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syshobbithola hay gente?04:52
syshobbithi perlluver english or spanish?04:54
syshobbitok so this is the forum for the dominican ubuntu group right?04:54
perlluverno this if for documentation as far as I know04:55
syshobbitregarding the dominican ubuntu?04:55
perlluverNo, the help system, and Wiki writing04:55
perlluveralthough, I suppose all Locales are here04:56
syshobbitoh oh oh sorry I notice just now is d o c04:56
syshobbitI was trying to connect to ubuntu-do04:56
syshobbitthank you anyways04:56
perlluverone letter to many04:56
syshobbitwell bye now04:56
syshobbittake care04:57
perlluveryou too04:57
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DoruHushI have a question (or more) about documentation (Romanian)09:25
DoruHusha few days ago I was ask by the romanian loco team to be in charge with the romanian documentation09:27
DoruHushmost of the time this means coordinating the people who translate the english docs  into romanian but09:29
DoruHushif there are other things I should know about how a documentation team work09:30
DoruHushI'll be glad to leran about them09:31
DoruHushI need a guide of some sort09:31

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