PRGUY85also last one looks like a gray cup00:00
PRGUY85although, do we think of Trash as Trash or Recycle Bin ?  Sebastian's icons are Recycle bins00:00
_MMA_DannyKing: We cant rep both IMO. So I'll be decisive and say we do the traditional monitor and keyboard thing.00:00
* DannyKing thinks of it as a recycle bin, i.e. paper00:00
DannyKing_MMA_: that suits me00:00
PRGUY85I think the gray recycle bin by Seb is too dark00:02
DannyKingeven the less dark one?00:03
_MMA_ATM the lighter gray one from Seb is the front-runner.00:03
PRGUY85yea yet the Full one looks lighter than the empty one00:04
PRGUY85that's the one I most like00:04
DannyKing_MMA_: any objection to me drawing just the CD tray  (with CD in) for the optical drive icon? (I figure it's implied it's attached to a drive)00:06
_MMA_Note that everything we hold so tightly to now can and in many instances will feel like crap later. Everything is going to go through revision and better versions will come along. For now, I'm happy we're crafting our own set.00:06
PRGUY85i just hope I could do some art00:06
PRGUY85I know shit00:07
DannyKingand drives are ugly00:07
PRGUY85hmm cd tray?00:07
_MMA_DannyKing: I'm down for entertaining that. We'll see what others think.00:07
DannyKingPRGUY85: just play with Inkscape, you get good faster than you expect. :)00:07
PRGUY85DannyKing, is that in repos?00:07
DannyKingI guess I can always add the drive later if it looks bad00:07
DannyKingsudo apt-get install inkscape00:07
PRGUY85what do you mean by cd tray?00:07
_MMA_DannyKing: But yeah. Run with any ideas you want.00:07
DannyKingPRGUY85: just the part that holds the CD00:08
_MMA_DannyKing: I would ask that we try to sort the mime thing ASAP. It will allow me to get a crapload of those done quickly.00:09
_MMA_DannyKing: But I understand getting burnt looking at the same thing for hours. ;)00:10
DannyKingthe base icon or the actual emblems?00:10
DannyKingnah I can face it, I've not started the drive yet. I'll attempt a simpler sheet of paper00:10
_MMA_base icon. Plan was to just use the details from Oxygen for now.00:10
DannyKingYou think there should be imperfections on the page?00:15
DannyKingI think it's more realistic, but it's also more grungy00:15
PRGUY85yea I would go with perfect00:16
_MMA_Ok. Maybe we 1st need to decide if we use multiple mime bases or just go with 1. Lets do 1 base mine and use your ripped paper one for actual text files and the like.00:17
PRGUY85if you want to make it more real, give it perfect details instead of detailing imperfection00:17
DannyKingPRGUY85: example of perfect details?00:17
DannyKing_MMA_: sure00:17
PRGUY85example, istead of having a picture icon with just a photograph, add something inside the photograph00:18
PRGUY85like a miniature landscape, instead of plain film00:18
DannyKingPRGUY85: I'm talking about a plank sheet of paper though00:18
DannyKingnothing on it00:18
PRGUY85oh no00:18
PRGUY85I was just talking in general terms00:18
_MMA_DannyKing: How about this Grab the Oxygen set right from SVN. svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KDE/kdebase/runtime/pics/oxygen00:19
DannyKingYeah good idea, I will00:19
_MMA_That way you know a little better what I'm talking about.00:19
_MMA_brb (food)00:19
_MMA_DannyKing: Its about a 58mb DL.00:24
_MMA_DannyKing: Notice that the computer icon from SVN is different than what is on the wiki.00:33
DannyKingOkay, I'll take a peek00:34
DannyKingAlthough I'm going to leave that one for a while00:34
_MMA_K. I might just do one myself.00:34
_MMA_There are *many* icons here we should just use.00:34
* DannyKing sighs00:53
DannyKingInkscape crashed00:53
_MMA_DannyKing: SVN?00:59
DannyKingI think that was stable actually00:59
* DannyKing checks00:59
DannyKingYeah, stable. I was playing with node effects and asked it to do too much00:59
DannyKingjitter nodes it great for making ripped paper01:00
rsc-hey guys01:02
* _MMA_ waves.01:06
DannyKingI think I'll use the svn, it's probably /more/ stable :\01:06
DannyKingIt crashed again01:07
DannyKingAh it made a backup01:07
rsc-whatcha all think?01:09
rsc-its not much01:09
rsc-just one of those "I wonder if..." type of mockups.01:09
rsc-(yes, I think it's possible to do with gtk/metacity flawlessly)01:09
_MMA_I like it.01:10
DannyKingme too01:10
rsc-cool :)01:10
_MMA_With some color changes we could use it for Studio. :P01:12
rsc-are you serious :b01:14
rsc-isn't that a bit too... against the studio aesthetic?01:15
DannyKingWhat's the most common background colour for icons?01:15
rsc-not to be captain obvious, but i'd say white.01:16
rsc-(i like it a lot myself!)01:17
* DannyKing is finding it hard to make paper look good on white01:17
DannyKingall my detail gets lost :(01:17
rsc-heh :)01:18
* _MMA_ wonders if we should try a subtle tan?01:19
DannyKingFor the paper01:19
DannyKingI've gone with a very light grey01:19
rsc-not bad01:25
* rsc- wonders why PS takes 30 seconds to save a jpeg01:26
DannyKingOkay take a look at:01:26
_MMA_Fun. :)01:27
_MMA_I think the shadow needs work but I like it. :)01:28
rsc-oh no no no DannyKing01:29
rsc-thats not right :/01:29
rsc-i like it.01:29
rsc-but its gotta be tweaked to work on white-on-white01:29
_MMA_Made updates: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet/Icons01:29
rsc-consider some shadows in the paper itself01:29
rsc-(the nonuniform shadows are nice btw)01:29
DannyKingrsc-: good idea. _MMA_ what should I do to the shadow?01:29
_MMA_rsc-: No. Remember this will be a base icon. SO there will be details about the file on it.01:30
DannyKingrsc-: thanks. The paper icon in every single icon set is so boring01:30
rsc-_MMA_, I still say shade the inside somehow. the details can go on top of it01:30
_MMA_DannyKing: If you look at the Oxygen set, at the keyboard icon, it really doesn't fit with the others. Where other devices are table view. I wish it was so I coulda used it with the monitor I threw up there.01:32
rsc-(try opening both images in two separate firefox tabs, then alternate between the two)01:36
rsc-the kinda-curl effect wasn't quite executed right, though01:36
rsc-but im sure you get hte idea01:36
DannyKing_MMA_: yeah I see what you mean01:36
rsc-that's just my take01:37
DannyKingrsc-: I like it :) I'll have a go01:37
DannyKingI was thinking of making creases near the edge01:37
DannyKinglike it has been held01:37
rsc-_MMA_, what did you think of that one?01:37
rsc-not too much01:37
rsc-dont want it to look trashy01:37
_MMA_rsc-: Both have promise. :)01:37
rsc-a dog ear is another cliche to consider01:38
DannyKingrsc-: no :p01:38
DannyKingrsc-: every paper icon in the /world/ has a curl01:38
* _MMA_ sits back and watches the feud. :)01:39
DannyKingI'll do that as a last resort, and if that happens you'll know I've lost my soul... so you better had send me some ben & jerries to restore it.01:39
_MMA_New wiki update by seb.01:41
DannyKingI like it01:42
DannyKingsome of my criticism from the list still stands01:42
_MMA_I think those are good enough to update BZR with though. yes/no?01:44
DannyKingyeah definitely01:44
_MMA_Ok. I'll update before I go to bed.01:47
* DannyKing should go too01:49
DannyKingaw, just as I did his shading for him :p01:51
DannyKingI don't know which is better01:54
* _MMA_ clicks01:54
DannyKingI'm going to make that inner shadow more subtle01:54
DannyKingLooks okay on all backgrounds (least good on black)01:56
DannyKing_MMA_: stick around for a few mins before you go to bed, been playing with emblems02:22
_MMA_I updated the Trash icons but BZR is being a pain. I might have to wait 'till my AM.02:27
DannyKingRight here we go:02:28
DannyKingJust playing around so don't worry if you don't like it02:28
DannyKingIt's a variation on that idea I showed you yesterday. At smaller sizes the 'pixels' would become very simple and the text would dissapear02:29
DannyKingPerhaps it'd look better using different colours for the different image types02:29
_MMA_Sure. I think it has promise. We gotta make the paper pop of of white backgrounds though. The shadow there won't do.02:29
DannyKingI'll put them on the discussions page02:30
DannyKingSubmitted to list and wiki02:38
DannyKingI'm off to bed, night _MMA_02:38
_MMA_Night sir02:38
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_MMA_Added trash icons. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet/Icons02:49
Starkswhy canonical trolling us with their silence?03:03
BHSPitMonkey_MMA_, nice!03:05
BHSPitMonkeybut come on, Breathe Icon Set guys03:06
BHSPitMonkeypick a perspective and stick to it please03:06
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ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-artwork's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about notworking06:53
kwwiigood morning, sweethearts07:39
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caiothis is the new theme of ubuntu 8.10? http://www.phoronix.net/image.php?id=0x2008&image=ubuntu_intrepid_theme1_lrg12:33
Cimicaio, I really hope it will be changed12:46
caioI too12:48
thorwil_MMA_: hi! where does the new computer icon come from?12:55
_MMA_thorwil: The Oxygen set. Though I made it widescreen and changed the color from blue to orange. Needs a keyboard still.12:57
aantnCimi: yeah13:02
aantnCimi: the background is... ugh13:02
aantnthorwil: the dots all over the screen?13:07
thorwiloh, that13:07
aantnto be fair, I haven't actually set it as my own desktop background to try it13:08
aantnit just looks like something that would have gone in five years ago13:08
thorwili think it looks like something that was created on the last minute, working late at night ^^13:08
Cimiaantn, the mistake is the gtk theme, the background usually is changed after 10 seconds ;)13:12
aantnCimi: that too :)13:13
DannyKingHi all13:13
thorwilhi DannyKing13:13
DannyKingHow's it going?13:13
DannyKingThe new computer icon theme came from oxygen, _MMA_ just put it there to replace the old one for the time being13:14
thorwillong weekend in front of me :)13:14
DannyKingah that's good news :)13:14
DannyKingpublic holiday13:14
* DannyKing has to pack all his things today for university13:15
thorwilgerman reunion day (or however it's translated officially) tomorrow13:15
DannyKingI don't want to pack my office up, I love it!13:15
DannyKingah cool13:15
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DannyKingDid you see my empty page icon?13:15
thorwilDannyKing: yes, just replied on list13:16
=== caio` is now known as caio
DannyKingDIN A format is the german term for A4 format perhaps?13:17
thorwil"The international paper size standard, ISO 216, is based on the German DIN 476 standard for paper sizes" ;)13:18
DannyKingah heh okay13:18
DannyKingGo to apple.com and look at the paint on the nano advert13:26
DannyKingit looks amazing!13:27
DannyKingI think something like that realistic (splashed paint) might be good for the generic-image icon? Or perhaps .xcf or other artistic filetypes13:27
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_MMA_DannyKing: I'm wondering. After looking over Oxygen more and considering what kwwii has said, you think you would still be able to work at 128px?14:13
_MMA_1 reason would be that it would make less resizing work using things from Oxygen.14:14
DannyKingYeah sure14:18
DannyKingYou still want 256px being worked on?14:18
_MMA_We would stop 256 and work at 128.14:19
_MMA_I wanted to get thoughts 1st.14:19
_MMA_From thinking about it, everyone seems to get plenty of detail at that size.14:19
DannyKingIf you think that's best I'm fine with it - what brought on the change in thinking? 'Cause you were pretty passionately for 256px before?14:19
DannyKingAlso you'll need to change the template14:20
_MMA_I noticed that I was doing alot of up-sizing from Oxygen.14:20
_MMA_Which makes it larger sure, but no more detail than if we worked at 128.14:20
_MMA_DannyKing: So I believe we can get the detail level we want (everyone else seems to) while reducing the amount of resizing work to be done.14:22
_MMA_I know I'll have to adjust what's there already. It's not too much work. I just have to do it now.14:23
DannyKingI'll update the paper svg I made last night to 128px and also include the smaller sizes14:27
DannyKingThen if I have time I'll attempt a generic-image icon14:27
DannyKingjust saw your post, I guess it'll be more helpful if I work on something else rather than the generic-image icon (I don't mind), so I'll work on the cd tray14:35
DannyKinger drive*14:35
_MMA_No. We still need the base file. :) The background to be used.14:36
DannyKingthe blank paper?14:36
DannyKingYeah it'll be done pretty soon I think.14:39
DannyKing_MMA_: is there any chance that jimmac's workflow could be modified to support multiple layers for the artwork? It's a lot easier to edit when you can lock or hide aspects of an icon you don't want to touch (shadows, highlights, colour)14:44
DannyKingAlso I find it useful to have a 'scraps' layer, in which I keep shapes that I may need to use in the future14:46
_MMA_DannyKing: Anything above the "plate" layer will be rendered. Its one reason the plate has to be hidden before saving.14:46
DannyKingAh okay, great14:46
_MMA_DannyKing: But no to the scraps layer. As it will be bloat for the source files.14:47
_MMA_I'm gonna be away for a bit. I have some things to take care of here and it will take some concentration to revise these SVGs quickly.14:57
DannyKingone quick question:14:57
DannyKingdo you prefer a slightly ripped top & bottom for the blank page or just the usual?14:57
_MMA_The usual for now.14:58
_MMA_bbl. PM if needed.15:15
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* thorwil wants mirroring/symmetrical editing in inkscape16:23
rsc-are you making a face?16:24
thorwilno, working on the lid of the bin16:26
thorwilwe all need to pay more attention. the shape of the lid doesn't follow the rounded edges of the body16:28
rsc-are we going with the plastic submission of sebastian porta?16:31
DannyKingLooks like that's the favourite16:31
thorwilyes, except that i'm trying to improve it right now16:32
rsc-yeah, needsimprovement imho16:33
* DannyKing agrees16:34
* thorwil cuts shapes in halves to then mirror one half, align the 2 parts to touch at the center and do a union16:55
rsc-how can you union with inkscape?16:56
thorwilrsc-: Path > Union, with more than one path object selected16:58
thorwilthe boolean ops are a great help16:59
rsc-thats nice.17:01
rsc-i thought there was no pathfinder equivalent in inkscape17:01
thorwili'm very happy with inkscape, never miss freehand or illustrator. except maybe for gradient meshes, but i never got to work with them17:06
thorwilblur performance is an issue, but i don't know how it compares to illustrator there17:06
rsc-i misss it for meshes and blend shape17:07
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thorwilrsc-: blend shape?18:23
thorwilaha! http://shapeshed.com/journal/illustrator_101_the_blend_tool/18:25
rsc-and art brushes20:25
kwwiiwow, someone should have shown me a boot chart from ubuntu earlier22:59
PRGUY85hello people23:38
Cimikwwii, I think firefox was patched23:56
Cimiwith latest revisions of murrine you'll have rounded gtkentry inside firefox23:56

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