maccam-sageri heard the intel eeprom corruption issue has been fixed, has that been put into synaptic yet?04:34
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mdzwhat does the "PIIX3...enabling passive release" message mean which comes up in KVM?09:09
sorenmdz: It means that the bios in kvm fails to enable passive release for the piix3 pci bridge, and the kernel fixes this.09:23
sorenI don't think it should be a KERN_ERR thing.09:24
sorenSeems I'm not alone: http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/8/8/19809:26
sorenmdz: Oh, or are you asking what passive release is?09:27
mdzsoren: no, you answered my question, thanks09:31
sorenmdz: Any time.09:31
ivoksumm... we have a serious regression in intrepid's kernel11:09
ivoksdrbd isn't functional - while the drbd works on linus's kernel, it doesn't on ubuntu's, even tough it's the same patch/module11:10
ivokscould someone assist me in detecting where is the bug?11:12
lagai think that's a known issue11:17
lagacheck the meeting minutes of the server team11:17
ivokslaga: can't find anything... do you recall which meeting that was?11:36
lagadoh. it references your nick name...11:41
ivokseh... :)11:42
ivoksbottom line: drbd 8.2.7~rc1 works with vanilla kernel and doesn't with ubuntu's latest git11:43
lagaand vanilla kernel is the latest 2.6.27 RC?11:43
ivoksno, rc711:43
ivoksthe same one which is base for ubuntu's kernel11:44
lagaah, okay11:44
lagamy usual answer to such problems is git-bisect, but maybe one of the kernel developers already has an idea what's going on11:44
IntuitiveNippleivoks: kernel config differences/11:45
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: i used ubuntu servers config for vanilla11:45
ivoksthere are differences, cause vanilla doesn't have all that stuff ubuntu has11:46
IntuitiveNippleThe Kconfig looks pretty straightforward11:49
parananybody know (or can guess) when the ubuntu kernel will be rebased against -rc8? I have a machine that needs a fix from there :)11:49
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: everything looks fine11:49
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: it just doesn't work - i have a strace output from userland tools11:49
IntuitiveNippleivoks: Is the module loading and not working - any log clues?11:49
ivoksmodule is loading, but when userspace want's to connect to it, it can't11:50
ivoksbut cn is loaded11:50
ivoksups :)11:51
ivoksi could upload strace output if that could help11:54
ivokswith ubuntu kernel, userspace tool timeouts (strace show that it reads eth0 and never finishes)11:55
ivokswhile on the vanilla kernel, same tool works (strace shows on that same point read(5, "Unconfigured\n", 4096) )11:56
amitk_paran: it has already been rebased against -rc8. Upload will probably happen on Monday.11:59
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: is it normal to have something like 'ESPIPE (Illegal seek)'? :)12:00
IntuitiveNippleivoks: I've not seen that much so, no, I doubt it.12:01
IntuitiveNippleivoks: Is it using a single ethernet port, or the bonding driver?12:01
paranamitk_: sounds great, thanks.12:02
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: if you are interested in problem, i could provide you access to machine (both i386 and amd64) with full setup12:03
IntuitiveNippleivoks: I doubt I know enough of the specifics to be of any help12:07
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: ok, thanks for assisting12:07
IntuitiveNippleivoks: Is the *only* difference between the working and non-working configuration, the kernel the system boots with?12:08
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: yes12:09
ivoksIntuitiveNipple: i don't think that ESPIPE is problem, since seeking socket isn't possible at all :)12:11
IntuitiveNippleivoks: possibly a symptom of the root cause12:12
ivokscould be...12:13
ivoksi've asked drbd devs, so i'm waiting for an answer12:13
Wellark^hi! any change getting the HSO driver to ship with intrepid? http://tinyurl.com/4jynn613:56
Wellark^there are many option 3g devices that need this driver13:56
Wellark^and it's actively developed13:57
Wellark^I honestly thought it was included in vanilla 2.6.27, but obviously it's not13:59
amitk_Wellark^: hso is already merged into the mainline kernel in 2.6.26, so we carry it already. Is the pharscape driver a different version?13:59
amitk_see drivers/net/usb/hso.c13:59
Wellark^hmm.. didn't spot that in gitweb.. 14:00
amitk_Wellark^: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-intrepid.git;a=tree;f=drivers/net/usb;h=704c3d6c5ecce21316f65a33d802a1ce54ed6b8a;hb=HEAD14:01
Wellark^ah, ok. I checked drivers/usb/serial where option.c is :)14:02
Wellark^hmm.. option forum states that 1.6 is the latest.. intrepid kernel has 1.2..14:03
rtgBenC: can you think of a good reason _not_ to go with upstream e1000e? I've just pulled the NVM protection patch from Linus, so I'm thinking about dropping the SourceForge version of e1000e.14:12
BenCrtg: none that I'm aware of...what does Intel say about it?14:13
BenCdo they have any requirements for us to use the sf one?14:13
rtgBenC: it seems upstream is where all of their development effort has gone lately. I'm wondering why they have a duplicate project in the first place.14:13
rtgBenC: I'm not aware of any requirements from Intel.14:14
rtgBenC: I think I'll just swizzle the configs for now and see if anyone squawks. 14:15
BenCrtg: ok14:16
rtgBenC: I'm alos gonna upload -rc8 plus that one e1000e patch.14:17
BenCrtg: ok14:21
rtgBenC: is there a trick to setting these tags after a rebase so that the next time you 'insertchanges' you don't get all of the UBUNTU history repeated?14:23
amitk_rtg: debian/scripts/misc/retag14:25
BenCrtg: ./debian/scripts/misc/retag14:26
BenCfairly new script14:27
rtgI was just gonna ask when that little tidbit appeared :)14:27
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CarlFKibex  2.6.27-3-generic  clonezilla output "Try to turn on the harddisk "/dev/sda" DMA...  HDIO_GET_DMA failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device"18:07
CarlFKwhat command is it probably running?18:08
CarlFK# hdparm -d /dev/sda " HDIO_GET_DMA failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device"18:24
CarlFKis this a problem?18:24
smb_tpCarlFK, No, just a result from moving to lib(s)ata. IIRC this automatically wants to set the right dma mode18:29
CarlFKthanks.  I'll pass that on to clonezilla18:30
cobradevilcan someone help me out ?18:31
cobradevili have some strange feelings about virtualization18:31
cobradevilwhat will ubuntu be supporting with the intro of intrepid?18:32
cobradevili'm using xen but i read at a few places intrepid will only support xen domu?18:33
cobradevilcan someone confirm that?18:36
CarlFK[   10.725634] ata1.00: limited to UDMA/33 due to 40-wire cable19:12
CarlFKit's an 8019:12
CarlFKwho's problem?19:12
cobradevilyou could try a knoppix cd19:18
cobradevilsee if thats giving the same output?19:18
cobradevilit could be a hardware problem?19:18
cobradevilwhat does the bios say19:19
smb_tpCarlFK, It's from libata-core, which kernel version?19:19
CarlFKLinux dhcp91 2.6.27-3-generic #1 SMP Wed Sep 10 16:02:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux19:19
CarlFKI was about to install daily u-server, so should have -4 in about 30 min 19:20
smb_tpCarlFK, Doesn't look to me like there was much activity in that area since then...19:24
CarlFKcobradevil: bios - hardly says anything - I am lucky to see a model number19:27
smb_tpCarlFK, From cable_is_40wire() in drivers/ata/libata-core.c it looks either the controller thinks it is 40wires or it doesn't know and none of the drives on that controller can tell...19:30
CarlFKsmb_tp: might be older drives - 40 and 80 gig19:30
smb_tpCarlFK, There is some description to force cable type in Documentation/kernel-parameters libata-force.. Maybe that could help19:34
smb_tpCarlFK, libata.force= (to be correct)19:34
CarlFKill give it a shot and see what happens 19:34
CarlFKthanks 19:34
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CarlFKwhere are docs for append ... libata.force=2:1.5g,2.15:3.0g,2.03:noncq,udma422:16
CarlFKsmb_tp:  2.6.27-4-server works fine: [    4.510417] ata1.00: configured for UDMA/100 [    4.551749] ata1.01: configured for UDMA/6622:53
asacrtg: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17919677/syslog (from bug 273633) ... any ideas? what does "disassociating by local choice" means?23:19
asacrtg: also this guy has a bogus ethernet driver (eth0: driver is 'NULL(info.linux.driver)'. 23:20
asacthis means that hal didnt provide any driver name (i added that NULL (info...) thing as a hack at some point for broadcom wireless)23:21
smb_tpCarlFK, Hm, since the libata code did change, maybe it was the code for the controller. Well, it works now...23:44
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