nicodarioushello, is anyone here?11:22
Rafiknicodarious, yes11:24
jussi01no :P11:24
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GeorgeWBush_why was I banned?15:54
Seeker`GeorgeWBush_: you were banned because you brought up a topic that you have been told is offtopic for -uk15:54
Seeker`or at least that is my understanding of the situation15:55
GeorgeWBush_popey told me to take it elsewhere15:55
GeorgeWBush_I did15:55
GeorgeWBush_and I was still banned15:55
GeorgeWBush_that's not fair15:56
Seeker`it wasn't popey that banned you15:56
Seeker`and were you not told that topic wasn't suitable for -uk before?15:56
GeorgeWBush_no I think I was only told by Daviey not to talk about it one time15:56
GeorgeWBush_but with no reason15:56
GeorgeWBush_and it is not good if you have anti-TG policies in there15:57
Seeker`Rafik: can you show me mootbot malfunctioning in -test?16:07
Philip5Nafallo: eller så kan vi ta det här :)16:17
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GeorgeWBush_now look, IRC is an very unfair system19:12

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