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persiaian_brasil: What's the best way to check if accessibility works?  I'd like to have accessible input working for the no-keyboard use case.02:01
ian_brasilpersia: well i install python-dogtail to check..not sure if this is the best way 02:04
ian_brasilthis needs the accessibility layer working02:06
ian_brasilif everythin is working well then 02:06
ian_brasil>>> import pyatspi02:06
ian_brasil>>> reg = pyatspi.Registry02:06
ian_brasil>>> print reg.getDesktopCount()02:06
ian_brasil>>> desktop = reg.getDesktop(0)02:06
ian_brasil>>> print len(desktop)02:06
ian_brasilthis last value will not be 0 and the apps are registering themselves to the acc layer02:07
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rhpso, having installed ubuntu intrepid (and windows xp again), I just tried to create an updated image. However it seems I'm out of luck these days, as it could not get to completion.09:00
rhpI got a crash in the mksquashfs process.09:00
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rhpAny ideas whether 8.04 will also give me a system where I can update images? intrepid seems a bit over the edge for me...09:07
persiaian_brasil: I see, so it's a registration thing.  Hrm.  That sounds fairly complicated, as the only actually running process is supposed to be hildon-desktop: the other apps aren't that independent09:21
persia(and sorry for the delay: my network was having a bad day)09:21
persiarhp: How are you creating an updated image?09:22
rhpusing a script I found on ogra-maemo's blog.09:23
rhpOr somwhere else... I do not remember.09:23
rhpReading through it, it seemed logical enough...09:23
persiarhp: OK.  I'm not sure why it would crash.  There are new daily images available each day, and rsync seems to be smart about the bandwidth of updates.  This is the method I tend to use.09:25
rhpYou don't just have the update manager update your system?09:28
persiaI reinstall my system 5-6 times a day, but my use is certainly not normal.09:30
persiaYou got a crash with update manager?  Running a live session, or post-install?09:30
rhpI got a couple of crashes actually. One running update manager -- telinit crashed.09:31
rhpOne while updating het mid image -- in mksquashfs... but the crashreport message was quite busy...09:32
rhpBoth post-install09:32
rhpYou do not happen to know whether 8.04 also works for updating the image?09:33
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loolCool, -mid doesn't prompt on boot anymore13:48
persialool: But grub doesn't get installed :/13:53
persiaIt's stuck live for now.  Trivial to fix Friday.13:53
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persiaSo, I've been looking at the forums to try to figure out where to point people for Ubuntu Mobile.14:12
persiaIt was suggested that "Hardware & Laptops" might be the right place.  Apparently, it's possible to get some "prefix" for Ubuntu Mobile stuff (I still need to track down what that means, and how).14:13
persiaAnyone have any thoughts on that, or ideas?14:13
loolpersia: Hey could you tell me more about the grub issue?14:13
loolStevenK: Could you drop the union=unionfs thingy some isolinux.cfg?14:14
loolStevenK: or syslinux.cfg14:14
loolStevenK: Only for -mid though14:14
loolamitk: Thakns for the aufs update in linux-lpia; works like a charm; when it the one in -generic landing?14:14
loolamitk: This would fix the issues with the -mobile images14:14
persialool: ubiquity now supports grub for installs, but /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/components/grubinstaller.py isn't installed on lpia.14:15
loolpersia: Is it too late to fix this?14:15
persiaBasically, I fixed the code, and tested the code patch, but failed to fix and test the packaging.14:15
persiaBasically.  I have a local fix, but as I don't yet have the icon for it, and it means *everyone* else needs to rebuild their disks and start testing from scratch again, I think it's not enough to push.14:16
persiaI've not actually spoken with the testing and release teams, aside from a quick, retracted, query to the installer team.14:16
persiaWhile I'm at it, I'm adding support for ntfs partition mounting, which is probably interesting for those with Windows installed on the devices.14:17
loolpersia: Can be get the fix in ubiquity now, and hope they have another reason for an upload before beta?14:17
amitklool: talking to kernel/distro folks to see if aufs can be updated in a kernel upload14:17
loolamitk: What's your current list again?  lrm-lpia and then?14:18
persialool: Likely.  The plan is to push a branch for review by the installer team within the next few hours.  Whether there is an upload or not isn't something I really want to push.14:18
loolamitk: ath5k doesn't seem too far from working   :-/14:18
persiaamitk: Any ideas for bug #274704?14:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274704 in linux-lpia "Wireless network interface not recognised" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27470414:19
amitklool: after aufs to base kernel, there is lrm (almost done)14:20
ian_brasilpersia: Nokia recently opened the repo to the Hildon Test Automation project http://hildon-test-aut.garage.maemo.org/...there are scratchbox i386 debs in the repo so it should be possible to get it working on MID14:22
persiaian_brasil: Nifty.  Is it only i386, or also armel?  It may be that my Zaurus is a better testbed for that.14:23
ian_brasilthere are armel debs too https://garage.maemo.org/svn/hildon-test-aut/trunk/ 14:24
persiaian_brasil: I'm currently a bit caught up with the fact that I need to recover from some mistakes from last week, but thanks for the pointers.  I'm definitely going to try to have a play with that.14:25
ian_brasilnp..i had it working on scratchbox a while back ..the i386 debs on lpia complained about hildon-fm or hildon-1 if i remember correctly14:27
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ian_brasilis the intention to have an ubuntu-mobile iso on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ or does that not make much sense16:00
persiaian_brasil: I've just been discussing having it there with the testing team.  We're a little late for beta, but if we prepare some test cases in the next couple days, we can be there for RC.16:19
persiaian_brasil: Are there any specific test cases you think should be added, or do you think we're good with just the basic install testing as an initial set, and we can add more once we have some specified features, etc.?16:20
ian_brasilpersia: that is great news. i have been looking at the Basic, Advanced and Compliance test and maybe we should agree upon some targtes for the compliance tests?16:22
ian_brasili ran LSB last night but it seems very based towards rpm16:22
* ogra would appreciate QA testing16:22
persiaThat's a *lot* of tests, and I'm not sure we can hit them all.16:23
ograbut i guess its hard to find devices16:23
ogra(in the QA team that is)16:23
ian_brasilthe current stats are:16:24
persiaQA team is highly fluid.  If there are users, there will be QA team members.16:24
ian_brasilWith platform in Hibernate state, time from user pressing power on button to desktop UI being fully responsive <= 16 sec 16:24
ian_brasilTime from user pressing sleep button to platform going to S3 state (not just display going blank) <= 7 sec 16:24
ian_brasilWith platform in S3 state, time from user pressing wake-up button to desktop UI being fully responsive <= 7 sec 16:24
ian_brasilWhen the platform is Cold booted (i.e. when device probe, etc is required), the time from user pressing power on button to desktop UI being fully responsive <= 37 sec16:24
ogra7sec doesnt look so bad16:24
persiaWhat HW?  Which image?16:24
ograi would rarely expect a real boot16:24
persiaYeah.  Real boots are for people with HW that doesn't support hibernate.16:25
ograwell, even hibernate is for whimps :P16:25
persiaAnd hibernate is for people with HW that uses too much power in suspend.16:25
ograjust have a big enough battery in your device 16:25
persiaWell, I have one laptop with a 40 minute runtime with the stock battery (no, I've never used the stock battery, and don't intend to do so).  For this, I think hibernate beats suspend.16:26
ograi had pondered initially to disable hibernate in ubuntu-mobile 16:26
* ogra tests the latest mobile image ... hopefully we have mouse and kbd back16:26
persiaIt also depends on the device.  For one of my laptops, I'm not supposed to connect/disconnect the port replicator without another pass through the BIOS.  I haven't quite figured out why, and the manufacturer carefully doesn't support Linux on this model (they do for other models, but haven't done the internal testing for this one)16:27
persiaogra: You regenerated the image?16:27
ograafter the meta change, indeed16:28
ogra30.1 should be better 16:28
persiaian_brasil: For initial tests, I had planned Install (auto-resize), Install (entire-disk), Install (manual partitioning), and Live Session.  Do you think we need a deeper set at this point?16:28
persiaogra: Refreshing.  No idea if I'll get to a test cycle tonight though: I need to sort the default password.16:29
ogramouse, touchscreen kbd and joystick all work16:30
ian_brasilpersia: No, that sounds Ok to me16:30
persiaian_brasil: I'm all for more testing, but right now we seem to have, at most, maybe 10 people actively involved, which makes me not want to add too much extra burden to everyone.16:31
persiaMind you, if I can ever figure out how the forums work, and the people from the mailing list go to the forums, that might change, but I've not yet found the right set of information.16:32
ian_brasilpersia: right...i like the idea of the tragtes to try to aim for like fottprint 500MB , memory 192MB etc16:33
* ian_brasil hates his new keyboard16:34
persiaFootprint 500MB!  I don't think we're anywhere near there, nor has that been one of the things I've been watching.16:34
persiaFor -mobile, I think it's safe to look at >4G, >384MB.  For -mid, maybe >2G, >256MB, but less than that will require a lot of changes.16:35
persiaOK.  Forum setup now in responsible hands.  We should have forums later in the week sometime.16:39
ografor mobile/mid ?16:40
ogracool, who will read them ? 16:40
* ogra is not a forums guy16:40
persiaErm.  I was hoping one of the people who said "cool" when I announced it :)  Maybe we'll get better response from the mailing list, when it's all sorted.16:41
persiaMaybe I'll read it occasionally, but since I live on IRC, I doubt I'll give it the attention it needs.16:42
* ogra lives on mailing lists and IRC16:44
persiaYeah.  I hear email is the coming wave in communication :)16:45
ian_brasilpersia: plus testing of the main apps too like xournal, liferea ..this is a good candidate for automation hence the dogtail question earlier16:46
ograpersia, really ? i thought twitter replaces IRC and mail together :)16:49
persiaogra: :)16:49
ian_brasili am a little unclear ..exactly what parts of hildon does ubuntu-mobile use? ..if nothing then dogtail should just work on ubuntu-mobile 16:50
ogranothing :)16:50
ograubuntu-mobile is plain gnome with different desktop setup and themeing16:50
ograwell, if you call midbrowser hildon that might count though :P16:51
persiaI'm not sure it's worth running dogtail testing against each image, but perhaps running throughout the cycle as a source of bugs would make sense.16:51
ian_brasilwell dogtail only works with the plain gnome desktop session so now it depends on what you did to the theme!16:52
ogradiffernet panel layout, different applet layout on the panels ...16:53
ograand pure gtkrc changes16:53
ogranothing fancy that should get in your way16:53
* ian_brasil is still waiting for ubuntu-mobile.img to download so he can play with it16:53
ograthe 30.1 one seems good 16:53
ian_brasildoes it use compiz?16:54
ograapart from the broken browser and missing autologin preseeding16:54
ian_brasilogra: then it will not work16:54
ograwell, you can switch to metacity16:55
ian_brasilah great16:55
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ograits the same desktop ubuntu-desktop uses16:57
ograapart from the tweaks mentioned above16:58
persiaWhich means the same HW requirements as Ubuntu Desktop (>4G, >384MB)16:59
ograwell, i might cut down the default app selection a bit 16:59
ograso we get to 2-3G16:59
ograand 256M with intrepid ;)17:00
ograwe have compcache by default now17:00
ogra384 was only for the heavy reqirements of the livecd17:00
ian_brasilpersia: the idea is to set up scripts for all the main applications and just run them automatically17:06
persiaian_brasil: Right.  I think it's good to do that.  I'm just not sure if I want the release managers asking "Why haven't you had four independent dogtail runs for Alpha 3 yet?" in January.17:08
persiaIn summary; Yeah!  Let's dogtail it.  Let's just not make that a QA requirement for release until we can pass.17:08
ian_brasili would suggest a dogtail run after the debian merge to catch regressions and then one for the Beta maybe17:10
persiaI think we can be more agreesive than that.  I think one at DIF, one a FF, one at Beta, and one at RC is probably sensible.17:11
persiaI don't think we need multiple runs per milestone.17:11
persiaSo, roughly, late January, late February, mid March and mid April.17:12
persia(unless someone monkeys more with the release schedule than I expect)17:12
ian_brasilthat seems sane..it gives some time to actually write the scripts too...not that that is particularly difficult17:14
persiaian_brasil: Would you mind adding that to the list of tentative jaunty specs?17:19
ian_brasilpersia: ok17:19
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ograhmm, no bluetooth on the Q1 17:22
ograat least i dont see a single device there17:23
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persiaNo BT!  That's unfortunate.  You need a dongle.17:26
ograhmm, the n800 doesnt see my headset either 17:26
* ogra just bought a bunch of BT devices so he can test17:27
persiaogra: Did you get any USB network or USB serial devices?  I haven't figured out how to test those with my collection.17:29
ograa headset and a gps reciever17:29
ograand by end of the week i'll get a freedom keyboard17:29
ograBT as well17:29
ograbut i wonder why the Q1 doesnt see anything17:30
ograis our BT stack so broken ? 17:30
persiaYes.  It's completely broken.  Either install crevette's 0.28 (maybe applying mterry's patch for the pairing wizard), or use the ~bluetooth PPA for superm1's work on 4.x17:32
persiaThe former only fixes a couple of things, the latter seems to work fairly well (at least for my equipment)17:32
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ograare we likely to get either into intrepid ? 17:34
ograseems serious to me that we show the BT applet but it has no function at all17:35
persiaYes.  slangasek is watching activity on the 4.x stack work, and 0.28 will be pushed as backup if it is deemed unsuccessful.17:35
ograah, good17:36
persiaExcellent.  You can upload then :)17:37
ograafter beta i guess17:45
persiaYes, after beta.  StevenK and superm1 were chasing the rdepends earlier.  I'm planning a cycle retest once I can figure out how to preseed blank passwords.17:46
ogracjwatson should be able to help you17:47
ogra(and tell you if it works at all)17:47
ogramight be thats not possible due to security considerations17:48
persiaNo, it's possible.  I have suggestions.  I'm just not quick with debconf and state machines yet.17:54
ograoh, sweet, maemomapper works with google sattelite maps18:01
loolStevenK: Could you please remove the empty password for the user from preseeded data?18:22
loolStevenK: This isn't working, so this will at least allow to install with a password prompt18:23
persialool: No point.  The empty stuff is ignored.18:23
loolpersia: Oh so you tried and it's ignored18:23
persiaStevenK: Please don't bother to change that: it will complicate me fixing it, and has no negative impact in the current state.18:23
persialool: Yes, that's why I'm trying to hack user-setup to accept more preseeding options.18:24
loolpersia: That's fine18:24
loolI'm asking because cjwatson wanted me to test it, and it saves me the testing18:24
persiaEssentially, --automatic doesn't work.  If there is a ubiquity upload, the install works.  cjwatson's latest bzr changes were byte-for-byte compatible with my branch (although independently generated)18:25
persiaWhat were you asked to test?18:25
loolRemoving the preseeded data to see whether I can install18:28
persiaWith which version of ubiquity?18:29
loolOk, I think everything is quite confused18:29
loolAllow me to take a deep breath and recap18:29
persiaYeah.  What are you trying to accomplish?18:29
loola) I understand installer is currently broken due to some grub-ish problem specific to lpia b) you tell me some hours earlier today you'd fix this today c) this is fixed in upstream ubiquity d) cjwatson and you weren't sure this fix was useful to upload as some other thing I didn't know about (empty password string) is also breaking something18:30
loolI don't know much avec the breakage in d), I seem to understand that preseeding "" will be refused in the same way that an empty password would be refused if entered by the user18:31
loolAnyway, it seems cjwatson was suggesting I should test whatever I'd like to test to fix the password issue d) before he uploads ubiquity18:32
persiaThe reason the install fails is because the ubiquity grub-installer controller wasn't included in the lpia build.18:32
loolBut then he decided it was easy enough to upload ubiquity18:32
loolAlso, one of the proposed fixes to test was to remove the value from the preseeded data, but it seems this would get us exactly the same behavior18:32
loolAt this point, I don't think I have anything else to do18:33
persiaOh.  OK.  In that case, I'll stop fussing with the password thing, and do the casper hack to put in the .desktop file for the non-automatic install with ubiquity
persiaNo, telling me that there's going to be a new ubiquity (which I hadn't heard), is the key thing you needed to do.18:34
persiaIt changes what I'm doing tonight.  I'll take a walk, clear my head, and do the other hack to add the Install icon to kourou *only* in the live environment.18:34
persiaThat needs a change to the image build, but ought to be able to be done for images tomorrow.18:35
persiaI'm just not confident I'm going to absorb enough information about debconf to complete the password trick before I get too tired.18:36
loolpersia: So --automatic breaks if there's a question which hasn't been preseeded such as the password?18:36
persiaNo, it's just insufficiently automatic, and the user has to enter a password, and then there is a password, which means that users without keyboards can't use admin tools, which is annoying.18:37
persiaThe fix is to enable the accessibility infrastructure, and get the input tools to use that for input, but that's *not* going to happen for intrepid.18:37
loolpersia: I don't understand why you want to add a desktop file for non-automatic install then?18:37
loolpersia: Is it because the current keyboard doesn't allow typing in e.g. gksu?18:38
persiaOh, right.  I suppose I could do it in automatic.  Doesn't matter.  I'm just not thinking as clearly as I might.18:38
persiaThe reason that we don't want a password is because the current keyboard doesn't allow typing in e.g. gsku, yes.18:39
* ogra thinks thats rather a gksu issue18:39
persiaThat said, there's no reason for me to set it for non-automatic mode, because it works with --automatic, just not the way I want, because I can't preseed the blank password.18:39
ograit should provide hooks for a11y apps18:39
persiaogra: Nope, because you can use a11y tools with gksu in -desktop.18:40
ograyeah, -g might help18:40
persiaogra: The issue is that the a11y stuff isn't set up for -mid: ian_brasil has been complaining about this for some time.18:40
loolpersia: So, with the new ubiquity we should get installable images starting tomorrow, except we will have to type a password and this will be a pain with gksu, correct?18:41
ograwell, make the gksu call in your .desktop file use gksu -g18:41
ograthen your input isnt totally locked18:41
loolAnd what remains TBD is that ubiquity needs to be launched by hand, and you're working on the casper bits to show a menu entru?18:41
persialool: Yes, and the last bit waits on me sorting the password as a hack for intrepid, and we can look more agressively at a11y for jaunty.18:41
ograif you have an onscreen kbd it will work18:41
ograi just tested with cellwriter18:42
persialool: Right, after I take a walk, I'll add the .desktop file.18:42
persiaogra: In -mid?18:42
ograno, on my laptop18:42
ograbut it doesnt matter18:42
persiaogra: Yes it does.  Remember, all apps run *inside* hildon-desktop.18:42
ograif you have a kbd that can be used for text input using -g with gksu will give you the ability to use it18:42
persiaWell, that didn't work for me for update-manager for hardy.18:43
ogradid you try with -g ? 18:43
persiaI haven't tried with -g in intrepid.  Maybe it's different.18:44
ograGEEZ !18:44
ogragksu even has a gconf setting for taht18:44
* ogra adds that to ubuntu-mobile-default-settings18:45
ograkeyboard input prob solved :D18:45
loolOk folks, I'll leave there for today18:45
ograi 18:45
* lool waves18:45
ogralook that up earlier18:45
ograciao lool 18:45
ograyippie, that WORKS !18:47
persiaI need a filename that is guaranteed to exist *only* for ubuntu-mid images.  Anyone disagree that /usr/share/ubuntu-mid-default-settings/mid-gui-start might be such a file?20:21
persiaOr maybe I don't.  Hrm.20:26
loolpersia: /usr/share/doc/ubuntu-mid/?20:29
persiaGrr.  I hate it when I spend hours troubleshooting something and find out that someone already fixed it months ago, and the documentation is out of date.20:29
loolah eh20:29
loolI didn't do it!20:29
persialool: No.  I just found a bug in kourou: for some reason it isn't showing the install icon.  That's the only missing bit to everything working for the non-automatic way.20:30
* lool goes in non-computer mode for tonight now20:31
persiaIf we want to go automatic, we need to add a stanza to casper-bottom/10adduser to sed the .desktop file or something, but that's not beta critical.20:31
persiaGood night lool.20:31
persiaogra: Just for double-confirmation, everything looks good for me in the latest -mobile image.20:34
persiaStevenK: What's your feeling about adding ubiquity.desktop to Home?  How about Preferences?  It is currently parsed by Settings, but I think we're ignoring that menu, from what I can tell.  Separately, do you think we want to enable anything in settings.menu?  (And, yes, I don't mind waiting several hours for an answer)20:40
ogra-maemopersia, thanks20:41
persiaogra: One odd bit is that the close icon is third from the right, to the left of the brightness and volume controls.  Is it that way for you?20:42
persiaPerhaps because I'm running at 800x600 right now?20:42
ogra-maemohmm, yeah, likely... we can play with the setup after beta20:43
persiaOK.  Do you want a bug for this, or is it just because I'm using a resolution no longer in vogue?20:44
ogra-maemoyou cann force applets to the very right20:44
persiaWell, I have to unlock them before I can move them, but if we can force hint it, I think the experience would be better.20:44
ogra-maemoi'm not sure it will work, but we can try20:45
persiaOK.  I need to get some network adaptor on this working somehow :/  At the current time, it's *really* hard to send screenshots.20:49
rhp_I'm not getting anywhere with building an image myself in intrepid. Seems as if intrepid is both slow and buggy, could this be true?21:43
rhp_Running the latest standard image still gives me no wifi, so let's try to get that figured out. What would I do to get that fixed?21:44
persiarhp_: You're starting with a standard intrepid daily image?  This is -mid or -mobile?  (my apologies: it's late here, and my memory isn't what it ought be)21:50
rhp_-mid from cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mid/intrepid/current/21:52
persiaOK.  And you have *no* wireless.  Have you tried booting the same machine with an i386-based flavour?21:54
persiaI think it's probably bug #274832, but if you might have a different bug of the class of bug #274704.21:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274832 in mobile-meta "no linux-restricted-modules for lpia flavour" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27483221:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274704 in linux-lpia "Wireless network interface not recognised" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27470421:56
persiaIf it's 274832, booting an i386 based flavour (e.g. -mobile) should have wireless.  If you can confirm this, then you're just waiting for packages that were last reported to be available "soon".21:57
persiaIf it's something like 274704, you'll need to collect information about the hardware, and post it to a bug.  If you can find a working wireless driver on the net somewhere, and point to it, that might happen faster.21:58
rhp_I doubt whether it is 274704, because the wifi nic is recognised, just not as a wifi card. The system thinks it is a wired card.22:05
rhp_So, am I correct that -mobile is for i386 devices and -mid is not?22:05
persiaWell, the images that are available today happen to match those architectures.22:07
persiaThat's largely in part due to what was tested for what when, etc.  I hope we'll see both flavours architecture-neutral for jaunty.22:07
persiaCurrent -mobile is built for i386 and current -mid is built for lpia.22:08
persiaThat said, I have an lpia device that works better with -mobile.  While I don't own one, I know of i386 devices that would be better with -mid.22:08
rhp_ok, confusing world22:08
persiaAt this point in time, the architectures haven't differentiated enough that you can't run i386 on lpia or lpia on (most) i386.  I don't know about the future.22:09
rhp_I'll have a go with -mobile. Currently I'm looking whether X will play nice with the fpit driver, which I got installed in the mean time.22:09
persiaThere's also a special kernel for lpia, the "lpiacompat" flavour, that allows one to run lpia on i586.  I don't know how well it works (I don't have any i586).22:10
persiaYou got -fpit to work!  Excellent.  Did you need to do anything special?22:10
rhp_I got fpit installed. Looking now whether it actually works.22:12
rhp_Aparently not directly, but I might have to tweak xorg.conf a bit...22:12
persiaWIth the new Xinput2 hotplug, I suspect you'll need to feed HAL a .fdi file to make it work properly.  You may be able to hardcode stuff in xorg.conf, but there's some reports of that not working for some devices.22:12
rhp_oh, good to know.22:13
rhp_persia: it seems that none of the changes I made locally running ubuntu-mid (on the laptop) got stored during a reboot. That is correct?22:19
rhp_another silly question: since I cannot boot directly from usb stick, I need to copy the kernel and initrd.img of the hd first before I can boot. Would it also be possible to boot from pxe? That might make setting up the thing much easier. Then I can just put in a network cable for now...22:21
rhp_From the sight of it, that should be easy enough...22:30
rhp_I'm really having to get used to finding keyboards and not doing everything over ssh again ;-)22:31
persiaYou ought be able to boot from PXE, and it ought to work.22:32
rhp_ok, trying -mobile now...22:33
persiaAny changes are lost on reboot.  There is a persistent mode to keep data between reboots.  It's something like that documented at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence?action=show&redirect=LiveCDPersistence22:35
persiaMy memory is that the image is persistent by default, so you can skip the bit about using F6.22:36
rhp_ah, ok. That was wat persistent was for... I skipped that when I created the grub bootline. I knew I should not have...22:46
rhp_Things are looking good! the -mobile version (which looks awesome, by the way) recognizes my wifi card just fine.22:47
persiaOK.  Then you are probably hitting 274832, which is in progress, and ought be fixed soon.22:48
persiaWhich Stylistic did you have again?22:48
rhpSo then... there I am!22:57
rhpGreat work, to you all...22:57
ogra-maemogrr, Q1 wlan doesnt work after suspend22:58
persiarhp: Also, if you like -mobile for your size and resolution, the install works.  For -mid, it ought work with the next image respin.22:59
rhprespin is not the same as nightly build, I guess.23:00
rhpI kinda liked the user interface that -mid offers, can I enable that in -mobile too?23:00
rhpAlthough the graphics look way cool in -mobile.23:01
persiaNot really.  The reason -mobile is i386 and -mid is lpia is because of some compilation differences between -mid and -mobile that need to get cleaned up.23:02
rhpBut after that it would be possible?23:02
persiaAnyway, subscribe to bug #274832: when it gets closed, you can switch back to -mid, and still have wireless.23:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274832 in mobile-meta "no linux-restricted-modules for lpia flavour" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27483223:02
rhpok, I'll do that.23:03
persiaYeah, after that it will be possible to switch between -mid and -mobile for any architecture, although there might be some leftover packages in either direction.23:03
rhpFunny though that it does recognise it as a wired nic...23:03
ogra-maemo The reason -mobile is i386 and -mid is lpia is because i'm lazy :)23:03
persiaBut that's a jaunty thing: I'm guessing it will be in decent shape in February or so.23:03
persiaogra-maemo: It's not just you: some other people were lazy too.23:04
* persia included23:04
rhpok. First thing I'll do now is setup pxe-boot, so I can use the usb stick to install to.23:04
rhpI just tried to install -fpit, but apt-get update already ran out of space...23:05
rhpFor now... time to go to bed.23:05
rhpSee you again tomorrow.23:05

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