gm04030276sudo lsmod | grep b4300:00
NikLPemm? wtf is that (also what is lsusb and lsmod??)00:00
gm04030276ok, the sudo part gives you root permissions, you can try it without it but lsmod lists the modules that are loaded in the kernel so that may need root00:00
gm04030276the | grep just searches through the output for the sting b43 which is a broadcom module :)00:01
NameAlreadyInUsei am having trouble connecting to the internet00:01
NameAlreadyInUsei am told that a network address should be acquired automatically, but I can get no connectivity at all00:01
gm04030276lsusd lists all usb devices plugged just like lspci :)00:01
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: wireless or wired?00:02
NikLPgm04030276: b43?00:02
NameAlreadyInUsegm: wired00:02
gm04030276NikLP: yea, b43 is a broadcom module for using broadcom wireless cards...it may not be the only one though...only one ive seen though00:02
NikLPgm04030276: that command just kicks into pw then nothing :/00:03
NameAlreadyInUsegm: i am connecting through a router, not directly, by the way00:03
ryansIf it's a B43...00:03
NikLPno results00:04
ryansMine freezes when I use flash.00:04
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: ok, i'll assume connected to a router...have you configured it to be dhcp server?00:04
ryansTried both NDISwrapper and FWcutter.00:04
NikLPrfcomm is the nearest thing I see to *anything* related to comms vis lsmod00:04
NameAlreadyInUsegm: yes, but kubuntu refuses to acquire00:04
NameAlreadyInUsegm: i will set it to acquire an address automatically by dhcp, but nothing seems to happen, and the settings will not be applied the next time i open network settings00:05
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: cat /etc/network/interfaces and put it on pastebin00:05
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:05
NameAlreadyInUsegm: alright, one second00:06
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:06
gm04030276NikLP: have a look at some of that stuff?00:06
NikLPthe wifi docs?00:06
gm04030276NikLP: Is your card just not showing up in KNetworkManager? It should be in the bar at the bottom on the right.00:07
NikLPOH! :)00:08
gm04030276NikLP: get it?00:08
NikLPgm04030276: looking good :) got message from kde wallet service tho?00:09
NameAlreadyInUsegm: here is the paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53005/00:09
NikLPjust enter  pw etc?00:09
NikLPgm04030276: I love you :p00:10
NikLPping ftw, btw :p00:10
gm04030276NikLP: woow steady now! lol00:10
* NikLP dances a wee jig :p00:10
gm04030276thats good :)00:10
NikLPit is00:10
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: is that all the output?00:10
gm040302764 lines?00:10
NikLPnever before seen...! many live cds, no wireless :)00:10
NikLPok I'm much happier now - good video, good tinternetz. all good.00:11
NikLPnow learning the os :p00:11
gm04030276yip! first time with linux?00:11
ryansLinux can be strange at times00:12
NikLPI'm a web dev, so actually I do a lot of stuff in shell, so I'm not uncomfortable as I *could* be, but... this is scary shit.00:12
gm04030276but its really fun when you get 3 years down the line and realise your finally good enough to help other people :)00:12
NikLP"at times" - understatement of the century :p00:12
ryansI remember ye olde doswhen I was younger.00:12
NikLPyeah that's cool :) I still can help people, just not with admin :p00:12
NameAlreadyInUsegm: yes that is all of it00:12
NameAlreadyInUse(sorry for delayed reply)00:13
NikLPI was *trying* to learn unix in 96 when I started building websites - the reticence of the uni meant I got taught Dos 5 for my networking module however. rather a stumbling block, imho.00:13
gm04030276earliest i remember was win 95. Was on windows until 4 years ago...then got a mac cause i was doing music technology...and then i broke it one day, started learning command line and eventually came to linux :)...but aaaaaaaanyway00:13
NikLPso technically I have been using shell for about 12-13 years :p00:14
chrisruls00does anyone in here know much about x11vnc?00:14
ryansI remember hacking my class's macintosh.00:14
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: ok, add the lines auto eth0 and iface eth0 inet dhcp00:14
NikLPgm04030276: so how the hell do I go about a) updating the kernel/os b) installing skype c) installing lamp d) securing lamp e) using lamp? :) :)00:15
ryansJust memorized the password my teacher typed in.00:15
NikLPf) using win equivs :p00:15
tsrkWhen does kubuntu 8.10 come out?00:15
gm04030276ryans: mac's are sooo easy! root shell from holding apple+s at boot! :)00:15
NikLPI hacked mac prefect once :p00:15
NameAlreadyInUsegm: ah, how do i add to that? i am very new00:15
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!00:16
NikLPused to have to get on the mac, install this prog, hack the extension, reboot, install perl and machttp, code, then remove the apps, unhack the extension, reboot! :p00:16
NikLPDaisuke_Ido: noted, but :p anyway ;)00:16
gm04030276NikLP: filp!! right...well i know most of it...i do alot of web stuff myself...but i like making web based systems rather than websites :) anyway..00:16
ryansI am evil homer!00:16
* NikLP dances with maracas ;)00:16
NikLPryans: quality :)00:16
gm04030276NikLP: sudo aptitude install apache2 mysql-server mysql-client php5 php5-cli php5-cgi00:17
NikLPjeeeeeeeez :p00:17
NikLPgm04030276: how about thru the gui?00:17
gm04030276NikLP: and then some other things...i normally actually do it through adept manager cause its easier to see allll the ones you want :)00:17
NikLPwhich is?00:17
gm04030276yea, K > System > Adept MAnager00:17
NikLPyou speak deh forayn to me :p00:18
chrisruls00I'm having a problem with x11vnc, when I have multiple sessions open I can only connect to the one currently on the physical screen. I heard from somewhere you could connect to sessions that where not currently on screen, but all I get is a black screen...00:18
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gm04030276NikLP: lol! it's been sooo long sincce i've done it00:18
ryansMmm, still gotta figure out this system bug.00:18
NikLPgm04030276: bloody cli snob! ;)00:18
gm04030276NikLP: not really...i mean ages since i've installed lamp!00:18
gm04030276NikLP: though i would normally use the command line these days :)...let me have a wee look00:19
NikLPgm04030276: where ARE you exactly?00:19
NikLPgm04030276: what's a "general update" command?00:20
NikLPsudo apt-get update?00:20
gm04030276NikLP: My bedroom, town, city, NI, UK00:20
gm04030276NikLP:...um idk!00:20
NikLPNI? ireland?00:21
gm04030276I don't know00:21
gm04030276yea, northern ireland00:21
NikLPsomeone mentioned it earlier00:21
NikLPtop of the morning chief :p00:21
NikLPs/of/o\'/g :P00:21
gm04030276thats england...!00:21
NikLPI'm in nottingham you clown :p00:21
gm04030276oh right00:21
gm04030276fair enough00:21
NikLPthat command I put, works - but I don't know what it did :p00:22
NikLPjust "reads" stuff00:22
gm04030276anyway...you will want to install libapache2-mod-php5 to get php to work with apache00:22
NikLPo rly? :P00:22
NikLPhowzat then?00:23
NameAlreadyInUsegm: how do i add those lines to /etc/network/interfaces, can i open it in an editor?00:23
NikLPgm04030276: you using synergy? I would really like to get that working00:23
gm04030276K menu (bottom left) -> System -> Adept Manger00:23
NameAlreadyInUseah, ok00:23
gm04030276Nope, what is it?00:23
gm04030276sorry NameAlreadyInUse, that was for NikLP00:24
NikLPoh sudo spt-get install synergy works :) no idea if that means I can use it now :)00:24
NikLPhow the hell do I "run" it tho?00:24
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: You can use sudo pico /etc/network/interfaces00:24
gm04030276NikLP: oooyes i have heard of synergy...i think...if it has a mac version then yes, i attempted to use it once upon a time00:25
NikLPyeah it's total cross-os00:25
NikLPhow do I run stuff I install tho? it didn't appear in the k menu at all00:25
gm04030276NikLP: emm, you could try running synergy from the command line or from alt-F200:26
NameAlreadyInUsei am in the Adept Manager, but i can not see it listed =\00:26
NikLPtried, nada00:26
gm04030276NikLP: try here? http://www.linux.com/feature/5462800:27
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: pico is already installed by default00:27
NikLPah good call, reading00:28
NameAlreadyInUseso i should search for pico? i am having trouble understanding how to find /etc/network/interfaces in the Adept Manager00:29
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: no i meant adept manager for niklp, you need to go to konsole and type sudo pico /etc/network/interfaces and then add those two lines.00:29
duckx0rhow do you type these characters with a spanish keyboard layout in kde? \ | @ #00:29
NameAlreadyInUsegm: oh right, heh, that makes it easier00:29
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: lol, sorry00:30
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: did you do that yet?00:38
NameAlreadyInUsegm: yes, i have done that00:38
NameAlreadyInUseit has automatically acquired an address, but i am not sure it is right00:39
gm04030276ok, next you have to restart your networking to reload the config so in the konsole type: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart00:39
nejodeduckx0r:AltGr+1,2,3 and upper left00:40
duckx0rwhat button is AltGr?00:40
duckx0rright alt?00:41
NameAlreadyInUsegm: it has reset to what it was previously00:41
nejoderight to the space00:41
duckx0rahhh perfect. thanks nejode00:41
gm04030276NAIU: back to the 4 lines?00:41
gm04030276did you try configuring it through system settings from the K menu00:42
NameAlreadyInUsewell i restarted after i made the changes at first00:42
NameAlreadyInUseand it changed, but still did not work00:42
gm04030276what is the output of ifconfig?00:42
NameAlreadyInUsequite a few lines00:43
NameAlreadyInUsethere was a hardware entry before00:43
gm04030276what interfaces does it mention?00:43
NameAlreadyInUsebut that went after i entered the restart command00:43
NameAlreadyInUseit doesn't now00:44
NameAlreadyInUsebut it did before00:44
NameAlreadyInUse(after i made the changes to /etc/network/interfaces and restarted)00:44
NameAlreadyInUserestarted the computer, i mean00:44
gm04030276you don't need to restart the computer to reconfigure networking00:45
gm04030276but anyway00:45
nejodeNameAlreadyInUse: why don't you paste the contents of your /etc/network/interfaces to take a look at it00:45
NameAlreadyInUsethat is what it is currently00:46
gm04030276it changed back to that after restarting?00:46
NameAlreadyInUseafter " sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"00:46
nejodeNameAlreadyInUse: you sure you saved the file after editing it?00:47
gm04030276yea, thats the only think i can think of!00:47
NameAlreadyInUsebetween restarting the computer and typing " sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"00:47
NameAlreadyInUsethe changes were still there00:47
NameAlreadyInUseand the file had been saved, i did check00:47
gm04030276ok, good.00:48
NameAlreadyInUsebut i might have missed something (try to imagine your first day with linux, and that is me)00:48
gm04030276flip...don't even remember that day! i remember having to sit up for a whole night and click ok for each and every fedora update! :) and sitting in college using a live disc on my little ppc mac :)00:49
NameAlreadyInUseshould i add those two lines to interfaces again, and then do "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"?00:49
sergeHello, when I use the screen command, my scrollbars dissapear from the console, how would I scroll up and down?00:50
gm04030276try it again00:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about backtrack00:50
nejodeNameAlreadyInUse: it should look something like this> http://paste.ubuntu.com/53015/00:50
favroserge: try shift+pageup00:50
Cannolican someone tell me where to get help for backtrack?00:50
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: ah, i remove the netmask and address lines?00:50
sergeshift+pageup doesn't seem to work00:50
gm04030276serge: maybe control-c ?00:51
nejodeNameAlreadyInUse: are you in KDE?00:51
sergecontrol c just makes the next line in bash, another blank $00:51
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: yes00:51
favroctrl+c stops the running command00:52
nejodeOK, let's go step-by-step00:52
sergeyes but not the 'screen' command00:52
nejode1) press Alt+F200:52
gm04030276favro: im working on the "screen command" part that he said.00:52
=== Cannoli is now known as tahir
serge`screen` allows you to have several virtual consoles in one, they behave in a very similar way to regular consoles.. except for the scrolling part00:53
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: ok, one sec00:53
NameAlreadyInUseok, yes00:54
NameAlreadyInUsethat is run?00:54
nejode2) type kdesu kate /etc/network/interfaces00:54
nejode3) enter your password00:54
gm04030276NameAlreadyInUse: i hope nejode gets it sorted for you! I'm away to bed! tty all tomorrow! :)00:54
NameAlreadyInUseok, thanks for all the help gm00:55
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: i have edited the /etc/network/interfaces to show what you linked00:55
nejode...no, type it in the run box00:56
NameAlreadyInUsei mean that00:56
NameAlreadyInUseso that is what cat /etc/network/interfaces shows at the moment00:57
nejodedo you have kate opened with the interfaces file?00:57
NameAlreadyInUseok, i will do that00:57
NameAlreadyInUseyes, done00:58
nejodeyou have the file opened in the kate editor00:58
nejodeerase the content and paste what I pasted in http://paste.ubuntu.com/53015/00:59
NameAlreadyInUseok, that is what i have00:59
NameAlreadyInUsedoes it matter if there is an extra newline in the center?01:00
nejodewhy don't you paste your file back to me to see01:01
=== stevie is now known as vorian
NikLPgm04030276: let me know before you crash out - synergy is installed but... not playing :01:03
nejodeOK, now in console> sudo ifdown eth001:03
NameAlreadyInUseok, one moment01:04
NameAlreadyInUseok, that is done01:04
nejodewhat was the output?01:05
NameAlreadyInUseit mentioned an old PID file with pid 6363, that has been killed and discarded01:08
NameAlreadyInUsethen says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53022/01:08
nejodenow: sudo ifup eth001:11
Kage_Jittaihow do I find out which package a file belongs too?01:11
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: it says the same thing, but has some DHCPDISCOVER messages01:12
NameAlreadyInUsenow: No DHCPOFFERS received01:12
NameAlreadyInUse"no working leases in persistent database - sleeping."01:13
nejodeyou sure that router is OK? that message says that there's no dhcp server working01:13
NameAlreadyInUsewell, it depends on what you mean by OK01:14
NameAlreadyInUsei am using it to connect with this computer, and i have made sure it has DHCP enabled01:14
NameAlreadyInUseand the DHCP seems to work with other computers01:15
nejodelet's try to figure out this... do you know the address of your router?01:15
nejodecan you ping that address?01:15
NameAlreadyInUsei get "destination host unreachable" messages01:16
nejodeok, maybe your network card isn't eth001:17
nejodetry this in konsole: dmesg | grep eth01:17
NameAlreadyInUseyes, i get maybe 10 lines with that01:18
nejodeeth0 or eth1?01:18
nejodestrange... did tou try with another cable?01:19
NameAlreadyInUsethere are two compatible inputs, but the other does not work01:20
NameAlreadyInUsethere is nothing wrong with the cable, i have used it before and it is fine01:20
NameAlreadyInUseso i am not sure what else it could be01:20
what_ifany idea when kde 4.1 will make it to kubuntu ?01:22
NameAlreadyInUseif it matters there was another computer recently hooked up to that cable01:22
nejodeand what happens if you do a "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"01:23
NameAlreadyInUsei will try now, one moment01:23
BluesKajNameAlreadyInUse, paste the dmesg output in pastebin so we can have a look01:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:24
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: i get essentially the same thing as with the ifup, some DHCPDISCOVER messages and then no DHCPOFFER01:25
NameAlreadyInUseBluesKaj: the output of dmesg | grep eth?01:25
NameAlreadyInUseone moment01:26
timI can't mount a usb hard drive on my desktop , that I can on my eeepc. What's going on?01:27
BluesKajtim, look in system menu /storage media01:28
timuh, I don't see a storage media in system menu, but it doesn't even appear under sudo fdisk -l so...01:30
dabudgood evening all          i am having a problem with a hard drive i installed as a storage unit01:32
BluesKajtim, not the kmenu , the system menu , it's a pc icon usually in the panel01:33
dabudi want to use it to store my music files on   but when i try to move files to it i get a  You do not have permission to do this type error01:33
NameAlreadyInUseBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53026/01:33
timo yea that, it doesn't show up in it01:33
NameAlreadyInUsethere are numbers to the left but it is difficult enough to remember as it is01:34
dabudi think i may have messed up installing it and mounting it and would like to uninstall harddrive and do it again01:34
nejodeNameAlreadyInUse: your network card is down01:35
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: well that would explain it01:35
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: any idea on what i would have to do to fix it?01:35
nejodeprobably because when the kernel was booting the cable was loose01:36
NameAlreadyInUseyes, it was now that i think about it01:36
nejodeI had a similar problem today installing SmoothWall router01:37
NameAlreadyInUseso what are my options?01:37
nejodeand I had to reboot with the cable well pluged in01:37
NameAlreadyInUseso i should restart and make sure that the cable is well plugged in?01:38
nejodeand dmesg said "eth0 link up"... everything worked fine afterwards01:38
NameAlreadyInUsei will give this a try01:38
=== jk_ is now known as jk4930
BluesKajNameAlreadyInUse, yes, nejode is prolly correct01:39
nejodeI'll stand by to see01:39
NikLPso... adept. there are 192 possible updates - how do i initiate this?01:39
javierahy alguien k me pueda ayudar??01:40
BluesKaj!es | javier01:40
ubottujavier: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:40
lemon_plz say English01:41
javierestoy recien estrando al mundo inux01:41
javierasike no entiendo muxo de esto01:42
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: nope, more link down in dmesg01:42
BluesKajNikLP, adept notifier is telling you to update if you wish , click on it01:42
BluesKaj!pt | javier01:42
ubottujavier: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:42
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: i made sure it was well plugged in at both ends, so i do not think that is the issue01:42
NikLPBluesKaj: can't see anywhere appropriate to click, actually :/01:42
NikLPoh apply changes in the menu seems to be the cure :)01:43
BluesKajthe notifier in the panel01:43
nejode...with the lik down you0ll never get a connection :-(01:43
NikLPBluesKaj: I saught the updates manually in the interface - not to worry have found it now :) thanks :)01:43
BluesKajright NikLP01:43
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: but that definitely confirms that the issue has something to do with the network device?01:43
NameAlreadyInUseand not, say, the router?01:43
nejodeIt should be hardware related01:44
NameAlreadyInUsedoes it matter that the cable was unplugged when installing?01:44
nejodeyou need phisical connection with the dhcp server to be able to get a lease01:44
BluesKajdefinitely HW related, NameAlreadyInUse ...check system settings /network connections and take alook01:45
NameAlreadyInUsewhat would i be looking for?01:45
nejodeevery boot, the kernel examines the hardware and loads the necesary modules01:46
NameAlreadyInUsenothing seems to be out of place in network connections01:46
BluesKajinterface IP address , network device01:46
NameAlreadyInUsealthough i have not got any control to compare against01:46
nejodetry booting a live cd01:46
NameAlreadyInUseBluesKaj: eth0 is listed01:47
nejodeif the harware is OK it should connect without problems01:47
BluesKajIP addy ?01:47
NameAlreadyInUseah, something strange01:47
NameAlreadyInUsehang on01:47
BluesKajenabled ?01:47
NameAlreadyInUseyes, enabled and address is
nejodethat's the avahi address01:49
BluesKajshould be something like
nejodethe default address when it can't get a dhcp address01:49
NikLPavahi got news for you....01:49
NameAlreadyInUseyes, that would be right01:50
NameAlreadyInUseso all i can really do is replace the network card?01:50
BluesKajNameAlreadyInUse, which router are you using ?01:50
NameAlreadyInUsean old Dlink01:50
BluesKajtrusty device ...hmm01:51
NameAlreadyInUsewell it hasn't troubled me in the past :P01:51
nejodeNameAlreadyInUse: man, try the LiveCD01:51
BluesKajyeah, i'm saying it should work01:51
nejodeare you plugged directly to the router or through a switch?01:52
NameAlreadyInUseit is plugged directly into the router01:52
NameAlreadyInUsei will try the live cd01:52
nejode4 lan ports?01:52
BluesKajchange ports :)01:53
nejodehave you tried swapping ports?... rebooting the router?01:53
NameAlreadyInUsei will try rebooting the router01:54
NameAlreadyInUseok, the router has been rebooted01:56
NameAlreadyInUsei will try the live cd01:56
nejodeswap ports and check the leds01:56
timI have a usb drive that works on one linux machine (eeepc) but not on my desktop. help?01:59
nejodetim: does your desktop "see" the device?02:03
|0sts0ultim: Did you happen to format the usb drive with another filesystem?02:03
BluesKajtim, it will require a password to mount it anyway02:03
timdesktop doesn't see it. its formated fat02:03
nejodetype in console: lsusb (with the drive plugged)02:04
NameAlreadyInUsenejode: nope, no luck with the router reboot, live cd or swapping ports02:05
nejode...then your network card is busted02:05
NameAlreadyInUseyeah, that must be it02:06
timnormally there are 4 lines02:07
nejodeand realtek's 8139 chips are as universal as you can get02:07
nejodetim, no luck man, your system isn't "seeing" the drive02:08
nejodeI've heard of cases where rebooting with the device plugged in did the trick02:09
gizmobayCan someone help me something has gone wrong with my system that I can't figure out?02:09
gizmobayI installed hylafax and then I tried installing avantfax02:09
timI didn't work for this machine02:09
gizmobayavantfax came with a debian-install.sh script02:10
gizmobayI ran it and know I can't login into my computer02:10
gizmobayI get to kdm and then when I enter my pass I get dumped back to the kdm screen02:10
gizmobayI tried renaming .kde4 to kde4back and that didn't fix it02:11
nejodegizmobay: that happens sometimes when the disk is full02:11
gizmobaymy disk isn't full02:12
gizmobayI ran in recovry mode and I can get into kde 3.5.9 as root02:12
nejode...how about apt-get --purge remove kdm ... and reinstall?02:14
NikLPwhassa diff between "sudo apt-get install x" and "sudo aptitude install x" ??02:15
gizmobaycan't get an internet connection02:16
gizmobayifup eth0 not working02:17
|0sts0ulgizmobay: one thing that will help you see the error is to open another virtual console (ctrl-alt-f1), login to the console, then type 'tail -f /var/log/kdm.log' then ctrl-f7 back to your kdm login and try logging in. This will show you in the console what the login error might be.02:18
=== |0sts0ul is now known as |0sts0u|
|0sts0u|glad that ghost finally died!02:20
gizmobayokay let me try02:21
x_linkSomebody here gave me a link to fix my problem with the sound02:23
x_linkI have a Lenovo N200 laptop.02:24
x_linkBut I don't remember who gave me the link and I don't remember the link,02:24
gizmobayCannot resolve system encoding defaulting ISO ??/02:24
gizmobaymodule ramdac already built in02:25
BluesKajx_link, next time someone gives you a link , bookmark it.02:26
draikDo we have a release date for Intrepid Ibex?02:27
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!02:27
BluesKajit is october !02:28
|0sts0u|gizmobay: that one is beyond me. Seems to be a an issue dealing with nvidia cards from my quick google look.02:28
draikBluesKaj: Exact date?02:29
draikKubuntu has the K Menu, what does Ubuntu have?02:30
gizmobayI've got internet, I'll try reinstalling kdm02:30
nejodedraik: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule02:30
draikWhoa. End of the month, huh.02:31
|0sts0u|gizmobay: that may be your best bet. I am not the greatest on video driver or X issues. Maybe someone else has some input.02:32
dopeplease god help me get pidgin to make noise when i get a message02:32
draikdope: pull the pidgin's wings!02:33
dopedon't you get smart with me, god dammit02:33
dopegd stands for god damn02:34
gizmobayreinstalled kdm didn't solve the problem02:35
dopegizmobay: it never does02:36
|0sts0u|do you run an nvidia video card?02:36
draikdope: If you can't laugh at your issue, then you haven't been dealing with it for too long and sound on an IM isn't "vital"02:36
|0sts0u|gozmobay: did you happen to update the kernel recently?02:37
gizmobayno I didn't upgrade the kernel02:38
gizmobayI tried installing avantfax02:38
gizmobayand that's where it went south on me02:38
nejodegizmobay: log in as root, create a new user and see if you can log in to the GUI02:38
gizmobayit screwed up my sudoer file but I fixed that02:38
gizmobaynew user didn't work02:41
gizmobaywhen i installed avantfax it removed exim02:44
gizmobaywould that matter02:44
nejodegizmobay: still bounces back to kdm with the new user?02:44
dopedudes.....why does pidgin not make any noise when i'm in kubuntu02:45
|0sts0u|gizmobay: maybe dpkg-reconfigure kdm?02:47
nejodegizmobay: login to tty1... /etc/init.d/kdm stop ... startx02:49
nejode...just to see if it's a kdm problem02:49
gizmobayI'm starting to think this is a permission issue02:50
=== sarah is now known as Guest58302
dopebros......this is simple.....i put pidgin on the alsa mixer and i still can't get any sound02:55
nejodegizmobay: did you check /home/user/.xsession-errors?02:55
gizmobaywhen Installed avantfax it changed the group on my tmp folder to root:uucp02:57
gizmobayanyone know how to purge the tmp directory03:00
ign0ramusdope: it has sound muted by default... check Tools > Preferences to make sure its not muted03:00
dopedelete it03:00
gizmobaywill it recreate03:00
gizmobaythe tmp folder03:01
dopeign0ramus: sound method automatic and enable sounds is set to always03:01
dopegizmobay: no idea but i don't see why it wouldn't if your permissions are in order03:01
ign0ramusdope: what if you set it to alsa?03:01
=== newbie_ is now known as |0stsoul
dopeign0ramus: it doesn't give a fuck03:01
ign0ramusdope: in Preferences > Sound tab, can you preview any sounds?03:02
dopelet see...03:02
dopeign0ramus: i get nothing.  maybe i'm missing a sound pack03:03
* |0stsoul is back. access point issue.03:03
ign0ramusdope: does it have default pre-set sounds?03:03
dopeall it says is "(default)"03:04
ign0ramusdope: are the boxes ticked?03:04
dopeyup, everything is friggin ticked03:05
ign0ramusdope: choose an event, and browse to assign it a sound ... navigate to /usr/share/sounds03:06
ign0ramusdope: see if you can play any normal sound files in Pidgin03:06
dopei need a good sound03:06
dopeall i have is songles03:06
dopeand songs03:06
ign0ramusdope: these are your system sounds03:06
dopei'm listening to the eagles through amarok right now03:06
dopein 5.103:07
ign0ramusdope: hmmm... if you kill amarok, can you get sounds in Pidgin?03:07
dope5.1 works fine03:07
dope1 sec03:07
ign0ramusdope: ... sometimes people have issues with arts providing sound to more than one app03:07
dopeamarok is dead03:07
ign0ramusdope: restart pidgin03:08
ign0ramusdope: no other sound sources are active?03:08
dopejust system sound03:08
dopei don't have much running03:08
ign0ramusdope: this probably won't be it, but at least we can narrow it down03:08
dopejust firefox, konversation, and pidgin now03:08
doperestarted pidgin03:08
dopeyea pidgin still has no sound03:09
ign0ramusgo back to Sounds tab... set to Automatic, Loudest, and browse to find a sound file to play03:09
draikign0ramus: Hey there03:09
ign0ramusdraik: what's up man03:09
ign0ramusdraik: i only have Pidgin open for troubleshooting03:10
ign0ramusdraik: i've used it twice this week- more than at any point since i've installed it03:10
ign0ramusNot big on IM'ing, but Kopete seems to work perfectly for what i need03:11
gizmobayokay making some progress03:11
gizmobayas suggested I stopped kdm and then hit startx03:11
gizmobayit says lnusertemp failed check install03:12
dopecan pidgin play wav files?03:12
cosfalguien sabe de LTSP?.... tengo unos problemas con los clientes03:25
=== |0sts0ul is now known as |0sts0u|
gizmobayblah, that was it. Avantfax changed my ownership and permissions so I couldn't access the tmp folder03:27
gizmobaythanks for the help03:28
|0sts0u|wow. sounds like avantfax needs to be whipped! Or at least a bug report sent to them.03:29
yulotengo un problema:03:31
yulotengo internet por medio de un modem03:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:31
gizmobayyeah, it had a variable like $INSTDIR/tmp chmod03:32
gizmobayin the install script03:32
yulojejejej, me equivoqué de canal, adios03:32
gizmobaymust've not set the instdir properly and just changed the tmp03:33
gizmobay3 hours to figure it out03:35
Mr_Sonomawhat additional packages do i need to get my logitech webcam to work with kopete?? anyone know off hand?03:40
=== fild0 is now known as fildo
=== tahir_ is now known as Cannoli
Cannolihow do i get grub to access a logical partition on an extended partition03:49
BluesKajCannoli, do you mean ntfs access from ext2/303:51
Cannolino i mean on boot where i can select different operating systems03:51
mefisto__Cannoli: I don't think grub cares about that. it just needs to know which partition03:55
=== Roy_Muzz is now known as Roy_M
mefisto__Cannoli: maybe a more specific question might help get you some responses03:57
Cannolinever mind mefisto__ i think i got it04:01
Cannoliit was just my mistake04:01
Cannoliappreciate the help though04:01
=== tahir_ is now known as Cannoli
Cannolihey i had one more question. it may sound stupid but meh. is there any way to make grub prettier with like a background or like colours or stuff? its just kinda simple for my tastes04:11
mefisto__Cannoli: it's easy to do colours. there should be sample settings in menu.lst -- you can just uncomment them04:16
mefisto__# Pretty colours          and the next line is something like          # color cyan/blue white/blue04:17
Cannolioh ok, is there a more graphical boot loader available by anychance?04:17
mefisto__I think you can set a background image but I don't know how. maybe it depends on your vidcard's capabilities?04:19
Cannolialright i'll look around. thanks04:20
=== ryu_ is now known as ryunohi
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ClassFoo
popertoque pedo05:12
popertoquien anda por aquee05:12
popertohow are you05:12
popertowhat do they online in this chat??05:13
popertoin what do they spend their time??05:13
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE05:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:17
eBovineEvening tacosarecool05:20
tacosarecoolIs there staff here05:20
tacosarecoolI wanna register this nick05:20
eBovineYou don't need a staff person.05:20
|0sts0u|you register with nickserv... /msg nickserv help05:20
tacosarecoolNow no one else can use my name05:23
eBovine...as long as you're currently on the network.05:23
eBovineIf you try to log on and find someone is already using it you can kick them off, though.05:24
tacosarecoolanyway can anyone help me with this race issue not racist It's just a weird sound situation some times I boot up with flash and skype sound sometimes I don't05:24
tacosarecoolSo any ideas?05:25
eBovineI'm not sure what you're asking.05:26
tacosarecoolI'm looking for a fix for sometimes I boot up with sound that works with everything but sometimes I boot up with sound that just works with amarok05:26
eBovineDo you get any errors when you try and play sound outside of Amarok?05:27
tacosarecoolNo errors but no audio05:27
eBovineIs it just Flash-based apps that it doesn't work with?05:29
tacosarecooland skype05:29
eBovineHave you tried closing Amarok, waiting a few minutes, then trying Skype?05:31
tacosarecoolI've had amarok closed for a while05:31
tacosarecoolAnd this is a race issue it's like it's racing to get other sound or just to get amarok sound05:31
eBovineWhen KDE plays audio it basically takes ownership of the hardware.  There is a KDE setting for how long it waits to release the hardware which Kubuntu sets to 60s by default.05:32
tacosarecoolI plugin my headphones in the front05:32
tacosarecoolIs that a problem?05:32
tacosarecoolShouldn't be05:32
stdineBovine: only if it's set to use OSS, it defaults to ALSA though05:32
eBovinestdin: Ah.  Good to know.05:33
stdinother apps that use OSS will be blocked though05:33
tacosarecoolNo doesn't wine use oss05:34
tacosarecoolWine works fine05:34
tacosarecoolwith sound05:34
stdinnot when you're trying to play sound from KDE at the same time05:34
stdinif wine is using OSS, it can use ALSA iirc05:34
=== carlos is now known as carlos_
tacosarecoolOh I've played sound from amarok while playing games05:35
stdinthen wine would be using ALSA05:35
tacosarecoolYeah your right05:36
eBovineLooks like Skype may still use OSS: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=448905:37
dwidmannspeaking of concurrent sound, stdin, when I have something using 5.1 sound, I can't play any other sounds at the same time ... do you know how to work around this?05:38
stdini've never tried 5.1 sound, I'm happy with my two little laptop speakers :p05:38
tacosarecoolBut skype has worked so05:39
dwidmannOh well, guess asking was worth a try05:39
eBovineIt's probably all about what app accessed the hardware first.05:39
tacosarecoolYeah thanks for trying to help05:40
dwidmannIn other news, VLC 0.9 is nice :)05:40
tacosarecoolOk I'm restarting sound system05:42
tacosarecoolIt keeps restarting05:43
=== E is now known as Guest18714
tacosarecoolBy the way05:47
tacosarecoolit's auto detect by default05:47
mefisto__tacosarecool: it may be something is still using the soundcard and hasn't released it yet05:49
tacosarecoolMy soundcard is pretty old05:49
mefisto__the flash plugin in firefox does that to me quite often05:50
mefisto__sudo alsa force-reload releases the audio hardware, but will kill whatever is holding onto it (usually firefox, but sometimes even kmix)05:50
tacosarecoolThank you05:51
tacosarecoolDo you have flash 10 beta05:53
tacosarecoolIt's in release candidate05:53
tacosarecoolIt's pretty stable now05:53
mefisto__I'm happy with flash 9, not in a hurry to upgrade05:53
mefisto__tacosarecool: what am I missing?05:54
=== richard is now known as Guest37454
tacosarecoolWebcam flash support05:54
tacosarecoolLess cpu usage05:54
=== Guest37454 is now known as Linux_Galore
mefisto__tacosarecool: does it work with konqueror?05:54
tacosarecoolShould I link you to instructions05:55
tacosarecoolOn how to uninstall flash 905:55
mefisto__ok tacosarecool05:55
Linux_Galorejust experienced an unusual bug in Kubuntu that makes your network setup stop working05:55
tacosarecoolHi did you update? make sure to update that's important05:56
dwidmann tacosarecool: just use the locate command to find libflashplayer.so, and delete all instances of it05:57
Linux_GaloreI updated and installed some packages yesterday and a script seems to have changed by accident my /etc/hosts from Kubuntu to kubuntu, so when I bootrd up , no network and sudo is going mental05:57
tacosarecoolI use flock05:58
tacosarecoolSo no need to find a libflashplayer.so05:58
Linux_Galoreeasy to fix just change my hostname in /etc/hosts to Kubuntu again05:58
Linux_Galorereboot and all is well05:58
tacosarecoolHmm sudo mv Kubuntu kubuntu or something like that idk05:59
dwidmanntacosarecool: sudo rm -i $(locate libflashplayer.so | tr '\n' ' ')05:59
tacosarecoolI don't need to find it because I use flock05:59
dwidmanntacosarecool: my instructions are globally effective06:00
Linux_Galoreweird though, also a lesson, dont use caps names as your hostname06:00
tacosarecoolI think I'm going to make some guides for my website06:00
mefisto__tacosarecool: flash 10 link?06:00
dwidmannIs flash 10 released or still a beta?06:01
tacosarecoolRelease candidate06:01
Linux_Galoremy problem is i want to post a bug report but I dont have a clue what package is fsking up my hosts file06:01
Linux_GaloreI have flash 10 on my interpid machine, seems less resource hungry than the stable version06:02
Linux_GaloreI was worried a E8500 cpu might not have enough grunt for video ripping in Linux, sheesh, E8500 cpu feels like Im hammering a nail with a galactic starship06:03
dwidmannLinux_Galore: and the quads are even more spectacular06:04
Linux_Galoredwidmann i was looking at a quad Q9450 but I was told they dont offer much performance for your $$4 right now in Linux06:05
dwidmannLinux_Galore: like ____ they don't .... In fact, the faster processors if anything help more in Linux, seeing as you don't have a crud operating system taxing its performance06:06
Linux_Galoredwidmann well Im waiting for Nehalam (whatever they call it) to come out then I should be able to get a QA9650 cheap later next year06:08
mefisto__<tacosarecool> Should I link you to instructions06:08
Linux_Galoreanyway if anyone complain about their network connection suddenly vannishing upon rebooting after a package update ask if their hostname has a "caps" character in it06:09
dwidmannLinux_Galore: yeah ... waiting for the next big thing is a neverending waiting game though ... by the time you've waited for the next big thing, there's another big thing coming,, and then another ... it never ends06:09
Linux_Galoredwidmann Im not waiting for Nehalem personally, I just want to take advantage of the price break that intel will have to enforce on the LGA775 cpu's to sell it later next year06:10
Linux_Galoreie chaep Quad Extreme cpu update06:11
Linux_Galorenew Quad to replace the Q6600 due out soon to for LGA775 called the Q830006:12
Linux_Galorewell budget quad06:12
Linux_Galorebasically its a Q9550 with less cache06:13
* dwidmann has a Q930006:13
Linux_Galoredwidmann doesnt the Q9300 have two duals added together, the Q8300 will be a single die06:14
=== jp01 is now known as JP-sNL
Linux_Galoreintels earlier quads were all two duals in one chip06:15
dwidmannLinux_Galore: I know the Q9xxx were the 45nm quads, that's about all I know. The Q9300 has half the cache of the other Q9xxx though ... I got it shortly before the 9450 was released06:16
Linux_Galoreyou get some lag between the cores as a down side and yes less cache06:16
dwidmannLinux_Galore: still beats the pants off any processor I've ever had before ... so I'm not complaining (Previous processor was an FX-60)06:17
Linux_Galorestill better than putting two duals on the motherboard06:17
Linux_Galoredwidmann I still have an FX-60 in the lab06:18
Linux_GaloreI use it as an email server06:18
dwidmannYeah, it's in my old box that I haven't really hooked up since I built this one ...06:18
Linux_Galoredwidmann what gets me is how cool the new Intel cpu's run, my old AMD and P4 stuff often sat around 45C were now Im hard up reaching 38C06:19
dwidmannMmhmm ... It sucked up a lot of power ... so I decided I would just do without for now. This system can definitely handle any load I throw at it anyway06:19
Linux_Galoreidle my E8500 is 26C06:20
dwidmannI don't know, either I have a bad sensor or this build's not fairing too well temperature wise.06:20
Linux_Galoredwidmann what heatsink are you using06:20
dwidmannThermaltake V106:20
Linux_Galoredwidmann V1 should be alright06:21
Linux_Galorewhat about the case ?06:21
dwidmannA Lian Li midtower06:21
Linux_Galoremine has more fans than elvis06:21
Linux_GaloreCosmos S06:22
dwidmannMine has 4 (front, side, top, back)06:22
Linux_GaloreI have 12mm - 3 top, 1 back, 1 front (HDD), 1 bottom and a 1 x 200mm on the side total 806:23
Linux_Galoreand quiete as hell06:23
Linux_GaloreThats why I got the Cooler Mater Cosmos S, lots of places for fans06:24
dwidmannMy box idles in the 50's ... which halfway scares me as I don't have any way of checking my load temps (lm-sensors says it can't find anything)06:25
Linux_Galoredwidmann 50 is way to high06:25
dwidmannI know ...06:25
Linux_Galoreshould be around 32-36 with a stock heatsink06:25
dwidmannI've reseated the heatsink repeatedly with no change.06:26
Linux_Galoredwidmann get some arctic silver and reinstall the heatsink06:26
dwidmannYeah, AS5 is what I used to begin with06:26
Linux_Galoreyou have the butterfly heatsink right ?06:27
Linux_Galoreor looks like a chinese fan06:28
Linux_Galoreit works but the problem with the V1 is it doesnt really have enough surface area to cool a quad06:28
Linux_Galorei purchased a Coolermaster V8 because its rated all the way to 180 watts06:29
Linux_Galoreso i can update to a QA9*** quad later easy06:30
dwidmannI've half the mind to get another cooler ... but it needs to be something quiet06:30
Linux_GaloreMt V8 is dead silent06:30
Linux_GaloreI wouldnt recomend it though for a mid case its huge06:30
Linux_Galorebest cpu cooler around right now is a Xigmatec S1283 or a Sunbeam Core-Contact  http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2292&page=506:32
Linux_Galoreboth are around USD$30-4006:32
Linux_Galorethey are whats called direct contact heat pipe coolers, the heat pipes directly touch the cpu thus there is no insulative properties of the metal interface06:33
dwidmannand they aren't titans that are as big as my case? Guess they're worth looking into06:34
Linux_Galoremetal will transfer heat to the pipes but it also acts as an insulator, so remove the metal and let the pipes touch the cpu06:34
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laflechebjrs a tous06:45
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr06:50
JP-sNL :-)06:52
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl06:53
dwidmannLinux_Galore: I've done a bit of reading online ... those heatsinks you mentioned do look very impressive.06:57
Linux_Galoredwidmann I have a Xigmatec S1283 and it's actually not that big compared to some of the monsters on the market06:58
Linux_Galoreits on my AMD machine06:58
Linux_GaloreI was pretty sceptical but it actually works well06:58
Linux_Galoreit will fit in a mid case easy too06:59
dwidmannLinux_Galore: good to finally glean some useful information from someone who knows what they're talking about too :)06:59
Linux_Galoredwidmann one thing i learnt reading up on heatsinks to fix my AMD rig that was running hot was that big isnt always better. although it helps07:01
Linux_Galoredwidmann there is an install video on youtube.com regarding the Xigmatec S1283 done by a case moder07:02
Linux_Galoretotal no brainer install, hold on let me get it07:03
dwidmannlinux__: hmm, seems xigmatek offers retention brackets as well ... I'd rather screw it down than use the push pins and worry about me bumping it an them breaking or jumping out ...07:07
Ashexthis may sound a bit retarded07:07
Ashexbut where do I add another path for commands?07:08
AshexI've got a directory with a bunch of scripts I want to add to my path07:08
Ashexbut, I have no .bashrc07:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about path07:09
Linux_GaloreAshex: .bashrc is in your home directory07:09
AshexLinux_Galore, that's the odd thing, I don't have one :/07:10
Linux_GaloreAshex: type ls -la|grep bash07:10
Ashexonly have .bash_history07:10
Linux_GaloreAshex: strange is should be created by the default user setup script07:11
AshexI'm a tad confused07:11
AshexI guess I've just been using /etc/profile this whole time?07:12
Linux_Galore /etc/bash.bashrc07:13
mefisto__ls ~/.bashrc    gives you nothing?07:13
Ashexeh, I'll just copy that over07:13
Ashexor from another profile07:14
Ashexmefisto__, correct07:14
Linux_GaloreAshex: no thats the sys version07:14
Linux_Galoreie kitchen sink version07:14
Linux_Galoreanyway I have to go - phone07:15
vikkuWhat should i do to back up all the kde files so that i'll not have to download it again , i mean what kde files should i backup to s CD  ?07:15
AshexI copied over a .bashrc from another profile07:17
DarkriftXcan anyone recommend me a good wifi manager that doesnt match k*manager?07:18
|0sts0u|vikku: If you want to back up what you have downloaded in adept look into aptoncd. it will back up all your apt cached files and create a repository on CD. This will be addable as a repository in adept.07:18
mefisto__Ashex: do you want to add another dir to your PATH (the locations listed when you do echo $PATH) ?07:18
Ashexmefisto__, yeah. I just used PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin07:18
AshexI figured that should work07:19
mefisto__Ashex: echo $PATH to check it07:19
Ashexlooks right07:19
|0sts0u|DarkriftX: many people prefer wicd07:19
DarkriftXdoes it have any options to change speed or anything?07:20
DarkriftXor does it auto try to connect at different speeds? knetworkmanager always seems to try 1mb first :S07:20
|0sts0u|DarkriftX: That would be the fault of your network card. Negotiating a speed is a hardware thing.07:21
vikku|0sts0u|: aptoncd ? is tha another app ?07:22
DarkriftXif i manually change the speed it works, but rarely on connect07:22
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
|0sts0u|vikku: yes it is. http://aptoncd.soundforge.net07:22
|0sts0u|also available in repositories07:22
vikku|0sts0u|: or in a way you are saying that i should back up files in apt cache dir and create a tar , to a cd and iam done ?07:23
|0sts0u|You can do that, but aptoncd creates the header files necessary to add back into adept as a repository. That way you don't have to individually install each .deb07:24
vikku|0sts0u|: thnks much07:25
|0sts0u|Glad to help.07:25
|0sts0u|DarkriftX: My card does the same thing when associating. just part of the negotiating process i guess. Even when I specify a speed, first connects at 1mb, then goes to whatever I specified.07:27
DarkriftXwicd doesnt sit in tray?07:28
|0sts0u|I have not used it myself so I couldnt say for sure. I know most users who hate networkmanager move to wicd. I use NM and works great for me so I haven't changed.07:30
DarkriftXhrmmmm... i have kwifimanager sittign in tray, but i like quick access to connect disconnect incase i need a speed change lol07:30
DarkriftXoh well, guess im screwed from both directions07:30
|0sts0u|Check out kde-apps.org... they may have something that fits the bill.07:31
* DarkriftX causes harm to his wife07:35
DarkriftXdamned woman installed utorrent on her moms laptop and was draining my speed uploading crappy music to the world at 450k while i was stuck with 3k uploads fixing my website07:36
geekDarkriftX: pfft. you need a better router ;p07:37
* geek used to run utorrent in my pre linux days. its usually misconfigureation that causes it to be a pain ;p07:38
|0sts0u|I have fiber through my cable ISP at home. Speed is never a problem. Definately worth the $07:38
vikku|0sts0u|: i did a du -ah  on /var/cache/apt and it doesnt show me any deb file reltd to kde ......07:39
|0sts0u|have you done a purge recently?07:40
vikku|0sts0u|: is that my questn ?07:40
|0sts0u|er... clean?   apt-get clean?07:40
|0sts0u|vikku: yes.07:40
vikku|0sts0u|: nope07:40
|0sts0u|odd. SHould have all your packages there. or are you looking to backup the entire kde system itself?07:42
|0sts0u|oh... if you did an apt-get clean it removes all your packages.07:43
vikku|0sts0u|: yes i want to because everytime i format y disk , i have to insatll it and it takes big deal of time downloading a lot of data07:43
vikku|0sts0u|: i need all the kde file backed up in a way so that i dont have to download it again07:44
|0sts0u|best is to install from the iso, then use aptoncd to backup your packages.07:44
vikkuhmmm ok ,07:44
|0sts0u|but if you did a clean your packages are no longer cached locally.07:44
|0sts0u|lemme see if I can figure out how to re-download the packages07:44
vikkui dont want to download kde, thats the catch07:45
|0sts0u|Are you saying you don't want to have to download the new kde4 every time, or download the entire kubuntu iso every time?07:47
|0sts0u|or am I missing it entirely. :P07:48
vikku|0sts0u|: hmmm ..... i think i did apt-get install kubuntu-dektop , everytime07:51
vikkuis that kde != kubuntu ?07:51
|0sts0u|So, when you install the system from scratch, are you using a ubuntu cd then?07:52
|0sts0u|then installing kde on top of it?07:52
vikkuyes after i reinstall the whole ubuntu .....07:53
vikkuthen install kde07:53
|0sts0u|do you use gnome at all after installing kde?07:53
|0sts0u|because if you don't like gnome you can download the kubuntu live cd instead of the ubuntu live cd, then you would start out with kde in the first place.07:55
vikku|0sts0u|: ok07:58
SkEmOi cant watch cam4!07:58
SkEmOstupid kubuntu!07:59
DexterFfresh 8.04/kde3, entered my account data for Jabber over Googlemail into kopete but it won't connect.08:32
DexterFChecked all settings, seem fine. Ideas?08:32
ragueorhiii !!08:38
TizzTain c'est louche.08:40
Tizzmaintenant Konversation arrive à se connecter sans problème08:40
Tizzmais Firefox refuse de m'afficher un site sur 208:40
Tizzenfin 2 sur 3 plutôt ;)08:40
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr08:46
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SkEmOis there something like autocad for kubuntu?08:53
jussi01!info qcad08:53
ubottuqcad (source: qcad): A professional CAD System. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 2954 kB, installed size 12648 kB08:53
jussi01SkEmO: not sure how alike they are, but you could give that a try08:53
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DexterFSkEmO: google for qcad, too, there are some beginner tuts around to overcome some differences08:54
SkEmOargh its only for 2D designs09:01
SkEmOi need a 3D design software09:01
DexterFblender...? :)09:05
jussi01SkEmO: google around for autocad linux - I remember there was something reasonable, but cant remember the name atm09:08
favrothere's no 3d cad prog for linux - I've been looking for one for ages09:13
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zetaanyone there09:15
Tm_Tonly some 260 persons or so09:15
zetaok.lolI was wondering does anyone know how to install jre for firefox?09:16
Tm_T!anyone | zeta09:16
ubottuzeta: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:16
Tm_T!jre | zeta09:17
ubottuzeta: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper09:17
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zetahow do I install jre for firefox,in order to play free online pokies/09:17
Tm_Tsee what ubottu said09:18
zetaIve got kubuntu-8.0409:18
tommyyo ppl09:19
tommyanyone knows how to reactivate sleeping processes in the hardy09:20
tommyall my processes are sleeping after a failed hibernate on my eee 900 pc09:21
DexterFtommy: hmm, jobs and fg perhaps?09:22
zetacan I just install jre straight from the firefox webpage?09:22
geekzeta: no09:22
zetaok thanks.09:23
tommyooh, yeah just got intu ubuntu after giving up vista, hehe, so like in the recoverymode terminal?09:24
zetahow do I tell if Ive got a root password/09:24
geekzeta: you probably don't if you need to ask09:25
zetaok how do I get one,assuming I  need to?09:25
Tm_Tzeta: you don't need one09:26
zetasaw something about downloding jre and putting it in the root file or in the home folder,but the terminal asks for a root password09:27
tommyshit, my password is only 4 chars, and root passes must be 6 or more, and i dont have my flash disk. bollocs09:27
zetait was an executable file09:27
geekzeta: you can use apt to install java09:28
zetaok so do I type apt-get install jre/09:28
geekzeta: need it to work with a web browser right?09:29
Tm_T!jre | zeta09:29
geektry sun-java6-plugin - that should pull in JRE as well09:29
zetayeah firefox2.0 or something09:29
geeko0 2.0?09:29
Tm_Tzeta: please, read pages I provided earlier09:29
MilitantPotatoI'm not seeing HDPARM as a service in hardy, where do you set it to load on boot these days?09:40
MilitantPotatohow do I add 'hdparm -a32 -A1 -S42 -W1 /dev/sda' to the file /etc/init.d/rc.local so that hdparm works correctly? how should this file look when I'm done?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/53131/09:51
amerigoit's possible to search a nickname in this chat?09:56
amerigoI means to know in what channel is connected?09:57
reedwhere is the best place to report bugs in intrepid alpha?10:05
jussi01!bug | reed10:05
ubottureed: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots10:05
reedyeah! love bot10:06
ActionParsnipubottu is the nuts10:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is the nuts10:06
MilitantPotatohow do I set hard drive spin down timing in hardy?10:07
=== jupiter is now known as Villenin
ActionParsniphdparm maybe10:08
MilitantPotatoIt's not a service like it was in feisty for me, how do you set it to load params on boot?10:10
MilitantPotatohow should the rc.local script look?10:11
stdinMilitantPotato: just add commands to it, each command is ran in sequence10:14
MilitantPotatostdin: so just add it at the very end?, nothing before or after the command?10:15
stdinjust add whatever command you would type at the terminal to the end of the file10:15
MilitantPotatostdin: Worked great.10:17
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=== clusby_ is now known as clusby
mado<mado> oy gals and guys ... hello there ... can you please help me? i have two problems ... one is about sound ... the other one is with something i found on "kde-look.org"10:34
mado<mado> whenever i start linux ... i get the following error message -> The audio playback device HDA Intel (STAC 92xx) does not work. Falling back to  HDA Intel (STAC 92xx)10:34
mado<mado> funny thing is ... some seconds before i hear a start up melody ... some seconds later when linux has started completly and i see the desktop ... i can listen to music as if there was no problem10:34
mado<mado> my question now is ... is there really a problem with my soundcard?10:34
eddiewouldHey all :-)10:35
eddiewouldDoes anyone have any recommendations/recipes for sensible power management in Kubuntu?10:36
eddiewould(On laptops/notebooks)10:36
mozahello all... i tried to play a little with konqueror and have a question about it : how to enlarge the icons in the icon view?10:38
mozahum, seems to be less active than #ubuntu...10:40
mozahello all! how are you? is there somebody?10:41
Tm_T!patience | moza10:41
ubottumoza: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines10:41
Tm_Thmmh, not that10:41
mozaok, sorry for this.10:41
Tm_Tnah, forget it10:42
Tm_Tmoza: hi hi, sometimes it takes some time to give an answer, just be patient and have fun (:10:42
madowell ok then ... i will wait too :)10:42
madoTm_T, what's the time in your time zone?10:43
mozathanks Tm_T for your answer, now i know some people are out there not only idling. I'll be there, just highlight me if somebody wants to talk about konqueror :)10:43
Tm_Tmoza: nah, I cannot be a watchdog for you, son, sorry10:44
Tm_Tmado: 1244 now10:44
mozasorry again10:44
madouhuu ... i see ... thanks :) ... in my time zone it is 1144 :)10:44
JP-sNLlol @ Tm_T10:45
Tm_TJP-sNL: no lol here10:45
Tm_Tmoza: anyway, have you looked icon settings in system settings ?10:45
madoi just asked because i thought that probably most of the guys and gals in here are sleeping10:45
Tm_Tmado: most are not sleeping (:)10:46
madoTm_T, :)10:46
mozaTm_T : where should i find system settings?10:47
madoTm_T, ... can you help me with my two problems after moza's problem?10:47
Tm_Tmado: depends on the problems10:47
rootbonjour folks. im having a little problem with my ati card and xinerama10:47
=== root is now known as Guest19408
madoi have two problems ... one is about sound ... the other one is with something i found on "kde-look.org" --- whenever i start linux ... i get the following error message -> The audio playback device HDA Intel (STAC 92xx) does not work. Falling back to  HDA Intel (STAC 92xx) --- funny thing is ... some seconds before i hear a start up melody ... some seconds later when linux has started completly and i see the desktop ... i can listen to music a10:48
mados if there was no problem --- my question now is ... is there really a problem with my soundcard?10:48
Tm_Tno problem then10:49
madoTm_T, ?10:49
Tm_Tif you hear sound, it works10:49
madobut why do i get an error message?10:49
mozai'm sorry about not being patient i have to go, will come back again later have a good day/night10:49
madowhen the message is displayed sound stops abruptly10:49
madoand some seconds later i hear sound again10:50
madothat's a funny thing10:50
Tm_Tit tries other sound device10:50
Tm_Tyou prolly should set the "right" one as primary device in settings10:50
madoand how do i go about this?10:50
Tm_Tyou don't see "system settings" in menu?10:51
madono i can see it ...10:51
madoi tried it ...10:51
madobut it won't work10:51
madothere's an entry called sound10:51
madoi don't see the button for setting it as the primary device10:52
Tm_Tsowwy, I don't know how it goes exactly10:53
Tm_Tmado: we are talking about KDE4 here, right?10:53
madoTm_T, ... no problem :)10:53
madoyes Tm_T10:53
Tm_Tthen #kubuntu-kde4 (;)10:53
madoi've already been there ...10:54
madobut no one gave me an answer10:54
Tm_Tthen #kde ?10:54
eddiewouldmado: I've got the same problem, so I'm going to listen in :)10:54
eddiewouldIf you do find out - PM me please :)10:54
madoeddiewould, really? :)10:54
madofunny :)10:54
eddiewouldEvery time I get a message "something Phono yada yada is not working"10:54
madoso you also get an error message - sound stops - and then you have sound again?10:54
eddiewouldthe sound plays for a bit and then stops10:54
eddiewouldmado: Pretty much10:55
madoTm_T, so this "#kde"-guys also help with such issues ?10:55
Tm_Tmado: well it's general KDE4 issue, "how to select primary sound device in kde4?"10:56
monrealHello kubuntu! Who can tell me what the binary name of the kde4 control center (or appearance settings app) is?10:56
mado:) ok10:56
Tm_Twould be the proper question I guess10:56
eddiewouldmonreal:  systemsettings10:56
eddiewouldI think10:56
madothanks for summarizing it :)10:56
madook ... and the other problem ...10:57
madoi found some things on kde-look.org10:57
madobut i don't know how to install them ... or where i can download them10:57
eddiewouldmado: You can actually install themes from the KDE gui10:57
eddiewouldYou don't need to download from the website10:57
madothere is no "how to install" for some things10:57
eddiewould(Well the KDE gui will go and download them for you)10:57
eddiewouldIcons, widgets and themes are all in this category10:58
madoeddiewould, not for all the things i saw or did i just miss something?10:58
eddiewouldmado: Are you KDE 4 or 4.1 ?10:58
madokde 4.1.110:58
Tm_Tmado: what exactly you're trying to get?10:59
madohttp://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=84403&forumpage=3 ... this is something i wanted to know how it would look like when installed on my computer ... i also liked the weather-tool but i can't find it10:59
monrealeddiewould: right... that opens the shell, but there are no launchers inside :(11:00
eddiewouldgo to the thing in the right corner of your screen11:00
eddiewouldadd widgets11:00
madodunno ... if that is the name of the thing :) ... i'm just a beginner11:00
eddiewouldand then in there there is a button install widgets11:00
eddiewouldAnd inside there is one of the worst UI-nightmares ever11:00
eddiewould(Those buttons which look like drop downs!)11:00
eddiewouldDid you find it mado ?11:01
madohm ... i guess so ...11:01
madobut ...11:01
madothere is no weather tool11:01
madothe battery-symbol was in there :) ... and some other things11:02
madolike a clock11:02
eddiewouldis there a button at the bottom "Install Widgets"11:02
eddiewouldSo not in the list of widgets11:02
eddiewouldBut at the bottom11:02
madoyes :)11:02
madodios mio ... i really should sleep more :)11:02
madoi didn't see this thing11:03
madoor do you say "mon dieu" ?11:03
eddiewouldWatch out for the buttons which look like drop downs...they fooled me for a good 10 minutes!11:03
madoi don't know the exact term11:03
madoeddiewould, what do you mean?11:03
eddiewouldWell I'm not sure if the 'Install Widgets' sections has it11:03
vladcan i ask you something11:03
madothe thing with "source" ?11:03
vladhow instal dc++ on ubuntu?11:04
eddiewouldBut, the 'Install themes' section Has these things which are some kind of a hybrid between a button and a drop down box11:04
ubottuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information11:04
eddiewouldSo they've got a arrow like a drop down box has... but you actually click them like a button11:04
eddiewouldThey're confusing.11:04
madoeddiewould, another problem ...11:04
madowait ... i show you11:05
eddiewouldmado: If you want to see what I'm talking about, right click on your desktop, go 'Desktop Settings' and choose 'New Theme'11:06
eddiewouldWait for it to load11:06
eddiewouldI almost submitted a bug report11:06
madoi did what you say ...11:07
eddiewould(It's really slow to load)11:07
madobut i still don't know exactly what you mean11:07
eddiewouldCan you see a list of themes?11:07
eddiewouldTry and figure out how to install one :)11:08
madoalready have :)11:08
eddiewouldWell it definately wasn't obvious to me11:08
madoi clicked on the install-button :)11:08
madoi can't install a widget11:08
eddiewouldThe way it looks, it looks like they're already all installed!11:09
eddiewouldWhy is there a drop down?11:09
zetahelp Im installing sun-java6-jre from the terminal and am stalled at the license agreement11:09
eddiewouldIt should just be a button. Then it wouldn't be confusing11:09
madoyou're right!11:09
madomaybe you should tell them ...11:09
madoor maybe it has a drop-down for "just download it without installing it"11:10
eddiewouldWell yeah. I figured it out - but yeah11:10
madoeddiewould, ... this is my other problem ...11:10
eddiewouldmado: what's that?11:10
user7hello buddy11:11
madothis list is blank11:11
eddiewouldmado: Internet is Very slow at the moment... image is still loading11:11
madoi get this list whenever i want to install some new small programs (widgets as you call them)11:12
eddiewouldI still can't see it yet11:12
madook ... i will wait :)11:12
user7i have an integrated video card... lspci tell Sis 0000:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 530/620 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter (rev 2a)11:12
eddiewouldno it's coming now11:12
user7i need to adjourn driver???11:12
eddiewouldmado: It's empty for me too :(11:13
madook ...11:13
madogreat ...11:13
madonow we both have the same problem11:13
madohmm ...11:13
eddiewouldWhat about the 'Install from file' Wizard?11:13
eddiewouldHave you given that a go?11:13
madono because i don't know where the file is :)11:14
madohave a look at this url11:14
eddiewouldArezzo is a theme isn't it ?11:14
user7! video card11:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about video card11:14
user7I video11:14
madoyeah ... but i want something different :)11:14
user7! video11:14
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications11:14
eddiewouldWhat do you want?11:14
madothere is a weather-widget :)11:14
madoand i wanted to try it out :)11:14
eddiewouldOK, link me to it11:14
madolook at the preview of arezzo :)11:15
madoyou can see it there11:15
eddiewouldOh. Can you find it on KDE-look.org >11:15
madobut i can't find it on kde-look.org11:15
eddiewouldMight be under Plasmoids11:15
eddiewouldIt might not be a native widget11:15
eddiewould(MacOS has widgets too, I think it is possible to use MacOS widgets in KDE)11:16
eddiewouldIf you use the Install Widget wizard, it asks you what kind of widget it is11:16
madoi tried the "search"-field11:16
eddiewouldSo maybe it's not on kde-look at all...11:16
madobut "weather" leads me to nothing11:16
eddiewouldmado: http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/top50/11:17
eddiewouldsorry mado , try this: http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/information/weatherbuglocalweather.html11:17
madobut that is apple-stuff11:18
madodo you really think it works?11:18
jtheuerHi, I want to try kubuntu 8.10 on my new IBM T500 -- which however seem to have a Network card that uses the e1000e driver. Does anyone know when a fixed version of the driver will make it into an image?11:18
eddiewouldmado: But I think you might be able to instal it11:18
eddiewouldI think they're mostly just HTML and Javascript11:18
madoSystem Requirements11:18
mado    * Mac OS X 10.4 or later11:18
mado ?11:18
madowait a sec ...11:19
jussi01jtheuer: probably best to ask in #ubuntu+111:19
madoWeatherBug ... isn't this some spyware?11:19
eddiewouldDon't think so11:19
eddiewouldIt's on Apple's website11:19
zetahow do I continue installing sun-java6-jre from the console when Im stalled at the license agreement/11:20
jussi01zeta: tab11:20
jtheuerthanks, I'll try the channel11:20
jtheuerzeta: what is the problem?11:20
zetathank you v.m11:20
jtheuercan't you agree?11:20
zetaI didnt know about tab11:21
eddiewouldmado: http://forums.opensuse.org/applications/395901-os-x-widgets-kde-4-1-x-dashboard-working.html11:21
madoand why did you suggested to install "http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/information/weatherbuglocalweather.html" ? ... are there more weather-widgets?11:21
eddiewouldmado: It was just the first one I found in google11:21
eddiewouldI think any 'Dashboard' widget will possibly work11:22
madowell ... i will try it out ... but first ... i want to see some more :)11:22
eddiewouldI suppose you could email the author of Azzero and ask them what it was in the screenshot :)11:22
eddiewouldI gtg.11:23
madoand how do i find out her / his email-address?11:23
madoeddiewould, ... good bye ... i hope to see you around again :)11:23
zetawhat does Idconfig deferred processing now taking place mean?11:29
falstaffI am having trouble installing Kubuntu on my machine ... I downloaded the disk file and burned the iso image but I can't seem to get autorun to work ... is there a simple run command?11:29
DexterFjust pulled kde 3.5.10 from backports, still cant connect to my Jabber account with kopete. ideas?11:30
madoi'll be back11:31
jussi01DexterF: google talk account?11:31
kho_zhihey guys... having problem on ubuntu with the "usb 3d sound " sound card11:31
falstaffIs there simple way to run the install program from the kubuntu install disk?11:33
jussi01falstaff: err, which install program?11:34
kho_zhihey guys... having problem on ubuntu with the "usb 3d sound " sound card....11:34
jussi01kho_zhi: ubuntu or kubuntu - on ubuntu please head on over to #ubuntu11:35
falstaffjussi01 I want to install kubuntu I burned the disk11:35
jussi01falstaff: so you need to boot from the cd11:35
falstaffjussi01 my boot from cd does'nt work11:36
jussi01falstaff: did you change the boot order in your bios?11:36
falstaffjussi01, I have that set right ... it just doesn11:37
falstafft seem to work ...11:37
jussi01falstaff: doest it give an erro? or?11:37
falstaffNo -- it just skips over it I am sure I have an iso image too.11:38
zetahello again11:40
falstaffjussi01 why can't I just run the install file from the terminal??11:40
zetaanyone know what Idconfig deferred processing now taking place mean re:installation11:41
darwin_hi..i2m new user with this ubuntu ..and i want to ask how do i get compiz work ? i have instaled the video card :D11:42
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion11:42
darwin_ok man thx11:43
darwin_i will try this >P11:43
darwin_well now if i have chosen desktop cube..i must restart or somthing or what? is still not working :(11:46
darwin_how do i activate 3 d destop effects_11:47
gm04030276New laptop! ooo yea...first things first install kubuntu over windows :)12:01
HariharakadanGood morning.12:03
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DexterFjussi01: yes, gmail acc. why?12:21
jussi01DexterF: what settings are you using? it needs to be a particular port iirc12:24
DexterFjussi01: kept default and tried manually overriding to 5222 as well12:28
DexterFill try 5222 again12:29
jussi01DexterF: hrm, might have been 5223 iirc12:31
DexterFboth no go12:32
stdinport: 5223, server: talk.google.com and enable ssl12:33
HariharakadanYay, Kunbuntu is finally downloaded and checked with MD5. Now to burn it. :)12:33
DexterFstdin: aha. now says "no valid auth method available" at least talks to the server now...12:34
lokaiwhats a command line stopwatch?12:34
stdinDexterF: make sure to check the "Allow plain-text password authentication" too12:35
stdinbasically check all the boxes in the "Connection" tab12:35
DexterFstdin: bam! that did it, thanks12:35
DexterFa bit troubling that I have to send auth in plain tho12:35
CEPartman seems to block installation of Alpha6 on my system, is that a known problem?12:36
stdinit should send it over ssl (I think)12:36
=== vsudilov is now known as lokai
stdinCE: intrepid support in #ubuntu+112:36
CEok, thanks12:36
* stdin thinks he was going for /part there12:37
* merrick_b chuckles12:37
mrglinu1hi i can connect only with kppp but i can not use pppconfig to connect because i connected but no data cared and i want to know kppp how to connect . is it possible ? (my os is kubuntu 7.10 )12:47
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arty_hi all13:05
arty_can anyone help me pls I have kubuntu and I cant send mail with attach file If I send pure text its OK but in attach file send just 47%13:06
arty_I use gmail and Im sure I have SMTP and POP3 100% right13:07
arty_someone help I google 5 hours and nothing work pls HELP13:07
arty_pls help someone :)13:09
Piciarty_: How big is the attachment and what mail client are you using?13:10
arty_kmail or thunderbird13:11
arty_in the boath is the same problem13:11
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alebocohi guys, i'm trying to use the slovak layout for the keyboard but some of the special keys doesn't seem to work properly. Is there any slovak that may tell me some of the key combinations for capital letters?13:12
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writhercan anyone tell me if it is possible to set the order in which your torrents are transferred in ktorrent?  I have searched the entire app and the forums for this basic feature13:14
julio_I am having  problems with ipw394513:30
julio_in kubuntu 7.1013:30
julio_I heard that in kubuntu 8 is worst13:30
julio_what is the best way to install it??13:31
martijn81well, sidux installs this when you install the system, dunno about kubuntu13:38
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NikLPgm04030276: hola :) no kubuntu til later for me - gotta do SOME work today! :P14:33
JackWinterwhere do i find the log of the fsck ran at startup.  i see some msg about it exiting with an error on boot, but it scrolls by too fast14:46
alesI have absolutely no clue how to use mysql, but still, is there an easy way to open files published here: http://archive.geneontology.org/latest-full/ and view them through Openoffice.org base? :)14:48
solarieswhen printing PDF using cups  I always get "[Job 1071] Files have gone away!"14:59
solariesany hints why?14:59
lamurhey everyone i am new here15:03
lamurI am from surinam15:04
lamurdo you guys know how to setup a server with kubuntu? please help someone15:05
LjLlamur, a "server" can be a lot of thing. what is it that you want?15:05
lamurljl i want a dns server or something what kind a server do you know15:10
rrththelamur: no you dont15:11
LjLlamur, if you don't know what sort of server you want, then you don't want it15:11
lamuroke a dns server with dhcp15:12
lamurcan you help me with that15:12
lamurwho will help me? please15:16
=== lamur is now known as lantjie
ubuntuhi i just removed ubuntu, so i can use virtualbox on windows, i rezised my windows partition with gparted, and now i cant start windows, because the grub is gone, how do i install it again_15:18
lantjieubuntu you must install windows again or during the windows setup repaire the mbr15:19
ubuntui just solved it15:20
gm04030276NikLP: lol, i just installed it on my laptop :) can't get the webcam working though...my external one does...but builtin one not yet :(15:20
NikLPgm04030276: grr15:20
ubuntui just start my windows cd and go to repair and type fixmbr15:20
LjL!info dnsmasq | lamur15:20
ubottulamur: dnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.41-2ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 11 kB, installed size 108 kB15:20
gm04030276NikLP: yea...15:20
LjLlantjie: ^ and there are many others, type "apt-cache search dhcp server" or "apt-cache search search dns dhcp server"15:21
gm04030276in which case, anyone got any experience with MSI laptop builtin web cams?15:21
lantjiethanks ubotto15:21
LjLubottu is a bot15:21
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.15:21
lantjiesorry ubottu you are not a bot15:22
lantjiegm0430276: just check your settings at control panel or device manager15:24
rrththei think i might write a bot, so i can make it say that when anybody accuses it of being a bot15:28
gm04030276lantjie; its not showing up as a device in dev. my external one works fine but not internal15:29
lantjieljl and ubottu it works15:32
LjLubottu is still a bot15:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is still a bot15:33
rrththeubottu that. Sorry - I cant do that dave15:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:34
lantjiegm04030276: search for the device15:34
=== nishino is now known as nn-
JackWinteranyone seen this before or know how to fix ? Error konqueror, could not start process unable to create io-slave: klauncher said: unknown protocoll ".15:35
lantjieljl or ubottu do you guys know how to setup a chilli hotspot15:35
LjLubottu is not a guy, lantjie15:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:36
LjLand no, i have no idea what that is.15:36
lantjiejackwinter install konqueror again it will definet help15:37
shadyzayis intrepid beta out yet?15:38
JackWinterthat's an idea.  actually is there a way to force a reinstall of all basic kde components ?  I have another problem with a kded process which eats some 20-25% cpu..15:39
byteme_Hello all15:40
lantjieit is a server you can make cards with it so that other can use the cards to logon to your wireless network15:40
bussymanhi, is posible to downgrade from intrepid ibex to hardy heron?15:41
lantjieoke who knows how to setup a chilli hotspot? there must be someone15:42
lantjieyes ther is jacwinter apt-get install kded15:42
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=== casper__ is now known as bekmand
bussymanhi, is posible to downgrade from intrepid ibex to hardy heron?15:44
byteme_Hey there, the links sent in Thunderbird seem to not work anymore. They are blue and I het the hand link it will take where the link goes, but I get nothing15:44
JackWinterthanks lantjie:  any pitfalls ?15:44
byteme_oops, sorry for the typos15:45
JackWinterlantjie: that did not work.  did you mean apt-get install kde ?15:46
lantjieyes sorry jackwinter15:47
rrththebussyman: I wouldn't - i'll probably break sutff15:48
JackWintersince i'm in the process of fixing my system up a little.  if i wanna move /boot to it's own partition, is there anything else i have to do than copy all the files, reconfigure grub itself, and mount it in fstab ?15:59
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fckedwill the next iteration of kubuntu have kde 4.216:11
mixed1234hey how come I cant resize dolphin windows???16:16
lantjieoke guys i am back16:21
mixed1234compiz straight out sucks!  you cant resize windows, booooo16:21
amerigosomebody can help me16:31
amerigoAfter i connect USB modem to kubuntu, PC is frozen.16:32
amerigoDuring shoutdown "Shutting Bluetooth Service" still remain several times16:33
amerigoeven system is blocked16:34
amerigono ones havvvvve an idea???16:35
amerigosomebody can help me??16:40
eagles0513875!patience | amerigo16:40
ubottuamerigo: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines16:40
amerigothank you guys16:40
eagles0513875amerigo: i dont know whats wrong so i cant help you amerigo16:41
azizsearch ubuntuforums.org, sorry can't help you, got no time and no idea16:41
amerigoeagles0513875: what should you know?16:41
eagles0513875amerigo: ?16:43
amerigook only a questiion...16:43
amerigohow can i stop bluetooth service?16:44
davidguestcan somoene help me i have having trouble installing mencoder16:45
davidguesti have 6.06 on my server16:45
davidguesti try sudo apt-get install mencoder and it says theri are dependices16:46
davidguestcan someone help me pm me16:46
amerigodavidguest: you had to install depency also16:48
amerigolook at them16:48
amerigoand instell them with adept16:48
amerigodavidguest: let me now how it work16:52
uucan someone give me some 3rd parties resource link??16:53
eagles0513875noob question i know bind is a dns server but there is something like a domain controller i can setup16:55
dmorareagles0513875: dns is different from domain controller16:58
dmorardomain controller sounds like M$, is this right?16:58
eagles0513875dmorar: yes16:58
dmorarok, then try samba16:59
eagles0513875but is there something equivalent to a dc in linux16:59
eagles0513875samba has nothing to do with it thats only for file sharing between linux and windows16:59
eagles0513875dmorar: i stand corrected16:59
eagles0513875never thought samba could be used as a primary dc16:59
dmorareagles0513875: if you want something like the active directory then samba+ldap is the right way to go17:00
uucan someone give me some 3rd parties resource link??17:00
eagles0513875dmorar: i wanna stay away from windows17:01
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dmorareagles, so what is what you really need with the pdc?, i dont see how it is switable if you dont want windows17:02
eagles0513875dmorar: i have a domain with bind but i would like to be able to connect my laptops to my domain also im hoping to start selling web hosting17:03
eagles0513875dmorar: do u have any sites specifically for kubuntu on how to setup samba as primary domain controller17:04
shadyzayI need help with an intel graphics chipset17:07
dmorareagles0513875: what do you mean by connect laptops to your domain17:07
eagles0513875dmorar: u know how u woudl have machines connected to a domain to use resources and programs and what not17:07
eagles0513875on a windows network i would liek to do the same with this17:08
dmorareagles0513875: pdc is a concept of M$ networks17:08
eagles0513875nothing like that besides using samba exists here17:08
dmorarfirst off, what resources do you want to share17:08
eagles0513875printer and filesharing for now17:09
eagles0513875filesharing i have setup no problem but printer is another story17:09
shadyzayCan I install the intel driver from intrepid in hardy? the version in intrepid says it supports my chipset ( intel 4500 ) while the one in hardy doesn't17:09
* eagles0513875 swears at cups17:09
dmorareagles0513875: believe me, the UNIX/Linux world is far advanced on networking17:09
dmorarok, sharing cups is an easy thing17:09
eagles0513875dmorar: gotcha im still working on lpi certification and now getting into the server aspects of linux17:09
jmuxshadyzay: I would guess not, as the videodriver-abi version has increased17:13
wo0fi am just about to install that standard kubuntu release (kde3)17:19
wo0fwhen will kde4 be part of the main release?17:19
wo0fand will it update cleanly from kde3?17:19
wo0f(cheers for help in advance)17:19
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jmuxshadyzay: but the driver package should build for hardy, as I have backported a video-intel 2.4.1 to a 1.4.1 xorg server from Debian, which is the same version as the one in hardy17:21
afeijodamn, my FF3 dont open, he say that I have another one in use, but I just turned on my PC17:22
jussi01afeijo: try ctrl+esc and kill any ff processes17:25
=== olivier_ is now known as ubuntoil
afeijothere is none, I checked with htop and killall17:25
afeijoI just turned on my machine :/17:25
afeijoctrl+esc open kmenu17:26
shadyzayjmux: how easy is it for me to build it from source?17:27
jmuxshadyzay: have you ever build a deb package?17:29
shadyzayjmux yes17:30
shadyzayjmux: should I just get the intrepid source package and build it on my system?17:32
joshuajtlhey folks, I need to run the latest photoshop, would it be best to dual boot (i currently only run ubuntu) windows or osx and run photoshop or would using a virutal machine be just as good?17:32
=== iwan is now known as tess
tekteenvirtual machine may be too slow17:33
tekteenI would dual boot17:33
jmuxshadyzay: I simply had to lower some dependencies in control an rebuild17:33
shadyzayok I'll try it17:34
shadyzayjmux thnx17:34
wo0fwhen will kde4 be in the current supported release?17:40
lantjiehey woof i am working with kde4 man17:42
nordagimho: kde4 sucks17:42
nordag(till now)17:43
lantjieno it desn't suck17:43
wo0fif i install the kde3 iso, when kde4 becomes part of the main repo, will it update cleanly?17:43
wo0fand would it update cleanly from the kde4 remix iso?17:44
lantjieit works great but i love gnome more17:44
nordagbut do yourself a favour and run the live-cd first17:44
lantjieyes run the live cd first and if you love it than you can install it17:46
nordagbut dont just look at it, it looks great, yeah ... you should USE it for daily work (afap)17:47
wo0fnordag: why would that be a favourable thing to do?17:48
=== olivier is now known as ubuntoil
nordagcause imho its not ready for daily use yet. give it a try :)17:49
lantjienordag do you know how to setup a chilli hotspot?17:52
wo0fnordag: ok cheers.17:54
lantjiewoof do you know how to setup a chilli hotspot17:56
nordaglantjie: nope, my wrt54gl supports it, but i never tried17:56
lantjieoke do you know what it is17:56
wo0flantjie: i do on my router17:57
wo0fnot in kubuntu17:57
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lantjiewhich certification is the best to do know guys?17:59
HamishTPBCan anyone tell me if there is merchandise and advertising materials with Kubuntu on them - all I can find in canonical shop is Ubuntu stuff18:00
nordagdo u want to install it on your ubuntu-client?18:00
nordaghm, why? :)18:01
nordagHamishTPB : why dont your print them yourself?! :)18:02
HamishTPBnordag: yes - seems like I will have to take that route :)18:02
nordaglet us participate with your results :)18:03
lantjiebecuase i want the best certification on my chilli hotspot18:03
HamishTPBnordag: in fact - since I need to  customise posters and stuff I think that is probably the best option18:04
HamishTPBnordag: thanks :)18:05
HamishTPBsometimes the simple answer is best18:05
nordagindeed :) u should post your tshirts at ubuntuforums18:06
nordaglantjie: checked the online-faq for chilli?18:07
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Agent_bob 18:25
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:26
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes18:26
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Agent_bobi have a dir that mc can't operate in.  (locally:  not mentioning the fact that mc can't handle dirs with too high of inode count over fish)18:48
Agent_bobso is this a bug that i should report ?18:48
afeijoto run a program from anywhere (konsole, run command) I just need ln in init.d ?18:49
Agent_bobafeijo can you elaborate ?18:50
afeijohi Agent_bob :)18:51
afeijoAgent_bob: to run ies4linux, I need to type its full path, isnt it better to add it to be executed from any folder? init.d is what I need?18:51
Agent_bobafeijo init.d is NOT what you need18:52
Agent_bobexport PATH=    is what you need.    you need to add the path to the executable to your users path variable18:52
Agent_bobafeijo you can view the path variable with this command.  echo $PATH18:53
afeijook :)18:54
Agent_bobit can be set from the command line or from any of the common runtime configuration files   /etc/profile /etc/bash_bashrc <system wide) ~/.profile ~/.bash_bashrc ~/.bashrc ~/.bash_profile <user only)18:55
Agent_bobafeijo unlike that other os   linux does not default to $PWD or $HOME as part of the path.    so you may be in the dir with an executable but it's still not in your path.18:56
afeijoAgent_bob: thats it! Unlike windows that in the current folder, it works, so I always need to use ./file18:56
Agent_bobafeijo that decision was a "safty" precaution.18:57
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:57
afeijoso I just edit my .bash and add $PWD to path? cool18:57
Agent_bobafeijo if you wish to disable that safty feature you can add  ./ to your path.18:57
Agent_bob$PWD and ./  will always be the same.18:58
Agent_bobas $HOME and ~ will also18:58
afeijooh, nice18:58
afeijoon my .profile18:59
Agent_bobafeijo yes18:59
Agent_bobalthough it's safer to put it last and not first19:00
afeijochanging :)19:00
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llama_crap - I just overwrote my /etc/profile.d/java.sh - how do I get it back?19:01
Agent_bobllama_ reinstall the package that put it there ?19:02
Agent_bobuseful in determining what package put a file where...19:03
=== nate_ is now known as williane
afeijobut why not add a link to init.d ? a lot of progs are there19:03
llama_Can someone just post their /etc/profile.d/java.sh for me? it should be the same - I even know what it looked like19:04
Agent_bobafeijo because /etc/init.d/ is the location of system initialization scripts.  has nothing to do with the user19:04
Agent_bobllama_ why not do it the way i said ?19:04
afeijoAgent_bob: if I add a lot of folders to my path, will not that be a bit heavy?19:05
llama_Agent_bob: because - I don't want to reinstall all of Java and any thing else that put content in the file just for 4 lines of exports19:05
Agent_bobafeijo don't add a lot of them.   centralize the executables.   that's what /usr/local/bin is form19:05
afeijooh, ln there than :) Got it19:06
Agent_bobllama_ fair enough.19:06
afeijollama_: that file is specific for each machine or you could get it from other user in #java ?19:07
afeijo*from #java19:07
* Agent_bob doesn't use java19:08
* afeijo dont even like java :)19:08
* genii sips some java19:08
Agent_bobgenii only in !es  :)19:08
Agent_bobso this dir that mc cant operate in,  any thoughts on it ?19:09
Agent_bobi think the name of the dir is either ^M  or \r   take your pick...19:10
Agent_bobmkdir '19:10
Agent_bobmc can go in and look at the files in it. but any action only spits me back out of the directory19:11
* Agent_bob wonders how to set '^M' as the home dir ...19:15
Agent_bob#Devious /De´vi·ous/ (?), a. [L. devius; de + via way. See Viaduct.] 1. Out of  a straight line; winding; varying from directness; as, a devious path or way.  2. Going out of the right or common course; going astray; erring; wandering;  as, a devious step. Syn. -- Wandering; roving; rambling; vagrant. --  De"vi*ous*ly, adv. -- De"vi*ous*ness, n.19:22
lantjiedo you guys know how to untar and install i tar.gz file19:23
Agent_bobinstall no. untar yes.    tar -xf filename19:24
Agent_bobit will guess the compression19:24
geniilantjie: tar -xvzf filename       in this case since tar.gz19:24
emilsedghlantjie: tar xf file.tar.gz19:25
Agent_bobgenii sense about 2003 or 2004 compression switches are not needed on extract command.19:25
geniiAgent_bob: I still use the z or j switches, habit19:25
Agent_boband omitting the dase is just plain bad habit.19:25
emilsedghlantjie: you should install programs using the adept manager (Menu->System->Adept Manager)19:26
Agent_bobgenii nothing wrong with it.   just not needed any more19:26
* genii tries to get used to the idea19:26
emilsedghlantjie: but if you want to install a program using source, please be aware that its a little bit harder.you need to ./configure --prefix=/usr;make;sudo make install if the program is a standard/normall FOSS application19:26
Agent_bobor use it's install.sh script maybe19:27
Agent_bob!b-e | lantjie19:27
ubottulantjie: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)19:27
mefisto__you might need to install build-essential too19:27
bobbo85What application handles my "Document Print Status?"  When I checked adept, I had nothing installed when I searched "Print"19:29
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows19:30
=== magical_trevsky is now known as magical
Agent_bobit seems that it's mc specific.   thunar can operate in dir '^M'  as well as normal shells and even konqueror (althought konq says that both '%' and '~' are recycled)19:36
bobbo85Thanks Agent_bob i had to restart cups to fix the problem - a doc was stuck "processing" in the queue19:36
Agent_bobso that's two things that i have found wrong with mc...   but i still like mc!  what's wrong with me?19:37
Agent_bobi'll install gentoo and test it.19:39
Agent_bobodd gentoo seems to have some issues with that dir  but not a total 'autoexit' like mc has.19:41
Agent_boblets see what else to try ????  nautilus?19:42
Agent_bobnautilus handles it ok.19:43
micromanc3rhello people I've installed my first linux 2 days ago and I'm kind a noob as you'll see l8r ...and I need a litle help...I have a laptop-VBI hel80 with geForce7600go-so I wanted to install a driver for geforce...I think that kubuntu did it automatically but it was not "in use" so I checked the box "in use" and I had to restart pc...but after that the graphic behaved strange...everything flickered and so... so I was trying som other packages19:43
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto19:44
Agent_bobthat page "might" have useful info micromanc3r19:45
geniiProbably any dir name which equates to first 31 ASCII  will behave unexpectedly19:46
geniiAgent_bob: Probably any dir name which equates to first 31 ASCII  will behave unexpectedly19:46
* genii goes in search of more coffee19:47
micromanc3rubottu I'll give it a try thx19:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:47
Agent_bobgenii i'll make more dirs and test... :)))19:48
geniiAgent_bob: A quick list for reference of what code is ^<whatever> http://www.bbdsoft.com/ascii.html19:49
Agent_bobgenii hehhe ok.  i have a local file too  but i'll ues that one. :))19:52
LuYudoes kopete require kwallet to save passwords?19:52
Agent_bobLuYu i think so.  but im no 'spert on that.19:53
LuYuit prompts like 3 times for a password every time it logs on19:53
LuYui usually use pidgin19:53
kruksorry, it was just test.19:53
LuYubut the person i built the system for cant, so im using kopete19:54
LuYubut i can see what she means19:54
LuYuthose popups are really annoying19:54
LuYualso, if you cancel the password prompt, it still logs in19:54
Agent_bobLuYu does turning off all that stuff in konqueror stop it in kopete too ?   just asking.19:55
* Agent_bob hasn't seen a popup window literally in years now.19:55
geniiLuYu: http://www.kde-forum.org/artikel/12373/kopete-how-to-stop-kopete-using-kwallet.html20:02
LuYuthank you20:03
MetaMorfoziSHi all. I want to tunnel _all_ of my internet connections into one ssh tunnel.20:10
MetaMorfoziSIs there anybody who can help me?20:10
MetaMorfoziSI can ssh to a remote server20:10
MetaMorfoziSI get a little success with ssh -D 9999 and proxychains, but that isn't tunnel's everything20:10
MetaMorfoziSi think i need an interface somehow, that do this, then i need to route everything via that device20:10
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adihi all20:22
adidoes anyone know where goes flash installed for konqueror 4.1.120:23
adithe file .so of flash for konqueror..20:23
ubottuKDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde420:24
adifor firefox it goes on /usr/share/lib/plugins20:24
Agent_bobmaybe ask in there ^20:24
adiok thanks20:24
mefisto__adi: you'll find it at /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so and various other places20:25
Agent_bobi tried to change my name to black magic   but it seems that you can't have latin words as names on freenode   or at least not that one.20:25
adiok thanks20:26
adimefisto | so to make konqueror play flash I need to install file .so in /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree   ?20:27
mefisto__adi: it should be installed there20:27
adiok thanks :)20:28
mefisto__adi: locate libflashplayer.so     will tell you where it is (keep in mind some will just be symlinks)20:29
afeijohi folks, how can I check which port are been monitored by a app like 143 and 110?20:29
Agent_bobnetstat -a ?20:30
zabbadappwill *buntu 8.10 repos have the new versions of i.e. VLC (0.9.2), eclipse (3.4), gimp (2.6.0), etc? Version refreshes are a bit far apart at times. (Eclipse is still 3.2 i 8.04).20:30
afeijoclose, I need to find out why my pop and imap isnt working, so what programs I have running?20:31
Agent_bobor  netstat -an20:31
afeijotoo much data on that one! :)20:31
Agent_bobtoo much data ????  </blinks>       | filter it20:32
afeijoI did used grep, no imap or pop on the list20:32
afeijoI need to set a email server, I have postfix running, so I need smtp, pop3 and imap.  I did try several times with courier, didnt work... I will try now with dovecot20:34
afeijoI'm pretty lost on that stuff ATM :(20:34
afeijoI had try a lot of sites with tutorials20:34
afeijoI dont even need SSL20:34
Agent_bobnormal port is 25 so netstat -an | grep ':25 '  should catch it....      netstat --continuous --protocol=inet -n #maybe20:35
Agent_bobman netstat #even20:36
hariharakadanHello. :)20:37
hariharakadanJust got Kubuntu installed on my PC. :)20:38
Agent_boboh i'm sorry.20:38
hariharakadanNo worries. How's it going?20:39
Agent_bobwhat took you so long anyway?20:39
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ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:39
hariharakadanI was downloading and pausing so I didn't go over my limit20:39
hariharakadanI went over it by 200 mb finishing kubuntu when the FAP was suppose to reset20:39
hariharakadanSo now it's thorttled to something worse then dial up20:40
Agent_bobsome people have band-width issues...   i have band-narrowness problems...20:40
bluesceadaso how much space takes a typical kubuntu installation with openoffice etc.20:41
Agent_bobonly thing worse than dialup is ....    well there isn't anything worse.20:41
hariharakadanI'll take anything over this.20:41
geniibluesceada: About 2.2 to 2.5 Gb20:41
hariharakadanHughes Net is by far the worst ;p20:41
bluesceadait's a t42 with 40gb.. and windows might still be needed for some tasks..20:41
bluesceadagenii: wow, with openoffice etc.?20:41
geniibluesceada: Yes20:41
Agent_bobbluesceada yeah 3g should catch it.  but you always want some "wiggle room"20:42
bluesceadayeh i know20:42
bluesceadamy debian installation here is at 11gb with all the stuff i need :S20:42
afeijoAgent_bob: do you use mail server? which one?20:42
bluesceadaok there is stuff like Matlab etc.20:42
bluesceadabut that's like 1gb20:42
Agent_bobi'm up to 9.7G on this install.   been adding to it for 3 years now.20:43
Agent_bobafeijo i don't use mail, cause i don't exist.20:43
afeijooh sure20:43
Agent_bobno really i don't.20:43
* genii cleans out Agent_bob's /var/cache/apt/archives20:43
bluesceadaso i guess 3gb should not really be enough20:44
Agent_bobgenii heh. i can't even rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*    list too long.20:44
Agent_bobbluesceada the installation wont take all of 3g  but like i said you always want some "wiggle room"   so 6-8g should be comfi20:45
bluesceadaAgent_bob: and you got like 9.7g i meant ;-)20:46
Agent_bobbluesceada i could easily clean out 4g of package cache and have 5.7g used.20:46
Agent_bobbluesceada without affecting anything.20:46
bluesceadadamn why must 80gb laptop drives still be too expensive (at least cant be justified to pay that money)20:46
antoineHeureusement que c'est pas rancunier un kubuntu ^^ Je viens de lui mettre un while fork(); dans la tête et il marche toujours impec' ^^20:47
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu__
Agent_bobbluesceada i also have 9 desktop environments installed +koffice +open-office +++....20:48
bluesceada9.. i dont know of 9 for linux O.o20:48
bluesceadagnome,xfce,kde,enlightenment? others are just wms ?20:48
bluesceadaand yeh openoffice would be needed too20:48
* Agent_bob lists: blackbox,fluxbox,twm,icewm,xfce4,fvwm,gnome,kde,errrr i'll have to look...20:49
mefisto__Agent_bob: so what gets the most use?20:50
Agent_bobthe console20:50
mefisto__cop out20:50
Agent_bobi did actualy start a gui today, testing file managers with odd named dirs.    today was an exception.  normally a gui doesn't get started.20:51
Agent_bobbut there are few things that i do, which i can't do from the console...20:51
Agent_bobediting photos is about the only thing that i actually "need" a gui for.20:52
Agent_bobmefisto__ i think your question deals with which would be my favorite though.  and that would probably be blackbox20:54
Gladyu seem to had success in editing20:54
afeijoI have a broken package and I cant remove it or install anything else :(20:54
Agent_bobafeijo don't --force it just use a bigger hammer on it.20:54
afeijolol, how?20:55
Agent_bobafeijo i mean   sudo dpkg --force-all -P <packagename>20:55
Agent_bobfollowed by sudo apt-get install -f20:55
=== nn_ is now known as Guest74030
afeijodidnt work20:56
Agent_bobshow error20:56
afeijoERR: config file missing20:56
afeijoinvoke-rc.d: initscript courier-imap, action "start" failed.20:57
Agent_bobafeijo that was on the dpkg command or the apt-get ?20:57
Guest74030i need help20:57
ninjafuryhi ya, is it possible to create a symlink that passes options to a program?20:57
Agent_bobninjafury not that i know of.20:58
Agent_bobafeijo and it completed anyway ?20:58
Agent_bobafeijo that's what the --force-all is for20:58
afeijoif I run that command again, same error20:58
Agent_bobpastebin full output20:59
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:59
Agent_bob!info pastebinit20:59
ninjafuryAgent_bob: trying to startup a terminal program automatically by putting a symlink in ~.kde/Autostart. Need to pass options though, whats an alternative that lets me do this?20:59
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 8 kB, installed size 84 kB20:59
Agent_bobninjafury don't use a symlink use a script20:59
Agent_bobninjafury what ever you would type in the terminal to do the job put in a text file and make it executable21:00
ninjafuryAgent_bob: how would I make it executable?21:00
afeijoninjafury: chmod +x filename21:01
afeijoto run, ./filename21:01
afeijoor type sh filename21:01
Agent_bobafeijo he's looking for chmod21:02
afeijoas I mentioned :)21:02
ninjafurythanks guys, will try it out21:03
Agent_bobafeijo sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/courier-imap.postrm . ;sudo dpkg -P --force-all courier-imap21:03
Agent_bobafeijo you can make that script not set -e   and it will probably work.21:04
afeijofile moved, but same error on dpkg ! :(21:04
Agent_bobnot same error21:04
Agent_boblook close.21:04
Agent_bobafeijo sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/courier-imap.prerm . ;sudo dpkg -P --force-all courier-imap21:04
Agent_bobnot same command either ^21:04
afeijoI copy paste your hole line21:05
Agent_bobummm not your name but the rest of it.21:05
afeijoyeah, from sudo to the rest :)21:05
afeijocould I edit manualy dpkg package list file?21:06
Agent_bobdon't forget to run,  sudo apt-get install -f  #after that dpkg line.21:06
afeijoI just did, twice, same errors !21:07
afeijoit try to install courier-imap, and fail21:07
Agent_bobafeijo ok pastebin the full output  apt-get and dpkg     'time to get serious with this thing"21:08
Agent_bobi want to see all you console has for the last three of four pages.21:08
micromanc3rpls how can I turn on disabled graphic driver(nvidia) from console?21:11
Agent_bobafeijo we will use a dirty hack to "work around" this problem#   sudo mv /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d / && sudo ln -s /bin/true /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d && sudo apt-get install -f && ( sudo rm /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d ;sudo mv /invoke-rc.d /usr/sbin )21:13
afeijowow, apt-get install -f now reports no problem :)21:14
Agent_bobafeijo if that finishes successfully,  please file a bug report on the courer-imap package.21:14
afeijothanks, youre a magician21:14
Agent_bobi know.21:14
afeijoI will21:14
afeijonow I can try again with courier or dovecot... near 1 week fighting to set a mail server, it shouldnt be that hard21:15
Agent_bobafeijo ffr  you dont need the sudo command when already root.  and    "why are you in /etc ?"21:15
Agent_bobanyway,   remove the two script we copied there.   both are courier-imap.*21:16
Agent_bobbut if you use that wild card use -i21:17
micromanc3ranyone? pls how can I turn on disabled graphic driver(nvidia) from console?21:17
afeijoI know I dont need to sudo :) I was on /etc becose I was backuping courier folder21:17
Agent_bobrm -i  <<< interactive  safe deleting.21:17
afeijoAgent_bob: there is only one courier-imap.postrm21:18
afeijoremoved with -i21:18
Agent_bobafeijo ok.  it still doesn't need in /etc/  :)21:18
eeeLimewire? download?21:20
eeeor do it exist other ver/mod for LimeWire21:21
=== rMagiNigece is now known as _2
_2afeijo "word to the wise" when running as root, always stay out of dirs that a slip could cause a reload.  ;/     it takes a little more typing but if you miscue. you don't hose the whole system.21:22
=== _2 is now known as Agent_bob
eeeHello limewire? Kubuntu?21:23
ubottulimewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install !Java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider !FrostWire as an alternative.21:23
ubottuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information21:23
ubottufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire21:24
Agent_bobeee welcome     ^21:24
* genii watches ubottu whirl21:24
BraveSpearHas ScorpKing been on today?21:24
micromanc3rAgent_bob? pls can you help me if you have a second? how can I turn on disabled graphic driver(nvidia) from console?21:24
eeeTnx bob21:24
Agent_bobmicromanc3r i really don't know.   i can point the bot in your dirrection and fire though.21:25
Agent_bob!nv | micromanc3r21:25
ubottumicromanc3r: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:25
Agent_bobgenii well if they put all that on one infonode i wouldn't have to call so many of them.21:26
geniiAgent_bob: Yes, true21:27
Agent_bobafeijo i don't like to pull out the big guns until we have tried normal methoods, but i have had to do far worse things to "unbreak" dpkg on my own systems... so i kinda learned how to "use a bigger hammer" on it.  ;/21:29
afeijothat was very usefull! saved my day :)) I saved all those commands for future need21:30
* Agent_bob kept dpkg broken the first year on ubuntu...21:30
Agent_boboff and on that is ^21:31
x_linkThe sound on my laptop didn't work before, so somebody here gave me a link to fix it.21:31
vasilisai installed an ATI driver from their site and now my colors are inverted in 3d graphics21:31
x_linkBut I don't remember the link.21:31
x_linkMy laptop is a Lenovo N200 and I use Kubuntu Hardy.21:31
Agent_bob!sound | x_link maybe21:31
ubottux_link maybe: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP321:31
Agent_bobone of those ^ ?21:31
vasilisaid very much like my colors to stop looking like purple ooze.21:32
Agent_boblol  purple ooze    hehhe21:32
x_linkAgent_bob: It's not that, it's somebody else.21:32
vasilisa:< i was learning to program in 3d too21:32
DrXwhy would smb://... work in nautilus but not in mount -t smbfs and cifs fail in nautilus and mount -t cifs?21:32
Agent_bobx_link k sorry.21:32
x_linkCause I remember that I had to add something to /etc/alsa-tools or something.21:32
vasilisaI thought maybe shadows were flickery because i needed a new proprietary ATI dirver21:32
vasilisaso  i got one and now it looks... stupid21:33
vasilisalike purple and green, except for the area just around the camera o.o21:33
Agent_bobvasilisa if no one in here steps up to help you can always try in #ubuntu  and even in ##linux     propriatery drivers are out of my "gk"relmn21:34
vasilisaim asking all over, lol21:34
=== Agent_bob is now known as _2
micromanc3ris there a way how to enable a nvidia driver? pls :(21:38
micromanc3rit's installed but not active and kubuntu is starting only like console21:39
afeijowhat tree command does?21:39
afeijomicromanc3r: xstart dont work?21:39
_2afeijo  tree - displays directory tree, in color21:39
afeijoinstalling :D21:40
vasilisawhy are my 3d graphics screwy? I just installed a brand new ATI proprietary driver.... was trying to fix a glitchy shadow in a program of mine, and now all the colors are inverted. Any ideas?21:41
_2afeijo i get no colour out of it tho. ;/21:42
mefisto__vasilisa: did you use aticonfig?21:42
afeijoits in color here ! :)21:42
vasilisano... let me look21:42
mighty-dIm experiencing problems with a 32 bits box and 4 GB RAM, i am running 2.6.24-19-server and i have checked for PAE and everything seems in order, can you help me please?21:44
_2mefisto__ i guess my $LS_COLORS is not set21:44
x_linkIsn't there anybody that can help me with my soundcard?21:45
x_linkI'm supposed to add a line like "options snd-hda-intel single_cmd=1 model="lenovo"21:45
x_linkI'm supposed to add a line like "options snd-hda-intel single_cmd=1 model="lenovo" in my /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base. But that line should be a bit longer.21:45
afeijo_2: why did you changed nick ? avoiding credors? lol21:45
x_linkSomething is missing.21:45
_2mighty-d ummm high mem  or is it  big mem  has to be on at compile time iirc   you might check that.21:45
x_linkafeijo: Me?21:46
afeijono, _2 is Agent_Bob21:46
=== linuxmce is now known as {moo}
_2afeijo isp reset.21:46
afeijomy sound allways works automatcly, sory21:46
johannes_hi... what's the channes for the greman kubuntu support?21:46
afeijo_2: I just needed to clean my dpkg, that courier is a danger21:46
mighty-d_2, wait..21:47
afeijothat was a no pacient man (x_link)21:47
_2the very reason i have more than one nick registered to begin with is that my isp will every so often,21:47
afeijo_2: change isp21:47
_2afeijo i have.   it common on dialup.21:48
afeijo_2: where do you live?21:48
_2errr  ummm   well....21:48
_2actually i don't exist. so i can't say.21:48
afeijowhere is your central plexus?21:49
_2the middle of the world21:49
afeijodamn, courier corrupted again!21:49
afeijo_2: pakistan? lol21:49
_2close enough21:49
mighty-d_2, HIGHPTE=y, RESOURCES_64BIT=y, HIGHMEM64G=y, VMSPLIT_3G=y21:49
_2mighty-d hmmm ok   got me there.21:50
_2mighty-d  #kernel   maybe ?21:50
mighty-d_2, ok thanks a lot21:50
_2mighty-d sorry i can't do more.21:50
vasilisanope aticonfig didnt fix it21:50
mighty-d_2, thanks a lot21:51
mefisto__vasilisa: and you restarted X after aticonfig?21:52
vasilisamefisto__: Yes... it seems to only happen in irrlicht21:52
* _2 idles and lurks for a while.21:52
johannes_sry i forgett how to change the channel...21:53
hariharakadanHm, how does one enable extra repositories in Hardy?21:53
mefisto__vasilisa: irrlicht? german?21:55
=== rrththe is now known as Super_Cat_Frog
vasilisamefisto__: Its a graphics engine :)21:56
vasilisaim learning 3d21:56
mefisto__lol ok. I was going to look it up to find what it means21:57
vasilisaits a lot like the quake 3 engine21:57
vasilisanot doing me much good now tho21:58
eeelove this forum21:58
mefisto__vasilisa: so the weird colours only happen in irrlicht?21:58
genii /quit21:58
vasilisamefisto__: Maybe. it doesnt seem t ohappen in crystalspace programs...21:58
mefisto__vasilisa: do you have the catalyst control center for ati? you might be able to play with settings there21:59
vasilisamefisto__: tried that one22:00
BleSSdoes anybody has changed to kde 4.0?22:04
gm04030276how do i enable synaptic driver settings in system settings? I have it installed and working but it keeps loosing its settings on reboot22:04
BleSShow has been the change?22:04
DrXwhat's the best (fastest, most likely to survive an error) way to copy files from one drive to another?22:05
MetaMorfoziScp -a?22:06
gm04030276DrX cp -perv <from> <to>22:06
gm04030276p for preserve permissions, e for...i can't remember, r for recurrsive and v for verbose22:06
gm04030276oh, i will ask you before over writting file in the destination22:07
gm04030276-i i mean :)22:07
DrXit barfed on the e, do you mean -pirv?22:07
DrXit didn't do the r either22:08
DrXit only copied the files in the root22:09
gm04030276oh, no, i meant u, -purv. u means to update so if your coping a new file accross it will over write an old one22:09
gm04030276you need the -r to go down through all the folders22:09
gm04030276-purv is the one i defaultly rattle off when im doing cp's but type man cp and you can see the options and choose what you need22:10
DrXit's working, what was that about the i?22:10
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the command line, or type man:/ in Konqueror's location bar. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:10
DrXgot it, nice.  is cp always the best way to go?22:10
mefisto__DrX: there's also tar22:11
gm04030276well, that or rsync...they're pretty much the same i think...take exactly the same set of options aswell...-purv :)22:11
gm04030276tar won't move them tho, only tar them...though i suppose you could tar them to the other place...that could work...depending on what your doing with the files once you have coppied them...if you want to backup then actually tar maybe a better way to go22:12
gm04030276yea, so persistant synaptic options anyone?22:15
DrXrsync, huh.  that raises an interesting question.  I have a server with a hardware SAS RAID controller and it won't allow you to copy the contents of even a single drive to another drive as a backup (the way you could with PATA drives).  How can I backup the data on my Linux OS drive so that, in the event of a failure, I can initialize a new drive in the RAID controller and put the configuration and data back?22:15
DrXwould tar work for that?22:16
jerry__has support for windows mobile 6 came out yet?22:16
=== miguel is now known as Guest22039
mefisto__gm04030276: you mean synaptic doesn't keep the changes you make in preferences?22:16
DrXI'm really concerned about open files and the impact of the RAID controller drive signature...  how do I make sure tar doesn't restore the OLD RAID signature?22:17
zabbadappwhat could be accessing my second HD and prevent it from ever spinning down? if I force it with hdparm -y it will stop, but spin up a cuple of seconds later. It only has backup files and is rarely used. XFS and mounted with noatime.22:18
monstrothe Kubuntu 8.10 is live cd?22:18
monstrothe Kubuntu 8.10 is live cd?22:18
gm04030276mefisto__: Yip! when i restart my tap to click is back on...and i don't like it!22:18
monstroHi all,22:18
monstrohelp me22:18
gm04030276monstro:yes it is22:19
monstrogm04030276, is possible install and run on cd?22:19
monstrogm04030276, ?22:20
=== Super_Cat_Frog is now known as Cheese_Man
gm04030276monstro: yes, the live cd has an installer on it too22:20
monstrogm04030276, oh yes22:21
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Get Hardy Kubuntu (KDE3) CDs https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 | Beta is out, install/upgrade to help us test 8.10 http://www.kubuntu.org/news/8.10-beta
=== linuxmce_ is now known as [moomoo
Riddell** Kubuntu 8.10 Beta Released, install or upgrade to help us test 8.10 **22:24
regitalim on kubuntu 8.04, installing the kubuntu 8.10 beta22:26
regitalive ran into some problems here22:26
regitali get error messages saying "Sorry, the package "update-manager" failed to install or upgrade" for example22:27
regitalnow to me that sounds like a decent problem22:27
=== raimundo is now known as Renh
regitalso i could use some help22:28
serafeimhallo to everybody!22:33
serafeimi have just installed kubuntu22:33
serafeimmy laptop is Amilo PA 251022:33
serafeimFujitsu siemens22:33
serafeimthe Fn keys dosn't work22:33
serafeimcan i solve this problem?22:34
dougbwhy is the kubuntu 8.10 disk a DVD?22:38
serafeimi have downloaded, it's a cd22:39
=== raimundo is now known as Renh
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dougbhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/intrepid/beta/ this only shows DVD's22:45
serafeimyou are right, sorry22:46
serafeimi don't know why22:46
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* rupprich is away: wesch22:52
* rupprich is away: Gone away for now.22:53
* rupprich is away: Gone away for now.22:53
* rupprich is back.22:53
DrXcp -22:56
DrXnow that the cp is done, how do I compare the result?22:56
afeijoI installed dovecot, no errors, but I cant connect on ports 110 and 143, maybe some protection? how can I check it?23:00
afeijowith telnet it says: Connection refused23:00
afeijoI'm localhost23:00
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
afeijodamn, my dovecot dont work!!!23:18
DrXhmmm... so my cp didn't cp everything... how do i figure out why & how do i fix it?23:19
kc8pxyI'm halfway familiar with ubuntu, but this is going to be my first kubuntu install. is there a simple way to setup a sw raid 1/10 in the installer?23:30
serenitywhat's the best way to upgrade from hardy on intrepid?23:33
serenity-on +to23:33
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Linux_GaloreIm finding Intrepid to be pretty snappy speed wise23:39
swanki__hay some body come from Poland??23:41
swanki__how instal firefox on ubuntu23:43
Linux_Galoreswanki__: use your package manager and select firefox23:45
microdoes anyone know why my kwin occures an error at startup?23:46
Linux_Galorekwin is the window manager, its usually a graphical setup error that is forcing it to crash23:46
microok now the ksirc crashed...23:48
ahmoshi, is there a script or something to show video files in thumbinail like pictures?23:49
Linux_Galoremicro: check your settings, I suspect you have turned something on thats causing conflicts, usually something in look and feel23:50
Linux_Galoremicro: the other trick is to create a new user account and see if the machine is stable with the default settings23:51
Linux_Galoremicro: you can also run sudo ksysguard and check for processes chewing up resources23:52
Linux_Galorecrashed processes can also cause stability problems23:52
Linux_Galoremicro: the real problem is I dont know what you have changed or done so I can never be certain23:53
microLinux_Galore: yesterday i checked in my hardware driver manager "enabled" for nvidia accelerated graphics driver (latest cards)....after that I have changed some appearence,desktop and window behavior settiings...23:55
Linux_Galoremicro: the nvidia thing wont be a problem, the appearance changes may have triggered a buggy theme etc23:56
Linux_Galoremicro: do you have compiz running ?23:56
Linux_Galoreie do you have effects turned on ?23:57
Linux_GaloreI usually dont turn effects on as it has a habbit of creating problems23:57
JuJuBeeCan someone help me  understand how the pannel at the bottom of kde4.1 works?23:57
JuJuBeeI added some widgets, but can't put them where I want to?  How do I move them?23:58
Linux_GaloreJuJuBee: you have to unlock it first then click on the half moon thing to the right23:58
Linux_Galorethen everything can be moved with a simple drag and drop23:59
LordCrci got a 8.04 livecd, is there a way to install the 8.10 beta using it? or should i just install 8.04 then upgrade?23:59
microI don't think I have compiz runnig...but I'm not 100% sure :/23:59
donald_hi all23:59

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