bobertdosroe_: alright then, so does firefox recognize 9.0_r124? and are there any other  versions of flash or gnash registered?00:00
roe_not that firefox sees00:00
erUSUL!appdb | JRW13500:00
ubottuJRW135: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org00:00
roe_well I am still installign the extras package00:00
Catdaemon`JRW135: it is possible to run windows applications through a wrapper called Wine, although you'll have to test the specific application yourself to know if it will work00:00
bobertdosroe_: what about in the about:plugins list?00:00
deevererUSUL: ext3, so i've used e2label...00:01
erUSULdeever: and any problems with it?00:01
outbrilost_boy432: My only other thought is that it is an ipod that isn't supported. For example, my iPod Touch doesn't work at all over usb.00:01
JRW135ok thanks, is there a list of programs that will work in ubuntu somewhere00:01
erUSULJRW135: i already told you...00:02
deevererUSUL: do you know how to dynamically rw mount a non-fat32 partition for regular users?00:02
outbriWhy will a usb device not show up at all when 'sudo fdisk -l' is run?00:02
deeveri mean, one without the fstab00:02
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kitcheoutbri: because you don't use fdisk -l to find a usb device00:02
lost_boy432outbri: would you happen to know if 5th generation video ipods are supported? this also happens when i try my usb flash devices00:03
unopdeever, i already told you - you need to adjust permissions on the volume00:03
erUSULdeever: ext3? no sorry00:03
leslieviljoenvbman: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Linux_software_equivalent_to_Windows_software00:03
outbrikitche: what would you use? Does that now show you all devices connected to your system?00:03
leslieviljoenvbman: I think Kino is quite nice00:04
kitcheoutbri: fdisk doesn't dmesg does00:04
erUSULoutbri: if its a usb device use "lsusb" or "lshw"00:04
deeverunop: this is not the problem (anymore), but the static, always-present mount points under /media suck...:(00:05
ghindoHi, somehow the icons disappeared from my desktop.  I know that the files are still there, but I can't see them on my desktop.  How do I fix this?00:05
outbrikitche: what command would I run to have dmesg find all the devices?00:05
erUSULghindo: what icons?00:05
outbrilost_boy432: try running 'sudo lshw'00:06
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ghindoerUSUL: Icons of files I had saved to the desktop00:06
erUSULghindo: are the files still on ~/Desktop/ folder?00:06
ghindoerUSUL: Yes.00:06
mpGeorgeGallowayhi can i install ubuntu and windows on same system??00:07
unopdeever, directories under /media are normally only created when a volume is mounted - they disappear as soon as the volume is dismounted or ejected - so if you have a directory that is always present, you ought to remove it and hopefully you shouldn't see it again00:07
zerohafter being a longtime debian user, i am have decided to migrate from debian to ubuntu. is thiss possible iwthout a cdrom and usb?00:07
leslieviljoenok, I'm out, very tired, goodnight!00:07
dr_williszeroh,  you mean you wish to 'upgrade' a debian system to ubuntu?00:07
slade605mpGeorgeGalloway: Yes00:07
unop!install | zero-one00:07
ubottuzero-one: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:07
zerohdr_willis: no, i mean like chroot install00:07
mpGeorgeGallowayok thnx slade00:08
dr_williszeroh,  ive heard thats doable.. but ive never done so. check that !install factoid sites there may be some info on ubuntu and debootstrap.00:08
erUSULghindo: show me the output of « grep DESK ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs »00:08
zerohah debootstrap should do it00:08
zerohcool thanks00:08
zerohhaha hope i dont break my system00:08
ubottudebootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information00:08
Mixed1234after a long battle and multiple reboots I finally managed to configure my cisco 350 wiress card, what's the difference between wifi and local network wireless though???  Can someone please explain??? I had to use eth1 instead of wifi under "Network"00:08
ghindoerUSUL: XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop"00:08
LjLXThief, i don't have a shiny solution, but try pastebinning the output of "aptitude search '!~Oubuntu'"00:09
dr_willisIve seen some wireless cards use eth1, some use wlan0, and some  - i think use other devices.. Never have figurd out the logic to it all.00:09
lost_boy432outbri: http://paste.ubuntu.com/52269/   brb00:09
erUSULghindo: ... all seems ok00:10
Mixed1234Dr Willis, greetings!  I am on a public libary using ubuntu studio on an old lappi PIII with about 256 megs of memory, works like a charm on my ubuntu studio disto!  :-)00:10
LjLXThief, you can install the "pastebinit" package to pastebin faster (command | pastebinit)00:11
ghindoerUSUL: Is it a setting in Nautilus or something?  I can see the desktop background but none of the icons00:11
erUSULdr_willis: historicall reasons everything is converging now to use wlan{n}00:11
bahaa2008erUSUL, i wanna to ask about problem facing me00:12
erUSULghindo: maybe check the prefrences in nautilus and in gconf-editor under apps>nautilus00:12
bahaa2008i install a web server on my ubuntu00:12
erUSULdr_willis: mine used to be ra0 (ralink chip) now is wlan0 like it should be XD00:12
bahaa2008and i wana to access it from internet00:12
bahaa2008i'm behind a router00:13
erUSULbahaa2008: what's the problem ?00:13
zeta-I'm trying to install eclipse 3.4.1 (Ganymede) but can only find 3.2.2 (Callisto) in synaptic.00:13
dr_williserUSUL,  thats the other one. :) ra0... yes.. its best that they are all getting standardized .. be even better if all the companies released drivers and followed the standards as well. :)00:13
zeta-Do I need to choose a different source, or should I install directly from eclipse.org ?00:13
outbrierUSUL, kitche: do you have any clues for lost_boy432? He is trying to mount a 5th generation video ipod via usb. His output of 'sudo lshw' is http://paste.ubuntu.com/52269/00:13
bahaa2008i make all the staff of port forwarding00:13
LjLXThief: or rather, pastebin aptitude search '~i!~Oubuntu'00:14
bahaa2008but i cann't access me server using the public ip00:14
bahaa2008i can access it using network ip00:14
jjulianhi can somebody help me installing my nvidia graphics card on my new laptop?00:14
bahaa2008but not the public ip00:14
erUSULbahaa2008: with your lan ip it works from other computers?00:14
quittthow do I convert PDF to JPEG?00:15
bahaa2008in the network00:15
jjulianthe propreitary driver wont work  as far as i install it. gnome isnt starting anymore00:15
thomcis there a way to find out command line if my mainboard has usb 2 or not?00:15
quitttor how do I convert .doc to jpeg??00:15
bahaa2008yes it works in the network00:15
erUSULthomc: lspci should list the usb controllers and tell if they are 2.0 or not00:15
erUSULbahaa2008: so the problem has to be on the port forwarding in the router...00:16
bahaa2008and the public ip works for anybody outside the network00:16
bobertdosjjulian: So you've tried the restricted driver from Ubuntu, or the the proprietary directly from Nvidia's site?00:16
consolover!nvidia > jjulian00:16
ubottujjulian, please see my private message00:16
thomcerUSUL: thanks00:16
bahaa2008i access it using the public ip using a proxy00:16
erUSULthomc: for example on my mobo → 00:13.3 USB Controller: ALi Corporation USB 2.0 Controller (rev 01)00:17
jjulianbobertdos, i tried the restricted but i dont know which one to download from nvidias site mine isnt listed there00:17
outbrilost_boy432: I don't see your device being recognized at all. See if anything shows up in System>Administration>kern.log when you plug it in.00:17
LjLquittt: you can use "pdftoppm" from the poppler-utils package, then convert the ppm to jpeg00:17
Mixed1234anyone knows of a way to record sounds coming from diffent appz(ex. hydrogen and zynaddsubfx) at the same time???00:17
bahaa2008try this http://home.bahaa.biz00:17
franck_salut tous le monde00:17
bahaa2008it will works for you00:17
LjL!fr | franck_00:17
bahaa2008but not for me00:17
ubottufranck_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr00:17
consoloverjjulian: if the frives that come by default don't work properly, it's as simple as go to System > Administration > Hardware drivers and tick the box that's there about the graph card00:17
bobertdosjjulian: Read the factoid we sent, otherwise you could also try envy, I suppose. What is your card?00:18
travis_what's a good browser besides firefox for private browsing?00:18
bahaa2008erUSUL, do u got it ?00:18
thomcerUSUL: i'm getting - 00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM - so I presume that means it's not usb 2.000:18
erUSULbahaa2008: yep it works... so from where it fials?00:18
XThiefsorry LjL i wasnt here00:18
slade605travis_: Google's new chrome has a nice 'privacy' mode00:18
jjulianbobertdos its a nvidia and lspci says unkown but its a 9400M SLI00:19
LjLexcept there's no Linux version of it00:19
travis_yeah, but it doesn't work on linux yet, does it?00:19
XThiefLjL what do i have to type now?00:19
LjL!browsers | travis_, best i can give you00:19
ubottutravis_, best i can give you: Browsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)00:19
bahaa2008the problem is i cann't access my internal sever using the public ip00:19
bahaa2008but the the others can00:19
LjLXThief: aptitude search '~i!~Oubuntu'00:19
kitchetravis_: you could look at arora not sure if it's in ubuntu repos or not yet but doesn't do many plugins00:19
AnusienI'm trying to run mplayer and getting a no Xv support error; xvinfo says "no adaptors present"; what sort of things do I need to do to fix this?00:19
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bobertdostravis_: Well, there's iceweasel, Opera is available for Hardy, I think Sea Monkey probably is.......00:19
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bahaa2008any one outside the network can access the public ip00:19
travis_ahhh. ok. i've tried opera, no private mode. ephiphany is too simple. I'll try dillo00:20
LjLtravis_: well, no, i can give you something more comprehensive actually (though still not specific) - GNOME web: epiphany-browser, galeon  —  KDE web: konqueror  —  console web: elinks  —  web: firefox, opera, firefox-3.0, lynx, w3m, links2, midori, dillo, edbrowse, kazehakase00:20
erUSULthomc: not sure... "lsmod | grep ehci" shows something?00:20
bahaa2008but any one inside the network cann't access the server using the public ip00:20
kitcheAnusien: use a different thing like -vo x1100:20
XThiefLjL http://paste.ubuntu.com/52271/00:20
bahaa2008where is the problem00:20
travis_Thanks ljl. I'll try some of those out.00:21
LjLtravis_: perhaps consider the option of creating a separate user for private browsing00:21
bahaa2008i read about sothing called NAT Lookup00:21
erUSULbahaa2008: so from your own computer the one with the webserver you can not access the computer via your public ip?00:21
bahaa2008but i didn't understand it00:21
voodooxhi budies00:21
AnusienAwkward.  That wasn't working before but it did that time00:21
travis_ahh. the problem is I want to do that at the same time I use my normal account, which is why I can't use firefox. Steathler causes all tabs to be stealthed.00:21
erUSULbahaa2008: what's the error you get?00:22
bahaa2008page cann't be displayed00:22
bobertdos!nvidia | jjulian00:22
ubottujjulian: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:22
XThiefLjL did you read me?00:22
keystr0kI am a recent convert from Windows. I used to keep my data on a separate partition. Should I keep my "home" folder in Ubuntu on a different partition?00:22
LjLXThief: uhm, that didn't even catch libc6... which probably means you installed it from the hardy repositories. try: aptitude search '~i!~VCURRENT'00:23
LjLXThief: and if that gives no results, then: aptitude search '~i!~VTARGET'00:23
Anusienkitche: What are my options?  -vo x11, what else?00:23
LjLkeystr0k: many consider it a good idea00:23
slade605anyone know if ubuntu 8.04.1 can read AND write NTFS?00:23
LjL(including myself)00:23
bobertdoskeystr0k: Separate home partitions are generally a pretty good idea, but moving home to a separate partition on an already existing install is troublesome.00:23
thomcerUSUL: that command doesn't show if the they're 1 or 2, but lsusb shows two ports at 1.1 and two at 2.0, which makes sense because I have a usb pci card installed - thanks for your help00:23
kitcheAnusien: if you do -vo I believe it will output all the options00:23
keystr0kLjL, thanks!00:23
unopslade605, sure00:23
keystr0kbobertdos, I was afraid of that... thank youi00:24
slade605unop: Thanks00:24
XThiefLjL http://paste.ubuntu.com/52273/00:24
Anusienkitche: -vo help.  Now to figure out which one is any good00:24
travis_thanks guys. later.00:24
keystr0kbobertdos, I think I'll keep it all on the same partition and backup the data frequently.00:24
erUSULbahaa2008: dunno what may be the problem sorry ...00:24
kitcheAnusien: I use x11 one myself00:25
Anusienkitche: since -vo x11 won't fullscreen00:25
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LjLXThief: that's not the sort of results i was expecting :|00:25
lost_boy432outbri: nothing happens in kern.log when i plug it in. The ipod just charges when i plug it in.00:25
bahaa2008how can i run a startup script "for dynamic dns service"  to update my ip ?00:25
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XThiefLjL xD00:25
bobertdoskeystr0k: Ibex is just around the corner, so when that comes around, that would be a good time to make a separate home partition with a fresh install.00:25
outbrilost_boy432: I have no idea then, sorry.00:26
bahaa2008i have the requird script but i don't know how to do this00:26
erUSUL!info ddclient | bahaa200800:26
ubottubahaa2008: ddclient (source: ddclient): Update IP addresses at dynamic DNS services. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.7.3-4ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 53 kB, installed size 308 kB00:26
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lucardI am looking to get a aircard for my Ubuntu 8.04 laptop I have Verizon Wireless cell phone the black berry 8130 and can not get it to work. Dose anyone know of a good aircard that will work with 8.0400:26
bahaa2008erUSUL, is ti works with no-ip ?00:27
lost_boy432outbri: is it possibly a drivers problem? Where else can I find more help?00:27
ubottuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com00:27
sp00nCan someone please help me get streaming movs working?  I have put about 20 hours into this and I need to watch videos for my classwork00:27
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AaronMTDownload them?00:28
bahaa2008erUSUL,  sorry can i ask the last question ?00:29
keystr0kbobertdos, Thanks for the advice. I'll certainly take that into consideration.00:29
LjLXThief: sorry, i can't think of anything reasonable to try and find out exactly which packages are compromised00:29
mike-solidusI need help getting ubuntu to see my sata drive on an intel ICH10 chipset00:30
donavan_can anyone tell me why I was able to play DVD's and now everytime I try to load a disc through VLC I just get an error box with no error displayed00:30
mike-solidusI already have it installed, I just neet it to somehow see my hd00:30
sp00nAaronMT, assuming that comment was for me, this site does give access to the URL.  Also, when I attempt to choose to save the file and play it as a stream through Mplayer or some such application, it gives the error "invalid stream", which is incorrect because it plays fine on Windows.00:30
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Gebis it possible to disable image preview thumbnails in the file chooser dialog? I've tried setting disable_all in the thumbnailer section of gconf but that didn't seem to work00:31
LjLany way to ask APT for a list of all installed packages that have a version not matching (i.e. lower, but also higher than) the version available in the repositories?00:32
ifireballLjL: maybe with aptitude00:32
AaronMTsp00n, have you tried copying the URL and using it in VLC, "Open from URL"00:32
Ademan /join #xorg00:33
LjLifireball: i tried with ~V, but that didn't work satisfactorily00:33
Ademanaw crap... lol00:33
sp00nAaronMT, yes, it pops up an error message that says "invalid stream"00:35
ProNoobcan anyone tell me what ubuntu 8.04 got as a kernel ?00:37
ifireballLjL: yeah it doesn't seen flexible enough, its too late at night for me to try and get creative at this level, good luck!00:38
ProNoobradovich, you sure ?00:38
radovichi think so... let me check00:38
Infinito-2.6.24-19-generic here00:39
radovichbut i am on 8.04.100:39
radovichwhatever that is :)00:40
bobertdosProNoob: Unless you compiled you're own, it is indeed, 2.6.24-1900:40
AaronMT2.6.24-21 for me00:40
outbrilost_boy432: there are people here who should know, they just might not see your question. try asking it again sometime here.00:40
radovichAaronMT: how?00:40
sp00nradovich, 8.04.1 is the label of the Ubuntu release.  They are named after the release date; that's what the 8.04 means00:40
Infinito-lol the original 8.04 was something close to it.. there were kernel upgrades along with the normal updates00:40
lost_boy432outbri: Thank you and sorry to bother you.00:40
outbrilost_boy432: No problem, sorry I couldn't help you further.00:41
radovichi know. just why in the world 100:41
radovichafter yy-mm00:41
cheezewizI've been trying to install flashplugin-nonfree, but whenever the installer goes to download from adobe it stops middownload, anyone know why?00:42
bobertdoscheezewiz: You mean using apt/synaptic?00:42
cheezewizthe add/remove00:43
gaetano_ciao a tutti00:43
cheezewizor even if I use apt-get on the cli00:43
bobertdoscheezewiz: In a terminal, type sudo apt-get update or hit reload in Synaptic. That'll update the repos, see if that helps.00:43
bobertdoscheezewiz: otherwise, the servers could just be having issues at the moment00:44
radovichit would really be nice if linux get some cool base icon theme that is not childish00:44
cheezewizI'm up to date00:44
cheezewizmust be the servers then :/00:44
bahaa2008erUSUL,  sorry can i ask the last question ?00:44
cheezewizI'll wait till later tonight I guess00:44
bobertdoscheezewiz: but are the MIRRORS up to date?00:45
olskolircI have just upgraded to Hardy.  Aren't I supposed to have KDE4 or do I have to upgrade to kde4 and how do I do that and is it stable and compatible with Hardy?00:45
cheezewizdoesn't apt-get update do that?00:45
olskolircrather, is KDE4 final yet?  How do I upgrade if it is - using Hardy.00:46
radovicholskolirc: it is compatible, but stay away from kde4 untill kde4.3... at least i will...00:46
slade605Hey guys, I am having an issue booting ubuntu 8.04 after doing install from alternate disc keeps coming up with "reboot and select proper boot device or inser boot media in selected boot device and press a key"00:46
radovichoh, it is final.00:46
bobertdoscheezewiz: yeah, just making sure you did it :)00:46
olskolircok radovich00:46
cheezewizk thx bobertdos00:46
olskolircand when is the next ubuntu upgrade and whats it called anyone know?00:46
cheezewizolskolirc: intrepid ibex is due late october00:47
radovich8.10 nex month ibex00:47
olskolircthanks :-)00:47
radovich8.04 is lts00:47
keystr0kHas anyone had any experience with HellaNZB?00:47
radovichlts= long tim esupport00:47
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deadinsidehey umm i cant find a flashplayer for my browser in the synaptic00:47
curtlee2002Could someone help me fix the order udev is setting my v4l devices?00:48
radovichdeadinside: what browser?00:48
nowayi forgot the command to see the driver installed for my wlan0 .. anyone remember?00:48
bahaa2008how can is make          home.bahaa.biz ==  bahaa.dyndns.biz00:48
bobertdosdeadinside: You should be able to find flashplugin-nonfree. Do you have all t he repos enabled?00:48
deadinsidecant watch youtube and stuff00:49
bahaa2008i don't want url frowarding no redirect no i frame00:49
radovichdeadinside: flashplugin-nonfree00:49
deadinsidei can find it i tried00:49
bahaa2008i want real equicalance00:49
deadinsideto find that exact thing00:49
thomcHALO 2!00:49
radovichubuntu restricted extras00:49
bobertdosdeadinside: Go into Synaptic and make sure all the repositories are enabled. It's under Tools, if I recall correctly.00:50
rafarubert\c irc.freenode.net00:50
gaetano_ciao a tutti00:50
gaetano_! list00:50
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:50
onx!askthebot | gaetano_00:50
ubottugaetano_: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.00:50
curtlee2002I would like udev to just keep my tuner card as /dev/video0.  Sometimes it does.  Sometimes it doesn't.00:50
bahaa2008any one can help ??00:50
onxhe's spamming the bot in #debian as well -,-00:51
deadinsidethere is no tolls..just settings..but there is repositories and there all check marked00:51
bobertdosdeadinside: Hardy, right? Can you find ubuntu-restricted-extras?00:52
nateeeeei had ubuntu installed and then deleted the partition. i did not uninstall properly so now i have grub giving me a "error 17" message. Not quite sure how to fix it so i will load straight into windows. can any one help pls.00:52
kebomixi have connect 3 winrar archeive files  , and when i extract them together it give each compress in diffrent dolfer , any solution 4 that ?00:52
bobertdosnateeeee: In your case, I'd suggest booting from a Windows CD (assuming that's your other OS) and using fixmbr to repair the boot record.00:53
nateeeeecan't find my windows disk, or my backup disk which is an AIO with bart pe on it :)00:54
nateeeeeso i'm kind of at a loss00:54
dellubuntubootcd will help00:54
curtlee2002Does anyone in here have any udev experience?00:54
deadinsidecan i find ubuntu-restricted-extras? ...find it where?00:54
nateeeeenot enough drives to run ubuntu from the disk and then use it to DL and burn a temp. windows boot disk00:55
dr_willisdeadinside,  its in the normal repos..00:55
nowaynateeeee you might be able to google bootdisk.com or something like that and get an xp boot disk or even a win98 boot disk should do it00:55
dr_willis!info ubuntu-restricted-extras00:55
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 15 (hardy), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB00:55
nateeeeeor find one that i may have backed up *srug*00:55
Terminatorthere is no standard partition-editor in ubuntu?00:55
dellubuntunateeeee: ultimate bootcd00:55
nateeeeei'm not sure00:55
bobertdosTerminator: gparted00:55
nateeeeeyea, that's what i have... some where00:55
nateeeeegparted, yea00:55
Terminatorbut I still need to install that, right?00:55
bobertdos Terminator: yeah...00:56
nateeeeewill that help me change the bootup00:56
Terminatoryeah, ok00:56
bobertdos Terminator: although it is on the LiveCD by default too00:56
dellubuntunateeeee: ultimate bootcd will fix mbr00:56
Terminatorso I thought it would be in ubuntu also..00:56
Terminatorbut its not.. ;)00:56
nateeeeeyea but i'd have to find it and burn a new copy00:56
deadinsideubuntu-restricted-extras is not in there00:57
nateeeeeand i'd have to do it running the ubuntu from disk.00:57
=== Guest85942 is now known as Vagilinux
nateeeeeso downloading would be as far as i could get00:57
lucardAnyone know a good aircard for Ubuntu 8.0400:57
nateeeeewith my knowledge00:57
bobertdosdeadinside: What version of Ubuntu are you running?00:57
deadinsidei couldnt tell you man00:57
deadinsidei dont know much about this os00:57
sva_I have a problem with the resolution of my monitor.. it is a Samsung Syncmaster 943nwx.. In the live cd i was able to get the native 1440x900 by folowing this guide http://www.ubuntu-es.org/index.php?q=node/98663 but i dont know why it dosnt works now.. i desperatly need helo00:57
bobertdosdeadinside:: Go into a terminal and type: lsb_release00:58
darkness_hey, I've got some very old AVI files made using a Logitech Clicksmart 510 Digital Camera using the software on my old windows computer, and I'm trying to play them in Ubuntu, but it won't play with VLC, or Mplayer, or Totem (and totem says it couldn't find the Intel Indeo 5 Codec which is apparently not installed), any suggestions?00:58
yavapaiatheros air card i have broadcom too and it works00:58
bobertdosdeadinside: lsb_release -a00:58
deadinsideNo LSB modules are available.00:58
deadinsideDistributor ID: Ubuntu00:58
deadinsideDescription:    Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS00:58
deadinsideRelease:        6.0600:58
deadinsideCodename:       dapper00:58
FloodBot2deadinside: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:58
curtlee2002why do you just close synaptic and run apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras from a terminal00:58
yavapailucard find an atheros one it just works00:59
bobertdosdeadinside: Well that explains it00:59
lucardok thanks Yavapai00:59
curtlee2002if it doesn't work your repository is screwed up00:59
deadinsidewelll....whats wrong with it.00:59
yavapaiatheros is the chip inside a lot of cheap cards00:59
bobertdosdeadinside: it's OLD00:59
deadinsideso wut do i do....thats gay01:00
SecuredAnyone used ISA Inernet Security and Acceleration before?01:00
bobertdosdeadinside: You really would do well to upgrade to Hardy (and I'd recommend a fresh install).01:00
SecuredAnyone worked with Windows domains before?01:00
deadinsideupgrade as in what..buy something?01:01
sp00ndeadinside, I do not recommend upgrading to Hardy01:01
darkness_hey, I'm trying to play some old AVI files that don't seem to work in VLC, Mplayer, or Totem, (totem says that Intel Indeo 5 was not available or something) Does anybody know how I can play these files? (If not, then I guess I have about 10.6 GB of videos that are virtually useless)01:01
bobertdosdeadinside: especially because Hardy is the second LTS release (Dapper was the first). No, I usually make a live CD from the ISO.01:01
bobertdosdeadinside: fresh installs are MUCH cleaner than direct distro upgrades01:02
deadinsidesounds like gibberish to me.01:02
curtlee2002deadinside: press ALT + F2,  then type "update-manager -d" and press Run01:02
deadinsidei dont even know where to get these upgrades01:02
sp00ndeadinside, I don't recommend using hardy at all unless you have to.  a bunch of stuff broke for me between 6.x and 8.x01:02
pdlnhr1does anyone know of a package that helps control fan speeds?  i just build a brand new computer and they are at full tilt and are noisy01:02
deadinsidewell nothing works on mine anyway01:02
deadinsidei cant watch videos01:02
deadinsideor music or anythings01:02
SecuredAnyone worked with windows environment before??01:03
bobertdosdeadinside: You have high speed internet, right? Go to Ubuntu's website and download the ISO (i686)01:03
sp00ndeadinside, things that magically stopped working for me: burning CDs (still can't), streaming videos (still can't), automounting USB devices (still can't), iPod synchronization (still can't)01:03
ClutzI nos, i broke it01:03
deadinsidei do have highspeed yes.01:03
sp00ndeadinside, and a bunch of other stuff has broken that I've managed to fix01:03
Belboz91hey all, I'm trying to roll my own version of Ubuntu, just a few minor changes that are really difficult for some of my friends to do.   What is the best software for distibution customization?01:03
deadinsidewell...i cant do annnything01:03
nowaysp00n i agree that 8.04 is trouble --- never had so much trouble with 7.0401:03
deadinsidei dont even know how to so if i can watch videos then i dont care01:04
sp00nnoway, all of the thing I mentioned above worked flawlessly in 601:04
sp00nnoway, i am seriously pissed here.  i've been at this for 6 hours now, and about a week and a half into it with no results.01:04
bobertdosdeadinside: and yes, given that Hardy has not been our best work, you'd be better off waiting for a month anyway01:04
deadinsidecould u watch videos spoon?01:04
sp00nAs far as I'm concerned, an OS that can't play streaming media through a browser? EPIC FAIL01:04
sp00ndeadinside, I could two years ago01:05
deadinsidei cant right now..and i have never been able to watch vids..ive had this comp for like a year im sick of it01:05
ClutzI used a knoppix live disk to resize a windows partition with gparted on a hard disk to make room for ubuntu. sadly it moved the partition to the left after resizing it and i don't think there is room for grub cause i installed ubuntu and it boots windows anyway. will moving the partition a little to the left (1 or 2 mb) fix this?01:05
nowayi can't keep my usb dongle adapter active for very long :(01:05
bobertdosdeadinside: wait for Ibex, you'll be better off01:06
pdlnhr1anyone help with fan speed issues in linux?01:06
sp00ndeadinside, some of them still work.  It was a huge [insert expletive] to get flash vids to work.  Even embedded mpegs play choppy in Opera and Firefox.  For some reason, Konqueror plays some types of embedded media fine.  I now need movs for a class, and nothing I do gets it working at all.01:06
sp00nClutz, I don't think so01:06
bobertdossp00n: You should have probably tried flash 10.01:06
sp00nbobertdos, I did01:07
thinkfasthey all, got a quick question01:07
deadinsideme no waiting lol...some one said download i386 or something and someone else said push alt f2 or something now ahat01:07
Clutzsp00n: so i can't install linux ever on this now?01:07
sp00nClutz, no, yo ucan01:07
thinkfastive got a 20gig tar file, im trying to copy it onto an external harddrive01:07
thinkfastbut it stops at 4gig and says file too big01:07
Clutzsp00n: without reformatting?01:07
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bobertdossp00n: It's stable now with FF 3.0.301:07
=== Eric is now known as Guest34488
ponicgHi all. How can I determine which controller my hard drives are on during an install of ubuntu?01:07
sp00nClutz, you probably can, yes.  Windows overwrites the MBR, which the computer uses to figure out which OS to boot from01:07
sp00nbobertdos, is that new in the past 2 - 3 weeks?01:08
deadinsidesome one said download i386 or something and someone else said push alt f2 or something now ahat01:08
Clutzsp00n: after installing ubuntu it booted to windows anyway, any thoughts?01:08
nowaysp00n firefox 3.03 is really recent01:08
sp00nClutz, you can probably re-setup grub, and add entries to your grub menu to boot your windows installation01:09
curtlee2002Clutz I am sure you can01:09
ponicgI have an NVRaid hard drive that's the same size as one of my other drives that's just SATA by itself, without hte motherboard's raid.  how can I determine which one I'm going to be installing to?01:09
kpomanhi to all guys ! I have a reiser4 fs somewhere in my disk but cant find any kind of support on kernel for it ?01:09
Clutzsp00n: shouldn't ubuntu have installed grub already?01:09
sp00nClutz, I did that today with two different versions of Linux01:09
Phouldoes anyone know of some software that will allow music streaming to a shoutcast server01:10
deadinsideCould not open location 'file:///update manager -d'01:10
deadinsideDetails: The location or file could not be found.01:10
sp00nClutz, correct me if I'm wrong anybody, but I read today that grub installs its first stage into a particular partition.  each time you install an OS, that OS overwrites the MBR, telling it where to find the first stage of grub01:10
Phoulim a online dj amung other things and i cant seem to find anything like that under linux01:10
zewm_Phoul: Have you checked the shoutcast website for a linux based server?01:10
kpomanI get this message: "The volume uses the reiser4 file system which is not supported by your system."01:10
Phoulim not looking for a server01:10
PhoulIm looking for a program to stream to a server01:11
sp00nClutz, so each partition with an OS on it could have its own OS's first stage of grub.  The MBR always points to one particular first stage of grub.01:11
Phoulkinda like M$'s sam, winamp(ick),Traktor01:11
sp00nClutz, (grub is a bootloader commonly used by Linux to choose which partition to boot from)01:11
Clutzsp00n: is it possible that i shrank the mbr?01:11
TricyclethiefHey all anyone able to help with a dual monitor setup for 8.04 and ati video card01:12
curtlee2002Clutz, If you download the Alternative version of the ubuntu CD, it has an MBR grub repair tool,01:12
sp00nClutz, window isn't Linux - friendly, and overwrites the MBR to point to just the windows partition.  But you can do things like run a linux live disc and choose rescue mode, enter a grub command prompt, and set the MBR back the way you want01:12
zewm_Phoul: Check your msgs01:12
fallorewhen i start firefox the little taskbar icon "Starting firefox" thing comes up but it never actually starts. any idea how to remedy this problem? happens occasionally and restarting x is the only solution i've found01:12
kpomanis there a way to get reiser4 module for  2.6.24-19-generic ?01:13
Clutzsp00n: i'll try01:13
sp00nClutz, this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows should help01:13
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=== deadlinside is now known as dead|nside
sp00nClutz, also this one http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/01:13
Clutzsp00n: windows didn't wipe it out i think though01:14
Clutzsp00n: i installed ubuntu and rebooted, no grub came01:14
TricyclethiefAny ati users out there?01:14
sp00nClutz, I know, but it sounds like the MBR is just pointing to the windows bootstrap loader, and you want it to point to your linux distro's grub01:14
kpomanI know there is a murder on that story and all, but is there a way to get reiser4 working on Ubuntu ?01:14
pibe86hello how cn i see my kernel version?01:14
sp00nClutz, when you run root(your drives) and setup (your drive) in a grub prompt, it tells the MBR what partition to look for the bootloader on01:15
Azerthothkpoman short of dping your own kernel, doesnt sound like it01:15
Clutzsp00n: so, moving my partition to the left as far as it can go isn't the reason?01:15
Iodouswhere would i go for kdenlive help01:15
sp00nClutz, honestly, I'm not really sure what you mean by that.01:15
consolover!anyone | Tricyclethief01:15
ubottuTricyclethief: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:15
wcstokcat /proc/version01:15
kpomanAzerthoth: I am running al the generic stuff, is there some way to find some kernel module compiled for that version ?01:15
TricyclethiefHey all anyone able to help with a dual monitor setup for 8.04 and ati video card01:15
consoloverpibe86: uname -a01:15
Tricyclethiefi asked that but got no response =\01:15
pibe86consolover: ty01:16
Iodous^^^ i need help with duel monitor to lol01:16
sp00nClutz, what process did you go through that you are describing by moving a partition to one side?01:16
Clutzsp00n: i booted knoppix live cd and ran gparted, i set it to have 80gb at the end of the partition and didn't realize that it removed the 1 or 2mb it had prior to the partition01:16
Azerthothkpoman do a lsmod, you'll notice that ubuntu loads everything but the kitchen sink by default, if you have no support you'll have to do your own01:16
Clutzsp00n: it moved the entire partition over as far as it would allow01:16
curtlee2002Tri: Sure01:16
ponicgI'm trying to find out which hard drive controller my drives are connected to during install. How can I do that? I have a 320GB raid1 array on an nvraid controller on my motherboard, and a 3rd 320gb drive for ubuntu. how can i make sure i'm not clobbering the raid array?01:16
kpomanI dont know maybe some source to add ?01:16
sp00nClutz, was this before or after you installed windows?01:17
sva_i dont get this.. in the live cd i was able to have a full resolution of 1440x900 and descktop efects.. naw that it is instaled i am with a 800x600.. anyone please help me01:17
consoloverTricyclethief: because who saw your message didn't knew how to solve it. Repeat the question every 15 or 30 minutes01:17
Clutzsp00n: after01:17
Tricyclethiefi have a x1650 agp and stuck in clone, followed about 10 howto guides and nothing01:17
consoloverTricyclethief: also, I'm using ATI01:17
Iodousi need help01:17
Clutzsp00n: i was resizing the windows partition01:17
Azerthothkpoman very slowly now, you will have to compile your kernel to build the module01:17
Clutzsp00n: so linux would fix at the end01:17
sp00nClutz, are you on windows now?01:17
Clutzsp00n: yes01:17
sp00nClutz, run the disk management tool and see what it says your partitions are at...that is in control panel -> system administration01:18
curtlee2002Tri: Are you comfortable editing your xorg.conf file?01:18
Tricyclethiefyes ive edited it about 10times so far, mostly ending up with white or black screens01:18
sp00nClutz, I think you can also get to it with start-> run -> diskmgmt.msc01:18
ubuneophitesalut tout le monte01:19
consoloverTricyclethief: what are you exactly trying to do? Install the propietaries drivers?01:19
Tricyclethiefcurtleee2002: closest ive gotten is dual screens at login, but once i put in my username/pass it reverts to clone01:19
sp00nClutz, I'm trying to make sure you didn't accidentally wipe out a partition, or just verify that your partitions are still set how you had intended them.  I think windows will not detect linux ext type partitions01:19
Clutzsp00n: Disk 0: Partition 1 = 385.76GB NTFS | Partition 2 76.70GB Unknown | Partition 3 3.30GB Unknown01:20
sp00nClutz, it'll say they're an unknown file type and try to format them or something, if I recal01:20
consolover!fr | ubuneophite01:20
ubottuubuneophite: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr01:20
_machi'm downloading the freebsd iso01:20
Tricyclethiefi actually have drivers installed and with compiz running and the works..but i cant get dual monitors working..sticks in clone mode01:20
curtlee2002Tri: First I would suggest running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh" to start with a fresh file01:20
_macher.. ubuntu.01:20
_machdoes it come with GCC/GDB out of the box?01:20
_machalong with possible audio support?01:20
parnormanyone have time to help a linux noob get his sound card working again?01:21
sp00nClutz, so, you want to have the 385 GB partition for windows, which is what's active right now, and then the 7GB for linux, and you don't need the 3 GB partition?01:21
Iodousi need help....01:21
consoloverTricyclethief: oh, ok. But I only have one monitor so those are pits where I never had to thread01:21
krazy-h_Hi there01:21
pibe86hello, i have ubuntu 8.10.1 64 bits, can you give me a page how to install new kernel 2.6.27?01:21
Clutzthe 76GB partition is what it made and installed ubuntu on, the 3.3GB partition is the swap01:21
kpomanAzerthoth: is there a way to search somewhere for a ready compiled reiser4 module ?01:21
Tricyclethiefconsolover: yeah its killing me. i did actually get it "big monitor" once but the 2nd screen resolution was way off and couldnt get it fixed01:22
consolover!anyone > parnorm01:22
mEck0hi! I have my laptop connected to a TFT monitor and has discovered that it flickers :( I wonder why, because its running the native resolution (1680x1050 @ 60Hz)?01:22
ubottuparnorm, please see my private message01:22
keystr0kWhy is the DL speed of HellaNZB jumping up and down every second? anyone?01:22
Tricyclethiefcurtlee2002: ok what next, gonna take notes then try it01:22
sp00nClutz, ok, so that's all as it should be. resizing those partitions shouldn't make the grub on the linux partiton unusable01:22
Gr33n3ggmEck0: Try a different refresh rate?01:22
curtlee2002Tri:  The best info is at http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Dual_Monitors01:22
Clutzsp00n: so why didn't grub get installed right?01:22
Tricyclethiefthanks havent seen that link before, and shouldnt be an issue im using ubuntu right01:23
consolover!patience | Iodous01:23
ubottuIodous: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:23
sp00nClutz, so you'll need to boot off a liveCD so you can access the grub command prompt, and set grub up in the MBR so it can detect both your OSs01:23
mEck0Gr33n3gg: how can I do that in xorg.conf? because gnome-display-properties only shows 60Hz01:23
Clutzsp00n: ok01:23
Iodousyou ee the thing is01:23
Clutzsp00n: i'll go try that, ty01:23
sp00nClutz, I don't know why it didn't get installed right.  Do you have just one hard drive with several partitions, or is that several physical drives?01:23
curtlee2002Tri:  The basic idea is to have 2 Section "Device" with different Identifier01:23
Iodousi had to do that just to get some attention01:23
mEck0Gr33n3gg: or can I even try another refresh rate directly with a xrandr-command?01:23
Clutzsp00n: 1 hard drive01:23
Tricyclethiefi actually have that right now01:23
sva_can anyone give me an example of how a xorg.conf file should be if i need a 1440x900 resoution01:23
onxIodous, the enter key doesn't qualify as inpunctuation01:23
Tricyclethieftheres something im missing in my xorg file and just cant find it01:24
=== freqk|away is now known as freqk
onxin other news: Tricyclethief, your nick is win.01:24
Gr33n3ggmEck0: I used the xrandr command.01:24
consoloverIodous: people are not ignoring you. They won't answer you to tell that they know how to. Also,01:24
consolover!ask | Iodous01:24
ubottuIodous: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:24
Khisanthgrr I hate upgrades01:24
mEck0Gr33n3gg: ok, great, how can a xrandr-command look like then?01:24
Iodousi did do that and no one answered01:24
pibe86hello, how do i install kerel 2.6.27 in ubuntu 64 bits01:24
jmichelsenI am trying to fully uninstall some software, i use the apt-get purge or --purge switch yet when I reinstall the software from apt-get it has settings still in it from the last install, is there a way to COMPLETELY remove software? and all settings etc01:25
sp00nClutz, k. you should read those pages thoroughly before enacting the steps in them; particularly make sure you know what to do if you get ubuntu back and don't see an option for windows.  based on the info you gave me, I think your windows partition will be in the grub menu as (hd0, 0) and linux partition will be (hd0,1)01:25
consoloverIodous: then look at what came from !patience " Answers are not always available." Repeat the question every 15 or 20 minutes01:25
Clutzsp00n: tyvm, i'll get right on it01:25
Gr33n3ggmEck0: http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php?title=Howto_change_resolution & http://www.perpetualpc.net/srtd_resolution.html01:26
_machi'm downloading the ubuntu iso, does it come ready with GCC/GDB?01:26
mEck0Gr33n3gg: thx!01:26
curtlee2002Tri:  The basic idea is to have 2 Section "Device", 2 Section "Monitor", 2 Section "Screen", and Section "ServerLayout"01:26
consoloverjmichelsen: take a look at all files that appear when you install the package. Then just remove them.01:26
Tricyclethiefyeah i have that in my file now, but while looking over that website you listed i see a few little details i didnt have01:27
parnormso, my audigy 2 value worked just fine on my first install of ubuntu. I reinstalled, and now it doesn't work at all. I tried removing and reinstalling all the ansa stuff (along with the gnome gui), and I read about a patch for audigy cards. I've downloaded it, but have no idea how to implement it.01:27
consoloverjmichelsen: also, it's possible that you're just removing the front-end of the program, so you're not removing the options01:27
jmichelsenconsolover: the package is huge, there would be no way really to do that,01:27
jmichelsenconsolover: im removing the package completely the same way i installed it, why doesnt apt-get purge actually purge?01:27
Tricyclethiefthanks for the info guys, gonna try some things and ill be back if i still have problems =)01:28
dibblegowhere did XMMS go?01:28
consoloverjmichelsen: you can see that on the synaptic package manager. There's an option there to see all the files installed. The ones that hold options are kept in /etc or /home. Take a look at them01:28
pibe86how can i install kernek 2.6.27 in ubuntu 64 bits??????????01:28
jmichelsenconsolover: thanks01:29
consoloverpibe86: you compile it yourself01:29
pibe86consolover: can you give me a webpage to learn how to01:29
mEck0Gr33n3gg: 60Hz seems to be the only available ref.rate for the monitor :S what else could be wrong? I think its either a bug or a setting somewhere. I mean, its working perfectly in Windows at 60Hz01:29
consoloverdibblego: it's development stopped. There's XMMS2 now but it's way different01:29
consolover!compile | pibe8601:29
ubottupibe86: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:29
sp00nDoes anyone else have any ideas for getting streaming movs to work?  This is really pressing.  I am seriously going back to windows if I can't get this workin01:29
curtlee2002pibe86, you could upgrade to Intrepid01:29
corexcorehow to check the machines IP from terminal=01:30
Iodoushow do i do an external monitor with an ati graphics card01:30
dibblegoconsolover, ok thanks01:30
dibblegocorexcore, ifconfig01:30
pibe86curtlee2002: yes i can, but how01:30
corexcoredibblego: thanx01:30
curtlee2002pibe86, "update-manager -d"01:30
consolover!intrepid | pibe8601:30
ubottupibe86: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!01:30
Iodousdoes any one know how to do an external monitor with and ati card?01:31
billyanyone else have problem with google video site?01:31
Gr33n3ggmEck0: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/31409-how-change-refresh-rate-monitor.html & http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/how-to-change-refresh-rate-of-monitor-178923/01:31
consoloverpibe86: I was expecting some link from the ubottu to upgrade. Beware with intrepid. I had to downgrade back to 8.04 'cos it was not working for me. And downgrade means, clean install01:31
mEck0Gr33n3gg: thx!01:31
curtlee2002billy, no01:31
OuTstanDinGHello to everyone, i have problems playing flash videos via internet...its too slow on fullscreen01:32
consoloverbilly: no01:32
FishsceneIntrepid is still beta. Not recommended for anyone but dev's01:32
pibe86consolover: but how do i uograte from my ubuntu?01:32
Gr33n3ggOuTstanDing: It could be your computer and/or internet connector. Or flash it self....01:32
curtlee2002pibe86, "update-manager -d"01:32
consoloverpibe86: you need to run "gksudo update-manager -d"01:33
pibe86curtlee2002: i wrote that and nothin happened01:33
curtlee2002pibe86: press ALT + F2,  then type "update-manager -d" and press Run01:33
consoloverpibe86: a button should appear there saying that 8.10 is available. Look for it01:33
OuTstanDinGi use frefox 3.0.301:34
OuTstanDinGHello to everyone, i have problems playing flash videos via internet...its too slow on fullscreen01:34
OuTstanDinGi use frefox 3.0.301:34
pibe86consolover: not, there is not button01:34
curtlee2002pibe86: yes, at the top of the update manager window01:34
consoloverpibe86: also, make sure, you have everything up to date before doing that and some sort of knowledge that you allow to you to make your PC working from a tty01:34
pibe86curtlee2002: i get update manager but i cant see upgrade to 8.10 button01:34
curtlee2002pibe86: you are sure you add the "-d" option01:35
pibe86curtlee2002: yes i write -d01:35
pibe86curtlee2002: gksudo update-manager -d01:35
Gr33n3ggOuTstanDinG: Do you have a fast internet connection?. Flash for Linux is...errr sorta broken.01:35
pibe86consolover: i going to show you and screenshot01:35
pibe86curtlee2002: : i going to show you and screenshot01:35
OuTstanDinGGr33n3gg: oks thank, yes i have 4mb cable connection01:35
curtlee2002pibe86: Are you currently using Hardy?01:35
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GreyWolf79anyone know how to get mono installed and running? I tried installing it through .deb packages but it will not let me install all of them01:36
pibe86curtlee2002: yes i do01:36
consoloverpibe86: use pastepic then01:36
pibe86consolover: sure01:36
Gr33n3ggOuTstanDinG: Google your problem for a better answer.01:36
=== bonek is now known as riko
zerohremember scumbar and that guy with the thing saying "ask me about loom[tm]", well could someone please tell me about debootstrap, after a chroot is working, can i copy it onto a system and boot it?01:36
Gr33n3ggGreyWolf79: Have you tried 'apt-get'?01:37
ponicgI'm trying to find out which hard drive controller my drives are connected to during install. How can I do that? I have a 320GB raid1 array on an nvraid controller on my motherboard, and a 3rd 320gb drive for ubuntu. how can i make sure i'm not clobbering the raid array and installing to theactual sata(as opposed to raid) disk?01:37
curtlee2002pibe86: I just did this yesterday on a computer.  It worked fine.01:37
FishsceneWhy are you trying to install 8.10?01:37
pibe86curtlee2002: http://www.tribukogi.com/imagenes/viewer.php?id=945395Screenshot.png01:37
pibe86consolover: http://www.tribukogi.com/imagenes/viewer.php?id=945395Screenshot.png01:37
FloodBot2pibe86: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:37
curtlee2002pibe86: Try setting your repository to MAIN01:37
consoloverFishscene: he wants the latest kernel and don't want to compile it01:37
Iodousdoes any one know how to do an external monitor with 8.04 and an ati graphics catrd01:38
onxponicg, dmesg | grep /dev/nameOfPartition01:38
FishsceneYou can download the 8.10 install cd with the latest build01:38
consoloverpibe86: make all the possible updates before updating01:38
pibe86consolover: hummmmm i will do that right now01:38
parnormWould someone help me apply an ansa patch? (audigy2_value-support.diff)01:39
papnaHi. I have an extra hard drive mounted and the owner and permissions on all the stuff is not what I would like it to be, really. How do I change the permissions on all these many directories and files so that I can do whatever I want to them as a normal user account?01:39
zambohello folks, I have followed all steps to get ASLA drivers working for my soundcard (which is a Echo Layla3G) but I'm afraid that it doesn't seem to work.  lspci lists it, but "alsactl names" shown no device found, any ideas?01:39
zambothanks :)01:39
curtlee2002well, I am out.   No udev help here01:39
Fishscenepapna, there should be a recursive option (meaning it applies to all files/folders below the directory you specify)01:39
consoloverpapna: "chmod -R 777 /path to folder" but be careful with the -R option01:39
_machi'm downloading the ubuntu iso, does it come ready with GCC/GDB?01:40
onxpapna, you don't want to do that if you care about security though01:40
unop_mach, no, but they're easily installed.01:40
zamboI saw this comment "My problem has now been resolved thanks to iFvwm in the #ubuntu IRC channel - all I had to do was install the linux-ubuntu-modules package for my kernel!", can someone else explain this further?01:40
consoloverpapna: that, based on the principle that you want it readable, writable and executable by everyone01:40
MonkeyManI need some help with firestarter please. I am setting up a wireless network and all goes well until I start up firestarter. I tried putting my ip address from laptop in policies with samba but still does not work. Anytime I wish to connect the network I have to disable firestarter. Any suggestions?01:40
ponicgonx: that didn't return anything. is dmesg enabled during the install or should i boot to the livecd first?01:40
x__I just did a reinstall of hardy and when I got to NBC.com the video loader won't work01:40
unop_mach, all you have to do is select these two packages from add/remove software  build-essential and gdb01:41
papnaconsolover, Fishscene, thanks.01:41
danopia__when i try inserting a SD card into my cardreader, linux complains that it can't mount it01:41
danopia__any ideas?01:41
consoloverpapna: but take a look at man chmod to make it what you want. 6th paragraph explains the meaning of the numbers and what to use based on what you want01:41
onxponicg, i'd try the livecd. tbh sometimes the order of disks switches after install, in that case you'll have to edit your fstab01:42
consoloverdanopia__: does it appear in sudo fdisk -l ?01:42
danopia__consolover, i think so, as /dev/sdf101:43
consoloverdanopia__: also, what exactly does it say? Do you have a button on that warning that gives more output on the reason?01:43
danopia__Failed to mount "KODAK"01:43
ponicgonx: I'll give that a shot, thanks.01:43
danopia__let me reinsert it for the rest01:43
yuri_i want a prog/script thatrecursively scans a folder and deletes any file that is smaller than 1mb. any ideas?01:43
zambosorry folks, can anyone shed some more light on ASLA?  really appreciate your help :)01:44
linxehyuri_: find and xargs ?01:44
duskerhas anyone here used linux on an asus 1000h?01:44
danopia__consolover, now hte error is not appearing01:44
meflstouna consulta?01:44
LeeshaPeeshaWow.. never used this irc stuff before01:44
kpomanguys, which of the packages of the ubuntu allows to get the kernel sources to compile a specific module which is not delivered with the distro ?01:45
yuri_linxeh: so you think something like rm | find xargs ?01:45
consoloverdanopia__: problem solved then ;)01:45
consolover!es | meflsto01:45
ubottumeflsto: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:45
danopia__consolover, it was in workspace 2. "org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-removable no <-- (action, result)."01:45
mikebotWhen I am editing a text file in the terminal (via the command 'edit'), how do I exit?01:45
linxehyuri_: maybe use find with the right arguments, and pass in rm to its arguments list01:45
danopia__title is01:45
danopia__Failed to mount "KODAK"01:45
danopia__and only button is close01:45
consoloverLeeshaPeesha: welcome. Just ask your question, that's how tit works. If someone that sees it knows, they'll answer you01:46
linxehyuri_: http://www.linux.org/lessons/tips/cmndline.html01:46
LeeshaPeeshaI'm having issues with my aMSNn and Pidgin logging into my MSN account.. however, with attempts in Windows & MSN messenger, it works.. Can someone help?01:46
mikebotOr where can I find the commands while in that editor?01:46
consoloverdanopia__: ok, can you pastebin "sudo fdisk -l" ?01:46
yuri_linxeh: thanks101:46
lucarddoes anyone know how to get the blackberry 8130 installed on Ubuntu 8.04 as a modem or a web site that i can go to01:46
Gr33n3gglucard: Try Google.01:46
linxehyuri_: the bits find files bigger than 1mb   and remove unwanted dirs should give a clue01:47
danopia__consolover, somehow it was easily moutned with mount01:47
consoloverpibe86: I now remember. You don't need to the gksudo on the command to update.It will later just ask you for the password01:47
danopia__consolover, andy idea why automout failed?01:47
BsimsI am working on a scypt I know any external drive shows up as disk-1 when moubted but how to say that... as it may chainge01:47
LeeshaPeeshaLogon screen just goes, and goes.. then gets an error01:47
lucardThanks Greenegg I did that it was not much help01:47
alteregoastrange they claim it has to be at least pci 2.2, but it works with pci 2.101:47
danopia__hold on for paste01:47
pibe86consolover: look i am doing all updatings01:47
consoloverdanopia__: did you use it on windows laste time? If not, no idea01:47
danopia__consolover, yea01:48
pibe86consolover: later i will tel you if i could upgrade to 8.1001:48
linxehyuri_: and other http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-how-to-find-and-remove-files/01:48
onxdanopia__, automount usually tells you in a little dialog box why it fails if so01:48
consoloverLeeshaPeesha: what error?01:48
zeth-ubuntuI have got a great theme going here ... only problem is that in Firefox when I type in some fields I can barely see my typing becasue the text color is dark and the back ground of the field is also dark .... any idea of how I can fix this?01:48
danopia__onx, the littel dialog box din'dt help01:48
onxif it is ntfs probably unclean shutdown01:48
LeeshaPeeshaLet me try it again.. I will reply01:48
danopia__   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System       /          /dev/sdf1   *           1         992      999813+   6  FAT1601:48
m_tadeuhi everyone01:48
m_tadeuis there a nice irc client on the repos?01:48
consoloverpibe86: I won't be for longer. Also, look me for carandraug (I used this nick just for fun some time ago and forgot to change in the mean time)01:48
linxehm_tadeu: xchat probably01:49
onxdanopia__, the output from the dialog box would have been more helpful here :)01:49
danopia__m_tadeu, i would say xchat01:49
=== consolover is now known as carandraug
danopia__onx, lol01:49
linxehm_tadeu: many like irsii too01:49
danopia__onx, not this one01:49
pibe86carandraug: ok01:49
m_tadeugona try them both ;)01:49
danopia__onx, "org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-removable no <-- (action, result).01:49
onxdanopia__, heh01:49
dannyDoes anyone know where I can find a classid look up? CoGetClassObject class {96749377-3391-11d2-9ee3-00c04f797396} not registered. (for wine. asked in winehq but got the jfgit response. i've been fgit for the last 2 hours. I've gotten 7 results all saying its something different.)01:50
carandraugm_tadeu: irsii runs in a terminal. Xchat is probably the graphical IRC client with more users01:51
danopia__while i'm here01:51
danopia__any idea on syslog being flooding with a ton of "attempt to access beyond end of device" errors? 20 or so per second?01:51
m_tadeusorry guys...I meant a console based client01:51
danopia__m_tadeu, irssi01:51
carandraugm_tadeu: be careful not to install the gnome version of XChat01:52
danopia__m_tadeu, it has a learnign curve but works01:52
=== noway is now known as _haywire_
onxdanopia__, borked partition table? :s01:52
LeeshaPeeshain pidgin - 'connection error from nitification server: reading error'01:52
LeeshaPeeshain amsn - gives regular login screen, allows for login to attempt.. but freezes. does not allow for closing, minimizing, anything..01:52
carandraugm_tadeu: in that case it's defenitely irssi01:52
danopia__Sep 29 20:52:57 danopia kernel: [281044.323854] attempt to access beyond end of device           /                Sep 29 20:52:57 danopia kernel: [281044.323858] sr0: rw=0, want=6684876, limit=821752       /             Sep 29 20:52:57 danopia kernel: [281044.323862] udf: udf_read_inode(ino 1671218) failed !bh01:52
danopia__that a ton of times01:52
mikebotDoes anyone know how to quit the 'edit' editor?01:53
magichereAny body know the DVB-C card in linux-tv whether network card ?01:53
carandraugLeeshaPeesha: are you trying to access MSN through a proxy?01:54
m_tadeuit's working beautifuly ;) thanks01:54
LeeshaPeeshawhat do you mean by this? everything worked last night01:55
Moderndayzeroanyone know how to make the windows have flames when they minimize and unminimize?01:55
LeeshaPeeshamy only thought is that there could have been changes made thru our isp due to disconnection this morning01:55
unopmikebot, hmm, there is no default 'edit' - it can point to quite a few different things depending -- try <ESC> :q <ENTER>01:55
zambohey folks, has anyone seen the error "alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory" ?  I have tried so many things but can't get it to work01:56
zerohcould someone help me, i have a full system in my /var/chroot/hardy folder, and i have a debian system running, what i want to do is to remove debian )the dist i am running) and replaec it with hardy. could someone help me?, i dont know how to replace all my system folders cos if i lets say remove /bin/ i will loose vital utilitys01:56
pibe86carandraug: i am going to restart i ll be here later to tell you01:56
zerohand i cannot boot, (i have no CD nor USB)01:56
carandraugModerndayzero: that's probably a questiion for #compiz01:57
danopia__i mounted the card with all my pics yet to be compied01:58
carandraugLeeshaPeesha: maybe. I've googled that error and everyone mentioned to be behind a proxy01:58
danopia__and there are no diles01:58
amicrawleneed help please01:58
mikebotunop: ':x' did it.. thanks.01:58
LeeshaPeeshacan you advise as to how to fix this?01:58
amicrawletry to mount a drive lost its lable01:58
Moderndayzeroyea i am asking there but no responce01:58
amicrawlewill not mount any more01:58
unopmikebot, :x ??01:58
amicrawleis there a way to mount again01:59
ASrockim trying to use audacity and i get an error saying "Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate." what do i do?01:59
Clutzsp00n: omg omg i love you01:59
carandraugzeroh: you need to use rsync to move everything01:59
sp00nClutz, that worked?01:59
zerohcarandraug: explain01:59
Clutzsp00n: yep, perfectly01:59
se7enanyone use compiz?01:59
zerohhow would rsync help01:59
amicrawlehello ?01:59
sp00nClutz, awesome.  That's a rare thing in linux.  Now if I could just get streaming movs working......01:59
carandraugLeeshaPeesha: sorry. No idea. Never had that error.Just google for it to see if I could find something01:59
zerohcos i am running debian on my native installation01:59
mikebotunop: Yeah02:00
zerohand in my chrooted i have ubuntu02:00
onxdanopia__, try testdisk to recover your files, then repartition/reformat the card02:00
Clutzsp00n: did you try adding medibuntu repos and updating?02:00
unopmikebot, ok, well, all good  i suppose02:00
Clutzsp00n: q:02:00
onxdanopia__, seems some digicams have issues formatting sdhc cards02:00
duskerhas anyone here ever run linux on an asus 1000h?02:00
danopia__onx, they appear on hte camera02:00
danopia__onx, i'll jsut use a windows machine for now02:00
sp00nClutz, yeah, I've been through just about every thread on the internet. I can't figure it out.02:01
carandraugzeroh: you create another partition, rsync the contents of /var/chroot/hardy to that partition, get rid of Debian, put on a LiveCD, edit menu.lst and that's it. You can use cfdisk to move the partitions02:01
mikebotDoes anyone know how to clos a split screen in screen?02:01
Clutzsp00n: hmm, so you can't stream movies on youtube or anything?02:01
Moderndayzerook later ppl thx again for the help draug ^^02:01
HardyHeronevery second time I boot my computer eth0 doesn't get assigned an address and I have to reboot again to make DHCP assign an address, what's going on?02:01
GreedyBVuze = new azereus?02:02
carandraugzeroh: I think that would work, never did it myself02:02
HardyHeroneven if I click the net applet and reconnect02:02
bliffleI have an EVDO account with a 5gb/month cap, and I need a net monitor to keep track of usage.02:02
HardyHeronI don't get assigned an address02:02
LeeshaPeeshahow is it i could be behind a proxy? could my isp have done this?02:02
Gr33n3ggHardyHeron: Have you tried 'ifup eth0' or /etc/init.d/dhcp start?02:02
sp00nClutz, well, I can stream youtube, but it's kind of choppy.  I need to stream movs for a class I'm taking. and I can't get that to work at all02:02
zerohcarandraug: i said i did not have a cd02:03
zerohso thats a nogo02:03
Clutzsp00n: what web browser/app are you using to stream?02:03
ponicgCan someone tell me why grub is repeating: GRUB GRUB GRUB GRUB over and over?02:03
papnaI posted a moment ago about some files on a drive I mounted. I used `sudo chown -R mike /media/disk/directory' and `sudo chmod -R 600 /media/disk/oldhome/' to try to get these files how I wanted them, but now (logged in as `mike') I cannot view these files logged in normally.02:03
kpomanhelp please ! I need to have reiser4 module on my ubuntu ! how do I do that ?02:03
sorush20how do I check the integrity of a kubuntu disk without booting from it?02:03
Varkadusker, http://www.ubuntu-eee.com/?module=moreinfo02:03
carandraugmikebot: seems you followed my advice on screen. You kill the side you no longer need02:03
HardyHeron sudo ifdown eth002:04
HardyHeronifdown: interface eth0 not configured02:04
sp00nClutz, I think it might genuinely be a hardware incompatibility or something.  I have tried firefox, konqueror, and opera, with xine, mplayer, and vlc plugins.  I even booted into a liveCD of a different distro and got the exact same failures out of the box02:04
papnas/oldhome/directoty or the reverse in my question. :p02:04
carandraugzeroh: hmm, you edit the file before the rsync. You can do that02:04
Gr33n3ggHardyHeron: I'll PM you.02:04
c5p1zzhi all- i'm new 2 ubuntu and irc. plz b patient02:05
thinkfasthey ive got an issue, ive been using a wireless network to connect to the internet and it was working fine02:05
=== pluto is now known as floodbot
carandraugmikebot: C-a X02:05
thinkfastbut today it connected to the network but wont let me access the internet02:05
Clutzsp00n: firefox has a plugins page that links to the site you need, have you tried compiling the plugins from source?02:06
floodbot:) hi guys02:06
thinkfastit says network timeout when i try and use firefox, and updating etc dosnt work02:06
=== floodbot is now known as Floodbot
zerohcarandraug: edit what file? what are you talking about02:06
Floodbot:) hi guys02:06
sp00nClutz, hm, no I haven't02:06
Clutzsp00n: compiling from source is the long route but almost always works better02:07
pibe86hello how do i compile a kernel for ubuntu 8.04.1 64 bits?02:07
sp00nClutz, true.  That's probably worth a shot02:07
carandraugzeroh: Do you have more than one partition? The way I proposed, you'll need that02:07
Clutzsp00n: good luck to you :)02:07
carandraugpibe86: went wrong?02:07
c5p1zzi'm trying 2 install 8.40.1 and can't get it to run.  i keep getting a msg "buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block 0". i figured out that thew install is looking for a floppy that i don't have.  i read to try using the alternate CD to install, but i don't know how to use it (it's a txt based installer).  can anyone help me?02:07
sp00nClutz, thx02:08
pibe86carandraug: i still dont see update to 8.1002:08
thinkfastanyone have any ideas?02:08
HardyHeron sudo ifup eth002:08
HardyHeronIgnoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.02:08
smmagicc5p1zz, its a bit like a windows xp installation02:08
smmagicthe interface, that is02:09
pibe86carandraug: now i see it :)02:09
Probehi all.02:09
Floodbotgo to www.deezer.com02:09
pibe86carandraug: thanks alot02:09
pibe86carandraug: thanks a lot*02:09
carandraugpibe86: cool. Good luck on the upgrade02:09
DG19075Just upgraded here02:09
c5p1zzsmmagic: how so?  what am i missing?02:09
kpomanhelp with module reiser402:10
pibe86carandraug: what client irc do you use? if i could know ;)02:10
smmagicc5p1zz, what do you mean? I remember my first ubuntu install was a alternate one02:10
Floodbotgo to www.deezer.com02:10
kpomanis ubuntu completely out of possibilities for an extra little module ???02:10
smmagicis this Floodbot a real floodbot02:10
carandraugpibe86: Xchat (normal version, not Gnome version)02:10
pibe86carandraug: ok thanks02:10
carandraugsmmagic: no. We have FloodBot2 here02:11
onxkpoman, reiserFS might be a risky choice :)02:11
zerohcarandraug: i have 3 partitions /boot / and /home/02:11
papnaOkay, I think I get it, directories have to have executable permissions? Things seem to mess up when that is not the case. If so, can someone advice how I would change all normal files to rw- and all directories to rwx?02:11
carandraugsmmagic: and the other have numbers02:11
c5p1zzsmmagic: the alternate install cd lets me select the Install Ubuntu option, then it displays a few errors, then (after 5 mins) i get a command prompt.  i assume i need to know some commands to start the install and set insall params, but i don't know any02:12
carandraugzeroh: do you also want to get rid of Debian's /home?02:12
zerohcarandraug: i have a full working copy of ubuntu in my /var/chroot/ folder02:12
smmagicI dont know about errors like that c5p1zz, mine just went straight through02:12
zerohno i want to keep my home02:12
zerohso basically i want to whipe out / and /boot02:13
zerohand replace them with what i have in /var/chroot/02:13
kpomanonx: it is reiser4, and i already have the partition with 30GB of data on reiser4, I only want to access it to backup the data02:13
_haywire_what's the command to show the installed wireless driver?02:13
zerohhow do i do that without loosing stuff like ls when i remove/replace /sbin/ /bin etc02:13
carandraugzeroh: oh! I thought the third was swap. But that's still okay02:13
c5p1zzdoes anyone know where to find instructions on installing 8.40.1 from the alternate CD (text-based installer)?02:13
zerohi have 4 gigs of ram02:13
zerohi dont use swap02:13
=== danopia__ is now known as danopia
passiveI lost my side pane how can i recover it ?02:14
zerohpassive: lost it how02:14
passivei don't know it just disapeared and i tried F9 with no result02:15
zerohwaht does F9 do02:15
passivesupposed to show the side pane of the file browser02:15
zerohpassive: what happends if you go to vuew02:16
zerohand then choose sidepane02:16
passiveit just flashes and nothin happens02:16
zerohperhaps you dragged it too close so it looks closed02:16
zerohhola juan02:16
passivezeroh: you are right terribly sorry02:17
juansi tengo ubuntu 4.0.1 puedo instalar la version mas reciente02:17
zerohpassive: :)02:17
juanvia internet02:17
kpomanalguem que fala portugues ? quelqu'un qui parle en francais ? alguien que hable castellano ? help ayuda ajuda aide !02:17
zerohcomo es reciente, yo hablar un pocito espanol02:17
zerohlemmie find my dictionary02:17
juanme refiero a la version 8.04 lts02:18
carandraug!pt | kpoman02:18
ubottukpoman: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:18
onx!fr | kpoman02:18
ubottukpoman: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr02:18
carandraug!es | kpoman02:18
ubottukpoman: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:18
zerohvalle, ¿cuál es el problema02:19
pibe86carandraug: i am updating to ubuntu 8.10 beta 64 bits, isnt it?02:19
sarthorhardy is installed on my dell 1525 inspiron, what will be my source in kismet.conf source=none,none,addme02:19
=== foolz is now known as blahblah
carandraugzeroh: I was writing dow the steps when i noticed a flaw on step 6. I'll try to rethink it02:19
=== blahblah is now known as blablabla
juani want see you tube but i can see02:19
zerohcarandraug: thank you very much02:19
tim_guys i can't install nvidia 96 driver in ubuntu 8.1002:19
juani cant see02:19
tim_what do i do ?02:19
zerohtenes flash?02:19
carandraugpibe86: if you had 8.04 64 bits, then yes, you should02:20
juanno lo se02:20
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
sarthorhardy is installed on my dell 1525 inspiron, what will be my source in kismet.conf source=none,none,addme02:20
robcrusemefracubuntu based torrent search02:20
juanes la cuarta sesion con ubuntu02:20
pibe86carandraug: ok, so when stable relase is ready, will i have  upgrade again 795 mb more or less?02:21
carandraug!es | juan zeroh02:21
ubottujuan zeroh: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:21
zerohcarandraug: the way to do it has to be to boot to a kernel in /var/chroot/, then just copy all the files to the acctual /02:21
zerohdont you think so02:22
carandraugpibe86: no. You should be making small upgrades everyday. When the final release comes out, I think it'll be just a small upgrade for you02:22
DigitalFizrobcrusemefrac, spammer02:22
Flannelpibe86: It'll be less than 700mb to do a release upgrade from a stock install.02:22
carandraugzeroh: yes. That's what I was writing02:22
onxzero, try init 102:22
zerohbut how does one boot into a folder02:22
pibe86carandraug: ok now i understand02:22
pibe86Flannel:  ok now i understand02:22
onxthat should let you move stuff on your / around02:23
zerohim gonna look into the grub menu file02:23
sarthorhardy is installed on my dell 1525 inspiron, what will be my source in kismet.conf source=none,none,addme02:23
pibe86carandraug:  i am upgrading because i have a laptop and it does not reconice my wireless red02:23
pibe86maybe with new kernel it will works02:23
zerohcarandraug: root=/dev/sda3 that is the issue02:23
zerohhow do i change that to a folder02:23
pibe86carandraug: maybe with new kernel it will works02:23
zerohif htat is possible this can work02:24
ephesiusis there a way to go from raid-0 to raid-5?02:24
zerohthats why you asked about another partition02:24
dr_williszeroh,  you dont.. you give the proper path to the device in the other parts of the grub  configs02:24
Gr33n3ggor bum raid-02:24
dr_williszeroh,  root is the  'root' / start of the path to where it begins to look for the files.02:24
zerohcarandraug: dude i have a swap patition 4 gigs big02:24
zerohhaha i forgot02:24
sarthorhardy is installed on my dell 1525 inspiron, what will be my source in kismet.conf source=none,none,addme....my wlan driver is Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)02:25
zerohdr_willis: yes i know02:25
=== root is now known as Guest1076
tonsofpcsdoes anyone have a howto for manually moving from ubuntustudio feisty fawn to ubuntu hardy heron?02:25
tonsofpcsor should I just compile the new kernel and apt-get upgrade everything?02:25
tonsofpcs[after changing repos, of course]02:25
Fishscenetonsofpcs: What happens if you remove the desktop package and install the package "ubuntu-desktop"?02:26
corexcorecan one run beryl/compiz from the Live-cd to try it out?02:26
FishsceneI'm throwing the idea out there- not saying that it's a solution02:26
carandraugzeroh: this is the strategy I would try (I would also backup if I could) and would be expecting to work. 1- edit Debian's /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to point Ubuntu's kernel, 2-change Debian's /home folder name (to avoid conflict with Ubuntu's home), 3-rsync /var/chroot/ to the partition where you have Debian's /home, 4-edit /boot/grub/menu.lst in the Ubuntu that you just copied, 5- boot to the new copied Ubuntu, 6- delete Debian stu02:26
carandraugff but keep old Ubuntu, 7-boot into old ubuntu, 8-rsync new ubuntu to where was debian and edit menu.lst (again), 9 boot into the newest ubuntu and get rid of all the others02:26
tonsofpcsFishscene: iirc, nothing, it's a metapackage02:26
tijuanahi all02:26
Gambit Hello all. I have a question about xmms not being able to play in fluxbox. It says that I have no Gstreamer plugins configured or that I don't have a sound card configured and yet I have all of that working in GNOME02:26
dr_williscorexcore,  the live cd does not have the  ndidia/ati 3d drivers.. so it wont work very well.. there are other live cd's with those drivers.. but ubuntu dosent include them for legal reasons02:26
GambitIt plays well in GNOME too.02:26
corexcoredr_willis: can you give a reference to such a live-cd maybe in a priv?02:27
=== digitalvectorz is now known as edo32mb
tijuanai'm here yet again with another question... i'm trying to compile atk but ./configure exits with the following error: pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0 returned 2.18.1 but GLIB (2.16.4) was found.02:27
fiyawerxcan't you install the binary drivers on a livecd / modprobe and restart x?02:27
nemesis256I just tried adding a script to startup using update-rc.d and it doesn't seem to be running when I boot up.  Is there a log file for rc.d somewhere so I can see if there were any errors?02:27
carandraugzeroh: you could try and make partitions in the RAM to try and do that faster but I don't trust that02:27
dr_williscorexcore,  i dont know of any off hand.. the Sabayon Live DVD - has  them I think.. but its a 4+gb download02:27
tijuanaI have glib 2.18.1 installed and i'm completely stumped as to what to do :S02:27
zerohcarandraug: i have a 4 gig SWAP patition i just made into a ext3 fs02:28
corexcorelive dvd =)  luls.. now we're talking download02:28
zerohi can do this myself now02:28
zeroh:) thanks for the effort though02:28
dr_williscorexcore,  it also has metisse and some other neat tools/features that are fun to play with02:28
zerohhope this works02:28
carandraugzeroh: ok, good luck02:28
Gambit Hello all. I have a question about xmms not being able to play in fluxbox. It says that I have no Gstreamer plugins configured or that I don't have a sound card configured and yet I have all of that working in GNOME02:28
zerohif this works i will document it02:29
corexcoredr_willis: cool dist otherwize? this is the first time I hear about sabayon, so can't be that big.02:29
carandraugzeroh: good call02:29
zerohi love debootstrap02:29
dr_williscorexcore,  its prebuilt-gentoo with some stuff.. its got a lot of neat features.. but  I only used it for a week or 2. Its neat that it has Metisse as an alternative to compiz for fancy eyecandy/features :)02:30
break-freeHey I'm using Wicd but after an update whenever I try to run Wicd it says that the gui.py file does not exist02:30
dr_williscorexcore,  its worth the download to play with for a few hrs02:30
imjazzloverhow i can install gyach on my dekstop?02:30
Theebwhy Screenlets is not in the Synaptic Package Manager?02:30
imjazzloverplease help me!02:31
carandraug!ask | imjazzlover02:31
ubottuimjazzlover: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:31
corexcoredr_willis: well, I need to check the system spec.. I just got geforce 2 64MB02:31
imjazzloverok! thanks ubottu02:31
tijuanai'm here yet again with another question... i'm trying to compile atk but ./configure exits with the following error: pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0 returned 2.18.1 but GLIB (2.16.4) was found.02:32
Flanneltijuana: Why are you trying to compile atk?02:33
carandraugimjazzlover: ubottu is just a bot with many common answer and tips ready. Users control it to make it faster answering to those questions02:33
tijuanaI need to compile gtk+ so I can compile a graphical utility for my ralink rt73 wireless usb dongle02:34
Flanneltijuana: Why don't you just install it from the repos?02:34
Mrpoowhen is gusty gibbon being retired>?02:35
tijuanaI didn't find it :$02:35
tijuanaI have kubuntu hardy02:35
FlannelMrpoo: Non-LTS releases are supported for 18 months.02:35
case^Mrpoo: 1.5 years after release02:35
onxcase^, it was LTS no?02:35
Iodousok so02:36
Flanneltijuana: atk is right here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=atk&searchon=names&suite=hardy&section=all  and gtk... is all over the place.02:36
Flannelonx: No.  Hardy is LTS.  Gutsy is not.02:36
carandraugonx: no. Hardy is LTS02:36
redvamp128I had to swich cpu's and now I can't play video in totem02:36
Iodousiwas playing around in screen resoltion thing to try and get the external monitor work and i flipped my screen to the side02:36
onxah, mixed up the names then, what bird was r6 again?02:36
Iodousand i cant change it back02:36
redvamp128failed to connect stream:invalid argument02:37
papnaI just installed Hardy on a machine. When I open Gnome Terminal and type `sudo apt-get install startofsomethi<TAB>', I don't get any tab completion as I expect.02:37
Flannelpapna: Try updating first (sudo apt-get update)02:37
redvamp128went from celeron to PIII02:37
carandraugIodous: it's in System > Prefernces > Screen resolution. There's a rotate button there02:37
sarthorhardy is installed on my dell 1525 inspiron, what will be my source in kismet.conf source=none,none,addme....my wlan driver is Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)02:37
Iodousyeah , it wont switch back02:38
tijuanaFlannel which gtk package should I install to get the latest? (apt-get install gtk shows over a hundred packages)02:38
TopBunny88How long umtill i will be forced to upgrade to the Next release due to 8.04 being End of Lifed?02:38
jribTopBunny88: 9.1002:38
redvamp128or will I have to reinstall?02:39
FlannelTopBunny88: 8.04 will last three years on the desktop.  So April of 201102:39
jribTopBunny88: erm, sorry.  11.04 since it is LTS02:39
TopBunny88jrib: Thank you\02:39
carandraugIodous: no idea. Never had to switch it, don't know where that info is kept. Maybe in /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:39
jriband Flannel :)02:39
onxsarthor, /j #kismet02:39
Iodousok i got it to work haha02:39
Iodouscaran do you know how to get an external monitor to work for a lap top?02:40
sarthoronx, Ok.02:40
nemesis256I just tried adding a script to startup using update-rc.d and it doesn't seem to be running when I boot up.  Is there a log file for rc.d somewhere so I can see if there were any errors?02:40
carandraugIodous: no. I mentioned it to you before. I was consolover02:41
Iodouswell does any one know how to get an external monitor working?02:41
Iodousor any one know of a room that could help me02:42
OmletteNot beyond "plug monitor into power supply and computer, turn monitor on."02:42
montana13Hi, I just walked my friend through installing Ubuntu on her laptop with Wubi, and now she wants to find her music.  All her music she listened to on Vista was ripped from cd with iTunes.  We can't figure out where iTunes saved the music.  Anyone here know?02:42
Iodousno, like it will start up with the machine but once i get to log on the external just goes back02:42
airtonixIodous, have you read the xorg page on the ubuntu help site? searched for xorg on ubuntu forums....those are good places to start02:42
papnaFlannel or anyone, I have apt-get updated, and it still does not work. The package list seems fine when I do type out a full name. (Incidentally, `sudo apt-get upda<TAB<' also does not work.)02:43
carandraugmontana13: look for a buch of m4a files02:43
montana13carandraug:where should I look?02:43
thomcIodous: are you wanting to use both the laptop screen and external monitor at once, or just the external monitor?02:43
Iodousno i havent done that yet02:43
Flannelpapna: Do you have tab completion turned off perhaps?02:43
sarthori cant see arabic fonts on my hardy how to install that.. not able to see this text.. http://bbcurdu.com02:43
smelianhello guys i have problem with my usb modem and cd rom when i connect them they dont show in /media or desktop but in emsg i find them  but when i connect usb flash memory its detect it and can check the files in side it02:43
airtonixIodous, its black because you need to present xorg with it presence and config...if you havent got a video card that works with nvidia-settings then your going to have to config it through the /etc/X11/xorg.conf files manually02:44
carandraugmontana13: I don't know. I know however that itunes (at least on mac) uses m4a files which are uncommon in Vista. That way, if you search for m4a files, you'll most likely find where the files are kept02:44
papnaFlannel, it works for finding directories and such. If it god turned off, that's not how I meant to do t.02:44
Iodousis their any type of guide02:44
Bajoraptoram I silly for wondering if windows-xp could be hacked up to run in its own loop-mounted device?02:44
carandraugmontana13: try "locate m4a"02:44
papnaFlannel, Rather, I mean to express that I never did anything intending to turn it off.02:44
airtonix!xorg | Iodous02:44
ubottuIodous: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:44
montana13carandraug:ok, hold on...02:45
Iodousthank you02:45
sarthori cant see arabic fonts on my hardy how to install that.. not able to see this text.. http://bbcurdu.com02:45
airtonixIodous, search help.ubuntu.com/community for these keywords, then search google for them too : ubuntu, xorg, external monitor02:45
airtonix!fonts | sarthor02:46
ubottusarthor: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer02:46
smelianhello guys i have problem with my usb modem and cd rom when i connect them they dont show in /media or desktop but in emsg i find them  but when i connect usb flash memory its detect it and can check the files in side it02:46
airtonixsmelian, only storage devices are automounted in /media02:46
smelianairtonix: how i can check my Cd room usb cd room and the usb modem02:47
carandraugmontana13: you can also go to Places > Search for files, select the Vista partition where iTunes runs (or Vista Home partition, if you use a separate partition for windows home (I believe it's called My documents)) and make a search for all m4a files in there02:47
vedustrying to run a windowed ruby script from a launcher in gnome. the permissions are set right, the path is at the top of the script, and it runs fine with ./ at a prompt. just will not go in a launcher. anyone have any thoughts?02:47
RoyallHey I'm looking for some help with Ubuntu02:47
carandraug!ask | Royall02:47
ubottuRoyall: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:47
BajoraptorI can't run wine :((02:48
Bajoraptorwine regedit02:48
Bajoraptor'wine' is not recognized as an internal or external command,02:48
Bajoraptoroperable program or batch file.02:48
FloodBot2Bajoraptor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:48
airtonixsmelian, your usb modem is proly not going to work...but with your cdrom drive i suggest plugging it in all by itself, and putting a cdrom in it....if that doesnt work then have it plugged in when you turn your computer on02:48
Miksagohey, um.. I've noticed in 8.04, when booting it no longed shows what it's doing; is there a way to reenable that feature?02:48
airtonixvedus, pastebin your script please02:48
smelianairtonix : i did everything but cant find it in desktop or /media and the usm modem its have files inside it its run like cd02:49
FlannelMiksago: Turn off quiet and splash in your menu.lst02:49
airtonixsmelian, can you provide a prodcut page for your modem then please02:49
carandraugMiksago: you mean not see the splash screen?02:49
montana13carandraug: for some reason her computer froze. She pressed ctrl-alt-backspace to log out, now when she logs in the panels are gone. Know what is going on?02:49
airtonixsmelian, product/manufacturers page*02:49
carandraugmontana13: did she just run the locate command?02:50
RoyallOk, here's the question: I know nothing about Linux. I was able to install Ubuntu on a partition on my laptop (Dell inspiron with Intel Core 2 Duo 3 gb RAM 2 GHz 250 GB HDD), but I can't connect to my wireless network. My wireless card is: Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-card. I'm dual-booting with Vista, which is where I'm typing from.02:50
Miksagocarandraug / Flannel: Um, no, I mean when it's booting, saying Ubuntu, with the loading bar02:50
howler07Hi all! I am VERY new to Linux and Ubuntu.  I have a dual display setup and I was wandering if someone could tell me how to rotate one of the screens 180 degrees and make it "expand" my desktop?  I went into System->Administrator->Screens & Graphics, but it only shows the external monitor (laptop) with its max resolution and the other screen's menu is grayed out.  When I click on it it shows it as Disabled.  I am using 7.10 and I have02:50
airtonixmontana13, you can restart gnome-panel : sudo killall gnome-panel -902:50
smelianairtonix :http://www.bandrich.com/download03.aspx?id=2&c=25&lang=3 but im using ubuntu no drive for it02:50
montana13carandraug: no, it froze before that.02:50
airtonixsmelian, im looking at it now...one sec02:51
FlannelMiksago: Right.  Thats usplash02:51
smelianairtonix : the problem not how to make it work i have the config but the problem how to mount it02:51
carandraugMiksago: that's the splash screen. Remove that option from the menu.lst file. You know how to do that?02:51
Miksagonot really02:51
MiksagoI've got menu.lst open now though02:51
FlannelMiksago: theres a line near the top that starts with #kopt=02:51
montana13she cant get to the terminal. alt-f2 doesn't work02:51
kyhrossomebody can tell me how to set to run  console application from desktop?02:51
carandraugMiksago: with write permissions?02:51
airtonixsmelian, as i said unless your modem uses the international standards of usb mass storage then it wont mount it without drivers02:51
phirestalkerI have libpam-blue installed and I found out how to configure it, but the default way is I have to enter the username first and then authenticate with bluetooth. Is there a way to make it enter the username and login automatically?02:52
montana13airtonix: she cant get to the terminal. alt-f2 doesn't work02:52
Miksagocarandraug: yes, write permissions (sudo vim'd)02:52
RoyallAnyone think they know what's wrong?02:52
carandraugmontana13: is that permanent? Did she tried to reboot and see if i persists?02:52
airtonixmontana13, try the sysreq method02:52
FlannelMiksago: remove splash from that line (don't uncomment it) and you probably want to remove quiet too02:52
smelianairtonix : aha  so i should forget about makeing it work in ubuntu >02:52
montana13airtonix: she cant. no panels, no alt-f202:53
airtonixsmelian, that wasnt the product page...you gave me the driver page02:53
carandraugMiksago: look for the kernel line on the option that you use to boot and remove splash (it's at the end of the line)02:53
montana13airtonix: reboot worked02:53
airtonix!sysreq  | montana1302:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sysreq02:53
RomanaMentalisI am running a Gutsy Ubuntu "perfect server" with Ispconfig - I bought an SSL certificate from GoDaddy and I am having problems setting it up.  Can someone point me to a good link on this topic or give me a hand?02:53
Miksagoumm.. : # kopt=root=UUID=cb2d0515-1037-4d84-a519-c696a5aa45fb ro02:53
smeliansec dude02:53
vedusairtonix, thanks for questioning the code. it's a pathing issue. i'm referencing files in the same directory as the script without a path which isn't being referenced by the launcher.02:53
Miksagois that right?02:53
airtonixmontana13, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61734902:53
FlannelMiksago: sorry, defoptions02:53
FlannelMiksago: not kopt02:54
zerohcarandraug: ok i made the menu.lst correct, and i am copying over the files then i will reboot and see if i cna get on my new system02:54
smelianairtonix : thats it http://www.bandrich.com/products03.aspx?id=2&c=25&lang=302:54
Miksagoright, just saw that02:54
howler07Hi all! I am VERY new to Linux and Ubuntu.  I have a dual display setup and I was wandering if someone could tell me how to rotate one of the screens 180 degrees and make it "expand" my desktop?  I went into System->Administrator->Screens & Graphics, but it only shows the external monitor (laptop) with its max resolution and the other screen's menu is grayed out.  When I click on it it shows02:54
zerohslick if it works02:54
tijuanaok so I downloaded what I thought was gtk+ (gtk2-engine it was called) and now when I run the configure script for RutilT (the GUI for my wireless adapter) it tells me gtk2 isn't installed... When I try compiling gtk from a tarball I found on gtk.org it tells me atk isn't present... however when I apt-get atk it tells me the latest version is already installed :S02:54
carandraugmontana13: when I said reboot, I was not mentioning cold reboot02:54
Miksagoso.. #defoptions=splash quite  => defoptions=02:54
Flanneltijuana: Don't use the tarball.  You'll need to install a -dev file for gtk02:54
HardyHeronwhat does eth0:avahi mean?02:54
FlannelMiksago: No, don't uncomment it.02:54
tijuanaok, will do02:55
FlannelMiksago: but, other than that, the removal of "splash quiet" is correct.02:55
ElijahHi, I am having trouble connecting my Ubuntu tower to my XP laptop02:55
MiksagoFlannel: okay02:55
airtonixsmelian, i dont see anything there about it being a storage device.02:55
FlannelMiksago: Save, exit, then sudo update-grub02:55
MiksagoAnother question: manually reloading network drivers02:55
ElijahHow do I tarnsfer files between the 2, I am using a cross-over cable.02:56
smelianairtonix : so dude what i should do02:56
MiksagoFlannel: reloaded okay.02:56
Daft_Punkmy ubuntu is making a windows login sound when it starts up, how can i change it?02:56
carandraugzeroh: cool02:56
howler07Hi all! I am VERY new to Linux and Ubuntu.  I have a dual display setup and I was wandering if someone could tell me how to rotate one of the screens 180 degrees and make it "expand" my desktop?  I went into System->Administrator->Screens & Graphics, but it only shows the external monitor (laptop) with its max resolution and the other screen's menu is grayed out.  When I click on it it shows02:56
=== digitalfiz__ is now known as DigitalFiz
FlannelMiksago: you're done.  Reboot and see if its what you're looking for.02:56
FlannelDaft_Punk: Under the system menu, theres a sounds entry.02:56
Elijahhowler07: I am a noob to and I think that teh muli-monitor support is on its way02:56
WDCOkay, after I watch a Youtube video, I can't play any sound, or open any new appliactions02:56
WDCWhat's the deal?02:57
carandraugDaft_Punk: System > Administration > Login window, look under the tab sounds02:57
airtonixsmelian, try the eepc driver but you will have to compile the drivers most likley...can't garuntee anything, maybe you can start a protest infront of the manufactures operation02:57
FlannelWDC: It has to do with flash and pulseaudio02:57
smeliannp thank u man for helping /bow02:57
howler07Elijah: Thanks. I read your post but I can't help you either :(...02:57
airtonixsmelian, they are who will be responsible for getting it working in a linux flavour of your choice02:57
carandraugDaft_Punk: that was for the start sound.For the sucessful log in sound, System > Preferences > Sound02:57
tijuanaI installed libgtk-dev but no go... it still tells me gtk isn't present02:57
WDCFlannel: hmm. How can I fix it? because I can't Do ANYTHING without force restarting02:58
HardyHeronI have the eth0:avahi buh, help!02:58
Daft_Punkok thanks carandraug02:58
mttrneed help with wireless on a acer 5620-4801 laptop.. ubuntu hardy doesn't see the card02:58
airtonixsmelian, try searching through the ubuntu wiki & forum as well for your device vendor code and product id02:58
Miksagobut first: manually reloading network drivers.. I'm not too sure how to. My realtek RTL 8111C sometimes doesn't get loaded02:58
trece8hi everybody02:58
tijuanahi trece802:58
Miksagohow can i reload the driver?02:58
trece8i have an issue with linux-rt and 1680x1050 screen resolution...02:58
airtonixsmelian, plug it in, in terminal type : lsusb, then look for the device and get more info on it with : lsusb -s vendorcode:productcode -vvv02:59
smelianairtonix : im searching  thank u man for helping02:59
trece8if anyone wants to help, it's welcomed02:59
trece8tijuana, i speak spanish02:59
tijuanawhat's the issue?02:59
mttrfuny but only distor that works out of the box on this laptop was mandriva 200802:59
tijuanacuéntame =P02:59
smeliandidnt find it02:59
phirestalkerI have libpam-blue installed and I found out how to configure it, but the default way is I have to enter the username first and then authenticate with bluetooth. Is there a way to make it enter the username and login automatically?02:59
kyhrosCan somebody  help me,how can i , from desktop e.g. "one click"  run console application (mc, alpine,alsamixer)?03:00
trece8bueno, instalé linux-rt y tengo monitor de 1680x105003:00
montana13carandraug & airtonix: no, locate couldn't find anything. She got sleepy and went to bed.  We'll figure it out some other time. thanks anyway.03:00
trece8anda bien en linux comun, pero en el rt no se ve nada (pantalla en negro!)03:00
magnet!es trece803:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about es trece803:00
Flannel!es | trece803:00
ubottutrece8: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:00
airtonix!es | trece803:00
Elijahhow do you hook up a xp box and ubuntu box to transfer some files03:01
magneti forgot the binds :(03:01
trece8ok, i can write in english too, people03:01
airtonixElijah, most likley with samba03:01
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mttranyone one got the wireless atheros ar242x working on 8.04 ?03:01
tijuanajejeje yo no sé mucho d elinux la verdad // hehe i'm a linux newbie myself xD03:01
airtonix!samba | Elijah03:01
ubottuElijah: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209803:01
trece8I installed linux-rt and doesn't work with 1680x1050 resolution03:01
MiksagoElijah: samba tends to work well for that; takes ages though depending on network controllers03:01
Flannel!doesntwork | trece803:01
ubottutrece8: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:01
airtonixtrece8, then its time to petition the manufacturer03:01
trece8ubottu, let me rephrase03:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about let me rephrase03:01
airtonixtrece8, ubottu is a channel bot...03:02
tijuanaFlannel: I installed libgtk-dev but no go... it still tells me gtk isn't present03:02
trece8Doesn't work in the meaning of... does not get out any image (blank screen) right after the ubuntu loading screen03:02
trece8no console, no nothing03:02
RoyallI can't connect to my wireless network on Ubuntu. My wireless card is: Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-card. I'm dual-booting with Vista, which is where I'm typing from.03:02
trece8airtonix, and i'm dumb! LOL03:02
Flanneltijuana: You'll have to figure out what its looking for and install it03:02
ElijahMiksago: So I can't just hookup a network cable and transfer some files?03:02
MiksagoElijah: should be able to; it worked for me.. but the files need to be shared03:03
airtonixElijah, you would need to configure the sharing like you would in windows03:03
trece8I have to get the left the room/joined the room right now!03:03
tijuanaFlannel: ok, i'll let you know if I need more help k? :)03:03
MiksagoElijah: the way i did it was to share on windows, and make a share on ubuntu03:03
Miksagothen copy acorss03:03
ClutzI tried installing the nvidia restricted drivers as well as using the nvidia driver from the nvidia site but both gave me a black screen after the ubuntu loading bar finished. I'm using EVGA e-GeForce 7600 GT Superclocked. Anyone know what I should do?03:03
trece8Clutz: i read that item03:03
Flanneltijuana: Generally asking the channel in general is the best way, but yes.03:03
trece8didn't help03:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about interpid03:04
airtonixClutz, dont overclock your video card.03:04
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!03:04
magnetClutz: I have a solution but I believe it's not encouraged by the current Ubuntu people03:04
Clutztrece8: i didn't, that's what it's called on the box03:04
eightomg, wtf is happening?!03:04
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.03:04
trece8Clutz: didn't understand03:05
magnetomg and lol came from IRC way before IM existed03:05
ElijahMiksago: Well hopefully that get's easier in the future. Thanks. I guess I will go spend an hour figuring out Samba.03:05
mttrneed help on a wireless issue anyone ?03:05
Miksagohmm.. How can i find out when the Realtek RTL-8111C Gigabit ethernet drive works?03:05
airtonix!wireless | mttr03:05
onxairtonix, that video card is called "superclocked" and comes stock overclocked afaik03:05
ubottumttr: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:05
TopBunny88Damn Straight03:05
Flannelmagnet: The etymology isn't important.  Things like that are difficult for people to read, especially if they're not native speakers.03:05
Clutztrece8: sorry used your name isntead of airtonix03:05
eight!wtf | eight03:05
ubottueight, please see my private message03:05
Flanneleight: Did you have an Ubuntu question?03:05
magnetFlam: I'm merely pointing out a mistake in the message ;)03:06
trece8Sorry... but i kind of... missed the line of the chat03:06
airtonixonx, overclocked out of the box? wow recipie for short lifespan03:06
Clutzmagnet: what is your solution?03:06
magnetClutz: using Envy03:06
eightFlannel: no my irc was acting up, sorry03:06
trece8did someone read my problems about linux-rt and 1680x1050 resolution giving blank screen or didn't? This chat is toooo fast03:06
Clutzmagnet: Envy will get my graphics card working properly?03:06
onxairtonix, if there's warranty on it why not :)03:07
magnetit's a program that will do all for you (that is, build a proper nvidia module using the dpkg tools)03:07
magnetif it's an Nvidia one03:07
airtonixtrece8, can you pastebin the results of : lspci please03:07
HardyHeronIs the python exectuable 568 megabytes?03:07
Gun_Smoketrece8, get rid of join/part msg's and it slows down a lot03:07
Clutzmagnet: why is it not recommended by other ubuntu people?03:07
magnetit's as simple as it gets, but like most of these programs I believe they Ubuntu people don't like it03:07
trece8yes, airtonix, right away, wait 20 seconds03:07
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magnetno idea -- it does automatically what you would do if you compiled the drivers cleanly03:07
Clutzmagnet: i'll get it a try, thx03:07
magnetI'm not even sure it's unrecommended03:07
airtonixtrece8, i cant promis anything but i can arm you with good info that will help you move the problem along03:08
magnetI do use it and it works thunder03:08
Flannelmagnet, Clutz: you're required to run it each time you have a kernel upgrade, etc.03:08
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk03:08
Miksagois um... Intrepid the next version of ubunu?03:08
FlannelMiksago: it is.03:08
trece8that's the true meaning of help, airtonix... :)03:08
trece8Miksago: it is03:08
magnetFlannel: well since it's built against the kernel, it's normal that it won't work after an update; however I didn't have more success using the 'official' restricted nvidia packages :)03:09
ClutzFlannel: do you have another recommendation? The restricted driver and the nvidia driver from their site both gave me the black screen of doom after the ubuntu loading bar finishes03:09
Flannelmagnet, Clutz: see the factoid03:09
thinkfastcan anyone give me a hand splitting a tar archive up into accessible parts?03:09
lost_boy432I need help with the irqpoll option. How do i use it?03:10
magnetClutz: envy is clean; if ever you have a kernel upgrade and you don't get X running, just edit xorg.conf and go back to nv the time to run envy again03:10
ElijahSeriously guys, is there no easy way to just get some XP files onto my Ubuntu box with a network cable? This Samba thing looks way to time consuming right now.03:10
ponicgcan anyone help me figure out why when i installed ubuntu to a sata disk on my nforce4 motherboard that grub now loads with GRUB GRUB GRUB .... GRUB GRUB03:10
magnetthat's how easy it is.03:10
magnetElijah: use FTP03:10
ClutzFlannel: it says use Envy as a last resort and at your own risk, what else do i need to try first?03:10
Clutzmagnet: thx for info03:10
magnetor better, SSH with winSCP03:10
FlannelClutz: the official methods (restricted drivers manager)03:11
airtonixElijah, samba = windows networking03:11
ClutzFlannel: tried that and the driver from the nvidia site, both gave same black screen03:11
FlannelElijah: sftp is indeed the easiest.  Just install openssh-server, and use a client to connect (I suggest filezilla, but there are others)03:11
GreedyBDeluge or Vuze?03:12
drone_is there a way to roll back the version of pidgin that I currently have? I have 2.4 running in ubuntu 8.04 and I'm having an issue with not getting googletalk messages03:12
ubuntu__hello i'm new to ubuntu03:12
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phirestalkerI have libpam-blue installed and I found out how to configure it, but the default way is I have to enter the username first and then authenticate with bluetooth. Is there a way to make it enter the username and login automatically?03:12
airtonixGreedyB, ? those are two different types of apps afaik03:13
Clutzdrone_: try 2.5.1?03:13
GreedyBairtonix, ooops hmmm03:13
drone_I was unaware that there was a newer version03:13
Flannelphirestalker: Try looking in the README.Debian file, it might mention it.03:13
drone_thanks though03:13
GreedyBVuze and Deluge are both torrent clients no?03:13
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airtonixGreedyB, :) ones is for torrents the other is for converting videos03:13
airtonixGreedyB, nevermind i was thinking is a very similar named app03:14
lost_boy432I need help using the "irqpoll" option please03:14
airtonixGreedyB, transmission is good03:14
GreedyBah whats popular these days in linux?03:14
case^GreedyB: transmission works great here03:14
airtonixGreedyB, if you know how to use utorrent you know how to use transmission03:14
geniusHi, I've got malfunctioning mysql server. All programs think that it's socket is located in /tmp/mysql.sock but mysql (always) create socket at /var/run//mysqld/mysqld.sock. What happened?03:15
carandraugGreedyB: rtorrent if you don't mind terminal03:15
thinkfastwhats the command to install all available updates?03:15
geniusthinkfast: apt-get update; apt-get upgrade03:15
onxapt-get upgrade03:15
airtonix+1 for rTorrent with pyTorrent webCache reader03:15
GreedyBnice nice! last time I used Ubuntu I used Azereus.. oo terminal torrent nice :)03:15
TopBunny88Transmission Is my pick03:16
airtonixGreedyB, look at the rTorrent website for info on dht support03:16
Flannelthinkfast: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:16
thinkfasthey one more question, how would i go about splitting a tar archive up into accessible parts?03:16
thinkfastnot just a split03:16
TopBunny88Is there an Rturrent package for ubuntu?03:16
bartekhi .. I am extremely close to getting a working dual monitor setup on Ubuntu with the "ati" driver but my one problem is:03:16
airtonixthinkfast, for the first update after install use the update manager as it will remove uneeded stuff before moving on...`sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade` wont03:17
carandraugGreedyB: it's really good. Give it a try. You can have it run on another computer and constantly looking for torrents in a specific folder. You just need to add torrents to that folder03:17
fiyawerxi seem to get faster speeds with wine+utorrent than anything, no clue what it is about it03:17
carandraugTopBunny88: yes. Apt-get install rtorrent03:17
bartekUbuntu is giving the resolution of my bigger monitor (my tv) to my smaller monitor. I'm not sure why it's switching them around but in Resolution Settings it sees "Toshiba" (my tv) as my monitor . Any way I can force it to know the right one?03:17
GreedyBoh I only need a client.. as much as I would love to have a dedicated box for that '03:17
GreedyBupper management wouldn't like that :P03:18
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carandraugGreedyB: rtorrent is nice anyway. I don't have one either but know people who do it that way03:18
Flannel!away > freqk|away03:18
ubottufreqk|away, please see my private message03:18
airtonixGreedyB, transmission. ther eis a default torrent client called : gnome-bittorrent i think03:18
carandraugairtonix: actually,transmission is the default torrent client in 8.04 so it seems. At least that's what came installed03:19
airtonixGreedyB, investigate using screen to maintain a terminal session ... good way to keep terminal apps going without a terminal window03:19
fiyawerxscreen rocks03:19
GreedyBits gonna take some time.. I havent used linux in a long time.. still getting back in to the swing of things03:20
airtonixcarandraug, i wish transmission would act as a frontend to rTorrent ...that would be sweet03:20
carandraugGreedyB: you can use screen like airtonix said. It's really good for that.Or you can just have rtorrent running in a tty. That's how I do it03:20
airtonixcarandraug, closest i cam e to creating a gui frontend for rTorrent was using pyTorrent via my drupal website in the spare room03:21
CMD_L1N3how can i properly shutdown my laptop when there is a system hang03:21
airtonixCMD_L1N3, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61734903:21
CMD_L1N3thanks you so much03:22
redvamp128Anyone up for a challenge?03:22
CMD_L1N3if i did shutdown by holding the power button was there probably any damage?03:22
CMD_L1N3i have only done it once03:23
Elijahredvamp128: I already have the challenge!03:23
carandraugairtonix: many people that want rtorrent, want to use it in the terminal. I bet a GUI for rtorrent is not the thing most people is looking for03:23
ElijahTransfer a bunch of files from XP to Ubuntu in under a minute!03:23
ponicgcan anyone help me figure out why when i installed ubuntu to a sata disk on my nforce4 motherboard that grub now loads with GRUB GRUB GRUB .... GRUB GRUB? I can't even get it into the boot menu03:23
redvamp128Can't get sound IBM Netvista 657803:23
redvamp128And because no sound can't play video's03:23
carandraugCMD_L1N3: there's better ways to do it. Investigate the Magical SysRq or REISUB03:23
redvamp128Totem faults out03:23
airtonixcarandraug, yeah all i could do is make it print out the status of each torrent found in the session cache of rTorrent....my oldman wanted to know the status of things...and since i sleep at odd hours he needed away to see without having to wake me up03:24
[Solars]how do i add a user to a specific grp? addgrp user group ?03:24
airtonixCMD_L1N3, i gave you a link to syreq03:24
khinhelp! my system is using all its ram on some unknown process that is not listed on my system monitor03:25
khinwhat is going on?03:25
Ishnukill the process :)03:25
carandraug[Solars]: I believe useradd -G group_name username. But check "man useradd"03:25
khinIshnu I would if it were listed!03:25
Ishnuand hope nothing goes wrong03:25
[Solars]carandraug kk thanks for the lead03:25
redvamp128I can play video in Dragon Player but no sound.03:25
airtonix[Solars], adduser USER GROUP : Add an existing user to an existing group03:25
carandraug[Solars]: also, System > Administration > Users and Groups03:25
khinIts nowhere on system monitor under administration... but somehow 1.9 GB of RAM is being used and plenty of swap space03:26
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mindframewhat does release 8.04.1 @ http://www.gtlib.gatech.edu/pub/ubuntu-releases/ mean?03:27
khinOk now all the memory has been freed just as inexplicably.03:28
airtonixmindframe, the latest stable lts release ? (lts = long term support)03:28
Ishnulol, cool03:28
Ishnuthats quite odd, khin03:28
airtonixkhin, have a search for how linux deals with memory...03:28
khinairtonix well I thought it would be some OS routine, but wouldn't that still be a process?03:30
airtonixkhin, still worth becoming familar in how memory is managed (the differences between windows and linux)03:30
asdf25anyone know how to adjust laptop screen brightness in hardy?03:31
airtonixkhin, maybe you will discover some methods for determining exactly what is using what memory03:31
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khinairtonix yeah that might be useful. well bye!03:32
[Solars]is there a 65-bit virtualbox compilation for the amd64 computers...03:33
asdf25Fn-Home and Fn-End is the answer to my question btw03:33
IshnuHow would I check if a port is open on a computer? I know that I can use a program like NMap, but I would like to know for a program of my own.03:34
airtonixIshnu, lsof ?03:34
airtonixIshnu, man lsof03:34
Ishnuok, thanks03:35
airtonixIshnu, this will bring up the manual for the program 'lsof' : man lsof03:35
IshnuI'm not sure if lsof if what I want.03:36
airtonixElijah, you will also need to open ports 135, 137, 139 for windows networking to succed03:36
IshnuI want to be able to check if a port is open on a different computer.03:36
airtonixIshnu, its is .... you could also run firestarter which provides a list of open connections03:36
bronzewallaim considering updating to Intrepid, but i'm worried about it's stability, anyone been testing it?03:37
airtonixIshnu, ah ok...the nmap is pretty much the standard there03:37
nibsa1242banyone know how to send an accounting code to a printer?03:37
IshnuAnd I have NMap, and use it.03:37
IshnuBut I want to be able to have a similar function in my own program.03:37
airtonixIshnu, one sec...i have other ideas03:37
SerwayHey guys, im having some problems with totem, its giving me this error when trying to open this link "The playback of this movie requires a application/smil decoder plugin which is not installed."03:37
kongoveIs there any body using python?03:38
ClutzDefault Restricted Drivers, Drivers from the NVidia website, and envy all give me a black screen on boot with my EGVA e-GeForce 7600 GT 512MB DDR2 AGP 8X03:38
IshnuI want to sort of cross an IP scanner with a port scanner, to scan all computer on my network to see if they have specific ports open03:38
Ishnukongove, yes i use python03:38
airtonixIshnu,  you mean like in your own scripts?03:38
glades20Hey guys. Does anybody know about installing and running vice city under wine? I can run the game using the cd, but I dont want to burn out my only copy. On xp, I used the nocd crack, but It keeps asking for the play cd under wine. are theyre any options?03:38
jribkongove: a couple of people probably use it.  It's usually better to just ask your question03:38
IshnuYou probably want the winehq IRC03:39
airtonixIshnu, list of things here ...scroll past the obivious : http://www.itsecurity.com/features/ubuntu-secure-install-resource/03:39
airtonixIshnu, here too : http://www.ubuntugeek.com/list-of-security-tools-available-in-ubuntu.html03:39
kongoveIshnu:how long have you using Python?03:39
IshnuOk thanks airtonix03:39
airtonixIshnu, might find this good : http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/gutsy/man1/hunt.html03:39
Ishnua couple of months03:39
jvargasis there a software to capture screenshots and add arrows and boxes for linux?03:40
tylerdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/compiz/ubuntu intrepid main03:40
tylerdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/compiz/ubuntu intrepid main   ....do these look valid to add to hardy source.list?03:40
airtonixjvargas, have a look at scrot03:40
jribtyler: no03:40
airtonix!scrot | jvargas03:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scrot03:40
alteregoais there a mke2fs -j for xfs?03:40
jvargasairtonix: got it. brb03:40
airtonix!info scrot | jvargas03:40
ubottujvargas: scrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-7 (hardy), package size 15 kB, installed size 84 kB03:40
tylerjrib: whats wrong?03:40
jribtyler: well they say intrepid for one03:40
alteregoamkexfs -j /dev/md003:40
tylerwhat is intrepid btw, and how do i edit it so it will work03:41
ElijahIf I am trying to get an Ubuntu box to use the internet from a XP box through ICS which connection do I enable ICS on? The LAN or the EVDO?03:41
tylerthese are compiz source packages or whatever03:41
airtonix!intrepid | tyler03:41
ubottutyler: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!03:41
jribtyler: why do you want these?  compiz-fusion is already in hardy03:41
alteregoai hope the product will be stable03:41
airtonixElijah, lan03:41
tylerit ads some new cool plugins03:41
tylerso i just change intreped to hardy?03:42
airtonixtyler, such as ?03:42
alteregoayeah some eyecandys nobody really needs03:42
jribtyler: enabling random repositories without knowing what you are doing is one of the best ways to break your box03:42
tylerwell, u can use the deformation plugin which changes the desktop cube into a sphere or a cylinder03:42
tylerna ive done this before03:42
tylerand it worked fine03:42
khinhey i figured out what is causing that memory issue if not why it should occur: whenever i access the trash under the root filebrowser, not only does nautilus crash and need to be forced to quit, but more and more of my memory is eaten up by some process unlisted in system administration's system monitor. it gradually eats up the entire memory, then returns it later. what the hell!?03:42
jribtyler: right, because of something works fine for you once in the past, it must be safe03:43
airtonixtyler, you needto follow a guide about his in the tips & tutorials section of the ubuntuforums website to be sure you are doing all the rights steps....03:43
journeyerHi Folks, I have a newbee'sh question..03:43
journeyerI need to reinstall the ubuntu hardy LTS with the same set of packages as now. How do I do that ?03:44
Elijah1airtonix: thanks03:44
jrib!cloning | journeyer03:44
ubottujourneyer: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate03:44
airtonixkhin, if it is the trash then try emptying it via cli: its here  ~/.local/share/Trash/03:44
journeyerThanks ubottu.03:44
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journeyerI am planning to do this on the same machine though...03:45
jrib!away > freqk|away03:45
ubottufreqk|away, please see my private message03:45
Tim__if i want the xbunto to use entire h.d space  which option do i pick up-03:45
Gneajourneyer: surely you know how to backup your documents...03:45
Clutzanyone know how to get EVGA e-GeForce 7600 TG 512MB AGP 8X working on Ubuntu 8.04?03:45
tyleryo does hardy have a restore kinda thing...something similiar to norton ghost where i can copy an image and save it to an external network drive....and restore it if something goes terribly wrong?03:45
Tim__i want the vista os to be deleted on my hard drive03:45
Gnea!nvidia | Clutz03:45
ubottuClutz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:45
jribTim__: iirc, it's pretty clear.  It says something like "use entire disk"03:45
Tim__ok jrip thanks03:46
journeyeryes, I have my /home/* backed up already. I have somehow screwed up my X config03:46
jrib!info partimage | tyler03:46
ubottutyler: partimage (source: partimage): backup partitions into a compressed image file. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.7-1 (hardy), package size 271 kB, installed size 960 kB03:46
journeyerand cannot seem to fix it.03:46
airtonixjourneyer, i suggest partitioning your drive into three portions : 1 for swap, 2 fo system 3 for the home folder03:46
jrib!xconfig | journeyer03:46
ubottujourneyer: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes03:46
Gneatyler: not natively, but i've had very good luck with clonezilla (www.clonezilla.org)03:46
journeyerAlso, I want to move away from my existing reiserfs filesystem03:46
ClutzGnea: Restricted Driver failed, NVidia Driver from site failed, envy failed.03:46
journeyerCurrently I can only login using failsafe terminal or failsafe gnome.03:47
tylerthanks guys..!03:47
journeyerThe other sessions crash after a few seconds...03:47
GneaClutz: then you did something wrong.03:47
airtonixtyler, the same way you make cd images can be used for making images of your hard drive03:47
ClutzGnea: i install them according to instructions, reboot and after loading bar finishes, i get a black screen03:47
journeyerFound a lot of articles with the same issue, but no solutions...03:48
GneaClutz: I see. what does /var/log/Xorg.0.log have to say about it?03:48
samssshello all... i have a question, ive set shared folders with virtualbox and i cant see the shares folder in the windows xp virtual machine... how can i solve this? im using vbox form ubuntu repos...03:48
ClutzGnea: i will check03:48
jribClutz: what card?03:48
Clutzjrib: EVGA e-GeForce 7600 GT 512MB AGP 8X03:49
Gneajrib: 21:45 < Clutz> anyone know how to get EVGA e-GeForce 7600 TG 512MB AGP 8X working on Ubuntu 8.04?03:49
airtonixsamsss, have you checked the virtualbox website for info on this?03:49
jribsamsss: you may want to try #vbox03:49
[Solars]how do i uninstall a package03:49
snadgeubuntu 8.04.1 clean install.. when going into System -> Administration -> Users and Groups.. there is no unlock option? its greyed out.. so i cannot add a user :(03:49
[Solars]apt-get uninstall package ?03:49
airtonix[Solars], sudo apt-get remove package-name03:49
Gnea[Solars]: yup!03:49
Gnea[Solars]: er, apt-get remove package03:49
[Solars]would that also remove all the packages that were depends?03:49
IndoctrineI can't get my printer to work, it keeps telling me there's an "Error while printing", it's on, plugged in, etc. And I've tried downloading and installing the drivers from the Canon driver page for Linux (the .deb ones, not the .rpm) but it still does not work...03:49
samsssairtonix, jrib i did set the folder in the configuration of the virtual machine theres a tab there that says shared folders... but nothing happens...03:49
Gnea[Solars]: if you type apt-get by itself, and press return, it will tell you all of the options03:50
Serwaywho wants a cookie? please solve this thread, (MEDIA CODEC PEOPLE) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5879341#post587934103:50
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:50
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto03:50
[Solars]basically my problem is03:50
spacemonkeyI want to buy one of these! http://tinyurl.com/2xcz6z Can I get the software to work with wine? I've never used wine and don't really know how it works.03:50
airtonixsamsss, aye this is a problem i need to solve for myself also....03:50
[Solars]ubuntu doesn't have the 64-bit version of virtualbox03:50
airtonixsamsss, one sec03:50
[Solars]and i need to remove the old version and update it to the new version03:50
jrib[Solars]: umm, I use virtualbox-ose from the repositories on amd6403:50
airtonix!printers | Indoctrine03:51
ubottuIndoctrine: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:51
Gnea[Solars]: removal isn't automated, it will ask you to confirm before removal, so you can see if it will remove any dependencies or not - usually not03:51
ClutzGnea: http://paste.ubuntu.com/52311/03:51
[Solars]jrib are you virtualizing a 64 bit OS?03:51
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto03:51
jrib[Solars]: no03:51
GneaClutz: thank ye, reading03:51
ClutzGnea: tyvm03:51
[Solars]jrib i am trying to :P03:51
samsssairtonix, im checking a web, ill let u know if ii can do something03:51
hell_lordhi guys, i made a small change to xorg.conf and now the x server won't start.  i tried editing it out but the file system is read-only.  it may seem simple, but there's more to it.03:51
Indoctrineairtonix: My printer isn't LISTED there.03:51
jrib[Solars]: tried with the .deb from the vbox site/03:52
hell_lordthe more part is, the change was to turn on shmconfig for gsynaptics - and it worked - i restarted X and the change worked.  BUT, this happened after a suspend to disk operation resulted in a hang03:52
[Solars]jrib 32 bit version only runs 32 bit guests.. 64bit runs both03:52
airtonixsamsss, ok i solved it03:52
slestaki am testing intrepid alpha6 on a dual boot system and see a problem after insatll03:52
[Solars]jrib thats what i am going to try, but need to make sure i don't have to remove03:52
airtonixsamsss, once you have your winxp virtual on let me know03:52
spacemonkeyif I buy a device with software that only works with windows, can I use wine to use it with Ubuntu, and is that difficult?03:52
carandraugslestak: go to #ubuntu+1 then03:52
samsssairtonix, i have it on03:52
hell_lordthe _even more_ curious part of it is that the X config complains, but there is absolutely nothing in any logs - and i think because it's read-only :P03:52
khinairtonix i found the process using a command called 'top', it was nautilus i killed it03:53
slestakcarandraug: tyvm03:53
airtonixsamsss, ok now right click networkplaces and select map network drive03:53
fenerli7I can't get my Logitech Quickcam IM working on Ubuntu hardy :(03:53
samsssairtonix, ok wait one sec03:53
SiegeLordIs there a way to stop the auto-upgrade thing from removing my custom installed packages?03:53
airtonixsamsss, then browse...you should see virtual box shared folders'03:54
Indoctrineairtonix: What do you suggest now that my printer isn't listed there?03:54
jribClutz: I have the same card with 256 mb and it "just works"03:54
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning03:54
fenerli7About the Logitech webcam: I have tried "sudo modprobe gspca" after finding out the webcam needs some spca5xx driver or something but nothing, opening "cheese" or something turns the light of the webcam on but no video03:54
Clutzjrib: the 256MB card is PCI Express tho right?03:54
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate03:54
samsssairtonix, excellent man... now i can dual work, windows and linux at the same time... dude thanks03:54
airtonixIndoctrine, tea, biscuits, picket signs and some patience while you setup a picket line infront of the offie of the manufacturer03:54
airtonixsamsss, :)03:54
StooJI want to format an external drive to ext3 from FAT, it's a truecrypt volume just now but according to the Truecrypt faq it's fine to reformat it. Is mkfs.ext3 /media/externaldrive right?03:55
hell_lordanyone have any ideas?  the last log message is from yesterday when i closed my laptop lid.  it suspends, and then this morning i opened it and it hung03:55
airtonixIndoctrine, the other option is to use virtualbox to make use of your printer.03:55
hell_lordnow whenever i boot i can't start x and no logs are created because the root is mounted read-only03:55
jribClutz: yes03:55
Clutzjrib: mine is AGP 8X03:55
cedriczghell_lord, did you try to suspend your laptop again?03:56
Clutzjrib: i have seen articles on the 256 working easily but nothing on the 51203:56
hell_lordcedriczg: i thought of it but i can't figure out how - it looks like it only works through gnome :-(03:56
airtonixStooJ, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive03:56
hell_lordcedriczg: i couldn't find any relevant command or script in init.d03:56
cedriczghell_lord, do you use dual boot?03:56
Indoctrineairtonix: I downloaded and installed the drivers that would supposedly get my printer to work... I also don't have the disk space to VirtualBox.03:56
airtonixIndoctrine, is it a usb printer?03:57
hell_lordcedriczg: nope.  i would have mounted my root from the livecd and made changes but my root is encrypted in an logical volume :(03:57
jribClutz: I'd remove all the crap envy and the manual install did and then try to troubleshoot03:57
StooJThanks airtonix03:57
GneaClutz: ooo, somehow, it's trying to use the vesa driver instead of nvidia - can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf?03:57
Indoctrineairtonix: Yes.03:57
ClutzGnea, ok03:57
IshnuI have read that you can telnet an IP adress with a certain port, to determine if that port is open on the target system. But wouldn't this method just work if the target IP adress was using that port for telnet, and not anything else?03:57
airtonixIndoctrine, can you provide a product page please?03:57
cedriczghell_lord, so what ha[[ened just when you booted after the suspend?03:57
ponicgHi all, I jus twanted to let you know that hte GRUB GRUB GRUB error is grub not finding the stage1 loader03:58
Indoctrineairtonix: Details on the printer or the website I got drivers from?03:58
hell_lordcedriczg: normal boot except gdm fails, complaining about X server not running03:58
ClutzGnea: the backed up one before i restored right?03:58
GneaClutz: and btw, AGP != PCI-E03:58
airtonixIndoctrine, for the printer so i can see specs03:58
=== oc is now known as Yudha_HT
hell_lordcedriczg: root is mounted read-only (i thought because of that, but maybe something before that happens)03:58
GneaClutz: no, just the current one please03:58
cedriczghell_lord, did you check already in forums?03:59
jribGnea: line 1819 has it looking for nvidia and failing in Clutz's paste by the way03:59
ClutzGnea: I had to restore the default xorg so i could boot03:59
myselfHow can I flash my bios. OS: hardy 32, Notebook: compaq v6112au03:59
hell_lordcedriczg: yeah, this happened to me before actually but it was just a config issue with xorg.conf03:59
jansenqHas anybody got ubuntu installed on a asus m3a79 motherboard?03:59
GneaClutz: when it goes black like that, you should be able to ctrl-alt-f103:59
Indoctrineairtonix: Will this work? http://www.ciao.co.uk/Canon_PIXMA_MP210__670010003:59
cedriczghell_lord, For search on ubuntu issues you can try as well www.googlubuntu.com03:59
ClutzGnea: oh, i didn't know that =P03:59
ClutzGnea, should i try again?03:59
hell_lordcedriczg: i think it's an issue with the Xauthority file being there still04:00
GneaClutz: go for it04:00
IshnuI have read that you can telnet an IP adress with a certain port, to determine if that port is open on the target system. But wouldn't this method just work if the target IP adress was using that port for telnet, and not anything else? Does anyone know what method of scanning ports NMap uses?04:00
ClutzGnea: brb then04:00
Gneajrib: yeah i saw that too - looks like there could be some conflicting drivers installed04:00
jribGnea: meh maybe you are right about it trying to load vesa though04:00
tijuanahi again!04:00
airtonixIndoctrine, keep this aside for reference later on : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPrintingProblems04:00
hell_lordcedriczg: but that doesn't explain why the root gets mounted read-only.  this is the big problem.  i removed the read-only on error part from fstab and i am also editing the grub boot line and removing "ro", so i don't see why it's still mounting read-only04:00
airtonixIndoctrine, have you read this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55698004:01
hell_lordcedriczg: and in addition mtab is read-only so whenever i try to remount it tells me it's mounted already.04:01
Gneajrib: yeah, vesa has historically given unpleasant results with nvidia equipment, particularly when a framebuffer is involved04:01
Indoctrineairtonix: I have, it didn't work04:01
hell_lordcedriczg: i tried to force it.... and it says it's mounted rw, but it still isn't :-04:01
tijuanaI managed to install RutilT (the GUI for my wireless adapter) but when I load it instead of characters I only see squares :S04:01
airtonixIndoctrine, or this : http://geekozoid.blogspot.com/2008/05/how-to-use-canon-mp210-on-ubuntu-804.html04:01
Indoctrineairtonix: Also, I've gotten the Canon drivers04:01
cedriczgdid you use command line with chmod -R ?04:01
cedriczghell_lord, did you use command line with chmod -R ?04:02
Gneajrib: it could be something else, too04:02
Serwaybig cookie to whomever solves this!!! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=933887 Thanks!!!04:02
Indoctrineairtonix: Read something exactly the same as that, followed its instruction, still nothing04:02
hell_lordcedriczg: no, mainly because i was worried about screwing up permissions system-wide04:02
jribGnea: I have the black screen symptom on my laptop, workaround in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia fixes it04:02
airtonixIndoctrine, its pretty much hit and miss until you finf exactly right settings...all i can say is good luck with your hunting04:02
airtonixIndoctrine, usually its down to the drivers04:03
cedriczghell_lord, I understand04:03
smelianhello can some one give the right command ( ems | tail " ?04:03
jribGnea: wiki claims it only affects Go cards though04:03
hell_lordi just don't understand why i can't remount the root rw04:03
jribsmelian: the right command for what?04:03
hell_lordi'm doing sudo mount -f -o remount,rw / and it seems to work04:03
mohadibanyone got an idea how long it will take to md5sum a 170 gig file?04:04
hell_lordswap is off, /boot is umounted....04:04
jribmohadib: a long time :)  no idea04:04
mohadibhow about better ways to check file intergrity after a copy?04:04
mohadibany ideas :)04:04
smelianjrib : emsg | tail ( i want check usbs plugins in my laptop ) i did the command before but i forgot it04:04
Indoctrineairtonix: There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-not-possible'. <-- :/04:04
jribsmelian: dmesg, not emsg04:04
smelianthats it :D04:05
cedriczghell_lord, I have a question that should be easy to reply but I couldn't find the solution... How to choose VLC as default program to open DVD when I insert a DVD. I don't see a way to choose new programs in the file administrator...04:05
airtonixIndoctrine, yeah currently i am beset with a lexmark 1170...printer scanner...so i understand the frustration. lexmark just seem to think the sun shines out of bills rear04:05
Indoctrineairtonix: I also went through the CUPS address and it still didn't do anything.04:05
Gneajrib: heh, i always take such claims with a grain of salt :)04:05
zerohwow it worked04:05
zerohi acctually changed from debian to ubuntu without a cd/dvd or usb stick04:05
Indoctrineairtonix: Yeah. -.- The stupid thing is that the drivers FOR Linux don't WORK.04:06
Tim__is there any way to by pass the password in xbunto installation i forgot the password04:06
[Solars]jrib just as i thought the one in ubuntu is old and is not 64-bit supportive04:06
[Solars]installing vista 64 now w/o a problem04:06
Indoctrineairtonix: I also don't want to go back to Windows. -.-04:06
airtonixIndoctrine, in future, i would refer to the page on the ubuntu wiki that describes best supported printers via cups04:06
smelianjrib : how can i find my usb modem inside dmesg | tail and i dont see it when i use lsusb04:06
hell_lordcedriczg: the easiest way is probably to right click the file and go to properties04:06
airtonixIndoctrine, you dont have much choice though04:06
Indoctrineairtonix: I did look in there, but it wasn't actually listed04:06
jribTim__: reboot and choose recovery mode from the grub menu.  Then choose to boot into a "root shell".  Lastly, issue the command 'passwd YOUR_USERNAME_HERE' and reboot04:06
Indoctrineairtonix: I might take my dad's printer, it's older and probably better supported.04:07
hell_lordcedriczg: i think you can do it there.  but if not you can also probably find a way to do it using gconf-editor04:07
cedriczghell_lord, well... it's not a file, it's a new device04:07
jribsmelian: I don't know.04:07
tijuanaI managed to install RutilT (the GUI for my wireless adapter) but when I load it instead of characters I only see squares :S04:07
airtonixIndoctrine, network printers are well supported...strangely lexmark ones work ok.04:07
hell_lordcedriczg: ah, i see.04:07
cedriczghell_lord, gconf-editor might be the way04:07
hell_lordcedriczg: that would have something to do with hal and/or dbus04:07
Indoctrineairtonix: I don't want network printers... I want it to work locally.04:07
jribsmelian: what kind of modem is it?04:07
smelianany one know where is the probem i find my usb modem inside dmesg | tail and i dont see it when i use lsusb04:07
cedriczghell_lord, which is the permission on root files for you 400 ?04:08
airtonixIndoctrine, its not much difference how it connects...usb or ethernet on your switch04:08
hell_lordcedriczg: strangely it's rwx for root04:08
Indoctrineairtonix: But it's connected to my computer, not a switch.04:08
smelianwhen i put it in desktop its run like storage but when i put it in laptop nothing happen04:08
airtonixIndoctrine, just a suggestion, when you have a printer that can connect via ethernet....you dont have to have your computer running for them to be able to use it....means less cables also04:09
cedriczghell_lord, which files you mean?04:09
hell_lordcedriczg: all permissions look normal04:09
Till10185any one got any info on linkskys routers not working on ubuntu just tried hooking mine up and it didnt do ****04:09
Indoctrineairtonix: My entire house runs off wireless.04:09
airtonixIndoctrine, surely your wireless router has ethernet ports?04:09
Indoctrineairtonix: Of course, but there is no room out where my router is to put my huge priner04:10
cedriczghell_lord, I don't get you. Which folders are you talking about?04:10
hell_lordcedriczg: cedriczg for example /etc04:10
Till10185yeah but didnt do any thing said there was a connection but no it didnt work04:10
hell_lordcedriczg: rwxr--r--04:10
cedriczghell_lord, ok then it's 74404:10
airtonixIndoctrine, well if i had the same printer as you i might be able to help further...not much i can do with out one04:11
hell_lordcedriczg: i can't ever remember the bits :)04:11
cedriczghell_lord, you mean for all files under .etc they are 744 ?04:11
Till10185i couldnt find any thing to on what it could be i know routers work just this one is being a ***** at the moment04:11
Indoctrineairtonix: I'm off to find out what model my dad's Canon printer is.04:11
cedriczghell_lord, think in binary ;)04:11
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:12
hell_lordcedriczg: in /etc everything is 64404:12
cedriczghell_lord, r-- = 100 (binary) = 404:12
dewrwx = 421, add them up04:12
hell_lordcedriczg: there, happy? :)04:12
airtonixIndoctrine, cups will also handle your network printing needs04:12
ClutzGnea: no such luck, the computer is completely unresponsive at the black screen. can't even use num lock lol04:12
Indoctrineairtonix: I'm not network printing! AT ALL.04:13
cedriczghell_lord, lol. I am checking my own folder to see how it should be04:13
airtonixIndoctrine, i would.04:13
ClutzGnea: I tried ctrl+alt+F1 ctrl+alt+F2 and ctrl+alt+del nothing did anything lol04:13
hell_lordcedriczg: it should be 644 for conf files.04:13
Indoctrineairtonix: Well, I wouldn't.04:13
cedriczghell_lord, that's right04:13
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:14
hell_lordi just want to mount this damn file system read/write :(04:14
airtonixIndoctrine, http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/OpenPrinting04:14
jribClutz: was the Xorg.0.log you pasted right after the black screen and before you booted X successfully again?04:14
Indoctrineairtonix: I've seen it and it doesn't have drivers for mine04:14
[Solars]how do i add another desktop to GDE that ubuntu uses?04:15
Clutzjrib: no, it was after i restored the xorg and booted04:15
[Solars]i.e. i want more then 2 spaces04:15
airtonixIndoctrine, there may be a generic driver like in my situation there is a specific driver for lexmark 1170 i ahve to use a driver called z60004:15
Indoctrineairtonix: How the hell am I meant to know which one to get then?04:15
airtonixIndoctrine, isnt a specific driver for mine i mean04:15
hell_lordthe root is encrypted lvm with jfs :P04:15
hell_lordmaybe it has something to do with that :(04:16
Tim__how do i setup dsl connection in xbunto04:16
airtonixIndoctrine, lots of research and patience .... or you can re-install windows or think about petitioning cannon for better linux support.04:16
jribClutz: the other one is probably more helpful :)04:16
ClutzGnea: jrib: here is the xorg.conf that was used http://paste.ubuntu.com/52319/04:16
Indoctrineairtonix: I am NOT putting Vista back on this computer. Nor am I putting XP on here where I get even worse driver support.04:16
Tim__i got rid of vista04:17
Clutzas did i ^_^04:17
Tim__how do i setup dsl on xbunto04:17
zerohTim__: nice04:17
IndoctrineI've had so many problems with this laptop.04:17
Clutzmy laptop and my other computer got ubuntu installed with no trouble at all04:17
airtonixTim__, how did you connect your adsl modem to your machine?04:17
Clutzbut this video card is being mean to me04:17
oxeimonshit I just opened up emacs in my terminal04:17
IndoctrineIt's just not very Linux friendly04:17
oxeimonhow do I exit??04:17
zerohi never had problems with ubuntu04:17
neetoI am trying to get a DHCP server running on my desktop computer, to provide internet to my laptop/xbox/whatever. I've defined a subnet and a lease range. I've also got a host configured on the ethernet port through which the server should listen. However, I can't get an IP with any devices I plug in... Does anyone have any suggestions?04:17
Indoctrineoxeimon: Ctrl-C?04:17
Tim__airtonix through network card and cable to dsl router as in vista04:17
cedriczghell_lord, try this command and look at itś output: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/04:18
oxeimondoesn't work04:18
jriboxeimon: ctrl-x ctrl-c04:18
hell_lordIndoctrine: what laptop04:18
airtonixTim__, ok do you know the ip address of the adsl router?04:18
Indoctrineoxeimon: Esc?04:18
Indoctrinehell_lord: Acer Aspire 471004:18
airtonixTim__, and how are you communicating here now? obviously ont on the machine you want to deal with in question04:18
nxmehtai just created a new group and added myself to it, but when i type 'groups' i don't see the group... is there some service i need to restart or something?04:18
cedriczghell_lord, not sure if this gets anywhere but just to check04:18
oxeimonctrl-x ctrl-c worked04:18
Tim__airtonix: in windows...i key in my username@bell.net and then password04:18
oxeimondamn emacs04:18
Tim__i would think ip address in dynamic04:19
airtonixTim__, i have never used vista so references to "in windows" or "just like in vista" doesnt mean anything to me04:19
Tim__it is not static04:19
Tim__it is always changing the ip address:airtonic04:19
IshnuI have read that you can telnet an IP adress with a certain port, to determine if that port is open on the target system. But wouldn't this method just work if the target IP adress was using that port for telnet, and not anything else?04:19
hell_lordIndoctrine: oh dear god04:19
airtonixTim__, it wouldnt internally..that would be the external behaviour04:19
tigrananyone here know how to recreate CrossOvers menus? crossover channel is dead.04:20
Indoctrinehell_lord: That bad, eh?04:20
airtonixTim__, usually the internal address of your adsl router/modem is either : or
Tim__airtonic ok04:20
airtonixTim__, try visiting those ip addresses in firefox on the ubuntu machine04:20
Tim__it is only one machine04:21
cedriczghell_lord, might this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86898404:21
Tim__it is not networked04:21
hell_lordIndoctrine: im having some real problems with a thinkpad.  i don't even wanna know what it'd be like on that thing04:21
airtonixTim__, ?04:21
hell_lordcedriczg: lol i'm looking at that thread right now04:21
airtonixTim__, if your modem is not networked then how do you connect to it?04:21
Tim__the xubunto system---network card----dsl rounter----telephone cable.04:21
IshnuJust a quick question: when you ping, say,, how would it decide whether to ping the internal address, or the internet one?04:21
pibe86hello channel for ubuntu beta pls04:22
cedriczghell_lord, then we may be in a good track ;)04:22
Indoctrinehell_lord: Ohh yeah. In Gutsy, I couldn't get my wireless working, nor can I get it to work in Debian, Gentoo, etc.04:22
tigrananyone here know how to recreate CrossOvers menus? crossover channel is dead.04:22
tritium!intrepid | pibe8604:22
airtonixTim__, ok then your modem will have a ip address.04:22
ubottupibe86: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!04:22
cedriczghell_lord, good luck04:22
hell_lordcedriczg: ....04:22
hell_lordcedriczg: it just booted and started x04:22
Tim__ok airtonix how do i connect then04:22
Indoctrinehell_lord: I even had problems with this thing in VISTA, which is what it was designed for.04:22
hell_lordcedriczg: i have -no- idea why04:22
Tim__server will need  username and password to let me in04:23
airtonixTim__, here is my setup ubuntu -> switch -> ( -> phone cable04:23
Indoctrinehell_lord: In other words, it's a right piece of ...04:23
cedriczghell_lord, good! better don't ask :P if it works don't touch we should say04:23
airtonixTim__, on the left is the internal address and on the right is the dynamic ip assigned by the isp04:23
hell_lordcedriczg: gah it has something to do with suspend04:23
hell_lordcedriczg: and something i did fixed it.  i need to investigate this further ><04:23
Tim__before ip assigns u a ip address using dhcp protocol; it needs to authentificate me04:24
airtonixTim__, pastebin the output of : ifconfig04:24
IshnuHello glades2004:24
hell_lordIndoctrine: i bet you could get it to work on gentoo if you tried really hard04:24
IshnuHave you fixed your problem?04:24
=== x__ is now known as Xpistos
hell_lordIndoctrine: but i wouldn't want to be doing it :-)04:24
XpistosHey everybody04:24
cedriczghell_lord, I have some strange behaviour in my laptop with freezes after a while a use a game or have a specific screensaver that comes04:24
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
airtonixTim__, or you could search the ubuntu wiki for details about using this type of modem04:24
cedriczghell_lord, let me paste you what I get in my syslog04:24
XpistosOK, Is anyone else having problems getting USB to work in Virtual Box?04:25
Tim__airtonix: ok04:25
XpistosI could have sworn when I installed it in July, I got it working out of the box04:25
hell_lordIndoctrine: you a long time linux user?  lot of experience w/ gentoo?04:25
Lasivianhiya, I can't figure out how to fix my video, it went out of range04:25
glades20Hi, I think I killed wine04:25
jribXpistos: are you using the ose version from the repositories?04:25
Indoctrinehell_lord: I sat for about an hour trying to get it to connect to my wireless... it recognised the card was there and everything04:25
airtonixTim__, any adsl modem that doesnt act like a switch ought to be returned for a refund imo04:25
Indoctrinehell_lord: I had access to docs and IRC the entire time I was troubleshooting it.04:25
IndoctrineVia another computer...04:26
Xpistosjrib: I saw that and installed the closed version04:26
Xpistosjrib: I don't remember installing it via a deb package lastime though04:26
jribXpistos: try #vbox04:26
Lasivianso, I can't see anything on my ubuntu box, and I don't want to hit reset to fix what is probably an easy fix04:26
Xpistosjrib: thanks04:26
mttr_1ok so reading the RTM doesn't helping me get the wireless working on ubunut..04:26
Indoctrinehell_lord: It was actually my second install... the first time didn't work either, because I got the wrong arch of CD04:26
Lasivianmy google-fu sucks, I did try that first :P04:26
hell_lordIndoctrine: did you follow somethin like this? http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_Acer_Aspire_5102WLMi04:26
Indoctrinehell_lord: No, I was trying to get my wireless going before I even started anything else04:27
mttr_1The same driver is used on mandriva.. but ubuntu refuses to see the wireless.. Help04:27
Tim__is dsl connection point to point?04:27
=== IamSOGnickused is now known as IamSOG
glades20yeah, I thought the dpi settings in wine were for something else, and I set them for the highest. now I cant see wine config when I run it04:27
ClutzGnea: jrib: brb, going to experiment04:27
cedriczghell_lord, I pasted the error log in a separate chat04:27
kyhrosoin #ubuntu-hu04:27
hell_lordIndoctrine: just use a cable :P04:27
Indoctrinehell_lord: Also, none of that is my hardware04:27
mttr_1the ath_pci driver sucks in ubuntu04:27
arooni-mobilei just installed hardy.... i have a intel mobo with integrated ethernet.... but after booting, it doesnt see my ethernet card.... how do i fix?04:27
* Lasivian grovels04:28
Indoctrinehell_lord: Not possible without trailing a cable through the house04:28
hell_lordcedriczg: what is that from?04:28
mttr_1tried and ath_hal .. and still no difference04:28
cedriczghell_lord, syslog04:28
hell_lordIndoctrine: you can probably get it working with a cheap wireless card and unencrypted wifi04:28
Flannel!video | Lasivian04:29
ubottuLasivian: Ubuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications04:29
FlannelLasivian: ctrl-alt-f1 will give you a TTY04:29
airtonixTim__, ok sorry i confused adsl as being the same as dsl.... seems your not getting the same benefit as a adsl modem would provide04:29
Indoctrinehell_lord: It had the drivers and everything loaded for my wireless and I had unencrypted wifi at the time and it wouldn't connect04:29
Lasiviana tty?04:29
cedriczghell_lord, after a freeze that my screen gets freezed and same times only ctrl + alt + del is the  "solution"04:29
airtonix!dsl | Tim__04:29
ubottuTim__: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE04:29
* Lasivian tries googling that04:29
hell_lordcedriczg: it is happening in i915 it looks like - that's the intel graphics driver04:29
cedriczghell_lord, some messages are in spanish as I have spanish version04:29
hell_lordcedriczg: turn off the screensaver or disable ones that cause it.  most likely ones that use dri04:30
cedriczghell_lord, yep, intel here04:30
cedriczghell_lord, and what about when I use some games like xmoto for example? I get same result after a while of play04:30
HyperDso, why is the disk manager telling me I have a 140GB hard drive when I only have an 80 installed?04:30
hell_lordcedriczg: hmm04:31
IndoctrineHyperD: Corrupted files perhaps... my friend had a flash drive that said it was 16GB04:31
cedriczghell_lord, many times I see this error after the /USR/SBIN/CRON04:31
airtonixcheerio peoples04:31
hell_lordcedriczg: i dunno, ever try using Xnest?04:31
slaterockI have some ati graphics card settings questions04:31
hell_lordcedriczg: i dont' play games much on linux but i used to play starcraft in Xnest04:31
cedriczghell_lord, don't know that program/command04:31
slaterockI first enabled the restricted drivers that came with 8.0404:31
FlannelLasivian: a terminal04:32
slaterockthen installed the latest 8.9 ati drivers04:32
hell_lordcedriczg: you probably have to install a package for it04:32
slaterockhowever, I've noticed some decrease in performance in wow for example04:32
hell_lordcedriczg: it allows you to start an X session in a window04:32
IndoctrineHyperD: My hard drive says that I have 200GB when I only have a 120GB drive.04:32
IndoctrineHyperD: Errr, the disk usage thing, I mean04:32
cedriczghell_lord, mmm. But the game can start in a window...04:32
hell_lordcedriczg: yes it can04:33
hell_lordcedriczg: it's an X server - for what the game knows, it is starting full screen :)04:33
cedriczghell_lord, I mean now it can. And even that way after a while (say half an hour) it freezes my laptop04:33
hell_lordcedriczg: i dunno, but when i have graphics problems i blame compiz04:34
Lasivianfound it, ctrl-alt-backspace04:34
cedriczghell_lord, lol I do use compiz. Then that may be a point to check04:34
hell_lordcedriczg: you could try it in an Xnest with a different xorg.conf with composite extensions disabled, or you coudl turn off compiz04:34
hell_lordcedriczg: see i used to have a separate xorg.conf for starcraft and i'd use it with an Xnest :)04:34
cedriczghell_lord, Thanks. Will look into that04:35
hell_lordcedriczg: it's something to waste your time with at least :-)04:35
kyhrosmy kubuntu is unfotunately restarted, can somebody tell me where can i see what happened? (logs)04:35
nathan42100two questions...why does vncviewer open evolution and why is my top menu reversed?04:35
cedriczghell_lord, yep. I even thought about heat problem (cpu freeze maybe) but with lmsensors that possiblity is out04:36
hell_lordcedriczg: what kind of laptop?04:36
cedriczghell_lord, HP Pavilion dv6701us04:37
kyhrosmy kubuntu is unfotunately restarted, can somebody tell me where can i see what happened? (logs)04:37
=== edo32mb is now known as digitalvectorz
cedriczghell_lord, with X3100 Graphics Media Accelerator04:37
rareroi used to have a application that was named remove/add so i could remove add applicaitons.04:37
rareronow its gone04:37
=== deadinside is now known as guitargod
arooni-mobilei just installed hardy.... i have a intel mobo with integrated ethernet.... but after booting, it doesnt see my ethernet card.... how do i fix?04:38
rob__im working on installing a patch for my audio, and I have no idea on how to do it. I am using this guide; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller04:38
guitargodi have that same computer hp04:38
guitargodnot impressed04:38
slaterockwill enabling dri in xorg.conf help?04:38
rob__could someone help me with that?04:38
HyperDmy graphics card doesn't seem to work on linux very well. ATI X1600. any of the 3D packages aren't exactly decent framerates.04:38
hell_lordarooni-mobile: did you try going into the administrative tools and looking at unsupported hardware?04:38
passive1what is the best p2p program for ubuntu ?04:38
=== freqk|away is now known as freqk
Ashfire908what's the program that you pipe stuff to and it echos and writes it to a file?04:39
rob__passivel: imo transmission04:39
hell_lordarooni-mobile: maybe your driver is disabled or something04:39
rareroi used to have a application that was named remove/add so i could remove add applicaitons. now its gone, help04:39
kyhrosmy kubuntu is unfotunately restarted, can somebody tell me where can i see what happened? (logs)04:39
hell_lordAshfire908: you don't pipe anything to a program to write it to a file, you just redirect the output handle to a file using >04:39
hell_lordAshfire908: echo "hello" > file.txt04:39
savidHi all.  I just tried installing linux on my macbook (intel).  I partitioned using bootcamp,  and then re-partitioned during ubuntu install  (according to this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro).   The install went fine,  but when I reboot and hold down the option key,  it only shows the mac hd.  Any ideas?04:40
passive1rob__ : i mean something like bearshare imesh etc04:40
rareroplease help without button i cannot add remove applications04:40
Ashfire908hell_lord, no, there's a program that you can pipe stuff to and it echos and writes to a file too.04:40
rob__passivel: frostwire04:40
FlannelAshfire908: tee04:40
hell_lordrarero: just start synaptics04:40
FlannelAshfire908: well, you can do that with tee.04:40
hell_lordrarero: or synaptic or whatever.  hit alt-f2, type synaptic and hit enter04:41
passive1Thanks rob__04:41
Ashfire908Flannel, thanks, couldn't think of it.04:41
Clutzhere is my xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/52324/ and my Xorg.0.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/52325/ Will anyone tell me why my computer goes black and locks up after the ubuntu loading bar finishes on bootup?04:41
cedriczghell_lord, one question regarding the  /USR/SBIN/CRON log I get. Is this related to /etc/anacrontab file?04:41
guestguestnewhow can i maximize a 256kbps internet connection?04:41
passive1not in apt REPOs04:41
hell_lordcedriczg: dunno what cron ubuntu uses, i am pretty new to it04:42
hpajuda para comentar groub04:42
rarerohell_lord: i dont have synaptic it says04:42
Flannel!br | hp04:42
ubottuhp: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:42
hell_lordcedriczg: anacron i guess, i used to to use vixie-cron04:42
rarerothat is what i used04:42
rob__can someone teach me how to apply patches to the kernal?04:42
cedriczghell_lord, I see a line like nice run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily04:42
hell_lordrarero: gah, what did you do :)04:42
guitargodhowdy all i have a question04:42
hell_lordrob__: you don't want to do that :-)04:42
cedriczghell_lord, that runs daily04:43
hell_lordcedriczg: yeah i always disliked how cron worked :(04:43
rarerohell_lord: now it works04:43
rob__hell_lord, im fallowing a guide at wiki.ubuntu.com to patch my audio, if i shouldn't patch the kernal, what should i do?04:43
rarerohell_lord: why my icon not in gnome menu anymore04:43
=== digitalvectorz is now known as digitalvectorz|s
hell_lordrareo: don't know, must have been removed somehow04:44
rarerohow do i recreate it04:44
hell_lordrob__: what wiki04:45
rob__hell_lord: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller04:45
rob__hell_lord: method E04:45
nathan42100why does vncviewer open evolution?!04:45
guitargodi have a question. umm im running an older version of ubuntu and i cant watch videos and stuff how can i upgrade?04:45
tritium!upgrade | guitargod04:45
ubottuguitargod: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:45
hell_lordrob__: why method e?04:45
hell_lordrob__: is that the only thing that works for your laptop?04:46
rob__hell_lord because im running a toshiba A215, and that's what is confirmed04:46
cedriczghell_lord, on system > file administration, what do you see written in last tab? I have spanish version and need to know that tab in english04:46
hell_lordrob__: do you see the link to the deb file?04:46
cedriczghell_lord, is it support?04:47
rob__hell_lord: the link is dead04:47
hell_lordrob__: how wonderful04:47
hell_lordcedriczg: sec04:47
fenerli7I can't get my Logitech Quickcam IM webcam working on Hardy: I have tried "sudo modprobe gspca" after finding out the webcam needs some spca5xx driver or something but nothing, opening "cheese" or something turns the light of the webcam on but no video04:47
rob__hell_lord: i know right, so do you know anyway of applying a patch to a package?04:47
=== Indoctrine is now known as Doc|Shower
hell_lordrob__: i would with a source package.... dunno bout deb.04:48
hell_lordrob__: sec04:48
yokobrhey folks04:48
tritiumrob__: not to a binary package.  You'd have to fetch the source package, and apply the patch to source, then rebuild it.04:49
shaun_does anyone know how to remove a cvs directory?04:49
ASrocki cant get ubuntu to boot on my gateway tablet pc...it seems like a video conflict how can i boot from visa drivers or someting?04:49
guitargodhey umm listin if i upgrade on that page that bot sent me do i have to go up the chain..from 6 point whatever to seven point...then from there to the next?04:49
_haywire_cya guitargod04:49
rob__tritium: could you link me to a how-to on how to do that?04:49
yokobrplease, if anyone could help, it would be appreciated.. I'm on Hardy... And ive got a nforce4 i think.. Well, doesnt matter.. Its a nvidia audio chipset. I'm having serious trouble while i try to do the daily tasks, as listen to a music and see a flash video..04:50
nathan42100no one has an idea about my problem?04:50
yokobrPulseaudio is getting me nervous...04:50
rob__nathan42100: because it's a mailto link.04:50
yokobrNforce drivers doesnt support ALSA..04:50
guitargodwhat do i type in terminal to see what version i hav04:50
rob__nathan42100: what would you like it to open to?04:51
slaterocki could use some help!04:51
yokobri want to kick pulse audio to space..04:51
tigranhi is it possible for Evolution mail to have different inbox folders for each email account?04:51
slaterockhas anyone noticed problems after installing new ati drivers?04:51
hell_lordcedriczg: i don't have that option04:51
tritiumrob__: nothing specific.  If you know that patch you want to apply, give it a try.04:51
guitargodwhat do i type in terminal to see what version i hav04:51
slaterocki'm getting much more choppy gameplay in WoW after upgrading drivers04:51
yokobrMy problem its with that fckng sound driver.04:51
cedriczghell_lord, I have ubuntu 8.04 and you?04:52
rob__tritium: well I don't even know how to apply a patch so... could you help me out there?04:52
guitargodwhat do i type in terminal to see what version i hav04:52
hell_lordcedriczg: same04:52
hell_lordcedriczg: i use the regular gnome menu button04:52
hell_lordcedriczg: not the list of 3 options or w/e that is the default04:52
rob__guitargod: a lot of programs will print their version number if you type "nameofprogram -v"04:52
cedriczghell_lord, nautilus-file-management-properties04:53
caimlasI'm running kubuntu/ubuntu 8.04, fully apt-get upgraded, on an IBM thinkpad x30 which has a  Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (rev a8) Cardbus bridge. There are two, one for CF devices and the other for PCMCIA/Cardbus devices. However, when I insert either (and I've tried nearly a dozen) they are not recognized by the kernel (only "pccard: CardBus card inserted into slot 0" and the associated "pccard: card ejected from slot 0" when removing it). I04:53
caimlashave yenta_socket insmod'd (as well as pcmcia_core and pcmcia) but again, they're not recognized (nothing in lspci, no entry of devices being recognized in dmesg, etc.)04:53
guitargodi mean...ubuntu version04:53
cedriczghell_lord, that's the setting for new devices (on last tab)04:53
Hewguitargod: Do you mean which version of Ubuntu? lsb_release -a04:53
guitargodyes lol04:53
cedriczghell_lord, maybe the word is "devices"04:53
Hewguitargod: No worries04:53
maxagazis it possible to boot an iso which is in my /home from grub ?04:54
hell_lordcedriczg: last is "Media"04:54
nathan42100Is vncviewer installed by default?04:54
TricyclethiefIs there anyone that has a ati x1650 agp card with dual monitor setup WORKING, i dont care what ubuntu version ill downgrade if need be04:54
cedriczghell_lord, ok, thanks :)04:54
tritiumrob__: sorry, not right now04:54
guitargodhew im running 6.06.2 LTS i need to upgrade04:55
rob__tritium: its alright, im just going to make a thread. thanks for helping this much04:55
yokobrPlease, anyone there is using hardy with nforce?04:55
=== rsiT is now known as ThersiT
Hewguitargod: You can upgrade to Hardy 8.04.1 LTS04:55
tigranhi is it possible for Evolution mail to have different inbox folders for each email account?04:55
ASrockyokobr: i was i switched to an amd chipset now though04:55
guitargodyes okay i see that..but do i have to climb the latter of upgrades non the page04:55
guitargodor can i go right to that04:56
yokobrASrock, had you experienced troubles with the sound driver/modules?04:56
Hewguitargod: 6.06 is a LTS release, so you can upgrade from LTS to LTS. Otherwise you would have to climb the ladder (in which case a fresh install is probably easier).04:56
Hewguitargod: relax, it takes time to type :-)04:57
ASrockykobr: yep, audacity would work until i tried opening rhythmbox then audacity wouldnt work04:57
guitargodsorry..i just know nothing about linux or ubuntu hew04:57
guitargodand its hard for me to upgrade04:57
yokobrASrock, shit..04:57
hell_lordrob__: i wish i could help but i have to go to bed.  i dont' know enough about ubuntu (i'm used to a different distro)04:57
_haywire_cya hell_lord04:57
Hewguitargod: No worries. 6.06 -> 8.04 will work well :-)04:57
yokobrAnyone knows where i can download Intrepid alpha?04:57
ASrockyokobr: i recommend a PCI sound card, that worked for me04:58
rob__hell_lord: don't worry about it. thanks for trying04:58
caimlasanyone know what might be causing my "cardbus isn't working" problem (as stated above)?04:58
guitargodso no inbetween?04:58
rararehhell_lord: hi again, i check now in gnome-menu-editor04:58
rararehicon is ther but cannot be selected04:58
hell_lordrob__: look into extracting deb packages04:58
rararehwhen i select it gets deselected04:58
Hewyokobr: Alpha 6 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/alpha-6/04:58
hell_lordrob__: try extracting the package and then running patch < patch_file in the directory of the files04:58
Hewyokobr: Intrepid support is in #ubuntu+104:58
yokobrASrock, my pc is still under guarantee.. so i cant open it.04:58
hell_lordrob__: or try looking into this dpkg thing :)04:58
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:58
rob__hell_lord: will try thank you!04:58
yokobrHew, thank ya04:58
hell_lordcaimlas: try looking into what modules you have loaded (lsmod)04:59
tigranis it possible for Evolution mail to have different inbox folders for each email account?04:59
ASrockyokobr: who did u buy it from?04:59
hell_lordrarareh: sounds like might be a configuration error04:59
rararehhell_lord: i create new user, same error04:59
esacdoes anybody know if there is an alternate to rdesktop ?04:59
hell_lordrarareh: try copying all relevant information, deleting it, and recreating it04:59
yokobrfrom a fuckng store here in brazil.04:59
hell_lordcaimlas: think you need pcmcia, yenta, some other crap05:00
ASrockyokobr: shoulda built your own...05:00
rararehhell_lord: i create new user05:00
rararehsame error05:00
hell_lordcaimlas dunno why it wouldn't work right off the bat - mine does05:00
hell_lordcaimlas: thinkpad r61 w/ hardy 8.0405:00
yokobrhey, does anyone knows if its safe to use 64 bit ubuntu?05:00
tigranis it possible for Evolution mail to have different inbox folders for each email account?05:00
yokobri had many problems in past.05:00
ASrockyokobr: im using it and it works great05:00
hell_lordrarareh: try doing a dpkg reconfigure of gnome05:00
yokobrASrock, i had many lib problems.. But it was on 6.0605:00
yokobri never tryied after that.05:01
hell_lordrarareh: or when you boot, choose safe mode or w/e and try using the "Recofnigure packages" option05:01
hell_lordrarareh: or "fix broken packages"05:01
ASrockyokobr: ya it has much improved sence then05:01
hell_lordi'm out, bed time.05:01
hell_lordgood luck all05:01
Hewguitargod: You can upgrade to the next standard release if you like, but I strongly recommend you upgrade straight to Hardy 8.04. (also, please use my name in messages so they don't get lost in the channel)05:01
rararehwhat does fix broken packages mean05:01
yokobrOk, you convinced my..05:01
ASrockyokobr: much better than windows 64 bit which pretty much sucks05:01
rararehHew: how do i fix how do i find broken05:01
rararehsorry hew05:01
guitargodhew: it says to start go Press Alt-F2 and type gksu "update-manager"05:01
guitargodbut it says that location doesnt exist05:02
Hewrarareh: No worries. You should be able to sort things out with Synaptic.05:02
tigranis it possible for Evolution mail to have different inbox folders for each email account and if it doesnt, does Thunderbird do it? This is for pop email accounts05:02
Hewguitargod: Can you go to System -> Administration -> Update Manager?05:02
caimlastigran, don't know about evolution, but tbird does it by default05:02
guitargodlol thank u so much05:03
arooni-mobilei just installed hardy.... i have a intel mobo with integrated ethernet.... but after booting, it doesnt see my ethernet card.... how do i fix?05:03
guitargodwshould have been easy lol05:03
tigrancaimlas: k, going with thunderbird then, hows thunderbirds backup/restore for email?05:03
caimlastigran, I've got a half dozen accounts (incl gmail) set up in such a fashion05:03
guitargodis there a big difference?05:03
Hewguitargod: yes :P05:04
=== Yudha_HT_ is now known as Yudha_HT
Hewguitargod: 4 releases, 2 years of work05:04
slaterockati, WoW new drivers05:04
guitargodyeah im at lkike 6>0805:04
slaterockserious lag05:04
ASrocksince you guys are on the email subject...my hotmail box became a spam magnet...i want to get a new email...what do you guys recommend for free email providers?05:04
guitargoddo u think youtube will work?05:04
yokobrIVE found alsa drivers for hardy05:04
Hewguitargod: Works for me (even though there are a lot of flash problems atm). Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit?05:05
=== Doc|Shower is now known as Indoctrine
guitargodumm i dont remember..i think 6405:05
guitargodim rebooting05:06
Hewguitargod: ok05:06
nathan42100what packages is the compiz-settings-manager? I can't find it in SPM05:06
RyanPriorHow can I transcode an mp3 into wav audio?05:07
guitargodthis is takin long05:07
guitargodit says i need a breezy badger cd rom hew05:08
Hewguitargod: What does?05:08
Flannelguitargod: You need to uncomment the breezy CD from your sources.list05:08
Guest42539what up peapole?05:09
Flannelguitargod: er, comment, not uncomment.05:09
guitargodsome part of the upgrade i guess im not getting now05:09
Hewguitargod: Also, what is the output of uname -m05:09
RyanPrior!hi | Guest4253905:09
ubottuGuest42539: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:09
Flannelguitargod: are you on dapper or breezy? (lsb_release -a)05:09
guitargodno clue what that even is man05:09
HewFlannel: He's using dapper05:09
Guest42539there is someone who can speak spanish?05:09
FlannelGuest42539: /join #ubuntu-es05:09
RyanPriorGuest42539: Hi! Say "hi!" if you're a bot.05:09
Hewguitargod: System -> Admin -> Software Sources05:09
RyanPrior!es | Guest4253905:10
ubottuGuest42539: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:10
tigrancaimlas: how do I add more outgoing servers?05:10
guitargodthe upradede is working tho05:10
tigrancaimlas: nvm05:10
guitargodi just clicked cancle haha and it kept goin05:10
Flannelguitargod: Once you upgrade, remember to remove your Breezy CD from your sources05:10
Hewguitargod: ok then..05:10
guitargodi have no cd05:10
Guest42539there is someone who can speak spanish?05:10
guitargodi never did either05:10
Flannelguitargod: You installed from the breezy CD05:11
RyanPrior!es > Guest4253905:11
ubottuGuest42539, please see my private message05:11
guitargodi did not..the dude who i got it from did05:11
Flannelguitargod: That's not really important.  You're going to be removing it, so you don't need the CD.05:11
HewFlannel, guitargod: It's ok, we'll remove it later :-)05:11
FlannelGuest42539: type /join #ubuntu+105:12
FlannelGuest42539: er, sorry.  /join #ubuntu-es05:12
guitargodyeah this upgrade is going to take about 40 mins05:12
RyanPriorHow can I transcode an mp3 into wav audio?05:13
HewGuest42539: This is an English channel only. Join #ubuntu-es for Spanish support.05:13
bruenigRyanPrior: ffmpeg05:13
guitargodits going slowwwww05:13
guitargodand i have fast internet05:13
Hewguitargod: It's a lot of data. Give it time. Go and grab a coffee or something :-)05:14
RyanPriorbruenig: Thanks.05:14
guitargodlol noo too excited05:14
guitargodive have this computer for a while but could barely even figure it out05:14
Hewguitargod: I find caffeine enhances the excitement ;-)05:14
guitargodi dont drink it really05:15
guitargodi used to drink tons and tons of energy drinks.....and then i had some horrible stomach pains too much caffeine05:15
Clutzhere is my xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/52324/ and my Xorg.0.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/52325/ Will anyone tell me why my computer goes black and locks up after the ubuntu loading bar finishes on bootup? Ask if you need to know more.05:15
guitargodits going like 62 kb per sec05:16
samssscan i share virtual machine with other users? just dont want all users to install another os using vbox... is it possible?05:16
guitargodhey hew will i be able to watch videos on you tube after.. ..without problemss05:16
samsssguitargod, audio problems?05:17
Hewguitargod: I'm not sure. Hopefully. There are crashing problems with flash on Hardy atm.05:17
Clutzsamsss: as far as i know yes, just have the vdi in another location and select it manually with the OS settings05:17
Hewguitargod: uname -m05:17
guitargodwhere in terminal05:17
guitargodput that>?05:17
Hewguitargod: yes. What does it output?05:18
=== michael__ is now known as mcbelisle
samsssClutz, didnt think on that... so if i put the hd on for example /usr/share/virtualmachines/vdi... bla bla bla and then tell users to use that shared hard drive?05:18
=== mcbelisle is now known as mbelisle
Hewguitargod: You're running 64-bit, like me. There are problems with both 32 and 64, but there may be some problems you notice with 64-bit, unfortunately.05:19
=== mbelisle is now known as belisle
Hewguitargod: it's a bug that's being worked on heavily atm.05:19
tritiumbelisle: are you done with the nick-spam yet?05:19
guitargodlinux is so diff05:19
guitargodits on fiel 149 of 145905:20
Orchid`i think that person was very slow.05:20
image_q>hello does anyone know why mencoder would work incorrectly if done as a cron task?05:20
nomingziI plan to download and to install Ubuntu server, may I know if it is come with GUI, unlike Debian has no GUI.05:20
Bogus8does the ubuntu package of rtorrent contain XMLRPC support?05:20
Tim__i connect my xbunto system to adsl05:22
Flannelnomingzi: The server doesn't come with a GUI, no.  But it's just a default package set.  You can add a GUI if you'd like afterwards.05:22
Tim__but firefox would fire up05:22
Tim__will not fire up05:22
image_qIm trying to convert a realplayer file to windows with mencoder and then convert it to flv with ffmpeg, it works perfectly when I run it myself, but when a cron job runs it, it breaks down and the videos don't work for some reason, I can't even play them with a normal flash player, anyone have any idea why?05:23
Tim__what a pain trying to get adsl connection using xbunto05:23
Flannel!dsl | Tim__05:23
ubottuTim__: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE05:23
Tim__i did look at it05:23
Tim__i did what i was asked to but i connected to my isp using adsl05:24
Tim__anyone here using adsl05:24
hang/join #ubuntu-cn05:27
XavuraHow can I have a wallpaper span across all my workspaces05:28
XavuraI have a panoramic wallpaper I want to kind of go on and on05:28
ClutzXavura: divide it into sections and apply them to the separate desktops? lol05:29
XavuraYeah but how do I do that?05:29
XavuraI've been looking and I can't find it.05:29
ClutzXavura: hmm, i know how to do it on kde. let me look into it05:29
ClutzXavura, you're using gnome right?05:29
XavuraI am.05:30
XavuraIf I was using KDE wouldn't I be in #kubuntu ...?05:30
ClutzXavura: compiz allows different wallpapers for sure05:31
* con-man has guitar hero 3 for PC working in linux! TAKE THAT SECUROM *flex*05:31
XavuraI use Compiz05:31
XavuraI still can't find it, even in Compiz...05:31
ClutzXavura: oh05:31
XavuraI've been looking for ages05:31
ClutzXavura: compiz-fusion?05:31
con-manI hope the means compiz-fusion05:31
con-mansomeone was in here looking for help the other day with beryl05:31
con-man*I hope he05:32
Xavuraerr you hope he means compiz-fusion? He said compiz-fusion :S05:32
nomingziwhere can i find information on the steps/procedures on how to install VMware Server onto Ubuntu Desktop AMD64 ?05:32
ClutzXavura: try this http://wallpapoz.akbarhome.com/05:33
yokobrplase, could anyone give me that adress to get ubuntu 8.10 alpha?05:33
Clutzyokobr: sure 1 sec05:33
tritium!intrepid | yokobr05:33
ubottuyokobr: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!05:33
con-man<Xavura> I use Compiz05:33
con-man I still can't find it, even in Compiz...05:33
hasmindhey, i just put a whole bunch of hardware together, including a hdd with ubuntu on it. I can't get networking to work, and I have a feeling its network drivers05:33
yokobri give up with my sound driver on ubuntu hardy05:33
XavuraAh, sorry.05:34
yokobranyone here heard about nexenta?05:34
hasmindubuntu is meant to automatically configure network stuff right?05:34
con-manI still join #compiz-fusion by joining #beryl cause its less typing, and ppl c an see that I have joined via #beryl and laugh thinking im still using it05:35
Clutzyokobr: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/alpha-6/05:35
nowayhasmind it generally gets 95-95%05:35
hasmindits not even registering that its plugged into my router05:35
hasmindso doesn't that mean that the drivers are "bad" or non existant?05:35
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
moda1hi there05:36
tritiumhasmind: not necessarily05:36
nowayhasmind is this a wlan or eth connection?05:37
hasmindeh... i didn't know there is a difference05:37
=== otherman is now known as anotherman
MrNaz`i'm trying to get my webcam working, i've installed easycam and the drivers *seem* to be working, /dev/video0 appears when i plug it in and it detects some generic model type.. however when i try to get a tv stream from mplayer it opens a video box but all i see is green... anyone know what i'm doing wrong ?05:37
anothermanhow can I login as root?05:37
Clutzanotherman: you can't05:38
IshnuJust use sudo05:38
anothermanI can05:38
hasmindsorry, its ethernet05:38
Clutzanotherman: just use sudo to execute things as root05:38
IshnuSudo (command)05:38
anothermansudo sux05:38
Ishnuno it doesnt05:38
anothermanI Need root05:38
Tim-SI just tried to install network-manager-pptp, but the nm-applet disappeared and runninjg it from the command line does nothing.  Thoughts?05:38
Ishnuwhat for?05:38
hasmindsudo makes u root :/05:38
anothermanI don't want to use sudo each time, I am tired of it05:38
tritiumhasmind: not quiet05:38
tritiumanotherman: then use sudo -i05:38
Ishnuyou shouldnt be05:38
anothermanwhat's that?05:39
Clutzanotherman: fine then, type sudo su05:39
con-manzomg downloading 100 gigs of torrents at once is annoying cause whenever you close Transmission either manually or from restarting your PC it has to reverify the data, which grings my Quadcore with 4 gigs of RAM to a halt05:39
Ishnusu = superuser05:39
tritiumClutz: no, sudo -i05:39
=== jono_ is now known as jono
anothermanwhat are sudo -i and sudo su05:39
Clutztritium: huh?05:39
con-mananyway to turn that off?05:39
Ishnusudo su makes you the superuser05:39
anothermanwhy not login as root?05:39
tritiumClutz: sudo -i, not sudo su.  Please don't recommend that.05:39
tritium!sudo | anotherman05:39
ubottuanotherman: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)05:39
Clutzanotherman: login in as root is dangerous05:40
anothermanI will login as root no matter you want that or not!05:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ip05:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about localaddress05:40
Pnuxhello, is anybody here?05:40
Pnuxdo you happen to know how to get my local address using a terminal?05:41
nowayroot it up05:41
nowaypnux ifconfig05:41
darkbishoproot suck...05:41
edgyHi, I am using ubuntu hardy and logwatch don't send emails to me. I tried e.g logwatch --mailto me@gmail.com and it just prints to screen05:41
Pnuxthanks for the answer05:42
nowayanyone know how to display wlan0 driver in terminal?05:42
nowaylike the name of the installed driver for wlan005:42
RolaultenHello...I'm haveing issues with gnome-screensaver crashing...tryed to remove, and purge it...then reinstall and it still crashes when I try and turn it on. pastebin of gnome-screensaver --debug is http://paste.ubuntu.com/52342/05:43
gluonmanI have a problem with DVD burning. I created an .iso from a movie I wanted to copy. Unfortunately, the resulting .iso was 7.3 GB in size. I can't burn 7.3 GB of data onto a 4.7 GB DVD+R.  Even when I tried just backing up the DVD using dvdbackup, the resulting folder (VIDEO_TS) was 7.3 GB. What can I do to successfully copy my movie to another DVD+R?05:43
nowaythe device was installed during installation and the fix for stopping loss of wireless signal after three minutes of inactivity depends on knowing this05:43
MrNaz`anotherman if you need root regularly then perhaps Ubuntu is not the distro for you05:44
anothermanMrNaz`, why not lol05:44
Joshooagluonman: You're going to be told you're off topic but best you can do is DVDShrink and Wine05:44
nowayi know my device is a rtl8187 but issuing commands for it doesn't work either05:44
Pnuxgluonman, looks like all you need is a double layer dvd05:44
gluonmanJoshooa, I don't know why I'm off topic. Maybe I should specify that I'm doing this in Ubuntu and ask what's the Ubuntu way to solve my problem.05:45
MrNaz`anotherman Ubuntu deliberately makes it hard to log in as root because logging in as root regularly is a bad idea both for beginners and advanced linux admins. theres no reason you should need it, so ubuntu blocks it. if you have decided you will log in as root no matter what, then ubuntu will fight you every day until you eventually break it05:45
Joshooagluonman: I don't know why either, but last night some guy got reemed for about 20 minutes for asking that same question05:45
IshnuCould someone with the UNIX source please pastebin Documentation/usb/usbmon.txt?05:45
MrNaz`anotherman if you dont know logging in as root is a bad idea, then thats even more reason for you not to log in as root05:45
anothermanMrNaz`,  I will break ubuntu then05:45
tritiumMrNaz`: the root account can be enabled easily.  It's just a bad idea.05:45
gluonmanJoshooa, that's strange. Is DVDShrink free?05:46
tritiumanotherman: read the URL I had ubottu send you about sudo05:46
StylesWhen Pidgen updated their client, did we automatically get it?05:46
Joshooagluonman: I guess it's "illegal" or something. But yeah, dd can make isos, but not re-encode, you need something to do that, there are some linux alternatives, but so far what I've seen most people use DVDShrink. I think probably just like a trial or freeware version05:46
MrNaz`anotherman hey... its you time, feel free to waste it as you please05:46
gluonmanPnux, I was hoping for a method that would work without having to go to the store and get a double-layered DVD.05:46
Clutzanotherman: see the directions in the PM/IM05:46
[Solars]does ubuntu support lightscribe?05:47
bobertdosStyles: No, but Pidgin isn't horrible to compile from source, actually. Although at this point, I'd wait for Ibex.05:47
gluonmanJoshooa, I'll look into DVDShrink. It runs with wine?05:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lightscribe05:47
[Solars]!light scribe05:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about light scribe05:47
IshnuCould someone with the UNIX source please pastebin Documentation/usb/usbmon.txt?05:47
tritium!botabuse | [Solars]05:47
ubottu[Solars]: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.05:47
=== chubs is now known as Chris_Hansen
gluonmanJoshooa, and what I'm doing is not illegal, given that I purchased the original and have no intention of burning the copy for distribution.05:47
edgyIshnu: which UNIX??05:49
Ishnui really dont mind05:49
Ishnunewer is better05:49
edgyIshnu: linux is OK?05:49
Ishnubut it doesnt have to be the newest05:49
Ishnui think so05:49
Ishnuim not 100% sure its what im after05:49
Stylesbobertdos, whats ibex?05:49
Ishnubut i think it is05:49
Ishnuim capped so i cant dl the source05:49
FloodBot2Ishnu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:49
=== Chris_Hansen is now known as chubs
bobertdosStyles: The next release, due in a month.05:50
edgyIshnu: www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/usb/usbmon.txt05:50
nowaynobody knows how i'm supposed to modprobe my wlan0 device when i can't figure out the name of it?05:50
Stylesbobertdos, ahh thanks lol05:50
roe_I can always count on #ubuntu to be lively at 1am05:50
mib_cp3dynhi. i've got a major question about installing ubuntu05:50
roe_mib_cp3dyn, congratulations?05:50
Stylesbobertdos, I don't understand, I would think Gnome would handle updates for programs and Ubuntu would just focous on the OS.05:51
StylesSince Gnome is the gui layer05:51
edgyIshnu: you know about usbmon and don't know about google?05:51
Joshooagluonman: Yes it should work fine, unless you have a bug or some error but I've read good reviews for it's reliability with Wine, sometimes it did freeze for people during encoding, but overall good. And yes, I believe you are legal and in your rights, but honestly, even if you weren't, I don't care, and I'd still help you cause the technology is cool and knowledge is power! :)05:51
Ishnui tried finding it05:52
Ishnubut i had little success - i am new to linux05:52
gluonmanJoshooa, amen.05:52
bobertdosStyles: Gnome really has nothing to do with the programs within it; it's just an environment. It is Connical and the Ubuntu project responsible for updates. Since Ubuntu is not a rolling distro, it really doesn't do any updates besides security and bug fixes.05:52
mib_cp3dynokay, so in the installation, what partition option do i select? here's my setup. i have 1 hard drive, with 2 small backup-like partitions (shipped with machine) 1 big vista partition and about 50gb of unallocated space for ubuntu. which option in the installer do i pick for it to take the unallocated space and place ubuntu there, without harming my other stuff05:52
mib_cp3dynp.s. i'm an ubuntu first-timer05:53
Stylesbobertdos, ahh05:53
roe_mib_cp3dyn, well, the guided install should offer to use "free" or "unallocated" space05:53
LampreyQuestion, what irc client are people using?  Right now I'm using Pigin with the irc plugin.05:54
mib_cp3dynso "Guided-use the largest continous free space" is the one to pick? will it affect any of my other partitions?05:54
roe_xchat here05:54
roe_mib_cp3dyn, no05:54
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:54
IshnuPidgin here05:54
mib_cp3dynroe_ thanks05:54
JoshooaLamprey: I use Pidgin myself, if for no other reason that not having to have one program for all my IMs and another for IRC, plus Pidgin is really  nice.05:54
IshnuYeh I like pidgin.05:55
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest67187
Stylespidgin is pimpin05:55
Clutzyay pidgin/gaim05:55
Guest67187i am having trouble with rhythm box music player not recognizign my songs when it boots05:55
nnulli never tried pidgin for irc lol, figured it would be crap without trying it05:55
LampreyIt does seem to work well, but I wasn't sure about features yet.. This is the first time I set up IRC on my linux desktop05:55
Guest67187what is this error possibly?05:55
LampreyPidgin that is :;05:55
=== Guest67187 is now known as jacob`
* Clutz is using pidgin for irc lol05:55
LampreyHmm.. it seems i've accidentaly made the right choice :)05:56
gluonmanJoshooa, officialdvdshrink.com is charging to download DVDShrink. I thought it was freeware?05:56
nnullas much as i like xchat goto any webby forthem and you feel like you jumped in the internet time machine back 20 years05:56
IshnuAre the songs on the same partition?05:58
Lampreygluon - DVDshrink used to be free, but changed to a pay model after some of the DVD decryption crackdown05:58
Stylesomg its aesome dvdshirink should iwn a prize05:59
LampreyDVDshrink is good though.. was someone saying that it works under wine?05:59
roe_nnull, not sure I follow06:00
nnullroe_¬ just saying i never tried it because i assumed it wouldnt be good, but it probably is, i see alot scripts running around for it06:01
RolaultenHello...I'm haveing issues with gnome-screensaver crashing...tryed to remove, and purge it...then reinstall and it still crashes when I try and turn it on. pastebin of gnome-screensaver --debug is http://paste.ubuntu.com/52342/06:01
roe_oh, I really didn't follow :) - I thought you were criticizing xchat's interface for being outdated06:01
ziedrichwhoa, check this out http://tinyurl.com/26oeeq !!!06:02
bmxeri need help with my ipod..it wont recognize but will charge06:02
mib_cp3dynout of curiousity, should i be trying to get the vista bootloader back, or should i just stick with GRUB?06:03
roe_GRUB is your friend06:03
mib_cp3dynhaha. aight06:03
Rolaultenvista has no boot loader...and so you will not be able to boot into ubuntu if you remove grub06:03
nnullim installing hardy on a usb drive heh, even it used grub :)06:03
roe_the MS bootloader is miserable06:03
Milos/etc/init.d/apparmor says it doesn't exist06:05
Milosbut /etc/apparmor.d/ exists and has stuff in it06:05
=== dmsuperman_ is now known as dmsuperman
lloydHi, can someone tell me the command to move all the files in a folder (just the folder, not its subfolders) to another directory?  In DOS it was move *.*, but I need to command for linux.  :)06:06
mib_cp3dynroe_ thank you for your help! got ubuntu up and running in dual boot with vista successfully. can't wait to play around with it06:06
rsc-lloyd, "move" is "mv" in linux.06:07
rsc-mv * /to/06:07
roe_ mib_cp3dyn soon you'll be dumping vista06:07
rsc-you get the idea06:07
complex_numberHow do I add an SMB Brother HL2040 Printer to ubuntu?06:07
roe_complex_number, local or network?06:07
lloydso it would look exactly like this...  mv * / /usr/share/gnome-screensaver06:07
roe_complex_number, the ubuntu way, I think there is a printer widget under preferences or administration06:08
bmxerneed help finding location for my ipod.it will charge but not recognize06:08
bobertdoslloyd: No, mv * <destination>06:08
lloydokay cool.  thanks for the help!06:08
complex_numberIt has HL-2060 but not HL-2040 :('06:09
complex_numberUbuntu doesn't support HL-204006:09
Joshooacomplex_number: Find the closest one, it should work just fine still.06:10
Tim__in ubunto ppoe connection do i have to add name server phyically06:10
Joshooacomplex_number: My 3 in 1 isn't supported, but the closest driver Ubuntu has is still in the family and everything works fine over my network with it06:10
Tim__i connected but it is nt finding the name server in dsl connection06:10
RoathGreetings everyone06:11
complex_numberwhich one do I install, lpr or CUPS06:11
tritiumcomplex_number: ubuntu uses cups06:11
complex_numbercupswrapper driver?06:11
Tim__line printer daemon06:11
Roathi got some pre-install questions, is this the right channel for it?06:11
tritiumcomplex_number: I'm not telling you to download anything.  I'm just telling you what ubuntu uses.06:11
IshnuRoath: yes06:12
Tim__how i do add name server any help06:12
tritiumTim__: if you need to add them manually, add them to /etc/resolv.conf06:12
LampreyTim edit /etc/resolv.conf06:12
Roathi want to install linux on a partition but i hear that vista doesn't have the ability to change the boot list, how do i get the ability to choose the OS's then?06:13
tritiumRoath: grub06:13
Roathwhat's that?06:13
tritium!grub | Roath06:13
ubottuRoath: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:13
Roath<- linux newb06:13
izinucsRoath, Grub will overwrite the windows boot loader and give you a menu.. when partitioning make 3 partitions.. root "/" = 6-12 gigs.... /swap = 1gig max.... and the rest /home06:13
bobertdosand it automatically gets installed with Ubuntu06:13
Roathuuuh, nice06:14
Roaththat solves that problem :D06:14
IshnuRoath - installing Ubuntu is very simple - what seems complicated now requires next to no effort from you06:14
izinucsRoath, do you have more than one partition on the drive now?06:14
Tim__tritium and lamprey: do u normally edit it or isnt added automatically once it is connected to isp06:14
tritiumTim__: I never touch it06:15
Roathyeah, i installed it on my notebook, its just that i wish to keep vista on my desktop06:15
Tim__tritium how did u setup ur dsl connection06:15
Roathlove ubuntu but sadly still a linux noob06:15
tritiumTim__: normally, if you receive your IP address via dhcp, you don't need to set it up.06:15
mike-solidushey, i need the kernel to recognize my ICH10 intel sata controller cards hard drives partitions but it does not, I know this means I need a newer kernel, but does one exist in ubuntu's repos?06:15
izinucsRoath,   time cures all ignorance :)06:15
Tim__i did receive the ip address06:15
bobertdosRoath: So you're, what? running wubi right now?06:15
LampreyI don't either.. dhcp daemon will add your dns server06:15
Tim__if mozilla is not working06:16
tritiumTim__: plug dsl modem into phone line06:16
IshnuDoes the Ubuntu installer automatically make a swap when you choose the default partition option?06:16
Roathwubi? i just installed ubuntu on my notebook, no idea what wubi is06:16
Tim__i am logged into my isp06:16
izinucsIshnu, yes06:16
Ishnuah k cool06:16
Ishnudoes having a swap make much difference?06:16
Tim__i am longged in to the isp and provided local and remote ip address06:16
bobertdosRoath: oh, I misread your post, sorry. But we still need to know -- do you have more than one partition right now on your desktop?06:17
izinucsIshnu, depending on your system and ram it may never be used.. but when you need it .. you need it... 1 gig should be plenty.06:17
IshnuOk cool06:17
Roathyeah, i have a 50gb partition i made for the purpose of installing ubuntu06:17
bobertdosRoath: unformatted as of yet, correct?06:17
izinucsRoath, split that so you have 3.. make root 8 gigs06:17
IshnuYou dont want a partition, am I right? I thought Ubuntu just likes using free space?06:18
Roathwell, i made the partition in vista, so i guess thats true06:18
tritiumizinucs: he can just let the installer automatically partition it06:18
bobertdosIshnu: You can do it either way.06:18
Roathwhy 8 gigs?06:18
izinucstritium, yes.. but if he needs to reinstall later (like most all noobs.. even me) it's helpful to save all your date in a seperate /home06:18
butterHow do I connect to a new server with xchat ubuntu ?06:19
tritiumizinucs: k.i.s.s.06:19
ltracy_hey, I'm getting a E: /var/cache/apt/archives/util-linux_2.13.1-5ubuntu3_i386.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 106:19
ltracy_.  I haven't updated in quite awhile.  Any suggestions on how to fix it?06:19
bobertdosRoath: The amount is a little arbitrary. The point is that most people don't need incredibly much space for the root filesystem.06:19
izinucsRoath, you could probably get away with less. but as you experiment you'll find that some things you install get put in / (root) and not your data partition (/home)06:19
ltracy_(That is when I'm trying to use update manager to update)06:20
Tim__how could i check if ubunto has setup my network card to ip dhcp protocol06:20
mike-soliduscmon, surely someone in here knows about the kernel? your a massive branch of linux. . . this is the 4th day of me checking into irc trying to find someone06:21
tritiumTim__: have you configured it at all?  If not, network-manager should be handling it for dhcp.06:21
izinucstritium, yea.. I agree mostly.. so you wait until they've been running the system for a while and bork something that they can't back out of and end up reformatting and reinstalling.. loosing all data06:21
sysdocTim__: ifconfig06:21
tritiumizinucs: if something breaks, then backup data and reinstall06:21
ltracy_mike-solidus, what about the kernel?06:21
bobertdosUh oh, did we scare him away? haha06:21
Tim__tritium i havent...i am wondering why it said remote ip address and local address06:21
tritiumTim__: what's "it"?06:21
izinucstritium, just trying to avoid that step06:22
Lampreyltracy - you need to update your repositories... go to system->administration->software sources.. when you close it it will update.. either that or go to a terminal window and run sudo apt-get update06:22
tritiumizinucs: it may not happen06:22
Tim__tritium :let me check06:22
izinucsmike-solidus, the newer kernel is part of the next release.. you could install  it now if you like.. not the kernel alone but the entire distro.. but first ask in #ubuntu+1 and see if anyone know if it addresses your issue..06:23
mike-solidusItracy_: I have a problem with its support of my intel ICH10 sata controller card, I got ubuntu to install by changing the mode to ahci but i can't leave it as that because windows no longer recognizes it when it is in ahci mode. I've poked around a little and found that ICH10 support has recently been added into the kernel and is availabe in intel_ata.ko and uhci. But i cant find an answer past that06:23
zohrehhow to install qt in ubuntu 7.1006:24
mike-solidusizinucs: sweet, i'll go check, didn't know about ubuntu+106:24
izinucstritium, may not, might not, probably won't .... then Murphy shows up and changes everything.06:24
bruenigwhile :;do :;done06:24
bruenigwoops wrong channel06:24
zohrehany idea?06:26
ltracy_I'm still getting the "Subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 1" after running apt-get update and re-checking for updates06:27
Allan_Rhaehello all06:27
Allan_Rhaehello all06:28
bobertdosAllan_Rhae: How may we help you?06:28
chubshe left06:28
bobertdosI see that :p06:29
thorny_sunhow can i get a service to launch automatically at bootup?06:29
nnullthorny_sun¬ system > admin > services06:30
nickgarveythorny_sun: what kind of service?06:30
thorny_suni've gotta do this on a server -- it's a fastcgi service06:30
nickgarveyyeah what nnull said then06:30
thorny_sun but it's on a server-- so i don't have a gui06:30
tritiumthorny_sun: update-rc.d06:31
thorny_sunwhere is that?06:31
thorny_suntritium: ?06:32
roe_thorny_sun, /etc/rc.local?06:32
tritiumthorny_sun: /usr/sbin/update-rc.d06:32
tritiumthorny_sun: you asked me where it is, so I told you.06:32
thorny_sunoh it's a binary06:34
Tim__just setting up a dsl connection seems to be a rocket science in ubunto06:34
nnulllol Tim__ how so06:34
nnullyou mosut have a modem huh06:34
izinucsTim__, do you have a router hooked up?06:35
tritiumTim__: no06:35
Tim__everything is hookedup06:35
magnetronTim__, do you have a router?06:35
Tim__i even logged into my isp server06:35
magnetron"logged in"?06:35
izinucsTim__, no .. I mean IS there a router between your computer and the connection  to the isp?06:35
Tim__it picked up the dns server too06:35
Tim__just a simple setup06:35
magnetronTim__, does the simple setup include a router?06:36
Tim__computer-adsl router-phone line06:36
magnetron!zh | user__06:36
ubottuuser__: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:36
izinucsTim__, set the router up to make the connection to the dsl connection.. the capability is built in06:36
nickgarveyuser__: /j #ubuntu-cn06:37
Tim__how do i know if my network card in ubunto is configured for dynamic ip address06:37
izinucsTim__, the computer OS typically determins that.06:37
nomingziwhere can i find information on the steps/procedures on how to install VMware Server onto Ubuntu Desktop AMD64 ?06:37
ltracy_Where do we paste to?06:38
magnetron!vmware | nomingzi06:38
ubottunomingzi: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers06:38
nickgarvey!vmware | nomingzi06:38
nickgarveymagnetron: touche06:38
magnetronltracy_, read topic06:38
izinucsnomingzi, you download the tar file from vmware and compile it.. instructions on vmware's site.06:38
ekowSimple question, how do i create a shortcut to my documents folder on the desktop?06:38
CaptainMurphyHas anyone ever delt with the [errno 5] Input/output install error while installing ubuntu 8.04?06:39
ekowanyone? just trying to make a shortcut...06:41
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: Yes I just had that the other night actually, had to get a new CD in the end but installed and using it now06:41
ltracy_This is what I'm getting from update manager when I try to do an update:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/52360/   .  On advice from here, I closed update manager, ran apt-get update, and then did a check for new updates (in update manager) and I still get the same error.06:41
CaptainMurphywait all you did was get a new CD?06:41
Lampreyekow - right click on the folder and select "make link", then move the link to your desktop06:42
Joshoo1ekow: Just right click on desktop, create launcher, change type to location, and create it all with the info06:42
Joshoo1ekow: Or what he said06:42
[Solars]anyone know where the guest module is for virtualbox located? I checked the /opt/ directory and its empty06:42
izinucsCaptainMorgan, you might also need to use the "alternate" cd for machines with limited resources or smaller amounts of ram06:42
CaptainMurphyjashoo1, what exactly did you do? I've been pulling my hair out over this for the last few days06:43
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: Yes it wasn't able to copy from the CD I had, even though it was an official one from my Ubuntu book, used an older burnt CD I had, and here I am.06:43
CaptainMorganizinucs, I might?06:43
CaptainMurphyhow old?06:43
ekowLamprey thanks06:43
izinucsCaptainMorgan, depends on your machine.. if it's older or doesn't meet the minimum ram amount for the live cd.06:43
CaptainMorganizinucs, no06:44
Lampreyekow: if you're trying to do if from the terminal window use the command sudo ln -s <original folder> ~/Desktop/<linked folder name>06:44
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: I used a 7.10 CD cause I didn't have any other 8.04 CD06:44
MrPickl1by any chance, would someone know of a good way to compile an uncompressed disk image into an .iso  for the sake of making something that could have a valid boot flag?06:44
Lampreyekow np :)06:44
ltracy_how can I reinstall the same version of a package?06:44
CaptainMorganizinucs, think for a second.06:44
Clutzwill someone take a look at my xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/52324/ and/or my Xorg.0.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/52325/ and help me figure out why I get a black screen and my computer locks up after the ubuntu loading bar finishes?06:44
Pulpiehey all 1247 people06:44
CaptainMurphyokay.  I've tried 804 and 804 alternate and I've tried makeing a usb version using unetbootin but none of that has worked06:45
ClutzPulpie, one of them is you and another is a bot o.o06:45
Joshoo1hey Pulpie06:45
=== user__ is now known as xiaobin0942
esachow do i run a menu item as root ? assume i dont know the name of the programs binary. is there an easy way to 'right click->run as root' ?06:45
MrPickl1pulpie, pulpie06:45
koala_manMrPickl1: for cdrom boot?06:45
jim_phi guys06:45
PulpieClutz: who is a bot?06:45
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: Do they all give you the same error?06:45
CaptainMurphyI'm burning a copy of 7.04 now.06:45
MrPickl1koala_man, yes.06:45
ClutzPulpie: FloodBot2 ?06:45
PulpieClutz: thats not mine...06:45
ClutzPulpie: nono i know that06:45
CaptainMurphyIts possible to update to hardy herion after I install fiesty, right?06:45
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: I'd do at least 7.10, if possible06:45
=== user__ is now known as xiaobin0942
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: Yes06:45
slaterockanyone got spore working?06:45
ClutzPulpie: just pointing out that you said hi to yourself and a bot06:46
izinucsCaptainMorgan, you have to go to Gutsy first then Hardy06:46
jim_pdoes anyone know if it is possible to configure samba through a web interface?06:46
ClutzPulpie: sorry for my bad attempt at humor06:46
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: That's where I am now actually, I had to eat dinner while finishing the upgrade, forgot to plug in laptop, and now it keeps wanting to do a partial upgrade over and over06:46
MrPickl1slaterock, it will install with wine, but I cant get the program to contact the network06:46
slaterockmine works, cept i can't see my character06:46
Kealtax advertising by 100% and the federal government easily recovers the 700 billion in less than 4 months.06:46
PulpieClutz: oh well more then 1200 of them are bots06:46
Pulpielike FloodBot106:46
ClutzPulpie: really?06:47
izinucs!ot | Keal06:47
ubottuKeal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:47
PulpieClutz: more then likly06:47
CaptainMurphyI don't get whats wrong with hardy, it really died hard on me.  Dpkg got damaged somehow during a normal update. Now I can't install becuase of some huge bug they haven't fixed in the hardy installer?06:47
koala_manMrPickl1: makeisoimage -hard-disk-boot -b diskimage /somewhere > lul.iso I think should do it06:47
PulpieClutz: /names then /lastlog bot06:47
ltracy_hmm, did anybody look at my paste?06:47
Pulpieltracy_: repaste it06:47
MrPickl1slaterock, im sure its being worked on, but i havent had much success - btw type screenames at the beginning of msg to ensure the reciepient can see it06:47
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: Tried stuff like dpkg --configure -a?06:48
slaterockMrPickLl alright06:48
MrPickl1koala_man, that sounds like an awesome way to do that- would makeisoimage be in the repositories if i dont already have it?06:48
Clutzso who knows where i can find a guide to get EVGA e-GeForce 7600 GT 512MB AGP 8X graphics card to work on ubuntu 8.04 all traditional methods have failed thus far06:48
CaptainMurphyJashoo1 yes, it messed things up hardcore06:48
Pulpieltracy_: what are you doing?06:48
ltracy_Pulpie, just trying to do  updates06:49
koala_manMrPickl1: yes, under genisoimage. it's what used to be called mkisofs06:49
Pulpieltracy_: how so, apt-get update?06:49
macvrhi guys... does anyone know of an easy to use video editing software?06:49
LampreyClutz, you should be able to google that one.. I know there are a couple of guides in the ubuntu forums06:49
ltracy_Pulpie, update manager06:49
koala_manMrPickl1: uhm and I meant genisoimage the first time too06:49
izinucsClutz, usually that works right out of the box.. then you enable the restricted driver and all is peachy.. what happened with yours?06:49
Pulpieltracy_: dont know what that is really, i dont use ubuntu i use debian06:50
MrPickl1sweet, ill give that a try. Many thanks from the wondern00b06:50
ltracy_Pulpie, same thing06:50
CaptainMurphyThis was a murphy's law kind of situation. I got a virus on my windows partition that basically knocked out that part of the system, then my ubuntu partition died when I tried to run dpkg config.  Now I have a really really big paperweight where I used to have a computer06:50
Pulpieltracy_: actually its very different06:50
Clutzizinucs: the PCI-E one works out of box, i have the AGP one06:50
CaptainMorganizinucs, please stop. Thank you.06:50
izinucsClutz, still..06:50
koala_mando you have a lot of paper to go with it?06:50
ltracy_Pulpie, no, not debian and ubuntu, update manager uses aptitude to do updates I'm pretty sure06:50
izinucsCaptainMorgan, what?.. not  talking to you.06:50
Clutzizinucs: after 3 different methods of getting drivers, my screen goes black and my pc locks up after the ubuntu loading screen06:50
Pulpieltracy_: it does but i dont know what command it runs06:51
Clutzizinucs: woudl you like to see the xorg.conf and/or the Xorg.0.log?06:51
izinucsClutz.. sure.06:51
ltracy_Pulpie, well, I get the same message now if I try to do apt-get install bzr (which is really what I want right now), as it tries to update the package util-linux06:51
Kealhow come not a single linux distro has taken advantage of a method to feed suggestions of the people directly to congress?06:51
macvrhi guys... does anyone know of an easy to use video editing software?06:51
CaptainMorganizinucs, right, you aren't - so stop please. Thank you.06:51
Pulpieltracy_: have you tried to install from source?06:51
Clutzizinucs: xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/52324/ Xorg.0.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/52325/06:52
ltracy_Pulpie, util-linux or bzr06:52
Lampreymacvr - google for linux video editing06:52
ltracy_Pulpie, I suppose I could do that for bzr, but if I'm gonna lose all use of packages from now on I might as well go back to gentoo or slackware :)06:52
Joshoo1So, Ubuntu keeps telling me it wants to do a partial upgrade and then when I try it tells me it can't do an upgrade from 'hardy' to 'gutsy' which is good, but why does it want me to keep trying to do it then and how do I not do it anymore?06:52
Lampreythere are a few editors out there06:52
chubsKeal, ?06:52
jarkdoes anyone know where mplayer w32 codecs are located in ubuntu 7.10.  I used synaptic to install mplayer.06:52
Pulpieltracy_: lol06:52
esacdoes anybody know if there are any alternatives to rdesktop06:52
bobertdos!medibuntu | jark06:53
ubottujark: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:53
macvrlamprey>i could have googled but from the repos?06:53
Crazzhey guys06:53
AngryKoalahey there06:53
Pulpieltracy_: try apt-get update upgrade dist-upgrade06:53
nomingziizinucs: The new version of VMware Server 2.0 has released, should I download and compile it, instead of following the old steps in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Server/AMD6406:53
ltracy_Pulpie you know where I get the ubuntu .deb files?06:54
CaptainMurphyJashoo1 is it really better to do it from 7.10 rather than 7.04?06:54
Crazzi have a question to ask but i don't want to be rude if you guys don't like help me please things... i can't check the site won't load on my iMac too old of a browser06:54
ltracy_Pulpie like where can I get ubuntu-2.13.1-5ubuntu2.deb?06:54
izinucsnomingzi, I like the new 2.o.. works good for me.. even though mine is 32 bit.06:54
CaptainMurphybecuase I already ahve the 7.04 iso on the machine?06:54
Lampreymacvr: oh.. hehe sorry.. I'm not sure.. let me check what's available06:54
Pulpieltracy_: yeah google search for them06:54
Clutzany thoughts izinucs?06:54
Pulpieltracy_: http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages06:54
chubs!ask | Crazz06:54
ubottuCrazz: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:54
nomingziizinucs: do i need to download the Tar, and compile it ? i m not good in compiling06:55
macvrLamprey > i have tried pitivi but it just seems to freeze up on my!!!06:55
kinectionI'm trying to get a Dell 720 printer working and I need to find the location of the ppds, the forum post i am looking at directs me to /usr/share/cups/models, however, that folder no longer exists in hardy heron, where do I go to find the PPDs? I'm looking for the Lexmark Z600 (Dell 720).06:55
bobertdosCrazz: What are you using for a browser? What kind of an iMac do you have?06:55
CaptainMurphy9% done downloading 7.1006:55
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: I would only say so cause it's new and will have less updates and upgrades than an older version, and it can leave other stuff on your system that wouldn't be used in a newer version.  Whichever one works for you though.06:55
izinucsClutz, xorg.conf looks like you've been manually building it.  looks ok.. logs I don't read so well.   xorg.conf typically doesn't have everything you have in yours.. pretty blank actually.  So what 3 methods did you try to get the card working?06:55
CaptainMurphyThe thing I'm worried about is how far the bug goes back06:56
Lampreymacvr: avidemux and kino are both in the repo's.. do a search in synaptic for video editor and it should pull them up06:56
Crazz1999 iMac G3 333mhz proc 32mb ram 6mb vid 6gb hdd Mac OS 8.6 IE 4.506:56
Lampreythere a a couple of others, but those two are popular06:56
Clutzizinucs: all except the resolutions were automatically generated by nvidia setup06:56
Clutzizinucs: it didn't work before i added the resolutions either, was hoping it would help06:56
izinucsnomingzi, tar yes.. compiling it is pretty easy.. sudo apt-get install build-essential.. then move to the directory where you unpaked the tar file and sudo ./vmware-yada-yada.pl06:57
CaptainMurphyI read this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=600126 all abou tthe bug and people were doing all kinds of crazy stuff to get it working, pulling out ram, mixing up master and slave drives and cdroms, all kinds of stuff06:57
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: Well, I tried 8.04, had the bug, tried 7.10, and now it works, so something in between there gave me the problem but supposedly it just means your CD is messed up, even getting a different copy of 8.04 SHOULD work, but, you never know.06:57
izinucsClutz.. so on install of Ubuntu the rez was borked and you went directly to xorg to edit?06:57
Crazzi boot to the cd load the kernel and get Ramdisk incomplete write -28 !=32768 invalid compressed format kernal panic unable to mount fs on unkown-block(1,0)06:57
Clutzizinucs: first i tried doing the standard, enable restricted driver method, got that black screen of doom on boot so i restored my xorg.conf06:58
Joshoo1CaptainMurphy: I didn't have internet at the time I was trying to do it, just my collection of Linux CDs/DVDs from the last year or so, so I just tried different CDs06:58
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209806:58
CaptainMurphyI tried 3 copies of the 8.04 CD, all md5 verfied one of them was the alternate CD06:58
bobertdoscrazz: I'm not even sure you could run the alternate with that...06:58
Clutzizinucs: seconds i tried using the driver from the nvidia site, same thing06:58
Clutzizinucs: 3rd i tried envy, also same result06:58
macvrLamprey>  oops... didnt realize i could do a description search in synaptic[noob!]06:58
izinucsClutz, does this card work on windows? or have you tried?06:58
Clutzizinucs: lastly i tried going back to the nvidia driver from the site but added resolutions to the xorg.conf hoping it would help06:59
CaptainMurphyand the install CD worked on a laptop of mine like a month ago, so I'm sure its not the CD, I think its just the installer is buggy somehow and it hits some files it has trouble with and then gives and I/O error06:59
Clutzizinucs: works fine on windows06:59
bobertdosCrazz: yup, that's pretty limited........I'm not quite sure what to suggest.06:59
Clutzizinucs: works mildly on vesa: 800x600 resolution with no 3d06:59
izinucsClutz, have you tried "nv" instead of vesa?07:00
Clutzizinucs: not yet07:00
mistformhow do I empty the trash bin?07:00
Crazzhave you hear of a distro callled Damn Small Linux?07:00
Lampreymacvr: np, drop back in and let me know which you prefer after you get a chance to use them. :)07:00
Clutzizinucs: should i try that now on my default xorg.conf or the one i showed you up there?07:00
mistformCrazz, DSL, yes. used for flash-mob computing07:00
MrPickl1koala_man, you still in here?07:00
CaptainMurphyCrazz: I've used DSL before, its good07:00
izinucsClutz, sure07:00
Clutzizinucs: which?07:01
macvrLamprey> sure...07:01
macvrthank u07:01
izinucsClutz, switch nvidia for nv07:01
AngryKoalaIn HH, I tried to make a new login in a window and it said that my x server was configured badly, possibly the driver?07:01
Crazzwell i can't use the flash part but you think there is a way to install it from os 8?07:01
phpcurioushello how do you run a .bin file in ubuntu?07:01
bobertdosCrazz: yeah, there's that, and Puppy,,,,,and a few others. I don't know which ones are compatible with PowerPC Macs though.07:01
CaptainMurphybin stands for binary, whats it for?07:01
phpcuriousactually i want to install a newly downloaded zend studio for eclipse07:01
phpcuriousit's in .bin format07:02
CaptainMurphywas there also a .cue file?07:02
Lampreyphpcurious : technicaly you can try to "run" any program.  do a sudo chmod +x <filename> to make it executable07:02
chubsjust chmod +x it and then ./crazy.bin phpcurious07:02
CaptainMurphyif so then you could use a CD burning program07:02
mistformhow do I empty the trash bin as root???07:02
phpcuriousokay wait let me check it07:02
chubsit needs to be executable before you can execute it07:02
MrPickl1... for anyone who knows or has used genisoimage to make a bootable cd, Im getting an error related to pathspec, not sure what it's referring to07:02
Crazzjust ran system profiler and processor is PowerPC G307:03
AngryKoalaWhat is a proper driver for an 8800GT in xorg.conf?07:03
Crazzthat help narrow it down a bit?07:03
jim_pAngryKoala: nvidia07:03
bobertdos!trash | mistform07:03
ubottumistform: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash07:03
AngryKoalait says that it is configured badly07:03
jim_pAngryKoala: provided that you have the relevant package installed07:03
mistformbobertdos, that does nothing.07:03
mistformno help whatsover07:04
ClutzAngryKoala: I only managed to get 8800GT working with the nvidia driver from the nvidia website07:04
Lampreyangrykoala you'll want to use the NV driver over the Nvidia driver I believe?07:04
AngryKoalaI used envy07:04
ClutzAngryKoala: it will also autoconfigure your xorg.conf07:04
bobertdosmistform: not even when you do sudo rm to that location?07:04
mistformbobertdos, ty, now THAT helps07:04
izinucsClutz, did you change to the nv driver?07:04
taknikinIm having trouble getting my screen res back to its original options07:04
macvrguys... how many of u are using pidgin? i'd like to know if i can turn off the notification when each person logs in/out07:04
AngryKoalaok, but my problem is that when I try to open a "new login in a window" it says my x server is not properly configured07:04
taknikinIm stuck at no hgher than 800x60007:04
Lampreyangrykoala my bad.. you're probably trying to get glx and desktop effects for the cool stuff?07:04
Clutzizinucs: yeah, about to reboot07:04
jim_pdo not use stupid tools to magically create xystem critical files like xorg.conf!!!07:04
Joshoo1whenever I try to check my repositories in Synaptic, it tells me they've changed and I must hit reload, after I hit reload and then it updates and I try to view/edit my repositories, it does the same thing, and I can't do it.07:05
jim_p*system critical07:05
izinucsClutz, just ctrl+alt+backspace07:05
AngryKoala<--- Stupid tools for stupid people07:05
bobertdosmistform: and actually, you want to do: sudo rm <that location>/*07:05
phpcuriousLamprey: it works now. thanks for the info!07:05
Clutzizinucs: ok07:05
jim_pJoshoo1: paste your sources.list somewhere07:05
Lampreyjoshoo1: have you tried running sudo apt-get update from a terminal window?07:05
Joshoo1Lamprey: Yes07:06
mistformbobertdos, how do I remove directories?07:06
mistformbobertdos, without emptying the files first07:06
chubsmistform, rm -r07:06
macvrguys... how many of u are using pidgin? i'd like to know if i can turn off the notification when each person logs in/out07:06
Joshoo1jim_p: What do you mean paste my sources.list somewhere?07:07
mistformchubs, could I make a launcher to "sudo rm -r /home/mist/.local/share/Trash/files/*", or would this be not a good thing to do?07:07
Clutzpulled up pidgin on another computer while i do this07:07
AngryKoalamy x server says "cannot start a new display, perhaps it is not configured well"07:07
izinucsmacvr, there is an option for that.. can't remember where though07:07
bobertdosmistform: You may actually want to cd into the trash and then: sudo rm -rf .07:07
jim_pJoshoo1: your problem seems to be something is /etc/apt/sources.list  . paste its content in pastebin for us to see07:07
chubsmistform, wouldn't make a difference but I don't see the point. you'd probably have to use gksu since sudo is called from the command line only also07:07
macvrizinucs>i just cant find that option!  what are u using?07:08
chubsmacvr, check in the plugins07:08
izinucsmacvr, for  irc? here? xchat and sometimes irssi07:08
bmxerneed help with ipod it charges but wont recognize any suggestions?07:09
mistformchubs, whats the difference between running gksu and sudo from the commandline? I tried gksu and it didn't give me all the correct permissions for a game to download patch files07:09
izinucs!ipod | bmxer07:09
ubottubmxer: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod07:09
macvrchubs> i have no plugins enabled... or which one does this?07:09
Flannelmistform: gksu should be used for graphical programs, sudo for command line programs07:10
Lampreyubottu: ewww.  rockbox?  That's might not be a good suggestion for someone that just wants to sync their ipod on linux...07:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:10
bmxeri cant get ubunta to recognize my ipod...07:10
Kealnite zzz07:11
mistformmacvr, press Ctrl+P for preferences in Pidgin. Then go to Sounds, and the box near the bottom should have a list of things you can check/unchek. look there07:11
jarkI have a medibuntu problem.  I tried to install mplayer, but I get this error " Depends: libpango1.0-0 (>=1.18.3) but 1.18.2-0ubuntu1 is to be installed07:11
Clutzizinucs: no such luck, my screen is blank (like it's out of range) but i could hear it start07:11
AngryKoalamy x server says "cannot start a new display, perhaps it is not configured well" when I try to make a new login in a new window07:11
Joshoo1Here's my sources list! http://paste.ubuntu.com/52367/07:11
izinucsClutz, during all your trials and errors did you happen to install nvidia-settings?07:11
voidmageI'm getting a "no space left on device" error when I know that's not the case. baobab reports the correct amount of free space but df doesn't07:12
voidmagewhere can I find to fix this?07:12
Clutzizinucs: only if it was installed along with the restricted driver, nvidia driver. or envy07:12
Crazzwhat is the chances of finding a version on linux you can install from mac os?07:12
FlannelJoshoo1: Whats the problem?  Oh.  It could be a bug in the version from -proposed.  You really shouldn't be running proposed (and also should think twice before enabling backports as well)07:12
bobertdosFlannel: You once told someone how to do disk checks on boot using the file touch function. How did that go again?07:13
Flannelbobertdos: sudo touch /forcefsck then reboot07:13
voidmagethis is weird07:13
mistformmacvr, any luck?07:13
Flannelbobertdos: there's a flag you can pass to shutdown too.  You'd have to check the manpage07:14
macvrizinucs> how are they ? easy to use?  do u guys actually type another users username or do u just click and it comes?07:14
voidmageanyone have any ideas?07:14
bobertdosFlannel: Yeah, I read the manpage, but when I realized it was meant to modify file flags, I realized I forgot the filename.07:15
izinucsClutz, I'm thinking that maybe you have an install of 2 different nvidia drivers.. other than synaptic I dont know another way to check that out.. before looking .. you might install nvidia-settings and change the driver back to nvidia in xorg.. restart x and then off the System/admin menu you'll find nvidia-settings.. might be able to make the changes there.. actually run it from terminal..07:15
macvrmistform>i dont have probs with sounds but will check if there is anything there for no displaying the log events07:15
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:15
Joshoo1Flannel: I want the backports but they aren't important, just fun. it keeps telling me it needs to run a partial upgrade and wants to try to go from hardy to gutsy, I can't even get into repositories to uncheck stuff, I can only edit sources.list07:15
Flannelbobertdos: if /forcefsck exists, it'll do a fsck, if /fastboot exists it'll explicitly not fsck.  If they're both... I'm not really sure.07:16
complex_numberhow do I watch a DVD in ubuntu?07:16
izinucsmacvr, xchat is much easier than pidgin for irc.. irssi is a terminal app and great to have around in case your gui doesn't work.07:16
voidmagebaobab is reporting 440.8GB as used, but df is reporting all 466G as used07:16
FlannelJoshoo1: sources.list is all you need.  Comment out the backports and proprosed lines.07:16
voidmagewhere can I find the 26GB discrepancy?07:16
samsssi dont remember who help me with virtualbox and file share, but it takes for ever when i try to see files on shared folders, is it normal? can i speed it up?07:16
fariahi all07:16
macvrizinucs> thnx07:16
FlannelJoshoo1: also, check this folder for contents: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/07:16
Clutzizinucs: I uninstalled envy completely, and the nvidia driver from the site removed the restricted driver one when it was installing07:16
Joshoo1Flannel: You think that's what's making Synaptic keep telling to reload my sources?07:16
fariai cant play online movies in ubuntu07:16
izinucsmacvr, don't install xchat-gnome.. just xchat07:16
complex_numberHow do I watch a dvd in ubuntu?07:17
bobertdos!dvd | complex_number07:17
ubottucomplex_number: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs07:17
FlannelJoshoo1: No, I have no idea what synaptic is doing.  But it could be a non-stable version, since that certainly sounds like a bug07:17
samssscomplex_number, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras mplayer07:17
Flannelvoidmage: what is du saying?07:17
izinucsClutz, so. .. remind me.. no gui at all or bad resolution.. late for me.07:17
fariai cant play online movies in ubuntu07:18
bobertdosfaria: could you be a bit more specific, please?07:18
voidmagehow do i sort du by filesize?07:18
Clutzizinucs: the gui must have come up this last time, it made the appropriate sounds, i just can't see07:18
Joshoo1Flannel: K I just commented out, and nothing in that folder.07:18
Lampreyfaria: you may need to install w32 codecs to watch on-line movies.07:18
Clutzizinucs: normally my computer locks up when i boot07:18
Flannelvoidmage: er, you dont.  Or at least, not on its own.07:18
izinucsClutz, try ctrl+alt+f707:18
FlannelJoshoo1: Alright, save and then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:18
Clutzizinucs: what's that do?07:18
Joshoo1Flannel: K, halfway done with that will report back soon thanks for helping me out07:19
Tazlcque tal alguien de mexico07:19
izinucsClutz, takes you to the typical tty for the gui.. ctrl+alt+f1-6 are text based tty's07:19
Flannel!es | Tazlc07:19
ubottuTazlc: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:19
Clutzizinucs: ok07:19
Tazlctks frieds07:19
voidmageFlannel: then how can I find the offending 20G file?07:20
Flannelvoidmage: Its likely not a 20G file.07:20
izinucsClutz, also is the monitor a crt or lcd?07:20
Flannelvoidmage: what does du say your total usage is on that partition?07:20
voidmagedf is reporting 466G used though07:20
Flannelvoidmage: so, baobab and du both report 441?07:21
voidmageit's df that reports 466 and programs report "no space left on device"07:21
Joshoo1Flannel: I think the problem stems from I had to install 7.10 and then upgrade to 8.04 cause a straight install to 8.04 messed up my graphics, and then I forgot to plug in my laptop and it died while finishing up the upgrade, so my sources got messed up and not everything was done. I believe that's the root of this problem07:22
voidmagecan barely search for this on google since everything thinks i'm out of space07:23
bastid_raZorvoidmage; you could try getting rid of something07:23
Flannelvoidmage: Have you cleaned your package cache? (sudo apt-get clean)?07:23
complex_numberWhen I try and play a DVD, Mplayer does nothing07:23
voidmageFlannel: I have a separate home partition07:23
complex_numberand it freezes07:23
Flannelvoidmage: Also, check /var/ (especially /var/log/) for a runaway log file07:23
FlannelJoshoo1: This ought to fix that then.07:24
voidmagerunaway process07:24
voidmageand we're back07:24
Joshoo1Flannel: Looks like it, installing ok, I saw replacement synaptic and replacement apt-get in there.  Still working but farther than the last time i tried doing this.07:25
macvrchubs>yep was there in plugins... its eithere that or no1 has left /joined the room since lamprey quit mistform... > join/part hiding plugin07:25
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:25
voidmagehad a process redirecting output to a logfile07:26
voidmagethe process died but the file still had space reserved for it07:26
IndoctrineIs there any way to tell how much ink I have left in my printer?07:26
theDtTvB2Every time I run google chrome in VMware the whole operating system crashes with message "ata4.01 status { DRDY ERR }"07:26
johnedmiston1956Hi  I have just downloaded the latest ISO to install and get a 'not valid Cd error' hwen I put in a Cd drive of a machine running Winows XP07:27
samssshow slow can file sharing in virtualbox be?07:27
IndoctrinetheDtTvB2: That could have something to do with Chrome treating tabs like different processes07:27
fariai cant play online movies in ubuntu07:27
nate_Hi, Im having some trouble with download speeds on my bittorrent client. Im using a router (linksys WRT54G) and my client is Deluge. My speed is a T1 Connection, I have seen 2 mb/s dld speeds b4 but now im getting like 10-1507:27
theDtTvB2Indoctrine: It's strange that it crashes the host operating system. (Ubuntu)07:28
bobertdosfaria: what KINDS of online movies?07:28
bobertdosjohnedmiston1956: Which image did you use and are you sure the disk burned successfully?07:28
fariau can chek this site its working on xp good but now here i cant run it07:29
nomingziizinucs: how long time you took to compile .tar.gz (VMware Server 2.0) ?07:29
fariakindly help me to sort out the problem07:29
johnedmiston1956Latest 8.04  desktop for i-386 and when I burned it i had Nero do a verification07:29
izinucsnomingzi, about 3 minutes with answering the questions.07:29
Rat409johnedmiston1956: normally you'd restart computer w cd in cdrom tray07:30
complex_numberI can play a DVD but it's all crazy07:30
complex_numberI can hear the sound07:30
fariaubuntu is cool os but when i got problem then left this os and join again xp07:30
complex_numberbut the picture is garbled07:30
complex_numberI can sort of see the movie07:31
johnedmiston1956Tried that first...07:31
bastid_raZorcomplex_number; that would be copyright protection preventing you from seeing the movie.07:31
complex_numberare you serious?07:31
complex_numberI have libdvdcss though07:31
complex_numberis that part of my hardware?07:31
Joshoo1bastid_raZor: Couldn't be a codec thing? Wouldn't protection just stop it from being copied not played?07:32
fariahello can some one help me07:32
bastid_raZorJoshoo1; if you can play it you can copy it.07:32
complex_numberbut it's only a dvd07:32
complex_numberyou can play dvds07:32
Joshoo1bastid_raZor: But then you could logically copy ANY DVD unless you bought one that wasn't playable, which would be pointless07:33
complex_numberwith libdvdcss07:33
bastid_raZorcomplex_number; Joshoo1 i'll bet you can play the movie in a regular DVD player not on a computer.07:33
=== freqk is now known as freqk|away
Joshoo1bastid_raZor: Yeah prob07:33
IndoctrineIs there any way to tell how much ink I have left in my printer?07:33
bobertdosfaria: That site uses ActiveX controls. Basically, you're out of luck in Ubuntu.07:33
fariawhats that means07:33
samssshelp with vbox file sharing too slow...!07:34
bastid_raZorcomplex_number; can you test the DVD in a standalone DVD player?07:34
Indoctrinefaria: ActiveX is something Internet Explorer uses07:34
technoid_taria: you could try IE4linux07:34
fariait means can i go back to xp07:34
Indoctrinefaria: It adds functionality to some pages and can be a nuisance if improperly used07:34
Indoctrinefaria: <bobertdos> faria: That site uses ActiveX controls. Basically, you're out of luck in Ubuntu.07:35
fariathen no solution for that07:35
Indoctrinefaria: Simply because ActiveX is an Internet Explorer thing and there's no IE or any way of getting IE in Ubuntu07:36
technoid_faria: i use IE4linux for a website that has activex07:36
technoid_Indoctrine: check out IE4Linux07:36
fariabut firefox also can play that movies07:36
fariai use in xp07:36
Indoctrinetechnoid_: Not likely. I live fine without IE.07:36
bobertdosfaria: That's becuase the latest version of Firefox in Windows now comes with an ActiveX helper.07:37
technoid_While it might not be for you, telling someone that there is no way to run IE on ubuntu isn't correct07:37
fariatechnoid_ can u guide me how can i get ie407:37
Indoctrinetechnoid_: I hadn't even heard of it. But it seems oxymoronic to be using IE in Linux07:37
complex_numberThe DVD works in a normal DVD player07:37
technoid_faria: just a moment07:38
complex_numberbut it's a bit garbled on my computer07:38
nowayhow do i set my wlan0 device to stay alive?07:38
technoid_try http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page07:38
complex_numberoh, now it's working again07:38
bobertdoscomplex_number: What player are you using?07:38
complex_numberI had to take it out and put it back in again to fix it07:38
fariaubuntu is new os then it must have new ver of firefox07:39
zenmasterok im getting an error trying to install aptana with java can anyone help? i have the log file07:39
IndoctrineMaybe it doesn't like you, complex_number. ;)07:39
technoid_indoctrine: my banks go through phases of being compat with ff and not being compat07:39
Indoctrinefaria: Only the Firefox in Windows has the ActiveX helper07:39
complex_numbermaybe it's my imaginary imagination07:39
complex_numberor am I the real part07:39
Indoctrinecomplex_number: Maybe it's the imaginary number07:39
fariavery bad firefox is the main browser of linux07:39
fariabut it not updates07:39
bobertdosfaria: Yes, it does, but the Ubuntu build will never support ActiveX. That would go against what we believe in.07:40
zenmasterdoes anyone have experience here that can help me with aptana java install?07:40
enviseananyone have experience with ipblock / iplist?07:40
fariawhy ubutu get a diffrent track then others07:40
ZnowHi there! Ive just installed ubuntu with alternative installer on my laptop. When I try to use the update manager, it wont download, but I got the laptop wired to the network... I cant choose another resolution than 800x600, how come?07:40
enviseanzenmaster: can't you just download the source and compile?07:40
Indoctrinefaria: Because Ubuntu has to make sure everything they include is licensed under GNU07:40
fariathat good sign07:41
enviseanZnow: i'd try to research resolution & your mobo07:41
IndoctrineAnd ActiveX is not licensed under GNU because it's a Windows thing, faria.07:41
zenmasterenvisean:ill check again07:41
Znowenvisean huh?07:41
enviseanZnow: your graphics chipset just probably wsn't recognized and setup properly during installation07:41
Znowahhh ok thanks mate ;)07:41
fariaany way if i can run the movie then its ok07:41
Znowbut, whatabout the update manager?07:41
enviseanZnow: np, you can play w/ your X11 settings as well07:41
IndoctrineTry the IE4Linux thing that technoid_ suggested, faria.07:42
enviseanZnow: apt-get doesn't work?07:42
ZnowI can try07:42
enviseanZnow: i'd give that a shot first07:42
supersizedhello, is Ubuntu the easiest distro of Linux to start learning Linux on ?07:42
enviseanZnow: if you used an alternative installer, who knows what didn't come w/ it07:42
Indoctrinesupersized: It sure is.07:42
enviseansupersized: yes, some would argue so07:42
enviseansupersized: it's easier than windows :)07:43
fariayes i do07:43
supersizedare there any video tut's out there on Linux that anyone knows of ?07:43
nnullenvisean¬ as long as you dont hit any bumps :P07:43
Indoctrineenvisean: I always use the alt installer and I've never had a problem, it always includes my drivers, which are usually annoying ones07:43
enviseannnull: haha yes, well if you hit bumps w/ a windows install, good luck :-P07:43
faria<Indoctrine plz guide me i wana setup my pc as shell server for irc07:43
Znowtranslated from danish: "E: could open the lockfile /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13 permission denied)07:43
enviseansupersized: google up some ubuntu tutorials07:43
nnullenvisean¬ haha true07:43
Indoctrinefaria: That's beyond what I can do.07:43
enviseansupersized: there are more than their fair share on youtube, etc07:44
fariathen who is here able to guide me07:44
enviseanZnow: sudo :)07:44
Joshoo1supersized: I think there's a site called learnlinux.com or something. There a lot of tutorials out there, but mainly just keep using and it figure it out as you go, and read manuals and guides and hang out in the chat and watch what people talk about to pick stuff up07:44
Indoctrinefaria: I'd suggest you learn a little more about Linux before attempting that.07:44
enviseanZnow: try running it under root first, heh07:44
Joshoo1supersized: Also, google fosswire linux cheat sheet07:44
CaptainMurphyDear anybody07:44
enviseanZnow:  you probably need to do: sudo apt-get update first07:44
Znowok thanks07:44
faria<Indoctrine its true but its confusing07:44
fariabut now will try07:44
CaptainMurphyDoes anyone know how to deal with a [errno 5] input output error? during ubuntu install?07:44
famicom_I'm trying to install ubuntu to my netbook07:44
famicom_my eeepc 701 to be precise07:45
supersizedI've used windows for about 10 years now and its time for somthing different, I like Ubuntu a lot, learn pretty fast07:45
Indoctrinefaria: Learning is good. =) Make sure to read widely. The Ubuntu Wiki is a good place to start07:45
supersizedbeen toying around with it for a few days now07:45
DebolazHrmm, the best GUI BitTorrent client I've used in Ubuntu is still uTorrent. Not good. :/07:45
famicom_right now, im having some trouble with getting the ubuntu installer to run from an usb drive07:45
Znownow its downloading a package, 189 bytes... but it wont go further... I got 12mbit connection, and I can go on the internet aswelll07:45
Indoctrinefamicom_: Do you have an option for booting from USB drive in your BIOS?07:45
famicom_could someone perhaps provide me with an up to date guide on using the alternate installer with a usb drive07:45
famicom_Indoctrine yeah, that all works etc07:45
bobertdos!usb | famicom_07:46
ubottufamicom_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:46
famicom_i know all that stuff07:46
famicom_but i dont want to use the livecd07:46
IndoctrineWhat's the problem?07:46
famicom_but i dont want to use the livecd07:46
famicom_all i want is a system that boots to cli07:46
Znowenvisean - what could be the problem?07:46
Znownow the other 2 packages failed to download07:47
Znowand its trying to get the 3rd release07:47
supersizedthx for the cheat sheet Joshool07:47
supersizedpretty cool reference07:47
famicomthere we go07:47
famicomanyway, you would think that it would be as simple as copying the files from cdrom to usb, but unfortunately that fucks with cdrom-detect07:48
Indoctrinefamicom: Did you read this bit of the documentation? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#Manual%20Approach07:48
famicomIndoctrine yeah i have07:49
Indoctrinefamicom: This thread also talks about what your issue seems to be: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40500807:49
Znowenvisean, it just fails when trying to download the pacages!!07:49
Znowit doesnt make progress07:49
CaptainMurphyHas anyone ever had a problem installing ubuntu07:49
famicomZnow just download them manually, then install them with DPKG07:49
enviseanZnow: ok, hten you got an internet connection issue :)07:49
bullgard4In what order does htop list the processes?07:49
CaptainMurphywhere it said [errno 5] input/output error?07:50
enviseanZnow: do you have internet access on that computer yet?07:50
famicombullgard4 cpu usages07:50
CaptainMurphybecause this is making me want to shoot myself.07:50
=== mija_na is now known as mija
Znowyes I have07:50
bobertdosCaptainMurphy: I don't think any of us want to admit that we don't know :p07:50
magnetronhi. i am trying to use the realtime kernel, but i am dumped into low-graphics mode. i have a nvidia card, please help.07:50
ZnowFireFox got no probs on going on the itnernet07:50
bullgard4famicom: If you refer to 'CPU%' I cannot confirm your statement.07:50
CaptainMurphyZnow > How did you solve it?07:50
ZnowSolve what?07:50
famicomyou are shit out of luck07:51
FloodBot2famicom: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
famicomnot gonna happen07:51
IndoctrineCaptainMurphy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=600126 <-- Would this be any help?07:51
fariatechnoid_are u there07:51
CaptainMurphyoh you were answering another quetsion, sorry, you got my hopes up07:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wget07:51
magnetron!language > famicom07:51
ubottufamicom, please see my private message07:51
fariatechnoid_are u there07:51
famicomFuck you and your bot07:51
technoid_Faria: yes, i am back07:51
Znowenvisean ?07:51
enviseanZnow: go into your shell, type in ping us.archive.ubuntu.com07:51
CaptainMurphyindoctrine: Yeah I've read that over 3-4 times  but thank you.07:51
magnetron!ops | famicom07:51
ubottufamicom: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!07:51
enviseanlemme know if you get a response07:51
fariatechnoid_plz help ie407:51
CaptainMurphyIt's not helpful becuase no one solved the problem, everyone who did had some random ass way of getting it tow work.07:52
Znowenvisean from the terminal?07:52
IndoctrineCaptainMurphy: Okies... fiddle about? :P07:52
Znowjust a sec07:52
naliothubottu: tell famicon about coc07:52
technoid_faria: did you look at the instructions for ubuntu?07:52
CaptainMurphyIm trying a 7.04 CD now07:52
naliothubottu: tell famicon about guidelines07:52
ltracy_This is what I'm getting from update manager when I try to do an update:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/52360/   .  On advice from here, I closed update manager, ran apt-get update, and then did a check for new updates (in update manager) and I still get the same error.07:52
BeyonderGood day, I can't play any mp3's (no other audio to test here) but flash player plays ok (youtube and so on), what can be the problem?07:52
nnulltechnoid_¬ when do men look at intructions for things07:52
CaptainMurphyI just tried a 7.10, failed at 25% right on scedual like the 8.10s did07:52
nnullyou gota go in fail and then read07:52
IndoctrineBeyonder: Do you have the restricted extras package selected?07:52
Znowenvisean - yes I get an respons07:53
Znow64 bytes bla bla bla07:53
enviseanZnow: ok, then try to run sudo apt-get update07:53
technoid_nnull: i was just wondering where we were at in the "i can't get this to work..." pattern07:53
BeyonderIndoctrine: well, I was trying to fix it myself and I did install some restricted packages07:53
enviseanZnow: if that doesn't work, install sources manually07:53
BeyonderIndoctrine: can you tell the names to check?07:53
IndoctrineBeyonder: Can you type into a terminal sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?07:53
bobertdosBeyonder: Have you installed all the gstreamer codecs? Actually, ubuntu-restricted-extras is a good way to do it.07:53
technoid_faria: did you follow the instructions?07:53
CaptainMurphyAt this point I want to go to another user friendly distro but I don' tknow what, Ive only work with ubuntu really and xbuntu07:53
fariaIf you want to install Internet Explorer on your Linux desktop, you must have a valid Microsoft Windows license, otherwise installing Internet Explorer is illegal.07:53
Znowenvisean - how do I do that?07:54
technoid_faria: do you have a windows license?07:54
jim_pi have made a list of files to be downloaded with the use of the "wget -i list.txt" option and on the top line of the file i have put this comment >> ## this is a list for downloads with wget. why does wget read this line although its commented out?07:54
BeyonderIndoctrine, bobertdos, thanks, doing it right away07:54
bobertdosfaria: You don't have a Windows activation key?07:54
Ishn1WHAT? Internet Explorer on linux?07:54
technoid_so then how would you go back to XP?07:55
IndoctrineBeyonder: Np, let me know if there's still problems?07:55
technoid_ishn: yes, using IE4Linux07:55
fariaoh thats i have07:55
enviseanZnow: did you get my PM?07:55
Indoctrinefaria: Is your Windows XP a legal copy? If so, you have a license.07:55
ltracy_jim_p, maybe # isn't a comment according to wget07:55
Ishn1Why would you want IE?07:55
Znowyes 2 sec07:55
technoid_lshn1: some banks...and quickbooksonline07:56
BeyonderIshn1: web developing for instance07:56
fariai thought maybe its some kind of driving liecense07:56
bobertdosIshn1: because of activex controls *barf*07:56
ltracy_This is what I'm getting from update manager when I try to do an update: (at http://paste.ubuntu.com/52360/) .  On advice from here, I closed update manager, ran apt-get update, and then did a check for new updates (in update manager) and I still get the same error.07:56
jim_pltracy_: obviously! how do i comment it out?07:56
ltracy_jim_p, why do you need the line?07:56
ltracy_jim_p, I would tell you, but I don't know :)07:57
KaRnAis there any tool for ubuntu like ultrasurf???07:57
bastid_raZorjim_p; you can comment lines by putting a # at the beginning07:57
technoid_faria: you should be able to follow the ubuntu instructions on that site.  Remember to change the edgey reference to what ever version you are running,07:57
jim_pltracy_: i need to use other commented lines too. for the times that i dont have time for all the downloads to complete07:57
BeyonderIndoctrine: ok, i've installed it, but still Rythmbox wont play the mp3s...07:57
jim_pbastid_raZor: it doesnt work either07:57
technoid_faria: are you running 8.04?07:58
IndoctrineKaRnA: Is TorK anything like what you mean?07:58
ltracy_jim_p, sorry I can't help07:58
jim_pltracy_: its ok07:58
KaRnAIndoctrine: yes, i want to open blocked websites07:58
Clutzizinucs: generic 21" monitor07:58
IndoctrineBeyonder: Just out of interest here, do you have Kopete or another instant messenger to grab music info?07:58
Indoctrine*set to07:59
BeyonderIndoctrine: no07:59
bastid_raZorjim_p; oh, i read your question. wget doesn't work like that. you'll need a script to actually determine which to get and not to get.07:59
IndoctrineBeyonder: I'm not sure. Try restarting alsa.07:59
BeyonderIndoctrine: hmm... may i ask how?08:00
jim_pbastid_raZor: script for what? for downloading a list of files??? "wget -i list.txt" works fine for it08:00
ltracy_jim_p, I think it wants an html file.  Try using html comments?08:00
IndoctrineBeyonder: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart08:00
ltracy_jim_p, well, make it valid html and then add html comments :)08:00
jim_pltracy_: how are html comments? <~-- ?08:01
bastid_raZorjim_p; okay, then don't put a file in the .txt file you don't want downloaded.08:01
jim_pbastid_raZor: but i have to keep them somewhere!!!08:01
ltracy_jim_p, umm <!-- --> I think08:01
passiveI've installed gtk-gnutella from synaptic but sounds old how can i upgrade it08:01
Indoctrineltracy_: Correct08:01
ltracy_jim_p, you prolly need <html> </html> tags arround things too08:01
jim_pltracy_: let me give it a shot08:01
BeyonderIndoctrine: no effect, it wont even start playing staying at 0:0008:02
ltracy_jim_p, like at the front and end of your file08:02
KaRnAIndoctrine: have u used gpas08:02
IndoctrineBeyonder: Is it freezing? Have you tried playing in other media players?08:02
jim_pltracy_: i know :P08:02
IndoctrineKaRnA: Can't say I have.08:02
Ishn1Is this the right place to ask about sound problems?08:03
BeyonderIndoctrine: not freezing, just not going further than 0:00. VLC seems to play something but with no sound...08:03
ltracy_Nobody else had trouble upgrading from util-linux-2.13.1-5?08:03
ltracy_or to..08:03
fariayes i have 8.0.408:04
IndoctrineBeyonder: Can you type lspci into a terminal and put the output up on pastebin?08:04
passiveCan i even run bearshare on ubuntu ?08:04
AwaDoVmy taskbar  disappeared !!!!08:04
BeyonderIndoctrine: http://pastebin.ca/121448308:05
AwaDoVwhat i can do to show it again08:05
AwaDoVi can't open any App.08:05
jim_pltracy_: nope htmp comments didnt work08:05
ltracy_jim_p, hmm.. try adding --force-html to your command line08:05
ltracy_jim_p, pretty much last idea :(08:05
AwaDoVcan  anyone help08:05
KaRnApassive: yes08:06
KaRnAAwaDoV:  add new panel08:06
BeyonderIndoctrine: btw, VLC plays videos perfectly, but when it goes to mp3 there is no sound anywhere...08:06
ltracy_jim_p, it's a valid option08:06
IndoctrineBeyonder: Ahh, good old Intel. I was having problems with my sound not too long ago08:06
Rat409AwaDoV: alt+F2 type gnome-panel --restart08:06
khakihackyI'm having problems getting a seagate freeagent go drive to be recognized.., anyone have any ideas?08:06
jim_pAwaDoV: killall gnome-panel08:06
passiveKaRna: got it worked successfully ?08:06
jim_pkhakihacky: can you see the drive in fdisk -l?08:06
BeyonderIndoctrine: well, I'm not sure that is sound card problem, as I told any video works perfectyl with sound08:06
KaRnAyep some time back08:06
AwaDoValt+f2 doesn't work08:06
IndoctrineBeyonder: It seems like a strange problem.08:07
AwaDoVwhat i can do ?08:07
passiveOkay thanks alot KaRnA08:07
IndoctrineBeyonder: Video works perfectly with sound in VLC, etc or just on the Internet?08:07
Rat409AwaDoV: then use gnome-terminal or any xterm08:07
AwaDoVhow !?!?! i can't access any App08:08
jim_pkhakihacky: there is some thread in ubuntuforums about this, have a look08:08
AwaDoVjust my computer08:08
IndoctrineAwaDoV: Press Alt-F208:08
complex_numberWhat should I use in mplayer for the video xv, gl?08:08
complex_numberwhen I'm watching a DVD08:08
ltracy_jim_p, yeah, if you do ---force-html and then you make your urls anchor tags ( <a href="url"></a>)  it'll work08:08
AwaDoVi did and nothing occur08:08
BeyonderIndoctrine: with sound, watched some avi 2 days ago08:08
Rat409AwaDoV:  if its completely frozen ctrl+alt+backspace08:08
IndoctrineBeyonder: Does it work now?08:08
karthur26hi, im sure everyone gets this a lot: but i installed ubuntu yesterday on a new laptop... could use a few pointers.  in short: wireless drivers don't work :(08:09
jim_pltracy_: what exactly does --forcehtml do?08:09
IndoctrineBeyonder: I had a similar problem but it was freezing my media players, when I finally worked out what it was, I'd already reinstalled once.08:09
ltracy_jim_p, makes it read the file you give it as html :)08:09
IshnuI'm having some troubles with my sound - I can hear the sound, but it is extremely soft.08:09
jim_pltracy_: i think it may be handy for rs liks08:10
ltracy_jim_p, why it doesn't if the file starts with <html> I have no idea08:10
Rat409karthur26: whats lspci |grep Network show for wireless?08:11
BeyonderIndoctrine: ehmm.. now it wont, but I guess that could be the effect of alsa restart, as it worked before 3 hours,gonna restart now08:11
IndoctrineBeyonder: Okies08:11
karthur26would anyone be able to help with my wireless drivers?  or maybe tell me how to run ibex?08:11
karthur26Rat409: one sec08:11
Indoctrinekarthur26: Ibex isn't released yet...08:11
karthur26indoctrine: i know, i used one of the prerelease builds08:12
karthur26but it's all command line :(08:12
Ishnu(17:09:56) Ishnu: I'm having some troubles with my sound - I can hear the sound, but it is extremely soft. My sound was working a few days ago, but now it is not.08:12
yannickm1hi.... Can someone give me hand to solve a problem with installer CD customization?08:12
Indoctrinekarthur26: You may have to wait, I think the last thing they put in is the GUI. ;)08:12
Indoctrinekarthur26: Or at least the last thing they put in is a user friendly installer.08:13
khakihackyjim_p, it's more like it doesnt even recognise its plugged in,  as opposed to just not mounting...08:13
Ishnuyannickm1: Just ask the question - dont ask to ask08:13
yannickm1Well, i've been trying to customize the installer CD08:14
jim_pkhakihacky: is it in lsusb?08:14
ltracy_damn.  This is frustrating.  I can't install updates because it can't replace util-linux because there is some stupid error in the package removal script08:14
yannickm1however the CD i'm producing is causing the installer to go into PPOE mode, (failing of course)08:14
ltracy_I can't remove it myself because it's 'essential'08:14
khakihackyI'm sorry I'm not sure what you mean08:14
yannickm1i spent hours trying to track what is causing it08:14
yannickm1and comparing to the normal server CD08:14
IndoctrineBeyonder: How's it going?08:15
BeyonderIndoctrine: it works now, I guess the restricted packets did the job, just had to reboot, thanks a lot08:15
yannickm1it seem to have something to do with my ubuntu-keyring which i had to regenerate in order to re-sign the release, so that i include my own key08:15
IndoctrineBeyonder: No probs. :)08:15
khakihackyOh.... now I see... and no, its not08:15
yannickm1anyone has any experience of that ?08:16
complex_numberhow do I install postgresql?08:16
downhillgamesfor the love of god, update the VLC package >.>08:16
complex_numberhow do I install the postgresql source code?08:17
downhillgamesdoes anybody have a trustworthy repo for VLC 0.9.3+?08:17
suboneis there some other name for compiz-icon? i know i have it installed but i cant rmemeber what the command line is08:17
ltracy_how the hell can I reinstall a package?08:17
downhillgamesltracy_, open synaptic and right click the package > mark for install08:18
karthur26has anyone gotten intel 5300 wireless card to work with ubuntu?08:18
suboneltracy_: sudo apt-get install packagename08:18
complex_numberhow do I install the source code for postgresql?08:18
roachmmflhyrI am using Gimp 2.4.5 on Ubuntu and I cannot open psd files because "Cannot handle psd files in  CMYK color" anyone know how I can resolve this issue?08:18
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
IshnuI'm having some troubles with my sound - I can hear the sound, but it is extremely soft. My sound was working a few days ago, but now it is not.08:19
bastid_raZorcomplex_number; sudo apt-get source packagename08:19
complex_numberhow do I build the package once I modify it?08:19
Indoctrineltracy_: sudo apt-get remove package sudo apt-get install package08:19
bastid_raZorcomplex_number; sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb08:20
suboneah found it... fusion-icon08:20
ltracy_Yeah, well apt isn't working these days.08:20
downhillgamesbastid_raZor, it's apt-source...08:20
bastid_raZorltracy_; you could try dpkg-reconfigure packagename08:20
downhillgamesand you don't want to do it as root08:20
complex_numberno, what if I want to modify the program08:20
complex_numberchange the source code08:21
|Zippo|hello, is gnome 2.24 available to hardy heron?08:21
Rat409karthur26: i'm getting no info from google,go to computer mfr's website,search your model see what it has is all i can think of atm08:21
ltracy_This is what upgrade manager details gives me (apt on command line same thing or dpkg -i with the util-linux package I got from the web)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/52360/   .08:21
karthur26rat409: thanks for your help.  i know that the drivers are standard on 2.6.26. but hardyheron's on 2.6.2408:21
ltracy_and now, dpkg-reconfigure sauys:  /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: util-linux is broken or not fully installed08:21
khakihacky*Restarting BRB*08:22
ltracy_and I tried doing a force remove just now and it said at the end of the remove that it's not in a good state so I should 'REINSTALL' it before removing it08:23
ltracy_what the hell is that08:23
c0mput3r"Until this, edit the script `/etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh and activate the four lines around line 40 (Magic to make /proc/bus/usb work). Then execute..."08:24
c0mput3rhow do i "activate" the 4 lines?08:25
bastid_raZorc0mput3r; un comment them?08:27
Rat409karthur26: this may help dunno  http://intellinuxwireless.org/08:27
xbxbxbI want to replace my current HDD (where Ubuntu is installed) with another, larger HDD. Will it work if I just make a bootable root partition on the new HDD, copy all the files over (/boot /etc /var, whatever) and then install grub on the new HDD?08:27
xbxbxbSo that I don't have to reinstall and reconfigure Ubuntu08:27
c0mput3ru mean remove #08:28
bastid_raZorc0mput3r; yes08:29
karthur26Rat409: thanks for the link.  as the link says it's only supported on the new 2.6.26... is there a way to upgrade Hardy to 2.6.26?08:29
karthur26or do I have to wait til Ibex?08:29
The_Jokerhello all08:30
Rat409karthur26: i'm not sure,maybe the server kernel.08:30
karthur26Rat409: i see, thanks so much for your help.  i cant express my gratitude enough08:31
Rat409karthur26: if you know the exact driver and can get the source you can try building the kernel-module. or just build the kernel.org's current/most recent08:32
IndoctrineMy bottom panel no longer goes bold when I get a message on MSN. What's wrong with it? D:08:34
khakihackyWell I found my problem on the forums, but no one replied to it...08:34
ltracy_Did anybody read the paste I put up awhile ago?  Any idea how I can get apt to do this retarted util-linux update or anyway I can get it done via dpkg?08:34
karthur26Rat409: great, i will check that out.  thanks again08:34
=== [ID]-7414 is now known as georgeZL
Rat409sure hope it helps08:34
JoshooaHow come when i try to remove pulseaudio it tries to also remove ubuntu-desktop?08:37
shepherd_whats the difference between kubuntu and ubuntu08:38
Rat409kubutnu uses kde ubuntu uses gnome both can use either or both(only 1 at a time) after install08:39
Joshooashepherd_: the GUI, Ubuntu is Gnome, Kubuntu is KDE08:39
The_JokerI can't get my wireless notebook adapter to work on my laptop with Ubuntu on it08:40
shepherd_which one is better08:40
Rat409thats personal preference08:40
Rat409night all08:40
||arifaXThe_Joker: you should maybe post what notebook you have and what wireless lan card is in there to get help!08:41
Indoctrineshepherd_: Depends which you prefer. If you want something closer to the Windows start menu, etc, go for Kubuntu.08:41
shepherd_what the best os to play games on, and what is the best software?08:41
The_Jokerlinksys notebook adapter08:41
Indoctrineshepherd_: Linux isn't terribly good for gaming.08:41
Joshooashepherd_: I play World of Warcraft under my Ubuntu, just use Wine08:42
nnullbut Joshooa i bet it doesnt perform as well as if it was XP by itself08:43
nomingzianybody can tell whether ubuntu has a WIKI website ?08:44
nomingzia website that can show me HOW TO and step-by-step ...etc08:44
aranomingzi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com08:45
kpanichi, anyone has problems with apache segfaulting with php?08:45
balle_does anyone know hoe i can enable my usb ports? hey dont seem to be running optimal as they will not reacognise anything i stick in them08:45
shepherd_when i try to install 8.04 the cd loads up but when i hit install i get a bunch of errors. but i can install 7.1 with no problems and upgrade to 8.04...08:45
shepherd_is grading bad? or is it better to directly install 8.0408:46
||arifaXThe_Joker: Do you have problems to enable it or problems connecting to a security enabled wireless network?08:46
The_Jokeri have issues enabling it08:46
swubooI'm having a problem capturing sound on a RealTek onboard soundcard.  It doesn't matter whether I use PulseAudio or ALSA, I get nothing, unless I use arecord, in which case the signal to noise ratio and volume levels make it sound exactly like bleedthrough.08:46
balle_does anyone know hoe i can enable my usb ports? hey dont seem to be running optimal as they will not reacognise anything i stick in them08:47
koala_manballe_: see what lsusb says08:48
shepherd_is upgrading from an older version of ubuntu to a new version bad?08:50
nowimprovedwhat is the point in this hard coded ubuntu plugin in firefox?08:53
penhow to make debs?08:53
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.08:54
ghindoHi, I'm unable to see any icons on my desktop, but I know that there are files in ~/Desktop/.  How do I make these files show up again?08:54
=== sean is now known as Guest55744
penhow to make debs?08:54
Vaqueritoi have a problem shutting down my pc. reset works but shutdown freezes at "ubuntu" screen.08:55
balle_koala_man: balle@balle-laptop:~$ lsusb08:56
balle_Bus 005 Device 001: ID 0000:000008:56
balle_Bus 004 Device 001: ID 0000:000008:56
balle_Bus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:000008:56
balle_Bus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000008:56
balle_Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000008:56
FloodBot3balle_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:56
penhow to make debs?08:56
balle_koala_man: it has all devices on 001 and the id on 00000:0000008:57
xxploitghindo, open gconf-editor and goto apps/nautilus/preferences and click show desktop08:57
taneri have problem with kopete08:58
tanerit doesn't connect to msn server08:58
taneri use netgear wireless modem08:58
koala_manballe_: does dmesg say anything when you plug in a device?08:58
balle_koala_man finding a usb thing now08:59
Vaqueritoi have a problem shutting down my pc. reset works but shutdown freezes at "ubuntu" screen.08:59
nowimprovedanyone know what is the point in this hard coded ubuntu plugin in firefox?08:59
ghindoxxploit: That did the trick, thanks!08:59
NatharielHey guys. I am trying to mount a usb stick under 8.04, but it seems it cannot recognize the fat32 partition and it can't mount it. Here is the dmesg output: http://paste.debian.net/18222/ Any hints ?08:59
penhow to make debs?09:00
balle_koala_man: nope no messages at all or nothing09:00
penfor themes09:00
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.09:00
Irreducibiliswell that doesnt help...09:00
penIrreducibilis, yea09:00
koala_manballe_: so dmesg output doesn't change. does it show up on a line in lsusb?09:00
Peddy!intrepid | Peddy09:01
ubottuPeddy, please see my private message09:01
penIrreducibilis, how do you make deb that will copy the folder to designation?09:01
Indoctrinepen: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-debpkg.html09:01
Irreducibilispen: No clue09:01
balle_koala_man: negative to both09:01
psypher246hey everyone, anyone know wireless and adhoc networks. cannot get my laptop to ping my eee pc via wireless although it looks like the networks are connected09:01
subone_how do i restart x, i ran diablo in fullscreen by accident and it fuckarooed my resolution, had to drop to terminal09:02
Vaqueritoi have a problem shutting down my pc. reset works but shutdown freezes at "ubuntu" screen.09:02
lw0x15subone_: ^09:02
Indoctrinepen: This one seems to be a better tut: http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT8047723203.html09:02
subone_that doesnt seem to have done anything09:03
koala_manballe_: is it a proper usb data device, or something like a usb flashlight, usb glove warmers, or something else that just draws power?09:03
lw0x15works for me09:03
subone_ah nvm had to hit it a few times lol09:03
Doloanybody here?09:03
Vaqueritoi have a problem shutting down my pc. reset works but shutdown freezes at "ubuntu" screen.09:04
balle_koala_man it's  a psp, i have also tried with a ms mouse and another external hard drive09:04
penIndoctrine, they look the same09:04
swubooDoes anyone know of any issues involving RealTek onboard sound and audio capture?09:04
Indoctrinepen: The second one seems to go into more detail09:05
penIndoctrine, hm09:06
DoloI'm running Ubuntu Hardy and was wondering if theres a way to put differn desktop icons on my differnt desktops09:06
IndoctrineDolo: Right click the icon, properties09:06
IndoctrineDolo: Then click the button with the current icon on it09:06
=== Indoctrine is now known as Doc|Afk
dontchokehi there, im trying to figure out if i should setup a 32 bit or 64 bit wen server09:09
dontchokeis there any realy difference, does anyone have any recommendations?09:09
Doc|AfkI vote 32-bit, better supported09:09
Dolobasic,emblems,permissions,openwith,notes,share   I dont see current09:09
Doc|AfkDolo: When you right click it, on the first tab, it'll show you an image of the current icon, click it09:10
dontchokeDoc|Afk is there any real differences?09:10
Doc|Afkdontchoke: On normal computers there's barely any difference when it comes to 32bit vs 64bit09:10
dontchokeDoc|Afk ok so09:11
tboxmyanyone can advice PHP, OpenOffice and Linux user on what OSS project to start with?09:12
tboxmyi mean getting involment09:12
DoloI'm sorry are you guys using Hardy ?  When I right click for the icon it opens the browser for me to pick an icon image09:12
Doc|AfkDolo: That's what it's meant to be doing, yes. I'm using Hardy.09:13
Dolook i got it open now what should i do09:13
xxploitDolo, you asked how to change it, so browse the icons and choose another...09:13
Dololet me re-ask09:14
DoloI have multiple desktops right09:14
Doloi wanted like a folder link on desktop 3 only09:14
Doloknow what i meen?09:14
Dolothen maybe a file on desktop 209:15
Dolowhen i switch between them all the desktops have the same icons09:15
Doc|AfkI'd have to say there probably wouldn't be09:16
Dolowanted to set them apart so when i go to desktop 4 i have links for specfic things and when i go back to desktop one it just be blank09:16
Doc|AfkThen again, it's not something I'd do09:16
Doc|AfkAs I only use one of the desktops09:16
DoloWell u understand what I'm going for though?09:16
Doloseprate work spaces09:17
nowimprovedya and maybe different wallpaper on each desktop09:17
Doc|AfkDolo: I get what you mean, I just don't know if it's possible09:17
nowimprovedthat would be cool09:17
Irreducibilis_You can never have too much workspace09:17
Dolowell i can do seprate wall paper on each i think havent tryed that actually09:17
Doloused to on fedora core09:18
nowimprovedwhat window manager Doko?09:18
Doloim usin compiz09:18
nowimprovedyou can do some pretty cool stuff like that with e17 , i know that09:19
Doloi havent tweeked this out much since i got it but had some free time today so i figured i hook it up09:19
syockMy QT4 apps stop working after installing either scim or uim. Is this a known bug?09:19
nowimprovedIt must be kind of laggy09:19
nowimprovedi hate tha09:19
nowimprovedI just use nice fast fluxbox09:20
Doc|AfkCompiz messes up for me, so I don't use it09:20
* Doc|Afk shakes her fist09:20
syockThe QT4 apps somehow goes into a loop involving /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose09:20
xxploitactually i think flux along with the rest of the 2d window managers are laggy...i use compiz cause my redraws are faster09:20
DoloBefore ubuntu I used to use fedora core and I was able to put differnt wall paper on each face of the dekstop09:22
Dolois there some plugin im missing?09:23
cubexit auto joins me09:23
xxploitDolo, you talking about compiz plugins?09:25
Dolowell what id like is if i could have 4 seprate work spaces like on screen 1 i just have no icons maybe an internet link and some modest wallpaper09:25
shepherd_what can i install 8.04 ubuntu onto my pc....i have a freshly cleaned hard drive that i just nuked.  and i still get buffer i/o error on device sr0 & fd009:25
Dolothen on desktop 2 some links for work related stuff and maybe a beach kinda wallpaper09:26
shepherd_i can install 7.1 though09:26
shepherd_but not 8.0409:26
shepherd_what gives?09:26
Doloyou know?09:26
shepherd_i've tried both the regular anad the alternative09:27
DoloThen maybe on desktop 3 i put my clan wall paper and some links for my games and to stats page09:27
cubexFinally got xchat way i like it the autojoin  channel was selected before09:28
Dolou get what im trying to do? anyone know how I can set that up09:28
xxploitDolo, I know what you mean, I know users can do the wallpapers but im not sure about the icons since all the workspaces by default link to your desktop folder, and the device/location icons are a global setting I believe. So not sure.09:28
Doloxxploit: would it be possible to make extra folders like desktop 2 ,3 ,4 then fix the links somehow?09:31
DoloI'm realy surprised like nobody else has wanted to do that?09:32
Dolothought that was the whole point of this compiz cube09:33
Pavlzi got ubuntu distro09:33
Pavlzi would like to know to tranfer files from my laptop via eth009:34
Doloethernet cord?09:34
Pavlzyes with patch09:34
Pavlzbut what i must to set ?09:34
sukrancannot find libssln-dev09:35
Dolodunno mine just works09:35
penthere is something wrong with the gecko engine09:36
penif I use firefox to view archlinux wiki beginniner guide the page will be scrambled and unreadable but it's fine using webkit engine09:36
penbut if I have a new install and use firefox it should work find09:37
penso I'm really confused09:37
=== pbn_ is now known as pbn
Dololike Penn & Teller?09:44
DoloYou guys Rock!09:45
Jakob_the_liaris there a program that can backup your entire drive on a dvd ?09:45
Jakob_the_liarso that if you needed to you could just reinstall everything as it was before09:45
Dolou meen like a flash drive?09:46
DJones!backup | Jakob_the_liar (I'm not sure if any of these suggestions will go to DVD, but probably a good place to start looking09:47
ubottuJakob_the_liar (I'm not sure if any of these suggestions will go to DVD, but probably a good place to start looking: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:47
ushimitsudokiJakob_the_liar: The latest Ubuntu UK podcast discusses a lot of backup options (S01E15) - you might like to listen to that (unless your data fits on a DVD, you probably need another hard drive or two to back up to)09:47
cubexxchat freezes on channel lineup for freenode09:47
tristan_Can anyone tell me why superkaramba won't start when I use compiz but perfectly start while using KDE?09:51
astuintento ahcer un sudo auto-apt run ./autogen.sh y me sale ./autogen.sh: line 22: intltoolize: orden no encontrada09:56
a-they guys i'm runing amd64 ubuntu can someone tell me where is a good web page to help me install light scribe software09:57
a-tand how to install it09:57
chronographerhi. I have a problem. My belkin rt73 wont work, it usually works, did an update today and it has stopped.10:04
xnvIs there a "right way" to rename eth1 to eth0 in Ubuntu so you don't break anything?10:08
minion35has anyone had trouble with youtube today?10:11
mirexminion35: nope, not me, why ?10:12
minion35mirex . .  . its not working for anyone in athlone, ireland . . . tried 2 browsers.10:12
blue-frog__xnv: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-401170.html10:13
mirexminion35: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/10:14
pretenderhow do you install Jahshaka video editor in ubuntu gutsy10:15
tarelerulzHow do you install the adobe flash player as a stand alone player and not for firefox ?10:18
mefisto__tarelerulz: download it from adobe10:18
tarelerulzI did download adobe flash player and it says something about firefox.  I have it for firefox . I wanted to try it as stand alone media player . can that be done10:19
marc-andrei need a bit of help with csync210:19
ikoniatarelerulz: you don't need to download it, just install the package "flashplugin-nonfree"10:20
marc-andrei can't get the servers to connect, i receive always : ERROR: Connection to remote host failed.10:21
tarelerulzikonia , I want to try adobe flash player as standalone and not port of firefox.  I thought maybe that might worked better10:21
marc-andredid someone have the same problem, or does someone know about csync2?10:22
mefisto__tarelerulz: so you have  flash_player_9_linux_dev.tar.gz ?10:22
ikoniatarelerulz it's the same plugin, it won't work any better10:22
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olivierjoin #110:22
LetsGo67Which is better, http://tinyurl.com/j5splash1 or http://tinyurl.com/j5splash2 ?10:22
ikoniaLetsGo67: that is nothing to do with ubuntu, please don't post random images10:23
LetsGo67They are made using Ubuntu.10:24
ikoniaLetsGo67: so ?10:24
tarelerulzI have the install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz10:24
LetsGo67Then they are Ubuntu related (sorta).10:24
ikoniaLetsGo67: this is a suopport channel, not to canvas opinion on your home made images10:24
ikoniaLetsGo67: not at all10:24
ikoniaLetsGo67: please don't argue, please keep this channel to ubuntu supoprt questions only10:24
mefisto__tarelerulz: inside that, there should be a plugin folder and a standalone folder10:25
LetsGo67When will Audacity support "change tempo without changing pitch" and vice-versa?10:25
ikoniaLetsGo67: speak to audacity maintainers10:25
ikoniaLetsGo67: ubuntu don't maintain audacity, only package it10:25
xxploithas there been any offical statement on whether empathy will replace pidgin in  ibex?10:26
tarelerulzWhat I see inside the .tar.gz is flashplayer-installer and libflashplayer.so files10:26
ikoniaxxploit not that I'm aware of, ibex discussion in #ubuntu+1 please10:26
xxploito didnt know there was a channel thx10:26
ikoniaxxploit: type "/topic" when you enter a channel, you'll get good info10:26
mefisto__tarelerulz: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/9/flash_player_9_linux_dev.tar.gz10:27
tarelerulzmetfisto, you rock . I had been looking for that and all I come up with was the one you install for firefox .10:29
mefisto__tarelerulz: inside is standalone/release/flashplayer.tar.gz/flashplayer  so extract that to somewhere in your path10:29
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dam85somebodu know vhcs control panel?10:31
dam85i have this problem http://rafb.net/p/OpAbr996.html10:32
tarelerulzMetfisto , what if  I just name folder flash player and put is insdie standalone/release/flashplayer.tar.gz into that folder .  Will that work and I can run it form the folder or do I have to run some script10:32
dam85i added keysize but there is the same problem10:32
dam85what can i do?10:32
chronographerHi all. I downloaded rt73-source from the repos, how do I compile and install it?10:33
mefisto__tarelerulz: I don't understand your question. the flashplayer file is the executable, and it will work wherever you extract it to. but if it's not in your path, you will have to specify the location to make it work. eg "/home/myusername/flashplayer-standalone/flashplayer myflashfile.swf"10:35
=== RichiH is now known as Guest90132
mefisto__tarelerulz: but if it's in a location in your path (eg /usr/bin/) then it would just need "flashplayer myflashfile.swf" no matter which directory you are in10:36
amorphous_good morning !!10:37
_haywire_what's good about it?10:37
Timberwolf5578Does anyone know a good calendar program for Linux?10:38
Hrvatski1can anyone help me, i need to print, and the manage print jobs program never moves from pending, it doesnt print10:38
amorphous_is there an easy way to remove all things (including conf files) for all printer servers & printers? then I can start it all afresh. I've been using aptitude to make this simple and have hplip & cups installed. Am having issues with HP printers... :/10:38
Hrvatski1my printer wont print, can anyone help me10:40
amorphous_Hrvatski1, what make/model?10:42
Hrvatski1ip 220010:42
Hrvatski1canon pixma10:42
nananuuwhat kind of program can I use to mount iso?10:42
Hrvatski1it wont print but i have already installed a driver for it10:42
mefisto__nananuu: dd10:43
nananuuapt-get installl ss?10:43
nananuuapt-get installl dd?10:43
zool|wrkhi from russia10:43
mefisto__nananuu: dd should already be installed. "man dd" to find out how to use it10:44
lockesup guys10:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dd10:44
tarelerulzI downloaded the standalone flash player and made folder for it and put the flash movie into the same directory and something.swf  and when I ran ./flashplayer something.swf  nothing happened. I have flash player installed firefox and it can play the vidoes I get off tube.  I mean all I do is copy the flash movie for tmp to my desktop10:44
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.10:44
lockedoes anyone know about when you have an xchat channel detached and then minimize it10:44
lockeand it disappears10:44
mefisto__nananuu: sorry, I gave you bad info10:44
Hrvatski1amorphous_, any ideas?10:44
lockehow can you get it back10:44
amorphous_Hrvatski1, sorry.. only use HP -you tried searching 'linuxprinting' in google?10:45
lockei can cilck the sysray or panel icon and it will minimize and maximize the main window but not the one that was detached10:45
mohsinI am on Ubuntu and not able to brwose intenert though I can do ping a host, do nslookup10:45
lockewhen i /whois myself i'm still in the channel though10:45
lockeand i can't /part and /join it either10:45
lockeit stays minimized10:45
mohsinAnd if I do curl http://www.gogole.com, it hangs with following status message "HTTP request sent, awaiting response... "10:45
mohsinany clue?10:45
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:46
ActionParsnipmohsin: does it work if you use the ip instead (
mohsinok let me check please10:47
IntuitiveNipplemohsin:  "gogole" ?10:47
ActionParsniptab completion destroys typing skills10:50
ltracy_I'm getting an install-info error, "install-info: No dir file specified; try --help for more information." from dpkg when apt tries to update linux-utils10:51
ActionParsnipltracy_: what command are ou using to get that?10:51
ltracy_ActionParsnip, I get that error from update manager.  I get it from apt-get upgrade.  And I also get it after downloading the stupid .deb from the ubuntu repos and doing dpkg -i util-linux10:52
ActionParsnipltracy_: tr sudo apt-get -f install10:52
mohsinAction: No it dont10:53
mohsinAction: its not a DNS problem10:53
ltracy_ActionParsnip, same thing.10:53
dam85what is thi error http://rafb.net/p/rK4K1w51.html ? (i'm installing vhcs)10:53
ActionParsnipltracy_: are you using hardy?10:54
=== billybong0 is now known as billybongo
mohsinAction: can you guide me please how can I fix the problem of not being able to browse internet10:55
zafy_hey guys I need to know how to apply a kernel fix, more precisely this one : http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/8/4/11010:55
ltracy_ActionParsnip, yeah10:56
zafy_any tutorials on this ?10:56
ActionParsnipltracy_: id remove the deb you manually installed anand try get it from repos10:56
ltracy_ActionParsnip, I didn't manually install anything10:56
=== trucMuche is now known as Guest11808
ActionParsnipdam85: never come across that one dude, im not much help on that one. Maybe someone can pitch in, or ask later in the day10:57
zafy_anyone ?10:57
ltracy_ActionParsnip, This all started from the update manager.  util-linux kept failing so I downloaded the same repo from the repository and tried that10:57
tarelerulzmefisto__ that standalone version of adobe flash player did not work at all.  I try using it to open a flash video I got off youtube ,but it did not play it at all.  Thanks for your help . I think it was not made for playing local files10:58
flukeboxwhere can i find screen package in ubuntu ???10:58
dmh65kde4 aint much kop is it10:59
FinnishI know this is a bit offtopic, but can someone tell me can firewire latency be adjusted in windows? (I'm a ubuntu dude, but I have this burning problem)10:59
mefisto__tarelerulz: the standalone is for playing .swf files10:59
dmh65Finnish: ask in Windows!10:59
mefisto__tarelerulz: what you got from youtube is probably a .flv file11:00
leslieviljoenhey people! What IRC client do you use to minimise the madness?11:01
tarelerulzI thought the standalone version of flash player was the same thing as what is installed on firefox.  I am not crazy for thinking such am I ?11:01
mefisto__tarelerulz: try opening the .flv in mplayer or some other video player. it works for me with most players11:01
AthleoneI know I will probably get a biased answer here, but what linux distro do you recommend for a newbie?11:01
AthleoneI tried Ubuntu already, it kept crashing and finally I lost everything >.>11:02
DJonesleslieviljoen: Probably the two most common ones are Xchat or Irssi, Xchat is graphical client like MIRC, irssi is command line11:02
dmh65Athleone: try the wubi.exe Ubuntu in Windows11:02
AthleoneYes, that is what I tried.11:02
dmh65go for an install then11:03
leslieviljoenDJones: I need something that highlights each different person's output in a different colour11:03
dmh65or try the live cd I mean11:03
=== RichiH is now known as Guest60681
DJonesleslieviljoen: That I don't know, I only use irssi now11:04
dmh65Athleone:  put the cd in your drive, boot and press f12 or whatever to choose to boot from the cd11:04
AthleoneI don't have a cd, dmh65.11:04
tarelerulzThe reason I went for adobe standalone was  play videos I have gotten off other sites like youtube and so on.  In firefox they play fine sometimes.   If I have more then one video going flash player seem to mess up .  I thought maybe if I got the standalone version I could play the movies at later date. Plus mplayer , vlc and totem don't seem to work well.  One lets me fast forward and other don't let me do that.  So you can see 11:05
dmh65if your feeling brave, go ahead and do the install11:05
AthleoneFedora is looking more and more attractive o_o11:05
dmh65just backup important stuff11:05
dmh65I didnt have the time to wait for Fedora to boot up :)11:05
dmh65opensuse installs nice too11:06
AthleoneI'm running Slax from a USB drive right now.11:06
=== Aaqil1 is now known as Aaqil
mefisto__tarelerulz: I use smplayer (which is a great mplayer frontend) and there is a setting in there to "create index when necessary" or something, which will allow ff and rew11:07
dmh65Athleone: get a cd drive mate, they are 2 a penny :), then you can try loads of live cd's11:07
jscinozOn all non-root users auto completion works for things like apt-get install, and other things, but as root, tab completion only works for paths and commands, not things like apt-get , why is this11:08
Athleonebut.....but USB drive linux is awesome! :(11:08
dmh65I expect there is Ubuntu for usb!11:08
wces /help11:08
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:09
AthleoneAh, perhaps I shall try gentoo11:10
leslieviljoenjscinoz: try apt-get install bash-completion11:10
leslieviljoenAthleone: how did you "lose everything"?11:10
jscinozleslieviljoen, i have it, the issue is when i am  in a root shell (yes i know you are going to say use sudo, but please bear with me) tab completion doesnt work for all the extra things11:10
AthleoneThe thing suddenly went black, no gui, no files.11:11
Athleonegtg now11:11
Athleonesee yas11:11
redheathi everyone11:12
redheatI have a quick question, can the root sector be the boot sector,  I mean if I installed grub, from the advanced option that pops out near the end of the installation process..can I direct grub to get installed into the boot sector11:13
redheatsorry I meant the root sector,hi maro11:13
redheatmaro, is there something going on here..cause everyone is leaving11:14
marohi redheat11:14
redheatare they restarting the server..or something11:14
maroprobable because i got in11:14
redheatno one beside us is here right?11:15
redheatanyhow..thanks catch you later then ..take care and have a nice day11:15
maroyuo too!11:15
leslieviljoenjscinoz: not entirely sure how bash completion works11:16
jscinozleslieviljoen, ok thanks anyway11:17
leslieviljoenjscinoz: I mostly use the FISH shell these days, which has all sorts of advanced completion built in11:17
leslieviljoenjscinoz: it lets me complete as root fine11:17
king8700j/ #ubuntu-dk11:17
=== Guest11808 is now known as trucMuche
jscinozok thanks i'll look into it leslieviljoen11:20
meepohello. I want to search my system for any directories that I may have that are rwx for all people. so far I came up with this command ls / -lR 2>/dev/null | grep '^.......rw.' > ~/Desktop/output11:21
meepobut it doesn't show me where they are, how do I do this with find?11:21
ActionParsnipAaqil: you could try running it via wine11:24
ActionParsnipAaqil: or yu could runa  samtime server11:24
smidgehalf the internet just fell off11:24
xnvsmidge: The good half or the bad half?11:25
smidgethe internet has no good half11:25
leslieviljoenAnyone know why all the mass-quit/mass-joins all the time? Is the server dropping people and their clients bringing them back?11:25
xnvsmidge: I guess you just don't know about it. Probably was just half of the bad half then.11:25
maromsg ubottu eetiquette11:26
gjamcHello, any idea why "add printer" would not allow adding LPD printers?11:26
gjamcin ubuntu intrepid..11:26
smidgeplease excuse me while i drop down to shell and ruin my home folder11:27
AaqilActionParsnip: again those lan links please i got disconnect11:27
ActionParsnip!intrepid | gjamc11:27
ubottugjamc: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!11:27
* wces loves UBUNTU very much. Thank you all!11:28
skwoAny good irc client for my sweet ubuntu? :)11:28
* Aaqil wces :D 11:28
wcesI use Xchat11:28
* skwo agree with wces11:28
zeth-ubuntuwhen I am using Kopete in Ubuntu it seems to either not have working sound becasue some other program is playing music, or it has sound but no other app has sound on my system ... why is that?11:29
skwozeth-ubuntu: I got the same problem when for example I use amarok and trying to call in skype11:29
dehaamu_@find was11:29
dehaamu_!search firefox11:30
ubottuFound: ff3, firefox, kde firefox, fffc, thunderbird, firefox1.5, flash64bit, firefox3, firefox kde, browsers11:30
sifunkzeth: its something to do with the sound system only allowing one program to access the sound at once11:30
dehaamu_@search firefox11:30
dehaamu_!find was11:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about find was11:30
skwosifunk: I read that it may be a kernel problem11:30
wces!find love11:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about find love11:30
sifunki don't remember all the details about it, but i think i got around it by removing oss from the kernel when i got that bug with gentoo11:30
wces!find hot chick11:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about find hot chick11:31
zeth-ubuntusifunk : well .. it only seems to happen with KDE apps in Ubuntu11:31
sifunkskwo: yes.. i think some sort of conflict between alsa and oss... i believe i removed oss support and built in alsa with oss emulation11:31
dehaamu_!find firefox11:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about find firefox11:31
mefisto__does gnome use arts for it's sound system like kde?11:31
dehaamu_!filebot firefox11:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about filebot firefox11:31
sifunkthat's how it was for me..11:31
skwosifunk: sounds like chiness for me :p11:31
sifunkas far as i know, gnome is using pulseaudio now11:32
leslieviljoenzeth-ubuntu: Alsa is supposed to have sorted sound multiplexing out11:32
leslieviljoenzeth-ubuntu: try asking your programs to use alsa11:32
murlidhark guys how do i make gdm start manually when booting the system?11:32
zeth-ubuntuleslieviljoen : ask kopete to use alsa?11:32
sifunkthe problem may lie within arts then, which should be doing all sound mixing then sending one signal to alsa11:33
leslieviljoenzeth-ubuntu: if you can11:33
sifunkmurlidar: try 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start'11:33
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions11:33
dehaamu_@find firefox11:33
wceszeth-ubuntu: Try disabling software sound mixing in preferences->sounds11:33
mefisto__since kopete is a kde app, I assume it uses arts (which uses alsa by default), and if gnome/ubuntu is using pulseaudio I suppose kopete has to suspend pulseaudio11:33
murlidharsifunk: how to enter that while booting ?11:33
leslieviljoendehaamu_: what?11:33
murlidharthe gdm autostarts. :(11:34
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions11:34
murlidhari want a manual start11:34
zeth-ubuntuwces: what does that do?11:35
sifunkmurlidhar: you want it to boot onto text login.. then you want to manually start x or gdm?11:35
murlidharsifunk: yes11:35
makahuu@find kick11:35
wceszeth-ubuntu: In Ubuntu (don't know about K) it stops system sounds but allows multiple applications to go through11:36
meepohas anyone here built linux from scratch using ubuntu?11:36
=== BOG is now known as Guest85517
murlidharmeepo: u mean base isntallation?11:36
wcesmeepo: ubuntu is already built. What do you want to do?11:36
meepoI can't get the liveCD so I'm hoping it's not buggy if done from ubuntu11:36
meepoI mean from linuxfromscratch.org11:37
DJonesmeepo: How do you mean you can't get the livecd? You can't download, or it won't install11:37
murlidharmeepo: oh haven't done but it is possible since it requires is a mounted disk11:37
DJonesmeepo: Sorry, I think I've misread what you meant11:38
sifunkmurlidhar: this command will disable gdm from starting when you boot up 'sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove'11:38
murlidharsifunk: thanks11:38
wces!find linux chics11:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:38
sifunkno a problem11:38
meepoDJones: that's ok. you did misunderstand but thanks for trying :)11:39
murlidhar!ops | wces11:40
ubottuwces: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!11:40
murlidharwces: this is a moderated channel . please be nice :)11:40
wcesmurlidhar: I think I was nice till now.11:41
murlidharwces: what were the commands that you gave for ubotu ?11:42
murlidharwces: you can go to #ubuntu-offtopic for these things :)11:42
* MrKennie waves at ActionParsnip 11:42
* ActionParsnip waves back11:43
wcesmurlidhar: I always am interested to find funny replies from bots :)11:43
murlidharwces: #ubuntu-offtopic has ubottu as well .11:43
wcesmurlidhar: don't think it was over the top, but won't try it again anyway!11:43
MrKenniewces: maybe you can do it in /msg? :)11:43
frederick85I have a trivial question, What is an impressive looking music management program for my mother to keep her Cd's in?11:43
erUSUL!botabuse | wces11:44
ubottuwces: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.11:44
frederick85wces: i was just hoping for something a bit more fancy11:44
wcesMrKennie: Thanks, will do that.11:45
murlidharfrederick85: exaile maybe11:45
ActionParsnip!coffee > wces11:45
ubottuwces, please see my private message11:45
skwoHow many of you completly switched to Linux? :)11:47
murlidhari switched11:47
Chousukewhat does "completely" imply? :p11:47
* MrKennie puts his hand up11:48
leslieviljoenskwo: haven't used windows in months, even at work11:48
skwoChousuke: when you dont use windows/mac os11:48
leslieviljoenskwo: except for the occasional software development in Visual Studio in Virtualbox11:48
skwoI tired to boot to windows yesterday11:48
ChousukeOh. Then I don't qualify :P11:48
ChousukeOS X is my main OS11:48
skwodamn it was so baaad11:48
skwoi rebooted back to Ubuntu :)11:48
fenerli7VMs excluded, I've completely switched at home11:48
ChousukeI had windows on my macbook for a while a year ago or so11:49
skwoleslieviljoen: VM excluded I use freedos in VM :P11:49
Chousukebooted it three times I think11:49
ChousukeBeen mostly windows-free for at least... 6 years11:49
skwoChousuke: bu the way how is OSX?11:49
skwonever used11:49
ChousukeI like it.11:50
IntuitiveNippleThere are some things Windows does better than Linux11:50
ChousukeLinux is faster but meh.11:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!11:50
skwoIntuitiveNipple: agree11:50
IntuitiveNippleFor instance, I certainly miss those blue screens of death :)11:50
frederick85people are getting alot more freedom it feels like on their computers11:50
ChousukeIntuitiveNipple: That can be said of all OSes :/11:50
Chousukeanyway, yeah, OT11:51
IntuitiveNippleNo it isn't11:51
Chousukemove to -offtopic11:51
Chousukeyes it is.11:51
IntuitiveNippleUbuntu bug #111:51
kenalex_is the 64 bit version of ubuntu have good support for multimedia apps11:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111:51
IntuitiveNippleThat's a support issue11:51
ChousukeIntuitiveNipple: no11:51
skwoLOL Ubuntu bug#1 I like it :D11:52
whereisdarranwhat is it?11:52
jribkenalex_: you'll miss some things.  There's no sun java plugin (you can use the free version with icedtea).  There's also no w32codecs, so I've had at least a couple of movies where I've had to run mplayer in a chroot to hear sound11:52
skwoWell guys lets move to offtopic :x11:53
IntuitiveNipplejrib: doesn't w64codecs have them?11:53
jribMrKennie: they don't contain everything ( IntuitiveNipple)11:53
jribMrKennie, IntuitiveNipple: look at the package sizes to convince yourself :)11:53
leslieviljoentho, with reference to BUG#1, I have to complain about this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/26355511:54
MrKennieif it doesn't play for me I don't bother and find an alternative source or forget it11:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,In progress]11:54
vikkuhi all11:54
vikkuWhen we do a ctrl-d on a putty (ssh access to a box), which signal does it generate?11:54
jribleslieviljoen: that's in a development version of ubuntu though11:54
MetalWrath_with iptables can you say 'ssh' for dport ?11:54
MetalWrath_rather than 2211:54
ActionParsnipwhy buy a macbook then put linux on it, you can buy a way better intel/amd based system for the same price11:55
frithActionParsnip, cause they look cool?11:55
MrKennieMetalWrath_: you can yes11:55
ActionParsnip!intrepid | leslieviljoen11:55
leslieviljoenjrib: still, Microsoft would not make the mistake of releasing ANY code that could permanently damage computers11:55
ubottuleslieviljoen: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!11:55
jribleslieviljoen: ubuntu hasn't released intrepid, anyway this is offtopic here11:56
MrKennieI think you confused development code with stable code11:56
frithleslieviljoen, also microsoft would be able to pass the buck to the people who wrote the device driver11:56
kenalex_creative should at least make a good driver for their xfi cards and get heir head of their a$$es11:57
leslieviljoenNo you don't get it, this code can break hardware11:57
MrKennieand? it's development code, use at your own risk.11:58
frithsame as if you were to use windows beta x y z11:58
leslieviljoenThe last time "risk" meant broken hardware was in the commodore days when there was a special POKE that could kill your VIC chip11:58
jribleslieviljoen: did you even read the bug?11:58
leslieviljoenEver since, "risk" has meant "broken software"11:59
frithi find ignore works well11:59
NatharielHey guys. I am trying to use a usb stick on ubuntu 8.04 but it seems it cannot recognize the fat32 partion on it and it can't mount it. Here is the dmesg output: http://paste.debian.net/18222 Any hints?11:59
leslieviljoenFine, ignore me11:59
jribleslieviljoen: the driver has been blacklisted since the issue was realized11:59
frithjrib, seriously don't humour the troll12:00
jribthat's all I'm saying about it12:00
Brizben Hi I am trying to mount up a Samsung mobile phone can anyone help I can see it with lsusb12:00
leslieviljoenfrith: constructive criticism!12:01
IntuitiveNippleleslieviljoen: The issue is a non-standard design by Intel that maps the PCI device NVRAM into IOMEM. We have patches for it being considered12:01
leslieviljoenfrith: I love Ubuntu!12:01
ampers_ /msg ubottu etiquette12:01
jribleslieviljoen: the discussion is offtopic here.  Thas channel is only for support.  Discuss it elswhere please12:01
KlaxonBonjour all12:02
jrib!fr | Klaxon12:02
ubottuKlaxon: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr12:02
ActionParsnipNathariel: does it show up in sudo fdisk -l12:02
mefisto__Nathariel: is this one of those usb sticks that are password protected? ie, did you install some windows "drivers" for it and password protect?12:02
leslieviljoenjrib: ok, have to go anyway. But there really *is* no place this can be discussed you'll find. Its offtopic everywhere, and it's embarrasing.12:03
MetalWrath_the only annoyance about ubuntu thus far I have found is there's no su mode.12:03
Natharielmefisto__ nope, just used windows to check what filesystem it has after the first try on ubuntu.12:03
MetalWrath_You have to use sudo for everything12:03
MetalWrath_which blows.12:03
MetalWrath_I'm not THAT much of a noob.12:04
MrKennieMetalWrath_: you can sudo -i12:04
ampers_Quick question, does Live Disk (8.04.1) have a repair mode? If yes, I will search for my answer, if no, I will stop looking.12:04
jribMetalWrath_: there is 'su'.  It switches users.  You can do 'sudo -i', but you really shouldn't need to do this so often that you find sudo annoying...12:04
MetalWrath_MrKennie: I love you.12:04
leslieviljoenMetalWrath_: sudo su12:04
MetalWrath_jrib: I am just setting up my system12:04
ikonialeslieviljoen: no12:04
jribleslieviljoen: sudo -i   is preferred12:05
ikonialeslieviljoen: re-read what jrib just wrote12:05
ActionParsnipMetalWrath_: you dont use sudo for everything12:05
leslieviljoenikonia: what is the difference?12:05
ikonialeslieviljoen: one is the supported method, the other is not12:05
mefisto__also, konsole can start a root shell from the menu12:05
eshatHi all, can someone give me the default permissions of /etc/passwd please ?12:05
MetalWrath_ActionParsnip: I didn't literally mean everything.12:06
jribeshat: 644 root:root12:06
eshatjrib: thanks12:06
leslieviljoenikonia: thanks for the info :)12:06
charolastrahi, trying to build gimp 2.5(and GEGL for that matter) on this fresh install and get the following error "undefined reference to `gtk_init'" although i've installed libgtk2.0-dev; any ideas?12:06
ampers_ Quick question, does Live Disk (8.04.1) have a repair mode? If yes, I will search for my answer, if no, I will stop looking.12:06
ikoniacharolastra: what is wrong with 2.4 ?12:06
jribampers_: what is "repair mode"?12:07
rohanhello guys does ebox in ubuntu automatically install ftp , dhcp etc.. serverices and pakages or that has to be done manually12:07
charolastraikonia: is that the question?12:07
rohan!ebox > rohan12:07
ubotturohan, please see my private message12:07
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frithi am looking for a console based firewall UI12:07
ikoniacharolastra yes, why are you trying to build 2.5 ?12:07
ampers_If something goes wrong, it will reload the basics, and not interfere with the home folders12:07
ikoniafigo: iptables command line12:07
charolastraikonia: why not? it got some nice new features12:07
jribfrith: ufw or straight iptables12:07
ikoniacharolastra: then you should know how to build it12:07
jrib!iptables > frith12:07
ubottufrith, please see my private message12:07
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=== wce is now known as wces
charolastraikonia: thanks for the help ...........12:08
frithjrib, i am feeling lazy and wanted to use a tool to build the rules12:08
jribcharolastra: sudo apt-get build-dep gimp should get you the dependencies12:08
jribfrith: ufw :)12:08
erUSULfrith: i use firehol nice and simple. shorewall is nice too12:08
charolastrajrib: thanks, will try12:08
xbxbxbLet's say I have a folder /blah with permissions XYZ and owner blah:blah (and I want to keep it that way), can I mount it to /mnt/blah, so that /mnt/disc will have different permissions (and thus temporarily enable other people to access) and maybe even a different owner?12:08
friththanks :)12:08
ActionParsnipxbxbxb: you set it when you mount12:09
jribxbxbxb: not as far as I know12:10
leslieviljoenbye ppl, seeya soon12:10
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zambai need help setting up lirc.. every time i issue 'irw' the lirc daemon shuts down12:11
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rohan_1is rohan_1 a rigistered nick?12:12
rohan_1ohh sorry my bad please ignore12:12
kenalex_so if i want multimedia 32bit is the way to go12:12
zambait says "accepted new client on /dev/lircd", then "could not get file information for /dev/lirc0" and then "default_init(): no such file or directory" and then it says "caught signal" and dies12:12
unoprohan_1, #freenode can help you there12:12
jribrohan_1: /msg nickserv info rohan_112:12
rohan_1please ignore sorry12:13
jribkenalex_: that's the hasslest-free way12:13
jribhassle-freeest?  most hassle-free I guess12:13
ActionParsnipkenalex_: you can run 32bit apps on 64bit if you install 32 bit libs12:13
Cliffhangeranyone here giving support i can pm?12:16
jribCliffhanger: best to just ask the channel your question12:16
ActionParsnipCliffhanger: ask in the room12:16
Cliffhangersure, ok12:16
fariai have download the realplayer in my home drictry this is bin file kindly tell me how can i run ths file12:16
ActionParsnipCliffhanger: more eyes = more answers12:16
wces<Cliffhanger>: I am a new person here, but can try to help you.12:16
ActionParsnip!realplayer | faria12:17
ubottufaria: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:17
jribfaria: before you install it, note that you can play all of that stuff with free, open-source players like mplayer12:17
Cliffhangerbasically - Totem and Flash seem to clash using ubuntu (obviously)12:17
wcesfaria: sh <filename>12:17
ActionParsnipCliffhanger: in what way?12:17
Cliffhangerits like...if i restart, and open flash, flash plays, totem wont, and the reverse is true12:17
farialet me try12:17
ActionParsnipCliffhanger: are you fully up to date?12:17
wces!realplayer | wces12:17
ubottuwces, please see my private message12:17
Cliffhangeras of today yes12:17
jribCliffhanger: flash doesn't play nice with pulseaudio with libflashsupport installed.  However, libflashsupport may cause flash to crash once in a while12:18
fariash: Can't open realplayer11gold.bin12:18
erUSULzamba: does /dev/lirc0 exist in your system?12:18
jribs/with libflashsupport/without libflashsupport/12:18
Cliffhangerright yeh12:18
Cliffhangersorry im a recent convert to linux, people like me are annoying, i know12:18
wcesfaria: chmod +x <filename> and then ./filename12:19
mefisto__faria: what about this: ./realplayer11gold.bin12:19
zambaerUSUL: i think i've found the problem.. the problem looks to be related to the fact that the ubuntu kernel itself picks up the receiver and then "owns" it.. so just by plugging in the receiver and using the remote i'm able to du basic stuff like turning the volume up and down and muting it12:19
erUSULzamba: ok12:19
zambaerUSUL: so what i need to do is tell the kernel to keep its fingers away from this..12:19
zambanot that i know how :)12:19
zambano previous configuration and this happens when i insert the usb receiver:12:20
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zamba[12678.730111] input: PHILIPS MCE USB IR Receiver- Spinel plus as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb3/3-1/3-1:1.0/input/input1912:20
Cliffhangerso is there a specific fix for the totem/flash thing as such? or am i stuck for the moment?12:21
jribCliffhanger: you can see if libflashsupport works for you12:21
fariaboth not working12:22
fariachmod +x <filename> and then ./filename12:22
skinnymg1hello everybody12:22
slade605Hey guys, I've got some questions about partitioning a hard drive in ubuntu, anyonne good at that?