* flyback bbl00:25
overrideris there a way i can configure my nvidia card laptop & large dvi connected monitor so that when i am starting up with the monitor connected, the laptop display truly and completely is off / sleeps? all apps have to start on the secondary monitor. is that possible? thanks03:07
ecai removed gdm, when i boot i have to ctrl alt f6, then login, then startx. how can i set it up so that it goes straight to command line login?03:09
* flyback feels like he is about to have a stroke03:51
zoredachecall the doctor?03:51
* flyback bbl04:04
evilbughow can i change the order of autostarted apps?06:24
* vussvillem is trying /me09:04
kingmiloHi All. Im about to install Xubuntu, the reason i am using it as apposed to ubuntu is that i have read it is a bit quicker, not so resource intensive. Im looking to get the best performance i can out of my desktop, minimal is better for me. Does anyone know if during the installation i can select the packages i want installed instead of having a bloated installation? - thanks.09:15
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zoredachekingmilo: you will get most things by default.  You could use the expert install, or do a cli install but it is probably easier to just install and remove what you down't need09:28
overriderhello, i have a asus laptop with nvidia card; i daily connect an external dvi monitor to my laptop. is it possible to configure xubuntu in a way so that when i connect my external screen, ONLY the external screen is used, and the laptop display itself is powered off, or at least not in use at all? thank you for any suggestions11:29
knomeoverrider, have you tried nvidia-settings11:29
overriderknome: hey, yes i have played. the best i could do until now is to have two displays working at the same time, external is primary display, but still some things show up on the laptop display, some icons from desktop, and also some apps are started on laptop display, especially when my mouse pointer by accident slipped over to the laptop screen.11:32
overriderwhat i really would like is not to have the external and internal display work together, but basically seperate. once the big monitor is connected, i really dont need to have the laptop monitor on or in use at all11:33
knomeoverrider, you can add a mode where the laptop monitor is turned off11:34
overriderknome: ok so its all in nvidia-settings? or do i have to manually get down to my xorg.conf?11:35
knomeoverrider, it's in nvidia-settings11:35
overriderknome: ok thanks then, ill keep trying11:36
knomeoverrider, at least there used to be a setting like that11:37
knomeoverrider, does nvidia-settings recognise your monitor?11:37
overriderknome: yes it does. also most things in there work fine, eg. rearranging order of screens and stuff. i just read maybe try to start with laptop lid closed, though i am not sure yet (if it works at all), if that is a good idea heatwise... anyhow ill keep playing11:39
knomeoverrider, ok, hope you'll get it sorted out11:40
overriderreally want only ext monitor to work, mainly really due to real eastate on the desk, too many screens11:40
knomehah, there is never too many screens ;)11:40
knome70meg pdf...11:55
knomeanybody wants that with bcc in email? :P11:55
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DaveKongHow does one make it so one hard disk boots Windows and the other Xubuntu?13:44
DaveKongCan I put windows on one disk and both a 32bit and 64bit xubuntu one the other or all on one and if two xubuntu installs are on a disk can they use the same swap partition?13:45
mkanhello. I installed Xubuntu 8.04 and whenever i bring up a networking interface (upon doing the route add default gw every application that displays graphical content freezes: firefox, even gnomine!! (terminal and other simple applications, or even vlc draw correctly)14:21
mkanwhat could be the problem?14:21
mkani may be lacking some packages because i did a pretty "small" install, not installing packages i would not need14:22
mkanany clues? the problem is similar(maybe the same) to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=840686 but that dude has obviously got some obsession with trojans and conspiracy theories14:25
lunartichello all14:50
lunarticI'm looking for a gui for fsck.  Can you give me some suggestions?14:50
knomelunartic, search synaptic :P15:10
* gnomefreak didnt find oue15:11
knomethen there isn't one on the ubuntu repositories15:15
knomeanyway i don't know why one would want a gui for fsck15:15
lunarticknome: curiousity15:20
knomecuriosity killed the cat.15:21
lunarticand my hard drive :p15:21
mkanfixed by installing libpng12-0/intrepid15:45
vussvillemI have a Xfce desktop wallpaper problem. I guess it's Ubuntu specific16:06
vussvillemevery time when I startup my laptop, 4/5 left-right part of my custom desktop picture is covered by Xubuntu default desktop picture. I have no idea, why16:06
vussvillemwhen I deleted the Xubuntu 8.04 default desktop picture from my system - the 4/5 left-right part of my custom desktop picture is covered with blue rectangle :)16:06
htetrasmeAnyone around?16:10
htetrasmeI have a question.16:10
knomejust ask16:11
htetrasmeThanks -- I booted my install and for some reason the taskbar and menu bar don't show up.16:12
htetrasmeAnyone know how to correct this?16:12
bytor4232htetrasme: hit alt-f2 and type in xfce4-panel16:12
htetrasmeWorks! Thanks a lot.16:13
bytor4232htetrasme: When looking for support on IRC its best to ask, and wait.  Most of us lurk while we work, it may take us a half hour or more to realize someone is looking for support.16:14
bytor4232htetrasme: And that goes for any IRC based support solution.  Its the same in most of the channels.16:14
htetrasmeSure -- no problem. It's the first time I'd looked for support on IRC.16:15
htetrasmeIt just seemed an odd problem; I didn't know how I would search for it!16:15
bytor4232htetrasme: Also, sometimes if noone responds, it means we don't know ;)16:15
htetrasmeHa! Very fair!16:16
bytor4232htetrasme: Thats a common problem with xfce and xubuntu.  It typically means you ran out of memory while booting.16:16
htetrasmeOh, OK. I had guessed that ,might be it but rebooting didn't help.16:17
bytor4232htetrasme: If you continue to have problems with the desktop iso, try the alternate iso.  Its text based, but still fairly easy to use.16:18
htetrasmeText based install, or UI you mean?16:19
* vussvillem is continueing his own thing: I've filed a bug on my problem as well https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfdesktop4/+bug/27574716:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275747 in xfdesktop4 "Xfce backdrop reset to erroneous Xubuntu default backdrop" [Undecided,New]16:20
vussvillemyap :D thats mine :D16:20
vussvillemImportant thing, probably, is that when I point my custom desktop picture again and fix the problem, it is OK even when I restart X system (ctrl+alt+del). It only happens when I shut down and start up16:23
vussvillemBut with laptop, shut down and startup are not so seldom events ;)16:24
bytor4232htetrasme: The alternate ISO is a text based installer that runs on very little ram.16:25
htetrasmeRight; then that's what I think I used to install on the system in question.16:25
bytor4232htetrasme: Honestly, I don't use the desktop iso, also known as the live iso.  In fact, i don't install with Xubuntu at all, not even the alternate.16:25
htetrasmeThanks for your help all the same, hitting alt-f2 at startup is not the worst of chores.16:27
bytor4232htetrasme: I use the mini.iso located here:  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy-updates/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/16:27
bytor4232htetrasme: Its only 9 megs, when it boots I enter "cli" at the boot prompt.16:28
bytor4232htetrasme: After thats done, I reboot, log in, and run "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"16:28
bytor4232htetrasme: In fact, at my house, I don't even use the mini.iso, I boot over the network from my server using the netboot.tar.gz16:29
htetrasmeHmm... I think I will do that on my next install...16:29
Hillshum_How do I change the default word processor?16:29
charlie-tcaHillshum_: right-click on a text document and click Open with...16:34
charlie-tcaPick the app you want to default to and it will change the default for all docs of that type16:35
ubottuFor installing on low memory systems, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems.  See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements.16:47
Maloneguys how do i make it so when i boot i only login to a CLI and then from there type a command if i want to use xfce?16:52
cody-somervilleMalone, you can disable gdm starting16:53
cody-somervilleMalone, and then you can run startxfce416:53
DCPomwhat does sticking a window do?16:55
Malonecody, ok! so to disable gdm starting do i change to failsafe terminal or?16:55
cody-somervilleDCPom, Makes it visible on all your desktops16:55
DCPomooh that's a neat trick, thans16:55
cody-somervilleMalone, no, you use Applications > System > Services16:56
Malonecody-somerville: ok.. should i disable the "load gnome blah blah" setting?16:57
cody-somervilledisable gdm16:57
cody-somerville"Graphical Login Manager"16:57
Malonecody-somerville: do i need apport enabled?17:00
Malonetotally unrelated but yeh17:00
Malonecody-somerville: its normal to haveto sudo start xfce?17:11
cody-somervilleIf the x server isn't running, yes.17:12
TheSheepno, you should never start xfce with sudo17:12
Malonecody-somerville: but like it will work just the same as before this way yea?17:12
Maloneasin ill lose no functionability to X right?17:13
cody-somervilleTheSheep, X has to run as root17:13
cody-somervilleMalone, No17:13
cody-somervilleMalone, you'll loose the functionality provided by a login manager17:13
TheSheepcody-somerville: it's suid-ed, it will run as root anyways, but not the rest of xfce17:13
Malonecody-somerville: is a login manager needed for ssh server?17:14
cody-somervilleMalone, no17:14
cody-somervilleTheSheep, oh, okay.17:14
TheSheepMalone: and it doesn't need xfce either17:14
Malone...so what do i do then TheSheep ?17:14
cody-somervilleMalone, that would require us knowing what you *want* to do? :P17:15
Malonebe able to use a gui the same as i did before but without using  a GDM..17:16
TheSheepMalone: why you don't want gdm?17:17
Malonebecause i was reading !lowmem and it says removing it helps17:17
Malonevery old pc17:17
zoredacheso you have a command line, and you want to start the gui?  Is startxfce4 perhaps the command your looking for?17:17
Maloneoh 417:17
Malonei didnt add that17:17
TheSheepand without sudo17:17
Maloneok thx ill try that!17:18
Maloneworked ! :)17:23
Malonebut for some reason it seems im using more RAM then before :<17:24
Maloneand less swap17:24
Maloneim trying to make a shortcut to terminal whats the command to open one pls?17:25
Maloneeg in ubuntu its gnome-terminal17:25
Malonexfce-terminal ? :D17:25
Malonewhere'd u all go :x17:26
Malonethx zoredache17:28
cody-somervilleMalone, you want it using more ram and less swap17:31
cody-somervilleMalone, you always want as much ram being used as possible because it is so so so much faster than if it gets swapped.17:32
zoredachecody-somerville: I think his problem is that it is using all the ram, and then some swap...17:32
cody-somervilleWhats wrong with that?17:33
zoredachethe computer gets painfully slow when you don't have enough ram, and you are running from swap?17:34
Maloneyea it seems better tho.. like when i boot its using 90/120 ram and 50/300 swap and with irssi and firefox open im using 82/128  105-30017:38
Malonefells better than before17:39
Malonebefore id be using 150 + on swap and 10-20 more on ram17:39
Malonefells = feels17:39
zoredacheit won't be as great of a web experience, but you might want to try an alternate browser.  For example midori seems faster then firefox...17:43
Maloneive disabled font anti aliasing and a few other things,running firefox with 3 tabs open atm no worries :D17:50
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zelharHello, I am running x64 Xubuntu  and unable to use the ATI drivers and so unable to use widescreen resolution. My system is: Q6600, sapphire HD3650, P5Q-pro, 4GBDDR2-800. Oddly enough OpenSUSE works fine without any configuration changes18:39
bioterrorsmall problem. i noticed that xubuntu is missing application menu with turkish language settings18:47
knomebioterror, but you still can add it?18:48
bioterrorthere is that menu, but its empty18:48
bioterrortheres 5months old bug report on launchpad about that18:49
knomecody-somerville, ^18:49
cody-somervillebug #?18:50
knomei hope that will be addressed before 8.10.18:50
bioterrorill give it to you soon18:50
bioterrorusing communicator atm.18:50
knomebug 21077318:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 210773 in xfdesktop4 "Turkish translation of XFCE4's menu in "/etc/xdg/xfce4/desktop/menu.xml.tr" is incomplete" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21077318:51
knomeis it that?18:51
zoredacheSomeone should test to see if the bug is still present in the recent daily perhaps?18:51
bioterroryes it is ;)18:52
cody-somervilleIt says fixed in Intrepid18:53
knomebut it still is present in daily build?18:53
bioterrorshould i upgrade my mother in laws hardy ti intrepid?18:54
zoredacheprobably not yet18:55
bioterrorwell, father in law just have to deal with finnish then ;)19:01
knomewhat's wrong with finnish19:02
bioterrornothing, but it's not his mother language ;)19:02
knomefathers usually are not mothers19:02
knomeeh eh ;)19:03
zoredacheso xfdesktop has started using 100% of my cpu, is there any trick to figure out what it is actually doing?19:30
bioterrorif I don't have a .confi/xfce4/desktop/menu.xml, where this xfce reads the menu config?19:57
bioterrorconfig even19:57
bioterrorand where can I change it19:57
ron_oif you've tried everything,every kind of *kill* command, and some process won't end, the only way to end it is a restart, right?20:35
knomeron_o, kill -s kill [pid]20:35
ron_omplayer has started and it won't end after I played a video last night.20:35
ron_othat did it. I20:36
ron_oI'll write that down. :)20:36
knomeyeah, np20:36
thinkmassiveI just updated ~/.profile   how can I have the settings applied immediately?21:03
thinkmassivewhoa, nevermind, I figured it out as soon as I posted the question (figures...)21:03
thinkmassiveit seems I spoke to soon, the changes are lost when I close the terminal window21:07
thinkmassiveany way to make it persistent without logging out?21:07
S-i-Ahow can i disable default keyring?21:50
S-i-Amake me crazy :)21:50
S-i-Aevery time must i enter the password to connect Wireless21:51
S-i-Ahi again21:54
S-i-Aany soulution for default keyring!??21:55
S-i-Aany idea?21:56
knomeS-i-A, set the password to none21:57
knomeS-i-A, = remove the password21:57
knomecan't remember how that's donwe21:59
knomesudo apt-get install gnome-keyring-manager21:59
knomeand run that21:59
S-i-Aknome: if you can't remember, dont answer ;)22:00
knomeyou should be able to unset password22:00
S-i-Aand that is not a solution22:00
knomeS-i-A, duh, so it's better that you don't get an answer at all?22:00
knomewhy is it not a solution?22:00
S-i-Abecause isn't answer22:00
albertS-i-A, I just messed with it in different configurations till it worked, and then left it.22:01
S-i-Agnome keyring install just make boolshit22:01
albertI did have that problem initially,. and still do occasionally on other networks22:01
albertI would suggest going to setting>settings manager> auto start apps... make sure it is there.22:03
albertWi-Fi radar was also part of my solution.22:04
S-i-Aalbert: in autostart is just the networkmanager22:04
S-i-Ai cant remove it becuase i need it22:05
albertNo don't remove it22:05
S-i-Afor wireless contacting22:05
albertjust make sure it is there,...22:05
S-i-Aisn't there22:06
albertgo to add/remove programs and get wi fi radar22:06
albertapplications>system>add/remove programs22:07
S-i-Aiam not newb22:07
S-i-Ainow search for aplication without GUI ;)22:07
S-i-Aok thanx22:07
albertsorry I am this is my first time here. I can trouble shoot though, and that is how i fixed the problem when i had it.22:08

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