AliTabuger7Anyone here?00:37
Burgundavianope, never :)00:39
AliTabuger7Hello Burgundavai. You new?00:42
beunoAliTabuger7, more like "old"  :p00:44
AliTabuger7Ah. Well welcome back then. I am probably the new one.00:44
beunoAliTabuger7, Burgundavia is the owner of the marketing team00:45
Burgundaviabeuno: used to be, not much involved anymore00:45
beunoisn't he?  :)00:45
beunoBurgundavia, I know, I know00:45
beunostill are to me though00:45
beunoso, in my head, it's still 2006!00:45
AliTabuger7So would either of you want to discuss something?00:47
beunoI'm about to run away to dinner, and so out of the loop, I wouldn't know where to start  :)00:49
AliTabuger7Burgundavia, would you happen to have any interest in the SpreadUbuntu project?00:59
Burgundaviayes, I have been advocating to get that off the ground since day 1, but as I am not a coder...00:59
AliTabuger7There are always things that non-coder's can do to help. Like write content. I was just wondering if you had interest in it because I have been working on the "diy" part of SpreadUbuntu - the part for getting and sharing marketing materials.01:01
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juliuxhey katkin 11:17
katkinjuliux: hey11:32

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