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glade88'lo -- Can anyone help me with the wiki?16:59
kirklandglade88: what's your problem17:12
glade88kirkland: I have two wikipages, Dave701 and SayakBanerjee.. I presently use SayakBanerjee. There are some revisions on both of them. Can I merge both of them so that: 1. Am am left with SayakBanerjee 2. SayakBanerjee has the revisions belonging to Dave701+SayakBanerjee ?17:18
glade88I know how to delete Dave701 but I wish I could have all revisions copied to SayakBanerjee before I delete it..17:19
kirklandglade88: i don't think that's possible...  what i'd recommend is putting a redirect on Dave701 to SayakBanerjee17:20
kirklandglade88: thus, Dave701 will have it's history maintained17:20
kirklandglade88: and the same for Sayak*17:20
kirklandglade88: and anyone landing on Dave701 will be -> to Sayak17:20
glade88kirkland: I cannot have a redirect on Dave701 since if anyone want to see the revisions on Dave701, he/she'd be redir to SayakBanerjee17:21
glade88so there would be no way to view the revisions then17:21
kirklandglade88: you just add ?edit to the url17:21
glade88I have done that..17:21
kirklandglade88: let me find you an example....17:21
glade88kirkland: I have added a line "See all prior modifications at [[Dave701]]17:22
glade88isnt there any way the two wikipages could be merged? what does the wiki "copy" feature do?17:23
kirklandglade88: i do not know...  but i would think not17:23
glade88kirkland: okay17:23

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