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solarionis there any eta on including the driver for elantech touchpads?03:00
solarionI needs to shut this craptastic tap-to-click off!03:33
* solarion goes crazy03:33
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zafy_hi I know this might be off topic but I4ve been trying to figure out a way to solve my sound problem and I finally saw that there was a kernel fix for it : http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/8/4/11011:01
zafy_only I don't know how to apply a kernel fix11:02
zafy_can anyone help me with that ?11:02
IntuitiveNipplezafy_: It is in the latest Intrepid git: commit 320dcc30f498e011:12
zafy_so how do I apply it ? do I have to wait until intrepid comes out ? or is there a way to apply a patch in the mean time ?11:12
zafy_IntuitiveNipple, ^11:12
IntuitiveNipplepatch to what?11:13
IntuitiveNipplehang on, don't reply! the windows here have gone funny11:13
IntuitiveNippleright... let's try again :)11:13
zafy_IntuitiveNipple, I was wondering if there was a way to fix that problem without having to wait for Intrepid11:15
zafy_lik patchin the kernel code and recomiling it i guess11:15
zafy_only I don't know how to do that11:15
IntuitiveNipple*which* kernel code?11:15
zafy_http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/8/4/110 -> isn't that a patch for the kernel ?11:16
IntuitiveNippleNo, *which* kernel version do you want to patch?11:16
IntuitiveNippleIntrepid alpha?11:16
zafy_I have Hardy11:16
IntuitiveNippleSo, you want to know if commit 320dcc30f498e0 can be applied to Hardy?11:17
IntuitiveNippleOK... let me check11:17
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IntuitiveNipplezafy: The patch applies cleanly to the Hardy kernel, but as to whether it *works*, you'd have to test it of course11:35
zafyIntuitiveNipple, so i do i apply it ?11:35
zafydo you know a tutorial or a page that'll show me how ?11:35
IntuitiveNippleI suspect that might be a bit too advanced, but you can take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMaintenance and the related Git guide.11:36
zafyIntuitiveNipple, Intrepid is coming out next month right ?11:44
IntuitiveNippleThat's the plan11:44
zafyand it should be in there then ?11:45
zafyIntuitiveNipple, what happens if I patch the kernel ? Can I still upgrade to intrepid as normal ?11:45
IntuitiveNippleKernel freeze is 16th October, so yes, it should be in11:46
IntuitiveNippleIf you install a custom kernel (with the patch) it exists alongside the other kernel versions, it won't prevent any updates if you use the regular Ubuntu packaging system to install the custom kernel11:47
zafyIntuitiveNipple, I'm not sure I see what I'm lookgin for on that page11:55
zafyI'm a pretty big n00b when it comes to that kind of things11:55
zafyIntuitiveNipple, ?12:08
mdzrtg: your changelog entry says that bug 263555 is fixed, but for some reason the bug in LP is still open.  is that intentional or shall I close it?14:19
mdzrtg: (the e1000e thing)14:19
rtgmdz: lemme check. I've been watching upstream, but I'm not convinced they are converging on the correct solution.14:21
rtgmdz: I updated the status and comment for 263555.14:31
mdzrtg: thanks.  I'm confused as to why Launchpad didn't automatically update it based on your changelog entry which referenced the bug number14:35
rtgmdz braindead ubuntoid?14:35
amitklaga: pushed aufs to git. Should be in next upload (after beta). Thanks for you work.16:37
lagaamitk: great. thanks for taking care of that :)16:38
amitklaga: in the end I decided not to 'clean up' the Makefile. It is ugly now, but makes it easier to update aufs.16:39
lagayes, that's what i was thought16:39
lagathat and laziness.16:40
jdongis there any plan to "update" ath9k more?16:41
jdongI still find it pretty quirky and upstream always poitns to various wireless-testing commits to answer my concerns16:41
jdongin fact, it is quite unuseable when I am more than 20 feet from an AP16:42
rtgjdong: we'll likely end up doing a wireless-testing backport soon after Intrepid is released.16:43
jdongrtg: gotcha16:45
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Kanohi, how about using18:24
Kanoinstaed of external e1000?18:24
Ngthose patches aren't in any main kernel branches yet, and some are purely for debugging purpoess18:26
Ngthey are also largely untested outside of intel, so putting them in our kernel before the intel guys have even figured out where the bug is, seems pretty stupid18:26
Kanowell the code to access the device with bad nvram would be really good to have..18:33
Kanothats missing in the external module18:45

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