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markhfor my interest, what is the current expected turnaround time for a CVS import from sourceforge request?08:19
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thumpermarkh: sourceforge are currently blocking us while they sort out their upgrade09:25
* wgrant notes that they also fail at providing services for their real users during their elongated upgrade process.09:34
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persiaIs there a way to view *old* messagses from the lists.launchpad.net interface?12:24
persiaShould I not be getting an oops on TimeoutError?  https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad/+members worked on reload, but the mostly blank TimeoutError page was surprising.12:45
morgshiya, how do I make a project into a super-project?12:49
gnomefreakmorgs: i had to file a question on answers.launchpad.net12:50
morgsgnomefreak: thanks, I see that in https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/Registering now12:51
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jwendellHi, folks. LP mailing lists are enabled only to approved members of a group? Or even proposed members can also join a list?12:56
jwendellUrsinha, any idea?13:04
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persiajwendell: You can always at least read the archives from lists.launchpad.net/${group-name}13:22
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zerokhi :-) is there some simple way to hide all the code-related aspects of lauchpad? For now I'd just like to use lp's bugtracking and blueprint-facilities14:46
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kikozerok, no, though there's a bug filed for it, and sinzui would be interested in hearing more about that (if he was actually online!)14:51
zerokkiko, ah ok, then i will just set my eyes on ignore for the time being :-)14:52
LaneyCan someone explain why a package would build successfully but then fail to appear on my PPA? http://pastebin.com/m4880af4115:12
Laney...I just saw it15:13
* Laney runs15:13
kikoI was about to say "wait". :)15:13
kikoLaney, sometimes a built package may fail to upload, but when it does you get an email notification15:13
LaneyNo, I got the email. I just didn't notice the "intrepid" part15:13
* Laney sed -i s/intrepid/hardy/ debian/control ;)15:13
oly-hi, can anyone point me at some info on building packages to contain just files, ie a set of wallpapers or something similar in particular its the rules file i am interested in for this type of package15:24
LaneyErm, it's telling me the .diff.gz has been uploaded already with different contents. How do I fix this?15:28
kikoLaney, change the version number.15:34
Laneykiko: Rightyo15:34
kikooly-, I don't know of anything offhand, but look at other examples15:34
oly-okay, thought someone might have written a tutorial or something on making packages that just contain data and no source15:36
oly-perhaps i will have to make one, if i figure it out :)15:36
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persiaBah.  I'm too late.  I did write such a tutorial, but oly- is gone :(17:45
kiko-phonepersia, where is it? would you like to perhaps link to it from one of our PPA pages?17:46
kiko-phonemrevell, maybe you can help persia make his doc more widely available?17:47
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mrevellhey persia, I'd love to get this up on the help wiki. you happy with that?17:48
persiaIt's still waiting for more wiki editors to make it cleaner, but it ought suffice for most of that class of stuff.17:49
persiamrevell: Sure, but please link back to MOTU/School for anything like that.  I'm not exactly sure of any relation between MOTU/School and the help wiki: you might want to chat with james_w to see if some feedback loop can be established.17:50
mrevellpersia: Ah right, yeah, if it's already on the Ubuntu wiki and part of the MOTU materials I'd rather link to it. My policy, so far, has been to leave the detail of building source packages to the Ubuntu wiki, rather than replicating it on the LP help wiki.17:51
persiamrevell: That makes sense, but I still encourage you to coordinate with james_w if there's some way you think the MOTU/School curriculum and course notes could be better organised to meet your needs.17:52
mrevellpersia: I'll speak to James and organise a chat with him. Thanks for the suggestion.17:52
persiaGenerally, it only gets reviewed by faculty (randomly looking for session logs), or students.  It doesn't get a lot of editing, and probably isn't well designed for external use (but could be)17:52
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mptmatsubara-lunch, do you have handy the number of the bug report about the broken hierarchy link on distribution series source package pages?18:47
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matsubara-lunchmpt: bug 264319 ?18:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264319 in launchpad-foundations "Broken link in breadcrumbs for source packages" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26431918:57
mptmatsubara-lunch, that's the one, thank you18:57
mptmatsubara-lunch, should that be in Soyuz?18:58
* mpt growls at this fungible LP bug categorization18:58
matsubara-lunchmpt: thanks. seems to be more correct in soyuz indeed19:01
kikowhatever categorization we used would be subjective anyway19:01
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mptkiko, it's just that this evening I've been reporting bugs that are both registry and Soyuz19:11
mpti.e. bugs about package-upstream linking19:11
mptTags would work fine there, projects not so much19:11
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hzspevening.  I've requested a vcs import but I've realised that I won't need it after all20:53
hzspit's still pending review -- is there a way I can request the import be cancelled?20:54
Rinchen`hzsp, shoot me the url for it20:56
hzspI've been told I can more easily use bzr-svn integration to migrate my code20:58
Rinchen`hzsp, done20:58
hzspoh!  thanks very much20:59
Rinchen`hzsp, and yes, if you want to migrate, bzr-svn is a better way21:00
Rinchen`hzsp, and then you can simply push it as a new branch to launchpad21:00
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