ubottuIn ubottu, emma said: !there is an outdated final sentence in the !lamp factoid. Could it be updated?02:17
FlannelNot really outdated02:20
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:20
mneptokwon't be outdated for about another 3 years02:21
Flanneler, 2.5 but yeah02:21
mneptoksummertime! if i were gettin' paid for gettin' drink and gettin' laid. i'd grab a phone, call yuo up and say, "quit your job, 'cause i got it made!'03:41
mneptokbaby, let's go.03:42
mneptokevery day should be a holiday.03:42
* mneptok rawks out03:42
elky_workFlannel: she'll probably agree once you explain edgy+04:05
ubottuIn ubottu, Guest42539 said: this is the first time i use opera05:12
nixternalhopefully it is their last too!05:12
nixternalwhat's up you  silly ops!05:12
jdonglol I was thinking the same05:12
Myrttihello dearies05:19
ubottuIn ubottu, ChrisMorgan said: ubottu is mad06:01
Myrttiabout what the hell is happening06:32
Myrttino but06:32
elky_workconfused elky is confused, now.06:33
Myrttiwhat I do know, my dear is that you cannot be more confused than I am06:33
* Myrtti tries to concentrate to work for a while06:34
FlannelMyrtti.confused = Myrtti.confused + 1;06:34
MyrttiI seriously need to get notes and the memo about what happened yesterday - because I don't think that *one* cider I had before that lovely chinese dinner couldn't make me this confused06:36
Myrttiand this certainly isn't hangover06:37
Myrttido continue, just assume I'm out of my mind06:37
* Myrtti fades into the background and mutters "what the hell is goin on here"06:38
* elky_work sniffs as she sends nearly $1086 to the real estate agent :(06:54
elky_workand i have *low* rent for sydney06:54
Myrttiand how many square meters?06:56
Myrttidoes that include what?06:56
Myrttiwater, heat, gas, electricity, anything?06:56
elky_workno idea. it's not huge. includes water. 2 bedrooms. pantry, private laundry and bathroom. balcony.06:57
Myrtti2 bedrooms? ok.06:57
elky_workyes. which lack built-ins06:57
Myrttiand a living room? kitchen or kitchenette?06:58
Myrttinot sure about the words06:59
elky_workliving room yes. kitchen with pantry.06:59
Myrttihate to break it to you, but that's is cheap for Finland too07:00
Myrttiatleast for Tampere area07:00
elky_workit's stupid cheap for sydney07:00
elky_workbut, i have a really crap commute to weigh it out07:01
elky_workerr, balance07:01
elky_workbut it doesnt matter how cheap in comparison to anywhere else it is. it's nearly $1100 i dont really have anything to show for.07:02
* Myrtti nods07:03
MyrttiI pay about 621AUD for mine07:03
Myrtti32 sq m studio flat with kitchenette and balcony.07:04
Myrtticoin laundry downstairs, bathroom. *everything* except the balcony surfaces and glazing straight from the glorious year of 197707:04
elky_workmy flat is from the 60s, hence the pantry07:05
Myrttiand Tampere is a small town (in comparison to, say, London) but I live in a well known suburb that's not directly connected to the centre07:06
Myrttiand *I* was just about to leave to catch a train to Helsinki07:10
Myrttigood that I checked the ticket07:10
MyrttiI would have been about two hours early at the railway station07:10
Myrttidid I mention I'm a bit confused today?07:11
* elky_work waits for vm to reboot07:23
elky_workThe saddest part is "The available balance of your XXXXXXXXX - Statement Account - (XXXX) is now $127.69." that has to last through buying a weekly train ticket ($36) tomorrow and until my pay goes in on friday.07:23
elky_workyay, thankyou vmware for proper desktop proportions, not 600x480.07:26
ubottumagnetron called the ops in #ubuntu (famicom)07:51
elky_workugh. does anyone know what to do with bank token things when they refuse to clear and show a new token number? :-/07:53
christeli dont even know what a bank token is!08:38
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrant
elky_workchristel: http://www.vasco.com/products/product.html?product=7008:47
christeloh i see!08:49
elky_workrang up and had it removed from my account, along with fund transfer ability.08:50
elky_workbut at least i can, you know, log in and stuff08:50
MyrttiI just took a taxi to get to railway station in time08:51
elky_workMyrtti: you didnt miss the train, did you? :(08:51
MyrttiNo, probably might have had a chance to be on time with bus...08:52
MyrttiDidnt want to risk though08:53
elky_workfair enough08:53
elky_workanyway, speaking of trains, i should go catch mine08:53
MyrttiAm confused as a narcoleptic cuckoo clock08:54
* elky_work huggles Myrtti then runs for the train.08:54
MyrttiThis is an excellent time to remember what I forgot to do in the shower...08:56
MyrttiToday is tuesday, right? Im supposed to go to helsinki then.08:57
Tm_TMyrtti: right08:58
MyrttiTm_T: poit?09:26
ubottumurlidhar called the ops in #ubuntu (wces)11:40
ubottuIn ubottu, rohan_1 said: Ntfs_unclean is Warning an unclean mount of your NTFS partition (this happens when windows did not shut down properly) can cause data loss12:53
ubottuIn ubottu, Green_up said: this is a joke it's time to junk this software13:15
elkypleia2, Myrtti: slamFIST finally responded with, as i predicted, "so what? slamFIST is a cartoon character..."13:26
elkywhich of course does not excuse his crack onto Myrtti13:26
* Myrtti nods13:26
Myrttiexcellent timing btw13:27
Myrttijust sat in the train back Tampere13:27
Myrttihad utterly useless meeting, but no matter13:27
* pleia2 grumbles13:28
PiciIs there any other kind?13:29
elky"<elky> slamfist sounds like something someone does in a domestic violence dispute too." was my response, 5hrs after the fact. waiting for reaction could take time.13:29
MyrttiPici: it was as useful as a dead octopus wearing high heels.13:49
elkythat's useful for a laugh13:49
elkyhaha, who did that?13:55
LjLhe ignored my version request13:55
LjLthen he ignored my "FORCE_VERSION" request13:56
LjL(also known as "tell me or i'll ghost your nick")13:56
elkyis he even in the channel?13:56
LjLyeah, but he changed nickname13:56
elkyah, i see13:57
LjLi don't have the passwords for *every* ?obbly?u nick13:58
LjLi might fix that13:58
Myrttisaid I'm a weird girl14:05
elkyLjL, you have passwords for his nick?14:08
LjLelky: me? absolutely not :>14:08
LjLhe's silly, he refuses to register, so what can one do14:09
LjLwell, what can one do if he's a bastard14:09
elkyhe's not registered?14:11
LjLelky: /ns info will give you a clear picture...14:11
LjLbut, he does know the password, mind14:12
LjLthat's partly why there were rumors some time ago that tiredwolf and him were the same person :>14:13
elkyi didnt see those rumours14:13
PiciA few shady characters in -ot were claiming it.14:14
elkythen again, i'm not sure i'd be fooled. tiredwolf makes sense14:14
elkyLjL, add IE in the topic now14:18
elkypleia2, Myrtti response: "lol. riiiiiight"14:34
elkynow ranting about how women are dispicable14:34
elkythis is not Myrtti's response. this is moron's response14:35
Myrttihe is a funny character14:36
Picier, roit.14:36
elkyMyrtti, confirm, it was 'are you married' followed shortly with 'do you like foot massages'?14:42
Myrtti23:24 <slamFIST> hehe - are you married?14:44
Myrtti23:28 <slamFIST> how about a different question.... do u like getting foot massa14:44
elkyMyrtti, remove the forward. it's upgrade to a life ban from there.14:46
elkyhe just asked me if i liked foot massages14:46
MyrttiI'll do it later today if you don't want to do it yourself.14:47
PiciWhat a creep.14:47
MyrttiAm on mobile and the train is going to be at Tampere soon.14:47
Myrtticya later folks14:47
elkyit can wait14:47
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MTecknology said: !drm is For information on Digital Restrictions Management, see http://drm.info/16:48
LjL!wikipedia > mtecknology    (mtecknology, see the private message from Ubotu)16:49
D`rewQuestion... Why was I redirected here? Is #ubuntu full or something?18:11
naliothD`rew: look at yourself18:12
stdinD`rew: you ident contains an unacceptable word for #ubuntu18:12
D`rewOh, my bad...18:12
naliothis that how you want people to perceive you?18:12
D`rewnalioth, I wasn't completely sober when I set that ident. ;)18:13
D`rewI'll correct the issue. Thanks for pointing it out.18:13
jussi01Well that was a nice change :)18:14
naliothso it was.18:19
LjLhe must have that alias that changes swearwords into things like "i'll correct the issue" and "thanks for pointing it out"18:57
ubottuIn ubottu, Pici said: foo is bar19:07
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:07
ubottuPackages in an already released Ubuntu version may not be the latest. Post-release updates are only considered for inclusion if they are: Fixes for security vulnerabilities, High impact bug fixes, or Unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit and very low risk. See also !backports.19:17
PiciFeel free to modify.  The old text still exists in !highno.19:22
FlannelI'd take out the "already"19:23
Pici!latest =~ s/an already/a/19:24
ubottuI'll remember that Pici19:24
ubot3In #ubuntuforums-beginners, m_newton said: !bugjam is <reply> Bug Jam is a event where ppl all over patch bugs on launchpad.21:10
mneptokppl all over? srsly?21:29
ompaulmneptok, you wish21:30
jussi01mneptok: WAKE UP!  you in dreamland again...21:32
PriceChildI don't think that's needed21:32
ompaulwhats needed the factoid? we are not likely to add it methinks :)21:33
ompaul#ubuntuforums-beginners,  NOOOOO a more basic than basic channel argh21:34
LjL10 GOTO 1021:39
* jussi01 sighs at people pm'ing the floodbots...21:59
* PriceChild sends them a "hi, please don't mess with our floodbots" when i see it22:01
* jussi01 hugs PriceChild22:01
PriceChildAllo jussi01.22:01
jussi01Heya PriceChild, anything fun going on?22:01
PriceChildUnfortunately not.22:02
jussi01Hows the (not so new) job?22:02
PriceChildPerfect :)22:02
jussi01good to hear :D22:02
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, snuxoll said: !wastrel is a dork22:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, snuxoll said: ubottu: wastrel is a dork22:04
elkywth, kids getting cloaked within 3 hrs these days. maaaan, back when i finally decided to go for member, i waited days for my cloak22:31
LjL!snuxoll is a dork22:35
ubottuI'll remember that, LjL22:35
LjLonly deserved backfire22:39
LjLi suppose nobody has a clue why two of my bots got a nick collision from services...?23:46
PiciI thought you did something... /me shrugs23:46
LjLno i didn't23:47
LjLunless somebody has my passwords23:47
naliothi've not done anything23:47
LjLand the bestbot password isn't the same as the floodbot password23:47
* LjL doesn't like this23:49
LjLi've removed floodbot access from #ubuntu temporarily23:55

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