edubuntufanHello, are many users on?03:09
edubuntufanHi..does anyone have a tutorial on getting old iMacs to boot off of the LTSP?03:11
edubuntufanhi all03:18
edubuntufannot very active tonight?03:18
kaingeoMy Ubuntu 8.04 LTSP installation is freezing (screen freezes but mouse moving) is it normal from time to time?10:29
kaingeoThe kernel message is: [ 1454.088037] NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out10:30
amanulla is there any usb version for ubuntu with in 500 mb13:29
ShindigAnyone have any experience in a large scale edubuntu desktop deployment.. I am currently looking to deploy a few hundered in the school district to start15:51
sbalneavShindig: I don't deploy edubuntu itself, but I do deploy Ubuntu + ltsp for 185 desktops.15:52
Shindigsbalneav: what is the best way to manage that many machines.. i need to lock them down and not give kids access to everything?15:56
sbalneavAre you planning on deploying full desktops, or thin clients?15:56
ShindigFull desktops15:56
Shindigi am a mix of apple, windows and hopefull soon linux...with AD and apples OD15:57
Shindigtry to use most of are window machines that will not run vista and putting Linux on them15:58
ShindigNew machine are Apple now a days15:58
sbalneavWell, simplest will be to use a mixture of Sabayon and some gconf trickery to bolt down the desktops15:58
Shindiganyways the over all Goal is to get out of the Microsoft school agreemnet15:59
sbalneavheh, free incentives are over, now the bill's come due? :)15:59
sbalneavWhere I work, we ran into that years ago, we've been a 100% linux shop since 200116:00
Shindiglol the cost keeps going up and truly when you are in a school argreemnet you have to pay per desktop no matter what the OS is16:00
Shindigsee the las 3000 machine have all been apple that just donst fit anymore16:01
Shindigbut i have been playing with Sabayon and gconf but is there a way to mange it in one place for a gobal config for all desktops or does it have to be managed from each machine?16:02
ShindigI have an 11:00am meeting that i am running late for but i will be back in like 30 min16:03
sbalneavShindig: Well, with sabayon...16:03
sbalneavok, I'll be here when you get back.16:03
Shindigappreciate any help in advance :)  sorry lost track of time but i will brb16:04
stgrabersbalneav: hey, do you have a second to tell me how's LDM autologin working ? (or point me to some docs)16:11
stgraberI'd like to merge our own autologin with ldm's as I did for the ldm screen.d script (basically ldm-cluster calls ldm with some extra variables)16:12
sbalneavstgraber: I think it's documented fairly well in the ltsp-docs branch up on lp16:13
sbalneavIt's pretty much just a case of setting LDM_USERNAME and LDM_PASSWORD16:13
stgrabersbalneav: can I use login+ssh-key ?16:14
sbalneavvagratc added some fancy code to allow for a guest login button16:14
sbalneavI think so.16:14
stgraberwe call a daemon that generates a temporary account then use it to login16:14
sbalneavthat was something Gadi added16:14
cosfhelp in LTSP17:02
sbalneavcosf: What do you need?17:15
sbalneavcosf: Hello?17:20
edubuntufananyone on right now?17:22
edubuntufanI am an educator that has a thin client lab up, has anyone heard of how we can set up old iMACS to act as etrminal machines?17:22
sbalneavThe infrastructure's there in LTSP to allow for imac clients.17:23
nubaesbalneav: do u know if the lxde window manager will work in a thin client environment?17:24
edubuntufanso it is already set up to use iMacs?17:24
edubuntufanit can use the powerpc chip without more programming?17:24
sbalneavedubuntufan: You'd have to install ubuntu/edubuntu on an imac to build the chroot environment, though.17:25
edubuntufanI am using this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPCrossArchSetup, but my server has no /etc/exports file17:26
edubuntufaneven tho my edubuntu thin client lab is working, do I still need to do the first step and sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server  to get that file?17:27
sbalneavHold on, lemme check and see if they've got ppc cd's for download...17:28
edubuntufanI already have xubuntu installed on an imac17:29
sbalneavok, then you should be able to just install the ltsp-server-standalone packages, and do an ltsp-build-client.17:31
edubuntufando  I install it on the imac then?17:31
sbalneavyou'll have to copy in the sshkeys from the server you actually want to host the images at.17:31
sbalneavbecause you'll have to build an image there.17:31
sbalneavyou can't build the ppc image on i386 hardware :)17:32
highvoltagehowdy sbalneav17:33
sbalneavhey highvoltage17:37
edubuntufanRight now I have edubuntu/ltsp on an i386 machine and xubunut/ppc-version on an imac. ON the imac I run sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-serve and then I do an ltsp-build client?  is that right?17:37
edubuntufanonce the client is built does following this tutorial explain what to do? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPCrossArchSetup17:38
sbalneavthere'll be some more work after that, but that's good to go on17:38
edubuntufanis there an online tutorial?17:38
sbalneavyeah, that page should get you most of the way there17:38
edubuntufando I need to install anything on my server?17:39
highvoltagesbalneav: you were(or maybe still are) working on an ltsp manual. where is that?17:39
sbalneavno, but you might need to fiddle with your dhcpd.conf file17:39
highvoltageI was looking for it a while back but couldn't find it.17:39
sbalneavhighvoltage: on the docs.edubuntu.org site17:39
sbalneav1 sec17:39
highvoltagesbalneav: thanks17:40
edubuntufanyeah, the tutorial says, "Note that powerpc clients need some special options in the servers dhcp setup. " but there is no link for additional information.17:41
ogrause that17:42
edubuntufanAs I am doing this I am creaing a squidoo page/tutorial. I hope to have a location that shows schools how to set this up like me and use all types of hardware.17:42
edubuntufanour school alone has 50 iMACs from days long past.17:42
edubuntufanas well as old intel based machines.17:42
edubuntufanoo thanks ogra...that is the dhcp3-server conf file on the server, right?17:43
sbalneavogra: Added your dhcpd.conf to the bottom of the page17:44
ograin /etc/ltsp on the server, yes17:44
ograsbalneav, thanks17:44
edubuntufanthank you sbalneav and ogra...17:44
edubuntufanmy tutorial says that before I build the powerpc that I need to edit the exports file on the server to "/opt/ltsp       *(rw,no_root_squash,async)"17:45
edubuntufanhowever, there is no "/etc/exports" file on the server...17:46
edubuntufancan I skip that step or even tho I my server is operational, do I need to "sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server"?17:46
nubaesbalneav: did ever do that merge of changes u wanted to the ltsp manual in launchpad?17:47
sbalneavNot yet, been swamped with Hardy updates here at work.17:49
sbalneavI'll try to get to it tomorrow17:49
nubaecool, hardy bug fixes are indeed more important :-)17:50
edubuntufanLast question before I go tincker while I work, when I have built the powerpc image and configured the DHCP file, how do I get the imac to boot off of PXE?  Hold down C?17:51
* ogra thinks it was n17:51
ograbut its two years ago that i touched my last ppc17:51

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