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aramorning all!07:54
davmor2Good Morning Everybody08:04
aragood morning davmor2!08:04
slangasekprelim beta images posted, alternates only at this point08:06
davmor2slangasek: is netboot safe to test too I might try and get that out of the way again first08:07
slangasekshould be the same, yes; I'll post those now08:08
davmor2slangasek: is ubuntu live still oversized?08:10
slangasekyes, that's being worked on.08:10
slangasekhmm, the ubuntu daily didn't build08:15
slangasek... in fact, none built08:16
davmor2slangasek: see that's what happen with xubuntu yesterday it got built in the end though08:18
slangasekno, this is an unrelated failure08:18
* davmor2 burn netboot after waiting seconds for it to download :)08:33
araslangasek: this is a broken link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/20080930/intrepid-alternate-i386.iso08:34
slangasekyes, they're all broken; I'm trying to figure out why08:35
davmor2and netboot stops at boot: still08:36
davmor2ara: if your bored you can always start on netboot :)08:37
aradavmor2: I have a lot more to avoid getting bored :-)08:37
davmor2ara: Really you do supprise me :)08:38
davmor2everyone I speak too in *buntu land is busy isn't that so.08:39
slangasekok, fixed daily alternate builds coming (ubuntu up, others to follow shortly)09:00
* ara starts downloading alternate i38609:08
slangasekkubuntu, ubuntu-server, and xubuntu alternates should all be up now09:18
slangasek(ubuntustudio, mythbuntu following soon)09:19
davmor2heno: morning10:37
araI get an error when trying to install alternate in vbox10:42
arano installable kernel was found10:45
davmor2ara: I can try it on hw shortly for you to see if it is vb10:46
aradavmor2: thanks10:47
davmor2ara: new iso coming shortly mvo broke it :)10:48
aradavmor2: ok :-)10:48
henohi davmor2, ara10:53
* heno tries vbox10:53
araheno: hey10:54
davmor2heno: I'm guessing if it's alt it will fail10:55
araheno: builds are broken now, new images to come10:55
henook, I'll try live in that case10:55
davmor2heno: live is borked or oversized10:57
aradavmor2: do you know if the kernel issue affects all *buntu?10:58
aradavmor2: or only ubuntu?10:58
henoit's booting though, so I'll give it a spin10:58
davmor2ara: yeap all the alt images are screwed should be fixed very shortly though :)11:01
persiaAh.  I was wondering why I didn't get a new alternate lpia image today.11:01
davmor2heno: live should work for ubuntu the other live images are from yesterday though11:04
davmor2bugger me thinks I've hit slowband :(12:00
stgraberdoh :(12:39
davmor2stgraber: not to worry I got the netboots out of the way :)12:40
araubuntu alternate images are now available12:41
* ara starts downloading i386 ubuntu alternate12:41
davmor2all bar xubuntu desktop should now be available :)12:42
asacanyone has a fresh CD install and could give me a list of plugins installed by default in firefox?12:44
asace.g. about:plugins12:44
persiaasac: Would a liveCD report meet your needs, or most it be post-install?12:47
davmor2asac: I can give you one from edubuntu if that is any good to you12:48
asaci think livecd should be good enough12:49
asacassuming that we dont install other plugins on top12:49
persiaRight.  I'll boot one.12:58
davmor2is just going to fall asleep while he waits for the rsync script to do it's work :)13:00
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persiaHrm.  I can't boot the latest daily I have :/  Maybe someone else can get a list of firefox plugins?13:17
* heno looks13:24
persiaheno: I'm booting USB images created with usb-creator (now working), so a real CD might not be the same.13:25
henoprint, divx, quicktime, totem, wmp13:30
henonullplugin, linuxprint, totem-mully, totem-narrowspace, totem-basic, totem-gmp <- asac13:34
asacheno: could you send me your pluginreg.dat (its in the profile and should contain all those you listed above + some additional information) ?13:37
henoasac: sure13:38
henoasac: um, where is it?13:40
asacheno: in your profile13:40
asacthere might be two ... one in .mozilla and one in .mozilla/firefox/.../13:41
asacnot sure which one is the right one13:41
asacbut if its a fresh install there hopefully will only be one13:41
henoasac: I have such a file in both locations on my regular system but there is no file by that name _anywhere_ on a fresh install (I searched the whole filesystem)13:47
asacheno: strange. can you save the about:plugins page then?13:57
asace.g. file -> save page as ...13:57
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henoasac: email sent14:15
liwhm, testing is starting?14:15
persialiw: Well, images are available to test.  They are subject to change as initial reports come in.14:20
liwsure, that's the usual routine14:20
davmor2Yay downloads finished14:29
henoyay, 64-bit guests in vbox actually work now14:32
henoseems a bit slow though14:32
davmor2heno: it is the first release to support it though :)14:38
henoscreen updates were a bit slugish, but the install itself is going fairly quickly TBH14:39
araon my first session with ubuntu i386 (installation went correctly), gnome-settings-daemon started late, and human theme was loaded 4-5 sec after the session was started14:42
davmor2so ubuntu, Kubuntu desktop, alternate. Ubuntu-server and Xubuntu alt should all be up now :)14:47
Koondavmor2: I've written a test case for the "Tomcat server" task in Ubuntu server installs... is there a way it could be added to the server tests ?14:49
davmor2Koon: heno or stgraber will be you best bet for that :)14:50
Koondavmor2: thx !14:51
Koonheno, stgraber: let me know if it's still possible to add that test to iso.qa.u.c  at that point :)14:52
stgraberKoon: I guess there is a wikipage with a list of testcases to add/update/remove in the next updated15:01
stgrabersbeattie: ^15:01
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sbeattieDoh, I'd forgotten to create that page.15:02
* stgraber takes Ubuntu Server i38615:02
* davmor2 is taking wubi and m-a and then will look at what is left :)15:05
* heno is doing amd64 ubuntu alternate15:05
persiasbeattie: If you're the page master: which page would have the guide for adding another flavour to the tested set?15:05
stgraberpersia: do that on the same, as soon as it's created15:06
stgraberI'll make sure they all are updated by RC15:06
persiaCool.  I wanted to get Ubuntu Mobile for beta, but I think it's too late now.  Having it for RC is enough.15:06
davmor2persia: did you get to the bottom of the usb creator issue you had?15:07
persiadavmor2: Yep.  missing dependencies.  apt-get install ubuntu-desktop made it work.15:07
persiadavmor2: bug #275840 demonstrates how poorly i can spell, but is the bug to track if you're having the same issue.15:09
davmor2persia: never tried it just wondered :)15:12
persiadavmor2: Once I got the dependencies working, it seems to work fairly well,  Bug #273481 tripped me up the first time, and I've some minor wishlists, but it certainly saves on CD burning for hardware install tests.15:13
persiaIt's a neat trick to be able to do an install from one USB key to another, for a full hardware test without affecting the installed system.15:14
sbeattiestgraber|persia: I added a small todo section to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases#todo15:15
davmor2damn microsoft and their updates :(15:15
persiasbeattie: Thanks.  That's where I should list flavours and testcases?15:15
sbeattieKoon: I added a note about tomcat install to the todo for you15:15
Koonsbeattie: great, thx15:16
sbeattiepersia: assuming stgraber reads it, yes. :-)15:16
persiaHow many test cases do I typically need to start?  Just the basic boot/install set?15:17
davmor2persia: pretty much15:19
persiaThanks!  I'll shut up about them now so people can focus on beta issues.15:20
cr3schwuk: hey dude! have you tried python 2.5? I'd like to upgrade today to let it run for a while15:21
stgrabersbeattie: I'm subsribed to Testing/* so I'll know when someone change it :)15:29
davmor2ara: have you done an announcement for the next testing day by the way?15:58
aradavmor2: not, yet, it is on the wiki, but we are finishing with the preparation of the topics and sessions before doing the announcement15:59
davmor2my god vista is sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo slow16:10
tgm4883_laptopslangasek, Is it possible to get a copy of the script that generates the .metalink files?16:21
jcastrois the kubuntu and kubuntu-kde4 seperate still?16:33
davmor2jcastro: no one in the same16:35
jcastrook that's what I thought16:36
jcastrothey are still listed seperately in the tracker16:36
jcastroI am assuming that everyone who was testing kubuntu-kde4 in the past would just move over to testing "kubuntu"16:37
davmor2jcastro: that might be for hardy point releases16:37
* jcastro nods16:37
davmor2jcastro: everyone who tested Kubuntu last time can test it again :)16:38
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gerr2I have a new machine with a quad amd chip but have installed the new  version but grub reports Error 15 file not found, should I use the 64  bit version ?17:13
stgraberubuntu i386 done17:15
persiagerr2: From what media did you install that?  Error 15 typically means a missing kernel, and *really* oughtn't happen on the beta media.17:15
stgraber*ubuntu server17:15
davmor2stgraber: did you get a new interweb line ;)17:18
MagicFabjcastro, hey17:18
MagicFabI don't see the beta at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/ - using nightlies ok ?17:18
MagicFab(just making sure)17:18
davmor2MagicFab: yes that's the idea we are pre testing beta for bugs :)17:19
jcastroMagicFab: I always just grab the iso from the tracker link to be sure.17:19
MagicFabI figured, haven't participated formally in testing before17:21
MagicFabperhaps a quick note about that in future announcement would help us compulsive email forwarders :)17:22
gerr2persia: I have just rebuilt a machine and put two old disks in it from an old machine, strange thing is that the system is now picking up the other old disk instead of the new one. To clarify I have 2 * 320 plus 1 * 160 disks, the 320s have both got 8.04.1 on them and after the 8.10 install grub does not show the new 320 only the old one. 8.10 is there but gives the error17:24
persiagerr2: Odd.  Hack workaround is to make sure you have a kernel on 8.10, and reconfigure grub.17:25
gerr2i should add the old machine was an i38617:25
MagicFabjcastro, I was aiming at testing DVD ISOs, but I only see them covered at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases17:31
gerr2Persia: The amd 64 iso has just finished downloading so I will install that to see if the new disk is then available, or should I wait....17:31
jcastroMagicFab: you'll have to ask one of the QA guys, I am also only a participant. :D17:32
persiagerr2: Installing off a new daily will probably fix your error 15 issue.  If it doesn't , we definitely want to know.17:33
MagicFabheno - I was aiming at testing DVD ISOs, but I only see them covered at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases17:33
persiaMagicFab: What do you need for testing beyond that?17:33
gerr2persia: ok I will try it, and report back in 30 mins17:34
MagicFabpersia, that is a report. I am looking for a  way to submit DVD testing results.17:34
MagicFabpersia, it seems at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ there would have to be entries for "Ubuntu DVD  (20080930.4)" for both i386 and amd6417:36
persiaMagicFab: Hmm.  Apparently not targeted for beta for some reason.17:36
MagicFabpersia, the announcement reads "If you have [...] the bandwidth and media to perform DVD testing, please help out as these are often the last images to be fully tested."17:37
MagicFabperhaps just forgot about it ?17:38
davmor2slangasek:  you around?17:38
persiaMagicFab: Email announcements and isotracker DB state are not automatically synchronised.  This needs an isotracker admin.17:38
davmor2MagicFab: should be on the tracker now dude17:41
affluxhmm. shouldn't virtualbox OSE support amd64 as guest now?17:44
persiaafflux: So it was reported.17:45
affluxhmm. does not seem to work for me.17:46
hoontekeokay, having a fail moment.  Totally can't find where to download the alpha and beta isos for intrepid.  pointer, anyone?17:48
davmor2hoontek: just to your left17:50
davmor2seriously though17:50
davmor2goto the tracker http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker click on the test you wish to perform and then click on the disc with the down arrow for info on where to get it :)17:52
hoontekedavmor2: brilliant.  thanks for that.17:53
gerr2Just installed the AMD64 version but grub still comes up with error 15 file not found. Any ideas17:59
henoMagicFab: thanks for testing DVDs - let me know if you need anything else18:00
MagicFabdavmor2, heno: we got dvd testing! tx.18:03
davmor2MagicFab: Np's18:03
hoontekeI forgot with whom I was talking about 2-3 weeks ago ... what's the status on automated tests for some of these use cases?18:03
hoontekeSeems like a lot of this testing could be outsourced, and leave folks to handle higher level problems ...18:04
davmor2gerr2: not sure what to say I've installed AMD 64 now about 10 time and had no issues18:04
henohoonteke: ara would know the latest status on that18:05
henosee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Desktop18:05
hoontekeheno: k, thankx18:05
henosome tests are being run with output going here http://people.ubuntu.com/~ara/ldtp/test_results/18:06
henoit's early days though18:06
henowe're running a testing day on monday where we'll focus on automating update-manager18:07
gerr2davmor2: I think I will have to format the disk and start again18:09
hoontekeyaey!  looking at some of those times to open programs ... seems a long time.  6+ seconds to open the calculator first time?18:10
hoontekebut cool that the test harness seems to be in place18:10
hoontekethanks for the pointers heno.18:10
henointeresting. I guess there are lots of timeouts in the test system - waiting in a loop for the window to appear, etc.18:29
slangasektgm4883_laptop: not trivially; the metalink file generation is derived from code from the Canonical webmaster, there's no blanket permission to release that code18:36
slangasekdavmor2: ribbit18:36
stgraberdavmor2: nope but I'm at work, internet is fast here :)18:46
davmor2slangasek: it's okay it got sorted :)18:49
davmor2stgraber: sweet :)18:49
tgm4883_laptopslangasek, ok, thanks, I see what I can do18:49
affluxfor the record: virtualbox ose does support 64bit guests, if the 64bit host system supports VT-x/AMD-V18:52
gerr1Just reinstalled i386 but still no joy on the grub front, I can look at all the disks but can only boot from the old i386 one. should I disconnect the 2 old disks to see if the new one appears?18:57
affluxtesting ubuntu alternate amd64 - entire disk w/ encryption now.18:57
slangasekxubuntu desktop images updated, to correct a stale livefs18:59
slangasekkubuntu desktop images will also be updated shortly19:00
cr3slangasek: ping, should dhcp work during the installation of recent images running on intel gigabit hardware?19:00
slangasekcr3: nope19:00
slangasekcr3: since the ethernet driver isn't included...19:00
slangasekcr3: that's going to be in the errata for the beta unfortunately, we couldn't converge on a kernel fix soon enough to not disrupt the beta timeline19:01
cr3slangasek: what about including the pci id in another driver?19:02
slangasekcr3: there's no reasonable solution that doesn't involve revving the kernel, and we missed the window for that19:02
slangasekso it's errata for beta, fixed in the first daily after19:02
slangasekrevised kubuntu desktop images posted19:23
slangasekanyone working on Kubuntu DVD testing yet?19:35
slangasekif not, it might be worth rerolling those to get OOo up-to-date19:35
slangasekstgraber: the CSS on the tracker is still being unkind to me :(19:36
* davmor2 MAhahaha 19:39
davmor2slangasek: fancy rerolling kubuntu while I was working on it ;019:40
slangasekthe livefs should've been updated before rolling it at all; doesn't make much sense to release a kubuntu beta with half the kde packages out-of-date...19:41
davmor2slangasek: fortunately I'm only working on wubi and it's installer isn't really that dependant on the livefs :)  so I'll do the real tests tomorrow when I get some bandwidth back :)19:43
davmor2right lost the will to live with my internet connection now so I'm calling it a day see you tomorrow guys :)19:55
henosee you davmor2, rest well!19:56
slangasekheno: you may want to hold off on your kubuntu DVD tests, I'm finishing up a reroll now to get OOo current on there21:09
henoslangasek: yep, I've switched to Ubuntu DVDs, thanks21:12
* slangasek hmms at bug #27631721:32
slangasekhow does one select edubuntu for install from netboot?  Is it presented as a task?21:32
slangasekheno: kubuntu DVDs are posted; hopefully an easy rsync21:39
henoslangasek: thanks, resyncing21:40
henounfortunately my BW sucks now :(21:44
slangasekhmm, the test result on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/1972/26 seems bogus, this is effectively a test of usb-creator rather than of the alternate ISO22:13
henoyay, one kubuntu DVD downloaded!22:41
Tomcat_I have an i386 laptop available for testing tomorrow. Should I do Alternate, DVD, Desktop or Server?22:44
Tomcat_I guess DVD is the least tested?22:44
Tomcat_(Beta candidate ISO testing btw, in case that's not clear :))22:45
slangasekDVD is definitely the one that needs the most attention from those who can muster it22:47
Tomcat_Good. Not sure if I have an RW somewhere, but DVD-Rs are quite cheap.22:48
slangasekxubuntu desktop also being re-rolled, xubuntu devs requested a change to the midori browser pre-beta22:49
stgraberok, what should I test considering that I will only be able to test one CD due to slow internet ? (that excludes DVD)23:04
henostgraber: got 64bit?23:06
sbeattiedid cups-pdf get dropped from the default install?23:07
henostgraber: server 64 bit might be good23:07
stgraberheno: sure, I do kvm testing and the host is 64bit.23:07
stgraberdownloading it23:07
slangasekwell, server gets plenty of testing without even trying :/23:12
slangasekxubuntu alternate amd64 might be helpful23:13
henoslangasek: you mean automated tests on in the server community?23:14
* persia suggests "by"23:15
henoHi gerr1!23:16
henohere to help with testing?23:17
gerr1for persia and daver I appeared to have fixed my sata disk problem but I am not sure how. I rebooted for xxxx time but noted that disk 1 and 3 were both masters! I changed the plug and rebooted, re installed 8.10 and now grub 1.5 works and I can boot from any drive.23:19
slangasekheno: oh, that's an "or"? :)  well, I think they're semi-automated tests that soren drives23:20
persiagerr1: Good to hear: I was afraid you had discovered an issue with an image.  Would you mind looking at the tracker, and updating the appropriate test case for your install?23:20
henoslangasek: right. I'm a bit weary of relying just on those23:20
gerr1will do23:21
heno(I know the weaknesses of automated testing fairly well now ...)23:21
persiaWell, for -server, it's probably safer, just because there's little visual interaction to test that isn't also covered by all the other alternate CD install tests.23:21
persia(but yes, not entirely safe)23:21
slangasekheno: right, that's fair23:21
slangasekxubuntu desktop refreshed23:25
slangasekimage set should all be finalized for beta then, barring any failures that require a respin23:27
persiaAre we not still waiting for the ubuntustudio disks to rebuild for -menu?  I hadn't heard that was complete yet.23:28
slangasekah; those are updated and posted to the tracker, I just failed to mention it here23:29
persiaOK.  We'll get right on them then :)23:29
slangasekyou could also subscribe to them on the tracker :)23:30
* persia should probably do that23:30
* persia can't solve the captchas on the isotracker login page, and appreciates the option of doing simple math.23:42
henothe kubuntu i386 dvd seems to have installed ok23:58
henooooh, and the amd64 sync is done :)23:59

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