williammandacan anyone tell me how to see what speed what nic is running? I tried ethtool but it won't work.00:21
directhexas root?00:35
directhexi.e. "sudo ethtool eth0"?00:35
jmichelsenI could use some help troubleshooting a capture device. lsubs detects it, /dev/video0 is present, when I cat /dev/video0, the capture box lights come on but the output vid file is empty, any help here?00:48
mimohi - i got sent here from the myth-dev list. i posted my problem with gdb trace report here http://mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-dev/2008-September/063193.html02:03
mimonevermind. i need to get some sleep. just in case someone reads this i notice that it's not crashing when launched from  different x session and under a different user. good night.02:10
jmichelsenI could use some help troubleshooting a capture device. lsubs detects it, /dev/video0 is present, when I cat /dev/video0, the capture box lights come on but the output vid file is empty, any help here?03:21
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famicomFuck i hate #ubuntu07:52
famicomfucking tards07:52
superm1!language | famicom08:04
Zinnfamicom: Please follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and watch your language.  You can find more information here: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct08:04
famicomFUCK THAT08:04
famicomwith all the wars, famine, pollution and injustice in the world08:05
famicomthere really are better things to get upset about than someone saying something08:06
hadsWell that's the code of conduct for this channel, if you don't like it then don't use the channel.08:06
noisymimefamicom: and yet you're clearly upset about what someone did or did not say to you on #ubuntu...08:07
famicomjust generall annoyance over the signal to noise ratio there08:08
* directhex suspects http://www2.apebox.org/wordpress/rants/5/ applies, even if that was written for #debian08:45
directhexsuperm1 & Daviey, ping14:27
superm1yeah what's up?14:33
directhexhm, never mind, google was faster ;)14:33
directhexwas gonna ask about a bug in your mirror & sign script, but google found a seemingly newer one14:33
directhexwithout the bug14:33
superm1are you stealing our mirror and sign script? :)14:34
BlainHas anyone seen these errors in mythbackend.log before. I've googled to no avail. VIDIOCGCHAN: Invalid argument14:34
Blain VIDIOCMCAPTUREi0: Invalid argument VIDIOCMCAPTUREi1: Invalid argument14:34
Blain VIDIOCMCAPTURE0: Invalid argument14:34
Blain VIDIOCMCAPTURE1: Invalid argument14:34
directhexsuperm1, stealing? someone put it on launchpadlibrarian14:36
directhexsuperm1, which officially makes it fair game ;)14:36
superm1directhex, i was kidding anyhow14:36
superm1steal away14:36
superm1there is a newer version directly in bzr14:36
directhexsuperm1, i already had to make some hax, so i just wanted that one bug fixed14:36
directhexstray \{\} file is messy14:36
superm1directhex, fix it?14:38
superm1and give us a patch...14:38
directhexsuperm1, it's fixed in the latest version of the script!14:38
superm1well there you go14:38
directhexor the version i found14:38
directhexand find syntax is evil anyway, which is why i was looking for an update from someone less dumb than me :)14:39
superm1directhex, i think lp:~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-weekly-build should be the latest branch14:39
directhexdid you get your hands on those apache logs in the end?14:39
superm1no i didnt14:39
directhexaw, never mind14:40
directhexseems my usage figures are up again though \o/14:41
directhexjms@osc-franzibald:~/Desktop/logging$ grep Packages.gz access.log.2008-09-* | grep i386 | cut -f1 -d' ' | cut -f2 -d':' | sort | uniq | wc -l14:41
directhexjms@osc-franzibald:~/Desktop/logging$ grep Packages.gz access.log.2008-09-* | grep amd64 | cut -f1 -d' ' | cut -f2 -d':' | sort | uniq | wc -l14:41
directhexwhen i hit 10k combined per month, i'll add a donate button or something14:42
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adam_hi all, I have the latest version of Mythbuntu installed, I have been trying get diskless clients working but keep on getting an error half way through the boot process.  The client successfully connects to the dhcp server, loads the kernel and displays the mythbuntu splash screen.  Shortly  afterwoods I get an error: Server Authorization directory .. is set to /var/lib/gdm but is not owned by user ...  I have looked at the /etc/17:54
adam_passwd files on server and client and they are different, is this right and does anyone have any ideas what my problem is?17:54
javatexanhey all19:51
balzI'm having a bit of an odd problem with mythweb, and I honestly don't even know where to start.  When I access the Videos section of mythweb, Information for all of my videos appear, but there is no cover art, and clickin gon the title yields a "Not Foun" error.20:10
balzwhere should I start?  I know absolutely nothing about mythweb's workings20:10
balzany suggestions would be welcome, even if it's just which logs i should be looking at20:13
jphillipbalz you should check your video_covers symlink in /var/www/mythweb/data20:33
jphillipits prob pointing to the wrong spot20:33
balzjphillip:  how do i do that on the command line?20:33
jphillipcd /var/www/mythweb/data20:35
jphillipls -la will sow you them20:36
jphillipthen try to cd to where the video covers are20:36
balzjphillip:  can i pastebin the output?  I'm a complete n00b..20:37
balzmy movies and posters are on a separate drive under /media/500gb/video and /media/500gb/posters20:37
jphillipbalz if you ls -la /var/www/mythweb/data/video_covers does it point at the posters dir you mentioned?20:41
balzooh i see... hang on. sorry i got mixed up20:41
balzum... it appears that it does not20:42
balzlouis@server:/var/www/mythweb/data/video_covers$ ls -la20:42
balztotal 020:42
balzdrwxrwxr-x 2 mythtv mythtv  1 2008-06-03 06:59 .20:42
balzdrwxr-xr-x 6 root   root   32 2008-07-05 00:20 ..20:42
balzwhoops. sorry about the flood.20:42
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.20:46
jphillipbalz it should look something like this http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/d712df16220:46
balzyeah i have nothing below the first 5 lines, and line 3 reads total:020:50
balzso i'm guessing the symlinks arent' there?  how do i add them?20:50
jphillipln -s <target> <link_name>20:51
balzjphillip:  Ok. I'm guessing that the target is the folder containing the posters, but what do i put for link name?20:56
balzokay. thanks a bunch20:58
balzand that ought to fix it?20:58
jphillipit should20:58
balzhmm still nothing20:59
balzjphillip:  i think i have it figured out... just a few symlinks in wrong places21:04
balzthanks for the help!21:04
balzbtw, what exactly is a symlink?21:04
jphillipno  problem21:04
balzis it like a shortcut?21:04
jphillipbasically a pointer to a folder in a different location21:04
balzso why use that instead of pointing a config file to a different directory/21:05
balzit seems kind of pointless, but i feel i must be missing something lol21:06
jphillipthats essentially the same end results, but you have to realize that the website can only see things within its own directory21:07
jphillipso it can't randomly browse to a different folder on your hard drive21:07
fishsponge_hey people - i need a spot of advice... have new Mythbuntu PC hooked up to HDTV using VGA lead - can i get above standard (low) resolution?21:08
fishsponge_i think i'm on 1024x768 at the moment...21:08
jphillipfishsponge_ 1. are you sure your TV can display @ a higher res?21:10
jphillip2. if so then perhaps your vga cable isn't transmitting the EDID data properly, you can try another one21:11
fishsponge_iphillip: it's a 1080P HDTV so i know it can display higher resolutions generally... not sure about high resolutions through VGA though. and the VGA cable does have all the pins... so surely that's not the issue...21:17
fishsponge_and yes - it's a 32MB nvidia GeForce 2 - a bit crap, but so's the PC...21:18
jphillipfishsponge_ sounds like you have some research to do, if it can't do higher through the vga you can't do anything else21:22
fishsponge_that's very true21:22
jphillipif it can then you can modify your xorg.conf to hardcode a resolution21:22
fishsponge_i'll figure that out tomorrow then...21:22
fishsponge_few more things though...21:22
jphilliphold on a second, I'll pastebin my config21:22
fishsponge_isn't mythTV a pain to configure still! lol21:22
fishsponge_secondly... i'm struggling to get any of the Internet streams to work...21:23
fishsponge_keep getting "no URLs found"21:23
jphillippretty easy IMO, I've done it quite a bit though21:23
fishsponge_well, i'm comparing MythTV to Windows XP Media Center... XP Media Center is completely hands off and just somehow works!21:23
fishsponge_but anyway, it's not free, so MythTV is immediately better!21:23
jphillipwhen it does work :P21:24
jphillipare you using mythbuntu or adding to ubuntu?21:24
fishsponge_anyway... is the "no urls found" message normal, or is something misconfigured?21:24
fishsponge_i'm using mythbuntu21:24
fishsponge_from this month's "Linux Format" magazine21:24
jphillipI'm honestly not sure about the streams, I know we have some new stream functionality in testing, link is in the topic21:25
fishsponge_also, i have my photo gallery and music collection on another machine at the moment and i would like to copy it onto my mythbuntu box - where should i rsync it all to?21:25
fishsponge_and more to the point... what is my root password going to be?? i've not been asked to set it yet...21:26
jphillipthere is no root password21:26
fishsponge_which surely means rsyncing my music and photo collection from my PC upstairs is going to be tricky, no?21:26
jphillipyou use sudo to do everything21:26
fishsponge_how would i rsync in as root then, or don't i need to?21:26
jphillipas far as the rsync, you can just set up a share on the remote computer and access them through that21:27
fishsponge_basically, my photos are kept online - my web site is then rsync'd to my PC upstairs, and i want my PC upstairs to then rsync the photos with the mythbuntu box...21:27
jphillipPC == windows?21:27
fishsponge_the remote computer is notoriously unreliable, hence why i want to rsync them to mythbuntu...21:27
jphillipah ok21:27
fishsponge_no, PC = Suse Linux 10.221:27
jphilliprunning ssh?21:27
fishsponge_but i want to initiate the rsync from the PC upstairs if i can...21:28
fishsponge_to rsync INTO the mythbuntu box...21:28
fishsponge_i am in fact, SSH'd into the PC upstairs and running xchat on it, exporting my display to mythbuntu! lol21:29
jphillipnot sure what issue you have with rsync, can't you just use your user account and setup propper permissions on a folder?21:29
jphillipyou can use scp as well21:29
jphillipsetup an nfs share and pull over that, there are a lot of different ways to do it, depends what you are most comfortable with21:30
fishsponge_the thing with NFS is, it can hang indefinitely if the server goes offline...21:30
fishsponge_so i'm not keen on NFS unless it's used with automount, and automount is buggy, so that's not ideal..21:31
jphillipunmount remount, and there is a way to refresh stale nfs connections (I don't recall off the top of my head though)21:31
fishsponge_rsync is the same as SCP in concept, except has less network bandwidth when run multiple times, so that's my favourite option21:31
fishsponge_so anyway, i can rsync using my user account no problem, but what folder do i need to rsync the images into for mythTV to see them?21:32
fishsponge_i assume it's not /home/username/pictures...21:32
fishsponge_i might disappear accidentally... finally installing the online updates! if i do disappear, i will be back though - i wanna know where to rsync my music and photos to for mythtv to see them! :-)21:35
jphillipavoid home21:36
jphillipyou can get into some problems when you use your home dir for things21:37
fishsponge_ok, will do... where should i rsync to though?21:37
jphillipmake somewhere then point mythtv at it later21:37
fishsponge_isn't there a central directory somewhere that mythtv likes you to put things for it to index?21:37
jphillipdefault is /var/lib/mythtv/21:37
jphillipso you can just make an images folder in there21:37
fishsponge_ah, ok... cool :-)21:37
fishsponge_so if i create "/media/photos/" for example, i can tell mythtv to index that as well??21:37
fishsponge_if so, that's very cool... i think i'll stick to /var/lib/mythtv though...21:39
fishsponge_logging off to reboot...21:39
zabbadappa second HD that is rarely used (backup of files) refuses to spin down ... hdparm -y /dev/sda will spin down, but only for a few seconds. What is accessing it?21:44
fishsponge_hello again, people22:07
fishsponge_can mythbuntu talk to a uPnP server on my network?22:07
hadsThere's no uPnP client in myth AFAIK22:11
fishsponge_hmm... ok, no worries22:12
fishsponge_i suppose the way to get around that would be to turn your uPnP box into another MythTV box, right?22:12
hadsThat would work22:13
fishsponge_can anyone help me to get my DVB-T card working? i know it works in XP Media Center, but can't get it working in Mythbuntu... it does recognise it though...23:02
fishsponge_also... i keep adding MP3 files and photos to the /var/lib/mythtv folders but they're not showing up in mythtv... any ideas how to tell it they're there?23:07
fishsponge_can anyone tell me how to get mythTV to recognise the new files i've put in /var/lib/mythtv/pictures and music?23:11
* hads stabs X23:15
hadsStop messing with my xorg.conf23:15
famicomx can be gay like that23:19
fishsponge_do you know how to get mythtv to see the new files i've added to it's directories?23:20
hadsAha! Silly LTSP23:35
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