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kgoetzasac: can i pm you?02:12
kgoetznot sure if your there or not either *g*02:12
gnomefreakasac: nice job on n-m if i change connection i dont have to restart anymore ;)09:23
gnomefreakasac: why am i getting email about tbird 3.0b1 being pushed back to 3.0a3 :( if you want i can foard the email to you but for the moment im gonna look for some earlier posts09:42
gnomefreakha i couldnt send to mozilla lists due to gmail not letting gmail users to send to those lists for some reason09:58
asacgnomefreak: ok10:46
* gnomefreak losing my frigging mind10:46
asacstrange that gmail doesnt work for a few mailing lists10:46
gnomefreakasac: yeah i thought so to but it ws fixed now my emails are getting on lists10:47
asacfinally that is over ;)10:47
gnomefreaknevermind i cant foward it. i lost the email :(10:47
gnomefreaki blame claws-mail since its giving me a headache10:48
gnomefreakgod help me im gonna break something11:05
gnomefreakbe back smoke11:05
asacgnomefreak: maybe you should use mutt ;)11:23
gnomefreakmutts a pain in the ass to set up lol do me a facor try to search for a package in synaptic11:24
fta2mutt rulez11:25
asacyeah... the differnce is that once you have set it up ;) ... it just works11:25
asacso it might require some initial investment11:25
asacfta2: how can i tell mutt to display multi line links like irssi (e.g. without a trailing '+')11:25
asacactually i dont want any line break to be indicated with '+'11:26
asacerr long-line-break11:26
fta2you'd better add urlview11:26
fta2line breaks are different11:27
fta2set smart_wrap11:28
asacfta2: smart_wrap?11:31
fta2or just unset markers11:31
asacfta2: atm all long lines have "+" at the end11:31
asaci dont want that anymore ;)11:31
fta2  3.113. markers11:31
fta2   Type: boolean11:31
fta2   Default: yes11:31
fta2   Controls the display of wrapped lines in the internal pager. If set, a11:31
fta2   ``+'' marker is displayed at the beginning of wrapped lines. Also see the11:31
fta2   ``$smart_wrap'' variable.11:31
fta2  3.261. smart_wrap11:32
fta2   Type: boolean11:32
fta2   Default: yes11:32
fta2   Controls the display of lines longer than the screen width in the internal11:32
fta2   pager. If set, long lines are wrapped at a word boundary. If unset, lines11:32
fta2   are simply wrapped at the screen edge. Also see the ``$markers'' variable.11:32
asacso smart_wrap=no11:32
asacand markers=no11:33
asacactually lets try only markers11:33
asaci like if line break is done for words11:33
asacfta2: i think we should really add the sensible-/x-www-/gnome-www- browser alternatives11:51
asachmm ... at least the gnome- one is missing11:52
fta2armin76, ?12:46
asacfta2: hmm ... x-www-browser has firefox-3.0 as alternative, but not /usr/bin/firefox12:47
asacgnome-www-browser doesnt have any ffox12:47
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bdmurrayasac: with network manager should both my wired and wireless interfaces have IP addresses?17:33
asacbdmurray: in some cases yes17:35
asacbdmurray: do you have problems with that in your setup?17:36
bdmurrayasac: I only have one default route, which seems right, however I saw traffic to internet going through both interfaces.17:36
asacbdmurray: ok.17:40
asacbdmurray: thats expected behaviour according to the NM maintainer17:40
asaci will try to talk to him again and see why he thinks thats not problematic17:40
bdmurrayI think its problematic, it was quite slow17:41
asacbdmurray: please file a bug with the ifconfig and route -n output attached17:41
asac(at the time its problematic)17:41
bdmurrayasac: would tcpdumps help too?17:42
asacbdmurray: well. the routing table should be enough17:42
asacbdmurray: if the routing table is good, but you still get packet loss its really on low level17:42
asacmaybe we need tcpcump then17:42
asacbdmurray: do both interfaces connect to same subnet?17:43
bdmurrayasac: yes, both interfaces are on the same subnet17:43
bdmurrayasac: bug 277063 looks similar17:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277063 in network-manager "Wired and wireless connection to the same router cause confusion" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27706317:54
asacbdmurray: so thats similar17:59
asace.g. first it works17:59
asacbut repluggin wired causes package loss?17:59
asachow does the routing table look like after replugging then?17:59
bdmurrayI believe I had the ethernet cable connected when booting17:59
bdmurrayYeah, they were both connected on boot and I have the issue18:01
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asacjames_w: i need your help ;)20:09
asacare you still on?20:09
james_whey asac, I need to cook shortly, but I have a few minutes20:09
asacjames_w: i wonder how well rebase works in bzr?20:10
asaci looked at loom but i think that isnt made for me :(20:10
james_whave you tried bzr-rebase?20:11
asacjames_w: no thats the next thing i will do ;)20:11
asacjames_w: how is the performance?20:11
james_wno idea, I've never used it20:12
asacjames_w: ok. now i have the real question :)20:12
asacjames_w: the nm packaging branch is full source branch which i regularly merge a branch i used to develop a ubuntu feature20:12
asacjames_w: now almost everything is upstream of that and i would like to stop using that branch ... and instead use the real trunk branch20:13
asacthats the upstream branch20:13
asacthats the branch i used to develop the feature20:13
asacthats the packaging branch20:14
asacusually i merged the vcs-import branch into main.eni20:14
asacand from there into ubuntu.0.720:14
asaclooking back probably a bad thing20:14
asacis there any way i can directly merge from vcs-import into the packaging branch?20:14
asacmaybe by first making the vcs-import branch and the main.eni branch identical?20:15
james_wdoes just "bzr merge lp:~vcs-imports/network-manager/main" not work for you?20:16
asace.g. bzr diff vcs-import main.eni | patch -p0 -R20:16
asaci think i had problems with that in the paste ... e.g. getting conflicts20:16
asaclet me check ;)20:16
asachmm ... all fine :)20:18
asacjames_w: ^^20:18
james_wno problem :-)20:18
james_wI've got to eat something now20:18
asacbut i guess i should first eliminate any diff on main.eni ... merge that and the continue to go directlry from vcs20:18
james_wI'll be around later if you run in to any hiccups20:18
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asac_ok i guess today wont be any luck here21:29
asac_no connection last longer than 1 minute :(21:29
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 02 2008, 20:29:41 - Next meeting: MOTU Team in 15 hours 30 minutes21:29
asac_yay ... i was here for 2 times ;)21:29
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 02 2008, 20:30:16 - Next meeting: MOTU Team in 15 hours 29 minutes21:30
* asac_ stares at the yahoo.de pings ;)21:30
Nafalloasac_: srsly? :-)21:32
asac_at least my router has a new firmware now ;)21:32
asac_Nafallo: yeah ;) ... that caused me a heart attach21:33
* Nafallo bets this new firmware didn't include NetworkManager and that's why things got stable ;-)21:33
asac_i uploaded new firmware ... doc says: "dont touch anything until thats finished (2 minutes)21:33
asac_i waited for 20 minutes ... the "not-ready" sign still blinking21:33
asac_then i pulled the power plug ... expecting that my router would be dead21:33
asac_but it wasnt ;)21:33
asac_it came up and had the new firmware version :-D21:34
asac_Nafallo: i have good news for your ... NM will allow you to change your hostname again ;)21:34
Nafalloehrm. whatnow?21:34
Nafallodoes that mean I need to stab the damn thing?21:35
asac_Nafallo: if all goes well it will use the "right" way when /etc/hostname is empty21:35
Nafalloand /etc/hostname will NEVER EVER EVAR(!!) be empty!!!21:35
asac_Nafallo: but the death-grip patch will get removed :) ... so be prepared that eventually your hostname flips around (i hope not)21:35
asac_Nafallo: well ... in the end you can use NM gui to make it empty ;)21:35
* Nafallo stabs NM gui21:36
asac_e.g. Hostname ([ ] check here to automagically guess hostname)21:36
Nafalloyea. cause NetworkManager doesn't want to get into Gnome, so they do things not to be user-friendly21:37
Nafallosrsly. crack is not good for programmers.21:37
asac_NM tried to be user-friendly for < 0.7 ... everybody bashed NM for that ;)21:38
asac_now it people get what they deserve :-D21:38
sebnerasac_: NM just *rocks* :)21:39
asac_i agree21:39
* asac_ asac-the-nm-rocker21:39
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asac-the-nm-rocki cant use that long nick :)21:40
=== asac-the-nm-rock is now known as nm-rocker
* nm-rocker is here21:40
sebnernm-rocker: what about: "asach-nm-hero" ;)21:41
=== nm-rocker is now known as asac
asacoh no21:41
asackeepnick didnt like my new name ;)21:42
Nafallo21:37 < Nafallo> srsly. crack is not good for programmers.21:42
asacjames_w: do you know anything about loom?21:49
asachmm ... maybe all this doesnt make sense and i should rather go back to bzr managed quilt :(21:52
Nafalloasac: dude... I'm not going to quote myself quoting myself ;-)21:53
asacNafallo: do you guys use bzr for anything?21:58
* asac loomifies NM22:04
sebnerquoting myself quoting myself is a little bit schizophrenic :D22:05
asacjames_w: ok. all fine. now i wonder about something like debcommit ... just parsing upstream ChangeLog changes ;)22:09
asacbzr commit -F ChangeLog wasnt that a create idea ;)22:10
bdmurrayasac: I've updated bug 277063 a bit and assigned it to you.  Did you want to be assigned or subscribed?22:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277063 in network-manager "Wired and wireless connection to the same router cause confusion" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27706322:25
asacbdmurray: subscribed is better22:29
bdmurrayasac: okay, I'll switch it22:29
asacbdmurray: what is about "before"?22:30
asacdoes it work before repluggin?22:31
[reed]asac: so, should I upgrade one of my laptops to 8.10 beta?22:32
[reed]or wait a week?22:32
asac[reed]: look at your hardware.22:32
asac[reed]: if you have hw of bug 263555 you would end up without networking22:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26355522:33
asac(we blacklist that module for obvious reasons)22:33
asac[reed]: wifi would work though .... but at best wait for the beta announcement and read through the errata22:33
asacif those things are something that hit you22:33
[reed]beta has been announced22:33
asaci use intrepid happily ;)22:33
asacoh :-D22:33
bdmurrayasac: it works with both connected at initial boot, works after disconnecting wired, fails after reconnecting wired22:33
asacbdmurray: ok could youplease attach the same info (except daemon.log) to the bug for "before"?22:34
* asac opens planet22:34
bdmurrayasac: ping, route and the packet traces with both wired and wireless connected?22:35
bdmurrayalright, will do22:35
asac[reed]: do you know if the image zoom pixelated bug (EXTEND_PAD in pixmaN) is fixed trunk?22:49
fta_from bug 15474923:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 154749 in seamonkey "seamonkey installer bin will not oper in ubuntu desktop ver 7.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15474923:08
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asacfta: nothing works for me here :(23:11
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asachmm ... online23:11
ftajdstrand, any progress with sm 1.1.12 on hardy?23:17
jdstrandfta: I asked in the bug for someone to comment on the testing done23:18
jdstrandonce I have that, I'll process it23:18
ftai think asac tested it, of course, i did too23:20
ftaasac, could you please comment on the bug?23:20
asacfta: dont have a bug id23:23
ftabug 27643723:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276437 in seamonkey "security upgrade of seamonkey 1.1.12" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27643723:23
jdstrandtahnks! I'll get it uploaded23:26
jdstrandthanks even...23:27
ftathanks too23:27
bdmurrayasac: I've added the files you wanted to bug 27706323:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277063 in network-manager "Wired and wireless connection to the same router cause confusion" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27706323:40
[reed]asac: uh, network manager isn't loading?23:41
* [reed] is confuse23:41
[reed]I'm on intrepid, yet I have no network at all23:41
[reed]it seems to be running23:42
[reed]no applet, though23:42
asac[reed]: upgraded?23:43
asac[reed]: applet process running?23:44
[reed]what's it called?23:44
asac[reed]: try to start it from command line23:44
asacand see if it crashes or something23:44
[reed]it started, but it isn't seeing my wired connection, nor is it seeing the VPNs I had23:45
asac[reed]: what does it see?23:46
asacautomatic wired?23:46
[reed]no, it only shows "Wireless Networks"23:46
asac[reed]: so do you have a wired interface?23:46
[reed]ifconfig only shows lo, wlan0 and wmaster0-0023:47
[reed]I have an ethernet cable plugged into the ethernet port, and the lights are a blinkin', but NM isn't noticing :(23:47
[reed]and nm-applet just dumped core23:48
fta(i removed nm today on hardy, it prevented gnome to start (so i had X with just a wallpaper) and it made all my console blink. going back to static ip solved it all)23:48
asac[reed]: for i in `hal-find-by-capability --capability net`; do lshal -u $i; done23:49
asac[reed]: is your wired interface in there?23:49
[reed]two udi things23:50
[reed]both wlan23:50
asacthats the cause then23:50
[reed]uh, so23:50
asacis it in lspci23:50
[reed]how do I fix?23:50
asac[reed]: you know which chipset you are using?23:51
[reed]I see: "Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN Network Connection (rev 61)"23:51
asac[reed]: 23:32 < asac> [reed]: if you have hw of bug 263555 you would end up without networking23:51
[reed]asac: not off the top of my head, no... it's a ThinkPad X6123:51
asac23:33 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk"  [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26355523:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26355523:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26355523:51
asac[reed]: is that your card?23:52
asac[reed]: in that case the driver is blacklisted :(23:52
asacuntil the next kernel upload afaict23:52
[reed]"I was really shocked to see that it took more than one day between the Issue becoming apparent and the warning being placed on the website. This is a very serious issue and can cause severe damage on really expensive hardware (i.e. most recent Lenovo Thinkpads like the X200, X301, T400, T500 and so on)."23:52
[reed]don't see mine listed23:52
[reed]don't you have a ThinkPad?23:52
[reed]knew I shouldn't have upgraded this laptop23:55
[reed]now I can't get on wired or wifi23:55
asacno wifi?23:55
asacwhy that?23:55
[reed]nm-applet core dumped!23:55
asac[reed]: have you tried more than once?23:55
[reed]attempting now23:56
[reed]network is 802.1x23:59
[reed]won't connect23:59

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