crazy_bussince klatin is now getting depreacted.  Is there any other programs which have ready made latin things in them?  Besides just opening the klatin files in parley03:10
sakhiHow do I enable thin client support on Edubuntu? Does the TFTP file have an impact on for the client to boot?06:24
davmor2Morning guys quick query I'm testing edubuntu and there seems to be no usplash from netboot mini.iso but there is from all the others available to install any ideas.  cjwaston has said that the installer is acting as normal12:37
stgraberdavmor2: can you check /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so ?12:40
davmor2stgraber: it's there12:41
stgraberand points to ?12:43
davmor2stgraber: ^12:47
davmor2should have a / at the beginning I missed it :)12:47
davmor2I think edubuntu's meta for netboot is crap to be honest no FF, no evolution, no pidgin, no OO.o but then other gnome stuff is in12:51
stgraberyeah, I guess the edubuntu-desktop meta is a bit broken as the focus is on the addon part12:54
davmor2stgraber: If I write a bug for this can I leave it with you?12:57
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davmor2stgraber: bug 27631714:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276317 in edubuntu-meta "Intrepid: Netboot.  Edubuntu meta doesn't include things like OO.o or FF" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27631714:40
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GJMy server is running Edubuntu 8.04 and has 3 NICs. Shouldn't the file /etc/network/interfaces have more than just the loopback interface defined?19:59
nubaeGJ: absolutely20:07
GJThere is an interface file in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/network, but it defines only the loopback interface, also. How can the server be working if the interfaces file is no good?20:44
nubaeu have 3 network cards on your thin client?20:48
LnsGJ: the file you referenced is in the client chroot, not the server. look in /etc/network/interfaces.20:50
GJThe 3 NICs are in the server not on clients. eth0 goes to the thin clients, eth1 goes to the Internet, and eth2 goes to some Windows laptops.20:52
GJI had referenced the one in /etc/network earlier. Neither one defines anything other than loopback.20:53
LnsGJ: you might have them defined in network-manager, not sure if that has a different facility - i think network-manager should honor /etc/network/interfaces though21:32
GJWhere do I find "network-manager"?21:33
GJWould that be the System - Administration - Network menu choice?21:38
GJSo what file does this network manager use to store configuration info?21:40
GJI changed IP address of my LTSP server. According to Edubuntu Handbook, I am supposed to update SSL certificates.22:37
GJI updated the dhcpd.conf and then ran sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys per Handbook.22:38
GJThe thin client boots up OK, but when I try to login I get: This workstation isn't authorized to connect to server.22:39
GJWhat else do I have to do besides update SSL certificates to allow login from thin clients?22:39
GJNever mind. I just spotted some message traffic that says I have to sudo ltsp-update-image. Wonder why the Handbook doesn't mention that.22:45

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