emorris"Due to an unresolved bug in the Linux kernel included in Alpha 6, it should not be used on Intel ethernet hardware handled by the e1000e driver (Intel GigE). Doing so may render your network hardware permanently inoperable. "  <--   How do I know/find out if this is me?00:03
DG19075Is there a link for the Ibex download?00:14
Eroickis there a way to get lowlatency support in intrepid? linux-lowlatency doesnt seem to exist...00:15
emorrisDG19075: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/00:16
emorrisEroick: use realtime00:16
Eroickemorris: what package is that? will it make my system less usable as a general office laptop?00:17
Eroickso it's a different kernel00:18
Chousukegenerally, if you don't know the exact reasons and drawbacks of using an -rt kernel you shouldn't be using it.00:18
Eroicki guess i can just choose which to boot with grub.00:18
Eroicki know the reasons, but im not quite clear on the drawbacks. I figured that you could choose what would execute in realtime and what would not...00:19
emorrisEroick: i use rt for music production because it means i can have audio in, processed, audio with very low latency. One drawback it that it uses more power00:20
emorrisEroick: and no, everything you run will be in rt00:20
Eroickemorris: yep, that's what I want it for.00:20
Eroickbut i can choose which kernel to boot grub. boot the non rt kernel by default and optionally boot the rt one for audio work00:21
Eroickboot with grub*00:21
emorrisyep, that's what i have00:21
emorrisby default it will automatically use rt though. you can change this in /boot/grub/menu.lst or with startup-manager if you like something graphical00:22
Eroickemorris: so is there a package for the rt kernel in interpid, or do i have to compile my own kernel?00:23
emorrisEroick: there should be a package, there has been throughout gutsy/hardy00:23
emorriswhat are you using? JACK?00:24
emorrisEroick: ^^00:25
Eroickjack, SC, Pure Data and Rosegarden mostly00:25
Eroickbut jack is the driver obiously00:26
emorrisok, remember to put JACK into realtime mode, otherwise you won't notice any difference00:26
Eroickyep, in the settings. i'll also probably have to change some permissions to allow memlock, or start jack without memlock00:27
Eroickbut i still cant find that package, it was always called linux-realtime00:27
emorrisEroick: linux-rt ??00:29
emorrisEroick: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/linux-rt00:31
Eroickhmm, it complains about broken packages00:31
Eroick'linux-restricted-modules-rt' is required but not going to be installed00:31
yavapaiext3 usb hard drive dont work w/ 2.6.26-400:51
yavapaii have to keep booting into 2.6.25 till this is fixed00:52
yavapaiany ideas?00:53
emorrisyavapai: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26478901:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264789 in linux "USB Hard Drive Not Accessible" [High,Triaged]01:02
yavapaii saw that thanks emorris but i dont see progress01:14
yavapaijust wondering if any of you are effected by this bug  and have a workaround01:15
alteregoaa intrepid is a fascinating animal01:31
yavapaiyou mean ibex?01:36
alteregoayeah, maybe01:39
alteregoai have no clue01:39
emorrisalteregoa: www.dictionary.com01:40
alteregoai installed ubuntu on a 600mhz pIII and it works good01:41
yavapaithis got me hard as i have a 10201:48
fiyawerxim kinda surprised they used ubuntu for that01:58
* fiyawerx facepalms01:59
* fiyawerx hates not checking dates before reading the articles01:59
* DanaG was going to wonder... what architecture?02:06
yavapaiit was a joke02:12
tim__Guys I can't install nvida 96 driver ???!02:21
tim__what is the problem do u know?02:21
tim__any one hereR?02:22
tim__boys and girls ?02:22
DanaGtim_: impatient much?  =þ02:44
DanaGNot here anymore, is why I ask that.02:44
DanaGNvidia 96 is broken.... damnvidia.02:45
mohbanawhen is the next release due?02:57
BrionSHello.  Anyone know how I can get the "old" vlc 0.8.6 back on my Intrepid install?03:01
BrionSI did an update the other day and it seems to have replaced vlc with 0.9.3 which has several improvements but took away my functioning streaming/transcoding wizard :(03:01
BrionSit looks like the only version in the APT repo is 0.9.3, so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could point APT to to get 0.8.6 back03:02
Lofde_I am so into intrepid.. my setup is so nice.. i <3 linux =)03:05
Lofde_is the update push not working ? I didnt have any updates available and then i did an "apt-get update"  and now i have 42 updates.. i thought it would do that automatically to tell me i had updates?03:08
mohbanawhen is the next release due?03:08
Lofde_mohbana 1 sec03:08
Lofde_mohbana,  googled intrepid release schedule got this - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule03:08
Lofde_looks like oct 2nd set for beta03:09
BrionSLofde_, I think it runs apt-get update in the background periodically. You'd be notified of updates after that.03:09
Miksagog'day, um, Is there a list of hardware drivers that are now supported or have changed in Intrepid?03:09
Lofde_BrionS,  yea, thats weird, i wonder how periodically because i have been away from the system for about 10 hours, and i would have thought it would have checked during that03:09
* DanaG wishes the HP MDPS (Mobile Data Protection System -- accelerometer) driver weren't just floating around the LKML, and were actually in-tree.03:09
ecai removed gdm, when i boot i have to ctrl alt f6, then login, then startx. how can i set it up so that it goes straight to command line login?03:10
Lofde_DanaG,  your talking about HDD shut down when you drop your pc?03:10
Lofde_eca cant you add gdm to start up03:11
BrionSMiksago, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha6 check through there first, then I'd look at the kernel release for newly supported hardware03:11
Lofde_*tries to remember what file you add*03:11
DanaGYup, but it can do more than that....03:11
DanaGyou can use it as an accelerometer.03:11
MiksagoBrionS: okay; I'm actually trying to find info about my network controller03:11
DanaGhandy thing: lspci -nn03:12
DanaGn for name and number.03:12
DanaGer, nn gives both.03:12
BrionSMiksago, here's another good place to check: http://linuxcompatible.org/compatlist3.html03:12
MiksagoBrionS: the ubuntu wiki currently says that it's Detected, but doesn't work03:12
ecai dont need/want gdm or xdm, i just wanna login then start fluxbox with a script03:13
Lofde_eca  what window manager are you going to use to start to do that login03:14
MiksagoI actually had to manually patch the driver for it; but sometimes it doesn't load the driver on start up...03:14
Miksago(and yes, i've tried asking in #ubuntu.. but no luck)03:14
ecakinda like it, just dont like switching to tty6 or whatever it is03:14
Lofde_eca ok, so you want to alt-f6, use your username and password, and bamb your script in your home directory launches that fluxbox03:15
ecaya, except i want to boot straight to command line03:15
Lofde_whats coming up right now?03:16
ecasome messages03:16
ecalike you get when you do a ctrl alt 803:16
Lofde_eca /etc/init.d/ and to remove the graphical apps. The init.d directory is basically a collection of scripts which are run when the computer boots up. If you remove the GUI startup scripts, you should be able to boot straight to a command line.03:17
BrionSeca, use 'sudo update-rc.d gdm remove' to remove gdm from your startup scripts03:18
BrionSif the scripts are still there, you can pass the -f option to force removal of the symbolic links so it won't start up03:18
ecak ty, ill try and brb03:18
Lofde_how'd it  go eca03:27
ecano luck, still shows messages03:27
BrionSyou mean when it's booting up?03:27
Lofde_DanaG,  a Joy Stick? Thats interesting.. its funny i was in the air force and the F-16 i was taught electronics of... and it used accelerometer's, to keep up with different aspects of the plane, now its crazy how many things use them... the iphone.. and theres a new nokia camera that works like the iphone you can flick through the pics and you can turn it and the photos rotate on screen03:27
BrionSeca, does X start?03:28
ecaafter it boots, it seems like it goes straight to ctrl alt f8 screen03:28
Lofde_when i hit ctrl-alt-f8 it pops me back over to f7 heh03:28
ecashows that stuff, i then ctrl alt f6 to get to command line login screen03:28
Lofde_can you write down or try to tell us what that stuff says03:29
ecax starts when i tell it to03:29
Lofde_did you try cleaning up /etc/init.d ?03:29
BrionSeca, so your start up to a blank screen?03:29
ecait shows messages about network activation03:29
ecaand stays there after boot03:30
BrionSyou said you uninstalled gdm, right?03:30
Lofde_eca sudo mv /etc/rc5.d/S01gdm /etc/rc5.d/K01gdm03:30
Lofde_ 03:30
BrionSas in 'sudo apt-get remove gdm'?03:30
redvamp128Would anyone have time to help me get sound?03:30
Lofde_ops ignore that03:30
redvamp128I can't even play video's unless I use Dragon Player--- Totem errors out.03:31
BrionSredvamp128, does everything look right except you have no sound?03:31
BrionSTotem is crap IMNSHO03:31
redvamp128IN dragon yes but not in totem-- gives me stream error03:31
redvamp128but is default video player03:31
BrionSyes, unfortunately03:31
Lofde_eca why not just change the runlevel ubuntu tries to boot into03:31
redvamp128That is dmesg03:31
Lofde_instead of trying to go into graphical, change the runlevel to runlevel that is txt only03:32
ecaya, i removed gdm awhile ago, then used xdm for awhile then i got rid of that. no xdm or gdm in any rc.* files03:32
ecalofde yes, how so03:32
redvamp128Basically what happened is on other computer--power button stuck-- took out hard drive and put in this one.03:32
Lofde_i remember reading somewhere tho that ubuntu uses like runlevel2 ... im used to other linux systems that go to runlevel 3, running then switch to 5 for graphical03:32
redvamp128The computer is IBM Netvista 657803:33
BrionSredvamp128, can you install VLC and get the sound to work there?  Are you attached to Totem?03:33
BrionSor mplayer for that matter03:33
redvamp128I asked in the Ubuntu room and -- 1 hour no response back-- SCguy tried to help03:33
redvamp128BironS I can't even hear the drums at startup03:34
BrionSredvamp128, do you have more than one sound card?03:34
redvamp128Just the onboard03:34
BrionSwhat kind of onboard card is it? Intel?03:34
BrionSdo you know the chipset?03:34
Lofde_redvamp128,  what kind of soundcard03:36
Lofde_if you need to redvamp128  install hardinfo ,  " apt-get install hardinfo" it will give u a lot of info03:36
Lofde_about your card03:36
BrionSThis suggests it may be a Realtek chip http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-11184-0.html?forumID=48&threadID=199897&messageID=208299903:36
redvamp128I already have that installed03:36
redvamp128how do I pastebin that03:36
keenscreenim having trouble with intrepid;  after installing all updates;  it cant see the wired ethernet, only wireless.... why?03:37
BrionSignore my last link03:37
keenscreenin addition, i can't activate the nvidia latest 177 hardware drivers;;  how do i fix?03:37
redvamp128So I need to install the foxcon drivers?03:38
Eroickjoin #supercollider03:38
redvamp128How would I Pastebin the Hwinfo03:39
BrionSredvamp128, if you can run 'lscpi' and pastebin the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com that would help03:39
BrionShighlight the output with your mouse, then middle-click in the pastebin page text area03:39
bronzewallai've been thinking about updating to Intrepid and am curious about how stable everything is, is it safe to completely upgrade my system to intepid without any major problems?03:39
redvamp128The hwinfo cuts it off at 2103:39
BrionSif that doesn't work try the ol' copy/paste03:40
redvamp128It outputs too much --03:40
redvamp128starts at line 2103:40
BrionSif you're in a terminal window, just click and drag from the bottom up03:41
BrionSit'll scroll03:41
redvamp128I do have dmesg file here http://pastebin.ca/121427303:41
redvamp128I did but it still stops at line 2103:41
BrionSyou can paste what you have03:41
bronzewallahow do i tell if i'm using the intel e1000e driver?03:42
BrionSbronzewalla, 'sudo lsmod | grep e1000e'03:43
BrionSassuming that's the driver's module name as well03:43
bronzewallaand if it returns nothing i'm not using it, correct?03:44
bronzewallathank you sir03:44
BrionSredvamp128, the other way to do it is capture the entire output into a file, then edit the file to copy/paste (some pastebins allow files to be uploaded)03:47
BrionS'sudo lspci > lspci.out'03:47
BrionSalso try 'lspci -m'03:47
BrionSfor a one-line output of each device03:47
redvamp128I got the the ISPCI03:48
redvamp128now what to do with it03:48
BrionSupload it to your pastebin: http://pastebin.ca/upload.php03:49
redvamp128It didn't post a file or a link03:49
BrionSif you ran the command I gave you, you should see a file in the current directory called lspci.out03:50
BrionSthat contains the output03:50
BrionSthen you browse to the file location on that upload page, and click upload - it should give you a resulting pastebin number03:50
BrionSit may take a moment to convert your text file03:51
BrionSif not, open your favorite editor and highlight/paste as you did before03:51
slestaki am testing alpha 6 on a dual boot system and see a problem post-insatll03:54
redvamp128that is the file03:54
slestaki have a dual-boot inspiron with gutsy on sda3 and hardy on sda2.  The alpha6 install overlaid hardy on sda2 properly03:55
BrionSredvamp128, I don't see an audio device03:55
redvamp128I know but it is there and enabled in bios03:55
slestakbut the nvidia driver on my gutsy install will not load on reboot.  had to edit xorg.conf and use the nv driver.03:55
BrionSok, it's an AC97 chip03:56
slestaknot sure if i understand how I screwed up nvidia kernel module.  from having a shared /boot maybe?03:56
redvamp128THat is the system03:57
arooni-mobileafter upgrading to latest intrepid using nvidia geforce 8600gts, i have: EE Nvidia(0) Failed to load the nvidia kernel module;03:57
arooni-mobilehow do i fix?03:57
BrionSslestak, if the kernels are different versions, your nvidia driver is only compiled for one of them most likely and won't work in the other03:57
redvamp128I found those drivers03:58
slestakBrionS: this is the same way used to run hardy and gutsy in a dual boot config.  i thought their kernel modules would be kept separate in /usr/linux/*03:58
slestakor /usr/lib or sth like that03:58
redvamp128How do I get it to work03:58
slestaki wouldnt thing os on sda2 would interfere with os on sda303:59
BrionSsorry about that, computer locked up - very weird04:01
redvamp128I think I got that driver to start installing..04:01
redvamp128brb if I get lost04:01
BrionSwhat's up?04:02
redvamp128All the install did was just extract the files04:02
BrionSI don't think these drivers are what you want04:02
BrionSI'm pretty sure those are for windows04:02
redvamp128look at the bottom04:03
BrionSLinux driver (driver has built-in the kernel)04:03
redvamp128nix (Linux)      DescriptionVersionUpdate04:03
redvamp128SizeDownload  Site04:03
redvamp1283  Linux driver (2.4 or 2.6)5.072008/8/144838kGOGOGO04:03
Lofde_I cant believe "bailout" mess... 777 point drop in the dow.. hrmm04:05
BrionSredvamp128, you don't want that one04:06
BrionSthe Intrepid alsa drivers are newer04:06
redvamp128I have 8.0404:06
redvamp128but the regular room did not want to help04:06
redvamp128how can I get the new drivers?04:07
BrionSdo you have 32-bit or 64-bit machine (just curious)?04:07
redvamp12832 bit04:07
BrionSok, well AC97 is a pretty old and common driver04:08
redvamp128How do I get it to run and install04:08
BrionSso even though Hardy only has version 1.0.15 of alsa you should be good04:08
BrionSit's probably already installed04:08
redvamp128it is installed but not working04:09
BrionS sudo dpkg-query --list alsa-base04:09
BrionSthat will show you the installation version04:09
slestakdies hardy (and intrepid) still install alsa now that they are using pulseaudio?04:09
redvamp128| Status=Not/Installed/Config-f/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/t-aWait/T-pend04:10
redvamp128|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)04:10
redvamp128||/ Name           Version        Description04:10
redvamp128ii  alsa-base      1.0.16-0ubuntu ALSA driver configuration files04:10
BrionSdunno - some people have reported problems with pulseaudio04:10
BrionSI've used alsa since it came out and haven't had a problem with it04:10
BrionSI don't know if intrepid installs alsa, but hardy did04:10
BrionSand I upgraded from hardy to intrepid04:10
slestakim really stumped by this nvidia kernal module problem04:11
redvamp128| Status=Not/Installed/Config-f/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/t-aWait/T-pend04:11
redvamp128|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)04:11
redvamp128||/ Name           Version        Description04:11
redvamp128ii  alsa-base      1.0.16-0ubuntu ALSA driver configuration files04:11
slestaki dont see how intrepid should've touched my gutsy install04:11
BrionSredvamp128, right - so it's installed and with a fairly recent version04:12
BrionSredvamp128, does 'sudo lsmod | grep ac97' produce anything?04:12
BrionSslestak, did you do a manual install or one of the wizards?04:12
BrionSslestak, I don't know what you mean by "The alpha6 install overlaid hardy on sda2 properly"04:13
redvamp128it just enters no errors04:13
BrionSdid you install Intrepid over Hardy on sda?04:13
BrionSredvamp128, it didn't return anything?04:13
redvamp128nope the sudo lsmod | grep ac9704:13
slestaki installed intrepid with livecd on a dualboot machine, choosing to format and install intrepid onto sda2, erasing my hardy install.  my gutsy install is still my most stable, so i kept it04:14
slestakredvamp128: does dmesg output mention anything?04:14
slestakBrionS: but after installing II, Intrepid woorks good, but the gutsy partition no longer boots into X04:15
BrionSslestak, was sda2 acting as your boot loader?04:16
BrionSnot that that should matter04:16
BrionSmeaning you probably wouldn't be able to boot into Gusty at all if you blew away the boot loader04:17
slestakno, grub survived, written to MBR04:17
slestakboth os's boot, i just lost X on the one that I preserved04:17
slestaki mean the gutsy insatll04:18
BrionSyeah, that's very strange04:18
BrionSdid you try re-installing Xorg on that partition?04:18
slestaktechnically, i have X, i changed to using the nv driver04:18
slestaki think i should reinstall the nvidia driver before reinstalling all of xorg04:19
BrionSredvamp128, try 'sudo modprobe snd_ac97'04:19
BrionSslestak, I thought you had tried that already04:20
BrionSyes, do that first04:20
slestakno, i just got x back, and came here to compare notes04:20
redvamp128FATAL: Module snd_ac97 not found.04:20
slestakim reinstalling driver using restricted drivers manager.  it is reinstalling nvidia-glx04:21
slestakgot to restart.  brb04:21
crimsunredvamp128: err, please tell me you didn't recompile the ALSA driver.04:22
crimsunredvamp128: in any case, are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Ubuntu?04:22
crimsunredvamp128: I'm guessing 32-bit, so you need to download and install http://www.themuso.id.au/ubuntu/alsa-plugins/libasound2-plugins_1.0.17-0ubuntu4~test1_i386.deb04:22
pibe86hello, i have install lastest beta, my ubuntu 64 bits have detected my wifi card, but it does not work04:23
pibe86my wi fi card is a BCM431204:23
crimsunredvamp128: after you do that, please log out of GNOME, log into a tty/cli (try ctrl+alt+F1), erase ~/.pulse, and reboot04:23
crimsunredvamp128: and, I'm assuming you're running intrepid and not hardy as your alsa-base output would lead me to believe.04:24
crimsunredvamp128: (because those instructions are for intrepid, not hardy)04:24
BrionScrimsun, he's running Hardy04:24
BrionSor so he claims04:24
redvamp128it is installing now04:24
BrionSwhat's installing?04:25
crimsunredvamp128: what's the output from: lsb_release -r04:25
BrionSoh, n/m the .deb04:25
redvamp128that libsound2-plugins says Dependency is not stisfiable: libasound204:25
crimsunredvamp128: if you're running hardy, you're in the wrong channel to be asking for assistance ;)04:26
redvamp128I tried waited 1 hour between asking for help04:26
redvamp128waited 2 hours and no response back04:26
slestakBrionS: nope, still will not load nvidia driver.04:27
crimsunredvamp128: ok, so please decide whether you want to continue troubleshooting in #ubuntu, or whether you'd like to try an 8.10 alpha 6 desktop (live) cd to test sound04:27
BrionSslestak, do you get a specific error message?04:28
DanaGWatch out for the Intel ethernet issue, though.04:28
redvamp128sure what is the link but not sure if cd burning works or not04:28
slestaklemme check Xord.log.104:28
redvamp128I have a basic-- old  10/100 Kne04:28
redvamp128kingston knee 10/10004:28
BrionSwhat about the on-board Intel PRO/100 VE Ethernet?04:29
crimsunredvamp128: DanaG pointed out a good warning, so I'll point you to the daily-live images: mhttp://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/04:29
crimsunhttp, not mhttp04:29
slestakwhat pastebin do we use here?04:30
slestaknot in topic04:30
BrionSslestak, whatever you want but paste.ubuntu.com and pastebin.ca are popular04:30
redvamp128I opted not to install the Dvd Burner04:30
redvamp128let me try a few other channels--04:31
BrionSredvamp128, do you have a CD-R?04:31
BrionSit's not a DVD04:31
redvamp128yes cd-r04:31
BrionSthen you can burn the live cd image04:31
redvamp128but last time tried to burn got the-- Free Burn Not needed and errored out04:31
redvamp128That was another Issue I was hoping for help from-- Got that message both with the cdr and Dvd Burner-04:32
BrionSslestak, did you successfully run the NVidia install script or successfully install the nvidia-glx-177 package such that under Hardware Devices it shows you using the proprietary drivers?04:33
redvamp128but can boot with puppy linux and it burns -- but cmd line only and at 2x04:33
BrionSredvamp128, what program did you use?04:33
redvamp128I tried --  cd/dvd one built into ubuntu04:34
slestaki am working with my gutsy insatll, which broke after intrepid livecd install.  i used the restricted driver manager to install the nvidia driver04:34
slestaknot using envy or anything liek that04:34
slestakpretty vanilla install04:34
* mneptok flashes back04:34
BrionSslestak, and the restricted driver manager says you're using the nvidia driver (green check or whatever)?04:35
mneptok(FYI, "Sigmund And The Sea Monsters" was a better show) ;)04:35
redvamp128I also installed and tried Brasso04:35
BrionSredvamp128, I've had the best luck with K3b but YMMV04:36
redvamp128Tried that one too got the Free burn error as well04:36
slestakno, it says its not enabled.  when i choose to enable it, it wants to uninstall nvidia-glx and install nvidia-glx-new.  when that completes and i reboot, x will not start again, i edit xorg.conf, to choose nv driver.  lather, rinse, repeat.04:36
BrionSwell, one problem at a time I suppose04:36
redvamp128only one that has worked is one in puppy linux--- and it is PBURNIMG=SPEED04:36
BrionSslestak, what is your video card?04:37
redvamp128then it asks you for the blank cd- but you have to be in the directory then it asks you for the image name04:37
mneptokredvamp128: any firmware updates for the drive in question?04:37
slestakBrionS: geforce go7300  (dell inspiron laptop).  this driver was working fine before Intrepid install on other partitoin04:38
BrionSredvamp128, I don't know what to say about your sound - might try the alsa channel or if there is one, the pulseaudio channel - they might be of more help04:38
redvamp128#alsa ?04:38
mneptokredvamp128: what is the sound problem?04:39
BrionSslestak, your install on another partition shouldn't have affected anything04:39
redvamp128mneptok ok to PM?04:39
crimsunredvamp128: regarding your sound, run the alsa-info.sh script on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems, and tell the URL04:39
mneptokredvamp128: sure04:39
slestakBrionS: agreed, but its might coincidental04:39
BrionShad you rebooted in Gutsy before your jump to Intrepid?04:40
BrionSi.e. did you have installed updates that may not have been applied after a reboot and when you booted back in you saw the effects of the update(s)04:40
BrionSthe last update broke my X in Intrepid04:40
DanaGcrimsun: I've been having PulseAudio randomly decide to quit on me, for some reason.04:41
slestaki was using gutsy all evening before installing inrtreipd.  after installing intrepid, I dl 290mb of updates and appied them (onre was a kernel upgrade) so i rebooted into intrepid.04:41
BrionSkernel 2.6.27-3-generic works, but 2.6.27-4 breaks04:41
slestaki then rebooted into gutsy to check that it was ok04:41
crimsunDanaG: ok, but most of my debugging goes into beta freeze, so our 0.9.1004:41
BrionSslestak, what kernel version?04:41
DanaGI: core.c: We are idle, quitting...04:42
DanaGI: main.c: Daemon shutdown initiated.04:42
DanaGI'd agree with going 0.9.10.... the 0.9.12......... tends to quit randomly.04:42
DanaGOddly enough, disabling the Avahi feature fixed the random quitting.04:42
slestakwait, in ubuntu /boot is mounted under /, so i do not have a shared /boot with a dual boot system04:42
DanaG... and disabling glitch-free fixed my dropouts.04:42
slestakthis thing should not have affected gutsy04:43
BrionSslestak, unless you manually changed it so /boot is separate from / then yes, they're not shared04:43
slestaki have to make a mount point to see my intrepid partition, brb04:43
slestaki was thinking of old gentoo installs where e=verything was separate04:44
DanaGThe only wonderful new feature in 0.9.12 for me, then, is the ability to disable LFE remixing.04:44
DanaGAny way to backport just that one feature?04:44
DanaGOh yeah, 0.9.12 also fixes the cpu-devouring gstreamer pause.04:44
slestakBrionS: 2.6.27-404:44
BrionSslestak, yeah, that's the kernel version that breaks X for me04:45
BrionSI got a bunch of updates yesterday or today including kernel 2.6.27-4 and when I rebooted - nothing but a black screen04:45
slestakbut that shouldnt have affected sda3.  that is the stumper04:45
slestaki have x in intrepid04:46
BrionSrunning 2.6.27-3 works04:46
BrionSdon't know04:46
BrionSI have an NVidia card as well running the nvidia-glx-17704:46
BrionSor in Hardy - nvidia-glx-new04:46
slestakwonder if the same patch was sent down to gutsy04:46
slestakas a backport04:46
slestaklet me see which version of nvidia driver i have on the broken gutsy04:47
BrionSpossibly, though I would be surprised04:47
BrionSsince 2.6.27 is being evaluated for Intrepid - I doubt they'd push it back to Hardy04:48
slestaki have 100 on gutsy04:48
slestakthink i will put it up for tonight, look at it tomorrow04:48
slestakthanks for the help04:48
BrionSnp, gl04:48
tanathhow the hell do i keep a hard drive from mounting????05:33
tanathi'm trying to change the partitions, but the drive keeps getting mounted, no matter how many times i unmount it >.<05:33
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
ligemegetHi, I've had a go at compiling my own kernel, but it failed to install, and now I cannot remove it. Whether I try to install it or remove it I always get this05:57
ligemegetExamining /etc/kernel/postinst.d.05:57
ligemeget run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms05:57
ligemeget run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/nvidia-common05:57
ligemeget run-parts: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/nvidia-common exited with return code 2005:57
ligemeget Failed to process /etc/kernel/postinst.d at /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-2.6.27-rc7-custom.postinst line 1181.05:57
ligemeget dpkg: fejl under behandling af linux-image-2.6.27-rc7-custom (--configure):05:57
ligemeget  underproces post-installation script returnerede afslutningsstatus 205:57
ligemeget Der opstod fejl under behandlingen:05:57
ligemeget  linux-image-2.6.27-rc7-custom05:57
ligemegetdpkg --configure -a gives the same error05:57
ligemegetCan someone please help..?05:57
mike-solidushey, does intrepid support intel ICH10 sata controller cards by default?06:24
sysdocWhat problem are you running into now and what kernel are you running?06:26
mike-solidussysdoc: i'm runing the latest stock kernel for 8.04, it wont recognize the partitions on my sata hard drive unless it's in AHCI mode, but when its in AHCI mode windows wont boot06:27
sysdocYea I'm seeing others that have had trouble with that06:30
mike-solidussysdoc: yeah, i've been doing some research, and aparently intel_ata.ko has recently been patched to include support for it, but the wierd thing is that i don't see that module even loaded on my system by default when i use AHCI mode06:31
sysdocYa know what I did before upgrading to Intrepid, I loaded the kernel that Intrepid runs and ran it in Hardy. Once I was satisfied that it solved the problem that I was having, then I upgraded the distro06:34
mike-solidussysdoc: how did you do that? I'm not worried about loosing any data on the partition ubuntu's installed on, its pretty much a clean install, been trying to get it workable before i put things on it06:35
DanaGmike-solidus: it's possible to switch Windows to AHCI mode after the fact... it's just tricky.06:36
DanaGYou have to force upgrade the IDE controller to the new driver, and then shut down and change the BIOS setting.06:36
DanaGby "after the fact", I mean once already installed.06:36
mike-solidusDanaG: yeah, thats the problem i'm having, I can do that as a temporary solution, is there any downside to using ahci istead of sata besides a longer startup? I haven't heard anything about it, i know it has a more advanced instruction set06:37
DanaGI can't think of any downsides, actually.06:39
DanaGLonger startup?  That's weird.06:39
DanaGPerhaps once you've switched it to that mode, try reinstalling the driver once more to be sure it's installed properly.06:39
DanaGahci does add some things like hot-swapping (on supported systems), NCQ, and link power saving.06:40
DanaGer, adaptive link power management, I think it's called.06:40
DanaGBut that would make it easier to work with in Linux.06:40
mike-solidusDanaG: its a longer startup because my bios takes a while to do an initialization of it for some reason, like a software start up06:40
DanaGHmm, so it's not a Windows issue... that's a weird BIOS, then.06:41
mike-soliduscool, maybe i'll try that, do you know where a guide is that will tell me how to change vista post-install06:41
mike-solidusnew Gigabit motherboard06:42
mike-solidusDanaG: hmm, i hope that works, gonna try a reboot06:47
=== fargiola` is now known as fargiolas
mike-solidusthanks! that worked with my vista install06:59
mike-solidushopefully the kerenel for intrepid will fix it though07:00
PolitikerNEUHello everyone, I got a problem/maybe bug: As I waked up from s2disk, I had no sound unless I (accidentially) switched to a terminal - can anybody confirm this and does anybody know how to get sound instantly back?07:30
contrastGreets, everyone...07:41
contrastAnyone know if there's a fix for the duplicate entries in the applications menu under Kubuntu?07:42
CheeryWhat's with the newhuman -theme?07:53
Cheeryit looks nice by parts though07:54
Cheeryalso I've seen somebody has improved icons a lot07:55
Cheerynow the dark background actually works with those default icons07:56
Cheerygreat job from UI people07:56
Cheeryalso, yet asking once: would you happen to know any 3840x1200 background images?08:04
CheeryI guess you have some better way to give feedback, but I think compiz looks and feels bad08:15
Cheeryand some opengl apps do not seem to like it much08:16
Cheerybut even if those would work on it, there's something unpleasing in ti08:18
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
Cheeryperhaps the effects are in wrong places and strengths08:20
Cheerydesktop becomes a bit less responsive, which is perhaps biggest reason why I think I cease to use compiz in future08:20
Cheerywhat I'd want from opengl accelerated wm would be smoothness, but not springy things with mouse08:22
Cheerysmoothness like, when you press page down, it'd fast-glide08:22
virtuelvDoes anyone know if there is a bug filed on the battery indicator not updating?08:35
fargiolasdoes anybody know what is that blue ball that some pidgin contacts (msn?) have next to the nick?08:55
Peddywhat are the biggest bugs/annoyances in ibex ATM please? (generally speaking)09:04
fargiolasvirtuelv: found any? I have that bug too..09:05
CheeryPeddy: biggest annoyance I've seen this far has been that some random application has crashed09:06
Cheerybut not for a moment09:06
Peddyany broadcom wireless troubles?09:06
CheeryI don't own one09:06
Peddyhow about bluetooth?09:07
Cheeryneither that09:07
CheeryI have brand new computer though, switched back from debian09:08
Cheerywhile in computer upgrade09:08
Cheeryalso, P5Q is quite common board I09:09
Cheery*I think09:09
Cheerychose parts just to satisfy linux kernel and OS09:10
virtuelvfargiolas: no, not yet09:11
virtuelvI could file it, though09:11
Cheerywhich may explain why I've had not bigger troubles09:11
virtuelvfargiolas: nm, I actually found a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/27468109:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274681 in gnome-power-manager "g-p-m is reporting 2 separate voltage/power levels" [High,Fix committed]09:12
fargiolasvirtuelv: thanks.. seems the same bug09:16
PolitikerNEUPeddy: I got a broudcom wireless card (not for a laptop, but for a stand-alone PC) - I had no problems09:26
PeddyPolitikerNEU: same here, I got a PC. Glad to hear it worked. Are you using b4m or ndiswrapper?09:27
PolitikerNEUHow do I find out?09:27
PolitikerNEUOh, b4309:27
Peddyokay. I'm using ndiswrapper for better quality, but it should still work :/09:28
PeddyPolitikerNEU: did you have any other trouble with upgrading?09:28
PolitikerNEUYeah, whenever I want to open a directory, it wants me to give the admin password and KDE 4.1 doesn't work if I change the panels (But this was the same in 8.04)09:30
Peddydid you solve the directory thing?09:30
PolitikerNEUno, resetting the configuration hasn't helped and this problem doesn't exist in fresh installes. I got to say, however, that I haven't used the intended way to upgrade (with update-manager -d or something like that) but instead just replaced every "hardy" with "intrepid" in my /etc/apt/sources.list and done a dist-upgrade09:32
PolitikerNEUand another problem is that I cannot use just ~ with Alt+F2, but this seems to be the case even in fresh installs09:36
chronographerhi my wireless stopped wotking. seems the kernel module has 'disappeared' can someone help? its a belkin rt7310:05
chronographerHi all. I downloaded rt73-source from the repos, how do I compile and install it?10:35
xxploitusually make then make install? might be a configure script so ./configure? Should be a README or INSTALL file with info id imagine after unzipping the source10:38
chronographerbut it was an apt-get install job10:41
etiennegconf-d is eating 20% of my cpu10:41
BaD_CrC!info apt-build10:41
ubottuapt-build (source: apt-build): frontend to apt to build, optimize and install packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.36 (intrepid), package size 35 kB, installed size 208 kB10:42
chronographerok hey its working10:42
etienneanybody got this problem too ?10:42
chronographeranyone use rt73 ???10:46
virtuelvis intrepid claiming that turkish spell checking is available for anyone, even when there is no turkish language packs installed?10:55
etienneanybody for the gconf-d problem ?10:59
etienneanybody for the gconf-d problem ?11:38
etienne(i post between splits :) )11:38
elmargolIF i start jockey-kde i get "dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1" can someone test this please?11:56
rohanhm.. the /proc mount i still faulty anyone?12:11
rohan*is still12:11
=== rohan is now known as rohan_1
slestakguys,  i installed alpha6 on a spare partition of my inspiron to lend a hand in testing12:22
slestakthe intrpeid install on sda2 is succesful and no big issues.  however, my gutsy install on sda3 now longer can use the nvidia driver.  i can only use the nv driver.12:23
rohan_1slestak: this should not have hapened at all if both are on seperate disks12:23
slestaki do not see why one would've affected the other, but this gutsy install has been solid forever12:24
slestaksame disk, differernt partitions12:24
rohan_1 /boot partiton is the same?12:24
slestakno, /boot is mounted under /12:24
slestakgrub is installed in mbr.12:25
slestakone visual clue i got (if i can get a clue) was after booting intrepid, I tried to use the restricted driver manager to install nvidia driver and it seemed to want to install, but it never tried to download.12:26
slestakI clicked it maybe 3 times, but then I decided to use synatpic to get updates, and then 290MB of updates came doewn from the apt servers12:26
rohan_1hm.. but drivers were downlaoded on diffrenet partitons wite or was sda3 used in this process12:27
slestakafter the reboot, I may or may not have booted into gutsy this time.  I wonder if the post-kernel upgracde boot, if you do not come into the same os, maybe it screws up system.map, or sth grub depends on?12:27
rohan_1check syslogs for access in sda3 if you find traces of read/write youll get there12:27
slestaksda3 waqs not used in any fashion on this upgrade12:27
slestaki partitioned manually using the livecd graphical installer.12:28
slestakchose to mount /dev/sda2 as /, formatting my hardy install (stuck with gutsy as primary os)12:28
rohan_1check syslog for read/write on sda312:29
slestak/var/log in which partition?12:29
slestakII or GG12:29
slestaki am booted into gutsy right now,12:29
rohan_1in sda312:30
elmargolhttp://pastebin.com/mab1d905 <- this bug drives me nuts :/12:30
slestakwill check12:30
slestakrohan_1: would that most likely be in messages or in dmesg output?12:31
rohan_1not dmesg12:31
rohan_1that is for kernel parsing only12:32
etienneanybody for my gconf-d problem ?12:32
elmargolcan someone please install jockey-kde and see if it works for you?12:33
slestakwouldn't i want to check /dev/sda3 for rw to sda2?  not other way araound?  I want to know if intrpeid can write to gutsy12:33
slestaknot if gutsy can write to intrepid12:33
rohan_1elmargol: known issue actually arises form the unstable python pakages12:33
elmargoloh i see there are python updates for mee. lets see if this fixes it12:34
rohan_1slestak: anything with read/write to sda3 from intrepid12:34
rohan_1elmargol: the new upadate will fix it12:34
elmargolgreat thx12:35
rohan_1elmargol: as always no problem ;)12:35
slestakrohan_1: this is the only mention of sda3 in II messages:12:37
slestakSep 30 07:11:33 e1505 kernel: [    4.132540]  sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4 < sda5 >12:37
rohan_1this only a kernel hdd broadcast12:37
slestakIMO, i cannot prove it, when i clicked on RestDriver Manager in Intrepid and it appeared to malfunction, I think it someohow touched gutsy then12:38
rohan_1yes! intrepid tried to restore drivers this a know issue12:39
rohan_1elmargol: any luck?12:39
slestakrohan_1: yeah, but it should've stayed on its own / partition12:39
slestakand nvidia-glx-new will now no longer install or run on GG with 2.6.2512:40
rohan_1slestak: the new thing about restore is that it even checks local drivers12:40
rohan_1simple solution! from gusty remove the new driver and install the correct one12:40
slestaksay if I had suse, or arch, or sth else on another spare partition, it shouldnt have accessed or edited it12:41
slestakrohan_1: from gutsy, nvidia-100 will not install12:41
slestakfrom II, nvidia-177 is running perfectly12:41
slestakbefore II, nvidia-100 was bulletproof on this machine12:42
slestaki appreciate your help this morning.  i need to run, got to get to work12:42
rohan_1hm.. last solution REINSTALL :(12:42
slestakrohan_1: ohh, i dont think si :)12:43
rohan_1kk bye12:43
slestakthis isnt xp im using here12:43
slestakin testing II, GG should've been safe and sound12:43
slestaksee ya guys.12:43
C10uDhello there, is there some way i can interact with v4l configuration without using v4l-conf?13:05
=== TheImp is now known as TheInfinity
etienneis anybody has the "burst cpu" gconfd problem ?13:12
askandWho decides what bugs will be aimed to fixfor the beta?13:15
kulightwhat is burst cpu bug ?13:15
etiennekulight: my bug :)13:16
etiennegconfd eats 25 % of cpu13:16
kulightnot me but i have different cpu bug13:18
etiennei cannot go below 3 of load average13:19
etiennewith gconfd13:19
etiennelooks being in forever loop13:19
kulightsorry never happened for me13:20
etienneand i cannot find bug on these13:20
etienneon launchpad13:20
kulightbut my cpu wont go over 800MHz13:20
gnomefreakaskand: that would be up to the developer or group that is in connection to the package the bug is on13:20
gnomefreakaskand: and it ay not be in beta but final release13:21
etiennekulight: don't have this bug :)13:22
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CPrgmSwR2Hi, why does koffice for kde3 get installed rather than koffice2 for kde4 when doing a sudo apt-get install koffice?14:49
TheInfinityCPrgmSwR2: because koffice2 is not stable yet?14:56
CPrgmSwR2And intrepid is?14:57
gnomefreakCPrgmSwR2: because you didnt say to install koffice214:58
CPrgmSwR2sudo apt-get install koffice214:58
TheInfinityCPrgmSwR2: koffice2 wont be stable when intrepid is14:58
CPrgmSwR2invalid package14:58
gnomefreakor maybe koffice-kde4 i cant remember14:58
TheInfinitythats why default koffice still will be v114:58
gnomefreaknope it is koffice14:59
TheInfinityCPrgmSwR2: look at http://wiki.koffice.org/index.php?title=KOffice2/Schedule14:59
CPrgmSwR2koffice is for kde3 though14:59
gnomefreakyep its not 214:59
gnomefreakpolicy works ;)14:59
* gnomefreak had it installed before hd died15:00
CPrgmSwR2Will kde3 be a part of kubuntu for a while?15:11
gnomefreakCPrgmSwR2: intrepid dropped kde3 didnt it?15:12
CPrgmSwR2you can still run kde3 apps15:12
CPrgmSwR2There is no kde3 environment though15:13
gnomefreakCPrgmSwR2: no i think its just packages i cant find kde315:13
gnomefreakbut you do however have .kde and .kde4 as i recall15:13
gnomefreakif you look only one is just about empty15:14
gnomefreakhold that thought15:14
* bugabundo_work waves! 15:14
gnomefreaksome peices are there but not as a de env.15:15
DanaGStupid NetworkManager and iwl3945... it takes 30 to 60 seconds (or even to a minute and a half) to list networks after resume from suspend.15:44
macoDanaG: you can suspend? i'm not on intrepid (was trying to ask a ? in here earlier), but one of my friends is. he was saying "consider yourself lucky if you can suspend after the upgrade"15:48
DanaGI can.  Suspend is really a wildcard... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.15:49
macounfortunately, i'm sure hardy -> jaunty won't be a supported upgrade path...15:49
DanaGYou could try the daily-livecd image, and try suspend-to-ram from there.15:50
DanaGOdd... why is Intel wireless power saving not being set when on battery?15:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254695 in pm-utils "Toggle SATA ALPM (Agressive Link Power Management) on/off when on battery/mains" [Undecided,New]15:51
DanaGpm-utils, acpi-support, laptop-mode-tools... why so many overlapping things?15:55
DanaGPower saving in Linux really is a mess.15:55
macohmm i wonder if power saving or sound is a bigger mess...15:56
GekzI have a question16:02
Gekzwill the final release include Gnome 2.24?16:02
Gekzor still 2.23?16:02
Gekzwhy does this say otherwise16:03
macoGekz: 2.23 is the devel version of 2.2416:04
macoGekz: 2.24 was just released a few days ago, so things are being packaged up still16:04
gnomefreak2.23 is no longer in repos16:04
PiciMany of the gnome application packages have been upgraded to 2.24 however.16:05
TeiseiOnly amsn can show picture from /dev/video0 ... I have this webcam16:05
TeiseiWhy only amsn ?16:05
TeiseiCamorama, Cheese, VLC, Skype ... none of those can show my webcam picture16:06
gnomefreaklive feed or picture?16:06
TeiseiEither way16:06
TeiseiSkype crashes when I try to show webcam16:06
TeiseiVLC does nothing16:06
TeiseiCheese only shows black n white "snow rain" screen16:07
TeiseiCamorama gives error16:07
gnomefreakwhen did vlc support webcams?16:07
TeiseiaMSN does not complain about anything, and webcam works correctly16:07
Teiseignomefreak: In 8.04, 7.10 and 7.04 it did16:08
TeiseiIt has V4L216:08
gnomefreakTeisei: show says nothing about webcam16:08
Teiseignomefreak: Should I say, "does not show preview"16:08
DanaGWow, gnome-power-manager has become rather delusional.16:08
Picignomefreak: VLC has an option to open a V4L2 device.16:08
gnomefreakyes it does i missed the mid paragrpyh16:08
DanaGIt thinks I'm using 92 watts.16:08
DanaGI'm only using 23 watts, according to PowerTop.16:09
gnomefreakTeisei: you would have to file bugs i would say. but if none are working but one its more than likely on your end16:09
TeiseiMy webcam (Labtec Webcam Pro) is recognized by the system, and works just fine with aMSN ...16:10
Teiseignomefreak: I was thinking if aMSN uses some settings that make the webcam work16:10
DanaGEven when running Battlefield 2... I only use up to 60 watts.16:10
gnomefreakdoes it work with gnome-meeting(dont remember new name)16:10
DanaGSo 92 is absolutely bogus.16:10
PiciDanaG: Then file a bug.16:10
Teiseignomefreak: Ekiga ?16:11
TeiseiI will try !16:11
gnomefreakTeisei: yeah16:11
DanaGI think I'll do so, later today.16:11
TeiseiHell yeah ! Works with Ekiga too16:12
TeiseiEkiga and aMSN are the best16:12
DanaGIt's also showing a zigzaggy power graph... that keeps repeating the same pattern.16:12
kallupower management got screwed up in 2.6.27 kernel suspend to RAM/disk and mointor shutdown not working16:12
DanaGThose two things work fine for me.16:13
Authorityare there any documented upgrade procedures to go from Hardy to Intrepid Alpha 6?16:16
Gekzif you checked the documents you would know16:16
gnomefreakanyone care to tell me if claws-mail + gpg works for you?16:16
GekzAuthority: To upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04, press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d"16:17
Authoritythe only documents I can seem to find involve downloading the CD and reinstalling16:17
AuthorityGekz: is there a kubuntu version of that?  I don't seem to have update-manager16:18
Gekzuse sudo16:19
GekzI dont know16:19
gnomefreakAuthority: adept or update-manager-kde but let me look16:19
gnomefreakAuthority: update-manager-kde16:19
gnomefreakrun that with -d option16:19
gnomefreakalthough learning apt more might help, should also be documented on upgrade wiki16:20
Authoritygnomefreak: well I was just gonna replace all instances of hardy with intrepid in my sources.list, seems like that's worked in the past for me16:21
gnomefreakAuthority: not a good idea16:21
Authoritygnomefreak: ok then, good to know16:22
Gekzhow does the upgrade process work exactly?16:22
Gekzin debian, what Authority said would work fine16:22
macoGekz: the gui things have "hints" so they know special cases to watch for16:22
macoGekz: there's do-release-upgrade for the CLI version16:23
gnomefreakchanging sources.list and using dist-upgrade == if you have non official packages apt doesnt know what to do with it16:24
gnomefreakthats one example16:24
macothere's also that lovely dapper-installed-evms and if you upraded to gutsy gutsy-kernel-hates-evms thing where evms was only removed if you used the official way, but if you did command line dist-upgrade, then evms stayed and started fighting the kernel for control of mounted partitions16:25
gnomefreaku-m was fixed to beable to work around most issues with upgrade, im not saying there are no bugs in it but its alot safer to use than terminal unless you use dp-release-upgrade although i haven't tested it in a while16:28
gnomefreakoh yeah u-m allows you to go from LTS > LTS16:29
Authorityok, the magic invocation for Kubuntu seems to be "kdesu 'adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel'"16:31
Gekzsounds exciting16:31
Authorityjust letting you know in case anyone else asks16:32
gnomefreakAuthority: from using earlier versions of adept i dont recommend using it16:33
Authoritygnomefreak: whatcha mean?  I've done upgrades to the past few releases using adept16:34
Authoritythe only "un-official" packages I use are the KDE4 packages for Hardy, and I confirmed it's going to remove those16:35
gnomefreakAuthority: i said i dont recommend it and i dont think the documents do as well but i can look16:40
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes16:41
Authorityok, so this is the recommended way.  I just didn't know how to make it accept upgrading to a development version16:44
gnomefreakIIRC there was talk in either gg or hh dev cycles on removing adept and using something else but as i recall adept upstream devs had something to do with reason why we didnt16:45
BlitzcoderHey guys, I'm not able to install intrepid17:03
gnomefreakmagentar: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu intrepid main17:03
gnomefreakdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu intrepid main17:03
sharperguyAny reason why ubuntu can't just use the old blue globe icon for firefox and just call it "Web Browser"?17:03
BlitzcoderThe installer just says "??? ???" before partitioning starts17:03
gnomefreakwhy not?17:03
gnomefreakBlitzcoder: kubuntu?17:03
BlitzcoderProblem appears in ubiquity and the alternate installer17:03
BlitzcoderNo, ubuntu17:03
Blitzcoder/var/log/messages sais that libparted failed with segfaukt17:04
gnomefreakBlitzcoder: are the md5 correct? and did you burn on lowest speed?17:04
BlitzcoderBut gparted works fine17:04
gnomefreakBlitzcoder: its been known to happen17:04
Blitzcodergnomefreak, yes17:04
BlitzcoderI burned 2 CD's, same Problem17:04
magentargnomefreak, do you know if they will make it in intrepid before it's release? probably not because of the beta freeze right?17:04
BlitzcoderAnd the self test is ok17:04
BlitzcoderI compiled and installed the lastest libparted on the livecd, but i didnt help17:05
Blitzcoderthe problem is, google doesnt search for "??? ???"17:06
BlitzcoderI'm sure iam not the only one suffering from this bug17:06
gnomefreakmagentar: at this time no i dont. the person that was wroking on it had to leave home due to weather i havent heard from him since17:07
magentaroh that's bad, thanks for the info17:09
TomJaegerWhat's the deal with the "Gtk-WARNING **: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated"17:21
TomJaegerAre they supposed to be fixed in all the applications or is that warning going to be reverted?17:22
BlitzcoderMany apps produce warnings like this17:22
BlitzcoderJust warnings, nothing dramatic17:22
TomJaegerWell, I don't think users should be exposed to them, as they're only helpful to developers17:23
cbrhi, i'm experiencing troubles trying to resume from hibernation.. the system just carries out a normal boot17:24
cbrhow can i debug it or smth?17:24
mnemochi, how can I force a partial-upgrade? I have human-theme and mplayer pending, but on the last auto-upgrade the maanger didn't ask me to do the partial thing17:25
khanh_coltechi get some problem whem install driver for my ati card use envyng17:44
khanh_coltechwhen i install, it show:17:44
khanh_coltechSystemError: E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.17:44
khanh_coltech    fixer.Resolve(True)17:44
khanh_coltech  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/apt/package.py", line 421, in markInstall17:44
khanh_coltech    pkg.markInstall()17:44
khanh_coltech  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Envy/packagemanager.py", line 198, in install17:44
khanh_coltech    self.pkg.install(packages, self.widget)17:44
khanh_coltech  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Envy/abstraction.py", line 149, in install17:44
khanh_coltech    myFunction(myArgs)17:44
khanh_coltech  File "interface.py", line 391, in process17:44
khanh_coltech    self.process(self.abstract.install, package)17:44
khanh_coltech  File "interface.py", line 333, in driverMenu17:44
khanh_coltech    a.driverMenu('fglrx')17:44
khanh_coltech  File "interface.py", line 303, in mainMenu17:44
khanh_coltech    a.mainMenu()17:44
khanh_coltech  File "interface.py", line 432, in <module>17:44
khanh_coltechTraceback (most recent call last):17:44
khanh_coltechhellp me :(17:46
Tm_T!pastebin | khanh_coltech17:46
ubottukhanh_coltech: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)17:46
khanh_coltechmy error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/52521/17:49
aloisiojrhey all, how can i make network-manager stop to manage my usb0 iface?17:52
aloisiojrcause in gutsy i just need to set it as static in /etc/network/interfaces17:53
aloisiojrbut in intrepid this hint did't work17:53
slanningdefinitely broke my system  \o/17:59
slanningI guess the most important issue is that networking no longer works18:01
slanningsorry, I spoke prematurely - networking works :x18:02
PrivateRolfAny way I can upgrade to Intrepid without a CD?18:03
slanningsure : update-manager -d     I think it is18:03
Piciupdate-manager -d  caveat emptor of course.18:03
GoddamnDevilsudo do-release-upgrade --devel-release18:04
PrivateRolfHaha! Awesome. Thanks.18:04
GoddamnDevilis another way18:04
PrivateRolfWhat's the advantage of the --devel-release cflag18:04
GoddamnDevilit checks if there's an devel release available18:04
GoddamnDevilwhen II is officially published, you dont need --devel18:05
PrivateRolfAnd there's no way to use ubiquity to make it a seperate partition?18:05
slanningif I just....wait a while, will the nvidia driver get fixed by itself?18:06
PrivateRolf45 minutes.18:08
khanh_coltechanyone get error with fglrx or envyng18:09
BlitzcoderHm, i cant install intrepid because liparted crashes while reading the partition table18:11
Blitzcoder /var/log/messages18:12
Blitzcoderthere seems to be a problem with my windows ntfs partition18:12
BlitzcoderAny ideas?18:15
slanningI think my problem is : linux-image-2.6.27-4-generic   2.6.27-4.6     but then    linux-restricted-modules-generic  2.6.27-4.518:17
Blitzcodermy problem?18:18
slanningno, me me me18:18
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GoddamnDevilslanning: thats not a problem..18:42
slanninghmmm... :/18:43
GoddamnDevilslanning: what's the problem?18:45
GoddamnDeviltoo lazy to use scroll :)18:45
slanning /var/log/Xorg.0.log has a bunch of   "open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory"   fb1, fb2, etc.18:45
slanningwell, graphics no longer works18:46
slanningI try using the "default" configuration, but that didn't work either18:46
GoddamnDevilwhat grapchics card18:46
slanningI thought the nvidia driver is not right with the kernel18:46
DBOwhy is boot concurrency not enabled by default in upstart?18:47
slanningGeForce GO 760018:47
GoddamnDevilhave you manually edited xorg.conf18:48
skyjumperis anyone successfully using the 'nv' driver in intrepid?18:53
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
Samushkai'm no linux expert, but it seems like my intel x3100 integrated graphics card isn't working in Intrepid ... is this a known problem, or is there something that i need to do to get the driver running?19:15
Samushkai checked the forums, but can't find anything.19:17
skyjumpertry the bug tracker19:17
Samushkawhat's the URL ?19:17
Samushkaok, what i just search in the search box?19:18
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:18
Samushkais there a command i can type to see what video driver is currently loaded?19:20
astraljavaSamushka: `lsmod` gives you a list of modules loaded into memory.19:22
Samushkai basically want to see what video card ubuntu detects, as i suspect it's in VESA mode at the moment.19:24
astraljavaSamushka: What card do you have then?19:26
Assidim baaack!19:26
Samushkawell i have an intel x310019:26
skyjumperSamushka: you'll probably have to look through xorg.log19:26
skyjumperthough i'm not sure where it is in ubuntu19:27
Samushkaok ill use the find command.19:27
skyjumperoh heh /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:27
Assiderr.. forgot the bots' cmd19:27
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases19:28
Joeb454ok can somebody just confirm something for me?19:29
Joeb454Intrepid is keeping the theme from 8.04 (it may be slightly modified, I don't know)19:29
Joeb454but is New Human still going to be an optional theme in the appearance dialog?19:30
Assidastraljava: theres another page normally.. that shows the roadmap19:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about roadmap19:30
Assidbasically on which date is what release19:30
xxploitJoeb454, appears that way, at least thats the default for alpha 619:30
astraljava!release intrepid19:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:31
Joeb454xxploit, if it's still there as an option that's good :) I actually preferred it19:31
xxploitJoeb454, yeh its there as an option19:31
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!19:31
Joeb454ok thanks xxploit :)19:31
Joeb454does it run in a VM yet?19:31
Assidthere we go19:32
PiciAssid: its !schedule btw19:32
Assidaah yes19:32
Assidgive me a break i havent been here in a while19:32
Assidso you guys still need more mirrors?19:33
* Pici shrugs19:33
Assidfor the whole release party thing19:33
Assidwhat what?!?!19:33
Assidcmon i pushed around a couple hundred gigs last time around19:34
astraljavaAssid: You should understand that this is probably not the channel to ask.19:34
PiciAssid: I'm by no means an authority on this. I'm just saying that I don't know.19:34
PiciAssid: But I'd bet we'd be happy to have another mirror somewhere.19:34
Assidastraljava: yeah i know.. but i dont mean it officially..19:35
Assidmore like expected number of downloaders19:35
Assidlike hardy was a big update..19:35
astraljavaOkay. Well I'm sure all mirrors are appreciated.19:36
Assidhrmm buzz me when its up :P19:36
astraljavaAssid: Beta is around very soon.19:36
Assidastraljava: yeah waiting for that to upgrade my lappy19:37
mickstephensonAlright this is driving me crazy, I have updated intrepid and the toolbar in nautilus has gone, and there seems to be no options in the UI to bring it back, I feel ridiculously silly that I cant sort it out, surely I don't have to enable it in gconf.19:38
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GoddamnDevilmickstephenson: rm .nautilus from homefolder to revert to defaults19:49
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maxbHi, I have wireless hardware which went from using madwifi to ath5k_pci in intrepid - it can no longer complete WPA negotiation20:37
=== TheImp is now known as TheInfinity
maxbDoes anyone have an idea whether the ath5k_pci driver is supposed to be mostly working at this point?20:38
maxbAlso, is madwifi completely dropped from intrepid, or is it practical to revert to it as a workaround?20:39
TeLLuSNo candidate version found for kworldclock or kworldclock-kde4 in Kubuntu intrepid... Why?20:43
maxbHmm, I think the "Hardware Drivers" tool is lying to me21:03
maxb"No proprietary drivers are in use on this system"21:04
maxbyet I have ath_pci / ath_hal loaded21:04
za119hey I just installed ubuntu 8.10 (latest version) on my macbook pro, got everything set up, the usual (I am somewhat familiar to ubuntu), and randomly my main mouse button (my only mouse button) now just keeps right clicking instead of regular clicing, and my f12 key (usually right click button) is now the regualr click.. help!!!21:07
za119I am 99.9% sure its an extremely simple fix21:07
za119hey I just installed ubuntu 8.10 (latest version) on my macbook pro, got everything set up, the usual (I am somewhat familiar to ubuntu), and randomly my main mouse button (my only mouse button) now just keeps right clicking instead of regular clicing, and my f12 key (usually right click button) is now the regualr click.. help!!!21:09
za119internet shut out21:09
DShepherdcan files be dragged and dropped between tabs in nautilus?21:09
za119but using the F12 key instead of the mouse button21:09
za119any ideas21:12
Nubbiehey guys, having an issue with ecryptfs21:15
Nubbieit won't automatically mount on login21:16
Nubbiei can't get it to mount short of calling mount from the terminal.21:16
Nubbieany ideas?21:18
slestaki installed alpha6 on a dual boot inspiron, formattign and overwriting my hardy install.  intrepid works well and uses nvidia driver on sda221:29
slestakhowever, after installing intrepid, my gutsy install on sda3 will not load nvidia kernel module.  it worked perfectly before install.21:29
slestaki had to edit xorg.conf and select the nv driver.21:30
za119hey I just installed ubuntu 8.10 (latest version) on my macbook pro, got everything set up, the usual (I am somewhat familiar to ubuntu), and randomly my main mouse button (my only mouse button) now just keeps right clicking instead of regular clicing, and my f12 key (usually right click button) is now the regualr click.. help!!!21:30
slestaki have tried to re-enable the restricted driver in gutsy, which reinstalls nvidia-glx-new, but it still will not load.21:30
slestakthe /boot is not shared between installs.  grub is installed in MBR21:31
slestaki know this is related to my intrepid install, the timing was too coincidental21:31
bsnideri was expecting a lot more updates today. like the new kernel and nvidia driver21:40
crimsunerm, we're in beta freeze.21:45
crimsuna new kernel and nvidia driver likely won't happen unless the existing one(s) kill people in their sleep.21:46
alteregoasomeone figured out to run fah gpu app on linux?21:47
bsnidercrimsun, i just tested the fedora beta on a crackbook, and it worked great, in addition to having lots of newer stuff than intrepid21:49
crimsunbsnider: that's great, but ... we're in beta freeze.21:50
bsnidercrimsun, i'll beta freeze you21:51
slestakcan any devs comment on whether im crazy for thinking installing intrepid on sda2 shouldv'e had any effect on sda3?21:51
crimsunbsnider: uh huh.21:52
slestakcould dkms have changed anything in grub maybe?  since i am having a kernel module problem?21:52
crimsunslestak: it shouldn't affect anything, but dkms is another mess of beans altogether.21:53
slestakisnt dkms in II by default?  this gutsy install was solid and functional before installing intrepid21:53
slestaki partitioned manually using livecd installed and only formatted /dev/sda221:54
Lofde_Hello, I installed ubuntustudio-desktop and some more of the packages like the audio and video, and it changed my startup screen after the kernal before the welcome screen and it changed my shutdown screen, how can i change these back? what21:54
crimsunLofde_: remove usplash-theme-ubuntustudio and regenerate the initramfs21:55
slestakLofde_: I _think_ installing ubuntu-desktop will straighten it out.21:55
slestakdouble check me on that21:55
crimsunslestak: what precisely is the issue with sda3?21:56
slestakit has gutsy installed, and will not boot into X.  tells me that the nvidia kernel module cannot be loaded.21:58
slestaknvidia-glx-new will install, but still not boot into x21:58
crimsunslestak: did dkms generate an nvidia module for your intrepid kernel?21:58
maxbI'm seeing "The Network Manager applet cannot find some requested resources" popups during upgrading. Is this just an inevitable bit of noise from the upgrade, do you think?21:58
crimsunslestak: that's the most common failure I've seen21:59
crimsunslestak: i.e., dkms generates, by default, modules for the /running/ kernel version21:59
slestakcrimsun: yes, the restricted driver works for intrepid22:04
slestakcrimsun: now, the first time I booted intrepid, before I did the first apt update and install 290MB of patches, I tried to use the restricted driver manager to load the nvidia driver.22:04
slestakcrimsun: clicking on it didn't bring up any dialog other than prompt to authenticate, but it never tried to dl or anything.  i wounder if that eerlay restricted driver manager might've touched sda3?22:05
slestakafter updating apt and installing the packages it said were updated since alpha6 was released, the nvidia installed cleanly22:06
slestakon II, but not on GG22:06
crimsunslestak: need compilation spew to really diagnose22:07
slestaki checked /var/log/messages on II to see if sda3 was mounted at all, but the running instance during install was the livecd, so its log is not avaialble.22:08
DShepherdcan files be dragged and dropped between tabs in nautilus ? (intrepid)22:11
DelvienDShepherd:  i just did.22:11
DelvienDShepherd: it will also make you go to that tab22:12
slestakcrimsun: do you think this rates a launchpad bug?22:13
DShepherdDelvien, ok thanks22:13
slestakcrimsun: or is it too early to tell?  how do I get a compilation spew?22:14
crimsunslestak: look at where dkms dumps its compilation log22:16
crimsunslestak: and yes, file a bug, please.22:16
slestakcrimsun: i apologize, i know very little about dkms.  would you happen to know where that is?  do i need to enable the log to be saved and do sth or is lit likely on the laptop already and I need to find it?22:17
slestakcrimsun: do you tin this is nvidia-glx-new or dkms when filing at launchpad?22:19
crimsunslestak: it's spread all over.  See dpkg -L dkms22:23
crimsunslestak: and the package affected is dkms, not nvidia*22:23
slestakcrimsun: ok.  tyvm.  i'll document this and submit a bug tonight.22:27
slestakcrimsun: but, dkms is not in gutsy, so could this really be it?  i wonder if dkms changes anything on the grub boot line?22:28
slestakgrub and the mbr are really the only common point between these installs22:28
slestakcrimsun: do you want me to find you in here with that compilation output before posting the bug?22:28
crimsunslestak: dkms doesn't touch GRUB AFAICT22:29
crimsunslestak: just attach it to the bug, please.  I'm not around very often, so you'd only block on me.22:29
slestakcrimsun: well, ty for your time.22:30
elwoodhi guys22:35
elwoodand girls22:36
omegamormegilI'm trying to test/use an AT&T 3G USB cellular modem with intrepid.  I've been following the steps in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkManager/Hardware/3G/Probing and I've actually gotten it to connect with wvdial, but how do I get the computer to use the ppp0 interface to connect to the internet?22:49
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
omegamormegilThanks for any response in advance, I just noticed the time and I have to step out for a while.22:53
petersaintsguys... I have an issue with de current daily-live ISO23:05
petersaintsSafe graphics mode23:05
petersaintsseems to not be working anymore23:05
petersaintsis this a know issue?23:05
petersaintsMy System doesn't display correctly with the opensource nv drivers23:05
petersaintsI always have to use Safe Graphics Mode, so that it uses vesa, and after install I install the official proprietary NVIDIA drivers23:06
fiyawerxhas anyone seen this? just realize im using ibex - Maximum number of clients reachedError: cannot open display: :0.023:12
fiyawerx when trying to launch firefox23:12
fiyawerxwas working fine but now i can't even start a new terminal, same thing23:13
fiyawerxwas after it sat for a few hours while I was out23:13
outbrifiyawerx: channel etiquette says to not use enter as punctuation and to do it all on one line. No, I haven't seen that problem.23:19
kane77too late he's gone.. I got the same thing one time after installing few updates but after restart of gnome it was OK23:32
Lofde_anyone care to help me with my forum post. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5884038#post5884038  wireless not auto connecting on boot23:40

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