paradox355Can anyone help with installing a Hauppauge HVR 1600?00:02
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rhpot1991paradox355: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_HVR-160001:18
squish102does the mythtv control center stop the backend?01:22
squish102i need to set up the ir receiver, but it is recording :(01:22
tony_I have a PVR-150 running the latest stable mythbuntu.  I also have a Geforce 5950 video card with S-Video out.  Xwindows and Television are  running fine on my video card and monitor, but how do I route Xwindows and TV out to the Television??02:36
hadsI haven't done Svideo out for a while but I'd imagine nvidia-settings should do it.02:37
tony_I'll take a peek.  Thx02:37
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frozenskunkAny one know how to get a CommandIR working with a Hauppauge 415-HPG and Dish Network Receiver working?03:41
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cannmorning =)06:48
directhexDaviey, did you manage to find any mythbuntu download stats?13:00
Davieydirecthex: you wanted repo stats for weekly build?13:07
directhexDaviey, i was curious, yes. i track Packagez.gz downloads as "users", on a monthly basis, for my Mono repo13:10
Davieydirecthex: have scriptage13:11
mandjewould it be a bad idea to run mythbuntu ´coLinux' under XP-MCE?13:12
directhexDaviey, ultra-complex script, assuming daily logs: grep Packages.gz access.log.2008-09-* | cut -f1 -d' ' | cut -f2 -d':' | sort | uniq | wc -l13:13
mandjedirecthex: your ´yes´ was not aimed at me?13:14
Davieydirecthex: thanks13:14
directhexit was, but applies to both really13:14
directhexDaviey, the key is grepping for Packages.gz, getting the first field (IP), and sort|uniq|wc -l13:15
directhexDaviey, grep again after Packages.gz for i386 or amd64 for per-arch13:15
directhexjms@osc-franzibald:~/Desktop/logs$ grep Packages.gz access.log.2008-09-* | grep amd64 | cut -f1 -d' ' | cut -f2 -d':' | sort | uniq | wc -l13:15
Davieydirecthex: *sigh*, no rotation on that vhost13:15
directhexjms@osc-franzibald:~/Desktop/logs$ grep Packages.gz access.log.2008-09-* | grep i386 | cut -f1 -d' ' | cut -f2 -d':' | sort | uniq | wc -l13:15
directhexDaviey, how far back does the monolithic log go?13:16
directhexDaviey, grep for "Sep/2008" first :)13:16
Daviey28/Aug/2007:12:31:48 +0000 -> [18/Sep/2008:20:39:23 +000013:16
mandjehehe ok.  so running both mythbuntu and xp-mce on one machine should be done via dualboot. both need native install to perform good.  maybe xp-mce could run virual under mythbuntu but wouldnt make life easier.13:16
directhexeasier for what?13:17
mandjeeasier to run xp-mce on the same machine and have it perform good.13:17
directhexto what end?13:18
mandjehaving a choice between 2 media center suites..13:19
directhexgreat. except you'll miss your recordings if you're not booted into the right os at the time13:20
Davieydirecthex: The UK mirror only, Aug 2008 == 254913:21
* mandje is the guy who desperately likes to have as many options as he can. ;)13:21
directhexDaviey, and superm1 said he didn't have permissions to access the US mirror's logs13:21
Davieyyeah :(13:21
directhexDaviey, still, i'm feeling good about my user figures!13:21
Davieydirecthex: tbh, i suspect the US mirror gets more traffic than the UK one13:22
DavieyWhat stats are you looking at directhex ?13:22
baalsgatecrashed my front end pause music then press esc14:34
baalsgateis there a fix ?14:34
baalsgatecan someone else try this is it the same for others ?14:35
baalsgatei paused while in the full screen visuals14:35
baalsgateany one here ?14:39
directhexDaviey, really i just want to know what sort of usage my third party repo gets, and i think of the mythbuntu repo as a large one. not as large as medibuntu, but certainly pretty hefty14:50
directhexDaviey, comparing is good14:50
Davieydirecthex: don't forget it is just a weekly build.. it's not like it's providing something that isn't in the repo's at all.. medibuntu obv. provide stuff that isn't there at all14:54
Davieyso we only have the people wanting to live on the edge :)14:54
Davieydirecthex: Some people also use the PPA directly.. although i wish they wouldn't..14:54
directhexDaviey, mono is in main14:54
Davieydirecthex: How many hits are you getting?14:55
directhexDaviey, the only package i have that isn't in ubuntu is mono-basic. and i'm the debian packager for that14:55
directhexDaviey, last section on http://directhex.mfgames.com/hardy.html14:55
Davieydirecthex: good effort!14:56
directhexi'll stick up a donations button when it hits 10k14:56
directhexa proper domain would be nice14:56
Davieydirecthex: Have enough BW to cope?14:56
directhexDaviey, the hosting is donated, and the guy i get the hosting from has gone AWOL. so, erm, no idea :)14:57
Davieydirecthex: if you need another mirror, let me know14:57
directhexDaviey, i honestly haven't the faintest idea how much BW i use15:00
directhexDaviey, i wonder how much bandwidth i get from my real webhost these days15:00
directhexDaviey, i used to only get a gig of space, y'see, and i already use 300 meg for mailboxes and 300 meg for other web stuff15:01
Rosso69does  anyone knows why my livetv and sound are not synced15:02
directhex Total allowed15:02
directhex3600 MB15:02
Davieydirecthex: cool.. let me know if it changes15:03
Daviey(your need)15:03
directhexDaviey, cheers. i don't really *know* my needs right now, that's the problem. i can't get ahold of the guy who does15:04
directhexi suppose i could add up the actual file downloads for a rough measure, but urgh15:04
KanntUnbehello all16:21
jphillip!hello KanntUnbe16:47
ZinnSorry I don't know about hello KanntUnbe16:47
jphillip!hello | KanntUnbe16:47
ZinnSorry I don't know about hello16:47
jphillip!hi | KanntUnbe16:47
ZinnKanntUnbe: Hi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?16:47
* jphillip fails16:47
KanntUnbenice one16:47
KanntUnbethank you very much ;)16:48
fishsponge_hey people... what's the best way to get my media files over NFS from another non-mythTV server?18:24
fishsponge_autofs? hard NFS mount on bootup? if so, where should it be? should i symlink it to /var/lib/mythtv? should i tell mythtv to look in two places instead of one?18:25
fishsponge_some generaly advice on this topic would be greatfully received :-)18:25
Shadow__Xhi everyone i have been having an issue in ubuntu where if a programing is access the harddrive alot the mouse lags and so does music or video18:37
KanntUnbemh, strange, I use an Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S Plus which I used in MythTV on Arch Linux as "DVB DTV TV-Card", however, if I select this on mythbuntu, I can't select a DVB Device Number and no Information can be found about the frontend id18:51
KanntUnbeI allready checked for modules, they're all there according lsmod ...18:51
KanntUnbeas I mentioned, all modules are loaded, according lsmod ...18:54
KanntUnbeISL6421, CX24123 and CX88_DVB are loaded18:55
KanntUnbehm, I know there's need of a specific order, I'll rmmod them and modprobe them by hand again obeying this order ...18:57
KanntUnbenope, didn't work -.-18:59
KanntUnbeall messages I was used to see in Arch Linux too ...19:11
KanntUnbei just booted the fresh mythbuntu install19:11
KanntUnbeI hope this was a livecd-problem ...19:11
KanntUnbeno, it was not19:17
KanntUnbe... jesus christ, don't get me wrong19:25
KanntUnbebut I got a better setup installing a far less specialized distribution with Arch Linux ...19:26
kirklandsuperm1: okay, i just upgraded a frontend from hardy to intrepid, mythtv stuff looks to be working20:58
kirklandsuperm1: only problem is that nfs mounts in /etc/fstab are not mounting on boot20:58
kirklandsuperm1: looks like networking might be coming up too late?20:58
superm1kirkland, you using network manager or not?22:16
kirklandsuperm1: yeah, i think so22:16
kirklandsuperm1: the icon is in the toolbar22:16
superm1kirkland, well sounds to me like a race condition with network manager and these mounts22:16
kirklandsuperm1: that stinks...  that's a regression, as this worked in hardy22:17
kirklandsuperm1: i'll dig22:17
zabbadappwhat could be accessing my second HD and prevent it from ever spinning down? if I force it with hdparm -y it will stop, but spin up a couple of seconds later. It only has backup files and is rarely used. XFS and mounted with noatime.22:18
superm1thanks kirkland22:22
kirklandsuperm1: i'm gonna do bluetooth testing today, i promise ;-)22:23
kirklandits been crazy....22:23
superm1kirkland, awesome22:23
superm1kirkland, the old dund, pand, and hidd are gone again...22:23
superm1kirkland, so if someone really wants them back we can make a bluez-compat package with them22:23
superm1but upstream is against that idea22:24
tony_I have mythbuntu working great on my local box and monitor.  I'm trying to now move the video to the svideo port of my geforce 5950 card.  I can't find any documents pointing me in the right direction.  Does anyone have any pointers?22:56
tony_This way I can dump the video to my TV instead of the monitor.22:56
MythbuntuGuest47Is there a way to force new guide data to overight the old data?23:55
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Davieygomike: only dropping contents of the current table AFAIK23:59
Daviey(backup the db first IMO)23:59
gomikewell the problem is the guide is all an hour off23:59
gomikethe time on the machine is right23:59

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