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huatsgood morning !09:11
seb128lut huats09:18
huatshello seb12809:19
huatsthanks for the sponsoring and the sync :)09:19
seb128huats: you're welcome09:19
james_wseb128, pitti: I came across bug 276134, any thoughts?11:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276134 in gnome-session "[intrepid] no prompt to save open work on shutdown/restart" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27613411:06
seb128james_w: upstream bug11:07
james_wah, sorry I hadn't refreshed11:07
james_wof course you are already on it :-)11:08
seb128james_w: I don't think it's a real issue, only gedit seemed to display such dialogs on session closing and I doubt people use gedit for serious work and don't save and close their session often11:08
pittiactually, that's related to yet another bug11:14
pittijames_w, seb128: the problem right now is that using "shut down", the entire session is just killall'ed11:15
pittisince it just calls consolekit's reboot/shutdown method without ending the session properly11:15
pittiif only I could remember that related bug (we spoke about it when discussing the "shutdown/reboot doesn't work" bug11:16
seb128hate hate xulrunner12:49
seb128when the thing will stop crashing when closing epiphany-browser12:50
seb128ok, let's get some coffee while apport works on the crash, can't restart a webbrowser now12:50
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loolHmm is the bug about USB keys not automounting tracked for release?13:32
seb128no, that's not a known bug13:33
loolI think pochu was seeing the bug as well like a week ago13:33
loolseb128: If you plug an USB key, does it get mounted?13:33
loolMine doesn't get mounted, and right-clicking to select "Mount" in nautilus doesn't work either13:34
lool(nothing in .xsession-errors)13:34
seb128I've no usbkey to try on right now but when I did it was working13:34
seb128lool: could you try to gnome-mount -v -b -d /dev/device?13:34
loolIt's weird, I see two entries in nautilus, one is M├ędia 2,1 Go and another one is Lecteur USB13:35
loolI unplugged and replugged, now I get two Lecteur USB entries13:35
seb128what partitions do you have on the key?13:36
loolseb128: Permissiondeniedbypolicy13:36
loolorg.freedesktop.Hal.Device.PermissionDeniedByPolicy : org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-removable no <-- (action, result)13:37
lool** (gnome-mount:3730): DEBUG: pk_action='org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-removable' pk_result='no'13:37
seb128lool: I guess consolekit crashed and you have no ck-session now13:37
seb128that was the issue for pochu now that you mention it13:37
loolseb128: Ah right, I heard about many CK crashes13:37
seb128I helped it to track it13:37
seb128s/it/him rather13:37
loolseb128: Are these resolved? cause my intrepid is up-to-date and my session isn't that old13:38
seb128lool: ck-list-sessions13:38
loolSession8: uid = '0' realname = 'root' seat = 'Seat4'13:38
loolSession4: uid = '1000' realname = 'Loic Minier,,,' seat = 'Seat3'13:38
seb128lool: no, pitti gave a try to consolekit 0.3 and it's in his ppa but he had issue using it13:38
loolThe second is a ssh one13:38
lool/dev/ssh blah13:38
seb128lool: is there an active one?13:39
pittilool: if you need 0.3, it and the accompanying hal change are in my PPA; but it totally breaks ACL management13:39
seb128don't bother replying13:39
seb128there is none13:39
seb128your consolekit daemon probably crashed13:39
seb128pitti: what do you call ACL management exactly?13:39
seb128lut crevette13:39
crevettesalut seb12813:40
crevettedid you see my wonderful son?13:40
pittiseb128: for devices (/dev/bus/usb, etc.)13:40
seb128pitti: do you have example of things which are not working?13:40
pittiI have to try again, but it was pretty obvious (network-manager, or digicams, etc.)13:41
seb128I'll give it a try later13:42
seb128we have to do something about those consolekit crashes13:42
seb128https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/consolekit/+bugs urg13:43
loolscary for security sensitive software13:47
seb128lool: right, that's why I would like to update to the current upstream version13:47
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mvoasac: do you know about http://paste.ubuntu.com/52463/ ?14:19
asacmvo: hmm14:24
asacmvo: i fixed something similar for abrowser ... either i didnt upload that fix or i missed firefox-3.014:25
mvoasac: dunno, but I think I have the latest ff3 (unless its sitting in the queue)14:29
gnomefreakasac: mvo that was fixed thursday/friday IIRC15:07
gnomefreakmvo: can you run firefox from term?15:08
mvognomefreak: firefox (without -3.0) work fine, firefox-3.0 does not for me15:14
gnomefreakmvo: you have abrowser?15:15
gnomefreakabrowser conflicts with firefox-3.0 but leaves firefox installed15:16
mvognomefreak: no awbrowser, firefox and firefox-3.015:17
mvoso ff does the right thing for you if you run "firefox-3.0" ?15:17
gnomefreakit was fixed in abrowser maybe he didnt apply it to ff-3.0?15:17
gnomefreakmvo: i use abrowser15:18
gnomefreakgive me a minute let me test15:18
gnomefreakah it conflicts with firefox not firefox-3.0 lets see if i can15:19
gnomefreaki get same error with firefox-3.0 but firefox still runs it15:20
gnomefreakasac: did you not apply the fixed link to firefox-3.0 when you fixed it in abrowser?15:22
gnomefreakhe did from what changelog say15:26
gnomefreakmvo: bug 273907 is the bug you are seeing but with *-3.015:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273907 in firefox-3.0 "abrowser does not start: :$pkglibdir/abrowser link missing" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27390715:27
asacgnomefreak: most likely abrowser-3.0 is broken too right?15:27
gnomefreakasac: it is15:27
gnomefreakits not15:28
asacgnomefreak: so running abrowser-3.0 from command line works?15:28
gnomefreakoh with -3.0 yes15:28
asacgnomefreak: you have 3.1 installed by any chance?15:28
gnomefreaknot atm is it in fta's PPA with abrowser branding?15:29
asacgnomefreak: not sure if he synched the latest fixes to 3.1 branch yet :) ... thats why i ask ;)15:31
asacgnomefreak: but in general there should be the abrowser branding ... yes.15:31
gnomefreakfirefox-3.1 - 3.1~b1~hg20080926r19788+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta115:31
gnomefreakand no he doesnt have abrowser yet15:31
gnomefreaknever mind he did15:32
gnomefreakgive me a few minutes and ill let you know15:32
gnomefreaksmoke than test15:35
seb128I'm away for bit, bbl15:54
Keybukseb128: still having evolution bug where my inbox is in a basically random order16:00
gnomefreakasac: it seems to work fine when using ff3 profile16:00
sorenIsn't rhythmbox supposed to update id3 tags when you change a song's metadata in the UI?16:13
sorenAh, not without --enable-tag-writing.16:30
* soren recompiles16:30
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ftaasac, gnomefreak, my 3.1 branch is in sync, it has abrowser-3.1. both ff-3.1 and ab-3.1 work fine here.18:07
ftaasac, but ff-3.0 is indeed broken18:07
ftai see the problem, gasp, more branch work in perspective18:08
asacfta: i have the fix for that already18:20
asacso wait till thats pushed18:20
asacjust wanted to get a confirm that its indeed ok on 3.118:20
ftaso it probably means more tweaks in my 3.1 branch, i'll see18:26
asacfta: did you need to tweak something on top of what we did in 3.0.head?18:49
asacotherwise I think the solution should work on 3.1 too18:50
espaciousdamn i the newest version ubuntu-desktop and now my wifi card dont work20:40
asacespacious: intrepid?20:40
espaciousits a TEW424UB wirless usb adapter20:41
espaciousi got it working on 8.4 NP20:41
espaciousi used ndiswrapper and drivers for xp20:41
asacespacious: so its a regression in 8.10?20:41
asacespacious: what driver is it ... ah ndiswrapper20:41
espaciouswas working great20:41
asacespacious: can you try to blacklist that and see if something else takes over?20:42
espaciouscan anybody help?20:42
espaciouswhat is intrepid?20:42
espaciousbtw the adapter is working but only when i click to connect to my ruter and enter the WPA key the whole pc freezesssss.20:43
asacespacious: do what i say and blacklist ndiswrapper ... if that doesnt work, wade through the bugs of "linux" package in launchpad to find your duplicate. if there is no duplicate (unlikely), file a new bug.20:46
espaciousso in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist i added ........20:46
espaciousok so u want me to disable ndis?20:46
asacespacious: yes20:47
espaciouscoz i used ndis all the time in the previsious instalation and i never got the card workin without ndiswrapper20:47
espaciousok let's try20:47
espaciousblacklist ndiswrapper20:47
espaciousdone, now?20:47
asacespacious: ndiswrapper is something that has to die .. so as long as there is another alternative that supports your chipset you should try that20:48
espaciousi agree20:48
espaciousso how can i get the car go now?20:48
asacespacious: depends on what you did to setup ndiswrapper ... did you do anything?20:49
espaciousit's a fresh install20:49
espaciousjust added ndiswrapper from cd20:49
asacespacious: so you tried without ndiswrapper?20:49
espaciousand in previsious installs i only added the drivers for xp20:50
espaciousi will now.20:50
espaciousbut i ned a bit of help20:50
espaciousdont know where to start20:50
asacespacious: well. usually it should just work in a fresh install afaict20:50
espaciousit detects no wireless20:51
asacespacious: if the fresh install didnt show your card in NM then oyu probably were out of luckm20:51
seb128asac: is there a bug about nm 0.7 refusing to autoconnect to stock essid network names? that's starting to annoy me on intrepid20:51
espaciousnow it seems to use ndiswrapper20:51
espaciousi must reboot or stop him20:51
asacseb128: can you commit http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=554485 for me? :-P20:52
ubottuGnome bug 554485 in Profiles "regression: open new tab using keyboard shortcut does not open new tab with profile of parent window" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:52
asacthat annoyed me for a few month ;)20:52
asaclet me check for a bug20:52
asacyou are the only one complaining about it in person to me20:52
seb128asac: just add a commit on the bug saying you don't have svn access, they will commit for you and after some times you will get svn access ;-)20:53
espaciousasac no luck ist's not working20:53
espaciousso is there a way to get it working with ndis?20:53
seb128asac: I must be the only one to be too lazy to change the router configuration ;-)20:53
espaciousi cannot find anything usefull on google20:53
asacseb128: or maybe there is something unique for your setup :(20:54
seb128asac: it's happening on several networks, one using linksys and one NETGEAR20:54
asacseb128: the expected behaviour is that it doesnt autoconnect if you never connected to a factory AP before ... but once thats done it should work :/20:54
seb128asac: it asks me for the password of somebody else in my building at every login because I clicked on the wrong entry once by mistake rather than picking my netgear essid20:55
asacseb128: remove the connection from connection-editor ... that should make that go away20:56
seb128asac: I add to delete the network in the configuration dialog and now it doesn't connect at all20:56
seb128asac: right, it just stays offline now20:56
asacseb128: if you have such a connection there then it might as well be the case that NM just likes that AP more than the other20:56
asacok :-P20:56
asacwould have been too easy20:56
seb128I workarounded it during the holidays by setting to the one I use usually to autoconnect20:57
seb128but I'm having the same issue on an another network I use sometime20:57
seb128and I can't see both to autoconnect20:57
asacseb128: does it work if you try to make a "system connection" out of it?20:57
seb128let me try20:58
asacseb128: both are open networks right?20:58
seb128asac: yes that makes it autoconnect21:03
espaciousasac any other ideas except going to previsious version of ubuntu?21:05
seb128re, got disconnected21:17
seb128asac: it does autoconnect after doing this change21:18
espaciousasac amazing also the new 8.10 beta21:24
espaciousi tryed and it works21:25
espaciousdamn nobody yet had a similar usb wireless device ?21:25
espaciouson 8.421:26
asacespacious: huh?21:29
asacso it works?21:29
espaciousyes on beta but beta 8.1021:30
espaciousbut it was making some strange issues21:30
espaciousone time boot ok one time no.21:30
espaciousso i wanted to install 8.421:31
espaciousbut there we go no wirless drivers21:31
asacespacious: didnt you say before that ndiswrapper worked for you on 8.4?21:31
espaciousno sorry it was on beta21:31
asacespacious: so without ndiswrapper it doesnt work on 8.4 but with 8.10?21:31
asacespacious: well. thats normal then. drivers for wireless improve. so wait for final21:31
asacgood that it works at least21:32
espaciousso. it works only with ndiswrapper, on all versions only 8.4 no21:32
espaciouswithout ndiswrapper nothing21:32
asacseb128: ok. at best try to get back to the state where it doesnt work, then reproduce on your system and report a short bug with apport (which will append a bunch of values from your gconf - no keys!!)21:33
asacor just append syslog and i will show that to the NM maintainer21:33
seb128asac: should I open that directly on bugzilla upstream rather?21:52
asacseb128: upstream i think.21:57
seb128asac: ok will do21:57
seb128I guess that's one case where upstream think to be clever and prevent user to virtually shoot themself in the foot or something21:58
asacseb128: cool21:58
asacseb128: did you ever try to completely unset your /system/networking recursively?21:58
seb128I think I did when nm0.7 landed and we had this discussion21:59
asacseb128: ok21:59
seb128I enable the autoconnect for my usual network which workaround the issue and didn't bother since21:59
seb128but it's doing the same on this other network now21:59
asacseb128: enable the autoconnect?22:00
seb128the connection editor, the is an "autoconnect" box you can use22:00
seb128just under the connection name22:00
asacseb128: oh. so the bug is that thats not enabled by default22:00
seb128dunno if that should or if the option is to force the connection22:01
asacdidnt remember that22:01
asacseb128: no. without that checkbox on its not supposed to auto connect22:01
seb128the bug is that it prefers to not connect to anything that to connect to linksys or netgear22:01
asacseb128: let me try if it automatically checks that if i unset my connection22:02
asacwait a minute22:02
asacseb128: ok. so after unsetting everything and starting NM it doesnt connect anywhere22:06
asacuntil i click any connection, there is no connectino configuration in connection-editor22:06
asacas soon as i click on any connection and the connect succeeds, the connection configuration becomes available22:06
asacand autoconnect is enabled22:06
seb128autoconnect is not enabled in my case22:07
asacso next time it will happen automatically22:07
seb128try setting your essid to netgear22:07
seb128NETGEAR to be exact rather22:07
asaci believe you ;)22:07
seb128it autoconnect to some other network I never connected to in my building only because I clicked on that by mistake22:07
asacyou said that you removed the connection from connection editor and end up in that state22:07
seb128I think it doesn't like stock vendor essid names22:07
asaclet me test if removing and then connecting again makes a differrnce22:08
asacnope autoconnect is enabled too22:08
asacso go ahead and file upstream22:09
asacvendor essids are certainly handled different ... thats a bug imo22:09
asacseb128: yeah. i found the code :) ... it indeed doesnt set it to autoconnect by default22:11
asacs_con->autoconnect = !is_manufacturer_default_ssid (ap_ssid);22:11
asaci think i also understand why its not that easy now :/22:12
asacbut its still a missing feature22:12
seb128asac: why not?22:13
asacseb128: well. first step: when a scan gives you a result they create a nm-connection. that one has the autoconnect flag.22:13
asacyou cannot create that with "true", because if a nm-connection has "true" it will autoconnect ... which is not what we want for manufacturer essids (until you have connected once)22:14
asacyou would have to flip the autoconnect flag to true once you have seen a bssid22:15
seb128why are manufacturer essids differents?22:15
asacbut at that time you dont know if the autoconnect flag was unset by user, or just because it was default22:15
asacseb128: the chance that a neighbour has that essid is high. so lots of people would run autoconnect there and from then on would have the issue you experience ;)22:16
asace.g. even if their home connection is autoconnect=true they randomly would connect to neighbour22:16
asacbut i think there is a fix22:16
asacso file that bug for now :)22:16
seb128launchpad or bugzilla?22:17
asacseb128: bugzilla ... thats definitly something upstream has to think about22:18
asacor at least reach consent :)22:18
seb128I don't care if it display a dialog on the first connection to explain the issue about not using a custom essid but it should just not silently not autoconnect it looks like it's broken22:19
seb128I'll open the bug and give you the number22:19
seb128lool: what do you think about bug #208729?22:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 208729 in evince "evince-gtk cannot open PDF files" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20872922:37
seb128should libglib2.0-0 recommends shared-mime-info?22:38
espaciousheh ndiswrapper is useless in 8.4 as it crashes..23:00
espaciousfrezes the whole pc23:00
Ngseb128: if a machine isn't automounting USB media, where should I be looking to track down what's going on?23:04
seb128Ng: that starts being a classic one23:04
seb128Ng: did you get a consolekit crasher?23:04
Ngseb128: not afaik. I'm almost certain it'll be a config error, or I have some old package installed. it's a machine with a very messy install that's been upgraded for quite a few releases23:05
seb128Ng: try to run gnome-mount -v -b -d /dev/device23:05
Ngthat mounted it23:06
Ng(fwiw, it's an 80gb ipod)23:06
seb128ok so I don't know23:06
seb128unmount it23:06
seb128run lshal --monitor23:06
seb128plug the ipod again23:06
seb128and copy the log somewhere23:06
seb128Ng: what is the info.capabilities in lshal for it?23:12
Ngstorage, block, portable_audio_player, access_control23:13
seb128Ng: is it listed in the computer place?23:19
seb128what action is configure in the nautilus properties?23:20
Ngseb128: browse folder23:22
seb128for audio players?23:22
seb128I've just looked quickly at the code but don't see anything obvious23:25
NgI am testing out some banshee stuff, so I don;t really want it to launch a media player automagically23:25
seb128I don't have my ipod there but I'll give it a try tomorrow23:25
Ngit works fine on my laptop, fwiw23:25
NgI guess I'll poke around some more23:26
seb128did you try to change the action to start rhythmbox just to see if that's working?23:26
Ngseb128: no, but I did just have a thought that takes us back to the first thing you mentioned - consolekit. the user in question is an autologin23:37
seb128that's not the issue there23:37
seb128autologin has a session too23:38
Ngah ok, I thought maybe that means they get different permissions23:38
seb128and gnome-mount wouldn't work if there was no session23:38
* Ng nods, fair enough23:38
Ngwell, I need to get it copying music and get some sleep, but I'll come back to this at some point - my aim is to be able to plug the ipod into the media PC and have it autosync my library, so this will need to be beaten into shape sooner or later ;)23:40
Ngthanks for the help23:40
Nglshal --monitor is a nugget of great value :)23:40
seb128you're welcome23:40
seb128I'll give a try to my ipod tomorrow23:41
NgI expect it will work :)23:41
seb128I just tried using a mpt device which didn't work but I guess that's a different issue since this one is not listed at all by gvfs or nautilus23:41

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