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LjLuhm, rebooting didn't free up *very* much space01:08
LjLif bot1 dies later, "ping 1" in -monitor will do the trick.01:08
Hobbseeenvyng in universe is now relatively sane.01:39
* jdong agrees with Hobbsee on this one... it is probably one of the better examples of coexisting with l-r-m....01:43
jribHobbsee: does X no longer break on kernel upgrades?02:07
Hobbseejrib: when did it ever?02:09
Hobbseejrib: oh, for the nvidia cards and such?  No idea.  Don't think so.02:09
jribHobbsee: yeah, it was in reference to the envyng remark :)02:10
Hobbseeit may well do.  I don't have one :)02:11
jdongdoesn't envy use DKMS?02:32
jdonglike Hobbsee, I don't have a 30-day-trial GPU either. /flamesuit02:33
mneptokjdong: given nVidia GPU QC recently, i'd be surprised if it lasted 30 days.03:29
PriceyHow goes?04:06
PriceyBah not you again :p04:06
* Pricey runs04:07
* Hobbsee stabs Pricey04:08
* Hobbsee muhahahaha04:08
naliothwhat did you do with PriceChild ?04:14
* Pricey writhes04:17
jdongPricey: is that what you kids call it these days?04:20
* Pricey stabs jdong04:21
Myrttihello kids07:22
Hobbseehello mother Myrtti.07:22
jussi01hangovers suck07:24
Hobbseejussi01: you should do a jono, then.07:25
Myrttiyeah - I have one too though I've not drunk a thing07:25
Myrttino wait07:25
jussi01Hobbsee: explain?07:25
MyrttiI did drink on La Cidrae yesterday07:25
Hobbseejussi01: just don't stop drinking?07:25
jussi01ahhh... :P07:25
Myrttithe cutest guinea pig ever http://www.flickr.com/photos/sgerres/2903701122/08:07
FlannelMyrtti: I'm not so sure.  skinny pigs are awfully cute.08:29
FlannelAlright, quick poll:  Nick of "GodDamnDevil" profane or not?09:03
* wgrant votes to burn it.09:04
Flannelanyone else?09:10
Tm_TFlannel: where is this?09:10
FlannelTm_T: #u09:10
Tm_TFlannel: and is he politely asked to perhaps change his nick?09:10
FlannelI'm n the middle of it,09:10
FlannelOh, that happened a while ago09:10
Tm_Tbut no need to force (I believe I can do it if needed)09:11
Flannelhe claimed its not profanity, and not meant to offend.  I just want to make sure I'm not being irritable, since it the end of a long day.09:11
* jussi01 hugs Flannel09:11
Tm_Tit's unclear case, but from ok side09:12
Tm_Tgod did damn devil, I believe some has their faith in that way09:12
Tm_Tso... (;09:12
FlannelTm_T: mmm, its lwoercase D (well, the first one), so its "goddamn devil" as far as I can tell.09:13
Tm_TFlannel: and meaning changes how?09:14
FlannelTm_T: its not a verb, but an adjective09:14
Tm_TFlannel: that's how I'm reading it yes09:14
* Flannel boggles.09:19
FlannelHe's tempted to keep the nick, because it could offend someone?09:26
* Flannel must be reading this wrong.09:26
Tm_TFlannel: hum?09:26
Tm_TFlannel: give me logs09:26
FlannelIm pondering that question really hard. since the nick i use, isn't meant to offend anyone, and someone takes it as such, im tempted to keep it...09:26
Flannelthats a quote, by the way09:26
Tm_TFlannel: ask him to talk to me then, please09:27
Tm_Tcall me his superior if you like (;09:27
Tm_Tbah, I'll slap him myself09:28
Tm_Tyou're welcome09:31
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (graziano)10:04
Tm_Tteprrr: topic (;10:07
teprrrye :P10:08
Tm_TFlannel: I think it's sorted now10:15
Myrtticheeky bastard10:18
MyrttiI'll have to lart him at company christmas party10:19
Tm_Tplease do (:)10:34
Tm_T'cause he's not coming to openmind I heard10:35
stdinsomeone needs to crack the whip in #u10:45
Tm_Twuts tere?10:46
stdinbeli and luminerd seem to be having some sort of argument10:47
Tm_Tah and muchos offtopic10:48
Myrttidid they stop?10:58
Tm_TI see no issues there10:58
MyrttiI'm considering joining some IRC channels again...11:25
Tm_Twhich ones?11:25
Gary#gaygeeks is nice and friendly :p11:26
Tm_TGary: and?11:26
GaryTm_T: and nothing, I'm in it, just saying it was a nice channel11:27
MyrttiGary: sadly I'm so mixed up with my identity I don't need any more things to make me more mixed up11:28
Myrttiand I'm not even joking11:29
* Tm_T <3 Myrtti 11:29
Myrttihomosexual trapped in a female body etc.11:29
Tm_TMyrtti: you mean male homosexual?11:29
Tm_Thow temptating11:30
Myrttiperhaps I'll start softly from #ubuntu-offtopic tonight11:35
GaryMyrtti: *hugs*11:47
* Tm_T huggggles Myrtti 11:47
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* elky huggles Myrtti12:48
LjL<MaxJays> hello, har googlat och finner ingen lösning  <ancientadm> MaxJays: Hallo. Verstehen Sie nicht. Sprechen sie Englischen, bitte?  <MaxJays> ancientadm, no dutch, only swe-englisch..13:45
LjLjrib: does that apply for your quotes db, or...13:45
LjLPici: you should have given him !no, or something, to complete the sequence13:48
PiciLjL: hehe13:48
LjL"ext3 never fragments"13:54
LjLall these popping noises i hear when writing a dd image are not seeks, it's just my imagination13:55
* Myrtti huggles everyone14:07
Piciyay! hugs14:13
* Pici hugs Myrtti 14:13
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:26
Dave2;/win 3714:31
ikoniaheads up on TRD - it's a bot it's sitting in channels inviting people to a strange channel14:47
PiciWhat channel?14:47
ikoniajust removed from ubuntu14:47
PiciLjL: Any thoughts of a !floodbot factoid to point to people who msg the floodbots?14:47
ikoniabut now someone else is telling me it's not a bot14:47
ikoniakeeping him on mute until I figure it out14:48
bazhang[TRD] (n=trBot@ S-eddine Hamana14:48
ikoniaHHmmm thoughts, the user TRD has now started speaking to me after I removed it14:48
ikoniabazhang: yes, but it's been sat in the channel inviting people to #jazoool or something like that14:49
bazhangikonia, no one in #jazoool :)14:50
LjLPici: if you want. for what i'm concerned, they can keep talking to the wind14:50
ikoniaLjL: ?15:01
LjLikonia: you're +o15:01
ikoniaLjL: sorry that went over my head a little15:01
ikoniaI thought I'd dropped it15:01
ikoniasorry sorry15:01
* LjL thinks he apologized, is not sure15:02
ikoniabazhang: you saw the conversation witht he user TRD what is your opinion of allowing him to idle in ubuntu when he's inviting random users like "spam"15:09
bazhangikonia, he seemed not to understand things he did not wish to15:10
ikoniathat's what I was typing15:10
ikoniahe's playing dumb on it15:10
bazhangI would ask elky :)15:10
ikoniaI actually think he's a bot, as it only started speaking english after I kicked it15:10
ikoniasorry, after I banned it15:10
ikoniait wouldn't respond until then15:10
ikoniaand it only started to respond after I joined the channel to query the channel owner if it was his bot15:11
ikoniaLjL: any thoughts / opinions / advice on it15:11
bazhangthought unwarranted spam on new joins was auto-ban15:11
LjLit's a turk15:12
LjLikonia: did you get the invites in PM, or reported by someone else?15:12
LjLi'm not getting anything on join, is there a trick?15:13
ikoniaLjL: couple of others said they had invites, when I check I had one15:24
ikoniadon't know what the trigger is/was15:24
ikoniabut it seems to have stopped behaving like a bot now, 15:24
ikoniabut it is back idling in ubuntu15:25
ikonianot sure how comfortable it is leaving it there to randomly invite people15:25
LjLikonia: he's in a few other channels, if he starts doing it again, i'm pretty sure we'll know - and then it's not an ubuntu-specific issue anymore.15:26
ikoniawell, thats fine, just wasn't sure what the best thing to do was, 15:28
ubottuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (jork)18:28
Picileft on his own.18:29
LjLwhat a jork19:03
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)20:43
tomawthey're gone20:44
jussi01tomaw: thanks :)20:44
PriceChildbots aren't muting?20:44
tomawthey did20:45
PriceChildI only see them unmute?20:45
LjLPriceChild: they don't mute when they're dealing with an attack (since they already set +R), though they unmute the non-muted because they're stupid21:33
PriceChildah ok, thanks21:33
PriceChildThat makes sense :(021:33
elkyLjL, the services being stupid dont help the fact either22:46
LjLelky: what did the services do?22:46
LjLah yes22:47
LjLyes the floodbots hate that22:47
LjLi did "fix" them to work with the new servers, during the testbed phase22:47
LjLbut could only do that to an extent22:48
LjL(if i hadn't, they'd *really* have gone crazy)22:48
LjLthe old services and their remembering who was opped was pretty handy22:48
elkyyeah. anyway, work time22:48
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:59
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:59

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