tjaaltonpwnguin: the tablet-thread on u-d-d06:39
bryceheya tjaalton06:50
tjaaltonwgrant: well that too06:52
pwnguinah, i dont actually read u-d-d06:56
pwnguinim a bit dissapointed that vicenzo didn't send any mail to the toshiba tablet team he started06:57
tjaaltonbryce: hey dude07:32
tjaaltonhmm, writing this mail could take the whole day08:06
brycetjaalton: which email?08:27
tjaaltonbryce: the follow-up to the tablet-thread08:33
tjaaltonactually, I'll start a new one08:33
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrant
brycetjaalton: ah, ok; I ignored that thread (just looked like a flame war)08:42
wgrantIt's certainly getting that way...08:44
tjaaltonpeople don't realize that things do work just like before if they want to08:44
tjaaltonbryce: and that's the reason why I'll start a new thread..08:45
tjaaltonnight bryce08:51
tjaaltondammit, forgot to remove the sig09:05
wgranttjaalton: Heh, I wondered if you intended to send that.09:36
wgranttjaalton: Is the XI property API stuff in your PPA done?09:37
tjaaltonoh :)10:17
wgrantNot entirely what I expected... I presume an X crash combined with some bad kernel interaction.10:17
wgrantDamn video drivers.10:17
tjaaltonwgrant: evdev uploading10:19
wgrantI guess this means yet another input driver ABI bump...10:20
tjaaltononly those that support properties, which is evdev/syaptics10:21
wgrantAre you sure? There seems to have been a renumbering of some constants in the first patch.10:21
wgrant(I'm looking at the one sent to the list, not the one you applied, so I might be wrong)10:22
tjaaltonwell, does evdev work for you otherwise?10:22
wgrantIt seems to.10:23
wgrantI have devices.10:23
jcristauwgrant: the patch sent to the list applied to master, which has all the XI2 changes10:23
wgrantI have a minimal xorg.conf.10:23
wgrantSo I presume evdev is working its magic.10:23
wgrantjcristau: I suspected something of the sort.10:23
wgrantSo it's probably not as dangerous as I initially suspected.10:23
tjaaltonthe backported properties only changed the numbering of the new stuff10:23
jcristauthe XI 1.4 stuff hasn't changed, so only property-using drivers are affected10:24
wgrantOK, excellent.10:24
jcristaumight be good to at least bump serverminver though10:24
tjaaltonsigh, so many places to touch :)10:24
* wgrant kicks buildd-master.10:26
tjaaltonI've forgot what was the name of the function that wacom should use in order to be able to init multiple instances using the same driver10:26
wgrantThere are 10 idle i386-xen buildds, yet the build hasn't started.10:26
jcristauNIDR, i think :)10:27
tjaaltonoh right, not NDIR:)10:27
tjaaltonlunchshlibs for libxi610:28
tjaalton*lunch ->10:29
wgrantMmmm. lunchshlibs.10:29
wgranttjaalton: Still hardlocks... any idea how to debug this?10:50
Nghow come we're blacklisting eaglelake?11:35
Ng(that's G45/X4000, right?)11:35
tjaaltonNg: no, something newer11:58
tjaaltonwgrant: could be that the evdev upload was incomplete, but can't check right now11:59
tjaaltonI'm at a seminar..12:00
Ng(II) intel(0): VESA VBE OEM: Intel(r)Eaglelake Graphics Chip Accelerated VGA BIOS12:02
Ngthat's in my Xorg.0.log at home, which is a G4512:02
NgI have no idea what Intel codenames mean, I just remembered that from logs12:02
tjaaltonok, bryce said it would be something experimental12:03
tjaaltonmaybe a  newer revision12:03
Ngwell it's different to the PCI ID I have12:05
tjaaltonjcristau: is NIDR a part of the input-hotplug stuff that daniels wrote?13:04
jcristauyeah. but it's not exported to drivers atm i think13:04
tjaaltonright, looked through the changelog.. magnus even did some fixes to it last year13:07
tjaaltonunfortunately he's the only one who seems to care about wacom with current servers. too bad he seems to be doing something else atm13:10
tjaaltonI mean, work or <gasp> real life13:10
brycetjaalton: what needs done for wacom?17:57
bryce(heya btw)17:57
tjaaltonbryce: a lot, but it's upstreams headache18:00
bryceprobably needs rework due to input-hotplug-ness18:02
bryceI wonder what that entails18:03
pwnguinafaik, input hotplug has some work done on it18:03
pwnguinits the serial devices like tabletPC that get the shaft18:03
brycepwnguin: any ideas on how those could be handled via i-h, or is it completely impossible?18:04
pwnguini-h is the hal stuff?18:04
pwnguinmy theory has been to detect the laptop model and set it up that way18:05
bryceah good call18:05
brycei-h != hal, but they do come together18:05
pwnguinbut i have no clue how to write .fdi rules for that18:05
bryceor rather, i-h relies on hal18:05
bryceah, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config for examples18:06
brycefdi files are pretty straightforward once you get the hang of them18:06
brycewell, as straightforward as XML can be straightforward18:06
pwnguinwhats the difference between append and merge?18:06
tjaaltonwacom already has an fdi file, that's not the point18:07
brycewell, I haven't seen a formal definition, but my guess is that append adds a new entry, and merge combines your new settings with any pre-existing settings already made18:07
tjaaltonto fully enable the device, you'd need to open it several times (pen/stylus/..) and that's not possible with hal18:09
tjaaltonso the driver needs to be reworked to use NewInputDeviceRequest18:09
tjaaltonthe problem is that it's not exported to drivers as jcristau pointed out18:09
tjaaltonI'm not sure if master is any different18:09
jcristautjaalton: that should be easy to fix18:10
tjaaltonjcristau: well yes, but to make the driver use it?-)18:10
jcristauwell, hopefully not too hard18:10
tjaaltonwhot said that -joystick has some hack to work around the current situation, but NIDR is the preferred way18:10
jcristaubut, i've never looked at linuxwacom code, so...18:11
tjaaltonjcristau: bug 276357, looks fine for debian as well?18:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276357 in xorg "disable xauth for local users" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27635718:17
* Ng sure there is deeper borkage to be found in changing your hostname, but I can't specifically name anything18:18
NgI'm just sure that NM shouldn't be doing insane things with my hostname just because I join a network :(18:19
jcristauNM shouldn't change your hostname18:20
jcristauthat's utterly wrong and broken, imo18:20
tjaaltonbut isn't xauth useless for local users?18:20
Ngtjaalton: run "xauth list" :)18:23
Ngjcristau: I agree, but there are people who will be netbooting dozens/hundreds of identical images and setting the hostname from DHCP, which NM is likely to be doing from 0.718:24
Ngit really is growing into a full system-wide network interface configurator18:24
jcristauit really has no business setting the hostname...18:24
brycetjaalton: ideas on lp #27582518:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275825 in xorg "X does not detect a keyboard after upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27582518:36
tjaaltonbryce: evdev not installed?18:40
tjaaltonmaybe xserver-xorg-core should depend on it18:41
tjaaltonjcristau: maybe I just don't see the point in it18:42
tjaaltonor dcbw for that matter ;)18:43
brycetjaalton: this is seen only on upgrades, not fresh installs.  My guess is maybe there was some old hal bits that omitted the x11 _driver?  See http://heh.fi/tmp/x-problem/x.log esp at the end18:43
tjaaltonI remember seeing a bug about this before, where the user changes the hostname from X18:43
tjaaltonum, "when X was running"18:43
brycetjaalton: -evdev is installed18:44
tjaaltonbryce: dunno, would have to look closer18:45
brycehttp://heh.fi/tmp/x-problem/lshal is the lshal output - note that input.xkb.model = 'evdev'18:45
tjaaltonbut not driver18:46
ion_What's responsible for setting input.x11_driver?18:52
tjaaltoncheck /etc/hal/fdi/policy18:53
ion_debian-setup-keyboard doesn't seem to set anything resembling input.x11_driver18:54
ion_On another box that has been running intrepid for a while, input.x11_driver is correctly set.18:54
tjaaltonit doesn't18:54
tjaaltonbut /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/10-x11-input.fdi does18:55
tjaaltonolder hal maybe?18:55
ion_That file looks right. I'll take a better look.18:55
tjaaltonor you have some fdi files lying around that break it18:55
ion_I just installed a fresh 8.04 and then ran do-dist-upgrade -blahblah18:56
ion_And X didn't find HIDs.18:56
tjaaltoncool, a new background image18:59
tjaaltonion_: heh.fi is down?19:00
tjaaltonhm no19:00
ion_hald with --verbose=yes didn't seem to print anything interesting.19:03
tjaaltonion_: I don't see any keyboards in the lshal output, btw..19:03
bdmurraybryce: what does EDID quirk: Detailed timing is not preferred, use largest mode at 60Hz mean?19:03
ion_tjaalton: How about the "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard"?19:04
tjaaltonion_: oh, right :)19:05
brycebdmurray: that means a quirk is needed for working around monitor brokenness19:05
brycebdmurray: see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Quirks19:05
tjaaltonion_: still, 10-x11-input.fdi is not run19:05
tjaaltonor read19:05
ion_So it seems. I wonder how to debug that?19:05
ion_I'll strace hald.19:05
bdmurraybryce: could the quirk be new between hardy and intrepid?19:06
brycebdmurray: basically it means that the edid from the monitor was saying "I like resolution foo", but that can't be trusted, so instead pick the highest resolution at 60Hz19:06
brycebdmurray: maybe; I'd need to check19:06
bdmurraybryce: the quirks page doesn't say where to find the files with quirk information19:08
brycebdmurray: which info exactly do you need?19:08
jcristautjaalton: re: localuser.sh, it probably makes sense to add it. i guess i'd just like the NM people to stop being crazy...19:09
tjaaltonjcristau: yeah that's another story ;)19:09
bdmurraybryce: I was jut looking at bug 273543 and saw that message in Xorg.log19:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273543 in xorg "Laptop external screen resolution wrong" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27354319:09
bdmurraybryce: Additionally, it seems like if the wiki page tells people a file to check it'd be useful to know where that file can be found19:10
tjaaltonion_: --verbose should show the order the fdi files are loaded19:11
brycebdmurray: ah, it does say a couple paragraphs above that, the file is in the file hw/xfree86/modes/xf86EdidModes.c, however I could see how that's missed.  I'll update.19:13
ion_I renamed /var/cache/hald/fdi-cache away, it works now. According to strace, hald stat'd the x11 fdi file but never opened it.19:14
bdmurraybryce: right, where can I look at that file?19:14
tjaaltonion_: did you reboot?19:15
tjaaltonion_: after the upgrade19:15
brycebdmurray: it's in the xorg-server package19:15
tjaaltonion_: bug pitti then, that cache should probably be removed at some point :)19:17
ion_Perhaps hald's postinst should just rm it. :-)19:17
tjaaltonI'm not sure if it was from the hardy install or what19:17
tjaaltonbut nice that you found out why it didn't work19:17
tjaaltongone ->19:22
bdmurraybryce: there's no bug number referenced for the quirk used...19:22
brycebdmurray: bummer19:24
* bryce looks at the bug again19:24
jcristauseems like it's just different choices for initial configuration between the two xserver versions19:26
brycebdmurray:    /* Acer AL1706 */19:31
bryce    if (memcmp (DDC->vendor.name, "ACR", 4) == 0 &&19:31
bryce        DDC->vendor.prod_id == 44358)19:31
bryce        return TRUE;19:31
bryce(found by searching on the prod_id number)19:32
bdmurraybryce: right I saw that, some them reference a bug number though and that one doesn't19:32
bryceyeah, next to look in upstream's git log19:32
bryceI always put in bug id's but not everyone does19:32
brycecommit cc4eb1c7ea1bace7ed69cfd80c99d22933282ae119:35
bryceAuthor: Keith Packard <keithp@neko.keithp.com>19:35
bryceDate:   Fri Apr 13 15:04:29 2007 -030019:35
bryce    Add quirk for Acer AL1706 monitor to force 60hz refresh.19:35
bryce    19:35
bryce    This Acer monitor reports support for 75hz refresh via EDID, and yet when19:35
bryce    that rate is delivered, the monitor does not sync and reports out of range.19:35
bryce    Use the existing 60hz quirk for this monitor.19:35
bryce    (cherry picked from commit 1328a288e9030a472a915077160f090d1afd4126)19:35
brycebdmurray:  I don't think keithp works to a bug tracker - he just knows when X is bad or good19:37
brycebdmurray: is this giving you the info you're looking for?19:39
brycethat quirk appears to have been in the codebase since before hardy19:40
bdmurraybryce: yeah, I think so.  People could also use http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-xorg/xserver/xorg-server.git;a=tree to check for quirk info right?19:40
brycethe one caveat is that there may be differences between that and what we actually ship in ubuntu19:41
bryceI always grab the current source, then cd into it, run './debian/rules patch', and then look at the file19:41
brycethat accounts for any quirk patches we are carrying19:41
brycebdmurray: oh also monitor quirk bugs like 273543 can be filed against xorg-server rather than xorg19:43
bdmurraybryce: cool, I'm trying to work through the regression- tagged X bugs19:43
bryceah cool19:44
bryceI'm making another pass through the -ati bugs today19:45
bdmurrayIf you see any bugs tagged unnecessarily as regressions feel free to remove the tag19:46
bdmurraytjaalton: bug 260589 might have the information you need now20:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260589 in xkeyboard-config "combining diacritics replaced by deadkeys" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26058920:18
Sonnedo you think it is safe to backport xcb from intrepid to hardy?20:21
bryceSonne: probably; why do you ask?20:24
Sonnebecause i want to use awesome3, and it requires newer xcb than the ones in hardy20:24
Sonnei know xcb are part of xorg's "internals", but i don't know xorg infrastructure so much to be able to determine the risk of such an action :)20:25
Sonnewell i'll try, let's hope i don't break anything :)20:27
Sonneaw... i just found out that even intrepid's xcb are not new enough..20:29
Sonnei fear i will have to git20:29
brycegood luck20:29
Sonneany better ideas than git'ing lastest xcb-util, copying debian/, incrementing changelog and debuilding?20:29
brycethat ought to work20:30
bryceyou may need to rebuild libx11 as well20:30
Sonneoh, there's no need to git, xcb 0.3.0 are out already as release20:30
Sonnewhy's that?20:31
brycexcb replaces some of libx11's internals.20:31
brycebut I don't know how it's all glued together internally20:31
Sonnei know less than you, so wish me luck.. 20:32
jcristauSonne: xcb-util and libxcb aren't the same thing..20:32
Sonnewell they pertain to the same source package20:32
Sonnehttp://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/libxcb-event0 <-- so it says here...20:33
Sonnesource is xcb-util20:33
bryceSonne: jcristau's right.  libxcb-event != libxcb20:34
brycexcb-util is a wrapper atop libxcb20:34
brycemaybe you'll need to upgrade both?20:35
Sonnethe package i'm trying to compile says it doesn't find xcb-{event,aux,atom,keysyms,icccm} and cairo-xcb20:35
Sonnewhat should i do then?20:35
Sonneexcept for the cairo thing, all seem to pertain to xcb-util20:35
Sonneso xcb-util and libxcb seem to be separate projects.. maybe i don't need to backport both20:36
brycecould be20:38
brycecould you pastebin the full error log?20:38
Sonneyou mean cmake's?20:38
Sonneactually it's no longer reproducible, i've tried luck and installed the backported xcb-util20:39
Sonnenow it's only complaining about cairo-xcb, i still have to figure out what the hell it's about20:40
Sonnestating to google, only people that got to compile this thing made it on archlinux20:40
bryceyeah there's probably also an xcb-enabled cairo package that it's looking for or something20:41
brycenot in ubuntu; maybe available from the cairo website20:41
Sonnemaybe ubuntu's cairo already silently integrates xcb patch...20:41
Sonnei'll take a look to debian/patches20:42
Sonnenah, nothing20:43
Sonnelet's take a look at cairo's website20:43
jcristaucairo in sid has the xcb backend enabled, at least20:43
jcristaui'd guess intrepid also has that20:44
Sonnexcb support is included in upstream cairo20:44
Sonnebut it's disabled via ./configure in debian/rules20:44
Sonneso, a little 'enable' instead of 'disable' and a debuild should do the trick20:45
jcristaunot sure what old cairo package you're looking at then..20:45
Sonneshould i backport that too from intrepid?20:46
jcristauprobably not20:46
Sonneguess it's risky20:46
Sonneor maybe not20:47
Sonneon hardy's sources, xcb support is marked as "experimental"20:47
Sonnemaybe it's not on intrepid's20:47
Sonneoh, on intrepid is still marked as experimental & unsupported, but it's enabled by default20:47
Sonnethere must be a reason i guess20:48
Sonnewell, intrepid's cairo requires too many libs from intrepid, i'll stick with 1.620:48
jcristauthe reason it's enabled in the cairo package now is that awesome 3 needed it20:49
Sonnebut awesome3 isn't in intrepid either20:49
Sonneis it being worked on?20:50
jcristaubut, ubuntu packages come from debian...20:51
jcristaumost of them anyway20:51
Sonneon launchpad there's just a bug report suggesting to use debian/experimental's 20:51
Sonneand people exchanging their opinions20:51
Sonneno traces of "serious" work at first sight20:51
Sonnemeh, now i need libev, which require debhelper >=7...20:54
Sonnei'm starting to no longer see the end of this20:55
Sonneoh my, it compiles!20:59
* Sonne cheers20:59
Sonneno, it doesn't20:59
Sonnehaha, now it does!21:08
Sonnethanks jcristau and bryce :)21:08
bdmurraybryce: bug 260341 seems really interesting21:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260341 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[945G] wrong LCD resolution detected" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26034121:30

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