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ryanakcaWhere can I find more information on the ``Expert'' installation mode?00:50
`MatirWhy does flash on 64 bit constantly seem to break?00:51
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RAOF`Matir: Because getting flash to run on x86-64 requires us to trick it into thinking it's running on IA32.01:01
`MatirRAOF, yeah... makes me almost tempted to run an i386 install in virtualbox just for flash... be annoying though01:02
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bruce89ignore me01:05
l337ingDisorderhey guys.. got a bit of an issue I'm hoping someone can help with - I've updated to 8.10 and now glipper clipboard manager crashes 100% of the time because it depends on libffi4 but 8.10 uses libffi5 - can anyone tell me how to compile from source with libffi5 instead of libffi4?01:58
l337ingDisorder(I know how to compile from source, just need to know what arguments to pass to ./configure or whatever it is I need to do for the libffi5 modification)01:58
bruce89it'll need more than just configure arguements02:00
RAOFAnd the correct action is to file a bug, so we can fix it! :)02:01
l337ingDisorderit's already been filed, and I added a +1 to the bug report :)02:01
l337ingDisorderbruce89: what more will it need? sorry, I've only ever compiled apps with default params so I don't know how to custom compile (yet!)02:01
RAOFProbably it will just need a rebuild, actually.02:02
Hiratoyou can get a list of params if you do ./configure --help :)02:02
l337ingDisorderI've tried just installing libffi4 but I get an error saying Dependency unsatisfiable: gcc-4.2-base02:02
* Hobbsee notes that glipper doesn't actually depend on libffi4 anymore.02:02
bruce89is glipper installed from source?02:02
Hobbseewhere, exactly, is your package from?02:02
l337ingDisorderheh I tried ./configure --help before coming in here and couldn't make heads or tails of the output ;)02:02
RAOFHobbsee: I've just installed from Universe, and it fails to run because it can't find libffi.so.4 :)02:03
HobbseeRAOF: oh, run.  Right.02:03
l337ingDisorderyeah the current build depends on libffi4 but 8.10 has libffi502:03
bruce89don't use Hardy packages in Intrepid02:03
l337ingDisorderhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glipper/+bug/257052 is the launchpad thread for this issue02:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 257052 in glipper "glipper crashed with ImportError in <module>()" [High,Triaged]02:03
l337ingDisorderand their fix works for most people but not for me02:03
HobbseeRAOF: in a rather oblique way, it seems to depend on it somehow.02:03
RAOFIndeed it does.02:03
bruce89through Python02:04
RAOFHobbsee: Heh.02:04
HobbseeRAOF: do you wnat to fix it, or will i?02:04
Hobbseeif you fix it, i can accept it :P02:04
RAOFHobbsee: The reason the package doesn't depend on libffi4?  Because the dependencies are broken :)02:04
l337ingDisorderI don't suppose any of you guys have a copy of libffi.so.4 for x64 that you could e-mail me? :)02:05
RAOFSomeone didn't realise that python:Depends isn't magic, it seems.02:05
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: actually fixing it might be a better solution.02:05
RAOFOh, wow.  Why isn't this #ubuntu-motu :)02:05
Hiratocan't you just make a symlink to point to the new libffi, you know, trick it02:05
l337ingDisorderheh agreed but I don't have the prowess to fix something like this at this point in my linux career ;)02:06
HobbseeRAOF: because a user found it?  :)02:07
RAOFHobbsee: And I'm fixing it :)02:07
HobbseeRAOF: excellent, thank s:)02:07
timI can't mount a working usb drive02:07
l337ingDisorderRAOF: Think this'll be a quick fix? (ie, within the next 10 mins or so?) or should I try a workaround for tonight?02:07
Hiratotim is usbmount installed?02:08
RAOFl337ingDisorder: Oh, it'll be quick, but it won't fix your system until it's published, built, etc.02:09
timIt will be in a sec02:09
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: it'll take at least an hour.  probably 2.02:09
l337ingDisorderok and how lond should I expect the publishing/building process to take? :)02:09
bruce89there is a beta freeze on I think02:09
NecrosanStay seated like a sofa.02:09
l337ingDisorderoh pfff that's nuthin, it takes me that long just to roll a joint!02:09
Hobbseebruce89: sure, but i can let things thru that.02:10
l337ingDisorderRAOF: can you send me the .deb before publishing? Or will that break the internet? ;)02:10
timk usbmount is installed02:10
bruce89it's not putting "google" into google02:10
RAOFAaand it's time to send this bug upstream to Debian.02:10
l337ingDisorderthat show is so awesome02:10
l337ingDisorderRAOF: ack, that sounds like bad news..02:11
RAOFOh, no it isn't.02:11
Hobbseeoh, sigh.  launchpad's broken again.02:11
burnerso is my network card ;)02:11
l337ingDisorder"Dear fire brigade, I would like to inform you that a fire has just broken out --- no, too formal..."02:11
RAOFIt just means that it'll get fixed in Debian and synced to Jaunty.02:11
timno luck02:14
NecrosanIntrepid Ibex02:15
NecrosanJaunty Jaundice?02:15
l337ingDisorderJaunty Jowels02:15
NecrosanJaunty Jalopniks02:15
Necrosanor my name02:15
NecrosanJaunty Justin02:15
l337ingDisorderJaunty Jaguar02:16
l337ingDisorderthat'd be pimp02:16
l337ingDisorderor Jaunty Jackal02:16
l337ingDisorderthere could be a Canada-specific release called Jaunty Jay02:16
l337ingDisorderor a bloat-ware release called Jaunty Jellyfish02:16
l337ingDisorderand an Australian release called Jaunty Joey (baby kangaroo)02:17
l337ingDisorderso at this point, RAOF, should I just sit tight and stop pestering you, knowing that when I wake up tomorrow there'll be an update to the repositories and I can just install the intrepid glipper? Or should I check back with you in an hour or so and have you DCC a .deb over to me to get around any potential beta freezes?02:18
RAOFl337ingDisorder: glipper is in Universe (and isn't shipped on any of the xubuntu/etc CDs).  There's no beta freeze for it.02:19
HobbseeRAOF: poke me when you get an accepted mail for it, please :)02:19
RAOFHobbsee: I shall.02:19
Hobbseewell, a "waiting for something or other" mail.02:19
ianliu_88When will ubuntu beta be released? I'm looking forward to test it but I'm afraid of alpha ;)02:20
bruce89I think it's scheduled for tomorrow02:20
bruce89or today, Thursday to be precise02:21
ianliu_88hmm, nice02:21
RAOFAw, man.  Glipper's so orphaned in Debian.02:21
l337ingDisorderum, beta was scheduled for a week ago or so wasn't it?02:21
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ianliu_88well, where can I see it?02:21
l337ingDisorderRAOF: does that mean I'll be able to get it from the repository tomorrow, or that I should check back with you later? :)02:22
l337ingDisordersorry, don't mean to be a pest.. just on the slower end of the learning curve ;)02:22
RAOFl337ingDisorder: It should be available tomorrow.02:23
l337ingDisorderawesome! thanks :) and I'd just download it through synaptic? (Or will update-manager do all the legwork for me?)02:23
* RAOF wonders why glipper calls dh_mkshlibs but not dh_shlibdeps.02:23
RAOFl337ingDisorder: The latter; it'll be an update.02:23
l337ingDisorderfreakin excellent02:23
l337ingDisorderdude you probably get this a lot, but I wanna have your children. ;)02:24
* l337ingDisorder drops to his knees, faces east, and starts making gibberish prayers in the name of RAOF02:24
bruce89l337ingDisorder: synaptic and update-manager are the same thing after all02:25
l337ingDisordergood to know :) I figured update-manager was just an app that called on synaptic02:25
bruce89they are both apt frontends02:25
RAOFMan.  Glipper adds licence headers in a patch.02:26
l337ingDisorderi can't begin to tell you the frustration that has been caused by something as seemingly insignificant as a broken clipboard manager... knowing it's being addressed just makes my day :)02:26
bruce89RAOF: upstream has been quiet for 6 months02:26
* RAOF rebuilds, this time with an actual call to dh_shlibdeps02:26
bruce89what is the issue anyway>02:27
RAOFbruce89: glipper has an unspecified dependency on libffi4, which we no longer ship.02:27
* RAOF ponders adopting glipper in Debian.02:28
l337ingDisorderbruce: actually that's not specifically my issue.. on the launchpad there's a workaround involving a libffi4.deb package that seems to work for most folks, but when I run it I get "Error: Dependency not satisfiable: gcc-4.2-base"02:28
l337ingDisorderbut it seems moot now as RAOF is a super hero :)02:29
bruce89libffi being brought in by the python-gnome bindings02:29
HobbseeRAOF: you know you want to :)02:29
RAOFNo, actually.  Direct dependence on libffi, because it's a python extension module.02:29
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: well, it's usually not a good idea to try and use thsoe "fixes", because they usually don't work.02:30
Hobbseeor break your system in other ways.02:30
bruce89but not actually specified package wise02:30
l337ingDisorderfair enuf02:30
bruce89the fun of libraries02:31
l337ingDisorderhmm the last time I saw the words "fun" and "libraries" in the same sentence it was Frosh week02:31
l337ingDisorderand it involved many cans of silly string02:31
bruce89interesting thing to call it02:32
l337ingDisorderok back to Beginning Linux Programming02:32
l337ingDisorderthanks for the help guys!02:32
l337ingDisorderRAOF: ESPECIALLY thanks to you for taking up the task of squishing this bug! :)02:33
DaemonikIf I wanted to allow another user to run an X programs on my display (say my DISPLAY were :1003) but not allow all users to do so how would I allow that specific user and only that specific user to do so?02:35
DanaGwtf... connection failed, connecting to PulseAudio.02:56
DanaGOh, I see.. PulseAudio isn't running.02:56
bruce89it's been like that for ages02:56
bruce89well, a week02:57
DanaGYeah, it randomly decides to quit because it's idle....02:57
DanaGsounds like a lazy bum, to me.02:57
Hiratois there a reason KDE4 is now the default KDE; despite it being unbearably slow with proprietary drivers many use02:58
RAOFBecause it's shiny and new?02:59
RAOFAlso, because that's where upstream development is.02:59
bruce89people would moan if it weren't in Intrepid02:59
Hobbseethey'd also moan if it wasn't the default.02:59
HobbseeHirato: surely that's a reason for not using propriatery drivers?02:59
HiratoI apologize for loving my 3D games then :P03:00
RAOFHirato: For what it's worth, KDE4 is lightning fast with the nouveau drivers ;)03:00
HiratoI'm aware that KDe4 is at a minimum of 200x faster with the nv driver when compared to nvidia :P03:00
Hiratoin my opinion at least ^^03:00
Hiratobut really, I love my snazzy compositing effects and 3D games :)03:01
jStefangnome works for me :P03:01
RAOFThe -177 drivers have some tweaks to accelerate things that KDE4 uses a lot.03:01
bruce89kstars seemed gey slow on intel hw03:01
HiratoI'm using the absolute newest beta drivers available, I assure you, most click still take 5 seconds to trigger a response :(03:02
* bruce89 wonders why people refer to stable releases by their first name, but unstables by their second03:04
HiratoI don't suppose maknig KDE4 the default is a scheme to force nvidia to improve their drivers :D03:07
RAOFI wish.03:11
nblracerhmm having a hard time playing a raw avi03:11
RAOFWell, at least s/improve/give the nouveau guys some documentation/03:11
RAOFnblracer: What's a "raw AVI"? :)03:11
nblracerno codec, no compresstion03:12
IdleOneevening folks. can someone help me with some math formula? I need to calculate interest compounded daily but I have no idea how to do that03:12
td123IdleOne: google is your friend03:12
RAOFnblracer: Ah, an avi file containing a raw stream.03:12
IdleOnetd123: indeed :) lemme search03:12
td123IdleOne: stuff like that just has a formula, you don't need to think about it03:13
nblracerIdleOne:  thats easy03:13
RAOFIdleOne: Alternatively, your mathematics textbook should have the answer ;)03:13
DanaGOr at the very very least, they could fund the nouveau developers by giving them hardware, or something.03:13
DanaGask google. =þ03:13
IdleOneRAOF: I have not been in school for over 15 years03:13
RAOFDanaG: Specs would be better; they've actually got plenty of hardware.03:13
RAOFIdleOne: Ah.  This _isnt'_ as a part of a maths assignment? :)03:13
td123RAOF: mine doesn't :/ you get past a point (hopefully) where the books don't have to include that formula in the book :D03:13
IdleOneRAOF: lol nope03:14
Codemasteri was told to bring my question about the nvidia drivers and intrepid into here; the 177 drivers failed, so I'm attempting again with the 173 drivers in a bit03:15
RAOFDanaG: Also, having the support of nvidia might get others to fund actual full-time developers; see, for example, ati.03:15
DanaGclma.mo?  /me wonders where that is.03:15
nblracerlol i wnt from 100% charge to 5% in 9 min03:15
DanaGCapacity: 69% (Poor).03:16
td123I feel like 8.10 alpha is alot more stable then 8.04 was at this stage... what are your thoughts?03:16
DanaGJust watch out for that Intel NIC issue.03:16
DanaG... and if you have nvidia 96 drivers... it sucks.03:16
td123DanaG: :P unless my vm has it, I don't have to worry03:16
nblracerRAOF: it says i dont have the resources03:17
td123suprisingly, virtualbox + winxp + 8.10 seem to run queit smoothly03:17
maccam-sageryeah i'm waiting for that intel issue to get fixed before i install03:17
RAOFnblracer: Sorry?  What says you don't have the resources (to do what?)03:18
jStefaninterest compounded daily, i'm sure wikipedia should cover that03:18
nblracerboth vlc and the default video player03:18
td123jStefan: your reaction time is scary03:19
jStefanjust under 10 minutes :P03:19
nblracerit plays when i'm in windows, so the computer should be able to handle it03:19
RAOFnblracer: Oh, your raw avi?03:19
RAOFWhat's the error message?03:19
RAOFTerminal output?03:19
jStefanquick poll, if you have ubuntu on a drive shared with another os, what % of the drive do you have reserved for ubuntu?03:21
Codemasterwindows usually has games which are huge :)03:21
Codemasterand i keep my programming/development/other stuff in linux03:21
td123jStefan: 100 * 15/160 (hey you didn't say to calculate)03:21
* DanaG once ran into an MP3 file that was all screwed up... it was like somebody stuck a bit of an HTML file in a duplicate set of ID3 tags.03:22
td123Codemaster: same :D03:22
DanaGIt had ID3<random html stuff> ..... garbage..... ID3 <real tags> .... actual data.03:22
td123Codemaster: only reason I still have windows is counter strike and ruckus, otherwise, I use only open source on windows... besides windows too of course03:23
jStefanso you have 15gb out of 160?03:23
td123jStefan: yes, for ubuntu03:23
td123jStefan: you'll be quite surprised when you don't have games/music stored on your harddrive03:23
jStefanthis is a brand new 500gb, i took 400gb for windows, the rest is waiting on intrepid03:23
nblraceryea ubuntu dont need much03:24
nblraceri do the same03:24
nblracerand store my photos and vids on ntfs/windows03:25
nblracerthat way i have accesses to them in windows03:25
jStefanyeah files which "can" be used on both (music/photos), i put on the ntfs drive03:25
Jordan_UIf the intel nick issue isn't fixed before release will Intrepid still use 2.6.27 ?03:25
td123Jordan_U: probably not03:25
Codemasteri have two linux-only machines, one windows-only and a hybrid laptop03:25
td123Codemaster: what is linux-only about the windows-only one ;)03:26
Codemasterthe only two issues i have with 8.10 so far are (a) nvidia driver issues and (b) slower boot03:26
jStefani have 1 dual boot, 1 windows only, for myself. soon both will be dual boot03:26
Codemasterlinux-only for my IRC/web browsing/programming machine03:26
Codemasterwindows-only for gaming, IMing, music, etc03:26
Codemasteralthough i really like amarok03:27
td123Codemaster: same, only thing keeping me back is ruckus and counter strike (which have no solutions to my problems on linux :/)03:27
* DanaG wishes the KDE4 amarok were more like the KDE3 amarok.03:27
Codemastercedega? :/03:27
jStefanthen i have my mom using ubuntu alone, and my dad's laptop with ubuntu too. his desktop is vista thou :(03:27
DanaGKDE4 amarok sucks.03:27
DanaGMy parents are too stubborn to switch from Windows XP.03:27
td123Codemaster: Don't feel like paying, at all03:27
Codemastertell them to use Mojave03:27
jStefanDanaG, i forced my mom to use ubuntu after the last virus infection03:27
DanaGActually, among my dad's and mom's computers (one for each), they've only ever had like 1 virus infection one time.03:28
td123jStefan: the last time I put Ubuntu on my parents computer, they didn't notice anything lol :P they said, ooo, nice background and didn't say anything else03:28
jStefantd123, :D03:28
* Hirato ponders at to why ubuntu had to tinker with his network settings03:29
jStefani just refused to fix the computer, if it was going to have windows again03:29
td123looks like Hirato is in for a surprise03:29
DanaGCan you use Photoshop Elements in Wine?03:29
jStefani dont hate windows, but i've already had to reformat that computer many many times03:29
Hiratoyeah, my apache server is down because my network IP mode swictehd to DHCP again03:29
Jordan_UHirato: Network-manager ignores /etc/networking/interfaces now03:30
Hiratoinstead of staying at my manuals etting of
jStefanDanaG, i suggest you consult the winhq DB03:30
* DanaG has two computers on each of two pools of dhcp leases...03:30
DanaGOne is 192.168.1.x, the other is .2.x.03:30
DanaGI've given each range 100 addresses to work with, so thanks to the hash function in dnsmasq (on the dd-wrt router), each NIC essentially ALWAYS gets the same IP address.03:30
Hiratothat explains it03:30
Jordan_UHirato: You can configure manual ip's in network-manage now though03:31
jStefani will eventually need to move my ubuntu partition to unpartitioned spaec on another drive, without affecting existing partitions on the 2nd drive. Any ideas?03:31
Codemasteroh lovely, "Hardware Drivers" doesn't even show the 173/177 drivers anymore...03:31
HiratoI think I'll go to gnome, and suffer sound problems, KDE4 is too slow to enjoy03:31
CodemasterDanaG: iirc, Wine 1.0's requirement was to run photoshop03:32
Jordan_UHirato: What sound problems are you having?03:32
td123Hirato: ya, kde 4 still has to come out with a newer version like 4.2 before I even consider03:32
* DanaG wishes Pulse 0.9.12 wouldn't keep QUITTING.03:33
DanaGIt actually quits when idle... even though it's never been told to do so.03:33
DanaGLazy bum.03:33
Hiratoit's mostly stuttering of some kind03:34
Codemasterthe "configuring network interfaces" is where most of my boot time is, it seems.03:34
Codemasteralthough I have WICD installed :x03:34
HiratoI think it has to do with the frequency of the playing audio, as 22050hz plays fine, while 44100hz staggers a bit instead of palyign smoothly03:35
Jordan_UCodemaster: Try removing WICD then, network-manager does it asyncronously IIRC03:35
td123danag dmesg?03:35
CodemasterJordan_U: it seems to block, though03:35
DanaGNetworkManager can now do System Settings... that is, networks it will auto-connect to, even before X is up.03:35
Codemasterthen again, i have had problems with my 4965AGN i think the model is03:36
Codemasteri get random Microcode SW Errors03:36
* DanaG sometimes gets the device randomly disabling its interrupt.03:37
DanaGIt's rare... but it happens.03:37
DanaGIntel wireless is best for Linux?  .... not when I resume from sleep, and sit there for over 30 seconds before NetworkManager (and iwlist) can even see any networks.03:38
mneptokDanaG: what alternative with free drivers do you recommend?03:38
Codemasterthe irony is, i tossed mac on my laptop (intel wireless and intel wired) and neither work03:38
Jordan_Umneptok: Atheros03:39
mneptokJordan_U: "free drivers"03:39
DanaGApple doesn't use Intel.03:39
DanaGThey're into closed-source.03:39
DanaGThey use only Atheros and Broadcom.03:39
Jordan_Umneptok: ath{5,9}k03:39
Codemasteri just found it amusing03:39
maccam-sageratheros is OSS isn't it now?03:39
DanaGI put my Hackintosh partition somewhere as a dd'd image, because I really don't like OS X.03:39
DanaG... and I needed the hard drive space back.03:40
Codemasteryeah, im not fond of it either03:40
DanaGQuick, resize the left edge of a window!03:40
Codemasterit's a computer on training wheels, from my experience03:40
DanaGOh wait......... you can't.03:40
Jordan_Umneptok: How are ath5k and ath9k not free?03:40
Codemasterhaha yeah :|03:40
Codemasteri like going up to my mac friend's laptop, holding shift and tapping F11 rapidly03:40
Codemasterand grinning03:40
* DanaG goes off to hit "Enter" to rename files... because that makes lots of sense. =þ03:40
burnermneptok: sure?  http://www.figuiere.net/hub/blog/?2008/09/30/632-atheros-driver-is-free-at-last03:40
mneptokburner: some are, most are not.03:41
CodemasterDanaG: because shift + f11 makes it do expose --- in slow motion03:41
Codemasterand it queues03:41
mneptokJordan_U: the 5 and 6 series, yes. anything else, no.03:41
* mneptok queues the Hendrix03:41
DanaGwtf happened to my SCIM?03:42
DanaGIt won't work.03:42
DanaGOh, for some reason, selecting an input method only works with the RIGHT mouse button.  Go figure.03:44
DanaGMy next laptop... will have a 3-button touchpad and a 3-button pointy-stick thingy.03:44
DanaGSynaptics calls it a TouchStyk.03:44
Codemastera joystick mouse or ?03:45
DanaGIt's the eraser thingy.03:45
Codemasterah that03:45
DanaGI prefer touchpads, though.03:45
RAOFSome might call them "nub" mice.03:45
DanaGXKCD calls them all sorts of things... but forgot about "eraser".03:45
DanaGAnd I just call it a pointy-stick thing.03:46
Codemasteri usually say nub03:46
DanaGunicode is fun.... "nüb"03:46
DanaGOh yeah, and that 'tongue' is the 'thorn' character.03:47
DanaG£€€T > 1337.03:47
* DanaG finishes the randomness... now.03:47
Codemasterhow do i go about typing unicode in in a GTK+ interface03:48
Codemasteri know in windows i can do alt + random keys03:48
Codemaster173 seems to work,03:50
maccam-sageris skype + pulseaudio fixed yet?03:50
Codemastermaybe i'll see if i can fuss around and get 177 again03:50
td123maccam-sager: works here, has always worked here03:51
maccam-sagertd123: since when?03:52
td123maccam-sager: nvm, I haven't tried it on 8.10, I keep forgetting this isn't ubuntu03:54
Codemasterso you think removing WICD will remove the blocking of networking connections on boot?03:55
maccam-sagertd123: did you try it with 8.04, or are you on a different distro03:56
Codemaster:) seeing a big nvidia logo and "BETA DRIVER" makes me feel good03:56
td123maccam-sager: it has always worked with 8.04 with me without hassle03:56
maccam-sagertd123: with other audio programs playing?03:56
td123maccam-sager: can't remember :/ but I remember no problems at all the times I've used it, but then again I never have audio programs open when I'm talking on skype :P03:57
maccam-sageri had problems with flash and skype running at the same time03:58
maccam-sagerat the time it was an acknowledged problem with skype and pulseaudio03:58
Codemasternow that i removed wicd, let's test the boot time/blocking04:01
Codemasterdoesn't seem so04:04
Codemasterseems "configuring network interfaces" still blocks and is NOT async04:07
* DanaG gets hangs on "Loading hardware drivers" for the first two boots in any while of not having the system on.04:10
Jordan_Umaccam-sager: With asounconf set-pulseaudio you can create a virtual alsa device that you can tell skype to connect to ( since it doesn't use default like it should )04:18
CodemasterJordan_U: network-manager doesn't connect async04:20
Codemasterit still blocks04:20
DanaGwow, the azureus-support channel deserves a Godwin's Law comparison...04:21
Codemasterbeyond that, things are alright04:21
DanaGyou hit a key one extra time and get three letters instead of two... and it kicks you for repeating characters.04:21
Codemasterso you get kicked for a "whoops, sorry" thing04:21
DanaGThen, if you try to rejoin... you get a 5-minute ban.04:22
* DanaG fires a V-2 rocket at them.04:22
Jordan_UDanaG: Have you ever tried talking on #xkcd-signal ?04:23
DanaGSomebody else join that channel and holler about that, perhaps -- but don't repeat a character 3 times.04:23
maccam-sagernow i want to find a ridiculous word that has a triple letter and use it in a sentence in there04:23
DanaGOr perhaps "bookkeepers"04:24
maccam-sageri suppose i could stress the i on finally04:24
DanaGNo, that's not it.04:24
DanaGThe thing was, "torrents" has two 'r' already.04:24
DanaGSo, you hit the key one extra time... bam.04:24
Codemasternice new network manager :)04:25
Codemasterwhat is this "system setting", though04:25
maccam-sageryou're now unblocked, DanaG04:26
maccam-sageri said hmmm and it didn't kick me...04:26
Codemasteri like this new network manager so far :D04:28
maccam-sageryeah i used alpha 6 briefly on my laptop and i saw both VPN and 802.1x support in it04:29
maccam-sagervery important on a college campus ;-)04:29
* Codemaster is in college, too04:29
CodemasterVPN is <304:29
Codemasterhowever, it doesnt seem enabled?04:29
Codemasterah, i see04:30
maccam-sageri thought i saw it on my livecd04:31
DanaGIt may be that instead of openvpn.04:33
maccam-sageri saw it on the list when you click the nm-applet04:33
mEck0hi! is the current version of ubuntu using the new graphical look?04:33
CodemasterDanaG: it can use either it seems04:34
Codemasteroh sexy04:34
Codemasterthe connection manger imported my OpenVPN file, even04:34
Jordan_UmEck0: I am not even sure if there will be a "new look" for intrepid :(04:50
Codemasteri've only noticed minor UI changes04:51
Codemasterbut nearly wanted to kiss the developers for the new network manager04:51
* DanaG likes PulseAudio 0.9.12 (from ppa)... when it's not being lazy and quitting, or being sucky and crackling.04:51
Jordan_UDanaG: Any features worth upgrading for?04:52
DanaGWell, it's a tradeoff.04:52
DanaGIt no longer devours CPU when pausing gstreamer streams on surround devices, and you can disable LFE remixing, but it doesn't behave nicely sometimes.04:53
DanaGIt crackles sometimes, or it quits, especially on Pidgin sounds.04:53
Codemasteri think the only audio issue i have had w/ ubuntu is my USB stereo04:59
bronzewallai can't seem to get my nvidia driver installed properly on fresh intrepid upgrade, it keeps recommending me to switch to glx-96, but then errors out on reboot, can anyone help?05:00
Codemasterbronzewalla: i just had that problem05:01
Codemasteri uninstalled all nvidia drivers i had and then did... sudo aptitude install nvidia-177-kernel-source nvidia-177-modaliases nvidia-glx-17705:02
bronzewallawhat nvidia card do you have?05:02
RAOFbronzewalla: Do you have a card which requires the -96 drivers?05:03
bronzewallait's a really old card, i think it's a 400 series05:03
RAOFThen it won't work.05:03
bronzewallai read i had to use the 173 driver05:04
Codemasterthen replace what i said with 173 instead of 177 :)05:04
Codemasteri was able to get 177 to work in intrepid05:04
RAOFIt's not supported by the -173 or -177 series drivers, and the -96 and -78 drivers don't support our X server.05:04
RAOFbronzewalla: Hm.  Do you mean "geforce 4"?05:04
bronzewallai think its a 400mx05:05
RAOFYeah, that's just not going to work.05:05
RAOFA 400MX would be a geforce 2 (or possibly a geforce 2 masquerading as a geforce 4) chip.05:05
Codemasteryeah, that'd be 96 drivers05:05
Codemasterfor 400 MX05:05
bronzewallacould i manually edit the xorg.conf to fix the boot errors?05:06
Codemasternothing stopping you from doing so :P05:06
bronzewallado you know if there's a xorg log file?05:07
RAOFIt's not possible to get the 96 drivers to work in Intrepid.05:07
RAOFOk.  It's not possible without doing a _lot_ of fiddling.05:07
RAOFBasically, you need to use half of Hardy :)05:07
bronzewallawhen i go to system> admin> hardware drivers it allows me to install the 96 drivers05:08
RAOFYeah, that's a bug.05:08
RAOFThey don't work.05:08
Codemastershould he just use VESA or05:08
bronzewallaand works for the time being, but on restart it switches to low graphics mode and shows me some xorg.conf error messages, so i'll give editting the xorg file a shot05:08
RAOFnv works.05:08
bronzewallaso say i couldn't get it to work, what's the process for downgrading?05:10
RAOFStep one: find a Hardy cd...05:11
bronzewallastep two?05:12
RAOFUse the hardy CD to install over the top of your intrepid install.05:12
bronzewallado i lose everything?05:13
DanaGDowngrading is possible...  but risky.05:13
CodemasterRAOF: too bad there isn't a way to simply switch the repos05:13
DanaG... and it asks for breakage.05:13
RAOFCodemaster: Well, there is.  It's just that all the Hardy packages have lower version numbers, and no one ever tests package downgrades.05:13
Codemasterah >_>05:14
RAOFI could happily add all the Hardy repositories to this intrepid install; it wouldn't make any difference.05:14
DanaGI've done downgrades; it's possible.  Apt-pinning can help.  However, dependencies can be a pain.05:15
RAOFAnd there are a non-trivial number of packages which do postinst things on upgradee.05:15
Codemasterluckily my GeForce FX 5700 i just have stuck in an extra system laying around im using as a psuedo-server05:16
Codemasterand my GeForce 6600 is in my main linux box (thankfully it can use 173 or 177)05:17
mEck0Jordan_U: okay, but initially it was a goal to create a new look for intrepid?05:20
HewmEck0: Intrepid has a slightly new look (new wallpaper etc), just like past releases.06:11
HewmEck0: There is a new dark theme you can choose if you want something quite different :-)06:11
mEck0Hew: aha :) but the beta isn't released yet or? it will be later today I guess06:19
HewmEck0: Yes, beta is planned for Oct 2, and it's Oct 2 for me at least, so hopefully it will be here soon!06:20
mEck0hehe, yeah hope so :)06:20
mEck0are there a lot of other changes "above the hood" so to say?06:20
HewmEck0: Hmm, there are new releases of a lot of packages which you may use. The artwork is obviously the most visible change.06:23
mEck0Hew: I really hope that the battery times on laptops are increased and that hibernating is working06:24
mEck0I'm getting out about 2h 45min maximum battery life from my laptop with ubuntu with openbox. in Windows, I get about 5h 25min06:24
mEck0thats a huge difference06:24
HewmEck0: That is. I don't use a laptop myself so I'm not sure about battery life issues. I had seen figures where Ubuntu lasted longer than Windows though. You may want to look for / report a bug on that issue.06:26
Jordan_UmEck0: Probably is, but to see if your laptop is being detected as a laptop run "laptop-detect && echo $?"06:30
mEck0Jordan_U: thx, *testing*06:30
mEck0Jordan_U: the answer from the command is: $06:31
mEck0Jordan_U: though, when executing: laptop-mode -v, I've got: "We're a laptop (ACPI batteries found)06:32
Jordan_UmEck0: Are you sure you entered it correctly?06:32
mEck0Jordan_U: yes06:32
Jordan_UmEck0: Ok, well it's definitely seeing that it's a laptop at least06:32
mEck0I have also enabled laptop-mode in /etc/default/acpi-support06:33
Jordan_UmEck0: Do you know if your GPU has a low power mode that might not be used?06:36
Jordan_UmEck0: Also try 'powertop'06:37
mEck0Jordan_U: regarding my GPU, I don't know, I have a integrated Intel GMA X310006:38
mEck0thx, will try with powertop06:38
DanaGOh yeah, the laptop-mode-tools package in Ubuntu is rather broken.06:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250938 in acpi-support "acpi-support should let laptop-mode-tools run properly" [Undecided,Fix released]06:40
DanaGNot actually fixed yet!06:40
mEck0aha :(06:40
Jordan_UDanaG: Why is it labeled fix released?06:40
DanaGIt was fixed in acpi-support... but they still left the breakage in laptop-mode-tools.06:41
Jordan_UmEck0: Has powertop found anything worth mentioning?06:46
mEck0Jordan_U: disable hal from polling cdrom, disable bluetooth, enable sata alpm link power management06:47
Jordan_UmEck0: Bluetooth could be significant06:48
Hiratohow would I prevent ubuntu from recreating auto eth0 and using it in preference to the one I defined?06:48
mEck0the largest top cause from wakeups are: kernel ipi, rescheduling interrupts (~42%), 2nd in the list is usb (~13%)06:49
DanaGOh yeah, and we neeed laptop-mode-tools to be fixed.06:55
DanaGOh yeah, and all the acpi-support stuff, to set Intel wireless powersaving..... doesn't seem to run.06:55
DanaGOr at least, the Intel wireless powersaving sure doesn't get set.06:55
CodemasterDanaG: how do I "enable" laptop mode07:10
CodemasterI run sudo laptop_mode and it just says disabled07:10
Codemaster...on my laptop :)07:10
DanaGsudo /etc/init.d/laptop-mode status07:11
DanaG"If you want to use the latest version of laptop mode tools, you can use the Debian packages, they are compatible enough to work out-of-the-box on Ubuntu. In fact, I would definitely advise using these packages -- the Ubuntu packages are crippled so that some options don't work, the most notable of which are ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE_ON_AC, ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE_WHEN_LID_CLOSED and DISABLE_LAPTOP_MODE_ON_CRITICAL_BATTERY_LEV"07:12
Codemasterhopefully that's fixed in the next 28 days :)07:13
DanaGSo... you can run out of battery and lose work, because Ubuntu wanted it crippled.07:13
Codemasteri sorta like having batterylife07:13
DanaGNormally, it turns off all data-sensitive optimizations once it gets down below, say, 7% battery.07:13
Codemasteris that bug about the intel wired chipsets gone, too07:14
HewCodemaster: The e1000e bug? No07:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250935 in laptop-mode-tools "[intrepid] laptop-mode-tools needs to change its default settings to match acpi-support and add hooks for pm-utils" [Undecided,Fix released]07:15
HewCodemaster: Bug 263555. The current "fix" is that e1000e is disabled, so it won't do any damage.07:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26355507:16
CodemasterHew: ah okay, good07:17
Codemasteri have an intel gigabit wired, not sure if it's e1000e or not, but better safe than sorry...07:18
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
l337ingDisorderRAOF you're a rock star!07:29
l337ingDisorderafter you sorted out the glipper issue earlier today, I directed a friend to this chan in hopes one of the devgods in here could help his issues... he just messaged me saying "just on the board with raof, a dev himself"07:31
l337ingDisorder5 mins later I get a message, "solved"07:32
l337ingDisorderat no point did I specifically point him to you RAOF...07:32
l337ingDisorderfreakin hilarious07:32
HobbseeRAOF: you'd better start handing out autographs :P07:32
* Codemaster would like an autograph07:33
l337ingDisorderjust wanted to come give you a nerdy high-five and a stone-cold street knuckle-bump with props and hoes and all that07:33
l337ingDisorderand bling07:33
* RAOF notes that bling is always welcome!07:35
HiratoI still prefer cookies ^^07:35
RAOFBling is better preserved after an overseas postal transit, generally.07:36
DanaGDang, now I'm hungry.07:36
* RAOF goes to get some tea and cake.07:36
ubottuA schedule of Intrepid Ibex (8.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule07:41
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.07:42
burnercan anyone help me out?  Whenever I open any bookmarks from the "places" menu, it opens my movie player.  It used to open totem and try to open all files in whatever bookmark I opened... I've since installed VLC and when I click places->home, it opens vlc with all files in home07:44
DanaGhmm, right-click on a folder on the desktop, and go to "properties"07:46
DanaGthen choose "open folder" in the "open with" tab.07:46
burnernice, thanks07:46
burnerthe upgrade must have switched it somehow07:47
l337ingDisorderRAOF - more abject praise comin' your way - looks like glipper 1.0-1ubuntu2 is in the repos now, as my update-manager just popped it onto my system and lo and behold I CAN PASTE again!!!07:47
* l337ingDisorder pretends he's from Texas, USA, hops on a horse, throws on a cowboy hat, starts shootin' his six shooters wildly in the sky, hooting and hollering07:48
HiratoI find it strange that such a primitive feature was disabled due to the lack of a 'clipboard'07:48
mickepNow neither brasero nor nautilus detects the CD I want to burn. Anyone else has this problem?07:50
ali1234hey. so i found a webpage that crashes firefox every single time you try to go to it. it is flash related. is there any point in me submitting a bug report?08:09
Hiratoit's firefox related :P08:10
Hiratoyou can try installing noscript or flashblock08:10
ali1234um. i kind of want to see the flash videos, that's why i went to the page08:10
DanaGIt may be that windowless thing.08:10
mickepfunny: inserting the intrepid CD, browsing it, and then inserting a blank CD made brasero think the ubuntu CD was still there (0 bytes free, but it still seem to burn on it)08:11
DanaGMake a file by that name, and put that line in it.08:11
ali1234youtube is currently crashing firefox about 1 time in 4 for me. but this page does it every single time08:11
HiratoI would've just assumed it's flash player instability udner linux08:11
Hiratowhat is this mystery page :)08:11
ali1234argh i clicked on the url to check it and firefox crashed again :(08:12
DanaGTry that mms.cfg thing.08:12
Hiratogive flashblock a try, it that really is to blame :)08:12
DanaGIt didn't crash for me.08:12
Hiratome neither :D08:12
ali1234but i want to watch the videos :)08:12
* Hirato hugs nosript <308:12
Hiratothen just click the video object :P08:13
Hiratoit's there to only display the flash videos you want it to display :)08:13
ali1234mms.cfg didn't help08:16
=== root is now known as Guest41844
Hiratoali1234, try this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/43308:18
Codemasterflashblock does exaclty what you want, ali123408:21
Codemasterputs a big flash icon08:21
Codemasterand you click it and it plays the flash video08:21
ali1234at least it will tell me which flash thing is crashing it08:21
ali1234great. so i clicked on the video to play it. and guess what happened08:22
Hiratothe answer, banners08:23
ali1234nope. it's the main page content that causes the crash08:23
Hiratothere's at least 3 flash objects on taht page08:25
* DanaG goes off to bed, and sets pidgin status to: "S£33Þing."08:26
DanaGYay, unicode.08:26
ali1234Hirato: i installed flashblock per the url. the crasher is the player used on atom.com - that whole website is unusable for me.08:29
Hiratoif you're feelnig extreme, you can try noscript instead, it has a similar method of unblocknig content08:30
ali1234i dont understand how that would allow flash player to play the content without crashing08:31
Hiratoit blocks the flash objects, so they don't summon the plugin08:31
Hiratothe plugin is waht crashe\s the browser08:32
Hiratoso if you only allow the flash objects you want to display, there should be no crashes, unless the audio device flash is trying to use is currently in use08:32
ali1234ok, as i said before. i only allowed the flash objects i wanted to play. and firefox crashed instantly 100% of the time.08:32
mnemochi, If if happened to say no to a partial upgrade, how can I force it now?08:33
GoddamnDevilmnemoc: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:35
mnemocGoddamnDevil: thanks!08:36
mnemoc  human-theme mplayer08:37
mnemoc0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.08:37
GoddamnDevilthere might me dependency problems... wait a while and try again08:38
mnemocIt has passed a week since I said no to the partial upgrade :-\08:38
Hiratois your sources.lst pointing to intrepid's servers?08:39
GoddamnDevildoes, apt-cache policy human-theme  print 0.26 for a version08:39
Hiratoand not hardy's?08:39
mnemoc  Installed: 0.1808:40
mnemoc  Candidate: 0.2708:40
GoddamnDevilwhou... check your sources.list like Hirato said08:40
mnemocall references to hardy are #ed08:41
mnemoc(according to grep -i)08:41
GoddamnDevilis #main #restricted #multiverse and #universe enabled08:41
GoddamnDevilsudo software-properties-gtk08:42
mnemocGoddamnDevil, Hirato: http://rafb.net/p/adL4fC20.html <-- grep08:44
mnemocGoddamnDevil: only source code is disabled on that dialog, and downloading from "main server"08:44
GoddamnDevilmnemoc: that looks ok...08:45
GoddamnDevilsudo apt-get -f install && sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:45
mnemocuff.. ok, here I go08:46
mnemocinstall did nothing08:46
mnemoc--configure -a--configure -a neither08:46
mnemocand dist-upgrade again:   human-theme mplayer08:47
mnemoc0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.08:47
GoddamnDeviltry to update from synaptic, by hand, sudo synaptic08:47
mnemochuman-theme not found08:48
mnemocmplayer has an star..08:48
mnemocupdating mplayer08:49
mnemocweee! only human-theme is pending now :)08:51
mnemocfunny... if I search for human-theme nothing is found, but if I search human, there it is :)08:52
mnemocehm? It wants to remove xubuntu-desktop08:53
Hiratoit's a dummy file, so it shoudln't remove any important files08:54
* mnemoc looks at Hirato, then the button, then Hirato again, and presses apply08:54
mnemoc0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.08:55
ingo0815someone from germany here ?10:05
=== GoddamnDevil is now known as tta
the_hphey everybody, does anyone know when beta images will be ready for download?10:07
sjanssenhi, I tried to upgrade from 8.04 to the latest devel version, and the "intrepid" upgrade tool exited without any explanation10:07
gnomefreakthe_hp: when they are done being tested.10:07
ingo0815how can i change the size of icons under gnome10:08
gnomefreaksjanssen: than i would say rty it again but dont logout shutdown or restart until its upgrade is complete10:08
the_hpany suggestions when that will be? few hours perhaps?10:08
ingo0815.gtkrc-2.0 does  not work10:08
gnomefreakthe_hp: no10:08
the_hphm, ok10:09
gnomefreakthe_hp: we will let you know when we find out10:09
sjanssenno messages to stderr/stdout either.  The last thing that happens is a message "Upgrading may reduce desktop effects", saying that the accelerated nvidia driver isn't available for 8.1010:09
sjanssengnomefreak: I've run it several times10:09
zniavreingo0815:  try to use gnome-color-chooser10:09
sjanssendoes anyone know what might be going on?  How can I debug this further?10:09
the_hpare there any disadvantages when installing alpha 6 and then updating via packet manager to the latest version?10:09
gnomefreaksjanssen: what are you using?10:10
gnomefreakthe_hp: no10:10
ingo0815where cani find  gnome-color-chooser ?10:10
the_hpok, then i'll try that, thanks for help gnomefreak10:10
gnomefreakthe_hp: sikmple normal upgrades will get you latest10:10
gnomefreakingo0815: its in universe repo10:11
sjanssenthe_hp: what do you mean?10:11
sjanssenerm, I mean gnomefreak: what do you mean?10:11
gnomefreaksjanssen: how did you upgrade? example == update-manager -d10:12
sjanssengnomefreak: yes, update-manager -d10:13
gnomefreaksjanssen: when does it exit?10:13
sjanssengnomefreak: after I click Yes to the "Upgrading may reduce desktop effects" dialog10:14
mvosjanssen: could you please put the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade/* into a bugreport?10:14
gnomefreaksjanssen: file a bug and add the files that are in /var/log/dist-upgrade10:14
gnomefreakmvo: :)10:14
mvosjanssen: or sent them directly to me? will you be around for testing a fix :) ?10:14
mvognomefreak: thanks!10:14
sjanssenmvo, gnomefreak: aight, thanks10:14
sjanssenmvo: sure, I'll be around10:15
gnomefreakmvo: anytime10:15
mvosjanssen: I'm very curious because the nvidia detection is a somewhat new feature that has not gotten as much testing as I would have liked10:15
sjanssenmvo: do the logs contain anything I should be worried about posting on the internet?10:17
gnomefreaksjanssen: no10:17
mvosjanssen: they should be safe, if you have concerns, you can sent them to be via mail10:18
mvo(mvo (at) ubuntu.com)10:18
sjanssenthat'll be easier anyway10:18
sjanssenI should also note that my first upgrade failed because the intrepid process couldn't allocate memory10:21
sjanssenfirst attempt, rather10:21
sjanssenmvo: sent10:21
mvosjanssen: how much memory does that machine has?10:21
sjanssenmvo: 512mb, 256mb swap10:22
sjanssenbut I had a bunch of junk running then, so it's not unexpected10:22
gnomefreakim running on 256mb and 512 swap10:23
gnomefreaki havent had an issue yet. but nvidia was always a problem with my upgrades10:24
mvosjanssen: thanks a lot, I think the log provides enough information, thanks a lot! I ping you when the fix is in10:24
sjanssenmvo: sure, thanks10:25
ingo0815gnomefreak, thx for your help with gnome-color-chooser10:28
gnomefreakingo0815: np10:31
gnomefreakanyone use claws-mail and/or knows how to set up gpg signing? i loaded plugin but sign and encrypt are greyed out. and yes key info is set up already10:32
aantnhow stable is ibex?10:36
aantnI don't mind minor breakage on an application level, but I want to avoid major system problems10:36
SwedeMikethen you should wait.10:36
aantnSwedeMike: alright... thanks10:37
ingo0815how can i install flash under ubuntu64, nspluginwrapper does not work10:42
gnomefreakingo0815: it does work. did you enable multiverse repo?10:46
ingo0815all repos are enabled10:46
ingo0815nspluginwrapper is installed10:46
gnomefreakingo0815: define doesnt work10:46
aantnSwedeMike: actually, how bad is the breakage?10:47
YonaSo, any news on the upcoming beta? :)10:49
gnomefreakaantn: not too bad but we cant see the future. normally if you have to ask its normally a good idea to stay on stable for a bit longer10:49
gnomefreakYona: when its done being tested10:49
Yonagnomefreak: But it's still due today as according to the schedule?10:49
gnomefreakYona: if the tests are ok10:49
clustywhile its not a major issue, it's still mildly annoying: the screensaver won't work with compiz. it starts, screen starts to fade in and immediately dies10:50
clustycheck that with metacity works just fine10:50
clustyany clues in which direction i could dig?10:50
sjanssenmvo: I think I might have fixed it here.  I just changed the erroring line from "self.cache[pkgname].markKeep()" to "self.controller.cache[pkgname].markKeep()".  Line 166 DistUpgradeQuirks.py.  Does this seem sane?10:50
gnomefreakbut yes today is the day it should however the time zones make it hard for us to tell you what time. but if all tests on the ISO's are ok it will be released as soon as testing/fixing/retesting is done10:50
mvosjanssen: yes, that is the fix I put in as well, excellent10:51
mvosjanssen: please let it run and let me know if there are more issues (and if not, I still would be intressted in the logs just for reviewing if it did the right thing with your card etc)10:51
ingo0815no appropriate viewer found for libflashplayer.so10:52
ingo0815says nspluginwrapper10:52
gnomefreakthats all the output you get?10:53
ingo0815*** NSPlugin Viewer  *** ERROR: libflashplayer.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:53
ingo0815thats too10:53
gnomefreakingo0815: file a bug with all info you have and please give me bug number soon. i have a little bit of time now but will be gone rest of morning.10:54
ingo0815sorry but how can i file a bug10:55
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots10:55
gnomefreakhmmmm claws mail isnt saving the setting i guess i take time to debug :(10:57
Le-Chuck_ITAHi there11:05
Le-Chuck_ITAhave there been modifications in the trash architecture in Intrepid?11:05
gnomefreakLe-Chuck_ITA: its been moved if that is what you mean11:05
gnomefreakill be back in a few11:06
Le-Chuck_ITAit is urgent: I had 4 gb of data on my desktop and they are not there. There is a directory in the trash with the same name. I may have pressed "canc" by mistake (it's near the spacebar in my fantastic laptop keyboard)11:06
Le-Chuck_ITAthe directory in the trash is ...11:06
the_eraseris the beta out11:09
gnomefreakthe_eraser: no11:11
Le-Chuck_ITAnobody knows how it can happen that I delete a directory and I don't find my files in the trash?11:12
Le-Chuck_ITAwhat happens in gnome when I press "canc" on a directory on the desktop?11:12
gnomefreakmvo: if you are still around it looks like synaptic is broken. it cant find claws-mail in archives but apt-cache search does11:18
mvognomefreak: do you use the quick find feature?11:18
gnomefreakmvo: i tried that and the search icon11:18
gnomefreakneither find it11:18
gnomefreakwuick search doesnt do anything, iirc i reported a bug for that a while ago11:19
jtheuerHi, I want to try kubuntu 8.10 on my new IBM T500 -- which however seem to have a Network card that uses the e1000e driver. Does anyone know when a fixed version of the driver will make it into an image?11:19
mvognomefreak: hm, search icon and "name" as seach parameter does not find it. does it find nothing? or just not the right one. have you tried "claws" as a term?11:19
gnomefreakmvo: it finds nothing11:20
gnomefreaklet me try another package11:20
gnomefreakclaws-mail-plugins isnt found either. it cant find thunderbird either. so i guess its just not going to find anything11:21
gnomefreakmvo: ^^11:21
mvognomefreak: does it make a difference if you switch in the icon from name to name+description?11:22
gnomefreakmvo: no11:22
gnomefreakmvo: smart --gui has everything11:23
mvognomefreak: could you please start it in a terminal window and check if it prints out anything?11:24
gnomefreakmvo: yep one sec11:24
mvognomefreak: its suprising because the synaptic search with the icon and the apt-cache search use the same code, I'm puzzled what is broken threre11:24
gnomefreakmvo: from term it works fine11:25
gnomefreakopens it up in small window when i use menu to run it its full screen11:25
gnomefreakquick search doesnt work at all11:26
gnomefreaksearch doesnt find anything11:27
gnomefreakno output in term11:27
mvognomefreak: could you make me a screenshot? what loclae do you use, I wonder if its releated to that11:27
TuTUXGis gimp 2.6 gonna be in intrepid?11:28
gnomefreak!info gimp intrepid11:29
ubottugimp (source: gimp): The GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.6-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 3877 kB, installed size 11180 kB11:29
gnomefreakmvo: im using en locale and you just want a screenshot of the search results?11:29
gnomefreakTuTUXG: no version 2.4.6 will be in intrepid11:30
vega_TuTUXG: i'd say probably not, as beta is due today11:30
gnomefreakaug. 26 was FF11:30
TuTUXGbut will it be update to 2.6 later?11:31
gnomefreakFeature Freeze. after that no new packages can be intrroduced without having a freeze exception and as i recall its a strict process11:31
gnomefreakTuTUXG: not unless backported from next release11:31
gnomefreakbut for backport you have to wait untill its in the current devel cycle11:32
TuTUXGgnomefreak, thanks for the explanation11:32
mvognomefreak: yes please11:33
mvognomefreak: I'm trying to reproduce it now11:33
Ergo^hi, what time does beta come out ? ;-) if it comes out today11:34
gnomefreakErgo^: when its done11:34
terminatorKubuntu is already out11:34
Ergo^ah so it will probably appear some time later today ?11:34
terminatorI'm hoping11:35
aantnhmm... a beta11:35
* aantn still hasn't decided if he should install intrepid11:35
aantnI'd do it, but it's on a laptop that I'm borrowing11:35
zniavreaantn:  you should try intrepid is particular stable (at least for my config)11:36
gnomefreakmvo: http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotsynapticea4.png  ill ping you when i get out of meeting but i really have to get ready11:37
terminatordon't know till you try it, if not delete it!11:37
jtheuerwhen will a fixed e1000e driver be available for intrepid?11:37
terminatordo the ATI open source drivers work in ubuntu beta?11:38
aantnzniavre: my main motivation is really just the updated clutter and telepathy libraries11:39
aantnyeah, it would be nice anyway11:39
TuTUXGgnomefreak, found 2.6 in c-korn's repo11:41
mvognomefreak: could you please clear the quick search entry and see if that changes anything?11:42
gnomefreakmvo: that worked11:47
gnomefreakill be back a bit later and thanks11:48
TuTUXGjtheuer, the next kernel bump may fix it12:05
jtheuerso, it may take a few weeks until a fixed intrepid alpha cd is released?12:06
TuTUXGthe beta is coming out today12:06
TuTUXGi have no idea when the next kernel bump is12:07
TuTUXGbug 26355512:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26355512:10
mvognomefreak: thanks! there are certainly (two) problems here a) that the quick search does not work for you b) that the UI is confusing12:14
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Cheerywhen do you include gimp 2.6 in your repositories?12:32
CEPartman seems to block installation of Alpha6 on my system, is that a known problem?12:37
CEsorry, have been disconnected12:38
CEPartman seems to block installation of Alpha6 on my system, is that a known problem?12:38
* sjanssen crosses fingers for the Intrepid reboot12:40
CEso, if its not known - should I file a bug?12:41
sjansseneverything seems to be in order12:49
mvosjanssen: rock!12:50
mvosjanssen: could you still sent me the logs for review? just to double check :) ?12:50
Hobbseemvo: paper!12:50
sjanssenmvo: sure12:51
sjanssenany ETA on when the nvidia modules for older cards will be fixed?13:50
JontheEchidnasjanssen: you'd have to ask nvidia on that one, which kinda sucks for us legacy users :(14:18
TuTUXGhow do i check if my usb cam driver is registered in the usbcore?14:28
terminator_How many people are awaiting the 8.10 beta release?14:30
terminator_What page can the 8.10 beta be found once released?14:33
sFEARshello.. i'm having a problem with apt not recognizing the correct version of xserver-xorg-core..  Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 1:0.99.0-1) xserver-xorg-core:  Installed: 2:1.5.1-1ubuntu1  Candidate: 2:1.5.1-1ubuntu114:34
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.14:41
sFEARsi already have my system up to date.. having an issue getting nvidia drivers to install becasue it thinks there are unmet dependencies14:44
luca__hi everyone14:45
remudoes anyone know around what time today the beta may be released?14:45
luca__I am trying to install Intrepid beta candidate on a usb bar, but all I get when I boot is "GRUB error 15"14:45
luca__any ideas?14:46
sFEARsnot sure luca__ i'd say reinstall GRUB but i'm not sure how14:48
luca__have not installed it in the first place, I fear14:48
luca__well I have done it before, let's try it :)14:49
sFEARscould be14:49
sFEARsi think you can boot up using the live cd, click on install, get to partition, don't format anything, go forward a few steps and it will install grub for you: this is not confirmed however14:49
luca__don't have a live cd with me however, I am trying all this just because I have no access to a blank cd to burn :)14:50
MechdaveHey all, anyone know how I can get wifi to remember the wpa2 pass phrase?14:53
* Tm_T slaps Necrosan with sign of "stop yelling, kid"14:54
Nece228wheres ubuntu 8.10 beta?14:55
MechdaveNecrosan, do a bash script to convert caps to non caps ;)14:56
scizzo-Necrosan: remove the caps-lock14:56
JontheEchidnayou could hold down shift while you type to14:56
scizzo-Necrosan: its annoying14:56
MechdaveNecrosan, have you a spare keyboard?14:56
Nece228so beta release is deffered?14:56
DanaGOh yeah, go to Gnome keyboard settings.14:56
DanaGThere's a "swap caps and ctrl" option.14:56
scizzo-Necrosan: its not out yet14:57
NecrosanAND IM ON MAC OS X 10.514:57
DanaGHmm, perhaps there's a command-line way to unset caps lock.14:57
Tm_TNece228: no, it's just not out yet14:57
DanaGTry setting that, and then rebooting.14:58
Davieyxmodmap -e "remove lock = Caps_Lock"14:58
Davieyah, my bad14:58
DanaGOne way to clean a keyboard: disconnect it from the computer, then soak it in a vat of pure (as pure as possible) water.  Then let it dry completely (such as for a few hours in direct sunlight, or such.14:59
DanaGYou know you're a programmer when you feel _compelled_ to match parentheses.  =þ15:00
MechdaveDanaG, lol15:00
MechdaveAnyone know anything about the NetworkManager Applet?15:06
* penguin42 is having problems with display auto detect on Intrepid - is it documented anywhere - can it be overridden with an X config?15:07
d4t4min3rpenguin42, is intrepid still alpha or did the beta release?15:10
penguin42d4t4min3r: Not sure; I'm on the latest updated set15:10
DanaGI hope they'll get the e1000e fix into the beta.15:11
Hobbseethey won't.15:11
DanaGThat gives a bad impression.15:11
Hobbseeas does delaying it, and making everyone test it *again*.15:11
DanaGYeah, and it's better to have ethernet not work due to missing driver, than to permanently damage hardware.15:11
penguin42a guy from Intel posted a fix last night to lkml though so it should catch up pretty quickly15:12
Hobbseepenguin42: there's already an upload in the queue fixing it.15:12
penguin42Hobbsee: cool15:12
Wutz1Hey, is anyone generally disapointed by the fact that interpid still hasnt gotten any real nice new theme yet15:12
penguin42so - anyone suggest how the display autodetect works?15:12
DanaGOh yeah, here's an idea for the beta: compile packages for the fixed version of the e1000e module, and post them separately.15:14
penguin42DanaG: I'm sure it will go into the update blob so it'll happen quite quickly15:14
penguin42(except that is for the e1000e guys who have no networking so can't download them :-)15:15
DanaGThat's what I meant... it'd be a download of just the driver itself.  Perhaps it could even just be the .ko file, not even a deb file.15:16
DanaGYou'd need one for each flavor of kernel, though.15:16
DanaGSo, they could pre-download it, even before the updated kernel is released.15:16
DanaGI do always try to keep at least one old major-version kernel around.15:16
* DanaG goes offline now.15:18
remudoes anyone have the following soundcard? IDT High Definition Audio CODEC15:19
Allahhmm ... is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current the latest current build of 8.10 ?15:19
* penguin42 submits a defect for compiz won't stay off - I turn it off but it comes back next time I start X15:19
HobbseeAllah: should be - note, that'll be the alternate cd.15:19
AllahHobbsee: yes, i prefer the alt.15:20
HobbseeAllah: cool15:20
Allahis it in BETA yet? i heard it'll be released today.15:20
=== Hobbsee changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Intrepid Ibex Alpha 6 Released | Ibex is still alpha software, and may break your system |
=== Hobbsee changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Intrepid Ibex Alpha 6 Released | Ibex is still alpha software, and may break your system | No, the beta is not yet out.
=== Hobbsee changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Intrepid Ibex Alpha 6 Released | Ibex is still alpha software, and may break your system | No, the beta is not out yet.
Wutz1Does anyone hate the fact that the new theme is exactly the same thing except with a different engine?15:21
HobbseeWutz1: and a lot darker, and a different background?15:22
dfgasis the theme final? have you reviewed the timeline to 8.10 to see if the theme is final?15:23
sFEARsnvidia-glx-legacy: Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 1:0.99.0-1) :  xserver-xorg-core:  Installed: 2:1.5.1-1ubuntu1  Candidate: 2:1.5.1-1ubuntu1  :  does anyone know why apt thinks there are unmet dependencies?15:23
Wutz1i'm not talking about newhuman15:23
remuWutz1: not really, I normally change the theme anyways, I wasn't a huge fan of NewHuman, but it is better than Human imo.15:23
AllahPPP issues have been resolved in this release ... hmm.15:24
sFEARshow do i file a bug report?15:28
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots15:29
Allahhmm ... judging from this list the Sierra Wireless Aircard 580 isn't supported in the 3G hardware support https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkManager/Hardware/3G15:32
Allahothers are, however ...15:33
AllahHobbsee: do you reckon that there's equal support for it, along with it's other range of cards?15:38
HobbseeAllah: no idea.15:38
x1250uhm, firefox is so damn slow, sometimes is unusable. I thought it would be Javascript, but disabling it doesn't improve it a bit.16:01
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
Alex_GaynorAre there any plans to create a python2.6 package?16:04
Allahhello, x125016:12
Allahdoes your firefox utilize pango?16:13
x1250Allah, how can I check that?16:13
Allahwhat version of firefox is this?16:17
Allahas far as i know the firefox build in ubuntu for version 2 of firefox adds the --enable pango16:18
x1250Allah, 3.0.316:18
Allahi'm not at all certain about 3, however.16:19
Allahiirc, downloading firefox from mozilla.com might fix this.16:19
Allahor simply, export MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 in your terminal.16:20
x1250ok, I'll test that thanks16:20
AllahAlex_Gaynor: it is my understanding that python 2.6 has been abandoned.16:21
AllahAlex_Gaynor: maybe it'll be included, but i can't say.16:22
Alex_GaynorAllah: Well, I wouldn't expect it as the default, but a seperate package would be nice16:22
Allahwhy don't you just compile from source for now?16:23
AllahAlex_Gaynor: http://python.org/ftp/python/2.6/Python-2.6.tar.bz216:27
Alex_GaynorYeah that's what i'm going to do16:27
sFEARssince i've upgraded to 8.10, i've had some video issues (of course) with nvidia.  When i try to "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" it only takes me through the keyboard & mouse sections, it finshes and drops back to a terminal screen before it asks me for driver or screen information.  is this an issue with the newer kernel and nvidia cards?16:28
sFEARs nvidia-glx-legacy: Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 1:0.99.0-1) but it is not going to be installed ::  the version i'm currently using is Installed: 2:1.5.1-1ubuntu1.  is this package not complete yet?16:31
Codemasteri had issues with that, too, however i am running nvidia 177, not legacy16:32
Codemasteri simply had to install the glx, modaliases, and kernel sources for 17716:32
Codemaster(then run nvidia-xconfig, of course)16:32
sFEARshow do you figure out which version is needed? 177 or 91 or legacy?16:33
sFEARsmabey that's my issue16:33
Codemasterwhat card do you have16:33
sFEARsnot 100% sure16:33
sFEARsi think it is more a problem with the dependancy issue16:34
Codemastermaybe go to system > administration > hardware drivers16:34
sFEARsbut again.. not sure.. mabey i don't need legacy drivers16:34
sFEARsi used to get a prompt to download restricted drivers.. i havn't seen that since the dist upgrade to 8.1016:34
Codemasteryeah, try running it manually16:35
sFEARs nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 440 Go 64M]16:35
Codemasterah. pl16:35
Codemasteryou'll be using legacy, then16:35
Codemaster96, that is16:35
void^that probably needs some legacy triber, which don't work with current kernels16:36
sFEARsat the hardware drivers box there is nothing in there.. earlier before i removed a couple of things (apt-get remove nvidia*) there was "96 [recommended]" and when i activated & restarted i got an error "no screens found"16:37
sFEARsso i dropped the old xorg.conf file back in and i got my gui back16:37
void^only 173 and 177 work currently16:37
sFEARsso i just have to wait for them to get 96 working correctally?16:38
sFEARsis there a way i can increase my screen resolution without enabeling the 3d effects16:39
sFEARsi'm stuck at 800x60016:39
rom1vwill gimp 2.6 be in intrepid?16:47
neggeI see the beta is supposed to be out today. I've been running the alpha version for some time now, have I already gotten all the beta updates or are they still due to be released?16:49
* penguin42 sighs - X is still fighting16:49
penguin42can someone explain to me where the KDE and Gnome display settings/resolution tools store their configs?16:50
penguin42I've had a hunt in gconf and can't find it16:50
penguin42the FixVideoResolutionHowto is referencing a path in gconf that doesn't exist in mine16:56
neggeis the beta going to be out today or is it delayed?16:59
Allahnegge: /topic17:02
Allahdo you have a problem with alpha right now?17:03
Allahpenguin42: this might be useful -http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-686769.html17:03
penguin42Allah: Thanks - but I was after some more basic info; I want to understand where settings live now other than xorg.conf17:05
mickepAny ideas of how one can fix a bug like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/267719 ? (more info I can add, etc)17:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267719 in ubuntu "network and time issue on idle with laptop" [Undecided,New]17:06
neggeAllah: sorry I didn't read that far to the right17:07
Allahpenguin42: i'm not sure. i don't use xorg.17:07
neggeAllah: I have some minor irritating issues, nothing big though17:07
penguin42Allah: You don't?17:07
Allahnegge: what like?17:07
neggesometimes when I reboot the disk order changes so my fstab points to the wrong device17:07
neggeAllah: /dev/sdb becomes /dev/sda and vice versa17:08
neggeI need to have two copies of fstab and switch between them when I notice some drives won't mount17:08
penguin42negge: Yes I've seen that17:08
penguin42negge: Do you have more than one disc controller?17:09
neggealso my mouse freezes sometimes which is impossible to recover from without a cold reboot though I don't think that's Ubuntus fault, I think my mobo is dying on me17:09
Picinegge: using uuids in your fstab should fix that.17:09
neggepenguin42: one disk is IDE and one is SATA17:09
penguin42negge: see #261178 is where I reported my problem17:09
penguin42negge: Feel free to add a note to that bug17:09
neggePici: it makes the fstab look so unorganized... I don't see why that should be necessary either17:10
Piciubottu: bug 26117817:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261178 in linux "[intrepid] Random order of disk detection" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26117817:10
neggepenguin42: I'll check it out17:10
Allahpenguin42: no, i don't17:10
penguin42negge: The trick to get it to work is to never use absolute names in the fstab - just use uuid or label based stuff, that way the order doesn't matter (except for grub)17:10
penguin42negge: Getting raid to work with that is really difficult though17:11
Allah[This is on Intrepid Alpha 4 kept upto date. Linux gallifrey 2.6.26-5-generic #1 SMP Fri Aug 15 13:54:58 UTC 2008]17:12
Allahhas it been resolved in Alpha 6?17:12
* penguin42 wonders where to ask about X config issues on Intrepid17:13
penguin42the xorg.conf just has a cryptic comment that it ignores some stuff now but doesn't say what17:13
penguin42has anyone here got dual-head on an intrepid box at all?17:14
mickeppenguin42: dual-head=two screens at the same time? if so, then yes (when I made a presentation)17:15
penguin42mickep: Mirrored or different?17:15
mickep"mirrored" (cloned?)17:15
penguin42yeh - same on the two displays or different?17:15
mickepsame resolution (I have a intel graphics card)17:15
hellcattravEllo all17:17
hellcattravSo my firefox isn't working right now, I can't seem to get it to come up up, I've tried stopping the process at the system moniter in gnome but no luck it just gets added to the list but no firefox window appears17:18
penguin42hellcattrav: from a command line rename your .mozzila directory - e.g. mv .mozzila .mozzila-broken and try again17:18
hellcattravpenguin42, whats that do? do you know what the problem could have been?17:19
hellcattravand thats in ~?17:19
penguin42.mozilla is where firefox keeps all it's settings - renaming it should let it create a new set from scratch17:20
penguin42is there a forum/mailing list for Intrepid specific stuff?17:23
hellcattravUm no17:26
hellcattravthat didn't do anything17:26
mickephellcattrav: do you get any error msg if you start firefox from terminal?17:28
hellcattravnot sure...let me check17:28
hellcattravMy terminal is acting up17:29
hellcattravI can't type in it :(17:29
hellcattravwent to control alt F1 but that had to have a display ?17:29
mickephellcattrav: you can start a terminal window. Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal17:30
hellcattravdid that17:30
hellcattravbut I can't type in it17:31
mickepwhy not?17:31
hellcattravtheres a grey border about where you type in it17:31
hellcattravand now thats not even coming up17:31
hellcattravsays starting terminal at the bottom the window browser..then nowt17:32
DaskreecHis ibex shipping with Ekiga?17:37
DaskreecHFliesLikeABrick: May want to get that checked out17:37
penguin42seems to have ekiga17:37
FliesLikeABrickwhat DaskreecH17:38
danbh_intrepidDaskreecH: check packages.ubuntu.com17:38
DaskreecHFliesLikeABrick: Flying like a brick17:42
DaskreecHdanbh_intrepid: No I meant will it be in the default install17:43
ethana2I wonder how quickly that topic will be updated when it /is/...17:44
mickepDaskreecH: it was installed when I installed the alpha5. (it has been installed by default in 8.4 iirc)17:44
* ethana2 sits and waits patiently17:44
DaskreecHah ok17:44
DaskreecHethana2: what's up with the beta?17:44
ethana2i'm happy to hear about intel's change to their driver that got into 2.6.27, makes things a lot less scary17:44
DaskreecHThe intel bug?17:44
DaskreecHYeah that's a rough one. So the beta may not come out today at all?17:45
ethana2Oh, I don't know17:45
ethana2This is just where I come to wait until its out and I start my torrents...17:45
ethana2open my bottle of champaigne, you know17:45
ethana2clang pots and pans17:45
mickepurl to that intel bug? (I got some problems with wlan disconnecting, could that be connected to this?)17:46
ethana2if you think that's bad you should see how confused people are when i'm shooting off fireworks on halloween17:46
ethana2it's more serious than that, mickep17:46
ethana2temporarily bricked ethernet adapters17:46
danbh_intrepidethana2: was it temporary?17:46
ethana2you have to reset registers if you get hit by the bug17:47
ethana2before your hardware will work again17:47
danbh_intrepidyea, I see, I read the link too17:48
mickepethana2: thanks for the link. That looks like a bigger problem.17:48
DaskreecHSo  it's no longer permanent ?17:50
ethana2it's not /hardware/ damage per sé17:50
DaskreecHwell permanent enough for most people17:50
ethana2it's more like firmware damage17:50
ethana2...anyone else here using ubuntu netbook components on their laptops or desktops?18:08
Nece228why still theres no beta release18:08
ethana2window-picker-applet is the best applet for the purpose i've ever seen, barring none18:08
ethana2Nece228: it's more important to do it right than do it fast18:09
ethana2in general, when a date is given, add one day18:09
Nece228i cant wait, i want to see is there a new look18:09
ethana2I -hope- so18:10
ethana2but if there's not, you can retheme it, as always18:10
Nece228i heard that kubuntu 8.10 will boot after few seconds18:10
ethana2I use suspend, so i'm used to like 4 seconds from lid open to desktop18:10
* ethana2 hugs his ubuntu dell18:10
ethana2getting another one for my mom sooon18:11
Nece228*after login kubuntu 8.10 should boot in few seconds18:11
danbh_intrepidNece228: that sucks, you would want it to boot right away  : P18:11
DanaGMy parents are too stubborn to switch from Windows XP.18:12
ethana2i converted my whole family except my older sister18:12
s0u][ightwhen will the beta version be out?18:12
danbh_intrepidDanaG: O M  G     O M G, mine are the same way18:12
ethana2and i'm exposing people left and right18:12
Nece228danbh_intrepid: so kde 4.1 will not boot in few seconds? but they gived a promise!18:13
danbh_intrepidDanaG: I cant even get them to use FF.  When IE7 came out, my dad came over to me and said, hey look at these tab things, arent they cool?  /me yeah, they were 5 years ago....18:14
s0u][ightno one knowing when the beta will be released?18:23
DanaGGrr... stupid compiz showmouse plugin..... doesn't reload settings until like 30 seconds after I change a setting.18:25
djbenders0u][ight, today18:25
s0u][ightsatisfying :P18:26
SebNaitsabeswhen is the beta out18:36
SebNaitsabesI thought that was today?18:36
melkartmaybe they wait for kde 4.1.2 to be released?18:38
melkart(should be today, too, but hasnt happened yet)18:38
melkart(originally should have been even october 1st, but ..)18:39
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
SebNaitsabesyeah I read it was meant to have been today18:40
SebNaitsabesI am wating to upgrade :D18:40
SebNaitsabesI heard Alpha 6 is pretty good to in fact,  with the weater thing being broken18:40
joebob777as7anyone know when the e1000 kernel fix will be pushed to updates?18:47
rskiis lspci giving you a bad sign? :P18:48
joebob777as7not yet...18:49
=== taortan is now known as groensal
CarlFKI plug in a usb drive formated vfat - it gets mounted such that the 'user' has rw privs.  /dev/sdc1 on /media/WD Passport type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,shortname=mixed,uid=1000,utf8,umask=077,flush)18:50
CarlFKI unmount, mke2fs, unplug, plug - it gets mousted, but user doesn't have write: /dev/sdc1 on /media/disk type ext2 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal)18:50
CarlFKtouch: cannot touch `/media/disk/x': Permission denied18:51
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
maxbI find the ath5k driver nonfunctional with my hardware. I've filed a bug with the tag regression-potential. Is there anything more I should be doing to make sure the right people are visual of the potential regression?19:13
danbh_intrepidbug 25915719:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25915719:28
danbh_intrepidprobably just a dupe of that one, maxb19:28
maxbIt's not terribly clear whether that applies to the old or new atheros driver. And I couldn't get the driver to work without networkmanager, either19:30
platiusmaxb I have AR2413 Atheros, ath5k is loaded and I am on wireless 8.10 a619:32
danbh_intrepidwell, it is clearer than you make it out to be.  The point is that the atheros drivers are buggy.  NM had some extra code to work around/fix the bugs.  The bug report is asking, should that code be left in there?  or should the bugged drivers be fixed.  In the mean time, the code has been removed, and as such, the bugs are there19:32
maxbHmm, mine's AR251119:32
platiusmaxb my setup took no input from me19:33
maxbdanbh_intrepid: Yes, but *which* atheros drivers are buggy? ath_pci? ath5k? both?19:33
jStefantopic might need an update?19:50
jStefanhow long ago where the beta ISOs put in place, my torrents are not moving :S19:50
bruce89at 19:13 UT+119:55
bruce89jStefan: ^19:55
jStefanbruce89, what's UT+1 atm ?19:56
jStefanone of the torrents started moving :D19:57
jStefanETA 1 day :/19:57
bruce89you'd probably be better with an obscure mirror19:58
jStefannah, i always use the torrents, i feel i'm giving more back19:58
jStefanit justs takes a few minutes before it actually "starts" working19:59
* bruce89 ought to start downloading too19:59
danbh_intrepidis the beta out?20:03
ubottuA schedule of Intrepid Ibex (8.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule20:03
danbh_intrepidwell, I guess the page is up...20:04
=== mujtaba_ is now known as Mujtaba
jStefandanbh_intrepid, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta20:05
danbh_intrepidyeah, thats the page I saw20:05
maxbOh. No fglrx :-(20:09
FFForeveri know the upgrade will be out soon but i was wondering what improvments will be made for my server?20:10
FFForevercompared to the current version20:10
maxbUnless the open source driver has come forward hugely since Hardy, looks like I have to choose between Intrepid or the ability to play DVDs :-/20:10
FFForeverdvds for the win!20:11
jStefanfor a server i would use LTS releases, unless in need of new functionality20:11
FFForeverjStefan right now its running 8.0420:11
FFForever(it was upgraded from 6.10 (desktop) -> 7.04 -> 7.10 -> 8.04)20:11
jStefanFFForever, what is it mainly used for?20:12
FFForeverfile server20:12
FFForeverbut i am more worried about security..., won't the newer versions bring better security?20:13
jStefanthere are some new samba features, but i dont think file sharing is going to change dramatically any time soon20:13
FFForeverwhats new in samba (we use samba A LOT!)20:14
jStefanFFForever, there is something on the notes here: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta20:14
jStefanoh oh, i just spotted a problem on the web, who do i poke?20:15
FFForever_NiC :)20:15
PriceChildjStefan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website20:16
void^as long as you use a supported release you get security updates20:16
jStefanthanks PriceChild20:16
kulightanybody got updates since the beta released ?20:17
FFForeverhow does the encrypted network transport work?20:17
alecjwhey, anyone else having issues with ALSA?20:17
bruce89I see they are being very careful to attribute improvements in the notes there20:17
bruce89kulight: http://www.mail-archive.com/intrepid-changes@lists.ubuntu.com/20:17
FFForeverdoes mr.shuttleworth every come in here?20:17
kulightbruce89: not what i meant... the beta is released but i get no updates through update manager20:19
PriceChildFFForever: I think he sticks to development.20:19
bruce89kulight: they have a freeze on I think20:20
FFForeverwhat does he actually do for ubuntu besides provide the financial support?20:20
bruce89tells people what to do, which they ignore20:20
PriceChildFFForever: He owns and runs canonical, he's an ubuntu developer.20:20
FFForeverhe can code?20:21
PriceChildFFForever: he was (is?)  a debian developer20:21
alecjwhey look its pricechild20:21
alecjwi remember you20:21
PriceChildAllo alecjw.20:21
kulightno there are links to beta: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/20:21
FFForevernever knew that...20:22
alecjwand on cdimage.u.c, theres the amd64 dvd20:22
jStefankulight, usually if you've been running intrepid since before the release you will not see much changes during the release of the beta ISO. Most packages are locked from changes, you might see some updates tomorrow.20:23
kulightits just on from the last hpour or so20:23
kulighti hoped there will be cose of some anoying bugs i get20:24
kulightand i got almost no updates the last few days20:25
PriceChildkulight: have you filed the bugs on launchpad?20:25
kulightyes i did that long time ago20:27
PriceChildkulight: linky?20:27
kulightlinky? didnt grt that20:28
PolitikerNEUHello everyone, does anybody know how to sync kde-pim data of kontact (especially emails and the calender) between kubuntu 8.10 (and, if possible, with kubuntu 8.04 too)?20:28
PriceChildkulight: have you got a link to the bug(s)?20:28
kulightoh yes just a sec20:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263412 in linux "kernel   2.6.27-2 from last update makes everything move very slowly (dup-of: 262066)" [High,Triaged]20:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262066 in linux "CPU throttled to 12% with kernel 2.6.27" [Undecided,New]20:30
kulightand this one say fix released but it s still there: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/consolekit/+bug/25050620:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250506 in consolekit "shutdown and restart buttons do nothing" [High,Fix released]20:30
jStefanbug 27723520:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277235 in ubuntu-website "TOC has wrong links on 8.10 Technical Overview" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27723520:35
mikedep333hello, could somebody explain what's the difference between the desktop CD and the live DVD?20:37
mikedep333I thought I heard something about OEM stuff20:37
mikedep333but that wouldn't explain the 4 GB size20:37
kulightit has alot more package's on it so u wouldn't have to have Internet20:38
mikedep333oh, cool20:40
mikedep333I just found this20:40
AtomicSparkWhat he said.20:40
AtomicSparkI've also noticed that the ALT cd will skip a few packages if your computer is really sow.20:40
AtomicSparkTHen will install them when you update.20:40
mikedep333but not kubuntu packages on the ubuntu DVD,r right?20:40
AtomicSparkThey might be.20:40
AtomicSparkYou'd have to switch via tasksel.20:40
jStefan"is" there a kubuntu dvd ?20:41
AtomicSparkrun it.20:41
AtomicSparkit is the package setup during the install. you can install stuff that way and it will ask you questions.20:41
AtomicSparkalso you can run dpkg-reconfigure or something.20:41
mikedep333I see20:41
mikedep333yeah, I think I remember that from when I did an alternate install on my Eee20:42
AtomicSparkYeah. See on a server I could run tasksel to install LAMP so I don't have to manually cnofigure it.20:42
AtomicSparkBut I would start with the kbuntu cd if you want kde. Switching can/will be messy. :P20:42
mikedep333I need to learn to use the command line apt stuff better20:42
AtomicSparkYes. You do.20:43
mikedep333I already installed kde on top of ubuntu on my laptop and desktop20:43
mikedep333it went ok20:43
mikedep333the menus don't seem too cluttered up20:43
AtomicSparkapt-get is the best way to update your systed. don't even have to log in!20:43
AtomicSparkjust switch to a tty, and update your machine. :P20:43
mikedep333I know about apt-get update20:43
mikedep333apt-get upgrade20:43
void^you have to log in on a tty.20:43
AtomicSparkWell yes.20:44
AtomicSparkBut I mean don't have to log into a GUI. Wait for the desktop to load.20:44
void^unless you use init=/bin/sh or some such wicked thing.20:44
jStefani still like apt for dist-upgrades, most users consider it evil20:44
AtomicSparkapt is by far not evil.20:44
mikedep333when you have a quad core processor and a RAID0 array, it doesn't take too long for the desktop to load20:44
AtomicSparkwhen your company owner buys cheap computers it does. ;)20:45
mikedep333I got my processor for $100 USD20:45
mikedep333and the hard drives for like $50 each20:45
Allahwhat proc is that?20:45
mikedep333phenom 960020:45
AtomicSparkwhen your company owner doesn't know anything and buys cheap computers from a "business solutions" company.20:45
mikedep333it was on an amazing sale20:46
AtomicSparkIts slow.20:46
jStefani got an intel e8400 recently, i think its msrp is good20:46
mikedep333OMG yes20:46
mikedep333I can move to canada now20:46
Allahi rathere like my new laptop - it has an intel core 2 duo 2.4Ghz proc20:46
jStefanthat's nice for a lappy20:46
Allahand ... it runs windows vista.20:46
mikedep333yeah, very good20:47
Allahyeah, it has 3GB of ram.20:47
jStefanAllah, that part is not...20:47
bruce89Allah: barely?20:47
mikedep333my laptop came with vista20:47
Allahi don't particularly mind vista; i rather like it's DEP/ASLR protection schemes.20:47
jStefani dont hate windows, but i do hate vista :/20:47
mikedep333it was quite reasonable with intel cache and 3 GB ram20:47
Allahi run ubuntu on my virtualbox.20:47
jemarkmine came with ubuntu 7.10 ;)20:47
bruce89is it really 3 GB, or do they just not count the 1 that Windows can't be arsed with20:47
bruce89jemark: as did mine20:48
AtomicSparkIts not windows.20:48
AtomicSparkIts 32 bit.20:48
jemark:) bruce8920:48
mikedep333my laptop seriously came with 3 GB of ram20:48
bruce8932 would be up to 4GB surely20:48
AtomicSparkMy laptop came with 2.20:48
* AtomicSpark shrugs.20:48
Allahi may get ibex on it, when it's released.20:48
jStefanif you are lucky you can get 3.5gb detected on 32bit windows20:48
AtomicSparkbruce89: there is a work around yes.20:48
* bruce89 slums it with 120:48
ScuniziWill the latest release of Gimp 2.6 be incorporated into Intrepid?20:48
jemarkbruce89: i have 1Gb Ram in my laptop... enough for Ubuntu Linux :)20:48
AtomicSparkScunizi: no20:49
Allahwell, core 2 duo is a 64bit proc.20:49
jStefanimho, there should have never been a 32bit vista, only 64bit20:49
mikedep333Scunzi: use getdeb20:49
bruce89jemark: indeed20:49
ScuniziAtomicSpark: to bad.. looks nice.20:49
mikedep333or hope it gets in backports20:49
bruce89Scunizi: or better, wait until I PPA it20:49
AtomicSparkScunizi: well. it might. depends how many bugs are in it. :P20:49
bruce89if Debian bother20:49
AtomicSparkNo wait.20:49
Scunizibruce89: I like that!20:49
AtomicSparkScunizi: ibex is frozen. so. no go.20:49
mikedep333yeah, beta freeze20:49
mikedep333fortunately VLC .9.2 and then VLC .9.3 got in20:49
ScuniziAtomicSpark: ah.. didn't realize it was in beta freeze..20:49
AtomicSparkIts been forzen for a month or so.20:50
jemarkbruce89: i will wait until the 8.10 is final... my current hardy is runnung smooth20:50
AtomicSparkThey freeze before the alpha or something. "feature freeze"20:50
ScuniziAtomicSpark: shows you how much I pay attention to Alpha-Beta stuff  :)20:50
mikedep333beta freeze since the 25th20:50
bruce89you have to go through some ridiculous process to pass it20:50
AtomicSparkThose terms mean nothing anymore.20:50
bruce89diffstat and diff of NEWS for starters20:50
AtomicSparkAlpha is supposed to be in house. Beta to BETA TESTERS.20:50
AtomicSparkBut gmail is beta so.20:50
AtomicSparkWho knows!20:51
mikedep333not with open source20:51
Scunizibeen that way with google forever.. it's all beta20:51
mikedep333with open source, every revision is available20:51
jStefangoogle search is beta :P20:51
bruce89Scunizi: means they can't be blamed20:51
jStefanjust kidding20:51
bruce89I suspect GIMP will be in, it's too big to miss20:51
bruce89mind you, AbiWord was stuck in 2.4.x for Hardy20:52
jemarkjStefan: gmail is...20:52
Scunizibruce89: yea.. and the new engine for gimp looks like they are making the right steps to get 16 bit paths.. etc.20:52
jStefanmostly everything except the search20:52
bruce89Scunizi: lovely stuff for 2.8 mehopes20:52
kulightwhat about OO ?20:52
jemarkjStefan: it's all about the google adds20:52
bruce89kulight: might be too late20:52
Scunizibruce89: yes.. and a little different UI too.. more mainstream.. although I'm getting use to Gimp as it is now..20:53
jStefanOO 3.0 will be releaed in 2 weeks, no?20:53
kulighti hope not20:53
bruce89Scunizi: compiz is broken however20:53
bruce89but I haven't used it for ages20:53
Scunizibruce89: with gimp? or in intrepid? or using the combination of the two?20:53
bruce89GIMP uses utility windows, only Metacity supports them properly20:54
Scunizibruce89: I was just reading http://www.linuxhaxor.net/2008/10/01/in-gimp-we-trust/ and got the gist that the UI had changed adn maybe the utility window(s) have gone..20:55
bruce89Scunizi: that's a shame20:55
Scunizibruce89: I could be wrong... cheer up20:56
bruce89impossible, I'm afraid20:56
jStefanOOo = October 14th?20:57
kulightso it might be in ??20:58
jStefandont think so, probably backported later20:58
bruce89Scunizi: no mention in the ChangeLog20:59
kulightwell... good enough for me20:59
jStefandont take my word for it20:59
bruce89I doubt they would backport something that big21:00
kulighti wouldnt come after u if it dosent :-D21:00
jStefanmy guess is that if they wanted it in, they would be using the RCs already21:00
kulightthey cant miss something that important21:00
bruce89we'll see21:01
kulightbut who knows21:01
jStefanthings need to be tested, it was probably to late in the development cycle21:01
jStefanthey "did" take the risk with firefox21:01
bruce89jStefan: they get paid to21:02
kulightand it turn out pretty well21:02
bruce89not really21:02
AnRkeywhen is the beta out?21:02
jStefanAnRkey, 2 hours ago ;)21:02
bruce89or to be precise 1.5 hours agi21:03
jStefanbtw, topic needs an update21:03
kulightwell have a good evening/morning/night im going to get a beer at the bar :-D21:04
AnRkeyjStefan, thanks21:07
AnRkeyyes, the freakin topic needs to be updated!21:07
AnRkeygonna give the beta a whirl on my laptop21:08
djbenderhaha where's a channel operator when you need one21:09
s0u][ightthe day is allmost over and beta isn't released yet :|21:11
djbenderits out21:11
AnRkeywhere is the landing page?21:11
djbenderthe topic hasn't been updated21:11
AnRkeyahhh >> http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta21:12
`Matirwhy are people always so impatient for the beta?  :-P21:14
dmh65downloading ibex now, whats it like?21:15
tonyyarussoNo announcement e-mail yet.21:15
dmh65pooey brown again?21:15
dmh65hardy works so well its boring though21:16
dmh65just spent the day with suse 10.3 and 11.0, man suse has gone downhill21:17
bruce89`Matir: people think beta is suddenly a lot better21:17
djbenderits magic bruce! slap the beta on it and its magically 10000000x better!21:17
s0u][ightmattik, normally i upgrade about alpha 5 but this release alpha 5 changed kernel so i was a bit disapointed ;)21:18
bruce89when Hardy beta was on the go, an update screwed libc621:19
jemarkim not going to put this beta on my production pc21:19
s0u][ight:( only 100kb/s21:19
debfxis there a way to debug an early kernel excpetion (#263543)?21:19
bruce89but that's not usually the case21:19
s0u][ightover here it is :(21:20
s0u][ightbruce89, i lost my laptop at alpha 5 of hardy21:20
jemarkoops s0u][ight21:20
s0u][ightwhen i got another intrepid was released ;)21:20
s0u][ightjemark, ?21:21
bruce89I've never heard of software making hardware disappear21:21
s0u][ightbruce89, my father broke my laptop21:21
djbenderhow do you upgrade to beta from alpha-6 from Update Manager?21:21
jemarks0u][ight: never mind21:21
bruce89djbender: you don't21:22
maxbYes, you do21:22
bruce89beta is just a name given to the archive at a speific time21:22
maxbdjbender: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta includes the instructions21:22
platiusdjbender; sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:22
maxbplatius: no21:23
maxboh, ignore me21:23
PolitikerNEUis there any change that libtool will work on some day?21:23
maxbApologies, I wasn't reading carefully and thought it was a hardy -> intrepid question21:23
s0u][ightmy connection of regular speed of 700kb/s is now only 100kb/s :|21:23
jStefanbruce89, nope, but the LHC can make hardware disappear xD21:24
bruce89itself for instance21:24
s0u][ighti wonder when there will be some kind of driver for intel's turbo memory21:24
djbenderalso, is there a way to tell what release you have currently installed? (alpha-6 or beta)21:24
jStefandjbender, if update-manager says you have all updates installed, you should be on the beta21:25
s0u][ightthere it goes ;) it speeded up to 366kb/s ;)21:25
jStefanyay, someone who can update the topic :D21:25
s0u][ightbut anyway21:25
s0u][ighti can continue a download after it is stopped right with wget?21:26
=== tonyyarusso changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Intrepid Ibex Beta Released | Ibex is still beta software, and may break your system | Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta for details
bruce89wget -c somethign21:26
s0u][ightbruce89, yeah i know ;)21:26
djbenderinteresting... i haven't updated my computer until now, and it only updated my update-manager and no other packages, if i've been installing daily updates for the last week every day, do i already have beta? lol21:26
s0u][ighttnx just wanted to be sure21:26
s0u][ighttonyyarusso, i thought you would kick me :P21:26
tonyyarussohehe, not this time at least :)21:26
bruce89djbender: there is no such thing as the beta21:27
s0u][ight:| never been kicked before anyway (not seriously) just for jokes :D21:27
bruce89you are in fact newer than the beta21:27
djbenderbruce89, i know what you are saying, do you know what i mean at least?21:27
platiusdjbender; if your alpha6 is current on updates you have the beta, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will verify21:28
djbenderplatius, ok thanks :D21:28
tonyyarussodjbender: the biggest thing about things like "the beta" is successfully building a CD image and tweaking the installer components, so yes, most of the actual packages will be unchanged from yesterday (or even last week).21:28
djbendertonyyarusso, that makes sense thanks all21:28
dude_1i installed intrepid a few days ago (alpha 6). Is it normal that there are no new updatet software packages available? apt-get update && apt-get upgrade does nothing21:28
jStefanideally they should remain unchanged since beta freeze, but that would be in a perfect world21:28
bruce89dude_1: yes21:29
bruce89I'll try to explain21:29
tonyyarussoSay, are the torrents moving at all yet?21:32
bruce89Intrepid is a rolling release sort of21:32
dude_1strange thing is that i see new package versions passing on launchpad21:32
bruce89loads of packages updated until the release date, then none21:32
s0u][ightit installs in a virtual envoirenment right?21:33
jStefantonyyarusso, slowly21:33
bruce89dude_1: they aren't being propegated21:33
* tonyyarusso is having trouble even downloading the .torrent file21:33
jStefantonyyarusso, from the main mirror?21:34
dude_1why is that?21:34
tonyyarussojStefan: main and Taiwan so far21:34
jStefantonyyarusso, i have a small apache box, i could put the .torrent file online21:34
s0u][ightno one verified my statement21:34
tonyyarussoThere we go - Sweden di the trick.  Thanks though jStefan21:35
jStefantonyyarusso, now to find peers/seeds ;)21:35
s0u][ight:( tomorrow school i will have to wait till i touch intrepid21:35
bruce89S0u[]ight: I don't knwo21:36
jStefanatm i'm uploading a lot more than my download rate21:36
s0u][ightbruce89, not familiar to irc chats?21:37
s0u][ighttry typing s0 and then pressing tab ;)21:37
melkarti couldnt start kubuntu beta at all... neither on virtual box nor on real system. ubuntu worked fine, though21:37
bruce89I know, Empathy bug21:37
bruce89doesn't like non letters it appears21:37
s0u][ightmelkart, tnx for verification21:38
s0u][ighti think there are a lot of people downloading21:38
s0u][ightmy dlspeed decreased again :'(21:38
s0u][ighteta 40 min :|21:38
jStefanhow many of you are using the torrent ?21:39
* tonyyarusso 21:39
s0u][ighti'm downloading through http21:39
bruce89my ISP throttles21:39
jStefanmy torrent just got a boost in speed21:39
tonyyarussoMine doesn't seem to be connecting - maybe this port is blocked.21:40
jStefantonyyarusso, mine took a while before it did anything21:40
s0u][ight140kb/s :|21:40
jStefani'm getting 20kb/s DL21:41
jStefandoing 60kb/s UL, my limit21:41
s0u][ightjStefan, i get a boost again :D21:42
s0u][ightthere is a number with one 3 and two 0's :D21:43
jStefanmy line's not that fast :S21:43
ubottuGnome bug 554767 in discussion "IRC tab completion only works with letters" [Minor,Unconfirmed]21:43
s0u][ightthe average download speed is very unstable :|21:43
jStefanthis is roughly a 2mbps line21:43
s0u][ightsometimes i have 700kb/s speeds21:44
jStefanbruce89, you sure it's the number not the brackets?21:44
bruce89jStefan: yup21:44
s0u][ightdid my nick bring up a bug? :s21:45
bruce89I can't do ali????21:45
s0u][ighti'm an exploit myself :P21:45
jStefanbruce89, you cant do your own21:45
bruce89I can actually21:46
s0u][ightwow 400 :|21:46
jStefanbut it has numbers?21:46
bruce89I'm not sure what it is exactly21:46
s0u][ightwhat version of compiz is incuded21:46
jStefanwhat was it...21:46
jStefan!compiz intrepid21:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about compiz intrepid21:46
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion21:47
jStefanthere was a way to search packages in a specific release21:47
jussi01!info compiz21:47
s0u][ightwhat about nvidia drivers?21:47
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.7.7+git20080807-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 34 kB, installed size 68 kB21:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidia-glx21:47
jussi01jStefan: it defaults to intrepid in here21:47
bruce89!info nvidia-glx21:47
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx does not exist in intrepid21:47
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:47
jussi01jStefan: anywhere else21:47
jussi01!info compiz hardy21:48
jStefanand if i wanted to be specific? !info <package> <release>   ?21:48
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.7.4-0ubuntu7 (hardy), package size 33 kB, installed size 68 kB21:48
jussi01no probs :)21:48
bruce89!info nvidia-glx-17321:48
ubottunvidia-glx-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.12-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 7565 kB, installed size 22580 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)21:48
jStefani just had forgotten :P21:48
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:48
s0u][ightthis is supybot right?21:48
s0u][ightgreat python script21:49
jussi01anymore bot questions you can direct at me in #ubuntu-bots21:49
s0u][ightjussi01, i have a friend who is coding an ai bot ;)21:49
s0u][ightjoining conv's keeping his system up to date21:50
s0u][ightsynching with his phone21:50
s0u][ightand much more :|21:50
tonyyarussojStefan: with ubotu you mean, or elsewhere?21:52
jStefantonyyarusso, i used to know how to use the !info command with ubotu, just forgot completly21:53
jaxdahl2!info nvidia-glx-17721:53
ubottunvidia-glx-177 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-177): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 177.13-0ubuntu8 (intrepid), package size 8011 kB, installed size 23600 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)21:53
jStefantonyyarusso, but it was another ubotu back then21:53
s0u][ight!info nvidia-glx-169.1221:53
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-169.12 does not exist in intrepid21:53
s0u][ightthat driver i'm using now21:53
s0u][ight!info nvidia-glx-17021:54
bruce89!info nvidia-glx-16921:54
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-170 does not exist in intrepid21:54
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-169 does not exist in intrepid21:54
s0u][ight!info nvidia-glx-17121:54
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-171 does not exist in intrepid21:54
s0u][ightnever mind i'll figure out something ;)21:54
s0u][ight20 minutes left for download to end21:54
jStefanthis is what you are looking for:21:55
jStefan71, 96, 173, 17721:55
s0u][ightwhat are the differences between those drivers?21:56
jStefanthe cards they support21:57
s0u][ighti have a geforce 8600m GT21:57
jStefanfor example for cards like GeForce3 and older the 71 driver is required22:00
schmidtmi use the 177 for the 8600m GT22:00
s0u][ightschmidtm, are you satisfied about your performance?22:01
schmidtmcould be better on kde4 but on gnome it works well22:02
neggeseems like there are no updates for me, does that mean my system has alreday been gradually updated to the beta?22:03
jStefannegge, most likely22:03
s0u][ight3 minutes remaining ;)22:11
s0u][ightguys i'm off my download is finished and i have to sleep (tomorrow school)22:13
monstroHi all22:17
monstrothe Kubuntu 8.10 is live cd?22:17
jStefanwhat about it?22:19
Turmswhy is 2.6.25 again in the repository?22:23
Turmsi have problems with 2.6.27, but 2.6.26 works flawlessly22:24
bruce89Turms: http://www.mail-archive.com/intrepid-changes@lists.ubuntu.com/msg07441.html22:24
bruce89for some reason, non-i386 and AMD64 ports use 2.6.2522:26
Turmsbruce89: ok, thanks22:27
ianliu_88uhul, downloading beta =D22:43
maxb_I am deeply confused. Somehow the DPKG::Pre-Install-Pkgs configuration of etckeeper makes the release-upgrader not work22:49
mvomaxb_: I have seen this issue recently (or was that reported by you)?22:54
BlinkizHmmm.. Intrepid server beta is using around 70 mb of RAM. Hardy server is using around 20 MB. Hmm, why this increase?22:54
seps1816so ubuntu 8.10 should def be out on oct 30th?22:54
Blinkizseps1816, yes22:55
seps1816good stuff22:55
maxb_He's gone, but yes, it was me22:57
maxb_Now attempting to narrow down the cause, without much luck22:58
emmaWill Ubuntu fix X before releasing Intrepid?22:59
seps1816is it worth upgrading now?22:59
emmaI am concerned that Ubuntu is going to screw a lot of people who use ATI cards.22:59
[Solars]there is a problem with X and ATI cards ?23:00
emmaWhat functionality is the new X bringing to a typical user to pay for the regressive disfunctionality that it is bringing a lot of people?23:00
RAOF[Solars]: Only if you try to use fglrx.23:00
seps1816me too i have a ATI card that just wont work with ubuntu kinda a bummer23:00
emma[Solars]:  Yes. There are no drivers for ATI for the new X.23:01
[Solars]thats diffently a bummer23:01
[Solars]won't upgrade till that is fixed for sure23:01
RAOFThe open-source drivers will give you at least 2d, and for < HD2xxx should give you 3d.23:01
emmaThat's a massive bummer. It's more than a bummer, it's a serious problem.23:01
emmaI'm not being critical of you guysl Please understand. I love you guys and respect all you do.23:01
emmaI'm concerned about the well being of Ubuntu and its ability to grow, attract new users, and keep the old ones.23:02
emmaWith all due respect Hardy was not a home run for a lot of people. Intrepid needs to make up for it.23:02
emmaFor a lot of people this X is going to be the new pulseaudio.23:02
emmaAnd people are going to be asking why did they stick an X that is not ready and has no purpose in the new Ubuntu.23:02
RAOFemma: And the answer will be "Because X is totally ready".23:03
noodlesgcemma all the releases have some problems and don't always work for everyone23:03
emmaFor you.23:03
RAOFThe new X is better in every way.23:03
emmaIt's ready for you because you know Linux inside and out.23:03
emmaSince when is Ubuntu for people who know Linux inside and out?23:03
BlinkizAm using ATI cards with both hardy and intrepid23:03
RAOFThe fact that your proprietary drivers haven't yet been updated to support the new X server is unfortunate, but really, it's par for the course.23:04
seps1816emma's got a point tho23:04
emmaFor a typical user with an ATI card or a marble mouse roller ball mouse, the new X is just going to screw them and make them wonder why Hardy worked and Intrepid does not. Then they will say, 'bah linux is not worth it' or at least, 'must be a better linux than ubuntu'23:04
emmaand i don't want that.23:04
emmaI want Ubuntu to grow and for each release to make strides over the last.23:04
Blinkizemma, What have you got the information that ATI cards will not work with intrepid?23:04
Blinkizwhat = where23:05
seps1816most people dont know what there doing with ubuntu i been messing around for like a year and i still dont know to much23:05
emmaBlinkiz: I filed a bug and that is the response that ultimately came of it.23:05
Blinkizemma, you have a bug number?23:05
emmayeah let me find it23:05
sjanssenemma: perhaps you ought to direct your complaints to ATI?23:05
sjanssenthis is a bit of a catch 22, if distros never upgrade to the new X.org, vendors will never have a reason to update their drivers23:06
RAOFThe response would, indeed, be "we have no ability to fix fglrx, and have presented this caveat to you at every opportunity".23:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275192 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with SystusernameError in markInstall()" [Undecided,New]23:07
emmathe bug ^23:07
emmaRAOF: Ubuntu release devs have chosen to put a new X in Ubuntu. And the purpose of Ubuntu is to be a linux everyone can use. Not just the elite user like yourself.23:08
sjanssenemma: well, jockey should at least not crash.  Ideally it would tell you that the proprietary drivers are not yet available23:08
emmaWhen people who had been using Hardy sort of successfully (over looking pulseaudio) with their ATI cards, go to turn on the Cube and their system crashes, I sure hope that they are not told, 'It's your own fault, it's par for the course'. Because that's not in keeping with the purpose of Ubuntu.23:09
RAOFemma: And for almost everyone the new X provides tangiable benefits.  This "almost everyone" includes many people with ATI cards, in fact.23:09
emmaRAOF: With the new X, the xorg.conf does not do what it used to.23:09
Blinkizemma, ATI/AMD has not released drivers for 2.6.27 kernel. I think that's the base problem here. Its gonna be released by the end of october. Catalyst 9.023:10
[Solars]so they say23:10
RAOFemma: No, xorg.conf does exactly what it used to do.23:10
emmaI have a logitech marble mouse, roller ball mouse. Ever since Edgy I have been able to follow the directions to edit my xorg.conf to make it emulate a scroll wheel. Can you tell me why this same code no longer works in the new X and how I should emulate the scrollwheel effect now? Or else tell me why this is not a regression?23:10
emmaRAOF: Listen, I truly truly respect you guys. I love and respect all of you who work on Ubuntu. You pour your hearts out and you are so talented. I don't want to come across as a complainer or a problem user here.23:11
emmaThing is, I am invested in Ubuntu also. I have a deep loyalty to it. I want it to grow and get more new users, and hold out to the ones who have been using it.23:12
RAOFemma: I'm not sure how to do that, no.  The settings from Hardy should still work, though.  xorg.conf is still used for configuration.23:12
penguin42emma: As I understand it X is trying to get better at autodetecting stuff and hence it seems to be treating the xorg.conf a bit different23:12
uffohello do intrepid has Asus xonar support by default then i know to crush that stupid Creative x-fi card that do not have compiled simple drivers.23:12
emmaI'm just worried about pushing stuff that is not ready and losing market because of it. I feel that happened a great deal with pulseuadio in hardy and I think it's about to happen with the new X.23:12
* penguin42 spent 5 hours hacking X configs today - I'm not sure that's too good a sign23:13
emmaRAOF: Ever since edgy the xorg.conf has looked the same. Now there is almost nothing in it, and ever since Edgy the same changes to xorg.conf have made my rollerball mouse have the scroll wheel emulation. Now when I put the same thing in there nothing happens.23:13
penguin42although I guess ubuntu worked for the common case23:13
emmaIf people who have never used Ubuntu cannot make the cube because there are no drivers for X they are going to think less of Ubuntu. If people who have been using Ubuntu cannot make normal changes to X that have worked since Breezy they are going to go to some other distro.23:14
penguin42emma: Remember it still is beta; now if you had to edit the X config before anyway it's just a matter of making sure if there is a new way of doing it that it gets documented23:14
emmaI'm not critical of anyone here. I love the people here. I respect you guys so much and am so thankful but I'm just trying to make a mad expostulation to remember the purpose of Ubuntu.23:14
sjanssenhuh, I hadn't looked at the new xorg.conf.  That is actually very beautiful23:15
emmapenguin42: yes if i can figure it out i will document it myself in the same place I have found the documentation for doing it since Edgy.23:15
penguin42emma: Is what you get it to do what you would consider 'normal' for that input device?23:15
michelecsHi Guys. Is the realtime kernel going to appear again after the Beta, or will it just be excluded from Intrepid?23:16
noodlesgcmichelecs I think the realtime image is already in http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image-rt&searchon=names&suite=intrepid&section=all23:16
emmapenguin42: marginally.  It still works as a mouse, I just have no scroll wheel effect. Which I have since Edgy.23:16
emmaIt's a rollerball.23:16
emmaHere's a picture of it -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7700523:17
michelecsnoodlesgc: Actually that one is the 2.6.26, while Intrepid is going to use 2.6.2723:17
penguin42emma: Hmm I see - the device was designed to emulate a mouse but you are using it to emulate a scrollwheel - neat idea - I can see why an 'auto' detect on something wouldn't do that23:17
DanaGIt'd need an FDI file to do that.23:18
noodlesgcmichelecs ah. But doesn't Hardy use 2.6.24?23:18
emmaAnd here's the edits which have apparently worked ever since Breezy for making the marble mouse have a scroll wheel effect, which can no longer be used in Intrepid -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16942323:18
dmh65no ati driver yet then!23:18
dmh65no bother23:19
emmaWhat great advantage is coming from putting a new X in? Could someone please do a cost benefit analysis on this choice?23:19
sjanssenemma: I think you might be able to fix this with xmodmap23:19
penguin42emma: My guess is it's a trade off with fixing other problems23:19
michelecsYes, noodlesgc... it just sounds strange... Maybe there is some serious problem with real time 2.6.27... I just wonder, since I'm writing an article about this Beta.23:19
RAOFAlthough, once again, the open source ATI drivers both work and support 3d for < HD2xxx cards.23:19
emmaperhaps if you wait until Ubuntu+2 to put the new X in you will not have these problems.23:19
dmh65dont like that hard drive partition graphic, its confusing23:20
dmh65I have a ati hd2400 card :)23:20
noodlesgcmichelecs it is a bit strange. does the 2.6.27 realtime even exist?23:20
emmadmh65: worked in Hardy right?23:20
dmh65the driver23:21
emmadid your ati work in Hardy?23:21
dmh65sure it was offered to me everytime23:21
emmaso i say this is a regression.23:21
noodlesgchey is dri2 used in intrepid?23:21
dmh65resolution is ok now but not tried 3d stuff etc23:21
dmh65ah, they have probably just not enabled something23:22
Blinkizemma, I updated #275192 with a comment :)23:22
danbh_intrepidhot-plug is the keyword for keyboard config, I think...23:22
=== Necrosan is now known as d-bo
emmacool :)23:22
RAOFnoodlesgc: No.  It's not ready.23:23
noodlesgcRAOF too bad. thanks.23:23
sjanssenemma: so you tried just dropping the "InputDevice" section in your xorg.conf and it didn't work?23:24
* penguin42 submits bug 277312 'xorg.conf missing pointer to what changed'23:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277312 in xorg "xorg.conf missing pointer to what changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27731223:24
* penguin42 throws ubottu a biccy23:24
d4t4min3rdid the beta ever come out23:25
d4t4min3ror is it still alpha23:25
noodlesgcd4t4min3r beta is out23:26
d4t4min3rdid the intel fix make it in the beta23:27
penguin42someone earlier said it wouldn't23:28
DanaGThe laptop I'll be getting relatively soon (like, within 1 or 2 months) will have an HD3650.23:28
DanaGDoes that at least do 2D with the open-source driver for now?23:28
dmh65should be fine23:29
dmh65thanks for Ibex, be back tomorrow, sort the ati driver out will you in the mean time, geez :)23:30
sivel27hello all23:33
sivel27im having a major problem with the gdm login screen...... i cant login, not because of username/pass error, but it simply says login failed23:33
emmaI would like to request that someone take an unemotional look at the cost and benefits of using a new X in ubuntu+1 and see if it is really a rational decision in light of the need to (1) Hit a home run after a slightly shaky Hardy experience for many. and (2) Meet the goal of being an OS for everyone (not just the elite linux users).23:34
penguin42emma: I think the point is that it's supposed to be better at autoconfiguring so for most normal people it will be better23:34
[Solars]emma not as many people will be effected as you think...23:35
[Solars]and yes i am going to be one of those that are effected23:35
penguin42[Solars]: It really needs documenting so that people who knew how to fix things previously know what to do now23:35
emmaEveryone using ATI?  And a lot of long time users who will have no idea how to configure X.23:35
[Solars]but there is no reason why new people have to use 8.10 instead of 8.0423:35
emmaeveryone wants to use the new thing because the expectation is the the new thing is the best thing yet.23:36
penguin42[Solars]: Well apart from if hey report any bug at all they'll immediately get a 'have you tried it in 8.10'23:36
[Solars]heh i never bought into new == better23:36
emmaI think it's the expectation fair or not, and I certainly hope it's the goal.23:36
[Solars]8.04 has support for atleast another 2 years23:36
DanaGFor newer than HD2xxx-series cards, what works and what does not work on the open driver?23:36
alteregoasomeone could tell me how i have to mount a ext3 filesystem as ext4?23:37
penguin42[Solars]: core/server only isn't it?23:37
sivel27anyone hear of a login issue with ibex?23:37
penguin42sivel27: login seems fine here - what you seeing?23:37
DanaGIntrepid doesn't support ext4; I've tried.23:37
alteregoathat sux23:37
[Solars]desktop to 2011 and server to 201323:37
penguin42DanaG: ext4 is a bit bleeding edge!23:38
sivel27i cant even login, just an error that say authentication failed23:38
alteregoathose btfs?23:38
[Solars]just like windoes... just cuase windows releases a new flavor... doesn't mean everyone joe and dick are going to upgrade .... like at vista vs xp users23:38
penguin42sivel27: You a normal setup or do you use nis/ldap/stuff ?23:38
sivel27i cant even type in the box or select a diff session23:38
alteregoawhatever, i don't want  a murd fs23:38
sivel27with nfs23:39
penguin42sivel27: Oh - so you can't type at all in the graphical stuff?23:39
sivel27nope, but i see the login window23:39
alteregoaa strange bug wht23:39
sivel27every time i click th ok button, the error re appears immidietly23:39
penguin42sivel27: Ah ok; that sounds more X like and not login like; do ctrl-alt-f1 and you should get a textual login prompt - does that work?23:39
sivel27one sec,23:39
sivel27lemme try that23:39
alteregoai had to re-assign the mdadm.conf, because the kernel changed the drives23:39
penguin42alteregoa: It does that23:40
* DanaG uses /dev/disk/by-id23:40
sivel27yes, the terminal works23:40
penguin42alteregoa: Be careful; the last few revisions if you have multiple controllers then it changes on every boot23:40
alteregoait was sda to sdf before, , now it has changed to sdl to sdp23:40
DanaGThose sdX names are not guaranteed to be persistent.23:40
sivel27but where to go from here?23:40
penguin42sivel27: OK, it sounds like you have a problem with keyboard input in 'X' - tell me about your keyboard23:40
DanaGUse UUIDs or /dev/disk/by-id23:40
penguin42DanaG: They've got VERY non-persistent as of a couple of releases ago - i.e. they change at every boot23:41
alteregoathe diskid? hmm23:41
sivel27well, its on a laptop23:41
penguin42no - I mean the /dev/sd?23:41
penguin42sivel27: And this is the laptop keyboard?23:41
sivel27a older dell, never had this prob before23:41
alteregoaalready use disk ids23:41
penguin42sivel27: Do you have a spare external keyboard oyu could try?23:41
sivel27unfortunately, i dont. not  usb, but ps223:42
penguin42does your laptop have ps2 ?23:42
sivel27is there a specific log i can look into to find an error?23:42
jaxdahlif i am using alpha 6, does using update manager bring me up to beta?23:42
sivel27npe, only one usb23:42
alteregoano it has only a tandy23:42
alteregoathere is a error with 3c905b, its ultra slow in sending23:43
DanaGhere's what /dev/disk/by-id/ does:23:43
alteregoagoing to install a realcrap card now23:43
DanaGSee... it keeps the name of the device.23:44
alteregoa120gb or something23:44
penguin42sivel27: I guess the first thing is to report a bug on it, list the model and if you can find a way to get  into the machine include a copy of /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:44
DanaGIt'll then be ... -partX23:44
alteregoadamnid why is it so slow23:44
alteregoai think 802p is active23:45
sivel27ok, il try that, thank you23:45
platiusjaxdahl; ; if your alpha6 is current on updates you have the beta, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will verify23:48
kjetil1001Help guys!! May system was broken, updating from 8.04 to 8.10. will not boot, running now from 8.04CD. How to doctorthe system, apart from reinstalling 8.04?  messega from boot, > cannot find device (screen).23:57
ethana2kjetil1001: could you tell me what gpu you're using?23:58
ethana2sudo apt-get install pastebin it & lspci | pastebinit23:59
ethana2then paste the link it gives you here23:59
kjetil1001Im using a HP pavillon desktop with amd65 dual core, but 32 bit ubuntu.23:59

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