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seb128are the canonical servers not responding or that's a local issue there?08:25
blueproteinhello everyone09:04
blueproteinanyone hear me?09:05
seb128no, that's IRC, it doesn't has sound09:05
seb128you can be read though09:05
seb128or rather what you type can be read there09:06
blueproteinit's the first time to use this09:07
seb128usually if you have a question you just ask it, because people tend to be busy and will not randomly chat otherwise09:10
pittiseb128: argh, that ekiga 3.00 package is a mess09:47
pittitook me 15 minutes to even get the source, it's weird (plus, he broke all the library packages)09:49
mvoseb128: when you have a moment, I would like to talk about bug #276878 with you09:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276878 in rarian "better package relations for the upgrade" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27687809:56
seb128pitti: right, ekiga is no fun, where did you get the package? do you do the update or did some contributor worked on it?09:56
seb128mvo: I don't have access to launchpad today, can you give details on the channel?09:57
mvoseb128: sure, basicly that apt-get dist-upgrade will not replace scrollkeeper with rarian-compat09:57
mvoseb128: neither does smart or aptitutde09:57
pittiseb128: from the PPA in bug 27408509:57
loolWow, it took 15 mns for09:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274085 in ekiga "Please update Ekiga to 3.00" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27408509:57
pittiseb128: just did a bug followup, the packaging is totally broken; we might actually be better off doing the upgrade ourselves than trying to fix that one, but I'll play with it some more09:58
seb128lool: are those the ekiga packages you looked at before?09:58
seb128pitti: ok09:58
seb128mvo: why not?09:58
seb128mvo: and it that an issue?09:58
loolWe should make sure we DON'T use the upstream debian packaging for ekiga but ours09:58
seb128lool: do you know if somebody is working on those updates for debian?09:59
loolThe packages I tried were from snapshots.ekiga.net09:59
seb128mvo: would changing a bunch of packages to depends explicitly on rarian-compat rather than scrollkeeper fix the issue?09:59
loolseb128: I think Eugen-revolutionary-calendar-can't-recall-his-name started09:59
mvoseb128: everything still depeneds on scrollkeeper so all the tools think its better to keep that. we have various option, is there a reason to keep scrollkeeper at all?09:59
loolseb128: He got to the "branching ekiga to experimental" point10:00
loolThen disappeared forever after10:00
seb128lool: ok, not reliable to get something before intepid10:00
mvoseb128: yeah, that would probably help or a pseudo package "documentation-thing" or something. for now I'm curious if there are specific reason that its done the way its done (i.e. if rarian-compat lacks features for example)10:00
loolseb128: Not reliable no10:01
seb128mvo: not really, out of "scrollkeeper is around for a while and known to be working, rarian-compat is new and not sure it does everything scrollkeeper is doing"10:01
mvothanks, I check the options we have and try to come up with a plan10:02
pittiseb128: ah, so it really doesn't work with our libpt and libopal10:04
loolmvo: We spent some time making sure the deps are unversionned, and rarian-compat provides scrollkeeper; I know some Debian people have it instaleld as a replacment10:10
loolthe motivation to switch to rarian-compat would be a) speed b) some upstream maintenance10:11
mvolool: the thing is that if scrollkeeper and rarian-compat have the same deps and scrollkeeper is the one installed (and rarian conflicts) than apt will prefer scrollkeeper10:11
loolmvo: Perhaps we should have some default-mail-transport-agent-alike real package depending on one or the other instead of this hack though10:12
mvoyeah, that was my thinking10:12
loolI don't like provides10:12
mvothey are messy to use currently :/10:12
loolIf we ever need a versionned dep we're in trouble10:12
loolWe dropped all versionned deps because thankfully they were mostly satisfied in modern distros10:13
loolAnd simply because scrollkeeper didn't change much10:13
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pittiseb128: ah, I debugged the fclose() segfault in consolekit, fixed package uploaded (it's not fixed in 0.3 either, reported upstream)12:10
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seb128pitti: ah excellent, just curious how did you managed to debug it? did you find a way to trigger the bug?13:14
pittiseb128: no, the crash doesn't happen for me13:14
pittiseb128: I just stared at the backtrace and the code13:14
* pitti currently cleans up the consolekit crasher bugs13:14
pittiin the end we just have three relevant ones13:14
seb128we really lack a freedesktop stack active maintainer for ubuntu13:15
pittione is the double fclose() from above, one is the vt_thread_start() which is most likely fixed with the 0.3 patch backport in intrepid, and another one which I'm currently looking at (some vprint())13:15
seb128thanks for taking some time to look at those ;-)13:15
pittino problem13:16
pittihttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/consolekit/+bugs there, that looks much friendlier now13:22
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huatsseb128_: just question: is it 'normal' that we are a bit late in the glom packaging ,17:28
seb128_yes, too many things to package and not enough people working on those17:28
huatsI mean is is willingly or not / or because nobody did it ?17:28
huatsI might give it a shot thus///17:29
seb128_that will probably makes upstream happy17:29
huatsI'll become the guy who makes  murrayc happy (glom + gnome-lirc-properties)17:30
seb128_huats: yeah ;-)17:31
pedro_tedg: are you tracking bug 252795 ?17:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252795 in fedora "pressing the "Power" button shows a logout dialog" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25279517:54
tedgpedro_: Watching yes, I was hoping since Richard got assigned it for Fedora we'd see a fix. :)17:56
tedgThough, it's getting later and later...17:57
pedro_tedg: yes it seems that nothing is going on there17:59
pedro_tedg: there's a patch at the upstream bug though17:59
tedgpedro_: From that last comment, I'd say that this is a gnome-session bug.  When someone uses a parameter called "shutdown" as "TRUE" it seems that the machine should shutdown, not log out.18:04
pedro_tedg: ok, may you comment on the report then? would be nice to have it fixed before the final release18:06
tedgOf course, now looking at the gnome client header file it says: "Setting shutdown to TRUE will initiate a logout"18:06
pedro_great, thanks you :-)18:06
tedgseb128_: What's the chance of use rolling back gnome-session?  We're stuck with the new one now, right?18:08
seb128_tedg: we didn't discuss this option, but that would patch gnome-panel and the other new api client backward18:11
seb128_to be back in the same situation next cycle18:11
seb128_I would rather like to move toward fixing than workarounding this way18:11
tedgYeah, I wasn't suggesting that as much wondering if it was worth porting GPM to the new API.18:12
seb128_I've to run, bbl18:13
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espaciousare there some problems with 8.10 beta?23:35
espaciousmd5 is ok but after burning cd check outputs an error23:35
espaciouschecked the cd and also tryed to burn on another machine23:36
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