig doesn't tell the you the gateway?  Don't you need use the 'route' command to see the gatway19:57
vidduser6, can this machine ping
vidduser6, can this machine ping
user60.1 yes                   0.15 no20:01
viddill bet you dollars to donuts that your router has MAC filtering enabled20:02
user6i like donuts20:03
viddi like dollars20:03
viddso its a fair bet =]20:03
vidddo you have access to the router setup?20:04
user6i have no router20:04
viddthen what are you connecting to?20:04
user6is the PC that give line to the other pc20:04
viddwhat device is @ ip
user6i have a modem20:05
user6and a switch20:05
user620 ports20:05
user6is an xp home20:05
viddyou need to configure a router for the other computer to connect to20:06
user6it give line to 2 kubuntu and 2 xp pro and this damn..#°ò@ of notebook20:06
user6there are also a win9820:07
viddso...let me see if i understand....20:07
user6and a MAC20:07
viddone computer connects to the internet.....20:07
vidddial-up or broadband?20:08
viddget one of your linux machines to that position....20:08
user6then it is connected to a switch20:08
viddand set up router service on that box20:08
user6yes is several month that i think to do that20:09
viddthat specific machine needs 2 eth devices20:09
viddone to the modem, one to the switch20:09
user6modem is usb20:09
user6I know that xp home have a limit o 5 pc20:10
user6... i have read this somewere20:10
viddWinXP is horrid as a router machine20:10
user6yes i agree20:11
viddso evict it from the job and put a reliable machine there20:11
user6but i can assure that some times in this place we was connected with the some PC i have said to you and other 420:12
user6i want to say only that this problem is the same from several month20:12
viddwindows is a summertime OS ....summer-times it works, summer-times it dont =]20:13
user6and it appens also is there are xp home20:13
user61 kubuntu20:13
user6and this notebook20:13
viddhaving a switch without router serves on your network is worthless20:13
viddyou need a machine that dishes out and manages traffic (a router)20:14
user6your tips is the best ... and i know...20:15
viddI work for an ISP....20:15
user6but i know also that this is not the problem for this machine20:15
user6vidd: thank you for patience20:16
viddhow many machines are currently on right now connecting to that specific connection computer?20:16
user6i'll promise you that if i propose this problem again will be when i'll change the
viddpower off all but the connection machine, the on you are talking to me on and the laptop....20:18
user67 works perfectly20:18
viddlet me know when that is done20:18
user6there are only 320:18
vidddoes your modem have a CAT-5 connection port?20:19
viddas well as USB?20:19
viddso no ethernet jack20:19
viddwhat modle is it?20:19
user6is a router that works like modem20:20
harrihuwhen did xubuntu a.04 come out?20:20
vidduser6, what model #?20:21
user6Access Media20:21
viddi cant look up data on your modem without the actual model number20:22
user6Access Media fastRate20:22
user6100 USB20:22
viddgrrr....all google pulls up are pages in some language i cant read =[20:24
user6yes is usually the old distribution of alice for telecom20:25
user6the modem20:26
viddwell....this is all I can do as far as recommendations to help you:20:29
user6ehi vidd: what is the way to write in red like you made???20:29
viddhave a linux bow set up as the primary contact machine20:29
user6i'll execute20:30
user6thank you again20:30
viddset up router service on that machine to dish out dhcp addresses20:30
user6see you buddy20:30
viddwhen someone types your name, the whole message shows up in red20:30
user6and have a good week end20:31
user6it's so easy?20:31
viddto set up router service?20:31
user6to write in red20:31
viddwhen you put in one's name, you dont see it....but they do20:32
user6to set up router service i think will be no problem20:32
user6I hope20:32
zoredacheof course it is highly dependant on the irc client and how the person has configured it...20:32
vidduser6, if you need help, the ppl @ #kubuntu will help (or come back here)20:33
user6i know20:33
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Luigii'm havin a problem, i can't get any sound on this thing. and it's worked fine before.21:59
favro!sound | Luigi tried this?21:59
ubottuLuigi tried this?: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP321:59
Luigialright, everything works fine now, thanks :)22:26
favrowell done Luigi :)22:27
homebrewciderGot a new monitor, with DVI, but it seems I can't seem to get my video card outputting through DVI22:51
homebrewcideranything I can do?22:51
SteynCan someone help me?22:59
SteynI just used the xubuntu live disc, but i need to log in23:00
Steyni tryed "ubuntu" and "xubuntu", but neither did work23:00
knomelog in?23:01
favroyou shouldn't be asked to login but try ubuntu and don't type anything for password just hit enter23:01
favroany luck Steyn ?23:06
Steyn"Incorrect username or password"23:07
SteynNope, don't work :(23:07
Steynknome: yes, it's the first time that when I boot a live disc, it asks for an username and password23:08
SteynI'll just reboot, and install xubuntu without live disc23:08
charlie-tcahomebrewcider: I had to set mine up with DVI only first, disconnected the VGA23:09
charlie-tcaThen it worked in DVI mode.23:09
favroSteyn: have you done the md5 check - google results suggest it is a bad iso/burn that causes that23:14
favro!md5 | Steyn23:14
ubottuSteyn: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:14
Steynthe md5 isn't correct23:17
Steyncorrupt download >.<23:17
favrothere you go :)23:17
Steynand does someone know why i get a 403 when i'm trying to download the torrent?23:19
SteynI must use the http download...23:19
Steynok, downloading again23:20
favroSteyn: what link are you using to get there?23:20
Steynthen desktop23:20
Steynthen xubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.iso23:21
Steynen then i get a 40323:21
favrocody-somerville: ^^23:21
favroSteyn: it works from here23:22
Steynah well23:22
SteynI found it on isohunt23:22
Steynand it works with the ubuntu tracker23:22
knomewhat was the link to latest xubuntu again?23:23
charlie-tcaknome: hardy or intrepid?23:26
cody-somervilleYou're not suppose to download the iso23:27
cody-somervilleyou're suppose to download the torrent file23:27
shawn123i just installed xubuntu with hdtv and the dpi settings are all messed up, i tried multiple fixes online but the text is still way too small someone please help me23:34
NillerzSet the dpi to 72?23:36
Nillerzor other problem?23:37
shawn123i tried setting the dpi in xorg and added the Files section that point to the 100dpi path like all the how toos say23:39
shawn123i have to set the font size to 18+ before anything is even close to readable23:39
NillerzWhat is the resolution of the TV23:39
edugonchHello, I'm new in linux and I want to make an application for xubuntu, so I have some questions, what IDE do you recomend me, and what graphical API do I need to use? thank23:44
Odd-rationaleedugonch: well, xfce uses gtk as its toolkit. So really, any gtk app would do...23:45
NillerzI am doing most my programming in x86 Assembly. I do it in Bluefish and compile it through Terminal23:45
Odd-rationaleedugonch: most of xfce is in C or C++23:45
Odd-rationalegtk is in C. there is a C++ binding: gtkmm23:46
NillerzAssembly is superior.23:46
NillerzThe language programming languages are programmed in23:47
Odd-rationalei'm thinking of going the C++ and glade route...23:48
edugonch<Nillerz>: there are a lot of compilers write in c and c++ also in c#, I know that assembler is the gol of any languaje, but I thing is not good to program a end user application in assember23:48
edugonchMy english is not very good, sorry23:49
NillerzBut oh lord it's fast!23:49
edugonchto run, no for develop23:49
Steyn2I downloaded it again23:50
Nillerzwell it's the final user in mind. Speedy development is slow product. Slow development is fast product.23:50
Steyn2and I've got the same md523:50
Steyn2en now the download was perfect, I'm sure23:50
NillerzTry another souce23:50
Steyn2it's already from another :P23:51
Steyn2previous time it was from the mirror in the netherlands23:51
Steyn2now from bittorent23:51
Steyn2ow wait23:52
Steyn2my previous download was correct23:52
Steyn2this one also23:53
Steyn2i had the md5sums of ubuntu, not xubuntu :x23:53
Steyn2ok, then I still got the problem that i can't log in23:53
Steyn2but good, that'll be the problem for tomorrow23:53
Steyn2i go to bed23:53
Odd-rationale!hi | deviant23:59
ubottudeviant: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!23:59

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